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101-in-1 Games !
This game is a collection of 145 games in 1 app! Top #5 app on iTunes AppStore in United States, Australia, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, UK and many other countries!!! * 145 games for all tastes in one pack! Puzzle games, fast paced arcade action, racing, sports, cooking, shooting, sudoku and many many more! This collection is enough to satisfy all your gaming needs! Supported Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Japanese. * Subscribe to for new videos and trailers! * Join us at to participate in our competitions, win prizes and have fun!
by CJ51315 on 2019/05/21 14:56
Great game. Very fun.
It ok
by personmob on 2019/05/21 01:49
Good op
Human 💀
by susie dancer on 2019/05/17 19:53
Very nice 👍 still to this day love all the work put into to it
by Subway surfer girl 69 on 2019/05/16 19:45
by Algoins on 2019/05/16 00:17
Awesome.... Really love this game
by Jimbofo641 on 2019/05/14 18:40
Very good very fun...
by hjkkkgsfl on 2019/05/12 23:52
by Morgybaby14yes on 2019/05/10 18:36
Love this game!!
Alright game
by Hippiechick777 on 2019/05/10 04:14
Decent way to kill time
by Pinkplaygvcchjcx on 2019/05/07 01:51
Hi I’m bored and only writing this review for the points
by Jessica 08 on 2019/05/02 22:06
This is fun it is a lot of low quality old games but it reminds me of childhood playing Nintendo or sega. Just keeps bugging and closing in the middle of games
by aaaaaaiiiffm222 on 2019/04/30 04:06
Good Game
by jakabsxhiqopqmznxgcug on 2019/04/28 23:18
Very good
Awesome app
by Mercy2005 on 2019/04/28 00:45
Awesome app.
101 games
by GREATBOOM on 2019/04/27 17:36
Love this game! so fun to play
Super fun but can’t listen to my own music while playing
by Vin123456565890 on 2019/04/22 22:33
I wish I could listen to my audiobook while playing but it doesn’t allow that. Totally great! There’s a bit of lag I wish they would fix so some of the games I fail and it’s not fair. I wish I could buy it so I didn’t have the ads.
Good game
by gfbkdg on 2019/04/19 20:56
I think it’s a really good game good for down time
101 games
by Zoobee-2 on 2019/04/16 16:41
Playing 101 games is relaxing. Easy to learn and fun to play. I have played these games for years.
by idek1012 on 2019/04/16 05:57
good game
Very fun
by Amyeamye on 2019/04/14 22:30
Game is fun. Challenging and addicting.
by Kristianna white on 2019/04/09 13:15
I loved it
by ryhme10 on 2019/04/09 00:45
The game is amazing and I can’t stop playing it!
Great Game
by Anagram fan duhhhh on 2019/04/07 01:59
so obviously it’s 9 pm on a saturday night and i’m only writing this for coins, BUT i really like this game. i had it on my old ipad and when i saw on app store again i just had to have to. it’s so fun to have so many different games to play and still have something to work towards :)
Love it
by Cool story bro now go away on 2019/04/05 19:31
It was awesomeie
Love it
by autumnmyana on 2019/03/30 14:40
Love this game
'Tis game is OK👌🏻👌🏻!
by jaidybug06 on 2019/03/30 01:10
This is a great game!A lot of people say it's ads are annoying, but there's a simple way to fix that! Just turn on your airplane mode!!! It's great. You get to be satisfied with games and no ads!! The down side to this game is that it takes so much time to get one game:( Thanks for reading my opinion!!!!👍🏻❤️❤️❤️
Love it
by Braindrainer on 2019/03/23 13:24
Love the mini games, it crashes from time to time but still fun to play
Good app
by on 2019/03/21 21:45
This app is really fun and addictive. It can be for all ages. Think that this app is awesome.
by blou17 on 2019/03/19 21:12
Awesome app, and love the games
by Tiggerboo07 on 2019/03/18 17:36
It’s fun but you don’t get enough points to unlock multiple games unless you play the same ones over and over again
by Bellaben2015 on 2019/03/17 20:57
This games is fun,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
by gejriejej on 2019/03/17 19:24
Great and fun
by Plussizebarbie90 on 2019/03/16 20:57
Great app!
