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● 24hr SALE! ONLY A DAY! ● "Rated 4 out of 4 ... the best of its kind at the crowded App Store" - USA TODAY The top selling fitness app of all time has returned! Becoming and staying fit has never been easier with the help of full fitness! Hundreds of exercises are explained with clear pictures, videos and text instructions all within the palm of your hand! We understand personal trainers can be costly, but changing your workout routine is essential for keeping your body from growing accustomed to the same old exercises. If anything, adding some variety keeps things interesting and enjoyable - making it more likely that you will stick with the program. For under the cost of a cup of coffee, full fitness not only provides instructions for hundreds of exercises, but it sorts them by body region, muscle of target, and the equipment needed. Use our easy-to-use exercise builder to create your own custom exercise routine, and then track your progress as you perform each exercise. full fitness allows you to log your exercises, view progress graphs, and email or backup the results online. Not sure which exercises to perform? Use one of our 30 pre-defined routines to reach a particular goal. All of our routines are developed by licensed fitness professionals and come with complete instructions. If you have no equipment available, or are more interested in cardio or stretches, full fitness has you covered! Tracking of cardio exercises, over 40 stretches and exercises and routines that require no equipment are all included! full fitness does even more. Track your food intake and body weight, schedule workouts, setup profiles to track more than one user, and more. This is the intuitive and beautiful fitness app you have been looking for! FEATURES ● hundreds of unique exercises (more than any other app) ● clear images of people doing every exercise with full text instructions ● hundreds of video instructions for many of the more complicated exercises ● calorie tracker with over 90,000 food items ● cleverly designed logging feature to record and track each exercise ● ability to add your own exercise and track your progress ● exercises ordered by target (abs, arms, back, etc), muscle they target (deltoids, biceps, etc) or equipment they require (swissball, kettlebells, nothing, etc) ● 30 routines to reach various goals (weight loss, strength, ab definition, golf program, etc) ● ability to email your workout logs to yourself, back them up online or view them on the device ● graph your workout results to give yourself the encouraging boost you need ● stop-watch timer to keep track of your rest times in between sets ● weight monitor/BMI calculator and measurements tracker to view your progress ● schedule your workouts ahead of time so you never forget your workout routine ● ability to track MULTIPLE users ● iCloud support and the ability to import content from full fitness or original ifitness app ● workout sharing tool to share your workouts between other full fitness users Unlike other fitness apps, everything is included - we do not believe in in-app purchases. Further, we are dedicated to providing regular free updates. The next update is under development. Write in and let us know what most interests you.
by Obamaisanasshoke on 2019/04/17 20:30
It’s okay
by RCCARS69 on 2019/04/15 11:27
I have had this app for few hrs and the small changes are okay but seems like there could be a update on more workouts on the cable machines. Now I been looking at others as there is no real update on here just the same basic things nothing new.
Amazing app
by on 2019/04/13 15:52
This app works por people that doesn’t have a current gym, and the are changing the routings.
Just starting
by Sfstewart on 2019/04/11 17:47
Just started to use the app. It came recommended from my personal trainer because I wanted things I could do on my own. I like that it gives you exercises not only for the muscle group you want to work on but also with the type (or none) equipment you have available.
by Nitelite12am on 2019/04/10 01:25
App crashes all the time
For all my life I will thankful who made this application
by sami peater on 2019/04/09 06:31
before I have a problems with the coach Always he careless about me and now with this application I have motivation more than ever I feel this application will make me successfully to pass all my Practice in the gym from now I have really fun with this application in the gym because I heard that you need to change your practice at that time I don’t have any idea about changing my practice Which make me feel boring when I’m doing practice in the gym with this application I can say Goodbye for the coach I can do the gym with myself
by crys carr on 2019/04/07 16:50
I don’t even write reviews but this app is everything I need in one. I deleted my calorie tracker and gym log . Man this thing changing the game for sure . I’m about to be thicker than a snicker, On God!!!!🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾
Would be great but...
by NandoDuaga on 2019/04/05 16:02
There’s several small things that make the app not worth it. First off the dates in the graph are messed up, the month is in the date place completely messing it up. It goes day/month/year when it should be m/d/y. Second there are some workouts that are missing in the app, an option to add or create your own block would be very useful. It just needs overall more work to make it more user friendly.
Amazing app
by WilliJans on 2019/04/02 23:32
My life fitness with this is better every day
Good app
by Blaine 4 liberty on 2019/03/30 23:46
It has a list of workouts for every muscle, videos of people doing them correctly and what specific part of the muscle they’re working out. Keep in mind, it’s up to you to create a routine but it’s a great reference.
by DA-KUSHMAN-10 on 2019/03/28 20:56
Would be really cool if they had an app for the apple watch
by t2clutch on 2019/03/28 19:39
The entire database of exercise is minuscule.
Great App worth every penny!
by SourGreenApples on 2019/03/28 13:48
I’ve being using this app for years. Fantastic content. Worth every penny!
Best Fitness App
by MrTravisScott on 2019/03/26 23:20
Whether you are starting your fitness journey or are a fitness buff, this is a MUST HAVE app. You can find hundreds of exercises, follow workouts already created, create your own workouts, and log everything.
by landy reyes on 2019/03/25 21:15
Amazing all the styles how to do them explains everything with details amazing app!!!!!
by Ghsdiju on 2019/03/25 04:25
Needs to accommodate iPhone X
Great Starter Fitness App.
by Carterriffic on 2019/03/20 13:18
Needs a few more video demonstrations for various exercises and a few more workout plans but that’s about it.
Great app but no iPhone X support.
by IvaaanA08 on 2019/03/19 03:27
The app is great however it doesn't support the iPhone X screen, I hate seeing the black borders. Please fix this issue!
by petéy Pablo on 2019/03/18 16:03
There is difficulty remembering all the varieties of exercises that you can do. This app is my Go-To when I need a new workout that will challenge myself. I’m fairly new to using the app. So far I am falling in love with it each time I hit the gym 😁
Great App!
by Mumbo 45 on 2019/03/17 14:50
Just what I need to get started
No programmability
by Roriss on 2019/03/17 04:49
I appreciate the effort put into categorizing the exercises but the best feature of this app is not working- the ability to create a tailored workout plan. When will this PAID APP FIX IT?
