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Transit • Bus & Subway Times
"Gives you the best route to where you want to go" - New York Times “You won't realize how much time you can save planning until you use this app” - LA Times “Killer app” - WSJ "MBTA has a favorite transit app — and it's called Transit" - Boston Globe Transit is your real-time urban travel companion. Navigate your city’s public transit system with accurate real-time predictions, simple trip planning, step-by-step navigation, service disruption notifications, and departure and stop reminders... all presented in a clear, bold interface. Public transport not cooperating? Easily request a ride from Uber, Lyft or VIA, or grab the closest bikeshare. 10 GREAT THINGS YOU CAN DO WITH TRANSIT: 1) See real-time arrivals for nearby buses and trains instantly upon launch. 2) Watch your transit vehicle approaching on a map in real-time 3) Compare options with powerful A to B trip plans using real-time data. 4) Launch GO for step-by-step navigation when you’re on an unfamiliar route or want to nap/read/space out.* 5) Receive departure alarms and stop notifications as well as prompts to pick up the pace in GO.* 6) Get push notifications if service disruptions will affect your commute. 7) Plan trips, view transit schedules and get route itineraries—even when you’re offline! 8) Locate bikeshare stations, see the number of bikes available, pay for passes, and unlock bikes (in select cities). 9) Check ETA (and price) for nearby Uber, Lyft and VIA rides, and book in two taps. 10) Easily plan and pay for a trip combining Uber, Lyft, or VIA with transit. We call it Transit+ *continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. 5-STAR USER REVIEWS “Your app was the deciding factor in selling my car” “Blows Google Maps out of the water.” "Probably the best thing on my phone, no joke." “The head of our local transit agency recommended this app over the one her agency created.” "Truly ingenious work here. Honestly, these guys should be in charge of actual public transportation itself." CITIES Transit works in 175+ cities across North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand (see USA list below). USA Albuquerque Ann Arbor Aspen Atlanta* Austin* Baltimore (MTA*, RTA, Charm City Circulator*) Boston (MBTA*, Massport, MetroWest RTA, Brockton Area Transit (BAT), Lowell RTA, Plymouth & Brockton S. R. Co., CATA) Buffalo Blacksburg Charlottesville Chattanooga* Chicago (CTA*, Pace, Metra, NICTD) Cincinnati* Cleveland* Columbus* Dallas Denver* Detroit* Eau Claire Fort Myers Grand Rapids* Hampton Roads Hartford (CTTransit, CTFastrak*) Honolulu* Houston* Jacksonville* Kansas City Las Vegas* Los Angeles (Metro*, OCTA*, Metrolink, LADOT*, Omnitrans, RTA, Burbank Bus, Torrance Transit Foothill Transit*, Big Blue Bus*, Beeline*) Louisville* Madison* Miami (MDT*, BCT, Palm Tran*, Tri-Rail) Milwaukee* Minneapolis-Saint Paul* Nashville* New Orleans* New York City (NYC Subway*, MTA Buses*, LIRR*, Metro-North*, NJ Transit*, PATH, SI Ferry, NICE*, Bee-Line, RI Tram, NY Waterway, AirTrain, CTTransit, CTFastrak*) Orlando* Philadelphia (SEPTA*, NJ Transit*, PATCO) Phoenix* Pittsburgh* Providence Portland* Sacramento Salem, OR Salt Lake City* San Antonio San Diego (MTS*, NCTD*) San Francisco (BART*, MUNI*, Caltrain*, AC Transit*, VTA*, County Connection*, Golden Gate Transit, SamTrans, Sonoma County Transit, Healdsburg Transit, Cloverdale Transit, Marin Transit) Seattle (Metro Transit*, City of Seattle*, King County Marine Division, Sound Transit*, Pierce Transit, Kitsap Tours, Everett Transit) St. Louis* Stockton Tampa* Washington DC (DC Metro / Bus*, DC Circulator*, Ride On*, Arlington Transit*, Fairfax Connector, MTA, VRE*, PRTC) Worcester * Uses real-time predictions & vehicle locations for some or all routes. -- Transit also works in cities around the world. View select cities below and the full list at CANADA Toronto Calgary Montreal +26 more EUROPE Berlin London Paris +16 more
Good in theory
by Eggiers on 2019/04/19 16:53
I live what they are trying to do with this app. But it doesn’t work very well. The interface is super confusing. And the directions don’t always work. Sometimes a route shows up but moments later it won’t. If you need to switch during a route the app often doesn’t know where you are so it will start giving you new directions thinking you can’t catch the next bus you were originally supposed to transfer to - so if there are transfers on your route you must memorize them before starting bc the app will be too confused to give you directions once you start. Good concept, needs a lot of work.
Better than most transit apps
by Tezhan on 2019/04/19 01:32
Gives updated tracking times. Helps see full lines and stops in both directions from current stop. Much better than google maps and other transit apps in that regard. Google maps gives wrong bus times. The search is a bit limited and daunting. Probably would be great if could replace transit in google maps with this, or directly link from google maps destination to this app.
Best user friendly App!!
by Blessedlove67 on 2019/04/19 00:51
Overall this by far one of the best and easiest transit App to use. I use it every day. It’s user friendly, ease of use and the colorful screen display it’s amazing.
by Draya ya Queen on 2019/04/18 22:12
Love love love love
Las paradas
by diamanteblack on 2019/04/18 21:42
Las parada las anuncian cuando llega a ella un poquito tarde después todo está perfecto
iTransit iLoveIT
by Gphone119 on 2019/04/18 12:24
It was awesome, I moved to a new place and had no idea of any metro locations. I told transit where I wanted to go, and BOOM! Timing and directions were oh so accurate, I even helped others out with keeping the app running as I was in route to my destination. Everyone should use this app to help commuters get to their locations on time and be successful.
This app used to be good...
by OHollow on 2019/04/18 01:59
.now it's terrible. I don't know when anything is coming. The bus is just voided out and there is no time update... Guess I'll just Uber 😐
Inaccurate times
by Air-ic on 2019/04/18 01:22
This app has false times over 20 min off saying that the next bus is 18 min away and shows up at 7 min after I leave to walk. It’s happened multiple times all with location on. Very disappointing inaccurate app.
Unreliable in some cases ...
by tekis on 2019/04/18 00:13
Hello: Whenever Transit announces a new update (Freddy Mercury voice) it's hailed as a triumphant achievement. But why can't Transit accurately track the downtown Brooklyn 103 bus?! Tonight, after waiting for over 20 minutes the app says that the 103 is one minute away. 60 seconds later the B 37 shows up, and there's no 103 within sight. This isn't the only time that Transit has miscalculated the Brooklyn 103 bus. Thanks.
Poor reliability
by Student14850 on 2019/04/17 21:19
I am a student who lives in Ithaca and relies on the local bus system for transportation. The transit app has a large margin of error in terms of bus arrival times, making it less reliable for making it to events on time. Additionally, it’s not uncommon for a listed bus to never even arrive.
by Pepe Revolution on 2019/04/17 19:26
Dont bother downloading this app youre better off using local services for an accurate time. This app will make you late for work, school, etc.
Worst app
by gglfcb on 2019/04/17 18:34
Worst app ever!!!
by TrUsTmEbUsBoY on 2019/04/17 15:52
This app is always accurate and reliable I had just got the app a month ago and I’ve used it everyday. I will continue to use it and if you ride the bus as frequent as I do this app will make sure you can keep track with your bus. 100% would and did recommend this app to people I know and also other bus riders
App needs update
by Shani277 on 2019/04/17 08:01
This app is so inconsistent lately time to leave and bus arrival time is always jumping back and forth
Awesome app
by beneciadylan on 2019/04/16 23:35
One of the best app ever that I have come across and a big thanks to laula from VTA to help guide thru this hats off to all
Extremely helpful.
by tjs6913 on 2019/04/16 19:43
Very good easy to use app.
Almost there... and it will be The Perfect
by Mapuho4ka on 2019/04/16 17:37
I feel like I tried all the Apps that work with MTA. When iTrans MTA stoped working, there was nothing even close to it that would do it all within one App. I was constantly switching between apps, between live schedule, maps or average time between certain stops. And then I found Transit and it improved before my eyes. I went from switching between 3 apps in one trip to barely switching. A few things I feel could make this ideal: Maps, I switch to MyMTA for simple maps or to iTrans to get close ups of stations and see where the exits are. When the GPS signal is poor or not available, it would be amazing if there was a manual start to GO. P.S. Crowdsourcing is the best thing that ever happened to transit apps 👍🏻
It used to be great!
by Volt@ Pierre on 2019/04/16 15:23
Not sure why, but is not longer working effectively on Austin area.
