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receipt hog - get paid to shop
receipt hog is a fun and easy way to turn your everyday receipts into real cash and rewards! HOW IT WORKS: 1) Take pictures of your receipts from any store, restaurant or cafe... 2) Earn receipt hog rewards like coins, spins at the virtual slot machine, and sweepstakes prizes... 3) Cash out with PayPal or Amazon gift cards. Cha-ching! receipt hog is an exclusive opportunity to join a diverse community of people who get paid for uploading pictures of their receipts for market research. We’ve had so many people join our panel of shoppers (we’ve already paid out over $2.5 million!) that spaces are now limited. FEATURES: - Watch your Hog grow fatter as you feed him more receipts - a fatter Hog means a fatter payout for you! - You'll love playing the Hog Slot machine where you can win extra coins, an instant $100, or even have your last shopping trip paid for. - Earn more when you level up, win sweepstakes prizes, and complete short surveys! - Enjoy a totally uncluttered wallet - receipt hog allows you to access a digital copy of your receipts in one secure place. HERE'S WHAT OUR USERS ARE SAYING: "Anything that pays you back for things you normally buy anyway is great in my book!" "For those of you who want to be smart with your money, this app is for you.” "This is a seriously bad a** app. get paid for doing your normal shopping. What's not to love?" "I've cashed out several times through PayPal. I love that you can save all of your digitized receipts for your personal record. Pretty cool if you ask me!" A NOTE ON BATTERY: We use real-time location technology to best serve users more earnings opportunities. But, as with all apps of this type, please note that continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. Request to join receipt hog today when you download the app!
Moving target
by Meijerfan on 2019/08/17 12:29
I love how easy the app is, but it does take time and organization everyday to be successful. But they keep moving the cash out target. I think it should stay locked at a target while someone is in process and move only after that person cashed out. It’s frustrating and, at some point, won’t be worth the hassle.
Variety of ways to earn points FAST
by ThriftyTwin on 2019/08/17 11:39
Scan receipts, take surveys or play slots! All very rewarding. My favorite app!!
Time Consuming for Little Reward
by review1788 on 2019/08/16 21:16
You have to submit so many receipts to even get a $5 reward. It’s more time consuming than it’s worth. It’s a lot of work just to get $5. They should lower the number of pts to get a reward or offer more pts for each receipt. A lot of receipts just give you an “entry”. The spins are a joke too. A few times I got 2-10 pts, but again that’s peanuts. A lot of spins aren’t winners. It’s just not attractive to spend the time and energy uploading receipts and stuff.
Love it
by joann lover on 2019/08/16 14:54
I love receipt hog an the extra money come in handy an all you have to do is be honest on your answers
Don’t waste your time!!!!
by aqua yo james on 2019/08/16 14:21
I’ve had this app for four months and I uploaded recipes, but I didn’t really see any rewards. This app is a SCAM!!! A total scam. I wasted four months collecting all those recipes and I didn’t even get one reward. I would tell everyone NOT download this app.
Points for rewards
by CamilaMB2015 on 2019/08/16 12:53
I feel the rewards given for the amount of point is very minimal.
by Shopping mom 3 on 2019/08/16 05:23
I love this app it has a reminder to scan your receipts you can earn coins by doing surveys. There is levels on level five that you can get snoutfits for coins. Also there is a slot machine. All I have to say to is a really good app I really recommend it
Earn while you buy what you need
by Amom55 on 2019/08/16 02:35
So easy to load in your Receipts from the grocery store from buying gas from eating out from shopping whatever you do you can earn points to get a card to buy what you want
by puseeslayer on 2019/08/16 00:02
This app is so great thanks to it I have made millions!! I have been out to take my family out of the slums of Mexico to the hills of California it really changed my life for the better
Not worth the hassle!!!
by Jewelcomp on 2019/08/15 20:54
I have spent more time trying to link their app and follow the demands to even be allowed to earn “rewards”. I’ve wasted my time...heed warning and save your time because you aren’t going to get ANYTHING out of this app!!!!!’
Coins get deducted
by cheermom1256 on 2019/08/15 06:12
I used to love this app. But they have been reducing coins once I reach the 100 coin mark per week. They tell you that you get 5 coins after that but if you earn 105 or more coins, they start to reduce your coins. The worst part is they don’t even tell you or show you in the history tab where those coins are being taken from. They claim that their system re evaluates the receipts which is why there is an adjustment but that’s such a load of BS. They can at least show in the history tab which receipt was readjusted.
Ganar dinero fácil
by Ruben0879 on 2019/08/15 03:23
Love it
by Mzcoco91 on 2019/08/14 18:22
They actually pay all you have to do is snap a receipt
Annoying when it ask a survey
by jwhiteiggy on 2019/08/14 15:58
Please stop trying to make me answer those questions after a receipt gets submitted!! It’s so freaking annoying makes me not even wanna keep scanning
Excellent app!
by Angela64 on 2019/08/14 12:43
The two main reasons that I love Receipt Hog are first and foremost that I can keep track of all my receipts and purchases in one place! If I need to show proof of purchase or check a price I just open my app! The second reason is the rewards! I am going to purchase a nice leather handbag from amazon with my gift card I earned! Wonderful app!
Love this app
by iSkyHD on 2019/08/14 04:52
I enjoy using this app.
Sometimes rejects good receipts
by AFSargeE7 on 2019/08/13 12:18
Lately Receipt Hog has been rejecting receipts that meet their criteria. I have sent them emails, but haven’t seen a correction. They have not responded either. About half of the receipts were from concessions on military bases, the others from KFC and Royal Farms convenience stores. All met Receipt Hog rules. HEY RECEIPT HOG, I PLAY BY YOUR RULES, YOU SHOULD TOO!!!
Not worth it to download app
by Shayld7 on 2019/08/13 06:27
This app is doesn’t have a lot of rewards & it takes forever to get a $5 reward I’m waiting until I get my e-gift card which takes another 7 days & I will no longer be using. I hope in the future you’ll get some more incentives especially for consumers like myself that upload receipts all the time.
Makes you have a Yahoo Account
by Kimbreon on 2019/08/13 05:15
Just signed up, and it’s making you have a yahoo account. I tried to ignore it but when I went to see about my rewards it says I need to make one to go any further. So I tried to make one and it keeps crashing. So far it’s a waste of time.
by g1r2e3 on 2019/08/13 02:33
The app is good but doesn’t leave meto link with my email, so I can’t win my rewards
App does not reward properly
by BIajvshakmsbauaj on 2019/08/13 02:15
I made multiple transactions with receipts that did qualify for coins and most did not even give me any coins for those receipts, don’t waste your time with this app
Best app ever
by jhosmarynolaya on 2019/08/12 19:25
by Inthecarwithalexa on youtube on 2019/08/12 14:51
I've made 40$ total so far total on this app!
by Ericmst18 on 2019/08/11 23:53
This app is pretty neet although it does take some time and patience to cash out. It's super easy to scan receipts and overtime your accumulate coins and eventually your be able to use them to cash out or get a amazon gift card ect
My personal information is none of their business
by Wilkyway1979 on 2019/08/11 19:53
I don’t mind submitting what i buy. But I do mind it asking me about my sexual orientation as well as if I am married, living with my partner or widowed. There needs to be a way to opt out.