Work out
by Kh Gym on 2019/03/16 16:47
Prefer video available for each positions thank,
Great app!
by Essien 7 on 2019/03/14 23:11
Really straightforward and useful.
Need an update big time!!
by Fearsome Fadi on 2019/03/14 22:37
Needs a new UI and optimizations for iPhone XS Max !
Absolutely the best Coaching Tool!
by Kevidona on 2019/03/13 23:29
I have looked for something like this for a long time. The only problem was the price was a lot. This is the most comprehensive training app there is and for the $3.99 well it is a win win. No excuses now! Absolutely love it!!!
Great app! But please update!!
by db.21 on 2019/03/13 06:42
Overall great tracker and easy to use. Comes with exercises preloaded and you can add your own with video. It really needs an storage option so you don’t lose your data.
by JC2896 on 2019/03/11 06:04
Awesome app love the workouts but it’s time for a much needed update hopefully bring in Apple Watch support
Very Helpful
by Chiefwin on 2019/03/10 17:19
Without this app I would not known how to get the right exercises to deal with the areas I want to improve. Very helpful like having a coach next to me!
Great App for Fitness Beginner
by Atlanta73 on 2019/03/10 03:32
I am by no means an avid Fitness Guru. That is why I feel this App is so great. It breaks down what I considered nearly every exercise known to man. I am likely overstating the information in this App but there really is a lot. More than i expected. It gives clear precise descriptions and examples/videos of how to complete each exercise properly. This is a great App. Well worth a look.
Love it
by Evasun529 on 2019/03/08 05:02
I really love this APP! It very simple to use and powerful, I wish the two developers still have time to update the version.
Nice for a free app
by Hezellemma on 2019/03/07 01:33
Can’t beat it for free
Great app
by ramzfr on 2019/03/07 00:12
Just started using the app. I like that I can go directly to specific exercises
Waste of money
by bee1391 on 2019/03/06 13:51
Doesn’t have half the exercises I do and no open to add.
Great app
by jdiaz1309 on 2019/03/06 11:34
It’s a great app for beginners to those wanting a new challenge I would recommend to make the app more modern and add a Apple Watch app to it
Great app
by Terrell513 on 2019/03/05 13:16
Love the app. Love the 1 time price. Only downside I see for me personally is there isn’t a barcode scanner to log foods easily. But i can live with that !
Worth the money
by shawn hardo on 2019/03/04 16:11
Has so much to browse from to give u an idea of what u want to do. Instructions could be helpful too though
by Jeshort83 on 2019/03/04 10:38
Makes someone who doesn’t know about machines that well more comfortable in pursuing a work regime
I still use it
by Thisreviewistrue on 2019/03/03 16:01
Great app. Still use it to this day!! I love how I can use the custom exercises option. I would like it to be iPhone 📱 X compatible...
Perfect workout app
by Kolson123188 on 2019/03/01 01:29
I was always sceptacle about any workout apps, but i decided to try it and i will say i was very impressed with the routines, my experience with the app is i went from bench pressing 185 max to bench pressing 315 in a sixth month period mind you everyone body is different but for me that was proof that this app has the ability to help anyone trying to workout. Thank you for this experience and i have recommended this app to all my family, friends and anyone who will listen.
by rakey snakey on 2019/03/01 00:59
It might be helpful for some, it just isn’t for me
Cool app
by functv on 2019/02/28 19:13
Cool app
Misspelled words
by Yeahdolf on 2019/02/23 21:51
Littered with misspelled words, looks like someone was in a hurry to make it
Better free apps that do more. Save your $$$
by lono01 on 2019/02/22 20:48
The app description makes it sound like you put in the equipment you have, the part of the body to work, and then it would create a workout. It does none of these. It’s just a bunch of basic exercises you could look up online, a crappy calorie counter, and zero customer support.
Full fitness app review
by Boothie991 on 2019/02/21 00:44
This app is honestly amazing, I really enjoy how easy it is to use. Any age can get this and really start to get into lifting. Thanks to the creators of this app!
For Beginners, & Experienced
by RagnarTheDope on 2019/02/18 13:03
I recommend this app %100 without a shadow of a doubt. Here’s why. It has everything I was looking for and more. I wanted to start going to the gym but didn’t know a lot of exercises or how to use most the machines. This app gives you detailed instructions on how to use free-weights and machines. If you can read and interpret pictures, you’ll figure it out. On top of detailed instructions, it divides them based on areas you want to target. Want a bigger butt? Here’s 25 different ways to work your glutes. Want to get rid of those man boobs? Here’s 50 different ways to work those pecks. On top of the top of that, it even has workout routines it recommends for things such as: general weight loss, sports conditioning, no gym? No problem, runners program, and strength training. So you now you’ve got the instructions, you’ve got the workout plan, it’s gains day, it’s swole o’clock! You’re gonna need a way to track your progress. The app also has a weight tracker, create your own workout routines, calorie tracker, and BMI. If you want to get started in the gym but don’t have an experienced friend willing to take you under their wing, don’t want to pay a trainer, or just want an easy and professional way to track your routines and progress, this is it chief.
Bad service
by 091819179 on 2019/02/18 06:30
App doesn’t work correctly, impossible to restore the back up, the app automatically take me off when I am trying to log in, no way to reset the email password and the support team doesn’t respond the emails.
You pick what weights you have available
by E0r1m on 2019/02/17 16:57
I love that I can say I’m using dumbbells and it only shows me exercises using dumbbells.
Awful Videos!
by KingNothing3rd on 2019/02/16 18:43
Misleading ads as half the workouts don’t have videos and the other half have awful form by a guy that needs to hit the gym. There are no videos demonstrating the actual muscle group hit like the ads show.
Represent more
by Why the game have so many ads on 2019/02/15 06:01
Good but I wish it more supported women
by Jra1188 on 2019/02/14 01:43
Great App. Use it almost everyday during my workout. Very easy to use and create new exercises. I wish there was a way we could customize the layout and change the date format. I also think the graph feature needs an update. The scales it uses to graph are super annoying so it is very hard to see progress. I think this app is in need of an update to fix some of the minor kinks. Still a solid product though.
