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Discover popular local events, get event recommendations just for you, and see which events your friends are going to! Get tickets and quickly access all of your Eventbrite tickets and event information from your iPhone. Find something new to do -- concerts, festivals, classes, conferences, free events and more -- right in the palm of your hand. With Eventbrite for mobile, you can: • Discover popular and recommended events happening around you • Find upcoming events for this week and weekend • See which events your friends are going to • Register for and get tickets to events • Store your credit or debit cards for fast, easy purchasing • View event details, including maps and directions • Add your Eventbrite tickets to Passbook • Easily share events with your friends • Get into events with just your phone -- no paper tickets required! Also available in German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, and Swedish. What is Eventbrite? Eventbrite enables anyone to create, promote, and sell tickets to any event imaginable, while also helping people discover and share events that match their passions. Whether it’s a neighborhood block party or a sold-out concert in a stadium, Eventbrite makes it happen. INFORMATION SHARING: When purchasing tickets or registering for an event, we provide the information entered to the event organizer so they can manage the event. Please review our Privacy Policy and California Privacy Notice for more information on your choices around information sharing. California Privacy Notice:
Cool App
by alex_murillo on 2021/07/29 21:04
I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to plan a fun date with someone special. Sincerely, Alex
Needs Apple Pay
by stevieled on 2021/07/29 18:44
Wish I could pay with Apple Pay
Will not allow a VPN to be running while using the app! This is my security for my work phone!
by fgihxybhv on 2021/07/29 17:41
The app needs to work better with encryption software on phones!
Crashing while trying to set reminders
by Freexland on 2021/07/28 20:46
The app works great, except for the fact that you can’t set reminder alerts for when future tickets go on sale without the app crashing.
Great ticket app!
by the_GMANN on 2021/07/28 13:31
Easy to use, lots of great local options
Download the App!
by Puffy_Combs on 2021/07/26 18:46
Perfect for someone new in town and locals that want to explore! The easiest way to find events to do in the city. Event Bright makes thing super simple!
Always Save The Day
by mello8383 on 2021/07/25 21:49
From city to city and country to country you can find events for all type of vibes.
by Savagegin on 2021/07/25 19:34
Love Eventbrite. Always great events.
Muy buena
by Macacohita on 2021/07/24 14:32
Me encanta lo fácil que puedes usar el app, la recomiendo!
Can’t search?
by hyshukai on 2021/07/23 08:34
You can’t search to follow organizers on the app. The app has limited functionality If you cannot search for organizers and events. ONLY browse. I can only do it off the app.
Crappy Eventbrite App
by John_B on 2021/07/22 15:41
“Oops! Something went wrong!” Doesn’t remember who I am, forgets my saved events, can’t log back in after logging out (trying to fix the above issues), can’t search for events in other cities except few defaults (SF, LA, etc.), seems to only search online events and won’t allow that to be changed… I’d be embarrassed to use the Eventbrite app to host my event. Garbage
Accessibility for screen readers needs improvement
by callucin on 2021/07/19 18:09
Great strides have been made with regards to accessibility with this app. However, I am not able to access tickets, favorites or followers from within the app. Whenever I double tap on those specific items, nothing happens. Once that issue is resolved, and it is a big one, this will definitely be a five star app for me. I am using an iPhone 12 Pro running iOS 14.6. I am a voiceover screen reader user because of my visual impairment. Warm regards
Eventbrite App
by ajlphillips on 2021/07/18 21:38
Nice App
by shitin13131313 on 2021/07/17 22:29
I’m so tired now sorry
Fees for donations
by Natester7 on 2021/07/17 16:30
Why are you charging $2.10 for a $5 donation!?!
Roses and Thorns
by Sharon A Smith on 2021/07/16 15:31
Keep, easy and convenient!
Wizard fest @ Mercury Lounge
by Captaindon22 on 2021/07/15 21:45
Most recent transaction with Eventbrite was not pleasant at all. Never received word from the venue about the event. Not sure if it happened and never received my wands.
by Sir_JoshRoach on 2021/07/15 21:11
Buying even tickets made easy!
Simply Great!
by Queensroyalgems on 2021/07/15 14:57
To be able to log on and get the tickets swiftly and understand the seating was a relief! I have experienced other platforms where I’ve decided not to buy the ticket because the interface aggravated me! Lol
by DFB003 on 2021/07/13 05:18
I Love Eventbrite 👌🏽💪🏽🙏🏽💯🔥
by jjmattid on 2021/07/13 03:30
Very on time with tickets
by AngelFace416 on 2021/07/11 15:21
App not opening
Quality Info
by cameo6696 on 2021/07/11 11:16
Finding Eventbrite has opened up a whole new world for me. Thank you for creating this platform for all to reap the benefits.
Barbara Bumblis
by Babbaroo on 2021/07/11 04:11
My husband and I have found this event to be extremely well planned and run. This will be an. our 8th year with the D Day Conneaut Ohio. We learn so much more about our WWII involvement with each new re-enactment.
Very bad and scam
by chayar che on 2021/07/09 07:19
You are scam you cheated me it should be free ticket they charge me at the door very bad website and bad app very bad review on the apple store
Completely Unusable
by Frank D Young on 2021/07/08 19:57
This latest version for iOS does not work. It is unusable. Everytime I open the app I get connection errors where you can’t even log in and check tickets. This happens on Wifi and Cellular. I have to delete the app and reinstall just to be able to login. Also, you have website functionality, but clicking on an event ticket just pushes the click to open the app: THIS SHOULD NOT BE HAPPENING. If a person is locked out of the app for whatever reason (like my above issues) then they have no way to access their tickets for an event. It’s great that you are committed to developing an app for the various phone OS’s, but website functionality should not be handicapped just because you have an app. I should be able to access my account and event tickets through the app in Mobile Safari.
by tnddad on 2021/07/08 15:10
Eventbrite is a d as upper great app.
by MeLBIHomes on 2021/07/07 21:04
I love live music and keeping on top of what’s happening in my area is great with event bright emails. Some shows that I would not have known about otherwise have been brought to my attention by their alerts.