Half a screen?
by Käkäshï on 2019/04/16 14:45
Good app overall I just don’t think in the 21st century they should only have half a screen to see your bus route...
Queens, NY
by A Train Rider on 2019/04/16 10:20
This is a great app. Works accurately with most trains. However doesn’t work well with the busses. Also would be great if we can make comments and alert other passengers if there are any delays or emergency situations that may delay trains or busses at each station or stops.
Grey means disabled
by ThibautCollette on 2019/04/16 01:44
Hello, I wanted to give a feedback on the latest update for « real time ». it makes things more different between real time and scheduled for sure but I feel like grey is for disabled. I mean that maybe this bus won’t come, in particular when figures are below 0. « -2min » in grey for me says « you’ve missed it »
Battery life
by amandabor on 2019/04/16 01:17
This app works pretty well and is a great idea - to have a central location that assists both commuters and tourists to get around, but it uses way too match battery life (iPhone 6). I either have to sacrifice that to contribute or turn it off once I’m onboard - not good for growing the user base. Thank you for the development so far though!
Tren locales
by contra marco on 2019/04/15 17:22
i like it
by Tube of glue eater on 2019/04/15 16:33
it’s really helpful for transit and i love how creative the update notes are. 5 stars
Keeps crashing!!.
by Clari4u on 2019/04/15 12:43
I love this app which tells me real time alerts, schedules and arrival to my destination but lately!. It’s been crashing halfway or at the beginning of my alert, please fix this bug!!!!. It really would help when we get stuck in traffic and we have to call work or the after school to notify them how long we will be late!. Please fix!!. Thanks
by djdnffjffjfj on 2019/04/15 03:42
Never updates, never works, unreliable
Great, smooth transit app
by AndreiT123 on 2019/04/15 02:04
Very easy to use and I love the smooth new UI. Also the funny changelogs are a great touch!
Latest update to SF removed outbound/inbound indication
by Bcgroom on 2019/04/14 18:23
Great app but the latest update removed routes showing if they were inbound or outbound and now shows the last stop instead. Personally this is much more confusing so it would be nice if it showed both.
Used to be a god app
by otlw4lf! on 2019/04/14 14:28
I used this app for 2 years for the Queens ny # 88 bus to work. The last few weeks it’s been skipping buses that are actually coming. Took a cab to work because it said the next bus wasn’t for 43 mins! Called an Uber and in the way to work we’re at a red light and the bus that wasn’t supposed to come, pulled up right next to us! What!??? I just paid 26.00for nothing! Deleting this app and using a more accurate bus app. This is NOT the first or tenth time this app is wrong.
Best App in WEST LA!!
by GrumpyMWA on 2019/04/14 13:02
The best bus app in the whole LA county!!! Thank you ! You provide the MWAs time and bus departures!!!
by Pnwp on 2019/04/14 03:32
Can be incredibly inaccurate. Will literally jump from a bus coming in 2 minutes to 15-30 minutes.
To early to ask for a review, kind f up
by Drum Meister on 2019/04/14 00:44
Let me learn
Favorite App of All Time
by Eggs McGee Three on 2019/04/13 23:20
I’m carless in LA and this app is a life saver. I feel confident moving around the city and going whenever or wherever I need to. Thank you, Transit team! (If you’re not reading the app update logs, you’re missing out. Whoever writes those deserves a raise.) My only complaint is that time Elon Musk’ve paid y’all off to add the hyperloop to this as an automatic routing option. I got very excited and then extremely disappointed when I was trying to route LA to SF and it said I could do it in 30 minutes.
This app needs way more work before putting it on the App Store
by OMNchld on 2019/04/13 21:59
The amount of times where it made me late by telling me I have way more extra than I actually have, and doesn’t notify you if the bus ends up never coming in the first place. Absolutely terrible.
Good app but what is with the juvenile update synopsis
by Fiddle$ticks on 2019/04/13 15:39
Good app but what is with the juvenile update synopsis
I hate how much I love this app
by AndresMars on 2019/04/13 15:32
The app alone is one of the best. The app gives you highly accurate time of arrival for buses, subways, metros, ferries, air trains, third party cab services and horse rides. However, one of the things that I hate is how hard the developers notes make me cry laughing. They get it, they have a great sense of humor and I love reading through the notes when there is a software update or their newsletters. It really makes my day and it’s not your typical boring “fixed bugs” note.
Queen app update was brilliant🎉
by novacult on 2019/04/13 01:58
Queen app update was brilliant🎉
Good updates come with a laugh
by NeanD.Tal on 2019/04/12 23:08
They always seem to come up with good new stuff and I had to laugh when I heard myself humming a queen tune referenced by the app...
Love it; Go needs 2 improvements
by capncuddles420 on 2019/04/12 21:41
Transit is the best transit app by leagues. Go still needs one improvement: Allow riders who get on the bus before starting Go to initiate Go mid-ride. For example, selecting a bus line should give a user the option to choose “I am currently on this line”, so that the user’s position can be synced to the bus route for other users immediately. To combat abuse, the app could prevent such users’ locations from being broadcast to others until the phone detects movement above 10 mph or something. Update: Please add a button allowing users to say when they’ve arrived at a transfer point when the GPS signal is weak. If you get off your train underground to transfer and the signal is weak, Go will continue telling other riders you’re on the first train long past the time it departs.
Absolutely love this app, until today.
by Sean Hannity Fox News on 2019/04/12 15:57
Awesome app overall! But this morning, an update was released that faded estimated times to a really light grey, making it difficult for me to see. Reverse update, make all times in white, and I’ll change my review back to 5 stars.
Latest update is horrible
by yellowbird1973 on 2019/04/12 14:16
Worked for years, but with the latest update everything stopped working completely. :(
Perfect Travel
by Anonymous2all on 2019/04/12 05:49
Great busing app accurate timing to the minute. A must have app. Thank you all you genius developers that made this possible. Keep up the great work...
by Tuttawutta on 2019/04/12 05:27
Good job buses yellow bus at 11:30, Orange at 12:30, and then the 63 bus at 1:11
My Gawd
by Amazing stuff boy on 2019/04/11 23:40
I rated this app 5 stars because it is effective at its purpose and because of the amazing and ridiculous update description. Have not seen a more creative developer in that category.
Best app
by Mkk95 on 2019/04/11 23:18
Best app to track busses and metro. Very helpful when traveling. The best thing is reading the updates makes me laugh 👍🏼👍🏼
Bus Time missing
by Tamika81 on 2019/04/11 22:53
After recent update ... bus arrival time is missing only shows transit arrival times ... I use the bus more. Please fix issue. Thank you
by kkayyya on 2019/04/11 22:15
As someone who is YOUNG & has to take the bus a lot this app is TRASH. It was good at one time idk what happened. It shows false bus routes. You be stuck somewhere waiting forever for a bus. Especially at night! 😒
Septa Ducks
by lucidgirl on 2019/04/11 19:54
The worst. Never accurate. But I really blame septa.
Awesome app.
by Deejay Doug on 2019/04/11 18:28
This app has saved me more time because I know when the bus or train will arrive. Not only that, if something gets broken in an update, it’s quickly fixed. The Transit team listens and quickly responds to user concerns. I use this app all the time and would recommend it to anyone.
Was good
by Victorgilles on 2019/04/11 17:26
It was good for me for a while. Function is still good but when the colors were changed to White when tapping individual transit times, it was difficult to see in daytime and too bright at nighttime. 3 stars
Busing really matters to me
by OakDragon on 2019/04/11 15:43
Everywhere the wind blows...
I like your update messages
by Hassaan22 on 2019/04/11 15:17
Your updates messages blurbs are really awesome and funny. Keep it up The app has saved my marriage too, so that’s nice. (And my job)
by XODaikoXD on 2019/04/11 10:32
Usually on point but had been inaccurate lately
As transit driver I must say this is an amazing app
by WarVetWes on 2019/04/11 10:00
I am being a transit driver for over 20 years This is an amazing app and it’s very accurate very accurate
Quality of NYC has gone down the drain
by LuckysClub on 2019/04/11 05:37
Don’t trust this for NYC any more it gives lousy suggestions and usually leave best options off the list, and only gives three options with no ability to ask for more.
