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Life's more fun when you live in the moment :) Happy Snapping! * * * Please note: Snapchatters can always capture or save your messages, such as by taking a screenshot or using a camera. Be mindful of what you snap!
by tommyboysndjcjsns on 2019/02/17 17:23
Offers tons of news and stories of today’s current events, yet conveniently, each and every one is put out with far-left political intent. Just another disconnected and idiotic tech giant pushing their politics on innocent users.
by mel.lei on 2019/02/17 17:16
Ok so usually if I don’t want to just show my wall or face I zoom in on a sticker but now they won’t let me!! And there was no reason for this dumb update!!! All I want to do is super zoom on a sticker!! There was no good reason for this update???? Please fix this immediately! Also stop changing the story layouts please. Fix this app because it needs a lot of changes. -a concerned snapchat user.
iPhone XS
by apassa on 2019/02/17 17:07
Need an update to support XS screen, the camera is extremely zoomed in for selfie mode.
Used to be a great app now it’s terrible
by Abaaa mo on 2019/02/17 16:59
Xs max camera for Snapchat looks like I’m using the iPhone 4 again. Terrible. NEEDS updated ASAP. Too much on it though. All the subscriptions & stuff. I hate it. It’s annoying. Messy. Not put together well. Needs to be more organized. Too many premium accounts that need shut down also. No parent should EVER let their child have this app. Snapchat needs to be ONLY 18+!!!!
I need my streaks back! please
by fix these glitches on 2019/02/17 16:57
hey i lost a lot of streaks just yesterday, i would be extremely happy if y’all could give me them back i promise i won’t lose the important ones no more. i’m giving y’all a 5 star rating so that should be good for y’all. alright p.s. i need “farida” streak back the most shes all on my dog about it
by elle.williams on 2019/02/17 16:51
I really like Snapchat don’t get me wrong, but you can’t change your username! And so I have a very cringe username and I can’t change it so idk what to do. I really hope Snapchat changes that!
Question plz answer
by britton12 on 2019/02/17 16:39
Does iPhone X not have paint brush on Snapchat
it’s ok
by tetopkilas on 2019/02/17 16:18
i’ve had this app since about 5th grade, and i’m not the same person; username wise. snapchat is fine, but they need to update it so we can change our usernames.
streak notification ?
by Fhimjjbfk on 2019/02/17 16:15
i’ve used snapchat for years and i’ve started streaks with a couple of friends here and there but one thing i really think would help me (and others) is adding a notification or anything that our streak is about to end. i had a 570 day streak with a friend and last night my video didn’t send but i didn’t get an hourglass or anything. if i saw the hourglass but didn’t know my video didn’t send, i would have sent another thing so it wouldn’t have ended. therefore, i’m suggesting that you add a notification besides the hourglass if a streak is about to end
Fix please 2/17/19
by Real sassy red on 2019/02/17 15:49
Going on 4 days of this app not working as soon as it opens it closes please fix it I love Snapchat so it’s killing me not to see my friends and being to post
What’ up?😱
by F.Alavi on 2019/02/17 15:30
What’s gone about snapchat? It dosn’t work any more.. please come back!!!
by Te'AsiaStories on 2019/02/17 15:23
Snapchat is like one of the main things I use on my phone 24/7. The update that was done where you could see the saved photos and links and your friendship is awesome but the day after that my Snapchat went back to normal. I really hope snap can fix that because it was awesome I’m not going to take away a start because of that because I love snap.
had bugs that makes it not work
by juanizalala on 2019/02/17 15:22
i’ve had snapchat for a couple months and it’s been pretty good. but recently, my snaps have been disappearing and it’s quite irritating. i emailed the company and they have yet to answer and i think this is a severe problem and needs to be fixed as soon as possible.
It’s a great app!
by Hi_hehe_uh_wow_uh_HI on 2019/02/17 15:15
Snapchat is the best app! It’s a way for me to socialize and do all that stuff since I don’t have Instagram! The filters~ The filters are great! There are sooo many to choose from! And recently I just found out to get more filters for free! The internet~ The internet is good! The only problem is that when I go to read those popular stories then sometimes it will say that I don’t have the internet on, but when I go to send something to my friends, the internet works just fine! The stories~ They work great! I love how you can see who viewed it! Thank you snapchat for making the best app ever for me! ♥️♥️♥️
It’s awesome
by hello its brooke on 2019/02/17 15:08
It’s an amazing app I love it so much
Keeps getting worse
by snapchat fix yo s**t on 2019/02/17 13:52
I’ve had Snapchat for years and years, and here recently it has become trash. I can only see half of my snapchats, sometimes none, tired to re download multiple times. It doesn’t look like there is going to be any fixes soon seeing how it has been like this for months and months now. Fix your product you make to much money for it to be such trash quality!
Fix bugs
by Idk >_< on 2019/02/17 13:32
Delete the bestfriends thing
by Kitty Kitty Kitty Pie on 2019/02/17 13:21
The last couple of flashbacks I’ve gotten only gave some of the snaps I saved, only the first three. I would appreciate if I got all of the snaps I saved on that day in my flashback.
by euhfsjdidmfkdkf on 2019/02/17 09:22
please bring back comic sans text thank you
My Problems
by ShySwitch on 2019/02/17 08:44
Honestly Snapchat dunno if you’re ever gonna see this but I don’t have the option to create my own filters, neither can I use the magic eraser everyone is talking about. Perhaps there’s a lot more I’m missing out on and I’d love if you could look into it. And yes my app is up to date.
by RainingWithGold! on 2019/02/17 08:11
for the love of god, please fix the glitch where it’s soo zoomed in and blurry for the iphone xs max like PLEASSSEDESS IM BEGGING I LOOK SOOO HORRIBLE IN THE CAMERA I CANT TAKE IT ANYMORE
iPhone XS zoomed in
by Kaizoku0 on 2019/02/17 07:59
I just upgraded my phone from a 7 to an XS, and the camera quality is actual trash. It physically pains me to be using Snapchat right now. Also it’s so zoomed in too. Absolute garbage.
by Aaaaamalia on 2019/02/17 07:52
I love my snap, but recently I have noticed that when I try to go into my memories or my “1 year ago today” that it glitches and closes the app and takes me to my home screen. I like to go back and save pictures and videos but recently haven’t been able to :(
Shouldn't be that random
by theredn on 2019/02/17 07:29
I haven't been using it very long, but there are a few things that are really messed up but aren't that hard to fix. First of all, I don't need a notification that someone is typing. That's just plain ridiculous. I want to know when I get a snap, not typing. Secondly, the discover is absolute bs. What made an idiot in Snapchat think I want this crap from "famous" or "important" accounts?! 🤬😡🤯. I want that crap out of my screen, and there is no good excuse or reason. Finally, there's this weird thing where some friends stories let me turn on notifications and some do not. Really confused. These do not make SC impossible to use but make it pretty pathetic. One star for stupidity because of the developers.
by Andi4209 on 2019/02/17 07:21
by Bkozaki on 2019/02/17 07:16
They didn’t need this update it was perfect before
Group chats messing up
by Pimpmanbithch123 on 2019/02/17 07:01
My frequently used group chats disappear from my convo queue
by arelyyykat on 2019/02/17 06:55
Love snap but don’t like how on the Xs and Xs Max the camera looks super zoomed in and on the other iPhones it doesn’t. Definitely needs an update for that!!
Change username option?
by Awesomenessgirlpower on 2019/02/17 06:49
Listen we all made our usernames when we were dumb and thought they were cool. Please make a change username option. Other than that great way to contact people, pretty much everyone i know has it. Pretty cool app.
Private story issue
by emily.12. on 2019/02/17 06:43
You need to fix the problem where when people make private stories we can only sometimes see the name of it. Even when i hold down on the snap it doesn’t show the name.
by jazilynnnn on 2019/02/17 06:38
I love this app soooo much i just wished it had live on it. I feel like having live on it would bring more people to the app also more money for the creators.
3D bitmojis
by sooobitmoji on 2019/02/17 06:25
What happened to the 3D bitmojis in the lenses??? Mine have been missing since last year and I always do the updates they were my favorite filters bring them back!!!
It would be better if they
by Bmxgrinder on 2019/02/17 06:01
Would let us save filters that we like cause there have been really great filters that I miss and wish I would use again. Also if my eyes only would would increase there time limit for videos, if they were to fix that or make it possible I’d definitely love the app more
iPhone XR
by RaeUhh on 2019/02/17 05:45
Snapchat used to be my favorite app; however, recently, I got the iPhone XR. I began noticing that on my Snapchat the picture zoomed in very close and almost “facetunes” my face to smooth it out which I personally don’t like because I do not want my pictures edited for me and it looks extremely fake like I poorly edited my photo. My friends even asked me what’s wrong with my photos. I looked it up and, HALF A YEAR AGO, people were saying that Snapchat was looking into fixing this problem because it was a problem with their software. Half a year later, the problem is still occurring. This is very irritating since this is the app I used to use the most. Please fix this it shouldn’t take half a year.
by paigefrompa on 2019/02/17 05:20
i’ve been using snapchat for a good 6 years now, and it’s been great. that is, until i’ve experienced the updates. they’re very confusing to me (which is probably partly my fault because i blocked team snapchat..oops) and i barely know how to work it now. i’m a loyal snapchat user, but if these updates continue to get any worse, i may be deleting snapchat. your app has a 2.4/5.0 rating, and that’s mainly from your updates. shouldn’t that tell you something?
