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sparrow is an iPhone mail client designed with love to provide you with an efficient and pleasant mailing experience. With its pane navigation, its new threading system and many new features, you'll never look back. Warning: sparrow does not do Push notification ######### Features: - Full IMAP and POP support: Use your gmail, Hotmail, google Apps, iCloud, yahoo, AOL, Mobile Me and custom IMAP/POP accounts. - Unified inbox All your mails in a unique mailbox. - Attachments Directly attach photos & images when composing a mail. No more cumbersome back and forth with your photo library. - Up & down your conversations swipe up or down on a message to navigate a conversation. - Everything is a swipe away swipe once to uncover your mailboxes, labels and folders. swipe again to get to your account list. - Faces mail is much nicer with your friends' profile pictures. - message swipe Star, add a label, archive or delete a conversation right away simply by swiping a message. - Smart contacts Your most frequent contacts on top of the list. - Send & archive The best way to reach inbox zero easily. - Built-in web browser navigate the web within sparrow. - Quick mailbox switch navigate between your inbox, unread and favorites by tapping/swiping the top bar. - Mark all as read One click to rule them all. You can also press a message for a few seconds to mark it as read/unread. - Thread view Tap the top bar in the conversation to quickly navigate all messages in a thread. - Pull to refresh Finally, the simplest way to refresh comes to email. - Priority inbox support Automatically identify your important email and separates it out from everything else. - Alias Have a pro and a private mail address? Use alias to keep things separated. - Powerful search Local and remote search allow you to find the mail you're looking for. And many more features crafted with love to discover: - Quick sender switch in compose window - Mark all as read - Read/unread with a long press on a message cell - Reply all quick switch... ######### Learn more about sparrow for iPhone and sparrow for Mac on: Follow us on Twitter @sparrow
by TheAustinHowell on 2015/02/09 23:29
What happened? It's been forever since an update.
Please fix search bar bug
by celluloideyes on 2015/02/05 15:33
The search bar is constantly up and obscuring the first email. For months now. Only way to get rid of it is to read an email and then go back. As frequently as I check my inbox & write emails, this is very very obnoxious. 2 months later, no fix. Looking at other email apps now.
Top App
by shinjukublack on 2015/01/30 14:25
Sparrow was the answer to my needs when I first started using IMAP. However, iOS Mail has caught up to Sparrow with regards to its sleek, streamlined design. Unfortunately, that also means that Mail has more functionality than Sparrow. Sparrow is still a top-notch app, but it's not the "must have Mail replacement" that it used to be, thus only 4 stars instead of 5.
by Exd3ath on 2015/01/27 17:38
No updates since October 2013. This app is pretty much dead. The biggest annoyance I have with this is emails do not fit on my screen so I have horizontal and vertical scroll bars with no option to resize the screen. Very annoying. The search bar bug is irritating too. Shame because I like the other features like picture next to the email.
by bniesz on 2015/01/21 21:53
Sparrow has had a great reputation for years, which is why I was willing to pay $3 for an email app. However, this app hasn't been updated in years! It is now missing feature and looks terrible! It's a total waste of money in this state. When this app was abandoned, it should've been made available for free as it slips further into obsolescence.
Not worth it
by jorgeriveromadge on 2015/01/21 06:16
Outdated UI. Doesn't use the phone's contacts...Just another mail app.
Fantastic MUA
by amunix on 2015/01/20 02:41
Of all the crappy ones available, this is by far the best for iPhone.
by Bullet 5055 on 2015/01/15 23:28
Google, please let this app be updated by the original developer. This app is still selling on the App Store. Don't you feel obligated to have a basic update? Thank you
Great app
by rmsca on 2015/01/13 18:02
Excellent interface and friendly to user.
No update since 2013
by MykUSA on 2015/01/06 05:20
It's 2015 now!
doesn't work well with iPhone 6
by legatosans on 2015/01/04 13:38
UI looks really bad on iPhone 6. time for a change
New Years Wish
by swanlake125 on 2014/12/31 16:04
My only New Year's Wish is that google stop suppressing and ignoring this app and resurrect it. I have tried a dozen other email apps and have yet to find another that I love like this one. It's a crime what you are doing to it. Nothing else comes close and I won't use the gmail app, not only bc its inferior but bc of what you are doing here. :(
Fix the bugs please
by Jason Knapp on 2014/12/29 04:38
I like this app, however, there has been a big issue with the search bar showing up upon opening the app, it gets in the way of the first message in my mailbox. The only way to fix the issue is to click on another email or the search bar and go back into my email and it goes away. It's getting quite annoying. If you want your customers to give positive feedback, fix the issues so we are happy. Then I will give this app 5 stars. Until this issue is fixed, you only get 2.
Imap fail
by WriterGuy416 on 2014/12/23 20:08
Latest update absolutely will not work with my imap settings (cannot connect to server). Default mail app does, other apps do- Not sparrow. Downhill since google purchase.
needs an update
by Synderella82 on 2014/12/22 05:54
I've been a fan for a while. It has some odd quirks with nonexistent updates. Hoping it's not going away.
Has gone downhill
by Lgklgklgk on 2014/12/11 22:36
This started as my favorite mail app (I purchase it for iOS and OSX), but it has recently been having problems. For example, the Search Bar shows up at the top of the screen every time I open the app and obstructs the message of the top email. So I have to select the search box and turn it off just to preview my first message. Also, one of my email servers no longer synchs with my desktop clients, so I have to delete every email twice (this just started recently). Please fix these issues!
5 Star Potential + 1 Star Future = 4 Star App
by Seamus O'Rourke on 2014/12/09 16:34
Although this app was abandoned several years ago, it remains by far THE BEST email application for iPhone of the dozens I’ve tested over the years. Why Google had to buy it out, slap their name on it and discontinue support for the app is beyond me. It’s been four, almost five years and still no developer has delivered an app that tops this in terms of form and functionality. Although it looks like Google has the team that built this working on their new Inbox app, Inbox doesn’t even come close to the elegance and power of this wonderful little app. 5 Star Potential + 1 Star Future = 4 Star app.
by Kian Afshari on 2014/12/04 13:50
Good app, far better than stock mail app
by Jon-Boy on 2014/11/22 18:50
I would very much prefer this app over the stock mail app, as it is so much cleaner and has better features, like for example, I can actually delete a message in gmail account, instead of only archiving it. This is so much better in so many other ways, as well. However, features that I would like to see: -I would like to be able to see which emails are from which accounts in unified inbox(i.e. maybe color bars on the left side). -Also would like to have an option to "Select All" in edit mode, in order to delete, mark, or move. -Also, sometimes lately, this app doesn't seem to show all my e-mails. This app on iOS seems buggy.
Downhill since Google purchase
by bb3bab on 2014/11/22 04:55
The program is buggy since Google bought the company. The search form shows up at the top of my in box when I don't ask for it. I would not buy this again and don't use in other platforms anymore
Doesn’t Work
by smckissick_IGBOK on 2014/11/20 14:42
After downloading Sparrow for my mac it prompted me to purchase the iPhone version. The iOS version will not allow me to add an account. Not even gmail. I got an email from google saying that it denied access from Sparrow and I should use a google app that would be more secure. LOL If there is no support and there hasn’t been an update to this app in more than a year, I think apple should remove it from the app store.
Terrible for iOS8 & Gmail
by Pikrin on 2014/11/19 05:32
looks terrible, needs gmail security disabled to function, app is too old to be functional.
Needs an update
by CheeseTheGreat on 2014/11/17 23:31
Great app, needs an update.
Needs Push Notifications
by Simple13 on 2014/11/17 03:21
Good app but needs push notifications badly.
