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favor: Local delivery Service
favor is the easiest way to get anything you want in your city delivered to your door in under an hour. New users: See why favor is Texas’ favorite delivery app—download today and get FREE DELIVERIES your first 2 weeks! favor delivers what you want, when you want it. Want to order Chinese food? Need to order beer or wine? Our personal assistants (we call them Runners) are ready to help with quick delivery from any of your favorite restaurants and stores. Stay safe and healthy with Doorstep Deliveries, a 100% contact-free delivery experience. Your order will be dropped off at your door, and you can still contact your Runner by text. favor is also supporting local businesses throughout Texas with Local Favorites. Now, you can get free and discounted deliveries from hundreds of local restaurants you love. Whether it’s lunch at the office, dinner at home, or those quick trips you just don’t have time for—we can deliver it in just a couple taps. See why favor is Texas’ favorite delivery app for local flavor. Download it today! favor FEATURES: ANYTHING DELIVERED - Shop for anything from bales of hay (true to our Texas roots) and phone chargers to tacos and coffee - Get contact-free deliveries dropped off safely at your doorstep - Browse menus from thousands of local restaurants and stores near you - Don’t see the store you want? Create a custom favor—just let your Runner know where to go and what to get GROCERY delivery -Get groceries and essentials delivered in under 2 hours with Express delivery from H-E-B, Central Market, and Joe V’s -Order anything—including beer and wine -Enjoy one-on-one service and personal updates from your Runner, who will personally select and deliver your items -Pay and tip in the app—for a limited time, Express delivery includes a $4.98 2-hour delivery fee and $10 tip BEER & WINE delivery - Get beer and wine delivered right to your door from select merchants including H-E-B, Central Market, and Circle K TEXAS’ BEST delivery SERVICE - Part of the H-E-B family and available exclusively in Texas - favor delivers from the best local restaurants and stores in over 150 cities across the Lone Star State delivery FROM YOUR FAVORITE STORES & RESTAURANTS - Order anything & have it delivered right to you in under an hour - Support locally owned & operated businesses with Local Favorites - All your favorite local stores & restaurants are just a tap away - Order vegan food, Mexican food, Chinese food, Korean food or whatever you’re in the mood for - Get delivery from anywhere—Circle K, H-E-B, Target, or your favorite restaurant TRULY PERSONAL SERVICE - Our Runners are more than delivery drivers—they are personal assistants dedicated to saving you time - Forgot to ask for ketchup or need a roll of paper towels? Just text your Runner! 5-STAR SUPPORT - Need help? Our favor Care team is available to assist you throughout your ordering experience ONLY IN TEXAS - favor is available in cities across Texas, including Abilene, Amarillo, Arlington, austin, Baytown, Beaumont, Brownsville, Buda, Burleson, Cleburne, College Station, Corpus Christi, Corsicana, Dallas, Del Rio, Denton, Eagle Pass, El Paso, Ennis, Fort Worth, Georgetown, Houston, Huntsville, Jake Jackson, Kerrville, Killeen, Kyle, Laredo, Longview, Lubbock, Midland, New Braunfels, Odessa, Port Arthur, San Angelo, the Rio Grande Valley, San Antonio, San Marcos, Temple, Tyler, Waco, & Waxahachie DELIVERING FROM POPULAR RESTAURANTS - Order from your favorite restaurants & fast food chains, including Burger King, McDonald’s, Panera Bread, Buffalo Wild Wings, Olive Garden, Papa John’s Pizza, Applebee’s, Walmart, Whataburger Panda Express, Church’s Chicken, Five Guys, Taco Bell, Dairy Queen, California Pizza Kitchen, Chicken Express, Firehouse Subs, Hooters, Jersey Mike’s Subs, Mama Fu’s Asian House, Pei Wei, Romano’s Macaroni Grill, Urban Bricks Pizza, Velvet Taco, Zoe’s Kitchen & more Want to know more? Head over to
by glendafab on 2020/10/24 12:18
I love this!!!!! It saves me from having to waste precious time running errands is like having a personal assistant! Keep up the great work!!!
If I could give them zero stars, I would
by wily wilie on 2020/10/24 01:47
This app basically gouges you for money. There are hidden fees on top of the delivery fee and the tip. Use another app or honestly, just go pick up the food yourself. Don’t give these a*sholes your money, they’re profiting off of your fear of COVID so that they can make a profit. Big companies are making money off of fear. Remember that.
by theguywhogamesalot on 2020/10/23 23:11
They got my order wrong and when I try to talk to someone about fixing it no one there I want a refund I even text tec support and no body is responding
Horrible horrible
by rontheoriginal21 on 2020/10/23 15:31
Oh yeah did i forget too mention it’s horrible? Smh stick to the other delivery apps they’ll get your order right at least
Not so good
by harris red on 2020/10/23 13:01
I used all the food delivery apps and favor is by far the worse! The only good thing I can say it they have a very big food variety of what you can get, other then that the drivers are dude and always late they always get my orders wrong and I’ve complained to HQ so many times and most the time I don’t even get a message back, when I do they offer me credit but then scam you over by making you use that credit to pay for the order that was wrong. Doordash is the best way to go in my opinion people much better service and better priced favor is wayyyyy over priced!
The worst food delivery app
by Done with Favor. on 2020/10/23 02:44
I use different food delivery apps all the time depending on what restaurant I want to order from - and Favor is the most incompetent, and has the absolute worst customer service app there is. When they are busy, there is absolutely no way to get in contact with customer service. You can’t cancel an order, when you haven’t heard from your runner. I’m only rating on the Apple Store now because this has happened multiple times and I’ve never had an issue with any other delivery app in this way. Uber Eats, DoorDash, Postmates, Toast - all superior. You can get in contact with customer service right away, and Favor is the complete opposite. I somehow convinced myself to use their service again and now I regret it and hate myself for it. If I ordered over two hours ago and my runner is “still on the way to pickup the order,” you shouldn’t be running an app like this. I don’t even blame it on the runner - Favor is responsible for not taking responsibility. And from the reviews of workers for Favor that I’ve read online, it looks like you don’t treat your workers well at all either. Pitiful.
Stick to the better delivery apps like DoorDash
by estradadon on 2020/10/23 00:13
I keep trying to give Favor a chance since I live where they’re based, but every single time I am left disappointed. This is the only delivery app that constantly and almost always has drivers times upwards to 2 hours. Stay away and save yourself the frustration.
They charge 45% markup, not 16%
by Gaidheal76 on 2020/10/22 23:29
I had a purchase of 25.96. Favor app marked it up to almost $38, then added delivery fee then tip. They claim the base price markup is 16%. $38 is not a 16% markup over $25.96. It is nearly a 45% markup. And there is non existent customer support to fix it.
This is crap
by crapoolah on 2020/10/22 01:34
There is no customer service. It’s a bot. Every time no matter the issue. Best of luck.
Multiple orders missing, customers services ignored.
by MarcX87 on 2020/10/21 17:33
Just use other apps. I’ve tried to use this app several times and every time the runners are the worst. They forget orders completely, they leave without giving you your order and it’s a complete S**** show. To top everything off. Customer support is as garbage. You won’t get much from them. Just a “I’m sorry” canned text with a promise of your money back in a few weeks. Leadership needs to make drastic changes.
Food is so delicious
by ethanyynahte on 2020/10/21 17:12
by jahdaaaaa on 2020/10/20 16:53
Fav kept canceling my order this app is a scam it took my money DO DOORDASH NOT FAVOR
Love the fast delivery
by lexi$!!😂 on 2020/10/19 02:53
Great fast service love how fast the deliveries are!
Great App, Flawed Feedback
by Luke Lambert on 2020/10/19 00:31
I actually love this app. The user interface is nice, delivery prices are low, and the flexibility of the freeform text input is a welcome change from other, more rigid menu-based apps. (Want to order double mashed potatoes as your sides on a competing app? Good luck.) I have to rate it one star because the app employs the dark pattern of first asking the user if they’re enjoying the app before soliciting a rating. Saying “yes” asks for a star rating, while saying “no” presumably asks for (private) feedback. This is a shady technique used to artificially inflate App Store ratings. I hate to rate the app so low, but it’s a hill I’m willing to die on.
no longer better than the competition
by womp.womp.1 on 2020/10/18 23:25
Favor used to stand out and i sung it's praises - the app was easier to use, the drivers messaged you directly with questions about your order, and customer support cared when something went wrong. Now, if there is even the slightest issue you will still get billed, must deal with a minimally responsive "email support" team, and if you are lucky you might get a fraction of what you spent back in "promo credit" to cover losses that were not your fault... 10/10 when you order goes right, 1/10 when anything goes wrong, which is far more frequent these days. Get your act back together Favor, you're better than this.
Roach in my drink!!!
by dkakelbrjrbala on 2020/10/18 18:39
Don’t get this app service is very bad I found a roach in my freakin drink after I drank it almost half way!!!
by yuudbbjdijbdbwgdjfnd on 2020/10/18 13:10
Do not get fooled by this app. The app is a scam engaging in false and misleading advertising. They have hidden and undisclosed fees that you are being charged without even knowing it unless you’ve read their user’s agreement. They advertise discounted delivery fees of $1 or $3 or “FREE DELIVERY” only to hit you with an undisclosed “service fee” on the back end without disclosing it to you. They hide it by adding it to the total of your food order - which WILL NOT match the total charged by the restaurant. For example, I ordered a pizza and 12 wings from a restaurant 2.6 miles from my house. It was advertised as a $1 delivery fee. The order took an hour to receive and arrived cold and soggy. I had attempted to cancel the order after 45 minutes when I called the restaurant and they told me the food had been sitting there for 20 minutes, but the driver told me she had already paid for the items. When I attempted to check out I noticed that Favor was charging me $14 for the delivery that was advertised as $1. $9 of this was their suggested tip for a 2.6 mile delivery that took an hour to receive. When I inquired why the delivery fee was $5 not $1 Favor told me there was an undisclosed “service fee” that was buried in their user agreement. When I told them their advertising was misleading they offered not pay the driver any tip, but refused to do anything about the egregious “service fee”. (Typical big corporation all too willing to stick it to their “employees” - and I use quotes because these aren’t real employees they are “contract workers” so Favor doesn’t have to pay them for fuel, auto depreciation, health insurance etc.) What Favor should have done was apologize for my food arriving late, cold and soggy and refunded, at a minimum, the egregious hidden service fee. They did not. They basically told me to go F myself and charged my card after I told them not to. This app is a complete scam! Do not be fooled by their fake promotional delivery fees - you’re never being charged the advertised amount - they’re hiding a fee up to 400% of the advertised delivery fee by adding it to the cost of your food. Just call the restaurant to confirm this.
