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Count on Lyft to take you where you need to go with safety first. Got an appointment? Need to pick up some groceries? We’ll match you with a driver, help you find the quickest bus route, or show you the nearest scooter — you’ll be on your way in minutes. If it gets you there, it’s on the app. USING LYFT IS EASY Choose your destination, find a ride in seconds, and pay directly in the app. It’s that simple. YOUR WELL-BEING COMES FIRST We want to make sure every ride is as comfortable as it can be so that you can sit back and relax. With guidance from the CDC and local health officials, we’ve created health safety requirements to help protect everyone in the car. We’ll continue to monitor the evolving coronavirus situation and make updates to ensure everyone knows how to use Lyft safely. LOOK OUT FOR ONE ANOTHER All riders and drivers are required to agree to a few simple rules before using Lyft: - Confirm you do not have COVID-19 or have any related symptoms - Wear a face mask - Keep the car – and your hands – clean - Leave the front seat empty - Keep the car windows open Drivers are encouraged to practice extra health and safety precautions every time they get on the road, including thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting frequently touched surfaces daily. CHOOSE HOW YOU RIDE With Lyft, you’ve got options. Choose from up to 9 different ways to go, all available right from your app.* Whether you’re looking for an affordable ride, the most direct route, or a way to treat yourself – we’ve got the mode to suit your needs and mood. * Lyft ride types may vary by region. Check the app to see what is available in your city. — Prices vary based on market condition. By downloading the app, you agree to allow Lyft to collect your device's language settings.
Horrible Customer Service
by Nick100300 on 2022/01/16 16:54
I just used Lyft for the first time and had an issue with the location services. The driver called and told me to cancel the ride. I was notified by my credit card that I was charged $5 for a cancellation fee. I know it’s not a lot and I want the driver to be compensated for his 5 minutes of time. I decided to contact Lyft to ask them to apply the unused coupons I had received as a new user to offset the $5 cancellation fee. That, or provide a current promotion as a first time user. They refused these requests. It’s unfortunate that my business isn’t worth a $5 credit. Sayonara Lyft
The way to go!
by Loch Nessmonsterz on 2022/01/16 13:48
Better than Uber is all I can say!
Works great
by Flostation on 2022/01/16 10:20
When the drivers don’t cancel on you because they’re waiting for a price surge
I love Lyft
by zoey 101 kay 101 on 2022/01/16 09:07
Fastest service and best for California
My driver kicked me out
by zed3223 on 2022/01/16 08:58
I was charged 80 dollars,I saw no evidence of wrongdoing. I may have had a few drinks after work yet I see no wrong on my part. I wasn’t vometing I had a mask on I wound lick to see evidence for this charge or I go to Uber David. M
Ride pricing
by Dfjhdscn on 2022/01/16 08:50
The ride price tripled after conformation without any notification. I selected a $10 ride and it was charged to $36 after drop off. Uber is much better at notifying you of fare changes.
Great driver
by garygill93 on 2022/01/16 08:42
The best of the best
Súper chofe
by chofe cuba on 2022/01/16 08:20
Lo mejor de lo mejor
The best
by Luistruf on 2022/01/16 08:07
She is so kind and great person to have a conversation with at the end of any event!
First time ride
by Gman_911 on 2022/01/16 08:06
Our first time using Lyft and now I know why more people are using them. We were suppose to be picked up by our son and last minute he had to cancel. We got off the plane picked up our bags and requested a driver and he was there waiting for us within minutes. He was friendly and extremely helpful. My only concern was with the route the Lyft navigation took us, It definitely took us a longer round about way home. Google maps could have definitely done a better job.
Don’t show up
by jupiter99 on 2022/01/16 07:37
I scheduled the night before for a ride to the airport and they didn’t up so I had to pay big money for parking etc.
Lyft stole my money. Do NOT use Lyft as they steal money from their customers.
by Unknown G. on 2022/01/16 06:58
Lyft stole my money. Do NOT use Lyft as they steal money from their customers. I’ve emailed them repeat for days and they keep ignoring all my screenshots as proof. They are criminals. I’ve reported them to as well.
by ZeeEsq on 2022/01/16 06:24
Roberto went above and beyond.
True time
by asheinm on 2022/01/16 05:24
Would like to have a true time on how long it will take the driver to get to me.. sometimes I look and it says 15 minutes so I confirm the ride and they are 5 minutes away.. The nickname to send in you review is inconvenient I have tried 10 names and it won’t let me send.
Best driver ever
by 303 gamg on 2022/01/16 05:06
Driver was fun and LIT!! AMAZING LOVED HIM
Better than Uber
by Red 22 9595 on 2022/01/16 04:39
I always use Lyft. So much better than Uber.
by Emmunael7 on 2022/01/16 04:29
Very nice guy! Very friendly. Nice car and very clean.
Locking you out of a ride when a driver reports you for not having mask
by Teximus-Maximus on 2022/01/16 04:18
Not only was I refused a ride even when I asked the driver to give me one (he clearly didn’t care if you were wearing a mask or not. Just wanted to enforce masks and report people afterwards) Locking you out of a ride until treated like a child you have to upload a picture of you with your mask on.
by ultratrashcan on 2022/01/16 04:17
Verry good driver.
by Fwestbrooks on 2022/01/16 02:53
2 miles home from the airport was 35.00. True price hikes.
Great Promotions
by Milt F. on 2022/01/16 02:32
I been a customer of Lift for a few years now. I appreciate the great effort their drivers put in every ride they carry out. Thank you for the relieble and cost effective service and promotions. Look forward to the next opportunity to make used of your kind and friendly experience. 🤗✌️
Ride Experience
by Archie20033 on 2022/01/16 02:30
I have always had a good ride experience with the drivers and cleanliness of the vehicle.
Good guy
by worldwise234 on 2022/01/16 02:18
Really nice guy , Safe driver !!!
Very friendly
by W Hook on 2022/01/16 02:04
Quick easy friendly reliable in Lexington Ky
My ride on 1/14/22 with Maureen
by future rec coach -RN on 2022/01/16 01:26
Maureen is the absolutely best driver I have ever had - her dedication and sincerity were outstanding 🙏 Thank You Maureen- Cynthia
by Lorenzo@1022 on 2022/01/16 00:32
Very nice guy..
Efficient, calm driver!
by Too sly Syl on 2022/01/15 23:11
Maria was great, she got me to the airport quickly, with a smooth driving style!
Easy and fast
by Los Dinero on 2022/01/15 22:14
Always has clean cars and friendly people in the areas.
Ride to Branson Airport
by Bluebirdme on 2022/01/15 21:42
Driver was on time and friendly
Does the job but is also annoying
by MistahGustitues on 2022/01/15 20:32
It can get a driver to me who will safely get me where I need to go at a reasonable cost. However. It also will send you phantom notifications when you are not using the app. Then, when you click in, there is no actual information. It's like the app got bored and just wanted to say hi. I deleted Apple maps from my device for this exact reason. I would do this with Lyft, but I still use it from time to time.
by jcp 123*@??? on 2022/01/15 19:59
Very friendly and nice person 👍👍⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Viaje cobrado sin realizarlo
by atracada on 2022/01/15 18:03
El día de hoy, sábado, 15 de Enero de 2022, pedí un servicio para llevar a mi hija a una clase, dentro del área de Miami Lakes, sin embargo, la conductora que se reportó para mi servicio, nunca nos recogió, ella se equivocó y fue al destino inicialmente y cuando la llame, a decirle que se había ido para el destino, y no al punto de partida informado en la solicitud, sencillamente, no me siguió hablando al teléfono, me dejo a mi hablando sola y jamás nos recogió, pero si marco su viaje como finalizado, ahora la página de Lift, no me deja exponer el caso, porque este aparece como un viaje realizado correctamente y no fue así, me toco pedir otro servicio de inmediato, para poder llevar a mi hija. No es justo que estas cosas pasen.
by Good Huh? on 2022/01/15 17:06
The driver did not pick me up but instead went straight to the destination. Lyft immediately denied my refund request upon submitting help ticket and the charge was post on my bank account the next day so now I have to contact the bank. Go F yourself Lyft. Piece of crap. Drop dead!
Great service
by Queen Kelle on 2022/01/15 17:02
I can always depend on Lyft to provide fast and friendly service!!!
by e elzaian on 2022/01/15 14:12
I'm a Lyft driver, very poor customer service and they don't make any effort to help👎👎👎👎👎👎
Charlotte in Atlanta ROCKS
by MarcyVierzen on 2022/01/15 13:50
This girls a rock star. Friendly, a go getter, helpful. Loved the ride w her!
Steven is excellent
by Hunny C on 2022/01/15 13:02
Great conversation and service. Love this dude
First Lyft car never came!
by Lehr's Bean on 2022/01/15 12:53
We were so frustrated that our first driver never cam to get us! After 30 min, another driver came. I have never experienced that with Uber! We needed a stable driver.
Worst thing I ever used
by Ari110223 on 2022/01/15 12:40
Everytime that I’m in desperate need of a ride this app is the absolute worst, I work a near minimum wage job that’s about 15 minutes away and the Lyfts that I get to go to work end up being about $45 it’s completely insane, how am I supposed to make a living if I’m spending $45 twice a day to get to work, they need to fix they’re system because it’s absolutely ridiculous.
Need a Lyft!
by JDSmooV on 2022/01/15 07:34
Lyft drivers are courteous and simply on point!
Bad experience
by janneygirl1 on 2022/01/15 06:45
I had a bad experience on January 12th. The driver, Joseph, either did not hear or speak English. He didn’t understand where I was going and was planning to drive me right down the street. I got out of his car immediately but I have been charged for this non ride!! I am very displeased with this experience and wish to be credited.
