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Twitch: Live Game Streaming
Experience the games you love like never before! Watch live streams and chat with devoted gamers around the world. Catch the action as it happens! Access all the content you care about, from frenetic Overwatch multiplayer matches to soothing Bob Ross art demos. With millions of unique streamers every day playing everything under the sun, if it’s worth watching, it’s live on Twitch right now. Twitch: TOP 3 FEATURES 1. Watch live videos of your favorite games, from blockbuster titles like Minecraft and League of Legends to little-known indie gems. 2. Connect with other gamers in real time with full-featured live chat. 3. Go live with a touch and share your passion with the world! Be a part of the leading social gaming platform on iPhone and iPad! With esports events, art, cooking, music and much more on demand, there’s something for everyone on Twitch. + Watch interactive live shows from the likes of Sony, Microsoft, Blizzard and Riot Games. + Tune into unique programming, from music festival live streams to exclusive video game events. + Discover new content with ease thanks to simple and intuitive navigation. + Switch to Dark Mode for those late night viewing sessions. Join the millions of hardcore and casual gamers who have found a place to connect over the games they love. Take your passion to the next level with Twitch! For feedback and assistance, please visit our Support Center: Please note: This app features Nielsen’s proprietary measurement software which contributes to market research, like Nielsen’s TV Ratings. Please see for more information
Fix the mobile app
by ROA Bradley Tragedy on 2021/03/03 04:07
Tired of trying to go support streamers and friends off the mobile app, and 90% of the time, the stream is completely unwatchable....i have unlimited data, and shouldn’t be having any latency issues with trying to watch streams off my mobile. Fix your app.......
by laithan23 on 2021/03/03 03:56
by on instagram on 2021/03/03 03:25
I’m only downloading for Michael Clifford
All but subs
by Ram854 on 2021/03/03 03:10
Everything is amazing about the app. The only thing that bugs me is that you cannot sub with amazon prime with a mobile device. It is so difficult to just log on via safari just to sub. Please add this feature!
by hehgkriabwbucyvvtrvv on 2021/03/03 03:05
Stop asking me to review your app.
Is this the Pokimane App?
by nickname attempt 749 on 2021/03/03 02:57
One problem.
by Cullygodonfortnite on 2021/03/03 02:00
Well when I try to stream every time I would always stop light/stream and we can just get very frustrated them out so will you will you please fix it because I’m on mobile.
Stream Errors
by POTBA on 2021/03/03 01:25
Pervious streams won’t play and if they do, they are constantly being interrupted by a black screen that lasts anywhere from 2-10 seconds before resuming a couple seconds behind where it actually stopped the first time. Pretty much the only way I can watch an old stream is by using picture-in-picture mode, so I’m basically having to squint at a tiny little square. Current livestreams also have constant black-screen interruptions, that is, if I’m even able to have them loaded in.
Too many ads on mobile
by Alex S10 on 2021/03/03 01:20
Man if it isnt one thing, its another with this app. You go into a stream, ad. You change the image quality, ad. You go to squad stream, ad. You get through an ad, ad. Go to another stream, ad. WHY ARE THERE SO MANY ADS. Every action I do, an ad is sure to follow. For the love of God please make a good app, you’re owned by amazon. Instead of trying to make your inclusive tweets about womxn, use your time to fix your horrible application.
I love it’s so fun
by EwalkB on 2021/03/03 00:36
It is the best gaming app ever
Fix the Delays!
by audramarie18 on 2021/03/02 22:52
Love Twitch, love being able to watch my favorite streamers, but the delay between the stream and chat is VERY annoying, when the chat is way ahead of the actual stream so it’s hard to communicate when people commenting and you have no idea what they are talking about until like 20 or 30 seconds later. I’d give 5 stars but for that reason, it gets 4.
I can't sign in the app
by yungchristian on 2021/03/02 22:48
Please help I been trying to sign in for months thank you ahead of time
by Junk app.... on 2021/03/02 21:39
This site has become a softcore porn infestation. Women streaming, selling Twitch subs for their snapchat porn. What they don’t care about is that minors are subbing to channels, then getting access to the porn. Seems illegal. I’ve reported it to the authorities.
Demasiados comerciales
by N1ck W4lk3r on 2021/03/02 19:09
Es una muy buena plataforma para ver directos y bastante divertida pero es MUY molesto que cada 5 minutos te salen de 5 a 6 comerciales seguidos. Muy molesto y excesivo. Es divertido ver los directos pero enserio por lo menos 2 o 3 comerciales pero ya de 5 a 6? Te quitan casi como 1 minuto del directo en comerciales.
Not a functional mobile app
by Commodore985 on 2021/03/02 17:09
I’ve been on Twitch for some time now. And I’m not kidding you. The only time I’m ever able to watch anything is at home on my own computer. The mobile Twitch app just isn’t functional. When I load up someone’s stream, I can watch it for 60 seconds. And then it freezes, and stops rendering. This has been happening for far too long. This issue going on and on for as long as I’ve been using this platforms tells me the devs are either lazy, or they don’t care about this version of their platform. Two stars because the app opens up successfully. Update: now giving it one star. No matter what stream I open up, it freezes in a matter of seconds. I’ve tried using this app on multiple networks. It’s hopeless. This app has been around for too long to have this problem. It’s time for the devs to fix this app.
by girth goblin on 2021/03/02 16:43
How are you guys gonna ban one of the best streamers ever and not give an explanation? This is very unprofessional and aggravating.
by likewhywouldyouthinkthat? on 2021/03/02 12:34
unfair that Samsung’s and androids don’t have to pay for this but iphones have to pay not funny.
by gamerxboy24 on 2021/03/02 12:04
I love the add so much thank you
Subscriber and Follower only chat ruins it for everyone.
by cookiemonster55432356887646 on 2021/03/02 07:28
Please, for the love of GOD remove follower/subscriber only chat. Now as a streamer and stream watcher, I should be able to say something about the stream if I am a Follower/subscriber or not. Everything else is amazing. But I did try streaming from my Xbox One and I stopped the stream TWICE and its still 'live'. I don't know what is happening there. Seems *cough..* unstable?
Too many ads
by AppleSwagger on 2021/03/02 07:04
There are too many twitch forced ads. The pre-roll ads are the most annoying. You should be able to choose when you run an ad, this way you don’t miss specific content you’re trying to watch. I can’t tell you how many times a 60 second string of ads hits at the exact wrong time. Makes me turn twitch off every time.
by HuTaoDestroyer on 2021/03/02 07:03
I love twitch, and its a great app for me to support small creators, but the app is so buggy sometimes. I have to restart it several times to fix zoom in issues, and i often fall asleep watching streamers, and auto play kicks in after the VOD ends. I’d like to be able to not get lost when i visit the next vod.
First time user
by Masonic_Fl3x on 2021/03/02 05:43
Enjoying connecting with friends who genually kept me grounded during these difficult times
by AnTrAXX555 on 2021/03/02 04:19
Just a cesspool of radical left wing lunatics with nothing to provide to this world. Don’t support a terrible company.
Log in
by Yourmom7511 on 2021/03/02 03:32
For some reason it won’t let me log into my twitch account whenever I download the app. It keeps saying error won’t load following channels. And it won’t let me click on the top left sign in button.