Best app ever
by Blu_print26 on 2021/07/07 20:14
It was so easy and fast and let me kno all the bomb spots around
Native iPad version
by RatedMaxPower on 2021/07/07 02:38
The developer should REALLY consider making an iPad version that supports landscape mode. Being forced to use the iPhone version is just lame.
Ethiopian and Etrian food show
by Caryl1936 on 2021/07/06 18:33
Lovely lady. She needed assistance In some areas. Bowl for trash was Inadequate and too visible. Too little space for the size of the equipment. Could have a more skilled camera person. Most of my comments sound negative but they are really technical details and reflect more on organization than the cook. The prep that was prepared before hand should have been a proportional size to the average family since I assume the audience were not professional cooks. Just a general comment, the cook might wish to compare with Indian Dosa rather than chapati as the Dosa is similar in preparation and outcome. I really enjoyed learning about a new food area. Thank you. (Ms) Caryl Abrahams, PhD Professor of Community Development, retired
by Snapjr on 2021/07/03 02:12
Always helps me find just exactly what I’m looking for.
City filter does not work
by Chris664518 on 2021/07/03 01:55
I'm searching by my city and events are 60+ miles away. Overall a good app but it needs a bit of tuning
Great App
by erndaburn on 2021/07/02 21:48
Great App
by miss Jackie younger on 2021/06/30 17:41
Love it. I never miss my favorite band, The Silver tones Swing Band.
by David Michael Rinaldi Coleman on 2021/06/29 22:33
Love it. I never miss my favorite band, The Silver tones Swing Band. Paying is easy, and the event is added to my calendar.
by manoiyr on 2021/06/29 20:49
Molto bello molto molto molto bello anzi non so ma comunque pasta e fagioli non è male
Ur service
by trblegrl on 2021/06/29 18:41
Very good
by Forinstance on 2021/06/29 16:00
I have had this app for many years and have attended many events using Eventbrite no hassles.
Love this application
by alliekat2212 on 2021/06/28 03:31
Love this application! Great shows to choose from. Got my tickets! Excited!
The best events
by Gabriella Neves on 2021/06/28 02:51
I always find the best events in Eventbrite! Recently we attended at kickoff summer pool party at Omni Hotel in Las Colinas and it was simply amazing!!!
by bakesink on 2021/06/27 16:13
Seat were hard to select, no seat options
by PamMcV on 2021/06/26 16:17
Easy access to Purchase tickets!
Current Location never accurate
by Angry + Annoyed on 2021/06/26 09:17
Eventbright always places me in locations not where I am located. Resists changing locations. Creepy app. Never liked it.
New update is a bust
by Placebo Syndrome on 2021/06/25 05:07
No longer works on my iPhone 6 aftermost recent update 8.4.2.
Always requires a login
by louisa 1235 on 2021/06/24 20:52
Hate that it never remembers my login and have to login each time I open the app. It’s ridiculous! Given that it’s used by so many vendors, event producers, you’d think the app would work a little better.
App opens to home page and goes no further
by Rich F. 313 on 2021/06/23 09:18
The app automatically offloaded from lack of use. I hit the icon, it reloaded, but will only go as far as the orange homepage. I deleted and reloaded from App Store, no change. “App Support” is simply FAQ about how to use app to search and/or buy tickets. I need technical help.
4 star because
by ceaserjul on 2021/06/22 22:35
a bit confusing. but overall helpful
Awesome Site!
by Delcis on 2021/06/22 19:10
Anything you want to do in citywide is here!!
by BBishop873 on 2021/06/21 02:17
Eventbrite is user friendly and keeps me up to date on events in the area I may be interested in. Nice to have it all in one place
by Peace B. Still on 2021/06/21 01:01
I feel so liberated with the Events offered to me. Thank you 🌷
Won’t get beyond initial Eventbrite screen
by Bradhorn77 on 2021/06/19 13:24
No matter how the app launches, it stops at the initial Eventbrite screen. Waiting 5 minutes makes no difference, for example. Trying again later, even days later, makes no difference. My iPhone 6+ is running iOS 12.5.3. My experience demonstrates this app is literally useless as is. So was searching for relevant support on their website. Have no trouble on my Mac desktop using Safari. So I know it’s not me.
by disneyfreak1986 on 2021/06/18 04:27
So easy to use the app for fun events
Always on time
by $Roni60 on 2021/06/17 23:47
Great app always satisfied
You can do better
by jra3 on 2021/06/16 22:19
No integration with iOS pre-fills or Apple Pay. Complete junk. If you’re going to create an app and force me to use it, at least offer something that has parity to a browser. #junk #trash #easywayout
My Best Review
by Marc Cramicus The Elder on 2021/06/16 20:24
If I were up to me from boredom to a thing to get accomplished and for a place to go to for the weekend Even with the city of IL it’s all cool with me
Too slow, stinks
by dlsoda on 2021/06/14 16:22
Can’t even put in cc number automatically 🤯
by 1976Tina on 2021/06/14 15:45
The app keeps crashing…It won’t open.
by Syed10977 on 2021/06/13 15:27
Excellent app makes life easy to attend CONFERENCES and meeting from anywhere.
Comically bad calendar integration
by Slithy Toves on 2021/06/12 17:31
Reasonable app to handle ticketing and such. Could benefit a lot from Apple Pay support. The add-event-to-calendar feature is startlingly bad: it literally creates a new calendar called "Eventbrite" just for their events! Uh, no. You don't get to make new calendars on my phone to better advertise yourself. Don't be greedy. I have a calendar. Use it.
