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Yandex Go — taxi and delivery
Yandex Go is an app to request rides, order food from restaurants or send items across town. Request a ride or delivery with just a tap and track your driver in real time. Never waste time again with another call center or parking problem. • AFFORDABLE FARES Choose a service class for any occasion. Ride Economy for everyday errands, treat yourself to Comfort and Comfort+ to relax in a more spacious car, or go with Business when every detail counts. Use Delivery to ship items of any size by car. Fares and available service classes vary by location, but we always show the exact price (or a fair estimate) before you request a ride. • PAY BY CARD OR CASH You can pay for rides automatically if you add your card in the app, but drivers also accept cash. Payment method availability may vary depending on location. • A SMART APP THAT SAVES YOU TIME Yandex Go uses smart algorithms built on live traffic data to connect riders with drivers who can reach them fastest. Depending on your location, the app will also suggest alternative pickup points to help lower your fare. • RIDES WITH MULTIPLE STOPS Request a ride with multiple destinations, like if you’re dropping your kids off at school, picking up a friend on the way, or need to run a quick errand. Yandex Go maps all your stops on one route and calculates the fare for the entire trip upfront. • CHILD SAFETY SEATS Choose the Kids service class to ride safely with your child in a safety or booster seat. Currently available in the capitals of Armenia, Georgia, Estonia and Latvia, as well as 13 cities across Russia. • FOOD FROM RESTAURANTS Order food from local cafes and restaurants. Just enter your address and we’ll show you everything that’s available nearby. Narrow down your search with filters and find your favorites or try something new. Currently available in Russia and Kazakhstan. • AVAILABLE IN 12 COUNTRIES Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Serbia and Moldova. Visit to see rates and availability in your city. If you’d like to share your opinion about our app, a driver or company that handled your ride, please send us feedback in the app.
by mate kevle on 2021/05/01 18:24
ლევანის მადლობა ესეთი კაი კაცი როა და ესე მაგრად მოიქცა
Обратите внимание на условия работы водителей и курьеров.
by yana200200 on 2021/04/17 14:44
Страховка и нормальные условия для работников!
by Ольга с благодарностью on 2021/04/15 16:51
Спасибо большое за хороший сервис, аккуратную езду, и бутылку воды.
by mohammad elyas sulaiman on 2021/04/10 09:22
The tripe was great ,he was a lovely man
by იზა ჩადუნელი on 2021/04/09 09:41
შესანიშნავი პიროვნება, უკეთილესი და რაც მთავარია უკომფორტულესია მგზავრობა.
by კკიიკკიი on 2021/04/09 05:29
იდეალური მძღოლი, მანქანა და მგზავრობა.
by kakha karelidze on 2021/04/08 16:36
ძალიან კმაყოფილი ვარ ბატონი კახას მომსახურებით...იგი ნამდვილი მონაპოვარია თქვენი კომპანიისთვის...კომუნიკაბელური, მოწესრიგებული და ზრდილობიანი...რაც დღეს ბევრს არ გააჩნია...უღრმესი მადლობა მას და თქვენს კომპანიას...
რუსული ყლეობა
by badrijanizhorika on 2021/04/02 12:33
შეტყობნებებს აგვიანებს,დროს ურევს, გირჩევდით სხვა აპლიკაცია გარმოგეწერათ. :)
The best ever
by Iraklius-Iq on 2021/03/31 16:09
The driver with high empathy
Нужна Тёмная тема
by Braviken on 2021/03/31 00:15
Пожалуйста, добавьте поддержку Тёмной темы оформления
by arsallan on 2021/03/28 10:34
This company is one of the most irresponsible taxi companies in the armenia.
by SergeyMyagkov on 2021/03/27 14:14
Ув. Яндекс, 1. Зачем из приложения убрали опцию: «некурящий салон»?! 2. Сделайте опцию: кто из водителей ставит какую оценку! 3. И цены у вас стали завышенные!
Нужна услуга Некурящий салон
by Анна Шебанова on 2021/03/25 15:33
Сделайте, пожалуйста, в Настройках опцию «некурящий салон». И принимайте на работу водителей со знанием хотя бы центра города.
