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Strong Workout Tracker Gym Log
The most intuitive workout and exercise tracker for any fitness routine. Strong is the simplest and most intuitive workout tracker, designed to help you get better results from your workouts. Whether you want to gain strength or just stay healthy, join over 1.2 million people who have downloaded Strong to stay on track in the gym. “I’d suggest downloading the “Strong” app before you return to the gym. It’s that good” - CNBC “with apps like Strong, working out feels more like a game” - The Verge “I have used nearly every logging app since the App Store launched. This is the best bar none” “I use this every time I go to the gym and seriously couldn't train without it” “Simple. Intuitive. Functional. Exactly what I was looking for.” “This is bare bones and serious. Right on, and works perfectly... I wish I could give 10 stars.” “It's by far the most intuitive and easy to use workout app I’ve used.” Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced powerlifter, Strong provides everything you need to record your workouts as effortlessly and as quickly as possible. Unlike other fitness apps, Strong doesn’t bog you down with distractions and unnecessary gimmicks you’d never use. Strong is optimized for a progressive barbell routine such as Starting Strength or StrongLifts 5x5, but it is easily adaptable to any other routine of your choosing! FEATURES: • The simplest interface of any fitness app in the App Store • A comprehensive range of cardio and strength exercises - and add your own too! • Fully-featured Apple Watch app to log workouts with or without your iPhone • Add your own routines and easily choose between them • Detailed exercise instructions with a growing library of animated videos • Advanced Statistics show your personal records and progression and even calculate your one rep max and total weight lifted! • Built in Auto Countdown Timer to help record rest breaks • Support for multiple Exercise Types, including Assisted Bodyweight and Duration Exercises • Tag sets as Warm Up, Failure or Drop Sets • Supersets/Grouped Exercises • Track your progress with graphs for Volume and 1RM Progression • Automatically back up your data with Cloud Sync! • Built in body measurements tracker to record your weight and other vitals, with support for Apple Health • Warm Up Calculator tells you which weights to warm up with • Plate Calculator for when the weights get high • Support for Imperial (lbs) and Metric (kg) weights, or a combination of both • Add notes and progress pictures to your workouts • Share sheet makes sharing routines and workouts with friends easier than ever! • Export all of your data to Notes or Email in CSV format The free version of Strong can save unlimited workouts, but is limited to 3 custom routines. Upgrade to a Strong PRO subscription ($4.99/month or $29.99/year) for an unlimited number of routines and to unlock additional PRO features. Strong will automatically charge your iTunes Account at the end of your subscription or free trial period unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of your current period. Subscriptions renew at the original price. You can turn off auto-renew at any time and still receive full functionality until the end of your current period, but no refund can be provided for unused portions of the subscription. Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication, where applicable. If you’ve previously purchased “Unlock Strong” or “Strong Combo Pack”, you’ll be able to use the Restore Purchases option in the app for access to all Strong PRO features. These prices are for customers in the United States and may vary depending on your iTunes Account settings. In-app purchases and subscriptions cannot be shared using Family Sharing. Strong Terms of Service - Strong Privacy Policy -
It’s awesome
by Talha Shahid on 2019/10/18 12:25
Just wish I didn’t have to keep paying every year. Otherwise it works great. No bugs that I have come across so far in the app and it really helps to stay on track with everything
Was great
by Caleb2431 on 2019/10/18 03:22
Used to work amazing. Now it won’t work with new iPhone and crashes on the watch all the time. Unfortunately, time to switch .
Was great
by Cdawg18 on 2019/10/17 22:42
No longer completely syncing with iwatch. Says “chart unavailable” worked great for 2 months giving exercise circle credit and just stopped the exercise part of the sync.
Great First Impression
by Inaprope Vince on 2019/10/17 21:36
I have never used a lifting tracker and so saw this one on YouTube. After using it, I have to say pen and paper be D#%&$#! I have inputted 3 of my workouts so far. Today I gave my Bicep/Back workout a try on the app. The tracking while working out is so simple. Put in number and ✅ the box. Next set, then put in the number and ✅ the box. Next set... ✅ So you get the picture by now. I liked that it let’s you add more sets or new items on the fly. I still had some in the tank so I easily threw on pull ups and chin ups at the end to the current workout I was doing. I also have never added up my cumulative weight I lifted in a session. The app did it for me (32,300lbs if you were curious) and tracked my new PR’s. Pretty cool app just in the free version. Going to give a few weeks and see if a subscription might be warranted. So far so good and a great first impression after one workout. Give it a try!
by Tefinkom on 2019/10/17 18:46
A dream come true really. Give it a try and you’ll see there isn’t a single thing lacking. Big thank you to the developers!
App Keeps Crashing after iOS 13 and Watch OS 6
by salalalaman on 2019/10/17 14:24
Update: The watch app works just like before! I have been using Strong for almost year and have had no issues with it. The app syncs automatically with the watch. However ever since updating to iOS 13 and Watch OS 6 I have not been able to use the app on my watch. Not only that if I use the iPhone app, the watch thinks I am tracking exercise well after I have finished the workout on my phone. I have closed out of the app and reinstalled it and still have the same issue. Can this please be fixed? This is throwing off my activity data on my watch ridiculously.
Very good so far but it needs some fixes.
by DrPensamos on 2019/10/17 12:08
It is very good app for keeping records and having the routines but it needs a way of copying and repeating routines that is easier to handle. Maybe it needs more exercises added in the database and tracking measurements for free!
Least Maintenance Workout Tracker
by Jim A.B. on 2019/10/17 01:48
Set up your workout before hand, takes seconds to add weight and reps, auto moves to next set so you’re ready to go. This app has very versatile workout building with drop sets, sets to failure, etc. puts everything in a chart for you and keeps your history. Shows you last set, during your workout and has enabled me to become stronger each workout. I pair this with MyFitnessPal and it’s an unbeatable combo. I don’t use this app to track nutritional info. Take this app to the next level and allow workout sharing and top workouts in a database. Would be incredible to have workouts already loaded.
Great but
by Salim992 on 2019/10/16 18:54
Great app, stunning/clean UI; I’ve been using it for around two years now; however, there are things on a user experience level that can be pretty useful: - a page to see progress photos - live training with Apple Watch where the users can choose whether they wanted to update the log from Apple Watch or iPhone and both get updated at the same time - real exercise video tutorials (not animations) Hope these features get included soon since I’m about to renew for a third year.
Great app and simple to use
by samarenb on 2019/10/16 17:16
I love it, excellent
Delusional price scheme
by Reviewser on 2019/10/15 16:09
The app works fine, and the free version is a good deal if you only have 3 different workouts you want to store. But I expected unlocking unlimited workouts to be a one-time cost of maybe $10, max. But they want a monthly subscription or $99?!? There are probably a dozen apps that do the same thing, but for now I’m going back to pen and paper.
Apple Watch app is now useless
by rytcio on 2019/10/15 06:21
I don’t know what happened but now I can’t track my workouts through the watch app. Makes this app pretty much useless now
Best Workout App
by Nightmaremike99 on 2019/10/15 03:52
Been using Strong for over a year now and it is by far the best workout app I've used. It just keeps getting better with every update. Edit 10/14/19: Workouts initiated from the watch crash every single time. Mid workout when I have a rest timer up I’ll raise my wrist and see the app has crashed. A once flawless app that no longer works. Hoping for a fix soon.
Flawless except for constant crashing on Watch
by PeskyYeti on 2019/10/14 22:44
It’s a flawlessly elegant app on the iPhone, but if you record a workout using your Watch then it seems to crash nearly 50% of the time that you lower your wrist. :/
Great App!
by 56$$2 on 2019/10/14 18:47
The Strong App has been an excellent weight recorder for me. No more carrying old school notebooks! No more carrying papers of workouts! Make your own path and get good! Love how the weights are recorded from previous sections which motivate you to press on! Just an amazing app!
Watch app crashes constantly
by xopher00 on 2019/10/14 14:22
Love the app but the watch app crashes every 20 seconds. This happens both running workouts on the watch as well as in companion mode. It crashes during the timer countdown.
Excellent high quality app
by KRZNDN on 2019/10/14 14:22
Does everything I ask it to and more. Highly customizable.
Very flexible and easy to use.
by wilduncan on 2019/10/14 13:41
I have been a paid user since this app first hit the App Store. I use this instead of the 5x5 apps and it does a great job. I love seeing my total weight lifted at the end of my workout. Support is top notch. Jason worked with me for maybe 8 or 9 emails until we figured out how to get me back in my workouts after helping test the beta. Great Jon Jason and Strong Crew.
Amazing Weight Lifting App
by Chaf O Moore on 2019/10/14 12:15
It’s great to toss the pen and notepad to track my progress, I love that it includes a “RM” in the workout history, it pushes my harder for the next time I use the same workout routine. Also, it’s so easy to use!!!
