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Bingo Bash: Online Bingo Games
Best real-time multiplayer bingo game with quests, bonuses, power-ups and chat! Stay social - invite friends, claim gifts, call ‘Bingo!’ and win huge rewards! Mix up bingo games free to play with some of your favourite 777 slots mini games like Stars & 7s Slots and many more slot games! Brace yourself for an exciting bingo cruise party filled with bingo games for free! BOOST your bingo with power plays in one of the top bingo games and continue playing bingo for free! Grab some bingo chips & make it a bingo party that you’ll never forget! Play bingo at home and explore an amazing world of bingo free games with Bingo Bash by GSN! Spin the wheel of fortune every day and receive daily gifts! Join millions of live Bingo players from across the globe, play in over 30 Bingo Live rooms with 13 different ways to win big and call “Bingo”! Play multiple Bingo cards at once and make those bingos pop right out. Play with Power Plays and complete collections to win huge rewards for daubing all the bingo balls. Play live bingo free and listen to the bingo caller for your lucky numbers to win big at our bingo party. Fly around the world in our classic and exclusive Bingo rooms: - Chow down on some sticky sweets with Sugar Rush Bingo and Cupcake Street! - Taste our very special espresso in the Coffee Crush Bingo room, sell coffee and win chips! - Prepare yourself for the summer season on the Beach Bash - remember, Bingos give you drinks! Win up to 3400 chips in this room! - Find the hidden objects and win chips with a very special bingo Drive & Go Seek room. Reveal the dish and cutlery to call BINGO! - Get all elves to a workshop with a Merry Maze bingo room, call Bingo and get special tools to clear obstacles to collect bells. - Blow your mind away in the Spellbound Bingo room - fight with dragons to get dragon scales and craft your own charms to win big! Many more rooms are waiting for you to play with friends and family, enjoy great graphics and relax, let the fun begin right now! Play every day and get a daily bonus for free! Install the game Bingo Bash and get access to special mini games: Lucky Scratchers, Pull Tabs, 777 Slots, Daily Spin and more games coming soon! Install now & start playing FREE BINGO GAMES! • Bingo Bash is intended for a mature audience. • Bingo Bash does not offer "real money gambling" or an opportunity to win real money or prizes. • Past success at social casino gaming has no relationship to future success at "real money gambling".
Bingo Bash
by casharris on 2020/07/16 07:11
I really enjoy playing the game I just wish I could get more people to send gifts.
by bonnbun on 2020/07/16 07:05
This was my favorite game until you changed it. I don’t like it anymore. It is not fun!
Bingo bash your money
by amlaff on 2020/07/16 04:47
I have played this game for awhile... got addicted.. and only recently started buying chips (because it is so very hard to win them).. even though I have spent so much recently... you still can’t win!!
Update deleted all my chips
by chocltkat on 2020/07/16 02:57
I would normally give this game 5 stars, been playing it for years, but I just updated to the “new” game and lost over 900 chips. Looks like it reset backwards to who knows when!!! Mad!!! So 2 1/2 weeks later I finally get a reply to my request to fix the problem, and they told me to contact their support team! Too late, I deleted the app. No way they can restore the data that they erased with the “update”.
by spwrky on 2020/07/16 02:29
Great fun
No More Daily Prizes
by Shandrial on 2020/07/16 02:21
Love This Game, However Hate The Fact That There Are No More Daily Prizes Anymore!! Takes The Love Out Of Playing Daily.
Fun bingo
by sap1121 on 2020/07/16 01:50
Love it
New Bingo Bash
by Korean Cougar on 2020/07/15 23:07
I am very upset that we can’t get more bingo balls anymore from watching ads. It allowed us to be able to play a little longer. Plus I have been a member for years and it’s almost impossible to be able to bingo. It takes forever. Plus you dropped the amount of Bingo Balls from 50 to 46 with no option to earn more. Fun is gone. I have tried it again, games end too quickly with no option to earn bingo balls to continue paying for watching ads. It used to be so much better. Bingo party has much more options.
Bingo Bash
by btwfo on 2020/07/15 22:52
Why do we have to wait so long before our next freebies? And when we get freebies why are they only in single digits, when it cost a fortune to play 4 cards?
by Mrs. Craft on 2020/07/15 20:57
Hard to get a high score and move the men down the field
Done - New update is so awful Bring back the old game
by Cls me on 2020/07/15 20:41
I have been playing this game for over 7 years of years. I have made purchases in the past play and I played on a daily basis but these new upgrades that you did to this game is so bad that I don’t think I can play this game anymore please bring back the old game the graphics on the old game is so much better . You could read the numbers on the cards this when you can’t even see the numbers hardly : Very rarely did the game freeze while playing now with these new upgrades that’s all it does: I have read many of your reviews on here and it seems to me the majority have had the same issues as I haveI do hope you take this in consideration and bring back to the old game if not I guess I’ll have to move on to something that’s bigger and better than this game. I had to spend my money somewhere else:
Fun by older version was better
by TheTallMan2020 on 2020/07/15 20:09
I still enjoy playing but when they did a major update a month or so ago it changed.
Bingo Bash
by cowgirlbigmama2 on 2020/07/15 12:45
Fun and challenging to play
by Gini29ca29 on 2020/07/15 09:58
Some are great! Some rooms not! Need more chips paid out!
by blueeyesjr on 2020/07/15 08:00
What did you do to this game????!!!! You have taken all the fun away! I’ve lost chips, the mini games are messed up to the point of not being able to win anything, and you can’t play the round you want to. This is ridiculous!!! You have totally screwed this game up!
by 1954kig on 2020/07/15 05:19
Would like to see higher rewards for bingos. Also after you use a powe up it seems like it takes forever to reset to get another power up. What happened to the instant win power up? I never win in the pull tabs, stars and stripe and the other one.
Great game
by Jayh527 on 2020/07/15 05:12
Love it
by Nmom23 on 2020/07/15 05:04
I have been playing Bingo bash for years. I love this game the different holidays are Awesome!!
by Nina sandie on 2020/07/15 04:22
by Matto-z on 2020/07/15 02:14
I’m not getting the button to watch ads any more plus last time I checked it was 3 hours until I could spin and get more chips(that was several hours ago) just checked again and now it’s 4 hours!? What’s up with that?
Big disappointment
by 050418 on 2020/07/15 01:17
I have played and enjoyed this game for years. I had reached a high level and with one update I lost it all. Any problems I did have were handled quickly early in it’s inception, but later no useful response whatsoever. When I reported my game loss it resulted in the support people looking into someone else’s name and account. They had no idea who I was so it was apparent I would never see my progress again. Don’t get attached to your game. I will not play again.
Game screws you over 90 % of time
by keithsIPhone on 2020/07/15 01:06
Worse game ever and it’s impossible to win and they have rigged it so you don’t win. Complete rip-off
Love it
by Gumdrop21 on 2020/07/14 22:38
Super fun and simple
by Penguin209 on 2020/07/14 22:22
Great bingo game.
