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Burner - Private Phone Line
Burner is the market-leading private phone number app — a second line for calling, texting, and picture messaging in everyday situations. Did you know that your personal info is attached to your phone number and easily searchable online? Every time you give out your real phone number, you risk exposing your personal information. Only give your number to people you trust. For everyone else, there's Burner. HOW BURNER WORKS With Burner, you're in control of your personal information. No one can find your real number from your Burner number. We intercept calls on your Burner and route them to your cell phone so no one can see your real number. Since you can call, text, and manage your contacts from within the app, you don't have to carry a second device. Use Burner for everyday situations. Create a disposable phone number for dating, salespeople, deliveries, shopping online or selling items on Craigslist. You can use it as a longterm second phone number for your business or side projects. Integrations with Dropbox, Google Drive, and Slack allow you to archive messages and voicemails, and communicate with your team. Create multiple numbers, keep them as long as you want, or burn them anytime. Share your Burner with anyone and everyone, or keep your new number secret for anonymous texting. No hassles, no contracts. BEST IN CLASS A TIME Magazine Top 50 App & featured in the New York Times, WIRED, TechCrunch, Engadget, BoingBoing, Lifehacker, and more, Burner has been recognized for excellence and innovation the world over and provides *real* phone numbers. Burner is the original, trademarked app — don’t fall for knockoff fake number apps that will show you ads, sell your info, and leave you hanging! Did Sideline, Google Voice, Line2, Hushed, Phoner, or those fake number apps fail you? Burner is the most reliable and fully featured virtual phone number app available. Not even Grasshopper, Ring Central, or Text Plus have our advanced features. Burner is free to download and comes with a 7-day free sample number. Additional numbers are available through in-app purchase or subscription. Only give your number to people you trust. For everyone else, there's Burner. WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING "Wonderful - I love this app it never freezes or drops calls and it's cheap!!! I love it !!!" "The best! - This app basically runs my whole business! Having several lines available to me at any given time is amazing for someone who travels and who runs a business. Keep up the great work!" "I'm so glad I found this app. It's been a lifesaver" "You guys this app is amazing! Perfect and original, especially if you don't want strangers to have your real number. A+++++" PLANS AND PRICING - There are two types of Burners: Prepaid and Subscription. Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. SUBSCRIPTION DETAILS - Subscriptions include auto-renewing line(s) with unlimited calls, texts, and picture messaging. - Subscriptions automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period - Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period, and identify the cost of the renewal - Subscriptions may be managed by the user — and auto-renewal turned off — by going to Account Settings after purchase Privacy Policy: Terms of Use: IMPORTANT: Phone calls use cell phone minutes. Burners are free for a trial period only — please review our pricing before purchasing. Area code availability varies. May not work with SMS shortcode services. Not for 911 emergency services. Works in US and Canada only. Not available in Puerto Rico.
Fantastic Job of INTRODUCING Bugs With the Latest Update
by Gameman114 on 2021/03/04 00:43
Now after a call the entire app completely freezes and has to be force quit EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. As always, each new “update” just adds new bugs. I’m soooooooo sick of this app.
Cannot be used
by mjberggr1504 on 2021/03/03 06:10
This app CANNOT be used for ANY two factor authentication - the entire reason I purchased. It would have been more entertaining to watch the money burn. Gave them a second try and the service still fails miserably.
Some less than facts.
by DeannaR68 on 2021/03/02 22:55
I would have no issue with the app - but it keeps saying my line is expiring in 2 days when I pay monthly. That’s somewhat sketchy in attempt to get people to change plans etc.
Dreadful app and dreadful customer service
by SakicNHL19 on 2021/03/01 20:54
The app asked me to confirm my number, but wouldn’t let me, and then after reading some hacks on the web, it told me to delete the app and reinstall. It wasn’t allowing me to log back in, so I reached out to the Burner support team. They said they were working on reactivating my account. A week passes by, no one contacts me, so I reach out again. They respond with this: “It has come to our attention that activity on your account has violated our Terms of Service and your account has been terminated.” Clearly, I was shocked, I used this app for my eBay business, so I’m not sure what illicit activity they were referring to, so I reached out to their legal team and this was their response: “ In connection with its efforts to protect the integrity of Burner and prevent abuse, Burner recently enhanced its processes for identifying accounts that are likely to be engaged in abusive behavior. Your account was identified for deactivation as part of this process. Accordingly, per Section 11 of the Burner Terms of Service, we have deactivated your account and blocked you from using the service. We understand that you may disagree with this action and be frustrated by it. However, this action is within Burner’s sole discretion and there is no appeal process.” Do yourself a major favor and choose a competitor. This app is expensive and their customer service, as you can deduce from above, is unsatisfactory. Update: They sent me a generic response when they saw I left this review. They have no intention of making me whole for the 8-months of my subscription that they have stolen from me. Also, another MASSIVE disappointment in this saga was Apple. They didn’t offer any help at all since it was past the 60-day mark of the subscription renewal, and even after thoroughly explaining what happened, they basically told me “...and the horse I rode in on.” Loyalty is apparently just a one way street in Cupertino. Lesson learned.
This app spams notifications with nonsense.
by Hughshahahahahshaahgz on 2021/03/01 16:24
“Did you forget to reply?” is one example. It is so infuriatingly moronic that a fellow human being decided to consciously choose to implement a function in this app that spammed the user with this nonsense. The developer in charge of that decision has mental cancer as well as cancer of the soul. These thieves stole my money.
What’s wrong with this version!!
by Meepttgft on 2021/03/01 14:15
I use the app in Europe to make calls to pretty much just my bank in the US. They call me and can’t hear me and the buttons don’t work for “press whatever number” and it’s infuriating. I’m not paying for this app anymore!! It used to work so well and now it constantly has problems with incoming calls. Done.
Faulty service
by game 2 game on 2021/02/28 16:15
Beware when calling and hanging up it will connect both calls with you not on the line. I called one person didn’t answer called another no answer. They called back but it connected the call to the last person I called . Very bad
Only works for 7 days
by LocalxGuide on 2021/02/28 14:27
Only one burner phone here good for 7 days. Makes pay for new burner phones. Trash app.
One huge issue
by Sgamer105 on 2021/02/28 06:22
This would have been a really good app that I use a lot but when you open it, it asks you to verify your number and it doesn’t work with even some of the most popular carriers I use Verizon and when I signed up it said “your phone carrier is not compatible with this app” so if the don’t work with Verizon which is one of the biggest phone companies then it likely won’t work for you so don’t even waste time trying to download this
They make it hard to cancel subscription
by mikey moshe on 2021/02/26 23:55
It shouldn’t be this hard to cancel your subscription, but unfortunately when you go to manager subscriptions this app doesn’t show up. Did they do that on purpose so people wouldn’t cancel the app?
Not good business
by FBrnr21 on 2021/02/26 12:56
I use this ap for work and I don’t like that I can’t talk to a live person I had difficulty using my job company card to pay for my renewal. No one one I emailed gave me good support. I don’t like not having the option to talk to a live person. I have a company that would want to do more business and use this ap for more employees. When my subscription is up I will not renew.
by boarder90634 on 2021/02/26 06:50
I’m not sure what else you could possibly want from an app like this. Its perfect.