A suggestion
by Cafezzz on 2019/04/10 22:42
I love the app, it’s awesome at figuring out the best routes using various modes of transportation in Chicago. Here are two suggestions, first: add an option to “drive to” to your starting point. I don’t see why it should always assume walking for that part. Second, if I’m already on a bus or train and the app doesn’t know, I’d like it if I could tell it that I’m on board. Otherwise there isn’t really a reliable way to get it to detect that I’m on board. This is useful when I maybe forgot to start it, but still want to set it up for my transfer. Anyway, great app.
Great App!
by Rod BD on 2019/04/10 16:25
Great app! Keep it up!
Clear and easy to use
by John tells all on 2019/04/10 16:24
Very useful!
I love the updates writer(s)
by Pamyllia on 2019/04/10 15:08
I mean, this app works everywhere to get me where I need to go. And I actually read the update language in the App Store each time they issue updates and bug fixes—they're witty and full of personality, which makes me think there are humans working there. Thanks, Transit!
Almost good
by Creefrandino on 2019/04/10 13:44
The accuracy is still hit or miss. Sometimes it’s within a couple minutes and sometimes it’s a good 10-15 off. The buses especially need some work. I’m hanging in there I’m doing my part in keeping my “go” enabled when I ride hoping that helps!
Update broke bus predictions
by aaa___aaa on 2019/04/10 00:45
It used to be that the app would show times for the stops closest to your location. With this update, now the lines seem scattered everywhere arbitrarily. Buses belonging to the same line will show up twice or three times. The app gives the wait time for a stop that’s like a mile away from my location when I’m right next to the bus stop, like please Transit, go back to right before this stupid update.
My go to after the fixes in 5.xx. Many options I. Portland OR, it this is best for a free traveler.
by Demostix on 2019/04/09 21:25
Used to be great for finding and making transfers. Not anymore. At best requires several clicks on tiny dim stops, and only after committing to a bus; usually here in PDX, I can no longer find transit near that next stop AT ALL. Joy of this used to be the chaining of possible transfers I could easily show to a non-user. Not anymore. Transit screwed the pooch with 5.xx
As reliable as the T
by stephalopod23 on 2019/04/09 12:13
This app has no idea when transit is arriving in Boston. Consistently inaccurate, especially when it comes to buses
by Liberty_1776 on 2019/04/09 03:08
In Boston there are transfers between Red Line and Orange Line. When the transfer takes place the software kicks out, asking for the rating of the first half of the trip, and wipes out the second half of the trip on the other line - unreliable. The competitor works 100%
Manhattan - NOT WORKING
by Deb0729 on 2019/04/09 01:34
Use it everyday.
by Constantine on 2019/04/08 19:25
I take the Subway everyday just about every where, buses every other day. Mainly just use it to check the wait times. I do not use the “Go!” feature very much, I just rely on my watch and my own ability to meet the train. It is nice that users can turn off data for modes of transport they don’t use, only information relevant to the individual user is shown. I do not suggest using this app via WIFI.
Fade to gray indeed
by bronxred on 2019/04/08 03:31
Release notes: gray / color / gray / color In use: wow I didn’t know I needed this Thanks!
Freddie Mercury
by Amanda8501 on 2019/04/08 02:25
I was updating this app, and I read what updates they’re going to put into it and then made a version of the Bohemian Rhapsody LOL🤩
Really great App!
by martuney1 on 2019/04/08 00:22
Does exactly what it says it does, and does it well!
by EFH25 on 2019/04/07 20:56
Been waiting on buses for 30 minutes now and app just keeps updating every 3 minutes. It’s not like I’m relying on this tool to get anywhere.
Needs update for iPad and support for landscape view!!!!
by Ghfgr14287 on 2019/04/07 14:28
To b a serious app, and not just a nice toy, this app is in dire need of a complete overhaul, 1) You need to be online in order to see the schedules. What if you're in the subway and there is no reliable reception? Why can't we choose what schedules we want to store locally? What about system maps so we can plan connections and alternatives for the entire trip end-to-end? 2) Why is there no iPad version with landscape mode? After all, the iPad (and tablets) have been around since, what, 2011 or 2012? The phone-only version doesn’t cut it with tablet device. UPDATE: 1) In Nassau / Suffolk County NY, buses that are late to their destinations “disappear” from tracking. So you can’t track it because, according to the algorithm, it was “here” already, because, you know, look at the time - it was scheduled to be through here 10 minutes ago. So, here you go, look at the next bus (if there is one). Exactly what the app shouldn’t do. This is true when waiting for a turn-around that ends at a destination and begins the next run in the opposite direction. To be fair, maybe this is the app, or maybe the bus driver turning off her/his GPS system because they are just so embarrassingly late. But it needs to be figured out and fixed if it is the app. 2) Why can’t the user opt to see all buses operating the route if they choose to, instead of this complicated ”according to the schedule” algorithm that tries to figure out what bus you can see for you? How about as in “see all Nassau N24 buses at once” on the map? 3) And once again, no iPad or landscape mode. App is an exercise in scrolling in portrait mode. So, still one star. TransLoc has this app beat by miles. Too bad corrupt Nassau County can’t share their data with TransLoc, and do it without raising our property taxes another 6.5% to achieve it. Review of Nassau County: Proudly competing for the highest property taxes in the nation, with little to nothing to show for it except . . . brand new traffic camera lights everywhere with - you guessed it - rigged yellow light timing and the highest fines with 1.8x ‘service charges’ in the nation. Come on in, the water’s fine. Hope to see y’all soon.
Subway Titles
by racquetball11 on 2019/04/07 00:59
This is just a suggestion. On the 4 line, instead of writing Manhattan and Brooklyn, just write the final Destination. Either Woodlawn for the Bronx and Utica for Brooklyn.
San Francisco Muni shows phantom trains
by sfmikeyk on 2019/04/06 16:58
Not sure if it’s the line or what, but they’re always showing K line trains coming that don’t appear on other apps. Time for a new one.
Great app, needs to add lines
by ah fs on 2019/04/05 18:07
the app is well designed and more functional than nextbus, but it needs to add the LBNL bus lines (in Berkeley), otherwise it's an incomplete solution
This is the best app ❤️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
by Bardan112 on 2019/04/05 17:27
I love it so much for real this is the best app ever thanks for it⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
by Jaboa :) on 2019/04/05 12:58
Waay, more accurate than when I last had it installed which was last year!! :} good for you guys!!
Includes everything!
by BrightonY125 on 2019/04/05 02:05
Very useful for big cities.
Good App- With The Wrong Stops. 👿
by PearlBoswell on 2019/04/04 23:09
I really like this app but it gives the wrong stops at times. I’ve put in the exact stop where I get off and the reminder tells me it’s still two stops away. So before using the app I try to get a map to check my stop to make sure I don’t get off at the wrong place (which I have done because of the app). At times it’s quite a long walk & being a honored senior rider, it’s been rough. Otherwise I do like the app.
What a wonderful world
by G4today on 2019/04/04 11:25
My ride was smooth and on time and I appreciate it💕
Fantastic app
by allthelegzzzz on 2019/04/04 05:07
Throughout all of my phones, this app has been a constant in the past 5 years. Truly has been helpful with every time I need to get somewhere.
Great app
by Lyuffe on 2019/04/04 00:57
Great app. Very easy and convenient. Very helpful. Definitely recommend it.
Better than Google maps
by FüćktheMTA19 on 2019/04/03 13:16
The Navigation app gives me real time and lets me know precisely when my bus will arrive. Unlike Google maps telling me the bus will arrive at 2:30 when it actually shows up 10 minutes later or earlier. I don’t have to stand in the rain or cold while waiting on the bus anymore.
Wrong estimates for bus times in San Francisco
by kiyoshi1519 on 2019/04/02 21:20
A few of their bus estimates in San Francisco have been off by around 15+ minutes. The app has been unusable for the past few weeks.
