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Bingo Bash HD - Bingo & Slots
Warm those fingers up because it’s BINGO time!! Play Bingo games @ Bingo Bash – The best Bingo app EVER! Play the world’s #1 BINGO GAME with the best Bingo players of all time with the famous Wheel Of Fortune Bingo! Mix up your bingo game with some of your favourite 777 slot machine games like Stars & 7s Slots and many more slot games! Join millions of live Bingo players from across the globe, play in over 30 Bingo rooms with 13 different ways to win and call bingo! Play multiple Bingo cards at once and make those bingos pop right out. Compete in real time against millions of live Bingo players & WIN BIG @ Bingo Bash by GSN! Play with Power Plays and complete collections to win huge rewards for daubing all the bingo balls. Play live bingo and listen to the bingo caller for your lucky numbers to win at bingo Play with friends and chat while you’re playing Bingo and team up with them to uncover huge rewards and bonuses! Earn more coins with the best slots games. Fly around the world in our classic Bingo rooms: - Experience the wild bingo side of nature in the Serengeti! - Live like a God in the Temple of Zeus! And play bingo with him!! - Hit the Las Vegas strip for high-stakes casino bingo games! Experience Bingo like never before with our special Bingo cards! - Hunt for treasure, defeat zombie hordes or run your very own pet spa in this unique Bingo room! - Play in our special Holiday themed Bingo rooms to make your holidays memorable! Try out our Christmas bingo coming soon! - Play our most exciting live Bingo room – Wheel of Fortune® Bingo! Wheel of Fortune® meets Bingo in an extraordinary partnership. America’s #1 Game Show & America’s best Bingo game come together at last! Walk on to the famous Wheel of Fortune® stage - and play the world’s best Bingo there! Win unprecedented Bingo bonuses in the Wheel of Fortune® Spin & Win with slots Mini-games! Play our awesome Slots, scratch cards and Mini-games, and win huge rewards! Install now & start playing BINGO GAMES! • Bingo Bash is intended for a mature audience. • Bingo Bash does not offer "real money gambling" or an opportunity to win real money or prizes. • Past success at social casino gaming has no relationship to future success at "real money gambling".
Bingo Bash
by Coca_cola Momma on 2019/12/07 02:07
Lots of fun!
by Nancybelle1 on 2019/12/07 00:57
I wish there was a way to show when you have completed a game. Once completed delete the room
Bingo Bash
by Parktonpeg on 2019/12/07 00:39
Great game. Interesting and fun! Good game, just wish you would call more of my numbers.
by Enlightened. on 2019/12/07 00:03
Love all the new games. Keep them coming
Good game
by momdmac on 2019/12/06 22:29
Great game! Love the graphics!
Fun Game
by Nonna 3126 on 2019/12/06 18:40
Love playing this bingo game. It is lots of fun.
Dear diary
by rocdapen on 2019/12/06 16:29
Favorite game...easy to make bingos in...
Enjoy game
by loozy76 on 2019/12/06 11:36
Fun to pass time with
Bingo Bash
by lindalulu88 on 2019/12/06 10:14
It’s fun to play a Bingo game that you can win & has interesting games besides the traditional! Muscmam
Can’t Win!
by jojocnotes on 2019/12/06 09:58
I really enjoy this game but it is very hard to win and you can’t earn free bingo chips which really blows.
Bingo Bash
by biteme1961 on 2019/12/06 08:31
Love this game
bingo bash
by Gramjava on 2019/12/06 08:11
Bingo Bash is my favorite bingo I'm addicted to playing everyday 🤓❤️👍💥 have a fantastic weekend everyone! Love this game!! 😜👍😍still loves the game!!! Thanks for creating magical themes!
by mrswrdix on 2019/12/06 07:35
Love the games.
Bingo bash
by aimlines67 on 2019/12/06 06:31
Love this game!!
Bingo bash
by Kathyz48 on 2019/12/06 05:53
Sometimes five sometimes a little slow I like it but it seems tight was his cash outs I like the dog slot game sl Still enjoying it
I am all about Christmas
by heathermommy on 2019/12/06 05:17
The graphics have me a little confused. What do bears and shovels and hammers have to do with the holidays 😆 give me some gifts and Santa’s to get me in the Christmas spirit 🎅🏻
Bingo bash
by imogrom on 2019/12/06 05:00
Love it! Just wish that to get the extra points you have to go on Facebook. I don’t do Facebook, but think I deserve the extra points too. I usually get to play a long time without having to purchase chips. Thanks Wrote this review several months ago. I still love the game, but do not want to do Facebook. Still love the games and can play on minimal points for a very long time. It is kind of another game I play along with the original game. How long can I make these points last. Thanks
Fun Bingo
by Candhmom on 2019/12/06 04:43
It’s a fun BINGO game with a variety of rooms. Max cards you can play is 4. It takes a while to get BINGO. They changed the rewards and challenges and you win a little more. It’s definitely an improvement. To play at premium level, games cost 3 x more but those winnings are a little better.
New game
by Shortysmom1 on 2019/12/06 04:32
by ughhhhhhhhhhhhgh on 2019/12/06 04:10
by loar66 on 2019/12/06 03:51
Love this game
Very addictive!
by Cindilu527 on 2019/12/06 03:30
Love this app. Excellent variety of games. Looking forward to more. Wish I could choose which mini game I play between rounds. My favorite game!!!
Bingo Bash
by Knickschick2005 on 2019/12/06 03:25
This is a fun game! I like all the different boards. I love playing !
Great fun
by Lady teacup on 2019/12/06 03:22
Bring on more of these great games....I love fun and logic of having different ways to Bingo. Only wish you would stop asking me to be part of Facebook. I will never use that site ever again. After having my privacy invalided.
Make it better
by Lonnielou on 2019/12/06 03:19
Easier Bingos, prizes bigger, more money, after all this is just virtual money.
by jjsli on 2019/12/06 03:17
Play everyday! It makes me smile just to see what’s going to happen on the screen. New rooms are beautiful!
Fun to play!
by colourisbeauty on 2019/12/06 03:11
Moves quick and is fun
by Sfr55 on 2019/12/06 02:42
The best! I love playing every day!
Good game
by BNB63 on 2019/12/06 02:42
Takes time to gather points but otherwise fun.