Great app!
by Creednie on 2019/02/13 22:31
I love this app! It hasn’t had an update in several years though. It’s missing lots of exercises, and isn’t optimized for newer iPhones. It’s the only app on the market I’ve found that doesn’t require a subscription, that’s why I love it.
Good app
by Crzyhispanic on 2019/02/13 03:12
I love that this app very useful, very simple to use and powerful. I love that the developers decided not to gouge customers with in app purchases. I prefer to pay up front for the app and not going into an ongoing fee. I wish this app supported Apple Watch and IPhone X screen layout
Rip Off
by DiverJake on 2019/02/13 01:29
Don’t bother with this app. I had an older version of this app for my iPad and was told it was no longer supported and that I’d have to pay for a new version of the app - despite right there in the apps description the developer prides himself on no in-app purchases and no paying for upgrades. When attempting to contact developer for a refund, I’ve received no reply. This app is a rip off! Be careful!
Not useful
by Bychuk on 2019/02/12 08:57
Videos are not the best quality, many workouts are not useful or practical, too expensive!
by DeepVoiceDom on 2019/02/11 18:34
Learned new workouts! Awesome app
Great app
by HtreyH on 2019/02/11 18:19
Great app so far can really say it’s organized yes a couple tweaks are needed but so far so good.
Still like it best
by Old Falcon on 2019/02/10 22:27
Would like more choices but still easiest to setup
Custom workout isn’t saving workouts
by le_coffea on 2019/02/10 00:16
Custom workout isn’t saving workouts. But 5 stars for being free. Everything else looks great
iPhone X support?
by spiffs on 2019/02/07 15:35
I would give it 5 stars, but there is still no support for iPhone X? The phone has been out for more than a year. Sad
Great app!!!!
by Jam user on 2019/02/04 21:44
Great app!!! Tons of exercises for at home and in the gym, along with optimized workouts for all different types of sports. It is well worth trying for $4👍🏻👍🏻
Got it for 3 bucks
by Erica Bab Duel on 2019/02/04 12:52
It’s good
Awesome app
by Jimmylewis89 on 2019/02/02 19:41
Love this app. I appreciate how they’re not trying to charge their users for every little feature. Everything is very detailed and simple to figure out no matter what your skill level is. Big shout out and thanks to the developers for keeping this app going the way it is. Awesome
Really good app for at home workouts!
by Sk8terMan9 on 2019/02/02 17:05
I use this instead of going to the gym and it works great! The only thing I wish they had was more in depth how-to on the individual work outs. There have been some where I got lost on where to position my body or how to do the workout entirely. Other than that amazing app! Worth the price 👍
Love this app. Simple is better. It’s simple and easy. Use it every day!
by Plarock on 2019/02/02 00:07
Love it ! Use it you’ll agree.
Good stuff
by Sir Cr33d on 2019/02/01 20:07
Great app. Easy to use
by Bo4Life on 2019/02/01 00:31
One word.... Perfect!!!💪🏾
by Bony james on 2019/01/31 16:09
I enjoy the app , I can’t say anything negative about it. I enjoy the work out exercises , because , if it was up to me I would be working the same muscle everyday , but the app helps me to narrow it down to the muscle I want to work. It helps me to get into it in debt all the muscles that I can use.
Huge help
by Cazyoumightknowme on 2019/01/29 19:52
Great way to navigate your workout and keep track of progress.
Simply Amazing
by elshon.jie on 2019/01/29 04:55
Great fitness app for beginner!!
by jose3640 on 2019/01/28 05:53
Although is a great app, it hasn’t been updated in 2 years, might be a time for an update, I noticed a couple bugs already.
Best fitness app ever!
by Wilson's06 on 2019/01/28 01:03
This is the best fitness app I have ever seen, no additional cost, it has so many different exercises, it’s easy to use... omg! This is an awesome app!
by Nightranger13 on 2019/01/26 05:09
This app seem like it had promise got a little confused about swapping out different exercises. I messed with it for probably an hour or so still didn’t figure it out so I sent an email about four days ago and have not heard a reply, very disappointed!!!!
by Robilotti9 on 2019/01/26 00:59
Please for the love of god update this app, it hasn’t had an update in over 2 years? A lot of bugs need to be fixed and it need to be optimized for the new iPhones
Straight Forward and Useable
by Pensive Patriot on 2019/01/25 23:07
No subscription fees! Just a one-time purchase! Thank you for not trying to manipulate and milk our wallets, Full Fitness! That detail alone makes this app more valuable than the rest of the fitness apps. As nothing more than a learning tool, this app exceeds what I was expecting. This app has been an excellent resource for me to study prior to the gym. Additionally, the categorical hierarchies help me to compile workouts that are tailored for me with enough guidance that I am not lost in an overwhelming see of options. I favor dumbbell and/or body weight exercises, so you could argue that I’m only using this app to about 28% of its potential utility, yet even with that narrow of a focus, the app is certainly worth it. This app is even useful during my workout. Some exercise apps are too interactive and inadvertently interrupt your workout. The instructional videos are succinct while sufficiently didactic whenever the pictographs aren’t quiet adequate. Logging my sets/reps is quick and easy between exercises, and the green checkmark next to each logged exercise provides a nice and encouraging touch that helps a training session feel even more like a game. For the sake of having a training aid, this app gets my highest recommendation. If I were to choose one other app that comes in second, it would be the Starting Strength app from Mark Rippetoe. No other apps make the list, there is no third place. Download Full Fitness, then check out Starting Strength. They’re both winners, but Full Fitness is my favorite.
iPhone X support
by ?Classified on 2019/01/24 20:56
This is an amazing app! My one thing is if they could give it iPhone X or later support. It’s so annoying to see the black chin and forehead. Thank you!!