Fantastic experience
by wyodave on 2019/04/02 18:24
The app rocks in the Northern Virginia area where I use Metro bus and rail and the Fairfax Connector. Love the small touches throughout - voice prompts, live bus locations, the GO feature, using the devices sensors to detect movement, and detecting I took a different bus and asking for confirmation.
transfer point
by k33113 on 2019/04/02 13:49
hi love your app (and your update notes) but pleaseee allow me to select my transfer point ...or make the app acknowledge that i'm still on the bus when i don't do what it's expecting (and then calculate transfer when i finally do exit the bus)… currently i have to do my trip twice (pre and post transfer) since the app doesn't know how to handle someone not following its very specific directions 😉
can’t depend on it!?
by Comment-h on 2019/04/02 10:58
It gives you a time. The time pass and no bus shows up then It starts again. In my case, the bus shows after 45 and more. However, it still tells you the bus is already here. Fairfax Connector bus schedule is the most unreliable schedule you can ever use, especially in the evenings.
Best transit app
by Damoace on 2019/04/02 10:09
I see the mta put out a new app *bull* now this app is the boss and its very awesome. As long as you set a destination it reminds you when your stop is close and it also tells you when you arrive. Anyone who finds a hard time getting around should definately het this app.
Good app
by Kyle cairel on 2019/04/01 23:15
I use this app all the time it help me out a lot. I wish more people would use the app so I can see the buss move at the same time so I know if it is running late
Better than I could imagine.
by davidb703 on 2019/04/01 22:50
Great app. It’s amazing how much better this app is versus the CTA’s Ventra app. The ability to see when you’ll arrive using different routes and modes of transportation is great. My only complaint is it’s tough to get back to your current location when scrolling around the map.
A glitch I noticed recently
by Musicmaniacdc on 2019/04/01 21:09
I ride buses in Nassau County in New York. In some locations I can’t get the next bus time if buses for the opposite direction are near by. The app gives me the other directions time.
No Point
by I hate Transit on 2019/04/01 14:51
This app is a good idea but that’s about it. It’s inaccurate and if u try and run on this app’s schedule you might as well just walk.
clutter on top of clutter
by Ignatius_J_Reilly on 2019/04/01 04:53
Every update has brought more clutter and made everything slower to load and harder to use. A floating search box that never gets out of the way, a skittish map that triggers constant reloading of the interface. The designers’ solution to every new feature seems to be to “add another layer”. It’s a steadily devolving mess. Oh, and the release notes are just idiotic. Give it a rest, guys. List the changes clearly and spare us the amateur comedy.
Awesome app.
by kibblezNbitz11 on 2019/04/01 01:20
This app is so awesome.. It gives me real time departures and lets me see exactly where the bus is. It also gives me list of different routes I can take to my destination.. Thankyou..
Not accurate, give schedule time, not real time
by vitaliy13131313 on 2019/03/31 19:27
Not accurate
Its so good
by AlcatrazPrincess on 2019/03/31 17:31
I use this app everyday to check bus times and route information. It is one of the best navigation apps
Good but not Perfect
by Jack Calhoun on 2019/03/31 12:28
Pretty good. Some of the SEPTA time estimations are off though.
To: Release Notes Writer
by isaacbee on 2019/03/31 02:50
I really appreciate when apps tell you what they are changing. Far too many companies go with the generic “bug fixes” and never say anything else. I read all of the release notes, and yours stood out as one of the best. The Transit app is good too.
by frehjyfffg on 2019/03/31 01:07
This app is not always accurate . Leave 10 minutes early don’t be lazy
Love the app
by Dustin_UT on 2019/03/31 01:04
I use this app on a daily basis, and I love it! I do have 1 issue however - I have noticed the arrival times like to jump back and forth with the CTA in Chicago. I’ll open it fresh, the time will say 5 min. I’ll go to another application and the time will jump to 10 min. If I force close the app, the time will then go back to 5 min upon opening again. A couple of times this had lead to me missing a bus. Would love a fix!
Houston area
by Abso12345! on 2019/02/01 18:59
I mainly take the metro to get to and from the University of Houston. Downloaded this app around a year ago or two, its pretty great at showing me the nearest line to where I’m trying to leave from. It’s also pretty great letting you know if you’ll have to take a second bus and showing the walking distance to actually get to your destination. It even shows you the estimated time it would take if you took an Uber or Lyft. As a student I wanna make sure to arrive to my classes on time, so it’s great being able to see my options. Honestly much better than just looking at google maps imo. I’m not giving it a full 5 starts just because sometimes the bus will arrive either earlier or later then the time it gives you but that’s understandable it’s not always going to be 100% accurate. I get that same issue even when I use the cities official metro text service, where it sends the time schedule for the bus, like I said not going to ever be 100% because there’s a lot of other factors one needs to take into account like traffic etc. overall I would recommend this app to anyone not familiar with their local metro service like if your knew to the city or just taking the metro for the first time, it comes in handy if you want to make sure you’re getting on the right bus.
Pay Close Attention
by amazingbosscoffee on 2018/10/02 12:35
This app is essential for my travel to and from college. I've noticed however that the time it tells you to leave is way too late every time, and I end up missing the bus by a minute or two. Even leaving earlier than the recommended departure, I will miss the bus. Not only that, but it has no way of alerting you when you've taken the wrong bus. It says "Unplanned Detour" which is really inconvenient for someone new to public transport who doesn't know the stops for other buses. You'll believe you're on the right bus and there IS a detour, maybe because the stops are correct up until a certain point when really the app just can't track you because you're obviously not on the route of the bus you were supposed to take. Please find a way to fix this. I don't know if you could make some sort of route recognition that would know if you've taken an actual detour or if you're simply on the wrong bus. On top of that, it gave me an estimated arrival at my destination, changed to a half hour later. All when the bus was the WRONG bus. Why on earth would there be an estimated arrival for that, if the bus is never getting there in the first place?
My go-to app every single time I hop on a bus
by Ramsay Ashwin on 2018/07/21 15:12
This app is truly amazing with all the capabilities that it has. I live in Los Angeles and it accurately depicts all the lines, with the majority of them having real time predictions. This is always the first app I check when planning a journey anywhere. I love the feature to turn and off minimizing walking because sometimes I take my bike with me on my trips, and I can do portions of the trip on my bike. The only problems that I would have with this app is that recently it has been showing very few busses with real-time info. The majority of times have just been the scheduled times. I immediately jumped to the conclusion that this wasn’t the app’s fault, but I checked other apps like Citymapper and it did have real-time predictions for the exact same bus. Furthermore, half the time I click GO, it doesn’t show the happy face in the top left corner, meaning that I’m not providing real time information back to the system. I’d love to help more but if it doesn’t let me there is nothing I can do. The reason I am still rating this five stars is because I would still use this app over any other one I have.
Used to be more accurate
by Robiedo on 2018/05/05 16:46
5/5/18 update: First, thanks to the developer for responding to my original review. I’m not sure what good screen shots would do, but here’s a specific example from last week Monday, morning: I got to the bus stop and checked your app for the arrival of the next bus. It said 19 minutes and that the last bus had gone through four minutes earlier. Instead if waiting such a long time, I opted to jump in a shared bike that happened to be parked nearby. No sooner than I’d pedaled all of a mile (about five minutes later) and, whoosh, the bus goes flying by. All of relevant buses appearing in the schedule were displaying with the GPS tracking indicator, but none of the times was accurate. Maybe you could query Valley Transit about their useless signalling. ______________ I have relied upon this app in the Phoenix metro area for going on two years and consider it an essential part of my commute and even incidental use of public transit. However, it seems that recently it’s less accurate, even for buses that are supposedly being tracked with GPS. I’ll keep using it, because I really like its user interface and features, but I’m hoping, a lot, that the accuracy of arrival times improves—soon.
by rnackerel on 2018/09/10 22:57
Whenever I see a noob on campus waiting around for a bus or shuttle, looking mad lost, I nine-times-out-of-ten pull out my Transit app and let them know how long they’ll be waiting, where the vehicle is at that moment, and that this app is great for this sort of thing. I love it. Seeing the essentially live updating, “[bus was at this location 43seconds ago]”, being able to quickly reference bus schedules for my favorite lines, being able to plan my trips and decide what the best way is to get somewhere... the only downside to all this convenience is that my calves would probably be stronger without it. My only issue is with loops (like campus shuttles), where it tells the user there’s some last stop/to get off there, and I can’t seem to figure out a way to make it so that I can set my destination to a later stop. It might be nice to designate ends of lines in a different color or something, and let the user know there might be a wait at this-or-that stop. Ultimately though, that’s chump change. I love this app. I can finally trust public transportation (or at least, this app).