Love this app! Only two complaints...
by SmartGuy368 on 2019/08/11 18:30
Love this app, I use it every day! My only complaints are: 1. that when I am on my iPad the app icon doesn’t show up correctly. It just shows the default blank iTunes icon with all the vector lines. 2. Can you please add the ability to submit receipts from pictures from the camera album? Sometimes I take pictures of receipts when I don’t have any reception, and then want to submit them later and I can’t. Either this option, or you could also allow the app to run without an internet connection and save the receipts for upload later. Please fix, devs!
Not worth the effort
by A hown on 2019/08/11 17:27
Took me 4-5 months to earn $5. Too much effort, not enough reward. Other better options like ebates to spend your time.
Receipt Tracker
by Lil’ Devil on 2019/08/11 15:45
This app is fine for keeping track of your receipt 🧾 in case you lose it or whatever. It is not the best especially when you provide the whole receipt & the app gives a bogus excuse not to except the image. When the receipt is crumb up & then laid out flat as possible to take the picture the app is telling you it’s not flat. As far as the rewards or coins are concern it’s far fetch. Otherwise it’s okay.
Easy Way To Earn Extra Cash
by CharCone on 2019/08/11 14:01
While it is a marketing tool and you don’t earn lots of money, it allows you to earn points and rewards easily. I just earned $25from taking pictures of my receipts and taking small surveys for extra points. I also enjoy the slots machine game for extra coins!
Fun+money back
by vasiliskize on 2019/08/10 23:22
Great App, I enjoy shopping and Receipt Hog rewards me for it.
by Abiz132 on 2019/08/10 22:17
really works just keep adding your reciepts and watch how fast you stack up money so worth it
Love this app
by Patsy Kersey on 2019/08/10 19:56
I’ve been doing this for a few years and I Love this App. I’m older and don’t buy as much as I used to when we were raising kids and grandson but I still get a kick out of that Little Pig. Thank you for making this a fun and easy way to save money. Love it when I get enough to buy something on Amazon with my points. You’ve made it so quick and easy. My husband says he likes my hobby!
by Nance5825 on 2019/08/10 18:26
Not accepting hardly any of the receipts I post which makes me want to delete this app. I’m not posting duplicates but still not accepting them.
Love it
by jthrasher41496 on 2019/08/10 17:02
It is easy to use, and I keep a copy of my receipts if I need them.
by Adamandtrav on 2019/08/10 14:20
I love getting cash back from this app.
About the game
by Merri59 on 2019/08/10 01:36
Being playing for a long time and don’t win nothing it’s really a joke
by 567rair on 2019/08/09 19:13
I have had this app for serval years it works great you can really get money and gift card by only scanning receipts which makes it so great in this app better than others because it will ship the receipts to you and not just your email
Great App
by Grad For Hire on 2019/08/09 18:04
Great app. I wish I would have found it sooner.
Trouble Support
by Higranny on 2019/08/09 02:51
Having trouble submitting receipts bought from japan Village Walk, a food court in the Ala Moana center. Our family dined there and all of us bought food from different vendors in the Village walk. The receipt shows Japan Village Walk and shows the different station numbers. So my receipts were refused, even if we bought from several different vendors in the food court. I don’t feel this is right. Can this be remedied?
Great receipt app
by cashpugg2 on 2019/08/09 02:05
Been on quite a few apps and this one. Here if by far the best. My #1 choice from now on. Great job guys!!!!! Your the best by far. Love this app!!
Childcare Provider
by Curtwill1 on 2019/08/08 23:11
I had left receipt hog I came back because I missed the fun.
Love it 👏 👏
by Jadelee17 on 2019/08/08 02:03
I love this app
Thumbs Up!
by GooallGirl95 on 2019/08/08 00:42
Patience is key!
by Add me!! ooBorn2Dieoo on 2019/08/07 19:01
This app is great if you have patience. It has taken me around 6 months to reach 10k points to be able to redeem a reward. There also aren’t that many options in terms of rewards but I’m happy with Amazon all the same.
Saving made EASY!!
by tilly190 on 2019/08/07 09:07
Love it! Even if u don’t take time to coupon-this app is FUN and EASY!
Love it
by sassy kay 75 on 2019/08/07 00:32
Love it I just wish you had more surveys to get more points but besides that it’s awesome
Not my favorite app
by Uniquebeauty819 on 2019/08/06 20:58
Many receipts are not valid points take time to add up.
by carolern on 2019/08/06 09:03
Takes a long time to get a reward but just have to be diligent about submitting those receipts
Great App
by methAdone137 on 2019/08/06 06:57
by lwoj goh on 2019/08/05 21:56
Need to make it easier to change verification number
Terrible app
by AJSantiago77 on 2019/08/05 18:15
This efeb app its the worst ever i have come across they dont have no support at all don’t download this to your phone it’s a waste of time
I have been swindled!
by mister218 on 2019/08/05 04:08
Twice my coins have been manipulative taken from me. I say manipulatively because there is no customer service and they only have a form to fill out and no one gets back yo you with your problem. I’m done with you. Not worth the time it takes or the bother I would give it negative stars if I could!
Receipt hog
by pepsi304403 on 2019/08/04 17:38
This is a very great app lots of fun and helpful
This is Real
by VinSan10 on 2019/08/04 05:17
You make money just by submitting receipts..
Keep up...
by Amatangelo on 2019/08/04 01:56
It seems, rather a lot of work.
Darcie Irvin
by darciefarcy on 2019/08/03 23:57
I can’t change my email on receipt hog to what my email on PayPal is. Very frustrating. It should not be so hard to get your money. Very disappointed. So now I can’t even send this. I guess you only want to hear good things.
by be_lovely on 2019/08/03 22:25
I’ve been on the waitlist for this app for over 3 years. Ridiculous. This is a CLOSED app if it even still exists.
Love it!
by j0hnny_B on 2019/08/03 21:16
I love this app. It’s easy to use, takes little effort and after a while free stuff. User for life!
Love it!!
by Lydmaes on 2019/08/03 17:30
I love receipt hog. It’s a great way to purchase extra things.
Great App
by Kirg1976 on 2019/08/03 17:29
Easy !!!!!! Free Money literally, only you have to take a picture of your shopping receipts.
Real cash prizes
by Mustard40 on 2019/08/03 16:10
I like this app because the prizes are real cash. The receipts add up.
Working for a living
by aqaqaqaqaerty on 2019/08/03 02:03
It is very difficult to win prizes. It takes a lot of receipts to earn just a little. I have been doing this for at least 5 months and I have earned 5$.
Get this app
by Kim Kravitz on 2019/08/02 12:45
I had this app and it’s a wonderful way of storing my receipts of all my purchase. Already made $50 just by doing that. Just taking a picture of my receipt. Also helps me with exchanges in stores instead of storing bunch of receipts or trying to find one.
Legit app
by mamabear4417 on 2019/08/02 11:19
The app is legit. You can get either PayPal or amazon gift cards. It does take a while (but I’m also not the greatest for remembering to upload receipts) to get enough coins to get a higher amount of money. The only thing that is bad is customer service never gets back with me.
Seems legitimate
by Muddy frog on 2019/08/02 05:48
So far it’s been fun and I have been earning coins for little task!