Bingo bash
by lisaboria on 2019/12/06 02:29
Like that you can earn more bingo balls Love the new room
Great game!
by KatieH7677 on 2019/12/06 02:14
Really enjoy playing this game. Different rooms are a plus!
Great game!!!
by Scary Sheri on 2019/12/06 02:08
Bingo bash
by Amymkirby on 2019/12/06 02:02
Lots of fun, addicted!!!
I love Bingo bash!
by SherriLee68 on 2019/12/06 01:53
I play everyday! It never gets old!
by Rosie15707 on 2019/12/06 01:33
I won 1000 chips on Lucky Scratchers, but did not receive them. Why?? Why can’t I use all my power plays? Sometimes I’ll even have up to six left and it pops up that I have to buy more even if I’m in the middle of the game and won’t let me use the ones I still have....I hate that!!!! I’d also hate that...please answer why you can’t use all your power plays, I’ve had up to 7 left and the game says I had to buy more and wouldn’t let me use them. How do you open up the other two bingos in Draw 5? I think 32 is too high for 4 cards.
Happy player
by Tejana1961 on 2019/12/06 01:31
Great game I love this game
by Roxiesdad on 2019/12/06 00:55
Like bingo just never have enough chips to play long. I enjoy this game a lot. I play bingo everyday. Love bingo bash. Not many players bingos fast Love bingp Like it Play everyday. Relaxes me. My favorite This is really fun Love bingo fun characters Love playing but run out of points too fast. Bingos are very hard to get.
Great game!
by Jonepony on 2019/12/05 23:51
Best graphics ever and always new games to play! Gets better and better! Absolutely love this game, look forward to playing after a day at work!
by 3268Beano on 2019/12/05 23:50
Very hard to win
by Andy Andtrws on 2019/12/05 23:40
Fun game
Donna Cannon
by Dee Cannon on 2019/12/05 23:32
Love this game and all the new games that are developed.
Great game
by razbo jones on 2019/12/05 23:18
Love it!
My game
by Charlee52574 on 2019/12/05 22:17
Very fun
Bingo Lover
by Ponygirl57 on 2019/12/05 22:00
It's my favorite bingo game to play, But it would be nice to be able to win bingo chips easier.
Bingo blast
by Denver@18 on 2019/12/05 20:38
Sometimes I lose connection and lose my bingo balls for that game a least I could get back what I lost
Best game
by Rcc1plcQ on 2019/12/05 20:13
Great graphics and game play
Great game. Very fun
by JudyPatoodie on 2019/12/05 18:13
Such fun. Play daily! However, bonus games are never win as well as the rockets when purchased.
by Janie5🍋 on 2019/12/05 17:44
Good game
Love the game
by Aloysisus on 2019/12/05 17:24
Had fun today tried to win not so good todaygreat timehad fungreat
by MistyH444 on 2019/12/05 17:16
It would be nice to win more.
Fun game
by Happyaspen on 2019/12/05 16:49
Lots of interesting themed games
Can't. Stop playing! Used all my coins for days playing with the turkeys!
by W. Bobb on 2019/12/05 16:41
A blast!
Great game, highly recommend this one!
by girnsrule on 2019/12/05 16:09
This game is addicting! I’m hooked and so is my family. Great way to start the day. It’s hard to decide which games to play,so many great games. More perks on the weekends, Love it! LOVE THESE WEEKENDS The game is getting better and better . I love it!
Love this game
by tatujuju on 2019/12/05 15:01
Bingo Bash is my favorite game site.
Bingo bash
by Edgarpower on 2019/12/05 14:28
This game is great fun!
by b as rb on 2019/12/05 13:38
by jkoubb on 2019/12/05 13:17
Great game love it would have given it 5 stars but In the messenger link does not always add the chips.
B bash
by getheart on 2019/12/05 13:05
Great game.
Terribly fun! 🤗
by Twelvemonkiesj on 2019/12/05 12:53
Great bingo game
Love this game
by Newladynow on 2019/12/05 12:50
This is a great game, the collections are too low for the price to play each game, but other than that it’s great. GSN has very good graphics and themes.
by pepaw23 on 2019/12/05 12:48
Good games to play.
Great Game So Much Fun!
by ShersL8 on 2019/12/05 12:28
So much fun! Can’t wait to play it again!
Bingo Fun
by Fowler Queen on 2019/12/05 12:24
I have a great time playing this Bingo game. They always have fun rooms depending on the season.
by Joyabb on 2019/12/05 11:15
Nice play wish you could win more points when and if you win. I would love to play longer but I run out of “Bs” really soon and I can’t afford to buy them. Retired and on a fixed income. Please think about us golden age folks. Thanks I really would love to play this game longer. Wish the payoff when you win would be higher. Thank you for your consideration.
Fun game
by AuntWally on 2019/12/05 10:56
Enjoy playing!
A fun bingo
by Greatlinda1 on 2019/12/05 10:51
This is my favorite bingo game !! Cannot stay away from playing.enjoyable. So many varieties make it fun! I will always love this bingo game better than any other! I play this every day!
Yep, love it
by ifucan on 2019/12/05 10:46
This was my first iPad game. Play it every day.
Bingo Bash
by Toria625 on 2019/12/05 10:39
One of the best games I have ever played.
by Shively76 on 2019/12/05 10:33
By far my favorite bingo game and has been for years!
by bingotime on 2019/12/05 06:50
Just love it!
I love Bingo Bash!
by SMP44 on 2019/12/05 06:03
I love the new mini game!
Fun game
by T gammy on 2019/12/05 05:42
Love the game and the extra ways to win bingos
Bingo Bash
by Sublimity5 on 2019/12/05 05:29
I really enjoy playing Bingo Bash. There are a large variety of bingo games to choose from. You can earn free chips to use for game play. An enjoyable game.
by dodger lou on 2019/12/05 05:25
The only game I play. Pure awesomeness... :)
Bingo Bash
by tokijub on 2019/12/05 05:21
Love it!bunco5
Me meme
by 🎉😂🎉 on 2019/12/05 05:00
Bingo bash review
by PatM60 on 2019/12/05 04:51
Fun, hate that I can’t seem to win.
by Nomi~~ on 2019/12/05 04:50
I like the maze with the Christmas bells. It still takes too long to complete each level. That’s the reason I play less than I did in the past.
by Reeves 1 on 2019/12/05 04:46
Great game.
by iamsuezq on 2019/12/05 04:30
Fun, love the side games.