Too much junk. Too slow to load
by WhiskeyTang on 2019/01/30 05:05
There is way too much going on in this app. I was using an app called Swiftly to get San Francisco BART times for my commute and the Transit app company must have bought them out because Swiftly no longer works and gives a link to this app. Okay, so I gave it a shot. Firstly, the app opens onto a map view with a bunch of bus/train and other transit stops dotted all over it and there’s no way to navigate to a particular station until the data loads. This is really frustrating for me because sometimes I like to check the train times when I’m already at the station in case the first train that comes is crowded, I can decide if it’s worth waiting for the next train or squeeze in with the crowd. The station I use is underground with poor reception and no GPS so I can’t actually use the app to quickly check train times because the map data has to load to be able to navigate in the app! I used Swiftly because I need an app to quickly look at train times for a particular station. This Transit app is bloated and slow and it was too difficult to set it up in a way that quickly gave me the information I wanted. I’m very sad that they bought out and took away a competing app that was better. I use EasyBART now and I pray these guys don’t buy them out next
Was a 10 star before update.
by ashley3793 on 2018/09/05 11:38
For the past two year I have thoroughly enjoyed your app. Unfortunately that ends today. I understand that you are trying to keep up to date with the advancement in technology but does that need to sacrifice the quality of the app? The app is done beautifully. The colors are vibrant and the advancements are enjoyable; but it’s not reliable anymore. I use to be able to pin point the exact time I would make it to my destination. Literally. I was able to press on a stop on the line and see what other train or buses run in that area. I was also able to then see their arrive time and predict which route would be faster to me. A for some reason that all has vanished over night. The app was so amazing that I made sure that everyone I’ve ever come in contact with downloaded the app; as well as many tourists. I live in New York city so the train are extremely important to us as well as the ability to predict our arrive time. In a city that is heavy controlled by delays of “train traffic ahead” or “sick passengers” we rely on apps like yours to help us get through the subway storms and to our destination quickly and safely. You can change the formula but please don’t sacrifice the quality.
Since I can’t find your email...
by lisfolks on 2018/11/30 04:30
This is my go-to Transit app. However, in a recent update, the app started automatically changing to the next route time if it appears that I’m going to miss a bus - and it doesn’t allow me to return to the prior route schedule. One of the stops I use most often has the wrong lat/lon values. As a result, the app thinks I should be a block away from where the stop actually is. At the time the bus is supposed to be there, the app switches to the next route time, thinking I’m going to miss the bus. Then, I can’t see my transfer point any longer, till the app figures out that I’m on the right bus after all. This is very frustrating!!! The app should ASK me if I want to switch to the next route time or stay on the current route time!!! (Since this app is supposedly crowd-sourced, optimally it should notice that I’m catching the bus a block away, or let me note the correct location - but, no, it doesn’t offer that option!) So PLEASE put back the ability to KEEP the original route result even if it appears I’ve missed the bus!!!
Update ruined a beautiful thing
by Reustin on 2018/09/17 23:26
For years I’ve depended on Transit app and promoted it widely. But the last “update” was absolutely terrible. Previously, you could tap one option in the list and see a few more arrival times for that option while still seeing other nearby transit options in the list. That was what made the app awesome, then you got rid of it. You guys are fixated on with forcing people to use GO (to the point that you’re covering up my map with it). But many of your users don’t want or need GO, as they are very familiar with local transit lines and simply need to see the arrival times in one place. Please put it back the way it was! I know the info is still there but it takes way more tapping around to to see it, and when you’re trying to quickly decide whether to make a certain connection, those extra few moments are critical. And please, at least let users disable GO in settings instead of shoving it down their throats. (Or make it a separate product perhaps?) When a company loses touch with what made people love their product it’s very discouraging indeed. I’m noticing that many users have written similar reviews.
definitely a one stop shop
by Foodie8765 on 2018/09/06 12:46
I’m from the DC metro area but I go to college in NYC and I use the same app in both places, it works accurately in either city. If you’re serious about shaving minutes off your commute then I don’t really know what your needs are, but as someone who just wants a 2-5 minute buffer when I’m checking when my bus comes, this app is incredibly accurate and fits my needs perfectly. Currently using it in DC and the app even shows me real-time where I am on my own bus, including upcoming stops. I was wary about this feature because I use a line that has a lot of minor stops that are really closely spaced, so I thought that by the time the stop showed up on the Transit screen my bus would have already missed it, but it was accurate down to me seeing us pass the stop as the app said we were going by it. I love this app and unless some update makes it ridiculously hard to plan travel on it or something, I plan on using it for a very long time!
This app does not work
by Ronnie Frey on 2018/11/06 17:06
This used to be my favorite app and I would tell everyone about it. There was nothing wrong with it it worked just fine. Then you guys updated it and the update is completely horrible it doesn’t work most of the time. Today I received a notification of a delay that affected my route to work. When I clicked on the notification it took me to the app and did not take me directly to the notification. I wanted to read the full notification but was not able to. When I went to the actual notifications portion of the app this particular notification wasn’t even there! On top of that all the notifications that were there were three days old! I have the app set to notify me at all times as well as I use this train the most. What did you do to make this app not work like it used to? Who’s in charge of testing this to make sure everything functions properly? Once again I’m giving you one star and if I could rate you zero stars I would. This app disappoints me daily now. It’s a shame. It was a BRILLIANT app before and worked almost perfectly and there was NOTHING that needed updating and you’ve succeeded at completely ruining it.
Truly one of the BEST apps out there
by marcopolo581 on 2018/04/20 20:36
Now as a tech savvy enthusiast, I always aim to test out dozens of apps just to know what works and what just simply doesn’t work. For a while, transit slowly but surely growing and over the past 4-5 years, as a New Yorker, I can confidently and how heartedly say that this app is truly one of the best apps out there! -Subway countdown clocks? Pffft, who needs them? TRANSIT has been RIGHT for the arrival of trains for the past 2-3 years now (mark my words, and I’m very avid on time frames). -When there’s incidents affecting your line, guarantee you won’t hear it on the news, but you’ll definitely get an alert with Transit, whether you’re in the app or not. -If you’re not sure how to find a certain subway stop, TRANSIT slays at showing you markers where you are exactly located and when to leave in order to catch that train you just aren’t quite sure is still running or not (even if it’s every 20 min on the weekends late at night) 2 things: I would LOVE to see an integration for Juno, VIA, and ARRO/ CURB apps as well, it would truly make this app even more unique and stellar. Also, there’s an amazing app called iTransNYC and I would LOVE if Transit integrated their app and notification styles with them. Before Transit, iTransNYC was my go to app. Would be really great if a great app got picked up by an even greater app. Transit is already slaying other NYC subway applications. Why look any further? :-)
Unintuitive Redesign
by MsQueenn on 2018/09/16 14:26
I like the crowd-sourcing feature and being able to watch the bus approaching in real time, but the redesign makes for a super frustrating app. It takes too many taps and swipes to navigate that aren’t all obvious. For instance, checking the complete schedule of a Line while currently in a GO session. It’s not very obvious that you have to swipe down the GO session to get to the schedule list of nearby lines. And I liked how previously, on the same line, you could see the ETA of the next bus as well as what time that would be. Now you HAVE TO look at the full schedule to then get only the bus arrival times and not ETA. It’s a broken experience and quite annoying at that. My other issue with the new full schedule list is that the earlier bus times were removed. I actually found it useful to see which arrivals have already passed. At least seeing one or two past arrivals would be helpful. Please incorporate these features back into the app so I could give the star rating this app really deserves. I use it every day and hate to have less than an awesome experience.