Awful! Do NOT GET
by destrriyee on 2021/02/22 05:52
Scammed - charged but Burner cancelled anyway
by apollogroove on 2021/02/21 00:33
Fraud. I was charged for renewal but the Burner app itself cancelled my number on the day of renewal. Noticed a big price diff b/n that on this App Store vs what Burner *really* wanted (a pattern noticed with other developers lately). Was a great product but is a SCAM as marketed here. Beware!
Can get better
by Danie💋 on 2021/02/20 14:47
I wish when the burner incoming call is coming in it would be from the burner soo not straight to the iPhone app. It’s confusing
Ask for your number
by Dj0soul0ja on 2021/02/19 22:31
Best app
by darklily69 on 2021/02/19 06:06
Love this app
by valhakun on 2021/02/18 15:24
You download the app to never give your personal number away, and the first thing the app does when you launch it is asking for your personal number 🤦‍♂️ So no matter how little of the app's functionality you were going to use, the app requires your personal number.
Drops calls or don’t go through
by Cm Cham on 2021/02/17 22:28
Drops calls constantly. Many don’t even complete.
by taggalog on 2021/02/16 19:14
These people are as crooked as the people you're trying to avoid. Also, the industry in general has completely figured burner out. Every number you try to use is immediately detected as being fake. So outdated.
Works great
by Dinoboy723 on 2021/02/15 21:29
Let’s me sell stuff on Craigslist without giving out my real number
Reliable and easy.
by chance8204 on 2021/02/15 15:14
It is the best app I have used for this type of service. It ALWAYS WORKS!!!! I have people ghost me all the time in business and and other things. This lets me catch them in their lies why they are not taking my call or paying their bills. It has become an invaluable resource to use. Thank you for a great and consistent working app!
Fair use of service
by esprite123 on 2021/02/15 14:59
Very good will will use it again
Definitely The Best In Class!!!
by Studio DCi on 2021/02/12 19:52
Not much to say and I usually don’t write reviews but I have been using this app for a while now as my business number and it works perfectly. The cable company wanted to charge $19.99 a month for a line and then I decided to shop around. If you want to waste your time testing other 2nd line apps then Thats your prerogative but I highly recommend giving this a try first. The features for forwarding calls and/or texts is great and works flawless. There is also integrations with several popular apps like Evernote which allows you to create an auto reply for text and also slack for storing voicemails. Not much more to say! I carried around a second phone for over a year then almost committed to the cable company but luckily I gave this a try and barring any updates that render the app non functional this will be the only phone number I need for my work life.
Doesn’t work for tinder
by Louis  on 2021/02/12 12:47
I specifically bought a subscription for tinder and they don’t support this carrier
by beautifulblackwoman on 2021/02/11 14:30
Love this app
Some of the probs mentioned can be avoided
by gain typo on 2021/02/09 04:35
Hi, s o m e of the probs I’ve seen mentioned might be avoided by checking your phone settings after your phones software updates...Been using app for 2+ years as a work cell option to make calls/texts outside of office hours...And occasionally would stop getting my Burner missed call or text alerts;Finally figured out that somehow someway my iPhone settings for this app (And two or three of my other frequently used unrelated apps) defaulted to “no notifications.”I reset the notifications and no problems about 90 percent of the time;Occasionally there is a delay with receiving texts by a couple minutes,But I don’t use it for texting anything time critical so that doesn’t bother me.Most of the time though, it’s no more than one second slower than my main number is if a text gets sent to both of them at the same time. I think burner is still a fabulous and very easy to use choice and inexpensive and I plan to continue with it!When I had to replace my phone itself, I reached out to burner ahead of time to try to plan up a way that I wouldn’t lose my numbers (I have one that I’ve had long-term like I mentioned, and another one that I use and change regularly for when I want to buy and sell things locally through craigslist, etc) and they worked with me through the steps. Read about the options carefully first if you want to maximize the value for your money -i’m glad they offer options for more minutes than texts or more texts than minutes etc. etc. rather than forcing those of us who use it lightly to pay as much for those who use it several hours a day. Thank you!
Not useful
by natvv on 2021/02/08 12:53
No better than google voice. Was recommended this app to use to sign up for services that require a mobile number, but when I try to make accounts using my burner number, it’s recognised as a “fake” number and I cannot create an account.
Great App!
by John Gatti on 2021/02/08 02:59
It works as advertised for me. No issues. It works really really well.
Major design flaw
by Exprtgmr on 2021/02/06 23:28
This app has worked fine for me except for a design flaw that has caused a lot of aggravation. If you like to keep your phone in your pocket and the occasional app happens to open up but nothing tends to go on beyond that. This app, however, has only a two touch process to permanently delete the number you are using. The one you have given out to do many people is no longer good. I have had hundreds of apps, none of which even open up on their own like this app always seems to. Then, when you grab your phone with the app open and touch it on the screen, your phone number is gone. Happened three times with this app so it is time to try something else.
Reusing numbers
by deeeznnnnooootzzz on 2021/02/06 05:14
I've learned you resell numbers once they've been used. That's a bad idea that could get someone in trouble or get you sued.
No app support
by Boywiz575 on 2021/02/05 17:51
I got a new number and lost my burner when I logged out. No support
Great app
by l0wkē on 2021/02/05 13:47
I sell on Facebook buy sell trade and this is a good phone app.
by DoctorBorlon on 2021/02/03 17:32
I used to be able to use free numbers, but a recent update makes it to where I have to enter my real number, then I have to pay ACTUAL money to use a stupid burner number once. I am not paying for a phone number. To all who may be reading, DO NOT DOWNLOAD, and DO NOT PAY! Don’t give these developers what they want.
Wouldn’t let me make calls
by smallraeofsunshine on 2021/02/03 06:31
It would only route back to my burner number. Scam to get ur info.
by Buckeyeguy2299 on 2021/02/02 18:00
It does exactly what you want it too.
Great App
by KCJones91 on 2021/01/31 01:08
So far it’s been great. Fast, easy, reliable. Great job!
Im LVN it!
by nicnac435 on 2021/01/30 16:57
Thank I for making calls ivn me. Yahweh rocks🥳🖤⛎
Top Notch Sp
by daytradesports on 2021/01/29 19:17
Sports Trading
Why can’t we back up contacts?
by dgdggtvvggv on 2021/01/29 15:05
This app is great except there is no way to back up your contacts. The google backup doesn’t work, google blocks the app. Also no option to save app contacts in regular phone.... this is a major drawback and something the other burner apps offer. I didn’t have issues with it for two years, now suddenly it won’t sync, or show old messages, or even contacts in my phone. Frustrating if you need a reliable number
Works Well Enough
by Jay K 0001 on 2021/01/29 12:05
The Burner app does what I need it to but is limiting. The inability to adjust the font size is a drag for people that don’t want to put on reading glasses every time we use our phone. The app can open pics in certain formats, but not videos clips. It definitely needs to support more formats. It would also be nice to access the app through a desktop computer instead of being on both at the same time. The font size and format issues are annoying enough that I will look for a different burner app when it is time for my annual renewal.
Do not download. Unreliable.
by 3dChrisSD on 2021/01/28 01:01
I’ve had this app for about 5 years, and have been paying $15 each month for 3 burner numbers since I first installed it. One of those numbers I used as a business line for 5 years now, and Burner just erased all 3 numbers including sms history, contact info for customers, and I can never get it back. Now I have to get all new marketing materials printed with a new number, update everything that has the old number on it, somehow get in contact with my clients and order new business cards, etc. 5 days ago I was charged for this next months service, and they deleted my burners anyways. This is stupid and upsetting. Customer service was no help.