Thinking about deleting it
by Blakk Princess on 2019/08/02 00:35
It takes to long to receive a reward
Oink 🐷👏🏻!!
by Dandie66 on 2019/08/01 23:35
I love this app! So easy to snap receipts w no hang-ups w the app going down while processing my info. And so love the “ slot machine 🎰 when accumulating spins from different receipts!! Takes awhile to accumulate coins though in order to redeem prize money. Oh well 😔 But. So easy to redeem w no hang-ups.
by easly88 on 2019/08/01 16:30
I have not moved up levels for a couple weeks. I’ve been watching it and it still says level 10
by Liggens on 2019/08/01 14:11
I like that you can take photos and redeem points for cash. However, it takes a long time just to get to 1000 points to get to the 5$ mark. I believe there should be more points or incentives offered.
Funny little app
by Danamal2 on 2019/08/01 11:25
This app seems not to be for the small business people. It does not except receipts from small businesses. Not impressed:(
They want all of your information
by Kyreekj on 2019/08/01 08:14
How much money you make a year, where u live, who you live with and more.
by donnell216 on 2019/08/01 05:29
The customer service is great!
Love the app but..
by Kay🖤💜🖤💜 on 2019/08/01 02:17
The annoying things they ask you after you snap a photo of your receipt they asked for my address🤨🤔
Great app that gives you free money
by z06this on 2019/07/31 16:57
When you sign up, please use my referral code. It’s a great app, you can get gift cards to Amazon, Mastercard, 1-800 flowers,, Air BnB, etc. Enter my referral code, GF5XF at the sign-up screen and you'll get 2,000 Fetch Points ($2.00 in points!) when you complete one receipt.
by haileyhogsrecipets on 2019/07/31 16:04
I just think this is a nice way to use your receipts instead of just trashing them I find it fun to pull the slots and collect as many receipts as I can. I tell all my friends about this app and have had many friends join.
by 4925:9 on 2019/07/31 13:17
I love using this app.
Great when it works !!
by MsVrD on 2019/07/31 11:45
I usually like this app an use it all the time . However..... there are way too many times or Rejects perfectly good receipts claiming them to be Blurry.... out of date ... not eligible. Etc. I am getting tired of having to resubmit, as many times I have disposed of said receipts , so of course I lose that entry .. or there is no way to object to your determination. You need a better way of handling these receipts if you want to have a good workable app.
Wait list
by geavymetalpixie on 2019/07/31 04:16
So I saw this scrolling through the App Store and decided to try it immediately after attempting to create an account they put me on a wait list because they are running out of money, why create an app you know is going to cost money? Where’s the advertisements and stuff? That’s how most apps make their money It’s a good idea but more preparation and thought could have gone into it
Waitlist?! Horrible
by a person upset about this on 2019/07/31 00:36
I thought I’d give it a try and after I signed up with my email , sex and birthdate the app said I was put on the waitlist. What is that??? Do not download, just a scam to get your email and demographics.
Slow but good at the end!
by TexasMJJ on 2019/07/30 22:24
Slow process but good at the end!
Reward not received! Don’t bother!
by Rosie Rose 63 on 2019/07/30 15:19
Over a month ago I asked for $5 Amazon reward which I had earned. Nothing yet. Not even an explanation.
Blessed and Thankful
by babynita1 on 2019/07/29 23:15
I really enjoy using the Receipt Hog app to keep track of all purchases electronically and remove the paper clutter from my purse. I did experience several mistakes where I did not receive the full credit for purchases I logged however the tracking of receipts is greatly appreciated and the gift card option is a blessing! Thank you for creating this app; blessings to you and your family.🙏🏽
by webagal on 2019/07/29 22:22
It’s really fun to take pics of receipts it that easy!
Shoppers dream app
by Ynot3245 on 2019/07/29 18:00
Such a simple app to use: you go shopping, submit your receipts, you get points so you can do more shopping!
Waste of time deleted account
by Shanta04 on 2019/07/29 15:33
You mine as well use Ibotta and earn more this app will take you 100 years to make $50!
Slow and does not work well. Often fails.
by useless pig on 2019/07/29 01:34
I loose too much credit here. Sometimes it will accept fairly quickly but usually it can take several minutes or hours. Many never accept. Problem is getting worse. Very annoying. I use a few others that work almost instantly. This one wins the Very slow and often NEVER award.
2 Star Review
by Tone$$ on 2019/07/29 00:47
I rated a 2 star because up until recently, I was getting scammed for my high dollar amount receipts from gas stations, major retailers, and many other businesses where I should have been receipting 5-20 coins for my receipt upload and after double checking, Receipt Hog wasn’t giving me the coins it promised to give after upload. Now every time I upload a receipt, I have to constantly go back and double/triple check that I’m being rewarded for the high dollar amount purchases I’m making and submitting.
Takes too long to get a reward
by Mrs Mathews88 on 2019/07/28 22:45
Takes way too long to get a reward the effort to save the receipts scanned the receipts is not really worth it.
Great app
by edgarshort1987 on 2019/07/28 20:23
Best app ever
Why the waitlist
by WWE games are trash on 2019/07/28 19:26
I like the look of this app I have used these kind of apps before and never seen a wait List I have been on the waitlist for a year now I understand why there was a wait list but really A year. All the other apps don’t have a waitlist only this one very on convenient not worth it to be on the waitlist get rid of the waitlist
Rewards are great
by yvonda71 on 2019/07/28 16:51
This is a great rewards program I been on it for 2 years now
Not great
by lahruns on 2019/07/28 16:25
I like that this app rewards you for any receipt regardless of what you buy. Unfortunately, I haven’t received my bonuses for leveling up each week, and after reaching out ten days ago, still have no response. Very disappointing.
Good App
by 12JW666 on 2019/07/28 13:40
Who doesn’t like making extra money? I like receiving my rewards through Amazon gift cards but it does take a long time to accumulate the rewards if you’re an average joe like me.
to long
by brittney j smile on 2019/07/27 10:19
takes way to long to earn points also some receipts aren’t accepted which doesn’t make any sense when they are from walmart 5 dollars for 1000 coins is just crazy.....the spins are pretty much hit or miss...not enough coins earned either.....finally can redeem 5 dollars
Take the limit off and spins winnings chances need to increase
by college football player on 2019/07/27 02:40
The 50 receipt limit needs to be removed And the chances of winning more then just 3 coins needs to be increased others than that I would of gave the app 5 stars
Minimal Effort-FunRewards
by Mommy-T on 2019/07/27 01:30
I have been using Reciept Hog for maybe 6months, between my husband and I we were able to put in request to redeem coins for our first reward of $15!!! My daughter love helping with the hog slots when they are earned...they are both actually very lucky and usually earn anywhere from 2-15coins. The app is inviting, easy to navigate and definitely worth the 2mins it takes to snap a photo of the reciepts we collect through out our week to earn points, hog slots and entries into the monthly drawing!! We haven't won anything from the monthly drawings just yet but we are staying enthusiastic and will definitely stay committed until we are one of the lucky families who won for sure🤞🏽
Love it ❤️
by Kimmas89 on 2019/07/26 22:35
I love this app. My favorite app for saving on purchases. They made it so easy, just scan every receipt.
by Kenzie1278 on 2019/07/26 16:42
I love this app! It’s takes some patience but I’ve finally got it down!
Loving receipt hog
by Firedogg 33 on 2019/07/26 15:41
I have been using this app for several years. There are apps I have deleted. But it is so simple to snap a picture of receipts and get rewards, so why would I. Spend and save with receipt hog.