Just a tiny little problem
by ThisGameMostlyAwesome on 2019/03/15 19:56
Just please stop having pop-ups that cover the whole screen advertising your other games. Thanks!!! Otherwise, I love this game❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️👌
by foooshizzle on 2019/03/13 07:42
luv luv luv
Space Saver
by AERICA1266 on 2019/03/12 16:39
Very cute, classic games rolled into one package
There’s always something to do
by krispynakedmolerat on 2019/03/11 00:25
I remember playing this app on my mom’s phone when I was little and decided to het it on my phone. I remember why I always wanted to play on her phone now. This app is great for kids or anyone who likes playing a variety of games. There’s a game on this app for everyone.
Mini-Games Galore!
by Limogen on 2019/03/06 07:36
Ive been enjoying so far.
by bsik20 on 2019/03/06 05:29
Great game and very addicting!
by i am cute and better than you on 2019/03/03 19:55
Great app
Nice game
by marcotheham321 on 2019/02/24 18:05
I have been playing this awesome game for over a year now!
The app
by canijustgetthepointsalready!!! on 2019/02/23 04:44
This app is pretty ok! I had worse and I have had better but I’m not a hater of it!
Cool game
by Tori_M98 on 2019/02/18 02:01
Enjoy this game a lot!
Totally Rad
by Britty2073 on 2019/02/12 22:09
Great Game!
by What's Up Losers!💩🙊 on 2019/02/10 17:10
This game is sooo fun! There are TONS of games that are all so fun to play on. You earn money and then spend it on the games. (It does NOT cost real money) I recommend this game if you haven’t already got it! It is sooo fun and fantastic! I couldn’t ask for more!👍👌
by gamerboy1up on 2019/02/09 22:24
This game is so much fun! Not as fun as the HD+8 but still happy you kept some of my favorites from the HD+8!
Best app ever!
by Melwood123 on 2019/02/07 03:30
Very addictive and entertaining! Very Challenging! Many game choices!
by hahdmelco iic on 2019/02/05 04:51
Good game
Love it !
by kcmb123 on 2019/01/30 12:13
I’ve been playing this game for years; literately. And I still love it !
Good game
by Newly cashed on 2019/01/27 00:06
So awesome
Great game needs to add more
by Supersonic8888 on 2019/01/25 22:35
This is a fun game I downloaded it to play several games but I’ve noticed that they haven’t added new ones yet I’d really recommend adding more games into this great game
This game is awesome.
by Pupiojojpjojluoupupupi on 2019/01/23 17:03
This game is really awesome and fun.
I Love This Game
by Poopisugly on 2019/01/16 23:49
It is the Best Ever My by far fav game❤️
Fun games
by jtrevi1965 on 2019/01/09 12:41
Has some good games. When bored takes up some free time
101 games
by Fozzy1727 on 2019/01/06 18:18
very fun
by Nellyamilet on 2019/01/06 05:47
Muy bueno !!
Great games
by Caboose549 on 2018/12/30 20:41
Great games. Fun and challenging on many levels.
Love the variety!
by Lifelong learner2day on 2018/12/30 04:30
Addictive and challenging...very that you have to figure out how to play some of the games. I'll be playing this game a lot! Never boring.
Best game of my childhood
by Gtuhdv on 2018/12/29 01:36
I played this game in 2012 when I was 4 and it is the first noble game I remember playing and it’s a special part of my childhood thanks for this game and I’m 11 now
by natalie124632247332 on 2018/12/28 14:15
Good game
Love it!
by bkg04 on 2018/12/27 19:40
I really love this app! The only thing I don’t like about it is that the sushi game is close to impossible to pass. But other than that, it’s a ton of fun!
by Gypsy088 on 2018/12/23 20:59
This is my favorite app
by Tough Rater. on 2018/12/23 20:24
This app is the best because it has so many games! This is the best app!
by bi7) on 2018/12/22 22:24
Very good
This game is awesome
by Hustler345 on 2018/12/14 05:32
This is one awesome game
Lots of fun!
by becumdaze on 2018/12/02 22:23
So far I am having a blast with all the games😁 All of the games are fun to play and challenging in there own way, I can’t wait to unlock more games!