Great app
by barkbarker on 2021/06/11 21:48
Love it!
Best app for socializing and events
by chazflowww on 2021/06/11 04:33
Awesome for all the hotspots and great events! ✨
I Enjoy the Scheduled Events on EventBrite
by Grmax2 on 2021/06/10 22:44
I particularly love One Day University.
Who and How many people are attending?
by AbuShanab on 2021/06/10 21:35
My local mosque is using this service to register attendees. I am not able to see who is coming.
Not Impressed
by RT535 on 2021/06/09 12:45
Site is slow and locked up a number of times while trying to register for event. Site also auto populated old email address and would not allow me to update it
Happy Camper!
by Tgmexico on 2021/06/08 03:00
I love Eventbrite and how it brings an ease to registering for your event. I understand the app is pretty flexible and can be tailored to your style. I love that you can also pull a report to tell you who or how many registered. Thank you for creating this wonderful tool. 😊😊😊
Easy Peasy
by Carinina on 2021/06/07 15:24
I wish every event was this easy to register for.
by Yinda Yande on 2021/06/07 11:12
Such great events!!
Log in
by Shipoopi16 on 2021/06/03 21:03
Searches phone for info and hard to override. End of changing to different email I don’t like using with apps (eg:junk mail).
by :ditsy: on 2021/06/03 16:07
The app is very easy to follow as well as very convenient! KUDOS!
by reg di on 2021/06/03 14:46
Poignant descriptions of events is making it happen easier for me
by VEI Due Diligence on 2021/06/03 09:23
I’m able to map out my whole day in some instances weeks because of the system as you guys utilize it is spot on for me
Cool app!
by Brian Kal on 2021/06/03 02:44
Easy to use. Tickets at your fingertips! All the features and options you could possibly want! This app is great!
by Maringal74 on 2021/06/01 05:01
Great platform to provide and manage community event’s
Awesome App!!
by Raterally on 2021/05/31 14:43
I am really digging this app, would be an opportunity for anybody with everything that it offers.
Online events only
by paid user $99 on 2021/05/30 20:40
If you even so much as look at online events the app defaults to show you ONLY online events..even if you close it and reopen. I tried to contact the developer but it doesn’t have a place to suggest this except to leave this review
Easy to use
by lizzysoc on 2021/05/30 04:45
Love this app
Tickets not on my app
by Llady87 on 2021/05/29 10:10
I can’t see my tickets on the app Please Help
Love this app
by Navy Taylor on 2021/05/29 03:53
Good app, no problems
Cumbersome, confusing and cludgey
by High-Stepper on 2021/05/27 20:24
Use caution when using this app for any purchase, even if the event is free. For such a widely used app, the interface is non-intuitive and leads to wasted time unless you use this frequently.
by Jahasiel on 2021/05/27 03:27
Not only will events be canceled (or rescheduled without any notice) but they will do next to NOTHING in regards to any chance of a refund!!! Don’t fall for it!
Sophisticated app.
by Daniel Rhone on 2021/05/25 20:49
The most excellent and sophisticated app for purchasing tickets and setting up appointments
by Wellhamism on 2021/05/25 18:07
An excellent venue !!!
Always fun!!
by cesdal on 2021/05/25 16:29
Meeting new people & very relaxing with out any trouble around All guests are wonderful people We will recommend ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Password Incomplete
by big dntex on 2021/05/22 15:50
When signing up, the App allows for an email address but does allow an entry for a password.
Fees are awful
by seeking clarity on 2021/05/20 19:46
My rating is actually 3 stars
by imperial10473 on 2021/05/19 16:08
Awesome System, fast & convenient
by DTP84 on 2021/05/18 20:33
Charging too much fee
Ticket love
by lisa1926 on 2021/05/18 00:39
I love this app for purchasing tickets. Super easy to use and I always get get tickets.
Exasperating App
by Cuthbert63 on 2021/05/17 14:30
I received a notice about an event, via email. Shortly after registering for the event, I received an email saying that my registration was canceled. Two days later, I received another email reminding me to register for the event. When I go to the registration page, it says I need to contact the event organizer.
Worst app ever
by NateAmato99 on 2021/05/14 16:44
Bought Luke Combs tickets and didn’t know that he canceled the show 2 weeks before hand. So one I don’t know why they were still being sold and two they said they would refund me and after almost A YEAR they stopped messaging me back saying that it wouldn’t go through and this and that. Terrible app 10/10 would never use this app again.
Too intrusive
by bruce rich on 2021/05/14 10:54
I was merely trying to receive tickets that came to email I don’t need you invading my email and sending me incredible amounts of useless drivel. Why couldn’t I just get my ticket without giving you my life’s information
Wrong ticket
by L1R33 on 2021/05/13 23:21
The wrong ticket was purchased. Pending for someone to review for refund.
by mizzmymy on 2021/05/11 00:24
Awesome experience!!
Company Allows Scams
by ascreennamein2021 on 2021/05/07 23:24
Be careful when purchasing tickets to events! The organizer can be real or a fraud. Eventbrite doesn’t check anyone can just make an event! On BBB their rating is an F with 400+ complaints in 3 years! This company allows scams and doesn’t take responsibility for it! Also, organizers can choose to refund your card back or use as credits that can expire over time! What a corrupt company!
Eventbrite is not for the iPad Pro
by DL in NY on 2021/05/07 20:43
Developers of this app presume we only use iPhones, not iPads. Alas, that is not true. It is very awkward for that platform.