This app is so great! Totally delivers!
by =+Amberlicious+= on 2019/07/19 15:25
I downloaded this out of boredom, positive this was another drop in the ocean of "Do these 4 million easy jobs and make 8 cents! WOW!" ... but I got lucky (as I understand they are no longer accepting people because of the numbers joined) - turns out you ACTUALLY do what you normally do - shop, and the major difference in your routine is you snap a picture of it. The app is cute, the writers are funny, you get real rewards for normal stuff, plus constant vegas-style bonuses (though in hindsight I've never seen pigs posing centerfold-style in a festive outfit in Vegas. Doesn't mean Vegas doesn't have that though. It's Vegas, so ...) I'm not collecting Maseratis because of this app, but it's been fun collecting little pretend gold coins for real-life gift cards - and you don't even have to do it every day. You have a 2-week window if you're really busy. But if you can't manage to pop in every 2 weeks for snapshots, slots, and oinking goofy pigs dressed like leprechauns, you might be dead inside and likely wouldn't enjoy cashing in for the prizes anyway. Can't say anything bad - this is a great idea and fun while being productive and worthwhile at the same time. Yay lepigchauns!
Keeps up with your receipts when you don’t!
by Ihij on 2019/01/15 19:54
So I got this app figuring it wouldn’t amount to much, honestly. I try a lot of cash apps. This one has actually helped me more than I realized it would. I still haven’t gotten enough coins to do a payout to my PayPal and I’ve had it for about three months but I’m over half way there and I honestly don’t shop that much (single female) so I’m okay with that. The part of the app that has actually helped me a lot is the fact that after a receipt is submitted you can go back and look at it. I’ve used this on more than one occasion now. Most recently I needed to know the date that I purchased my vacuum cleaner on so I could set up the warranty. The paper receipt is probably long gone now considering I put off setting up the warranty for over a month now. The website actually required the date I purchased it so I was able to go back through my purchases and find the correct receipt and see the exact date I purchased it. So if you’re needing a way to keep up with your receipts this is a good way to do that and earn a little money at the same time.
This app is not worth your time
by 1227mom46 on 2018/09/22 15:01
Customer service is non-existent. I have been contacting them for months asking them to assist with updating my email address because the address on file no longer exists. They never reply. The app itself sends an email with instructions TO THE ADDRESS THAT NO LONGER EXISTS. They also make a lot of mistakes when checking receipts. They deny coins and indicate it’s an “old receipt” when clearly the date is visible and shows I submitted it the same day I shopped. They deny coins and indicate it isn’t a complete receipt when in fact the entire receipt is pictured. They deny coins and indicate the receipt is blurry. The photos are taken with iphone8+ and are as clear as day. Their errors cause user to resubmit and verification takes even longer. When I cash out using my IBOTTA app the money is in my PayPal account within five seconds. I wonder why it takes a week when I cash out with receipt hog!! I’m deleting the app and I honestly wouldn’t recommend this app on any level.
Not much of a return for time spent
by cobby10 on 2019/05/20 16:24
I like this app but it really needs more ways to earn rewards. I’ve been using this app for almost 3 months and I still haven’t made $5 yet. I add about 3 valid receipts per week, and about 10 receipts I have from purchases can not be used per week. This app requires you to upload receipts from well known established retail store. But my local deli I go to for breakfast doesn’t provide a valid receipt, my local gas station doesn’t either. The bagel place I go to on the weekends doesn’t have a valid receipt and the local hardware store doesn’t either. Unless you shop at Walmart/target WaWa or Quick-Check you can’t upload a receipt. Mom and pop shops, you can’t use them. Which is really frustrating since those small local shops usually have the best food and retail. So, sadly after 3 months, I got no rewards. I’m going to use this app until I can cash out my $5 gift card and delete the app. I wish that wasn’t the case but I’m not spending the time collecting receipts every shopping trip to only get $10 per year. That’s a lot of time spent on this app!! I don’t blame them, I don’t see how they are even able to give me any money. but there’s nothing to draw me to keep going with this app.
The piggy character needs a change..
by nickiedoo on 2019/06/28 05:40
I’ve been using this app for over a year now, and my goal is to get to 6500 points for the $40. I use my receipts and my families. I don’t pay attention to whether or not they end up going through, being too blurry, or old. If they went through (for the most part they do) then great; if not it does not bother me and I’m not gonna waste my time trying to track them down. I save up my receipts and enter them when I have the time vs doing it every time I get one so that might be the case as to the length of time. I mean it’s ‘free’ money in the end so I can’t complain, just sharing my experience. However, whenever you don’t upload for a bit the little piggy gets all skinny with his ribs poking out and he has a sad frown... which isn’t cool as there are real people starving out there and people using this app are so lucky to be able to upload receipts from buying stuff to get more money. Please change that and maybe just give him a sad face instead of a starved body. Once I get the gift card I’ll remove the app. Over all I’d recommend if you don’t mind sharing data about your shopping habits.
Get paid for scanning receipts
by Jessi Hardy on 2018/09/25 20:59
You get 2 apps in one with Receipt Hog. 1, You get points towards getting real cash towards stuff you buy anyways. Why wouldn’t you just upload your receipt towards getting free money? No brainer. And 2, You can treat this app as a receipt scanner. It has come in handy multiple times whenever I needed to return something and lost the receipt. I can just pull up Receipt Hog, search for the store name, and voila! Receipt when I need it and no more need to try and keep up with paper receipts. Even better, I can send the receipt to someone else in case they are returning something on my behalf or if I purchased something as a gift for them that they need to exchange or return. My only criticism is that I wish there was an option to share the app with friends and get rewarded for sharing the app. (Most apps do offer some kind of incentive to invite others to join.) I don’t even see a share the app option to share to Facebook friends within the app itself.
Receipt Hog App
by LINYLIZAMARNETTE on 2019/03/04 20:34
If you like rewards for the money you already spend and don’t mind taking a photo of receipt then this is the free app 4u. By taking a picture of your receipt, an added benefit is you can throw out paper receipts that fade and take up space. This app holds copies of your receipts you’ve photographed by chronological date order. If you have a return or issue, simply go to receipts, store name, date, press camera bottom on bottom bar of app and you can view the receipt to show proof of purchase, payment, date, etc. I love it. 5+ stars. Be careful however, to not slack on photographing your receipts because they are only accepted for rewards if uploaded by specific dates. If u miss out on rewards, I would recommend still taking a pic. So that u have it on your phone. Enjoy. I tell everyone about Receipt hog. The only thing I would like to recommend would be to add more variety as to reward redemptions. More gift card options. Thank you.
Good but don’t expect much
by A__________ on 2019/01/14 19:05
If you don’t really care about earning money or the glitches then you’ll prob like the app. But the truth is it takes way too long and too many receipts to earn anything. If you want money, use Ebates. The hog slots are so obviously rigged. Mine landed on the pig so many times and then suddenly changed. Then my receipts say I was awarded spins on slots when I actually wasn’t. Sometimes it takes so long to “process” my receipts that they’ll say it’s expired. And also on the monthly challenges, it says I didn’t complete certain weeks when I actually did. Right now I have a big X on week 4 (and I’ve uploaded many receipts within the time frame of Dec 22-end of month). It’s not even the end of the month so there shouldn’t be an X there anyway! I’ve also never redeemed my prizes so no idea if that even works properly. I’ve read reviews that it doesn’t always work. And that there’s no customer service. If you would get frustrated by things like this (understandably) then this app isn’t even worth it. It’s fine just for fun, as long as you don’t take it seriously
Love this app and never have had a single issue!
by Littlebs1 on 2019/05/18 22:58
I’ve been a Receipt Hog customer/app user for the past 3 years and have never run into a single issue besides about a year ago, they changed their reward amount payment for the customer/app user to a ridiculous amount of tokens required to receive a decent reward or CASH OUT (and any cash for time app user knows how important cashing out is, the ease of access cashing out, and the amount of tokens/points it actually takes to cash out.) But I’m not here to complain, not even a little because again, I absolutely love this app! Anything I say here should just be considered as app feedback. Oh one last thing, please go the route most apps are taking now and have an instantaneous cash out process rather than having your customers/app users wait a minimum of 2 business days to even receive their hard earned cash. All in all, great app, use it every day, and absolutely love it!