Профессионал своего дела.
by girl on 2021/03/25 06:44
Очень вежливый и хороший водитель.
by nikolobrega on 2021/03/25 05:35
ისე ზრდის ტარიფებს ვერ მივხვდი რის მიხედვით. თემქამდე ვაჟადან 7,6 ლარი დამიწერა ბარათი მწონდა მინმული,მივედით თემქაზე და ბარათი მიბმული არ იყო და უნდა გადამეხადა ქეშით და იქ დამიწერა 7,4 კარის ნაცვლად 10,4 ლარი 🤷🏿🤷🏿🤷🏿🤷🏿. ეხლა თავიდან მივაბი ბარათი მარა ვერაფერი გავიგე საერთოდ არ მიჩვენებს მიბმულ ბარათს და ხო მშვიდობა გაქვთ? გუშინაც ნაწილ ნაწილ მაჭრიდა თანხებს ხან 5 ლარა ხან 69 თეთრს ხან 5 კარს ხან 4 ლარს ანუ ვერ მივხვდი ისე მაჭრიდა.
Вчерашняя поездка с Гахокидзе.
by лешукова on 2021/03/21 11:06
Спасибо, за то, что цените клиентов. Не мне решать, но я бы уволила такого сотрудника из своей компании. Он работая в сервисе, думает не о клиенте, а о себе. Может вообще мозг отсутствует. То что он творил долго писать!
Супер профессионал водитель.
by Tigran Hayrapetyan on 2021/03/20 23:31
Анатолий профессионал. Поездка была комфортная и быстраЯ. О удобстве нет вопросов. А ++++
Good driver
by Ukah Tim on 2021/03/17 17:11
Best guy
Прекрасный водитель
by Skazka30123 on 2021/03/17 11:17
Прекрасный водитель! Прекрасно знает Москву! Самое высокое качество работы!
Credit card payment
by ismk45 on 2021/03/13 15:05
Credit card or apple pay doesn’t work.
Испоганили интерфейс
by Flashmanello on 2021/03/13 12:04
Интерфейс как новогодняя елка, слишком много лишних элементов и выползающих меню. Мне нафиг не сдалась Лавка в приложении для такси. Также исчезла категория такси микроавтобус, были очень удобные большие мерседесы.
by Grymzik on 2021/03/11 06:27
Yandex Go is stealing money! Be careful. When ordering taxi it shows one price. When you pay price is changed to another. In my case it was increased 30%. Support explained it with “some delay in calculation”. Be careful and keep away from this organization.
Coolll deiverr
by bdbshsnmarriiiiii on 2021/03/09 10:58
კომუნიკაბელური და სასიამოვნო ადამიანი.
its so cheaf in georgia!
by ahajdkkdksk on 2021/02/28 13:47
make a good prices for driver
ყველაზე ჯიგარი
by აკაკი ბიძინაშვილი on 2021/02/23 17:30
ამაზე მაგარი მძღოლი არ გყავთ ❤️💋🥳🥳
by futkaradze anuka on 2021/02/22 04:15
ყველაზე პოზიტიური და ყველაზე სწრაფი🥰
by nika4466 on 2021/02/12 16:27
Supta mancana
by რეკომენდაცია on 2021/02/11 16:03
ძალიან კარგი და გამოცდილი მზღოლია :)
საუკეთესო მომსახურეობა
by ninkakoch on 2021/02/11 06:36
წარმატებები ბატონ ნუკრის
За говнорекламу Яндекс доставки «возьми это тебе»
by Elbartodiy on 2021/02/09 10:32
Как вы достали
by аргеномак on 2021/02/06 12:07
Водитель адекватный, быстро и с комфортом довез, советую !
by 122112231 on 2021/02/04 17:03
დღეს საღამოს აბაშიძიდან ევდოშვილამდე ვიმგზავრე თეთრი პრიუსით, სერია არ მახსოვს,767 იყო ნომერი. ასეთი მოწესრიგებული მანქანა, სერვისული მძღოლი, გზების მცოდნე, ადექვატურად მოსაუბრე ნაკლებად შემხვედრია. მუსიკის ჟანრიდან დაწყებული ტარების მანერით დამთავრებული 100% უმაღლეს შეფასებას ვუწერ!
by Igfftgbhj on 2021/01/31 21:20
Cool driver
rapid si cu siguranta
by BoierdinChisinay on 2021/01/29 23:47
by ქწრგ on 2021/01/28 12:10
ეკეთა ნიღაბი მძღოლს. ხელო დამეჭირა შემთხვევით No-ზე
P E R F E C T !
by Shiedhwokdbjdksowjddj on 2021/01/27 14:16
Good job 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼everythin is 10/10 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
by zeinab.sohrabi on 2021/01/26 12:52
by likanar on 2021/01/25 04:19
The best driver, i have ever seen. Thank’s a lot of
Worst taxi service
by viL510362 on 2021/01/24 13:22
Don't use this taxi service in Armenia.