Almost perfect!
by masterI217 on 2019/01/24 20:36
Love this app, but it could be even better: Updated programs (for example, soccer players need to build sufficient upper AND lower body strength) MORE programs (e.g sprinter programs) More exercises (kettle bell swing w/ squat, etc.)
by Kana85lui on 2019/01/24 18:56
App is great. Has given A LOT of supplemental movements. Love this app!!!!!
Crashes when trying to sign into my account
by dmfdom on 2019/01/23 22:29
I used this app many years ago. It’s gone through some changes and has done some updating so I decided to give it a try again. When I try to login to restore all of my old workout data, the app crashes every single time. Please fix
by dddyfgbnccfg on 2019/01/23 15:19
I think its a very good app for work out you can chose the muscle of your choice and it will tell you what to do but the only thing I did like is that for some of the workouts you need certain machines
by Fndnfn on 2019/01/22 22:01
I really wanted to lose three pounds.:)
Excellent App
by michelp66 on 2019/01/22 11:27
User friendly, great exercise
Comprehensive, not complete
by BrianGV on 2019/01/21 17:46
4stars. Big list of exercises. Could use a “Functional Training” focus somewhere. Good interface for keeping track of workouts.
Great for tracking progress
by ShaneIsAnArtist on 2019/01/19 15:20
I've been using iFitness for years, and l love how it tracks not only workouts but muscle growth, BMI and before/after photos. Easy customization and quick entry. I can't imagine anything better! My only gripe is that I’m having trouble syncing my old data from two years ago. Crashes when I try to login to my iCloud account. Maybe iCloud backup is no longer supported?
by epjarvis on 2019/01/18 18:26
Having a hard time adding my exercises to my program.
Need update
by Luis19877 on 2019/01/18 15:08
You guys need to update this app missing a lot of workouts most gyms have new equipment and this app pretty much only had the basic. Can’t log a full workout with not enough equipment on this app.
Great app with some bugs
by ginasean on 2019/01/16 20:07
Overall this is a great application to track your workouts the one problem that drives me crazy is when I go into the historical view and try to look at past workouts to see what days I did what exercises the app always freezes.
Still love it
by KASPDX on 2019/01/16 04:40
I’m thankful it’s still going despite all of the apple OS updates.
Love it!!
by Ovegsicb on 2019/01/15 21:40
Absolutely love this app! The only fitness app you need!!
Best fitness app hands down
by Drew Note Entertainment on 2019/01/15 19:48
Completely has changed my workout routine! I love the feature how you can search workouts by muscle group. Highly recommend for sure!
by MedDave on 2019/01/15 15:40
Does not sync
Waste of money
by Mike112321 on 2019/01/15 01:04
This app does not have a large selection of gym equipment to choose from when tracking your workouts. Don’t waste your time or money with this app there are better apps out there.
Great app!!
by thank you jay on 2019/01/14 14:58
Love this app
by allthesefuckassnamesaretaken on 2019/01/14 03:56
Would love even more if I could connect it with my garmin and my health all
Best on the App Store
by Climax510 on 2019/01/12 08:57
A must have. Love that there are no in-app purchases. These developers are honorable. It’s rare in this greedy App game. Developers only want to milk as much money from each individual as possible. Thanks for being solid guys.
by Duckfan7743 on 2019/01/12 04:47
This app has everything you need to learn how to do different workouts. I love how you can log your weight and keep track too. I just wish it was full screen on the iPhone X.
Update Update Update
by damienvon on 2019/01/09 18:49
Great app, but it needs to be updated to fit the iPhone XS Max. At this point I expect apps to be updated a lot faster, it’s only 2018.
by Tigtigger on 2019/01/09 15:51
Been out of the gym for yrs do to crippling headaches that started as a result of Strength Training... However l am back and have hired a trainer and use this app as a crutch, to mix up my workouts without exploding my head! Thank u best fitness app ever!!
Taking my workouts up a notch !!!
by Dope man on da block on 2019/01/09 14:03
Before this app I struggled trying to figure out what machine to use or what workout to do in a crowded gym. With this app I now run the show and people ask me for workout tips.
by chaudhomme on 2019/01/09 04:17
by dannyamusic on 2017/10/21 18:57
Please bring back FULL Landscape support & add an Apple Watch version of the app to quickly log your workouts & maybe even interact with the Health app. This great app needs some work. A few bugs like organizing my workouts throws them all out of whack $m& a few minor bugs (v3.1). It was the first & best of it's kind, but seems to have trouble now adding features other average workout tracker apps have & keeping up with the technology. I want to see you guys back at #1! PAST REVIEW: "Started working out about a month ago, & have had an old version of iFitness on my phone for years, which I have been using to track my workouts. Downloaded this Full Fitness app which is exactly the same UI, but much better because they still update it, unlike iFitness which is no longer in service. They let me import all my logs from this month from iFitness & even my custom exercises (& the pictures I saved for the machines I added). This is an ABSOLUTE MUST HAVE for anybody that uses the gym, whether to body build or just lose some weight!!! Thank you guys." -D.A.
Thank you 3.1!!!
by TommyGunns1 on 2016/12/20 12:57
I among most, if not all, of the loyal Full Fitness app users were undoubtedly frustrated and turned off by the long awaited rollout of the apps version 3.0 that came out in November 2016. The app got a nice facelift but the usability of it took a nose dive and it was very hard to navigate workout history, review most recent information and even having to enter all the info for a set for each and every set was frustrating. Well it looks like the developers received plenty of feedback from it (I myself wrote a somewhat lengthy review of it) and version 3.1 is in! I took it for a quick test drive this morning before work and everything I asked for to be corrected has been. The workout history is in chronological order, the most recent lifts are on the log entry page and your weight and rep input stays in for easy re-entry. I can't wait to get back in that gym for a full workout and have my trusted, beloved and easy to use app back. Thank you to the developers for quickly correcting these major issue for the users.