Don’t download
by HouseHouse123 on 2020/10/18 01:50
They do NOT vet the drivers. I have had my food stole TWICE now at this point they maybe “cheaper” but with Postmates you know they have a tracker
Use Postmates or GrubHub
by Jezbes on 2020/10/17 19:44
Favor misses something every time. We have had to do a lot of take out lately due to my schedule. Sometimes 2 times a day. If we had to Favor would of course miss something 2 times a day. That means someone wasn’t eating. Their response was a credit that would show up a few days later or a delivery credit and then it would happen again and again and again. They don’t do anything to try and fix the problem. Take your business somewhere mistakes rarely happen and when when they do they are made up for. Don’t waste your money with Favor.
Horrible customer service do not use
by moneetsingh on 2020/10/17 06:05
Favor’s app, process and customer service are the worst in the industry. You can not contact them in the app only via email. We had to call the restaurant after a botched order. The restaurant refunded the entire order but that goes TO favor’s card. They only offered a partial refund thereby pocketing the refund from the restaurant. Do NOT use this service.
Its amazing
by Candace031397 on 2020/10/16 02:00
Lii oh ve this app it’s so nice to have Will Customer
Daily Notification Spam
by brubch on 2020/10/15 16:36
If you value your notifications this is not the app for you. Every day they use some gimmick to send you a spam notification to try and get you to open the app.
by scorpioQueenvoodoo on 2020/10/14 22:53
Favor has been amazon since I downloaded favor always on time great customer service and meals are always fresh.
Good app; can’t disable promotional notifications
by RMB204 on 2020/10/14 16:24
I’ve never had a problem with the app, but strongly object to the lack of ability to disable promotional notifications. As an aggressive manager of the notifications that I allow my phone, my personal policy for delivery apps is that I only want the transactional order-related notifications. I know the Favor support team would suggest I turn off notifications for Favor, but I view that as counter productive because it also disables the transaction message I do want. Without that option, I felt compelled to simply delete the app. I hope the Favor team reads this and let’s me know what they think.
Using this app less and less
by coyoteranch34 on 2020/10/14 04:45
This app is continually cancelling my orders - one because they claim wing stop doesn’t allow pick up orders, yet wing stop is one of the merchants. Let’s make it make sense, favor
Don’t trust them
by DiamondsXOXOXOXIXOXS on 2020/10/13 20:00
Don’t trust favor
Fraudulent transactions
by frugal Samantha on 2020/10/13 19:45
Please becarful using this app. In August I purchased food from Taco Cananna through Favor and the meal was never received, I e-mailed customer service with no responce. As of yesterday 10/12/20 eight transactions were posted to my account from this app without my authorization. I immediately removed my credit card info, I suggest you all do the same.
by Lozand1 on 2020/10/13 01:35
Every order that I have placed has had more than one driver assigned to it. Somehow the order is “assigned” to Person A, then nothing happens for 15-20 mins then it’s assigned to person B -and again time will pass with no movement and it will get assigned to a different driver. They need to figure out a way for drivers to decline orders by a set time frame. Usually any order takes 2 hours because of this passing around of my orders to one driver to another. When I have reached out to favor to complain their customer support is good but i would rather have reliable and quick drivers.
by jcs112233112233 on 2020/10/13 00:40
Stay away from this app and do not support this company. On top of misleading statements about delivery credits (you can only use a certain amount for each delivery, you can't actually pay off a delivery with them and they don't tell you that until after you've placed the order), there is also NO transparency with the receipts (runners take a picture but customers can't see it). Most of all, FAVOR BANS DRIVERS FOR TIPPING RESTAURANTS DURING A PANDEMIC. STAY AWAY.
Don’t use this app
by the review uncle on 2020/10/12 21:00
First time ordering and my total was $6.14, few minutes later I check my bank app and favor charged me the $6.14 plus $26 twice!! My receipt didn’t say anything about charging $26 twice nor on the app. Terrible app.
Stoled my food
by George_Skater16 on 2020/10/12 17:22
Terrible this person is soooo trash he stoled my food he came to my place and left took my food
Used to love this app
by elizahyde33 on 2020/10/12 16:53
I used to love favor so much. It was affordable and reliable. But now my food is always super late. They go through like 8 runners before I actually get one that completes the order. And last time my fries were half eaten and my food was cold. Cold French fries are horrible.
Awesome !!!
by Alex Turcios on 2020/10/12 01:36
fast and reliable service
Great service...
by rose Ferg on 2020/10/11 23:27
Drivers are great food orders are correct
Thank you
by Troy Power on 2020/10/11 22:44
Good service
People steal your food
by lauraasdbfh on 2020/10/11 19:25
I ordered a subway sandwich and the person who was getting my food wrote me what kind of drink I wanted instead of the drink I ordered and so I gave them another option to get. And then after that they never responded to any messages or call and I ended up never getting the food I paid for. I think there should be an option to get a refund.
The worst
by tbis servicw ia crap on 2020/10/11 03:34
I always get the wrong order, cold, missing items, late, about 30 min to an hour later than the time given. This is the worst delivery service ever. Don’t get it.
Worst Delivery Experience of my Life
by Use ruff on 2020/10/10 23:28
Horrible driver, very incompetent. Took forever to get ahold of the person. Once I did he went to the wrong address multiple times even when he repeated the right address still went to the wrong place therefore makes no sense to me how it happened. When I reached out to customer service they were essentially useless. They did not do anything to help. They did not reach out to the driver. They did not do anything to help the situation. I never experienced a worse delivery experience in my life. I can sincerely say I will never use this app again, I would highly recommend everyone else to avoid it as well to escape the headache.
by shyanne silva on 2020/10/10 21:45
It took favor over an hour to get my food, i had at least 6 runners before someone finally got my food and favor says their service gets you your food in less than 30 mins but that’s not true since I waiting for an HOUR AND A HALF for mine. I tried ordering food a different time, waited 30 mins and it got canceled.
No way of ordering
by Elliott78!! on 2020/10/10 20:51
You guys need to redesign your reset password flow. I haven’t been able to use this app in years despite occasionally coming back thinking maybe there has been some user experience advancements. I can’t creat a new account because it says my phone number is in use. If I try to reset my password it says my email isn’t registered. Please fix this.
Want to get the wrong order?
by dylan199218 on 2020/10/10 00:02
I wish I could say better but this case is that you will place an order and then a driver will bring you whatever he feels like ordering you will at best get a 6$ credit or refund and then get in your car to go and get food. Tonight I’m loading my wife up and kids to get dinner after waiting for the wrong food to be delivered and not even enough of the wrong food to feed my family. Don’t waste your time with this trash app.
Favor is an excellent service
by L'Aire du Temps on 2020/10/09 23:11
I used Favor for the first time 2 weeks ago. Each time I placed an order, 4 times, Favor has completed my order exactly as I ordered in record time!!! I highly recommend Favor.
Never Again
by edwardskenny210 on 2020/10/09 22:05
I won’t be using this app ever again since UberEats/DoorDash app and promos are much easier to use and understand. Ever time I get a promo for favor it’s been very difficult to use or not very useful. The app is always crashing when I use it and difficult to navigate vs the other ordering apps.
by aminsamimi on 2020/10/09 18:02
Very fast drivers
Ghost notifications
by jufa28 on 2020/10/09 17:13
I like the app, but what I dislike about the app are the notifications that pop up briefly on my phone never to be seen again. I’ve tried finding the messages/notifications in the app to try to figure out what flavor is trying to tell me, but I can never find them, and I’ve searched the app thoroughly to try to find these hidden messages/notifications. I really wish they would fix that because it’s super annoying.
They hire any idiot
by aobaade on 2020/10/09 03:48
It’s like every runner is either a non-English speaker or a complete moron. I’ve never been able to just place an order and not worry about it, as they they will reliably mess your order up almost every time. Today I ordered a “regular (non-diet) 10-pack Canada Dry Ginger Ale Mini” and my idiot runner brought me a “diet 12 pack of normal-sized ginger ales”. They needed to hire better people.
I’ve loved the app but it’s ridiculous now
by ellieknight67 on 2020/10/09 00:57
I’ve had orders be wrong, ive had my runenrs forget my food at the store then never come back with it, I’ve been 2-3 hours without pending order get picked up and im just done wotth this app. I want to love it but ive had my last straw with the overcharging for things i didnt initially order and the last few orders ive had were either half inedible and destroyed and a third of it wasnt even what i ordered and today just now i got mushroom pasta when i ordered shellfish/ seafood. Ive had enough and will no longer return as a customer to this app.
