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Real-time departures. Transit maps. Line status and real-time disruption alerts. Uber integration. Bike routing and live bike share info. Constant updates. Everything you need -- and may not even realize you need -- to manage your life in the city. COVERAGE USA/CANADA: New York City, San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Baltimore, Seattle, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal. ASIA: Singapore, Hong Kong, Seoul, Tokyo. AUSTRALIA: Sydney, Melbourne. EUROPE: London, Manchester, Birmingham, Paris, Lyon, Berlin, Hamburg, Brussels / Belgium, Amsterdam / Randstad, Madrid, Barcelona, Milan, Rome, Lisbon, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Moscow, St Petersburg. LATIN AMERICA: Mexico City, São Paulo. EXPANDING: VOTE for your city and we'll add it PRESS REVIEWS "Citymapper is, quite simply, the best travel app to be introduced to New York City" - New York Times "Now forget about Google Maps because Citymapper eats Google Maps for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.” - Tech in Asia MAIN AWARDS * Apple's 2014 and 2013 Apps of the Year * Grand Prize Winner - MTA New York City App Quest 2013 * Best Overall Mobile App (Mobile World Congress Barcelona / GSMA 2014) * Winner of Grand Prix, Best Transport Startup and Best Mobile Startup - 2015 Europas Awards * Special Prize Winner - Tokyo Metro Competition 2015 THOUSANDS OF 5-STAR USER REVIEWS * "Best app on my phone." * "It’s reason alone to get an iPhone. It's that good." * "I'm practically married to this app." * "Don't know how I lived without it." * "This app makes me warm inside." * "The only true five star app." * "Support for the SF Bay Area is particularly impressive because it aggregates all transit systems imaginable (BART, Caltrain, MUNI, VTA, etc.) into one seamless app." * "Best app for getting directions and ride on the MTA New York City." * "Life changing. This app really changes the way you travel." * "This is my favorite transit app. Full-featured and a breeze to use. I really appreciate the Uber integration." AVAILABLE CITIES & SERVICES IN THE US, SINGAPORE & HONG KONG We use open data from transport agencies in the cities where we are live: - New York City: MTA, MNR, LIRR, Nassau Inter-County Express (NICE), New Jersey Transit, NY Waterway Ferries, PATH, Citi Bikes - San Francisco Bay Area: BART, MUNI, Caltrain, AC Transit, SamTrans, VTA, Golden Gate Transit, County Connection, Wheels, Union City Transit, Tri Delta Transit, WestCAT, Stanford Marguerite, Emery Go-Round, ACE, Capitol Corridor, Bay Area Bike Share, San Francisco Bay Ferry - Los Angeles: Metro, Metrolink, Santa Monica Big Blue Bus (BBB), DASH / Commuter Express (LADOT) - Chicago: CTA, 'L', METRA, PACE Bus, Divvy Bikes - Boston: Massport, MBTA, Boston Commuter Rail, the 'T', Silver Line, Hubway Bike Share - Washington DC: WMATA, DC Circulator, Metroway, Ride On (Montgomery County), ART (Arlington), DASH (Alexandria), Fairfax Connector, VRE, MARC Trains, MTA Commuter, Capital Bikeshare - Philadelphia: SEPTA, PATCO, NJ Transit - Singapore: LTA, SMRT, SBS - Hong Kong: MTR, HK Tramways, Light Rail, Kowloon Motor Bus, Citybus, First Bus, First Ferry, Star Ferry, Discovery Bay Ferry & Bus, Park Island Ferry & Bus, Green Mini Bus KEEP IN TOUCH If you have questions or feedback, please email us at Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Visit our website: Please note that the app requires data access and works best with GPS / location on. Also, continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. Background GPS is only used when in ‘GO' navigation mode.
by Unhappy worthless ap on 2019/12/12 14:12
Why would editors Choice make this one of their top apps. City mapper IS NOT IN MANY LARGE CITIES. Another garbage app.
Great app. Worthless support
by Ismarketing on 2019/12/10 16:25
Love the app proper and rely on it. Watch and shortcut support has be flakey for months. Multiple emails and tweets to support are ignored. Can’t imagine relying on these folks to handle transactions with transit companies.
Love this app and...
by Paradigm on 2019/12/10 15:53
I’ve been using CityMapper for some time. It’s worked for me in my native Brooklyn and when I’ve traveled to Paris, and other cities in the US. I’m temporarily living in ATL and am sad I don’t have CityMapper there (I’m using Whiz). It’s my go-to travel app. Thanks for making it such a great product! The main reason I’m not giving this app 5 stars is that the times are often much longer (sometimes 2x as long) as it takes to actually travel. For instance, it will say a stop 3 stops away takes 29 minutes no matter what time of day (not including wait time). It takes 10 (including walking time). I’m not sure if they are playing the airline game wherein they give you a longer time to that their “on time” date is higher, but I find it incredibly frustrating if I’m going somewhere else and I leave a lot of extra time and it takes half of it. I would love for CM to tweak their algorithm to be more accurate.
Great app
by travelhive on 2019/12/08 19:00
Best app ever for deterring the best route, connections and travel time.
Great app
by Vandrklw on 2019/12/08 15:05
CityMapper has an intuitive interface, great choice of cities and lots of offline tools.
Reliable, great UI.
by vbMikero on 2019/12/06 03:33
I rarely have a negative experience with this app, but please allow me to remove specific transit authorities from route suggestions! Other transit apps have this function and it can be super useful.
by genesis0293 on 2019/12/05 23:26
As a NYC first timer this was a lifesaver and is so easy to use and understand. Would recommend to anyone visiting or just needs help understanding how to get around.
The Only Transit App You’ll Need in SF
by DarfNader on 2019/12/04 20:55
I’ve lived in San Francisco since before there was even NextBus (dark, dark times) and since it came to be, I must have tried a dozen apps for years before I discovered CityMapper. The key is that it calculates the ideal route for you taking into account time to walk to stops, when you need to be somewhere, or whether you want to get there fast or walk the least. It also has every transit system, including ferries and county bus lines like Sam Trans and Golden Gate Transit. Finally, the Apple watch app works very well by alerting you when the bus is coming or when your stop is next. I can’t find a single thing about it I don’t like except that the watch app sometimes needs to be manually started to connect, but that’s really it.
Useful and accurate in 3 continents so far
by rubberburger on 2019/12/04 15:16
I’ve used the app several times over the last 5 years in Asia, N.American, and Europe and it’s still the best commuting apps for dummies like me. Quite accurate and very easy to follow. I’ve used it in New York, SFO, Seoul, Barcelona, Milan, and London and it’s never failed me to get to my destination. Highly recommend this app!