Not as good as it used to be
by Sean1ro on 2018/09/03 05:25
I used to really enjoy this app. Some things made it less usable in the latest iterations. First, based on the schedule, if a train has departed from a station, I can’t click on to check the schedule; I have no idea when my train will get to my destination, nor can I see if we are on time at the en-route destinations. Sometimes the train is two or three minutes late, and I want to see details, but can’t. Second, before, the entire schedule for the entire day could be displayed if need be. This functionality has been deleted; it only shows trains going forward, which, again, prevents me from checking the schedule of the train once I am on the train. Finally, since I’m a NYC area user, the train is often underground and this I have no signal. I am certain that the older versions uploaded more nearby train schedules, so deep underneath the East or the Hudson Rivers, my connecting schedule will be available. This is no longer the case. I have reverted to using multiple other apps that can accomplish the same thing, but it definitely is not as convenient.
A little annoyed
by ifsogirl643 on 2018/09/11 11:56
I can only give a 3 star rating because I’m currently annoyed with the new layout on this app. I don’t need a sophisticated app to see where I’m going and how long it will take or I will need to wait. Before the new layout I could add a saved location where I normally pick up transit (I can still do that), but before I could click on that location and see ALL of the times the bus would come to that location. I would then time my trolley ride to coincide with the time I needed to be at that stop for the bus with minimal wait time. NOW with the new SOPHISTICATED app I CANNOT do this which leaves me with my current ANNOYANCE AND FRUSTRATION. I shouldn’t have to take so much time trying to figure this out when I’m already in a rush and now I have no idea when the will come at my saved location in 2 hours when I arrive there. Thanks a lot transit app! What’s the point of saving the location when I can only see the current time the bus will get there and not ALL of the future times?? Please fix this issue.
The only transit app you need
by admato on 2018/09/07 20:04
This is, by far, the best transit app out there. The interface super is clean and easy to use, and the information is very reliable, often more accurate than the actual bus times. While many transit apps are limited to one state or transit system (I’m looking at you Citymapper), the Transit app connects a multitude of transit systems, and will connect busses/trains/trolleys to find the best route and is always expanding to include more more systems. With every update the devs add more features, functionality, and refinements to this app. All the while they maintain the simple interface without making it too cluttered. The developers truly understand how to make the commuting process as easy as possible, and base the app experience around this. There are alternatives to the Transit app, some of them pretty good, but none come close to this one in terms of simplicity, design, and functionality. Get this app.
The only transit app you need
by admato on 2018/09/07 20:04
This is, by far, the best transit app out there. The interface super is clean and easy to use, and the information is very reliable, often more accurate than the actual bus times. While many transit apps are limited to one state or transit system (I’m looking at you Citymapper), the Transit app connects a multitude of transit systems, and will connect busses/trains/trolleys to find the best route and is always expanding to include more more systems. With every update the devs add more features, functionality, and refinements to this app. All the while they maintain the simple interface without making it too cluttered. The developers truly understand how to make the commuting process as easy as possible, and base the app experience around this. There are alternatives to the Transit app, some of them pretty good, but none come close to this one in terms of simplicity, design, and functionality. Get this app.
Was amazing, but “update” was terrible
by Reustin on 2018/09/10 14:04
I’ve been a long time fan and user and promoter of your app, depending on it for years for my commute and transit. But what you did last week is terrible. When I clicked on one transit option I could see more info about a particular option without leaving the main screen that shows all the transit options for my location. Now it pops up this stupid screen (that covers up information I need) trying to make me use GO. You guys are obsessed with forcing your customers to use your GO product and if you don’t back off, that will be your downfall. Many users understand the transit options in their city and how to make transfer connections quite well and don’t need or want GO. The the ability to see multiple arrivals for multiple options while still seeing the list was the magic sauce of Transit app. Very disappointed. Please put it back the way it was instead of trying to be Google maps. Google maps has that covered. 😠
Google and others will not show you around better
by Mgnugget on 2019/01/21 23:25
I downloaded this because I knew that there were multiple bus lines that could get me to my destination, yet google only provided one. This app is amazing. It’s a lot like how waze gives you real time alerts based on other users. The go feature will allow you to share your location so other users can see where their bus or train is in real time. That means you can get updates from people too. A couple of things on my wishlist though: the interface is confusing at first, and I have to believe there’s a simpler way to navigate (though I’m used to it now), also there isn’t an Apple Watch app and I think there needs to be. I’m the kind of person that wears one everyday and would like the see the current time, and the next bus for my favorite line in a complication on my main watch face.
Great app!
by Xion98 on 2018/04/26 02:21
I never review because I never care enough. But, this app is so helpful in my daily commute. It’s very precise and accurate. Sometimes I see that I won’t be able to make it in time to catch my bus but it lets me see what other times I can catch it, giving me time to grab a coffee or a snack before heading over instead of waiting like an idiot wondering what time it will come. In winter, I just wait in a store and see when the app says my bus is coming in “two minutes” so I head over to the stop and didn’t have to freeze as I waited. I love this app. It doesn’t seem to consume that much battery life either. I had this open when my phone was on 5% and I waited fifteen minutes and my phone was still alive to show the driver my virtual ticket. Great developer(s), talented person or people, and truly amazing for letting this app be free. Best app ever!
Buggy and Missing a few features
by bfisch227 on 2018/10/05 18:36
I loved the older version of this app - it was perfect for navigating the MBTA (Boston). However this new version is missing a few features that I used to use a lot - for example the go to current location button that was always right on the main map screen is gone. It’s still somewhat accessible, but it’s only under the “get directions” section. I often didn’t use this part of the app unless I was in really unfamiliar territory - I just want to see when the next train or bus is coming. You can still move the purple cursor over towards your location on the map shown in blue, but it often crashes or moves very slowly when I try and do this. Also it seems like the times have been a bit off, where it used to always be very accurate. This may be the fault of the MBTA rather than the app itself, but it still makes it less useful nonetheless.
The most amazing app if you’re taking the bus every day
by ElChapoEscobar on 2019/03/29 20:03
I’ve been using this app for years. It has come so far since I first started using it back in 2015 and it was awesome back then. This app is very efficient and consistent with times and routes. It connects you with other passengers that may or may not be taking the same bus as you. I live in Miami Dade County Court and bus times are on point. Routes are amazing it even tells you where the stops are located and at what time you should leave your home so you don’t have to be waiting extra time on the bus stop. It’s not only for bus it’s for all public transportation like trains, metro-rails, ect.... This is one of the apps that I first open in the morning very helpful and useful tool if your traveling by bus or you’re at vacation at a different city and need to get around.
Some good features but kills battery
by Ry M. on 2018/10/19 13:25
Using the Go feature really drains the battery like none else. However, the real-time tracking is one of the best I’ve used among tracking apps for the MBTA. Also, when using the Go feature, it tells you when to get off, which is super useful if you tend to zone out on the bus. There are some pretty good features that are useful, like being able to easily move the location your searching for routes nearby to a different location than your actual location by just dragging the map. But there are some pretty basic things that are missing, or are difficult to figure out, that are really easy and native to other tracking apps, such as the ability to easily see other route options forwards and backwards in time, or being able to see the schedule for a route of choose and not just the predictions for a particular stop.
Love it, have some suggestions/problems
by SomMom2+10 on 2019/02/21 23:36
I love this app, but when one thing that no transit apps seem to take into consideration when analyzing how long a trip will take is the time you spend waiting before the vehicle arrives... If I have to wait 20 minutes in the cold for a 30 minute route vs. wait 1 minute in the cold for a 49 minute route that gets me to my destination at the same time, I'd much prefer the latter, but it's never suggested as an alternative. There's also an issue where if a bus leave late, but the app thinks that it has already left, when you then get on the bus, it thinks that you got on a different bus, and there's no way to change that and provide accurate information. Sometimes no way to evn say that you didn't get on that other bus. All that being said, I love this app.
Downloaded after my fav app was discontinued
by la vida vira on 2019/01/10 01:31
I had another transit app, but the company shut down. It said to download Transit, so I did. It’s not as user friendly as the other, and unfortunately I can’t remember the name of it. I liked being able to input any delays, but you can’t do it on Transit. I feel like user input about delays is better than the Go option. Also, the times aren’t accurate, at least for San Francisco. I’ve compared it to times on Routesy, and Routesy is more accurate. UPDATE: I actually like Go now that I’ve tried it out. I still think user input is needed. For example, Go told me to get off at a specific stop to catch another bus. Well, I was able to catch the same bus a couple of stops before the recommended one. I had to turn off Go, then turn it back on to show that I’m on the second bus. I hope there’s a way to manually switch to another bus line while staying in Go.