Not reliable
by tiello11 on 2021/01/27 16:14
The app is not reliable, when you need it the most it doesn’t work, doesn’t receive text messages
Great service
by JohnColette on 2021/01/27 15:10
I been using burner for over 5 years and couldn’t be more happy with them.
You Want Spam Calls?
by Thee Nickster on 2021/01/26 18:37
Because this is how you get spam calls. Non-stop since I downloaded this app. Don’t recommend.
Great option
by Drewdizzle74 on 2021/01/25 16:05
When I started my business I needed a second line I thought about getting a new phone in addition to my regular phone and a friend told me to get burner for 4.99 a month so after doing the math I realize that to get the other line it would be 12.99 a month plus the cost of the phone and the issue with keeping track of two phones but with burner I have the convenience of my regular calls coming through my phone and my business calls coming through My phone separately without the need of two phones what a great option
by burnerchino on 2021/01/25 04:56
At times I can’t know who is calling me from my contacts ! Their name does not appear Also it says for months I have 3 unread messages But that is not the case
Terrible auto-subscribe
by robjambamalama on 2021/01/22 20:59
No free trial, it’s a crappy auto-subscribe and getting rid of it is a pain. Stick with other apps!
The best out there
by Bryant3886 on 2021/01/21 10:36
By far the best hands down burner phone app out there and I’ve used them all. No glitching, super fast I just love though so user-friendly way that the app runs 10 out of 10
False advertising
by mightyeagle:) on 2021/01/20 17:37
This app does not work for tinder verification as it claims multiple times on the website
Stupid app ever.
by Mayor_kay on 2021/01/20 02:41
Please don’t download this app, they are thieves
Incoming Texts Never Received
by jeffageorge on 2021/01/19 11:25
I have never received an incoming text on this number. Numerous people said they texted me and I never received them. Cancelled and never going back to this app
by Jholden837 on 2021/01/15 23:20
Not really in the liking of having to pay for credits when I’m only using the app for tax purposes once I purchased still unable to use credits
Cant receive confirmation texts. Avoid.
by Mistapotta on 2021/01/15 01:51
Cant use app to receive confirmation SMS for services. Would be nice to know before having to pay money. Avoid.
Incoming caller id
by Lilludz on 2021/01/14 18:14
Would be great to have incoming caller I’d so I know who is calling me
No Pics
by Lexilex11722222 on 2021/01/14 01:15
I can’t send or receive any pics
No complaints. I love the app.
by Lesly Louis on 2021/01/13 02:04
No complaints.
Wasn’t what I expected
by neverlack1n on 2021/01/12 05:08
I was trying to look for an app that bypasses as real phone for verification purposes but it didn’t work so I asked for a refund... 4stars cuz that was rad of them
Works Great
by Mr.Scharf on 2021/01/10 21:27
It's broken.
by Auburnhottie on 2021/01/10 04:17
Please fix your app. It is stuck in a loop and I can't even buy a burner.
I love this APP
by CorruptedSins on 2021/01/08 23:25
I literally do all my business through it and haven’t had any issues so far, freaking love the app.
Impossible to cancel!
by T.A, on 2021/01/08 01:09
I’ve had this app for a few years. It works great selling stuff on CL and FB but I’ve tried everything to cancel the subscription and still keeps charging me monthly. I might just have to change my payment. Not even sure if that will work. Don’t use!!
by ftsbs on 2021/01/07 03:29
Can it cancel subscription
Google voice is not supported
by Bob 868 on 2021/01/06 20:16
This is supposed to be a service to create virtual phone numbers... yet security conscious users who already use a G Voice number are blocked from using this service. You can’t sing up unless you provide your real phone number to the company that’s supposed to care about your privacy. Ironic.
Plays the information game
by CultureCrisis on 2021/01/03 17:16
Installed app and the very first thing it asks for is my phone number. Sorry Burner, you don’t get any information from me until I’m ready to commit. They hide all their pricing too. Uninstalled.
by Mr. $AV on 2021/01/02 00:04
The layout is ideal.
Burner Subscription
by nnichols14 on 2020/12/31 17:44
This app is great at what it advertises. However it is impossible to cancel. I used this app for selling a few items and I didn’t want to give out my number. Since then I have cancelled it multiple times like I have with other apps and I continue to have to contact Apple support to refund me. I don’t know what to do as I’ve tried everything.
by petooskie on 2020/12/31 16:53
Video messages
by Harley D31 on 2020/12/24 07:00
Wish you could send/receive video messages.
The only burner app that works.
by BrooklynGreenClopton on 2020/12/22 16:45
The best option out there.
Haven’t used it yet can’t rate honestly
by golfatuer on 2020/12/21 14:49
I’ll give all stars once I have a chance to actually use it. I will come back and submit wen I see all the features work as stated
Всего 20 минут звонков и 8 сообщений
by xxx1890 on 2020/12/20 16:38
Бесплатная версия Предоставляет Всего 20 минут звонков и 8 сообщений. Не стоит потраченного времени на регистрацию.
by Trinetyzcy on 2020/12/19 21:17
I don’t like how your number can expire because I’m using this for my second account on Tik tok and if the number expires I won’t be able to text so definitely not the best.
can't receive voice mails
by incas99 on 2020/12/16 15:58
missed calls no message
by tylerwahl on 2020/12/13 07:25
How do I unsubscribe? Is it as simple as logging out or deleting the app?
Love love love it
by Flight Nurse 2 on 2020/12/11 13:19
Best on the market, easy to use
Easy to use
by Ashushine on 2020/12/11 07:41
I love this app. I needed a phone number and I needed it fast. This was super simple to set up and it was extremely affordable. The call quality was very good as well. I recommend this app over Google voice. For anybody out there looking for a great app alternative to get an extra line or have a separate phone number this is the one.
Won’t let me cancel
by MK Elizabeth on 2020/12/10 16:29
Don’t use this app. I’ve been trying for two months to cancel the month-to-month subscription, but they just keep charging me.
Hulk Smash
by KAOS313 on 2020/12/10 03:28
So if you need to use a number for Craigslist or random hookups this is the app. The ui is close enough to iPhone but different so you don’t confuse to 2 numbers. If you give your number out to stippers this is what to use.
by 07fg on 2020/12/08 19:46
App was working great at first. I stopped receiving notifications when I’d get a text or phone call. I’d open the app to see I had missed calls and text messages that I never got an alert for. I deleted and reinstalled the app as suggested with no success, restarted my phone, checked all notification settings in app as well as phone with no luck. Hope support is able to help me because I really need this app to work correctly.
Robot customer service
by Killeryhfgj on 2020/12/08 00:47
I’ve emailed back n forth several times with the same replies. This app is great until you have to deal with any support issues or billing. Lost me for good. They seem to not give a care!
Real 5 star app
by Jaxdick on 2020/12/07 22:26
Could have more features
by EZ CherryPop on 2020/12/06 10:12
Does not have in call recording like others include. This would be a massive benefit to not have to purchase 2 separate apps. Other than that it’s good
It’s fine until you need something.
by girlpower07 on 2020/12/05 14:09
I just needed to change the phone number the account is attached to. You have to send the email that apple sent you. Nope, you can’t send from the purchase history that has the exact same info. It must be an email! Apparently this company cannot be bothered to keep records or verify that their accounts are active and paid for. I work in IT and I’m just completely confused by whoever thought this was okay. I would have canceled but have already converted a lot to this second number. What a disappointment.