What a help this was!
by PacWho on 2019/12/03 01:33
First time visiting New York City, I had no idea how to get around. This definitely is a lifesaver and such a huge help. Highly recommended. Super dependable
turn off calorie counts
by sylvia3018 on 2019/12/01 17:12
I’m in the DC area and love that this app has local buses like the circuit bus that Google Maps doesn’t have, as well as the more accurate times and displays of route disruption (our Metro is undergoing a LOT of construction right now so this is incredibly helpful). I wish that the calorie counter could be disabled. I imagine it’s only useful for a few people (this is a transit app, not a workout one!) and could be very upsetting for people in recovery from eating disorders. If that feature was able to be turned off I would recommend this app to everyone!
The worst possible routes
by dosa's v HA on 2019/12/01 10:43
Shows the worst possible routes to take always ends up taking longer than it should, if a person didn’t know there way around the city they would end up lost, only reason to use this app is for the bus and train times, if it wasn’t for that I would of been deleted this app
Outstanding app for visitors to Paris and London!
by AngryAppUser29 on 2019/11/30 21:33
Heard about this app from the forums on Trip Advisor, and I want to buy a drink for the person who recommended it! Coming from a city with little/non-existent public transit options, City Mapper made it super easy to get around both London and Paris on our recent holiday. Love the variety of route options, the cost and time estimators, and the tips about best cars, etc. Will absolutely be sharing with friends/family who might be traveling to a supported city!
Best overall Transit app
by Gordon142 on 2019/11/26 08:46
Assuming you live in a supported city, I have found Citymapper to be the best transit app out there. Its algorithms consistently pick good routes, the UI is very clear and easy to follow, and it provides a level of detail (best station entrances/exits, best places to sit) that I haven’t found in any other app.
Don’t believe any arrival/departure times
by allmynicknamesaretaken29384748 on 2019/11/24 17:05
Used to like this app until it left me stranded for three hours waiting for a train home from Chicago Union Station after a two-day long journey because it said my train was delayed when it wasn’t. Sat in main hall of train station watching real time updates for arrival of my train on Citymapper including delays (according to app), went to train when it was supposed to be arriving (according to app), and only too bad none of the info was accurate and the train was on time the whole time and had already left the station. Metra staff said they never heard of any delay for that train. Apparently Citymapper just makes up delays that aren’t real. Lovely. Thanks for nothing Citymapper
To more buses?!
by no buses?! on 2019/11/23 11:01
After the most recent update, this app seems to think no one uses buses anymore... Absolutely love city mapper in general, but I totally rely on it as a vital part of my commute including all bus options, and I am def not the only person in BK in the middle of a subway desert. Why are you no longer displaying bus options or allowing users to specify a preference for it? Please fix ASAP. Not cool.
Slick app
by SamC08080 on 2019/11/22 22:44
So far, no glitches or hangs. Came thru at finding a drive time to a place in Philly.
Citymapper’s Great For the Navigational Challenged
by STRINGR45 on 2019/11/19 20:22
This app is the best. I no longer have to worry about asking anyone for directions. Citymapper gives step by step directions. I love it. It’s the best thing since zippers, peanut and jelly and 1 TB thumb drives. Vance Green
Great app
by JCN132 on 2019/11/17 19:50
Always good to find apps that are really helpful. Whenever I travel I always download the map I need. Awesome!!
Mostly awesome!
by Andrew WL on 2019/11/15 22:55
Sharing a trip via iMessage doesn’t work though :(
Invasive, Persistent Notifications
by Fatezilla on 2019/11/15 11:08
Get rid of your invasive notifications! “Good evening,” that won’t go away from my home screen despite disabling ALL notifications? I’m giving the app 12 hours before deleting.
Must Have App For City Dwellers!
by Nikolazleo on 2019/11/15 07:38
This app is spot on for NYC and Chicago. From train times to shortest path to your destination CityMapper never fails! Use the save feature to combat connection-less areas. Happy Adventures to All!
Illogical suggestions
by Chris Etienne on 2019/11/09 09:51
Lately has been giving me poor suggestions. They're not wrong; they're just not the optimal suggestions. For example, if I need to get to the metro near my house (which is only 11 minutes away by foot)it suggests me to take this circuitous route which takes up to 32 minutes and includes a bus and metro ride. This quite illogical, given that I'll need to pass through that very same station since my station is the terminal station. So it's making any trip I take unnecessarily long.
Perfect but could use one feature
by Conorhk23 on 2019/11/06 22:06
Please add the feature to listen to Music in the app such as integrated Apple Music or Spotify
Extremely useful
by Mel145 on 2019/11/06 21:25
Used this app to navigate around Paris and London a few weeks ago. I honestly don’t think we could have done it without this app. It was very accurate and most importantly so easy to use. Always gave accurate info, and I found it so much easier to navigate than google maps.
Regarding Apple Watch App and message you developer
by PegasusLeos4 on 2019/11/04 20:36
The Citymapper on the Apple Watch is terrible, and doesn’t work at all. Sometime I was able to plan my trip right from my watch, but mostly it doesn’t work on a regular basis. Also when I check the subway and bus near by, it doesn’t show you all the bus or train that you can use. PLEASE FIX THIS ASAP. So Far I will not not give back the 5 star until you fix this problem.
Please fix Apple Watch app
by rasteri on 2019/11/04 11:41
The service is awesome, but I cannot start journeys from the watch. It just hangs on the loading screen with the gray logo. Now I need to use Apple Maps and that makes me sad 😞
the BEST transit app for NYC & Boston !!!
by Cheyenne™ on 2019/11/01 21:31
I live in NYC and I use this app nearly every day for the MOST ACCURATE times for buses and trains. 99% of the time (unless it's the first stop, of course) the app gives you LIVE times, so you can definitely tell when it's coming. I used to take ridiculous routes to get around the city, but now this app narrows down time for me. I took a trip up to Boston last spring, and navigating the city was SO easy and convenient thanks to this app!! I encourage all citygoers to use it. UPDATE: I went to SanFran last July, and I got amazing, time-safe directions and ETAs my entire stay. I love this app keep it going guys I’ve been using this since 2014/5 and I’m in college now 🥺
by glutko on 2019/10/30 08:36
I can’t believe how helpful and accurate this app is! My first trip on the Paris Metro was so easy, it gave me the confidence to use it and the buses often! Bravo! I don’t think I have ever been so amazed by an app!!!
by JJDvds on 2019/10/27 19:36
Doesn’t have MTA disruptions anymore
by sethfri on 2019/10/27 14:48
Gobot in the app used to tell you when NYC Subway lines were disrupted and would give you alternate routes, but this is no longer the case. I was routed to take the Q train at DeKalb yesterday even though Q trains aren’t running this weekend, and it told me to take the 4 train way out of my way today even though 4 trains are making all 3 train stops and it would shorten my route to get off sooner. I’ve sent the developer bug report emails each time this has happened, but received no reply.
Money well spent...
by Globogeek on 2019/10/27 01:55
Great app for NYC subway and walking directions !