Twitch review
by bcjcjdjxhfghzjdhc on 2021/03/02 03:22
I love this app I get to text with my fave YouTubers and gamers
The worst
by Sassypants_nc on 2021/03/02 02:09
I hate it and you have to pay
The app don’t work
by Ruuplestilskin on 2021/03/02 00:16
I find myself regularly unable to watch streams with this app at all my advice is if u don’t have a laptop or some other way to stream just forget about twitch
Subs club issues!
by vato on 2021/03/02 00:14
Twitch is asking to purchase a subscription if I want to follow certain bands. The problems that I have with that, is that I already have subscribed through Facebook
Squirrels in my pants
by smyakwtfgo on 2021/03/01 23:43
Simp app full of simp developers
by blind harry potter on 2021/03/01 20:34
I may be 14 but can you give me a username and password
This app is amazing but, it doesn’t save streams that you record on ps4
by memel0rd2008 on 2021/03/01 19:04
The app is good and all but when you do a stream using twitch on ps4 and when you end it the stream video dose not save on twitch I don’t know why. But I don’t like it
by Droughh300 on 2021/03/01 17:52
They update it and then more bugs come with it again. They update it and it gets worse. Update and twitch freezes. Twitch has never been good for the phone but after YEARS of working on an app you’d think they’d be able to accomplish something, when in fact, its worse to me now than it was when it started out. BugsBugsBugs, freeze screen, etc
by Daniel Oporto on 2021/03/01 15:43
by cruzm117 on 2021/03/01 15:05
this is a ever good app to get i use it everyday and all in all its one of the best apps i have
by jetkface on 2021/03/01 14:22
I think it’s quite sad that (TWITCH) Can’t offer you a single token for your 1st subscription to NEW users!!! :(
Too many ads!
by SFB444 on 2021/03/01 12:07
This app bombards you with ads if you don’t immediately dish out money for prime.
by Xx UniCat xX on 2021/03/01 07:31
Okay but imagine banning the word simp
by reeee ahhh kid on 2021/03/01 07:19
by ffchfchc on 2021/03/01 07:03
Fix racism
ad simulator
by Appjnicknamehzbsvsj on 2021/03/01 06:33
yar this app is good
by s1ckheart on 2021/03/01 06:31
hi so basically I’m bored n it’s 12:30 am so ima write this bc why not, so basically I give this app a 5 I don’t know why like I feel like it could be better. But it’s already better LIKE IDK BUT YEAH I GIVE IT A 5 YARR but y’all got discord? Tryna make friends no cap
For streaming
by beast547443 on 2021/03/01 06:13
They need to add the same stuff you can do on computer because I am on xbox and use twitch on my phone and don’t have all that stuff to stream
by Mr. smip 9000 on 2021/03/01 05:40
by Ristycakes on 2021/03/01 05:38
No matter what settings you change, no matter how good your connection, this is always 10-20 seconds behind any other version, making chat impossible to interact properly. It’s been years. FIX IT.
viewing my other apps
by ct123210 on 2021/03/01 05:08
At first it was just a in easy feeling I mean it didn’t say anything about in the settings but for some reason whenever I check twitch it recommends me channels that I’m subbed to on YouTube or peoples twitch’s from a video I just watched on YouTube please tell me if other people have encountered this it’s happened 10 times already I’m beyond thinking it is just a coincidence and an now worried about it accessing my personal info
by 0ugh0 on 2021/03/01 02:39
Every time I try to watch a streamer it just shows a blank video doesn’t even let me play it either I can see is the chat not the video. Please fix this!
by OnlyUsedThreeWords on 2021/03/01 02:14
Amogus amogus amogus
by haunt200socool on 2021/03/01 01:54
Good quality
by bobamxlk uwu on 2021/02/28 23:36
Twitch is trash without DR Respect.
by zwidhalm on 2021/02/28 23:28
Twitch is a petty company that won’t allow the Doc to play in tournaments on twitch. They also scammed him out of his contract. Go watch streams on FB or YouTube.
New to Twitch
by Sick Magix on 2021/02/28 20:28
Very simple to get started. Great way to enjoy watching my favorite gamers and support what they love to do.
by mattsgreat5 on 2021/02/28 20:09
Ads have ruined this platform.
by Jskibs on 2021/02/28 19:41
by qrfegjkyrrfvnj on 2021/02/28 18:39
This is an amazing app
by anon0731 on 2021/02/28 17:35
I don’t have a lot of money and find it unfair that ads aren’t available for every twitch user to get bits....
by Matt$)(-325 on 2021/02/28 17:25
It’s good
Very good app get my notifications every time on the spot
by Dropped out on 2021/02/28 16:53
Very good always receive my notifications for Pokimane streams on the dot. Very great because I can’t always be on my pc watching pokimane stream
by Austin west323 on 2021/02/28 13:20
Nearly impossible to edit anything on this app. Every thing sends me to a link. Why make it so hard to edit anything on your account?? Changed my password 20 times and all of them were “not strong enough”.
Low latency mode
by jb🏀 on 2021/02/28 05:04
Partner rage
by SubairA on 2021/02/28 04:47
Partner Yourrage bums
by fasekes123 on 2021/02/28 04:35
I like how I can create content and watch overs the same way and we can watch in real time
Not playing
by HoneyHaunting on 2021/02/28 03:37
Streams aren’t playing at all on my IPhone 11 Pro even after updating. I press play and nothing happens.
Jump in the Cadillac
by VickyFrenchie on 2021/02/28 03:31
Girl let’s put some miles on it
by Mr.YetToBeThrownOutLemon on 2021/02/28 02:10
It is a good app good for watching your favorite streamers but nothing beyond that
Sub To Her 👇
by ghbrndbdj on 2021/02/28 01:41
Sub To Sapharic
by tan198! on 2021/02/28 00:47
There are delays on the chat to the streamer
The simp
by kai the boy on 2021/02/27 22:50
This is the home of simps.
This app was the best
by 🅉🄾🄴🅈 on 2021/02/27 22:30
I saw dream,tommy,tubbo and everyone else
No more adds
by Juli1924 on 2021/02/27 19:56
Every time the adds show up and I did not like it
by 𓀬𓀬𓀡𓀡𓂻𓂻𓀡𓀡𓀬𓀬 on 2021/02/27 18:59
they asked me to do this. ig
Pokimane in the pic, you simping.
by this game is bad without mods on 2021/02/27 18:37
Inconvenient after the update
by Stacelux on 2021/02/27 17:31
After the latest update, when I click on user twitch links from other apps it routes me to get the twitch app on the App Store instead of taking me directly to the user’s account on twitch. Please fix.
