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CocoPPa - cute icon&wallpaper
A definitive app for changeable icons and wallpapers! With 1,500,000 icon and wallpaper designs, the combinations are limitless :) With these cute icons and wallpapers, completely redress your home screen! Check out the icons and wallpapers that are taking the world by storm! ▼Especially recommended if you - want to make your app icons cuter. - want more stylish wallpaper. - want your favorite character icons or wallpaper. - want to change your icons to pets or entertainers. - want a cute SNS cover photo. You can use all the cute icons and wallpapers you want for free, so the sky's the limit! Icons and wallpapers are posted by creators from all around the world. We assure you will find ones you like! ▼Customize All Find your favorite Home Screen Packs in the [Lounge] and download them all at once. ▼Cutest icon changer ever Cutify your home screen with CocoPPa's kawaii icons and wallpapers, for free! We have a line-up of cute icons, from popular app icons used by everyone for Facebook, Instagram and other apps, including default apps like phone, email, browser. Enjoy your customization life icons and wallpapers! ▼For Creators.. Thank you very much for sharing your design! We always welcome your icons and wallpapers :) ▼Make friends around the world Because it is a favorite application in the whole world, I can talk with an illustrator making a nice icon or wallpaper, I can make a request. I am glad about the translation function! ▽Attention CocoPPa is a tool for creating shortcut icons. Shortcut icons will no longer work if the apps linked to them are deleted. Please note that we hold no responsibility for apps you delete by mistake. Inquiries about the app can be directed to the addresses below. ▽Contact ・For user ・For business # CocoPPa is a trademark of UNITED, Inc.
Can’t make an account.
by Mar The Martian on 2020/11/22 01:31
I was kind of excited when I saw this app but it won’t let me make an account. It says “click here to make an account” or something similar. When I click it it take me to terms of service then it just sits there after I go through it. No buttons that say continue. Nothing. I’ve tried multiple things to try and make an account but it got to frustrating for me to care anymore.
Won’t let me login
by Princesscheyene on 2020/11/21 17:15
I can’t login to CocoPPa it keeps saying a system error accrued so please help me it won’t let me create a new account either so please respond -Cheyene
not impressed👎
by 👑👿🔥 on 2020/11/11 18:50
I had the app for a while when I was in middle school, but I decided to delete it. just a week ago I remembered about the app and I wanted to redownload it because it had some really cute wallpapers that I wanted to use. now that I have the app it won’t do anything useful. it literally just shows the refund page and when I try to log into my old account it just says it’s loading until I shut the app down completely. fix this!
Not working
by Minsugamarty on 2020/11/11 02:15
I’m trying to log in since last week I tried every way. Please do something, i really love and need this app.
I cant deleet it
by Me be u on 2020/11/08 22:45
It’s just China/ Chinese
by val111127 on 2020/11/07 15:29
Soo i love this app and yeah but it’s Chinese/ China money I’m USA soo I don’t know if that perrrfect
by fashin'stars100 on 2020/11/06 12:17
Just stupid
Make I for iPad please
by Pug Taco Peep on 2020/11/06 00:42
by presley12345678910 on 2020/11/05 14:58
So I was off the app and there’s not any notifications right?So I go on the app and a notification pops up saying you have not been here in a while so then I try to delete the app and it doesn’t Let me I went off of my phone and I got another notification saying that I can’t delete it and I have to go on the app I would recommend you deleting this app right now!
Does not work!
by just wanted something cool on 2020/11/03 20:16
Says it’s still in the making stages so I can’t access any of this. Waste of time
I used to use a lot but then you made me mad
by MaronettePlays1012 on 2020/11/03 06:57
Ever since since you make us log in now to use it, I stopped using the app so either you let us use it without logging in or you loose some customers 😤
by legitwhatnicknameisnttaken on 2020/10/26 17:56
It won’t even load on my phone anymore.
I liked this app..
by DefintlyNotXxHaterXX on 2020/10/25 19:49
I'm really sad that you have to pay for it :(
Doesn’t work—
by amiシ on 2020/10/25 03:44
I used to use this app a lot when I used to have an android software phone now I have iOS and this app doesn’t work at all. There is a lot of broken English luckily I understand some Japanese but that’s not an issue. The issue is all they give you are a couple of options and no sign up button. The button that says “Don’t have an account? Click here” button takes you to some thing about refunds basically. When I tried to log in with my Facebook it said something like “This app is still in development” and basically can’t in.
Bring it back!!!
by cherryaf808 on 2020/10/25 02:05
Please bring it back these apps are really cute and I’m so sad to see this close down 😭
I’m confused on how to sigh in
by cookiesand on 2020/10/24 04:35
:/ help me I can’t sight in :((
by muggy303 on 2020/10/23 21:11
No likes! It gave me a virus! I could not touch any app! The only part I got into the app was the freaking loading screen! So when I deleted the app I could not touch any app! And somehow my mom fix it now I’m scare of apps in the App Store please do not get! If this dose t happen to you this may be me then.
by laurnic88 on 2020/10/23 14:54
Doesn’t even let u sign up! Nice job guys!
Used this app
by Error_nosignel on 2020/10/22 20:00
I used this app before and I loved it but now it’s not as good anymore
It won’t even work
by RileyNileuF on 2020/10/22 00:18
I can’t even sign into the game I keep trying to but it just keeps saying no
I’m sorry I can’t understand about logging in
by otterari on 2020/10/21 20:19
I have to log in I see people opening the app and I’m on and iPad and I wanna change icons that I can’t so I don’t recommend this untill i can use this app with out log in becaus I’m not doing payments
This app is horrible
by lele_bob on 2020/10/21 16:52
This is a horrible app it doesn’t let me login and it doesn’t let make my app pictures this is the worst game ever you could’ve did better once you log out you can’t log back I hate this app it trash so better
I used to have this app and it was way funnier but..
by kylieepuff on 2020/10/19 12:47
When I got the app,I had to log in or sign up.. so when I pressed “if you don’t have an account click here” so when I pressed it,it was not letting me do the sign up. So I was kinda mad because this app used to be a free non-sign up app,I’m Very sorry if you get this review,thanks-kylie.
by Jadyne V on 2020/10/19 02:37
I downloaded this and it brought me to this page that says “log in” log out” already logged in” log out” and “don’t have an account?Tap here” I didn’t have an account, so I pressed it and it brought me to another page that had a lot of stuff talking about refunds and points. Very annoyed
I really like it
by kate10na on 2020/10/17 18:04
There’s a lot of wall papers that is pretty and cute and it’s reall just fun bye!
the app won’t let me create an account
by alllthenames on 2020/10/16 19:53
why cant i make an account
Great app but obsolete now
by anonymous1325632567433 on 2020/10/15 19:44
This app is great but now you can use the shortcuts app and get the same effect
Can’t get past login screen
by Jlynnmartin419 on 2020/10/15 11:40
I used this app on my android and loved it but for some reason my Facebook login isn’t working and I can’t set up an account. Please fix this so I may use this app!!!