by hxhusbhdjsis on 2021/01/16 12:57
ძალიან კარგი მომსახურება!
by ninigoshti on 2021/01/14 09:39
სუფთა მანქანა და შესანიშნავი მომსახურება.
by kabuletski on 2021/01/13 19:04
добри ден, мне очен интересно пачему абхазия абазначена на карте атделна от грузии???????
by მარიამი ნიკა on 2021/01/12 11:37
Я обожаю ЯНДЕКС!! ☺️❤️❤️❤️
by kkketto on 2021/01/10 13:54
უსაფრთხო და კარგი მომსახურება
TRS ride 1430 10 Jan
by TRS1957 on 2021/01/10 10:59
Good ride, on time , knew where to go, no issues
Good good good
by mrphilips33 on 2021/01/09 15:44
Very good man a good ambassador for Yandex
Nice ride
by ArsenGrigoryan on 2021/01/08 09:53
Gagik is nice guy and safe driver!!!
Awesome drivers ❤️
by kosa2318 on 2021/01/01 12:44
Good job
by takokaraz on 2020/12/24 10:44
You should train drivers to know addresses well.
by Cary Starr on 2020/12/23 18:05
Приложение супер, но перестало работать! Пишет нет соединения с интернетом, хотя с ним всё в порядке. Почините пожалуйста
by haag241 on 2020/12/23 12:02
Вернули поиск по слову Такси) Спасибо!
the best driver
by mmaariaammii on 2020/12/17 12:27
ukargesi mdzgolia 🤝❤️❤️❤️
by solotravellerr on 2020/12/16 13:34
Почему при первом открытии сжирает так много трафика? Оптимизируйте
by levan ioska on 2020/12/16 05:32
კაი კაცია:) მანქანაც მოწესრიგებულია ამინდის და შესაბამისად:) ტალახიანია მარა ამ დილა ადრიან სად უნდა გაერეცხა
Благодарю за хорошую поездку
by мавжуда on 2020/12/12 08:30
Благодарю суппер поездка
Супер сервис!
by Чинара чикаго on 2020/12/09 14:57
Очень приятный и вежливый водитель ! Незаметила как доехала!
Очень профессионально!!!
by Виталя100 on 2020/12/06 03:17
Charge you wrong price
by Newpav1988 on 2020/12/05 14:27
Terrible, charge you wrong price, telling you the price with all discounts applied initially.
დიდი მადლობა
by Gragdgd on 2020/12/04 08:08
dzalian kargi adamiania didi madloba usaprtxod moyvanistvis 🙏🏽❤️
Водитель молодец
by Anna Azbel on 2020/12/01 21:48
Водитель молодец, проводил до дома и дал свою куртку, что бы я не замёрзла!
by НадеждаО on 2020/11/29 13:02
Водитель был очень вежлив и внимателен. Спасибо большое
The app is okay
by dghbfbbkkkj on 2020/11/26 14:19
I had an issues and the support service responded promptly. Thanks
by Batyr4678 on 2020/11/26 13:13
Всему хорошему приходит конец. Где убер было нормальное приложение? А тут бац Яндекс говноприлодение ни оплатить, ни нормальной навигации в добавок eбyчaя реклама Яндекс. Просто ужас ужас 🤬. 👎
by alirezanb on 2020/11/26 10:01
Ужасно! Кого вы набираете водителями?!!!! Конченный сервис, конченные водители!
by tskhelishvili on 2020/11/18 17:30
კომფორტულად ვიმგზავრე, სუფთა მანქანაში და სასიამოვნო გარემოში სპეციალური დამცავი ჰქონდა მძღოლს მგზავრებისთვის რაც მნიშვნელოვანია და დასაფასებელი ამ დროის ვითარებისთვის.
by keahaaaaaaaaa on 2020/11/08 18:08
chemo dzmao dzalian magari xar
სუპერ მძღოლი
by ნანა ხვედელიძე on 2020/11/07 19:33
საუკეთესო მძღოლი!!!
A++++ Driver!
by Akyltai on 2020/11/05 03:08
Super clean car and A++++ Driver.
by ედუარდ on 2020/11/04 18:54
ო იე
Стоимость доставки всегда 400р
by raised by bears on 2020/11/01 18:50
Хороший выбор ресторанов, но стоимость доставки в центре города – всегда по максимальному тарифу. Наймите уже курьеров, у конкурентов доставка бесплатная!