I love this game!
by mnodao2003 on 2020/07/14 22:20
I love this game!
Sorry game now since change don’t like playing it anymore
by Bcharg on 2020/07/14 20:35
by StephsAddicted on 2020/07/14 19:54
Very fun game! Wish you could get more Bingo chips however other than having to pay for them.
by @bingo gal on 2020/07/14 18:23
I love the game but it seems awfully hard for me to ever get a bingo!
Not the best but addicting
by slkness on 2020/07/14 17:54
It’s ok if you like to lose
by wilburmommy on 2020/07/14 17:02
Game keeps freezing, says 24 bingos left- freezes then game over. Used to enjoy playing, now a TOTAL rip off!
by boobbnnn on 2020/07/14 12:09
Not fun anymore
by iamrunt on 2020/07/14 11:23
They changed everything on the game use to be where you could watch commercials and get extra points but not now, and you can’t hardly win anything. Very disappointed in the game.
by tjmommyy14 on 2020/07/14 07:05
It’s awesome
Bingo bash
by scenicone on 2020/07/14 05:01
Fun game
Do I like you anymore? No
by digabone45 on 2020/07/14 02:01
You use to be able to get extra credit but now you have to check in once a day. No fun anymore! See ya
Bingo Bash
by Hippityhoper on 2020/07/14 01:05
The game is running very slow, long waits between numbers being called and sometimes multiple numbers are called at once. Frustrating!
by Farrahlyzer on 2020/07/13 21:24
They don’t give enough daily tickets
by s16ue on 2020/07/13 19:36
Love it
They ruined the game
by Spivi yiya on 2020/07/13 18:58
I have been playing this game for years......I lost my levels and chips and all progress I had made. I am not going to play any more....the update messed everything up and they totally changed the game..I emailed support and got no answer. They have now made this like all those other games where you have to follow their links and I hate it
Not getting my freebies
by Mz $ Deb on 2020/07/13 18:44
Hi. Since your update I’m not getting all my freebies Also I no longer have the option to watch video for free chips. That’s disappointing So now I get some of my freebies but I have to reboot my phone to get the rest. And there’s nothing wrong with my phone. It’s an I phone 11 fully updated. Thanks
Bingo Bash
by BOO5875 on 2020/07/13 15:54
I’m love playing the new upgrade y’all did to the game
Bingo Bash
by RockinRobin88 on 2020/07/13 15:30
Love this game and been playing for years!
by gjiigh on 2020/07/13 15:02
I love playin ur bingo game but very seldom win☹️
by Cdaissie on 2020/07/13 14:45
Love this game and all the new rooms.
by Sher4y on 2020/07/13 14:17
Fun game of Chance!
New Games
by G&Q Nana on 2020/07/13 12:12
I love these seasonal games. Same great, quality gaming experience
by jansnowy on 2020/07/13 10:56
I updated and now the game is completely different and I have lost all my bingo chips.
Awful Update
by Yzdcyxy on 2020/07/13 05:42
Use to love this app. Played almost everyday. The new updates are AWFUL. The graphics are really hard on the eye. The screen moves too fast. The winning ratio seems to have gone way down. Won’t be playing anymore. I’ll wait a couple of months to see if things get better.
Awesome game
by nikki4574 on 2020/07/13 05:02
I love the graphics and daub multi card feature.i just wish they would give you more chips or go down on the price of the cards.i love playing but why do I have to wait 20 hours to play another game.
by nj_said on 2020/07/13 04:07
Sometimes I feel like I can predict which number is going to come out next and which one isn’t but I do you like the variety of the games. Just recently in the new room I couldn’t believe I went through 400 plus tokens without a single bingo now that’s something I can do without
Bingo basher
by RFW11 on 2020/07/13 03:49
Love this game!!
by Yes708 on 2020/07/13 03:47
Overall not bad should be a better to get chips a lil easier almost like the power plays. Other than that fun
Lady T$
by Sexyz taken on 2020/07/13 03:42
Luv it!!
Not enough free chips
by awawawh on 2020/07/13 03:35
Wish you could earn more chips
by ape1963 on 2020/07/13 03:23
Thanks k
Bingo bash
by cpiercy on 2020/07/13 02:41
Love all the new improvements. The coloring helps me see the game better and I love that I can actually win at times.
by sharklover4569 on 2020/07/13 02:37
This game is so much fun! Awesome!
Love this game
by ButterflyAngel35 on 2020/07/13 01:54
The best bingo game out one of my favorite games
Bingo Fun
by GrammaDoo2 on 2020/07/13 00:31
Fast pace, entertaining & Fun too!! I like a challenge BUT Please, more "Bingo's" would be More Fun!!!
Love this game
by Uris Rodriguez on 2020/07/13 00:24
I really love this game and I play it for more than 6 years. You are amazing, please don’t change the game for nothing.❤️❤️❤️
Bingo Bash
by bettypip on 2020/07/12 23:46
Love this game
by thinking skill builder on 2020/07/12 23:36
Not all numbers open up when you punch them
Bingo Bash
by linniejd on 2020/07/12 23:11
Can’t stop playing. Love this game😊
by veda154 on 2020/07/12 22:46
Veda Harrell I sometimes get frustrated with this game but then it’s improved and new challenges. I always,always come back to this game
Bing Bash
by Donelle1972 on 2020/07/12 22:35
What happened to the videos? That was an extra 50 chips. Need more free chips please.
App keeps closing by itself!!
by Liz Likes candy crush on 2020/07/12 22:08
You owe my chips!!! So annoying. Hogging out money 😡😡😡😡😡
Game keeps kicking me out
by Three for Nana on 2020/07/12 17:37
Over the past couple weeks the game keeps kicking me out before I even get a chance to play and always before the end of the game. Has taken many bingo points away that I don’t get back. Can’t tell you if the game is fun or not.
by Slimer08 on 2020/07/12 14:55
What a great game
Slow little man.....
by lard724 on 2020/07/12 14:24
I’m playing Get Klucky. Many times I got a bingo on the last ball. But because the little man runs slow and hesitates to get running I lose out of bingos. And it’s annoying when I hit the numbers really quick and lose out. I have to walk away from this for awhile. And, I’m getting less and less bingos ever since the virus. You want a nick name.....every nick name I try is taken. Even “television”. Looks like somebody doesn’t want this printed. Agita is taken, too. Swfs is taken. Lard is taken Con artist is taken Automobile is taken Lard724 is taken
by chocolatai725 on 2020/07/12 14:20
Fun game for Bingo Lovers...
Love it!
by Meins1134 on 2020/07/12 14:06
Love this Bingo... Hate that I get so few chips... I could play for a lot longer!