Doesn’t update to account for service changes.
by mpoleman on 2019/10/26 04:20
This app would be great if it updated itself based on current circumstances. Trains in NYC are constantly off schedule or not running for track maintenance among other reasons. However the City Mapper app always assumes the trains are running and on time, often leaving you standing on a platform waiting for a train that isn’t coming. The thing is the app shows when there are service changes, and what exactly those changes are. But doesn’t use that info for trip planning. If the app used that data to accurately plan a trip it would be 5/5. But without that capability it’s a solid 2/5.
by John P. Charlotte, NC on 2019/10/26 03:53
This app used to be reliable. Now it’s gotten times wrong compared to other apps. Pity.
Great app specially for Tourist in Singapore and Hong kong!
by roselle.castro on 2019/10/25 00:03
Accurate + Easy = Fantastic
by kneepits on 2019/10/23 21:11
Only way to get around NYC and Chicago. Easy and accurate. Download this one NOW.
Très pratique !
by Clark_M on 2019/10/23 12:33
Très pratique et fiable, très utile pour les déplacements dans plusieurs grandes villes du monde entier. Mieux que l’appli RATP à Paris!
Lacking Houston, TX
by literally noooo on 2019/10/22 16:42
Doesn’t have Houston, TX
by Mandy_d. on 2019/10/21 06:28
This will absolutely help transit on any and every travel excursion you could ever discover !!! Thank you for allowing me to enjoy my trip safely & timely!
by Ron@l on 2019/10/21 00:27
Simplemente genial
Terrible app
by NiloyMiah on 2019/10/16 13:32
Took me to the completely incorrect location. Forget about timeliness. I went to the wrong neighborhood trusting this app.
Lost without it
by goodwinjmg on 2019/10/16 10:51
Both in nyc and London this app out performs anything else out there Essential!
Amazing App- Truly
by John Double T on 2019/10/16 03:18
I never write reviews, but I had to for City Mapper. It SAVED MY LIFE in London. I would’ve had to take a taxi literally everywhere without it. Amazing.
Best Transit App
by hrsjcjdndnx on 2019/10/16 02:30
This is the best transit app
Developers extremely childish
by Notapaidreviewer on 2019/10/15 09:07
They don't take the app seriously. It's not very user friendly if you're not accustomed to taking transit or if you're in an unfamiliar city. Instructions for walking can be confusing.Don't believe the exemplary reviews. A good clue is that most editor recommended apps are usually duds.
Great app with loads of slick features
by AaronThul on 2019/10/13 16:49
This app is fantastic at navigating cities. One special feature is here in Vancouver it supports our bike share system mapping you to the appropriate stations and even has bike availability. This is a killer feature! I found this app handy in almost any city I visit for quick and easy transit travel.
Lifesaver when Maps doesn’t have transit information.
by Malonicus on 2019/10/13 10:09
I typically use the transit directions in maps but it doesn’t always have the local transport nor include as broad a set of transportation modes. And, Citymapper integration with maps makes navigation via both apps easy.
Bad timing
by nolawolf on 2019/10/12 05:33
Waited over 30 minutes for a bus that never came. Shouldn't be allowed on the app store if the app can't do the job it says it does.
Excellent for London, problem billing
by JLTonk on 2019/10/11 11:32
We used this on a recent trip to London. It was amazingly good for finding buses, underground, ferry, etc. I would give it top marks for that DO NOT give them your credit card info. We did to order a cab. The cab did arrived and that was fine, but later they charged us for a cancelled cab ride we never ordered. It took weeks to get the charge reversed. Good news that they did, but their billing dept didn’t seem to have good info.
Support response
by pstyles9 on 2019/10/09 20:11
This is a review of the responsiveness of the support team. I’ve tried to ask about an Apple Watch big (the complication is no longer available) through multiple channels, the app, contact support through the App Store, Twitter, and Twitter dm and they are completely non responsive.
Careful of background activity.
by freemdoom on 2019/10/07 20:12
I couldn’t understand why my phone’s battery had drained so fast today. I check the battery in settings and saw this app had used 23% of my battery and it wasn’t even open. Haven’t used it in over a year. Delete.
best app
by soroush251 on 2019/10/07 19:08
Not good
by doctorlove101 on 2019/10/07 13:38
Not as good as it used to.
by Greatwolfhowl on 2019/10/04 23:39
this is so easy to use and it gives you step by step instructions on where to go and an estimated time of arrival. It also gives notifications to let you know when to get off a bus/train.
Great for London/NYC not for Tokyo
by Dr_M-2010 on 2019/10/04 00:21
Great for London and New York but terrible for Tokyo. DO NOT USE FOR TOKYO. It will do stupid things like send you on the yamanote line counterclockwise 10 stops instead of clockwise 4 stops (this example happened to us but not sure number of stops).
First timer NYC must have
by Evelyn.Williams on 2019/10/02 15:48
If you have never used a subway, this is a game changer for a first timer vacationing in NYC
Best I’ve Found
by K9A4B6 on 2019/10/02 14:43
I wish it was more accurate but it’s the most convenient app I’ve found for figuring out what bus’s I can use and about when they will come. The app is usually very accurate for my morning commute and the bus shows up within a minute of the time they say it will, but other times of the day it can be completely off and it can become very frustrating as I’ve waiting 30 minutes for a bus when it said it was 6 minutes away
Absolutely disappointed
by Enzo Benfit on 2019/10/01 14:30
...not even worth my time
Consistently superior performance
by hfjsowkwnsnd on 2019/10/01 10:36
Citymapper has a superior UI and provides routing that accounts for actual schedules. It provides usual information on which direction to travel in, when to get off and how much travel costs.
by hbobel on 2019/09/29 17:57
CityMapper is one of the best apps out there. You can find so many commuting options and even where the best section on the subway is. I use this in many cities and very happy with it.
Great app for NYC and Toronto
by ctrl-alt-delete on 2019/09/29 14:11
I recently used the app in NYC and Toronto and it is absolutely essential. The best part is that the app is aware of line maintenance/construction. Keep it up.
So helpful
by tourhoney_itunes on 2019/09/29 11:22
Used the app seamlessly in NYC!! Really easy and helpful👍👍
by crystalshyps on 2019/09/29 02:53
Saves my life every day. Thank you!!!
Best App EVER For Tourists
by ilovenyc!!! on 2019/09/28 22:07
Hands down the best app. My parents and I used this to get around NYC while visiting for 5 days and we would’ve been sooo lost without it. It’s easy to follow and shows you directions to each subway with a map and tells you which subway will be best to take to your destination. NYC is huge and there’s no way we could’ve done everything we wanted to do without it. Will be using in the future for travel!