Good game
by alidbeodbr on 2018/12/01 21:55
101 plus 1 games
by KieraShonte on 2018/12/01 16:50
Love Love LOVE this game!!!
Love it
by lunar moon 573 on 2018/11/28 14:25
This game is so fun I have been on this game for 5 hours! I just love how there are so many games!
Slimy tongue
by Soccer weirdo on 2018/11/25 19:35
I love the app 💜
Good but
by Fbcoach66 on 2018/11/23 00:36
It is honestly not that good the games get boring after a while and they r either simple or impossible
Great game
by Salokkk on 2018/11/17 08:13
Love it
by Mee😘 on 2018/11/17 00:04
Good Game
by Boyzzz_12 on 2018/11/14 01:55
Very addicting
by jdvdhzjsvsj on 2018/11/01 21:42
by popspike149 on 2018/10/31 03:30
This game is very fun and addicting and relaxing
Love 101 games
by Tip Mallo on 2018/10/28 23:52
by Mariah🦄🦄🦄 on 2018/10/26 23:02
Best game ever it’s 101 and games in one app best thing you can ask for 😀❤️
Fun, fun app!
by TrueTexan61 on 2018/10/23 05:34
Great games, but the ads are horrific
by Darladaniels0918 on 2018/10/16 00:48
Great game but it takes too long to earn coins
by llunaa on 2018/10/15 10:38
this game is my addiction!!
It’s fun...if you’re 7
by Billy joe bob 76 on 2018/10/13 18:05
It’s fun but it’s too easy if you’re older than 10
Super retro-super cool!
by ststjshrsrustj on 2018/10/12 04:36
So many mini games to play I never get bored!
Awesomest game Eva
by Dodhdidj on 2018/10/09 16:57
This is the best game ever!!!! It is so addicting!!!!!!!
Solid game
by dabbie46 on 2018/10/08 07:03
10/10 would recommend
by Lisha-K on 2018/10/01 14:12
Awesome, Many fun games! Some of the the games are kinda cheesy but you have to expect that with this many games.
by kkkaiwkkkeox on 2018/09/26 03:18
Cool app
by Lłœoooooool on 2018/09/24 10:38
Instructions could be better
Best game ever!!!
by AussieVAK on 2018/09/21 07:10
Like them allllll lots!!!!!
by Jandreyah21 on 2018/09/19 02:35
My fav game 👍🏽
Good game
by Daniel ekstrom on 2018/09/18 01:15
This is the best app ever I really love it
by kaynkar on 2018/09/15 16:32
Great game I love it and so does my daughter
by nickname019384838589494 on 2018/09/14 18:17
Good game
by SuperRedPlays on 2018/09/04 00:37
The haters wrong cares about ads this game is very fun this was apart of my childhood and very good still today
by Catherine5162 on 2018/09/03 20:47
This game is soooo much fun!
101 games
by Gwtw222 on 2018/09/03 13:24
Omg -- I love this game. Totally addicted.
by Maggymah on 2018/08/31 23:41
fun game
I love this app!
by OOhanoD on 2018/08/26 01:08
I never know what to expect next and yet there is always a new game. Again I love this game or should I say these games.😂
Love it
by Hdkgmf on 2018/08/22 05:22
Always great coming back!!! All the games you want in one!!!
Awesome App
by FlossMom on 2015/01/02 18:12
I love this app and I've already spent 2 hours playing on it and it's 10:00 am. I don't know why all of you haters are saying the app is bad, but I really like it. Yes, I am just writing this review to get points, but seriously?? Stop saying the app is bad, I highly doubt YOU could make a better one. There was one review I was reading and it said the game crashed and they had to restart completely. So? That just gives you a goal. Besides, like you've never made a mistake in your life. Look at the positive! They worked hard to make this app and there are lots of good things about it. For one, there are lots of games to play. 2, it's very addicting and challenging. Me and my friends have challenges to see who can get a game the fastest all the time. 3, it's getting better with every update. Also, I LOVE the secret games for 1,000,000 points. I am saving up for one right now. I love this app. I think it's Awesome.