No longer works
by AppReviewerBot on 2020/10/15 06:25
Cannot sign in with Facebook, Twitter, and cannot reset password. There are errors everywhere at login screen. Please fix or take off from App Store
The app isn’t working anymore
by royal_E on 2020/10/14 22:02
When I go to open the app I can’t open it pls help
can't log in
by Lykceb on 2020/10/14 11:08
I can no longer log into my account. I don't want to lose years of icons I've favorited and saved.
by HimeHowler on 2020/10/12 05:31
Dear CocoPPa devs, Please bring back this app! With iOS 14, app icons are more popular than ever! It’s the perfect time for an app like this! There’s so much content that CocoPPa icons had and now it’s all gone to waste. Please, please, PLEASE bring back just this app! Make a subscription for it if you have to. But please give us our cute icons back! There’s no other app like CocoPPa on the app store. 😔 Thank you. CocoPPa開発者の皆様、 このアプリをお持ち帰りください! iOS 14では、アプリアイコンがこれまで以上に人気があります。このようなアプリに最適な時期です。 CocoPPaアイコンには非常に多くのコンテンツがあり、今ではすべて無駄になっています。どうぞ、どうぞ、このアプリだけを持ち帰ってください!必要に応じて、サブスクリプションを作成してください。でも、かわいいアイコンを返してください!アプリストアにはCocoPPaのようなアプリは他にありません。 😔 ありがとうございました。 (と翻訳Google Translateです。)
Can’t create account :(
by 2000DMK on 2020/10/12 00:26
I have seen videos of how to us this app and it seems so fun and easy ummm no they left out the most annoying part how the heck do I make a account I was so exited to us this app but I can’t even create a account so please fix this problem bc I really want to us this awesome app
This is my favorite app on my phone
by Samshinekins on 2020/10/11 23:49
I love this app so much and always use it to decorate my phone, I’ve created so my combinations I love and today I got to change my icons to be more spooky for the season and I think the app has ended?!?!!!????? I’m so heart broken this is my favorite favorite thing, my phone wont be the same without it 😭
Grab your original icons NOW
by BellaMichele on 2020/10/11 19:03
With the new iPhone update now more than ever this is a great place to grab icons!
Log in??
by angelpuppy.2020 on 2020/10/11 18:12
I could not make an account for this I went on the website and it was not in English so I could not read it at all I read through the thing and I could not make an account
?!que tipo de app esta!?
by Gustavo.O. on 2020/10/11 02:23
La app te muestra cosas muy bonitas y todo pero luego cuando quieres seleccionar algo te sale error de sistema espero que puedan mejorar eso asta entonces esta app es pesima
Best if used indirectly
by Rina Kitagawa on 2020/10/10 23:32
I used the app Shortcuts to make my apps look cute, but I used the app images from CocoPPa. I tried to use CocoPPa by itself, but I just couldn’t get it to work. So if you want adorable apps just use Shortcuts and CocoPPa as a third party.
by pop pooooooo on 2020/10/10 23:13
Never get it
I can’t create an account
by LycheeTeacup on 2020/10/10 19:43
I haven’t even had the chance to use it yet. I downloaded this app and it asks me to sign in or create a new account. I haven’t used this before so I clicked to create an account but the screen just showed a long refund page to read and there’s nothing else on the screen to click on or interact with. All I can do is go back to the login page. I’m so confused please help!
It was not bad but kinda not good
by ady🦄🐵🍔🍟🍓🍌🏐 on 2020/10/09 20:04
So when I got it I put the icon wallpaper but there was a another icon of the original one like bruh fakers I thought it would be perfect but these two of them and when u press it it goes on safari tells u go to Netflix or something and tells u yes or no but then when download u can’t get in so it was valid
Having trouble signing up
by royale high addict on 2020/10/09 15:21
Ok so, this app looks really cool, but I am having trouble signing up, so if anyone knows please leave a review on how to sign up (Btw I am on iPad)
𝙷𝚘𝚛𝚛𝚒𝚋𝚕𝚎 𝚊𝚙𝚙
by persinal33 on 2020/10/08 23:03
𝙾𝚔 𝚍𝚘 𝚒 𝚝𝚛𝚒𝚎𝚍 𝚝𝚘 𝚖𝚊𝚔𝚎 𝚊𝚗 𝚊𝚌𝚌𝚘𝚞𝚗𝚝 𝚋𝚞𝚝 𝚊𝚕𝚕 𝚒𝚝 𝚑𝚊𝚍 𝚑𝚊𝚍 𝚠𝚊𝚜 𝚊 𝚕𝚘𝚗𝚐 𝚝𝚑𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚊𝚋𝚘𝚞𝚝 𝚗𝚘𝚝 𝚑𝚊𝚟𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚊 𝚛𝚎𝚏𝚞𝚗𝚍. 𝙳𝙾 𝙽𝙾𝚃 𝙶𝙴𝚃 𝚃𝙷𝙸𝚂 𝙰𝙿𝙿!!
by Laner39 on 2020/10/08 21:29
Delete this app from the store if the services are no longer provided. This is a dead app now from what it told me when i went to login. :( sad.
Remove Refund Field
by DoubleDeckerCake on 2020/10/08 19:19
It does not let me create an account, therefore the app is not usable.
No longer works
by cat-valintine88 on 2020/10/07 01:49
It no longer works they have removed the app
by maeday2814 on 2020/10/06 17:50
I think it’s crappy now that iPhone finally lets you change your icons that you guys decide to suddenly “terminate” your app. It’s awful convenient timing.
Cannot use
by KirahNay418 on 2020/10/05 20:03
Downloaded the app and I can’t even set up an account
Can’t log in.
by 𓆉𓆉𓆉𓆉 TᑌᖇTᒪᗴ on 2020/10/05 15:55
I can’t even flipping log in, it says if you don’t have an account, click here and so I did and then I gives my this like BOOK of information about this app, that I can’t even LOG INTO. ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ
Sorry three stars
by Kani D on 2020/10/05 15:33
It’s not great I thought we could customize the real app but we can’t it’s just too difficult
Not impressed
by QueeenCeeee on 2020/10/05 05:51
Cant even log in or sign up . A couple years ago this app was way easier to work with now ot wont even let you get past trying to log in or sign up
not working!
by user not found 🦑 on 2020/10/05 01:27
i see many people write about this so i might as well. I thought the problem was on my phone, but apparently not. The app just doesn’t work after the ios14 update. When (if) will that be fixed? its perfect to use rn! but we just cant.