Вы гандоны
by Полина Гордеева on 2020/11/01 13:57
Вы приахуели с ценником то
by 1vlasenko on 2020/10/29 12:17
Хороший, спокойной парень! В машине не воняло, это главное :)
Za Đorđa
by ninaniki06 on 2020/10/28 20:55
Đorđe najjači vozač do sad! 🥇❤️
Don’t save your card in this app
by llunnaz on 2020/10/27 13:34
The app is absolutely terrible. After a month usage, I discovered that a random phone number got attached to my account, with it’s ride history. Now I can’t delete my credit card info and can’t use the app. Emailed multiple times to support but no one replied. Also, it turned out they don’t have customer support number in Belarus. Which is ridiculous, because the company is crazy big and popular. Don’t trust then with your payment information ever
by gabsongas on 2020/10/23 17:50
by Lizarann on 2020/10/19 12:44
Something wrong with an app, it doesn’t choose drop off location, unless I delete app and download it again, multiple times was doing it, very annoying, just restarting app not helping, only deleting.
Super driver 🤩👌🏻
by Lara1123467 on 2020/10/16 07:19
Отличный водитель и машинка! Спасибо большое!
Kvelaze kargi da sakvareli mdzgoli
by iansko kxkzs on 2020/10/14 13:47
Kvelaze kargi da sakvareli mdzgoli
by G10RG1 on 2020/10/14 09:39
paying some amounts which i dont understad
He is the best driver
by selcho melcho on 2020/10/13 15:34
მძღოლის შეფასება
by ნატა.დ on 2020/10/10 21:16
ყველა ტაქსის მძღოლი ასეთი რომ გყავდეთ კარგი იქნებოდა 👏
by ana abrakhamia on 2020/10/07 16:37
საუკეთესო მგზავრობა!!! 💕 საუკეთესო მძღოლთან ერთად!🤍
Водители без маски
by RoxBredi on 2020/10/06 12:51
Если не напишешь комментарий «в маске», приедут без маски. И при этом вежливость на нуле, как будто бы ты попросил их о чем-то очень сокровенном и важном. И 3 из 4 водителей будут эту маску бедную держать на подбородке.... особенно приятна такая забота, когда адрес «клиника» или «лаборатория». На улице эпидемия. 11 тысяч новых случаев, но водителям такси это непочем. Их королевское высочество оскорблено просьбой надеть маску. Пожалуйста, проведите воспитательные работы со своими сотрудниками. Плохие оценки за это не ставила (а то ещё и меня в чёрный список добавят за такую вредность!). Но это беспредел. Я плачу премиум, чтобы не заразиться, а им сложно на 10 минут маску на нос натянуть...
მგზავრობის შესახებ
by ანუკა1012 on 2020/10/04 20:24
ძალიან კარგი მძღოლი იყო საკმაოდ კომფორტულად ვინგზავრე. მადლობა .
Always reliable
by ostlipa on 2020/10/04 12:05
As a business person from the US, Yandex provides a unique platform for transportation, food, other shopping. It is perfect! Thank you
Нормально все прошло.
by Шо не рожа то Серёжа on 2020/10/03 22:26
Немного не в том месте меня забрал но я думаю это проблема навигатора - привёз в нужное место. Хороший водитель - поболтали немного. Вообщем рекомендую.
by манисесвнклнрпг on 2020/10/03 18:41
Очень понравилось супер!!
by annapetyaanna on 2020/10/03 17:16
Приятная, быстрая поездка в приятной компании ) Спасибо большое )
by sasunakr on 2020/10/03 16:28
ძალიან კარგი მძღოლი შემხვდა კმაყოფილი ვარ მგზავრობის ხარისხით
საუკეთესო გარემო და საუკეთესო მძღოლ იყო რაც აქამდე შემხვედრია.დადებითი ემოცია წამოვიდა❤️❤️❤️❤️
by ანი დობროვოლსკი on 2020/09/30 13:50
to many updates
by m.patarkatsashvili on 2020/09/29 10:06
are u crazy????? why you are making an updates every day!???? so i decided to delete it! good bye yandex!
5 stars
by Ket0sha on 2020/09/27 19:46
very polite and professional driver
P Deker
by mehtery on 2020/09/27 16:55
GPS is never pin pointing my location ? I had to cancel few times for not been located correctly My attention was not to cancel but I had no choice as a tourist
by გვბსჰჯ on 2020/09/27 15:19
კომფორთულად ვიმგზავრეთ, მძღოლი კარგად ატარებდა, დროულად მიგვიყვანა დანიშნულების ადგილას და იყო თავაზიანი.