Warning. Avoid this app!
by SCROTUM50 on 2017/11/10 04:50
I've seen some recent reviews complaining about the extreme, interfering ads that pop up in these games. And it is completely true! They have always had problems of one kind or another with ads, some of the worst being redirects to other App Store games in the middle of the game your playing. A couple of months ago, they seemed to have addressed this problem. Only to be replaced with the most recent annoyance-a pop up from the constant ad that runs across the bottom of the screen. It expands, and fills about a third of the screen, making it impossible to continue the game. The two companies these ads promote are Head and Shoulders Clinical shampoo, and Covergirl products(please boycott the companies). I contacted app support to inform them of this problem, thinking that these were broken ads that needed to be reported to the respective companies, and, get this, they responded with a very brief, curt reply telling me that THEY DO NOT HAVE ADS OR SUGGESTIONS ON THEIR GAMES!!!! What a load of horses**t! Please avoid this game and tell all of your friends about this piece of garbage!! Please beware of Nordcurrent apps!!!!!!
Awesome App!!!!
by Kedavis3333 on 2015/05/26 14:06
I like this app because you can play lots of games in one. Also, it is totally free and to get locked games you have to play other games to earn more points. You don't have to pay for the games. This app is awesome for kids of all ages and I recommend you get it now. You will NOT regret it. If you are a parent looking for kid friendly games, but can't find any, your in luck. This game is 100% kid friendly and 100% FREE. I would highly recommend this app! It is very cool and is great for long car trips for children, as it does not require cellular data or wifi to play. You MUST get this app! Plus, many games require logic and are puzzles. GET THIS APP!!!!
Lots of fun but too many, horrible ads
by Me1470 on 2014/10/26 19:05
Entertaining and tons of games, though it can get hard to earn more points if you fall short... I'm only writing this review to get points :P but the games are fun. Although, one thing I do not like about the app is the ads. It is understandable that apps, especially free apps, must have ads in order to get money, but the ads in this game aren't the regular, generic ads that we're all used to and can quickly tap on the "x" button to minimize the ad. On the contrary, these ads take you directly to the App Store to see a certain app, sometimes even in the middle of a game! Some of the games are harder to beat and take a while to master, and having the game constantly paused and resumed does not help!
Something for everyone
by JLalalaa on 2014/10/15 09:09
Various mini games that you have to unlock, so you're sure to find one you'll enjoy. It tends to give a ton of ads and even opens the App Store while in-game (though I'm sure I did not click on an ad banner), but double clicking home button and closing the App Store or returning to the game isn't too hard. Annoying, but the variety of games and gamification of unlocking all games is fun and addicting. There also seems to be discount days, coins awarded for opening the app, for winning, for losing, for unlocking games, etc. so within a few weeks you can probably unlock everything.
by Rfsfufdghgfd on 2017/03/18 17:47
I got this app a long time ago and it was very nice but now to me it just seems like the worst app ever. Not to be rude but there are way too many adds and I can't even play the game because of it and it gets very annoying. It was addicting at first and there was a huge selection of apps to choose from I just want the stupid add problem to go away if the ads thing went away then I would rate this 5 stars but I just can't. There was absolutely no way I could play this game and earn points because of this problem. Please have this worked on. Also idk if it was because of this app but it slowed down my phone and then I think it was because of this app but something tried to hack my phone. Please have all of this worked on and next time I will give 5 stars.
Fun but annoying
by Blabbycat on 2015/06/17 16:12
These games are really fun. But there's one thing that I really hate and it's really annoying. I'll be in the middle of playing game. All of a sudden an add will pop up. When I am finally done getting the add out of the way. It will pop up again. Then when I'm finally get rid of the add I am dead and I was so close to getting 4000 points and completing it. IT GETS ME VERY VERY VERY VERY ANNOYED. I HAVE NEVER SEEN A GAME THAT HAS HAD SO MANY ADD EVER IN MY WHOLE INTIRE LIFE TILL NOW. IT MAKES ME WANT TO DELET THE GAME. THERE ARE ALWAYS THE SAME TWO ADDS FOR THE GAMES PANDA POP AND COOKIE JAM. I DONT WANT THESE GAMES AND I DON'tNEED TO KNOW ABOUT THEM. I DEMAND SOMETHING IS DONE ABOUT ALL THESES ADDS. I WILL DELET THIS GAME. SO YOU BETTER GET RID OF THESE ADDS NOW. I JUST DELETED THIS APP BECAUSE OF ALL THE ADS 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
Love at first play!