Totally upset
by Totally disappinted on 2020/07/12 14:05
This game is the worst it steals your chips you can't dob numbers because it starts you in the middle of the game or at the end of the game takes the chips and you lose very disappointed
Update eh...
by HDMom+3 on 2020/07/12 13:54
I have been playing this for a while and recently got the update. Liked the update at first and then the “watch the video” option to earn chips disappeared. Seriously disappointing...the views are smaller and harder to see...not sure how much longer I will continue to play- I realize it’s “free” to play but I certainly can’t afford to purchase chips at those prices when the rewards/wins aren’t worth it...
Upgrade has killed this app
by Sudivifidijgdgk on 2020/07/12 13:17
Update 7/12: where have the ads gone where you can watch them for additional chips? They were there and now they are not. Ever since the last update, nothing in the app works. When you try to play a game, the app just loads and loads forever. I took all the steps to try to correct and nothing works.
Don’t like the changes
by faannnnn on 2020/07/12 12:29
Ever since you’ve made the changes the game is it the same. I lost all my coins and I went back to level 1. Very disappointed.
by mersshoe on 2020/07/12 12:25
Used to really enjoy this game but idk what happened 🤷‍♀️. I used to be playing different games on here but not able to get these free offers. It’s like I’m starting at the very beginning. Used to get all these credits in morning but not anymore 😪👎🏻
Great fun
by G'aT on 2020/07/12 12:23
The games are great and the graphics are good
Bingo Bash
by Ex20 on 2020/07/12 08:19
Love this game!!
Kitty Faye
by kat shirley on 2020/07/12 05:51
I love it
by lodetrice on 2020/07/12 05:34
I so love this game
Love it
by Nessa0586 on 2020/07/12 04:16
Love it
Bingo Bash
by Starburts218 on 2020/07/12 03:46
Love this game! Farmer doesn’t always pick up the pennies. Should have hit bingo several times but he walks right over pennies.
Bingo star
by jaarrive on 2020/07/12 03:21
Nice game, quite addictive. Look forward to the free chips but I purchase the minimum once in a while to support the makers.
Bingo bash.
by jawkeye on 2020/07/12 03:04
Definitely 5. Stars
by bullpeg on 2020/07/12 02:51
Bingo bash is extremely fun. However,some of the games require a lot of bingos to get chips.
Love it
by nikki1737 on 2020/07/12 02:26
by never indmyname on 2020/07/12 02:23
I have been kicked off of this game and lost my coins at least 6 times today. I have bought coins to start a game and it was already in session. I am so disappointed with this new game. I am thinking of just quitting it and finding another one. So sad
Love this game !!!
by 1SexyB36 on 2020/07/11 23:47
This game is so entertaining I love it!!
Halloween room
by sashakitten1 on 2020/07/11 22:04
I like this room the best tet
Bingo Bash
by Brady67! on 2020/07/11 21:04
Excellent game
Bingo fun
by hockeysanka5 on 2020/07/11 19:48
Great fun with different bingo games continually introducing new versions. Love it.
by KimberlyA1964 on 2020/07/11 19:36
Great game!
by sfghvbkh on 2020/07/11 17:58
Love playing this game lots of new boards all the time
Bingo bash
by Skippy6543 on 2020/07/11 17:54
Lov this game thanks lov this❤️enjoy playing it’s fun
by queenblessyn on 2020/07/11 17:49
Bingo bash
by Lack of money on 2020/07/11 17:32
Very addicting however with each upgrade they seem to make it harder to win which lessens the amount of playtime for me due to the cost
Bingo Bash
by rdistrict28 on 2020/07/11 17:22
👎not a fan of this new version! No more way to get a few more free balls. And you get a bingo way before times up and it comes up saying “sorry no more bingos left. “ I have been playing this game for years, used to love it, now not so sure!
by glassesgirllllll on 2020/07/11 17:13
by No Comic on 2020/07/11 17:08
Best game ever
by Bcsmodeling on 2018/02/25 12:21
I’ve been playing this game since 2012!!! I absolutely love it and I always come back to it!! It never gets old! To the people who created this app and all the games that’s been added since 2012, I absolutely love and have fun playing the newer boards, but i am so happy that the older original ones are also at reach!! Thanks for making this fun and exciting!! Response to another feedback, I also have lost a lot of credit because of lagging and disconnection, it does upset me especially when I’m down to my last credit to play bingo and lose the game due to lag and disconnection which therefor makes me miss a few daubs and I’m behind. I think we should be able to automatically get our credit, especially if on the creators side see that someone didn’t finish a game, obviously the most sought out reason is due to horrible lagging which is the games fault. But other then that I love it. I spend a lot of money on this game prior and still now!! Xoxoxo
I like playing this game but here’s the catch!
by MABasenjis on 2020/07/06 03:53
I like playing this game but whenever I have the app have problems and I contact them they say make sure everything is closed out maybe it is the actual connection to my Wi-Fi or maybe it isn’t updated to the correct app that is current and I have always explained to them that I have done that before I went ahead and contacted them and also when you play the lucky sevens game it just keeps on spinning and you never get refunded back by the time that the game starts for the spin I’ve had it happen to many times and I’ve contacted them so many times a couple times they have done it refunded my chips I mean a couple times that I’m not now I can’t even play the rewards games in Messenger like choose a box to receive my extra chips I can’t even do that because it won’t take me into the game this Application is fun but they need to do a lot of work to make sure everything is working in correct order instead of just saying make sure the is running an updated fashion that everything is closed out and you have a good Wi-Fi connection like who is not going to make sure of that happening I think everybody is going to make sure that everything is done in that aspect my Opinion only it’s up to you if you want to install this app but I’m only giving it a one star rating as of now!
Crappy tech support
by WideWorldofWoody on 2019/05/30 15:19
I’ve used the game for a while and I had mostly enjoyed it however I had an issue with the game recently and emailed support and was told the problem didn’t occur and they suggested I take screen captures before and after (the problem already happened). So if I followed that advice I would be taking a photo each time a ball is called in case a problem occurred. That is absolutely the most absurd idea ever. Regardless whether the glitch was a programming error, an internet hiccup or bad timing of a game ending before the power up finished, all they had to do was apologize and credit the 192 chips to cover the two games. Since I’ve spent a decent amount of money using the app for quite some time, I would expect this to be the first action taken. When I replied and explained the absurdity of their “take screen caps” idea and lack of credit, they once again told me that I needed to prove it by taking pics. That’s literally the worst app support I’ve ever had and as a result I’ve deleted the app and will not be giving them any more of my money or game play. Advice to developer, when someone claims an error occurred and you can, without harm to your bottom line, replace the game that was lost, don’t be snotty or make excuses, say sorry and give the few tokens.
bingo CRASH update
by babywendy on 2018/09/22 11:26
Update: I wrote the last review about 3 years ago. It is an amazing game now I love it. I wrote a review already and had given this app 3 stars because of the crashes and losing chips that I SPENT REAL MONEY ON. Now it's starting to get ridiculous. I am so extremely angry at this game. It's so frustrating when I spend my hard earned money on an in app purchase on stupid bingo chips, and the game ends up crashing and I lose my chips!!!!! WHEN DO YOU PLAN ON FIXING THIS?! It really is such a shame. This is an amazing app besides all the crashing. I think also waiting 20 some hours for a few lousy bingo chips is insane, especially when it cost so many chips to play one bingo card to begin with. I am extremely disappointed with this game. Please fix and I promise to update my review. Why won't you listen to us!!!!!!! I would even pay 5 dollars up front if I need to, seeing I already lost about 20 DOLLARS on bingo chips that I LOST due to crashing!!!!!!! Insane. Ugh.