Worst app ever
by juanparra_us on 2020/12/04 15:48
Don’t buy it!! If you have any problem they send you an e-mail saying that the respond in 48 hours. Because they are an small team. Here is what they sent me I don’t know how the get 15.000 reviews and 4.6 😤 Hey Juan, Thanks for reaching out! This is an automated response to let you know we've received your message. Someone from our team will respond in the next 48 hours, but we are a very small team so we appreciate your patience. To be sure we can help you as quickly as possible, please include your Account Number (main cell number), your affected Burner number(s), and as many details about your issue as possible. If all of that was in your original email, great! If not, just reply here and we'll take it into account when we troubleshoot your issue.
Great way to protect your personal phone number from data mining
by Monica00000 on 2020/12/01 18:12
This app pays for itself in value. I got sick of getting robocalls constantly, so I purchased a burner subscription in the hopes of using it in lieu of my personal number on websites etc to keep my personal phone more private. I use the burner number for basically anything that wasn’t super important/personal— every time I’m prompted for a phone number on a website I purchase something from, every time I need to give an app my phone number to “verify” an account, etc, I use the burner number. I can already tell it’s working because I’ve begun getting spam texts and calls on the burner line, probably mined from the various apps and websites I’ve used it on. Once I get enough spams etc at that number, I can just burn it and get a new burner line. Kind of neat!
Great idea; better execution
by Mike928282 on 2020/12/01 03:09
Obviously getting physical burners that you smash into your oblivion after a few texts is the most secure solution, but the burner app is pretty close and lot easier
Ok experience
by lucascm1 on 2020/11/30 23:18
Why no video!!!?
Do NOT ever purchase this app!!!
by Orbicgirl on 2020/11/30 22:59
You will get the number wiped out even though you are not burning the number and you have paid for it!! Even worse, if you use the number for business, you will get totally screwed over. The number will not be recovered and you will get a response from burner saying “ we do not own the number, sorry, there is nothing we could do and here are 8 credits to get a new number”........ seriously?!?!?! What kind of business is this?!?!
Canceling is impossible
by worldscholer on 2020/11/30 02:55
They go way out of the way to make it impossible to cancel the subscription. Very dishonest.
Please update
by Nuryanson on 2020/11/30 00:47
This would be perfect if it added a video call feature. I love it but then when people want to Video call it’s complicated then bc now you have to admit it’s a burner number. Also allow for sending video as well
by litttyyf on 2020/11/28 22:33
Suddenly this app is failing
by nicholas.g1978 on 2020/11/26 04:35
I, like others I see, have just recently started having lots of problems. Messages look like they send but never do or they go through hours later multiple times. People send me messages that I never get. I thought it was my phone acting up so I went out and got a new phone only to find the same issue. That’s when I got on the reviews and see I’m not alone. And to the creator who keeps responding to please send details... what more details do you need? We’re paying for your app and it isn’t sending or reviving all the messages.
solid app
by earnest0 on 2020/11/24 22:30
IMO this app is reliable and well thought out. Worth the subscription.
spam calls
by kaylanicole93 on 2020/11/24 16:38
love the concept but i’ve gotten TONS of spam calls on my actual phone number since downloading this app.
The worst app ever
by Michit8 on 2020/11/23 06:51
This is awful, they just took my money they didn't even allow me to use the chat option to send pic, that's why I paid for also I paid the subscription for a month but they didn't even give me one week I already delete this app from my device it's completely useless, trash horrible, thieves, 0 stars
Been lovin’
by sharpeyer on 2020/11/23 00:09
I’ve been using for a fat minute now and it works on a lot sites but gmail a b* they only take from actual number providers like simtalk att and etc
THIS IS A SCAM, don’t waste your time
by boomtoombs on 2020/11/22 21:37
This app works fine at first, but after you spend money on credits it will take your money and refuse to give you anything. The customer service is a joke, it’s one person who I assume has been trained to give you the runaround. Asked me for proof through my bank statement, and then apple. When given both, he simply responded that they can’t give me the thing I paid for and left it at that. This is a SCAM to get you to dump your money into, DO NOT DOWNLOAD!
by cashbille615 on 2020/11/21 04:48
I had bought two packages of 1199 and I have not received my credits so I either want my money back or my credits thank you y’all idk if it’s a big but need to fix it ASAP
Infinitely easier than having multiple phones
by erblemoof on 2017/10/14 20:02
If you know what a burner phone is, then you already understand the concept behind this app. Except, it's SO MUCH better because you only need a single phone to use multiple phone numbers. How it works: you pick a phone number, and give that number to people. They call the number, which then calls your own phone's number. The caller never learns your "real" number, so it stays completely safe. If you never want that person to contact you again, you can burn the number you gave them, and that's it. They can't get in touch anymore. The only challenge with using the app, which you quickly get use to, is you must press the "1" button to accept an incoming call. After you do it a few times it becomes a habit and is not a big deal. I highly recommend this app, I use it all the time and find it to be very reliable and convenient.
Very confusing termination of account.
by GUYINTAMPAFL on 2020/04/26 05:54
I went to send a text and the app said. “Every once in a while we have to confirm your phone number” , It doesn’t say if they want your burner, or actual number. I tried one, then the other. Both times it said they weren’t able to send the verification text because my phone needs me to update international call settings to an approved country? No info was given how to do this. I sent a really rude email to them. Very rude. Everything instantly makes me angry being locked at home. Anyway, I get a email saying activity on my account violates their terms of service and my account is cancelled and to email their legal Dept if I want more information? I sent replaced and asked, “what are you taking about??”. Rec reply that said legal handles all terminations and to email them. I guess if your curse at them via email they will cancel your service. On to the next app I guess. I was reading reviews and someone mentioned using their burner number for Craigslist or something. I’m not sure, but about 30 min before they cancelled my account, I used the burner number as contact for a online credit account application. I used it because I don’t want 500 calls from telemarketers. I’m not sure, but maybe they don’t allow that? But how would they know anything about me giving it to credit application?? It’s strange.
Great with a few occasional texting glitches
by anicknamenooneelsehasyet on 2020/02/29 01:48
I used this app for online dating and it really is the best! I love how I can send pictures and also create a contact for each caller. Luckily I never had to used the “ghost” feature because there was 1 great person I ended up giving my real number to. And the other guys never texted back after I told them I wasn’t interested, so we’re good on that too. Keep in mind— you cannot use Bluetooth while using the app. I tried it once in my car and it failed. You have to answer directly from your cellphone, there’s isn’t an option to answer from a wireless source. Second thing— glitches. Twice in 2 months (90% success rate) I worked through mis-communications because a text I sent never made it to the guy and a text he sent me I never received. If the text is too long, it won’t go through. Better to send many small texts, not a paragraph. Even better to talk over the phone. Just be aware of this so you don’t jump to conclusions and think the other person is a jerk for not replying or answering in a way that has nothing to do with your last response.