by Sandwich 26 on 2016/05/20 18:27
Absolutely love this app! It has so many games to choose from and at varying difficulty levels! You unlock new games by earning points. You earn points by playing games! The more you play the more you earn. You never have to worry about running out of lives and having to wait a certain amount of time to gain new lives! You don't have to watch ads to get points either, you can but I rather play a game! What are you waiting for, stop reading reviews and start playing those games! :)
This app is great
by Myaomo on 2016/07/14 19:04
Most apps like this are really bad. But this one is actually really fun. I got this about 20 minutes ago and already completed the first page. This game is really great. I thing this game would be great for younger kids and older ones one a car ride. I mainly go this app because I like to play games but a lot of them take up too much storage. I got this one because I saved so much because I I were to download 100+ apps it would take up to much storage. Overall I give this app a 5 star rating. It's awesome!
Amazing app
by Samantha July on 2015/01/05 08:25
This app is so fun I love it. But there's one thing I hate about every game i play is all there ads they get in the way. But other than that this game is so amazing,and for everyone who hates this game so much then why do you even bother playing it if its so stupid. The people who make this games for you to play go through a lot of trouble making them. Like I said before I love this game and I hope you have fun making more games like this just don't put so many ads some people don't like them but others do.
A good app, but a horrible (lack of) Ad control
by Lady Luna on 2014/10/04 08:28
While I have owned this app for a few years now. and have enjoyed it for all that time, however, The Ads that force you directly to the app store are horrible, annoying, and completly ruin the games. They have forced me to not want to play anymore. While I understand that ads have to exist, in games like this, the automatic direction to the app store is not only completly over the top, but it makes me really not want to buy the app if I were thinking about it before and keeps me from wanting to play THIS app as well. My current "Records" are 5 redirect ads in one minigame and a gap of 2 seconds between two ads. Neither are records that I like.
by Starlord1234 on 2014/10/28 00:42
This is a good app to play if you are waiting for something, (like waiting in a doctor's office) but it gets really frustrating after awhile. For example, you don't get many points for playing a game. Then, the games start getting really, really expensive. There are some good things, though. The game has a lot of deals on games and points, like every game half off. As I have said, it is good for passing time. The app could use some improvements, but nothing too major to make it less than 3 stars.
Pro / cons
by Irene🤙🏼💕 on 2017/06/17 03:43
I honestly had no problems with this app. And in my opinion I don't see why this app will ever get a bad review it's good for challenging the mind and the games aren't that hard, if you lose a game you feel more determined to win, I really like this app and I don't ever use games app the only reason why I got it was for my nephews at first, but the more I've seen them using it, the more I got into it myself, I really like it, keep doing what you doing it's wonderful (:
It's a lot of fun, but fix the ads!
by Jen & Abs on 2014/11/05 22:00
My daughter & I love playing this because of all the different games that are quick and fun to play, but since the update, you'll be mid game when you get directly taken to the App Store for some random game that you never even had a warning for. I don't mid ads if its a free app, but at least allow us to click the x to close the ad and FOR LOVE OF GOD AND COUNTRY DO NOT DO IT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE GAME!!!! It's so annoying!!!! One minute you're playing serpent and the next you're at the App Store only to go back and have to resume the game only to die! Not fair play, Nordcurrent!