CityMapper is the best!
by ChancellorBing on 2019/09/26 09:14
I’m from a city in the US that doesn’t have much public transit, so was a bit nervous about getting around on the tube. This app is SO user friendly and gives different options for routes, updates with delays, and covers trains/buses as well. I’m so glad I stumbled upon this app as it allowed me to spend more time seeing the sites and less getting lost/figuring out how to get to where I wanted to go. A+ to the GUI designers!
Latest update does not work l
by EpicacMan on 2019/09/26 03:29
I love citymapper. I have recommended it countless times. The latest update completely beefs it, though. App quits immediately upon opening.
by workingbucketlist on 2019/09/23 19:55
Worked like a charm. Gave me confidence to navigate subway by myself.
Vital in travels
by bisque91 on 2019/09/21 17:14
Once you get the hang of this app it’s vital to get you where you are going as quickly as possible. I’m a small town girl who had never seen a subway/metro/tube ever in her life and this app helped me get around all over the globe.
No more biking directions?
by thebinarium on 2019/09/21 16:38
Biking directions (at least in NYC) have been replaced with Citibike directions, which are completely different from the route you might take if you already have a bike and just wanna see what streets are safer.
Great App for London!
by Travistang on 2019/09/19 21:01
We used this app for getting around London for our first visit and it made public travel easy!
Excellent program. I like it.
by Alex123243546 on 2019/09/19 01:46
Excellent program. I like it.
Tops any other app even the city apps
by BelHelBen on 2019/09/18 22:26
This is the best commuter app for public transit. I tried Google maps, Apple maps, Metrolink maps, LADOT app and others I even forgot the name after first use. I was getting off at incorrect spots or not catching buses or rails because of inaccurate directions. This is the only app that tracks my locations with precise accuracy. The predicted timing has been on the dot at least 95% of the time and I am way less stressed about taking the public transport. Thanks! 👍🏾
Great App
by hh traveler on 2019/09/18 18:04
Used Citymapper this week in New York, very intuitive and made finding the right subway train and locations effortless. Highly Recommended.
Not very useful
by JC157 on 2019/09/17 23:21
Not working well... That’s OK, just removed.
Subway times
by Hakfjgidjf on 2019/09/17 14:20
Plan to be late
Something has changed
by Cali iPhone on 2019/09/17 02:29
This used to be a great app, but on a recent visit London it was useless. It didn’t show options for the Underground, but instead presented long and confusing combinations by bus and bicycle or walking. Twice I had direct trips by tube without changes of lines, each around 20 minutes. These were nowhere to be found on Citymapper, and instead hour plus options by strange routes were recommended.
A Must Have
by Flip in SLO on 2019/09/15 22:55
I used the New York City location and it work perfectly. It was extremely easy to use and guided us the entire weekend. A must have for non locals.
This App is not working!! Not pleased!!
by Deenellie on 2019/09/15 21:26
I’ve had success with this app in the past, but today on a Sunday when I need it most, it’s not working!! Get it together!!!
by Theweimsmom on 2019/09/14 18:17
My husband, son and I used this app when we were inParis for 10 days this summer. This was so helpful to not get lost or to get un-lost! Ha! I look forward to more cities to be uploaded. I tell everyone about City Mapper, it is the best!!!
Best maps
by dehhwei on 2019/09/13 21:29
Excellent maps for world travelers.
Arrival Times Seldom Accurate
by 11099274 on 2019/09/13 01:24
Sometimes bus will show it is arriving in 2 minutes, and despite refreshing the app, it will stay that way for 20+ minutes. Disappointing to say the least, but CityMapper is not wholly to blame. Better channels must exist to facilitate accurate relay of information, and thus far, the channel between CityMapper and the SFMTA is clearly inadequate.
by Kelseyreview33 on 2019/09/05 12:35
We were traveling to London for the first time with very little knowledge of the public transportation, and Citymapper made it so easy to find the easiest, fastest and least expensive routes to hit every destination we wanted to go to.
Helps me Get where I need to go
by KAAMSNDMSNANANN on 2019/09/04 15:42
I’m not the best when coming up which train or bus to take when I want to go to somewhere new. I can easily get lost and with this everything was just so easy and simple. Telling the time the next bus or train comes, giving you many options on which to take and also calculating how long it’ll take to get to your destination. I must say I enjoy having this app, it makes things easy for me.
Thank you.
by kikilopo on 2019/09/04 11:51
Thank you
Very Helpful for a trip to London
by dk7685 on 2019/09/02 08:53
This app was great for navigating through London, finding Underground Stations, trains, etc. Love how it gives multiple options with times and distances. Can’t wait to see how it works in other cities
It’s helpful for me
by crazycat168 on 2019/09/02 04:41
Thank a lot
Super useful
by VyrusWilly on 2019/09/01 17:45
Easy to use. All apps in one to move around NYC
Stops short of real trip planning
by CJ The Shoe Queen on 2019/09/01 13:58
Disappointing. Won’t show how to get from place to place using multiple travel options. For example taking a bus from nashua nh to south station boston then train to Quincy. Fine to know where you are and when the next train or subway is and how long to walk there.
The only app you’ll need
by BatGirlRules on 2019/09/01 13:46
Amazing app. easy to use, accurate. It’s never let me down.
Please fix
by meowtron2 on 2019/08/31 17:34
Love this app, but the latest update rendered it non-functional for bus to subway transfers. Now, if I hit bus, it tells me no current departures despite watching the buses come and go. The only options I am getting is to walk to the subway which is 20 minutes away. Already reported this error. Please fix.
Huge help
by Magwhe2001 on 2019/08/30 21:42
I was so thankful for this app during my recent visit to NYC. Made everything a little easier.’
Not for buses
by minteafresh on 2019/08/30 21:03
I rely on buses for my commute, but this app appears to only show a copy of the bus schedule and not a live feed. So if there’s a delay due to traffic, which happens pretty often where I live, the app doesn’t take that into account with the ETA. Sometimes I end up waiting an extra 15+ minutes for the bus. It’s good for showing you your options but the reliability is not great.
Doesn’t have my hometown
by Sundriedplums on 2019/08/28 14:03
This app doesn’t have the city I live in or any city in my state. I am not happy with this.
Opaque user interface
by Atavachron on 2019/08/25 19:30
I give up. I tried to use this to find a route on my own bike to work but no luck.
by Henny G on 2019/08/21 19:47
Great app for getting around in New York with all public transportation, Lyft and Uber rides distance, time and prices. I suggest getting a 33 dollar unlimited metro card for 7 days while in New York.
Does not navigate effectively
by Ctm3rd on 2019/08/21 15:30
Does not navigate effectively
by Mauijoe on 2019/08/21 14:07
Have tried using this app and it’s at best poor. It calls itself Citymapper yet only has tiny selection of cities to choose from. Seating in hotel right now in Chicago and the map refuses to load! Both Apple and Google maps loaded but this app map refuses to load. Really this is a -1 star app for many reasons.