The meal was 9$ and they took out 20$ from my account!
by Princess of red on 2020/10/08 17:13
Favor used to be great I dont know what happen, I had a 13$ credit which I thought was going to pay for my whole meal which was 9$. I come to find out after I had to pay for the whole meal, that the credit is only used for the delivery fee only and not the meal. But here is the sticky part, they then ended up charging me 20$ to make sure “I had the funds in my my account”. My account was negative 12$ for a meal that was supposed to be 9$ ( which in reality was supposed to be free because I had a 13$ credit on my account). I do not recommend these people at all, they are very sticky and wait until after you get your food to charge you even more than the total. I recommend doordash or postmates
by get it 2gthr Favor on 2020/10/07 02:20
I placed my order at 7:00pm and at 9:00 it tells me my order has been canceled!! 2 hours!! Really!! After a 14 hour shift thats the last thing i needed!!! Never again!! So much for helping essential workers...
Poor customer support
by SkylordMcfly on 2020/10/06 17:57
It handles orders through its system to restaurants poorly. It won’t place the order until a “runner” takes it which most runners will just cancel your run since they have to wait on it, rather than just picking it up and delivering it to you.
Awful everything
by nm100000000 on 2020/10/06 00:08
Worst food delivery app by far. Often takes 2-3x as long to get food as ubereats or other apps. Way too expensive, and often the order is wrong. Then when you go to support to get that resolved and money back they refuse to help.
Not Once Has My Order Been Correct
by Valorieleigh on 2020/10/05 23:34
My order has never been correct. I have also never received a refund. It’s always a “credit” which means I have to use them again. I hate this delivery service and would never recommend.
$13.50 for a 2 dollar order!
by Hulk Skywalker on 2020/10/05 14:20
I ordered a pack of Reese’s cups from the CVS one mile from my house that cost $2 in the store. 6 dollar delivery fee! The worst part about this though and what made me uninstall the app is that the app “tipped” the driver $5 of my money without confirming with me whatsoever. I understand the need for delivery fees to make the business viable, but a 600% markup on a package of candy is highway robbery!! Will not be using again 😡
Quick and convenient
by Julziessc on 2020/10/04 18:18
Delivery has always been speedy and every driver I’ve had has had great customer service!
by lfjrt on 2020/10/04 17:15
Works great. Providers everything I need. Workers are very friendly.
Poor delivery service
by IndigosAngry on 2020/10/03 23:48
Flaky drivers, delivery incompetence and next to impossible to get ahold of Favor the company to have an issue fixed. I’ve used it in several cities and have had problems in all of them. Don’t bet your money on getting anything done correctly with Favor.
Bad service
by HaloSpartan6969 on 2020/10/03 15:43
Had 3 cancellations and customer service wouldn’t get back with me. Drivers do not contact you and I’ve always had orders with wrong or missing items. Last time I got something I didn’t order. Stick with doordash or uber eats
Bad Customer Service
by angiehasthesparkle on 2020/10/02 17:48
I put in a Custom order for a place that’s 2.8 miles away. Favor customer service canceled it because it was out of service area. They we’re getting this place mixed up with another location that’s 5 plus miles away. Had they actually viewed the details of my order they would have seen it was fairly close. I can’t go get it because I’m working from home and I’m monitored. I had been waiting 1 hour before they canceled two of my orders for the same place. I reordered and now I’m waiting 30 minutes. I’m only frustrated because I tip well and i have been a customer with favor for over two years. And I’m still waiting 40 minutes for customer service....
doesn’t deliever
by literallysopissed on 2020/10/02 16:10
There has literally been so many times where one of my orders doesn’t deliver yet I still have to pay, or situations where my food never actually gets delivered. Their support line is a joke and takes forever to respond
Too much money
by AshNicole00 on 2020/10/02 15:14
Worst food delivering app. They don’t tell you the price until after you purchase and it’s extremely overpriced. They should lower the costs or this app should be removed unless you don’t mind spending $30 on a $9.50 meal.
New update to menu is horrid
by Ccooluke on 2020/10/02 15:07
I get not letting us write our own menu items anymore. But not letting us add any notes is stupid. What if I need/want a option not on your list of choices? I’m trying (right now) to order a combo but there is NO option to upgrade to a large drink. I stopped using Uber eats over this. Y’all are about to make be abandon you guys as well
Wish it was open longer
by wthusernametaken on 2020/10/02 01:59
Other than that, great
What’s for dinner?
by sealborne on 2020/10/01 00:33
Whatever you want!
App issues
by 67tango on 2020/09/30 22:39
No meal deals or current promotional items available and no way to use coupons
by yooper_1 on 2020/09/30 22:32
This app is incredible
Boundaries make no sense
by djnelson27 on 2020/09/30 21:12
The boundaries developed by favor make zero sense. There are restaurants that allow favor a mile and a half from my house yet they are not in my area. Instead I have to order from literally the next town down the highway (15+ miles away). I would not recommend this app. Whoever is in charge of the “areas” was clearly sucking someone’s appendage to get hired for that job.
Pretty cool but needs updates
by 111111Kat on 2020/09/30 14:30
I wish it was automatic that the itemized receipt was given or added in app. Like if the runner took a pic of it. So far I need a receipt but it was too late to get and customer service sent me a stupid email saying the receipt was in the app. Not the itemized version I needed. Now I ask the runner to please place in the bag.
Favorite delivery app!
by ReginaPhalange69 on 2020/09/29 23:35
I love favor because they have the most options, keep you updated, and have never had a problem with them!
Great service
by grooming queen on 2020/09/29 23:35
Favor always has great customer service, it’s fast and shoppers are always friendly!
BEWARE - Higher prices & longer times
by Faultofearth on 2020/09/27 19:25
Although I try to support local apps, this is absolutely too hot of a mess to continue to use. Average times are an HOUR or more, and there is no way to cancel, get support quickly or even quickly get in touch with runners. Prices are higher than competitive apps, and there is no tracking. You can’t tell if your order is 10 minutes away or 2 hours. The only support you can get is texting. The only way to cancel an order is to text the runner, who may or may not respond.
Such a low app
by Val02312 on 2020/09/27 18:21
So basically they charge you a 9% fee of the total to “keep Favor operating” but They also charge you a delivery fee? Plus you also have to tip (which is the only thing I’m not concerned about) but 9% fee plus a $6 delivery fee, on top of a small order fee? My total came out to $37 when I only ordered a $12 item! LOL stick with postmates and Ubereats. Favor will take your money however they can!
Very good
by randalc333 on 2020/09/27 13:28
It’s a great app
Slow delivers, sub par customer service
by if im writing a review its BAD on 2020/09/27 00:48
I’ve ordered food just to have it arrive hours after I’ve ordered it. I’ve had multiple drivers cancel my order and then I just get a little delivery credit I can just use once? The service on this app is terrible, I want to support local businesses but YALL are making it SUPER hard. TERRIBLE service from Drivers and Customer Service. Go with another delivery app, literally any other app.
Only use as last resort.
by toastlyfe on 2020/09/27 00:04
I only use Favor if there’s something I really want that Uber Eats doesn’t deliver. Drivers can add something for themselves to your order too easily - if you’re not checking the receipts carefully, you may never notice. If a driver doesn’t feel like running your order if it’s too far for their liking, they will pass on it. You’ll get stuck in a loop waiting for someone to run your order and it’ll end up being faster to just go pick it up yourself.
best food delivery app
by jilianag on 2020/09/26 19:36
i use favor as my only food delivery app. it’s simple and easy to use, the runners are always so kind and go above and beyond, plus i was rewarded two weeks of free delivery from anywhere out of nowhere. i love favor!
Lack of communication, takes forever
by savgeezy on 2020/09/25 00:40
The app told me my order was received and I’d be notified when my runner picked it up. From my perspective this means someone was getting my order. I waited an HOUR till I contacted support which took forever to answer just to find out i wasted an entire hour because no runner had actually received my order. I deleted the app.
Love it!
by BB in Dallas on 2020/09/24 22:25
A friend who owns a restaurant told me about this app. It’s much more favorable to the restaurant than GrubHub, UberEats and others we used. AND THE FOOD COSTS LESS! We use it all the time with no problems. We are in Dallas, maybe other places have driver issues. Give a big tip and stay safe!
It’s a great service but lacks attention to detail.
by Mr Matt 512 ATX on 2020/09/24 21:58
It’s a great service but there is a serious lack of attention to detail. I’ve been ordering routinely for a few months and 90% of my orders are screwed up. No matter what you put in the notes, you’re at the mercy of the person making your order and I’ve learned that rarely do they pay attention to the notes. It’s still beats having to go out yourself when that isn’t an option.
Terrible drivers
by njjimmkko on 2020/09/24 04:54
They take to long and it takes like 30 minutes for one to even exept.
Long Delivery Times
by Burtdrank on 2020/09/23 23:51
If you want to wait for hours and hours and never get your food delivered then use this app
Over one hour wait for delivery
by weezieone on 2020/09/22 23:43
We are deleting our app. After being told our wait would be at a certain time we received delivery over an hour later with no excuse. Our food has been inedible.
Amazing! No obvious up charge!
by naomidonadio on 2020/09/22 23:41
So much more affordable than Uber eats. Tips go straight to deliverer and canceling is much easier than Uber. More restaurants and just no outrageous up charge... it’s amazing!!
Needs an ETA
by kmbh23 on 2020/09/22 23:27
I like the options and the app is easier to use than others...but there needs to be some type of ETA for drivers. This app takes longer for the customer to get their order than other apps, which stinks because I think Favor has a better layout for customer use.
by shorty Jimenez on 2020/09/22 22:13
Your driver are very courteous and inform me when something isn’t available. Thank you so much.
Wait times are brutal
by chillypep34 on 2020/09/22 13:11
The UI is nice and friendly to work with. The problem I have is the delivery window times constantly get pushed out. You have to place and order and pray. Unlike DoorDash, who allows you to track your order and your driver. No excuse to not be able to do that in a delivery app in 2020.