Fun Game but rigged to make you spend $$$$
by iamupinya220 on 2018/11/12 20:53
I enjoy playing the games but it’s not a free game by far. They never give you enough chips to really enjoy the game it just enough to play 1-3 cards on one game or one card in 3 games. Either way when playing it’s hard to accomplish successful completion of challenges without having or playing enough chips and or games to win by bonuses allowing free chips because the goals are long fetched with prizes that duplicate leaving you needing certain puzzle pieces that make you spend more chips and play more games in order to complete. It seems you will always run out of chips,xp points or coins right before rewards making you buy chips to gains rewards. It seems like the game is designed to make you spend and it makes you lose more often so that you would want to spend to continue playing. The chip packages cost a lot yet never are they generous with the amount of chips purchased vs what you paid for it. You will find yourself out of chips quickly with a short lived enjoyment for what you purchased. But the games are fun
Complete scam
by sbrb321 on 2019/09/27 23:38
If I could leave less than one star I would. This is a complete scam and rip off. I use to love this game and have been a loyal player for quite some time now, however, recently the app has started to malfunction and crash repeatedly, resulting in loss of chips. The support team refuses to help when any issues are reported and will not reimburse you for any lost chips if the crashes. 4 different times now the app has crashed mid game and I have not only lost the chips bet to play the game (64 chips each game) but I have also lost out on the chips I should have received for the bingos I won during those games... I have tried reaching out to customer support multiple times and they have refused to reimburse me for the chips I have lost. I have spend my own personal money on this app multiple times and find it beyond unacceptable that they are unwilling to reimburse me for the chips I have lost. I have never complained before, I’ve been a loyal player for a long time and I’ve spent my own personal money towards purchasing chips and other things, yet customer support continues to ignore me and when they do respond they tell me they will not reimburse me. Scam and rip off to the fullest!!!
Played many bingo games LOVE this one!
by siarmyn on 2018/08/30 22:00
The best thing about this bingo game app is you can get 4 cards and the 2 behind the game automatically daubs for so you only have to worry about the two in front you! Second best thing is there’s always always always some sorta game with in the games going on or vice versa. The one thing I think this app can get better at is their pricing for to buy more bingo balls and etc ... they’re sneaky and try to make you think the deal of the day is a good deal when in reality it’s really no different at all or there is very little difference at all in what you get for the same amount of money. I have to buy anything in this game because I just can’t justify their prices but if you can be patient and wait for more bingo balls daily then you can play a couple/few times a day. And don’t forget about the pull tabs and spinners and etc ... I’ve won 500 one time and close to 200 balls another time with those games!
Lack of Chips
by KBROCK2020 on 2018/12/17 01:15
Excellent game and very addictive but it’s very hard to get chips without buying them. The cost of chips it takes to play a game, even on the regular level and getting bingo, does not give many chips back, if any, to keep playing. Once or twice a day tops, there are some links to get free chips. Also, it’s hard to progress in any of the games without playing the double or triple up. It just cost too many chips and doesn’t give enough back. Even the daily chips are barely enough to play one card on regular mode. Lastly, it gives the options to exchange chips to coins but the only thing I have found that the coins are good for are playing one slot game which gives more coins. If there is an option to exchange chips for coins, there should be an option to exchange coins for chips. I also suggest there there be free videos to watch or other ways to get chips.
Fast talker
by mega8189 on 2019/02/07 14:33
Been playing this game for a long time! Finally decided to speak up! The game is awesome! One of the best I’ve played if not the best!?!! Wail for it..., BUT the call speed needs to be increased! It is very frustrating to play and watch a bingo left counter fall from 40 to 6 in a matter of ten seconds and not have any numbers called! The time between called numbers seems to be two seconds or longer! I want to win every time I play and get upset when I don’t??? DUH!!! That’s how I’m supposed to feel! That’s part of playing I get that! But when the game starts and finishes in less than what seems like three minutes and the caller (computer) is just giving out a number one a at time! (Bueller..., Bueller...Bueller??)??? Come on!!! Speed up the caller timing! Give a two or three count between numbers!!! At least then I’ll feel a little better about losing or missing a win by one number! For anyone who has complained about the call speed being too fast should go to a bingo hall and listen to the professionals! If you can’t handle the speed, Don’t Play!
by Lcr1022 on 2019/07/19 21:46
Below is my original review which had given 5 stars. This however is my new review: I have been playing this game for YEARS. 5 I believe. I have had very minimal problems up until the last 3 days. It will open for 5 seconds then close. I contacted Bingo Bash and got an automated response. They are looking into it. I have contacted them 2x. Still broke. I understand it is a free game. However it shouldn't not open up for 3 days. The server issue from my previous review was resolved and happened very little. Previous rating 3 yrs ago: Awesome game. Fun and easy to play. Have played it for over a year now. Only two problems. Sometimes I get kicked off the server and have to wait for the game to load back up, thus losing time and games, and I have leveled up several times and noticed I have not gotten any more daily bonus chips for it. Other than that.... Great game and great boards.
BINGO BASH: My All-Time Favorite Bingo Game
by Emmaneal on 2020/07/02 06:19
I’ve been playing Bingo Bash for about 10 years ever since I got my first iPad and discovered online games. I usually play several games daily, depending on how many bingo chips I have accumulated or won. You don’t have to spend real money to play the game, although I do purchase bingo chips occasionally when I run out. I enjoy the variety of games and the cute pictures that accompany individual games. I also appreciate the free bingo chips that the Bingo Bash developers send to me, as well as the free weekend power ups. Thanks for thousands of hours of relaxing entertainment❣️ I do not like the graphics for the new update. The cards on my iPhone10, which has a larger screen, are difficult to see. They are much smaller than the ones in the old version. I’m still able to play, but I don’t like this update at all.