Better than YouTube
by Amazing 1509 on 2021/02/27 17:29
They don’t ruin streamers lives and careers because they said a cuss word.
by reviwess on 2021/02/27 16:58
I love these streamers and I love 💕 one called Glorious e and he streams this game called... Escape from tarkov and he goes to a map called labs and my dad plays it but not labs cause it’s a hard map and he goes to other maps called.... shoreline, reserve, customs, woods and I think that’s it.......
great app
by ayyvre on 2021/02/27 15:13
great app for watching your favorite streamers
by ImNaughtOkay on 2021/02/27 14:28
When I’m watching the past broadcast, the videos are jumping back and forth from different timelines and it’s so annoying. I hope you guys fix this.
this isn’t rlly a review
by hmmm i like yelp better on 2021/02/27 14:19
i just wanted to point it how only female streamers are in the spotlight images
B. A csvz
by divineshard on 2021/02/27 14:17
Ok a
Ads Kill the Experience
by 🔥👉👌💯😩💯👌👈🔥 on 2021/02/27 10:21
Want to channel surf among your favorite channels? Countless unskippable video ads. Want to briefly check what another streamer is doing? Unskippable video ad. I understand the need for revenue to support the content, especially as a “free” user. But there has to be better alternatives to unskippable video ads every time you open a new channel. It’s live stream content!
Still a Broken mess
by derwin14 on 2021/02/27 08:56
I can’t watch stream.. audio and video can’t watch and ear at same time.. everytime this app gets updated something else breaks
Still like the app tho
by GamingMonkey171 on 2021/02/27 07:08
Some of my followers are having issues where they can’t see my streams on there mobile devices what’s going on
by Jihnjkggybi on 2021/02/27 07:06
Please fix latency
Stalling/ video stopping
by UltraRosaMonsterEnergy on 2021/02/27 07:02
When I try to watch the live streams the video stalls and wont play for a little bit like it’s buffering but I can still interact and talk to people. This problem has been going on for about a week I do not know the cause and I am on IPhone
by clairebear01212011 on 2021/02/27 03:57
I like your new Chrissy peace
by Wolfemcbane on 2021/02/27 02:51
Love fishypoty2k episode .~999
by 9Kurama on 2021/02/27 02:36
NairoMK on twitch was a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate streamer who was falsely accused of rape allegations. Twitch, you banned him. The smash community wants him unbanned. He’s innocent. #UnbanNairo
mmmm me gusta
by leaveme aloneeeeee on 2021/02/27 02:30
new to streaming
by bsuzga on 2021/02/27 02:18
dint really knw how to set things up on. obs so i ended up using twitch studio Need followers twitch @ plz follow me
It’s bad
by twichsuk on 2021/02/27 01:39
Soooo bad it’s bad
Ads are out of control
by average jo 11 on 2021/02/26 23:23
Crazy amount of ads. Every time you open the ap, switch streams, stream crashes and you reopen ad, change stream quality.. ad. Worse than any other platform YouTube included.
by @abeflorida on twitter lol on 2021/02/26 22:19
Nairo was a popular Smash Bros. player and active Twitch Streamer. On July 2nd, 2020, Nairo was falsely accused of sexual misconduct and with that, Twitch permanently banned Nairo’s account. Nairo would come back to make a statement and after a lengthy court process, reached a legal agreement with the accuser. Nairo is innocent and as of today, February 26, 2021, Nairo’s Twitch account is still banned despite #UnbanNairo is #1 on Twitter’s trending page with over 137,000 tweets. Please help Nairo get his account back so he can continue what he loved, entertaining his audience through Twitch’s platform. #UnbanNairo
by wat i do on 2021/02/26 20:53
Why ban the word simp
by Hsuecjdoangui on 2021/02/26 20:13
Just new today. Don’t understand it all.
by did dichiarandosi on 2021/02/26 19:40
When twitch lags it tens to be annoying while I’m trying to watch something live, other than the lag I really love to app. If there was no lag then I would have put 5 stars.
Ad filled - garbage
by DrivenByHim on 2021/02/26 19:30
See title, then see it again. Read it for 15 seconds over and over. Now read it for 30 seconds.
by aushos on 2021/02/26 16:50
by korgh217 on 2021/02/26 15:42
Excelente aplicación oggamerpr 💜
Best App
by Ahhchoo18 on 2021/02/26 14:43
Best streaming app.
by 'Bryan.' on 2021/02/26 14:26
Tiene muchos anunciooossss🤬🤬
It was great until a recent update kinda ruined it for me
by NinjaMaster21 on 2019/08/09 10:59
One of the things that I like about Twitch is being able to clip moments from my favorite streamers, being able to edit and trimming the clips was always fun to do and letting you see how the clip turned out during and in the end of the trimming process was always satisfying. However after I recently updated the app the clips that I, well clipped, weren’t showing during the trimming process making it hard for me to know what unnecessary fluff I need to take out. So I pretty much gotta leave the clip unedited and hope that I timed it right which isn’t fun for me if I don’t know how it turns out after trimming it. I don’t know if I’m the only one with this problem but if I’m not and others have this problem and they can fix that issue that’ll be great and I might give it a 5 star because I actually like the app. Update: a recent update fixed it, so now I’m happy and will give it 5 stars.
Some problems
by Crazykid0416 on 2020/05/26 18:56
A bug still exists that has for a long time where when in dark mode, certain movements or actions can cause the app to switch to light mode, which takes a long time and 4 menu pages to flip through to turn it back on which is inconvenient and slightly annoying. Another issue exists that when you are watching a stream in full screen mode and you double tap to open chat, and you click on a chatter’s name, a menu will pop up that allows you to gift them a sub, or look at their info etc. The problem is that when this menu pops up when in fullscreen (phone sideways), there’s no way to close the menu; you can’t click anywhere to get rid of the menu as it takes up the entire screen, and the only way to close it is to flip your device and go back to non-fullscreen, tap anywhere outside of the menu, and it’ll close. Again, this is an issue that has a solution but requires a lot of time spent to undo which can be annoying for users. A simple fix would be to add a close button for this menu, both in fullscreen and non-fullscreen. Similar to the last issue, when you tap on emotes in chat, the only way to close the menu is to click outside the menu which can be difficult/inconvenient. The same solution exists where all that is needed for this problem is to add exit buttons to menus.
A major suggestion
by MoonlitSkyPaintingBlue on 2018/11/22 15:19
I did not know this app defaults to auto play. Not to say there’s anything wrong with auto playing streams themselves but I was not aware of it and as a result I assumed a stream would end if I let the phone be. Halfway through a late night stream, I fell asleep without worries. However, I woke up and found my phone went from 100% to 13%. The streams stopped it from naturally falling into sleep mode after I unplugged it and set it to low power mode. This night of nonstop video playing no doubt harmed my phone battery’s maximum capacity, meaning it will be quicker to drop to 0% in the future and I did not intend for that. My suggestion is that you please make a pop up for mobile that stops the stream, live or otherwise, and asks the viewer “Are you still there?” after one or two auto plays have already occurred without outside input. If there’s no further response, the phone can fall into sleep mode. If there is someone still watching, they’ll tap ‘Yes’ and keep watching. Anyway, I’ve turned off auto play in settings, so this problem won’t happen for me again. But I still I wouldn’t want any people starting out with this app to make the same mistake I did.
New update
by A Consistent Twitch Viewer on 2020/12/08 04:13
I have been a bit frustrated with the new update for the twitch mobile app. I have an iPhone 10, so the corners of my screen are rounded off and when I go to full screen the top and bottom of the video get cut off, along with things being blocked by where the camera is placed. This used to not be a problem because they left a blank space on each side of the screen so that it all fit in frame, but now especially while watching games like Minecraft where the bottom of the video is very important(the players inventory and the chat box) is impossible to see. This can be frustrating to watch and take away from my overall experience as a viewer. Another bug I have encountered is that often when I start to type in chat it will make the stream lag, causing the video and audio to get out of sync. Reloading/refreshing the page always fixes it, but leaves me waiting through an ad. This makes me less inclined to interact in chat, which is one of the best features of twitch. Besides these two bugs I absolutely love this app and the community that Twitch has created!