The worst
by Designs by Davenport on 2020/09/21 17:32
Wow. This company is the worst. I have been trying to be patient and use them for lunch delivery. Usually 3-4 times a week. At least 1 day a week they don’t get my food to me. But they charge me right away. Then when I contact them, you can only contact through email, they just say sorry and refund my credit card. But that always takes 5-7 business days. Nobody ever calls me. They never apologize and get my order to me. They just tell me to order again. But then I get charged again and just hope I get my food that time. So usually takes 2-3 hours to get my lunch that day. Don’t use them.
by leftovermike on 2020/09/20 18:12
Orders are either late, incorrect or they tell you they can’t find a runner to deliver your items over an hour after you place your order. I’ve deleted the app and won’t ever be using their service again.
Runner changes over 4x an order
by Jilmah on 2020/09/20 17:45
I wish favor would do more to incentivize runners to stick with orders. It is annoying to get connected to 4+ runners for one order.
Stay away!!!!!
by Armandob41 on 2020/09/20 17:41
When I first started to use this app years ago they were great and timely. The past few years they have really gone down in customer service and actually getting your food to you in under 2 1/2 to 3 hrs. The past 4 times I have tried to use them it has taken 2 hrs just to get a runner for my food. When contacting customer service it takes them anywhere from an hr+ to response. I gave them one last try as they have given me a credit stating “they missed me” but even with the constant credits given, they are not worth waiting hours for just to get frustrated and receive cold free food. If I could give less than a star I would.
Never received order
by ldlsnfbbrusk on 2020/09/20 04:25
I placed a order and it said it was delivered I never received anything and the most frustrating part is I’m trying to contact customer service and it just keeps looping back to contact the driver and the drivers number isn’t working. I will never again use this app. 0 stars they don’t even deserve a one star.
by Bakahanalxyhsnshaja on 2020/09/20 04:09
I love favor!! All the men are so hot
by svumichelle on 2020/09/20 00:56
Don't use these people! I can't even download the app and make an order! It and my account immediately get cancelled. They need to be sued they are phony. Too many other apps out there that actually work!
No communication.
by Jordan's nickname on 2020/09/20 00:37
Every time I use this app there’s some problem. My runner refusing to answer messages is the final straw. You can’t cancel orders without talking to runners, so if they ignore you you’re just in this limbo.
Menu confusion
by Mackjones on 2020/09/19 17:22
Love the app. Gave it 4 instead of 5 because I wish the app provided the total menu of each restaurant rather than a select featured few. Or maybe provide the link for each place’s menu online so that I wouldn’t have to look it up myself as often. :)
Love it
by Ptmhall on 2020/09/18 23:48
I love this app! Great service
Best Customer Service
by Sodoku rocks on 2020/09/18 18:48
They have the best customer service I have worked with. They are fair and quick to handle a situation.
Avoid Favor
by CurtNArizona on 2020/09/18 05:57
The second worst delivery service with zero accountability! Your order will be delivered last, cold, and missing items. They are fired 2/2 messed-up and incorrect. If you want people fingering your food, use Favor!
just.. NO
by Lane Deaver on 2020/09/17 05:47
Favor takes forever absolutely forever. That’s why they get a 1 star from me. they take way too long to deliver. Honestly, i would expect so much more from Favor and i get so much LESS from favor. like they truly DO NOT CARE. the representatives respond late and everything, just please get what you need before you need to refer to Favor. it’s not worth the delivery fee. just don’t use Favor.
Fed up
by Buckleyc on 2020/09/16 17:55
I have given them numerous chances and today their $60 mistake is enough I ordered a slice of cake the rude disrespectful driver showed up to my job with a entire cake they don’t care about customer service or trying to make sure customers are satisfied I do not recommend this service at least with Uber they try to make things right I will not use them do not recommend them we are done I will express to the students and staff not to use them as well
Wish there was zero stars
by Mkmellon2012 on 2018/04/08 01:42
I use this app frequently during the week when I’m in Austin and never had issues with it. I live in College Station on the weekends and the few times I have used the App it’s not great but has steadily declined. Tonight was the final straw. Ordered food for a bunch of people and had an estimated wait time of 45 minutes to 1 hour. Over the hour waiting for the food, the time steadily increased in 15 minute increments all the way to 2 hours. I got worried as I had many people waiting so I called the restaurant to check as the Favor runner wasn’t responding and the restaurant didn’t even have the order. Hadn’t even been placed yet. Meanwhile they just kept extending the predicted time to over two and a half orders after I ordered. At that point by the time I canceled the last order and placed a new one I wasn’t going to get food until after 10:15 at night and had to pay 2.5 times the delivery rate. What a scam. The best part was the runner texted me when I first placed my order and when I texted back to inquire they were not aware of my order at all.
Disgruntled and hungry
by Chella007 on 2018/12/02 02:45
If this review were only for the app and its use, I’d give it a higher rating. The problem is the drivers who use the app to place your order have to be competent, sharp and customer service driven. If the driver orders in haste or doesn’t read the order correctly you won’t get what you ordered and it will be a disappointing experience. Or if they don’t care enough to make sure bag of food does flip over you get a box of mush. This has been my history with using Favor over other food delivery apps. My history of receiving incorrect orders, or food delivered that looks like it went through a tumble dryer has happen more often than it should. The drivers every time answer my text and tell me “just call customer service, they’ll refund your money.” Which they do and the driver still gets the tip. So I’d say 30% of my orders placed on Favor have ended with me getting my money back, not getting to eat and more hassle than it was worth. There is no convenience when you expect to have dinner for your family delivered and they leave off your kid’s meal or order you something you can’t eat or you end up having to jump in your car and driving to pick up take-out and eat two hours later than you expected. Favor needs to incentivize drivers to do better or find a way to quality check the drivers and deliveries.
by JPDIEHL on 2019/09/12 04:21
I’ll be honest and say I was swayed by the savvy commercials Favor has been running as of that. I’ll also admit the only reason I have used this service is because of the 21+ beverage deliveries which is crazy that Uber and others haven’t invested more in. That being said, the whole process and service is god awful. Each order I placed, I waited for at least a half hour for my runner to get my stuff to have them replaced with a different runner and another half hour or more added to the time. The fact that they don’t have a map and actual car tracker like EVERY OTHER service has should raise a flag. When my deliveries finally got to me, each runner either had no clue how to operate a phone camera or they (I say this in the least possible degrading way) should not be anywhere near the customer service industry. Very sketchy people who seemed not all there in the head. From not being able to use a phone camera or other matters, the runners had to manually enter my license info to prove that I was over 21 and both times they entered the wrong info which popped up that my license was expired even though it doesn’t expire until 2026 and (shouldn’t they know how to read a license from the state they live in?) this resulted in them claiming it was expired and I couldn’t get my order. Each time I had to show them the right date and at that point I was beyond over it. I’ll never use this service again.
More often than not, a bad experience
by fhrevfsiutbb on 2019/11/14 06:22
I have been using delivery apps, first Favor, multiple times a week for years now. Favor used to be way better. About a year ago, it started getting really bad. They have a difficult time finding drivers, they don’t care if something goes wrong with your order and worst of all, they trick you into paying insanely high tips to their drivers. They first don’t even let you set the tip amount until after the food is delivered. Then, they set an automatic tip amount for you that are at least 5-6 dollars and sometimes up to 12 dollars. Then, they have the audacity to charge you automatically before you’ve had a chance to change the tip amount to a decent, normal amount. On top of that, because they never have any drivers, their already insane delivery fee (6 dollars - lol.) is sometimes more than doubled. So they expect you to pay a 15 dollar delivery fee, with a 12 dollar tip, plus random extra costs, even if it takes hours for your cold food to arrive, for food and delivery that if anything is actually wrong with it, they won’t really care and will be hard to reach anyway to get them to care. What a huge waste of my time and money. Yeah, no. I use Ubereats now. Sometimes I still use Favor but it’s not worth the risk with all the other better options out there.
I give up
by Mmmggty on 2020/06/08 03:09
I waited about 30 minutes only to realize that my order was cancelled. When I texted my “runner” why, he said because the restaurant I ordered from is “coming soon” - not even open yet. It’s not his fault but I wish the website would have specified that. I tried it one more time to give them the benefit of the Doubt and they ran my card twice. In the end, I never got my food I ordered because I had to cancel my transaction for the double charge and only prolonged my hunger for 2 hours when I could have just gone to grab food myself in 20 minutes. But because of the rain and weather I thought it would have been more convenient to order through this app. I learned my lesson never again Edit: I tried again today and it was the worst. I waited TWO HOURS for my order to get to me. And I have screenshots. Favor made me tip $10, when this person did not deserve it. When I texted the runner (which I also have screenshots of), she never apologized or said I’m sorry for the inconvenience. I can hear her attitude through the text. She only said “I was with another order, and am 3 minutes away.” - so in other words she’s telling me to chill out. No apology, no Im sorry. No anything. If she was on another order then FAVOR should have let me know and or given my order to someone else. Do yourselves a “FAVOR” and avoid this app. Uchenna N. was not a god runner.
by Horatiosanz on 2020/01/04 18:17
It’s amazing to me how little customer service actually cares about an issue. I used this app once and won’t be using it again. I ordered food and had items missing. When I attempted to contact someone, I was referred to a number to text. I texted the number and waited, but never heard anything. I got into my car and drove to the restaurant to reorder the item myself, which completely defeats the purpose of using the app at all. Four days later, I got a response.....FOUR days later. I was told that a $3 credit was put on my account (a credit which had an expiration date, btw). Pretty insulting, considering I had to drive to the restaurant myself to get the missing items and it took days for them to respond to me. I informed this representative that if that was their idea of making this right, then they can keep their $3 because I won’t be using the app again. In the face of losing a new customer, this persons response was to assure me that my “feedback had been passed along to the right team and if there was something else they could help me with”. I then responded saying they could delete my account. To which I was given an email to request deletion. It’s amazing to me that instead of making this right, they were more than willing to lose a potential customer. I see similar complaints with 5 star reviews which seems very odd to me.