Didn’t work on IOS 14 iPhone XS
by IBALmus on 2020/09/25 08:23
App is freezed IOS 14 iPhone XS, on other iPhone 11 it works fine. Please fix this bug
Рекомендую всем
by ТатФ on 2020/09/22 08:18
Всегда пользуюсь , очень нравится, спасибо!
Яндекс-Вы лучшие!!!
by Anginariya on 2020/09/20 07:41
Очень довольна услугами этой компании. Время ожидания минимальное,хорошие водители обеспечивают комфортную и безопасную поездку. Приемлемые тарифы. Все супер просто. А еще хочу подчеркнуть,идеальная служба поддержки. Если бывают недоразумения,они моментально реагируют и все исправляют,за что им отдельное спасибо. Яндекс- Вы лучшие!!!
Russia Krasnodar
by al3ankabot on 2020/09/19 14:07
The program does not work in the new update on iPhone 14
by bekatsulaia on 2020/09/19 11:44
Very good service and app
by l27_0_0_1 on 2019/07/23 10:29
The app is ok but I have a bone to pick with the newest feature added - it seems to be disallowing usage with vpn active. Every time I try to order taxi with apple pay it deadlocks by requiring user input on modal about “unsecure” (yeah, I’m gonna be judge of that) connection below apple pay modal, which seems to be waiting for modal. This suggests apparent lack of qa or maybe malicious intent. But I’m not even mad about that, but the fact that taxi app seems to have taken responsibility to police my connection on my own device? Yeah no, that’s a no from me dawg.
Random charges and Terrible app use and customer experience
by AppUser-xyz on 2019/04/08 21:55
The app keeps failing to derive payment from Apple Pay. I had to finally install a credit card directly. Even then it would sometimes work and sometimes not. When I called my bank, thinking they might be the problem, they said they see changes coming through form Yandex, which they approve but the merchant keeps declining. Randomly I would see a charge appear stating I have balance due and I can’t use the app until I pay it off. Not having an alternative, I would pay the stated balance and write a note to customer service, who don’t get back for days, if at all. Also, the app often picks up incorrect “current location” for user. The estimated arrival timings for cabs are often incorrect. And above all, the shown estimated for requesting is cab is almost always less than what is actually charged by almost 30-50%! I feel cheated and I would never use this app if I had or knew of alternatives while visiting Moscow on a short trip.
The worst customer service ever
by O111L222 on 2018/11/07 19:05
It doesn’t deserve even 1 star. I was charged wrong amount and I had to call customer service to get that charge adjusted. They couldn’t help me by phone so I sent request to a specialist. In a week I got an answer by email but it didn’t actually mean anything, it was not helpful, kinda “sorry for the inconvenience” but the price was not adjusted. So I called again, sent another request which was not answered at all. After all I called 3d time and asked to talk to a specialist or customer service manager. I was told that they don’t have that kind of service. What do you mean “don’t have”???? It’s ridiculous, they asked me to wait 2 more days for specialist to call me... and it’s been 2 weeks since I called last time. Bad bad bad ugly service!!!! I regret yandex bought Uber, cause Uber has better customer service for sure!
Work great for our stay in Russia
by sonja1255 on 2018/06/17 23:35
If the app won’t process your Card or Apple Pay it’s because it can’t connect to the server. If you’re on WiFi it will connect and you can use the credit card or Apple Pay feature after the first connection. Also Iike the map feature to let you select pick up and drop off points without typing in the address. Came in very handy since I can’t type Russian. In all the app works great.
Great app overall!
by TohirBoy on 2019/03/14 19:10
The UI is very easy to use, and the app overall is one of the better taxi apps I have used! It helps if you don’t really know your way around the city so thank you to the developers for this!
Ignorance of drivers during pandemic
by elchyan on 2020/09/05 10:44
I’ve been using Yandex for a while now and I’m really disappointed with the ignorance I see from the side of drivers during this pandemic. If I would not comment that I need from driver to wear a mask, then there’s a 99% chance that he wouldn’t. Even if I do write a comment there’s still no guarantee that the mask would be on. Sometimes drivers even take my polite request to wear a mask as an offense (I mean what is wrong with these people?). This can only mean ignorance from the side of the company itself. Hope my review wasn’t simply waste of my time.