Great app
by maranello italia on 2014/11/06 17:50
Great app. 1) it will be nice to add sorting when displaying user emails accounts 2) an increase font feature 3) the ability to display an alias or short name for user email accounts rather than the actual email address for each account i.e. Like thunderbird does.
Update for iPhone 6/6 plus!
by S.till on 2014/11/06 07:47
Please updated for iphone 6/plus, and it crashes on iOS 5
App stopped working, App Support discontinued.
by snowfamily90254 on 2014/11/03 01:49
Worked well until about a month ago, when it just stopped working ( won't connect to email server ). Tried to reach out to support and Sparrow is off the air, dead. I'm surprised apple is still allowing sales.
Hello Google...
by Gabrealistic on 2014/10/23 22:56
Please update this app!!!! Please update this app!!!! Please update this app!!!! Please update this app!!!! Please update for iOS 8!!!
update it or stop selling it!
by postjosh on 2014/10/23 02:48
it's pretty funny that google tells the world about the poodle ssl 3.0 exploit but they don't update their own email client to stop using ssl 3.0. won't work for me anymore because my email provider won't allow access via ssl 3.0. too bad, because it's way better than apple's ios mail client.
Broken UI in iOS 8.1
by wizz_ on 2014/10/22 13:43
Broken in iOS 8.1. Update an app or remove it from the app store.
Best Email App
by Calvin Koepke on 2014/10/11 02:53
This is by far the best email app out there. Only reason I gave four stars is because it's no longer updated.
by Rajkeqq on 2014/10/08 12:48
Best email client, pays off.
Unfortunate Circumstances
by J_breez on 2014/10/07 10:13
I really hate that this is still perhaps one of the best email apps for ios even after being abandoned, if google never bought this app's team to not actually make any improvements to that terrible gmail app. We might have gotten some more features.
by .::SH@HED::. on 2014/10/04 01:42
Still best email client
by Daniel Levy on 2014/09/27 16:06
I have tried to find other email clients, but Sparrow remains the best. Definitely worth the money. Please keep maintaining it! I would happily pay to upgrade to an iOS 7/8 optimized version.
No landscape view and no updates
by Avnajjar on 2014/09/23 09:58
Sparrow is a great mail app. The only complaint I have is that it doesn't support a landscape view for the mail and browser. If it also had that, it would be one of my best purchases. (It pretty much already is). It works great compared to Apple mail or gmail app. It a also supports my secure IMAP which is rare. I would love an iPad version though. This app also never is updated by the developers. It's kind of annoying that they won't change or fix some of the issues that are in the app.
by Jojogeezer on 2014/09/18 20:32
I have installed every email app in the Apple Store, and this one is far superior to all the rest. I can add all contacts to forwarded emails without having to go back and forth to my contacts. It is the ONLY mail app that will let you do this. TRY IT, and you'll LOVE IT !!!
One of my fav mail apps
by Anil Narasipuram on 2014/09/06 03:45
This classic email app continues to shine, and still feels good to use despite lots of newer ones.
by kristis3 on 2014/08/30 21:22
I use this app everyday for all mail clients but it needs an UPDATE because it is very outdated
Very good
by Dave291 on 2014/07/23 02:56
Like it a lot
Great app
by Lauren guiteras on 2014/07/19 19:50
Better than mail or mailbox, I like the ability to add labels
Awesome app
by rakaur on 2014/07/03 06:57
Remove the ratings nag or add a don't remind me again option. It almost got you one star.
Love it!
by laturner62 on 2014/06/30 02:08
Please don't kill it! Instead, add encryption and give it some love. Make it Material!
Simply the Best
by nausfaratu on 2014/06/20 20:33
The best mail client for the iPhone, period.
Poor program
by Jujoro on 2014/06/18 11:52
I buy and work with this app, and in the ipad has severals problemas, as shut down, don’t move as ipad movements, and blocked by the server very frequently.
by snarepla2010 on 2014/06/03 13:05
I have this app for work email because the mail app won't let me link it. I use it for basic emails but I can only send pictures not pages, numbers, keynote files, or PDF... It is worth if you are just going to view email that mail app doesn't...
Down the toiliet
by Nstg8tor on 2014/05/27 01:24
Great App destroyed by Google, once its been bought by Google they say no more updates…. Another great app bought up by google and stripped.
Very good
by vgiordano on 2014/05/15 17:53
Solid. I am one of the many who wish it had push. It also was very difficult to set up for my gmail. I had to get an app specific password to log in and it took me a while to figure that out. The app is very intuitive and visually good looking. I wish it gave a swipe or action of some kind to move an email to spam or to a label. I use gmail and I can do this in the native gmail app.
Great UI - Google should make Gmail
by mrsoul69 on 2014/05/07 17:27
Like this better than I thought I would at first. Intuitive and space saving and love the swipes. Great app to help keep work and personal emails apart. Highly recommend. 5 stars if we ever get to make it the default mail- Apple restriction, I know.
No Landscape View
by amacmann on 2014/04/24 15:44
I love everything about this app ( much better than Apple's mail) but it does not have a landscape view which for me is very important! I hope that gets added soon.
5 for out-of-the-box thinking...
by NoAds on 2014/04/17 16:16
Well done. Another reviewer said it best, "Gmail and iOS mail had a love child." Great design when you thought iOS mail did it all.
Best mail app I've come across
by von Fluffelfel on 2014/04/12 17:35
I became interested in Sparrow for the unified inbox. Mail was giving me trouble over my GMail accounts. No such issues with Sparrow. I love how clean the interface is - and, conversely, how much customization is available behind the scenes. Worth the money!
Love it! Needs push...
by Jobankslv on 2014/04/09 13:35
...and landscape mode. iPad version would be nice too! Thanks for the great app, please continue to develop it!
by Go Ducks121334 on 2014/04/07 07:23
Best mail client ever
by disconnect13 on 2014/04/04 16:46
This is the best app. Previously I've used mailbox on mobile and Sparrow for mac - now I'm using one email platform & they best features
Love love love.
by on 2014/04/03 20:31
Just wish Google would keep developing it...
Best email client w 1 caveat
by Modern Grl on 2014/03/25 04:25
Pros: - with 1 swipe and tap, you can star, tag, archive, and delete email - with 1 tap, you can mark as unread - in app web browsing - everything is very easy and intuitive and useful Cons: - NEVER updated by Google; just updated for compatibility. - no push notification
Nearly perfect
by Thebruceaugust on 2014/03/21 19:26
There are few things missing, namely push notifications, but that is apples fault not sparrow. Love the app and the desktop version.
by Anonypotamous on 2014/03/20 13:32
I might love this, however my sight is bad due to retinal scars and I can find no way to increase type size. It is not very useful if I can't read my mail. Surely this is an easy fix.
Still the Best Email Alternative
by FM-Pros on 2014/03/19 18:54
Even though this app hasn't been updated much since getting bought by Google, it is still the best third party email app available and squarely beats the standard iOS mail client. Sparrow's biggest advnatage is its inclusion of Sent items in threaded conversations -- something that the iOS mail client does not do. The lack of push is a little inconvenient, and the UI is still from iOS 6, but Sparrow's functionality earns it 5 stars.
Sparrow Doesn't Fly
by NikkiH1965 on 2014/03/19 04:32
No push notification at all!!!!
Only mailbox app I'd use
by Krsone24333 on 2014/03/18 22:11
I love this app, simple and does what I need it to
Very good
by Vizzztol on 2014/03/17 12:33
It is a really good application.
Support for iOS 7
by hermawanherry on 2014/03/14 06:53
Please add support for iOS 7
Love it.
by KorbinB on 2014/03/11 17:56
Love the UI. Love being able to swipe and choose archive OR delete. Works with any IMAP account, even iCloud.
by guidogimenez on 2014/03/11 03:42
Excelente aplicación: pragmática.