Horrible, Spam experience!
by bnwing on 2019/05/29 04:41
This has been the most horrible experience! I signed up for a burner number, & downloaded this app, to advertise a truck I have for sale. In the past 2-1/2 days, I have received over a dozen spam text messages & at least 73 spam phone calls! Day & night! All routed through the app & sent to my regular phone number. The service is calling random people & then calling my line, with those random people’s numbers showing up. When I answer, the confused people are asking me who I am, why I called them, etc. But, they “called” me! On some of the calls I don’t answer, I tried calling back to follow up & it was the same thing... They had never called me & had no clue what was going on, even though their numbers were showing up as missed calls. So, I said “forget this nonsense!” & I logged out of the account, then deleted the app. But, STILL, I kept receiving the automated spam calls! I finally had to just block the “burner” number that I was given so I wouldn’t keep having to deal with this nonsense! It’s been insane! This will be the last time I ever use this! How do I disconnect my line completely from this burner number???
Great way to protect your personal phone number from data mining
by Monica00000 on 2020/12/01 18:12
This app pays for itself in value. I got sick of getting robocalls constantly, so I purchased a burner subscription in the hopes of using it in lieu of my personal number on websites etc to keep my personal phone more private. I use the burner number for basically anything that wasn’t super important/personal— every time I’m prompted for a phone number on a website I purchase something from, every time I need to give an app my phone number to “verify” an account, etc, I use the burner number. I can already tell it’s working because I’ve begun getting spam texts and calls on the burner line, probably mined from the various apps and websites I’ve used it on. Once I get enough spams etc at that number, I can just burn it and get a new burner line. Kind of neat!
Terrible customer service!
by bohotechie on 2018/07/16 18:16
I have now been waiting almost 36 hours for a response from the Burner team, after sending at least 3 messages to their support email. I have had an auto-renewing line for more than six months. I recently changed the number (for the first time) and their system automatically burned it (deleting all the text messages at the same time???!!!) three days before it was set to renew? When I received an alert that my number was set to burn, I contacted support, expressing my confusion—after all, my subscription was paid. They eventually replied, asking for my number. I immediately answered. When I got another alert, I wrote again. And again. Nothing! No response! Then I received an alert that my number had been burned and all messages deleted! I wrote to Burner again, and that was Saturday afternoon. It is now after 11am on Monday and I have had no response from the company. That is not acceptable support and I am very displeased. Mind you, they still have my money and I fully expect to be changed again in two days. Use this service at your own risk and copy everything immediately. :(
After reading another post...
by Papafriz on 2019/06/13 13:59
You use a phone number that might have been used before. Which means you might get calls expecting someone or something else. What I do is wait and see the contact then return call/ text if it was someone I knew or expected. Best service, has saved me in ways you’d have to think about if you had a string of bad luck. Update to Dev(8:48, 13 June 2019): I love your service and I was just trying to explain to others. It’s not your number even if you get spam, the spam comes from previous owners/users of the number. Burn the number and use a different number. This service is such a useful and blessing. I’d rather give a number out that isn’t my personal number of 5-10+years to all the places that have “said they don’t sell your info” or potential crazy.
Great app but could you add this feature
by Pixelwizard on 2019/11/03 01:49
I use my burner lines for my business and set it up so the burner number appears to my phone, however it would be useful if I could keep my setup the way it is but the phone number of the caller is displayed in the description screen of the incoming call from burner as I need to be able to separate my incoming calls per burner number and the only way I can do that is by maintaining the incoming calls to display as the burner number but I’d like to see the incoming callers number displayed somewhere on the screen that displays my burner number as well..... My other feature request is I make 100 calls per day using my subscribed burner number and I’d like to be able to search my history of phone calls by the last 4 digits of the incomings phone number. That would allow me to easily search through my history of phone calls to find a call I may have made earlier.... Otherwise great app.... I wanted to add I realized I could search last 4 digits of a phone number in burner past calls using search of iPhone and it locates number in burner app and takes me right there. That allows me to do what I have to do :)
Great Concept - Unreliable
by MrWufz on 2019/02/16 21:30
Love the idea for this app. I sell things on Craigslist and using my actual # was getting me added to massive SMS spam groups. Worked great the first month. Just renewed and notifications stopped working. Only other thing that changed was update the other day to 12.1.4. Sometimes I'll get notified of texts, sometimes I won't. Even when I do, upon opening the conversation, the app hasn't updated with the text (even if it was present in the notification)! The only way I can see it in those instances is to force-close and reopen the conversation. Other times, I never get a notification and when I go back to check, the other person texted me what seems like hours ago. It only shows me the last time I sent a message, so I'm not sure. This needs to be fixed. I won't be renewing this month if it's not. Also, there should be a time stamp on every message. Either via pulling to the side like in Messages or long/3d-touching a message.
Almost as good as text messaging
by ksmm on 2017/09/17 06:16
This service works almost as well as the texting service provided by your cellular phone company. And it has much more compatibility than Google Voice; it works with most services that I've tried (though a few will still reject any VoIP number). And it can receive MMS/picture messages and send them too (for a fee). The app, on the other hand, has a few rough edges. Notably, trying to position the insert cursor, doesn't show you the text as you move, leaving you to guess where the cursor will land. Also, renewal reminders are hit or miss. Sometimes you'll get reminded that your burner is about to expire; sometimes you won't. And even when it works, it may only give you an hour or two advance warning. Too bad for you if you're busy when that happens. Expired Burners disappear and take your number and all your messages along with them. Also, this app drains your phone battery like nothing I've ever seen. Like streaming video. Like continuous GPS navigation. Even if you're idle waiting for texts to appear, your battery will die quickly. It makes me suspicious about what the app is doing behind the scenes. Other than that, the service is great for times that you don't want to use your permanent, identifiable cellular phone number. And it's reasonably priced.
Spam calls?
by philmoorehead on 2020/05/12 02:28
I downloaded this app for a small purpose of not revealing my phone number if I have to verify something (which verification on some apps don’t even work). I used my real phone number to get the burner. I have not ever gotten random calls from number that I don’t even know of until I put my real number into this app. Take note that I didn’t send a single message or call using the burner number, as I had no use for it, so then I burned the number right after I download the app then deleted the app. The next morning, I received random calls from people in which I don’t even know who they are. I don’t know if they are spam callers or just people who got my number somehow and one even tried to FaceTime me. I have blocked a few of the numbers because one had repeatedly tried calling me and I texted them and asked them who they are. They said a name in which I didn’t know of and then I told them they had the wrong number. Please tell me how I can stop this and why this happens.
Works as intended
by bradleygt0226 on 2017/10/13 14:13
It does exactly what it’s supposed to. The only downside is not being able to set a different ringtone for the burner line, and still show the caller’s incoming phone number at the same time. Currently you have to set Burner to display YOUR own burner number as the incoming phone number when someone calls that line. You save your burner number into your phone’s contact list and set a separate ringtone for that phone number. However, since the caller ID shows your burner number, you can’t screen who’s calling you that way. It will display the caller’s phone number in your call history so you still have access to the number after the call. Overall good app though and I was even able to get a local area which I was unable to do through even google voice.
Very useful application
by 26Nada on 2018/12/14 01:10
I’ve been very pleased with this app. It works as advertised. I regularly use it so I don’t have to give out my real number on sites like craigslist. The service isn’t free, but I would not expect it to be. I like how it gives me the option to get rid of a temp number right after use, or keep it for as long as I may choose to. I can also have multiple lines active at once. The only issue I have had has nothing to do with the developers. Some of the numbers it activates receive an excessive amount of spam callers. This is annoying at times but that is a risk you will always run into when getting a new phone number, as it has most likely been used by someone else before.