Great resource
by Ms.T Lee on 2021/05/07 15:02
This is a great opportunity for small businesses as well as a great way to find out about amazing local events
Eventbrite Opportunities
by Painterwc70 on 2021/05/06 15:09
This organization has made me connected to people who share interests. During this period of isolation Eventbrite has offered many opportunities to “virtually” interact & learn with others. The art demonstrations & classes have enriched my knowledge tremendously! Thank you so much!
Can’t use with my AppleTV
by Wynnr0705 on 2021/05/04 21:21
When I searched for this app on my AppleTV, no results were found. I can mirror with AirPlay, but hate the extra step.
Awesome app!
by Dabritts on 2021/02/20 21:03
This app keeps me up to date on all of my interests, local and otherwise. I am pleased with most of the suggested, similar activities that I wouldn’t otherwise be aware of. It is a little difficult to sign into live web events that are linked thru Facebook, but I’m hoping that changes soon. It is also sometimes difficult to sign my children up for events under my email address, since they don’t usually allow the link to work if forwarded thru my email. I’m not always able to change my email address when signing up.
Be careful and PAY ATTENTION
by fmurphy92 on 2019/11/26 23:16
The day one of my favorite bands put tickets on sale I tried to use the Eventbrite link for my local hometown show. It directed me to the wrong show 1 day later, and I made the mistake of not reading every detail and made the purchase with excitement. AS SOON AS I got the confirmation email I realized there was a glitch with the link that I clicked on bc the show was obviously not the show I was looking for, so I immediately tried to contact Eventbrite to explain my mistake. I still wanted 2 tickets, but I wanted them for the show that I originally clicked on. They emailed me back about 3 days later and basically said it wasn’t their problem and there is nothing that they would do to help me, but that I am more than welcome to sell them to someone else. Thanks a lot for that helpful response. I will try to avoid buying tickets from this company for the rest of my life now unless they are the only ones offering them. Terrible customer service, even when the mistake was on both of us. I should’ve read the fine details, but they also shouldn’t have had a broken link. I tried the link several times after that to make sure I wasn’t crazy, and the same thing was replicated over and over. After they emailed me and told me there wasn’t anything they would do, I also emailed them back pleading my case and they didn’t even bother to respond again.
Great but needs improvement to facilitate usage.
by Mishel Mandujano on 2020/01/13 22:37
I really like the app, however I think it would be very useful if we could remove events we saw and are not interested on. For example, when scrolling down I see something I am not interested on I would like to swipe left or something and not ever see it again. Also, events that repeat every week are annoying. They are the first ones to show up and they are like surfing lessons or something and each week is the same thing. Even if I choose filters that do not apply to that they still show up. Finally, filters are not always helpful. I could select community and nothing will come up, but after searching on google events do show up and they are on eventbrite!! Maybe have people posting events answer more questions so the filters can be more accurate.
Unreliable and frustrating
by stubaker on 2021/03/05 15:34
This app is not reliable at all. I have reverted to using the web app. My events/orders are not syncing to my IOS app. They show up fine in the Web portal. I get emails on tickets or cancellations at the email address associated with my account, but tickets are not showing up in the IOS App upcoming tickets (yes I i have pressed Try again multiple times to no avail). I have deleted app, reinstalled, tried literally everything to get the IOS app to show my tickets but have to use the Web App now because the IOS app is not reliable for displaying my tickets. Latest IOS update did not help. Please fix syncing between web app and IOS app. I no longer can use Apple Wallet for tickets because they don't appear. Again, all events are showing up correctly when I login via web browser.
What’s the point of this app?
by milehighlover on 2019/10/05 19:32
I have tickets to two Eventbrite events but cannot see the tickets under this app. When I click on tickets they are not there and I am redirected to login to their website where I can see them but there is no way to get them to be on my app. What is the point of this app then if I still have to login to the website to see the tickets I bought? I signed up on the app with the same email and password. Also, thought it was weird that the app didn’t give me the option to sign in. I was only able to create an account or sign in with Facebook. Must be why I can’t see my tickets...the app is not linked to your already created profile through their website. Amateurs made this app as far as I can tell. So It looks like I have to buy through the app in order to see those tickets and vice versa. Makes no sense.
This app does not work for me as a blind person using VoiceOver
by VoiceOver user on 2017/05/06 12:05
I enter act with my iPhone using voice over, a screen reader built into every iPhone. When I navigate the main screen of this app, I see categories I can select, but attempting to select them brings up no corresponding events. The window which would list events doesn't even open, and the List box at the top of the app doesn't populate. When I navigate from the top of the screen down, I do not see hashtags I can select, but when I navigate from the bottom of the screen up, I do see hashtags. I tend to find it challenging to discover what events are going on on the weekend, and I was hoping this app would present and easy to use solution to that problem. Until the accessibility challenges are fixed, this will not be a solution I will be able to use in order to become more socially active, and involved in my community.
Logging in
by makersmark8350 on 2019/06/01 01:10
Good luck logging into the app to get the tickets you’ve purchased. There is no place to put a password after hitting login. I already have an account with eventbrite but all it does is say “this email already exists” and it automatically sends an email to change my password. Kind of hard to login anyway when there is no field to input a password. Good job evenbrite I feel like I’m being punked. It’s obvious they don’t care, if you read all the reviews about logging in all they say is contact customer support. Not even the developers know how to login on their own app. Horrible app and horrible customer service. After contacting I still can’t login. It’s sad that people use this and I’m assuming the rating on the App Store is purely employees trying to save themselves a job while they look for an employer and development team that doesn’t have their heads shoved you know where.