Pretty great!!
by 16sydd16 on 2016/03/10 05:06
As someone who never has enough memory for anything, this is a pretty great app!! I like that there are a lot of games, even though many of the games are similar. The app does glitch sometimes, as nearly all apps do, but it's still pretty great!!:) The only reason I gave 4/5 stars instead of 5/5 is because the app is not designed to allow you to play music as you use the app. Should that feature be available, this app would be a total 5/5 for me!! All in all, it's a pretty great app!!:)
Love it!
by ShelbyElbyHottie on 2015/02/28 16:47
I am also writing this for the points, but I'm not sure what everyone is talking about with the ads taking you to the AppStore all the time. I have the option to hit "no thanks" and then I resume my game. And the ads don't pop up all the time with me either. Maybe the last update solved this problem? Anywho, love the game and love how easy it is to get more points and being constantly rewarded with points. 5*
Awesome game
by Gioiajenn on 2016/09/15 01:09
This game is so amazing! I love that there are so many of the games and every single one of them are so much fun! I didn't know how to play them all but figuring them all out was the funnest! All these games and just one app it's amazing… i'm so addicted and I just downloaded it lol they are all very addicting I've been playing for like two hours now and I can't stop! If you do not have it I suggest you download it ASAP!!!!!!!!!!
by Kadotaaaa on 2016/08/03 21:04
I have always ended up downloading this game with every new phone and the more I played the game, the better it got!! There are actually many many good and really fun games. In the beginning, it's not so interesting because you only have the same small amount of games to choose from to try and get all these points. I even get my friends addicted to certain games on this application! It's quite worth it to have it!
A lot of fun for everyone
by PinkPagez on 2014/11/01 20:56
Lots of choices which is really nice all packaged in one app. I wud give 5 stars but the ads drive me crazy & seriously ruin the game! So in that regard I have to agree with many other reviews of those that have honestly shared their opinions. It makes you question if playing the games are worth it or not?? I encourage you to try it for yourself and see what you think. You can always press delete later if you don't care for it!
Pretty great
by Lilyy19 on 2014/12/08 02:36
This game is very fun.. But there is a slight downside. As the games get more expensive (in coins) it is a lot harder to afford new games without constantly playing already passed games. This does get a little boring. I feel that the games should just become less expensive to avoid people stopping the game because they get bored of playing the same mini game over and over again. Other than that, though, I really enjoy this game.
Might be a good time killer
by Billito Bubuyog on 2017/02/09 03:35
I've only played a couple of the games, so it's really difficult to rate the overall app. Also, I am a senior citizen and this game was probably design for a much younger crowd. The games are simple. Some games I can beat on the first try, some take several tries, and there is one which beats me every time after only a couple of seconds. But it's free, so how can I complain? If you don't like it, just delete it. I'll probably continue to play it for a while. I'm not tired of it yet.
101 games in 1+40
by kdandaleah on 2016/08/03 13:01
I love it . It is great when u are on long trips because u have more than one game to play. This is one of my favorite games, and it hardly takes up any space despite the number of games on it... However They are a little expensive(for game money) and the yarn game used to be confusing, but it's not that bad you just have to think of it kinda like organizing but it's really easy once you get it a couple of times.💖
Great Game
by LQLove0712 on 2015/11/27 15:14
It's nice to finally have a game where you could actually get every part of it without having to spend any money. Even though the option to buy is there, it's not mandatory. All you need to do is collect points. The only complaint I have is that some minigames should have the rules more clear. Other than that, great game for when you need to pass time.
by BamberIzDeal16 on 2015/08/19 01:15
This app is soooo addicting omg I could literally play for nine years straight there's tons of choices for games and if you don't beat each game the first time your competitive instinct really kicks in hahah also idk what everyone else is talking about I'm running on an iPhone and I haven't had any trouble with ads??? Overall awesome app 9/10 ((gets rid of annoying children asking "you got games?"lol))
Playing for years!
by Sxbxhx on 2015/02/17 06:11
As the title says, been playing it for years! I'm 17, and I love this app. Gives you tons of different games to choose from! And I love how you earn the coins by playing the games, the better you get the more coins you earn, then you can unlock the better games! I also love how You can replay games as many times as you want and still earn coins!
by Big cupcake on 2016/03/12 21:05
This is a great game overall, but I have one issue: points. There are many videos and things to do to get them, but they should be easier to get or games should cost less. This is my second time with this game. I deleted it before because of lack of points and I couldn't afford any new games. I got it agian because I missed it. Overall, I suggest getting this game, but be careful on what u spend your points on. 🦄
by Executivedance on 2015/02/11 02:49
This game is very good for entertainment! If don't like downloading thousands of games on your device this is the best game ever!! If you have younger cousins or siblings this would be a very good game to get for them. Not only does it have a lot of games but you have to earn coins to unlock the games on this awesome game. It also helps kids strive for a goal they want which might help them in the real world. So if your looking for a game that's good as gold this is the game to choose!!