Bingo Bash
by NanaPappy478 on 2019/12/05 04:28
Love playing this game!
Bingo Bash
by najean50 on 2019/12/05 03:58
Enjoy all the different room
Bingo Bash
by 12bolt on 2019/12/05 03:47
It’s lots of fun never boring!😊Great graphics!😊
by Hershey1985 on 2019/12/05 03:36
Keep up the great work!
by BBCTEK on 2019/12/05 03:36
Love this game!
Winning at mini games
by nana's lovebugs on 2019/12/05 03:23
The only problem I have with Bingo Bash is that you can lose a lot of coins by your mini games. The scratchers I can press numerous times and absolutely win nothing. Same with the other two games as well. Thank you
by van😍van on 2019/12/05 03:01
But I need more free bingo coins pls
Bingo bash
by Hot gram on 2019/12/05 02:56
Love this bingo game. Best on the market.
by grl222 on 2019/12/05 02:55
Love this game it’s my favorite game in the world
by jbiwersmith on 2019/12/05 02:52
Love the game
My favorite game.
by Lalalagual on 2019/12/05 02:50
This game is awesome.
Fun game
by Hates the update on 2019/12/05 02:49
Love it!!
Much fun!!!
by Vic0767 on 2019/12/05 02:48
Great game!,,
Bingo no bingo
by Verytrebein on 2019/12/05 02:42
Nothing worse than bingo and it says sorry no more bingos really it’s so hard to even get one ! Plus game disconnects I have lost hundreds of chips
by Pebbles007? on 2019/12/05 02:40
Yea great
by dept chair on 2019/12/05 02:33
Great bingo
by Smokeleo on 2019/12/05 02:22
Enjoy playing
Bingo bash
by SuE219 on 2019/12/05 02:19
Great game. Love playing it. Very addicting.
bingo bash
by SueWho47 on 2019/12/05 01:59
its a fun game
One of my fav apps
by GaPinay on 2019/09/12 22:52
I love to play bingo and have tried MANY different bingo apps over the years. I’ve now settled on 2 favorites that are sure to please. This one is one of the 2. I’ve been playing since about 2012 if not longer. I play maybe 3 to 4 times a week to relax. Between the daily credits, bonuses, notification freebies, and freebies on the fb bingo bash page...I am able to play 4 or more games each day depending on my luck at winning. Now that is just bc I choose to play at the highest 4 card premium level. It lets you finish collections much faster. Some of the games I just like’s not always about the collections. Plus they always have xtra tournaments going to earn even more chips. On top of that there are unlimited power ups on random weekends. For a free game it is top 2 of my all time favorites. The ONLY thing I do not like is how often it asks you if you are “having fun” and would you complete a’m not a review person but I’m breaking down today hoping I won’t be asked for awhile. I guess it’s a small price to pay for a free ad-less game!! YEAH! DID I MENTION ITS ADLESS!!! Truly love this game thank you Bingo Bash!!!
Coming along....
by MickieTurner on 2018/02/18 19:13
There are unique games that makes playing more interesting. There have been some improvements since I began playing. The in App purchases are reasonable, the cost to play is not excessive which means that you can play for free and enjoy it. That being said, although it is possible to play and win without power play boosters, to be competitive they are necessary. They can be purchased with game coins won during the bingo round, won as a prize in one of the mini games or purchased. Still don't think this is optimum as I run out of boosters before I run out of game chips and winning coins necessary to buy more is difficult. Still I like the game and will look for future improvements. I upgraded my review for two reasons. I forgot to mention that there are some weekends with unlimited power plays which is very nice and recently I have been receiving notifications for free chips or power play boosters. This gives me an incentive to return to the game multiple times in a day and results in more game play
Fun except difficult collections can ruin the fun
by CO beachlovers on 2018/06/03 13:56
Been playing this for many years and generally this is my fun unwind activity each day but some games’ collections are absolutely impossible to finish, which completely ruin that game for me. Like the latest Easter game, it was absolutely impossible to get one colored egg, never allowing you to finish even the first level. Some are more fun like the bake my day one where it seems like you can never finish the collection but it all comes together eventually. My favorite was the lemonade game from a couple years ago and they took it away. Ice cream one too, which is also gone (although very difficult to get enough “dollars” to ever finish a collection). Worst is the bingo royale, completely difficult and not the slightly bit fun. Also, the horrible poker one. Ugh. Invested way too much time trying to finish that large-pay-out collection. Overall, I guess 4 stars, some games 5 stars, some 2 or 0. Watch for more-difficult-than-fun collections and low fun to cost of play.
by Crqs on 2019/10/03 01:50
I’ve been playing this game for several years and enjoyed it very well. I have recently lost my site and can no longer play the actual bingo games. I still can enjoy the mini games. It seems to me that increasing my levels and the daily bonus is connected to them takes much longer when not playing the bingo games. I have spent my own money at least once A month and have been stuck at the daily bonus amount for quite a while. I’ll still play it just doesn’t seem quite fair Is there anyway to trade off the bingo Power plays that I had collected andI have no need for the. it’s really a bummer when I spend the daily bonus wheel and get a power-play or get power plays in the scratchers game. I know that you have to design a game for all players and I’m only one I like these games quite well thank you for listening to my complaints
Needs real options
by ekweze on 2019/02/08 18:24
Bingo isn’t an exhilarating game but they made it fun enough I scroll thru diff options in rooms, etc. There is an inherent problem where they, either don’t reward paying customers or they find it probable those who have spent money, will no longer win (esp the big prizes) or accomplish their current “challenges.” Highlight: The auto rate at which numbers is called is perfect and you can’t accidentally daub yet get a bingo so it doesn’t impede on your earnings (for the most part, you can’t daub after earning a bingo, in the essence if you want to daub out and call a bingo before they’re over, but receive more credit for the daubs, gifts, extra boosts). Typically it goes quickly so this isn’t a major concern since once it winds down you want a bingo over the others yet who knows. Maybe you could play another game had you gotten that bingo ball daub, you catch my drift. It might sound like I take bingo super seriously but even if you have any competitive and add root for capitalism, it’s lacking a quite a bit. You can’t keep customers on your slow server by punishing them for not paying in a mostly based free game.