I like it, however...
by Stevie sunny on 2018/12/28 12:11
This is a great app for bingo, i.e. attractive, fun, clever game formats, many extra game features, etc. I’ve tried other bingos and like this game better than the others. However... I’ve grown increasingly frustrated with the rocket purchase options. I exclusively play the 4 card option and feel that $2.99 to purchase rockets for a few extra daubs per card is quite high. However, I succumb to the temptation only when I feel I have a very good chance of winning. There have been numerous times when I see a bingo win, and for whatever reason, I am denied the win. Very frustrating! It’s already too expensive, and then not getting credit for a win, I feel completely robbed. I’ve been playing for several years, and am also annoyed with the ongoing diminishing sizes and number of the special feature winnings/wins. There has definitely been an increase in greediness on the part of the game site. The term “rip-off” comes to mind. Disappointing and sad.
by T-bird. S p on 2018/05/10 14:07
Four stars because the game is great!!! interesting games are all different something for every body--spent lots of money which is okay but the freeze-ups or not cool At first I was getting repaid when it froze up but now it just goes back to the game and you can't catch up or either the game is over and you lost your chips-I can t overlook that any more I not been repaid for 100s and hundreds and hundreds of chips---I don't want to quit the game because it's a great concept and sooo much fun- please hire somebody that can fix this game you all have a great concept there is no other bingo games like it---I quit playing but then I came back that's how much I love this game but it's very frustrating when it freezes up every couple of minutes----I read a review that said people that are on Facebook only win that's not true-are that people that spend a lot of money win more that's not true--my game freezes up & sometime I don't Win--I can't win the new solitaire of bingo game.. well I guess I had my say!! Just really want my game fixed my favorite favorite game... Don't give up every body they're going to fix it I just know it !!! By the way r the bonus suppose to reset an start over after u win them ??? Mine didn't (I've won them all ) I told u I'm ur biggest fan !!! Even with the problems I kept playing !!! Players r loyal !!! T-bird from louisiana
Too many complaints
by ms.november on 2018/06/03 18:49
I've played this game off and on for several years and I always end up deleting it because of several issues. Every time I turn the sound off, it's on again the next time I open the game. Recent issues are now that I can only play the new rooms if I buy bingo chips. Very few are won with bingos, certainly not enough to go play new rooms. Also bingos are not being registered in the special event, the ones indicated with the small letter "i". It is very frustrating and certainly doesn't give enough free play time for me to justify having it take up so much precious memory in my phone, so I'm probably going to have to delete it again. I'd have to check in for days, collecting my daily chips, just to be able to play once in one of the new rooms! That said, I keep reinstalling it because I do like it a lot, but the issues are too many to justify keeping it. Note to developer: please do not give me the standard cookie cutter reply I see you give everyone else with similar complaints. Please redo the game so it is more engaging and fair to everyone.
Fix the game
by Reallyirratsted on 2020/06/30 04:21
A week ago the game I’ve been playing for 10years vanished from my phone and in place of it was a version of it but newer/different. All of my chips,coins,booster,points were gone. I was starting over with nothing. I tried everything to get the other game back with no success.i gave up trying and started to play this new version. 2 things now happens, either it won’t load at all or I get to play 2 games and an error message appears and say to reload only it doesn’t. I’ve wait 5 to 10 minutes to load and have to close it and wait 5 minutes before I turn it on or it won’t load!!!!!! I use to play the other version 10 to 20 times a day. I’m ready to delete this version and not play bingo bash again. PLEASE ! Fix this mess and give me back the other version !!!! PLEASE !!!!!
My favorite bingo game on iPhone
by Thatsmylucy❤ on 2019/04/30 16:41
I love bingo bash!! I think it's the best bingo I've found for my phone. After reading other reviews & seeing what people say about lost connections I'll say I used to have the same issue but only when I'm someplace with a bad WiFi connection. If I have a bad connection I turn my WiFi off & it works fine again. I've also found that your either on a win roll or a lose one. If I don't get bingo after a couple games I leave & come back later because I know I'll just lose all my chips. I used to spend money on chips but refrain from doing so now because you really don't get anything in return for the purchase other than a few more minutes of play time. I also usually check in daily for my free chips then wait for them to have the free power up weekends. It's hard to win without power ups. Over all tho as I said I think it's the best bingo for my phone.
Bingo bashes players
by Tammy10864 on 2019/04/26 23:24
The game is fun. I’ve played it 7 years. I’ve been in a snit ever since they changed the daily tournament. You used to use gems to play and you won coins. Now you PAY chips to play and rarely get a high enough score to even get the chips back you used. I have contacted them several times about the unfairness. They claim players LOVE it. Not the response I’ve gotten during chat. It is a absolute smack in the face that they actually think we believe the exact same players (BOTS) win the biggest prizes day after day. I have spent hundreds, thousands is probably more accurate, to play this game. Just to have greedy bingo bash not actually awarding the chips they claim to be. A class action suit should be filed against GSN and Bingo Bash. Had enough. You have lost a long time faithful player. Lol 81 chips a day for being a VIP for over 7 years. A BIG thumbs down. I’m sure this review will never make it to human eyes.
So much fun!!
by Toy71351 on 2019/08/30 03:45
Best game out there hands down! Lots of great prizes and always great new offers! Edit/Update: I still feel good about this game but I’m dealing with some issues. There were times when I purchased tickets & scores a bingo but it wasn’t honored during the prize collection after my game. Also, a bunch of times where I should’ve been able to use power plays after 3 daubs, there was some sort of a glitch I'm assuming because I couldn’t select the power play to use in the game. It literally sat there highlighted & wouldn't count down for the next power play. (Like it was frozen or something) I’m always checking for updates in case there are glitches that were improved. It’s really frustrating however because I use ACTUAL MONEY to purchase balls, coins, etc at my own discretion. I hate wasting money even though I’m using it to play a game... I hope this gets fixed or I can get a reply. I sent an email a month ago but still no response.
I love this game, but...
by sadaw9904 on 2018/02/09 18:08
I have been playing this game on and off for the last few years. I love the fun rooms. I log in daily. I just have a few issues. 32 bingo chips to play 4 cards? When the daily free chips are 31? I may get to play 1-2 rounds a day, and that’s if I save up for two days. I understand you have to make your money, but the only way to possibly win is by buying 4 cards, and having power plays. I’ve actually spent money on this game before, multiple times, and it almost isn’t worth it. Also, The money power plays are pretty worthless. If you spend real money you should be able to get more free/instant bingo power plays, not just coins. And you should be able to earn more chips. Bottom line: if you’re going to spend actual money on a game, there should be more incentive. I’m tired of these money grabbing games. I have a lot of fun and I am willing to spend money if I like a game. Stuff like this makes developers loose players.
Becoming Fun!
by Sanuela on 2018/09/04 16:20
I have been playing this game for years and I have never written a review. I have instead written to the creators hoping to have a direct effect but clearly that isn’t working. I’ve watched it go from a great site with plenty of games and opportunities for lots of fun to boring and disappointing. If you don’t go on to FB, which I will never do, you suffer. Bingos are rare for me at least and rewards are less and much harder to get.....I think it’s time for them to up their game and it seems like they are doing that. I’m pleased and I’m hoping this is here to stay! Update: They have created some new games with some more creative rewards and they are fun. I loved this game when I started and I’m hoping there will now be good reason to love it again! Update#2 Seems to be maintaining, I am looking forward to playing each day and on most days it’s a good time! I know the creators are sharp and I hope they continue to use that to keep it a a greater game still. I highly recommend this bingo game! Last update on this review: although I do still have some frustrating issues this game brings me pleasure, is fun, and is only one of two games I play!!! I do highly recommend this bingo game above all others I have tried. It’s my game of choice!