The best and most simple app I have used.
by GymBaron on 2018/12/04 15:23
This is a straightforward, no frills app. Other popular apps I looked at all want to charge you a recurring yearly fee fo their premium features. I don’t need a million diet plans. This is a one time fee that allows you to make as many workout plans as you wish. Occasionally I find an exercise that isn’t in their database, but I always find something similar and I just remember to substitute it. The only change i would recommend is to label the workout history. You can see what exercises you have previously done, but I have five i cycle between and if I have taken a couple of rest days I sometimes forget where I left off. It doesn’t say “workout A” or whatever I have named it. You just have to look and figure out what you were doing. Overall I hope they keep doing updates and keep this app active.
Great, but buggy
by faithfracture on 2018/07/16 14:13
I like this app a lot, but I have a few major gripes with it. Firstly, during a workout, it constantly gets confused which exercise I'm doing. Looking at the history, it always shows the history for the next exercise in the workout. Swiping back & forth & it will show the correct history. Same with viewing exercise statistics. Also, statistics starts off sorting exercise dates by the day of the month ONLY, so the trend line is way way out of wack. Changing the visible data points will sometimes get it to sort by month then day, but not always. The navigation is also pretty cumbersome. If you have to do an alternate exercise for whatever reason, theres no quick & easy way to do it - you have to navigate away from your workout & find the thing you want, then go back & resume your exercise. It has also been over a year since the developer has published an update. Might want to explore other options before spending money on an abandoned project.
New Version
by Ancdxsdd on 2016/12/20 22:00
I like the new interface a lot. Things are cleaner and the app no longer crashes. That being said, the new version came with a a few huge problems. I use the "History" tab quite a bit to look at past workouts/progress. With the update, it is EXTREMELY slow loading, to the point that the app is almost unusable. Also, I wish they'd bring back the ability to simply tap enter when tracking sets of same reps/weight. You now have to enter it every time. I've also experienced workouts showing up as doubled, or being swapped to an incorrect date. Finally, again in the "History" tab, when you used to click 7 days, 14 days, etc, it would show which days over the past 7, 14, etc you worked out. Now, it simply shows your past 7 or 14 workouts. If these problems are fixed, this app is the best on the App Store for fitness tracking.
Great app, needs an update
by OCFD on 2018/04/30 20:33
I've been using this app for at least 6 years since I got my first smartphone. However, it hasn't been updated in some time. I'd like to see an update to support the larger screen on the iPhone 6 and up as well as some new exercises. I love the timers and tracking features as they're very helpful in my workouts. New version 3.1 still has some issues to workout. Every time I go to view my history, add an exercise that isn’t in my pre made logs or do an in app backup, the app crashes. The newest version has also removed the swipe feature in those saved workouts. I used to be able to swipe right to the next exercise and keep my pace but now I have to go back three screens, select the next exercise on my list and go forward three screens to log. I have emailed the developers multiple times but to no avail. I can’t even do a backup to be able to try deleting and reinstalling. This is very frustrating.
I really really want to still love this app
by Cmot22 on 2017/02/03 03:42
Have used this for years. Loved everything about it. But now it works so so so slow, it's kind of a pain. I read about how the development team is only a couple of people--who have had some health issues and who now made a "long awaited update." (Not sure why people thought it needed changing.) I saw in the reviews that people were unhappy, but then it sounded like they fixed some stuff?? Not sure what, because I still have lots of problems with it. As someone else mentioned, the history doesn't work at all for me. (can't even look at the cool graph anymore.). And whenever I go to change exercises there is a very long wait. And even when I go to record reps it takes like 20-30 seconds after I hit the submit button. What am I doing wrong? And if it's not me, then please just either fix it or offer the old version again. Please!! I really really don't want to change apps.
by jdei on 2017/09/30 18:19
How incredibly sad that the newer, better version of this app only appears to be newer!! I have tried over & over to create custom workouts and it’s simply impossible to do based on my memory of the 1 time only set-up instruction. Oddly enough I can find nowhere within the app where the instruction is repeated for future use. I understand that a party of two is solely responsible for the app (which I loved the original version, so easy to use) but this is seriously cutting into my workouts and I can get absolutely no reply on how to set up. Additionally because the cut off for the compatibility of the old version with the latest iPhone update had no warning I lost the usability of all 20 of my custom workouts from the old app.
They "Over-Improved" It
by grossjbg on 2017/01/03 22:38
Have used this app for years in its previous incarnations (MyFitness Pro, etc). For a while, they kept what was good and streamlined it. Still a good all-around instructional and organizational app, whether you like to make up your own routines or choose from a number of others they have laid out. However, the most recent version is a disappointment. It freezes up frequently. As others have noted, the History section is either very slow or doesn't work at all. You used to be able to turn your phone sideways and get a nice calendar overview of your workouts, but that has completely disappeared. When the history does work, it orders the workouts by the number of the day of the month and not by the date. Very annoying. I'll be looking around for something better. Too bad.
Was Once Great
by Crouching  on 2018/01/02 18:58
Having used this app for five years, I have enjoyed being able to go back and track my progress throughout the years. As this is a small side project of two developers, the lack of updates have finally made me move on to a different app. The application does not support the iPhone X full screen but more importantly many features now freeze the app entirely. For example the calendar view will freeze the app as will checking other log in/previous session workouts. The spell check no longer works like in the previous version and interment issues such as lag, freezing, crashes have made me move on to other apps. I hope this app is updated in the future. I do miss being able to go back and track my progress through the years but this current product is outdated and unreliable. If it is fixed, I will come back to it.
Simple is better
by Mohawke on 2018/05/12 17:12
This app is great for its simplicity. The only thing that would make it better is Apple health sync for people that use it. There are already great meal/calorie and weight trackers that interface with it so it could pull that data in and push workout data (times, calls burned, etc.) out letting the app focus on just being a workout log/tracker. It would be pretty simple to incorporate that into the app as is. I can’t use this, because I’m lazy and don’t want to manually calculate and enter things - I could just use Google spreadsheet and clock for that. Add health sync and I’ll give it 5 stars, as long as I’m never forced to sign up for an account or pay monthly to use the app, and will use it, because ultimately, this can be done in Apple Notes.
by Bettman_63 on 2017/10/31 12:57
In most ways this is a great app. Unfortunately three major features no longer function: iCloud Sync (which doesn't work) technical support (which doesn't exist) and attempting to email your workout history fails as well. I've sent a few support emails, none of which were answered and their website no longer exists. As a fitness app it is great but you will lose your history if you have to wipe or replace your device. I would look elsewhere for a fitness app. Update - Since it’s last major update, the app is noticeably slower. I would still give this app high ratings despite this were it not for the following: Still no tech support and no way to back up your data. When trying to use the backup and restore feature, it simply causes the app to crash. If you don’t care about saving your workout history or support, then this app might be worth a look. Otherwise I suggest going elsewhere.