So fricken annoying
by whfjfuisbs on 2019/10/25 17:51
This would be a great app, if the login wasn’t impossible. If you go to settings, hit login and then put in your email address it doesn’t give you an option for password. The options are login with FB or get started. If you hit either of them they send you a reset option for your password, WTH!? You can login when you are registering for an event, BUT it doesn’t keep you logged in so you can’t tell what you’ve registered for and what you haven’t. I spent way too much time trying to figure out how to log into the app. Guess I’ll use the site from now on 🤷🏼‍♀️ Responding to what the developer said. You are WRONG. I am a developer myself, your app is flawed, it does not allow one to login. It has nothing to do with my password. I am not the only review with this issue and from appearance it has been an issue for more than 6 months. Fix it.
Update: Beware!!!
by RV Winkle on 2017/10/14 22:57
Prior to today, the Eventbrite app settings did not have a toggle nor option to disable cellular use. What I find strange is that since my previous post, now, there is a cellular use toggle option. I know my previous claim was not overlooked because the app did not list in the cellular section. And when I checked the general listing for apps, inside Eventbrite settings, there was no toggle, nor cellular option to disable. However, there was location option that I allowed Eventbrite to use my location when in use. I am not sure if this was an app glitch or update, but problem was resolved. Therefore, I increased my rating from 1 to 4 stars.
Can’t find events
by Drew927 on 2019/11/20 23:37
Had used app in the past. Didn’t have it on my new phone, so when a link wanted wanted to open it, I had to re-download it. Knew exact name and location and tried to find it, but would not work. Have had trouble with wi-fi giving location of internet service provider instead of my actual location, so when it asked for permission I clicked “no”. There was a search window to enter location, but it wouldn’t work. At that point, rather than go to location services to give it permission, I just deleted it. Don’t give me the appearance that I have an option if I don’t! I’ll use something else. Works fine when clicking on a link and it is already installed, but no good in trying to find events that you may be looking for.
Completely Unusable
by Frank D Young on 2021/07/08 19:57
This latest version for iOS does not work. It is unusable. Everytime I open the app I get connection errors where you can’t even log in and check tickets. This happens on Wifi and Cellular. I have to delete the app and reinstall just to be able to login. Also, you have website functionality, but clicking on an event ticket just pushes the click to open the app: THIS SHOULD NOT BE HAPPENING. If a person is locked out of the app for whatever reason (like my above issues) then they have no way to access their tickets for an event. It’s great that you are committed to developing an app for the various phone OS’s, but website functionality should not be handicapped just because you have an app. I should be able to access my account and event tickets through the app in Mobile Safari.
Great product and terrible customer service if something goes wrong
by dirtylooks22 on 2020/01/10 17:59
I like the eventbrite platform. It’s relatively easy to use and I’ve met some cool people through it. I have run more than 10 events in the past and the first time I had an issue where customers of mine ran into trouble because of their UI for discount codes I ended up having to eat the fees. When I explained that it was an older audience and they thought that they were not going to be charged, they didn’t listen to my actual situation. They just followed their policy of not refunding fees. Without getting into the details of the conversation, the customer service was awful and frustrating and I won’t be using them to run events if I can find another viable alternative.
Where did my ticket go?
by chachy56 on 2020/01/04 13:13
I have used eventbrite multiple times with no hiccups and the process has been seamless. This time it has not been so. I bought tickets Saturday evening for a show on New Years 2019 and after entering my information (email, phone number, credit card information) I received no conformation email with my tickets attached nor did I receive my tickets in the Eventbrite app. Checking my banking app my card was charged. *Update* there was a typo in my email that their algorithm missed when filling out my email but after sitting on the phone like for a good amount of time the issue was resolved.
Hardly a Glitch - Easy to Use IF...
by Nochsr on 2018/09/24 03:28
I’ve used the Eventbrite app a few times now. Most of the time, I end up on the app because I’ve followed a link directly from an advertised event, which goes to the Eventbrite webpage, and then I choose the ‘open in app’ option. My only issue is that when I go to manually search for an event it the app, there have been a few times when the event doesn’t show in the results even though I *know* the event is taking place. So basically, when I can find an event I’m looking for, I’m happy with the app. But it makes me wonder what things I’m missing out on due to the apps selective search results.
Too Much Data!!
by Planckster on 2017/05/05 17:02
Eventbrite requires too much data input! I wanted to buy four tickets to an event. All event tickets were the same price. I entered my info (name, address, phone, email, credit card). Then Eventbrite wanted all the same information for every other person using one of the tickets!!! (Except for credit card info.) I refuse to give out personal information about my friends to anyone that asks. I decided to use my information for all four tickets. Eventbrite doesn't easily allow you to do this by copying the data from the first ticket. I had to manually input the data into many different windows. What a pain-in-the-butt. There has got to be an easier way!
Terrible search results
by 2344t on 2017/03/24 14:56
So there is an event near me. I saw it on LinkedIn and the way you register is through Eventbrite. Due to the fact I saw this on the LinkedIn app, there was no option to go to Eventbrite app. I cant remember my password for Eventbrite, but I have the app so I'm already logged into my profile. I go to the app, copy and paste the title of the event, change the settings for ten miles, change the event to free (which the event is). The search brings up events that are not relevant to the the title of the event and shows me events on the other side of the state. You need to correct this.