Good but need a few features
by johny beckert on 2019/02/17 04:55
Need to have a option to delete pictures if you change your mind like you can with chats
I do not care about none of this!!!
by SkaiGuy on 2019/02/17 04:47
Snapchat I should nickname you Trump because you really know how to mess things up every single time!!!! I DO NOT CARE ABOUT THIS NEWS ON MY PAGE!!!!!
by marshin😂 on 2019/02/17 04:18
I wish you could change your username on Snapchat😐. That would be amazing
by lilmwmam on 2019/02/17 03:51
I recently started experiencing bugs that made it difficult to send videos or pictures to friends, also made it harder to view stories unless they are pictures so basically I can only send and see pictures no videos allowed 😡
by jjuliac on 2019/02/17 03:50
You should really make a streaks button so u can send one pic to all your streaks instead of individually selecting all your streaks
Xr / Xs Max troubles
by CamShaBlam on 2019/02/17 03:37
Overall I feel that snapchat has lost popularity due to lack of change. Also its not something fun to use anymore. I do feel that there are nice features to the app though considering the filters and things in that nature. There’s a huge issue, however concerning the later model iPhones. The quality of the images seems to have decreased terribly. It draws me away from the app. The quality seems like theres a loss of clarity and color value. Also at times it seems as if the image is compressed in a way. Personally this has greatly drawn me away from the app.
by kpopvmin on 2019/02/17 03:16
I wish we could love up old messages by months
Volume button won’t work to take pics
by MarieLuv3 on 2019/02/17 03:15
I had this problem with my 8+... when trying to take a selfie with a filter( I might add) using volume button no longer works. Only controls the volume. I’m now having the same problem with my XR. It will work for pics with no filter but if I add filter , it again, just controls the volume. This is awful! I have tiny hands, lol a taking a selfie without that volume button is nearly impossible. 😢
by Gigi crack case on 2019/02/17 02:39
Every time I put in my date(birthday) it just says no connection. I always go to YouTube after that and YouTube has connections. I don't know if it's the my phone but if is your app then please fix it. Thank you so much!
Zoomed in??
by Mystic 😛 on 2019/02/17 02:32
Every time I save a video or pic it zooms in way too much Please fix 😐
IPhone Xr Quality
by Squirt💩 on 2019/02/17 02:07
I just got a new Iphone Xr after having an Iphone 7 for several years. I use snapchat everyday and after my upgrade of phones the front camera quality decreased a lot. On the Iphone Xr the front camera is very zoomed in and has low quality.
by 💔☹️☹️ on 2019/02/17 01:51
i dont under stand why Snapchat is a 2.4 star rating if Everything Is amazing💛
by KaleKai on 2019/02/17 01:39
Not only is it even MORE cluttered than it already was, but people would enlarge emojis and other pictures to add somewhat of another filter to their pics, which is not possible to do anymore. I feel like these updates are getting more and more useless.
Vol+ key for taking snaps?
by Evanangel on 2019/02/17 01:39
Any chance we can go back to using the volume keys to take snaps? It no longer works when using filters :/ Also, are we ever gonna be able to set a profile pic without bitmoji like the old days?
Way too zoomed in
by Qveennnnn21 on 2019/02/17 01:37
I have an iPhone XR and the camera is wayyyy too zoomed in! 👎🏼
by cantthinkofaname123 on 2019/02/17 01:23
I can’t put text on my snaps from my camera roll without snapchat zooming into the photo, it wasn’t like this before please fix!
by kekwksmkwlwmw on 2019/02/17 01:15
I love the apps concept! But I would really love for a new upgrade to fix your username!! I made mine when I was super young... and it’s pretty bad
wish i could use the version i had last week
by andrew shoemaker on 2019/02/17 00:37
Snapchat’s latest update makes it so i can’t zoom in in stickers until they are bigger than the screen. Not happy about this. Really wish i could install the version i had before this update happened. I hate when things auto update. It is the worst.
that update
by Sfevhdhbbd on 2019/02/17 00:31
i love snapchat but it needs an update where you can change your username
by fijdkff on 2019/02/17 00:20
I love Snapchat so much but they need to add polls so you can post polls on your story
Mediocre at best
by I has big p on 2019/02/17 00:09
Really used to enjoy the app back in its simpler days. Now it’s confusing and has many buggy issues. Some days when I take a picture it just crashes the app! Imagine being at your friends soccer game, taking a killer picture and then the app crashes and guess what! The picture is gone. I understand that I could just use my camera app and text the picture but this really isn’t what I expected from such a well known app like snapchat.
Camera roll zoom??
by Miyu Suzumaki on 2019/02/16 23:59
Uh yeah I tried editing an image from my camera roll on Snapchat and when I hit “edit image” it just zoomed in/expanded the picture??? now I can’t see half the image
by esp19 on 2019/02/16 23:57
Every news story is about tekahashey six nine or Kylie Jenner. Let’s talk about something relevant once and a while, hey? This app makes people less informed than if they didn’t have it.
Log in
by its_Jayla on 2019/02/16 23:24
I Loged out of my account and I can log on cause it say that it is wrong but every thing is correct fix this now
iPhone XR
by Dessyxo on 2019/02/16 22:53
The IPhone XR and the IPhone Xs and Xs Max have been out for months now. There is no reason why the front camera should still be this unpleasantly close up. Snapchat needs to get it together. No wonder why everyone’s moving to IG
by colin4574 on 2019/02/16 22:53
😭😭😭my snapchat got hacked😭😭😭
Snap wack
by tx0 on 2019/02/16 22:51
Only compliant is that the microphones always muffled can't record audio at all only this app does it. Dunno if app version or what
Bring it back!!
by Taeyaetar on 2019/02/16 22:49
Can you bring back the old lenses plzzzzz nd thank youuuuu😇
shaky camera
by japsnleeeejshsbbr on 2019/02/16 22:36
the front facing camera is fine, but the regular camera shakes nonstop and it makes pictures blurry. however, when i use flash, the camera screen is still shaking but the picture is clear. i know its snapchat itself because it doesnt happen to the default camera app
Zoom issues with latest iPhone update
by MontanaEx on 2019/02/16 22:23
I have an iPhone X and with the latest iOS update I have not been able to prevent photos from zooming in when editing on Snapchat. The new Snapchat versions isn’t compatible with iOS 12.1.4.
by nikipivi on 2019/02/16 22:13
I don’t know what I’ll do without it u could call FaceTime snap take so many pictures show your location.ill say this is the top of the topper social Media
by Judy who needs a new username on 2019/02/16 22:09
I made my username forever ago and it’s quite cringy! PLEASE listen to everyone and allow us to change our usernames without creating a new account!
Fix The Problem Please!!!!!
by Trucey1104 on 2019/02/16 22:04
App Freezes Up On Me Every time I Use It. Please Send an Update To Fix This Problem. Thanks!!!
by jxcyyyyy on 2019/02/16 21:50
Although this app has had great features added... it’s just gone downhill. My current pet peeve is getting my whole video erased if I receive a notification/alert
App Store editor’s
by Hevaen.m on 2019/02/16 21:49
I really enjoy this app but, the one thing that I personally think should be aloud is that the Snapchat users, should have the opportunity to change there Snapchat name.
Love the app but...
by my NiCKName is tAken1 on 2019/02/16 21:45
We love Snapchat! But what’s the deal with not being able to change your username?! Lots of us have made these accounts when we were younger and they turn out pretty cringey now that we look at them. Please consider this as a professional curtsey. Thankx!
by cameronwarren54 on 2019/02/16 21:41
Stop posting tik tok ads. I do not use the app nor do I care for it, so stop.
I don’t like it anymore
by l0503l on 2019/02/16 21:37
You now have to order Snapchat lens and filters🙄. I hate that they took face swap away. I just wanted to have some fun with the lenses😒
by Thanked be led on 2019/02/16 21:12
Please fix this mistake it makes me sad what happened to to face swap!! I am so sad
by alexis oregan on 2019/02/16 21:04
It sends me notifications in the app after I open the snap
by Nashaat Farea on 2019/02/16 21:01
Add me lma add yall back | nashaatfarea
by Gymnast0698 on 2019/02/16 20:57
Every time I actually decide to read articles ( which is rare due to this reason) I will get 3/4 of the way to the end and BOOM an ad pops up saying I won a Walmart gift card. This ad won’t let me exit it and I end up losing my spot in the article and can’t go back to t because the ad won’t move
by Frances the Farmer on 2019/02/16 20:55
really good like really good at being a bad app
username changes :-)
by iiPuppyCornz on 2019/02/16 20:37
i’m in love with snapchat, especially the filters. When i first made my account i just typed a random user without thinking, and as of now i really don’t like it and i wish snapchat allowed you to change usernames. I’m writing this because I think in the future there should be an update that allows you to change your username after a certain period of time, or every so and so days. Please make this an update in the future!! I’m sure me and many other people would really like this to be an update :)
New feature
by antdav33 on 2019/02/16 20:36
Maybe add a feature where you can edit a photo and put a Snapchat filter on the photo that was taken earlier?
Fix It!
by leetaemiin on 2019/02/16 20:30
Please fix the weird cropping from posting phots and videos from camera roll!!
by mnm243 on 2019/02/16 20:24
Add me mnm_36 🥰
I can’t login😭😡
by nsheiodnwnskod on 2019/02/16 19:53
I know my password, username, phone number and email I used to sign up for Snapchat but for some reason I can’t seem to login. This is frustrating because I use this app almost everyday!
by kaemij on 2019/02/16 19:53
Tik tok ads have ruined my Snapchat experience lol. Most ads I see are cringy tik tok ones and it really pains me. ALSO why can’t you edit your snap username yet??? It’s been out for 6 years and we still can’t smh.