I Won’t Be Using Again
by Mail Ava on 2018/02/09 02:52
Everyone I work with uses this app and about 50% of the time they’re neutral about their service. Two of my co-workers constantly have problems with the customer service, but they continue to use the app. One girl even had her order canceled with no explanation as to why. I am not so nice. I decided to try the app out since I work in a very busy and fast paced office (I have no time to get out for food on the days I don’t bring lunch). My first (and only), delivery was prepared correctly, I had all of my items and my driver paid attention to my special requests. She was amazing, friendly and super sweet when she delivered my food. From some of the reviews I have seen regarding delivery, I must have hit the jackpot. However, they don’t tell you your total up front, nor do they warn you about tips and fees and all the extra charges they tack on. I about choked when it came time to pay my bill. My $5 lunch turned into a $30 meal very quickly. I knew there would be a delivery fee, but never expected this! I took it as a lesson learned and uninstalled the app immediately afterwards. I will not be using Favor again. To the developer, my suggestion is don’t be coy with your fees and charges. Give people a chance to decide if it’s worth it beforehand. I guarantee you will do better business with people. It comes across and cheap, sly and deceitful.
by Clayton1115 on 2020/05/30 09:10
This is the comment that was removed from the support site: “I said what needed to be said in my comment to the support person, Stacy. Stacy was absolutely fine. The service and the price is inexcusable considering your competitors can do what you do at a fraction of the cost. Not to mention they manage to deliver within a reasonable time frame. I can’t imagine this company will be viable in the next few years unless serious changes are made from an operational/leadership perspective. I say this as an advocate for Texas business. Do better.” This is what I original said regarding my order: “I don't expect anything to be done about this but I'll provide some quick feedback. I waited over 2 hours for my food to arrive and the receipt from the vendor states that the total cost of my items was $42. I just paid $68 for the food. Which means I paid $26 in fees and tip. That's nearly 70% of the cost of the food. I can't imagine how long this service will be able to remain viable when competitors like Door Dash and Uber Eats are able to deliver items on time for a fraction of the cost. I understand that this isn't your fault and you personally do not set these prices but please share this feedback with your leadership team. This will, without hesitation, be the last time I use the service”. Sooo many services out there better than this. No excuse
Terrible customer service!
by Scarlit47 on 2020/01/12 19:31
A few other coworkers and I decided to order from Favor Friday at work. We sent in our order and a runner was immediately assigned. After this, the process slowed down immensely. It took what felt like forever for our runner to get to the store and order and what not. When she finally did arrive we noticed there was a lot of food from somewhere else sitting in the car as if she had picked up another order along with ours. When we all started to go through the food we noticed two whom sandwiches missing. We let the runner know and she apologized and offered to pick them up. No harm no foul if she did. We sat waiting for her for a while and when we reached out to her again we were informed she was already on another order. She never told us anything about the sandwiches or that she was moving on. Despite this I still had to pay full price plus tip for the order. I sent and email and text to favor and was told someone would be in touch shortly. It’s been two days and favor is still sending me alerts to order from them but has neglected to get in contact about the order I paid for. What’s most upsetting is the sandwiches that were forgotten were for one person who didn’t get to have lunch that day. Probably never using favor again after all of this.
Can’t give zero stars
by mimivixen on 2018/08/31 22:52
Ordered from favor cause I was working a 12 hr shift and my husband had my car so I couldn’t go get lunch. My food total was $15 I tip 20% unless the service is bad. The one time I order from favor my order was delivered wrong it took forty five minutes for the delivery(place is walking distance two minutes from my job but being in the heat of Houston I decided to be lazy my mistake.)then when it got drop off I was in the back of the store. They didn’t say anything they just left my order on the counter. Later it was time to leave a tip and it was automatically at 6 bucks. Not for this service I tipped 2$ because it won’t go lower then it added a “processing fee” turning it up to 3$ making my total order 18$ dollars I had no choice so I paid it. I check my account later cause I got an alert for a 25$ charge from favor. I ordered from that restaurant cause it didn’t have a delivery fee. So why the 7 dollar charge$ I called the restaurant and they said there’s no delivery charge because there so close and I asked what bout on favor and grub hub. Response was no delivery fee because of the distance. Grub hub didn’t charge a processing or delivery fee for the same restaurant and I was able to tip what the service deserved. I’m done with Favor and refuse to recommend it to anyone even if they paid me.
Worst Delivery service in Houston
by Prisci.lliana on 2020/08/27 13:21
The amount of times I have spent over $100 on an order for my family and & have it end up being missing. It’s been more than once. More than twice. More than three times that our food doesn’t get delivered. It’s not only annoying, but just unprofessional for this company to be acting like this. In once me instance, my runner texted me and said my food had been left at the door. I go and check immediately and there’s nothing there. We contact her to tell her there’s nothing outside our door, & she said she would come and fix her mistake. She then blocks my number and I can no longer contact her. And my food was never delivered to us. Also, because of the pandemic & having family members that are high risk, I would ask for the food to be left at the door. & then there are runners that choose to sit in their cars and make you go to them because they just don’t feel like doing their job I guess but they expect us to tip them well. Sometimes I order food for my mother so that she doesn’t have to cook after her long day at work. I shouldn’t have to ask my mother to get up and go get her food outside because the favor employee is too lazy to do his job. Clownery. Favor, your company and employees are embarrassing at this point and your service is infuriating.
The best food app ever
by dirtygrungedad on 2020/08/31 16:17
I love this app so much!! It’s my favorite to go to app when ordering food. I tried Uber eats and door dash but one is really expensive and the other just the drivers mess up your order or give it away to someone else and when you confront them about it they straight up lie! ANYWAYS that is NOT the case with favor & the drivers! The app is so easy to use and great and the drivers for the most part are good on delivery speed and have NEVER messed up my order or gave it to someone else and I love that! I also love the fact that the app gives you rewards to unlock after so many purchases!! it’s pretty cool. Overall this app is truly the best food / drink / snack app ever!! it’s not just restaurants it also delivers from gas stations and even black owned restaurants which is so great especially with everything that’s going on in the world we need to help and support the black community as much as possible.
Want your money stolen? Add this app
by Ffgghhhjjkk on 2019/05/23 07:07
I’ve been using this new way to get food “right to your door” for some time. This week I used them like I always do. But surprisingly my order never came in. I had to go to work so after waiting for over 1 hr for the food to arrive I left for work. Not once was contacted by the driver or anyone from Favor to notify if order was canceled, in route, or driver was busy. Again order was NEVER received. After emailing support Tyler was kind enough to “provide you with a courtesy credit into your account that will expire in 60 days, since the order that you placed was received”. What? I can only imagine why would I go thru the trouble of even writing to them in the first place. After that I email I replied that he could keep the “courtesy credit” I will learn my lesson and never use this or any platform in the future. I find it interesting that he stated that order was definitely deliver since after waiting for 1:15 minutes I left for work and did not came home until 2am. In the past the drivers have left the food in the floor and I would pick them up at my return. Not this time so I’m not sure what’s their deal. Anyways if you are tempted save yourself the trouble and don’t. This is the first time I’ve been robbed and then called lier right to my face.
I’d rather Waitr
by Smarileur on 2020/02/02 18:26
I’ve only used this app a few times and never had a problem. Prior to I was using Waitr for the past few years, but it can quickly get expensive. With Favor the orders were always correct, hot, and delivered quickly and cheaper. However, I placed my last order before 9PM last night with a restaurant I knew would be open for the next several hours. Estimated delivery time was between 9:45-10pm. Kinda long, but it was a busy Saturday so no issue. Didn’t receive any notifications by 9:50, so checked the order status and I was surprised to see it had changed to 10:45-11pm without any notice. Okay, kind of annoying but whatever so I waited. I am very sick, and with a child in bed asleep and as a single parent couldn’t leave to pick up my order. Then I got a notification at 10:17pm that Favor had canceled my order at “no cost to me” because they “closed.” I wasn’t given ANY warning that they would be closing soon before my order was placed or when they updated my delayed delivery time. I’ve never had this issue with Waitr and have ordered from them several times late at night. I won’t be using this service anymore because it put me in a bad bind last night and didn’t appreciate how it was handled. Definitely sticking to Waitr from now on.
Good Service - SOMETIMES; Other Times, Not So Much
by mjeastman on 2019/12/09 07:58
It all depends on the driver you get. At least 50% of the time, you will get either a stupid person, or a lazy one! But, if you get blessed with a great driver, everything is great, and works how it is supposed to work with this delivery service. My #1 issue with Favor is their drivers bring in correct or incomplete orders. Most of them do not want to take the extra time to confirm your order with either you, or the restaurant. At Kroger, they will buy you the wrong product, or lie and say what you wanted was sold out, instead of asking an employee about the item. My last order was from IHOP. When my driver arrived I asked him, “You got me the Cowboy burger, right?” He said, “Yep! The Cowboy burger.” After he left, and I opened the bag, it was a jalapeño burger! I hate jalapeños! All that idiot had done was confirm what I ordered. He never confirmed it with IHOP that I, in fact, got a Cowboy burger. He just trusted them not to get it wrong. Well, IHOP DID get it wrong, but he should have confirmed it with them that it was the right food item ordered.
Very disappointed
by Maggie_giggless on 2018/08/20 23:34
So I figured I’d order from here to be convenient & it was supposed to be only a $3 delivery charge. The place I order my food from is literally less then a couple of miles away & my total came out to $18 & some change but of course it didn’t show me that before I placed my favor cus I would have definitely not ordered from here if I knew that was gunna be the total ! My food was less then $7 ! I could’ve literally got another meal for the next day this will be the last time I use this app Uber eats is ways better at least they show you what’s gunna be charged on your card before you place the order. I NEVER leave reviews EVER because I’m not a picky person & if something isn’t correct on something i usually just shrug & move on but I just can’t get pass this app ! Oh & they took an additional $6 out of my account I see it was refunded but of course it never goes right back into the account money isn’t the issue but I was charged $18+ & an additional $6 that was not approved to be taken out of my account!! This will be the last time I use this app & I will NEVER recommend to anyone! I know the company won’t care but for anyone else contemplating wether they want to use this app or not I hope this review is helpful!