I never write reviews but...
by jet_set on 2014/03/08 18:37
I <3 Sparrow. It solves some major pain points which I haven't had a solution to since my first iPhone and it delivers top notch UX with pretty UI. Here's why it's awesome: -After deleting an email, it takes you back to inbox list view. It does NOT automatically advance to the next message afterwards. How many times have you deleted a message only for to then mark a message as read that you were saving for later? Sparrow solves this. -Built-in web browsing. It's very annoying using the standard mail app when viewing links. It jumps around, requires more steps to return to a message and opens more Safari tabs. Especially if you are viewing many links in one email - this can be very cumbersome. -Message threading is great and faster to navigate throughout. -One step to mark a read message as unread - just tap the blue dot! (As opposed to tapping "Mark," "Unread.") -I also really like the feature to view only unread messages at one time. Very useful. What I'd like to see: -Native iPad support! -Landscape viewing capability in all modes. -Push support
Can't even connect
by aggiem on 2014/03/04 14:14
Would love to say something good but this app won't even connect with my gmail accounts. Sad, man.
Great app but needs updates..
by MacAttack888 on 2014/03/04 05:51
Great interface but needs some basic updates: iOS 7 keyboard iOS 7 look and feel Push notifications
Not designed for iPad!!!
by pjr_4_25_11 on 2014/02/23 23:09
When I open the app, the keyboard completely overlays the app and the entry fields. You can not see the fields at all, so you can not enter info. Total waste of $$$!
No push
by Orlowskii on 2014/02/18 21:14
No push notifications.
I like it!
by David Shi on 2014/02/18 15:58
Please keep on updating!!!
My favorite email client
by VirtueTec on 2014/02/15 15:27
Does what I need it to do. Interface is clean and intuitive.
by LDFDX on 2014/01/30 19:37
Excellent application, Very easy use.
Good software that is unmaintained becomes worthles
by Matt Jeppsen on 2014/01/29 18:08
It seems that Sparrow has been abandoned after they were acquired by Google. Over the past 2yrs there have only been very minor maintenance updates. No new functionality, no attempt to work on issues users have complained about. I'm sad to see you go, Sparrow.
Clean and easy
by HansSchiefelbein on 2014/01/28 19:09
Clean and easy app for Gmail. I hope it stays updated by Google.
by Pan cx on 2014/01/25 15:48
I want push in notification
Love It
by murich on 2014/01/21 16:46
If you use MS exchange, this may not be the app for you. However if you use gmail then is app is amazing. I love how clean the interface is and how easy it is to use. google purchased the company a year ago and I had read that google would stop supporting the app. However, the app was upgraded for IOS 7. I do hope that google doesn't "improve" the app to the point that it becomes useless, as they did with the official gmail app (which has now become so "busy" with it's confusing "conversation view," and all these different colors, fonts and pictures that I sometimes miss new emails). I love how easy it is to go through my emails and how easy it is to archive, tag and delete emails. I tried the Mailbox app and believe it to be overhyped. No archiving and no taging. I tried other apps like molto, boxer, evomail, and mymail and in my opinion they all seemed to have at least one fatal flaw. So far, other than not being able to use exchange( which I don't need after switching my company to google apps for business) I have found no flaws with this app. Best $5 I have ever spent.
Best in class
by Ckuhner on 2014/01/17 23:23
This is an amazing email client. It's desktop class on your phone. I do wish it did push notification and is love for it to allow use of the landscape keyboard. All that aside it is leaps ahead of the other clients out there. Google needs to make this their default app!
Not bad
by Pickle430 on 2014/01/16 23:34
It's not bad but it could be better so Google come on guys :-/.
Works perfect
by rkinman on 2014/01/11 22:10
Been using the app a bit before making a review. I have found it to run much smoother then the mail app. It also download my emails faster on slower connections. It's a great app, smooth, fast, reliable.
Easy and intuitive use
by Jeremy4755 on 2014/01/06 20:21
I really am enjoying this app, far more than the others I have tried recently. I would be happier with it if push was available; hopes for the future.
No push ??????
by on 2014/01/05 00:58
Hello there is a problem in the application for iPhone Does not bring automatic mail not possibility push for incoming mail
Love it
by civic25 on 2014/01/03 04:55
Its amazing its like three about in one it connects to your facebook and your orignal email plus your notes its very good app anyone that likes email and is tired of old iphone email app you need this app the only fault to this app is you have to maunlly update it but other than that its freaking amazing
Nag screen
by phillyclaude on 2014/01/02 21:42
One star for nagging me to rate this app
Wonderful, except, no notifications
by Johnboy106 on 2013/12/31 04:04
I think the app is great. Having a unified account for all your signed in accounts is awesome and the app never lags on me. The in app browser works great and downloading attachments is just like on a PC
Best mail app
by PersonaWarp on 2013/12/30 20:40
The best mail app I've used on the iPhone!
The Best iPhone Email App
by Seamush on 2013/12/30 02:40
Needs a few missing crucial features.
by elite192 on 2013/12/28 15:21
I will list them. 1. Background refresh. 2. Push notification. 3. In settings have an option to mark messages as read when archived. 4. In settings have an option when selecting multiple messages and marking as read keep those messages selected. This why I can chose to do further actions.
Not bad
by ycoconut on 2013/12/28 11:18
There needs more kind setting menu. Except that it is a good email app
by Kebbin on 2013/12/27 19:34
I love this app and hope it has a bright future. Which may be in doubt since being bought out by Google.
Need push, iOS7 full support, and iPad version
by kcoticwolas on 2013/12/27 09:18
Google's acquisition is bad if it makes this once wonderful iPhone mail client stop fundamental update.
Great potential but...
by Djbokka22 on 2013/12/27 01:42
Great UI, but with no PUSH it's as lame as their bush-league push workaround using Boxcar. No surprise really, I've come to expect the apps I enjoy to decline significantly after selling out to Google.
by @nathansizemore on 2013/12/26 03:29
The absolute best mail app available!
Great app ... But needs push notifications ASAP!!
by trainer.shaner on 2013/12/26 02:07
This is a great app and will always be my go to app for email ... But ... Please ... Add ... Push ... Notifications!!! Thank you in advance google.
All my mail problems solved
by scratch happy on 2013/12/25 03:05
Why haven't I been using this for years? Works great with my gmail plus work email (IMAP). A single swipe lets me choose delete, label, archive, spam. And it solves some BS that ios7 was doing with my accounts where messages were popping back up after delete. Bravo.
Works like I expected.
by CS Union Guy on 2013/12/23 21:45
Push notifications would be helpful. Other than that, it's a good app. Thanks!
Different but not necessarily better.
by Captain_Spalding on 2013/12/21 19:48
The good: It does POP and IMAP and gMail, etc. Many Mail app alternatives aren't so egalitarian. The swiping interface is marginally more convenient. The bad: I have been looking for an iPhone email client that will let me select all messages and then delete them with one click. I bought Sparrow because I read that it has that feature. If it exists, I can't find it. If any one knows how one can select all messages and delete them with Sparrow, please let me know. If you know of another iPhone email client that does it, by all means sing out! Another downside of Sparrow is that it was acquired by Google. This cannot be a good thing, privacy wise.
Still my favorite mail app...
by VivLund on 2013/12/21 15:21
...even though Google bought it and stopped development on it, Sparrow is still by far my favorite email app. I don't think any of the newer, widely touted email apps come close to the ease of use that Sparrow offers.