Snapchat Camera Quality
by gaben324 on 2019/02/16 19:30
Please do an update where the camera quality on the IPhone XR gets fixed Bc the regular camera is so nice but on Snapchat it is really bad and it looks like it has a filter every time you take a picture or video, before Uluru take the picture or video it looks really good but as soon as u click the button to take the picture or video the end result looks like it has a filter so please fix this
by ragexbodo on 2019/02/16 19:02
this app keep crashing every time i try to send a pic
by jbman18 on 2019/02/16 19:02
Great app but needs some touch ups my snap is very glitchy I’ve had to delete it and get back but this time I delete it and I can’t get it back now so plz if anyone can help me or if they can fix these problem please and thank you
I love this app!!!!
by 1141918212);:/-.? on 2019/02/16 18:54
I love this app so much. It has really helped me talk with some of my friends that I don’t really talk to!!❤️ It is easy to use and I live alllllllll of the filters!!
by Anabellecoco on 2019/02/16 18:49
I want you guys to bring back the bitimoji filters on the rear camera. It was awesome
It crashes constantly since the last update
by Justtakemynickname on 2019/02/16 18:33
Fix the crashing
Great, but we need new usernames
by an angry bee on 2019/02/16 18:26
snap is cool, had it since 2015 n all and i love it but GOD i am a different person now than i was back then and my username shows it. please let us change our names
No good
by cartergoat on 2019/02/16 18:02
It doesn’t wanna work anymore 😭🤬
Glitchy and for basic People.
by B77-9-10 on 2019/02/16 17:44
Such a shallow social network. Just like the rest of them.
Worst app ever since the change!
by xbdiebdif on 2019/02/16 17:42
My friends and I have deleted this app. Why you had to ruin a good thing, we will never understand! To bad you don’t listen to your users,bye bye 👋 Good luck💩😂🙄
by emiliazebala on 2019/02/16 17:39
I love this app a lot but I really want you guys to have all users to able to change their username.. if you do that thank you!!
Compatible with new phone
by @kaitlivvv on 2019/02/16 17:30
Needs to be fixed to new iPhone screens. Way too zoomed in.
My day
by Queen_🐝27 on 2019/02/16 17:27
I love this app it is super easy to share with your friends and showcase your day
A waste of an app at this point
by I'm in love with u panda pop on 2019/02/16 17:23
It’s so slow and has such bad connection it’s kind of a shame because it used to be a nice app.
Allow to change Snapchat usernames!
by Officially.rachi on 2019/02/16 17:15
Hello Snapchat! I love Snapchat! I use it everyday. But the one thing that disappoints me is that you CAN’T change ur username!! I have a ridiculous username bc I hit Snapchat when I was little. And I’m going to middle school now! But I cant change it to more teenager username. Please allow this feature! I know you can just make a new account but I don’t want to restart my snap score and all my trophies with be gone! Snapchat Snapchat Snapchat, please change this feature for everyone to be happier that you can change ur username at any time like any other social media. Examples: Instagram, face book, etc. I hope u read this and update it.♥️
New Profile Please!!!!!! 😊😊
by bri.lee on 2019/02/15 01:06
I love this app so much and it’s the one app that I spend most of my time on. ( because I’m obsessed) My snapchat has always been a little weird compared to my friends but usually that’s good for me because it’s almost like a previews to the update that comes out! For about 2 months my profile screen on snapchat had looked different than everyone else’s and I thought maybe it was like a beta trial( I later found out I’m not on the beta list). The profile looked like how the new friend profiles do and it was AMAZING! I’m so sad it went away. I even tried emailing to give feedback about how useful and pretty it was but couldn’t figure out how to. It was a white background and you basically had control over everything. I was able to edit my bitmoji, change my location settings, see my best friends in order from number one to the 8th (via bitmoji!!!), trophies and snap shop! Also I was able to search a name while looking at who viewed a story. Is there ANYWAY that this could come back? (granted it was never actually in an update but maybe a glitch on my phone). I tried everything from deleting the app and re-downloading, trying to email as feedback and checking beta. Everyone of my friends that I had shown it to LOVED it and wished there’s had updated like that! 😊😊😊 I hope to hear back!
by youbcrazy2 on 2018/12/29 08:39
I’ve been using Snapchat for years now. It’s always been nice to be able to chat with my friends and send them pictures within an app that does it all. As of 2018 the app itself has seem to have really gone downhill, and fast. Even though change is a good thing, Snapchat has been changing things very quickly and irrationally in my opinion. The app is turning more and more into a bug ridden cluster that is almost impossible to maneuver for some people and is quite confusing at best. Some of the new story options are cool and interesting, but why do I have all of these irrelevant and quite inappropriate snap stories taking up my whole story screen, while my friends stories are tiny and hard to see. I don’t want to have to scroll through everyone’s stories before I see the ones that I care about. With all of these new additions comes a plethora of bugs and “features”. Almost everyday I get notifications that someone messaged me, but when I go to the app there is nothing. I have an IPhone 8 so you can’t blame it on older hardware, which leaves the option of shoddy software. Instead of worrying about sucking every penny out of the ad companies wanting to spread their stories on your app, spend some time and funds actually fixing bugs and upgrading servers. Even though I’m writing this review I still enjoy Snapchat and will continue to use it. Hopefully one day all of these things get ironed out and sorted and we will be left with an amazing social platform to use.
Please software fix and more freedom pls
by oliSagger on 2018/10/15 14:49
I noticed because of my friend that the iphone xs max when a picture is taken the screen for other phones looking at the picture stretches the image cutting part of it off like text or someones hand or foot etc. and i have a iphone 7, i dont know if it does the same for other model iphones. now to the freedom part, the amount of freedom in the stories “hide” option is very basic we need an option to be able to block something permanently like buzzfeed for example I absolutely hate buzzfeed and I don’t want to even see it in the stories section because everything they post is either clickbait, pointless, to rile people up, cause conflict, and etc. please allow a button that has the option to “hide this publisher” and if you want to unhide it then you can in the manage tab in the settings also make the content tags less specific ill watch a story and drag or fashion pops up everytime for some reason even though the stories i just watch has no where near close to anything all i watch is sports plays and updates and game updates so please fix this also private stories you make please make them able to edit afterwards like last time before the update came i have to keep making a new private story every time just too keep one group of friends in one area from the other group and i never remember who is all allowed to see the private snap and always need to change who can see what or not pls bring that back
Some thoughts on this update and some bugs I found
by MandaaPandas on 2018/02/20 10:45
Lets start off by saying this update is not the worst thing but also not the best in anyway. The update made my chat page feel cluttered but in a weird way look nice. The update also makes you watch all the stories unless you click off of it which I don’t mind because i did that anyways. The think I don’t like about this is that between each story there is a page that says the persons name. It just annoys me because I can just look at the top where it says your name. Now on the discover page i don’t like how i was getting Snapchat stories from people I never followed. For example I don’t have RCL Beauty but she popped up on my discover page for some reason. Along with other “famous” people or influencers. The last thing negative about this is I lost 6 of my streaks at the time of writing this because of a glitch where you have the person added and it says that you dont and when you try to add them it doesn’t work. I contacted Snapchat support on this issue to try and get my streaks back nothing happened. I lost 3 100 days 2 200 days and a streak with my best friend that we had since we met. And another thing I think your trophies are not working because I did the flip the camera one and I flipped it more then enough times and no trophy . Now I like the text and Bitmoji things that you did but not the things I described before Thanks for reading
I did not ask for this update.
by Chocolate1234567898642 on 2018/02/11 21:06
I have been on snapchat for years now and have loved it up until this past update. I feel before this update, everything was convenient and easy to find. Everything had its own page. Now the whole app is jumbled and cluttered. There is so much to see on my messages page that half the time I won’t even notice if I have a new snapchat. I also can’t stand that stories are no longer in order, or even possible to find as a consistent long list of them without ads or other random things to click on in between. I am not going to stop using snapchat, but I am absolutely using it less. This isn’t even because I don’t want to, it’s just too weird now. I feel like I will never see anyone’s stories anymore besides close friends, and no one will ever see mine. I almost feel like this new update draws more attention to the celebrities and companies using snapchat rather than your friends, I think this since every time I go to the discovery page I see celebrities before I even see my friends, and it is not because they posted more recently. I am also extremely mad over this since I did not even choose to update the app, I just opened it and it was different. Even tried a method I found on the internet to degrade it which worked until I woke up this morning to find it had updated again. This is what makes me the most mad, I don’t care that there’s a new update but I do care that it is being forced on me when I do not want it.
Used to love Snapchat, now just like it
by Brookenicole345 on 2018/02/09 19:43
The new update isn’t horrible...just gonna take some time getting used to. That being said, there are some things that need tweaked. First, why did every single conversation that I deleted re appear? And why is there no option to delete all? I don’t want to have to go through 4+ years of conversations and delete each one individually. Second, when I go to delete conversations I don’t want the option to delete a story before I’ve seen it. I’ll get used to them being jumbled together, granted it’s unorganized but whatever, but I think that page would look so much less hectic if people could delete their conversations (and only the conversations) all together. That way the stories for the most part will still all be together and the messages will be separate. Although I don’t snap as many people as some do, so I’m sure it will still be pretty jumbled and confusing for some. Third, why can I longer just quickly see a list of my friends? Only seeing that list when I want to send something seems rather dumb...and if it’s someone I don’t snap much then they won’t be in my conversations area either. There’s people I don’t remember adding and want to delete, but if I can’t remember them then I can’t search for them either. Idk just seems odd that a small portion needs to be taken away, I think it would make figuring this new update out a bit easier.