Overall Good App
by Lizzzzzzyyyyyu on 2018/12/08 05:05
I download my receipts, accumulate points which I have cashed out three times (great extra cash) and get a convenient record of my receipts. I love that the app gives consumers like me a voice in letting food, health, beauty and other product manufacturing corporations and conglomerates know what values shape our purchasing decisions. The surveys especially contribute to this. Very easy to use app but frustrating because sometimes it takes 5 days or more to process and reward receipts. Then either by downloading more receipts or waiting until the previous ones process I end up losing points which is disappointing and annoying. At least two receipts completely disappeared after I entered and tossed them so now I’m out the points but more importantly I don’t have a record of one large purchase. I should have kept the receipt anyway. It’s difficult to get any customer support on the app.
I’ve made $130+ with this!
by LauraBlackbird on 2019/04/16 12:49
Update:Still using and loving Receipt Hog! I’m now level 24, and those larger payouts you receive for gaining each level get really nice. I see my parents a few times each week and they give me their receipts too & every bit helps! If you redeem onto PayPal you get extra cash back if you spend with your PayPal debit card. Yes, it takes some time to remember to snap every receipt, if you’re patient you will be well rewarded. There’s other advantages to photographing your receipts too. I throw mine away after adding them to RH (unless it’s a very large purchase, something like electronics or furniture) and I’ve had more than one store let me use the receipt as proof of purchase to return an item. We also use an online/phone linked program to track our spending and RH is very handy to look back at our input for the month, every penny does count!
Emailing to cash out being ignored.
by Panda71 on 2019/02/02 06:14
Please update my phone number so I can cash out, I wrote you 6 times now and this. I should have gotten an answer over 90 days ago!! Please send my Visa card if $15 plus for many rewards and coins I never got now please. I'll review you again once you respond finally. Thanks!! I spent ALOT of time on this app putting in my receipt photos to get rewards, but a lot of times I get “receipt blurry “ when they’re clear, “ineligible receipt “ when I got rewards other times for the same place, or “not full receipt“ when I definitely make sure to check that my receipt is fully there. I write them a lot and don’t get responses most of the time. If we put our time and effort in to put these receipts then they should take their time and make sure we are getting the points and rewards we are entitled to because they are using our receipts for their gain some way. And I wish the rewards were easier to get and better because it takes a very long time to get $5 or $15..... ☹️
Not as happy as I once was
by Female Intuition on 2018/10/20 02:04
You can’t upload more than 3 receipts from the same store. Ok so when you go to a store that has different counters and you have to go by 3 of them, why should it matter? Kohl’s is like that, Walgreens is like that, even Walmart is like that in some cases. I find that ridiculous, so say I make multiple trips to a store due to forgetting something, like flu season where I am is in a hype. So that means if I have more than one receipts from the store because I went back for more stuff I can’t use them.... seems like the longer I have this app the stupider the rules become. Moving on to the other issue I have I’ve been told that it’s not a complete receipt, or the date was wrong, 1) the date they looked at was the return date allowed (wrong year) 2) I have the receipts that print out, what am I supposed to do accuse the cashier of not giving me the full receipt? I have other receipt apps that does the same thing if not offer a better deal, they have never gave me this much of a headache
Easy and fun way to earn $
by Recmm on 2018/04/04 23:26
The bonus surveys are now hidden in the receipts tabs. You don't know you are eligible for a survey unless you click on individual receipts. A few times I have started the surveys and then not been able to complete them due to a glitch in the system. Disappointing, but I still enjoy the app! Almost perfect for what it's designed to do. *Update 9/25. I was able to complete a survey today, but it was very frustrating. Receipt Hog should look into the bonus survey software...or it could be because I have an older phone. Update 10/1. I've learned to check my completed receipts for bonus opportunities. When doing the surveys I've learned to swipe the screen to the left to move to the next question. Swipe to the right to go to the previous question. Hope this helps to relieve others frustration. Very happy hogger! Update 1/22. Stick with it if you can. In the last four months I have been given the opportunity to complete dozens of surveys, one for 800 points. The only complaint I have is that you use to be able to see how many weeks you had to complete before leveling up. Now you just have to rely on the status bar...really not a big deal. Update 4/4: I won 2000 coins on Hog Slots today. It really happens to real people. Shout out to Receipt Hog!
by reconcrazy1 on 2017/09/20 14:40
I've been using this app for a little while now. It has a few problems. For one, I frequent a certain gas station near my work and when I submit the receipts, sometimes I receive coins and sometimes I don't. Doesn't matter if the receipt is for gas, goods, or both. When I emailed the "customer service" they said that you don't receive coins for receipts where just gas is purchased.....yet I have. Another problem is when you submit a receipt, half the time the app denies it saying it's not a full receipt. That's because the receipts are read by a computer that I assume is an old Acer from the 90's. Since it seems to randomly choose what receipts to give you credit for, it takes a while to build up enough coins to receive rewards. I use better apps where I've received over $100 within the first few months. I have still yet to receive a reward ($45 through PayPal being the largest) on this one.
Amazing rewards ever..!
by Bny12 on 2019/03/11 05:49
At first I thought this was fake, and when I actually started to get the hang of it, it was amazing to receive your $5 dollars rewards just to be Up loading your receipts and not only that you also have a permanent copy in your phone just in case you loose the original, oh thou some store like Walmart to take photo phone receipt, but some others do not actually to return stuff but at least to show your not lying to them about the purchase, alots is people out there have bought items some where else cheaper and they go get a store credit for higher price, I mean iam just saying , but anyways $5 bucks off your purchases it’s amazing it’s better then just 10% or 5%. I love this app.
Could use improvements
by sammie79eimmas on 2019/05/17 14:59
I’ve had this app for a while now. It takes 1000 coins to get to $5 PayPal cash out. On average I’m getting 10 coins per receipt sometimes zero and I get a ticket for the drawing or a spin on the game where you could win coins. For me personally, it takes a while to get to $5. I mean, you’d be throwing the receipt in the trash anyway so why not. Im really on the fence about deleting this app. I want to over how long it takes to get to $5 but I don’t cuz that $5 comes in handy at times and can add up 🤷🏻‍♀️ hopefully they will up how many coins you receive or make the slots better. When I get a spin I win 2 coins at most I think I’ve won 5. This app is amazing as far as advertisement! No pop ups or watching videos every 10 seconds like some apps. They don’t send countless notifications either! That’s great! You need to try for yourself to see if it’s for you. I’ll say this, I shop a LOT! Takes me a couple months (at least) to get to $5.