GREAT email app!
by fjcinzion on 2012/07/03 01:34
WOW...what's not to love about this app!I I only found a few issues and they are "in the works" and will be in updates soon (push, landscape, moving through viewing messages). This is so much better than the Apple "Mail" app included on my iPhone 4S. I don't understand the complaints I have seen here....want to change the signature??? go to "settings" because you can change your signature in there. In fact each email address has this option so each one can have a different signature! Contact pictures...uses Facebook profile pictures but it also uses the picures from my iPhone contacts list. Some say it's slow...not seeing that at all! I am sooo glad that I went ahead and purchased this app instead of listening to the bad reviews! My husband and I plan on getting iPads before the end of the year and I'm hoping there is an iPad version out by then! UPDATE 7/2/12: I still love using this email app and would never go back to the Apple app! Looking forward to purchasing an iPad and having Sparrow on it even if it’s a separate app that I have to purchase! Not having push is not a problem for me. I wish that I could change settings to make this app my default email client!
As powerful as it is beautiful.
by Bpease85 on 2012/03/23 01:42
I love email, a lot. It is instant gratification at its best, an ever expanding collection that makes my life move forward. Like anything in life its about how easily obtainable things are that really measure our enjoyment of them. For me right now is only as good as the package its delivered in, and I am here to tell you that Sparrow is the crème de la crème of both. Building its foundation on user interface, it is easy to see where sparrow tips its hat to Apps that raised the bar in design and interface. Think of what Tweetie did for twitter and you can start to understand where Sparrow takes email. I love what Apple has done with mail on both OSX and iOS, but you can’t help but feel that Sparrow is light years ahead. With integration of both dropbox, cloudapp, and faces from your contacts Facebook profile there is impeccable attention to detail in the smallest of things, and it goes a long way. I am using sparrow on both my Macbook Air and iPhone, with high hopes for an iPad version in the near future. Sparrow for mac will set you back $9.99 with a light version available to test the waters. It will run you $2.99 for iOS.
Great updates, still hoping for a little more
by zaled on 2012/05/16 03:23
Are you planning to provide full landscape support or only for composing? The new gesture control to move between messages is great. I still would like to see an option to swipe left to return to the email list. That is still the biggest frustration when using this app because it feels like it should work. I'd still like to be able to move emails to other mail accounts. Also, emptying spam folders doesn't delete them, it moves them to the trash. In Gmail, emptying the spam folder deletes all of them. Regarding push: You had 16,000 people support you by contacting Apple. It seems that your seeing this high number has put dollar signs in your eyes. It's understandable that you need to cover your costs, however it wasn’t what I expected when you said you would do push with or without Apple. Perhaps you should include the first few months free with purchase before requiring a subscription. This app is an excellent way to use email. Just install Boxcar to get push notifications and you'll be set.
Almost got it
by kjtriplett on 2012/03/15 15:21
First off, it's smooth as silk and sexy like a sunday morning. Account setup was easy, both with gmail and with a custom IMAP account. I like the swipe for options, swipe to view conversations, and tapping the toolbar to switch between inbox, unread, and starred. I'm not a fan of being forced to enter a contact when I'm trying to compose a new email. I prefer to compose my message before I enter contacts in order to avoid any accidental sends, but I can't figure out how to skip adding a contact so I can just write a message. I also don't like the default signature. It's something I don't like on the mac app as well, but whatever. Overall, the experience of using the application is fantastic. However, where are the notifications? No badge on the icon, no notification center, no banner, and I can't figure out if it's something I have to manually enable or not. This is a HUGE roadblock for me. I am not the type of user that prefers to manually check my email. I want to be notified. Until notifications are enabled, I can't switch from the built in app.
Beautiful...and limited
by dtrimble on 2012/04/02 01:27
Beautiful interface that makes it easy to access multiple accounts, large lists of labels, and with straight forward controls for access emails. However, there are 4 very significant usability limitations. If these were addressed, I'd offer up 5 stars: (1) no landscape viewing of email; (2) you can only reply or reply-all to an email from the inbox screen. from the screen where you actually view the email, you can only forward it. if you want to reply to an email you're reading, you need to go back to the inbox screen, find it in the list, swipe, and touch the reply icon. (3) no push notifications. even though I fully appreciate their reasons for not supporting push (published on their website), this is a mission-critical feature for millions of potential users and I simply can't rely on it as my email client of choice until this is addressed; (4) Does not scale its interface for iPad at all -- so you get the iPhone sized interface on the iPad sized screen. I also give huge props to Sparrow for finally bringing support for alias email addresses to the iPhone -- the ability to change whom an outgoing email is FROM.
Great start
by Tyler0126 on 2012/03/16 21:40
This really is a great app, but it is missing some key features (in order of importance): -Landscape mode: I would like to be able to write more comfortably. I hate typing long emails on this, especially in landscape mode. -Push notifications: However, there is a workaround on their website which I use and is just fine (involves using boxcar app). -Ability to move a message while reading it: it's a hassle having to go back into the inbox and having to then move the message to desired folder. Every second (and tap) counts for me. -Delete all messages: would be nice to clean out a folder in a tap, rather than 500 taps....we need simplicity here, Sparrow. -Exchange email accounts: I don't have one, but I know there are people who want this feature. -Rich text editing: would be nice but not as necessary. I don't really like emphasizing in emails, anyway. Some people can find it rude. -No choice for more sounds: although I don't mind the defaults, a wider variety would be nice. -iOS 4 support: most people are probably updated, but there are still millions on iOS 4 that want to join the party. Otherwise, I LOVE the overall appearance of the app: attaching a photo is easy and you can even take a picture w/o going into library. Swiping is a very productive feature and having multiple accounts is easy. I am going to stick with Sparrow for now, but I will stay away from typing long emails....I am mostly looking forward to landscape mode support.
Needs a true iPad version.
by tlakova on 2012/03/24 11:17
I too purchased this app without much thought after falling in love with the Mac version. Relating the Sparrow app name and pedigree with a beautiful interface, after having used the Mac version for over a year, I made blind assumptions. Basically, I took the words "compatible" too literally. Don't be mistaken the app is beautiful still I'm sure, at least on and iPhone, which I do not own. The functionality is there but the app can only be used in portrait mode with a small UI by default, which is hard to use on the iPad. That is, it uses an iPhone style onscreen keyboard that is tiny on the iPad as opposed to the iPad keys. You can size the entire GUI up but then it looks horrid and defeats the purpose as it makes text and images jagged. I won't complain about the lack of push notifications and icon badges because that is the fault of Apple's policies of anything. It's still a great app but it's nearly useless for me on my iPad. It feels a bit like a waste of money, for now. In the meantime I will wait in anticipation to a true iPad ready version of the software. In the interim it's back to the Apple Mail for me.
Best app for Gmail accounts
by Mikael Sandgren on 2013/01/27 06:12
As a GoogleApps for business user, this is my favorite email client. Apple Mail is pretty good, but sometimes you need to tag an email without archiving it; and sometimes you need to delete an email as opposed to archiving it. Sparrow is the only app that allows tagging without archiving & has both archive & delete buttons -- while also allowing you to view multiple accounts from ONE inbox page. Gmail IOS app 2.0 does not have 'unified inbox' so you have to switch between accounts manually -- very annoying. Apple Mail does have an 'All Inboxes' view, but forces you to choose between archiving and deleting (in IOS Settings), and the only way to tag an email is to move it to the folder whose name represents the tag, thus tagging and archiving in one move. If you like this, Sparrow gives you the option to "tag & archive"; but you can disable it to make tagging & archiving two separate commands.