Quick resolution with technical service request
by INTECHsf on 2019/06/17 22:24
Initially I wasn’t sure if this App was a product that I would enjoy. I decided to use the app on a trial basis and I had a conflict with my Hardware upon installation and the burner app was not working on my device as described. I reached out to the technical team and they were able to quickly isolate my iPhone X hardware issues and resolve the problem. they Unlocked the premium features of the app so that I may get the full experience during my trial. The customer service I received and ease-of-use inspired me to subscribe to a Annual subscription. Looking forward to seeing this app evolve as improvements and updates are released. Thanks Burner App!
Six hotdogs eight buns
by mr. parking lot on 2018/01/13 21:34
In the same way that it doesn’t make sense how there’s different numbers of buns then there are hot dogs in the grocery store, the same here with the number of credits that they sell in packs versus how much the different services costing credits so you always end up like just one or two credits short with you change from the last purchase. On top of that the subscription system I’m not sure if this is an Apple thing or an app thing but There certainly problems when it will either tell you that the purchase was successful or tell you it was unsuccessful because you arty have a subscription but that I would never let me make a number from that credit and repeated out reach to customer service field in them Knowledge Ing in the problem at all
Don’t use for a business, trash support, can’t port number out
by Wowzsa on 2020/11/03 21:28
We used this app for a business number for a couple small businesses and in the past it worked fine. This year, it drops calls right in the middle of the call with frequency, at least 10x per day. Not cool if you’re using it for business. Their support is garbage. They offer no phone support and their response time via their web support is way to slow. You might get a response within a day. Also, they’ve been unable to resolve or even be remotely helpful about our dropping calls issue. That should give any business owner pause. We decided to port out number out, only to find that you can’t! So the business number we have must be changed, as well as all our marketing materials, graphics, web res presentation, etc... So burner says they’re a great solution for business, but they are anything but. You’ll get frequent dropped calls, garbage support, and then if you want to port your number to a service that works, you can’t. DON’T use if you’re a business owner or need a number for anything important. Also read their terms of service. Specifically Section H. Number Ownership. I’d never use their service if I read that ahead of time. Pony up the extra $ and go with google fi or something reliable that has good support.
I rounded up
by Docmeek on 2019/06/29 12:52
I have a 3-line subscription. It was a real nuisance to change my real number and keep the app but support helped. Obviously, identity must be confirmed. There are glitches when you insert text and can’t see what you pasted until you do more. It can’t accept video messages. One number started getting spam calls nearly immediately but the beauty is that this could happen with any new number and I just burned it and chose another. Also, Google the specific number when choosing it. I once got a number that was still being advertised online by an escort. I thought it was funny but I understand that others may not be amused. Grade: A-
by Laura Caitlyn on 2018/02/10 03:54
Signed up for this service 24 hours ago and already having problems receiving text messages! When I visited the support site all it suggested was restarting/reinstalling the app or emailing them. I closed the app and reinstalled it but the texts that people had sent me still failed to appear and I now I have no idea how many texts I have missed and from who. This is completely unacceptable. Charging for a defective product and offering such little support is also unacceptable. With no phone number to call for support, how am I supposed to get this fixed quickly? The fact is that even if they did fix it, there is no way I would continue to use this service since it has proven to be so unreliable and I was using this number for something important. After spending the day updating my contact information across multiple platforms I am extremely disappointed.
My reason for 5-star
by Rogel-Dado on 2020/11/16 08:33
My girl block me because I didn’t do my promises to her. She doesn’t give me the reason why she keep telling me to leave then finally block me. I have no other way of communicating but I know her number so I used this app. After I used this app, I text her and told her who I am. I apologize to her and I keep asking why she block me. She told me later why. Then when I said what I need to say in last free text to her, I forgot to say to unblock me , but then she said she calm down and decide to unblock me to my real number. A lot of things going on so you won’t understand everything but I really thank you for this app.
Bad issue with incoming calls not ringing
by Rogus1951 on 2020/03/27 00:38
If I could it would be no stars. They have done something with their system. I used it several times but, this time, the service was, lacking a better word, horrible. Ive been dancing with tech people and they dont listen and I guess figure Im full of crap. Anyway, their very own “test call” would call me but give no ring, so I missed calls. Then when they called it didn’t ring. They claim to hear it ring. It would hang up before I could even get to it. Other callers same deal. Then had my sis call and it came thru. I almost didnt talk to her because even tho I picked up on very first ring, she said she was ready to hang up because it rang 7 times on her end. After that, I hopped thru more hoops and their call didn’t ring although it told tgdm it did and it hung up. Think I’ll give them my 5 credits and use another provider.
Perfect for work
by rumham9 on 2019/06/13 16:00
My company doesn’t provide work phones but still expects us to use a phone for work. Burner has been a lifesaver for this reason and I’ve recommended it to a few of my co-workers who also love the app. I love being able to turn it on do not disturb mode during my non-working hours, as well as being able to record a custom voicemail and being able to set auto-reply messages. I only wish the app would have the option to set the do not disturb mode to set days/hours so I could set it for my work hours and not have to manually turn the do not disturb mode off and on myself.
Use for craigslist
by Elliot246 on 2020/01/11 12:36
Was creating a Craigslist ad and wanted to use a phone number. CL asked if I wanted to use this app and I was a little hesitant but decided to give it a try. Boy am I glad I did! Within 10 minutes I had already been contacted by scammers 3 times!!! Without the app they would have had my real number and I would have had to spend TONS of time protecting my privacy. With the app I can just ignore them, delete the message, or delete the whole number and start fresh! Now that I have Burner, I’m already thinking of a few other uses.
Not fully accessible for those who suffer with blindness.
by MD Weigman on 2020/02/04 20:57
The Burner App is unfortunately not fully accessible to those who suffer with blindness and use the built-in screen-reader Voiceover on iOS devices such as IPhone or iPad. Specifically, when attempting to delete the call or text messaging logs, the screen-reading software will announce that the action of deleting call or text logs has been performed. However, the logs of the calls and messages are still there. I simply am not interested in using an app that is not fully accessible to me even though I enjoy the app for the most part. It is unfortunate that this app has not been designed with the idea of inclusiveness in mind. I will be canceling my account.
Horrible customer service and bad phone service
by Point missed on 2018/06/28 01:30
After almost 3 years of having this app on a automatic renewal I contacted customer service which is only available by email not by phone and takes a minimum of 24 hours to answer in reference to my account after telling me that everything was OK this canceled my account a few weeks later. I emailed asking about reviving my account because it was for business and 48 hours later they responded saying that yes they can but never did. Now 24 hours from then they just told me that FT are able to do it they will try so I told them to cancel it. Bad enough you will see that the app loses its speed and efficiency and drops calls or makes it so you’re unable to make calls if you use it frequently throughout the day. Don’t waste your time Google voice is free.