Bingo Bash
by Sue Donatelli on 2018/05/23 05:59
Yes, it’s Fast! Fast to Boot you out of the Game! Not Nice Bingo Bash!! Really? 7 x’s in just the 1st 1/2 of the game! It’s Awful & it’s the Main reason I deleted the game in the first place. But, I thought you might have fixed some of your glitches. But Alas! No! I’m Truly NOT going to have to KEEP PAYING for Credits & be Booted out! Plus I’m Not The Only One Who’s Noticed This Little Tidbit Either-Why is it that the SAME PEOPLE KEEP WINNING OVER & OVER AGAIN? Its just Ridiculous Bingo Bash!! We know that your Admins have their Faves in each room but it’s Really Sad that they have to show Favoritism like that! What is this? Junior High? Come On Already! We all have to pay OUR own $$ to play Bingo Bash bc we sure don’t get enough credits except to play 1 game a day! You’d think that you’d at least want ppl to be able to play a few games & have a chance to win a few. With all the $$$ you’re making from us I’m sure you could spare more credits than you eke out to us. I either don’t play for Days or I have to buy credits, which is why you only give us the bare minimum. I get 44 credits a day & I've been playing for years now. I’d say it’s time for a raise, don’t you?
Bozo Bingo
by cinsin7 on 2017/09/29 23:42
This game is such a rip off. I want to like it as I've been playing it on and off for years now in the hopes that they will make improvements to actually make it playable but to no avail because you get ripped off constantly. The rockets are the dumbest addition to their increasing line of "power ups" and extras that just don't make sense. The fact that you have to buy power ups you would think that it would increase your odds of actually winning a game but now not only are the Rockets stupid because they never hit the right tiles even though you're paying for them. the power ups provided in the game are beyond dumb and useless, what do I need a money bonanza or a double money if I can't even use it to buy bingo chips? Which by the way The fact that this is the only bingo game where you can only reload lives every 20 hours is also really stupid especially when the reloaded amount of lives is only useful for one gameplay so essentially your reloading lives every 20 hours to only be able to play one round,this game has no incentive to continue playing it's very moronic & a complete waste of your time.
Watch It Playing This Game
by 5yrsdowntheroad on 2018/10/10 12:52
Just started playing the game. So far it's ok. Not many players. Again, not many playing,but still like it. It crashes more & more. IF you don't purchase tickets you sure can't play the other games. WAY to high for the games on the different games they offer for you to play. When it crashes,you do lose your amount given to you to play. Sure can't build them up either. YOU want to play this game...Purchase tickets!! Not a fair game to play. Misleading. Again. Wondering why it keeps crashing. I didn't get to play yesterday,& of course I had some credits built up & now it keeps crashing. I suppose they don't allow keeping yesterdays credits wanting you to purchase.i tried this morning for about 5 or 6 times & it keeps crashing again & again. Fun to play just need to work on the crashing!!!!
Ok of game
by Cls me on 2018/11/08 01:50
I have been playing for a while now and like the different games you come out with around holidays etc.. However game cards are way to expensive for chips on some of these. Especially when you get first place and don't even get what you bided back. Also the mini scratcher game is awful .. Never get anything or get 2 chips I have been trying for months to get the six special items and never have . . Over all I yylike this game but cards should be less expensive or the mini games should at least give you something actually the mini games are horrible. It is a bummer if you only get 48 chips daily and get to play 1 to 2 rounds and wait 24 hours ! Not willing to pay the prices you want for just a few chips to by for 1 to 2 rounds of play . The rockets are a waste of time and money I have 2 rockets and can’t even use them unless I have Three! Also it would be nice to see a few black out games. Overall I have played for years and think it has gotten worse than better.
Fun, but has flaws
by Wallymax65 on 2018/09/13 13:40
This game has lots of variety and would be a five star game except for some frustrating flaws. The main one for me is that I get dropped mid game, and lose the tickets that I bought. Other games reconnect and give you a refund which is more fair. The other main problem is that you can have a bingo on the last ball, but the game doesn't give you time to claim it. This is a real bummer, as this is the way to earn bingo tickets, very frustrating to miss out in this way! Otherwise there are lots of interesting games with good variety and imagination! I wish it were possible to buy tickets with the coins you've earned playing, instead of having to purchase them with real money . It's nice to be awarded free cards each day, but they are not enough to play more than a couple of games.
Great Bingo...expensive add ones
by pluthb0321 on 2019/07/18 04:36
I really love this app! I get to play with my kids and they love it too. They like that there are new games coming out and get to have a variety. Bingo Bash allows you to get free balls every 20 hours which is great, however, I would like to purchase more but the deals are not good enough. When it takes 32 balls to play a four pack game it’s too steep to purchase enough to play for a while. Instead, I have to collect over time and play only once in a while. I would love to purchase some but again, they just don’t have a good enough deal ever. Not even on holidays. I have been playing this app for several years and have yet to find a stellar deal, which I would gladly pay for. I do spend money on apps like Slotomania and Homescapes because they do have good deals regularly. They get me hooked in further because of the way the have different specials and deals. I’d give this a 5-star rating if the in app purchasing were better.
Disappointed lately
by Sad sharri on 2017/11/19 07:29
I started playing years ago. When you won a high up bingo, you got lots of chips. There were at least 1/2 as many bingos as number of people playing. You got more free cells, when you bought power plays, a lot more, not those power up things. Now it seems impossible to win most times, and those who do, are the same people all the time. I see some names coming up on the win ticker two and three times every game, and they are always winning first,second, or third place it seems. It almost seems rigged now. It used to be way more fun. Now it’s all about you trying to get people to buy things. The rockets are especially annoying to the game. It people want them, let them buy them to use on their own. I’m just really disappointed in the way the game is going. It really just isn’t that much fun anymore. Some of the games, like the new monster mash, you just sit in the corner the whole game. That is not fun.
Not overly happy
by C. Zeiser on 2018/06/03 15:11
I have been playing since 2012. It Was a lot of fun back then. No too easy to complete rooms, but possible. Your level up bonuses are still behind the times as well as daily bonus. I play every day, but there was a long time that I refused to play, as changes in the games made it less fun and cumbersome. For example, I like to play the slots, for one of them (Grande Tour) you can’t get or receive requests or collections items unless you leave game, and go to Puffin browser, but you can’t send gifts from puffin browser, so you have to go back to your other browser again. I played for awhile ,to excess some days , but built up my coins and chips to record amounts. But you are taking down so fast now it is ridiculous. I have decided that when they get way down, I will delete your app. I am not betting excessively, but many of my friends had this happen to them as well, and they deleted your app. These games should be fun, but you’ve made it irritating instead.