Love this game.
by So_CalGirl on 2018/08/09 03:23
I been playing this game on and off for a few years now and recently I been experiencing a glitch. I will buy power ups for during the game but it will only let me use a few then tell me I’m out again. For example right now the red circle says I have 16 power ups. I will purchase 9 and then when the red dot says 20 it will say I’m out and need to buy more. Every time I see this game has an update I get excited thinking they fixed it but it hasn’t been fixed yet. So today I decided to go through everyone else’s reviews to see if anyone has been experiencing the same issues and not one person has mentioned it so I don’t know if I’m the only one. I don’t want to delete the game and redownload it because I went a few weeks with just logging in and not playing to build up on chips and I have about 1000 now. I really don’t want to lose those.
by collinslib on 2020/06/27 15:01
I like the game but I haven’t won in a long time I’ve gotten ripped off when a game goes off and comes back on I am not reimbursed for the chips that I lost.? Also I never received the extra chips from the Princess and the stickers I got but never got when the time was up!! I wish you would be fair to all!!!i i still haven’t got any more bingos even after the last talk we hag!!!!!!!!I still think you aren’t giving all our chips. I lost a game that I never got to finish and didn’t get any chips back!! Still lose chips because I missed one day not fair!!I like the new gamescan’t wait for a Christmas game!!i liked getting chips twice a day it gives me more chips so I can play more I would to see more of that! Great game! I just love to bingo!!!i love playing the game and really like the new game!
Used to be my favorite..
by renc82 on 2019/05/22 14:48
This used to be my favorite game to play. It was easy to win chips to keep going. Now, it seems like I blow through hundreds of chips before I win any. Also, what is the point of coins?? I have almost 500 power plays and usually on the weekends it’s a “free power play weekend”... so why not let us use coins to buy chips when we are low? Or to buy plays for the bonus games? It would be more fun, to me at least, if the coins weren’t useless and we won more chips. Honestly, that’s why I don’t play anymore. Sure the graphics are good and the games can be fun, but if you’re not winning as much as you’re losing, then you’re just losing... I have spent real money buying chips to play and it’s just not worth it anymore.
What’s happened to this game?
by GypsyArtist on 2018/11/18 23:10
This game takes the fun out playing. This used to be a fun app. But I’m spending more money on chips with no real wins. I’ll get 16 chips for winning 1st place but I takes up to 44 chips to play 4 cards in the classic games. If you complete a game in classic bingo you will not get your bonus chips. I received zero chips for completing a game. They owe me 650 chips for a level 3 completion and of course they are not so eager to reward my win. It’s not real money I’m asking for but I’m asking for my chip reward I should have received! They’ve gotten real greedy and I’m sure wealthy too. If you make no purchases for chips your chance of winning is slim to none. I’ve written in about this and have been told it’s just luck. Interestingly when I do buy chips I get more “lucky” chances of hitting a bingo than if I don’t. Try It for yourself if you don’t believe me! I’m not telling you not to buy chips or not play but I just wanted to share my 8 years experience with this game app.
Nice graphics/music
by jwoolman5 on 2018/07/03 05:47
I like to play the Three Wishes game with the little Aladdin character scooting around the background ladders as numbers are removed. The pace is easy enough so far that I can do other things as long as one finger is dry... and the music is relaxing. I only play one card at a time to keep stress down but you can buy more with earned coins. Update 2 months later: you can get chips by watching short commercials, they add up pretty fast. I’ve been playing more “expensive” rooms as a result. They also level you up fast and so you get more and more chips for each login. Just login every day to collect your chips even if you don’t have time to play. I get walk-in-place exercise while I watch commercials and play.
Rip off Game
by DONT PLAY RIPOFF on 2019/01/20 01:29
This game is a total ripoff. I been playing for years and most recently noticed that trying to get a bingo is impossible. I had 1100 chips playing all 4 cards at 96 chips per game and out of this only had 3 cards with a bingo. I purchased chips and with only to received 3 bingos is ridiculous. Then they have the nerve to pop up a window that says you are low on chips. Well it’s not worth my money to play a game the is so discouraging. It seems that the game knows you purchased chips and deliberately doesn’t call numbers on your card. To sit and have 5-6 numbers called in a row and not have a one of them. In addition the power ups will only disperse coins or money or chips instead of a free cell or instant bingo to help you along. Also to have over 100 in a game and only 30 people can win. This game just pisses people off and you only wants money from you. Total RIP-OFF!! Now it’s telling me everything I post as a name is taken. So I am not the only person complaining.
by WoL addict on 2018/06/08 02:31
So I got this game because I like bingo . I spent several dollars on bingo balls to buy cards. I enjoyed it. However when I played the daubin hood game that came open. I was asked after I lost if I would like to buy rockets. It states that each rockets daubs two places per card. So basically two random numbers. I bought them. Thinking 30 for .99 wasn’t a bad deal. However when I used them instead of one all of them disappeared. It only uncovered like three numbers per card. I looked up what todo and it stayed in that part that it takes all 30 rockets. What a scam. If it used 30 rockets at 2 daubs each per card it should have uncovered 60 numbers. I feel so cheated. It should have stated pay 99 cents to uncover a few numbers instead of markets it sound like you are a getting a item that you can use 30 times. Reminds of the old carnival games where you think you get a chance to win fir x amount of fillers but the way they word things swindle you out of more cash.
Priced too High-all kind coins but..
by hkyskis91 on 2019/03/17 00:11
I love this bingo game and believe the developers should be reasonably compensated, however, the prices to buy chips are way too expensive. You used to be able to use coins to buy more chips. Now appears that all you can buy is power ups with coins. Also you really should be able to buy enough chips to play quite a few games for $5.00. While it’s nice to play in premium how can you with how many chips you have to use and winning a bingo at any level of play doesn’t allow you to break even let alone get ahead unless you you are a top winner. Unless the prices come down for a reasonable amount of chips I will not spend money. $100 is best value...really🙄 I will collect my daily chips and wait until I get enough to play for a half hour or so each week. Sometimes I get to play longer if I win.
Fun game, but crashes too often.
by Kalel989 on 2020/03/26 17:00
*Update: game has not been crashing much lately and I’m enjoying the game much much now, especially with the Club addition. It’s a great way to earn extra coins. I really am enjoying the updates! 👍🏼 Love to play to pass the time, except when the game crashes for no obvious reasons when I'm in the middle of a game, it doesn't restart the game and refund my coins!!! It throws me back in current game in progress and I miss tons of numbers and lose the game. Each game costing 64 coins a piece!!! Not a fair way to play. It should be an automatic refund. Not to mention, when it boots back up, I get pop-ups before I get get back in my game!!! Biggest complaint!!!! Otherwise, it is the best of the bingo games available.