by Nickslittt on 2018/06/29 15:50
I wanna get one thing straight: Snapchat- is not the “#1 sexting app.” I personally don’t know who made that load of crap up but it really isn’t. I’m 16, and i won’t lie, i’ve personally came across pornographic type snaps and videos before. If people are really gonna use that as an excuse to get rid of their son / daughter’s snapchat, you might as well get rid of all of their social media, don’t let them watch television, and only give them picture books. As parents, you should expect your son/daughter to be responsible with it. I’ve actually removed people who i think post too much revealing/pornographic. Like i would expect parents to be smarter with this. SNAPCHAT ITSELF DOES NOT CONDONE WHAT PEOPLE POST. It’s seriously up to you as parents to see who they have. It really gets on my nerves about this. I read a review about how a guy apparently got a video of a girl giving a guy a hickey and etc, FROM THE CAR IN FRONT OF HIM. Well... That’s actually almost impossible... unless you have that person on snapchat. If you find their content offending or inappropriate, there’s this wonderful button called the REPORT AND BLOCK. I mean seriously, you parents should take a course on how to use your phone. This is like one of the most common kind of things out there. Just goes to show how idiotic parents are these days 🤷🏼‍♂️
Used to love- now it feels cluttered
by ThatsJustHowItIs on 2018/02/07 00:43
I have been using Snapchat for years now- like since the days where you had to pay for replays and more filters. And I’ve watched it blossom into a multi-functional app that is becoming more user-friendly and inclusive. However, I am really not a fan of this new update. I liked having everyone’s stories and my messages in a separate place, and the best friends/streaks emojis are so small now, I can almost guarantee I’ll lose all my streaks because I won’t be able to tell where they are. Anyone with trouble seeing small text is definitely going to have issues with it. I’m also finding it’s really hard to open messages now, because half the time I end up clicking on the person’s story, or it ends up bringing up their map location/username/settings. The discovery page feels cluttered, and I strongly dislike having “recommended” stories in my feed. It was so much easier to navigate beforehand. I’m not going to stop using Snapchat, because it’s the quickest and easiest way for me to talk to my friends and see what everyone is doing. And I love the new Bitmoji settings, it adds a lot more variety and I love the diversity of the hairstyles. But I’m really not a fan of a lot of the features in the new update, and so far the majority of my friends are saying the same thing. I really hope you guys can find a better, easier to navigate solution with larger text.
by roger the generous scout on 2018/06/27 23:31
I really love snapchat. I think that the ability to use photos and videos to interact with friends is done better on snapchat than anywhere else despite many attempts to replicate the formula. However, I just deleted it. Here’s why, and if you’ve read any of the other reviews, you’ll notice a trend - the new update completely eliminates the cleanness and personal control over the interface that made snapchat so good in the first place. Its more difficult to use the chat feature and your friends’ stories are more cluttered, but these are relatively minor gripes. The biggest reason why I quit snapchat, at least for now, was the clutter of the discover page. I understand the reasoning behind attempting to share popular stories with everyone, and to show people more of what they may like, but it doesn’t have to be right in our face. Its pretty much inescapable, and that’s not great. The degree of control over your interface is reduced, and I felt more like a passenger than a pilot. I get that some people may not mind, I didn’t at first, but I think we deserve a chance to choose what kind of interface we get to utilize. If snapchat is going to auto update, which it did for me after weeks of avoiding the new update, then this degree of clutter is a it uncalled for. I hope that snapchat’s developers heed the concerns of me and many others as they move forward, and I hope that someday soon I can welcome the little ghost onto my phone screen once more. Cheers.
extremely upset, hate the new update!!!
by Basketball_lova13 on 2018/02/08 05:35
The new update is awful, for starters, you didn’t even put the new updates details in the detail section of the update option in App Store!! So people are updating it not even knowing that the whole format of the app is going to be changed. Mine updated automatically so I didn’t even have a choice. This update is the worst thing you could have done for this app, no one likes it. It probably wouldn’t be as awful if you wouldn’t have removed the stories from the discover page, the way it was before was perfect! You could subscribe to the channels you actually wanted to see and you were able to watch your friends stories without a problem. Now I can only really see my friends stories if I snap them often & if we’re being honest I don’t snap that many people and I enjoy being able to see people’s stories even if I don’t snap them, I like being able to see what my friends are up to but that’s nearly impossible now because you’ve ruined it. You need to make an option for people to go back to the old format if they’d like, I say just get rid of the new all together because I know that a lot of people are going to end up deleting snap or not using it because of the new set up. Also the format for when you go to send a snap to people is new too and I also don’t like that. All of the changes that were made I have a problem with except for the bitmojis. This need fixed or Snapchat will be deleted or not used anymore!!!
Some things I need to discuss
by Coca cola 12343256 on 2018/03/29 19:37
I’ve gotten used to the update but it still feels cluttered. Sometimes I only want to see certain people’s stories but I can’t cause I have to keep tapping through ones I don’t want to see the ones I do want to see. Also the friend emojis are so small and hard to see if you have a streak with the person or not. Some of my friends have an update where it says, groups, stories and all. But for some reason I can’t find a way to get that update, same with other people. I miss having my chats and stories separate. I have a few suggestions, maybe there can be a thing where you have to look up stories to find them, I’m only saying that because most of the time it’s just annoying having the stories there that I don’t ever look at. Also can we please bring the stories back to the other page, it was so much easier, now if I look at someone’s story and I want to see it again, I have to hold down and tap it, and the old update I could’ve just swiped over and looked for it. Also why did you take away the friend list?? I loved having the option to see who were my best friends and who I never talked to, now the only way I can see it is either sending a snap or scrolling all the way down and looking. Please take time to consider bringing these suggestions back into the app or the ratings and reviews are going to keep going down. Thx
New update is crap
by Piethrower3000 on 2018/02/07 03:43
I really love snapchat and I’ve been using it for years now. It’s my prime way to stay connected with friends. But today I was surprised to find that snapchat had updated while I wasn’t looking at my phone. I absolutely hate the update. Everything is so messy and disorganized. None of the friend emojis line up and it looks like a disaster. Plus with everyone’s Bitmoji s next to their name it looks like everyone sent me a snapchat while really at still the red square on the side. I DO NOT LIKE that the Bitmojis and stories and actual snapchats are all on the same page. Much less the same line for some friends who have posted to their story! It looks so messy and it’s hard to look at and know what’s going on. I’m also someone who doesn’t want to look at everyone’s stories, and this new update kind of makes you, because you think you have a snapchat from them because the circle is lit up so you try to open the snapchat from them only to find it’s their story. Also, it’s really confusing because I’ll look at a friends story and then all of a sudden it has switched to someone else’s story. The stories and the snapchat conversations NEED TO BE SEPARATE!!! Also, the “discover” page where the stories and articles used to be. That is overcrowded and hard to look at and understand what’s happening as well. Overall everything is now overcrowded. Please change it back to the way it was. I understand you were trying to make it efficient but it is NOT WORKING!
I use the app really often
by Tote CRAY cray lily on 2018/03/04 18:41
So snapchat is my main form of communication with my friends, and I’m sure it’s the same for many teens. I really enjoyed the all before the update and now less so but i still use it and i guess i’m used to it now so it’s fine. People would enjoy it more if this update wasn’t here because it’s super inconvenient, but that’s not why I’m writing this. I thought of a cool idea for a possible update and I really hope someone sees this because I think a lot of people will like it, at least better than all these dumb little updates you’ve made. I think it would be useful and interesting to see some more statistics. Like there’s your snapscore, but I wanna like how many snapchats i’ve sent to all my friends and stuff and like i really want to be able to see on my best friends list how far away people are by the amount I snapchat them. Like let’s say the person I have as number 1 i still want to snapchat but i want my number 2 to be my number 1 I wish i could see how often I snapchat them as a statistic and the number of times i’ve snapped them so i can see how far away they are from the amount of other people on my best friends list. Ive told some of my friends this and they all think this is such a cool idea, I really hope you guys will read this and consider it because I feel like people would be so interested to see it like I know I am. Thanks!
it was good... then went downhill.
by Hannerdz on 2018/07/30 12:57
at first snapchat was a very useful app because i prefer to send pictures/videos of me talking than use actual chats. it’s that way for a lot of people who use the app and not just me. a couple months ago, snapchat had an update and nobody was anticipating it due to the update looking SO much different than the original snapchat. i was actually excited for it and when it got here i was expecting a very great experience. that was not the case. it ended up turning into: getting timers on my streaks after 12 hours instead of 24, i won’t receive chats from people that i haven’t talked to in more than 2 weeks, i don’t receive chats at all sometimes (for example) when i told my boyfriend goodnight last night, it didn’t show that he read OR replied to it. this morning it showed he replied to it (after i had already texted him good morning) NINE HOURS AGO. this part is extremely annoying and i’ve considered stopping using the app because of how awful it is to keep streaks and even talk to people now. i haven’t made a complaint about it until now because i was hoping you guys would make another update fixing bugs. please fix these things because it’s probably a bug for a lot of people. i’ll change my review once it happens. cheers. UPDATE:: after you supposedly “fixed bugs” it logged me out of my account and all of the bitmojis are no longer showing. it told me i lost ALL of my streaks. i don’t know what you guys are doing. very annoyed still.
Snapchat! 💕
by Runnercat25 on 2018/04/20 13:20
Snapchat is made by Snap, Inc. It is a free app that lets you message and send pictures to your friends. You can take cool selfies with face filters, see your friends locations, view community posts and stories, and post to your story, which your friends can see for 24 hours. This app is mostly used by teenagers and those who enjoy social media. This app works by having a camera mode, where you can take pictures with filters or not. If you swipe to the right, you can look at community stories, stories celebrities have posted, or stories you can subscribe to, like Buzzfeed. If you go to the left, you can see a list of your friends and chat with them. If you swipe to the left more, you can see the stories your friends posted in the last 24 hours. One more left swipe, and you can see groups and group chat. If you go back to camera mode, if you pinch the screen, you can see the SnapMap of your friends locations. Once you exit, you can tap on your bitmoji to add friends, accept friend requests, and edit your profile. Tip: Snap your friends every day to get a streak! Streaks are really cool, they are how many days you have snapped this person in a row! In conclusion, Snapchat was better and simpler before the update, but this app is really great for connecting with your friends and being social!!!