Excellent workout app
by LJNashville on 2019/10/13 19:11
It has everything I was looking for in a workout tracker.
Luv this app
by Dddior15 on 2019/10/13 17:08
It has everything I need to track my progress and add new workout to the mix.
Great app only giving 4 stars because notifications are not working in the app.
by DiegoSaapp on 2019/10/13 14:27
This app is fantastic, but after the latest update, I am unable to receive notifications when the rest timer is done. If I click on the prompt to add notifications, I am sent to the general settings of Strong instead of the notifications section. The Strong app does not appear on my notifications sections. Please fix this issue to make Strong the perfect app it was.
Apple Watch app not working
by sidestepside on 2019/10/12 22:51
The Apple Watch app will not set up no matter how many times I delete and reinstall the phone or watch versions.
Great app
by jdr731 on 2019/10/12 18:59
Works well for me!
Simple tracker
by Alchemist Arric on 2019/10/11 18:16
Simple, easy to use. Certain features are locked down if you want more complex functionality but I find the base one works perfectly well.
No history, crashes often after update.
by tat2dupfe29 on 2019/10/11 16:10
History hasn’t been updated since September and now the Apple Watch app backs out of the workout every time you are in rest countdown. You can get back to the workout you started but it takes a minute to reload on the watch and then the set you were resting from doesn’t get recorded as being complete. This never happened before the update 2 versions ago and was not fixed by the current version. Why the calendar and history doesn’t update is beyond me as well. I’ve used this app since it came out and have always been happy with it until now. Super frustrated!
Much better than expected!
by Dbee23 on 2019/10/11 11:18
I didn’t anticipate 97% of my needs being met right out of the gate and a 20% bonus of tools I had no idea I would enjoy using. Comprehensive. Targeted. Easy to use ... and I do use it versus so many other tools I’ve cast aside within the first month. Wish there were places to record the calorie expenditure on the cardio routines ... or even a calorie calculator that includes manual entry.
Great Gym Tracker
by MJG_HD on 2019/10/11 10:11
I’ve been using strong for a while now and it’s the best gym log I’ve found with a huge data base of exercises.
Exactly what I was looking for
by ktsd69 on 2019/10/10 23:20
Super easy to input my workouts. This app is exactly what I was looking for.
Overall great app
by Jiadich17 on 2019/10/10 18:34
A bit pricey but definitely one of the best and most flexible apps out there for training, with great features you won’t find on other apps (RPE, warm-up, dropsets, etc.). Some suggestions: 1) please make it possible to see and control the current workout initiated on the Apple Watch app ALSO simultaneously on the iPhone app. Sometimes when making major changes it’s easier and faster to change things on the iPhone during rests. Changes should be reflected on the watch app in real time. 2) minimize rest time timer on the watch app so one can adjust reps, weight and RPE DURING the rest time and NOT after one set and before clicking on next. Basically using rest time to adjust training info instead and avoiding excess rest time without one noticing. 3) when creating a new workout, please make it somehow possible to copy and paste reps and weight for ALL sets without having to manually input every sets’ info. 4) specific and pinned exercise notes should be shown on the Apple Watch app as well. The whole idea of using the watch app is to forget about the phone in the gym. Keep up with the good work!
Hands down the best.
by jay-16180 on 2019/10/10 18:14
I’ve tried other apps and kept workout journals before, but this is the best so far. Highly recommended.
Beneficial and Simple to use!
by REALLY, WHY? on 2019/10/10 16:00
Very happy with this app. Would like to see volume for exercise, or group of exercises for a specific body part, be added to the initial sign-in window for a WEEK’s timeline vs per workout. I like the fact that the developer(s) are using some of the money (because this is expensive @ $99 for a lifetime unlock) charged to improve this app!
Intuitive, useful
by Dupnfe on 2019/10/10 14:50
The app is the most useful and adaptable of the weightlifting logs and apps that are out there. I really like the timer also. Keeps me on track.
Only one suggestion
by Austenius on 2019/10/10 00:15
This app is amazing. It’s been an extremely beneficial tool to have in the journey of fitness! The only recommendation I have to make the app better is to add a scheduling feature. For example, on the calendar you should have the option to schedule workouts in advance.
PR History
by Ascoutdad on 2019/10/09 01:33
Great app! But it should allow a user to be able to easily link a PR in the info link to the exact Exercise date and history of that particular PR to see “when” that PR was achieved, and most importantly, in “what order” did that PR occur out of the various exercises on that date.
Great interface, simple, and straight to the point
by Time Management Overlord on 2019/10/08 21:40
It was just what I wanted to keep track of my journey. A simple interface, with a system that offers a lot, and that also has flexibility.
by KalMass44 on 2019/10/08 19:13
What can you do with the free version if you don’t purchase a subscription? Can it be used at all? So far I enjoy using it. I’m still fairly new and I wish it showed my workouts in a month calendar layout so I can see when I did what.
Solid workout app
by drewcarver on 2019/10/08 06:08
I’ve been using strong for quite some time and love it. It’s comprehensive, yet easy to use. The developer is continuing to improve it. I would like to see some Apple Watch enhancements, such as marking off a set as completed.
Love this app, wish the UI was simpler though
by Dylanthomas11291 on 2019/10/08 03:29
This app is really built out- it has all the bells and whistles you could want when tracking your workout. However I wish that the UI, particularly after you’ve started a workout, was less cluttered. Overall pretty amazing though.
App amazing, but app keeps shutting down when syncing
by D Edwards123 on 2019/10/07 20:48
I love the App but just synced up with my Apple Watch and Apple Health and the app continues to shut down. Had to delete the app from my device and reset my device. It worked again until I did my next workout. After I finished my workout, the App shutdown again. I paid the one-time, “lifetime” fee. The latest version of the app says that they fixed the app shutting down when syncing but I’m still experiencing...
by kingdavid121 on 2019/10/07 13:55
So far I’m very impressed with this app, tracking in here is way better and easier than tracking workouts and measurements in a spreadsheet. Simple yet effective
Great app but a little buggy on 11 pro max
by johnnyboi1994 on 2019/10/07 11:11
The workout time box is a little buggy and it’s hard to navigate when trying to set a manual one. If you begin to set one, you can’t change the other without pressing done. A little frustrating I can wait a bit.
Great app but missing one setting
by gizm0luvsu on 2019/10/07 04:45
I am glad they fixed the Apple Watch app. Now the only thing I wish they had was the ability to make any exercise a timed exercise. For circuit training I do 30 seconds on then switch. 30 seconds on again. Like for jumping jacks. I usually do them for a min but it only lets me set reps. Other than that this is a great app. I am beginning at working out so this helps me track my lifting
Beefcake mode
by dude from denver on 2019/10/05 03:56
The only app I have ever spent money on. The real benefits are in the premium strong. Simple to use and a great way to monitor your progress.
by Stainless2000 on 2019/10/05 01:18
An app that just takes the place of the paper workout log. No stupid videos on how to work out. No meal management... Just a really good log that keeps track of set and reps and shows you easily how you compare from last week. Ive enjoyed it for quite awhile. However, $199 a year is outrageous. The clock is ticking until another simple log app comes out similar enough to put an end to this product...:(
by Q-WRECK-X on 2019/10/03 01:09
The app is great and has everything needed but it requires you to upgrade(pay) to save your custom workouts.
by PatrikMilani on 2019/10/03 00:04
Easy to use Keeps track of your progress 10/10
by DanDHD on 2019/10/02 21:18
Another failed update. Completed workouts not synchronizing to the iphone. Edits to workouts not synchronizing to watch. The app crashes almost one a day from using it in the watch. Failure.
Awesome app
by BlackcloudR on 2019/10/02 19:43
I paid for personal trainings for past half year and spent thousands of bucks. After learning all the basic things, I’m switching to Strong Pro, which just cost around $110(with tax) for lifetime access. This app is easy to use and very helpful!
Happy User
by Stephen in Austin on 2019/10/01 12:41
The tracking, even with the free version is great. Love the rest timing and bell that says it’s time to hit the next set. The features of the full version are worth the price of one month’s gym membership since I use this app to think for me every time I hit the weights
Apple Watch app crashes and will not load
by Severely disappointed reader on 2019/09/30 18:31
After the update and “fix,” Apple Watch app constantly restarts/crashes, won’t trigger the rest timer alert and will not sync workouts to phone.
5 stars if it has more exercises
by DAVinCHl on 2019/09/30 18:20
This is by far the best workout tracking app. I’ve been through about 10 of them. Interface with Apple Watch has improved but still some room to improve mirroring across devices. My big issue is the lack of a full list of exercises for different types of equipment. This is such an easy add and hope that this evolves in the near term. 5 stars when it does.