Not reliable
by Cobra94r on 2018/07/17 10:42
I’ve had the same Burner number for about 2 years. I use it mainly for Craigslist purchases & other telephone corespondents where I didn’t want the other party to have my real number. App worked well at first. Eventually it got to the point where my phone would only ring on occasions. However... since I had the same number and had it memorized for about two years... I chose to overlook some of the bugs. From day 1, I had my account set up with auto renewal. All of a sudden I was getting messages to renew my account. At first I ignored it simply because my account was set up to do it automatically. Eventually , I started getting concerned so I went into the app and manually renewed the account. There was no issues with my credit card, number or card expiration date. It was the card that I use on every iTunes linked app purchase. I woke up one morning and had a notification that my account had expired and my number was ‘Burned’. Keep in mind... the sole reason I tolerated the bugs was simply to keep the original number that I had been assigned. With that said... I am pursuing a spare line with app developer.
Burner offers your real number to recipient—BEWARE
by Rob RP on 2019/07/10 02:50
Burner’s misrepresenting how they work. You are not completely anonymous, so watch out. The person to whom you send a message/call from the Burner number is also sent an invitation to discover your actual number for .95¢. So you are exposed and liable to get into a heap of trouble if you think Burner makes you completely anonymous. When raising this to Burner, here is the salient portion from their response: “If someone looks up your Burner number through any online databases or reverse lookup services, they will not be able to find your main phone number or trace it back to you. However, we are a company operating legally in the US, and so in the case of a court order we have to work with law enforcement within reasonable means.” But in my case, there was no court order involved. I found this revealing that Burner offers to the call recipient after sending a joke test message to my housemate, who almost immediately afterward received the link from Burner to reveal me for .95¢. So Burner’s response to me is significant for what it leaves out and therefore is not quite honest. BEWARE: YOU ARE NOT SAFELY ANONYMOUS USING BURNER. If I could give this app ZERO STARS, I would.
Caller ID
by Marcelina87 on 2018/04/07 18:12
UPDATE: there is also a huge delay in calls so there’s always an awkward silence or talking over someone. This app is great for my second number for work so I don’t have to give my personal number out. I however have one major complain that really bothers me, the caller ID doesn’t pop up when receiving a call. It will briefly pop up if you so happen to be staring at your phone at that very money but the. It disappears and you just see the actual number so it’s confusing if it’s coming from your personal line or the burner. Can you guys please fix this, let the contact that you saved it under pop up instead of their number or your burner number. PLEASEEEE IF THAT WAS GIXED I COULD GIVE THIS APP 5 starts because I really like it!
Great App for Dating in this Modern Age
by Storm Matrix on 2019/11/24 14:55
This app is super convenient while using dating apps. It allows you to carry just your regular phone instead of two separate ones and with the upgrade you can block numbers just like your regular phone. If you find that the person you meet is crazy you can just burn the number and not the entire phone! I used to have a cheap Walmart family mobile burner phone but it was $25/month where as this app is only $5/month, so it’s definitely cheaper and way more convenient!
Mostly good
by Cheesiestchew21 on 2020/04/24 10:22
I’m an assistant principal and I am using this as a second line now that I have to call students and parents from home during Covid-19. One year I made the mistake of calling from my cell phone and parents would call and text me all the time. Even though I could block my number I often get voice mail and needed a number to call back. The only downside is that parents have hung up before I can get to the call because a voice says “your call will start in one minute”. Not sure if there is a solution to that but I had better luck texting the parent. I paid for the one line subscription but I’m not sure I’ll keep it past the month.
Almost Great
by Merrrp1029384756 on 2019/07/20 15:00
This app is pretty decent as a second line. My biggest complaint (I pay for the better version of this app) is that there is no video messaging capabilities. I can send .gif to friends by using the gif app i have on the keyboard, but that’s the only way a moving message can be sent or received and only the ones loaded on the gif app. Everything else works fine but honestly only three star worthy. It’s 2019 and for this to be four or five star you need to be able to provide everything people want/need with messaging: calls, text, pictures, videos, AND video calls. Especially for the people who pay for the unlimited minutes.
Total Ripoff
by 2018-_k on 2019/04/24 14:40
I obtained the service 3 weeks ago and paid an annual subscription fee of about $140 for 3 lines. Within two weeks of obtaining their service they terminated my service via text(using a burner number-the irony)for violating their terms. Since then I have contacted them via email, on numerous occasion to obtain an explanation regarding the termination, as I do not believe I have violated their terms. I have yet to receive a response to my inquiry. Support will send you to “legal” legal will never answer. It almost seems like the email for legal is unmonitored. Overall my opinion of this company is as follows: -they accept your money and terminate your service when they decide regardless of there being a valid reason or not (maybe they recycle their phone numbers, and terminate for that reason, idk). - they are disingenuous, unprofessional, and unresponsive. -they don’t have an active phone number for the customer to have the opportunity to speak with someone. -they hide behind an email address and respond when they choose to. -they terminate your service via text using a burner number which again does not give you the opportunity to speak with anyone.
Share numbers
by Nuketroop on 2018/12/29 01:51
So I got the 3 number subscription. One number started getting calls immediately. One guy said is this the bank. Uhmm sure, give me you account number (kidding). I look up the number I got and it’s listed as an ”Personal Loan Scam” on Nomorobo (Whom they partner with). What give Burner? This is unacceptable. -update. I guess they cannot tell who had the number last. I just went in and burned the old number and requested another and seeing the choices, googled the one I was interested in, made sure it was clean, and created it. We’ll see how it works. However, how do you delete a background? You can select a background, but once created, how to remove it...?
Purpose built and works
by RT2014 on 2017/09/20 12:43
Very solid app for a virtual phone line for messaging and voice calls. Some small delays sending pictures and no support for sending videos to the line. Overall, being able to manage multiple lines and quickly dismiss them works better than google voice lines or any other app I've seen. So many apps are looking for multiple lines able to be managed by one, this app achieves its goal of separation on a physical device. Looking forward to more development for managing contacts separately from contacts within the main OS
Poor Quality
by J7686 on 2017/11/04 16:01
I am very frustrated with this app right now!!! I’ve waited for 2 weeks for my subscription to renew today and allow me to create a new burner. It has not shown that its renewed and I needed a number so I had to pay an additional $5 to get a new line. Now that I’ve paid for the new line it’s telling me that it can’t confirm my number that I need to check my international settings. Makes no sense because I selected United States!!! On top of that, because of the error, it’s now telling me that I’ve attempted to confirm the account to many times and it won’t allow me to try any longer. That I now have to wait and ty back later!! This is extremely infuriating & I can’t seem to find any way other than email and a 48 hour waiting period to get assistance to fix the problem!!
by Samjones0707 on 2017/11/05 05:27
I downloaded this app to confirm the interface and leave this review. I understand this app is advertised as being used for business reasons, but someone has recently used this app to harass and abuse me. Being able to change his number at a whim, I’ve had to block 8 numbers from this app to avoid cruel messages and actions that are on the verge of domestic abuse. This may not be the intention of most of any user(s), but such actions must be brought to the attention of the developers. Such freedoms allow for abuse and domestic violence, harassment and terrorizing, all of which are completely unacceptable and put a persons life at risk. As the recipient of messages from someone using this app, it receives no support from me and I would leave a negative number of stars if possible.
User for 3 years but not anymore.
by Victoria Weiland on 2020/10/10 14:22
i had the same burner number for over a year with clients and business attached to it, and have never had any issues other than missing texts the following day when my notifications were turned back on. yesterday morning i went to use my WORK number and i was prompted to verify my phone number again out of nowhere. when i verified my number, i open the app to FIND THAT MY NUMBER HAD BEEN ERASED AND IT DIDNT EXIST. not only was i unable to do my job yesterday, but all of my saved numbers and previous conversations are now gone and my clientele has no way of reaching me. Customer service was a joke and said they “couldn’t find” the number. you’re better off getting a second phone if you’re looking for a stable service.