Never had a problem
by veritia on 2017/04/06 07:13
I personally have never had an issue with the app, but I take that with a grain of salt, as all of the local events I attend are run by the same group and have been for over a decade (and thus are a trustworthy seller and always keep the same dates from year to year, which seem to be what the complaints in other reviews are for). It is very handy to have my ticket digitally as I tend to lose paper, and everything transfers nicely whether I am using the website (way back before I found this app), or on the app itself.
by juancho45 on 2019/03/18 18:02
I’m so sorry but you are promoting fake events and fake organizer don’t buy no tickets from this app. I bough few tickets for a techno event in Dallas. And I just found out yesterday that not only change the event dates, but I talk to the manager of the artist and I can show proof of it. The event was for the 30 of March and now they are promoting it for the 13 of April. And the manager of Debora de luka just told me that she is not coming to Texas for like 3 more month, she is very easy to reach. And I don’t even have a answer from the event organizer. This is scam and don’t waists your money like I did. I hope this app resolve me with the money. I’m really thinking to sue this app. I been planing this trip for over 1 month in advance I have hotel reservation and everything and it’s not fair with the costumer be more seriously about your business.
iPhone app unusable - crashes 100% of the time
by Pkpshaggyda on 2021/02/12 06:59
I love eventbrite but this app is horrible and unusable. I cannot ever get it to work. Crashes 100% of the time. If I try to access an event through google calendar or chrome it takes me to the app where I cannot access any online events. I can’t access tickets. If I manage to look at information about a ticket (1 out of 50 tries) it crashes before I can read the information. The new update fixed NOTHING. Thanks for the horrible app and the inability to access any events/information from my phone due to the nonfunctional app that it insists I use. Please find a new app developer or delete the app from the App Store so I can access a **m* event from my browser. Straight up embarrassing shell of a program. There needs to be a 0 star rating.
Email address management needed
by John in PA on 2019/02/26 16:09
I now have five separate Eventbrite accounts that can’t be merged together. There is no option to add a secondary email addresses, so every time I got a ticket from someone else to a different email address, Eventbrite automatically created an account and locked the ticket to it. The ticket claims path has no option to login and claim with your actual account. Customers typically have more than one email address. I don’t subscribe to one canonical email. Fragmenting my data across different accounts makes the app pretty much useless for me. It’s more efficient to just search email. The FAQ claims such futuristic feature requests are under review, while other apps consider this standard practice.
Hosting a community film screening!
by Eye of Newton on 2021/04/23 16:31
I’m an environmental activist, recycLA professional and engaged community member. I wanted to sponsor a free screening of a documentary, The Story of Plastic. I had no experience with Eventbrite except for ordering tickets occasionally, but I have had a very stress free experience so far! They have made it so easy and convenient! They guide you through it in very simple easy to grasp steps, even for us less than tech savvy folks. Kudos to you Eventbrite for allowing access for free community based events like mine. What a blessing!
Contact support
by gkmvl on 2019/07/19 06:35
Horrible app/website! I am very upset! I had an issue with tickets of a event that was going to happen next month so I decided to contact the organizer to help resolve the questions I had. I emailed not once but twice ,through their website not only was there no trace of my emails but no where to see if they replied or not ! So I decided to go through customer support even worse I don’t get why they ask for all the information and details of what my issues were if it was going to be like I never sent an email. Not only did I not get an answer but there is not even a place to check if you even sent the email because it won’t show up anywhere. It will only say “messaged sent” after sending the email and nothing more.
Don’t get to choose seats on phone
by Jmkeasler on 2018/12/02 02:41
I bought tickets recently, using the app on my phone. They were for a school performance at a local theatre. I wasn’t asked about seating, so I assumed it was just first come first serve. After buying the first 2 tickets, i had other family decide they wanted to go. I bought a couple more- no problem I thought, except when I printed out the tickets I discovered they were assigned. And because I bought the last 2 at different times- they were all in different places. This was frustrating. When I checked in, they explained it was because I used my phone. For some reason when using your phone you aren’t shown seating choices. Therefore, I’ve deleted the app.
EventBrite SCAM – Drake Halloween / birthday party performance at San Francisco city hall
by Standardson on 2018/12/07 05:32
Completely got scammed by eventbrite’s false advertising. Drake was set to make an appearance and perform, however, Drake intentionally showed up and enjoy cocktails in the bottle service area. Not once did he even address the crowd or pick up the microphone. I was told there would be no refunds even though the event was sold as drakes birthday party on Halloween weekend. Drake showed up and intentionally did not perform. A person in his entourage posted on Instagram that the whole plan from the start was to scam and mislead guests. IT WAS A MONEY GRAB I was Very disappointed and angry, as was the entire crowd. Surprised there wasn’t a riot. There must have been some inclination that Drake would not perform considering the amount of police presence. Furthermore, my group had purchased VIP tickets and there was no monitoring or guidance of what floors these passes would access. Additionally, certain levels of San Francisco City Hall Rotunda that we were said to have access too in the eventbrite description was denied when we attempted to visit these floors. Specifically the mezzanine level. No longer do I trust eventbrite
Should be able to purchase without saving credit card info
by Alpha3plus on 2017/05/05 17:26
The first time I used this app, I could make a purchase without saving a credit card. Now you must save a credit card to complete a purchase. You have the option of removing a saved credit card in the desktop version but not from the app. Even in the desktop version, the screen to remove a saved credit card is a couple of sub menus down. Searching for "remove saved credit card" gives lots of hits, but the obvious page should be the first hit instead of much further down, mixed in with a hundred other pages.
You’ve been warned...
by BonoboBaba on 2020/03/05 19:40
This app is garbage. Trying to find & recover over $600 of tickets that seem to have vanished. Every link in the confirmation email takes you to the same place on the web, can’t access anything in the app. Trying to reset a password just results in the “Log In” banner @ the top of the app screen turning white, then dumping you back at the same broken login page. Good luck trying to contact your “Event Organizer” too, guess what—you have to log in for that. Round and round it goes. Guess that’s goodbye to a fun long weekend in Sonoma, since all my info is gone. Thanks for ruining that, guys. Before you download, do yourself a favor and ask “Do I really want to throw my money away in an app, or just pay at the door?” You decide...Caveat Emptor.
