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snapchat is the most fun way to share the moment! snapsnapchat opens right to the camera, so you can send a snap in seconds! Just take a photo or video, add a caption, and send it to your best friends and family. Express yourself with Filters, Lenses, Bitmojis, and all kinds of fun effects. • Capturing and sending photos and videos is easy! Tap to take a photo, or press and hold for video. • New selfie Lenses and Filters are added every day. Change the way you look, dance with your 3D Bitmoji, and even play games with your face! • Create your own Filters to add to photos and videos — or try out Lenses made by our community! chat • Stay in touch with friends and groups with live messaging and Group Stories. • Video chat with up to 16 friends at once. You can even use Filters and Lenses! • Express yourself with Friendmojis — exclusive Bitmojis made just for you and a friend. DISCOVER • Follow friends and watch their Stories to see their day unfold. • Keep up to date with exclusive Stories from top publishers and creators. • Watch breaking news, original Shows, and community Stories — made just for your phone. snap MAP • See where your friends are hanging out, if they’ve shared their location with you. • Share your location with your best friends, or go off the grid with Ghost Mode. • Watch live Stories from the community nearby, or across the world! MEMORIES • Look back on Snaps you’ve saved with free cloud storage. • Edit and send old moments to friends, or save them to your Camera Roll. • Create Stories from your favorite memories to share with friends and family. FRIENDSHIP PROFILE • Every friendship has its own special profile to see the moments you’ve saved together. • Discover new things you have in common with Charms. See how long you’ve been friends, your astrological compatibility, and more! • Friendship Profiles are just between you and a friend, so you can bond over what makes your friendship special. Happy Snapping! • • • Please note: Snapchatters can always capture or save your messages by taking a screenshot, using a camera, or otherwise. Be mindful of what you snap!
Snapchat them
by anthony0543 on 2020/07/14 19:14
Put the them of Snapchat not white but change it to black
Awesome app but my camera and filters aren’t working
by Annabsantos55 on 2020/07/14 19:13
Yesterday I went on snap and I was met with a black screen and it’s still there I can’t press my bitmoji or type anything what’s going on?
Please fix
by IlllIlllIIIIIII on 2020/07/14 19:06
My Snapchat has been having a screen bug where the screen is just black and I can’t access my settings or my story and it’s been like this for a few days.
by jill stevens on 2020/07/14 19:04
my account was hacked and i can't get back into it. i've tried emailing snapchat and they won't get back to me. i have 4+ years of pictures in my memories and they're all gone because someone hacked my account and i can't get into it.
It’s great but
by Maddy insanegurl on 2020/07/14 18:55
Recently a bug came up where the camera doesn’t work until I take the picture. It’s also not showing the notifications even though I have notifications on for it.
Issues with app
by randomsoftballgal on 2020/07/14 18:50
Since Saturday I too have been having lots of issues with snapchat, can’t play friends stories, can’t use filters, can’t play my story I posted. Please fix ASAP!
by ...............hhg on 2020/07/14 18:49
I have no idea why but I can’t see anything on the camera screen until after I take the photo
by letmepickanicknamepsls on 2020/07/14 18:41
I’ve been having a lot of issue with Snapchat, I don’t always get my notifications even I have it on. And it glitches, sometimes it kicks me out the app and takes me to my home screen. It has a difficult time loading any messages I have or have sent, and it takes a bit of time to load the stories page. I’m deleting it and reinstalling, hoping that fixes the issue.
App not working
by T&K -P on 2020/07/14 18:39
App stopped working, and I lost Streaks! Please fix soon!
Not working !!!
by Disapponted1 on 2020/07/14 18:38
App has not worked for a couple days now ..
by boofniiggaboofin on 2020/07/14 18:37
Why’s my camera black all the time now!!
by maddenlover24 on 2020/07/14 18:32
So I really want the makers of this app to see this. My snap has been malfunctioning and how is because when I press on the app it takes me to the camera and all I see is a black screen. I can’t use the filters for a group photo or just for me. And when I take the picture. The picture will not be black the camera is black and I can’t use the filters.
by jcsdktf on 2020/07/14 18:30
My front camera doesn’t work every time I try to flip the camera it kicks me out of the app and I have to delete the app and redownload it
isnt not working
by badiat on 2020/07/14 18:27
App needs fixing
by funnysaver on 2020/07/14 18:10
I enjoy Snapchat for my long distance friendships but lately it’s been having issues. My streaks disappear even though both of us have sent a snap to one another that day. Upon opening the app my screen is black and none of the buttons work. I can take a picture but I can’t plan and adjust the angle if my screen is black before I try to capture it. I can swipe to move to the chat area or the discover area but the buttons themselves are useless, including my profile button. I tried to use app support first but every category I choose leads me to the “This is awkward” page without any leads. Fix it please.
Not working
by styhft on 2020/07/14 18:07
Snapchat has always worked fine and yet suddenly the viewfinder when taking pictures is all black and I can’t search for users/check my profile.