Must have app
by ..............???? on 2019/08/21 09:02
Citymapper made site seeing in London super easy! Excellent app.
Very useful for first time nyc visitor
by brightsean on 2019/08/21 04:31
This app helps a lot. Easy to use, very informative.
Love this app and...
by Paradigm on 2019/12/10 15:53
I’ve been using CityMapper for some time. It’s worked for me in my native Brooklyn and when I’ve traveled to Paris, and other cities in the US. I’m temporarily living in ATL and am sad I don’t have CityMapper there (I’m using Whiz). It’s my go-to travel app. Thanks for making it such a great product! The main reason I’m not giving this app 5 stars is that the times are often much longer (sometimes 2x as long) as it takes to actually travel. For instance, it will say a stop 3 stops away takes 29 minutes no matter what time of day (not including wait time). It takes 10 (including walking time). I’m not sure if they are playing the airline game wherein they give you a longer time to that their “on time” date is higher, but I find it incredibly frustrating if I’m going somewhere else and I leave a lot of extra time and it takes half of it. I would love for CM to tweak their algorithm to be more accurate.
Recently has become less reliable
by Rissa_L_H on 2019/03/23 15:05
I have used this app and raved about it for years. I recently moved to a new part of Brooklyn and am using a whole new set of subway lines and I’ve had to come to terms with knowing that if I follow this app, I will always be about 10 minutes late.. so I plan accordingly and set my arrival time to be 10 mins earlier than I need to be. Last night I left my apt 5 mins later than the app told me to and arrived at my destination 20 mins late... those 5 minutes might have accounted for me missing a train but it is just incredibly frustrating. Also I don’t know if this is a setting on my phone but the blue dot on my map that tracks my location has also become unreliable. It consistently points me in the wrong direction so I now go the opposite way of where it tells me to go.
Not as efficient as Google Maps
by travelwitheric2 on 2019/05/19 05:28
At first I was excited to use this app. Visiting NYC for the first time was a great opportunity to try this out. I thought it would be great to navigate the subway system and occasionally the bus. It had useful features such as which cars to board for the subway and which station exits to use. Unfortunately, none of these features save you any time or walking. It displays too many route options, and they’re only sorted by how much time they take. The best routes with the least walking aren’t even shown. And if you follow the recommendations for which section to board or which station exit to use, you’ll end up walking even more. If I plug the same destination into Google Maps, it recommends the best route or quickest route, and it uses connections to save steps walking. The only time it came out ahead of google was find a route to JFK. Otherwise, not worth the download.
LOVE this app
by Rosie From Boston on 2018/10/11 19:39
I recently went to NYC for a long weekend and though I know my way around the city pretty well I explored this visit to places I haven’t been, enter the Citymapper app. You put in where you want to and it shows you how to get there and a multitude of ways. Whether it be walking taking the train or taking the bus or taking a cab or taking an Uber or Lyft. It gives you the time of each method of transportation how long it will take you to get there and it even gives you an estimated cab and Uber/Lyft fares. If you opt to take the train like I did it tells what car to get on to be closest to an exit and it even gives you walking directions when exiting the train to reach your final destination. This app is AWESOME! I highly recommend and will use it for years to come. Thank You Citymapper.
Cross-metro area support badly needed
by Psghosh on 2017/10/03 23:05
With RailBandit no longer an option (development stopped - no 64-bit support), I have been reviewing various apps to help me with my commutes to downtown Philly and NYC. This app has easy to follow directions, watch support, and optimal routing. It saves me a considerable amount of time by even telling me what subway car is optimal (crucial to an efficient commute when transitioning from the train to the subway). It also has a good live data feed to let me know platform and boarding info. The only reason preventing the 5th star is the fact that I need to manually switch metro areas in the app when going to NYC vs Philadelphia. Devs, these regions border each other and many people traverse the two in a daily commute!
The Only Transit App You’ll Need in SF
by DarfNader on 2019/12/04 20:55
I’ve lived in San Francisco since before there was even NextBus (dark, dark times) and since it came to be, I must have tried a dozen apps for years before I discovered CityMapper. The key is that it calculates the ideal route for you taking into account time to walk to stops, when you need to be somewhere, or whether you want to get there fast or walk the least. It also has every transit system, including ferries and county bus lines like Sam Trans and Golden Gate Transit. Finally, the Apple watch app works very well by alerting you when the bus is coming or when your stop is next. I can’t find a single thing about it I don’t like except that the watch app sometimes needs to be manually started to connect, but that’s really it.
This app made me love city travel again
by Juper2356678990 on 2019/07/13 17:50
Recently I visited NYC for 4 days. I have been there three times and each time I was a stressful ball of mess that would be switching back and forth between three different apps and still managing to get lost. NOT ANYMORE !! Citymapper is the best app on the market for nagavating a big city. It took a few trail and errors to get the hang of it but once I got the gist of the app it was super easy . I love the fact that it gives you multiple options for getting to your destination and you just pick the one that works best for you. My preferences was buses with no transfers . So I found it and picked . I didn’t get lost not one time with citymapper and it actually made traveling the city seem like a breeze .
My go-to transit app
by Dimondc on 2018/10/09 18:39
With constant updates, added features, and improvements, this is my go-to app. I use it hand in hand with Google Maps. Each have features I like that the other doesn’t. Transportation is a breeze with this app. I’ve used it in both NYC where I live and in London when I went to visit (the offline feature is wonderful as I didn’t have cell service. I would use the WiFi and plan out my trips and save them in the hotel and was able to access my transit directions on the go) I feel as though there could be some work with the LIRR directions. My commute has a simpler route than suggested and when the app shows it, it’s inconsistently there. Love this app though!
This app is like having a super power in your pocket
by sailorboy1987 on 2018/02/16 14:36
This app is hands down without question the best thing for a commuter since the invention of transit cards! My commute consists of the following; personal vehicle> bus>ferry>bus>shuttle!!! Before this app I had to wrangle 2-4 apps all with varying degrees of reliability to get this mess figured out if I was late or if I was coming home from a different part of the city. Now all I need is ONE!!! I couldn’t be more happy, the interface is amazing and the data provided has been 100% accurate for me everyday. All I can say is keep up the great work and I share this app with everyone I meet since I travel frequently for work and I look forward to this app taking on more cities!
Get this app!
by TitanArt on 2018/09/29 19:09
I don’t write reviews, but I went out of my way to do this. You can pick your time of day of travel and it will tell you how long it will take to get from you start point to your finish point, including where to walk, Which subway exit to take, and even how many calories you will burn. You have multiple options that you can choose for your route and for your method of travel. It’s just awesome. it was my lifeline when traveling in New York City for the first time alone. I can’t recommend it highly enough. Only con is that it can’t pinpoint your current location as accurately as I would like, so I had to wander around a little bit as I neared my Destiination while walking.