More Options Please!!!
by Gdawg1101 on 2017/06/14 18:14
Show how many people are attending events on this app. I love the meetup app specifically because it shows how many people are going to each event. I don't want to show up to an event, and there is a room with me and two other people. I love to network, which also helps in the learning process. Also, can you provide more options for interests that pop up? I liked the business category, but that doesn't mean I want to know about every business meeting coming up. I'd like to see it be a little more specific to the types of business I like. Again, the meetup app is very detailed in this sense. Thanks!!!
Grouping old tickets with new
by Wyatt's Tech Corner on 2018/10/08 12:27
So I’ve never had a ticket issue with Eventbrite until now. Recently purchased some tickets to a local event and when I saved them to the Wallet app on my iPhone I couldn’t find them. After searching every single ticket I found them grouped with an unrelated even from another year. This makes no sense because now I have to either remember this or delete the tickets entirely and just print out the paper version. The point of digital tickets is that they or organized for you which I never had an problem with until now. Anyway I hope this gets fixed soon.
Let’s talk time for a new ticket process
by clientservice on 2020/12/30 04:02
Over and over again the irony when Covid started I reached out In Eventbrite direction for classes,workshops,lectures and next steps for access were seamless via calendar reminders automated . That was then. Now one is easily innondated with ticket updates and ticket status and even though one has a ticket often the event host does not provide access via a virtual link over and over again but the ticket holder you get to watch your inbox literally expand not contract and hope when you send a second request for a virtual link maybe the event host will see it?? Why exactly and how long before a solution comes along? Yo I’ve been spending lots of Corona time you know Wondering!!!
Months of Not being able to login
by Jmamba7 on 2019/04/24 23:45
UPDATE 2: not working again. Wish i could provide screenshots etc. It worked for maybe a day. I was able to see tic etc and now there’s zeros all around. Logged out, redownloaded. Restarted phone. Nothing. #overit UPDATE: developers reached out to me and looks like the app is working! Giving it a 3 for that right now and we’ll see how it is after putting it to use. Thanks! Review 1. Months of Not being able to login Honestly when Eventbrite was working, I found this app to be very useful to find date night events or to discover new things to do in the city. It’s been months of not being able to login or if I was login to access tickets. I had the app and out of frustration I deleted it. I redownloaded once I decided to go out and do some new things when I have visitors coming to the city, but the app constantly says that there is no connection. Even when I’m on Wi-Fi, I hope you guys figure this out for the iPhone XR
Could scan it off your iPhone or Apple Watch
by Jamel4785 on 2021/01/17 04:59
Never had a problem. This is the technology right now. I don’t have to get up and go to the spot or place to get tickets. I’m technically saving money from transportation, even thou there’s a fee to purchase tickets on this. I could add it to my wallet on iPhone or Apple Watch and scan it from there and not worry about losing my ticket unless I lost my phone and watch. But then again it’s in my E-Mail, so I just print the ticket out.
by Ehn'Reil on 2019/04/08 21:23
Reading the recent reviews have me a little worried. Fortunately the only issue I’ve had is remembering the events I’ve planned to attend or just over booking for different things. Outside of that I’ve had no issues with the app really. Twice it had been running EXTREMELY slow, but I just had to close the app completely. After that it ran fine. I’m worried because I JUST updated the app and so hopefully I won’t experience any issues now lol. Yet and still I love it! 🥰
Stupid glitch please fix
by scaly_dragon on 2019/04/06 01:19
This happened a while ago and I’ve not used the app in a while, but when I tried today, the same issue! I was following a link on a web search results and it did open the app and even flashed the ticket price, but before I get a chance to tap it to purchase tix it overrides the event page with “where do you want to go?” when instead it should take me to the checkout. It doesn’t let me use the link to get directly to the event. So I have to find the same event AGAIN within the app using the search button. This is very annoying.
Stealing money
by anonymous6824 on 2020/01/01 19:15
Event Bright is the worst. They actually don’t verify if the individuals are real and they can actually steal everyone’s money. We bought tickets for an event, a bar crawl in San Francisco called San Francisco NYE Bar Crawl and realized it’s a scam because two of the bars were not apart of the event. Trade mark and the Mars bar in San Francisco, CA. There was no live music, champagne toast or anything listed that was supposed to be part of the ticket. One of the bars did not sign anything saying they were not apart of it and the other bar was closed down. There were at least about 50 plus people that bought tickets to this bar crawl. I can’t believe it. Never using event bright again. Thanks for the great service. This company will not last.
From an investor
by Twistedesoterix on 2019/03/24 10:02
So I have been reading reviews. Your forgot password is not fluid. It should allow me to use my facebook even though I already have an account via eb. Your event managers should have a reviews section! I want you to succeed. Stay away from politics AKA I see AOC on the eb moments! I have about 2k shares in your company, you do the math and I have been in the tech game from Before you started. I do however think you can disrupt the market. Even more so with following those guidelines. CHEERS!
Upcoming purchased tix don't show but past ones do
by Red3000GTgirl on 2017/08/12 04:50
I bought tix to an event via the website and downloaded the app to be able to easily retrieve them. My upcoming event tix don't show under my Tickets in the app, however, past events tix are showing. Tried logging out of app & back in, same result. This year's upcoming tix do show on the website when I login so they are not lost. I don't see me using this app much since it doesn't appear to sync correctly.
Generally a horrible experience
by sjelms on 2019/02/23 15:08
Eventbrite don’t understand that people are mobile. I’m forced to have three (3) accounts at the moment because from time to time I travel and book for things in the US, UK, or E.U. Each requires a new account and new login despite the fact I’m the same person on the same device. Why is this such a challenge for them? Even more mind numbing is that they do not have “London, UK” or “London, England” or “Greater London” as a option for a location. The only option is the London borough of Westminster which is only 1 of our 32 boroughs. I only have this app installed because it’s often the only way to get tickets for events but if there was another option, I’d jump ship.