Great App for Tracking Resistance Training
by medic2069 on 2019/09/29 11:53
I follow MindPump’s MAPS programming, have tracked those workouts with several free and paid for apps. Hands down this one by far has been the best. That being said I do have some minor features I would like added: 1. Where you can track the total volume for a workout I would like to be able to track the total volume for a body part (i.e., chest) 2. Where you can now scroll through the history of your workouts in chronological order I would like the ability to select a workout and look at only that workout’s history. 3. Some of the exercises I do are reps in a defined time period. When creating exercises I would like that option of tracking. Overall great app and HIGHLY recommend it to anyone who is serious about tracking their workouts on their smartphone. I do have the Apple Watch but have yet to use it that way as I tend to keep BT on the watch off except a few minutes per day. Thank you!
Won’t sync to watch
by shaoqing89 on 2019/09/28 17:51
Won’t sync to my watch. Developer unresponsive.
Not Working After Update
by InTheAir114 on 2019/09/28 15:28
Updated my phone to iOS 13.1 and Watch os6.0. Since the 13.1 update, Strong will no longer sync to my watch. I cannot even pull the app up on my watch. Please help. I’ve been using this for over a year and it has worked extremely well up until now.
Way to signal super-sets
by mischifous on 2019/09/28 15:01
One star until (1) way to implement super sets with different weights/reps all contiguous, (2) when entering an exercise, I would like to be able to easily see more than just the weights/reps of what I did last workout—would like to see last 3 or so workouts, maybe also the existing PR... (3) want to be able to visualize my data Thanks
Best Strength training app I’ve ever used.
by Gcdfgttfrrf on 2019/09/27 20:16
Hands down the best app for tracking strength training reps/weights. I have the pro version, hopefully they never switch to a subscription based model.
Very Complete
by Rlap5455 on 2019/09/27 13:06
It took me a few minutes to get everything going, but it has a lot of exercises and shows you good information about each exercise. I recommend it!
Watch app won’t sync workout. Useless. I wish I could get my money back.
by TallDavidAtl on 2019/09/27 09:37
Watch app won’t sync workout. Useless. I wish I could get my money back
Watch app crashes a lot
by kjacks05 on 2019/09/26 22:03
Worked great until iOS 13, watch app crashes consistently and if you do make it through a workout, fails to sync.
New Feature??
by Kbower on 2019/09/26 14:07
It’s a great app. Only suggestion would be to add a feature where you can have friends with a feed that shows your workout history (my friend and I currently text each other every workout but it would be nice to just go to their profile on the app to see them)
I love this app
by Camaroqn on 2019/09/25 17:06
I was searching for a month for best app for going to the gym. This one is the best. Extremely user friendly and has everything I need. There are 2 things I wish it had. 1. Be able to set a rest time for the entire routine instead of having to do it to each individual exercise. 2. Have a 5 second count down for the rest timer so you can get ready.
Current version is not working well
by Lordnickolaz on 2019/09/25 16:22
Just updated to the new version. Now instead of crashing it goes back to the home screen and the rest timer doesn’t work after completing a set. Very frustrating!
Good until iOS 13
by nkarlsson on 2019/09/25 13:56
Crashes on start. Completely unusable.
Best app I've used for tracking workouts
by Mr biggums on 2019/09/25 12:29
I've been using this app for 2 months now with no issues and have absolutely loved it. Had a bug where it would not work on my smart watch but luckily it was fixed and having no issues as of now! Will continue to use this app as it has been the best app I have used for working out. The watch integration is amazing!
App was good but now absolutely terrible.
by FeistyJess123 on 2019/09/25 11:36
I used to love this app. Now it never works on my Apple Watch after the past few updates they have had. App crashed every time I would open it and now after an apparent update to fix that issue, it now cuts off 20 seconds into rest timer and crashes again. Now I will probably never use it. Only reason I liked it was for the ability to have my workouts on my watch instead of having to constantly bring my phone out to complete a set and have the timer. Pretty disappointed. I would definitely not purchase the plan if they can’t figure out these issues.
Great app
by T_to_the_e on 2019/09/25 07:36
So far I love this app. It’s clean and simple. *Update* I have now used this app for awhile and I still love it. It’s easy to use and has an incredible data base of exercises. I suppose I the only thing I wish it had was a social aspect. It would be nice to be able to share workouts and motivation with the Strong Community.
Thanks for the fix!
by Jitterbug135 on 2019/09/24 19:09
After emailing Strong app support, the app once again works as advertised. My email was answered promptly and professionally. Within 24 hours the bug was fixed. Thank you for getting this corrected so quickly! I am impressed by your level of support.
Best tracker there is for lifters
by BlackD34th on 2019/09/24 19:09
Tried them all, well thought out for during the workout.
Current version crashes on iPhone XS
by iPad Air 2 Issues on 2019/09/24 18:36
Please fix the app. It crashes upon opening.
Crashes when synced with Apple health iOS 13
by rhianc11 on 2019/09/24 18:13
Won’t open on iwatch series 5
by MTNBIKE69 on 2019/09/24 18:08
Update: the new update released today for the iwatch is working 100%. I have issues with timer and having to spend time adjusting the weights and reps to line up after spinning the numbers constantly. It would be nice if you can tap on the values and type (scribble) the numbers in. The cost is pretty steep for this app. I’ll keep playing with it for the next couple of weeks to decide whether it’s worth the $100. I have tried many times to open the app on my new iWatch 5 without success. Until they either update the issue or provide additional advice, I will only give this app one star as it’s useless for the reason I purchased it. I will definitely ask for a refund as the reason I bought the app was to use it on my iWatch for convenience.
Great app but crashes since iOS 13
by bpmp93 on 2019/09/24 16:07
Ever since iOS 13, the app crashes immediately and is unusable. I’ll update the review/rating once they fix it. Great app when it works properly.
Great app, outstanding support
by EFoo86 on 2019/09/24 13:10
I’ve been using this app for 10 months now I tried the free version for a couple weeks and quickly found that I wanted to expand my routines list. I am since very happy with the purchased version. I specifically chose this app for it’s ease of use and integration with the Apple Watch. I like using the watch interface to record my reps and sets within my routine and it helps keep me progressing knowing what my previous set weight and reps were. I also like how it updates various health apps I use with my phone. Just recently I had an issue where my watch app was stuck in a loop of trying to launch & failing each time. I tried powering off my watch and also a hard reset, but couldn’t get the app to shut down. I finally reached out to the strong app support via email and they responded within an hour or so, very impressed. Carlo informed me that there was a hotfix out for the app and to try again after the update. Thankfully that fixed my issue and I am back to my workout routine. I have 2 app enhancements I would like. a timer based exercise. For example if I want do a set of planks for 1 minuet each. It would be nice to have a timer count each “rep” down for me. I would LOVE to be able to swipe left on the app to get to my music playlist. Other then that, I’m very happy with this app and it’s function and integration into my routine.
Latest version still crashing on ios13
by Cmorgan123 on 2019/09/24 11:40
This is the second version that has been crashing on ios13. Where do we report crashes?
App crashing
by Ape.roll on 2019/09/24 08:47
I love this app, but since the update, I can’t open it
Paid for app but lost premium in update
by MachoMT on 2019/09/24 05:28
I paid for the lifetime premium and started using this app back in May of 2016. One day it updated and I no longer had it, saying there was a new payment schedule. It was a great app and helped track my workouts. I would love to do continue using it, but I don’t think it’s really fair to have to pay again when I supported from the start. E-mailed the devs but no answer. Am I able to get access to the premium for having bought back in 2016?
Perfect for Tracking
by DaHolyChickenWing on 2019/09/24 04:44
I’ve been in the gym about 2 and half years now. I’ve tried several different apps for tracking my workouts. They all required more complicated steps than Strong does. I love the superset mode how it cycles through the set and color codes them. Personally I think there should be a small tutorial before using the app that’s optional to review (but there’s a chance I over looked it). I also wish there was a widget that could allow me to complete/update/add a set this way I don’t have to keep my screen turned on to track my workout. I’ll definitely be purchasing the subscription for this app and I hate buying subscriptions.
Best lifting app, period.
by NConnorP on 2019/09/24 04:02
This app is excellent for tracking training, and the support staff is amazing. Exercise selection is vast, app works as desired, and tech team responds ASAP if issues arise. I couldn’t ask for more from any app.
by Sandness15 on 2019/09/24 03:37
My app on my watch keeps crashing. I can’t even start my work out. I’ve tried uninstalling it on the watch. It didn’t work.
Update 🙄
by Hendogg17 on 2019/09/24 02:41
Still can’t launch on Apple Watch even after updating and resetting on Apple Watch.
by TshakaZulu on 2019/09/24 01:30
After a recent update the watch companion became unusable. I wrote a review here and emailed the developer. They’ve been highly responsive and after today’s update, everything is working normally again! I will continue using this excellent app AND paying annually for this level of craftsmanship and attention to customers. Well done to the folks at Strong!