Payout Issues
by SuperSavage.45 on 2019/03/03 00:32
I’ve started to find when I Submit my receipts that they will be denied for just about any issue. First I’ll get not available for rewards then when I mark it as incorrect it will come back with receipt blurry. This makes me a little angry because it’s like they just don’t want to give the reward. I shop A LOT. I use this app to keep track of my expenses as a freelancer as well. So I have many receipts that I Submit. So what’s the issue? Y’all just don’t want to pay people out so y’all find ways to slow down the progress of someone entering receipts. Even my receipts from my local tire shop have been denied. My receipt for over $1000 in car repairs has been denied. It clearly states that y’all accept mom and pop shops so what’s the issue? I think I’ve left a previous review where I wasn’t getting spins that said were rewarded to my account. Right now I have receipts that are about 6 months to 1 year old that have not been processed. It clearly states it should only take 7 days. So what’s the hold up? I will be moving to a different app in the near future.
It’s something
by Sappora on 2019/07/02 16:55
I’ve been doing literally everything it tells me to do and my phone is an IPhone xsm so the camera is like the best you can get but it keeps saying “unable to read image” how precise MUST you be for you to finally be able to get a decent pic of the thing like dang. I’m sitting in the brightest room in my house laying the receipt on my table straighting them out using flash using no flash. Nothing is working :/ idk how people are getting this to work. Edit: I have figured it out however don’t imply it can instantly read receipts because it can’t lol. You always have to say that it’s a full receipt and they need to try again Also people who use school emails for stuff like this are idiots. No offense. You really should have connected all your secular games and apps like this on a different email because it’s obviously going to delete when you graduate.
by Wendevour on 2019/05/20 13:10
I spent months scanning and saving my points to cash in for a gift card. Just as I got the limit, I got an email saying that because they had such great response they were ‘spent and having to shut down, but it’s been a great ride, thanks!’ They have x amount of time to claim your points. When I tried to I was within the time MY time zone. When I wrote to them pleading my case, truly sorry for the mistake, no response AT ALL. I wrote again the next day and again when I saw the next month that the app NEVER DID SHUT DOWN but no response! Had the app not been “shutting down” I wouldn’t have been in any danger of my points expiring or being lost for any reason. Idv thought in a case as such it would’ve been the right thing to do to give me the points that I earned fair and square.😞seems stupid, all this fuss over a gift card...when you have 3kids and one income there’s not a lot of $ for the little fun extras so little bonuses like a $30 gift card make a big difference sometimes.
Customer Service?
by Dea_#Layla on 2019/06/22 20:42
I really enjoy this app besides the money I can earn. I like playing slots quite a bit, in fact it is the only game app I have on my phone, and I can play them on Receipt Hog every time I get a bonus! The only reason they received 4 stars instead of 5 is because they take upwards of 2 MONTHS to answer any questions I have. Yes, you read that right, 2 months! I am waiting on an answer right now and I sent a second email after not getting an answer after 2 weeks. I have to say I am not surprised, because it happened last time I needed a question answered. Not everything is covered by FAQS no matter what site you are on and I always read them before I send them a message. So still waiting and still only 4 stars. I may update it, it’s their choice 3 or 5 stars, it’s in their hands. JustDea
Not Worth The Time or Exchange of Info
by McNasty19 on 2018/11/09 16:05
This app is terrible! First of all, the receipts don’t always get points. There are too many of my receipts that were rejected for “not available for reward,” for “being blurry,” “not being a full receipt,” or “important information missing” The receipts would not be blurry, but yet were rejected. The receipts were full; they were pictures of the receipt from top to bottom and still rejected. The names of some stores showed up weren’t recognized by the app and were rejected even though all the information was there and complete. Second of all, it took me 20 months of uploading every receipt I had just to earn a $40 gift card. This is not acceptable! I should have been rewarded much more for my time and information. Lastly, the amount of reward “coins” you receive for playing the slots was minimal if even receiving anything at all. This app is a complete waste of time!
by Mrs. Clark 06 on 2018/07/10 13:13
This is an actual app, that does pay out after so many collected coins. However, there are a few things that I DO NOT like about this app. Sometimes, they do not give you the correct rewards that you are suppose to receive. The amounts that they reveal for your receipt are sometimes wrong. They do not have an actual live person that you can speak to about any conflict that you have with this app. You can only submit an automated request 3 times and hope they get it right. If they do not give you the credit after the third time, you will never see that credit. I have tried to contact them by email, but no one responds. That was over a month and a half ago. They need to really do better with these issues. It is frustrating when you are not receiving the correct rewards & there is nothing you can do about it. But I will continue to look and investigate.
Why do you suddenly require my cell #?
by Kmbondra on 2018/08/05 01:29
Been using the app a few months, acquired 600pts. I was fine with it until today I went to check how much I need to cash out, and you won't let me proceed until I provide my cell number so you can send me texts. I'm really not thrilled about giving my cell number to anyone, I don't want junk/spam texts. If I don't see you get rid of this requirement, I'll just delete the app. I'm fine snapping receipts for a little extra cash, but not worth it to be spammed. Don't trust apps that want my cell number. Update: 8/4/18 no problems with the app or giving out my number. I’ve redeemed $5 twice. An easy way to get a little extra cash. Fun app with the extra slot spins and cute pig.
NO CREDIT GIVEN FOR RECEIPTS, Customer Service ignores you
by blueeyes in Bama on 2018/10/17 14:12
I have contacted them several occassions on problems this app because not giving credit for any of my receipts that were entered durning the entire month of September 2018, and first few weeks of this month October 2018 todays date is October 17, 2018 and still no reply. i even attenpted to reenter 20 of the receipts previously entered in September still not showing and I've missed out on obtaining credit for any of the ones for September and first week in October which is completely ufair and discouraging ad well as complete waste of my time. i will give the App credit where its due and that beibg up until October far as i kbow i have been given credit for ones entered until the past month and half which has cheated me out of the money I earned for those and chances in the drawings. Which has led me completely dissatified and considering droppig this App its a waste of my time if im not given credit i deserved and money earned.
Minimal Effort-FunRewards
by Mommy-T on 2019/07/27 01:30
I have been using Reciept Hog for maybe 6months, between my husband and I we were able to put in request to redeem coins for our first reward of $15!!! My daughter love helping with the hog slots when they are earned...they are both actually very lucky and usually earn anywhere from 2-15coins. The app is inviting, easy to navigate and definitely worth the 2mins it takes to snap a photo of the reciepts we collect through out our week to earn points, hog slots and entries into the monthly drawing!! We haven't won anything from the monthly drawings just yet but we are staying enthusiastic and will definitely stay committed until we are one of the lucky families who won for sure🤞🏽
A nice addition to earn $$ apps
by TheWetNoseClub on 2017/11/03 00:59
I just started using this but so far it is very easy to use & seems to be a great way to earn for all the shopping you do. I do wish they would have more ways to earn coins(to cash in later for $ or prizes), like more quick surveys, extra bonuses for buying certain items, offer bonus coupons to use at the stores & offer double/triple rebates/coins like ebates/other rebate apps do certain times of the year. I will update more when I've actually earned enough coins to cash out or earn a prize. Hopefully this app will be worth the effort ;& it would be really nice to find an app that pays much better than the rest!