No food, runner ate everything and is doing another favor order
by FrostySpark on 2019/06/24 16:25
I ordered food from ihop and was expecting it to be delivered in less than an hour since it was close by. After an hour it said they are on the way finally from the place and I was relieved, but then when it said they arrived I looked around and didn’t see anyone and thought maybe they are lost so I went around looking for them and texted them to see where I can find them. No response, so then I contacted customer support to see if they can help, it took a while but they said they will look into my order, I texted my runner again and then it said that the runner is off running another favor... I have not received my food yet, worst experience ever, was looking for a easy order experience but wow was I wrong. I hope this was just the one runner that was bad... favor you need to step up and be stricter to your runners, taking a long time for simple orders that we could have done ourselves in less than an hour. They probably already ate my order while I waiting for them to arrive. In the end I had to do it myself while the bad runner still got paid with the credit customer support gave to clear out the order. Be more in charge please favor.
Paid over $40 for the wrong order
by Spacylacy on 2018/09/18 19:17
My problem with this app is that if your delivery is incorrect, there’s no efficient way to fix the problem. I ordered from a Hawaiian poke bento box from a local sushi restaurant Because I couldn’t leave work for lunch. The driver gave my bag to the receptionist and she excepted it. Immediately when I opened it, I recognized that this was a chicken skewer on top of fried rice. Clearly not poke tuna on top of sushi rice. It seems to me that it should be the drivers job to confirm that the order is correct before leaving the restaurant and they should’ve been an obvious mistake to catch. I immediately texted the driver and he texted me back an automated message with the phone number to call favor headquarters. That was basically useless. I got a voicemail that asked me to leave them a message. An hour later, still no response. So now I’m stuck with an extremely expensive lunch that I didn’t order and don’t want. I cannot explain how irritated I am at this moment. And this is not the first time that this has happened…So at this point I blame myself and will not use this app ever again. And because there’s a strong chance that you will not get what you paid for, I advise everyone else not to use the app either.
Thieves and Rats!
by Jackieg09 on 2019/11/19 16:09
This app is the worst! I really liked it in the beginning. Until I started paying attention to my charges. This app does not give you the option to go back and look at your transactions or receipts. At the time that you pay that is your only chance to review the purchase so if you don’t look at the actual picture of the receipt Favor just shows a breakdown of the transaction. They add extra fees on top of what you buy, taxes and fee! So when you look at the break down it just shows how much your food was taxes and the tip. They throw in their extra fee under your food and if you don’t look at the actual receipt you would never know. Also they always have a “suggested” tip amount already pre-set at check out so if you don’t edit the amount you are stuck paying a $5 tip! Most of the time the screen flashes so quick you don’t even get the chance to edit the tip. I definitely don’t recommend this app the way it’s set up it’s meant to keep you from being able to question them. Also it’s impossible to cancel an order the only one that can is the runner! And if you need any help you can forget about it! You have to e-mail them and it takes days to get response!
Where is my food????
by Noo Foood on 2019/07/27 02:11
Ok so I don’t even know how this could happen - I ordered some snacks, the runner got what I need, I saw the receipt from the favor app, the order status was updated to “arrived”, but the runner disappeared, with my snacks. It’s just annoying. I was tried after work, wanted my favorite snacks, and was willing to pay $14 to let someone get it for me. The snacks themselves are 30 bucks and the store is 15 mins away from where I live. That’s right, Favor billed me 14 dollars for doing that and I’m fine with it. And then my runner never showed up. Finally figured out ok my snacks were not coming, fine I’ll ask for refund and go get them myself, and then I realized, the store closed. You see, I could drive 15 mins to the store and get what I want 2 hours ago, but I chose to use Favor, thought I could save myself several minutes to do something more important by paying 50% more of the price of my snacks, and now, no food, wasting time contact customer service, getting more anxiety - not to mention the customer service is so slow, not heard back anything from them yet. Now I just don’t understand why this app exist. High service fee and low customer experience? I can’t do this math.
Great App; Great Service; Poor Prices
by Mike.S21 on 2018/04/24 19:13
Let me start with If your complaint is that the restaurant is 5 minutes from you but the delivery took 30mins; then you should have just gone to get the food yourself! Now the app is Awesome with respect to availability and response time; EASY to order! However, every step post ordering is just shady, you CAN NOT see your total cost AT ALL until your order arrives! When mine finally showed, the food was $16, “delivery fee” was $6.00, and tip of $5 and a “processing fee” of $1.30!!! $16 Order turned $28; Given that the Runner had outstanding and FAST service I wouldn’t bash the price! But $6 delivery fee seems a bit expensive given that the one DELIVERING is the runner and he has to get a tip on top of that! And the processing fee is questionable since the runner is the one who has to order your food when he/she gets to the restaurant—- it’s not placed from the app but from the runner! Which is explains any and all delays, and that to me is understandable! Great App but a bit Pricey, I’d say it’s worth it if you don’t mind spending the money on the app rather than gas and time lol
Be very careful!!
by Cami3031 on 2020/04/18 03:18
I started out loving the convenience of this app. I didn’t have any trouble until recently. I ordered food at 2pm the app advised it was experiencing higher than normal volume so I was patient the first 30 minutes. Then I sent the driver a text asking how long it would be. He said he didn’t know. It was at that point I sent a message for my order to be canceled. I told the driver and contacted customer service. They have no real customer service your just texting a random number they give you. Around 4 I get a message from a totally different driver that he is outside with my food. I tell him the whole story and his response was well you paid for it so it’s here. Not only did they not cancel the order but now my 9 dollar sandwich that I ordered at 2 was at the door at 4 and they charged me 25 dollars!! I immediately sent an email to the company with screenshots and receipts if the entire transaction and they NEVER got back to me. Now I have to call my credit card company and show them the whole story to open a fraud claim. In what world do you wait for TWO HOURS for a sandwich then pay 25 dollars for it? I won’t use or recommend this app it is a rip-off plain and simple!!
Too focused on runner, use a different app
by driven_by_sound on 2019/10/27 12:29
Favor has some nice options that are not available through other delivery apps in my city. However, the app is far less efficient and easy to use than any other I’ve tried. You can’t see a map of the runner to ensure they are actually going to follow through and not have the runner change 5 times. You don’t see the total until the runner is returning (the app forces you to pay a tip and automatically sets it at 5-6 dollars in addition to the delivery fee), and there is no way to cancel/deliver feedback unless it is to the runner themself. Ordered yesterday and the runner changed 4 times, so the ETA kept changing. I texted the runner an hour after I ordered and a new person said they had the order. An hour and forty minutes after the order was placed through the app, they said they had just ordered and the place was busy so it would take a while. I had them cancel, but there really should be a way for the customer to do this through the app in these situations. I wasted almost 2 hours of time because of the way the app is set up. I will go back to my tried-and-true app choice for future deliveries.
Favor doesn’t care about their customers
by Kimmi Johnson on 2020/07/21 05:27
I had an issue over $2. $2! Their runner purchased something for themselves and the app forces you to leave a tip minimum of $2. I wanted the tip refunded and the item they purchased refunded. That was it. For a total of $5.78. They refused. They gave me $3.78 as a credit but minus their tip and what I’m getting refunded was $1.78 of their fraudulently purchased item of my money. All this over $2. Sad. They don’t care about their customers. Buyer beware. If you ever have an issue with your order you will be left holding the charge, especially if they’re not willing to refund $2 to a runner who committed theft so I could be refunded my money. I wasn’t asking for the whole order. There were other problems with this runner. Use another food delivery app. They each have their problems but so far favor is bottom of the barrel. Can’t find where to delete my account but I deleted my app. Maybe I can tell the rep who didn’t care and continued to tell me that’s not how things work. It’s cool. Favor is cool with fraud and shady runners. You’ll be left with the bill. Disgusted. Will tell everyone favor as a company has no integrity or honor and willing to cover for thieves.
Do yourself a favor and don’t download FAVOR
by AmieVickie on 2020/04/29 00:12
I have used favor 3 times and only had 1 reasonable experience. I downloaded Favor because The Breakfast Klub uses their service. The first time I ordered the delivery took 2 hours. The application does not offer any real estimate of how long deliveries will take or any type of gps tracking like other delivery services. My most recent experience I ordered food at 5:06pm and the runner didn’t arrive to the location until 7:00pm and I didn’t receive my food until 8:19pm. The runner left the restaurant at 7:35pm with my food and notified me that “he was on E and needed gas” smh. The restaurant was 5 miles from my home yet it took him another 45 min to deliver my now cold food. I reached out to customer service and it was days before they responded (via text) not even a phone call for my terrible experience. They attempted to blame the ordeal on the restaurant and when I challenged their reasoning they blamed it on never having enough runners. Needless to say I was disappointed enough to write this review. I was equally disappointed to find out this is an H-E-B company which I love and consider a pillar of customer service. Download Uber Eats or Door Dash..
NEVER under an hour and cancels orders
by clhckyxk all names taken on 2019/11/13 04:16
Pretty much it. Used it twice in Georgetown because we were stuck in a hotel because of car problems. My young daughter suggested using the app because we’re Texans and want to support our state. I’ve never had a rude delivery person in the four times I’ve used it. (Twice in Baytown as well) However, EVERY TIME it’s been well over an hour before my delivery arrived. Nearly 2 hours. And when you’re ordering sushi that can make you nervous. :/ We had to make several attempts at placing an order due to it being canceled. Also, I’ve had it switch delivery persons right in the middle of the run. Another frustrating thing is you can’t reach the driver until they are picking up the order so if you need additional items, such as extra ketchup or so on, you have no idea if they got the message or not. I’ve had the first delivery person actually answer “no problem”. I’ve had much better experiences with other apps. But, being a Texan and wanting to support Texas products I hope the negative reviews help them to improve the service.