An odd platform
by thebeachwalk on 2020/08/20 06:57
A truly odd platform. With twitch most obviously dominating the live streaming market, and consumers or users having nowhere to go they must resort to twitch. However, is twitch really the best for streamers. Like most companies, there is always favoritism, but it seems to have shined in drastic measures. Where as twitch claims they treat everyone at the same by law and standard, but then the same action is enforced differently. This causes odd encounters like the ones with the infamous “Alinity”. She notably did some actions that were called out by millions and even companies but nothing happened. However this is the least of my concern. The true concern is that she had to ask for a ban, and that the moderation accepted this. When a user has such high power or the high powered of the system is cause discourse, and arguments arise. Twitch is a decent platform but they get shot down with their mediocre at best moderation team who has to be asked by the civilians of the city, or streamers, to have actions done, even when they know these actions have been done. Simply put, the admins and moderation have too much power in the scheme of things. And while power is needed, it’s being incorrectly used by the staff to punish some and not others. Thank you.
Unstable as of late
by Shane247 on 2018/11/26 05:19
I used to never have problems with twitch, it was one of the apps I used to always get on and just watch a stream for fun. After a while I left because had life things to handle. But recently I decided it was a good time to get back on twitch. Was I wrong, yes and no. While the audio is fine without video, I’ve had troubles watching a stream and have audio at the same time. While the video plays just fine, it’s the audio that don’t work well on the stream. While I’ve been thinking maybe it could be my end, but when it’s been constant, I just don’t see the point in watching anything. Another thing, you removed the option to switch from 720 to something like 480, how can you test something to make sure it’s not your end if you actually take away a feature that was fine to begin with. I get the times are changing and technology is getting more and more advanced, trust me, I was born in the age of technology’s very beginnings of taking over. Just fix the stability of the app please, is that so much to ask. And please just add back a 480p button just for the users who can’t watch in 720.
by Sarastartree on 2017/12/14 00:23
While it often works and is still a very valid, not at all half-baked alternative to the website, it has been fairly unstable for me since day one. I’m nowhere near a frequenter of Twitch, just occasionally watch the streams of people like Vinesauce and Vargskelethor, but it’s become harder to handle since the new iOS update that changed the layout of the menu you get when you double-click the home button. Whenever I decide to play the stream in the corner of my screen, it pauses, and sometimes simply disappears. Today has been one of the worst days I’ve used it, as I can only spend, say, a minute on the app before it freezes up and forces me out. This isn’t the first time this has happened, either. Maybe the solid third time, and I’m fully unable to access the streams for more than maybe 20 seconds before it quits out. I’ve tried resetting my iPad and redownloading the app, but to no avail. I’m certain it’s an issue with the servers at this point, and a very pesky one. Please fix this as soon as possible, so I can actually use your app. Thank you.
Very solid but still loads of room for improvement
by gqerez on 2020/08/24 20:21
I have been viewing twitch more and more and honestly the best twitch experience on mobile is this app. But there are a few things that if implemented, would greatly enhance the app. There have been a few times where I wanted to link my twitch and prime accounts but there is no option to do so on this mobile app. It would be great to be able to support my favorite creators with out worrying about missing a chunk of their stream. Overall there are a variety of features lacking on the app that really make me feel like I’m missing out while being a primarily mobile user. The only benefit to getting twitch prime on mobile is the crown symbol next to my name in chat. Besides lack of subscription options there is virtually no customization available except my profile picture. I know it’s not easy giving the pc experience on an app but the iOS app should be equal in features to computer. If they do so I believe many of the user base would prefer viewing from mobile.
Great App..The worst Customer I’ve ever seen
by Jamalprince on 2019/03/25 16:46
Looking at the app from a developmental standpoint, the app is terrific. Outside of little things like not being able to change your profile picture, everything seems to run smoothly. However after having the app for a while I noticed that my email for some reason wasn’t linked to my profile. I tried to fix it from The Xbox app on the console but no luck. Then since I was already logged in on my phone,I tried it there, still no luck. I then logged out and that’s when I really started to get upset. My password and login info stopped working once I logged out then the reset emails weren’t sending and kept saying my account doesn’t exist. I thought I would email and it would be a 2 day fix...wrong! I’ve sent roughly 10 emails in almost 2 months and nothing from them at all. I received a bot reply saying I hope the problem fixed itself, when prompted to email back if it isn’t. They again just ignored my emails. The brand new game I wanted to stream is now 2 months old and I don’t even want to play it considering now no one wants to watch it. Twitch Customer Service officially ruined playing my games while streaming.
I love this app but...
by JudeMan123 on 2020/01/21 20:14
Let me get this out of the way: almost all the problems with twitch are erased on a computer. Whether on the site or on the app, on a computer everything works perfectly. However, on the phone it lacks a lot of what it needs. You can’t subscribe with twitch prime for some reason, and it’s much harder to navigate on mobile than on pc. The other problems are the sub tokens they added and buying bits. Why did they add sub tokens? They’re just kind of stupid, why would I buy sub tokens before instead of just subbing to who I want? The last problem is bits. The price of bits makes no sense. Ive been told before it’s about a cent per bit, but then why is it seven dollars for 500 bits? That’s way more than the tax should be, and my only explanation is that twitch gets a little bit too greedy between the viewers and the streamers and tacks on unfair prices, making it harder for viewers to support streamers. Other than that, incredible app, I love watching streamers and talking to the twitch community that you can surround yourself with, it’s really incredible
Close to perfect
by Amazon Visa on 2019/09/20 01:56
If your into finds my quality content creators especially gaming Twitch is the place to be. The only thing that’s always driven me crazy to the point I almost gave only 4 stars is all the QUALITY broadcasters that are buried in such a saturated market. You must sift through hundreds to find a few hidden gems. “Partner” streams or “Featured” channels have put in the grind and deserve it but some of these other upstarts have no prayer to cut through the noise. With that said the majority of people sitting through directories do not take the time to sift to the streams at the bottom with little to no views. I find that to be the Consoles (XBOX & PS4) fault for making it so ez for any toxic 12 year old with a console can connect and upload toxic trash. So considering at the end of the day it’s not all on Twitch? I went ahead with 5 stars for the app. good for tips, & tricks for any gamer and other IRL streams as Well.
by TheRealRawD on 2019/11/26 21:34
Needs improvement; Twitch could certainly use some new and fresh ideas in terms of viewers/viewing capabilities, native communication is basic at best yet struggles with latency throughout the app. When asked, the initial response given was from long time users of Twitch, which was great! others not so much mentioning several technical problems from namely the app in and of itself with a few other hiccups here and there as expected however Twitch in it’s entirety is a brilliant platform as well as a great way to showcase any and all of your talents if you will. Continually Twitch will keep providing us with UI glitches more often than not currently there is no way suggest anything aside from writing a long neutral review about said inability, currently there is no way (that I am aware of) to exit a video you’re streaming without closing the app one would think of this to taken care of already and maybe it is or their working on it, if not then the solution is right here, all of which could be provided at a small nominal fee 😉😏
Previous version better
by Jason6210001000 on 2018/08/26 14:32
The previous version was better in that it would remember games I last viewed. Now, I have to scroll to find the game. Though I did hate that it always showed most recent and it was all or none when deleting them, but oh well on that. If it’s possible to creat a favorites games list I haven’t looked for it, but apparently it doesn’t stand out either, for me anyway. I hate the new continue watching feature. I understand some might like it, but the only reason I watch a rerun is because I can’t find anything live I’d like to watch. And the only way to remove the continue watching is to watch them, fast forward to the end, then go back or to watch the remaining part. Why can’t I just delete items while they’re in the continue watching area. Plus, I have something stuck in continue watching because I apparently need to subscribe to watch it, so I can’t go into it and watch it or fast forward to get rid of it. Either let me disable continue watching or give me the ability to delete from that area, not by having to go into the video.