Do not get me wrong, I love snapchat.
by Lil_Chicka on 2018/02/09 21:39
But, this newest update is VERY cluttered and messy. The stories being linked up to the people you’re talked to was a good idea, but it was better in the older method; how you would usually click the persons name and then if you want you can go look at there story. It’s also very hard to tell when you have a snapchat now, due to all the clutter. Now the Stories section, you have to think about it, say you have at least 100 friends or people you follow; now you have to scroll for even longer than you did prior because of how long (in length vertically) the opening of the story is; which in conclusion is more clutter and more time consuming. You should have jus kept everything simple, I understand change and media and what not, but this was such a drastic change (for the worse in this case) from the previous snapchat update that it makes me not want to use snapchat. Everything's so different and it’s hard to even know where everything is, I’m young I know how to work technology, I’m used to updates, I’m used to constant change, but this update by far was one of your biggest mistakes yet. You may have just killed snapchat to be quite honest, all the feedback I’ve been hearing from other friends and people I follow on snapchat have also said the same thing and agree with multiple of the points I’ve made above. So, given this feedback I hope to see changes to these problems in upcoming snapchat updates. Please and thank you.
New update makes me sad:((
by Gianna Rivera on 2018/02/16 01:31
Snapchat has always been my go to app.. it’s the app I use most out of all my others, the most efficient way for people to really talk to me.. With this new update, it makes the few people I really talk to on there, names disappear after I open them, so I have to search up their name again and hit the snap button in order to snap them again.. it also makes it very hard for me to see the people’s snaps I want to see, as my streaks are kind of boring and don’t really have things on their stories that usually interest me.. I have to constantly click through people’s stories in order to attempt to see the ones I really want, and If I'm being honest, for someone as impatient as me, it’s quite the hassle.. I loved the old update where you could click on whosever you wanted and watch them in whatever order you desire because I get bored of watching everyone’s story, so it was more efficient for my short attention span.. it also made my views depreciate significantly, I used to get around 330 now I get 260, which is quite depressing if you ask me.. and lastly, it made it so that this Beautiful Papi at my school doesn’t view my story anymore, when he always used to before the update, which completely saddens me:(( I used to love seeing him watch my stuff, now I’m unable to have that satisfaction. But overall this update is not good at all, it makes me not want to even really use the app anymore, makes me sad honestly because I used to be in love with it
Tragic Update
by Lauryn1224 on 2018/02/15 22:27
I’d give it zero stars if I could because the newest update is terrible. The navigation is very hard now and it doesn’t allow easy access between stories and chat. I have always been on board for the updates but this is absolute trash. Too much clutter and it’s very displeasing to the eye. I can’t even figure out who last messaged me so I can’t reply to my snaps. Something needs to fixed immediately. Anytime I find something new that I don’t like, I will add to this complaint. When viewing your story and who as seen it, it shows everyone’s stories by there name. I don’t need to see their story when I’m trying to see if they viewed mine. Another thing to add to clutter the app. Another thing is that I cannot figure out who I’ve snapped and not or who has sent me me a snap. I’m losing conversations with people because I can’t tell if they’ve messaged me. Stupid. Another day has gone by with this terrible update and I still have no clue how to use Snapchat and I get easily frustrated due to the fact that I click on one button and it takes me to another part of the app I don’t want to see. Some very popular people who use Snapchat regularly to communicate to theirs fans have even decided to stop using Snapchat because they can’t reach their followers. Not okay. Change it back please 😭😭😭😭 please I’m begging you. Another thing, why do I have to click on multiple buttons just to view my story. One click and done but obviously you can handle that. Change it please
by Lollipop560 on 2018/02/10 17:29
dear creators and users of snapchat, i have been using snapchat for the past 5 years almost every day to talk and communicate with my friends and family and people who i have come in contact with to keep in touch. i heard people talking about the new update and how different it was and i waited to update mine. so the other day i opened snapchat and it had updated all by itself. the past couple days have been really difficult to use snapchat and have thought about deleting the app multiple times through out the years, this just makes me want to even more. The new update is very cluttered and time consuming, you can no longer ignore the people you don’t need to talk to at the moment, watch people’s stories with out it taking an extra 10 minutes and you keep getting notifications that have no point to them. I am very displeased with this new update and thought you would make the app so much better but i over estimated you all. some ideas that you could benefit from are keeping your pictures and videos for 24 hours between u and the person when u forget what u said in the conversation. you could also add new filters and import some of your pictures from you phone to memories. make your own location signs and filters with out having to play money. please consider these new ideas and i think all snapchat users are asking you to please bring back the new snapchat. sincerely, a long time snapchat user
Please read.
by maddie avery on 2018/11/08 02:28
Hello Snapchat, I’d like to say a few things about your app that are really annoying me. #1: I’ve talked to multiple people and they have this same issue, If I post a picture and someone slides up on it, I won’t get it till a few days later. (The most I’ve gotten was a week at least.) #2: I was just having this problem, I keep trying to post something on my story and it will freeze for a moment or 2 and then it won’t show the option to post it on my story, only my friends individually. #3: if someone snaps me, I’ll open it and 1 I’ll tap it and it’ll show that I swiped out of it and like it’s still playing or 2 it takes so long after it’s loaded for me to be able to tap it. #4: when someone snap chats me, not a picture just a message, I’ll click on the name and it won’t let me see anything, just a blank screen, it’ll show the name of the person at the top and my keyboard, but not the persons message or previous messages. #5: recently I’ve been sending my streaks at least 5 times a day now. I used to send them 3 times. When I wake up, in the middle of the day, and when I go to sleep. Very reasonable times I think. But I’ve been loosing streaks a lot for no reason, and it’s become very confusing because they just come right back. Yes I’m thankful that they come back but it’s quite annoying if I do say so myself. Please try and look into these issues. I’m not the only one having them, I’ve talked to many others and they’ve all had them. Thank you.
The update was the opposite of an improvement, and here's why.
by It just stopped! on 2018/02/27 07:24
Snapchat's new format has made the app much more disorganized and much less user-friendly: with stories clumped in with conversations and friend emojis being difficult to spot, this poor excuse of an update was unnecessary and difficult to use. I genuinely tried to like the update, or at least not despise it, and so did many others, however, when it comes down to it, it's just plain bad. It's become nearly impossible to navigate, with stories hard to come across (some of which are mixed in with articles! Because obviously, everyone wants to see what their classmate is doing right alongside their buzzfeed article) and certain functions even more impossible to find (for example: has anyone figure out how to change the names of friends on the app? I used to be able to do this with ease and now there seems to be no option. And what about just finding friends at all, without having to take a picture first? It was nice to have a contact list easily accessible) and from this update it's plain to see that to Snapchat, the importance of organization has been completely thrown out the window (alphabetical order, anyone?). I hope that the masterminds behind Snapchat will soon see that "new" does not necessarily mean "improved," and rather, the old is what many of us want back--especially when seeing that an app once loved by many that has now sunk to an overall 2 star rating due to this update.
Snapchat update rant
by Btwkii_ on 2018/02/09 23:10
I’m mad about this because since the update my Snapchat views have went down and I don’t appreciate it. This has ruined my Snapchat experience. It’s also stupid to me because now people’s snapchats are out of chronological order. It kind of defeats the purpose. Why would I want to view old Snapchats instead of recent Snapchat? And I don’t like how people’s Snapchat are with there messages. I also disagree with the discovery page . I feel it’s pointless and all of these factors make me not want to use the app. Anyways until the next update that comes I’ll be on instagram. I feel like because of this a lot of people are going to stop using this app and I’m also upset because I was forced to update when I didn’t even click the update option and yes my phone is set to where I have to manually do it it. I feel like since this has happened instagram and Twitter are going to get more fame. Whoever came up with this snap update was out of their mind. Soooo many people are complaining and I don’t blame them . I used to love Snapchat, to me it was the leading social media but I refuse to use this when it’s like this . I’m very upset about this and I think you should listen to your users and do something about it . If you wait to long to fix this it’s gonna be too late. You know the update is bad when there talking about it on world star. Yes it publicity but bad publicity isn’t good. Consumers make or break a product and we clearly hate it so it should be fixed.
No thanks
by nyahdsandoval on 2018/02/09 15:56
Okay first of all, I don’t appreciate the violation of my choices when I found that Snapchat had updated for me even though I’ve always had automatic updates turned off for situations like this. Second of all, the new format is terrible. Putting the majority of the important features on one page? Awful, messy, disorganized, and just plain confusing. I enjoy the Bitmojis in general, but having to see everyone’s all the time makes it hard to tell who exactly I have a Snapchat from. Trying to find a specific person to send a Snapchat to who isn’t a best friend or watch anyone’s story is stressful and difficult as the order of one’s friends on the conversations screen is mostly random. I used to occasionally enjoy the news screen or public stories, but since the entire right screen consists of those only, I’ll hardly spend any of my time watching those and instead be scrolling through the left screen for too long trying to figure out where everything went when the format of the old Snapchat was perfect, neat, and organized. Maybe it would have helped to specify these new changes in the update description for people, but you guys didn’t even bother. Overall, I and most people are disappointed with the inefficiency of this update and would appreciate if we were the ones to decide when updates occur on our phones. Please make changes according to the feedback of recent reviews regarding the format to make if more like the old one.