Use this app with other apps and information
by Ranveig L. on 2018/04/07 16:58
This app is occasionally accurate; to get a good idea of when the next bus or train is coming, I find it’s best to supplement use of this app with use of other transportation-related apps and any information the company that owns the local transportation system provides. Response to Transit’s query: Thanks for your reply. I find that this app often inaccurately indicates when the next bus or train will arrive at various stops in the Washington metropolitan area. Actually, the app seems to have become less accurate over time. I have been using the app for 11 months. Sometimes, I will be pleasantly surprised to find that a train or bus is arriving 15 minutes earlier than Transit indicates it will. Other times, a train or bus arrives 15 minutes after Transit said it would. I, therefore, also consult the DC Metro and Bus app and any electronic signs that the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority updates in the places where I wait for trains or buses.
So good the MTA didn’t bother to develop its own
by 211BAM57 on 2018/04/14 12:15
Before our local transit system started providing real time positions of buses and trains, this app was useful as a user friendly keeper of the timetables and trip planner. Now that it is getting positions info, it's almost empowering. I used to go out and stand on the street wondering if I've missed the bus or if it's late and feeling foolish to just be hanging out watching the cars go by. Now I know where the buses are and when to expect them. I can have the app alert me when to start walking out rather than going crazy early to make sure I didn't miss it. Of course the GPS tech sometimes doesn't work on all the buses and there app had to rely on schedules but that's not the apps fault. Even if you're a casual transit user this is an essential app.
Very helpful, will become essential to your daily life
by extr4me on 2018/04/13 19:34
My favourite feature is that it will announce when I’m approaching destination, I often put on headphones and fall asleep on the bus, with this creepy AI voice reminding me I never missed my stop ever again. Search feature needs improvement though, e.g. when I search for a restaurant/coffee/museum, search results are very limited (and often in other cities, like why???) and can’t view on the map. I still use google map to do planning then use this app to track. I like how it knows I’m going home or going to work so the correct route is always on top with the correct direction, but if I ever want to go to anywhere else the workflow is really weird and complicated, sometimes even frustrating. Plus this app has THE BEST update notes, better than most comedy nowadays.
Almost there... and it will be The Perfect
by Mapuho4ka on 2019/04/16 17:37
I feel like I tried all the Apps that work with MTA. When iTrans MTA stoped working, there was nothing even close to it that would do it all within one App. I was constantly switching between apps, between live schedule, maps or average time between certain stops. And then I found Transit and it improved before my eyes. I went from switching between 3 apps in one trip to barely switching. A few things I feel could make this ideal: Maps, I switch to MyMTA for simple maps or to iTrans to get close ups of stations and see where the exits are. When the GPS signal is poor or not available, it would be amazing if there was a manual start to GO. P.S. Crowdsourcing is the best thing that ever happened to transit apps 👍🏻
Best routes and accurate directions, just missing 2 important things:
by xojohannyxo on 2019/03/16 17:39
I absolutely love this app, I use it over Maps, Google Maps, and MYmta. The times and directions are always accurate to a T, except when there delays. Planned service changes are correct, but when the MTA has impromptu delays, the app does not account for them. If trains are stalled because of a subway surfer, the MTA app lets us know (and why, which is EXTREMELY useful) but not Transit. I also wish they had time of arrival on the directions timeline. I know leave + duration = arrival, but adding time isn't the most intuitive thing in the world, and it’s hard to decipher the exact time using the top axis on the screen. Aside from those 2 things, this app is always the way to GO.
No Weeknight Service Updates / Other Inaccuracies
by JBliss86 on 2018/06/13 02:45
Fails to account for weeknight service changes. For example, it advises I take the 2 train from the West Village to Brooklyn. Unfortunately 2 trains are not running between Chambers & Atlantic & haven’t been for months. The other route suggests I take the B which, as you may have guessed, is not running either. Other egregious errors include its references to catching the Q at W 4th (it does not stop there). Add this to misplaced subway street entrances along with the constant missed connections caused by the abysmal MTA service & you’re left an app that is somewhat reliable during standard daytime hours. I am sure the MTA is partially responsible as its ineptitude knows no bounds but until the developer addresses these issues, in most cases you are better off plotting your journey ahead of time & using the MTA SubwayTime app in conjunction with this one if you simply must have digital companionship for your journey.
I highly recommend this app
by Sabrina_Nol on 2019/01/10 00:24
So to be honest I’m a junior in high school and live around 3 miles away. My parents work early days so I take the bus almost daily. This app has made my life so much easier because I don’t need to worry about leaving the house too late or early. The bell letting you know when to leave is very helpful. There is a setting letting you know when you’ll arrive and you can change this to when you want to arrive or when the bus will come. I am very fond of this feature because I stop at Starbucks before school sometimes;). Although it has a few bugs this is an excellent app and would recommend it to those who depend on public transportation as much as I do. I hope you enjoy this app as much as I do.
My Explorer exploded last spring! 😢
by Tomcatrider on 2018/11/13 02:00
I blew the motor on my Explorer last spring, and didn’t have to fundage to either replace the motor or buy a new vehicle. I found myself 12 miles away from work, overweight, and out of shape. I found the Transit app, and for the first few days had to pay cash - “exact change only, not change given!” After a couple of days, I found where I could get a monthly pass, and the rest of the summer was great! I had no idea that public transportation could get me to so many places, and never had to worry about parking! The next 6 months were great. I would ride the bus to work with my bike in the bike rack, and would bike 1/4 to the full ride home (no showers at work so I never biked in). I finally saved enough to get my Explorer fixed, but I still take the bus & lightrail on occasion when I don’t want to drive and either dealing with parking of if I know I’m going to have a few cocktails. The drivers for the vast majority are friendly and helpful. Overall I had a great experience riding the bus, and feel so much secure that I can still get to work and recreational activities if for some reason my car breaks down again!
New update is inaccurate
by I'm_fyaa! on 2018/09/19 13:30
There are a few great aspects to the app which I absolutely love. Like how they provide a full schedule for all the transits and real time location. But there are a few really big downsides to the app that I really wish the developer can fix. I feel like it’s a gamble using this app everyday. Some days it can be accurate, but some days it is just way off. Like it will tell me a certain time but my bus ends up coming earlier so I wouldn’t make it on time. Or it will list a bus time but the bus ends up not showing up at all. This gets super frustrating because I need to align my bus to my train ride. ON TOP OF THIS. The newest update is absolutely horrible. Interface looks prettier, but the information displayed is even more inaccurate. Not only is the arrival time still inaccurate, but now even the arrival time to destination is inaccurate. It calculates my <10min ride as a 30 min ride.
by woofcyn on 2018/07/13 20:06
Update: customer service is very good and responsive. The app has become too unreliable in NYC. It became inaccurate after the version with voice feedback and Go, a while ago. I have in the past sent several screenshots to customer service. I even asked if I could downgrade to an earlier version. Perhaps I’d run tests with Google Maps and Citymapper who are more accurate. All are using the same data sources from the MTA. Thank you for your concern, but I have deleted the app. Too bad, it has a nicer interface than Citymapper. I’d address the reliability problem above everything else as others have noted. Right now the app is not useable. It used to be good several years ago, but now it gives wrong information most of the time. Now, I just use it to view live transit arrival times, and use either Google Maps (best interface) or Citymapper (cluttered interface) for itineraries.
Such a handy transit app with one flaw
by airazedy on 2018/04/18 15:15
I was looking for a better way to view transit options since I live and rely on public transit daily. I love how user friendly this app is and I can see arrival times for all the transit options. My one issue is the alerts: you can have alerts set to Never, Commute Hours Only, or All the Time. Seems satisfactory. Except the commute hours don’t start early enough for me. I get on a train at 5:55am (give or take a few minutes) every day. I wish there was a way to customize the alert hours. Because right now, I’m seeing alerts all day long which is entirely unnecessary. I give it 3 stars because of all the unnecessary updates I’m receiving. I’ll probably end up deleting the app within a few weeks because they’re already annoying and I’ve only had the app for a week.