Some things could be improved
by RachB94<3 on 2014/11/27 06:36
Really it's a 3 1/2 stars. Most of the games are fun, then there are a few that tick you off. The controls aren't always what the "help" says they are. It would be cool if we could individually rate the games, that way the least popular ones could go on a hiatus for a bit while a new game takes its place. Then the old game could come back from all the modifications and be rated again.
Pretty good game
by XxMpBxX2 on 2014/10/12 23:16
Usually people get bored of playing the same game over and over again, with this game it kinda helps with that, because it gives you several games to play...a lot of games actually. And it makes it more challenging as you go on with the games so it makes it more interesting for you. I guess the only thing i dont really like it that i get frustrated easy so after so long of trying to beat a game i get mad. Lol
Awesome game
by Hehxuehdjgjehhgjjsdvjj on 2014/12/24 21:01
I like how you have to earn points to buy your games they are pretty good games. I like to sit in my couch and start playing all the different games I also like the 2nd game of this hope they make a third! The thing I really like is that the games get more expensive as you go. Really hope that they would make more games for the first and second version.
Ads are bad.
by Volleyball13basketball13 on 2017/01/17 13:28
The games themselves are fun. I like the variety of different games and different options. The only bad part is the ads. They are SO annoying!! They pop up right when I'm about to click a button on the screen and it takes me to safari then directly to the App Store. It opens up 2 new tabs on my phone. It takes like a min for me to clear everything and get back to my game. I just hope I get used to the ads. Cuz' if not, I'm deleting the game. 🙁
GG (Great Game)
by Tdghjknnggu on 2016/08/23 04:16
Lots of fun games and it makes it a challenge to complete all of them and to earn those extra points ...however some games have bad instructions ,bad controls,or the game just doesn't make any sense / Also bad accessibility to these games but these types of game are surprisingly rare and limited to maybe five of the games so I would consider getting this game.
It's fun
by YeliZee on 2014/11/24 10:24
To have a variety of mini games like this all in one app makes it super fun. The point rewards make the player feel special, and the free coin incentives are nice too. The only thing that I don't like is the pop up ads that force you to leave your game for a visit at the App Store. I understand advertisements are how the developers are able to keep the game flowing, but it can be resolved without interruptions, ya? Thank you for the App!
Love it!!
by Annielissa on 2015/03/12 03:21
I love the variety that this app provides. My children love to play it because there's so many options and I don't have to download 10 other games just to keep them entertained. I just wish that there was a little bit more money to be able to get to the next section of games but other than that I think it's great.
Not too bad!
by GetThisAppGirl101 on 2014/12/02 23:39
With the pictures, it seems like you would have all 100 games to choose from in the beginning, but unfortunately, that's not how this works. You earn points by playing games to unlock other games. And don't worry, you can always earn free points by watching videos and more. Overall, this app is pretty interesting and fun so at least try it out, it's free!
:( Not worth all the trouble
by Purple penguin14 on 2014/11/18 00:10
This is a great game and I really like it BUT... The adds are really annoying. While you are playing they randomly pop up and take you completely out of the app. Also if you watch a video to get free points often you never actually get the points. Worst of all- I finished a game and then the app(once again) crashed and when I went back in all my games were Gone!!!!!! Although it is fun, this app is most definitely not worth the trouble and irritation that it causes.