A million times better than google maps
by Pepepepezzz on 2019/04/15 11:50
So far I’ve found this app incredibly helpful and accurate in providing the best options for getting somewhere. It includes suggestions of where to be on the train, reminds you when to get off the train, has a helpful map to show you where to walk to/from the train, and even trip costs! I’m curious where they got their train arrival times from, because even the MTA sometimes displays different arrival times on their own different systems. But so far I have not encountered anything particularly incorrect in the info the app provides. The app even includes service changes on lines/buses. So glad someone told me about this app.
I love this app!
by AllyS36 on 2017/11/30 00:37
This is a great app for those who are directionally challenged and would get lost in their own backyard. I love the fact that there is a feature that signals you when it’s time to get off at your stop. I never go anywhere without using Citymapper! It’s also great that the app gives you at least 5 different ways to get anywhere and it includes all modes of transportation. The walking feature is great because it has a blue dot that lets you know if your walking in the right direction or not. Since using this app I’ve never gotten lost and I usually get to my destination faster than the app estimates. This is an essential app for those who travel regularly.
I Don’t Review Apps
by DMyfelt on 2018/05/02 21:06
I don’t review apps. Ever. Unless I have to. Until now. CitiMapper is the single greatest app for getting around a city you do not know. I used it in New York recently and was just stunned. You have to use it to believe it. Tell it where you want to go and it gives you several options for transportation then tells you step by step what to do. With a map to guide you as you go. “Head to the 49th street subway station. Buy a ticket. Go to the platform that says uptown. Etc.” Then it tells you how long until the next train is coming. Updates you for each stop on the train. It really is amazing. Awesome! I have told ten friends about this app already. A must have!
by Leah R on 2019/02/16 15:14
This is by far the best transit app I’ve ever used. Syncs with my Apple Watch so I get a buzz when I’m one stop away from where I need to get off, so no more missed stops! I work in an area where there are multiple modes of public transport so at any given time I have access to bus predictions, locations and stats of bike share stations, locations of electric scooters and station-less electric bikes. I am able to send a link to friends so that they can track my location during a trip. I can also track the shuttles that are in my hospital’s system. I don’t usually write reviews but I just have to share how awesome this app is!! There is a new feature for Siri shortcuts too.
Great for Public Transit when traveling
by Bldxyz on 2019/06/29 02:17
Visited Chicago for a week and bought a 1 week CTA Pass: Citymapper was the primary way I understood how to get from place to place! Not only did it show me multiple options, but it also altered me when my stop was coming up! Alerts and status even showed up on my Apple Watch! Really, it was an indispensable tool for that trip. It’s overall usefulness is not much diminished by the fact that I could not initiate a trip on my watch. I could follow all steps of a trip that I had initiated on my phone, though, and that was very useful: I could keep my iPhone in my pocket while checking status on my watch. Really useful app!
Useful and largely accurate for SF and Seattle
by Thourdin on 2019/05/11 19:19
This has been a useful app for transporting myself around San Francisco Bay Area and Seattle area; I haven’t tried it at other major metropolises. I find the use of minutes left before the next train to not be useful when it comes to connecting transportations. For example, minutes left in the current train/bus is useful, but when I swipe left to see next transfer, it’ll tell me I have one minute to the connecting train when I still have 20 minutes to ride, which doesn’t help me because I would rather know what time I can expect to arrive and what time is the train i should expect to get on.
Best App for Traveling
by Nairoko on 2018/04/01 09:26
I am currently traveling through London on spring break with my family and I gotta say this app is the best thing for getting around anywhere. I’d be lost already if it wasn’t for this app. Usually what I have to do to get around would take me 2-4 apps with what this one app does. If you plan on traveling anywhere in the world I highly recommend you download this app. It’s very convenient and offers a ton of options for different modes of transportation. At first it will seem intimidating and a bit overwhelming with all of the ways you can travel but I can guarantee that with a bit of practice this app it can serve you at top notch quality.
Feel confident with this app!
by ELOgle on 2018/05/27 11:23
As a female solo traveler, this app definitely saved my life while traveling in NYC! If you are ever traveling in New York City, I highly suggest the Citymapper app. I’m from an area in the South where public transportation is simply an idea not a reality. I was very nervous about navigating NYC alone using public transit. This app was extremely helpful, and I managed to travel all over Manhattan, Brooklyn, Roosevelt Island, and parts of New Jersey without getting lost (not even once)! I mainly used the app to navigate the subway system. This app helped me feel safe and confident while traveling alone!! I cannot speak highly enough of this app!! Thank you so much, Citymapper!!!!
Best Navigation App for NYC
by xosammiejean on 2018/04/25 00:56
I live in NYC, and this app has been by far the best in helping me get where I need to go. When I first moved here, understanding the city’s transportation was difficult. But Citymapper makes it so easy! Not only have I learned the transportation system while using it, I also am able to keep up in real-time with trains and buses. The software is outstanding, and it’s super easy to use. There are so many transportation apps out there, so you have to find what works for you. My suggest, try them all! See what fits with your schedule and life, and I’m sure you’ll understand why Citymapper is the way to go. :)
Good, but has a big flaw
by skwnxnf on 2018/08/05 23:29
I usually love this app. It stays up to date and gives me pretty detailed and accurate information. But I do have a major issue with it. I’ll check the app when I’m leaving for the subway fairly often to plan on arriving at the time they tell me is accurate for the subway. Fairly often, the time will be incorrect, and the train will arrive much earlier than listed, so I miss my train, which is incredibly frustrating. I understand that things change, but when I check the app 10 minutes before I leave seeing a certain time, and walk up seeing that the app was incorrect, it gets old.
Like having a local in your pocket
by Crashes entwined on 2018/06/01 01:30
Fantastic experience with this so far. Everything has been very reliable and up to date so I didn’t have to wonder where my bus or train or subway was. Directions are easy to follow and accurate, and it seamlessly helps you between different forms of transit. I love that it shows you estimated time of travel for each method it suggests. I do wish it was more offline compatible for if I didn’t have reliable cell service. That’s the only thing I would change though. So happy to have found this app! Made navigating New York as easy as it can be.
Useful but a bit complicated
by OkGoDoIt on 2018/08/26 00:43
Somewhat confusing app but useful. Often feels like it takes way too many taps to get what I want. The interface for live “go” trip mode is especially confusing. It’s often hard to tell if I’m currently tracking a live trip or not (which has battery implications). Also I wish there were options for more walking. For example, I’m willing to walk half an hour rather than transferring between 3 buses, but the routing algorithm seems to be very biased against excessive walking. I understand everyone has their limits, but ideally this would be configurable.