Best app ever for workouts
by fitmr2chic on 2019/09/24 00:07
I’ve cycled through my fair share of workout apps trying to find the perfect one for me. The biggest problem I’ve run across with most apps is the difficulty/loss of function I have when I use it on my Apple Watch. This one, however, is not the case. It is super easy to create workouts and add exercises mid-workout (on the watch). The countdown timer helps keep me on track and is easy to adjust while I’m between sets. It keeps track on my PRs and I have the option to update my routines at the end of my workout, which I love because I make minor tweaks each workout, including the order. Finally-tech support is AMAZING. I noticed a glitch this morning and emailed the developer. I got a super quick response and by the evening they had an update that fixed the glitch. All the while, they kept me in the loop which is much appreciated.
Great App, Even Better Support
by jjzbyszinski on 2019/09/24 00:07
Been using the app for quite some time now and absolutely love it. So easy to create your own workouts to use and you can track pretty much everything. Super simple to see your recorded weight, weight from last workout if you want to increase, etc. The part I like most is the interaction via my Apple Watch. Love being able to start my workouts from my watch and record any weight/rep changes as I go and best of all a built in rest timer so I don’t wait too long in between sets. Had a hiccup this last update for iOS 13 release but I contacted support letting them know of the issue I was having with the app crashing on my Apple Watch and the response was quick. They let me know they were aware of the issue and already working on a fix to roll out for it. Was contacted again as soon as they released the fix to make sure it fixed my issue, which it did. Couldn’t ask for better support for an app. Bottom line, just get this app, you won’t regret it.
I rely on it!
by Mmmmmla on 2019/09/24 00:01
It’s crashing when I open 😢😢 don’t update your phone!
by Heather Vassar on 2019/09/23 23:01
Since the watch os6 update the watch app crashes and will not run. The watch app starts an activity and fills the exercise ring (as evidenced by the running man at the top of the Apple Watch) but doesn’t allow you to stop the activity nor does it log the activity.
Apple Watch App crashes
by JPoutwest on 2019/09/23 22:21
If you like to use your watch for working out, skip this app, it’s been crashing for over a week and the developers can’t seem to fix it. If you’re serious about working out, you need an app that works consistently and this one doesn’t.
Easy and effective!
by gmtimpe on 2019/09/23 22:19
I use the free versaron of this app. It is easy to set up, and easy to use.
Good app with responsive dev
by MorseCode4650 on 2019/09/23 22:13
This is my favorite workout apple watch app. The dev is very responsive and fast when there are glitches.
Best free workout app out there
by That Maurer Kid on 2019/09/23 21:36
Good for making your own workouts and using as a replacement for hand written workout logs Update works with watchos6 and iphone 11
App crashes
by Scpascoe on 2019/09/23 21:24
IOS 13.1 public beta v4
Apple Watch non functional
by Ncookr on 2019/09/23 20:48
Used to work perfect until update and now it doesn’t work on Apple Watch os 6.
by T-901173 on 2019/09/23 20:47
Over the last two weeks I have been really enjoying the iPhone app for strong. I recently got an Apple Watch (series 5 of you must know) and this app is complete crashing my workouts. It crashes immediately when I open it and then freezes up my home face because it won’t let me close the app out. I finally just deleted it to fix the issue. Like I said at the beginning I’m not bashing the iPhone app. I would highly recommend it. However, I hope that Strong goes in and optimized the Apple Watch app.
WatchOS 6 issues
by Buzzluck on 2019/09/23 20:26
After updating my Apple Watch to WatchOS 6, the Strong companion app crashed when starting a routine. Now it is not able to end the routine even after closing the running app and restarting the watch (soft and hard restarts). The watch just keeps indicating that there is an active exercise and clicking on the image at the top of the watch attempts to open the Strong app which it is unable to do. Before this issue, I have been using the app for a while and it was great. Please fix this ASAP!
Doesn’t work on Apple Watch anymore
by Kdkeen09 on 2019/09/23 18:48
Kept crashing on Apple Watch series 4 after update...uninstalled then reinstalled on watch, now I can’t even setup the app on my watch. Used to love the app
Crashes on Watch
by Davi Nelly on 2019/09/23 18:08
Crashes on Apple Watch series 5
Bug fix for perfection
by c o c o p u f f s on 2019/09/23 17:19
Can you stop the timer for the set before a drop set!
Broken on iOS 13
by ★omarrr on 2019/09/23 16:34
I have an iPhone 7 running iOS 13. The app keeps crashing right after opening.
Apple Watch App does not work
by D. G. 13 on 2019/09/23 16:10
Watch App does not work on Series 5. Will not stay open. Crashes immediately. Disappointing when they charge as much as they do.
Best app I’ve ever used to track workouts
by stephilippou on 2019/09/23 03:36
If you’re like me and want to keep a close eye on your lifts and progression, this is the app for you. There is a subscription fee which is the most annoying part of the app, but it keeps the developer in business and with the frequent improvements it’s well worth it. I love the Apple Watch app so I can quickly look at my wrist to see what is next up in my routine and log my workouts. The app keeps track of your rest time so you don’t have to think about it. I used to have to open the Stopwatch in the Clock app and switch back and forth between Excel–where I previously stored my data. The little tap on the wrist when using the Apple Watch app is helpful and makes for a great user experience. The data visualization for each exercise is useful and there are too many features to list that are awesome. I want to highlight my experience going outside the US. When I went abroad, I had to use metric plates since everyone else uses that. With a simple setting change all my previous lifts were converted to metric so I didn’t have to sit around doing conversions to know how to load the bar. Afterwards, you can simply switch back to pounds and all the data you collected overseas is converted back to US units. For anyone who wants to get into working out and keeping a tab on their improvements, this is the app to get.
Amazing App, Amazing People!
by tgolightly on 2019/05/29 00:50
My mom and I have both allowed ourselves to get so busy with life that we allowed ourselves to get off of our diets, and not be able to find time for the gym. I work on ships at sea for months at a time, so it's not always easy to eat healthy or workout. While I've been home on vacation, we have been in the gym every day, and have both been on the strictest diets. I'm down almost 40 pounds in 6 weeks, and she's also doing incredible. I don't tell you this to brag, I tell you this because your app has enabled us to continue this lifestyle when I go back to work. I had to leave last week for training, then I'll go home for a week then head back to sea. Because of your app, I was able to build some workout routines so that my mom can know exactly what exercises she needs to do each day to continue to succeed while I'm not there. You have LITERALLY set us up for success. Part of building a company and offering a product that often gets overlooked is improving people's lives. You guys have done this not only in building this product, but also in who you have chosen to represent your company on the customer service front. You are making all the right decisions. I can't tell you how much I pray for your continued success. Thank you for improving the lives of your fellow people in everything that you do.
Best App I’ve Found
by Jacob Hantla on 2019/03/24 23:36
I’ve downloaded more than a dozen workout apps and spent significant time with about a half dozen. This is by far the best that I’ve found for daily weight-training workout. It is flexible enough for a wide range of resistance-training routines. Once you set up your routines on your iPhone app, you can easily start and track your weights and reps from the Apple Watch, which is wonderful. I still usually bring my phone with me for quicker data entry and easier ability to tweak routines. I also can share my workout with my wife and workout partner so that if I go to the gym alone in the morning, they can do the same routine as me (and see my weights). I really appreciate the ability to share workouts. They’ve even made it so you can start workouts with Siri shortcuts, “Hey Siri, start leg day” etc. I’ve been using this app daily for more than a month as has my wife. The free version of the app is totally usable. We both have upgraded to the annual subscription, primarily to support the developer for an incredible app but also we like the additional features. Yet, if you are looking for a fully functional free app, this works too.
by Roland 1220 on 2019/07/01 00:01
I just purchased this app and I’ve used it for the first time in my workout this morning. The first major flaw that I see is that it will not calculate the calories you burn during the workout session logged. It also does not keep track of the total time you have worked out. It does offer you the opportunity to set rest periods in between sets but does not keep track of your total workout session time. It also does not appear to allow you to enter a custom exercise or movement. I have been using Fitness Buddy for 9 months and dont like it well enough to buy the subscription but what it does do is track your session time and calculate calories burned. The calories burned number then populates the apple health app as well as “My Fitness Pal” where I log my calorie intake and research foods. What I do like so far is the the data entry interface. I find it very intuitive well thought out, easy to log sets, weight and reps. It is color coordinated making things easier to see or identify. I also like that this app syncs with my apple watch really nicely. I also like that this app doesn't force you into a bunch of stuff you dont need or want. So far I wont start the subscription unless they add these features that are important to me. While I dont like Fitness Buddy it does do the minimum most that I need for it to do. Update: I found the workout timer. Cant find how to pause it if needed. Still unable to find a calorie consumption calculator.