Version 2.2 > 3.1 > 3.0 :: Come on, 3.2!!
by All-night Chemist on 2017/06/01 13:40
Edit, June 1, 2017: It's been some time since the last update. So none of the bugs below have been addressed in the last six months or so. Since have also noticed creating a profile also crashes the app, so people who don't have a profile already (i.e., new users) will lose all their workouts if they reset their phone or have to re-download the app. Still great potential, but the support—particularly for long-term know issues—isn't worthy of people's money. Previous Review: Basic functionality restored by 3.1. Still not as stable or useful as 2.2 was from 2013–16, but main things work now. And, some improvements (e.g., notes handling, sorting w/i muscle group by equipment type and collapsing history menu format) will make it better than Version 2.2 if they work out the bugs. Can't wait for 3.2.
Used to be better before all the silly updates
by Iggs82 on 2018/02/23 03:41
This is a very good app, especially considering that other similar ones are charging ridiculous prices for their full versions. Having said that, there are a few minor things that bug me, that I wish could have been fixed: I don't like that I have to erase the previous weight used, whereas before just clicking in the field would erase it; there's no dedicated field to super or staggered sets; and when I add custom exercise, let’s say for biceps, when I go to exercises by muscle section and click on biceps, that custom exercise doesn’t show up. It only shows up under a broader category of arms. But these are little quibbles and otherwise the app is excellent.
by Zecharia Guzy on 2018/10/21 00:46
I was introduced to this app by my brother in law. Since it worked for him I decided to download the app. As I perused the different functions, I became fascinated by the breadth of information available: pertaining to fitness. There are not only pictures demonstrating how to do the exercises, but there are videos that break it down for you. No more injuries for me! I can do the exercises with correct form: thanks to this app. In addition , I can schedule my work outs to cover all major muscle groups. PLUS cardio. Hands down: this app may very well help me to reduce my weight to 140 lbs. I’m very motivated and excited for the future as I apply all my resources to my fitness goals.
Great app
by asdfsadfwesdfsd on 2017/11/25 01:07
Revising my review from prior. I’m a long time user of this app and hit a severe speed bump last time the developers did a significant upgrade of this app. In that it ran dog slow on my iPhone 7. I recently upgraded to iPhone X and was for whatever reason unable to do a restore of all my data from 7 to X. So ended up setting up everything from scratch. Surprised to find that this app now runs 100x faster! I presume something in my upgrade from iPhone 5->6->7 plus version rev of this app caused things to run slow and what was required was a fresh start. Happy therefore to revise the rating from 3 -> 5.
For all my life I will thankful who made this application
by sami peater on 2019/04/09 06:31
before I have a problems with the coach Always he careless about me and now with this application I have motivation more than ever I feel this application will make me successfully to pass all my Practice in the gym from now I have really fun with this application in the gym because I heard that you need to change your practice at that time I don’t have any idea about changing my practice Which make me feel boring when I’m doing practice in the gym with this application I can say Goodbye for the coach I can do the gym with myself
Obese User...just kidding
by Duran Pacheco on 2018/12/14 00:13
So I just started using this app today and so far I like what I see. I recently gained some weight and i was eager to get back to my old weight. However, being a banker I’m seated large periods of time so finding good ways to work out was important to me. For the price it’s a great all In one app. There are many workout plans and videos to demonstrate them. One reason I docked one star was because of the calorie counter section. When adding food I noticed it’s very particular on spelling. If misspelled there are no possible matches. If you’re a 5’11”, 230lbs, 26 year old banker like me give this app a try.
Disappointed by Lack of Support
by iPhonoclast on 2017/08/26 16:29
I purchased this app on June 6th and have enjoyed using it. I wrote to support later that same day as I was trying to create some workouts, explained what I was trying to accomplish, and asked if it was possible — or would be in a future update. In the contact information section of the app with regard to support it says they read “every email.” So, I wrote to them again — after not hearing back — almost exactly two months later with a different issue. In that message I even included a screen recording to help further explain the issue I was having. I also re-sent my first message … both messages were sent on August 7th. To this day I have still not heard back from them, not a peep. I don't even know if my emails were received. Maybe they’re going out of business and have stopped supporting the app. I don’t know because there has been no response whatsoever. I was waiting to hear back before writing a review, but oh well … I guess I’ll have to start searching for another app, and hopefully they will have better support.
by The Rater Slayer on 2016/12/26 22:06
I have been a long user of this app, and I purchased it when it first came out. First this app is great overall, it has goal/sport oriented programs ready for you to start, it allows you to click on a muscle and in return it gives you a list of workouts. The new updated version is the best thing that has happened recently to the app. It's clean, sleek, and easy to use. One thing that I wish I could see in the future is to be able to connect a heart rate monitor/calorie usage monitor. It would be nice to see the calorie intake vs usage.
Most well-rounded and thorough fitness app
by Whitephosphorous on 2017/06/16 23:00
I've looked at pretty much all the fitness apps on the App Store, and though Full Fitness isn't perfect, it's certainly the best there is for all-around purposes. It has exercises that others lack... exercises that are crucial to a well-rounded program, such as Y's, external rotator cuff exercises, etc., and allows you to add custom exercises in the few places it's lacking. I'm a perfectionist about these things, so a 4/5 starts is quite a high mark. One little problem... the app crashes when I try to back my data or import from a new account I created. It's a bummer.