Awesome game
by Gabbyb40205 on 2016/02/26 15:29
This game is amazing. I love the many mini games inside the big game. It is so much fun. I love it. It's so cool. This is my second time getting it because I got a new phone and I still love it after like 5 years. All of the little games are fun and actually takes some thought to complete it. Love this game. Anyone looking for a fun game. This one is the right game for you. 😋😋😋😋😋😋
Fun, Simple, Entertaining
by Polarbear23228 on 2016/01/16 20:16
Found this app while searching for something else. Deleted some other games I wasn't playing and decided to give this a shot. I enjoy the simple fun of each game with nothing being too complicated. Keep playing each game because I am hooked and want to see how many games I get through.
by KrisK! on 2015/11/18 18:05
I like this app! It's really free! You play, earn points, to purchase more games within the app! There are games for me and my son! Some too simple but there are so many options that does not matter! I wish I could find each game instructions before games starts then press pause but this is a tiny sacrifice to avoid those intense apps!
by Sexy Silver on 2014/09/20 23:32
I really love the mini games. My concern however is that I will loose all of the games and have to start over when I get my new phone. The last time I upgraded my phone I had to start all over again and do not wish to go through that again. Is there anything that can be done to fix this dilemma?
Good variety, poor quality
by Viaverus on 2014/09/11 12:36
It's to be expected with any "multiple-games-in-one" package, but don't download this hoping to find awesome quality games. However, the variety of games is pretty widespread, and you can earn points from completing games that allow you to "purchase" other games, which is fun. There are occasional offers to play other games from the AppStore from the same maker too, which ARE decent quality.
Never boring
by Reviewnickname 321654868 on 2015/09/16 19:09
The games are pretty simple, but that's why there's 101 of them. And they are lots of fun. Some are better than others, of course, but again, there's 101 to choose from. I'm just starting and some of the later games look like they might get pricey, but hopefully continued winning will pay for the ride! Enjoy.
Awesomely addictive but awesome
by Cinnnndaaay on 2015/06/11 05:24
This games been around and it's so cool cause you don't ever get bored. You could play and play and there's different games! Not repeated at all, and I've been on this since 2013! I also try getting this game all the time I switch fones! Awesomeness!!!!!!! I totally recommend this game to people considering on getting it ! Get it , get it ! WON'T GET BORED TRUST ME !!!!!! 😃😉
Packed With Interesting Games
by dad/evan on 2015/02/16 17:42
I really love this app a lot! But the best part about it is that there are so many games to play. And you don't have to waste all your money on the coins, because they give you over 250,000 coins a day! Each game is about 30,000 coins to buy! I think it's a great deal and a reasonable amount. I think is the best game app ever! ❤️
Could Be Better
by LexiV21 on 2014/12/08 23:05
The premise behind this app is good, however it's execution falls short. It can be extremely difficult to press things in the various games (for example, in the sushi game, i have found it impossible to actually spear the sushi because the spear doesn't respond like it's supposed to), it freezes constantly and there's no way to look at the instructions before the individual games begin. It's frustrating.
Love it but a little mad!
by KayCris59 on 2015/07/04 07:45
So I definitely LOVED this game. Keeps me entertained for hours on end.. HOWEVER, I had completely unlocked all but like 2 or 3 pages of the games and it closed out in the middle of playing one and when I got back into the app ALL my games were gone and I am now replaying all the games to once again to unlock all the games I already had!!! If it weren't for this I would have given 5 stars but now I'm a little mad!!!
Fun game
by Yvette53728262918227272636261 on 2015/05/05 04:54
Not all the levels are easy but you jut gotta click pause and help and it tells you exactly what to do ! It's simple and fun even if you can't pass a level you can play other levels to continue getting more points ! I enjoy this game I do recommend it just got to learn how to keep up your points
Not worth the time
by Superman7251990 on 2014/11/05 09:45
The games are simple and fun but you can't get through a game without it kicking you out at least twice and sending you to an advertisement in the App Store. Not only does this happen during game play but while you're trying to pick or finish a game also. After two games you'll be too frustrated with having to get out of ads and get back into the game to play. Too bad because the games are fun. Hopefully someone will fix it eventually.
Awesone app! Love it!
by SwaggyNarwhal on 2017/06/19 21:37
This app is awesome!! There are so many games and fun things within the app. If you can't find something you like, try playing and challenging friends! It is so addicting and fun! I needed a game to play on long car/bus rides (summer camp) but without using all the data in my family of 6's plan. So this app gets a 5-star from me!
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