This must be out sourced to people who never used apps
by Barbblerelf on 2018/12/14 15:38
I love how I can sync accounts like twitch to my discord. That’s how you get into sub only discord’s and this app makes it so easy! Oh wait no it doesn’t. You can log into your twitch but it won’t show you ANY DISCORD CHANNELS. ok fine. I’ll log in online. Sorry no login screen on the home page of discord while on mobile. Fine I’ll dig in even more and find the most hard to find link online to log in. Now I need to spend 30 minutes clicking buses on a “I’m not a bot” window more times than it takes to log into a major bank account or credit report monitor. Awesome, now I should be logged in right? Nope. An error saying you’re on the wrong type of discord. Why do I need to log into a computer to check or join “connections” discord’s. Has no one in the company ever been a human. It’s insane. Use the app. More than just once. Try things normal people want to do. Fix the website. Realize mobile browsers aren’t flip phones anymore and give actual full features on the site instead of less than the app even gives. If discord didn’t have a monopoly I’d wonder how the hell theyre still in business
Needs polish
by lalaleman on 2020/01/20 06:18
I love having twitch on my phone, but in its current state, mobile twitch is strictly worse than twitch on PC. There are lots of annoying bugs and quirks that all culminate in making it really annoying to use. For some reason, there is always a delay between the stream and chat that doesn’t appear on PC. In a recent update they made it so your phone itself has to be in dark mode to make twitch dark mode too, instead of just letting you toggle it from settings. This makes it really annoying when you want to switch from one app to another and keep turning dark mode on and off. Also, sometimes when I’m using twitch in light mode, it will magically toggle onto dark mode when I turn my phone sideways and then go back to light mode when I turn it right side up. Another major problem is that you can’t go to a streamers channel while they are live, so if you want to unfollow them or turn off notifications you are forced to watch an ad every time. If twitch mobile actually worked properly then I would give it a 5 star review.
Possible bug
by fingersteam on 2021/02/06 16:37
I search for correct spelling and defenitions using the text chat feature while participating in a stream. When selecting text a popup > look up > my internet browser appears. When then going back to the twitch app the stream is in a small window. I select to maximize the stream (trying to not fat finger) and it closes the window. Now, my text I was working on is gone and I have to open the stream again. I have found my text to still be in the same stream like cache or something, but not always. Copying my text has been one measure to prevent losing my comment and minimizing the app > opening a browser and searching for the word that way is a workaround. USING LOOK UP TO SEARCH FOR A WORD DEFINITION SEEMS TO CAUSE INSTABILITY WITH TWITCH APP AND CRASHES THE STREAM (not every time, but enough to be bothersome). Hopefully this is making sense - cheers :]
What is going on at Twitch HQ?
by Cored on 2019/09/14 19:35
I’ve used the twitch iOS app primarily on an iPad. Each successive update seems to make it worse and worse. I tend to minimize twitch into a window while I work with other apps. In the past, this wasn’t a problem, the stream would keep playing and required minimal attention from me. Today, September 2019, not so much. The windowed mode of twitch on an iPad frequently becomes unresponsive, such that I need to completely close out the app and restart it. If ads play in windowed mode, I lose the window and have to re-open the stream I had open. A year or so ago, this wasn’t a problem. I could leave a twitch window running all day on my iPad without it crapping out within 30 minutes. Now, I frequently have to re-launch the app when it ‘breaks’. Unsurprisingly, when it breaks, I get to watch ads again. Please go back to the drawing board on this app. Go back two years, find what made it work so well, and implement it now. Today’s iOS twitch app is just a pile of s*it compared to how good it used to be.
Twitch prime running ads
by Miezejeski on 2018/10/24 02:24
I used to get so many hours of enjoyment out of this app as a twitch prime member. I could channel surf with ease and go back and forth between all of my favorite streamers. I loved the freedom of being able to watch any streamer I wanted for 30 second or 30 minutes. Now that they have introduced ads to twitch prime members, it makes this app almost unusable. To watch a 30 second ad almost every time I switch channels completely ruins the experience for me. I literally hesitate to open the app every time I want to watch one of my favorite streamers. I previously used this app for multiple hours a day and since the change I have only used it maybe 2-3 times. There needs to be an premium option to remove ads! Subscribing to individual channels doesn’t help. What I liked about twitch was the ability to watch more than a dozen streamers in a 30 minute watch session, freely surfing between channels. Please do something about this!! I want to use twitch again without ads! I would pay a similar price to what I pay for a Netflix or Sirius radio subscription to watch ad free.
Missing Key Functionality
by Krahnin on 2018/06/27 16:07
So, no issue with streaming performance, but either A) there is a LOT missing from the app, or B) it’s super un-intuitive and these things are impossible to find. Missing features include: - The ability to subscribe to a channel via mobile. - The ability to see existing subscriptions and when they expire. - The ability to change your profile picture. - The ability to easily get to a channel’s home page if they are live. (I am forced to go into the live video, often causing blaring audio even when my phone is silenced, and then have to poke around to find a way to get to the channel’s home screen and THEN I have to terminate the still playing video). - A means to set subscriptions to auto-renew. (Unable to find this on the web version either - maybe just a missing feature?). All in all, forcing me to log into the site severely inhibits the app’s on the fly functionality. I’d think these item would be a priority as the easier it is to manage things, the more likely people are to download/open the app. While not a huge amount of competition in this market, it just takes one competitor doing it better to start stealing people away. If these features are missing, I’d recommend adding them. If they are just hard to find, I’d recommend either re-thinking the layout or adding an overlay tutorial that walks through functionality for users. Something that launches initially for brand new users and can be launched at will for people needing a refresher.
Great idea, horrific experience
by Tomatitto291 on 2018/05/16 01:41
I absolutely love live streams, and twitch in general. I’ve been on the twitch bandwagon for longer than most, but can’t help to notice these extremely common, frustrating bugs. I will play live streams or VODs, and the audio will just go out. I used to be able to close out stream, change video quality, or close out app to fix it, but that is no longer the case. The only fix I have been able to find as of late is to completely uninstall and reinstall the app. I am now doing this 10+ times per day, and that’s unacceptable. If this issue isn’t solved by the end of this week, I’m just going to go watch someone else re upload one of your creator’s livestreams. Which mean that’s neither you, or the streamer you pretend to help will be making any money off of me, and I will cancel my multiple subscriptions.