Isvfjd jebrjf kwvwe djvfvdf jf fnf o flf n kf fn wiwv fmf fmf
by ىىىيء on 2020/10/04 04:35
Jvrbff. Kfnfkf kx xn xmx wjwnsn. Dkwvww mc v xn
How donK get a freaking ACCOUNT
by Kelis (no not the singer) on 2020/10/04 03:05
I see all these reviews talking about the app and I was hoping somebody might have the same problem. Whenever I go on the app I see these thoughts telling me where to tap, yes that’s nice and it might help others but not me? Now they things say “Login, Logout, Already logged in, Dont have an account” When I click login it just says you don’t have an account for logout it says that I’m now logged out, if I click already logged in it says you are not logged in. Finally, if I click that I don’t have an account it gives me this long list and no option for me to agree to or get an account. So basically I can’t use that apP. Please fix this or tell me what to do.
App doesn’t work
by doaki on 2020/10/04 00:39
Literally won’t let you use the app
Account problems!
by CSC ABg! on 2020/10/03 20:02
Account problems may sound really weird like u r probably thinking what the heck is account problems well you see here when I first downloaded this app I went into it obviously,anyway when I did it said if you don’t have an account tap here and it also said if you do have an account tap here and it also said login and logout I pressed if you don’t have an account tap here. When I did it went on and on about this weird refund place and there were no buttons to click. I pressed login and put my email address and password but it said it was wrong! I tried so many things but it didn’t work! :( so now I don’t even know what the real app is like without account problems see what I mean now by account problems? :(
Dumbest app ever😑😤
by #nousernamesleft on 2020/10/03 04:27
When i open the app all I got was a login logout already logged in or don’t have a login so I click the I don’t have one then it It’s just about refunds points if I could vote 0 stars I would 🙄
by Rapidash!!🥳 on 2020/10/02 21:41
Well its seems cute but hard to login!!
Was good for adding icons on my phone screen without ios14
by (:::: Vriska Serket ::::) on 2020/10/02 08:30
The app was good for adding icons on my phone screen since my phone refuses to download ios14. I’ve used this app a few years ago in the past as well.. But.. The apps been shutdown. I went on today to get some more icons and it’s just shut down. Was fun for awhile, I still have the icons I had on my screen at least.
It wont let me open the app
by Seewt on 2020/10/02 06:15
It opens a loging screen but it doesn't let me log on, it won't let me change my password, it wont accept my accout. All after i did the iOS 14 update.
Update app
by Lomzz on 2020/10/02 01:50
Can you update the app it’s not working now
by Irish Gramy on 2020/10/01 21:02
I downloaded the app and I can’t open it. The app keeps saying system error, now I can’t delete to reload or anything.
love the wallpapers but icons wont load at all
by little_reddXo on 2020/10/01 18:46
So every time I think that I'm finally going to get it to work, it tells me that you are scheme is not there and there is an error.. I have so many that I saved to be using the icons and I can't use any😞
by ninibero7 on 2020/10/01 14:54
I cant sign with my facebook...whts wrong?
by tressie scottʕ•ᴥ•ʔ on 2020/09/30 20:53
But kinda glitchy 😕
by ravenclaw_pusheen on 2020/09/30 19:38
So I originally downloaded the app to get cute Pusheen app icons, I download the app and as soon as I get in it says “an error has occurred” so then I click “reload” and it just keeps on reloading but it doesn’t do anything!! 😤 I would have given it 1 star but I want to give it a chance. Please fix this!!!!
Please don’t close down
by im angie on 2020/09/30 16:18
Please please please don’t close don’t because of the new iOS14 update people will becoming back to this app I been using the app for as long as I can remember It’s really great I just recommend that you add widgets to it believe me I’ll become more popular this year
App crash
by Hot summer, sweet spring on 2020/09/30 15:04
When I open the app, instantly a pop up comes up that says a system error has occurred and has to reload, but IT NEVER STOPS RELOADING! The loading just keeps spinning without ever fixing so that I can access the contents within app. Please fix this soon. If you fix this soon, then I will remove my negative rating and give a better rating.
Will not work
by hvvbinn on 2020/09/30 12:32
Will not work... everytime I download it says “Error” when I go into the app and it crashes.
Hard to post
by reviewstarkawaii on 2020/09/30 04:14
For anyone reading: the apps and wallpapers do work!! Overall the app is great, but in order to post icons or wallpapers, you have to wait 5 days or more for them to be approved. This is because everything must be original art. But even my original art gets rejected and once it is rejected there is no way to change it!!! I once waited over two weeks for an original icon to get approved only to find out that it got rejected. Also, even after icons get approved, sometimes they get rejected after a week. This just happened to me, where over half of my ORIGINAL icons got rejected after they had already been accepted! Also, even though all of the wallpapers I try to post are original, every single one of them has gotten rejected. Please fix this and it will be worthy of five stars!
How trash ☹︎
by kawaiifrogg on 2020/09/28 23:49
No good wallpaper Good day to ye
by Koolkidd143 on 2020/09/28 19:56
The app does not allow you to add an icon design. It takes you to a link that is blank!!!!!
The wallpapers are so cute
by Corbain08 on 2020/09/27 02:03
Doesn’t work
by RBarbato on 2020/09/27 01:45
Any chance this app might actually function?
Not really happy
by dhdhghcg on 2020/09/27 00:56
It doesn’t work with icons .. I really wanted it to work . I mean it does have pretty wallpapers but I really don’t like the icons
I don’t want to say this but I don’t like it
by coco unicorn mugas on 2020/09/26 21:41
So first things first it had a long ask story and and then we’ll it’s un organized so yeah and I didn’t find what i was looking for and I was looking for a heart with a target and sonic logo in the heart so yeah and I’m really mad because I wanted that app so yeah.
Wallpapers not icons
by ItsKolohebebehBisshh on 2020/09/26 20:14
Can’t download icons only wallpapers
It is not working
by Breea Funny on 2020/09/26 18:57
It is not working and i cant get my icon to work
by xoxough on 2020/09/26 03:20
Are going to update to the new ios?
It’s not working
by jssbsbsknsnsksnsnns on 2020/09/25 18:56
So when I saw this app, I wanted to try it cause it looked very cool. Everything was going good until there was a problem. When I want to select the icon, it takes me to safari and says “not secure” and never loads. I don’t know what to do so I deleted the app.
by 666xxxLuxxx666 on 2020/09/25 03:50
Bad app
Icons not working
by Nessa86912 on 2020/09/25 02:43
I go in to set up icons with new iOS 14 update and when it gets to the step to download the icon it doesn’t load. Waste of time unless they figure out how to correct this issue don’t bother downloading.
I want to love it but can’t use it 😭
by vintage mickey on 2020/09/24 22:41
It won’t let me use icon, when I get ready to apply it sends me straight to a website saying it’s not a secure app
Didn’t work but worked before
by lucythespian20 on 2020/09/24 22:14
I downloaded this because it had cool app icons. I clicked on one and I followed what it said to do and then it went to the internet where I guess you get the icon and it didn’t come up. The internet stopped. It was blank. No address came up. So disappointed. HELP PLEASE
App no working
by qk017 on 2020/09/24 20:56
This app isn’t working it’s a waist of time.