Not completing all exercises in a routine on watch deletes them from the routine
by Neolix xiloeN on 2018/09/26 00:51
Edit: Fixed!! Thank you, Strong! Got 2 more people using it in the last week. Hey! I love this app! I use it every day and tell people in my classes to use it! The new update has a really bad bug though. It breaks my use case. I use the new watch with data, so I don’t have to bring my phone with me to the gym. I only use the watch and I log everything on the watch. When I perform a routine and do not perform an exercise or two, those exercises that are not performed are deleted from the routine after save!! I have to go and add them back every time. This breaks my use case. For example, my Tuesday routine contains abs, chest and triceps. I normally load the routine and do abs before I teach my spin class, save routine, then load the routine again after class to do my chest and triceps. But when I opened the routine after spin, the chest and triceps exercises are gone! This has happened every time. Even after I go back and fix it, they are removed again. Please fix!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ll change to 5 stars for fixing.
Great App, Even Better Support
by jjzbyszinski on 2019/09/24 00:07
Been using the app for quite some time now and absolutely love it. So easy to create your own workouts to use and you can track pretty much everything. Super simple to see your recorded weight, weight from last workout if you want to increase, etc. The part I like most is the interaction via my Apple Watch. Love being able to start my workouts from my watch and record any weight/rep changes as I go and best of all a built in rest timer so I don’t wait too long in between sets. Had a hiccup this last update for iOS 13 release but I contacted support letting them know of the issue I was having with the app crashing on my Apple Watch and the response was quick. They let me know they were aware of the issue and already working on a fix to roll out for it. Was contacted again as soon as they released the fix to make sure it fixed my issue, which it did. Couldn’t ask for better support for an app. Bottom line, just get this app, you won’t regret it.
Awesome App
by mddiaz11 on 2019/02/11 12:07
I spent half of my winter break trying to build a similar app because I had always tracked my workouts on my Notes app, which became a mess. But then I found this app, which has a clean, easy to use interface and everything you need to track your lift progress in the gym. I love it. The only thing that stops me from giving it a perfect 5 star rating is that I wish they would implement a feature where you can enter the desired rep range when you’re building a workout, and then show your history for that specific rep range during the workout. Currently, if I do 4 x 8-12 on bench press, but the following time I bench 5 x 3, it’ll show me on the active workout that I did however much weight for 8-12 reps last time. Not a huge deal to go into history and find it myself, but it’d be cool for it to pull up the last time I did 5 sets of 3 and show me the weight I lifted that time on the active workout screen after telling it that that’s the number of reps I’m going to do for that workout. Again, otherwise amazing app, but would love it if y’all could add this feature. Thanks!
Love this app
by Maddiemoothedog on 2018/07/26 21:07
Almost everyone goes into the gym with not much thought or planning. They guess they'll do arms today but can't remember what weight or sets they did last time. This app keeps you focused. Create your workout BEFORE you go in and adjust the weight/reps as needed, Or time between sets. I have two routines for chest, one for back, and one for legs and HIIT. Tells you last time you performed that workout and your results. You can easily see if your routine is getting a little easier then it's time to increase the weight or reps. Easy to add or delete sets. I also love that the timer tells me in my headphones that the break is over. When you complete a set, click the box and the timer starts. Almost every exercise is included in the search. Showed a guy in the gym who was at least recording his workouts on paper this app and he bought it that day. Works great with Apple watch also. GET IT! It will force you to get better!
Paid for the Pro version of the app back in 2016
by ClumsyLeprechaun on 2019/04/10 03:58
I first downloaded this app in 2016 and decided to splurge the $5 to get the Pro version. I unfortunately fell off the workout wagon until recently. When I downloaded the app again I found quite a few things have changed since then! Most notably the subscription feature. The main reason why I really enjoyed and paid for the Pro version was that, unlike most of the others which had subscriptions, it had a simple, one time payment of $4.99 for all the features. Awesome. I logged back into my account expecting to be grandfathered in like some other people have been, but nope. Is there anyway I could get my account grandfathered in? It looks like the app has had some fantastic features added and I’m disappointed my old account I paid for has the same access as the free version. I’ve got the receipt and everything EDIT: I emailed them about the issue and they stayed true to their word about grandfathering in my account!
Great app, outstanding support
by EFoo86 on 2019/09/24 13:10
I’ve been using this app for 10 months now I tried the free version for a couple weeks and quickly found that I wanted to expand my routines list. I am since very happy with the purchased version. I specifically chose this app for it’s ease of use and integration with the Apple Watch. I like using the watch interface to record my reps and sets within my routine and it helps keep me progressing knowing what my previous set weight and reps were. I also like how it updates various health apps I use with my phone. Just recently I had an issue where my watch app was stuck in a loop of trying to launch & failing each time. I tried powering off my watch and also a hard reset, but couldn’t get the app to shut down. I finally reached out to the strong app support via email and they responded within an hour or so, very impressed. Carlo informed me that there was a hotfix out for the app and to try again after the update. Thankfully that fixed my issue and I am back to my workout routine. I have 2 app enhancements I would like. a timer based exercise. For example if I want do a set of planks for 1 minuet each. It would be nice to have a timer count each “rep” down for me. I would LOVE to be able to swipe left on the app to get to my music playlist. Other then that, I’m very happy with this app and it’s function and integration into my routine.
This app will change the way you work out
by 0Audrey0 on 2019/01/15 14:57
I have used this app for about 6 months, and used the PRO for about 4 months. This app is fantastic, if you go to the gym 3+ times/week then the cost is more than worth it. The app just added RPE options for sets, you can use the exercise database or make your own, and it tracks overall weight lifted (which I’ve found is motivational—at the least interesting). The app promotes progressive overload, which is super important and helpful to track. Only issue I’ve ever had with the app is that I frequently forget to end workouts. They will run in the background and the time for my workouts will be 24hrs or until I open the app again the next time I go into the gym, which messes with my statistics. However, this is a user error and in no way an issue with the app. Love this app, if you frequent the gym, I’m sure you will too.
Best app ever for workouts
by fitmr2chic on 2019/09/24 00:07
I’ve cycled through my fair share of workout apps trying to find the perfect one for me. The biggest problem I’ve run across with most apps is the difficulty/loss of function I have when I use it on my Apple Watch. This one, however, is not the case. It is super easy to create workouts and add exercises mid-workout (on the watch). The countdown timer helps keep me on track and is easy to adjust while I’m between sets. It keeps track on my PRs and I have the option to update my routines at the end of my workout, which I love because I make minor tweaks each workout, including the order. Finally-tech support is AMAZING. I noticed a glitch this morning and emailed the developer. I got a super quick response and by the evening they had an update that fixed the glitch. All the while, they kept me in the loop which is much appreciated.
Apple Watch App Doesn’t Work
by bjohnson91 on 2019/05/09 12:06
I’ll start by saying that I am an early adopter and have logged well over 600 workouts with Strong. I have no complaints with the iPhone app, it is great. My issues are with the Apple Watch app. It basically doesn’t function. It crashes multiple times every workout, almost every set. My workouts will not transfer to my phone. When I try to add exercises, it crashes. I could go on. 5 stars for the iPhone app, 1 star for the Apple Watch app. Hardware isn’t the issue, either - I’m using an XS Max and a Series 4 AW. I reached out to the support team three days ago and have yet to get a response. Happy to upgrade to five stars when they fix this. The Apple Watch app used to work great about six months ago, the last time I had an Apple Watch. It looks like right now it is suffering from the developers trying to do too much with it and not paying enough attention to its core functionality - its the software equivalent of the Galaxy Fold, if you know what I mean.
Constant improvements make this my go to workout app
by MaherD87 on 2018/08/09 19:19
Have been using Strong for a couple years, and at first the UI was more cumbersome to use than a simple pad and pencil. However after submitting feedback to developers and checking the interface updates, it’s clear they take user feedback seriously. They’ve taken every gripe I had seriously and the new UI flow is effortless whether you’re building workouts on the fly or trying to program templates ahead of time. The workout history at a glance also shows me a tabulated list of workouts at what weights sets and reps to make sure I change it up in the current workout. A lot of great features are built in, but none that I use much of. For me, effortless and intuitive UI flow is everything. For once I can say I no longer need to bring the journal and pencil to the gym 👌🏼
Great app... Apple Watch app needs slight improvement
by etie27 on 2019/08/22 19:20
I’ve used Strong for years and it’s really helped me improve my workouts. The only thing that continues to bother me is all the steps needed to take when finishing a workout on the watch app. Maybe I’m missing something in settings, but PLEASE add a way to streamline when finishing a workout on the watch. You have to hit finish workout, and then done, and then if your routine was any different than what was previously saved, there’s an option to either “keep original workout routines, or update to new routine”. Something to that effect. I’d really appreciate it if we could change that in settings to always keep original workouts. Or just make it less steps in general. I know It’s just a small annoyance, but coupled with a slight loading time after I hit each option it really slows down completing a workout. Otherwise love the app and continued updates!