Cheats you out of your coins
by VeeAy on 2018/10/08 06:26
There are times when I submit receipts with a higher total before I submit receipts with less total and it always processes the receipts with the lower total first so I don’t receive the optimum amount of coins. Also, when I try to submit receipts at the end of the week of a challenge, it keeps on saying there was an error in my upload even after I restarted the app, restarted my phone, etc. Then I have to scan those receipts on to the next week and decreases my amount of coins I could be getting from the previous week. Quite upsetting. Love this app because this is a great way of just earning a little extra on the side but sometimes it frustrates me more. I’ve been so discouraged from using this app lately and then I just started again and the same unfortunate events happen.
Painfully slow earner
by MotherHu$tler on 2018/03/14 04:54
I downloaded 3 receipt scanning apps all on the same day several months ago. For Receipt Hog, I’m still 157 coins away from a $5 reward 😳. App 2 which only accepts grocery receipts and has referral bonuses I’ve made $69. I made the first $25 without having any referrals at all, only in receipts. App 3 pays about 8 cents a receipt and does not have referrals and I’m 39% of the way to a $25 reward which comes out to roughly $9.75. Again all programs were downloaded on the same day. The only reason I haven’t deleted Receipt Hog is because if I’m taking the time to scan receipts for the other apps, what’s 2 more seconds. I even have done 4 surveys so far for additional points and have hit all my weekly scanning bonuses. The app itself functions very well and I completely get that it doesn’t take much time or effort to scan a receipt, however, compared to other apps of the same nature this is a very very slow earner. I hope they decide to catch up to their competition. I know a lot of people who have deleted the app based on the slow earning alone and again I’d be one of them IF I didn’t love my other receipt scanning apps so much. 3 stars because again the app itself functions very well.
Poor customer support
by Gail718 on 2019/05/21 19:10
I have been using this app for over 2 years maybe more. Never had any issue until now, and its not even the app itself, its their customer service. I have been trying to get a hold of customer support. Emailed them a couple times but no response. My issue was when I claimed my reward I did not know i had to verify it by going thru the email address it was linked to (not an issue for me). The problem was i didnt know the email add i registered was an email i could no longer access (it was thru school email system, once you graduate they deactivate your email). I tried changing the email to link my account but its not letting me or it is asking me to verify thru my inactive email. I have lost $40 worth of points this recent transaction because i could not verify it thru my email. I wish they can put it back. If i dont get any reply, im going to delete this app and use another. Sorry...
Easy way to make some extra cash
by DeeW3850 on 2017/10/15 12:59
I've been using Receipt Hog for a few years now and I really like it. They pay out in gift cards or PayPal. Unlike some other apps you can take multiple pics for those really long receipts. The two things I don't like and removed a star for are: 1. You can't upload online shopping receipts (around holidays if you're like me you have a lot of online orders) 2. The smallest reward is $5, unlike others where you can redeem more of yours coins in multiple gift cards i.e. $5, $2,$1 etc. Otherwise this is a great app, and I highly recommend it. Receipt Hog: hopefully you read reviews and can work on changing the 2 items I mentioned which would make your app the best one I've seen out there.
Easiest way to turn a receipt into cash
by Philip1440 on 2018/12/13 12:48
I have really enjoyed having receipt hog the last few years! Why not make money from the thousands of receipts you get every year. Since I started back in 2016 I have turned paper that I would have thrown away into $120! Plus I now have a copy of every receipt from the past three years. This app won’t make you rich but if you do enough little things like this. It can turn into a pretty good entertainment fund. Or make a minimum payment on a credit card. Also you have a chance to win coins every month wich redeem for cash. You will not regret downloading this app!
Could use some improvement
by G33614 on 2019/01/07 17:54
Some days I can add 10-20 receipts without a single issue. Other times I’ll experience one difficulty after another. I just added a receipt that was 2 days old and they marked it as being too old. (The max is 14 days) I also added a restaurant receipt and they marked it as something they don’t cover which was incorrect as restaurants are clearly listed as part of the acceptable retailers. They often tell me that it’s an incomplete receipt although I take care to send clear photos of each section. It seems as if someone is just going through them too quickly and making mistakes. Since there are a limited number of times that you can submit the receipt for review, I wish they would be more careful.
Not Truthful or Responsive
by NO12U on 2018/12/11 18:55
I review and provide feedback on various “money making” apps. I’ve been using this one for about a year and here’s what I have provided: 1. Customer service is by far the worse. In fact, it doesn’t exist since I have submitted several issues but no response 2. Yes you have nothing to lose by using this app and can earn money, however they take coins away without any explanation. Over the past 2 months I have noticed that once I reach 100 coins (usually with 9-12 receipts) that once you upload the next receipt which should give you 105 coins, they change the amount of coins issued for a previous receipt that was already awarded coins so you remain at 100. I have marked the “changes”!receipt as incorrect award amount, but they ignore that. I have repeatedly sent them emails. They are consistent since they ignore those too. 3. As I stated, you can make some money .... it takes a long time to do so. Bottom line is you need to determine if getting about 75 cents/week is worth your time. This is calculated on needing 6500 coins and earning 120 coins per week. This is also assuming you are not experience the changing of coins awarded like I have been. I cannot get to more than 105 coins anymore because they change the amounts.
Love this.
by DaMoms59 on 2017/12/14 05:58
I have been a member of Receipt Hog for a little over 3 years. I have NEVER had a complaint and highly recommended the app. The company has made it so much more convenient for the user, as well as, expanded their eligible items that are purchased. Although, there are a few minor issues. 1) A receipt will not be eligible unless the name of the store is posted on the top. 2) If a receipt machine is running out of ink, but the receipt is eligible, they will not accept it (too blurry). 3) (this is only a very recent issue) The receipts I had snapped did not upload and there is no record of them ever being uploaded. I had sent a Q&A message to customer support in reference to #3. Will update post response.
Losing coins
by Gameraterextreme on 2018/06/09 12:49
I'm afraid I have no choice but to rate this app. This app was perfect but now I been losing points all of a sudden. I'm not stupid since I screenshot my coin bank all the time, so I have proof. I will change my review if my issue gets resolved. I contacted them but no response from them yet. Please fix it I would hate to lower my rating even more. Update 6/9/18 I finally got a response this week. The problem was resolved. Points went away due to invalid receipts since they were reviewed multiple times, but they were so kind enough to reward me back my coins due to all the confusion. That's what I call great customer service!!!
Love this app! Only two complaints...
by SmartGuy368 on 2019/08/11 18:30
Love this app, I use it every day! My only complaints are: 1. that when I am on my iPad the app icon doesn’t show up correctly. It just shows the default blank iTunes icon with all the vector lines. 2. Can you please add the ability to submit receipts from pictures from the camera album? Sometimes I take pictures of receipts when I don’t have any reception, and then want to submit them later and I can’t. Either this option, or you could also allow the app to run without an internet connection and save the receipts for upload later. Please fix, devs!
Waste of time
by Ross Marano on 2018/08/22 19:06
I’ve had this app for a little over 6 months. I’ve scanned a receipt at least once a week to receive the weekly bonuses and have scanned any and all other receipts and I’m still over 150 coins away from $5. The only reason I’m still using it is because I’ve put way too much time into the app to not get something out of it. The payout structure is incredibly frugal. 2 coins essentially= 1 cent. Even if you are one of the lucky 5 entries(out of a million)to win the monthly sweepstakes you would only get a little over $25. One incentive that will make you continue is the level structure because you will eventually get better benefits(barely) but there’s no way to know what exactly it takes to get to the next level. I’m at level 10 and leveling up is a LOT slower than the when I first downloaded. If you enjoy only getting a few cents(sometime nothing) from each scanned receipt then this is for you. I will say the structure and design of the itself is simple and easy to understand however, I’d much rather have my time back than the $5 I’ve been trying to get. P.S. There are far more superior receipt apps that I’ve received around $100 in the same amount of time since I started using this app.