This is
by purple farie on 2022/01/15 06:00
Hella confusing when the ride there was a dollar extra then coming back the same way.
by Ketted on 2022/01/15 05:42
Very professional efficient clean timely. I’ve just recently acquired the Lyft app and very impressed. Very easy to use! Love it
Good service
by Mosedhakkabdjk on 2022/01/15 04:47
Nice people helping everyone out
Excellent service
by Junglepaw on 2022/01/15 04:20
Haven’t been using rideshare as often since we had a baby, but I’m glad to see that it’s still thriving. Our driver was courteous, polite and went above and beyond to give us a fantastic ride. I’m looking forward to taking advantage of these rideshare services in the future, when we do get out. :-)
Possible Scam
by RA Light Universe on 2022/01/15 03:37
Yes you get a ride from point A to point B. Just be cautious of when they updated price of a former ride. A $9 or $12 rides suddenly gets multiplied by 4 or 5 times is very weird and concerning. Use with caution, track everything. Sure they have their system but when daily commutes for months in the last week suddenly get more expensive, something fishy seems to be going on. Advise to use for emergency, I plan to delete soon
Review diva 2203
by Diva2203 on 2022/01/15 03:00
Great service and enjoyed out driver
All my Lyft drivers
by clay mottes on 2022/01/15 02:38
I have used Uber in the past and now that I have signed up with Lyft I can definitely see the difference your company is way better in every single way the timing that you guys get to your destinations to pick me up the friendly customer service and all the people seem to have really nice cars as well I thought I’d let you know every single driver I’ve had is so very personable you guys should give them all a raise
by Lyft-er on 2022/01/15 02:01
5 stars
Robert the cool Lyft driver
by La la Hale on 2022/01/15 01:38
My daughter and I went out out for the evening together and had the best Lyft driver ever- Robert! Everyone else lucky enough to get him as your driver enjoy! We felt save and like we had known him forever! It was a great experience 😁Thank you Robert and thank you Lyft!
by IAmhotep on 2022/01/14 23:37
When we talk about economical and receiving better service than other companies I’ve used; Lyft stands head and shoulders above the rest. My lifts are with Lyft from now on. Thanks Lyft
Custom Tip
by Actnjack on 2022/01/14 22:59
Request that you change the custom tip field to allow cents; I like to tip so the total is at an even dollar amount which make it easier for me spot scams.
by Solo Jayy on 2022/01/14 21:43
Drivers constantly switch or sit in one spot before coming to pick you up.
Lyft Driver Brian
by Gayla Ryder on 2022/01/14 21:11
Arrived quickly. Good driving skills. Very pleasant. Thank you
My ride
by Garyboss1 on 2022/01/14 20:43
Great great! Great conversation!!
Worst service
by sid00012 on 2022/01/14 20:29
I forget my AirPods in Lyft , location show me in car and driver just hangout my call no reply nothing
So far awesome! I have had all nice drivers and I’m thankful!
by LM_Word on 2022/01/14 19:56
Just used the app once thus far but praying and hoping my information isn’t compromised. I was originally using Uber but my account was compromised...hoping this one is better!
Awesome driver
by 🦋 Mariposas on 2022/01/14 19:44
I was picked up at my surgeons office this driver is very helpful very polite very respectful and he went beyond to try to help me get in his truck seeing that I was with a cane very clean vehicle I recommend him to anyone!!
horrible customer service
by Kallssi on 2022/01/14 19:36
I cancelled a ride literally 30 seconds after ordering because the driver was too far away. I ended up being charged $29 and was forced to wait over an hour for them to tell me to look out for an email to help me. they refused to offer any kind of real help and just wasted my time. the service agent who helped me was extremely rude. I work in customer service and was absolutely appalled by this behaviour and would never treat even the worst customer like i was treated. I will NEVER use lyft again nor will i recommend it to anyone to use. they just care about getting as much money from everyone as possible.
Some good drivers and some bad ones. Lyft is not honoring their promises
by houston travellee on 2022/01/14 18:27
Lyft has some driver not doing their work properly and not paying attention to the customer. I requested a ride this morning and waited for 20 mins while there was no traffic at the place. I called 6 times and the driver didn’t respond at all. So I have to cancel the request and take another one. The second driver was good with a very clean car and large luggage room in the trunk. I thank the second driver. The lyft did not honor its promise for a discount and even the discount for chase bank credit cards holders still need a promotion code, which customers often are in a rush and do not have time to find.
Very Professional
by dashin3 on 2022/01/14 18:14
Was greeted by a gentleman with very nice and clean car!
Not good
by lagetic on 2022/01/14 17:39
The drivers are in no way able to be efficient with service because of the inadequate performance of the app.
by bmwjoejoe on 2022/01/14 17:22
Much cheaper then Uber and friendly drivers
Lyft is the way to go!👌🏽
by @spicebeige22 on 2022/01/14 17:14
Two thumbs up! Best drivers ever! Very friendly! Felt safe! Safe drivers. Very accurate. Always feel safe. Always arrives on time. I’ve never had a bad experience with any Lyft drivers. I’ll definitely recommend Lyft to others.
Rude driver
by rainbowloca on 2022/01/14 17:05
Mr BMW “John” was RUDE, wreaked of ALCOHOL, and threatened me!!! NEVER have I had an experience like this before!!!
5 Start Driving
by Biniyam26 on 2022/01/14 16:20
Very good driver with nice, comfortable, and clean car.
Take a cab
by danilsr883119 on 2022/01/14 15:39
I’m being charged $60 and some change for 14 miles lfty is terrible
Felipe - Harlingen.
by Zermeeuw on 2022/01/14 15:19
Nice calm driver. Arrived quick. Safe drive. Pleasant conversation. Car was spacious, clean and comfortable.
This app spams
by OutOfNicknames2 on 2022/01/14 15:08
This app sends spam notifications to try to lure you to using the service. Sometimes it’s everyday. I wish you valued my time and attention and didn’t send useless notifications against app policy guidelines
As good as it gets…!
by W. Mac on 2022/01/14 14:42
Today I had the wonderful opportunity of being matched with Daniel as my Lyft Driver. Daniel was extremely polite, professional, and personable. To be honest, he was so sociable, it seemed as though we made the 10 minute trip to my house within a blink of eye. There’s nothing like great conversation, Right? Daniel’s car was very clean and comfortable. Lastly, he was very careful while driving. Needless to say, I recommend this Lyft Driver without any reservations. I am hopeful we cross paths again in the future.
Ride on 1/13/22
by finaky on 2022/01/14 14:42
Have used Lyft numerous times and every one has been terrific; safe drivers, friendly professional, polite and cars have been clean & in good working order. Until yesterday . My return ride (from dentist appt to home) my driver was on his phone the entire route talking & laughing with someone he obviously knew. He never checked with me to verify I was the person he was to pick up, he barely let me get in before racing off. The seatbelt did not work and his actions continued the entire ride. He never stopped talking on his phone & I was grateful to get home - - it was that scary. This man is clearly not behaving in the manner of my previous drivers and not behaving in the manner you would expect and demand of one of your drivers.
John - Lyft Driver
by Jonny Derelict on 2022/01/14 14:32
John is a great person. Friendly, safe and a Veteran. Thanks!
I wish we could reject “finishing up a ride”
by Whiptastic911 on 2022/01/14 09:21
It is INFURIATING to order a ride service and then be forced to wait while a driver SLOWLY finishes up a ride and THEN comes to get me 5-10 min later, when another vehicle could have been sent directly to me with a faster pick up. PLEASE allow riders a preference to pre-select “No wait pickups” to avoid the greedy drivers who selfishly pick up their next ride when they are more than a couple minutes away. I need a ride, NOT a place in line.
Great Customer Service
by FirstLadyHunter on 2022/01/14 07:57
Very Friendly and plays beautiful music.
Bad Customer Service
by Samsung Galaxy S10e on 2022/01/14 04:07
Lyft owns and distributed Divy bikes all over my city of Chicago and people have been leaving them in front of my house for the last 3 days. I called today to see if someone could help take care of them and put them back where they charge. Nothing has changed since I called a few hours ago and just recently a third bike has been dumped into the alley next to them. Customer support hasn’t helped and I don’t want more piled up in front of or next to my house.
by Keziah2223 on 2022/01/14 01:21
Thanks for the conversation David, remember 2 Timothy 3:1-7.
Deaf ears Driver
by goooood122432 on 2022/01/14 01:08
Please it is hard to communicate with a deaf ears drivers. Not against them. Please don’t send me on ride within them
Thank you Lyft!
by Jilly, La Verne CA on 2022/01/14 01:06
Thank God for Lyft! Uber has been so awful lately I can’t get a driver or a delivery person through Uber. Thank goodness for Lyft or I would never get a ride home.
by Grandivame on 2022/01/14 00:35
I enjoyed the music and pleasant conversation!❤️
Smells like pot
by bamooore on 2022/01/13 22:49
I started using Lyft frequently when I moved outside of Uber service area. Half the cars I get reek of pot. Legal or not, it’s very unpleasant.
Great first time experience….
by Power Cat Pride on 2022/01/13 22:49
Timothy was a delight……was shocked he had played Colbert Hills Golf Course in Manhattan, Kansas … Home of the Kansas State University Wildcats !!!! Thank you!!!! Linda
Great service
by Chumley1963 on 2022/01/13 22:34
Great service much better than Uber
Trip from Watertown to Milbank SD on 1/13/22
by Eljefe135 on 2022/01/13 22:30
Tracy was an absolute joy to ride together. She shared interesting information about the intended destination and made careful decisions based on road conditions which called for increased snow and icy conditions. Very attentive to passenger needs. Thank you!
Friendly Driver
by FerrariFirst on 2022/01/13 21:37
Mark is a great and safe driver. He’s friendly and cares about the customer.
by tfrak on 2022/01/13 20:28
Too expensive!