Please don’t shut down this app
by StephieSavage on 2020/09/24 07:17
It says your closing this app soon. Please consider not doing that or at least archiving the app so we can still access what’s on it but no longer contribute to it. With this new iPhone update (ios14) so many people are customizing their home screens and your app has the best selection to choose from. I love how unique they are. I love that real people are making them and we are able to communicate with people. There’s a whole community here. Please, don’t shut down the app! I don’t want to be stuck with the same boring screen I love making my unique and fun! <3 I’ve been a user for 5 years!
It’s fine..
by doggysdabet123 on 2020/09/24 07:10
Well I have so many problems its all ways loading a lot!! Also there some apps I don’t even have on the app and there not showing up pls update this better!my honest opinion btw!
by HimeChann on 2020/09/24 06:16
Great app for the most part. Definitely helps me find new icons for the IOS 14 update even though the app is a little buggy.
by tmb93cbs on 2020/09/23 21:56
The icon change does not work for me
Is it working for anyone with iPhone 11 Pro??
by lexiiiiiiiii massassssk on 2020/09/23 17:04
I have the iPhone 11 Pro and when I click the ok it takes me to a webpage and it’s all white and nothing pops up , I even clicked the button to see if I could move it to Home Screen and it wouldn’t let me .
Doesn't work please fix bugs
by behhryfyf on 2020/09/23 16:39
Not good
by shuguggb on 2020/09/23 15:31
I was so excited to use this app and it looked like one of the only good apps for this but it didn’t have very good designs and it was so slow. Even when I had full bars of WiFi it still asked me to reconnect and when it let me use this app it loaded ever 20 to 25 seconds.
Too slow!!
by gsjshdnd on 2020/09/23 15:22
I love this app but I have no idea why it’s so slow. I can’t download any icons either. I have to screen shot.
Does not work
by AprFoo on 2020/09/23 08:41
After going through all the steps it takes you to a web page that reads an error and you cannot do anything else.
by fineiwillgo on 2020/09/22 23:10
Hello people so I am here today I got the app and I cannot use it apparently where I am I go and pick my app icon and I go to Safari it shows a white blank and it says nothing and it’s only a white blank and it will not load and it’s very slow and I mean very slow I waited like 30 minutes just for it to load to get on the game and it takes even longer I don’t even know why my Safari thing is it working but is just to much work I’m very upset because it’s like the only app that does the stuff so I think you’ll need to improve~saylor
Keeps Freezing
by Ajtoma on 2020/09/22 18:50
Has so much potential. A lot of beautiful designs but the app takes forever to load and sometimes doesn't load at all and comes up with a connection error.
Not so good.
by Grizzlymonaker on 2020/09/22 17:03
This app had terrible load times if it even loads at all. It just downloads a secondary icon, that’s if you can get them to download at all. All it does is take me to a Safari page and never even downloads the icon. Had this app before and it worked great. But, now it’s trash.
by nuffjbn c on 2020/09/22 17:02
This is really bad it messed up my phone
Hey please read this i can help you out.
by Riyanna chew chew and louie on 2020/09/22 13:51
Ok download shortcuts, then press the plus sign then press add action then type open app then press open app icon, select app choose any app then press the 3 dots at the top, then add to home screen delete new shortcut then press the colorful icon choose photo or file.. and change the app name aaaandd you are done! You Are welcome!
I can’t find it
by 🌻->🐝->🍯 on 2019/04/27 12:52
Ok so if you want cute wallpapers you have come to the right place but if you want icons just stop find somewhere else. I know this sounds really rude but I am being honest about my opinion. This app is great for wallpapers you see on you like you download it, yeah yeah. Icons are another story if you see one you can enjoy you must click on it and then it downloads it for you. But not in a good way, there is just a copy of the app that you already have. And then when you go into it it says would you like to open this in another___. Now when it says this you think it’s going to work right. No it just opens you up onto your oringinal app. And if your looking for one like Camera it is impossible to find because it gives you a million other options that are not what you most likely have. And also if you are a creator your work almost never makes it to the public’s board, most of the artwork up there is stuff taken off of tumblr and your work just stays in Private cause it does not fit the terms and conditions of the app. This app is also really confusing cuz I wanted to see galaxy wallpapers so I looked up Galaxy and nothing came up. So I was clicking everywhere and finally I had to go into the Users part and type it in. So yeah this app defiantly has some issues.
Fun But Not That Great
by Ava Frigane on 2020/07/04 16:36
I love having cute apps and backgrounds. And this app was the only app I could find in the App Store that looks like I can pick my own design. Once I got the app, I did not make a account because the app looked a little sketchy. I was watching videos on how to use the app, and what to do. I was enjoying it, at first! So, I customized the photos app thinking it would be the same and take me right to photos but, I was wrong. It did not take me right into the photos app. It took me to a page in Safari saying: “would you like to open__ in app?” And you have to hit yes. Than it take you to the app. Kinda a handful. I loved all the designs that you can chose from. It take hours to chose one the suits you. All of my “Original” apps are all bundled up on the last page of my phone, oh right! I forgot to mention that once you are finished customizing your new app, it doubles that app your customizing. I love my new apps but, wished that is “app”, “game” whatever you should call it, had more features. Sincerely, A person who doesn’t have a true opinion on this game.
I recommend it to all my friends
by on 2019/03/16 01:23
I Love this app it is so amazing I recommend it to all of my friends and my cousins sisters Brothers I would recommend it to all of them and anyone else who I know I recommend it to them because it is very very cool and I really like it my sister likes it LOL and she’s 24 so this is a good app for everyone no matter where in the in the world You live I recommend you check out this app if you don’t like it delete it but I recommend it it is very fun to do you do you get to make your apps how you want them so All kinds of different colors and you can pick and make how you want them it is the best I would recommend it to all of you are there I don’t care who you are if you don’t like it like I said throw it away but I still recommend it to you it is a very nice app and I really like it so please please try the app but if you don’t like it just delete it please just try the app we need more people to try this app so it will be a sensation and the more people that I committed to someone the more people that will get it in the community that they don’t want it I’m just saying please please try to get it but if you don’t like it delete it
It is just too much work
by Word Cookies Lover🍪🍪 on 2018/10/07 11:13
I was excited to get this app, because it is the only one on the App Store that looks like it might work. And it did; kind of; but I have some issues. 1. There were a TON of designs, but I wish we could put our own photos as the apps. It says you can design your own if you make an account, but I think you can only draw it; I don’t know though, I didn’t make an account because this seems like kind of a sketchy app: I couldn’t bring myself to give them my personal information. 2. When I picked a decent looking app icon, it distributed it in my home screen along with the original, so its basically just two, except one takes longer to get to the actual app. 3. When I clicked on my new and “improved” app icon, it at first opens a page in safari that reads “are you sure you want to open this in ____app?” And then you have to go through the extra step to press yes and THEN it takes you there. I know it’s like one step but if I’m going on apps that I use every day, it can be a hassle, when I want to text someone quickly but I have to do that step every time. Overall, some flaws, but actually better than I assumed.