Useful but leisurely earning
by LaurenTheAmazing on 2018/03/24 18:38
I typically don’t write reviews, but I felt this app proved its reliability and usefulness very early on. If the receipt is misread, you can easily let them know and allow them to process it again. I use this app to scan any receipts I get, which is honestly the best part of this app. It supports every retailer’s receipt (as far as my experience goes), which is quite useful. The only downside is the pace at which you earn coins. I’m at 230 coins and I’ve been using this app for a month. Honestly it’s not /too/ bad, but I do wish receipts held just a bit more value. Though quite frankly, it’s not a large issue. I’ll still use this app to scan all of my receipts!
by LysPieB on 2018/06/24 12:21
I have had this app for about 2.5 years now and I love it! It does take a while to earn enough coins for a cash redemption (probably about 7-8 months) but I keep up with it every week, they offer surveys for coins and there is a slot machine to win coins for uploading every week. These little perks help get you earn more coins. Since having this app I have earned $65. Its nice to have that money and spend on future groceries when money is tight. I have never had a problem not getting money after I have redeemed them with coins and never not getting the coins I earned from shopping.
Could Be Better, But Still Good - NO LONGER FEEL THIS WAY
by B69 on 2018/08/17 16:26
I am giving this app 3 stars because it is free money so I won't give less. However, on larger receipts, it seems they misread the receipt totals a lot. It wouldn't be a problem except you are awarded coins based on these totals. It takes a long time to save up coins to redeem, but again, it is free money so it is hard to complain. I just redeemed my first prize, it was easy. Just don't expect too much and you won't be disappointed. Update: I changed my rating from a 3 to a 1. You are now required to answer a survey in order to redeem your earned coins for rewards. The survey asks your personal information and then asks you to type your full name. All of this information can be used to obtain credit cards in your name. I would suggest that until this is removed, you don’t use the app.
Do you like to babysit? If so this app is for you!
by Jewelie1981 on 2019/06/15 23:37
I like this app a little bit but it’s begun to amount to a huge hassle for me. The games and coins and that stuff, yeah, totally fun and neat and all that. The problem is I have their system kicking back my legit receipts over and over and over. You absolutely have to babysit this app, and I’ve had to contact them several times because their automated system rejects my receipts, and after I wait to finally hear back they always see the receipts are legitimate. Sure they apologize for their system issues, but it’s gotten to the point where I try to upload only once a week because I just KNOW there will be issues each time so at least it’s less annoying that way. And it’s true... their system kicks out at least one of my receipts every single time I upload a batch. So annoying.
A lot of effort for little reward
by Megowl on 2019/03/30 18:45
The amount of effort needed to earn points and rewards to an actual payout is a heavy lift. They give you literal pennies each time you upload a receipt and that is ONLY if the receipt meets their strict standards.... the amount of data they are collecting for almost nothing, makes it feel they really should not be this strict on whether a receipt meets ALL the requirements all the time. A receipt is a receipt. Give the people a break and don’t bug out about every little thing. - again a lot of effort for nothing. I’ve been doing it for a month. Uploaded 33 receipts and have 300 points. You can’t cash out until you have a 1000 points and that equals about 5$. I get more money from taking surveys.
Ok but not really paying
by TxMom7772 on 2018/01/24 16:53
I’ve installed this app about 2 months ago, at the same time as drop, ibotta, shopkicks, savings star and berry cart. The plus of receipt hog is that you don’t have to bother about coupons to select or offers or where you shop at - just scan everything. The down is that it does not pay well... I’m still 300 points from the first reward which is at 1,000 points, and will give me 5$. In the meantime, with the same receipts (or less, given the other apps limit which stores are covered), I got 40$ out of drop, 40$ out if Ibotta, and 20$ out if shopkicks. That speaks for itself.
Receipts aren’t useless anymore. Online receipts?
by Kombat game 4 you😁 on 2019/07/24 22:02
Before this app I found all my receipts dumped out of my pocket to the counter or floor then would end up in the trash. Useless. I wouldn’t even want to accept my receipts at stores anymore. Then, this app came along. It’s very useful I could snap my receipt then get rid of it once it’s fully processed into the system. I gave four stars because I was wondering what if we were able to snap receipts from shopping online? That would be cool but I am not sure if it will help with the information the app collects from people about locations they shop etc. Either way, I think it would be a useful addition.
Be careful when submitting receipts!
by nyssa-rose on 2018/02/22 18:21
Be careful when submitting receipts! Watch your coin bank. Receipt Hog can be tricky/glitchy when receiving coins. Flipping back and forth between receipts section and home page can cause you to lose reward coins. Or frankly speaking, the app may simply refuses to reward you your coins (it says so within the notifications but nothing is added). App works quickly on most days but sometimes it takes longer to upload. The longer/bigger receipts are most likely to upload incorrectly. If you are looking for a perfect experience with this app, you should move on to something else. This app is very inconsistent and requires patience. In the end you will eventually get a gift card.
Going downhill quick
by Crys_w on 2019/02/12 19:19
I've had this app for a couple years. At first it was pretty cool, I would have enough coins for a $15 cash out every 4 months or so, now I'm lucky to have enough for a $5 cash out over 4 months. They keep changing what receipts they will accept and offer less and less for them. They no longer offer coins for restaurant receipts, only offer 'spins' for retail stores, as opposed to the spins and coins they used to offer, on top of that the stores they feel should count as 'retail' is quickly dwindling (I.e. Walmart, dollar tree, target, etc no longer count). Plus the surveys they offer are next to nothing at this point, and when they do offer them you either complete the whole thing and get told you don't qualify, or it crashes and you don't get any coins. Waiting for my final cash out to delete the app.
Three year Receipt User
by Sanlen on 2019/05/23 22:33
Wow! Just wow! Been using this app for three years and now they are using a company that will only use virtual gift cards. I submitted my points for a $40 gift card that I wanted to use in hand....not virtually. Fortunately you can still have the money you earn send to your PayPal account, but it takes FORVER to earn!! I constantly have to fight to get receipts approved too. Boo Receipt Hog. They constantly say receipt is blurry or something they don’t like with a name on the receipt (Diamond Nails & Spa ) where I get my nails done, they won’t accept the receipt because it says spa......geez!!! 🤬 or if I submit a restaurant receipt that shows a tip included on the bill-“receipt has been altered” who the heck is sitting behind a desk making these decisions. Today when I submitted a receipt it wanted to know my sexual preference-really???? I opted out!!
by princessimabadgirl on 2019/03/11 03:08
1000 coins 5$ 2900 coins 15$ 4300 coins 25$ and 6500 coins is 40$ I have earn 5$ maybe every 2 months just by cashing out on 1000 coins It takes a while to earn coins but u do get paid within 7 days via pay pal the only thing I think is stupid is that u can’t summit 3 of the same recites from the same place on that day a recite is a recite! With the spins u barely win anything but 5-10 coins also what I don’t like if u hit 100 coins and still upload recites u don’t even get coins for that and if u need to update ur new telephone they take about 3-4 days and u have to tell them the last 3 stores u shopped at I had to update my number 3 times
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