Works with a credit cards in only about 50% cases
by koi8r on 2018/08/08 17:54
It is ok when it works. It does not work with credit cards on every level other day. And it happens when you are already riding in the taxi, switching payment method to cash - not cool at all. Same via Apple Pay. Test charges on credit cards appear just fine. Support is ignorant keep saying about not enough money on the account which is noncence for credit cards and since the just charged test charge few minutes before that.
Credit cards and fares
by Mike Janela on 2018/06/27 04:07
Beware if you’re not Russian: the app only accepts credit cards linked to Russian banks. If you link a foreign card (like my U.S. cards), it’ll tell you they’re linked for payment but then tell you mid-ride that the card doesn’t work and you’ll need to pay cash. So carry cash! Also, multiple times did the fare I was quoted shoot up by an extra couple hundred rubles mid-ride. This isn’t Uber/Lyft where they quote you a fixed price, so beware of that during rush hours, airport runs, etc.
by riginetoo on 2019/05/10 19:24
The app is working very bad, you can’t see the car if it’s coming or not. App doesn’t show correctly your actual location and not shows right location of your destination. All the time drivers choose the longest way to your destination. Most of the drivers are from Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan. I had an episode when the driver was going the opposite way I needed and when I started to complain about it he blocked the doors and asked for more money. I wouldn’t recommend to use this app, especially for the girls that travel alone. It is simply dangerous!!!
by Pink Alligator on 2018/06/21 14:45
Promo codes are nowhere to be found, and that makes it slightly less expensive than a regular taxi. Maybe 10 percent. Taxi never arrives on time as the app often says 2-3 minutes when in reality it is almost 20 and cost states when booking a ride is not the same as what you will be charged by the driver. In fact it can be much higher. Couple that with the fact that you need to have cash, and actual small bills makes it no better then any other regular taxi. Fail
Worst app
by Innovat0r on 2018/09/17 21:34
So I payed with Apple Pay, and for some reason payment didn’t completed successfully, but I got information about from driver when we already started to drive. When I payed with Apple Pay it was 941 rub., so I payed 950 to taxi driver, as he does not have change (nothing new here, this is why I wanted to use Apple Pay). After trip, I’ve got an email that final trip price was 770rub., and when I was paying at the end of the trip, there were nothing there about the price.
Terrible option for international Travelers
by The Chopper on 2019/06/02 08:58
I am an Indian national. As soon as I landed in St Petersburg, I downloaded the Yandex app and tried to register with my Indian cell phone, which did not work. After that, I bought a Russian sim card, and thankfully, the app started working. The problems didn't end there. I tried adding my Indian credit card(Visa), but the Yandex application failed to verify the card. It's been five days I have been trying to contact the support, but they don't seem to comprehend my problems, let alone solve them.
Don’t save your card in this app
by llunnaz on 2020/10/27 13:34
The app is absolutely terrible. After a month usage, I discovered that a random phone number got attached to my account, with it’s ride history. Now I can’t delete my credit card info and can’t use the app. Emailed multiple times to support but no one replied. Also, it turned out they don’t have customer support number in Belarus. Which is ridiculous, because the company is crazy big and popular. Don’t trust then with your payment information ever
Always reliable
by ostlipa on 2020/10/04 12:05
As a business person from the US, Yandex provides a unique platform for transportation, food, other shopping. It is perfect! Thank you
Modern day Russian roulette
by william_schultz on 2019/08/29 08:17
After about 50 or more Yandex taxi rides, I can say there is about a 70% chance you will get a driver who has no regard for passenger safety. I’ve been in too many close calls over the years with these drivers. Things like rapidly weaving between lanes without a signal, speeding, trying to pass a car on the left and driving up on the sidewalk, near collisions, aggressive accelerating and braking are all commonplace. There are some good drivers and the app works decent though. I think Yandex needs to do a better job of vetting drivers. Or investing time in training the drivers they get who haven’t had a proper driving education. But until then, using Yandex taxi is a higher safety risk, if to benchmark taxi drivers in other developed global cities.
Stupid rerouting - lost flight
by Toski1010 on 2019/10/02 05:23
Dear developers, due to your app changing routes for the taxi driver I lost my flight!! The problem is that yandex maps used for routing taxi drivers doesn’t take into account the number of lanes on the roads. In my case the app rerouted the map because of a possible shortcut, but due to bottleneck on the road caused by one lane, the rerouted route appeared to be 20 minutes longer than initial! So make your app take into account number of lanes on the road!!!!