5/5 to start
by Lifting Jon on 2017/08/07 18:11
I just bought the app and the functionality of it seems solid. I am excited to see how it tracks my workouts as I use it more. One this I would like to request for an update is when building a workout and selecting what body system and equipment. You can only select 1 or the other. It would be much for useful if you could select arms and then also barbell, and then show all the workouts both at the same time! Will update review as I continue to use :)
Great value for the price
by TC19 on 2016/12/22 04:31
This is a great workout app that takes the place of a journal with pencil and paper at the gym. It is very easy to track and record reps and sets and to see the history of each exercise that you do. This way you can tell if you have done a certain exercise before or if you are trying out something new. The preloaded workout plans are also beneficial, although I have not followed them exclusively, but rather mix and match based on what I'm working out on a given day.
Awesome App - Owned it for years now!
by LDizzle262 on 2017/02/03 05:58
I am not very good with keeping myself motivated to go to the gym. One of the biggest drawbacks when I do finally decide to get back into a workout routine is not knowing really what to do. I hope to stay on top of maintaining my health and overall fitness schedule but being a lawyer keeps me more busy than I can believe. This app has literally made it possible for me to go & get a totally awesome workout at the drop of a hat though. Plus it's great at helping me keep track of my progress!
Best workout app!
by Pacmansingin on 2017/05/24 04:57
I bought this app a few years ago when I wasn't really ready to work this far off. 2017 is a different story! Got my membership, started to get into my workout routine and brought the app back into my life. Record your weight, sets, reps, take pics of your progress, record measurements, share workouts, create your own workout routine or start with one of the handy programs! It's endless fun. My sister loves it after today's session. Awesome app. Well worth the money. Thank you!!
This is the one
by boi1519 on 2018/08/22 01:17
I normally try and use free apps for everything. Games, art, navigation, education & note taking. This app is the one you pay for. It does everything, everything from suggesting exercises, to showing you how to do the exercises. You can record your lifts, machine settings, weights. Custom exercises you read about on insta or random fb posts. (Not that you should). You can graph your progress, measurements, gains and etc. This is the gym app you pay for I’ve used it for years.
Perfect workout app
by Kolson123188 on 2019/03/01 01:29
I was always sceptacle about any workout apps, but i decided to try it and i will say i was very impressed with the routines, my experience with the app is i went from bench pressing 185 max to bench pressing 315 in a sixth month period mind you everyone body is different but for me that was proof that this app has the ability to help anyone trying to workout. Thank you for this experience and i have recommended this app to all my family, friends and anyone who will listen.
PERFECT WORKOUT APP coming from an average gym goer
by TheTattleTaleStrangler on 2018/05/07 16:10
Im a pretty fit guy. I go to gym 6 times a week and do a lot of weightlifting and cardio. I have to say this app is the best workout app I’ve downloaded (and I’ve downloaded a lot). I’ve been searching so long for a workout app that has almost every workout and actually has PICTURES and VIDEOS of the workout with explanations and tips. You can even customiZe them and monitor your process. GREAT APP for any level athlete. Highly recommend. 5 Stars.
My favorite app period
by riseaboveu on 2017/01/03 22:25
I have had this app for probably 5 years. It has been my favorite app the entire time. I was disappointed when they disappeared for years with no updates but I am glad they are back. I have not found a workout app that even comes close to this one. The fact that it doesn't have in-app purchases and ad-less is awesome. But sharing workouts really helps me and my partner. The videos and text descriptions on movements is great. Get it!
Getting there...
by MasterB1aster on 2016/12/20 22:57
Good update, log windows are auto filling now. Still some issues: Loading an exercise now takes many seconds based on how much history the exercise has. This delay also happens when you log a set. The window to enter data does not also scroll sometimes, so you can't hit the submit button. You have to back out, and enter your data again. It would be if the submit button was above the notes field, then you wouldn't have to scroll and refocus to hide the keyboard so you can submit click. Loading any history data more than one day crashes the app. It would be much more useful if the area you click to log data was nearly the whole size of the exercise bar (when viewing the list of exercises). As it is now 90% of the area clicks to how to do the workout, which I rarely need but am always bringing up by accident because the pencil icon is tiny.
Recent update much better!
by Tizweed on 2016/12/20 02:26
Was afraid that the update of a week or two ago had caused irreparable harm to this app… which is absolutely the best workout app I've ever used. The update today has resolved most of the issues I have seen. I can now see the weights used in my last workout, and it looks like that the breaks between current exercises, and old exercises in my custom workouts has been restored. Thank you Full Fitness developers! I appreciate your efforts!
Great app
by Bom65 on 2018/07/29 01:18
The app was great when I first got it over a year ago, but they continue to make good improvements. They obviously listen to the feedback from users. It is great for tracking my workouts and progress. The videos are great for learning new exercises, and the custom exercises feature that allows me to add exercises not listed is excellent. The one glitche I have found in the app is that the feature to create my own custom workouts doesn’t work. I highly recommend the app for anyone, beginner to advanced.
No Back Up
by _lucabuca_ on 2018/05/08 16:58
What’s the point of saving my data if it’s going to wipe every time I get the new iPhone? 🤨 Every time I try to create an account the app crashes. Also if you’re going to charge money for an app and it’s at #2 on the fitness and health top charts, shouldn’t it be updated to fit the screen of the latest iPhone? (iPhone X) I haven’t used any other features yet, but just those 2 bugs leave a really bad impression on the app. I might just use it to learn some workouts and log my workouts on another app. This is extremely disappointing for an app that has a 4.4 rating and #2 on top charts. Definitely regret the purchase and wouldn’t recommend the app to anyone.
Great app for keeping track of workout
by Sch077777 on 2017/07/07 13:48
I'm new to the app and used it at the gym yesterday. I edited one of their muscle building workouts a bit to make it one more usable for myself, and it was easy to log all my sets and reps. I really like the video demonstration then app provides for each workout too. The only thing I think this lacks is any type of motivational achievement features. It's more of an app that just helps you log your daily food intake and workouts done. Overall a great app for a good price!
Great for track your workouts
by hidethis265 on 2016/12/23 11:42
(Update) (They have fixed all the issues that I was experiencing with the new update. Again I highly recommend this app for tracking your workouts and also if you need some advice as a beginner trying to get in a good workout routine.) I have been using this app for years now and am still amazed by it functionality. It is a must have for maintaining a steady progression in your daily workout routine.