I am an avid twitch user but this app is very frustrating
by Fru1tilicious on 2019/04/18 02:59
I on average watch Twitch streamers for 2-3 hours a day and it is my main form of entertainment. So it saddens me that the iOS app is riddled with so many issues. First off there is an insane amount of delay (15-30sec) which makes it very difficult to be involved in chat. While on my other devices the delay is essentially unnoticeable or very minimal (5-10sec) when I’m on mobile chat becomes separate and I no longer get the full twitch experience where I can be immersed in a community of other viewers. Having the app play in the background is riddled with issues and is extremely finicky. I can barely get it to play at times when I’d just like to listen in the background. Then when I go back to the app it pauses for a while consistently and then suddenly starts after waiting. Many times when I click on a stream it will be frozen without the option to press the play button. The only way to fix this is to reload the stream and sometimes it requires completely relaunching the app. I love twitch and the app isn’t unusable by any means but it could really use improvements. What is really disappointing is that the iOS app has been around for so long yet we still deal with these bugs. Considering a large number of viewers are on mobile it is time some work was put in to polish the app and improve the experience of mobile users.
Not too shabby! Updated
by Obsidiangel1982 on 2020/08/16 11:38
I like the app and they've made some good improvements. The only improvement i can think of would be to allow for viewing when someone first starts streaming or has lower viewership...allowing mobile users to view would help increase the viewership. Edit added 8/2/14: there is an annoying bug that makes the streams freeze for a bit. It's not the internet because i've tested it multiple places. Annoying, but other than these two things the app is fantastic. UPDATE: Still a very good app. However, I’ve noticed that there are significantly more ads these days. An uninstallable number of ads. I’m sure if I pay/subscribe or use an adblocker I won’t have to worry about it, but it shouldn’t need to be that way. 6 ads is really way too many. That’s unreasonable. I came to the internet to get away from ads. Find a different way guys. Innovate!
Idk if it’s my fault or not
by Energy force on 2018/10/08 01:23
So I think the app is great but it’s not letting me watch my favorite streamer it lets me watch everyone else but it’s only this person and it doesn’t matter if I have full WiFi or if I’m using data it won’t let me watch my streamer but others it’s completely fine I honestly don’t know it might be that my phone is old and is being annoying or if it’s the app but here’s the thing up until a they finally came back to America from a trip I was completely fine I could watch them from my cousin’s house where I don’t have WiFi and I’d be completely fine and they didn’t like block me or something because I made another account and it still doesn’t let me watch them so whether it’s my fault or not I give the app 5 stars
Please do something about “Continue Watching”
by robert91303 on 2018/12/26 06:32
Please do something about the “Continue Watching” section of the “Following” home page in the app. I rarely ever want to watch anyone’s past streams and having a section like this is annoying. For example, because I watched some fool play for a few minutes last week, I’m now forced to see that stream at nearly the top of my feed and there’s no way to get rid of it. Or the section will be cluttered with a favorite streamer’s last stream that I closed out of pretty near the end of the stream, but for some reason the app thinks I might want to keep watching, so now I keep mistaking it as some new live stream when I launch the app. Basically, this “Continue Watching” section is misguided use of space in an application that’s all about live streaming. Hopefully, I’m not the only one raising this issue and something can be done about allowing the user to opt-out of having this section show up in the app.
Really bad experience
by EriiPlays1 on 2020/01/16 06:58
I was a partner, some guys put bots on my channel, exactly 15k bots that followed my channel, I report them, and I reported the toxic streamers that did it, but the staff is corrupted what they did was send my report to those channels, and type the report on their chat. I reported the staff and the channels again by the partner email and it was the same all corrupted the staff only listen to their friends and others streamers... really sad they just destroyed my career and everything and twitch did nothing they didn’t fired them they still working there but I can do nothing. 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼 i removed all the accounts with the ignored feature but it doesn’t matter the staff is corrupted whenever I send an email the same staff or her/his friends just delete the email and just like that. I’m no rich but if I had money sure I’ll be suiting Twitch and the corrupted staff that violated my rights and the twitch ToS. I guess it is what it is I just have to start over on another platform after all my years of work. I hope the Spanish staff from Mexico get fired.
Customer Support
by Mitchell Gabriel on 2019/05/05 02:12
I recently had to delete my account because it was hacked repeatedly and the issue wasn't addressed quickly enough for any of my information to feel safe (i followed all preventative measures and my account was still accessed even without my two-step verification). Unfortunately, upon going to create a new account, i discovered i was trapped in my old account on the app, unable to do or watch anything, but also unable to sign out. I deleted and redownloaded the app several times to no avail. I'd love to continue using the app with a new account but it seems that i have to have an account to speak with customer support. This is both a cautionary review and last ditch effort to reach out and hopefully receive some assistance with this issue. The app is completely unusable to me at the moment which is a huge disappointment as i'm missing out on a lot of my favorite content creator's streams.
by GetThisOffTheInternet on 2020/06/10 02:42
I like the app it’s very similar to the pc version. But a big problem I have is that there is so much of a delay. I was watching this Nhl streamer named Tougie24 and he was doing a draft. He wanted the viewers to pick. In the nhl game there is a 3 minuet time limit and I did not get to make my pick (the time ran out) because of the delay I would tell him to do something then it would take at least 30 seconds for me to see or for it to appear and in his chat. Another example Is when watching a stream and something cool happens it will be spoiled or revealed before you see it ruining the moment. Wether the rest of the chat is emoting or talking about it. I will always be the last person to see. This also makes having a conversation with the streamer difficult because he is waiting for 30 second to a minute to see a response because you see what he said so much later than it was actually said
Great App, Great Problems...
by Symbawlic on 2021/02/07 21:54
I’m on Twitch, on a phone. Twitch is great, there is nothing wrong with their app, only that something NEEDS to be added. For some stupid reason, you can’t turn on “Past Broadcasting” or something around that name, which basically means that you have the ability to make it available for your viewers to watch past live streams that they weren’t able to see live. Apparently this is only available on the Twitch website, so I had to turn on “Past Broadcasting bla bla bla” on the website. The only thing is, is that IT DIDN’T WORK. I turned it on, went to Twitch, and my live stream still wasn’t there. Ironically, the website has more features than the app does, but on a phone, both the app and website are garbage. Nonetheless, I will continue to stream on Twitch because I’ve seen what it can do on an iPad instead of a phone, and I love the app, just really mad about not being able to do slot of things.
The issue isn’t the app it’s Twitch’s new direction
by Smithy... on 2021/01/27 06:41
With the browser version of Twitch we can use extensions to remove things we hate due to the lack of a consistent blacklist on content we will Never Ever Watch. (Don’t drop twitch yet. Watch on chrome with a few extensions) Twitch, if I told you real talk and music channels are on my Top 3 hated list then please don’t showcase them even if you got paid to. I am not your market. You are wasting that ad-buy. Put in a real category based Blacklist so you can affiliate and ad-buy like a real deal company and do targeted marketing. All that is happening now is enraging your loyal consumer base to uninstall. Please use some of that recent investment money to get a real marketing team and learn to allow customers to curate their experience on mobile and desktop. Just because you have a paid for music festival does not mean every single Twitch user should see that first when they sign on. It’s a waste of eyeball time, creates user animosity, and has people turning Twitch off. Look at Steam that put in 10 category tags you don’t want to see in your home page for games being sold. Mimic that but do not limit it to ten IMHO. Do not make it exclusive to lower bar content but include the featured section. Cow towing to additional advertising and force feeding sponsored content is going to have creators looking for the next twitch alternative.