Ver 5.2.6
by Bev1981 on 2018/08/09 09:57
Updated Review: The newest version seems to be working as expected. I like the look and feel of the app. My friend recently purchased tickets for us for an event using eventbrite so I created an account online. I decided to download the app and it won’t let me login. The message says ‘the data couldn’t be read because it is missing’. I even tried to reset my password and received the same message. When I use the link from the email with my tickets, the app opens for a split second and then disappears.
Love the app but would like to make a request
by pinkhellokitty1981 on 2016/12/08 02:44
I love Eventbrite and the app. It stores my info it's fast and until recently it could search venues and pull all shows (I'd like that back) but there is one thing I'd like to see added. The wallet on iPhones should have an option to always add to calendar and to apple wallet. It should also automatically delete old shows from the wallet or store in a folder that's in the me tab on the app.
Great option, efficient, needs virtual links on tickets
by Photoendeavors on 2020/12/20 03:30
Eventbrite is a wonderful option to create virtual tickets for your events and “buy” tickets to other events. It takes a few times to get the flow down for things like adding the event to your calendar and accessing your tickets. The app is helpful especially for in-person tickets on iOS devices as the tickets can be added to your virtual Wallet. My only real complaint is the tickets for virtual events don’t seem to include the virtual event link.
Can’t log in
by KatDenise80 on 2019/08/30 05:07
This app would be wonderful if it allowed you to log in. When you have the option and press the log in button, it gives you the option of using an email address or logging in with Facebook. If I choose email, there is nowhere to enter in the password associated with my account. If I choose Facebook, I get a message stating that I cannot log in because an account already exists with the email address. I can go to the mobile browser version of Eventbrite and log into my account but there is no way to do it in the app. I have an iPhone 7 Plus with the most up to date iOS.
Missing Tickets
by DHosein1998 on 2017/08/20 06:55
I paid for a ticket (VIP Backstage Pass) to a Dave East/ PnB Rock concert, and received the confirmation email containing NO SAID TICKET! I open the EventBrite app and click on the ticket which it says I have... but there is no barcode to be scanned, and it says "This organizer has disabled mobile tickets." There is no option to print, and what makes it worse is that both of my friends who purchased the same ticket HAVE THE TICKET! They have the pdf version that is supposed to come in the email, and they have the app version than can be added to the apple wallet. If I miss this concert I will be extremely upset, and EventBrite better do something to fix this ASAP because the concert is TODAY!
Could Be Better
by amfrank on 2019/09/18 06:01
I love event apps, but Eventbrite lacks some key functionality. I mainly spend time browsing in the search for new events and I think the app can be improved in the following ways: 1. Remove events that have already passed from search. I don’t want to scroll through four days of past events to look at what’s going on the rest of the week. 2. Include an option to limit search by distance. I like the ability to follow your favorite event organizers and look forward to using this app more as the functionality increases.
Unsafe conditions
by Neverleaveumom on 2018/09/07 17:06
I went to the Festival of life on day 1 at Lincoln park in Newark and couldn’t find a parking spot and if I did luck up I would never have gotten in. There were so many people in such a small park so I went home. I tried again on day 2. I found a parking spot and got in with no problem. Not as many people. The problem was them shooting T-shirts from that canon into the crowd of people. One was coming my way and I was barreled into by a group of people and knocked into the elderly lady behind me. My entire right side was hurt for 2 days. I hope the other lady was ok. Needless to say I never went back again. Freebies are just not worth it even though I left empty handed.
Don’t recommend!
by julesdontapprove on 2018/08/14 07:20
Back in May I ordered tickets to an event and the event was cancelled last minute. I requested for an refund and waiting for a response 4-7 business days. There was no policy on refunds to the event I was going to. I’ve tried calling the company and they transferred me to sales, I was then left on HOLD for 3-5 hours every time !!! 😡😡 I hung up and called back again and again and I tried explaining to the guy but they ALWAYS transferred me and I was left on hold for hours! I’ve tried calling every other day and it was the same process. My claim for my refund is still PENDING. It’s now three months later and haven’t heard a thing. NEVER, EVER buying tickets through Eventbrite EVER AGAIN!
Can’t change credit card info prior to sale
by av123454321 on 2018/09/25 16:06
Some events on the service are very time sensitive, needing to enter your information very quickly before it sells out. It’d be nice to be able to pre-load your credit card information from the app. It does save your information from your last purchase which is nice, but if that has to change for any reason you’re out of luck.
by Jecoreiography on 2018/09/28 15:32
I really enjoy using this app but there is a serious glitch with the application right now. You can access Eventbrite via the website online but if your trying to use the app it continues to close out. I’ve been waiting a little over a month to see if any update would happen to fix the issue but it hasn’t. Again I love the Eventbrite and use it quite often but I just wish I didn’t have to go online in order to access all the features and I could just use that app that I downloaded for its purpose.
Don’t find this user friendly
by Loovie C on 2018/09/23 03:09
I’m sick and tired of having to download an app for everything in order to get access to what I need. It seems like the only way to get my tickets without printing them is to download this app. I feel forced to do this and I don’t like that. Then when I get the app, I have to go through a bunch of crap to get to the part where I want to see my ticket. For this reason I’m giving it a 1 star.
Worst. Ever.
by menzamusic on 2017/05/03 14:18
The app, the online site, the architecture, the design, the user interface(s) are all the worst. I have been forced to use Eventbrite multiple times with a range of events from multiple sources. I wind up cursing each and every time I deal with it. It should one or two steps to accomplish what they so bravely profess to do. Instead it's a ridiculous amount of steps and an opaque path to just get your tickets. Whether it's on a desktop to printout or in my phone with their app. It all should be seamless. Super frustrating. Stupid design, worse implementation.
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