Can’t find what I’m looking for??
by WJMIII on 2018/07/30 17:21
Despite the negative reviews, I downloaded this app. Why? Because most of them were from a couple of months ago, and there had been updates since then. On the surface, this seemed like a great app, and was ready to replace all of my icons with cute, kawaii icons instead! However, this is where the problem started. I decided to replace the camera icon first, so I found one I liked and pressed download. Now, you can see if you search for icons for a particular app that CocoPPa has the default Camera there! So, I went to search for it after I downloaded. Instead of getting the default camera as one of my first search results, I got tons and tons of downloadable camera applications that aren’t even on my phone! Aside from this, I’ve had no problem with this app, and it’s a shame I can’t use it properly! This also happened while searching for ‘phone’. It would be helpful if there was a list of the apps already on our phone, so we can search through our apps that are actually on our phone instead of searching through multiple applications that aren’t even on our phone to begin with. Thanks for reading!
Wallpapers and icons
by hakevalgdbs on 2019/03/14 00:32
Ok first off I LOVE this app so so so much. I love making wallpapers and it's just super fun when I have free time. BUT I have tried SEVERAL times to create backgrounds and icons of my own. I have original designs and take my time to create unique patterns. The issue I have is when I post 20+ backgrounds/icons (yes I know I need a life) to be reviewed and wait nearly a week for the public to see only to have them be rejected and changed permanently to private. This is super annoying and I hope you can understand my frustration when I put my time and effort into my creations only for them to be rejected because they "don't agree with the accordance of terms"... So yeah I'd love for the world to see my designs but I have only been able to actually post 3-4 icons and no wallpapers. Thank you for taking the time to read my review, and I'd be extremely appreciative if they fixed this problem.
Icon problems
by lemon galaxy cosby on 2020/04/02 00:17
When I saw this wall paper app I was excited. Now when I saw the wall papers I thought those were amazingly adorable. But then when I downloaded it? No icons work. The search needs to be more easier to search to like when I searched settings it showed me a bunch and I couldn’t find the regular setting. Not enough icons I have a bunch of games though that’s going to be a problem. The wall papers are very cute and I really like the wallpapers I love all of the but the icons are just going to be the problem. When I’m naming them like camera and give the icon it’s look it doesn’t show up on my device. I can only see the back ground with no edited apps ONLY that. Besides the apps were a cute vibe! So many wall papers with cool edited apps but not for me. Positive? Not much. I like the wall papers and the little character that help you and everyone else if you don’t know how to deal with the app. That is my review on the app thank you for reading. !FOR CREATOR ONLY! Ps: please do not take this too harshly I don’t mean to hurt you feelings but the app disappoints me I thought it would be much better please improve but and make the app better good luck!
Posting Guidlines are never clear
by Estherc09 on 2018/07/10 15:52
I've had this app since 2013. I remember how it looked in it's infant stages. I make all of my wallpapers basically from scratch and of photo editing, like any other wallpaper that exists. Even my most purely drawn wallpapers NEVER get made public because they "aren't in accordance with our terms of use". YET, the the entire apps "highest ranking" wallpapers and icons are 100% taken from google and tumblr. Almost everything that is made public and popular is all stuff that was made somewhere else and is not original at all. When I get original work made private , it doesn't even tell me what exactly i did wrong. I've emailed "corporate" multiple times about this and they never ever reply, not ONCE. A few times they have changed the status of private work to public for me without me even noticing, but lately, they NEVER get back to me. If you just want pretty wallpapers and icons to download, use this app. However, if you are an original creator and want to share your work to the public, good luck with this app. You'll need it.
Couldn’t get it off my phone
by ccttzixhiuoc on 2020/08/17 19:17
I know this isn’t like a review review but it’s like a story time. So one time I downloaded the app to get cute icon thingys, so I downloaded the app and it was working smoothly so I downloaded this thing and I didn’t really knkw what it was. When I downloaded it it wasn’t like a new background or new icons it was a whole different setup in how the phone looks. And just to let you know this was my dads work phone so it wasn’t his phone it was his jobs phone. But he had to go to work the next day and he didn’t know how to use the new setup because he didn’t know I did that so I was crying while he was yelling at me to delete the app and I didn’t know here it was since it changed the whole setup but we ended up deleting it and everything was fine. But I’m gonna our this five stars because I want to
Great App! Some Suggestions..
by Rorie!!!! on 2019/07/02 22:19
CocoPPA is a really good app because it works for most apps (for me). I wish the developers would expand my options of icons and let me use more apps for this. Also, it takes up a lot of storage. This is because you need one pretty app and you can’t delete the original. Can you experiment and try to make it just one app instead of two? When pressing the the desired app that I have changed, it will take me to safari and then to the app. Can you fix this? Also, I know this problem can’t be fixed, but with the app, “Calm” that I use, it will not take me there. It will just be a white screen when it goes to safari. The ONE app that I think should be able to design is Minecraft. I cannot change it. Please fix this! Minecraft is very ugly. Thank you! I love this app!
Big disappointment ☹️
by AnaMarshmallow27 on 2018/02/25 15:11
When I first saw the app, I thought it was adorable. Why don’t I give myself some new icons, I said to myself. So I downloaded it. I tried to download a new background but when I opened the app, your game told me to download the also pointless CocoPPaPlay😡. I also have some complaints for CocoPPaPlay( check it out). But mainly I’m talking about this app. On the app description said download new icons, but it’s been almost two months and My icons are exactly how they were when downloaded them!!!! And even when I try to download backgrounds and icons, THE APP GLITCHES and takes me to my home screen!😡 This app brought my hopes up and I thought it was amazing, but its really just a big disappointment. I’m only giving this app 3 stars because it has adorable backgrounds, but I really wish I could actually use them. 😡☹️
Cool app!! But.....
by Tom-boy77908 on 2020/04/29 21:47
When I first saw CocoPPa on the App Store, I thought it was a cool concept, so I decided to get it. Getting a wallpaper here is great! They are so cute and I love them. For the icons, you would link one to an app so it could the icon could function. But most of my apps I searched up just were not in the system. Some were, like the usual apps (Instagram, Snapchat, safari, maps, etc) but most of my games were not. I was pretty disappointed on this and wanted to let you know. This led to me not being able to put icons on my screen for some games/ apps. Still, for the icons that did work with apps, they were really cool! I really hope this helps someone! So basically, try the app out but be prepared for your favorite apps to not to be available with icons. Have a great rest of your day!