5 stars on my phone, 1 star on my watch
by lat3ralus65 on 2019/07/18 02:21
I’ve been using this app for a few years now, and it’s everything you could ask of it. Creating workout routines and logging is a breeze, though there are some small things I’d love to be able to do (like add another exercise to a superset). The phone app is reliable and never crashes or loses a workout. I will never need another app to track my lifts. The watch app, on the other hand, is garbage. I tried to log a workout from my new AW Series 4 and the app crashed to the main screen (watch face) in between each set. When I ended that workout (which never synced with the app, BTW), I started one in the phone app and the companion watch app opened... but then crashed again. The watch app is essentially unusable. It’s probably harsh to drop the rating to three stars based on the watch app, since the phone app is so fantastic, but the fact that the watch app can’t even function at a basic level is too much to overlook.
Good app
by AppsStuff12 on 2017/11/30 19:38
I have liked the continues improvements to the app and the most recent changes allowing you to select and view a workout without having to start the workout is nice. I do wish that pinned notes for exercises only applies within the workout that exercise is in so that if you use the same exercise in another workout routine and want different notes for that same exercise but in a different routine you can as opposed to the same notes showing up for that exercise in all routines. Especially since the other notes option only shows notes made during that workout session. I would like an option for notes for a specific exercise within a workout that remain just in that workout where I can make different notes on the same exercise in a different workout that won’t show up on that exercise in another workout. Other than that detail, I really like the app.
Apple watch app
by PresentGiraffe9 on 2018/12/26 20:14
Am I the ONLY person that the Apple Watch app will NOT sync workouts or send workouts to the app? I’ve reinstalled and updated my apps EVERY TIME they update and it STILL DOES NOT WORK Their customer service is 5 stars but this review is for the Apple watch app. I’ve been using strong since it’s inception, the very beginning, and I bought the Apple Watch SOLELY so i could ditch my phone during my lifting sessions. The problem is, the workouts DONT sync back to the app. I’ve done everything they suggested, uninstalled, reinstalled, repaired, unpaired and NOTHING works. The Apple health app has the workouts logged so I know the information is being sent to the phone and something is wrong with the app. Every other app I have on my watch is able to sync information to their mobile counterparts instantly and reliably. This is The ONLY app that will not. After communicating with customer service they could only come up with that they don’t have the problem so they can’t solve it. As someone who uses this app 26/30 days a month, I wish there was a better solution than that.
Nearly perfect
by DrewK on 2019/09/18 03:24
Been using this app for about a month now. I’m a beginner at weightlifting, and Strong has been so helpful in teaching me proper technique and helping me track my progress. Absolutely love the animations for each exercise. I use Strong with my iPhone and Apple Watch. It works well enough, but I’d like to be able to use only the watch without hauling my phone around the gym. There are a few features that, once added to the Apple Watch app, would allow me to do so: 1. Add the ability to add a set to an exercise. Currently I have to just add an exercise multiple times in order to record multiple sets. 2. Make it easier to find exercises you want to add on the fly. Currently it’s one list (not sorted in any particular order it seems) and scrolling through dozens of exercises is untenable. Sorting it by date last performed would be good, or maybe some filtering functionality similar to the phone app. 3. When finishing an exercise added on the fly, please show the rest timer button instead of Finish Workout button. It’s silly for me to have to hit that to record a set, then tell the app I’m not actually done with my workout. 4. Adding the animations (or just still pictures) for exercises would be nice. Overall, I’m very pleased with Strong. I’m still going *strong* with it and plan to for a long time. Keep up the great work!
The best Tracking App Ever 💪
by davestaysmotivated on 2019/07/10 17:31
Unbelievably impressed on how easy this app is to navigate and also understand upon first opening. As an active Trainer I find it very difficult to track my workouts plus my clients workouts this allows me an ability to build a work out in less than 10 minutes which allows me to more focus on what I need to do for my clients. I am more than happy to pay the fee to keep this app running and also it is way easier to track numbers this way without having to write them down in a book every time you want to track all you have to do is hit the checkmark and complete the work out that you already put in as a predetermined exercise. I want to extend my gratefulness and thanks to this app creator thank you very much and please continue to expand this in anyway you see fit!!!
Greedy app creators again!
by coreforceenergy on 2017/10/03 06:03
This was a great app until yet again the greedy app makers decided that they want to charge monthly and yearly fees that are ridiculously high. In reality you can log your gym records in a five dollar notepad. The beauty of this app was that it made things convenient and simple. But like many creators these days they think it’s OK to screw their clients with upgrade features that actually should be standard. Shame on them. I just deleted the app that I’ve been using for a couple months and was happy to have given them a five star. There’s other apps that you can use that are far better and for right now are not charging. Who in their right mind would pay $199 for an iPhone app that simply logs their workouts and measurements?! Certainly not me and hope you won’t waste your money on this app made by greedy developers. If enough of us keep calling developers on this and deleting their expensive apps that take little continued develop perhaps the creators will get the idea and stop being so greedy with high ticket prices. Save your money on this one friends!
Yet another poorly designed app
by Ecsdesignsvfx on 2017/10/02 12:49
There are SO many apps out there trying to outsmart and out feature one another that they all disregard basic functionality. All I need is some thing slightly better than excel for logging my custom routines, this app still isn’t that. After spending all my time adding my custom exercises to my custom routine. I realized I missed an exercise I needed to simply add to my first superset of exercises. Nope sorry, despite all of the tech and functionality provided in today’s smart phone world, editing/arranging the order of my exercises in the routine I just made isn’t a feature they offer on this app (not that I can see anyway), is have to remake a whole new custom routine. I also selected the wrong category for an exercise I made and there was no way to change or delete that. Basically as long as you never make an input mistake, get everything right your first go, or just need pre packaged exercise/routines this may work out for you. Otherwise simply using excel provides more
Love it! But could be improved
by Eigenbrotler on 2018/11/27 10:53
EDIT: the latest update keeps asking for my Apple ID password every time I start the app and cannot use my pro setting until I do which I don’t think I need to especially in the app itself if it directed me to the App Store or wanted to verify through Face ID I would understand better. Am I wrong for feeling this way? I love the app still just a little uncomfortable giving my Apple ID password every time I start the app to workout This app is amazing! Pretty easy to navigate and work out, wish it worked with Apple Watch like look at your list or show your current set and check them off when your done but not a big deal though and it would be nice if you could set up the rest timer to automatically start when you finish your set and check it off. A dark theme would be nice maybe an oled black theme to save battery and not be so bright.
Easy and clean. Would like rep calculator.
by MarthaJones on 2019/03/01 16:21
Nice and easy to set up workouts and keep track of rest, sets, and reps. I’ve been using this since January now, and it’s the only program I’ve actually stuck with. It does compute a 1 rep max under each exercise, but it would be awesome to have the ability to calculate other RMs like 10RM. Would make moving to different rep schemes and weights much simpler. Update: Still really loving this app. I’ve logged 197 workouts with it now. Simple; clean; easy to set up exercises, sets, reps, and supersets; ability to set up custom exercises, and a steady update of new exercises added to the Strong library. I also really love the built in rest timer. And the ability to reorder or add in sets on the fly. Sometimes the weights or machines just aren’t available and it’s nice to be able to just reorder the exercises or sub in something. I particularly like that there are a couple of exercises I had put in as custom ones and later Strong added them to their library, and I could just migrate all my previous data to the new exercise with literally two button clicks. Very nice. I’ve used this to track 5x5, S&S, some odd one-off workouts (Husband’s Dislocated Finger etc lol), and high volume work. Would still like the RM calculator for more than just 1RM.
Best app I use
by mherr96 on 2019/09/14 02:07
Been using this app (with the Strong Pro upgrade) since 2016, and I can—without a doubt—say this is by far the best app I use on almost a daily basis. Even now as I come back to lifting after a year off, this app makes it so much easier to jump back in and make those gains back as quick as possible. Being able to see all my past records, workouts, body weight/measurements, etc. gives me confidence to crush weights that were daunting to me when I first tried them years ago. Not to mention! the UI is beautiful, the timers and calculators are immensely useful, the workout tracking is fantastic. For nearly 4 years now (despite my little break) this has been the best app on my phone. I highly recommend to anyone wanting to take their fitness seriously and track important workout data.
Love this app
by SyntheticTone on 2019/05/09 20:30
Tried a few other similar apps in past. One worked nearly as well with watch support but quit working with new ios updates. Another seemed like a good Idea but was awkward and no way to adjust weight on the watch. Found this app and it seemed to have good watch support allowing you to customize excersizes on the fly, updating my values on routines so I can see what weight, reps and sets I did on previous workout plus graphing my progress on the phone later. I was happy to pay for the pro version especially seeing continued updates coming. There are a few things that would be nice like a website account to manage data on a computer, more charting options and integration possibly with Carb Manager app. I still highly recommend to anyone who wants to get more out of their watch at the gym.