My Ride
by bo-ho on 2022/01/13 19:41
Had a great ride with Kenny, good conversation, great driver! Thanks Arl
Driver in FT L/ Miami
by Jcruisin on 2022/01/13 19:40
Dorka was a great driver and gave us the low down on the area. Safe and alert to crazy drivers in Miami area. Do not rent a car!
by Dou$e on 2022/01/13 19:33
Great service
No more Bell cabs
by mbgrip on 2022/01/13 16:25
I originally booked a taxi to LAX the day before. After 10 minutes with no contact from the provider I called and they told me the taxi would be there in 5-7 minutes. This went on for 35 minutes calling back to the taxi service. I called LYFT and Freddy was at the house in 3 minutes. He saved me from missing my flight. Excellent service!
Driver Charlie was a real Pro
by Canadiankid77 on 2022/01/13 14:47
Charlie was top notch driver, he picked me up promptly at my home to go to LAX and he was such a good driver with great conversation . We talked about our roots in Argentina and Canada. I will gladly ride with Lyft again based on this great experience
Estimated time is a lie
by kassy0120 on 2022/01/13 14:02
I’m late to work everyday using Lyft because they always lie about the estimated arrival time. They say my driver will be here in ten minutes or so, the driver will still be in the middle of dropping someone off so that was a lie. They always assign a driver already driving and of course soon as it’s my turn after waiting ten minutes they cancel and now I have to wait another ten minutes. The prices change every thirty freaking seconds! I only ride with Lyft because they’re cheaper than Uber but with the constant price changes and everything I go through that’s probably not even true any more. I’d probably get to work quicker on the bus! The drivers for whatever reason never actually pull up to my location either. Majority of the time they are out on the street outside my house or at the other entrance to my job and for some reason think IM supposed to walk the rest of the way to them! No! I also NEVER get notifications that I even have a driver. I have to constantly check my phone to see if they finally got me someone and how long I supposedly have until they get here. They have 3 different timings which are all a scam because the driver won’t be there in the time said. I sometimes pick the 15 minute wait so I can finish getting myself together. The driver will then get picked and be coming in 5, because there was never any wait they just wanted to see if they can scam you out the extra money.
So pleasant
by gosam87 on 2022/01/13 13:26
I have had to use share ride lately more than usual. Every ride has been above and beyond. The drivers are all world class. Way to pick them.
by bddjeornovmg on 2022/01/13 12:06
It’s not bad ig it lies most of the time tho “a driver is 4 minutes away” then outta no where when you got places to be “we have found you a new driver” that’s 10 minutes away and dropping off another person
Terrible service
by not anither name on 2022/01/13 10:41
I’ve used Lyft 4 times in 2 weeks. I’ve booked in advance. They should not let you book a ride unless they are sure they have a driver. After booking in advance one time they didn’t have a driver and the other time I was late for an appointment. Terrible won’t use again
Izac Ortega
by ka$hBlood on 2022/01/13 09:27
All Star painter Company .Ect. 5123005013
perfect driver
by Antony476 on 2022/01/13 07:48
Luis is the perfect driver. It was like making a friend.
My Lyft driver ran over my laptop bag, they’re not liable.
by johnyvvv14 on 2022/01/13 07:30
While loading luggage into the trunk of my Lyft, I told the driver to wait where he was while I checked to see where my friends were. I told him, and he said ok, three times not to move his vehicle. I walked 20 feet away to if my friends were coming down the apartment steps. But before I even reached the apartment steps, I saw white light illuminate the area. I started shouting before I even turned around but it was to no effect. My Lyft driver had thrown his car in reverse and drove right over my laptop bag. It happened to contain, at the moment, my Surface Book 2, my iPad, my Nintendo switch, and several accessories for all. Everything was damaged. I reached out to Lyft hoping they would be able to do an insurance claim for me, either against their own insurance or the drivers, but to no avail. I never even got ahold of an associate who would listen to me. They all cut me off halfway through the explanation of the incident and said Lyft wasn’t liable. If I got someone who would actually listen, they just shot back the same line in the end. I stopped using Uber because of the fact you couldn’t physically speak to someone in their customer service. Lyft, well you can speak to customer service, but there’s no point. It’s automatically not their issue, responsibility, or their fault. Terrible company, terrible customer service, and out thousands of dollars because they’re “not liable.” If it was my kid they ran over or, heck even my mailbox, would they still not be liable? Ask yourself that before you order another Lyft to pick you up. Because if they run over your kid, your belongings, or anything else that’s your property, it’s not their problem. They literally verbally confirmed it to me. So think twice.
Ray silver Honda
by Stephanie Amoura on 2022/01/13 06:50
Super friendly and kind. Not to mention so clean! Thank you so much! You made me wanna pick Lyft, then Uber!
Finding drivers
by nonamex123 on 2022/01/13 06:45
It took a long time to find a driver
Constantly being left stranded
by LexyP1027 on 2021/02/08 03:36
As a pregnant working mom, time is very important to me. I typically schedule my rides anywhere from 2hrs-24hrs before I need them. In the last week alone, I’ve had drivers cancel on me multiple times AFTER making me wait between 10-30 mins for the ride. And mind you, I SCHEDULED these rides way in advance. So not only am I getting picked up well past my latest estimated time of pick up, sometimes I can’t even find another ride AFTER being cancelled on. With my last scheduled ride, the woman waited 10 mins in one place after finishing her trip before mine, very obviously trying to force me to cancel. When I didn’t she drove within 2 mins of my location and then cancelled on me! I waited over 35 minutes just to be left stranded. There should be a way to report these drivers. I was left pregnant and alone outside after 10PM without another ride available to me. Normally I would just try to catch a bus, but it was so late that the buses weren’t even running. I ended up having to switch to Uber and “luckily” I was able to find one less than 20 min away but that meant I didn’t get home until an HOUR after I had scheduled a Lyft to pick me up. (I live only a 7 min drive from my pickup). This week alone has made me rethink using Lyft altogether because I have yet to run into these problems with Uber in the last 6 months.
Very trust worthy service
by Kfkzjd kk rkdjs on 2020/02/28 11:43
I just had my 3rd incident were a driver left me at my first stop because I was taking too long which I don’t mind but I asked him and he said it was fine and if a driver can’t wait any longer I’d at least like a heads up that their leaving. Now each time this has happened lyft was swift in refunding my money and generally send me an email of apology. I know not everyone’s perfect but they guys at lyft are always on point with any problems or concerns. I’ve had an incident where a driver tried to kiss me and was refunded the full amount along with an email. I’ve never had the app crash but I have heard there are problems from time to time. Guys I don’t care about that kind of problems because you’ll have that with any app or technology from time to time and as far as I’ve heard they fix it in a timely matter. So I can’t find one bad thing to say about lyft. Uber doesn’t take my debit card so they lost out on my business to lyft and I’m so glad I ended up here instead. There are promos that help from time to time and it’s very easy to contact lyft if I ever need to. Thanks guys for being on point with your customers.
Unsafe routing and inaccurate wait times, condescending website.
by Scienceguy1001 on 2021/11/22 23:34
I took a Lyft after a 2 week hiatus and now remember why I stopped using them. First off, their touting algorithm has no concept of two way streets and often sends a driver to arrive on the wrong side of the street or drop off on the wrong side of the street. You have 2 options in this case - cross the street unsafely or walk to the nearest crosswalk and then back to your destination. Would dropping someone off a block away be acceptable if it is safe and legal to be closer? Of course not, but this is what wrong side arrivals and drop offs force. Next, conveniently every wait time is less than 5 minutes since this is the cutoff for cancelling without penalty. Coincidence? I don’t think so. Finally, they allow a great deal of driver feedback (negative always) and you are notified when you receive it. However, you are never told what the specific gripe is. Maybe I’m going something that I don’t realize is irritating and unless you tell me what that is, I’m just going to keep doing it. You are directed to their feedback page which basically amounts to “don’t be a jerk.” Vague guidelines which I (think) I follow. Since these complaints can apparently get you banned or slow your pickup times, it would seem to be fair to let people know what the issue is so they can correct it. Calling it “feedback”’is laughable.
Very few drivers
by CaliChic510 on 2021/04/23 19:33
I used to absolutely love Lyft and used the service all the time but over the last year I’ve grown more and more less fond of their services. Not all can be blamed on COVID affecting the service. There are way less drivers working in my area which has wait times sometimes longer than an hour like last night was for me. The bill is just as expensive if I pay to be picked up with the wait and save or if I take expedited services to be waiting an entire hour for pick up. Also lyfts competition Uber offers their drivers some incentive for certain rides so the drivers that work both platforms will drop a Lyft rider like a hit rock to try and snag that Uber rider up so the hour I just wait for my Lyft driver to come is doubled because the Lyft driver dropped me to grab up a more lucrative rider with Uber. That’s a very frustrating situation that happens way too often nowadays. Also it seems there are no Lyft rides here offered after 10pm. Another passenger told me that Lyft unofficially stopped offering rides for my area after 10 so the app will just say longer wait i times but not that they won’t be in service till 6am so I will order the Lyft and wait forever before giving up and taking a cab which has become my new go to for rides now anyway. Lyft is too expensive to wait for nothing just to call a cab in the end anyway.
Estimated time is a lie
by kassy0120 on 2022/01/13 14:02
I’m late to work everyday using Lyft because they always lie about the estimated arrival time. They say my driver will be here in ten minutes or so, the driver will still be in the middle of dropping someone off so that was a lie. They always assign a driver already driving and of course soon as it’s my turn after waiting ten minutes they cancel and now I have to wait another ten minutes. The prices change every thirty freaking seconds! I only ride with Lyft because they’re cheaper than Uber but with the constant price changes and everything I go through that’s probably not even true any more. I’d probably get to work quicker on the bus! The drivers for whatever reason never actually pull up to my location either. Majority of the time they are out on the street outside my house or at the other entrance to my job and for some reason think IM supposed to walk the rest of the way to them! No! I also NEVER get notifications that I even have a driver. I have to constantly check my phone to see if they finally got me someone and how long I supposedly have until they get here. They have 3 different timings which are all a scam because the driver won’t be there in the time said. I sometimes pick the 15 minute wait so I can finish getting myself together. The driver will then get picked and be coming in 5, because there was never any wait they just wanted to see if they can scam you out the extra money.