Makes your life more Kawaii
by lunariaceleste on 2018/09/12 14:38
So many options to choose from I find myself just looking around and collecting a ton of different ones in my profile just to collect. I wish there was a way to replace the app icon instead of it redirecting you first to safari, to a page asking if you want to open the app you just clicked on, which redirects from safari to your phone’s app. This feels really unnecessary, why should it take an app to open another app? It leaves me with just extra stuff running in the background eating my battery. Idk if this is something CocoPPa could even fix though this might just be the way the phone is made when it comes to customization.
by ANGELA 😎🥔🤓 on 2018/04/13 21:09
Anyway I downloaded the app excited for the cute backgrounds and all 🤗 but I saw this adorable rose🌹 background and I tried to download it but when I try to download it, it glitched 😧😭 to my home 🏡 screen 📺 so I tried again❗️, Did the same thing so I tried to do the “Download 📲only icons⚠️” I added all my apps💎 that I wanted to be decorated 🎉🎊 I pressed the saved button 📃〽️ and it said “Couldn’t open specified URL. If a URL scheme, this might be due to changes implemented by the apps developer.” So I was a bit frustrated 😱😭😩😤 but I was chill😎 so I’m thinking 🤔 maybe it’s the person 👩‍💻 who created 🎂☁️the decor🎉🎊 so I tried 👩🏽 another one 🔁still same thing ❓❗️❓ and I tried another🔁and another 🔁one same old 👴🏻thing I was really disappointed 😑😯that’s why I rated it rlly low ⬇️⤵️ I know I sound 💢🔊🗯 like a old lady 👵🏻 complaining🙄 like “LET ME TALK TO YOUR MANAGER👩🏽👨🏽” but I’m just rlly rlly rlly rlly disappointed 😔.
I can’t post wallpapers
by HappyHoppingHopper on 2020/08/05 20:43
Oki so here’s my problem :/ so I just created an account. (My user is -Natsukiii-) and so I wanted to make a wallpaper. So I tried to make one and it said I had to wait a few days for the verification process so I said “oki I can wait.” A few days later I got a notification saying “the creation you posted is now private in accordance with our terms of use.” So I went to see if it was public BUT IT WASNT 😡 I tried at least 3 times after that but all of them weren’t posted. So now I can only post wallpapers... if this is a glitch pleaseee fix it!!! I really wanna post wallpapers! If you could respond that would be AWESOME. 🤩 P.s sorry to hear that cocoppa is closing... :( -Ava Apple store game critic. (I at least like to think I am 😜)
A quick suggestion
by Kittyslushie on 2019/05/08 20:07
Alright let me start off by saying that this app is Extremely useful, and I love it,But there is some problems: 1. Everytime I tap on an icon, it takes me to safari. It’s a problem a lot of people have and we would like it fixed. 2. I just wish we could decorate every app that we already have, not random ones we don’t. Like for example, I want to Change Clock, But when I search it up, all I get is other apps that I don’t have. This is something I would really love fixed: for us to only choose the apps, ALL the apps, we already have. Even the ones apple provided for us. I know this will probably be ignored, but I’d be soo happy if you’d update it with these features. Thank you!
Great app only one problem..
by Game girl 998 $ on 2019/08/03 19:22
So I love this app! you can find cute icons (if your lazy like me) or make your own! the only problem is not every app is available... even the most needed ones! example: i made my own icon for notes and i pressed download... then i was about to click on notes when it asked which app do you want to link it to but notes wasn't there. This also happened in search with the camera app... then there are some apps that don't appear at all like weverse, minecraft, and videoleap, yet there were plenty of cheap rip off apps to choose from because it's oBviOuS that everyone will have tHoSe!! so make sure that you keep adding apps and testing which ones work or not.
Please don’t shut down this app
by StephieSavage on 2020/09/24 07:17
It says your closing this app soon. Please consider not doing that or at least archiving the app so we can still access what’s on it but no longer contribute to it. With this new iPhone update (ios14) so many people are customizing their home screens and your app has the best selection to choose from. I love how unique they are. I love that real people are making them and we are able to communicate with people. There’s a whole community here. Please, don’t shut down the app! I don’t want to be stuck with the same boring screen I love making my unique and fun! <3 I’ve been a user for 5 years!
I wish I could give less than a star.
by Namira M. on 2019/07/04 23:09
I’m not even trying to be mean, but this app is awful. First off, the wallpapers download fine, but the icons do not. They don’t replace your original ones, but instead duplicate them. This is unfortunate because when I went to assign icons to the apps on my home screen, instead of producing the apps I already have, it came up with a whole bunch that are not in my phone, and are in Japanese. It couldn’t even find my alarm, calculator, etc. then, there is nowhere (visible) to download your assigned icons. You can close the settings or push the “x” both make you start all the way over. It’s difficult to navigate, and even find where your own work is stored in “the lounge” or on your “page”. Just safe yourself the headache and don’t bother downloading this. The idea is fantastic, it just needs some more work.
Very concerned
by Chocolxtte on 2018/04/12 23:15
Ever since I have gotten this app on my old phone it worked out very great! You can make custom wallpapers and icons + etc. But I have gotten a new phone now, CocoPpa has updated I am sure but I don’t know if it’s my phone or how the update is but when I press download on a wallpaper it always blacks out my screen and returns me to my phone screen. What happened to the old cocoppa? Did the Japanese creators mess up? Help me because the backgrounds are adorable but I can’t get them and many other people have had the same issue so I just don’t think it’s my phone that is the problem but I think it’s the update if there was a recent one. BRING OLD COCOPPA BACK!
FB connection = CocoPPa app crash
by Booksrgame on 2018/09/25 21:52
On my old iPhone 5c, I could usually get my FB profile to connect to CocoPPa after a few tries. On my iPhone SE however it’s impossible to login! Updating the iOS didn’t work and neither did uninstalling and reinstalling the app or deleting background apps! If CocoPPa works only on older phones (iPhone 5s and older iPhones) then please update the terms to make sure that it says that instead of leaving us wondering what happened. I also haven’t heard from the CocoPPa people through their email support as to how we can address my login issue. As soon as it connects the app crashes. All. The. Time. If you just want the cute wallpapers and icons then it should work out for you. If you already have a profile on CocoPPa and have an iPhone SE or later all I have to say to you is good luck getting back in!
by ☀️✨Lunar :3 on 2019/12/20 03:12
This app actually works and I’m surprised that I actually found one that does but the thing is every time I try to download a background or an icon that isn’t specifically for one app it tells me there’s something wrong. This might just be with my phone but I can only download load icons for apps that are specifically for Snapchat or other apps like App Store photos and a lot of other normal apps. Also I cannot get a hold of properly creating my own icon or background. Other than those two things I think this app is amazing and I’m surprised it actually works!
Pretty good
by sugarcubes3322 on 2019/10/15 02:30
It’s a good app to get icons and wallpapers for your iPhone. But,every time when I wanted to get an icon I had to put it in a folder. Because every SINGLE app was an icon except for important apps. And then I had to make my 1 page of my games a folder. I don’t recommend deleting the app you got for your icon. Because, it won’t send you to your app. Plus,when you open the icon it will say “open: whatever app.” And we need a change to that. I feel like once you open the icon that’s the app. So we NEED an update to that. That’s it though, Good job CocoPPa but we need an update.