Great App, Needs Apple Watch Enhancements
by BigCdeezy on 2018/11/07 19:26
Love this app to track my progress during and after workouts. I recently ran a workout program on my Apple Watch and found that I was unable to change weight amounts or even two count during a workout (like you can on the phone app). I had to go back from memory and update everything in my phone. It would be great to not need my phone to do this during a workout. Also, my phone app doesn’t intuitively show my charted progress on the main profile page (I.e. my most recent exercises and historical charted progress). I have to drill into each individual exercise on the “exercises” icon to find this information out. It would be great if the profile tab were more of an actual dashboard for everything progress related instead of just displaying how many workouts I’ve performed a week. Other than that, great app!
Great, efficient app!
by Long-Time Lifter on 2019/04/17 11:40
I’ve used this app for 3+ years now and don’t know how I used to lift without it. It has the functionality I need without excess fluff or steps. (I hate having to navigate 16 different menus just to annotate a drop set in other apps...) I’m very happy I’m not carrying around busted up old notebooks too! Great interface: Automated rest timer lets me nail my rest periods and see at a glance when I need to set up for my next set. I can easily see where I’m headed next, and start eyeballing that open bench. Super easy to drag exercises out of order in case somebody grabs up my machine before I can. Building my workouts is very easy and intuitive and provides the flexibility I need to enter custom exercises if they aren’t in the library, add notes/hints, and tweak things. Nice roll-ups: It’s easy to review progress on various lifts and track long-term trends and spot lagging body parts, for focus/remedial work. Gaps: It’d be nice to have an integrated tool for mesocycle planning, but that’s easy enough to do manually, and a tempo timer would be nice, but again, not critical. Overall: Very pleased with the app- definitely worth the “pro” purchase. Glad to see the developer keeps this alive and always look forward to the new features with each release.
The Best. Details and Polish
by Fernando TTA's iPod on 2019/01/04 20:44
What an amazing workout app. They have pretty decent example routines, and the flexibility to create your own routine. The animated examples are a really nice touch (though beginners should supplement them with more in depth videos). But what really makes this app stand apart is the attention to detail. Lifted more weights, or did more reps in a routine? It prompts you to edit the routine based on that progress. Great, almost automatic way to implement progression in your routines. Amazing Watch app, and overall UI design. Plus, the profile page is excellent a, to see charts and record you macro nutrient intake. But if all you want to do is lift, you never have to visit this page. The flexibility and power makes this app standout even over the StrongLifts app, which is this apps closest competitor but far more rigid. Really awesome app.
Solid simple interface. Does not work consistently with apple watch
by Jsh11234 on 2019/08/02 16:07
I really liked the app, is simple and straightforward. I’ve use it for over a year now and paid a renew subscription a few months ago. The main feature I liked was the integration with the apple watch, it was user friendly and allowed me to workout effectively. The three stars, is because for the last 2months months I have not been able to consistently use strong in my apple watch. At least 8times in the last weeks, I’ve got ready to start working-out and I have to spend 10min trying to get the app to work. Opened several tickets with support, but it doesn’t seem anything can be done (for some reason I do not understand). If you are someone that like me, every-minute count because you have a tight schedule to workout, I would recommend not to download the app if you expect it to work with your apple watch.
Nice App that keeps me on track in the gym
by Tiger4Life8116 on 2019/01/15 13:28
The app is easy to use. I have downloaded several other apps for the gym, but this is the one that I have kept. I have no complaints about the app! I do have one preference that I would like to see: The ability to fast record your set from the sleep screen on the iPhone. Meaning sets 1 thru whatever, lead up to a final set that I push myself to see if I can gain 1-2 more reps or higher weight from the previous day I attempted the same exercise. Maybe place a next link to the rest timer pop up on the sleep screen, that would automatically check the current set completed, show your next set weight or show your next exercise and set weight. I think this would help with daily battery life of the phone. rocks! I will continue to use it. Hope to hear some feedback on the suggestion.
Love It
by Luv2hoop on 2018/01/22 15:04
I have been using Strong for about a month and I really like the program. I used BodySpace for a long time and really liked a lot of their features, but for me, Strong is a better program. Pros: It is very easy to use. I love the ability to copy sets and not have to re-enter information from the previous set. The Timer is easy to use and adjust. I like the warmup calculator and the auto one-rep max calculator. Cons: Exercise database isn’t as full as I would like. However, adding new exercises is a breeze so this isn’t a huge problem. For some reason I struggle with the plate calculator. I need to watch some more training videos on how to use it. Sometimes the Superset’s don’t work like they are supposed to so I will assume it is operator error rather than a program error. Also, it counts drop sets as an additional set, rather than a continuation of one set. This isn’t a big deal other than it makes you look like you did more sets than you really did. Once you get used to it, it is easy to make the mental adjustment. Overall this is a great program and I don’t think I will be switching anytime soon. I would give it five stars if the exercise database were bigger and if it calculated the dropsets differently.
Decent app but obvious cash grab
by FeaganMox on 2018/12/07 05:19
So first it’s like any other work out tracker app. You add exercises, weight and reps. The only difference between these apps are the UI and I liked this one. Watch function is useless. You get 3 free custom workout routines which is good for basic splits (Upper, Lower, Core). It’s easy to create these and doesn’t take time away from the workout to log them. I wanted more custom routines and the trackers so I was going to buy it...then I saw it said “subscribe”...first red flag. For what reason does this require a subscription? And it’s clear it would function without a subscription because you can purchase it outright...for 100$! The only person who would pay that much is someone who’s serious about weight training and that person would likely just buy a journal instead. I think the devs are missing out on a lot of potential customers simply due to greed. It’s a decent app but there’s nothing special about it compared to similar apps
I. Love. This. App.
by Ty203393 on 2019/03/15 18:36
I’ve been using this app for years. They continually update with great additions and it’s clear they understand their users needs. I’d say the only area they could improve on is some type of integration with my fitness pal or another app concerning calorie counts per day. (Although maybe I’m missing a function that’s already in place) There’s tracking statistics for everything you need but it can become tedious to remember to enter in your total calorie count into this app if you’re already using another to track throughout the day. Regardless, I LOVE THIS APP. I use it for every single workout and I can’t think of a single improvement they could integrate concerning workout tracking. They really did an amazing job. THANK YOU, DEVELOPERS. You don’t realize how much you’ve helped me.
I love this app!!!
by Seanb1977 on 2018/10/08 18:30
This is by far the best and easiest workout app I have ever tried. I am relatively new to lifting and have tried several apps to track my workouts. I like that you can create you own workouts and if there is something not on the list of exercises that comes with the app you can add your own. My favorite feature by far is the Apple Watch integration. I don’t need to have my phone with me to do and track my workout. No phone falling out of my pocket or forgetting it at my workout station. I can keep it locked up in the locker room and follow my routine right on my watch. If I need to change my workout on the fly I can do it right on the watch. Then when I’m done, everything syncs up on the phone. I can’t say enough how much I love this app. 5 stars from me!!!
Simple and powerful
by Grimalal on 2019/04/17 19:05
Love this app. It’s super easy to use and has a really intuitive interface, went PRO and never looked back. I ESPECIALLY love the Apple Watch app and the fact they continue to improve it. ONLY reason it’s not five stars is there’s no weight ‘calculator’ thing in the watch app. On the phone they have my favorite feature which will tell you how many of what plates you need on the barbell to get to your weight (for slow people like me who struggle with basic addition lol). PLEASE, please, please add this to the watch app, maybe as a force touch option?? Then I could finally ditch my phone to workout. Although, it also has a ‘companion mode’ for anyone reading which works GREAT, uses your watch to record hear rate and shows some basic info but you track your sets on the phone. Really like it and it always just works!
Regressing app
by Austinjwalker on 2018/07/02 12:14
This app was once, without hesitation, my favorite workout app. It was clean, easy to use, simple, customizable, well supported, and quick. It definitely held to its name, “strong.” The latest update takes several huge steps back. The interface is more distracting, using way too many colors too often. It isn’t bad necessarily, but it definitely feels like when your boss adds colors to a spreadsheet THINKING it’s helpful, but really it just makes it look cluttered. Some of the features have disappeared (like seeing how many times you’ve done a workout before adding it to a routine) and others I’ve been told are still there but I’ve given up trying to find them (like the calculator to quickly tell you what plates to use based on weight and bar type). It’s lost several steps in intuitiveness and filled that gap with emojis. Instead of errors you get 🙈 and when you get a PR you get stars. So if you haven’t used Strong before, it’s worth checking out. But if you’re looking for a simple app that doesn’t have distractions on every screen, maybe try something else. It’s a bummer, I’ve used and loved strong for at least a year, but I keep getting frustrated using it. I feel like it’s a brand that’s lost it’s way. Hopefully it’ll return to its original identity, even if the design and UI itself evolves.