Played 5 years, still love it
by Lady w/ Sharp Sticks on 2018/06/23 07:52
This bingo was my first on my first iPhone years and years ago. While keeping new games coming they don't let the "extras" become the main focus like Bingo Blitz. To get the most join through your FB account. Make friends in the games by trading items. The newest advance (beta) is fabulous! I'm really happy. Glad that Bingo Bash has kept the app about Bingo, with little fun extras and bonuses. They also call the numbers a bit slower than the others and I know many who love that. If you play 4 cards at once using your phone (my iPhone's do this), cards number 3 & 4 will have their numbers daubed for you! They also get daubed before any human could daub so I think it's an advantage!
Fun game....BUT
by Mama Fig on 2018/05/09 17:42
This was the first bingo game I downloaded when I got my IPAD over 2 years ago. This was a great game a year I'm not so happy with it. 1. Why do you only get the golden ball for every other hand of bingo you play? Cuts down the odds from 25% even greater! 2. The cost of cards has gotten ridiculous! Compared to the daily payout you get. I save up chips for a week then play for an hour a week. 3. The games are creative and fun graphics and challenges, BUT it takes 400 credits to win 100 credits??!!! Either make it easier to complete rooms OR give bigger payouts and daily credit collections. 4. Get more rooms that you can collect items rather than always creating rooms where you have to get certain combos to complete it. 5. I have been playing the western room for a year almost and still can't complete it! I am getting to the point where iBingo Bash is just not fun and I don't really look forward to playing anymore. Soon I will probably just stop. There are other bingo games out there 6. There should be a few seconds delay for you to daub the final bingo number.. I have lost bingos countless amounts of time because I daub the final number and then the game gets cut off before I can daub bingo!! Frustrating really! I urge you to make the corrections that myself and many many others are telling you about. You ask for do something with it, ok??!!
Addictive ripoff
by Nuthin2choose on 2018/04/24 07:39
I second many of these comments. After years of throwing away money on this game it continues to 1. Not daub the called numbers & no beating the screen mouse or whatever doesn't help 2. Forget these contests because if you Think you Place in the winning Chips spot You do not get your winnings even when you play to the end & see you are still placing to win chips. 3. Crashing when you are about to win a bingo or losing connection then let's you back in game at the Very End so you can't catch up OH YES that's so you do not get a refund because you played your chips. 4. The slots games::: well don't expect to receive the coins to keep playing If you hit big or if you get big & finish don't look for 300 chips unless somebody dis feeling generous. That's not often. Either. Now delete the app & watch how many emails you get luring you back then reinstall play with your freebies win win win then delete app again & repeat cycle. This is the ONLY & I repeat ONLY way you will ever play without going to the poor house. Best of luck all
Game COULD be best, but..
by BC dancer gal on 2019/01/30 04:46
While I love the games included with this app, I am getting tired of being offered wonderful prices for extra chips just to have my screen freeze not too long thereafter! It's not my Wi-Fi; it's not my iPad -- I have NO OTHER PROBLEMS with any other programs/apps/games...IT IS THIS GAME!!! This weekend I took advantage of the 2 1/2 chips times the regular price; a day and a half later, the screen froze. I clicked on other programs; I read my mail; no improvement. I turned the iPad off completely. Nada. When it finally "unfroze" 4 days later, I had lost my coins that i had just bought! Please note: I am not the only person with such a problem... Furthermore, I took advantage of the extra Powerplay purchase; however, when I checked their dispersement, 90+ were coin powers and fewer than 30 were given to each of the other, more desirable, Powerplays. In addition, I agree with the previous poster that freebie coins should be dispersed more than once every 19 hours and in greater quantities. Monopoly Slots gives out 1,000 coins every 4 hours, every 2 hours some weekends -- Big Fish Casino even gives 2,000 coins EVERY 30 MINUTES!!!!! Finally, each player is to get a free scratcher every day - can't tell you the last time that happened consistently...ov er a week though... litig8rij
The programming is rigged
by Litlredfox on 2017/12/08 03:34
I actually downloaded this game about 4 years ago but really didn't play it much until about a year ago. There have been many glitches and lost quite a bit of real money on playing the game but that's on me I continue to feed the beast. The one thing that really upset me and I will never forget the bait and switch they pulled on us unsuspecting people that had been playing the tournaments for quite some time and play in auto pilot. To buy into the game you had pay with 4 gems which was great but when they implicated the updates for the game and with no notice to us players, change the entry fee to an outrages 59 or 60 bingo chips. Not knowing about their bait and switch I clicked enter and starts to play but had realized that I was missing quite a lot of my chips so when I was done with three rounds I want back and looked. And what do I find. Well it was not longer 4 gems it was 60 bingo chips I was so angry they had just had made a MAJOR CHANGE THAT THEY SLIPPED IN WITHOUT GIVING NOTICE TO US PLAYERS. They have pretty much locked out items that are needed to complete Slots games... I have gone 4 months in Carnival Cash and only hit on 2 of the friends have to send items back and forth to complete and get the Trophies you need to raise the level of daily free chip you get each day. So basically they lure you in and rob you blind. Fun but very costly
Fun but they are getting cheap!
by Cookiejewel on 2019/04/25 14:45
Finally got past another bad and time consuming phase of bad ideas and implementation by development group. So once again fun to play! You can actually get enough free chips to play everyday. Now I play the top number of chips, 96, which is supposed to give you a little better gifts. On the new bakery game, Bready Set Go, the gifts are worse than playing with the lowest amount of chips on any other game! So there is really no advantage to play with more chips other than getting 3 bingos when you do bingo but that rarely happens as well! The odds of the game seems to have changed and the gifts and side “games or quests” are harder and play A LOT less if you can actually win anything! Mind you I have played this game for over 2 years but quit for periods of weeks to months just collecting my daily chips, when it gets ridiculous like it is getting!