This app runs terrible
by Vnkhjjhkkjhhbjkkhbj on 2020/12/19 08:09
This app won’t load videos if I’m using 480p or higher I don’t know why I saw it was at 360 for default don’t know why thought this was 2020 so I put it to 1080 wouldn’t load I was like ok I guess 720p is fine then doesn’t work so I’m like Jesus Christ 480p what is this 1995 but oh well better the 360 doesn’t work I exit the app every time in between changing the graphics just in case also so after 480 doesn’t work I exit it again cause I’m like oh well get back on it loads at 180p by itself I didn’t change it to 180p it’s not my phone I have a pretty new undamaged iphone 10 with at&t I tested my speed I’m at 150mb for upload more then fast enough for it to load it’s 2am and I live about a mile from a cell tower with full bars it’s not me this app runs so bad so if you like watching streamers on terrible quality this is the app for you Well I wrote that a while ago quit watching streams for a while now I’m back it’s on 720p and the streams won’t load this App is a joke
Still a great streaming service, but the app/login is annoying
by Raeusredeemed on 2020/08/09 18:22
I love Twitch and I’ve been using it for years, but recently have stopped using it entirely because the app doesn’t want to play nice. The required login is really annoying, especially because the chats are always toxic anyway and I really don’t care to participate. I honestly just want to watch the streams. Since my account was stolen by people overseas twice, the password requirements have become completely obnoxious and I feel like I need a password manager to keep one that complex straight. However, I don’t have the ability to even do that. When I try to reset my password on my phone, the link in the email immediately redirects to the app sign in and not to the password reset screen (there’s also no option to just continue in Safari). Thus I’m stuck in an infinite loop of having the “wrong“ credentials unless I actually use a computer to right it.
Good... mostly
by M. Rata on 2019/10/05 21:58
I do have one major gripe with Twitch for iOS. I typically watch Twitch on my TV using a game console, but I open the same stream on my iPhone because it's easier to type in chat with the phone's touch keyboard. Which works well as long as Twitch is running on the iPhone... except it doesn't. Whenever you pause your stream and then switch away from the app and then do something else on the phone, it's very likely that when you switch back to Twitch, the app will restart completely. This is really annoying because not only do you have to search for or dig for the stream again but often the app then makes you watch the 15-30 second pre-stream ad again. I don't know whether this is Twitch's fault or Apple's: I've observed it for at least a year while keeping up with the latest iOS software. Either way, please fix it!
Lack of Customizable Access
by WorfySmarf on 2018/01/05 18:12
The Twitch website gives you a lot of access towards your customization and profile editing. You can change your chat color, change your name and or capitalization, change your profile pic, etc. This app, however, doesn’t give you access to most of the offers the website has. It would be nice to be able to do certain things on the app instead of always having to rely on the website such as customizing your profile and being able to subscribe to channels by viewing them instead of having to use chat commands. Sometimes I want to support a streamer but I can’t because they do not have a set chat command. Overall, I’d appreciate it if the app would have more accessibility just like the website instead of it feeling like it’s taking away your access and ability.
Many missing features and bugs
by Geowa on 2020/08/20 01:41
Using this app for years now and there’s been very little improvement over those years. The app allows you to do basic functions such as watch a stream, or tip bits. However if you want to do other things such as tip and subscribe you won’t be able to do that in the app. You will have to go to a PC or request desktop mode from the safari browser. When you request desktop mode it tends to cause problems for your fighting with the app opening and then trying to get the desktop mode painful process. Missing subscribe function is the biggest issue I’d say. Could this be true to be missing for so many years it’s just incredible to me. It’s a basic function on twitch it’s been around for a long time and that’s how you can show support for your favorite stream, same with tipping that should be in there too for some reason it’s not.
by Pokemonfan131313 on 2020/10/24 03:50
I don’t know how this app has such high reviews. I’m just trying to use the app to watch past streams of some people I enjoy. Every time I pause the video and turn off my phone screen or switch to a different app it starts the video from the beginning, assuming it even brings up the video at all when I open the app again. When dealing with 3+ hour content, remembering your place is vital. I also can’t find a way to quit a video I started, just make it small and click on something else. (If there is a method, I haven’t found it with all my prodding and swiping). When I pause the video full screen, an overlay pops up that hides half the screen and makes it really easy to misclick something (For the 20th time, no I’m not trying to unfollow the person I’m watching, thanks), and also makes it hard to see the thing that I paused to look at. It’s ok (and actually better) to have some information and options outside of full screen mode.
Freakin amazing but...
by swissed_up on 2020/09/09 09:57
This is by far the best streaming service on the face of the earth. But there are some things that the pc version has that the mobile version doesnt. No 1. The ability to change your channel name. So i noticed after about a day prior to downloading this that you are unable to change your channel name. Now that isnt a problem for me but it may be for other people, as other users may not be able to access a pc or laptop. No 2. The ability to customize about me pages and channel banners: it’s basically the same reason. So twitch i really hope you see this and possibly make some changes but aside from that, twitch i a great streaming service and it will be for many years to come.
Saves more lives then you know.
by ZachT070623 on 2020/04/30 00:37
I was on heroin really bad. What helped me when I finally was able to get the guts to go through withdrawals, I watched Twitch. Twitch was there for me to talk to chat. Twitch was there for me to see positive content. Twitch has a much bigger impact in my drug recovery then I could ever get someone to understand. I love Twitch and I am so thankful it’s here, for free, for me to enjoy. I think it could have positive effect on people trying to get off drugs. I just don’t have a way to stream or I would make an account simply for just chatting. I would have my account be all about recovery off drugs. There is such a big need for someone to live stream to those affected by the drug epidemic. Thank you. Sincerely, Zachary Tumulty
Love the app, but there are a few bugs
by Jules Hes. on 2020/09/16 15:38
I’ve actually been really enjoying using twitch so far, but because I’m generally short on time I tend to not be able to watch entire streams. Good news is twitch records past broadcasts, but I’ve noticed that while watching past broadcasts there are some pretty frustrating bugs. For example, sometimes when watching a past broadcast and an ad pops up, after the ad break the broadcast will send you back to the beginning and you have to scrub through the video to find your place again, which can be annoying especially when watching longer streams. Also, the scrubbing is a bit buggy to, sometimes the bar acts like you pressed your finger in a different place. I really do enjoy using twitch, so I hope this bugs can be fixed.