The worst service in Tashkent
by akbar uz on 2019/05/15 06:20
I took Yandex taxi in Tashkent twice, first driver was alright but Yandex taxi app didn’t work properly and took us to a wrong location I got charged more. Second driver was horrible, he was driving like guys in action movies. Aggressive, reckless driving, driving in opposite way crossing 2 solid lanes, inpatient. Driving on speed bumps at 50 km. Such a Knucklehead. They should be deactivated right away. I don’t recommend to take this service. Don’t take that risk
GPS problem
by Annaare96! on 2018/05/02 17:39
I don’t know what kind of GPS are your taxis using but almost all the time drivers don’t know where to come. It would be great if you’ll fix it somehow. And almost everytime there’s problem with the increased prices. It seems like increased prices are starting, not the other, low ones.
Worst customer service and driver
by Royal Anderson on 2020/09/03 16:57
I’ve experienced the worst drivers from the company . I’m not even sure you screen them . You put the lives of people’s t state with the type of people you choose as drivers . One of your drivers ran away with goods being delivered and money was lost ... and your support offered no help in return . I’m deleting your app . Other taxi companies offer way better services .
Grear app!
by TheKianU on 2018/08/29 11:17
I’ve never used taxi apps, so i have nothing to compare with. Anyways it’s nice and easy. You don’t have to tell driver the place where you’re going, you just mark it on map. 5/5!
This company treats drivers like s*%t
by art.orlov on 2020/06/12 01:35
This company just fired driver, now in pandemic, only for him not willing to get drunk black guy on board. I think this is true racism when same action against white guy would be ok. That is also ok to have drivers breaking traffic rules while driving (I was in a car and experienced it multiple times), so the all story is about perception of company in media, not safety of passenger or corporate culture.
Helpful Transportation Application
by Mr. & Mrs. J. W. on 2020/03/10 06:50
Appears to be an excellent application for reliable & dependable taxi transportation. One advantage for me was that the user does not need to speak ir even read Russian to use the application to arrange for immediate or future transportation.
P Deker
by mehtery on 2020/09/27 16:55
GPS is never pin pointing my location ? I had to cancel few times for not been located correctly My attention was not to cancel but I had no choice as a tourist
Blocked for no reason
by Kickapoo Doc on 2019/06/20 12:24
It worked well for one day but by evening I was blocked. Either Yandex Taxi or my bank declined a 55 cent tip. Multiple attempts to get unblocked through responding on the app or through the web site have failed even though I received a text message that it was fixed. They resolve a simple problem. If you chose the even the 15% tip small amounts may appear suspicious to a bank.
Incorrect price
by Natalija222 on 2018/08/25 19:36
#Belgrade Although I had a coupon with 70% of discount for first two drives, on my second drive, price included 40% of discount. Driver was polite and he called the info center, but they werent so polite and they wanted me to pay requested amount ( they did’t ask for any other information about the coupon number or anything ). So, 5 stars for the driver and 0 for Yandex makes it 1 star #YandexCalculating
Works for me in new Belgrade
by Ivana VIP on 2019/01/09 13:37
Helps me get to point a to point be with a nice log of activity Keeps the user in the loop On the straight and narrow I like it I use it as a daily driver
Recent update
by Student 12345 on 2020/06/04 16:31
After recent update around June 1 or 2, 2020 the app will not allow to choose a destination address from the list of saved addresses, as well as choose one on the map. Therefore you can’t input destination at all to move to the next screen of choosing a ride. Please fix it.. It’s sad that Uber app redirects to Yandex in the app store. Was much better service.
Awful drivers with this app
by US_Pilot on 2018/02/07 22:43
Used this app a couple of times. Drivers in Moscow don’t know the street layout, pass you and mark as you start the ride or arrive in another place, call you and ask you to cancel your order otherwise start the ride. Don’t use this app at least in Moscow. “Gett!” app is much better and the price is cheaper.
by Lysergictear on 2020/08/28 05:47
scammers. prices are inflated at the moments when a taxi is most needed, they lie about demand. why if the goods run out in stores, then they do not raise the price for it, but sell it at the established one, and you have it ripped off. you do not care about the clints, the main thing is to rip off the money. if the trip is not natural or if no one can help, refer to the carriers.
Worst taxi service in Armenia
by user64975 on 2020/02/20 17:56
As the title says it’s one of the worst if not the worst taxi service in Armenia. Their drivers are always rude and often drive like crazy. But what made me write this review is when one of their criminal drivers threatened and demanded more money than was calculated by the app. This is just a warning for any foreigners or anyone caring about their safety to never use this service.