Five stars
by Savanah1994 on 2019/01/09 04:52
LOVE the game!! I have had it downloaded on my phone for a couple years now. I love how they put a mix on it with the “Special Rooms.” It’s Bingo and it’s not which makes it interesting and wanting me to com back to see what the next special room has to offer. Love how if a major holiday is coming up, there is a mode themed for that holiday. The thought put into the graphics on the cards is well thought and cute. I enjoy the daily log in bonus but wish it would go up with seniority. Only thing I can really “complain” about is the voices. The Bingo guy’s voice gets old after so many times playing and then the girls voice when she calls BINGO is obnoxious. Over all a great twist on Bingo. 5 stars.
B - I - N - G - O
by Ramilynn on 2020/01/05 16:48
Great fun! Would be nice to win more. Updated review: What a horrible developer response. I play 4 cards all the time. In fact, I mostly play max chips too. I can get a first place bingo (maybe a few times every few months) and win less chips than I spent. The rockets are a rip off! Also, quit asking after EVERY game if I want to buy them...this is annoying. I often see the same players winning multiple bingos each game play. I always wondered how that happens, they can’t be that “random” lucky. I’ve played for years but find that the game is loosing my interest because it’s harder to win and you win less. I know my opinion doesn’t really matter to the developers but at least it’s been said. I think being a player as long as I have been should be rewarded by allowing higher pay offs to those who have stuck with the game.
New Update just soso
by wmcghee on 2018/10/28 15:04
I have been playing this game for over five years. I love the new update and the new prize boxes. It does seem like the rounds go faster. One thing I have noticed is if you win a bingo card you do not get the prize boxes on that card, which I do not feel is fair. This is because the amount of chips you win is not as much as it used to be. ALSO..... you can trade bingo chips for coins. But you already win so many coins. The only thing you can use your coins for are power players. I have over 1000 power players and I don't need anymore. Because the game has free power plays once every week or so. It would be nice if we could buy Rockets or bingo chips with our coins. 50 coins for rocket or a bingo chip would be awesome. This is one of the reasons that my rating has dropped from five stars to three. Sorry bingo bash
Worst Game Ever - Don’t Play!
by Maggierenee85 on 2018/01/24 01:49
Don’t bother wasting your time with this game. I’ve never written a bad review for anything before, but this game was so horrible that I felt like I needed to warn anyone who was considering playing. It only lets you win 1 out of every 10 cards you play and the whole time you’re waiting for them to call a number on your card but you’ll get maybe 4-7 numbers out of the 30-40 they actually call. So you pretty much sit there watching the other “players” win, after only 4 numbers (3 of which were in the “I” column, making it impossible for them to have actually gotten a BINGO) have been called. The whole thing is quite frustrating. The developers want to make money off of this game, they should try to make it a LOT more enjoyable. P.S. I’m pretty sure the reviews stating how wonderful this game is, were written by the developers themselves. No one in their right mind would say this game is as good as they say it is.
Bingo Bash
by 3Trishie3 on 2017/10/28 04:52
I love playing this game and I really like Bingo Bash. This game gives you a great choice what you would like to do. You don't really have to play Bingo if you don't want to. I am going to keep on playing this game because I really enjoy it. I hope you give it a chance and I 'm sure you will also like it as much as I do. Just wish you could buy coins with your cash (cash that you earn from the machine) which would be nice but it does not allow you to do so. There is not that much that you can do with your cash on hand. Just wish that they would change that feature on this game! Other than that I really like this game! See you on the other side!!!
USED to be amazing... Fix the Glitches your stealing my money
by The BritBrad on 2020/07/02 19:07
The game USED to be amazing! I like the update BUT when playing in the bingo room Get Clucky since the update... I have gotten Bingos multiple times but the game never called bingo because the guy wasn’t fast enough collecting the coins and you have to click on the coins for him to go get them and then it calls bingo if you haven’t run out of time! It’s sooooooooo frustrating! I will probably stop playing this game if they don’t fix that glitch right away and I have been playing this game for probably almost 10 years! I refuse to spend anymore money on this game and I feel like I need to be compensated for all of these glitches and bingo losses! I have been a very loyal player and this has been very disappointing lately, it’s like getting money stolen from you!
by GabbyQB on 2020/02/23 03:43
I absolutely love this game. I play it literally every night before I go to sleep. I love the fact that they have mini games and Quests with great prizes that make it more fun and interesting. Now here’s where the but comes in... I’m level 79 and I’ve come to realize that there has been a HUGE decrease in my bingos and in my rewards in the rare chance that I actually do get a bingo. I have had about 0-10 chips for about two weeks now. It’s become extremely hard to keep my chips up when before it was super easy and more fun in essence. I somewhat feel like it’s on purpose to get me to spend money and buy chips which I did once but refuse to ever do again. I still love this game but I might just delete it all together if things don’t change.
So Disappointed!!
by misscreatr on 2019/02/11 04:48
Been playing for atleast 6 years. Stopped playing for 2 years because of what I’m about to say. I then started playing again last year. In all these years I have only earned 5 VIP CHIPS extra a day, 53 daily chips. Pathetic! As soon as you miss 1 day of logging on it takes your measly 5 VIP CHIPS away for 5 or more days! Definitely DO NOT EVER buy anything because once you stop buying, I PROMISE YOU WILL NOT win a Bingo. I have literally gone through a little over 2000 chips without 1 Bingo. I can’t level up to get those chips, and I have been stuck with 4 out of the 5 bingos you need to open the chest for 3 weeks, (which has never been more than 15 chips) Just extremely disappointed guys. This was my favorite game until I started seeing unfairness, left and came back 2 years later only to experience even worse unfairness. Hope you enjoyed my Hundreds of dollars. I will NOT be returning to this game at any time.
Don’t spend $$$
by Aasshhpp on 2020/03/26 23:57
The game is fun and I don’t mind spending money here and there on games that I like. Lately this game has had so many issues with loading and freezing that I would absolutely not waste any money on extra chips or power plays. There is sometimes so much lag that it does not register your daubs on the power play meter and sometimes won’t even let you select the power play at all. When you’re playing a game that relies on being fast to win, this is just not ok. I’m sure it is an issue with the internet, but I play in the same room as my router, and recently had to do an internet speed test so I know it has zero to do with my internet connection. I’ll still play because I do like the game (when it works). But I will not spend any more money buying extras just to have them wasted. I’ve read a few similar reviews and it doesn’t seem like they have done much to resolve the issue.
Hours of Entertainment
by NoMoMoore on 2018/01/29 18:54
Awesome game. I've been playing for a few months now and keep coming back. A few problems with losing connection more than other apps and not getting reimbursed. You also should allow players to leave a game even after they have bought bingo cards and not lose their chips. REALLY enjoyed the Halloween and Christmas games. Thanksgiving not so much. I also think you are reaching your limit with the amount you are charging per card as well as the upgrade option. It is too expensive so I never choose this option. Overall bingo Bash is one of my favorite games to play on my iPhone. Keep the games coming!!