Bingo bash hd
by Grinaz2 on 2018/05/14 06:35
Keeps taking my chips every time it "disconnects" from the Internet. It has happened no less than 4 times in the last 30 minutes. So very frustrating. There must be some glitches they really need to fix. Also, they only called 5 balls (and not all letters are being called 3 b's and 2 o's for example,) and 3 people had bingo already. Go figure how THAT happens every game. I think they should give people who are disconnected, a credit BACK to their account! On the final bingo, it won't even allow you to get your numbers picked, nor the prizes either. If you have a bingo, you don't get that either. What is the purpose of putting the number of binges there to the right...since you don't get yours on the last number? It's fun to play...but you get screwed a lot out of wins, and prizes. The calling of numbers is WAY too fast....can't figure out how they know before game how many people can/will bingo before numbers are even called. Fun...but very frustrating!
Used to be fun
by Rroaz on 2019/10/03 19:24
I have been playing for years and always really enjoyed it. Lately they have taken to limiting sizes which of course means limited bingos available. The terrible part is that if there are 12 bingos available, they will award 3 to one or 2 people (which takes up half the bingos!) and a few more people will get 2 bingos and then the rest will go to the other players- so instead of there being 12 bingos available, there are real only 3 or 4. This is not an occasional thing, it happens EVERY single round! and its usually the same people. If they are real players and not bots, they would complete their collections in days. Another thing I’ve noticed is that when they have special events where you get chips for getting the most bingos, the top 3 ALWAYS have at least 200 bingos and everyone else has 3 or 4. Seriously? so you spend all your chips trying to compete and all you earn are 2 power ups.
by Stylinmom73 on 2019/03/30 16:44
I like this game but it freezes a lot which affects game play. It also takes a long time to hit the next level because unless you win the daily bonuses are only enough for 1 round of four canards and a second round of one to two cards. It would also be nice to be able to buy more chips with games coins as those accumulate quickly. I also have friends that play and send stuff and have tried to invite more friends and for some reason the invites don't seem to go through and so I don't get stuff that way. I have been playing this game for about 6 years and only at level 149. Improvements need to be made and there would be. Lot more people to play it. Also, there are many times I get notifications of stuff like here is free chips to start the week and then when I log in they don't pop up.
Fun but....Very Manipulated game
by Beanith on 2018/02/09 21:46
I have been playing Bing Bash for a number of years-love Bingo. I am a Vice President of a very famous "Citi - banking" institution. So I know about numbers. As fun as this game is, it is VERY manipulated. If you own a lot of bingo chips, you will NEVER win another game for a while. Actually, they really have done a great job of preparing this site (FOR THEMSELVES) for the customer it is a JOKE. It's definitely fun but know that it is set up so that you will never have a lot of Bingo Chips in your favor. Once you get a certain # of chips, you will never win another game until you use up a good portion of your chips. So very frustrating. Oh well!!! Sad the developer has to do this to the customer. For me, I enjoy making my accurate predictions. I now know that I will never win a BINGO game ever if I have over 408 chips... it's fun though - but they totally own you. Enjoy ;
Pay outs
by alontime on 2019/07/04 12:55
Let me count the ways I’ve been disappointed with BB. This playing regular, double and triple coins is a total rip off. I played the flower game playing triple coins the game and used over 15,000 coins and still never completed the challenge. The same is holding true for the other games. Now about daily free coins. Over the 12 or 13 years playing some of your impossible games to win earned 67 coins daily but used many more with mini games. AwhileY IF back I earned 74 coins a day that lasted a few weeks And BB pushed me back to 67 coins. Once again I received daily 74 coins and again I am back to 67 coins. Really disgusted and discouraged with the game. After playing this game daily for all these years I am going to give up as soon as I deplete mt existing coins. This game has gone from fun to total frustration. There are just to many games available to put up with this nonsense. I’m sure this review will never be posted but I am tried of being ripped off.
Bingo Greed, NOT Bingo Bash
by Vegas92 on 2019/06/10 04:09
First, you max out at 69 chips per day, and it costs 96 per game if you want to play the premium level. Do the math. I’ve lost over 12,000 chips in just over TWO months, because it’s impossible to win enough games to keep you in chips! You can’t trade coins for chips so you have thousands of coins that can’t be used on anything but power ups. (Even on the coin power up, you win a whopping ONE chip). Plus, the cost of chips is ridiculous! $100 for 2500 chips - that will last a week if you play every day. That’s insane! This should be called Bingo Greed - and all the developers ever say is ‘we’ll let our staff know’. Once my chips are gone, I’m deleting this game. I hate to lose all the coins and power ups, but I’m not spending all my money on chips when I rarely win. (And I’m certainly not paying money for rockets that only give you two extra daubs per card. THAT’S a rip off, too!!!). FYI, the quests are worthless.
Bingo Bash
by Lounge slots on 2019/11/17 16:41
I love playing the game. But I don't like waiting on the free chips you earn from watching the Apps. Games. You not even giving us the earned chips now ! It's not showing up on the Bingo Chips You have left! I've played & watched twice today should have about 24 from that one time! and just now about 18 I'm not getting any of them! What's wrong!!you fixed one problem. Now their is more one of the slots don't work. Can't get it to play.i love the Bingo Bash!why can we get the free video chips now. Now I've got to turn it off & wait till tomorrow to play!yall keep taking my chips! Please give them back! I love the game but this happens quite often! I try to contact yall but can’t understand all that you print. Doesn’t pertain to my problem! Thank you!
by Beverlybob on 2018/06/25 16:00
This is a really fun game --- if I didn't get knocked off the website after every game...literally. Tried uninstalling & re-installing...same until this can be fixed or the company can tell me what I need to fix it -- I will continue to use the game...sometimes. There are lots of bingos for the iPad. Sure hope you can fix this glitch..the glitches have gotten will not log onto any game - just crashes. Regardless if you are connected to Facebook or NOT RECOMMEND THIS GAME IN ITS PRESENT STATE... This is the 2nd time I've been asked to rate. Stopped playing for a while, came back & the game didn't crash much at all....update it & now I've not been able to play ONE game. Stopping would think that it could be fixed by the same story from so many other users. Over & over. Don't think anyone from the BB company looks at any of this.