I know it sounds dramatic but this app is lifechanging
by Brischrader on 2018/07/22 16:08
I moved to a big city in another country a year ago and the official public transportation app for that city was horrible. Citymapper saves me so much time and effort, giving me multiple options for routes (like if I want to walk less or if I’m rushed for time and don’t want to transfer, etc.) and always updating me on times and delays. It’s an all-in-one app and even though I’m familiar with the city now, I use it daily for train and bus times because it’s so reliable. 10/10 I would legit be a brand rep if I could, that’s how much I love this app.
London travel, sorted.
by cindatelis on 2019/05/02 23:44
My last trip to London was made so much more productive and enjoyable using this app opposed to all others available. Bus, Tube, and train times were instantly updated and the app follows the journey whilst on it. The ride share for £5 was a nice addition allowing the opportunity to get across the city in comfort for such a small fare (didn’t have to share the ride once, but paid as if I had). The option for regular commuters to buy passes seems a great perk for those living in the city. Definitely will continue to use whenever I am in any city that has Citymapper.
If you are traveling in a large city without a car, you need this
by McGoJ on 2018/07/24 18:48
I travelled with my wife and 3 year old son to Paris for the first time, and read about Citymapper on a travel website before we got there. Citymapper was easy to use (even has some built in intelligence tools to make finding addresses fast) and was accurate with its train/metro lines and times. I would use this app if it is available in any major city. My only request would be for the app to highlight areas (streets or districts) that out-of-towners should not walk through for safety reasons.
The Perfect Navigation App
by SilverScreenwriter on 2018/05/19 17:53
LOVE citymapper. It's easy to use, has all the information you need, multiple options for every kind of trip, has offline maps for when you're underground, even ferry options! I recommend the app to all my friends, people who've lived here in NYC for years and new arrivals. The train arrival times are accurate 90% of the time (and who could ask for more when you're dealing with the MTA) and the app also gives me options to get places that I hadn't considered that will be faster than my original plan. Highly recommend.
I have to rave about Citymapper
by Mopseyglimp on 2019/05/16 09:05
This app is absolutely fantastic. I live in NYC and use is almost daily to navigate all the various transit closures and problems. Now I am traveling and find it works just as well in an ever expanding number of cities, for example, London and Rome, two other difficult to navigate cities. It would not be an exaggeration to say that Citymapper has taken me places and helped me to have experiences that I wouldn’t have had otherwise. I’m a lover of public transit and this app is like a support system for helping to reduce driving. Basically the best app I have ever used.
Great for navigating public transport
by Skept_Guy on 2018/01/03 06:15
Since moving to a metropolitan area with solid public transportation options, I found myself frustrated with Google Maps’ limited functionality when navigating the city. So I downloaded several different apps that purportedly excelled in that particular area. Citymapper is the only one that I continue to use on a regular basis. A couple key features (but certainly not all of them: It provides important alerts about the bus/train lines I use frequently, lets me know how long until the next departure, and can show every station/stop in the vicinity (with excellent filters). It even tells me which metro exit to use in order to get me closer to my destination. Plus, there’s almost no learning curve. So if you’re visiting an unfamiliar city and don’t plan on driving, I’d highly recommend checking it out. I still use Google Maps for driving directions, but Citymapper wins for everything else.
The. Best. Hands. Down.
by Bees errors on 2018/07/19 22:40
We spent eight days in NYC recently. It wasn’t my first or second time in the city, but it had been awhile since I’ve used the NYC subway. It has become a “hot mess”....literally. I’m so grateful we found this app early enough to actually enjoy our trip rather than spend hours walking aimlessly around with a confused google map and the local transit map. This app reports shut downs and delays much faster than the local transit app and its user friendly platform makes it extremely easy for even a first time visitor to efficiently get around.
London, Los Angeles, Milan, oh my!
by DeeDee May on 2018/07/16 10:03
I absolutely love City Mapper and it’s features. Very easy to use, accurate, and FUN! Additionally, I admire the company for not only creating this app, but using the found data to creat a tangible solution. For example, in London, they created a bus system which ran in parts of the town there was high demand but the tube system missed. Furthermore, each big city has its own unique transit system and City Mapper puts all of the information is an easy-to-use platform every time. If you’re travelling between big cities or live in one, this app is important to have!
Finally and all in one app!
by Girlie NYC Traveler on 2018/11/28 01:36
Love the app and real-time data. I pair it with my Apple Watch and I am so in the know of my commute. The only thing missing is the ability to view upcoming trains if you’re far away on Apple Watch to plan if I should switch to the express or not. For example, I’d use this functionality on the 1 train at 125th street to see if an express 2/3 is coming to 96th before I get there. I’d like it as a way to meet the express train vs waiting up to 10 minutes for it. All in all it’s a great app and I’ll be forwarding my feedback to them.
Trip saver!
by Carolina_six on 2018/03/28 04:24
Downloaded and used this app for the first time on my FIRST time in New York. Omg. It literally saved my trip from having all the horror stories you hear about NY subways being difficult to understand and get around. It gives you very specific instructions that are very easy to understand. All you need to know is where ur going, be it the exact address or name of the location you are traveling to. Not once did I get lost! Will definitely use again any time I’m in a different city where I’ll be using public transportation.
Pretty amazing!!!!
by MastrCake on 2018/06/27 01:33
This app is amazing in Seattle, it’s my automatic go-to. Sometimes it’ll be a bit off (really don’t feel like 25 minute walks when there’s a good connecting bus right next to me), but it blows everything else out of the water. Apple Watch companion is beyond incredible. Biggest complaint is this app doesn’t seem to know when a line is rerouted (while others do). That alone makes me check multiple transit apps before hand. Would be nice if you could find a way to integrate this information (if Apple maps can do it, I would sure hope you guys could do it too!!)
Really great navigation app, but with annoying features
by Wapollard on 2018/09/13 22:46
I love this app both in Chicago and in London, it makes getting around really easy with super easy-to-follow direction. The cons are extra, unnecessary features like “trip receipts” that make the app skip around so I push wrong buttons while it loads a “you made it!” message and my “trip receipt” that I have absolutely no use for. It sounds petty but it gets really frustrating if I’m in a hurry, want to immediately check how close the bus is, or am in a sketchy part of town and don’t want to be looking down at my phone too long. I’d love a simpler version/update without unneeded personality that hinders performance.
“Jetpack” came to be useful
by Mac Norm on 2018/10/25 02:02
Hahaha love how you guys included jetpack traveling, you guys are funny and genius at the same time. This is what I wanna say... Basically, I’ve been using the app “Transit” for over a year now and I liked it so far especially after the recent UI updates it got cooler. However, I downloaded you app yesterday and gave it a try and oh boy it’s so comfy to use, because it has such a simple UI and functionality that I can’t resist but say “awesome” to it and get rid of the Transit app ;) you are the best, I wish you luck getting more ratings.