Really Frustrating!
by Angrysweetness on 2019/07/11 16:10
Ok, first of all as I told you before, I honestly love this game but... When you are playing Premium games with 4 cards costing you 96 chips per game & the game starts crashes, it’s totally frustrating. Bingo Bash crashed on me 6 times just today alone before I stopped to write this. This game also crashed at least at least 5 times on either Monday or Tuesday before I stopped. There’s just no way you can collect the award of 150 chips every 15 minutes when your game keeps crashing. I would greatly appreciate it if you would please reimburse me for the hundreds of chips that were lost with each game that crashed & at least some of the chips that I would have received with the 150 chips every 15 minutes if the game would not have messed up like it did. I honestly cannot afford to buy chips too often but it seems as tho every time that I do the game decides to start crashing & takes them back. This isn’t the first time that it’s done this to me. This makes me not want to play anymore because you never know when your chips will be taken from yet another crash. Thank you in advance for your cooperation in this matter. Sincerely, M. A. M.
Annoyingly rigged!!!!
by Miz Issues on 2020/04/25 04:59
I’ve been playing this game off and on for a while and really used to enjoy it. Recently I’ve noticed how RIGGED the game is - to the point that it’s no longer fun to play. RIGGED is the only way to describe a game that gives you the EXACT SAME NUMBER of daubs each game based on the number of cards you play. For example: if I play 2 cards at the ‘regular’ level, at a cost of 16 chips, in a game that starts out with 42 (or 31 or 25) available bingos, at the end of the game - whether I hit bingo or not - I end up with a total of 21 total daubs. I got the same result FIVE TIMES IN A ROW!!! How is that possible if the game isn’t rigged? Oh and the “bonus” mini games are absolute garbage, especially the Lucky Scratchers game. Well over a year of game play and I’m still stuck with only 2 out of the 6 collection items needed to collect bonus chips and advance to the next level? I would not recommend this game to anyone.
The best
by bev the cook on 2019/11/16 11:44
Best game around. It's not fair to have so many games where we have to buy a rocket to win. I don't play them So I don't have many rooms to play if you ever get rid of it pot of gold or wheel of fortune. I won't play bingo bash at all...... I agree with that person I don't play in very many rooms. It's not fair to have to buy the rockets to win I don't get to play much if I don't win. The chips don't last long. But I love to playi love to play bingo bash but I agree with the person just before me. It’s not fair to have to buy the rockets. I pay to play but if I continue to lose so many games I just can’t keep buying them please change. And I only play in 3 rooms
Great game! Doesn't last long enough.
by KimiDiva on 2018/11/22 16:49
(Older rating): I love this bingo game more than any of the other 10 or so I tried. When I had a complaint, I reported it through the app via the email they provide in the "More>>" options and it seemed instantaneous. Very impressive! (New addition): I have been playing this game for at least 5-6 years now and I love it still. It has evolved nicely to include many ways to get more chips to play longer. There is always new content and I have been asked many times for my opinion on the look of certain things from the developers. They really want the players to be happy. Thanks, BingoBash!!
Absolutely Love The Game’s, but..............
by Kitty Catty Chatty on 2019/04/28 01:03
TigerLady780-April 27, 2019 I love all of your game’s, the pay outs, graphics and all are great! But I have two problems with this app; the first is the pause between each number as they’re being called. When calling the numbers you have pauses from 3 to 6 seconds, that’s far to long. I prefer the pauses to be 1 to 3 seconds. My second problem is the rockets. There are many people who can not afford to buy the rockets. Buying the rockets gives an advantage to all who buy them and it’s not fair to those of us who can not afford to buy them. I have a suggestion about the rockets; stop them completely or when giving the daily chips, you also give rockets, not 30, but the 90 rockets so that a person could use it or save them, just like their chips. It’s something to consider!!! Once these problems are addressed I will raise the stars!!!
Rigged Game
by PearlGem81 on 2020/06/12 18:48
You can definitely tell that this game is RIGGED and set up so that you don’t really win BINGO. I play with the maximum BINGO cards (4) and I rarely get a BINGO. The numbers that are called out, I started noticing I rarely have the same numbers on my card. I also noticed that in the winners list the same names populate over and over and most folks are winning multiple times in one BINGO game. I have sent them an email with my concerns and of course they deny that the game is not fixed. However, you can definitely tell that this game is definitely set up to fix that you don’t win BINGO, but more persuasive to try and get you to spend money on BINGO chips and rockets to try and help you win, but you don’t win. I would suggest playing BINGO Party or BINGO Journey, they are definitely a better and more fair BINGO game. And please don’t come asking me to reach out to your support team because I will not.
Rate me on service
by Lana Sceales on 2019/11/17 14:35
Love playing BUT HATE YOU losing connection when I'm in the middle of a game It Is Not My Connection I lose my coins and they don't get reimbursed by you Makes me not want to play You need to find a way to make this up to your players I'm not the only one that experiences this problem We have to work hard to get our coins--your daily bonus isn't even enough to play 2 games because a lot of the times you don't even give us the extra 4 coins when we collect our well earned bonus I don't mind losing honestly but get very agitated when you take them from me. I was just playing and only 1 away from winning BOOM Lost Connection Please work on this problem you have.
First played on iPhone 4, still playing!
by Ruckus WI on 2019/10/26 16:43
As someone that is physically disabled, I can tell you a million reasons why I love this game, compared to other Bingo games. I have a hard time with fine motor movements in my hands and fingers. This game will not let you daub a square that hasn’t been called. In turn, it will not let you call a bingo if you don’t have bingo! These things alone take the stress out of it for me! Numbers are called at a great pace for everyone, not stupid slow or crazy fast. Goals are achievable, given enough daily credits to play a few rounds, fun side games (pull tabs, scratch offs, etc.). Thank you to developers!
Need a lotta money to play
by gg504 on 2020/05/10 21:09
So before you download this app just know in order to play it takes A LOT of money!!! I have played a lot of games but this one is just ridiculous. After the first day, it closes out the one game that you can actually almost maintain your chips with. You earn coins but honestly the coins don’t do you any good in the game whatsoever. You need chips! Even buying $10 of real money worth of chips it will only last you a handful of games playing two cards. If you play one card, there’s NO WAY you’re going to win chips or advance the game whatsoever. Even playing up to four cards I have noticed that I still can’t get a bingo! It’s just totally ridiculous how this game is angled. In other games if I put $10 of real money it can last me Months of gameplay. Not on here! $10 of real money will literally get you just a handful of games
Soo much fun!!
by polo4269 on 2019/01/11 08:47
I downloaded this game about a month ago and it is by far the best bingo app on the market! From the bingo callers voice to all the prizes and awesome events they have! Seriously let’s talk about the bingo callers voice; all the other bingo apps have super cheesy voices and for me that ruins the whole experience but Bingo Bash has such a sophisticated voice! They also give out very generous daily bonuses. All in all this is my all time favorite bingo game, I seriously deleted all the others. I wish the chips were a bit cheaper per bingo card so that I could play way more but hey it is what it is. Download the game, you won’t regret it!
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