Love this mail app! Push not a deal breaker, read why.
by Binarydreams on 2012/03/25 01:55
The push functionality would be nice but this app is WAY better than the default mail app. My workaround for now is keeping the Apple mail app setup; however, I have it set to only keep the minimum number of emails stored at all times. I moved Sparrow into the same spot where the Apple Mail and whenever the Apple Mail chimes the new email sound, I just click Sparrow instead. So far, I haven't been using Apple Mail for over a week and I'm loving it. I have 3 email accounts set up and it's been working flawlessly. For those that have an issue with no push, just leave your accounts set up in Apple Mail and use it for notification of new emails only. The phone will still chime or vibrate when new emails come in. You don't have to use it. I just moved the Apple Mail icon onto the last page and don't even look at it now. No big deal.
keep crashing in the middle of composing emails
by jay.shen on 2012/12/12 00:56
i like the app very much for its look and feel…and navigation as well. however after a couple of days using this, the app keeps crashing in the middle of composing emails - this is definitely a no no since i had to recompose and wasted a lot of time. then i found it crashed during reading emails. i created a ticket on 12/5 and then another on 12/6 - no response from the developers except the automatic reply. if push is a must for you, this app is not for you, even with boxcar - you would think that since this company is now Google's, the app could have been revamped to support push, but not yet. some apps crash and then upon relaunch it asks to send crash report - this app doesn't do this. Besides, it doesn't save a draft during composing, so if it crashes when you compose, you lose everything and have to redo it. The reliability is a major issue and do not compose long emails in sparrow - maybe this is just my case, but be warned. Please fix these issues and keep it alive.
SO much better than the iOS
by jusborne on 2012/03/16 01:22
Usually I prefer to use the iOS version if there is ever a third party app which does the same thing. NOT in this case! I fell in love with Sparrow for Mac, and got googly-eyed when it was available for iPhone. I was actually hoping it would make its way to iPad first, but I'm sure it will eventually. I love the ease of use. This is the first time I've truly enjoyed the email experience on my iPhone. I manage multiple accounts and Sparrow is truly the only way to go for that kind of thing. I would love to see the links active in a message, as well as an "Open In..." feature for attaching files to the email as well if possible. The main hang up for me is that whenever there's a "Send As Email" type of feature available in iOS, it defaults to the standard Mail app instead of Sparrow. I was hoping there was a work-around with "Open In...". If possible I'd love to see that! Thanks so much, keep up the stellar work!
Not nearly as awesome as the desktop version
by ghotighued on 2012/06/02 14:17
I really looked forward to buying this because Sparrow for Mac has changed my life. But I was really disappointed in the way that it functions. You might chalk it up to having used the native Mail app for far too long, but I found Sparrow for iOS to be counter-intuitive. Switching between multiple email accounts was more complicated than it should be, and I don't like that the panels never fully left the screen when you slide them over, taking up valuable real estate and never leaving me feeling like I was on a "home" screen (especially with multiple accounts). I actually welcome that it doesn't have push notifications, because I think we need to be pushed less and I much prefer fetching new messages when I'm ready to look at my inboxes. I praise their efforts to port the Sparrow experience over to iOS. For now I've stuck with Mail on my iPhone but will continue to happily use Sparrow for Mac at home and at work.
Almost great (and I don't care about push)
by Invisible Lizard on 2012/03/24 11:20
I love Sparrow on my Mac, so I was pretty excited about this version for my iPhone. Yes, I knew it didn't have "push," but I'm fine with that. Frankly, I don't need to read email the second they come in, and I'm perfectly happy to "pull" them whenever I go into the app. So no issues there. I think the interface is solid and impressive, but it needs a little more work. After using the app for a couple weeks, there are a couple things I could get from Apple's native app that I can't get from Sparrow. One is the ability to turn the screen and read my emails landscape. It won't do that. (Why? Seems so basic to iPhone apps these days.) Some emails come in wider than others, especially HTML-based emails with pictures and text. I'd like to get more width to my read real estate, but I can't here. Second gripe is minor but it has to do with assigning tags to my mail. You absolutely can do this, but not from within the email itself. The swipe menu from on the list of mail items lets you do this, but when you're reading the email, the menu only allows you to archive, star, delete… not assign a tag. Inconvenient. This feels like a solid 1st gen app, and because it's built by a company like Sparrow who I know will keep making improvements, I'm sure they'll fix these little things over time.
Not bad, but not yet a must-have.
by MFPM77 on 2012/06/20 12:58
It was worth a try for 99 cents, but at the end of the day, Sparrow falls short of the mark. I love the interface and the overall design of the app. The use of multiple signatures (even though planned for iOS 6) also is a positive. That said, a couple of serious deficiencies persist. The lack of Exchange support is baffling, especially since so many people rely on Exchange for their work email. The Sparrow FAQ (in addition to the app description) notes that "The feature (Exchange) is not planned yet" - why not? I would think that access to Exchange would vault Sparrow into the group of must-have apps. I also won't beat the "no push notification" complaint to death, but clearly Sparrow has the capability to incorporate push if they're planning on charging a subscription for it. I highly doubt that people will be willing to pay for push notifications. With a couple of changes, Sparrow would become a superior app. Right now, though, it's not there.
Absolutely in love with Sparrow!
by stevenloveskatie on 2012/03/18 14:51
Let your emails take flight with this beautiful app! The user interface is amazing. It seems comparable to Tweetie 2's revolutionary design as a Twitter client for me, but for your email (then again it has the same developer behind it). The only negative so far is the lack of push notifications, but the developers are responsible enough to **not** want to store your personal mail credentials on their servers & instead ask us to support their requests to Apple for access to a private API. Go to the FAQ & sign up to support this if you'd like push notifications. I'm grateful to see responsible development and It completely turns this negative into something I love about the app. You won't regret buying Sparrow for iOS. I didn't like it at the Mac, but the UI is perfect for a smaller device!
So Far So Good
by Ztormbringer on 2012/04/12 03:35
I've used Sparrow on Snow Leopard prior to the IOS version. In both there is much to like and much not to like. I've just begun using the IOS version and I like some things much better than the native Mail app and since I use Gmail I like Sparrow better so far than any of the Gmail specific apps I have on the iPhone. Only used it a few times yet to read and sort mail not send so can't speak of that function. I love the slide to delete, move to archive, and other actions (star etc.) much handier and smoother than the way other apps interface these activities. I was never really all that taken with the free version on Snow Leopard nor did I find the paid version much of an improvement. After more use on IOS I may have more to say, positive or negative. Seems to work alright, for a mobil app, so far, and better than some others.
It's Like Eudora for iPhone!
by Banjor_ on 2012/04/12 18:56
I am a very high volume email user, and I send and receive from multiple accounts all day long. I love the Mail app on the iPhone, and I didn't think it could be improved. Then I tried Sparrow, after reading a review about the excellent GMail support. Wow, it's fantastic! I didn't realize that reading email could be so much better than the built-in app. Email is now fast and fun. It reminds me of Eudora or PMMail, and that's a huge complement. Sparrow blows the built-in Mail app out of the water. It is faster, uses screen real estate more efficiently, labels my Gmail mails with color-codes based on the Gmail filters, shows Avatars like magic, has better previews, makes it easier to switch between mailboxes, and supports swipe commands for browsing through discussions and handling replies/moves/deletes. Sparrow is a joy to use with it's clean interface and pretty, tasteful use of colors. The avatars make it feel more like a conversation, and really brings my inbox to life. Also, it's lightning fast! My iPhone 4S now handles mail as quickly and easily as it handles Tweets. I am in love. This program was well worth the price, it feels polished and solid, and is one of my favorite apps that I've ever bought.
Love please add PUSH
by Agenterick on 2012/03/25 21:41
I really have to give credit to developers for bringing this app to the iPhone. It's sleek, the design is much better than the standard iPhone mail application. More organized, I like how I can unify the multiple email accounts which is better because it's very important to have my work,school and personal email in my view instead of having to criss cross and weave my way to other apps. A few things I would like to see is when deleting multiple emails from my SPAM box can there be a small check Box above so I can delete all emails at once? Deleting emails individually can be a bother at times. And of course I know you guys are working toward that and it's really in Apple's ball court it would be a nice feature (PUSH). Other than that no complaints.