LYFT Damage Scam
by J0E Guy on 2021/10/13 06:15
I was on my anniversary vacation with my fiancé when LYFT got me. We were in Miami and thought it would cheaper if we ubered or took Lyft everywhere. So at 530 pm we wanted to get dinner. Lyft driver shows up we get in and quiet ride all the way to our “destination “ . He drops off two blocks away from where we wanted to go. So I didn’t think much of it had dinner and enjoyed dinner. Attempt to pay for dinner and my car declines. Called my bank and asked what was going on the said you have $150 damage fee from Lyft. I said can’t be I didn’t do anything nor did my fiancé. Over the next week everybody at Lyft I spook to said I damaged the car I had to pay. I looked at the submitted pictures and was confused. One they’re at night he dropped us off in broad daylight and had a whole conversation about the wrong location of the drop off. Then according to the pictures from the backseat I threw in the front seat, outside of the window on the passenger side, under were my fiancé was sitting and everywhere else. Also once again at night. Lyft customer service is nonexistent so they basically said if I don’t have pictures/video of me enter and exiting the car I’m hit. Lyft is a joke and all I asked of them is ask the driver for TIME STAMPS to support his proof because that alone would prove my innocence. In conclusion if you don’t have to use this service don’t and if you do record every minute. Hopefully you would be robbed like I was.
They are selfish, don’t care about their customers or their drivers
by Kc 414 on 2021/03/21 23:57
I’ve been using Lyft over Uber and many other rideshare apps for a couple years now, but after today I’m done. I’ve been using the them to get to and from work which is only 2 miles from my home, a few problems I’ve started running into recently is that they say my wait window is up to 15 minutes and on my last 2 rides I’ve had to wait 30 or more minutes (way above their estimations) and today I’m walking after waiting 30 minutes for them to give me a driver 18 minutes away, so I would’ve ended up waiting almost an hour for a ride 2 miles. Now before you say “that could be the only driver close” understand that it shows you were Lyft drivers are nearby on the map and I wish I could post a screenshot because there were plenty near me. I tried contacting customer support twice to reimburse me the money that they “hold” and I still have yet to see the money. As far as the drivers go, my driver the other day asked around how much I spend on rides and I told them “to get to and from work it’s anywhere from $7-$10 a trip, once the trip was over they showed me what you guys paid him and it’s honestly just sad! They only got $2.60 of that $10, I honestly don’t even know how that’s legal. You keep 70% of the money for some of the worst software and terrible customer service reps. I truly can’t stand your company anymore.
MAJOR issue with “Wait & Save”
by jdjfnfkjdjdb on 2020/07/10 12:08
I waited for an hour and never got a ride. I was paired with several drivers who appeared to have every intention of coming to get me, but every time they got within 8 minutes of me, your app kept auto-cancelling the rides because you “found someone closer” (none of which were more than 2 minutes closer than the original driver), only for the new driver to cancel the trip immediately. This went on for an hour before I gave up. My breaking point came when, after 40 minutes of this back and forth nonsense, a nice lady accepted my ride from 25 minutes away and got on the highway to come get me. As soon as she got off the highway and was only 7 minutes away, your app auto-canceled on her in favor of a driver who was 6 minutes away, who immediately canceled the trip. I waited 5 more minutes without any effort on your end to repair me with my original driver who wasted her gas and 20 minutes of her time before I gave up. So listen; If I already have a driver lined up, I want THAT DRIVER to come and get me. There is no circumstance where I want my ride canceled in favor of another driver who is only a minute closer, ESPECIALLY if my driver went out of their way for me like the last one did. This is unacceptable and needs to be rectified. If I’m willing to “Wait and Save”, I’m willing to wait one or two short minutes for my driver to arrive, but I am not willing to wait an hour for nothing.
Payment Issues
by Jaybirdsmith9 on 2021/08/14 14:13
Reader’s Digest Version: I had to travel to from Leominster, MA to the bus station in Boston so I could get to friends in Maine. I went to the Lyft app and attempted to secure a ride, and it said I had a $3.00 and some change left as a balance. I’m had no idea why I still had a balance, but attempted to pay it anyway. Then I got an error message saying “unable to make payment and settle debts.” Now I’m panicking because I think I’m going to miss my bus. I enter in a new card and try to get a ride, and got another messages telling me that the payment couldn’t me processed. Then I try my wife’s Pay Pal card, and it didn’t work either! I attempted to call Lyft, and all that was available was a recording with some basic information that I already knew. At this point, I was ready to make plans to fly back home because I would miss my bus and have to stay another night in a hotel. I tried one more time to use my wife’s pay pal card, and this time it worked; God only knows why. If someone from Lyft could contact me and explain where the extra charge came from, and why my payment wouldn’t go through, and why the other cards had issues, I would greatly appreciate it. As for the driver, there were issue at all. He got to me in five minutes, drove safely, and was very kind.
Bad Experience
by Nick199645 on 2020/07/04 21:45
My first time ever using this service, I was forced to pay $5 to a driver that screwed me over. The driver was on his way to pick me up and he got lost prior to reaching my location. He called me and told me that he couldn’t get to me from the road he was on. I told him that he went the wrong way and he would have to go back out the way he came and back towards me on a different road. He reiterated that there was no way for him to reach me (I don’t know if he wasn’t listening to me or just didn’t want to go back out and drive around, as it would take too much time). He asked if I could go to him (which would’ve been about a 2 mile walk through a wooded area), which I told him that I wouldn’t be able to. He continued to refuse to listen to my telling him that he would have to drive out and come back in on the different road. So, ultimately he refused to come pick me up. I don’t blame the driver as he was an older man, and I’m sure he would’ve lost money by having to go the long way around to get me. I told the man that we’d try and find someone else, as he’d already wasted a lot of our time (again I’m not necessarily blaming him). After cancelling the ride, I found out that I still paid him $5, which Lyft Support assured me was appropriate, despite the fact they didn’t have any suggestion as to what I should’ve done, as the driver refused to pick me up. Needless to say I don’t use Lyft anymore.
by Farishtaaaaaa on 2019/10/25 15:25
I normally use Uber. I trust Uber more than Lyft. One of my sister is using Lyft since 1 year and she’s fine. Yesterday I had a dentist and took off wisdom teeth after a while I downloaded the Lyft app and I made account then I booked a ride for $7.58 from dentist to my work it was a very important to get to my work before afternoon. I had to submit some important information to HR. I booked the ride and they gave me an stupid driver who was totally over than retirement age even though he’s supposed to drive deaf man. After standing for 15-20 minutes the app shows he’s arrived and they were asking to look for gray ford 2011 David name old man. Tell me one thing how could I get to him when there was a parking lot and there was already all parked cars no one came there with Lyft tag on their front. I called the driver 4-6 times 3 times he picked up and just said HELLO and he hanged up. He did the same for 3 times after that he dropped my calls n didn’t replied my msg I send him that I’m in front of densit hospital where are you. Then he just maked 5 minutes and he left me there without replying without responding to my calls. In few seconds I booked another ride they charged me the fee without ride without getting me to my destination. It was a 100 times hate and regret for me why even I made the Lyft I hate it . Now I’m sending this review and their system isn’t allowing me they’re asking for nickname I tried 7 nickname they’re rejecting.. why? Bcz they’re scammers
App 100%; drivers 75%
by treezus420 on 2022/01/06 02:43
I’ve had good experiences throughout my time using Lyft. The one time I didn’t was on New Year’s Eve/ New Year’s Morning. Now while most passengers agree we don’t want to cause trouble or a mess for our driver, sometimes this is unavoidable. When I brought my coworker onto our Lyft to get us home safely my coworker puked OUTSIDE the car. Very little mess inside to clean. I can respect being upset. But when he took pictures of the mess BEFORE I cleaned his door on the outside and sent it to a Lyft to charge me $150 even AFTER I apologized. That pisses me off. Especially when he says and I quote, “I have to take my kids somewhere tomorrow” now I don’t hold it against the driver for feeling that way, but my response holds. “Why are you driving to take drunk people home then?!” We got into a shoring match (which I admit could have been more mature about-but I was drunk; what was the driver’s excuse?) he drove away after I said “buh-bye”, at least 5 times. I accept my part of the blame for my drunken coworker, even if $150 isn’t fair AFTER I cleaned. BUT, where is the driver’s responsibility for being professional (which he wasn’t) and understanding on a busy drunken night? There was none. Perhaps I should have driven home drunk with my coworker….
by SashaMonet on 2020/03/03 04:15
I have never experienced anything like this.I was almost about to be late to my job and I can’t be late so, I decided to call a lyft, everything went well I see my driver coming close so I wait outside, but he just kept going straight instead of turning, so I seen that he kept going straight and I called him, and he declined it. I thought he probably got turned around and had the wrong address so I called again, declined again, then I said to myself okay if he doesn’t turn around right here somethings up, he kept going, so I couldn’t cancel or else I would be charged and they didn’t reroute me until he was 8 minutes away from me, they rerouted me and the next driver was 20 minutes away finishing up a current ride, something has to be done because there wasn’t anywhere that I could go to on the lyft app to report that my driver wasn’t going the right way so I could get a new driver, which made me extremely late, I have the drivers number but not his profile picture :( The service is bad I try to report something but there isn’t a place for the report that I’m trying to do, my bank statement came in and it showed this I know charges with the same number as the lyfts item number thing and it won’t let me delete my card and then you have to email which take forever to respond, you don’t even get to talk to an actual person🤦🏾‍♀️NEVER USING LYFT AGAIN
Great experience until........