Life saver!
by 2DopeBro on 2018/08/08 13:28
This has literally saved my life! I have dealt with a stalker for over 10 years 😡 and he always manages to get my cell number, so over the years I have had to constantly change my number which has inconvenienced me greatly. Now I give my burner number to everyone except for family and I haven’t had to stress over changing my number ever again! I haven’t had one issue with texting or calling on the app! It works great with my iPhone 8! Thank you for saving my life! Great product!
Great when it works.
by Evinson845 on 2020/11/20 18:12
Using burner for a few years for my second line. It works pretty well, except when it doesn’t, which is somewhat frequently. At times sending texts don’t go through, or they appear to go through only to find out later that they never did, or they send 3/4 times in a row. Texts sent to the number are sometimes discovered to have never gone through, with no way of knowing other than to speak to the person who sent it. Pay for picture messages, but frequently images don’t go through. Not sure what the deal is. Keep holding out hope that the app works smoothly.
Ripped off twice
by ripped off for over a hundred on 2018/06/24 14:44
Hey phone and text worked. But you had to buy extra points to keep adding for text or calls. Bought unlimited text and calls. But it will not work. They kept saying it will be active in like a month. So until then you have to buy credits thinking in a month it will give you the unlimited. It was a scam!!!! I wrote 5 emails! From what answer I got once and never again. Sounds like the developer sold it to a company who markets and collects the money. They are ripping everyone off. Took over 100 so far. I deleted the app and got a different second line. You can not talk to anyone. And emails take weeks to hear back if at all. This is a Scam burner phone number. It should be looked at and shut down for fraud. !!! Buyer be aware!!!
Can’t connect to Apple?
by MaggyPauline on 2020/01/24 20:49
I have been trying to purchase another burner number, but the app rejects the purchase because the “connection to Apple won’t go through.” I don’t understand. I put in the correct password and my method of payment is up to date. I simply don’t understand why this is happening. I have since found out that the app debited my bank account twice, but still has not provided me with any service that I requested. How can my request be received successfully enough to where my money can be taken, but not good enough that the app can’t provide the services it claims to be selling? My Apple account is up to date. I’m going to dispute these transactions with my bank.
The WORST customer support ever
by Lovo99 on 2018/03/21 15:37
I like the app, but the customer support is the worst. I changed phone numbers and was not able to receive calls anymore. I contracted customer support through emails, they responded to the initial email and requested a little more info, I submitted everything they requested and never heard back from them. I have sent them 5 more follow up emails but have not heard back from them. I'm a monthly subscribed member, so I should be getting a "premium customer support" as they claim on their app, but that's not accurate. It's a shame I have to cancel my subscription because I can't no longer receive calls. I did like the app, but can't use it anymore, despite that I'm paying the monthly fee of $4.99. Shame on you burner customer support.
PLEASE fix your voicemail feature.
by khehkymoliehky on 2018/12/20 05:48
I absolutely love this app, I don’t know what I would do without it or how I would run my business. BUT. The Voicemail feature is absolutely atrocious. If I press play, then press the speaker button, it will play perfectly fine over my speaker. If while it’s playing I turn the speaker option off, click pause, then play again.. it will have an aneurism and start playing the voicemail over itself 2 or 3 times. I have tried everything to fix this so clearly it’s something on the developers end. Other than that it’s amazing!
Great for Work
by SquishyManphin on 2019/06/10 05:22
I travel to meet with clients often and would give out my personal phone so they could get a hold of me while traveling, or vice versa. That turned out to be a bad idea, since the clientele would start abusing my personal line after my time with them was finished. With the burner, I still have the freedom I need so I can contact or be contacted by my clients, give them what feels to be a personal direct line to me, and the number burns automatically. I don’t worry about handing out a number to me because I know they won’t be able to reach me once it burns
Working now - thanks
by SuppleLeopardGal on 2018/07/20 20:22
It’s nice having call and msg info in the same place. Very convenient for tracking communication with clients, etc. Calls from certain US area codes have come through appearing as though they are calling from another country. I don’t know if there’s a confirmation that comes up after I touch “burn it”, but I hope so. Seems like it might be pretty easy to accidentally burn your info by mistake. I hope I don’t find this out the hard way.
Was not happy but customer support took care of me
by Ak47007 on 2018/09/05 14:21
Update : Developer reached out and offered assistance and advice , that right there shows they care and are listening. I changed my review to a 4 star. You just made a customer happy again ! I’ve used this app for 3 months , I just got a notification from a text that I got two days ago ! This app takes forever in syncing. I once waited 10 minutes to receive a message from someone. It takes too long and it’s not good for people who rely on a second phone number.
Rip off
by down2you77 on 2018/06/06 22:48
This app is a rip off like most apps. Dishonest business. The first night I downloaded it I purchased 15 additional credits. I noticed the next time I used it only 5 credits were shown. I immediately contacted them and asked why and how to get the credits I paid for. This prompted a back and forth string of emails one after the other of them telling me I didn’t buy credits. They came up with one story after another until finally telling me I bought an extension of some kind. I didn’t even know what an extension was but I know how to read English quite well and I know what the word credits looks like. Long story short, I’m out the money for credits and these people are dishonest. Don’t spend your money on this app.
Service failure
by Nixole2020 on 2020/01/10 15:09
Was happy with the product while it worked; however, in the short 4 months of having the subscription service I’ve experienced unjust account cancellations. The first time it occurred was shortly after the second month’s renewal, subscription fee debited from account yet I received multiple notifications about “buying” more time to save my line. Thought it was a system error but noticed no activity from the line for the subsequent weeks to follow. Was able to communicate with developer through app; they assured that nothing was wrong with the account. Two months later, again, $ debited from my account for the subscription followed by notices about “saving my line by adding minutes” resulting in app terminating my number today. Now attempts to reach the app admin within the app, using help links, results in failure returning “page not found”. I’ve since canceled my subscription and am hoping that someone reaches out to me about a refund....unable to find any other means of communicating with app admin at this point-hence the purpose of the review.
Not getting all my msgs
by Chrissy192 on 2019/05/03 14:17
Who knows how many times I thought I was being ghosted when I wasn’t all because I wasn’t getting all of my messages on this app? It seems anything longer than 100 characters just doesn’t come through. I’d send a msg and wait for a reply, and wait, and wait, and never know that the person did reply, I just didn’t get it. I only found out because the last time this happened, I asked the person why he didn’t reply. Well it turns out he DID! And he sent a book! It was a beautiful, sensitive, poignant reply that I’d have never known about if I hadn’t asked. I agonized for hours waiting for his reply when in fact he had replied.
Not working properly?? Maybe??
by BigTexasAJ on 2018/05/07 21:39
I want to love this app but it is not allowing me to use it for what I need it for. Whenever the Burner # is called, I have to answer the phone & press a digit to allow someone access to my residence. However, it hangs up on MY phone & the Burner app tells me I have a voicemail as if I never answered the call. I’ve listened to the voicemail and I hear my guests, sitting there stranded because it didn’t work. Am I doing something wrong or is something like this not allowed?? If so, I will have to find a similar app but that will allow me to do this function. Especially since I am paying for this number monthly. Any suggestions are appreciated!!
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