Worth writing a review for
by luke293482452934582 on 2019/08/03 08:28
This ap was the most useful ap ever for travel in London. I felt like a local being able to use the tube (subway) and never once had to ask for directions. The ap is easy to use. One word, if you need to get someplace, make sure you go through the ap and have it give you directions and hit “start” before you go underground, because with no signal it will not be able to give you the helpful information and route plan. This is indispensable for traveling in a large city.
It Works
by taoistpage on 2019/05/09 15:32
It works better than any of the other options available here in Seattle, but it has one of the most annoying user interfaces. It uses the real time data made available by King County Metro, which is useful. I really wish I could disable or at least hide the parts of the app that aren't useful to me and clutter up the available screen: rideshares, GO stats, top nav bar, commute. I would also appreciate better shortcuts integration, specifically, I don't want to have to launch a trip to check when the next bus home/work is approaching. Despite all these frustrations, the app still works the best out of what's available.
turn off calorie counts
by sylvia3018 on 2019/12/01 17:12
I’m in the DC area and love that this app has local buses like the circuit bus that Google Maps doesn’t have, as well as the more accurate times and displays of route disruption (our Metro is undergoing a LOT of construction right now so this is incredibly helpful). I wish that the calorie counter could be disabled. I imagine it’s only useful for a few people (this is a transit app, not a workout one!) and could be very upsetting for people in recovery from eating disorders. If that feature was able to be turned off I would recommend this app to everyone!
Invaluable for tourists
by chayashida on 2017/11/16 20:07
We found this app to be *invaluable* when traveling around the London area on vacation. I don't think we would have been able to navigate the bus system on our own. (We exclusively used the Underground on our last trip.) There were two minor quirks that bugged me. include that the "flashlight" (showing the direction you are facing) was sometimes wrong when we first got off the Tube. It's possible that GPS isn't as reliable in downtown London with all of the highrises. The other issue is that the walking speeds were overestimated - we tended to arrive early, but it could be that we walk fast. Being early isn't an issue. :-) I highly recommend this app for traveling in London. I would use a different app if I were driving around town, but this is the easiest I've seen for navigating public transit. I have not tried it in other cities yet, but plan to on my next trip.
Great app, poor support
by fr33lance007 on 2019/05/23 22:32
In many ways this app is infinitely better than apple maps or google maps. On the other end, I have been reaching out to the support by email already twice about having the sharing of a current itinerary by iMessage not working properly and have received absolutely no answer. I am willing to help you and have spent time describing the bugs I encountered and I am sure I am not the only one to face them. So if you get feedback, please follow up. Also, fix this annoying bug that prevents sharing the current itinerary via iMessage (blank window appearing instead of the Map +ETA). Updated to 2 stars as there is still no answer from dev after 2 months and 2 emails.
Traded car for Citymapper in L.A.
by CuBOnica on 2018/07/05 14:38
For 25 years, a car was essential to living in Los Angeles. Then, public transportation improved enough and Uber/Lyft filled the gaps so that I could theoretically get around without my car. But Citymapper was the secret sauce: that’s when I got rid of my car. Having a car used to mean freedom of mobility in this sprawling city. Citymapper gave me the confidence to liberate myself from that mode, and I oddly feel more free. If i sounds like a plant for the app, I am not. It’s just that Citymapper has profoundly changed the way I live in my own city, 28 years later.
Please update for iPhone X/XS/XS Max Interface
by melissa.ams on 2018/12/05 22:10
LOVE this app - very reliable in NYC! The reason I’ve been using it over Google Maps is that I can view accurate wait times for the FUTURE and plan my trips accordingly. However, since upgrading to the iPhone XS Max, the button for this feature (as well as Settings and another icon I can’t make out) sits behind the battery, LTE indicator and camera “box” at the top of the screen, so I am unable to access any of them. Please please please release an update in which these icons are positioned lower on the screen!
Doesn’t update to account for service changes.
by mpoleman on 2019/10/26 04:20
This app would be great if it updated itself based on current circumstances. Trains in NYC are constantly off schedule or not running for track maintenance among other reasons. However the City Mapper app always assumes the trains are running and on time, often leaving you standing on a platform waiting for a train that isn’t coming. The thing is the app shows when there are service changes, and what exactly those changes are. But doesn’t use that info for trip planning. If the app used that data to accurately plan a trip it would be 5/5. But without that capability it’s a solid 2/5.
The most useful app for travel
by PLovePA on 2019/06/27 21:49
If you travel and use public transit in cities around the world, this app is indispensable. The user interface is fantastic. The ease of use is to be commended. We recently navigated all over Madrid and Barcelona with ease using various forms of public transit. I do feel that the walking portions could be improved, as using google maps often works better to actually get to the metro station, but once there this app is perfect. I wouldn’t leave home without it.
Good app but constantly freezing
by Thom/Thom/Thomasina on 2018/12/26 22:17
The app is very helpful - will continue to direct the route without internet - and mostly accurate to the happenings of the MTA however there was an update s while back and everything seemed to become very annoying. The app keeps constantly freezing when I try to find a route before I can press “Go” forcing me to force shut down the app. I can rarely ask Siri to check the commute because there’s always a problem. Please figure this out because I really like this app!
Made my 1st NYC trip fantastic!
by allawannadoiscook on 2018/10/23 12:21
I’ve had this app for awhile and wasn’t really able to use it until I recently took a trip to NYC. Holy cow is this amazing! Navigating the streets and transportation was easy. Plug in a destination and multiple suggestive ways to get there was at my fingers. Detailed down to what side the street to be on to how many stops was key for me, since I wasn’t sure how long to stay on a subway. Paired with the watch, I didn’t have to look like a complete tourist which is always an A+ for me.
Great for multiple transit types!
by Heatherlynnh on 2019/02/16 15:16
Being new in DC and knowing I would have to go from walking to metro to bus to walking was daunting, but this app pretty much saves my tail every time. All transit types are in one place with departure times for each for one total arrival time estate and it guides you between each transit types and pings you when you're about to get off at your specific bus or metro stop. I hardly ever write reviews, but thought this one really deserved an extra 5 I'm the books!
Fantastic App
by miss.bev on 2018/08/30 14:34
I used this app to navigate all over London. I would literally have been lost without it. It took me a while to realize the little headlight was pointing me in the direction I should be headed, and a couple of times I had to restart the app to get it going properly, but that was a minor inconvenience. This app let me figure out which mode of transportation (or combination of modes) I should take to get to my destination and it let me factor in how much walking I was willing to do. Super app.
This is the best app!
by Reinaag on 2018/05/13 16:39
Citymapper is the best transit guide there is. I have used it extensively in DC/Baltimore and London and it has helped me navigate these cities with ease. It has saved me time and money —which is the best thing about this app. I know exactly how I can get to my destination in the cheapest or fastest way possible. The transit arrivals times are very accurate, too. Just today I was at the DC metro in Largo and it said train will arrive at 8:35 am and it sure did arrive at that time. I will never travel without Citymapper again.
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