Some problems and bugs..
by Honeysuckle❤️❤️ on 2018/09/07 14:44
I downloaded this app when I had a Samsung and it was my favorite app! I loved how cute my phone looked. But I have an iPhone now and it’s not working as well. When I saw an icon for snapchat, I downloaded it but when I clicked on it— it said the IRL was invalid even though I have Snapchat downloaded. Also when I found an icon that matched other iPhone apps, such as Calculator, Contacts, and Settings but when I was looking for it (when I was linking the icon up with the app) the app didn’t show. It was a bunch of different kinds. I also don’t like how you have to keep the original app hidden on a different page. I wish it just replaced it and if you didn’t like it then you could go to the app and disable it.
Please read before getting app and signing in.
by Vinica gamer on 2020/08/29 22:21
As you see, I have about 4 issues main menu is right here I V I absolutely love this app well not you can see it’s age is 17 which includes realistic violence in the age thing- and this does not include violence this Is something you need to fix. The issues are here: 1 private. 2 cannot use Live Photo’s 3 I cannot get linked with CocoPPaPlay even though I have it my user for the app is: Valmvz : lastly 4 Error sign I see that sign mostly whenever I’m posting. Anyways thank you for reading. Bye!
Ok app but.....
by Happy Puppy🐶 on 2018/05/10 02:33
At first when I saw this app I thought it would be really cool and cute. But it turns out that half of the stuff I was not able to download😕 I also didn’t like that you also had to keep the original app and the one with the cute picture on your phone together. Basically this app just gave your phone a new cover and took you to safari when you clicked on it and let you use the app from safari. It also wouldn’t let you put new covers on the default apps. your phone comes with so things like messages and calendar you wouldn’t be able to put the covers on. Overall I didn’t like this app very much.
by Flowergirlovesflower on 2019/12/20 05:00
Dear CCP, I had this application yesterday, and I love it! The designs are cute, there are many designs, and much much more! The only thing is how much work it takes to get into the original app.. it’s really annoying because you have to go through, safari, press buttons, then EVENTUALLY, you’re there. It just takes too long to get in an app, especially if you don’t have internet at that time. Another thing, A LOT of designs are copied off one another, and they’re not giving credit to the original creators. This is super annoying, especially if you put a lot of effort into your creations. Other than that, great app! 😅👋🏻
2-3 Year CocoPPa User
by DudeeItsAriana on 2018/07/03 18:07
I use to love this app when I first discovered it. I was on it constantly making skins for different apps. I stopped using it for awhile (just stuck to the basic iPhone look) I came back to this app about a week or so ago, and the biggest thing that bugs me is now you have to go through Safari to open AND add the app to your home screen and it’s really annoying. If you guys were to go back to the same app I downloaded about 2 years ago, you guys would have better results, and better reviews. Overall, this app isn’t that bad if known how to use correctly, and you have patients.
Account problems!
by CSC ABg! on 2020/10/03 20:02
Account problems may sound really weird like u r probably thinking what the heck is account problems well you see here when I first downloaded this app I went into it obviously,anyway when I did it said if you don’t have an account tap here and it also said if you do have an account tap here and it also said login and logout I pressed if you don’t have an account tap here. When I did it went on and on about this weird refund place and there were no buttons to click. I pressed login and put my email address and password but it said it was wrong! I tried so many things but it didn’t work! :( so now I don’t even know what the real app is like without account problems see what I mean now by account problems? :(
I like the app, but...
by person500000000000 on 2019/07/06 16:32
Don’t get me wrong, this is an amazing app, but I hate how half of the apps I have aren’t on there, I get if it’s and app I download, BUT THE PHONE APP! The phone app every I-phone user has, it’s not on there, until I go to make an icon, and it’s there, I just wish there were more apps available, one other app that all I-phone users have is Clock, it’s not there either, then I spend time making an icon for ibisPaint X and it’s not there either, I also don’t get the rating, it says 17+, but in my opinion it should be 4+, maybe even 12+, besides that it’s a cool app, but I’m just annoyed
Need more apps to choose from + a few problems!!!
by ♥BTSARMYJane♥ on 2020/05/22 16:07
This app is great, but when I want to add a phone icon to my phone app, it doesn’t have the option for the default Apple phone app. Also needs the fix the safari icons with the programming. The safari icon I chose for my phone didn’t work and it took me to a random site, I see how the safari programming would be confusing, but please find a way to fix it!!! Also some apps to choose from when adding an icon: Default Phone app, Animal Crossing: Pocket camp, BTS World, etc. Please add a ton more apps in the app store to choose from when adding an icon!!!!
Used To Love It
by HoneyGuts on 2019/02/16 21:37
This app was my go to. I couldn’t imagine my phone without custom curated home screens. I even heavily considered this app when making my selection of phone to purchase to ensure I would be able to get my nice layouts and icons. However as I went to use it my fears created by recent reviews proved true. This app is basically unusable. I spent a long time finding icons that worked for my background only to find I couldn’t actually use them. I could not even find the phone application. I can’t even replace the most necessary icon on a cell phone. All I could find were hundreds of applications. Many of which were not even remotely related to “Phone”. I found Temple Run before the actual phone application.
Love this app.
by PandaRibbitTaco on 2018/02/07 02:27
I only have 2 complaints. I dont like having to tap the icon and then confirm that i want to open that specific app in safari to get to that app. Is there a way to cut out the safari portion and just automatically take me to the app I want? The only other thing is and this is recent it hasnt always done this but when i yry to download something the app crashes right before it finishes downloading. But other than that I really do love this app. Makes my phone my own and there are so many cute icons and wallpapers to choose from. :D
Please Respond Developer ☺️
by BTS KPOP💜💜💜 on 2020/05/15 02:18
Hello! I do recommend this app but since I just got it I can’t find the way to decorate the apps. Developer I would really appreciate it if you could tell me how lol! I really do recommend this app and it’s really good I just can’t find a way to decorate the apps. Please please please respond soon developer! Thank you! This app is really good, I would tell my friends and family about this if I knew how to decorate the apps. This app would easily be five stars only if I knew how to decorate the apps. Please Respond Developer. I really appreciate it! 😁😄☺️ Thank you so very much! Please Respond soon! -BTS ARMY KPOP💜
Favors. Asians
by laurelw on 2019/06/17 01:35
You can make, beautiful home screens and yet they hardly get seen to get likes. But Asians get all the attention and posts etc. Then try making your own icon and or wallpaper that will keep getting rejected for other people to use. Again if I were Asian I guess it would work. The folder system doesn’t work right either. Some people can have hundreds in created folders to move your icons and group them. I can only get up to 10. They make me so frustrated and discouraged from posting stuff 2 stars because they do have cute icons and wallpaper. Still haven’t used in iPhone yet. I haven’t figured out how.
by Katie1344 on 2017/09/12 00:47
The only two things that I have to complain about is the fact that there wasn't a way to add a cover to something as simple and hugely used as clock or phone! Somehow, people have managed to make icons for thermal apps, but there is no way to use them! Also, u tried to get an absolutely adorable cover for Snapchat. But once I downloaded it, something popped up saying how safari couldn't find the address or something like that. PLEASE FIX THIS!!!! Other than these two problems, the app is amazing! Please fix...