Still waiting on my favor
by Race376 on 2019/04/14 18:08
So ordered from Favor at 9:38am. Text the favor driver to confirm she had my order, got a quick response. At this point everything is still all good. Fast forward and hour, text favor driver again asking what the eta was. Quick response again she picking it up in ten minutes. Again everything is still good. 20 minutes later I text again, while checking the favor app she has not updated anything. Then I get this text “I am in route no other runner wanted to run your order because of the wait time... there was a line out the door so your food took 1 hr to prepare.. Not my fault” . So the favor driver finally updates the app and shows she is here. I hit pay and go to my front door she is nowhere to be found. So I do not recommend the app. The Favor Driver are a bunch of thieves. So think twice about Favor!
Worst Service/Order Wrong/Caused Bank Overdraft
by KpopGirl_02 on 2020/07/10 16:35
I recently ordered from Favor and it was a terrible experience. (I have ordered with them many times before). (1) The runner (Casey) got my order wrong. Purchasing the wrong item on the menu. He did not communicate regarding the order at all either. (2) One of the food items (which was the burger) had mayo and the person is allergic to mayo so he could not even eat the food. (3) Only compensation was a refund on the burger. Which they charged $40 on my account as a “hold” when the total of order was $15 (after they applied the refund credit for wrong burger item). They did not update on their part regarding the correct amount and instead charged me for previous total (before refund credit was applied). Favor Support (Jamie) who assisted with this issue did not resolve the issue at all and basically told me to contact my bank with any additional concerns. This made me feel not valued as a customer at all. Now my account is overdrawn. Overall dissatisfied with service, order, and will not be ordering from this food app again. I do not recommend this company’s service to anyone.
Orders wrong and drivers non responsive
by nonameforyouthanks on 2019/05/06 17:13
Luckily where I like we have a few different delivery choices similar to Favor. The app appears to look well made, but let’s say you get a meal and a choice of two sides. There’s no where to select the sides, you have to type it in. This is the only app that does this that I have. Then you have to rely on the driver to place your order correctly. I’m not a fan of the drivers ordering for me because every time we tried Favor, the order was messed up. The last time we used it, the driver was in constant contact to try to find my residence which is no biggie. Then after she dropped off and left our order we realized she only picked up one meal, not both (from the same restaurant). My husband immediately tried to call and text and wasn’t rude because mistakes happen we’re all human, but the driver never called back and never responded to texts. She was the absolute worst. So that was our last straw with Favor. There are other great apps that’s easy to order from and you never have any miscommunication between your orders because they go directly to the restaurant, not the driver like Favor.
Horrible customer service
by Mrs Yuncy on 2020/07/20 15:46
The runner came to my apartments, I saw him and he said he was going to deliver to the apartment upstairs and he had my food in the car and he would get it. I stood outside until he was coming back down the stairs, he said I’m gonna go get your food and come right back. I haven’t saw him again. I walked to the parking lot he’s gone. Of course he doesn’t answer his phone. I paid favor $24 for a $13 meal, they put the tip in they think the runner deserves. I never change it. I have tried with no luck to get in touch with anyone from Favor. They send automated messages about someone getting in contact with you, never happens. And I still haven’t received a refund. I will never use Favor again. And the worst part is this is during the “stay home” order while the country is in a pandemic, Favor runners are running off with people food and the customer is still being charged. I’m trying to do the right thing by staying home. I’m disappointed. Update: Favor terminated my account after I gave them another chance and this time the driver failed to deliver to my job. I’m still waiting on refund. Favor is FRAUD
I’m gonna die of Starvation
by Jdkdechner on 2018/10/31 23:52
Please delete this app. Use UberEats, they are much cheaper and more professional. I waited for my order for over TWO hours, only to have it canceled by the driver. The driver, Tomiwa, kept texting me saying he would go get my order but traffic was bad bc of the rain. Then an hour after placing my order he sent me a text saying “I’m at Texaco, Where are You?,” which was obviously intended for someone else, and he was obviously not on his way to get my order. THEN after waiting TWO hours, he cancels my order. Why? Bc the surge delivery rates had gone through the roof, and he could make more money by canceling my order and moving on to another. Either that or he ran off with his friend from the Texaco. Doesn’t matter that I’d been waiting TWO hours, have hypoglycemia and could die or injure someone else out of hanger. Just canceled with no explanation. I would've at least appreciated a bag of Doritos, specifically Cool Ranch, from the Texaco. So I call the company to complain/resolve my issue. Waited another 30 minutes on hold, then was sent to voicemail. Cool. I’ll just lie on the floor the rest of the evening and hope someone finds me.
Horrible experience
by 01234562615262 on 2020/04/17 03:25
I just downloaded the app and used it for the first time today ! Where do I begin ?!?!?! I placed a order through the app and checked it periodically to see how my order was coming along ... I noticed the driver changed three times within an hour !! I waited another 15 mins or so for the update but nothing happened... I text the driver maybe 10 mins prior and no response! I then called he answered and told me he’s waiting on my food to finish cooking ... it had to be an hour & 15 mins since I placed my order and it was close to the restaurant closing . I asked the driver if he was really at the restaurant waiting and he insured me he was. I decided to call the restaurant to see what was going on with the order the the lady informed me I did not have a order placed through favor . She said the guy came in 5 mins prior and they told him he was too late to place the order ! They apologized and recommended a more reliable app to use in the future! I was in disbelief because the driver lied about the whole thing ... I tried to call and text him but he never replied !! If I could leave - stars I would !!!!
Worst customer service ever.
by LeaBrownly on 2019/07/09 21:55
Worst customer service of all time. It’s so unfortunate - someone built a great app but the business is terrible. At least 50% of the time, our order arrives incorrect. And it’s getting worse - now 75% of our orders arrive missing items or with incorrect items. And they NEVER pay attention to food allergies. This is the worse delivery service EVER if you have food allergies. The delivery people never read the notes. Once you get a bad order, all you can do is place a new order. There is no live customer service. Now even the app feature to contact the company via email or text has been disabled. Sometimes Favor will refund your delivery fee if they have to deliver your order twice but that’s if you can even get in contact with them. The longer I use favor, the worse the service gets. Do yourself a Favor, and don’t use this delivery service! They don’t care about their service or their customers. They have never taken a single step to correct their horrific service. Greedy company who has a great app but a garbage service and they could not care less! Stay away!
The worst food delivery app
by Done with Favor. on 2020/10/23 02:44
I use different food delivery apps all the time depending on what restaurant I want to order from - and Favor is the most incompetent, and has the absolute worst customer service app there is. When they are busy, there is absolutely no way to get in contact with customer service. You can’t cancel an order, when you haven’t heard from your runner. I’m only rating on the Apple Store now because this has happened multiple times and I’ve never had an issue with any other delivery app in this way. Uber Eats, DoorDash, Postmates, Toast - all superior. You can get in contact with customer service right away, and Favor is the complete opposite. I somehow convinced myself to use their service again and now I regret it and hate myself for it. If I ordered over two hours ago and my runner is “still on the way to pickup the order,” you shouldn’t be running an app like this. I don’t even blame it on the runner - Favor is responsible for not taking responsibility. And from the reviews of workers for Favor that I’ve read online, it looks like you don’t treat your workers well at all either. Pitiful.
by @Jermzy on 2019/02/16 05:29
Favor is literally the WORST service you could use to order food. They first pick up multiple orders at different restaurants miles & miles away, THEN they start delivering them, all so they could multiply the amount of tips they’ll receive. Nevermind the restaurant you’re ordering from being 1 block away, it doesn’t matter. They’ll pick up the order and drive 45 minutes away to deliver whoever was on their list first. Then FINALLY, they’ll drive allllll the way back to your neighborhood and deliver whatever you ordered. Food totally cold. This has happened 3 times. I’m unfortunately FORCED to use them because the restaurant I order from isn’t set up with Uber Eats yet. Oh and by the way, don’t even bother expecting any help from customer service representatives. They’re employed by 3rd party vendors who don’t care about their jobs & won’t care about your issue. All of these 5 star reviews are clearly receiving an incentive for reviewing them favorably, and they cannot be trusted. I urge everyone with these experiences to contact the Better Business Bureau and report them for how bad their service is.
I tied
by Sudjdjsiqosofiocksje on 2019/04/17 00:53
I tied to give this service any credibility. I never leave reviews. This company is GARBAGE!! I’ve give favor so many chances and it’s proved over and over again how god awful of a company it is. I’ve ordered several times now with nothing right coming to me. Favor is trash. Use doordash, grubhub, or literally anyone else. Favor doesn’t do anything. I WISH I could give this company zero stars. It is awful! The past two times I’ve used it, I received an updated maybe 1-2 hours after placing it. The order itself Would show up 3-4 hours later! Unbelievably pathetic service. Customer service? What customer service? You want a refund? Too bad. Wait, I don’t know, 1-2 weeks for any response. This company does not care about any of its customers. I’ve paid $50-$60 for my past orders and they show up 3-4 hours after over ordered them; you know, when I’m asleep. Luckily the runners leave it on the ground outside (not like it’s worth it at that point). So in summary, if you want to order food 4 hours before you want to eat it, and have god awful service, use favor! 0/10 will NEVER use again 👍
Ordering system is horrible
by Alicia Lowry on 2020/02/08 02:01
The drivers are fast and bring it in good shape, but the system is not. I have allergies so every order has to be modified. I talked to others and reviewed the app before use. It gives a place for detailed and specific instructions. However after talking to the restaurants I’ve ordered from, I learned that the information I supply is not given to them. Someone takes my information and then gives it to them. I don’t know if it’s the app or the driver, but it has not been done correctly. Between two different days I’ve ordered from 3 different restaurants. Not one order was completed correctly. The only correct order I received out of my 4 total orders was 4 espresso shots. Maybe if you can order an item exactly as is, you could get it done right. The other problem I have is that they say it is free, but you are forced to tip at least $2 regardless of what happens and your order is charged an extra $2 for the use of the app. That is at least $4 before you receive your items, and as stated almost everything has been wrong. Never again!