by Sirrbenson23 on 2020/01/23 20:36
I’d like to go and say that I was a huge fan of this app. So much so I barely walked anywhere or took the bus seeing how I’m 18 and a car is in my agenda at the moment. I lyft’d almost everyday to work for the inexpensive price of 11$ to get to and from work. Until one day I ordered a lyft 20 minutes ahead of my expected appearance at work seeing how the ride was about 6 minutes and this was a very very rare occasion because I would order 10 minutes ahead. So I get a driver and he approaches my home. For some reason my driver switches to someone further than the previous. This all happens in a 5 minute span so I don’t worry. I look at my phone and the driver is not moving at all. This happens for 10 minutes. My driver. Not moving an inch. So I decide to cancel the ride and just walk seeing how I’m already running a little behind and a lyft at this point would be wasting money. I soon see that cancelling costs 5$ which is around the price of my normal ride. So I expected a refund and to be short a dollar in this inconvenience. Nope 12 wasted on a lyft I didn’t even take. The app has the gull to have one of the refund options say “driver isn’t moving” while simultaneously saying they have driver their way to me so pay 5$. Morale I’d say is to not rely on lyft for work. Bite the bullet and take reliable routes for work, school, etc. leave the lyft rides for something more lenient.
by layah.gaming on 2021/01/19 03:39
I’m sick of this app and Uber!! This app needs more rules and regulations for the people that choose to be drivers. You guys need to make sure there are drivers at all hours of the day! Sometimes I can’t find a ride after work, I can’t help that I don’t own a car and the buses aren’t running. It’s unfair for your apps to take over and kinda replace the taxi business, but you’re lazy and the drivers are lazy and not driven to do this job at all. Life doesn’t stop, so neither should the drivers! It’ll be 7pm and I’ll wait 15min for a ride and then finally get one and it’s 30min away from me. That’s inconvenient for me and the driver! There should be drivers in all areas at all times. And you need to make sure that the driver is familiar with the city they’re in, sometimes drivers take forever getting to me because they don’t know they’re way around and call me for directions, I’m standing outside frustrated trying to guide them. And then because they’re confused they cancel! Now I’m charged for a ride I didn’t take! And you shouldn’t be a driver if you can’t speak English, or at least only pick of people that will understand you, because like I said, they get confused by the gps, but I can’t help you cause you don’t understand me! I might as well go back to calling a cab. At least I know they’re coming when I call, understand me, and know their way around the city.
DO NOTTTT get Lyft pink
by T574837 on 2022/01/05 16:20
Complete waste of money. I’ve been riding with Lyft for over 3 years now. Obviously if you already have dealt with Lyft, you know it’s absolutely terrible. I figured since I used Lyft so much, getting Lyft pink would be better since I use it for longer distances. Absolutely not. In fact, it just got worse after getting Lyft pink and I wish I was exaggerating. The service/app just got more and more disappointing. I was being left stranded way more often. My wait times got incredibly longer for rides. It has been too many times that Lyft will double the told wait time then cancel the order which is extremely inconvenient considering i use Lyft to get to and from work. And it’s crazy because on the map, there will be at least 8 cars minimum all surrounding me. But what really confuses me is how after waiting an hour plus sometimes and getting my order cancelled, I’ll replace my order and all of a sudden there’s a car headed my way in less than 5 minutes sometimes. Oh and god forbid youre a woman like me and get a driver at night that picks you up, cancels your ride and tries to take you to THEIR destination. Lyft will not care when you contact them and no you will not get your money back for the ride that never made it to your destination. Lyft takes advantage of the fact that people need convenient transportation and will let you suffer bc of the fact.
No direct customer service communication
by puzzledazzle❣️❣️❣️ on 2021/07/27 19:45
I have been a consistent daily customer for years. Lyft has turned their app to be not customer friendly at all. They should have at least more options buttons in the app in case something goes wrong. About 4 weeks ago I cancelled a ride because the driver whom they had literally just linked me with was 20’ minutes away and I was still charged an amount between $10-$12 approximately. About 2 weeks ago another driver literally cancelled the ride outside my house while I was walking out the door to meet them and I still had a couple of minutes waiting time. For that one I was charged $7-$8 approximately. There is literally no customer service to communicate complaints. Not to mention the times it takes the drivers forever to arrive; They may be “10 minutes away” for half an hour, resulting in work latenesses and significant hourly pay loss. It’s sad I still need Lyft on a daily basis because I can’t always catch the bus as most of their routes are still not fully back to normal ever since the covid crisis. The only good thing I can currently say about them is that most of their drivers are friendly. But if they don’t fix the customer service issue they’re eventually bound to have big problems with their customers in the future. Thank you for at least giving me a chance thank review. Sincerely, Zen
Lyft Satisfaction Survey
by Ridiculous App Nickname on 2020/02/29 21:40
When in need of a ride, Lyft is normally very reliable and I have gotten wonderful drivers most of the time. However, when leaving home from Decatur, GA., I experienced a driver (Juan) who accepted my ride request and had me waiting approximately 15-20 minutes and then he wound up dropping my request. My request was to the airport, so I cannot express strongly enough how every minute counted. After his terribly inconsiderate cancellation, I was initially assigned to another driver who was 13 minutes away. I cannot tell you how very frustrated I was with Lyft at that moment. Fortunately, Lyft then found me a closer driver (Lashon) who was only 4 minutes away. Lashon was GREAT and got me to the airport in plenty of time to catch my flight but I still can’t get over Juan accepting my ride request only to have me waiting in vein for 20 minutes wasting my time AND jeopardizing me catching my flight. I would certainly like to see him reprimanded and definitely want him BLOCKED from ever picking up another ride request from me in the future! And this guy supposedly have a 5 star rating? I don’t think so. Very disappointed with that terrible experience 👎🏽
Order process more confusing
by Than Davenport on 2018/08/04 18:40
I’ve been using Lyft for about 2 years now and it’s a fantastic service. The latest update has done wonders for the graphic identity of the brand and it looks especially good on my iPhone X, they’ve done a good job of integrating the notch into the design that makes the whole app feel purposeful and user friendly. One thing they changed, however, and have made much worse in my opinion. They changed the order sequence from ~dropoff lovation>pickup location>size select and confirmation~ to ~dropoff location>size select>pickup location and confirmation~ this has made the buying order process much more confusing even for an experienced Lyft rider. The final order screen should always have the approximate dropoff time and the expected cost on it, in my opinion. With the latest update the final order screen simply asks you where you’d like to be picked up and honestly this makes no sense to me. The last purple button before you’re charged doesn’t even say “order Lyft” it just says “confirm pickup” which has led me to accidentally order a Lyft when all I wanted to do was check approximate times and charges for a Lyft I would be taking later in the day. I think if this aspect were changed it would round out the app perfectly and make it deserving of 5 stars.
Received An Erroneous Health Violation
by lala81792 on 2022/01/08 01:31
I had a driver cancel my ride while still over 10 minutes away from my pickup destination and thought nothing of it at first. The following day I received an email from Lyft stating I had received a Health Violation because I failed to wear a mask. I immediately reached out to let Lyft know that I had never even seen the driver since he cancelled while still 10 minutes away from my pickup location (so unless the driver had super X-ray vision, how could he site me for failing to wear a mask?). To no avail I tried explaining this to two different representatives who just sent me their standard response script stating, that drivers have the right to cancel your ride for failing to wear a mask. Now whenever I try to request a Lyft I am required to take a picture proving that I am wearing a mask as if I am on some sort of internal blacklist. Well I refuse to use the app and spend another dime until this is rectified if you are going to site customers for something as serious as a health violation during a global pandemic then you ought to have the gall to ensure sure customers are NOT experiencing a restrictive user experience because a driver decided to take advantage of a loop-hole. So I will continue to use Uber even when they cost more because that bare minimum, at least they investigate disputes and make sure that their resolution is based on actual fact.
Absolutely Over It!
by prettyafok on 2021/11/16 15:57
if i could give 0 star I would. DO NOT BOTHER WITH THIS APP! Uber cost more but less hassles. Ive been with Lyft for a few years. It was great at first but they have became carless about improving this app. they never have enough drivers so if you are running late dont call a lyft. they charge you for every little thing even if its the drivers fault. it will tell you be ready by a certain time and than by that time switch and add more time. it doesn’t tell a driver where to drop you off so a driver will get all the way to u and then pull off once he sees how far they gotta go. they charge u for two lyft if they didnt find u a ride in enough time. I AM OVER THIS APP! I HAVE BEEN LATE CONSTANTLY DUE TO COMPLICATIONS WITH THIS APP!!! and currently as Im sitting here it is giving me issues. i called a lyft at 7:20am. it said be ready by 7:45 which is when I start work. i live in Hollywood. there is MORE than enough drivers! as im waiting i look back at the app and my request is completely gone. now it says i wont get picked up until 8:16 and get to work at 8:33. so because this app constantly have issues from no drivers to the app crashing i am now 45 minutes late to work when i was originally on time and it happens to my coworkers as well. i am so over this app! no way i should have had to pay for another ride if i already paid for one snd the app removed my request.