Best fitness app
by Doc/Coach B on 2016/12/20 06:09
Probably the best fitness app I've used. Easy options to plan week out and track reps but most importantly, it's 5 years old and they've never added in-app purchases to squeeze more money out of you, you pay once and that's it. The continually update the app and haven't "redesigned a new app" forcing you to leave the old one and buy a new one. Thanks to the developers who continually keep this thing going without nickel and diming us!
by Pabs! on 2017/01/26 08:18
This app is very informative & provides a wise variety of exercises for all of the muscle groups, which is critical- especially when looking for muscle gains (or just simply changing up a routine). The built-in workout log is a useful tool & the preloaded workouts are great to give a sense of direction if you're a beginner. Short video clips on how to do the exercises are also very helpful. This app will not be a total waste of memory on your phone!
History, Settings, and Machines
by BIgBlockee on 2017/01/03 17:48
I had similar concerns as others about being able to see workout history, including graphs of previous wts, reps, etc. I would also like to add machine settings for the equipment, such as positions for seat, back, chest, range of motion, etc. These positions can vary between different manufacturers of the same type of exercise equipment. I also wish to see more exercises or types of machine. Example: you have "Machine Leg Curl" from the prone position but not from the seated position.
Great update! Great app for 5+ years!
by barjahaall on 2016/12/22 11:32
I really appreciate the latest app overhaul, as well as the latest minor issues fix release. The app is working great and taking full advantage of the latest iOS features as it has throughout most of the 5+ years I have been using it. I highly recommend this app which I paid only once for over five years ago and have continued to receive support and updates for to this day.
Good fitness app.
by ClimbAZ on 2017/09/26 04:57
Update - the app quits when I try to recover my workouts from the cloud. I have tried a couple and this app fits best. Nice layout and simple to use but had to play around to figure it out. I would spend some time with it, especially if you're adding your own workouts. But once everything is setup it's easy to track your sets while in your workout quickly. A lot of exercises with clear pics and instructions and even built in workouts. Pretty impressive for tracking your workouts. There are other apps that are much better for tracking your meals but this app is great at fitness tracking. A couple things I would like to see improve. When tracking a workout, there's a check mark to show that you've completed your set. I would like to see multiple check marks for multiple sets. Also, on the calendar I would like to see what workout I did and not just the exercises. Good app though! Thanks!
New updates broke basic functionality
by Matt the Tech on 2017/07/15 02:37
I have been using this app for years, as well as previous apps by the same developer (Myfitness Pro). The newly skinned version breaks basic functionality. For example, you cannot create a new workout. There is no way to add workouts. This is a very basic case of UX testing. I have changed up my workout regimen and I took this basic functionality for granted. Now it doesn't work and I have to manually create the workout every time. It's super frustrating. Support is non-existent. Fill out a form and get no response. No release schedule. Very disappointing.
Solid app but needs improvements
by Electric44 on 2017/01/15 20:54
This is my go to app for tracking my workouts. However there are two problems with the new version. First is I really wish it would sync up with Apple's health app. Would be great if it could automatically update my weight, cardio, and other things that my phone is already tracking. Then there is a bug in this version, where I cannot access my workout history. As soon as I attempt, the app locks up. If they fix these two things, my rating would go to five stars
This Is It 👍🏻
by lesleyshell on 2017/11/01 16:55
Omg, I have literally spent 2 days trying out app after app after app to find a fitness app that was user friendly and easy on the pocket, I found none. THEN this app pops up and I thought I died and went to heaven. Fitness Peeps, this APP is AMAZING!!! It has exactly what I need and more and for only $2.99 you would be insane not to buy it. PLEASE include Apple Watch version. I would be willing to pay for it as well. I am a lifer with this App. Than you🤗😘💥
Was 5 stars until the most recent release
by Trlrdr96 on 2017/05/09 16:07
I have been using this app for several years and have found it very useful, but the latest release is unusable. The biggest problem is the it is extremely slow. It takes up to 15 seconds to enter exercise info (e.g., weight and reps) or to switch to the next exercise. There are also a lot of lesser problems. I wish I could just switch back to the previous release. I sent several emails to full fitness support about these problems, but I have never received a response. After using this app for several years, I will probably start looking for an alternative.
The best I've found
by Evisionary on 2016/12/29 05:37
So glad to see this long awaited update. I actually tried many workout apps waiting for an update but keep coming back- nothing even compared to the old version. Excited to explore this new version daily. Also thanks for the 3.1 updates. One thing I missed before was trying to share workouts- now we got it. Plus the scheduling tool and free cloud backups- you guys are great. Thanks so much!!!
Dec2016 Update
by kyle3martinez on 2016/12/22 03:21
Been using this app for years, despite no update for larger screen and faster versions for years. Most of the changes I really like (weight buttons to quickly calculate lift weight, larger screen, easier navigation). They took everyone's feedback and fixed the major bugs from the new version. So glad to see it at its full potential! Download this app: you won't regret it!
My goto Workout app
by iUpbeat on 2017/01/15 20:22
A few months ago I had taken interest in exercise. The problem was, I knew little to nothing about how to exercise. Lucky for me, this app existed. Since February of 2016 I have been using this app to organize my workout schedule. Thank you so much for making this app. It has became a necessity for me, like I'm sure it has for others. Keep up the great work, and I look forward to future updates.
Great for tracking progress
by ShaneIsAnArtist on 2019/01/19 15:20
I've been using iFitness for years, and l love how it tracks not only workouts but muscle growth, BMI and before/after photos. Easy customization and quick entry. I can't imagine anything better! My only gripe is that I’m having trouble syncing my old data from two years ago. Crashes when I try to login to my iCloud account. Maybe iCloud backup is no longer supported?
Great fitness tracking App
by Darennest on 2018/05/29 02:04
Love this app! I’ve been using it for nearly 4 years. I like being able to create custom exercises and the built in rest timer. I’ve never been able to get the calendar to work to see a history of my workouts. So if there’s any question which work out I’m supposed to do I have to check it within the workout itself. Other than that - strong app!
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