Horrible Delivery and Customer Service
by Ashley 😻😝💕 on 2019/07/15 07:06
My issue with Favor initially began when an employee went to the wrong address and called me to complain that she was lost she began the conversation by raising her voice and threatening to take my food back to the restaurant if I did not come outside to meet her (I live on the second floor and am unable to travel down the stairs as I have been on bed rest for weeks). My order was incorrect and extremely late (she marked it as delivered when in fact I did not receive it for an additional half hour). Favor mandates that you leave a minimum $2 tip regardless of service and I immediately attempted to contact customer service to avoid this. I received a generic “Due to high demand, we were unable to assist you in a timely manner...” message and was not acknowledged until 10 hours later (once the order has closed and the money was received). The representative responded unprofessionally utilizing shorthand text completely ignored my many request for a phone call from a manger; stating that speaking via text was”faster”. Horrible customer experience.
Once and never again
by Supasweed on 2019/10/21 13:55
We were going to splurge for my birthday and decided to use this app for the first time, based on the good reviews. I ordered and watched on the app as the driver supposedly was picking up the food. We waited excitedly, movie and people ready! And waited. And waited. Paced right inside the door. Then it said that the food had been delivered! NOT true! The driver hadn’t even driven down our street. So I contacted customer service, which turned out to be a joke, b cause I didn’t not receive a reply until much later the following day - after the evening had already been ruined! They charged my credit card for the non-existent food, btw! And the driver got paid his fee. After having to repeatedly explain what happened, I was finally refunded the money for the food. I was never given an explanation as to what happened. The very least I would have done, had this been my business, would have been to give the customer a voucher for a free meal - or any other gesture towards trying to make amends - but that didn’t happen! Needless to say that we will never use them again.
Scammy Food Service
by Nena.Baby on 2019/09/21 15:14
The only good thing about this app is that you can almost request anything within a reasonable amount of miles and have it delivered. Other than that the app is a rip off. You get service charged twice. Once of the front end and unbeknownst to me on the back end once payment is completed as well (ranges anywhere from $6-$9). If the “Runner” doesn’t read your notes but you still received you incorrectly ordered food, customer service does not issue refunds. Many a times I’ve ordered things with requests due to allergy and I’ve lost money equally. Today the favor driver told me they didn’t know to look at my notes and after I called CS and sent over the messages I was still somehow at fault. Honestly, it isn’t worth it. I’ll continue with UberEats. Hope your experience is far better than mine.
Nice runners but too many issues
by JaElKe421 on 2019/11/02 03:30
I gave it three stars because I have used the service several times and all the runners have been nice and done their best to give good service. However, the menus in the app are incomplete and the information given to the restaurant is useless in some cases. Example: I’ve ordered beef fried rice from 2 different Chinese restaurants and both times the restaurant received an order that said “1 x beef.” Restaurant then calls driver who then has to reach out to me. Constantly finding items on restaurants’ online menus that aren’t available in the app. Tonight, I ordered from a new Chinese place at 6:45 and the estimate was for a 7:30-7:45 but by the time we established I wanted beef fried rice with my order, it was almost 9:00 when food arrived and beef fried rice was still missing from the order. Text to support to get a refund for the missing item would not send. I will just pick up food myself rather than using this app in the future.
Great App; But TERRIBLE Runner Match-Up System
by Okami Rozū on 2019/11/30 14:44
The app is amazing, I won’t lie. And I got my first month entirely free of delivery. HOWEVER... the match-up for runners is AWFUL. I’ve been waiting over an hour for a single order from a gas station and been transferred between THREE different runners. Two of which never even responded or budged to do anything for the order. It SAYS they’re “running” and “on the road” but for HALF AN HOUR? No response? For MULTIPLE RUNNERS? For a place maybe like 10 minutes away? It’s faster AND cheaper for me to drive MYSELF and go. The runners I’ve had that ACTUALLY responded were super sweet. But I feel like the system needs to be adjusted where a runner NEEDS to accept the order before being assigned. Or do SOMETHING to check and make sure they’re ACTIVE. Maybe a pop up asking if they’re available to accept an order/active at the moment and if they don’t respond within 5 minutes then the pop up/order goes to the next available person.
Really Helpful
by Mystery_TW on 2019/11/19 18:01
We’ve been using Favor for years and have had them deliver all kinds of things, not just food. Favor also allows you to type in special instructions, whether for the items or delivery. Not every app has this option. The runners are typically very nice and professional. They do a good job, even with our very detailed orders. You can also text or call your runner at any point (like if you’ve forgotten something). The few times we’ve had minor issues (no one is perfect), customer service was very helpful. There is no “automatic tip” as other reviews have stated. On the screen where you submit your payment at the end of the order, there is an edit button next to the word “Tip.” (You can wait until you have received your order before paying and adjust their tip accordingly.)
Fastest, most efficient
by PocketGarden on 2017/10/02 16:19
Sure everyone loves to complain about the delivery fee and the extra cost, but honestly this is the fastest delivery service and friendliest drivers. I like that they text you before and during the delivery to make sure you don't need anything else. I like that tipping is automatic...because let's be honest, when we are being lazy ordering delivery we are also, probably, cheap as hell. Ask any pizza delivery kid...they must make nothing in college town. College kids are the worst tippers. So now I can help the local economy a little more with a local driver and get my comfort foods when I'm sick, delicious food with I'm lazy, or something different to eat while stuck at work. It's a win in my book. And y'all? Get over the fees, it's not a big deal and sounds like y'all have a lot of first world problems.
Hard working Favor Runners!!
by Svenski08 on 2017/12/30 11:53
If you read the information you’ll know what you sign up for. These individuals use their own car, their own gas and their own time to get whatever you want delivered to you. Don’t be mad at them if it takes slightly longer than you think. Everyone has their own way of doing things. Yes, 20% tip might seem like a lot but this is personalized service. I’ve ordered from other delivery apps and always receive cold food or nothing at all. Favor is fair and honest. Remember that you Favor delivery person might be 10-20 minutes away from your restaurant even though it’s 5-10 minutes away from you. Things happen because everyone is human and aren’t perfect. Restaurants say things are in a bag but make mistakes too. Be kind and remember it’s a Favor! 🙌
Please read might help
by Urmasic on 2020/03/12 20:27
I’ve used this app a few times and twice I’ve had the driver eat off my food, and charged more items on my order than I had made, I had ordered Chick-fil-A and half of the fries were gone, there was a small child with the driver so I’m guessing the little one ate them or the mom don’t know, the second time I had made a 15$ order total and the driver that I met outside because I was coming home from a run, the guy that was with her clearly was eating and gave me the bag covered in shrimp seasoning and grease so I still took it, and found my receipt in the bag with a pound of shrimp also charged. You’ll say easy fix right? Nope it’ll take Favor 2-45 business days to contact you back. I’m over this app, I’ve tried many many times to be ok with this app but I’m done, I hope I don’t catch anything especially with the corona virus going on and the bag Covered in shrimp grease, because i WILL be suing the driver and the company. Ubereats gives you a closed and taped bag, and shows you what time and where they are located at all times.
Really good, but room for improvement
by Favor_Junkie on 2017/12/28 19:06
Friendly, timely, & convenient. The only positive criticism I have to give is that Runners who are unfamiliar with non-chain restaurants, don’t look at the receipt and check that ALL items are present. They take a pic of the receipt but not of the actual items in the order, resulting in missing or flawed items. My suggestion to solve this problem is: require Runners to take a pic of the order and receipt prior to paying for and leaving for delivery. If I’m paying an extra fee for delivery and processing, then my order should be complete, every time. That prevents runner from delivering fully paid for but incomplete orders. Refunds are helpful and appreciated, but when you order food you want what you paid for and having to re-order or wait for a refund is a MAJOR pitfall.
Favor To Go
by tfaithfulllife on 2018/11/14 16:43
I enjoy Favor for one main reason - I get to talk to LIVE BREATHING HUMAN BEING every time I place an order. I am not talking to a machine or robot. I forget to add things sometimes like drinks or sides - the fact I can text or call a LIVE human on real time makes this app my favorite food delivery app. The runners are usually quick and friendly. This app is Texas based so yes - it is a bit more pricey but I rather support my Texas companies and their employees. Also - yes they do add in tips and fees but I see it as “how much would I pay my neighbor to take the time and resources (car, gas,energy ect) to go wait in line at a loud crazy crowded restaurant on a Friday night? More than the delivery fee and tip that’s for sure. Other apps are alright too - but Favor is my Go to 90% of the time. You get what you pay for. Thanks HUMANS with Favor!
RUN AWAY, worst service, time and money waste
by inthenameofthekingofkings on 2019/06/22 18:42
I was surprised when I saw that Favor got 4.8 stars, until I actually read the reviews. For some reason people put negative reviews but with 5 star rate. I have been using Favor for a few months and it is by far the worst food app I’ve ever used. I am a very busy person and I have wasted so much time on incorrect orders with Favor. I kept using it despite the errors because they use to have an actual person you could talk to in order to resolve the issue. Recently, they appeared to have been tired of dealing with their terrible service and went to email/text for issues with orders and they take hours to respond. My last order that was incorrect, I didn’t even get a response. I just tried UBEREATS and I have realized that I’ve been putting up with crappy service for nothing; I wish I would have tried Ubereats months ago, they are light years ahead of Favor in customer service! If you want to waste time and money on a disregard for customer, then Favor is your app.
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