Better than Sparrow for Mac, Mail for iOS, and Gmail for iOS
by pvdoctobe on 2012/03/15 21:29
I usually prefer Apple apps, but Sparrow really is better than the included Mail app. It's well documented that a few features are missing, but I'm confident the lack of push (or time interval updates), landscape support, and label creation/modification will come in time. Really, it's simple, fast, and fluid with attention to detail. One feature Sparrow has that Gmail's own app can't even do: the ability to email a group of contacts I've created in Gmail. Also, you get better contacts integration, so if you've sent an email to someone on another device, Sparrow on iOS will have that contact available without you even needing to save that person as a contact. Again, another basic feature that can't be done in Apple's Mail or even Google's own Gmail app.
has got to get push capability
by gmansc on 2012/03/19 04:27
Given all the laudatory comments, I was expecting a pretty cool app. Well, this actually exceed my expectations, and by a lot. The interface is so elegant and slick. All credit to the developers. It's worth the $2.99 or whatever just to play around with it. Two comments. First, I would like a tighter presentation showing more messages in the screen. Even with no lines of email text, there are only about seven messages showing on the screen, as opposed to nine or ten on the native mail app. Second, and this is the biggie, as just about everyone else notes, it must have push. For working people, this will be just an amusing toy and not a replacement for the native app without push capability. I am optimistic, though. Once Sparrow and Apple figure this out, this will become my default mail app.
Good but not great
by Masonoise on 2012/03/21 16:32
This is far better than Google's pathetic Gmail client (which isn't hard), but it's not perfect. It loads new mail very slowly. The UI is sometime mysterious; I can't find a way when viewing an email to move to the next/previous without returning to the list, though I assume it's there somewhere? It supports multiple accounts but doesn't seem to support sending from multiple addresses associated with a Gmail account, unless again it's there but hard to find. Since I installed it my battery is running down noticeably faster, which could be a coincidence but I don't think so. I like the app overall and am happy I bought it, but there's still room for improvement. I would really, really, like a nice iPad version of it -- I hope you're working on one. With a slightly improved UI utilizing the screen real-estate I could see the app being unbeatable.
Give me push and I'll give a perfect rating!
by dyelton on 2012/03/22 15:22
This is the mail client for iPhone that I've been waiting for, but without push and an iPad version, this isn't that useful to me. I still keep it around to look at labels and whatnot with ease, but I'm still using the default iOS mail client. For some reason Sparrow isn't working with my Google Apps domain that has two-factor authentication enabled. Works with my Gmail account that has it enabled and other Google Apps domains that do not have it enabled, so something is obviously awry. I tried contacting the developer but I imagine he's flooded with support tickets. Sparrow has the capability to be THE mail app for iOS if focus is given to an iPad app and figuring a way around the current push limitation. Boxcar isn't something I want to do since it involves forwarding my email to that service for it to work. Even then, the push notification you get, when tapped in Notification Center, will not take you to that specific email but simply open up Sparrow. That doesn't work for me. A workaround yes, but a poor workaround. It isn't the developer's fault however, it's Apple's fault for not allowing this app the ability to push. Looking forward to future releases to see if these drawbacks can be overcome.
Good start. Needs work - no push support.
by TheMagicNumber on 2012/03/15 04:21
First, I LOVE Sparrow mail on my Mac. As an early adopter of the Mac app, I must say that they evolved nicely adding features over the past year that worked instead of rushed to get them out. That said, I'm hoping the iOS app also evolves over the next few months. One feature lacking in both the iOS and Mac apps is Exchange support. I can't use my work email on these and therefore, not a true email app replacement for my own personal needs. It's not the worst thing in the world. It forces me to keep my personal & work email separate. It handles gmail tags and moving to folders for iCloud & Yahoo wonderfully. So much better than the native iOS mail app. It's also laid out well and the swipe function (like he Twitter app) is a nice touch. I can live with the lack of Exchange support BUT I do not see any push on this app. I assumed it did when I downloaded it because what mail app doesn't have push notifications? Unless I missed something in searching through the settings, THERE ARE NO PUSH NOTIFICATIONS. This is a huge oversight especially for a paid email app. If I missed this, please please please let me know and I'm happy to change my rating. I hope it is added soon. But I wish I had waited or read the descriptions better. So…here's to hoping it evolves as nicely as the Mac app. I'm deleting until push support is added.
Brilliant! In regards to Push...
by LukeTheBook333 on 2012/03/19 02:55
It would be awesome to have the ability to minimize the keyboard while composing email. Also, when one tags an email for a folder, it should remove the inbox tag... Yes, push would be a great feature, but if you're not buying it specifically for this reason here's what you can do: For whatever reason, unless you have an iCloud account for email, all the other clients only check via fetch every 15 min. anyways. If you still want this notification, just leave your mail app the way it is and use this one in addition to it (then hide that default mail app with the default calculator and other random apps you can't delete). You'll get the notification, then open up this client and respond to the email. Unnecessary on Apple's part? Yes. But you can still get the same notifications and use the great features of this client. Also, Bug Fix: while I write emails, it crashes without saving. I do have three mail accounts syncing at 50 messages; so this could be the culprit, but at the very least have some form of autosave feature for when the app does crash. In the meantime I'm writing them in Notes and copying it over...
Custom SMTP servers work now
by Adam V. on 2012/04/05 07:24
I had to delete and recreate all my aliases after installing the update in order for it to start actually using the custom SMTP server they're configured to use; but after I did that, the app did actually start using the correct server. I'm not sure I buy the "it's Apple's fault we can't do push notifications" line the Sparrow devs are proclaiming. I'm no programming genius by any stretch of the imagination, but it doesn't make sense to me that the native Gmail app can do push notifications (just badges not banners), Boxcar and other similar apps do push notifications, etc. Obviously, Apple doesn't actively prevent third-party apps from pushing new mail notifications. If the Sparrow team doesn't like the APIs that Apple has already made available that magically let other third-party developers push mail notifications right now and they want some sort of special treatment, I think they may need to grow up, stop the petition nonsense, and play within the framework that's already established that obviously works for many other developers right now. Sparrow is relatively small potatoes compared to other companies in the app store. I'm not sure the Sparrow team has earned the right to try to strong arm Apple into doing push notifications the way they think they should be done.
Elegant layout but not perfect
by rdelarie on 2012/07/03 17:23
Update. Now works with Fastmail. I still have some quibbles though besides the lack of push. I don't like having to enter a name before writing a message. Why force people to do this? As others have pointed out, one avoids accidentally hitting send before completing the message or before correcting it. I also don't like the fact that I can't move a message to another folder when it is open. Instead I have to close it first, then swipe to reveal the options. That is too cumbersome. Options to archive are everywhere but useless to me and I suspect for people who use IMAP in general, which is folder based, and I for one move messages to appropriate folders rather than 'archiving' them. Finally, the lack of support of Exchange accounts means that I need to use the native email app anyway and switch between two email applications.
Finally an app that is worthy of putting on my iPhone dock
by TCaver on 2012/03/19 00:54
Design (5/5): I love the look of the icon as well as the feel of the UI setup. All the controls are extremely intuitive and make the app very user friendly to navigate. I love the sound it makes when a new email is received. Account integration (4.5/5): it's extremely easy to add gmail account to sparrow, however I've been having a little trouble adding my work email. Besides that it's extremely easy. Controls (5/5): I will say it took a little getting used too, but that was because I was so used to the default mail app. I like the sparrow controls much better. Overall (5/5): great app! I'd highly highly recommend to anyone for an iPhone. You can definitely tell the developers put a lot of work into this app. What I'd like to see added in future versions: - Push notifications, not that big of a deal for me, I don't usually allow push notifications since I manually push for my emails. But I still think it'd be nice to have and I know a lot of people want it. - The ability to re-organize your accounts in the settings list. Once you download the app you'll know what I mean.