Friend’s stories
by Arisuu-Winters on 2018/12/03 06:15
I use Snapchat everyday and I normally have no issues. But recently my friends started making private stories, which led to a whole new set of bugs. The biggest one is that the story name won’t even bother to show up. I’ll be going through stories in the playlist style it’s set up in, won’t care to read the name, and when I look up at the top left corner to read the name of the story to see what I’m looking at, it won’t be there. Normally that’s an easy fix because I’ll just swipe up as if I’m about to send a chat, and the name would pop up at the top. Well, now it doesn’t even do that and to figure out who’s story I’m watching I have to leave the entire screen to look through the recently viewed stories and match it up. If you guys could fix this that would be great :) (note: this barely happens with normal stories, most common in private stories) Edit: after the new update, most stories, especially private ones restart from the beginning as if I never saw them before even if I did. So everytime I click it to see new stories it’ll just restart making me click through a ton of snaps for no reason. Or I’ll click stories and it won’t even let me view it. Itll take me to the next story and I have to go into the chat and click their story to the left of their name to see it. Also mainly happens with private stories.
Update takes two steps backwards
by Crayrayro on 2018/02/12 23:34
Before the previous update I would have given Snapchat 5 stars. The set up was perfect with stories and subscriptions on the right side with personal items on the left. Now it is all one big stressful mess. I used to enjoy watching my subscriptions in between classes or whenever I had free time, however, now it is just so cluttered that it has just become unappealing to use. The stories on the left side are so jumbled and switch up the order of your snap streaks so that people you have never snapped end up at the top of your recent snaps pushing those that you actually snap further down. On the right side I have to go searching for my subscriptions which requires too much effort to be worth the reward.. on top of that the transition between is so seem less I have trouble telling where one subscription ends and another starts.. sometimes I'll be wondering why Lebron James is on IGN before realizing I have moved on to ESPN I have tried to get rid of all the excessive stories on the right hand side so that I might only enjoy my subscriptions but they continue to poor in I don't care about Kim K and her baby taking nudes for her I want to see what movies are coming out this year, how the celtics are doing and watch my friends stories... I will continue to use Snapchat because I appreciate what it once was but this is not an instance where it is just something unfamiliar and I'll learn to like it... it is just a mess and stressful to navigate.
Extremely Aggravate W Snapchat
by momocram on 2018/07/31 04:12
i’ve used snapchat for a very long time, it’s been great up until about a year ago when my friend emojis wouldn’t change and my streaks randomly disappearing and coming back which is still happening. i have lost many streaks due to no reason. I KNOW i send a snap to the people i have streaks with more than once a day. i’m infuriated because i have sent in many requests to have this fixed and still nothing has changed. my streaks will also randomly get the hour glass or even disappear and come back. why this is happening, i have no clue. this should have been fixed upon my first request, since it should be a simple fix. i don’t even have issues with how the new update is, i just want my snapchat to be cleaner to where it’s not a hassle. i love keeping streaks, i think they’re fun and a great way for me to actually stay in touch with friends even if it’s a few snaps here and there. the app is easy but when trying to figure out who i still have a streak with and who’s on my friends list and who’s not is very irritating considering i have a huge score and snap very often with many different people. honestly, in the near future. i will delete snapchat. because really, if you want to stay in touch with friends send them a text message or call them to see what they’re doing or to hang out with them. it’s a lot easier than opening an app then opening up other messages when someone could just be a call away.
New Update Is Terrible
by Abbie Armstrong on 2018/03/31 18:29
I don’t know if you’ve seen, snapchat team & creators, but everybody hates this update. I gave you the lowest possible rating because it is so horrible. It’s very ugly. I actually loved the old snapchat layout, and so did everyone else. There’s a tweet going around (along with many others) to get you to change it back, and it has over 777k retweets, probably more now. I purposely didn’t update it, and it just updated and i am actually upset it really is just not good. There’s even a petition to change it back to the old layout. Take it as a sign and PLEASE listen. You won’t do well if everybody hates the update. You can keep the updated bitmojis, though. We like those. But not the new layout. We won’t get used to it, we’ll just continue to hate it. Change it back please. Thanks. Hi, I’m editing this maybe a month or so after the above text. Not only do I still not like the new layout, but the way it puts people who I haven’t watched their stories above the people that I actually want to/do talk to?? That’s so inconvenient and annoying. I send the wrong people snapchats meant for someone else all the time now thanks to that. Even just now I tapped on my boyfriend’s name but it went to another friend of mine? Also, it sends to people I don’t even talk to. Why?? Fix it for the love of your supporters. This update is still garbage. Love you tho
New Format/Layout Is AWFUL & Disorganized
by Brinka242 on 2018/03/01 23:41
I loathe the new layout of Snapchat. Disorganized discover page, chaotic feel, and stressful to navigate. It’s hard to find stories of celebrities & influencers I follow because they’re mixed in with a bunch of suggested celebs & random people I don’t want to see, plus a ton of leftist news stories. I hate it! I try to watch those stories & it brings me back to the beginning of the stories. Does SC understand some of these celebs post over 50 snaps to their stories a day? I don’t want to be taken back to the beginning! Also I want the classic Bitmoji back!! The new one doesn’t even look like me. Snapchat also showed one of my friend’s conversation as gray when we both mutually added each other months ago. There is also no way to delete a snap sent to the wrong person, nor a way to force someone else to clear a conversation piece they’ve saved. I don’t like it at all; it’s getting worse, and so many filters make our faces look unflattering & not even funny like they used to be. Used to be some really nice flattering ones mixed with funny ones but now they all are animals or make us look huge. Just not happy at all.... I wish it would go back to how it used to be, please! Whoever is doing these updates needs to take a long vacation... so someone else can come in and fix this complete disaster & mess. Look at your 1.8 rating in the App Store and listen to the feedback of the users instead of a bunch of I.T. folks & developers.
The new update.
by Me this is me on 2018/02/09 05:21
As an avid Snapchat user from the beginning of its origin, it pains me to write such a horrid review and rate this app with only one star. I used to love this app. Though, after the most recent update, I am seemingly disappointed and using it less and less. It’s too far cluttered now. I liked having the main screen where you could choose your conversations with the people you were talking to and then have a page that was solely used for the stories and magazine stories. It’s too condensed now with stories and your actual chat groups on the same page. I am confused why the magazine and other types of stories that are not solely from friends have such a big impact on the usage and why they need their own page for this. Personally, I use this app to communicate with friends and family in a fun and silly way. Now a-days, this app seems to be less focused on the communication aspect and rather people pleasing. I am a fan of bitmoji, I do believe that it is a cool aspect when it comes to communicating through stickers, but it’s become too big of a part on Snapchat. I’m not the only person who is affected and is negative about this update, I have been seeing it all over other social media apps and people have even been trying to reset it back. I just ask the developers and techs in charge of the updates to think less about what the new thing is and more of making it back to the old Snapchat we knew and loved. Sincerely, A very unhappy user.
Lol we all know what this is about.
by Deathbyrainbowz on 2018/02/12 00:26
The new update. Is absolutely absurd. I don’t give two flying ducks if some celebrity posts something, if I actually liked them then I’d add them on Snapchat; but now I have no choice. I Snapchat 300+ for streaks but some that I don’t I still would like to see their story, quite obviously I don’t feel like swiping through 100ish stories a day to see if they posted. Why would you try to fix something that isn’t broken or give it a “fresh” look because now everyone hates it. The ratio of your 5 stars to 1 star rating is about equal, that’s shameful for Snapchat. In the past 2 days I’ve seen your rating drop from 3.9 to 3.1. LOL. That’s just hilarious. But you do know why they’re all giving one star right? Because of this unnecessary update. And a good way to make them stop is to take back the update. :) I’m seriously thinking about jail breaking my phone just to get the old one back. Because I have some streaks almost at 2 years and this new Snapchat has just made me so angry, that I don’t even want to use it. 95% of people don’t give two flying ducks about the news articles and celebrities, so why try to enhance that if it’s only going to bring your ratings down by a massive amount. Anyways, my suggestion is that you reverse the update because it’s actually garbage. And it’ll make everyone happy again and love Snapchat like we all use too. :) addition- your stocks are dying. The only reason I intend to keep this app is for my streaks.
The new update is TERRIBLE!
by Han Kay on 2018/02/10 04:50
The most recent update is completely horrid. As you guys mostly can tell, almost all Snapchat users hate the new update. The update clusters everything. The “discover” has too many pages or recommended users we should subscribe to. It’s confusing in a way and I don’t think it something us users want to get used to. The “friends” update is bad. We should be able to have friends on our recent or shown upon our snaps to still communicate with them or to know that we have them apart of our list. It shouldn’t matter who we talk to the most or less. I like the old friends list better, it was way more organized and we could actually know who we added. The text size is too small, this is going to make us loose streaks more easily now, we won’t be paying much attention or we’ll forget because it’s too small. It’s also harder to get to our own story’s to rewatch or to see who saw them. As a user, I recommend Snapchat to make bigger changes and go back to the original way it was set up. This is so much more aggravating and it frustrates me to know that you guys decided to make a wonderful app into such a confusing and complicated update. I’d very much appreciate if you guys could go back to the original way Snapchat was before this update happened. Tons of other people agree on what I’m saying to; make the users happy, not the money happy. I’m now considering on no longer using Snapchat because of this messy new update.
Snapchat Losing its Edge
by Raimonzi on 2018/10/06 22:19
I really started to feel like Snapchat was heading downhill when they did their major redesign a few months ago. I really didn't like it and I am still not a huge fan. It's difficult to see which of your friends have posted their stories, even though they're on the top of the Discover page. Along with the major redesign, I absolutely HATE all of the pages on the Discover page. Who are these people? Who decided they were popular enough to be put in this section? Not interested. The most frustrating part is that you can mark "not interested" but eventually those pages will still pop back on the Discover page. So what's the point? Snapchat just released another update this October and it changes the way you view your own story once it is already been posted. Not only does it look super clunky but it now blends the people who view your story instead of separating them into a list of friends/other snapchatters. This new way is just disorganized. I feel like Snapchat is trying too hard to compete with apps like Instagram and they are beginning to lose themselves more and more each update. I am not on the Facebook/Instagram bandwagon, so it is sad to see social media apps all melting into the same crappy format. I wish there was an option to revert back to the old version of Snapchat or find an app that is more similar to when Snapchat first started.