Amazing app, but expensive
by Tim51384 on 2018/04/21 21:04
The app is really convenient for keeping track of progress. I’ve been using a free beta version for a couple months now, and the app has a lot of great features. It keeps me aware of how much time is passing with the rest timers. It also makes it easy to record your progress and see what you did during your last workout. The ability to create workout routines is also really useful! It keeps everything nice and organized. The app has everything I want and more. In regards to the pricing, I really don’t want to pay for a subscription to use this app. I’d rather just pay one time for the app - there is an option for a one time payment, but it’s $100! There is an option to be a beta tester. You get all the features for free, but you have to settle for a version that may have a bug or two.
Good idea. So buggy.
by -Chemist- on 2017/09/08 19:48
I've been using Strong for the past couple of years, through many, many version. I like many of the features: the layout, the display of your entire routine on one screen, and ability to edit routines on the fly. But the bugs. Oh so many bugs. I don't think they've released one completely stable, bug-free version. The app freezes and hangs frequently -- numerous times during the course of a workout. The rest timer is completely unreliable. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes you get notifications, other times it seems like the app just hung in the background and you won't know it until five minutes later when you think "Gosh, this seems like an awful long rest period!" I wish I could like the app more. I've been waiting for two years for solid, reliable version. But I'm so tired of dealing with bugs and an unreliable app, I'm going to start looking for a replacement.
Best weight-workout app I’ve used
by tbasinski on 2019/06/15 15:34
I used Fitness Point for a few years before I came across the “Strong” app. The wide ranging versatility of Strong is vastly superior to Fitness Point. The paid version of Strong has multiple worthwhile upgrades over the free base app. For me, the ability to create more than 3 personal workouts was a key factor in going with the paid app. My one “wish” for this app that I think would be an improvement would be to see the total weight moved in a single workout prior to hitting “finish”. It would help me hit more goals. I know I can go back and edit but it’s sort of a pain in the middle of a workout. Otherwise, this is a powerful workout app with wide versatility that should appeal to the majority of plate heads and other gym rats like me.
Has all the features that keep me on track
by pythonchelle on 2018/11/13 20:45
I’ve tried several other tracking apps this year but shall jump around no more. I absolutely love this app. I loved it enough to pay for it without even thinking twice. It has all the features I want during my workouts, like automatic rest timer, add/remove sets and exercises easily, mark warmup and failure sets, short animations of the movement, and the option to auto-update the workout template based on changes made in the moment - or not. I also love that I can easily edit the workout templates themselves while I’m in the middle of a workout (even for a completely different template), which is exactly the moment when I have ideas about how I want to tweak my program. Last thing I’ll say about how much I love this app: when I finish a workout it shows me my workout history with a bar graph of the number of workouts I’ve done each week for the last 6-8 weeks. It always makes me feel accomplished to see those bars stay steady at 4 per week, week after week. I almost don’t skip just because I don’t want to mess up my record. It’s a pleasure to use and I’ve been more consistent since I started using it. The best.
Crashes multiple times during workout...
by buffNtough on 2018/08/12 11:39
Been using the Strong app for about 2 years now. It has been great for making workouts tracking and my progress in my lifts. It has been and still is easy to use. A few months ago, a large update was put in that changed the interface of Strong. The new interface is fine, but with that update has come a 'Bug' which caused my app to crash when I entire in the weight or set number of a lift during the workout. It has become unbelievably frustrating having to constantly open and close this app during a workout when before it ran flawlessly. Overall was a great app, but with this bug, it's quality has been rendered much poorer than it could be.
Simple is Good!
by byronwhitt72 on 2018/01/19 06:15
I've been using the Strong app for several weeks now and I really appreciate the simple, straightforward design. I've recommended to several folks and I'm glad to see it doing so well! Without burying the simple UI with more features, there are two three things that'd I'd love to see added, mostly around the use of the timer. 1.) create manual button for starting a workout. Sometimes I like to review my last workout before immediately starting a new one. Having the clock start automatically once you open a workout is a bummer. A "start" or "go" button within the workout routine would be great. 2.) utilize the timer feature for certain exercises in addition for rest periods. How awesome would it be if you could have a countdown for planks or push-ups within the app, or even better your Apple Watch! No toggling between apps. 3.) allow for different rest periods between different exercises within a routine. I think you're able to have different rest time amounts from routine to routine, but not individual exercises. I know that you can change rest timer amounts manually during the rest period, but having everything edited and loaded prior to starting your workout would be helpful. Again, great app! Thanks for adding the body weight tracker! 😉
The weight training app I’ve been waiting for
by zmitchell1 on 2019/02/13 13:22
This is (in my opinion) the most well designed workout tracking app for weight training, and I’ve used several. It gives you lots of control without feeling overwhelming or feeling utilitarian. I love that I can set separate rest timers for warm-up sets and working sets. I do have a couple of suggestions: 1) I wish I could import workout data. Supporting the export format of every other app isn’t realistic. If the developer defined an import format i.e. a CSV file with fields X, Y, and Z, I can do the heavy lifting (get it?) of putting my data in that format. 2) I wish I could define my own bar weight. I’ve never heard of some of the bars that are available, but an SSB squat bar is 65lbs and that’s not an option.
Best of the bunch
by Bilmoore on 2018/12/13 13:31
While Strong doesn’t have every single option I’d like to have in a workout tracker, it does have the easiest interface to use. There are other apps with garish graphics or with every single option, but there’s no flow which makes them difficult to use. Most everything in Strong is easy to find and the data is exportable if you want it somewhere else. The developers have been responsive, but I’d really like to see an option for rest/pause sets, a volume control for timer buzzer (it’s not loud enough when listening to music), and a way to sort workouts as I have over 100 workouts programmed. I’ve used all the apps and Strong is the best, having tracked almost 400 workouts for me.
by workingtopaymysubscriptions on 2018/07/02 18:39
I have over 2 years of workouts in this app. It’s the app that made me take the leap and stop using notebooks to track my workouts. It contained a decent amount of exercises in its database and was easy enough to add exercises. It’s not perfect and it is missing some features that would fully replace a workout journal, eg., the ability to easily record drop sets, to record HIIT workouts without using mile distance intervals, but it was simple and effective. I agree with another reviewer that the UI has become busier and more complicated with the updates. It used to be very easy to duplicate a set in a workout, for example, and now you have to manually add reps and sets. But the worst part is that in my iPhone it constantly crashes on start up. I may just have to return to normal notebooks. Luckily the app supports export to excel. At least I hope it still does.
Won’t open on iwatch series 5
by MTNBIKE69 on 2019/09/24 18:08
Update: the new update released today for the iwatch is working 100%. I have issues with timer and having to spend time adjusting the weights and reps to line up after spinning the numbers constantly. It would be nice if you can tap on the values and type (scribble) the numbers in. The cost is pretty steep for this app. I’ll keep playing with it for the next couple of weeks to decide whether it’s worth the $100. I have tried many times to open the app on my new iWatch 5 without success. Until they either update the issue or provide additional advice, I will only give this app one star as it’s useless for the reason I purchased it. I will definitely ask for a refund as the reason I bought the app was to use it on my iWatch for convenience.
Like this app :)
by TseTseBird on 2018/06/18 17:51
I use this all the time and it's very helpful. I only gave 4 stars because I don't have any experience w/ other workout apps; and there are a couple features I'd like to see, such as: ability to swap exercises in the middle of a routine without the new exercise going to the bottom of the list; ability to change around a current routine without basically having to start over. Keep up the good work! Absolutely love the drag and drop reordering exercises and the ability to swap exercises within a wrkout!!! Just tried it this morn and am SO PLEASED!!! Thank you very very much!! :) The bolder text helps too, my eyesight is not the best. I am my own trainer, hav created my own custom wrkouts, and have 3 variations of each; and this really wrks for me!!
The BEST workout log! 🌟🌟🌟🏋🏾‍♀️
by Lana359 on 2019/05/10 19:45
I've tried a lot of different fitness log apps, but this is the very best by far! I prefer not to pay for apps, but I had to have this one. After using Strong for about a month, I happily paid to unlock the features! It's the most customizable of all the other ones, it's simple & easy to use. The developers listen to their customers and are constantly updating the app and adding new features! I recommend this app whenever I can. I love the built-in timer, the super-set feature, & the weight plate calculator. You can also set nutrition and workout targets/goals. Hands down the BEST fitness log! 😊 Download it now! You won’t be disappointed. Nothing comes close! Keep up the EXCEPTIONAL work guys!
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