Good app but needs work
by Huitz1lo on 2018/11/20 20:16
As a college student in the Bay Area who uses public transportation to get to and from school, this app was great. A few updates ago it was working fine by providing accurate arrival times (using GO) than the VTA provided. However, these past couple of updates have been really wonky. Why does the app now need to ask my starting location before traveling? It didn’t do that before, and now it’s an inconvenience because it asks every time I travel. Lately, GO hasn’t been providing the real-time location of the bus. Sometimes it won’t even show where the bus is or know where I’m at. It’s able to detect when I’m riding it but not when I get off so it’s constantly warning me about detours, something didn’t happen before. These past updates have been really annoying and frustrating as someone who relies heavily on bus lines to get around.
Much harder to use now
by Mishieme on 2018/10/14 00:54
The new UI is much harder to use now. Not only does trying to bring up a map show a much smaller map (almost nonexistent on the SE!) but I have to do an extra gesture to interact with it. Also this new version completely broke differentiating between “Rapid” and non rapid buses in SF. It no longer tells you what stop to get off on the Rapid, which stops much less frequently. Just now it said take a normal or Rapid, and listed a stop that isn’t on the Rapid line to get off at. I have to now manually go into a route map, or another app, to double check what stops the Rapid has. And lastly, I have tiny hands and not being able to use a back gesture to get out of the route detail screen is a MAJOR pain. I cannot use this app one handed anymore. That was one of the differentiating factors for using this vs one of the other apps for transit.
UII/UX is not user-friendly anymore
by BFBoston on 2019/02/16 21:38
When I fist got Transit app, I loved it. It had an easy-to-use interface, which is imperative when you’re on the go. Then they did a design overhaul, and I don’t think they did much user testing as the app is no where near as intuitive as it had been. Bus time schedules are hidden (contextual time doesn’t help as much as actual time). When I want to set a reminder, it gives a prompt to get “Go” alerts for commuter hour updates—which isn’t necessary when all I’m I’m trying to do is to know what time to leave to catch a bus at a particular time. Don’t get me wrong. It’s a good app, and fairly reliable in Boston—which is not an easy city to be reliable in. But they need to do more robust user testing when doing UI/UX updates. People (like me!) rely on this app for their day-to-day life.
The Closest Thing to Teleporting!
by JwhispersC on 2018/11/30 01:21
Ever feel like sometimes driving isn’t fast or efficient enough? Ever wondered if you could combine driving or other transit with trains, subways, and more to beat traffic? Then you’ve come to the right app! Transit is constantly improving and has done spectacular things. From showing you multiple transit types available across the country, to figuring out the fastest way from point to point, Transit shines. If you’re a commuter who uses public transit and/or ride share services, this app rocks by combining them. It is also opening entirely new ways to move quickly through multi-modal transit. If you’re willing to mix ride sharing such as Lyft or Via with public transit- this is your app. Better still, the Transit App team keeps building and is working to add more modes of transit in the future such as biking, scooters, and hopefully driving to park and rides ;). All of this is a lasting effort to get you there faster. What’s more, the app gets better the more you and others put it to use by helping others see the true status of bike shares, busses, trains, and more.
Estimated Arrival Times are Unpredictable
by SagetFan on 2018/10/12 16:11
My original review is below but I'm adding a note that I'm deleting the app. I'm going to be late for work because, as usual, the app had the wrong time. It has some great planning tools but none of that matters if the schedules wrong. The worst part is the busses here are usually on time. This app would be a lot better off it just went by scheduled times instead of trying to estimate the arrival time. Several times I've seen the estimated arrival time jump around by twenty or thirty minutes even when the bus is about to arrive. Today I got to my stop 10 minutes before the last bus was supposed to leave but it never came. It turns out it had left 10 minutes before I got there, which was 20 minutes before the app said it was supposed to. All the bells and whistles don't matter if the app can't perform the basic function of telling you what time the bus is leaving.
Misled reviews
by heyhowr on 2018/12/14 00:10
I understand the importance of reliability and on time arrivals, but I find some of the reviews have not taken into account personal responsibility that comes with your own commute. Public transit, especially in San Francisco is notoriously bad and Transit has made my commute much more predictable. However, the data provided to Transit is only as good as the data provided to them. That said most of the inaccuracies of the app is not on them, but the transit authorities that provide the data. For those of you that are arriving late and needing someone to blame, go look in a mirror and grab the earlier train. I assure you if you leave a bit earlier your day will be much less stressful. It worked for me.
Needs improvement for transfers
by Sc14579 on 2019/02/17 03:51
I live in a smaller city (of 300,000) with a relatively robust system of bus routes. Transferring buses is common because of how the bus routes are set up. I’ve learned where I can transfer and at what times for the bus routes I take most often, but I downloaded this app to see if I was being the most efficient I could. However, this app’s algorithm doesn’t seem to work well for transferring. It would rather have me walk 20 minutes to different bus route rather than taking another bus to a place where I can transfer. Turning off “minimize walking” did not change the results. I compared the same trip with Google Maps and Apple Maps and both of those apps show transfers that this app does not. Perhaps it is more useful in larger cities, but right now I see no reason to choose this app over Apple or Google Maps.
Thank you!
by 7777mememe on 2018/12/15 15:52
I’ve seen some of the comments from other users complaining about inaccurate bus times, Subway times, etc. but this app was invaluable while I was in London. Being American and from a town without a subway system, the London tube map was a formidable opponent. Before I went I was nervous about having to spend my entire vacation budget on cab rides, but this app made it cheap to get exactly where I wanted to go without having to worry about figuring out HOW to get there. I went from having to pay 70 pounds for a cab ride to being able to hop on the train for a couple bucks with no worries. Definitely worth a download when exploring unfamiliar territory.
Its ok
by Leebrashi on 2019/02/08 01:08
I like the app and when it's working its great. What I mean by it doesn't always work is that the are some days that whether I have internet or cell data it doesn't always show you where the transit vehicle is. Example: I'm riding Seattle street car, I put in my location click on go and look back to see where the car is. The is no car showing at all. I get downstairs 5 min later and the car just drive away from the curb. Sometimes it will show but not all the time. The sounder train is worse. I click go and I can only see the trains that have left the station, not the ones on their way to me, ever. I still have to rely on my own eyes and arrive at my departure location early to make sure I don't miss it. So when it's working great, when it's not, so frustrated.
Was great before
by zella_bee on 2019/01/30 00:49
The app was perfect before the most recent updates that changed the look of it. I would always have the times right and I could easily find routes, now the times are wrong and it won’t show the schedule of when the next bus comes(after you’ve selected a destination), before it would show every 15min or 30min, however long till the next. Also now you can’t just select a location in a map with coordinates, it has to be an exact shop or something which is frustrating because I use the drop pin often on maps. Also just in general much more confusing and way less straight forward than before. Give me easy to work and practical, not fancy, confusing and all over the place
App for the future, needs a couple features
by VA Dem on 2019/01/13 15:27
This app is a fantastic route planning tool. It includes the established transit options, and can provide real-time data if supplied by municipalities. There are a few things it can’t do, with good reason, and a few things it should do. Dockless scooter company Byrd just showed up in town, but there doesn’t appear to be a way to add them. The city has regional transit options like Amtrak, mega bus and bolt bus but the app doesn’t seem to think regionally or as a future trip planner. While you can hail an Uber/Lyft from the app, it would be nice to buy a bus pass. It will be interesting to see if the app changes when I travel to include the transit options of other cities
by Kmmsx on 2018/08/18 04:00
I rarely write reviews for app, but I have to give it to this one. The times are accurate (at least for my experience) and the nearby transportation locations are nothing but helpful. I’m very happy to have had discover this app through a friend and I would not replace it for anything else. It’s very easy to navigate and very informative a when it comes to delays or detours I should expect. Thank you Transit App Team! PS: thanks to you, I avoided waiting for a train that will take 10 minutes by knowing of a bus that will go the exact same way and would be arriving in t-minutes 1 minutes. And it was raining too! I am very encourage 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽😫😫
OBSESSED with Transit
by josephguite on 2019/02/06 06:40
I’ve been a Transit user for quite some time now, and I have to say that I’m so impressed with not only the quality and ease of use of this app, but also the quick responsiveness of their customer service whenever I have an issue. I give this app 5 stars because I love that I’m able to just keep this app running in the background without ever even looking and I never miss my transfers/connections because I’m notified when my stop is coming up. Thank you Transit for an amazing app and for all your hard work keeping the app up-to-date with all of the current transit info and new multimodal options. LOVE 💚🚌🚇
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