Hard to post
by reviewstarkawaii on 2020/09/30 04:14
For anyone reading: the apps and wallpapers do work!! Overall the app is great, but in order to post icons or wallpapers, you have to wait 5 days or more for them to be approved. This is because everything must be original art. But even my original art gets rejected and once it is rejected there is no way to change it!!! I once waited over two weeks for an original icon to get approved only to find out that it got rejected. Also, even after icons get approved, sometimes they get rejected after a week. This just happened to me, where over half of my ORIGINAL icons got rejected after they had already been accepted! Also, even though all of the wallpapers I try to post are original, every single one of them has gotten rejected. Please fix this and it will be worthy of five stars!
Please please read!
by Frenchie_girl2.0 on 2019/03/29 19:56
Ok don’t get m wrong,this app is AMAZING and it works!but there are some new games I have so I try to get a cute app cover,I type it in and there is nothing for it....and I can’t find some of the apple apps that come with the iPad like camera,But I can’t find the original camera that comes with the iPad!so please try to fix this,but on the bright side, there are MILLIONS of cute wallpapers and app covers and my favorite thing about it is,IT WORKS!ty for reading my review, have a nice day!
Great & EASY-!
by Ciny1990 on 2020/02/06 08:57
I’ve been using this app since it came out and I don’t know what other users are complaining about, “being a hassle”........🙄....they must be new to this awesome app.....newbies. Oh, also I have had my icons published many times ..... I don’t know how much easier it can possibly be- besides the app actually reading your mind. People are so lazy nowadays ! Do the one second “extra work” 🙄and you might actually be pleasantly surprised !!! Great job👍🏻keep up the awesomeness !!!!!
How donK get a freaking ACCOUNT
by Kelis (no not the singer) on 2020/10/04 03:05
I see all these reviews talking about the app and I was hoping somebody might have the same problem. Whenever I go on the app I see these thoughts telling me where to tap, yes that’s nice and it might help others but not me? Now they things say “Login, Logout, Already logged in, Dont have an account” When I click login it just says you don’t have an account for logout it says that I’m now logged out, if I click already logged in it says you are not logged in. Finally, if I click that I don’t have an account it gives me this long list and no option for me to agree to or get an account. So basically I can’t use that apP. Please fix this or tell me what to do.
I like it but....
by pOtAtO4LiFeUu on 2018/12/06 20:54
This app is very cute and I used to use this all the time to make my icons look cuter, but it’s hard for me because every time I want to change an icon it takes me to safari and I have to press yes. I just want to go straight to the app, but it’s just a long process. Another thing that really bothers me is how you CAN make your own icons but, not your pictures you have to use the ones that are already there, either I don’t know how or it just doesn’t have it. I really like the cute features, but please fix these stuff that really bother me.
It ok....
by Jordiesmile #best app on 2018/06/11 01:55
This game is ok but it’s also super annoying. In the pictures it shows all these cute covers to download on your apps but really the game only allows it with a few popular apps. You can’t even do messages or phone. Also the downloads are confusing and normally take you to your home screen for some odd reason. It’s also laggy and takes FOREVER to load stuff and download. It does make a few apps look ok though. Also with apps such as Snapchat it makes it look nice but then it doesn’t let you access Snapchat it just makes it look pretty and cute. If I were you I would look for a different app.
Only works for some apps
by Good idea--BAD game on 2018/10/19 02:52
I have an iPhone 8, and I can only use their icons for the app options outlined in gray (such as photos, video, music etc.), but I can’t use it for something like Snapchat or Instagram, and I can’t find an app option for the Camera or Phone apps. Whenever I try to download the icon for, say, Instagram or some other app that’s not outlined in gray, it’ll give me an error saying something about the URL. Otherwise, it’s a really cute app with lots of designs and aesthetic themes. If those few issues are fixed I’d definitely give this 5 stars!
The app is ok
by honest and truth teller on 2018/11/01 20:32
This app seems a bit sketchy but they still have quite a good idea When you fo to the new and 'improved' icon it takes you to a page on safari and takes a bit long especially if you r out somewhere and you dont have mobile data I didn't want to create a an account because like I said before the app seems a bit sketchy and there is something about it that doesn't make me feel very comfortable with using it. It still has a lot of designs tough I would just say be a bit careful on how you use it.
Great app but...
by Hello kitty lover 123 on 2020/06/25 00:30
So I saw this app thinking it would be cool to change my icons So when it downloaded I went straight into the app At first I changed my wallpaper and that worked just fine and it was simple but when I tried to change my apps it would not let me it said it could not change do to something that the developer did I tried a different icon to but it still would not work I am very disappointed but over all the app is great if you can fix this glitch or whatever it is I would be very happy >:)
by Awsome sauce triple 3 on 2020/06/23 22:24
When I saw this wallpaper app I was extremely excited. It had so many fun designs to choose from and I pretty much loved them all. But what I liked most about it was that you could express your feelings with the design or the picture you chose so that is what I love most about it. ❤️💛💚💙💜 My second favorite thing is that it was a free app most apps like this are normally very expensive so I am super thankful that I didn’t have to waist money❤️🧡💛💚💙
by Vladimirsalazar on 2020/01/02 03:15
Omg.....I thought this was an amazing app but it spread a virus to my phone. Also I was watching a youtuber who did this and i saw lots of comments saying that “ its a virus!” Or “There Recoding you!” I wasn’t happy about this. My friend spread me the word too. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS PLEASE. I don’t want feeling hurt but, this at is unsafe for everyone. My phone is being fixed for $285. That alot of money for a virus. Now I don’t support the people who say. “I Recommend this” or “ download its really good”. Plus you can accidentally delete the real app and lose ALL DATA. And it doesn’t have all the apps that you would want to change like TikTok or Minecraft that made me feel sad 😢. Please don’t download this app. 😟😔🥺😢👎🏻👎🏻.
Happiness and cuteness
by Dakota Saafeld on 2018/04/12 00:22
This game is very cute and I love the backgrounds. But mainly I JUST LOVE the icons there are also so many of them and backgrounds so it’s just amazing. Like the other reviews I really am not writing one of those. This game is probably the best girly background game. So it’s just the one fact is that it’s just so annoying to do all this stuff but that’s OK 😀😊🤫. I gave you a 5 STAR REVIEW I JUST REALLY REALLY THINK THAT ITS SOOO CUTE :D But It’s just like so awesomely addicting to the backgrounds and icons :) :3 that’s my review :D!!
Slow loading
by SeaShell🦋 on 2020/06/11 05:30
I really love this app. Everything is awesome and cute. But there is one problem that I do have. And that is slow loading. CocoPPa has slow internet I would say, and it’s pretty annoying. Other than that I’m all good!👍🏼 It’s just that one problem. That’s all I have to say about this app. I do highly recommend though to get this app, especially if you’re a girly person. Thank you for time reading✨
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