Rip off!
by tgb35545864588 on 2019/03/22 03:45
Lyft no showed me twice in the same day. Each time I was outside waiting watching the app and how close the drivers were to me. Twice they came within 6 blocks from me and then the app stopped the drivers eta and routed me brand new drivers. Both times they started my arrival times all over while I was waiting outside( somewhat cold out). I’ve used the Lyft app for about a year. In that year I’ve missed my driver outside maybe 2-3 times. All times I was charged a $5.00 cancellation fee which seemed fair being I wasn’t outside when they arrived( they left). Now why on earth can the Lyft drivers then no show me and they don’t hold there drivers to the same standards they hold there customers to. My time is just as valuable as theirs. But apparently Lyft didn’t think so. I wasn’t given the 2 no show cancellation credits when they did it to me. Seems unreasonable that they can charge the customer a $5 dollar cancellation fee but we can’t get that same credit when they no show us. I’ll never use Lyft again. They wouldn’t even make it right either, instead they acknowledged the wrong and basically kept asking me the same thing over and over and over. Basically wanting me to just go away. I could care less about the money but it’s the principle. I’m a business owner and I can’t get away with screwing my customers over the way these guys do. Oh well I guess. I just downloaded the Uber app. Bye Lyft!
Cheap Rides for Drivers and Terrible Customer Service!!!
by fulltime Uber Driver on 2018/09/25 09:24
I’m a Lyft and Uber Driver for one year now. At the normal rate, Lyft pays Drivers a hair more than Uber. There is hardly any Primetime and when there is, it’s at a very low percentage except when there is extremely inclement weather. As a full time driver driving for both Companies, the only way to make a profit is through Primetime and Surge, period. A good example of how cheap the driver pay is from Lyft is earlier this week they had an available scheduled ride to take someone from Englewood Cliffs, NJ to Philly, PA for a payment between $101 and $111-that is offensive and highway robbery. That’s clearly a loss to any driver. By the time you factor in tolls, gas, wear and tear on your car and time spent not being able to pick up in PA until you hit NJ, it’s def not worth it. Their customer service is the worst, period. They outsource to the Philippines and they are ALL trained to be very polite but that’s it-no knowledge to assist you. Their scheduled rides are not guaranteed so although you are the “designated” driver, you are NOT guaranteed to get the passenger-outrageous! I hardly turn on my Lyft App and instead drive for Uber more which I might add isn’t much better.
Don’t trust current location.
by dntrcjjfil on 2019/06/27 02:47
Several times lately I’ve found that if I didn’t specify where I was by entering an address the Lyft driver could not find me. I asked a Lyft driver, who had grown up in Seattle what the problem was. He suggested I always enter an exact address, even if I had to look it up in advance. I did that this morning and tonight and had a better experience. If we add inexperienced drivers in a location to the problem of the satellite location you can be texting with a driver who is on the other side of the block and doesn’t understand you are waiting at the front door of the hall “Town Hall” Seattle, Wa. Not only that but this morning I entered an address where I was at a diner and the program auto changed it to Coleman Dock 2-3 blocks away. What gives? I am writing on my husbands phone. I’m Dusty Collings. We are traveling together and we take turns calling Lyft. I think, & hope you can make some refinements to the experience. I don’t like having to pay for a driver who is in the wrong location and doesn’t want to drive around the block to pick me up. It wasn’t my fault and I had to pay the fee for standing him up. Not really fair. I have a walking disability and I try limit the number of steps I take. Thanks.
by Ziyah Baby on 2021/10/05 03:36
I have had Lyft for 3 years everything was fine really enjoy it never really had a issue until a couple of days ago I allowed my significant other to log into my account from his phone and it’s was good until the next day they made him do a mask verification which I thought was weird because he always had his mask he only forgot it about 3 times but that was it , I tried to order off my account again to get to work the next day but before It could completely book the ride it said they needed a little more info to verify it was it was me so I sent in my pay stub to see if they will accept it and they did but my account still currently keep asking the same thing after they had already told me I would be able to use it but I couldn’t I tried to go through costumer service couldn’t get any help to they sent over to someone higher and the problem supposed to be fix after talking to them too but no it nots so I just decided to send in my pay stub once again and it’s been approved but still doesn’t work so I’m very disappointed because I have 30$ worth of lyft cash and cant even get it back I very much disagree with that especially if they are going to have problems like this
by LuvGld on 2021/04/20 17:51
I’ve always raves about Lyft’s customer service and the way they keep a pretty good rep (esp in comparison with Uber’s services) but their customer service has hit an all time low. Lately the Lyfts have been SUPER expensive. It takes me $17 to get to work and lately they’ve been charging $23-40+ for the same ride ?!! There’s been times recently where I order a Lyft and don’t receive one until 30 mins later. I could also have a driver 4 mins away and then receive a notification saying that the “driver canceled” when truly I believe they switched the driver to someone paying a bigger fare. After all, canceling but so many rides effects a driver’s commission and stand with the company. Then they’ll send me someone even further after the previous ride has been canceled! And don’t think about canceling the ride. One time I didn’t get a Lyft for about an hour then they finally assigned a driver that was 12 mins away!! I immediately canceled. Then they CHARGED ME $5 for cancelling!! Claiming that because the driver was already on their way and the $5 will be used as their “gas money”. So pathetic. Lyft has been SO MONEY HUNGRY lately it’s ridiculous. I’m no longer pleased with this service. I’m just using it until I finally get my car. Not pleased with this company anymore at all.
Before choosing this app you should know how awful the drivers are treated!
by fvsclothing on 2019/02/26 22:49
This company has no respect for the drivers they will steal from you every chance they get via cancellation fees and app payment issues etc. when you call to rectify the situation they disrespect and talk down to you in hopes that you will lose your temper so they can disconnect the call. If you don’t lose your cool they leave you on hold for as long as it takes for you to hang up so you don’t receive a survey not that responding to the survey makes any my case I stayed on hold for 4 hours!!. Lyft is by far the most ghetto trashy ride share company out there. I can’t believe they want to go public with the type of unsolved issues they have with their operation. They expect drivers to give 5 star service to passengers which I do while providing less than 1 star service to drivers in return. They don’t even have a working telephone number, they make it extremely difficult to speak with anyone unless you write an email which they selectively respond to if you are lucky. They know most drivers that work for them don’t have many other options so they exploit that to the fullest. I done nearly 4000 rides in only a year of working for them all while maintaining a 5 star rating but this means nothing to them you don’t even get a bonus, thank you, or even a thumbs up emoji. What a sad company.
by ian is not happy with you on 2019/07/07 04:39
I ordered the lyft and was told to be outside within six minutes as per usual. Walked out and walked down a five acre driveway only to find out the lyft was not here but on the way. Got down to the road and mail box only to find out that the lyft wasn’t coming but another was on the way within nine minutes. Thirty minutes later I had to reorder another lyft due to the second one saying they were there at said location but not being there and I suppose they canceled!! This is ridiculous, I watched on the app both the first and second lyfts heading my way but never showing up and was never informed that the second canceled even though I was waiting at the mailbox ready to go! After ordering the Third lyft I was questioning if that one would show up at all!! Luckily it did and the driver David was exceptional but your apps lack of respect for the the customer and customers time has me questioning if I want to even suggest others using this app. I feel let down and slightly abused by this evenings lyft services besides the fact that David came to our rescue. Thanks for wasting everyone’s time tonight sincerely Ian! That was unexceptional and unacceptable!!
Might as well go to Urber
by Lang99 on 2019/07/12 18:59
Honestly every rider has their own experiences so this is mine. I live in a brand new neighborhood that hasn’t quite made it on the gps yet so I understand it can get a little complicated. I make sure to leave a note or call the driver to let them know it’s the next neighborhood over and I even order my Lyft almost two hours before work just in case something happens you know? Well something happened. The driver Jogander read my pick up note and still didn’t follow it (annoying but understandable no harm done) so I call him and I’m literally on the phone for about five minutes explaining to him what to do (leave that neighborhood, take a right and just drive down till you see my neighborhood name. Simple right?) So he tells me he’s on his way and I’m waiting on this man not knowing nor getting a notification that he CANCELED and I was still charged a cancellation fee. So not only have I wasted time waiting for a ride that wasn’t even coming I’m also running late to work. I contact customer care and they refund me the fee but when I asked if they at least contact the driver or something for lying they hit me with the whole “well we refunded you isn’t that enough” bull crap. Honestly Lyft is still a type of job so employees need to be held accountable I’m going straight back to urber. It may cost me a few dollars more but they haven’t pulled this bs with me (yet).
Disgusted by customer service
by kh637816384 on 2021/02/12 15:17
Totally love the concept of this app, I use Uber and Lyft all the time and usually do not have a problem. After this I will never use Lyft again... First I will start off by saying that it’s almost impossible to get into contact with their customer service. I tried to call at least 15 times and no answer. Me and my 4 other girlfriends used Lyft to get home one night and the Lyft driver took us to another address that wasn’t ours. We 100% put the correct address but for some reason his map took us somewhere else. We asked him to take us to the correct address (the one we paid for) and he told us we would have to repay for the ride from where we were to the address again ($30)... we asked him why if we put in the correct address and he said he didn’t know what happened but he wasn’t going to take us if we didn’t pay and asked us to get out of his car. HE LITERALLY STRANDED US IN THE MIDDLE OF NO WHERE AND LEFT. 5 girls, didn’t wait to see if anyone was coming to pick us up. Just left. Obviously we tried to get our money back for this ride because we did not receive the service we paid for... they did nothing but credit us $5 for the next ride. I AM ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTED by this customer service. What if something happen to us after being KICKED OUT of this car. I will never use Lyft again !!
by Dillon Currÿ on 2021/01/18 15:46
I am often very late to work because I’m a couple miles out of city limits and I will constantly have multiple drivers cancel on me before I can manage to get one to pick me up for work. I only use this app for getting back and forth to work and it is very unreliable due to the drivers in my area. Definitely need to weed out the terrible people that cancel rides when they are scheduled hours ahead of the pick up time. . There is no reason I should have more than 2 drivers cancel on me for being outside of the city limits by a few minutes. Absolutely ridiculous! Other than the bad drivers who cancel and make me late to work almost every day it’s a decent app. Easy to work and learn. Most drivers that come are very nice but they always say the same thing when I mention getting my rides canceled “ you honestly are out of the way “ that shouldn’t matter. Your job is to drive. I’ve had more than 5 drivers cancel on multiple occasions. Ridiculous. It happens almost every day. Rather I’m going to work or trying to go back home I often have to wait an additional 30 minutes to an hour just to get where I am trying to go. Very unfortunate. Please work on weeding out the bad drivers who can’t take a scheduled pick up. Please get this handled lyft.