I don’t have to find be a sub to find good gameplay.
by Hghshgrjrifsssssssssdsdd on 2020/03/21 14:51
I just stay for the comments. But I’d like to comment in on the good plays. Fuel the excitement and push for more people to test their limits. Browse filters. Alittle more console support as far as the Kinect and overlays, widgets control panel. Nothing’s perfect, just surprised a lot of what I expected hhasnt happened yet. This generations alittle behind, still hating and hurting. Won’t make your pain stop. If you want that, you have to get over yourself. We’re all humans. The Human race. Not racial, regional. If each person had one million, no one would struggle. Below one million, work, or invest correctly. Oh wait that’s right. the wrong three power system. Last one had it right but still fought amongst each other. Pitty. Hopefully we can prepare before the next round.
it’s not the greatest but it’s great for streamers
by zachary flora on 2021/01/15 02:36
1 with channel points if you have the stream on a console you don’t not gain channel points which i found absolutely dumb because i’ve been watching a stream for around 4-5 hours and don’t get channel points which is supposed to be something that is rewarded. the app is not very user friendly for new streamers i don’t not feel you have to normally look stuff up or get help from other streamers on the topic. I also feel that some of the ban options are unnecessary and useless because if two friends are having friendly banter with each other which is extremely common they could get banned because they a said something that is innocent but certain people that the word wasn’t directed towards find it offensive so like get banned for it. i love the app but some things are unnecessary
Great platform/app But Lack of Bug Fixes
by Mal Carrillo on 2020/09/09 19:17
I love twitch. A lot of a my favorite content creators are on here. But here’s the thing: Twitch is not properly working. Ever since they have allowed Live copyright claims, I cannot watch past streams that are have copyrighted music in them through certain devices. For example, twitch is not a featured app Samsung Smart TVs so when I AirPlay a past stream from my iPhone and it gives me the “Some portions of this stream have been muted due to copyright” warning. The advertisement will play but the stream won’t. I have reported the issue various times. No fix. I know twitch doesn’t have does best staff but, they could at least look into things like this for the love of people who can’t always catch a stream. 3 stars; cool and all but it little things like this that ruin it for working people, students, etc.
Devs that listen to feedback
by Shobot11 on 2018/09/02 17:55
A couple months ago, the twitch app had a major redesign and overhaul. As is so often the case, the Internet reacted violently to change, but in this specific case I would say it was warranted. New Apple is clunky and removed Features from the twitch app that we knew and Loved. Even the smallest, most accidental swipe left and right would change the channel, and it was infuriating. Over the next couple months however, the Twitch dev team started listening to Feedback, and implementing changes that the masses were crying for. And I can finally say with confidence that this is the best way to watch Internet video of any sort. Thank you Devs for listening to Feedback implementing changes, it is greatly appreciated
Great but I guess screw the IOS Users
by Odstfan6 on 2018/11/21 05:36
-Dear Twitch devs I have not been able to have the audio in my game clips for a long time. I then come up with the bright idea of using twitch and screen recording on a separate device, which worked. I got really excited. But thats where the problems started. I did two separate 1 hr 17 min streams and each were screen recorded off of my IPad Air. The first stream only recorded 1 minute of audio and the second one only recorded 3 minutes of. Please, please fix this. I love this app and this seems to be my only work around for getting the in-game audio since I dont have a proper capture card or PC. I want to stream things like this in the future so I wont need to spend so much money on a computer and a capture card. - Sincerely, ALaggyShisno
Solid app, poor management
by myboibois on 2021/02/24 06:19
While the app provides a satisfactory user experience, the opposite is to be said about its management. The twitch staff and management seems to play favorites in the treatment of its communities and broadcasters, being either extremely strict or extremely lenient of who gets banned and for how long. For creators, the staff is often vague or unclear about reasons for a ban if one has occurred and appeals often fall on deaf ears after an already lengthy period of time waiting for a reply. The content restrictions too of the DMCA has severely restricted the possible quality of content, and many times bans for breaking DMCA guidelines are extremely harsh. There is more to say but these are prominent points of failure. If these were addressed, I believe that the app and the platform have a huge opportunity to shine and achieve their full potential to allow for a more fun and more entertaining user and broadcaster experience.
Terrible Ui, and updates make the app worse
by Denali212 on 2019/10/18 16:03
navigating through the different broadcasts will give you a migraine, random channels you arent interested in with no viewers will be dropped in the top of your feed for no reason constantly. you cannot delete messages, and notifications will remain for years after youve “hidden” the messages theyre attatched to. on top of this the newer updates have fixed nothing but added the most annoying feature imagineable: autoplay on whatever is in the center of the screen, (meaning when you browse the app while watching a stream, there will ALWAYS be a second stream randomly autoplaying and overlapping your audio.) the app is lazily put together and the new features they add actively make the experience worse, with no settings menu to turn these annoying things off. whoever is in charge of design should seriously consider stepping down and letting someone who has the first idea of what theyre doing step in.
Great, just a few suggestions.
by Isssaad28 on 2020/09/08 22:37
Twitch is cool. Found out about it a few months ago and get to connect and watch people that I love. I just have a few suggestions. Dates and times for each stream and whisper. I don’t like going back to my favorite streamer and it saying “a month ago” or “two months ago” because then I don’t know what stream it is. The same for whispers. It doesn’t give you a date or time the message was sent so if someone asks when you sent the whisper it seems unprofessional to not know because it doesn’t tell you. The app I’ve noticed glitches a bit and when you go to watch previous streams it takes forever. Overall twitch is great and I like it a lot, I just think these suggestions would improve the layout and help people.
Great service, shame about the recent added Nudity
by Winderoth on 2020/12/14 23:56
I love Twitch. I’ve used it for years and have been a member of twitch prime for a significant amount of time. Twitch has been a great way to preview games before I consider purchasing them as well as staying involved in the video game community. This all changed for me when Twitch started allowing the steaming of games that include full frontal nudity (Cyberpunk 2077 to be specific). You may have your own opinions about censorship, but for me this crosses a line where I can no longer endorse this app for users that are kid’s or have kids. The app did a great job screen this until now. To specify address Cyberpunk 2077, I think it’s a great game, it has a “streaming mode” that is suppose to screen out nudity to make it streaming appropriate, but it doesn’t work. I hope Twitch is able to decide to stick to they’re previous model of censorship instead of turning a blind eye when a popular game comes on the market in the future.
by Leososa123 on 2018/07/22 08:46
The app is overall great, but they need to add the option to DELETE messages in the chat room. Instead of always timing people out or just straight banning. I mod for a channel and sometimes I want to delete their message as a warning, but I only have the option to time them out or ban them, and sometimes that isn’t necessary. So please, people at twitch take this into consideration as some people do moderate channels from the their phone sometimes. I happen to be on twitch exclusively through mobile at the moment and maybe their are other people to might agree? Other than that I have no real complaints. The interface is nice. But I would really love to see that small feature included when you press on someone’s name. Thank you.
Not Recommended, 1/10
by james5373 on 2020/08/01 10:13
This platform fell through my expectations. Sometimes the platform fails to load videos and it’s extremely glitchy, I do not trust that want I watch is in real time with the streamer. I once wished to subscribe to a streamer I’m interested in but I had to pay through my parents, we attempted to purchase a sub token but failed due to apple not accepting twitch ,then when we switched payment method a glitch in system kept informing me “A request to buy sub token will be sent to your parents for approval” no notifications on my parent’s end what so ever, This is nonsense, This is 2020 not 2014, I expect such problem to not occur at all when relying on a platform this famous. ABSOLUTELY NOT RECOMMEND if you wanted a platform with proper functionality and good quality
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