Weong GPS support
by feruz767 on 2018/12/26 18:42
It shows wrong location and navigation works very slow and always route recalculating!!!
Payment service
by Robert Kitis on 2018/09/07 06:37
Well, most drivers are cheapskates and withdraw a money without any apriori notice about it. So I had bad experience and impression about them. Yandex Is the worst Taxi service I’ve ever seen&gotten... The Company even did not react on my message and contact to me. I guess never try that service more and hope You will take security measures. Thank for attention.
Car - Clean , quick service
by sophoka on 2020/09/05 10:33
Car - Clean , quick service
Clumsy interface
by Andy Koval on 2020/08/19 07:48
What used to be a more or less convenient taxi service has now become a clumsy entanglement of food delivery, car sharing etc. why? How can I have the old neat and simple taxi app?
Better than nothing
by BouxFaceBoux on 2019/10/16 03:54
When the app works correctly, it’s great. But when it doesn’t, you either have an angry driver waiting for you in their g place or you arrive at the completely wrong address.
Best taxi app in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg
by shamlan123321 on 2019/08/18 11:00
I used the app for my trip in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg what I can say the best app for taxi I have ever seen best prices and easy to use highly recommended
Worst taxi service
by Vova Rock on 2019/07/08 06:43
Lack of quality selection of drivers. Hence, poor service, not maintained cars. On top of this - poor customer service. If you are overcharged or something else, you will need to spend lots of time to prove that. They don’t even allow you to call customer service from the app!!! Guess why?
No good at all
by Betyourasdisnottaken on 2018/06/23 15:01
Actiall, the worst Taxi app. Anywhere. Ever! Very bad at choosing departure, horrible in Search and fining the Destination and worst of all, does not show you Destination and route on map, so you have to look at drivers phone to see if going the right way... Also, Credit Card payments always fail so you have to pay cash.
The best driver
by Vicky Abshilava on 2020/07/27 15:09
Very comfortable car, clear and patient driver, speaking two languages. Especially, fluent in Russian. I enjoy my trip.
by OsipRub! on 2019/11/30 12:54
I started to hate this app because of your tarrifs. Like the actual tariff is 900AMD, it's not okay! The regular taxi costs 600AMD in Armenia, so no ones going to use this app with that high rate. P.S. there are 1000 of drivers who don't know to talk to a costumer, how to behave. Very disappointed in you guys. You were cool then. I hope this feedback will affect on you!
Credit card payment
by ismk45 on 2021/03/13 15:05
Credit card or apple pay doesn’t work.
Van with schedule
by Nick_Potapov on 2019/06/26 20:44
Yandex. Please tell me how can I order 6-7 seat van scheduled to pick up me at at 6am for my flight at airport. Either add it to Yandex app or give me back my (original) Uber where everything works! Seriously!
Problem in linking a USA bank card
by 1983EvaBurks on 2020/09/11 13:56
I was not able to link my USA cards (I’ve tried 2-3 of them) to Yandex taxi account. The only way to use this app was paying by cash or Apple ID. Apple ID didn’t worked out either. So.. how should a citizen of any other country use your wonderful taxi service?
Ride history doesn't work
by Mrkcur on 2018/09/23 13:33
I left my house key in a taxi, and since ride history isn't working, I have to contact support just to get the phone number of the taxi driver. Uber's app is miles ahead of this app in terms of not having critical bugs like ride history not working.
The app is okay
by dghbfbbkkkj on 2020/11/26 14:19
I had an issues and the support service responded promptly. Thanks
Wrong gps inerpretation
by Bobswq on 2019/02/14 12:52
Gps auro detection shows right spot but fails to provide correct address, so taxi drives to wrong address. Support is not helpfull at all. They’ll blame you internet connection and then tell you to enter address manually all the time, thanks guys, 2018 let me enter everything manually.
Bad drivers
by ExHTCfun on 2018/08/15 09:02
Horrible taxi drivers in Armenia. I ordered few times and every time was very disappointed. No option to pay with international credit cards, seems accepts only local ones. Seems your focus is on quantity and not quality.👎
by Lizarann on 2020/10/19 12:44
Something wrong with an app, it doesn’t choose drop off location, unless I delete app and download it again, multiple times was doing it, very annoying, just restarting app not helping, only deleting.
by Unknown Unlisted on 2018/05/12 09:35
Paying with Apple Pay never works. The driver always tells me that I need to pay cash... There is no way to provide general feedback from the app. Only a fixed list of questions.
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