Bingo bash
by Vjm98j on 2018/01/13 23:29
I have played bingo bash for at least three years. I have spent a lot of money because this is the best bingo game I have played. To my dismay your payouts are horrible. For instance I usually play four cards, 8 chips per card which costs 32 chips. I will bingo on one card and only get 8 chips back. I have bingo end on 2 cards and will get 16 chips back. Just the other day I binged on all 4 of my cards and only received 32 chips back exactly what I spent. This is just not right! I would feel better if at least you would get double your chips back plus 4 more. I am so disappointed on how greedy you are. Please change your payouts. You would probably have a lot more players
Very manipulated game
by sjh259 on 2018/06/18 05:44
I have been playing this game for several years. In the past the number of bingos per game were at least equal to 1/2 of total players with large payouts; not so any longer. I have found it very difficult to bingo when you have acquired a larger number of bingo points. I have often played 10 or more games with 4 cards per game and not had a single bingo. This never happen a in the past. It seems the developer is only interested in fattening his wallet; especially with the addition of the rockets. The most frustrating issue is the lack of respect shown to the player. Taking our money with limited benefit or fun of playing seems to apply to updates. I wish the focus would return to player entertainment without robbing our wallets returning to the original idea of these games.
Love Bingo!
by caismaaahhh on 2019/10/17 09:55
This app is great. I get up and after my coffee get my daily chips for years now. I’m sad at some point an update occurred, probably years back, and I lost thousands of gems which could’ve been turned into chips back in the day. Bummed out, but I plug along. Wish we had a heads up on that one, I would’ve converted before I updated and lost them all. Other than one complaint, and the game a bit laggy at times, I still play as often as I can and never forget my daily coffee and bingo chips. Love the new rooms added to keep me interested in completing lots of different rooms! Keep up the great work. And if you hear about where my gems are, I’d love to convert them one day! 😆
Bingo Bash
by snuffy#5 on 2018/06/16 01:27
Have enjoyed game but it doesn't always register bingo's earned and daubing is so often delayed that bingo's can't register. Very slow response and its very frustrating. I rated this game 1 star but often its less than half of that. payout is terrible and, game after game without a single win and only a few numbers called. Generally, a waste of time without improvements in the game. Graphics are good. Once again, I wanted to play 2 cards, they took the bingo chips then the game continued to load, load, load! The game started but I couldn't play the cards, this is not the first time but I hope it will be the last. I could hear the numbers being called but wasn't able to play. Could you finally fix this problem?
Love I, lose it
by Olivesgrammy on 2018/10/18 20:00
I absolutely love this app. I enjoy the specialty rooms, and the mini games. I’ve played for years and have earned about 6,000 chips and at one time I had 100,000 coins. Every part is great fun with very fair chances to win. My only complaint is one that makes me crazy! When on my WiFi, Bingo constantly loses connection. I know it’s not my WiFi because it does not occur during any other of my game play or apps. I have to think it is something inherent in the app. Whatever the cause it needs to be fixed because my coins are not being replaced. That said, thanks for the hours and hours of fun and relaxation I’ve had playing Bingo. Melanie Stanley
by Babyblue913 on 2019/02/24 16:32
I like the different games and challenges but it is extremely frustrating because you don’t get enough credits or freebies to play just 1 round. The cost to purchase credits is very overpriced and If You purchase rockets it is very rare that they explode the numbers you need. There are many other Bingo games that give you more credits to play and if you want to spend real money to play you get more credits for less money. When you give us unlimited power-ups don’t give us power-ups in our special gift boxes give credits instead. Allow us to purchase credits with the coins we accumulate when playing. I could see if the prizes are real money but come on give us enough credits to actually enjoy playing this game. I really want to love this game but it’s impossible when playing with the very limited credits to play.
Best Bingo App Out
by Andie8048 on 2019/03/21 06:43
I love 💕Love Bingo Bash. I actually run a rl Bingo and have for 20 years. I rarely get to play in rl because I’m the caller too. So I find my entertainment on phone/iPad apps. This is my absolute favorite!!! You can play a lot of cards because you can just concentrate on daubing and not on if you are “on” or not. It will Bingo for you. I love the fact that we get infinity power ups or whatever they are called. But they are not on all the time. My only downfall in this game is not getting enough play per day and it taking WAY TOO LONG to earn more. I mean I play multiple times a day and it has taken forever to up my intake even a few. Other than that AWESOME BINGO!!!!!!!!
Disappointed and addicted
by catacombkilla on 2017/11/19 22:56
Some games seem like a complete rip off because they're hard to win. The rewards for winning are low and the price to purchase is too high for the amount of chips you receive. It also seems like the same people win every game. I realize that bingo is a game of luck, but honestly I know statistically it's impossible for the same people to win so consistently. I really want to find a different bingo game, but I've invested both time and money so feel stuck! Another irritating thing is some games require you to win specific items so you end up wasting make that thousands of chips just to complete a level. Then there's power ups that give people an unfair advantage...I often wonder how much more fair it would make the game if everyone was on a level playing field.
Very Very Low Winnings Very Very Many Credits to Play
by Yellow Sun Flower on 2019/08/08 02:25
I’m getting ready to level up to level 380 and my daily free credits are only 62. By this level I should be getting at least double free daily credits. Plus when I level up I only get 50 credits. Most games increase your free daily credits the higher level you go. Example Bingo Blitz at level 230 I receive 120 credits a day plus 25,000 coins a day. When I level up I receive twice the credits and coins. This game doesn’t even give you free coins and the little side games only give 5 credits for 5 bingos which is a joke. I suggest if you enjoy playing bingo don’t play this game because it will take you forever to complete a room because you can’t even play a round of bingo with the free daily credits they give you. Now all their bingo rooms have gone up per card. To play 4 cards it cost 96 credits. This game is a JOKE.
Bingo Bash
by Bflip1 on 2019/10/16 09:10
Very addictive game. Lots of different ways to play. There should be more incentive to continue playing for the "regular " players. The prizes offered should be more than they are presently as the games become quite expensive when you compare what you spent versus what you won. There are also several times during various games that give you the feeling that it is " fixed "ex. When you are playing a game with a card the has the golden ball, you might win on all the other cards. Also, the characters like Santa and the Grouch move too slowly when a bingo is revealed and could cost you the game.
Nice App Improvements
by Glinda G. on 2018/03/19 18:54
I like the improvements to Bingo Bash over the last 6-9 months the games are creative and fun to play. I’ve only been playing a little over a year but need to make a suggestion that would keep me coming back and suspect others that have been playing much longer and reached a plateau. It would be great if there were more options to increase your daily free credits when you play special games not just the classic games. I usually complete multiple levels of the special games because they’re fun with a lot of players and it would be nice if there was an incentive for doing so or more classic games that are similar to the format of the special rooms.