Best email client for iPhone put there, have a suggestion though!
by endertech27 on 2012/04/25 19:16
This is simply the best email app out their period. I've used the native apple, gmail and yahoo and this is the one that does it all simply and effectively. I know you are working on push notifications which I am really excited about, but I also have another thing that would make this experience near flawless with the change. I think along with the edit button on the inbox to move emails, I think that there should be a move option when sliding on an individual email as well. I find myself doing this all the time trying to move an email to another folder. Otherwise, this is a brilliant app and I am excited to see what you do in the future!
by Why does this nickname have to be unique, anyway? on 2012/03/16 23:43
What I love about this app is the user experience in viewing and managing mail and mail accounts. Everything is slick and fast and you have more options than in the stock Mail app. For example, in a Gmail account, you can choose to delete or archive mail on a per-message basis--you don't have to choose just one type of action in settings. My only complaint so far is that when composing, you are first presented with a screen to choose recipients, and only when you've chosen at least one, you are then taken to the screen to enter the subject and the body of the message. I'd prefer to choose when to enter what. (Others have complained about the lack of push notification. Personally, I can't stand the idea of getting beeped at every time I get an email.)
Needs improvement
by BigsyNY on 2012/04/09 15:38
I know push is coming, but until then it's not going to do the job well enough to replace Mail. Also, how will push work for mail services that don't support it, like the average employer's mail system? I also think it should adopt Mail's behavior of archive *or* delete, and not have both buttons side by side. I think that matches most people's usage. I don't believe people use archive and delete together. Plus, that's really only a gmail feature. And the toolbar from inside a message is broke. It doesn't change to the "move message" or "file message" button for non-gmail accounts. It crashes the app when you attempt to use it. I really like the Unread and Starred inboxes. Highly useful. I also like the gestures. I wish there were some gestures from inside an message though, besides just moving within a thread. You should be able to swipe right and move back to the folder list and swipe up and down to move to the next (newer) or previous email (older). It would be great if it behaved like Reeder in this regard. I'd also like a "select all" or "delete all" button next to the "mark all as read". I have several folders I just review and delete all. Overall, it has great potential if it makes some fixes.
Pretty Solid App
by Rob_Nav on 2012/07/07 21:50
Sparrow is a pretty good email app and I think the developers are off to a great start. There are only two items that are holding it back and need fixed soon (I hope). The lack of push notifications and no landscape view. The no push notification issue is a bummer but I can just rely on the Gmail app to deliver notifications for now. In my mind the lack of landscape view is more frustrating and I don't understand why they haven't added it fully yet. Once these issues are resolved I plan on switching over to Sparrow full time and can ignore the other small quirks. Overall it's a wonderful little app and makes going through email less of a chore. I definitely recommend this app and also their desktop version which is the greatest!
An optimistic four
by Kasey Kelly on 2012/03/18 00:19
I've been looking forward to this release since before it was announced, and even more so after gmail's hugely disappointing native app. Sparrow introduces some really smart interface elements that prove that iOS is still an evolving and maturing platform. I love the use of the title bar as an interactive element – it's a great idea to use that screen real estate for something useful, and it's sure to become a trend. It handles multiple gmail accounts elegantly, and puts all of the critical tasks within very easy reach. Animations are smooth, performance is snappy… Great work. I'm currently keeping the native mail app on my home screen so I can see the notification badges.. which is completely dumb. I'm really hoping for push, but I'm optimistic that it'll be a point release soon.
Love it on my Mac & now iPhone
by joeinlaguna on 2012/03/15 12:50
I only had this app for a few hours but so impressed I needed to write a quick review. I hate the email client on Macs. When I discovered Sparrow, using email became a pure joy. Now the email clients on the iPhone and iPad are good and I don't mind using them. But Sparrow has taken it further. The Sparrow mail client is a modern, fresh, clean, and fun! I am really impressed with the gmail search ability and access to all my folders. It also works well with my me account. I can see myself using Sparrow over the iPhone's mail client. I have always said that Apple should purchase this Company and incorporate their mail clients into their systems. Well done Sparrow! Look forward to your updates and ingenuity.
Definitely worth the $2.99
by Palomonkey71 on 2012/05/15 02:55
I would highly recommend sparrow as your new mail app. It seminar rate a big step up from the default mail app. Ye only problem I have had so far is the lack of push notifications which isn't even the developers fault. It's got a sleek and simple interface that is refreshing. The app controls are gesture oriented and make it fun while just reading your email. The ability to combine multiple email accounts into one is one feature alone that distinguishes it from the default app. I haven't had a single problem with it do far and I'm confident that the developer will continue to improve on what they have here already. Definitely worth the $2.99 price tag.
I never write reviews but...
by jet_set on 2014/03/08 18:37
I <3 Sparrow. It solves some major pain points which I haven't had a solution to since my first iPhone and it delivers top notch UX with pretty UI. Here's why it's awesome: -After deleting an email, it takes you back to inbox list view. It does NOT automatically advance to the next message afterwards. How many times have you deleted a message only for to then mark a message as read that you were saving for later? Sparrow solves this. -Built-in web browsing. It's very annoying using the standard mail app when viewing links. It jumps around, requires more steps to return to a message and opens more Safari tabs. Especially if you are viewing many links in one email - this can be very cumbersome. -Message threading is great and faster to navigate throughout. -One step to mark a read message as unread - just tap the blue dot! (As opposed to tapping "Mark," "Unread.") -I also really like the feature to view only unread messages at one time. Very useful. What I'd like to see: -Native iPad support! -Landscape viewing capability in all modes. -Push support
Great app with room to grow
by Olivier Lacan on 2012/03/18 05:06
I've been an avid Sparrow for Mac user for more than a year and I've been increasingly frustrated with the unwieldiness of Mail for iOS. This iOS version came as a great surprise and it has a far smoother user experience for the kind of emailing that I do every day (I'm a web developer). That said, this 1.0 feels sluggish at times: when typing, on initial load. There are some odd UI decisions like the persistent search field on top of the inbox and the requirement to select a recipient before starting to type a message but I'm confident seeing the incredible evolution of the Mac client that the team will either fix those oddities or make them more coherent with the overall experience. I have now removed the original Mail app from my home screen and Sparrow is as much of a default email client for me as iOS now allows it to be. I don't miss Push at all, I didn't use it with Mail. It's a feature fewer people should use anyway (stop letting your inbox rule your life). That said I can understand how users who receive time sensitive emails may be turned away until Apple allows Sparrow to receive true Push notifications.
Keeps crashing while drafting an email
by Amazing cruiser on 2013/04/24 19:06
Developers, please read this! I've loved this app so much that I would ignore occasional crashes while composing an email. But they're becoming more and more frequent and annoying now. It seems it crashes while saving as draft (in some background thread) while user is typing. There hasn't been an update to this app since Dec 2012. I know you've been bought by Google now, but I think you can still take the pains of fixing such annoying little issues for the sake of existing customers and for you own love of this app. Please don't let it die a slow death. I've not deleted it yet, but have switched to the default mail app for now. I hope to see a fix soon! :(
Beautiful and Functional
by ibnabouna on 2012/04/19 19:22
Sparrow for iPhone is a worthy companion to Sparrow for Mac. Its ease of use, elegant appearance, and straightforward functionality make it possibly the best email client for the iPhone. Once it gets push notifications, it will be the perfect client. UPDATE after months of use: The only thing I do not like thus far is the quirky system for forwarding messages. Rather than a simple addresses field to which you can add as many names as you'd like, there is a search engine that filters names that you then have to select before moving on to the next step. It adds an extra step to forwarding that does not have to be there. More importantly, it breaks the paradigm of essentially every other cross-browser mail client out there.
