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Connect the Dots for Kids 2+
Wow! You can already paint a lion! That's really good - "Roaaar!" From monkeys to lions to zebras - here you can paint all of your favorite animals. Each and every animal will thank you with a funny little animation! Can you help them become visible again? This substantial app offers charming illustrations, amusing effects and sounds – all just waiting to be discovered! The app will give your child hours of enjoyment; there is always something new to discover – all in a single child-friendly app. Our Happy Touch promise: Each app is developed in cooperation with young parents and children. The parents' suggestions are directly incorporated in our development process. This lets us bring you the best apps for children! As you know, puzzles, books, and games usually cost several times as much as the app but still often end up in a corner after only a short while. This app is different: It holds children's interest longer. It activates their most important learning stages: touching, hearing, observing, and responding. This is a fun process that parents can watch and join. Experience shows that many adults also enjoy Happy Touch apps. Your child can look forward to: - Green Jungle World (FREE) - Desert World (Add-on) - Mountains World (Add-on) - Underground World (Add-on) - Polar World (Add-on) - Fantasy World (Add-on) A variety of animals, sounds, and amusing animations are waiting to be discovered. It's a playful way to introduce your child to modern devices – a trend that is becoming more and more popular. Test and download the app in the app store – FOR FREE! Then you can decide whether you want to discover more. Sounds fair, doesn’t it? Have fun learning. Your Happy Touch Development Team Happy Touch on FACEBOOK: Reviews, tips, new apps, contests & more
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1.2 Current Version 04/19/2018
1.1 Upgrade 07/06/2012
1.0 First Tracked 07/01/2012