Issues I have with game
by wdmille on 2019/11/29 15:40
I love to play this bingo. It is one of my favorites. The only problem I have is the only way you can get playing chips is by spending real money. I understand the game producers have to make money, but why is it players can accumulate so much in coins but can not use them to buy chips or rockets(mostly chips). The way it is set up you can only play one or two rounds before you have to stop until the next day. It almost makes it where it is not worth me keeping this game on my iPad. Please tell me what can be done about this. I really think you should be able to buy chips and rockets with the coins. I repeat it is almost not worth keeping
by Ninapopi on 2019/11/13 01:18
Instead of watching TV, I enjoy iPad games and jigsaw puzzles. Bingo is my favorite but it's getting expensive for me. You have new games often enough that it never gets boring! You really are generous in your payouts - thanks - otherwise I would have quit a long time ago. I have to wait for special sales to buy more chips. Keep up the good work. It's getting more and more expensive with percentage of winners so much lower than players than before. I have to limit my playing time and may have quit altogether. I'd really miss Bingo Bash if I quit but you've given many pleasurable hours and I thank you for that.
Going Downhill
by Colts4vr on 2018/03/27 16:46
I have had this game for 5+ years. I don't believe it was always a GSN developed game, but after GSN got involved, or about 2 years ago (2 1/2?) the need for greed took over. I play typically each day for a bit, and had earned my levels of completion so that my daily 'bonus' of chips by checking back in was a good number each day. As of this most latest update, that daily bonus # of chips or achievement, has mysteriously now decreased! Wow. Way to build a loyal following. I have to also mention, there was another GSN developed game I played for a while, but then it just got stupid crazy trying to play anymore without forking over big money$. A real shame, as this game used to be a favorite of mine. My opinion? Don't waste your time downloading it unless you own Microsoft or just won a lottery....
by Studdabubba on 2019/11/30 04:53
Always fun to play. I especially like the extra games at the end of every round. By far, the goblins is the most fun to play! Funnest game ! Really enjoy each new game! I am disappointed in the amount of wins. It used to be fairly easy to complete a level. Now it seems to take a long time. Extra games could be more fun too with faster wins on chipsI I love this bear and bees game! I feel I have a better chance to win every round compared to other games! Please create more of these types I love the bears and the bees! Always fun to play I love this bears and the bees! Create more games like this oneI love the crime suspect game. It’s the BEST
Frustrating game
by JafraSandiK on 2018/09/13 16:52
I have played this game for 3 years or so. Payouts are to small. It takes 32 chips to play one game. The daily free chips are only enough to play 1 game. So I collect chips for several days before playing. Usually only play when there are free power ups as you never have enough coins to buy them. Each time they “improve” the game it becomes harder to win. They have extra bonus but only if you play certain games. Most games you have to get several different items. The last item is very hard to get so the bingo really doesn’t count. I only play the games that every bingo counts for the goal. So if you are willing to collect daily coins and chips and wait days to have enough to play a few games you will enjoy this game. If not, don’t start playing
You’ve got to try this game for yourself!
by Uh...Winner on 2019/10/24 15:01
I’ve played this game forever! I’ve loved it, hated it, deleted it and re-installed it. It’s the one bingo game that I play consistently. It’s hard to decide to play a game based on people’s reviews so find out for yourself and try it - you might like it! UPDATE- Changes have been made. If playing on a phone or iPad the games spit out random numbers and auto daub for you. Games also end with 2,3 and 4 chances left. If you don’t have a ton of Instant Bingo’s on hand then you’re going to get your feelings hurt because you aren’t going to win much. Also, they’ve done away with all the low coin games so you don’t get to Play often. The freebies that are offered only get credited to you occasionally. Not so much fun anymore. Change my rating to 2 stars.
Gone Downhill
by Dhardawa on 2019/04/17 21:23
This used to be the best bingo game by far, but it has gone downhill. First, they added the stupid rocket thing at the end of each game. Stupid! But, the biggest issue I have is that it is nearly impossible to win a game anymore. I’m to the point where I’m thinking I’m not even playing against real people because they’ll say there are 25 available bingos and 75 players. That should mean I’ve got a 1 in 3 chance of winning. Yet, I can play 10 - 15 games and never win a single time. It didn’t used to be this way. Update: I’ve been playing for days with four cards and haven’t received a single bingo. This game is so rigged. I’m off to find a better bingo game. Also, now that it is associated with Game Show Network, it takes forever to load just like all the other games I’ve played that they have gotten involved with.
Bingo Bash
by Red Knights on 2018/07/20 19:39
Absolutely adore this game. The downfall for me is the farther along you get the more expensive the cards are. It takes forever to bingo and the last number called you better be right on top of number otherwise it won't let you hit it before it closes game. If you don't play at least three or four cards your chances of winning are slim to none. I play four cards and still it takes four or five games to get a bingo. I'm a senior citizen who lives on a fixed income so it is getting to where I won't be able to play much longer at the price they charge for cards.
Keeps you coming back
by c9h3r4i7s on 2018/02/05 05:01
I love playing this game although sometimes it can get frustrating. You know that whatever you need, it is just around the corner. You just have to keep playing until you get it. That's what keeps you coming back. It can become a bit costly, however. If you are watching your spending, you must be careful not to spend too much. That can happen quite easily. That said, the games are challenging and interesting. New puzzles are continually, which keeps everyone challenged. I highly recommend this game.. I play it everyday.
I love this game,but...
by Theresa.l.Hill on 2019/09/22 16:38
I have-played this game for a couple years now. I do love everything about it except the price I pay to play. I have to spend a lot of money to win because of chip price. The price of one game only allows one chance for me to play fully. Sometimes without power plays. It’s impossible to win without power plays. And the cost too great to sacrifice chips for them. If lower card cost maybe chips would be burnt for power plays. Or lower power play price. Anyway game is great, I will continue to play. Not sure how long financially I can keep playing.
Game play freezes, makes you lose
by M_Princess on 2018/11/24 01:05
Update: Significant improvements in connectivity and smooth gameplay. Solid 4 stars now. Good variety, specials like free power-up weekends, and I like that bingos are called automatically and you can see which numbers you may have missed. Unfortunately, the latter is critical because 1/5 games freeze up and you miss numbers. It says it auto-daubs anything missed, but it never gets all of them and if the freeze occurs near the end of the game, you lose. After a freeze, I can switch immediately to the Bingo Dragon app and the play is fine, so I don’t think it’s my connection or device.
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