Good app, far better than stock mail app
by Jon-Boy on 2014/11/22 18:50
I would very much prefer this app over the stock mail app, as it is so much cleaner and has better features, like for example, I can actually delete a message in gmail account, instead of only archiving it. This is so much better in so many other ways, as well. However, features that I would like to see: -I would like to be able to see which emails are from which accounts in unified inbox(i.e. maybe color bars on the left side). -Also would like to have an option to "Select All" in edit mode, in order to delete, mark, or move. -Also, sometimes lately, this app doesn't seem to show all my e-mails. This app on iOS seems buggy.
Great, Mail no more! But wait...
by IbrahimZen on 2012/03/18 06:26
In conclusion, great email client and worth $3 as is now. However it would really improve to fully replace Apple's Mail with the following: [Push is not one of them] 1- I would like to have the option in Settings to fix the pop-up "more" bottom in messages to be opened/maximized all time. That way I can easily hit "Archive" icon without going through a 2-step process for each message I read. 2- Exchange support PLEASE. 3- Graphics Animation is a bit slow, makes the app sometimes feel slower and going through messages might not be fully satisfying especially if you take actions on some of these messages. 4- Zoom-in and out in messages is definitely not as good as Apple's Mail, it is slower and not accurate. I don't know why, but I hope this get fixed as well. These 4 points are most important to me and I'm sure for some others as well. Yes Push Notification seems a given, but to be honest I don't think it is a big deal, email is not meant to be nudging on you every time you get an email. I hope I see these implemented in soon upcoming updates. Recommended.
Best mail app on ios
by Yoshijmc on 2012/03/18 23:33
I love Sparrow on the mac and have been waiting for it on iOS for what seems like forever. Now it's finally here and it doesn't disappoint. Beautiful UI, smooth and very intuitive. Would like to see Dropbox support like the Mac version but otherwise awesome. The two things that the critics are complaining about are both non-factors in my eyes. Who really uses POP3? IMAP is so much better. And if your email doesn't offer it, get a better email client. As for push, yes it would be nice but if you read up on it, Apple denied Sparrow from using it, rejecting their app. Plus, with services like Boxcar, the complaint is pointless. Great app! Loving every second of it!
Simply The Best
by Random--name on 2012/03/19 11:50
I believe that apps should be rated on what the maker promises to deliver, rather than features that users want. Users that have penalized Sparrow for not including push, no POP, no landscape, and no iPad version, are being rather unfair because the makers are very clear about those issues. Taking that into consideration, this app absolutely delivers what it promises, and more. It is simply the best mail app for the iPhone period. I love it and highly recommend it. But if you absolutely need push, pop, landscape, and / or an iPad version, well then don't be an idiot and download this app then give it a negative review, or even penalize it for not having those features.
Nice app
by vmv890 on 2012/03/25 04:20
This is no doubt a great app. Too bad there is no way to make it a default mail app. The interface is MUCH more easier and quicker than default mail. However, there are a few design decisions that are confusing: reply all is a weird two click where you have to hit reply first, then another icon to convert to reply all. No way to switch back to default service icons from profile photo, no default icons provided that a user could choose instead, not clear how gmail and iPhone address books are combined. In trash, no way to do empty trash or select all. I apologize if there is a way to do some of these things, let me know.
Unbelievably Fantastic
by aspaulding on 2012/03/19 14:55
This app is amazing. It is extremely difficult to put as much power in an app as the Sparrow team has done and not make it feel clunky and cumbersome to use. And while at times its 1.0 blemishes show through, the fact that I now finally have (after 3 years with an iPhone) a gorgeous and elegant way to deal with my Gmail accounts (you mean I can archive OR delete!?) is worth the money alone. While I agree that the developers attempted push, got rejected by Apple and were forced to deploy without it, a mail client is not a mail client without notifications (push or otherwise) along with the needed options for those features (fetch intervals, etc). Also, (this was not included in the star I knocked off) there needs to be the ability to filter based on labels in the Unified Inbox view. And for bonus points it would be nice to have the filter work across email accounts if multiple accounts have the same label. Finally, when not in your inbox, the Archive button should become a 'Move to Inbox' button instead of being disabled. All in all, a fantastic app.
by theFATangel on 2012/07/24 15:45
Do not pay money for this app. It has been "put out to pasture" and will no longer receive updates, new features or an iPad version. The promised push notifications will not see the light of day. Google has acquired Sparrow. It's developers will now be busy with other projects at Google and will no longer add value to this app. As such don't bother purchasing it. I purchased Sparrow a month ago. The app seemed unique and showed future promise. As such, I wanted to support the developers, but I'm disappointed to find out about their acquisition by Google and this app's subsequent sunset. I would feel differently if they were to continue adding features and supporting it. As it stands now it has a lot of potential, but is sorely missing push notifications and an iPad version or to be made universal. If they still deliver these, I'll modify my review appropriately.
Exceptional UI
by tarheelalum on 2012/03/15 05:04
Finally a well executed mail app! Beautiful interface, smooth operation, and oozes professionalism. One piece of constructive criticism: The mark all as read button is nice, but it would be more valuable to have to have the ability to select all messages in a given folder (eg, inbox, spam, etc) and then apply an action to all the messages at once as you can on gmails full web client like "mark as read" or "delete" or "archive." If this is feasible, it'd be a very appreciated addition! I took a risk spending $3 on an app with no rating, but I read a good review on a tech blog--very happy I took the chance and I look forward to future updates. :)
by AmpliHelix on 2012/07/24 19:44
Sparrow on iDevices had so much potential going for it with becoming the best alternative Mail app until you guys gave in to Google. What's even more messed up is that you guys pulled a quick one on other unsuspecting customers by dropping the price and then sending out an email about no longer supporting Sparrow days later. Shame on you guys! To anyone else thinking about getting this: DON'T! IT'S NO LONGER SUPPORTED FEATURE-WISE! From here on out it's just bug fixes! Hold out until someone else comes along and builds upon what Sparrow on iDevices could've been! They likely have push notifications in their app unlike this, which many of us were patiently waiting for! It was nice knowing ya Sparrow! I wouldn't be surprised to see a Google-fied version on you know what mobile OS (it rhymes with mandroid), where it's rampant pirates sideloading just about every app for free. Enjoy losing your money!
So what if got purchased by Google?
by metal.fingers on 2012/07/25 12:36
Sparrow is one of the best email clients for the iPhone; that much cannot be denied. Even if they got bought by Google and Sparrow users never get another update, the app is of such high quality that it will take a while for another app developer to make something rivaling it. So it doesn't have push notifications — remember what you used to do before push came along? You opened up the app and checked to see if there was new mail. Deal with it; it's one more click. If you're thinking about purchasing the app, go ahead and do it, you'll get your money's worth quite quickly.
Best Gmail app found so far!
by The Teaman on 2012/05/18 02:37
I have tried many apps for email, looking for a great Gmail app. I have found that they all look pretty much the same. Then I found this app. It is beautiful! It has all the features I was looking for to support Gmail functionality. It also supports account access to any other IMAP account. Apple's Mail app has a delete button that actually archives the email msg. Now I can choose to archive or truly delete an email message. It also supports Gmail's labeling, address aliasing, folders, and the interface is truly slick! I think this app is worth every penny! I can't wait for them to develop an iPad version of it!
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