Drivers can screw you, Lyft needs to allow you to request new drivers..
by Bears! on 2020/02/03 02:32
Drivers can literally sit in there spot for what seems like hours when your waiting for a ride or even head the entire different direction! All the while Lyft still tells you the driver is 3 minutes away. After a 30 plus minute wait and multiple driver refreshes just let us request a new driver when they are obviously busy. It’s bogus when you have to take a $5 charge for someone who’s going to take 10 minutes to even leave the spot they are in. You’re nail biting every time you order one of these hoping you actually have a driver. My father had a situation where he scheduled a driver then come the next morning when the drivers supposed to arrive the app is looking for drivers and switching finally after about 15 minutes of a driver not moving. He missed his flight that day but I believe after contacting Lyft got credit towards his account. Cool they will do that but a $30 ride isn’t the price of a plane ticket. People aren’t dumb, we know when the driver Lyft selects isn’t coming within minutes. Just let us cancel without a charge if the driver isn’t coming in the timeframe you tell us. That’s it. Lyfts great otherwise but this issue is just boiling over from how many times I deal with it. Please please please find a fix to this Lyft!!!
Steve Colorado 190XYQ
by Summit Local on 2019/06/18 03:09
App is good and most drivers are too EXCEPT for Steve with the above Colorado license plate. For the second time in a month, the first on Uber and tonight with Lyft, he responds to the pick-up and then cancels at the pick-up when he finds out the ride is more than 5 minutes or outside of Breckenridge, CO. He is gaming the system to the detriment of other drivers and the frustration of customers. Because the vast majority are none the wiser, they don’t know to capture his name or have any way of seeing who just canceled their pickup leaving them standing at the curb. Because I had this experience with the same guy within the last month for an identical pick-up, the prior on Uber, I was suspicious when the a grey Caravan popped up this time so I did a screen capture in case it was the same guy. He is gaming both Lyft and Uber in exactly the same way. We’ve heard from other drivers who have heard similar stories of this guy from other customers. I implore you to take action and ban him from your service. I’m sure if you run the analytics you will find all of his trips are hyper local and he has an extraordinary cancel rate compared to other drivers.
Future Rides
by Runnerguy45 on 2018/08/06 05:24
Have clear instructions and work flow for customers trying to schedule future rides. Honestly, it used to much easier to request a lyft for a future date. With the current home screen and user face, it’s hard to see the “schedule” touch point and doesn’t flow well at all. When I’m scheduling a future ride, I want to make that clear first thing, up front, immediately...not be lead on a scheme to accidentally request a ride for “right now” and have to pay cancellation charges. It makes lyft appear a bit shady. Uber has that title. Please revert to customer friendly, simple app services and not try to trick anyone into anything...I use lyft bc I trust it more than Uber. That trust has severely wavered with this recent update. Also a huge downfall: not having an immediately accessible service team. I needed help bc my app updated in the middle of scheduling my ride to the airport 24hrs in advance and, again, I could’t figure out how to request future ride in new update. It was imperative and down to the wire for me to request lyft and the time kept creeping forward (it wasn’t allowing me to request my trip any sooner than exactly 24hrs in advance somehow). I tried to talk to someone at lyft to no avail. I am a loyal customer and hope this message is heard! Otherwise back to old school taxis and I am your target market millenial!
Not what it used to be (COVID-19 aside)
by wtfcee on 2021/06/15 09:36
Used this app for many many years to get my dad to work at 5am in the morning. It had its hiccups but always found a driver at least. Nowadays, you’ll be lucky if you even get a driver! (At any time for that matter!) A disclaimer always pops up saying “you may not get a ride” so what is even the point of patronizing your business then? I might as well scroll through my call list & see who can give me a ride if you’re gonna roll the dice like that. Multiple times there have been more than enough drivers in my area & for some reason they all keep dropping my ride so I ended up waiting for over an hour for someone to follow through. One time a driver was supposed to pick me up & drove right in front of my house & dropped it! Various times I’ve wanted to call a Lyft (when getting my car towed) & ended up calling my family to just come get me cause Lyft just had me sitting there all day & night. I use to uphold the idea that Lyft was better than Uber, but not anymore. I’ve downloaded the Uber app as of tonight. Called my first Uber at 4am & had no problem hitching a ride. I’d say “Do Better” but it’s likely y’all won’t. Also, give your drivers some actual incentives to WANT to work (especially during a Pandemic & Graveyard Hours).
Total ripoff of a company
by Mrs_Nichs0122 on 2019/08/19 07:01
I had to fly into Minneapolis for military training. There are three of us from my unit back home and since we flew and don’t have cars, we decided to ride together for dinner. Our hotel is on base and right next to the airport. Our lyft driver picked us up from the gate in which we walked to on a sidewalk the whole time wearing shoes we unpacked from our bags. The drive was fine, so I was courteous and gave a tip. About an hour later, I get an email that I was being charged a damage fee of $25. They claimed they had proof of damage as shown by pictures of mud in the floorboard of the vehicle. The pictures did show such, but what the pictures didn’t show was a time and date the pictures were taken. In the email it said the pictures were time and date stamped, but when I asked for them to send those to me, all I got was that the evidence was there. Also, the so-called evidence in the picture showed the mud being dry, which is hard to believe it could be from us if the pictures were taken immediately after we got out as stated. I asked to speak to a supervisor and wasn’t granted that request either. This company is garbage and I will be taking my business elsewhere. It’s such a shame to be taken advantage of simply because we are from out of town and people think the military just has money to waste! Don’t let this company rip you off people!
Do not pass GO! Collect lyft!
by Ash Chaps on 2019/01/12 11:33
Above all other ride services, I have to recommend Lyft! Prices are more reasonable, response is immediate and without a doubt, ALWAYS, within a reasonable time frame for pick up. I have rarely had a snore personality driving me from point A to point B. These people are kind, out going and all around cool. This is a service industry job. Please remember that. Whatever your reason for requiring a transport, remember that they are providing a needed service and while tipping isn’t required, I stress that you deliver it. They have NO set income and provide you with a convenience you can’t find through public transportation. Take care of those who take care of you. The universe reciprocates kindness in the least expected moments. Also, Uber is a money hungry monster. Lyft is a competitive career with so many people employing themselves through it. Remember remember remember! These people deserve a couple extra dollars for their hospitality. Be kind to others. Be true to others. Be grateful for your advances. And always share your love! Hope this was helpful and encouraging! If not, here’s a get out of jail free card. USE LYFT!
by KRISSBHDJDN on 2021/05/22 01:53
I use Lyft to get to and from work. I absolutely despise using Lyft to get to work since it always makes me late even though I request it with plenty of time (an hour+ prior to my shift I live 13min away from my work). If I do get a driver dropping someone off near me they wait till they dropped them off and are “on their way to me” to cancel. So I wait 15+ min just for them to do that to me and reset my wait. Even if you’re waiting hours (most I’ve waited was 3hours but on average it’s 1.5 hours). You do not get a discount even though you’ve been waiting a while and requesting back to back since it resets every time you have to request one again. Also it doesn’t notify you if it’s no longer searching for a driver if you have the app in the backround (if you’re screen is off if you’re doing other things while waiting). It’s aggravating since I’m losing money and teetering on getting fired for Lyft making me late. One time I was 5hrs late to work (11hr shift) and ended up taking the bus (which takes 2hrs) to work after I was 3hrs late waiting for a driver (if I did get one they would cancel on me) which sucked because I work nights and the last bus doesn’t run that late so I had to walk 40min (its 3 buses to my job). I almost lost my job that day.
Deceptive bait-and-switch “coupons”
by Harvey Bunkem on 2020/12/09 00:38
I wanted to like Lyft, but the first time I opened the app I was offered a promotion for “first ride free” - but then after accepting the offer, I ended up being charged the full rate! Annoyed, I contacted support and was told that because I didn’t follow their specific, hidden sequence of taps and concealed dialogs within the app, that I hadn’t “properly” accepted their “free ride” offer. I was given a $10 credit for my next ride and was annoyed, but decided not to make a stink. Later, I took my second ride, and was shocked to discover that my $10 “credit” wasn’t applied. I contacted support again and was told this time that my credit had “expired” - within just a couple days of receiving it! And of course that wasn’t clear when I got it. The support person then quickly and very rudely closed the ticket and prevented any further discussion. Unbelievable! I never would have accepted being “bought off” with a “credit” that I likely wouldn’t even have a chance to use! All in all, they seem to be incredibly deceptive and dishonest, relying on so-called “dark patterns” to squeeze as much money as possible from their users, while dishonestly counting in fraudulent bait and switch style tactics to lure you in with false promises. Absolutely disgusting behavior, and not a company I would ever do business with.
Worst Company Ever
by Kim (Alexis) on 2020/11/24 16:19
I usually do not do this but this is a must. On Monday, yesterday, I caught a ride yesterday around 4:23 by a guy named Jean. He dropped me off at Toyota on W Tennessee St around 4:45. I noticed I had left my phone in the Lyft. I used my bf phone to try to message them by telling them I was using his phone. No response from Tyrone who told me to contact him with more concerns. I opened a chat with a young lady because my email was ignored. The young lady Patricia was her name, I was chatting with closed the chat . After 2 rejections I decided to log in . Guess what?? you need verify yourself with you phone.. How inconvenient right ?! So I call 3 times and I don’t get help from anybody... One lady tells me she doesn’t know how long it takes to be contacted. Another gentleman tells me you can contact Lost and Found they can only contact you after you contact them. 2 hrs later still no contact or phone. So I had to use the Find My IPhone (thank goodness for Apple) because Lyft couldn’t even do a simple task . I had to get a ride to go all the way to Eastfield trail just for the Lyft driver to pull my phone out his back pocket and admit to me he received Alerts about my phone! Now I’m wondering if he was going to steal it! I still haven’t heard anything from Lyft not an apology or anything! I WILL NEVER RIDE LYft AGAIN I don’t trust them or their drivers !!!