Don't ignore please😕
by Robert Nahigian on 2018/02/10 03:29
Please don't ignore this please. Change it back to how it was. I loved it. Everybody loved it. You are trying to fix problems that don't need to be fixed or aren't even problems. I liked to be on snapchat daily but now I hate it. It's disgusting. Not even arranged in time order. Dedicated the entire stories page to ur stupid advertisements or whatever those are. It was nice and clean and you just sent out a message basically asking everyone to delete this app. Why do u think the star rating is so low. Why do u think Everyone is deleting their most used app. Because u decide to change the entire layout just to confuse everyone trying to fine our most recent snap searching in the middle of the list. It's ridiculous.I don't know why you put this update out or what it can do. Frankly, I don't care what it can do and the new features. It's disgusting and your ratings are lower than ever. Change it back to how it was and add off of that because that is what everyone liked. Change it back and advertise it maybe. Then you'll see rating improvement, higher more positive reviews. And not Every person on the app wasting 24 hours trying to figure out how to un update this app. I hope you read this and if you did thanks. Please take changing snapchat back to how it was into consideration when you update it again because I can't stand this app now and I want to. Thanks👍🏽
Best app you could ever think of!!😄
by Freefreemeemee on 2018/06/06 15:04
Snapchat is one of the most entertaining, interactive, useful social media apps that you can ever download. Snapchat let’s you send funny, serious, happy, sad, excited, mad, etc pics to your friends and it’s so fast and easy. Also, out of all my social media apps (trust me that’s a lot), Snapchat glitches the least. Another thing is, everyone says how the new update from February is awful or terrible...well guess what? Because of Snapchat’s new update since February....Snapchat isn’t back to normal, It’s better than normal! Now you can FaceTime up to like 8 people at once and you can text all your friends in a group chat or singular. It also lets u send pictures to Small or large groups of people, individual people, or everyone on your Snapchat! You have the chance to show people your life right on a tiny screen! Snapchat is definitely the best app every made and doesn’t deserve all this hate. People are writing bad reviews and giving low ratings but if you watched them on their phone, all these haters probably use this app everyday like everyone else. Don’t listen to all the negative problems and focus on that if you don’t have Snapchat already.....what are you waiting for?!?!?!?
You better stop
by Chaseutz on 2018/02/18 03:21
Dang snapchats ratings went from like 4.5 stars to 1.8 stars in a matter of days. This just shows how freaking bad the sc update was to everyone. I read something that says the CEO of sc that made this update states “the whole purpose of the update was to make sure that people’s private stories and famous people’s stories were separate, so they know there not actually friends with Kim Kardashian.” Wth, we can clearly see the verified emoji next to their name before. I honestly didn’t see why they needed to do that. The update makes everything so crammed and I’m seeing stories from people I DONT know and I don’t want to see from. If I wanted to see their stories I would FOLLOW them. I can barely read the streaks there so freaking small! And the layout of he best friends and friends list is honestly trash. Back to the stories again, I can barely see them it’s just a light blue circle around there bitmoji like what the hell. And if I wanted to see the stories again I’ve got to click on them make it slide to the chat and then click on the little circle on the top what the hell the old way was so much better I can just go down to The all stories and look at everyone’s but no I can’t do that anymore. It’s so inconvenient and if you’re not going to take down the update anytime soon I might as will just delete Snapchat. Your ratings are probably going to go down to like .1 stars. I wish that I can give zero stars cause honestly this is terrible.
New Update 2/6/18
by MeMeQuEeN!! on 2018/02/07 18:05
This new update is not my cup of tea. There’s no need to separate “professional” content and user content. I never used the discover page, and now that I have to use it to watch some of my favorite public figures’ stories, it just seems like there’s no point in watching their stories. The left-side tab with snaps from my friends is way too jumbled. It’s difficult to watch everyone’s stories because I don’t know if someone I don’t regularly snap posted anything on their story, since they would be further down the list (I don’t care to scroll that far). The previous update was much cleaner and more organized; stories were displayed together (on the same page) and private snaps were together, ALL in CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER. Don’t be like Instagram and make us long for the return of chronological order. Also, if I wanted to see someone’s bitmoji, I would tap on their profile or look at the snap map, which only takes a second. Adding everyone’s bitmoji into the mix of everything on the left-side page just adds more to look at. There’s too much going on at once on that page. The new update reminds me of a really messy desktop on a computer: It may be easy for the owner of that computer to navigate since they arranged it themselves, but to the rest of us, it’s unnecessarily scrambled. I understand that I just went a bit harsh on this review, but know that do not mean to be malicious. This is the most blunt way I can share my thoughts.
Oh no Snapchat wyd?
by Anashia on 2018/02/13 13:01
Honestly Snapchat has been one of my essentials forever. I loved it because of the 24 hours, then I loved it because of the filters, and then I loved it even more because of the stories and being able to have our memories. I really liked the look of having the camera in the center and having each directional swipe be a different screen whether that be swiping up down left or right. having that option really made a Snapchat really user-friendly. in my opinion having direct messages and the feed and your best friends all on one screen which seems to be updated as people post isn’t the greatest idea it makes it look very messy. I used to like the idea of swiping up on my feed to refresh so I can see the new people who have viewed my stories now it seems that I can’t even do that without swiping back to the camera. This was just honestly a very bad move on the Snapchat‘s behalf and it’s really sending a lot of people to Instagram which is what I will be doing as well. I have overheard a lot of people just say you know if you were to just change it back we could continue using it but until then you know you’re losing a lot of customers your losing a lot of people who uses what used to be such a great app and I think you guys are just trying to do too much with it right now especially during a time where Instagram is coming out with the Gifs on stories and then cute fonts. Bad business move.
I USED to love Snapchat
by Jbigbro on 2018/02/10 04:32
I have been using snapchat since it’s release in 2011. I have followed it through its journey. I have went through many phones since then and Snapchat was alway the first app to download. I never even use the actual camera on my phone. Everything that’s important to me is saved in snap memories. It pains me to have to go through and save all of the photos to my camera roll, because I don’t believe I’ll be using Snapchat any more.. it really hurts my feelings. I have large streaks with over 50 friends and it was my only way of communicating through my phone. (I don’t even text, I just use Snapchat) The recent update is GOD AWFUL. So for instance I wanted to show my friend a story that someone posted but I couldnt remember who posted. Forget it.. it gone forever if you have a large number of friends on Snapchat. It’s impossible to find out who posted it now that you don’t have a list that you can refer back to. I also hate how the chats and stories are together too. It’s so hard to decipher. I wish things were simple again. I’ve read sooo many posts about how everyone hates the new Snapchat and haven’t seen a single positive thing about it. It’s sad that Snapchat doesn’t care about its users enough to actually read reviews. And for that I can’t see my self using the app in the future. Friends can just email me now because that will be more simple than the new Snapchat. Thanks for messing up the best app. Have a great day.
New update is TRASH
by ajbrum23 on 2018/02/07 19:37
I hate the new update. It feels like they’re trying to make Snapchat more complex than what it needs to be. The discover page looks a freaking mess with the large tiles displaying everyone’s snap like that! Alongside the fact that they’ve mixed in those dumb snap news stories and random people I don’t even follow into my discovery page!! Listen snap when the concept of the news snaps came along I never really cared for it, but it didn’t bother me because it was an out of sight out of mind. I feel like with this new update that’s exactly why you changed it so it’s mixed in with everyone else’s to FORCE people to open and watch them more! (which I think is wack!)I also don’t want to see strangers snap stories on my discover page. Idc if they’re popular or trending or whatever. If I want to see it I have no problem with following them myself. You also brought back the feature where when you finish one person’s snap it starts the next. Why the heck did you do that? Didn’t enough people complain about that last time so you took it off? It’s still annoying and a dumb feature. But again it now can work in the benefit of those news pages because if it’s next in line to be viewed it’ll open up for them. Snapchat was my go to app. I’ve always loved the concept. It had a simplistic appeal to me that most other apps have further gotten away from. As long as it stays this way I don’t even want to use it anymore.
missing the old Snapchat
by dudejustbeinghonest on 2018/11/29 02:16
Honestly, Snapchat can be super fun with all the great faces, filters, and features that it offers, but once snapchat added the section with political views, news stories, and celebrity stories, I got so annoyed with it and it wasn’t fun anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had Snapchat for almost 6 years now and I loved it, but now.... I think those certain sections are very unnecessary and yes you can control yourself to not look at them obviously but some of them will pop up as ads and lots of them are kind of inappropriate and definitely pushing agendas. I mean if it was a news app then I would understand, but it’s supposed to be a way to connect with friends and not with everything going on in the world. We don’t need constant reminders about what the White House is doing, or how many hot dogs people can eat, etc. Leave that to Buzzfeed.... Snapchat WAS special because it didn’t have all of that. Also, streaks are just pointless. But if you want it just to take pictures and for the fun filters then by all means! I would not recommend this for children or even middle schoolers in fact because you can’t control what they will see on it. HOWEVER, There is a way now that you can use the camera without having to log in to an actual account so that’s a good way to avoid all the unnecessary sections.