Obnoxious drivers
by A.k.9 on 2020/01/30 22:14
I’ve been using this app for a while and have had issues a handful of the time. The first time I experienced an issue was when I requested a Lyft and the driver didn’t bother to come to my location. He kept driving passed where I was and cancelled my trip afterwards. My ride was then picked up by two different drivers and the same thing happened. I’m guessing that was a glitch in the software that day. Today I ordered a Lyft shared saver. Context: I’m at the hospital and needed to get picked up. I walked all the way to the pickup location only to see the driver went to a location of his choosing and didn’t notify me. When I called him, he gave me attitude and told me to come to where he was. Mind you, that location was at the other corner of the hospital property. As I was 10ft from him, he cancelled my ride and drove off. I made sure to take a screenshot of where he was vs where the app told me to stand and his info. It’s too bad that we cannot rate drivers unless the ride is complete. I’d give this ride driver a 1 star if I could. A request to Lyft: please allow for reviews for drivers that pick up a ride regardless of if they’re fulfilled rides or not.
First ride this morning
by Edmond Bear on 2019/01/19 02:19
I had breakfast and set up my first ride with Lyft. The system told me who my driver would be and that he was 10 minutes away. I was watching his progress and it kept telling me he was finishing up with a previous ride. I saw that he turned south onto Hefner Parkway and heading south. The arrival time kept getting longer. 13, 15, 17 minutes then I noticed he had gotten onto I-44 and was heading east. I texted the driver and let him know that I had a 9:30 Dr appt and as it was after 9:00 were we going to make it. He told me that the ride he had gave him the wrong address. He kept getting farther and farther away. Needless to say I was growing very unhappy with Lyft and had never encountered any problems with Uber. I canceled the ride and placed another order. It was 9:10. The lady that picked my up helped to ease my frustrations and made the ride to the Dr very enjoyable. I do not understand why the first driver couldn’t have texted me and let me know there was problem so I could ask for another driver. It all ended all right and I wasn’t late to the appt, 9:28. If he had only texted me, it would have saved a lot of frustration. I have used Lyft 3-4 more times today and everything went like clockwork.
Great experiences until......
by Chris cro on 2019/03/11 19:22
I have been using Lyft for a long time, it’s my preferred ride share service. Never had any issues, until one day I left my phone in one of the rides I took. After about 2 minutes, I realized what had happened, and there is a way to contact the driver for lost items, so I tried that route. The driver did not answer, and I know that his phone was on the dashboard for GPS use because I was in the front seat. So obviously he saw I was calling. After countless calls, voicemails, texts, and messages sent to Lyft corporate through the website help center I received no response. I was finally able to reach the driver after a full day, and it was extremely sketchy. He answered the phone and did not say anything for about 20 seconds. He said that he did not see it and he would check again and be in touch. Never heard from him after that. After hours of trying to reach the help center by phone, I was told the Lost and Found team does not have a phone line they can be reached at, and to fill out the form on the help center website. I had already done that numerous times, so by now I’ve lost all hope. Lyft customer service is an absolute nightmare, and I would highly encourage anyone to use Uber as I know they are making strides to improve their customer service, which is more than I can say for Lyft itself. Avoid at all costs.
by ArlenHills on 2018/07/15 19:28
I waited over 30 minutes for the driver to “complete a trip” on the way to pick me this point, the car started very slowly heading in my direction, and the arrival time kept going up the closer the driver got to where they were supposed to turn to pick me up, but then they passed my location and continued on, appearing to have no intention whatsoever of picking me up. I decided since I’d now been waiting 45 minutes and could have had a taxi pick me up faster, that I would go ahead and cancel and find a ride through someone other than Lyft. This would have been my 3rd time using Lyft and the other two times were slightly sketchy, in terms of creepy drivers. But since I had a 10% discount for having a 5 Star rating, I wanted to use Lyft anyway. I can tolerate weirdness to an extent...but not showing up when they agreed to pick me up is a deal breaker. So now my discount has expired and evidently they did me a big favor by not charging a cancellation fee??? If anything, I think the driver should have to pay me if they accepted my ride and completely blew me off. Sorry but if I’m told my ride will be there in 10 minutes and 45 minutes later, the driver is passing my pickup point without slowing down or any indication they’re coming back, etc...yeah I will cancel and use Uber or a taxi. And I expect to never be charged for canceling for such a reason.
Drivers not picking up scheduled spot
by fedup rider on 2018/07/21 18:44
I have had many instances lately (most recently last night) that drivers hit the button that indicates they are at my identified pick up spot and in reality they are not AND I am being charged wait time. This has become increasingly frustrating and in some instances when the driver wasn’t at the pick up and I called to question instead of trying to find me they just cancel my ride. This puts me at the end of the que and I have to wait AGAIN for a ride. The most recent ride that did this to me was last night when I scheduled a pickup and the driver (I only have his phone number because Lyft doesn’t leave me the information of drivers that cancel) couldn’t find my pickup location even though it was clear on the map where I was. He wasn't at the pick up location but hit the button indicating he was so I called and he kept telling me he couldn’t get to the pick up spot when in fact there many cars driving past me. I patiently waited and after I called him 2 times he canceled my ride. I had to get another Lyft and wait another 18 minutes- after I had already waited for 15 minutes. This is becoming common and will make me think twice before requesting a Lyft in the future- drivers can’t seem to read maps and understand directions.
The Worst
by Halo10!!!!!!!!! on 2020/08/15 20:25
A few weeks ago I scheduled a Lyft to pick my daughter up to bring her to a friends house. What started out as what should have been a 10 minute wait turned out to be 45 minutes before Lyft said they couldn’t accommodate the ride. I sent in a complaint and received a text message to please give them another opportunity in the future. Yesterday I scheduled a Lyft to pick me up and bring me to LaGuardia airport at 1pm. At 12:50pm Lyft sent me an update that my driver would be a few minutes late. I checked the app and was given contact info for the driver. I called him and he told me he had just left Manhattan and was bringing someone to PA and then would be at my house afterwards. He’d arrive after my flight landed in South Carolina. Lyft has failed at every opportunity. The company has absolutely no clue of how to provide good customer service. Their communication skills have a lot to be desired. They’re offering much lower prices than Uber in an attempt to take business from them but can’t deliver. I have Lyft fails. Their drivers should just switch to Uber and be done with them.
Missed ride fees
by Ulalenska on 2021/09/03 18:13
I traveled for the first time to Austin, TX to visit friends, but due to a death in the family, I needed a Lyft after coordinating a hotel. The Lyft app indicated to go the Main Terminal, Red 4. The Austin Airport has signs indicating where to go for ride shares, so I followed those since there was no one at the Information Desk in the baggage area. The pick up area based on the airport signs led had signs indicating letters of the alphabet. I sent text message to the driver to advise me to where to wait since the folks I asked outside didn’t know where to go either. Eventually, an airport shuttle driver told me to go to the parking garage and to ‘follow the yellow cones’. I saw a sign indicating that I was in the red garage and snapped a photo of the sign because the elevator only went to level 3. Eventually I found a another worker in the parking garage who told me to go to the second level and near the letter J. There were cones there for ride shares. On the pillars, there were red numbers for Lyft on one side and blue on the other side for Uber ride shares. Nothing indicated ‘main terminal’. I disputed the $5 fee for a missed ride since the driver Vitali never responded to my text messages. The Lyft app said it would refund me, but it would take 5-7 days, so it remains to be seen if I’ll actually be refunded. I think the refund should have been instantaneous.
This app used to be great but won’t address mistakes they make
by Alycyia on 2020/10/16 17:10
I have tried to speak with support from this app. They won’t accept responsibility for things such as overcharging your bank. They overcharged me 5.01 and granted it’s $5 not that big of a deal but had it been more maybe. I work at a wawa living check to check and keep very close tabs on my bank account. The staff support to this app just say I wasn’t overcharged even though I have sent several pictures showing it. They do not speak with you they text and blame you for anything wrong. The people running this app just deny everything. The only thing they say it’s my fault and refuse to talk to me through the support. They’ve hung up the support on this issue 3 times with me. I’m switching to Uber now so we’ll see how they do. But I do not recommend this company. They do not care about anything but their money. I get that everyone and everything makes mistakes but this is just wrong in my eyes. Take your chances if you want to but call me crazy I want to know that I trust who I’m riding with. This is absurd to me.
Lyft charged me hundreds for rides I never took
by Ghraar on 2021/11/07 06:18
Last weekend my wife and I grabbed four rides with Lyft for a total of about $60. Over the weekend however we started receiving more and more Lyft charges. We were charged over $650 for 22 rides. Now I’m not blaming Lyft about the possibility that someone scanned and stole my credit card numbers, but the ONLY false charges were for Lyft rides. The issue is that I opened a support request with Lyft, but they won’t even contact me back. Lyft does not offer text support or phone support. The only way to request support is to send an email. I received an auto response with a support request #, and I’ve emailed them almost daily to ask for someone to email, text or call me… but no one does. Every two days I get an automated generic email that says that “Our tech support team has reached out to you, but we haven’t heard from you. Reply to this message if you need assistance.” Well they’ve never responded to my request in any way other than that generic message, and I’ve replied to them almost daily asking them to call, email or text me. After more than $650 charges for rides I never took, I called my credit card co and cancelled the card and flagged the charges as fraud. But Lyft won’t even respond to my support request. Terrible customer service!
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