What the heck Snapchat
by Dr Adrian Davieson on 2018/09/08 00:51
Ok so Snapchat logged me off then I don’t see anyone Bitmoji so u thought it was loading for a really long time but a week passed by and Snapchat wth did you do now I can’t see anyone Bitmoji anymore👎👎😖😤 Edit:I realize that when you draw on your photos or videos and cover your face they’ll see you once the click the other side (right) and I didn’t even know that because I didn’t know they saw my ugly face and hair you embarrassed me 🤬🤬🤬 so I’m not using Snapchat anymore it will be fun posting stories and seeing people stories on what’s going on and whatever but I don’t trust you anymore about my eyes area or whatever just no you lost my trust snap 😠 but I will still use it but not as much anymore.. so you’re getting a two star even tho you deserve 1 1/2 star I’m really really mad and I don’t want to go to the first day of school anymore so thanks a lot Edit 2: so a new Snapchat update I see and it’s EVEN WORSE WHY DID YOU UN ADD EVERYBODY ARE YOU SERIOUS why just why even tho I don’t talk to them as much they’re my friends 😡🤬 plus fix the bff list why do u just add random people that I’m not even friends with what’s wrong with u that’s bs plus you’re not even going to read this you’re just going to add more BS and still think everyone like it NO I HATE IT I’m still using this to see what’s going on with my friends but you need to start reading negative comments and see what they hate about it because u have a lot of terrible stuff rn
“ The New 2018 Snapchat “
by fyeejazz on 2018/02/10 20:33
I use to always be on Snapchat, and text my friends, post stories, send snaps, & etc. It use to be my favorite app, but now the new update has confused me so much. “The new Snapchat is suppose to be more organized” I personally think it isn’t as organized as how it was. I liked it when your story’s would be on one side. Chats on the other, & a whole other page for discovery. I understand how you guys think it’s more neater because of the Social on one side, & Media on the other, but the Social side is so confusing. Like why do my recent text go to the bottom? I was thinking it’s because the snaps I didn’t open go to the top, but A lot of my other friends, & I don’t always open everyone’s snap, because there’s either too many, or we just don’t feel like texting/ snapping them. Well text shouldn’t go to the bottom, & not only that but some of my recent texts are in the middle of everything else, which is very confusing. I think you guys should’ve kept it how it was, & added new features, like “ Live Snapchat “ or something, like how you guys did with the “Snapmap” . Or you guys could’ve left the social part of the new update how it was. & not only that, but My friends, & I feel like no one will watch our story as much as they used to because of everyone’s Snapchat just being in the way, which is a bad idea because my friends won’t see my snaps, so what’s the point of even snapping? Please fix this.
I’m displeased with the recent update
by Ayecuz on 2018/02/09 22:18
Today is Feb 9 and I automatically updated snapchat just recently. Being a daily user on snapchat for about 6 years, I can tell even the slightest change. This recent update is so complicated and unnecessary. I absolutely love the app itself, but this new update has made me use Snapchat less than I ever did. People that are so used to having snapchat structured a certain way HATE having it changed. Normally it would take a while to get used to a new update, but I don’t think I’ll ever be able to get used to it. I’m so used to the app being structured a certain way, and now that it’s not, I don’t really like using the app in general. Everything is totally out of place and I always seem to encounter difficulty when doing simple activities on the app (like viewing stories). PLEASE READ THIS and take into consideration the fact that I’m not the only one. Many of my friends and even my siblings hate the new update. Just know that snapchat is something that people use all day all the time. When you drastically change something that people are so used to using, they most likely will dislike the change. Remember this for future updates. Keep it simple, snapchat.
New Snapchat Update
by H1440 on 2018/02/08 06:27
My snapchat updated with out me knowing. I was praying i wasnt gonna get the update, I was dodging all the snapchat updates in the app store. And then I click into the app and then its updated. I dont like the new update. It looks very very messy and crowded. The stories and chats on the one side is a very stupid idea. Its very bad and makes no sense at all. Its kinda hard to tell which is which sometimes. Its just looks very bad over all. Second the bitemojies next the the names look very bad and crowded. And its very hard to view your own stories you have to go through so much just to watch it. Like before it was just a click now we have to tap on so many things before we can view it. Next the discovery page on the right looks very bad and crowded and horrible and its very confusing because some of peoples stories pop up on there. Everything just is very bad about the new update. Its way to busy and crowed and all squished together. People dont like snapchat because of this new update, and when people dont like the new look they stop using the app, and when people stop using your app your company looses money and then you end up going back rupt. Please listen to the people and give then what they want. The old snapchat was way better and looked so much simpler and cleaner. Your app rating was a 5 and now its a 3.5 because of this new update. Please consider the peoples concerns and complaints. Please change it back!!!
I think not...
by Mindpuzzler335 on 2018/02/10 17:33
I am so disappointed in what Snapchat has come to. This discover page is absolutely terrible. Honestly, if it’s forcing me to write a review then that’s a sign. I’ve been using Snapchat for so long and this is just a cluttered mess. I’ve been looking at reviews and watch people rant in other social media and I thought it was kinda ridiculous until the app updated itself. The Bitmoji is one thing on the left side having to see the Bitmoji makes it kinda weird and sometimes I have trouble knowing when I have an actual Snapchat from someone or if it’s just their story. The stories aren’t in chronological order anymore and I think that’s one of my biggest problems. The right side is completely irrelevant to me and I feel like we should have a choice. For those who like to have the news, magazines, famous stories, and friends’ stories all in one cluttered space cool good for them. However, I literally do not give a single crap about “official”, “famous”, and/or news stories. M I feel like it would be cool to customize it the way you want it. So if I want my friends stories listed and then the rest on the right side that would be awesome. But having the stories and the snaps on the same side and not even in chronological order is just messy and kinda getting on my nerves. I love Snapchat but it’s not worth having if it’s just going to be more time consuming and involve more brain power. I am fairly frustrated and annoyed.
the new snapchat update
by on 2018/02/10 00:26
Hi, i’m haley and im in 8th grade. That most likely shows i’m on snapchat a lot. My friends and I do NOT like your recent update AT ALL it’s really annoying because if you want to watch someone’s story and you don’t talk to them very much you have to scroll all the way down to their contact and if you don’t talk to them much that could take a while. We also don’t like how the squared or arrow is on the right side instead of the left, it’s almost as if you had to change every single thing about the app. We also don’t like the change to how you view your own story it’s really weird and isn’t very efficient. We also dislike the way you for example send your streaks the contact list is so weird and you have to scroll randomly because it doesn’t have the letters on the scroll bar anymore. These are just a few things that me and all my friends (around 90 ppl) dislike about the recent update to the app snapchat. If you could either take back the update or just do a new one that makes it at least A LITTLE closer to what it was originally that would make it a lot better. Thank you and have a great evening and yes i do realize you most likely aren’t gonna read this since your probably getting a lot of these but i still decided to write it cause that chance of you writing this is very low it’s still possible and if you ended up reading this i actually wanted it to be worth your time. Thanks💗
Words cannot express how terrible this update is!
by Jus10____ on 2018/02/09 16:15
So clearly who ever was in change of this update acted with complete disregard for ease of use and organization. I hate that I have to rate one star because that implies that 20% of this update is good and there is not a single improvement that has been made, in fact every possible detail has been made worse. In an amazingly obvious attempt to generate more revenue by making the whole right side of the app pointless, paid for stories that no one cares for, the company managed to put the main use of the app on the back burner. PEOPLE USE THIS TO INTERACT WITH FRIENDS NOT VIEW ADS. If this is not corrected in an update very soon I will remove my account and return to writing letters to my friends. Writing letters may seem old fashion, but if I have to communicate with friends via this trash update snail mail would be a far more effective and organized method of communication. Or hell maybe I'll just send smoke signals because that would make about as much sense as whatever the hell you people were trying to do here. At least letters and smoke signals have no click bait or ads. In conclusion I would like to express my deepest disappointment in the company and what this app has become. If no changes are made soon my account, and I assume many others, will no longer exist. I understand your company needs to make profit but putting the user under the ad buyer is not the way to go about this. FIX NOW!
What are you doing?
by Tabbithacat on 2018/02/09 04:37
Snapchat used to be an app that I enjoyed using every day. I really loved it. But what is this new update?!?! It's so terrible and difficult to use I'm considering uninstalling the app entirely and most people feel the same. I just want to get home after a long day and watch all my friends stories at once. But no. Now I either have to click on each individual one and watch it or watch it on the discover page and get news in my face ever other story. This update is terrible and inconvenient and no one likes it. Just roll it back while you still can. We just want our stories page back!! Give us convenience or you're going to lose people. Lots of my friends have already ditched the app. Not to mention the new update is as ugly as you possibly could have made it. Please just bring back the old easy to use convenient snap. This "new snapchat" is just annoying everyone. It makes my life difficult and I don't need more of my time consumed by your app just due to the fact that it's less convenient now. Not to mention this new version barely runs on my phone and crashes constantly!! Just bring back normal snapchat. No one likes this. Oh yeah and not to mention after you watch a story it stays there. Am I supposed to remember every single story I've watched? No. make them go away after you watch them!! Or even better just roll back this update that all of your consumers absolutely hate.
Articles on the Discovery Pages
by Glittergirl904 on 2017/12/26 07:34
For me, this would be a 5 star app. I love the filters and overall, I think it’s a great way to keep in contact with my friends. However, many of the articles in the discover page are NOT appropriate for many people. I don’t have a problem with the articles themselves, but I wish there was a way for me to turn them off so I, myself don’t have to see them. I know many other people enjoy that reading material, but I myself am very offended by some of the articles shown. I honestly don’t want to hear how I can “change my sex life for the better” or “how to make yourself more attractive towards men”. I would much prefer if I could choose which stories are shown in the discover page. In the App Store it says for ages 12+. I hate that so many kids are being exposed to such material at such a young age. I was showing my mom some filters the other day when she announced,”I’m going to get Snapchat! I love the filters!” It’s sad that I have to worry about my mom making me delete this amazing app because of a few articles that contradict what she has taught me growing up. This coming from a 14 year old, I really don’t want to have to delete this amazing app because of a few articles. Overall, this is an amazing app and the discover page is the only thing I would make adjustments to.
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