Please make an update with bug fixes
by Hdnd jalap on 2020/07/14 18:06
My snap started acting weird yesterday. The camera is completely black so I can’t see what I’m taking a picture of. I tried restarting my phone and that didn’t work. I can view stories but I can’t reply to anyone’s story and I can’t go to my settings on snap. I can’t access my own story and I can’t back up my photos. Please fix this
Please help
by d fybybvxe yniuv on 2020/07/14 18:04
I can’t open the app because every time I do it says it needs camera permissions but it’s HAD permissions for a while now. Not completely sure how to fix this and I’d really like to be able to snap my friends.
Camera won’t work on app
by gcurlz on 2020/07/14 18:03
Front and back camera are blacked out just on this app. Tried updating it to see if that was the problem, it didn’t work. So, went on to my settings to see if camera had disconnected from the app..nope. I Even restarted my phone and that also didn’t work. Still a day later I am unable to get it to work. Just wondering what’s going on..
Not working
by danigirl4590 on 2020/07/14 18:02
The time machine lens is not working correctly please fix!!!
I have problems
by moosa_rocks on 2020/07/14 17:59
Please help to make the app better soon. I Have many streaks
by Anonymous.200213 on 2020/07/14 17:57
I keep having to delete it and downloading it again. My snaps won’t open so i tried deleting the app then downloading it again. It works but i have done that now like 5 times today.
Fix it
by nene950 on 2020/07/14 17:51
My Snapchat is having problems can’t take any pictures if I get a message n reply it will still say I have a notification but I don’t if I click into the app it’s very frustrating fix it please been like this for a few days
Change Usernames
by Eosij on 2020/07/14 17:51
I love this app and use it all the time but I wish I was able to change my username cause back in 2017 it seemed like a good idea at the time. I don’t want to create another account but I wish I wasn’t stuck with the username I have now.
by ayegeej on 2020/07/14 17:50
My Snapchat is glitching and my camera is not working on only that app !!! FIXXXXX SOOOOOON !!!!!!!
Went down a dark path
by ricky:D on 2020/07/14 17:43
I’ve been using this since 2013, and Snapchat went from being a nice, different way of chatting with friends to now being a pretty nasty app where sexualized content, often involving teens, gross/shock factor and meaningless drama is constantly being pushed down your face. I mean, the screen area for your “subscriptions” and the almighty “for you” is 80%, compared to your actual friend stories that are tucked away. I mean, seriously, the app works and u can talk to friends, but cmon, I’m tired of seeing humans with physical disorders and a plethora of boobs and butts from people I don’t even know.
Acting weird lately
by abby_kaschak on 2020/07/14 17:42
Normally, I love snap. Usually there are almost no problems and I use it everyday. However, for some reason, it won’t let me open a video snap my friend sent me. I checked and it’s not my wifi, it’s the app, so now I have a permanent notification that I can’t open. Please fix this!
fix the bugs
by AAAAAAAAAAABAAAABAABA on 2020/07/14 17:42
my snapchat stoped working and i cant view anyone’s stories but once i click on it it says it’s been viewed. also can’t open any videos and pictures i already opened keep popping up. i also can’t tell if i sent a picture to anyone bc it won’t say.
by Sir smurfinator on 2020/07/14 17:41
I haven’t got the new update my friends but me
Bad update
by Putting from the ruff... on 2020/07/14 17:40
App does not work after two recent updates. Black screen and cannot swipe over to see updates received from users.
by 小苏芝心 on 2020/07/14 17:38
Why so many ads
by Ms.Doomsday on 2020/07/14 17:37
I hate how many ads there is on this app now, I can’t watch half a story without 6 ads that I do not care about, its literally the most annoying thing ever that u cant even skip past em or push an x to get rid of em u have to sit there and wait for it to pass. Its lame Stop with the millions of ads
It’s has been running slow and not refreshing
by Ryyyyahhhh on 2020/07/14 17:23
It just started acting up and running slow yesterday and also not refreshing 🤦🏽‍♀️I did the updates and it’s still running slow and It won’t take me to my profile when I press my Bitmoji and it won’t Do anything anymore. When I press any top buttons as in the search bar, Add friends, and it’s just acting slow I can’t even post my family and friends birthdays. 😩Just because it’s acting crazy and I powered off my phone multiple times and it’s still not making a difference Please send Help.
by sav1576 on 2020/07/14 17:22
this is a suggestion for an update,, maybe an eyebrow slit as an option?
by I'm a girl on 2020/07/14 17:17
new update still doesn’t help. fix it or i delete it.
App not working right
by cookelynn on 2020/07/14 17:16
No videos and can’t see what I’m taking a picture of 🤦‍♀️
Horrible update
by 123765Bre on 2020/07/14 17:09
New update caused my camera to stop working and none of my icons work. Please fix this
Glitches when taking videos
by Renny0317 on 2020/07/14 17:02
The app has recently started glitching whenever I try and record a video. I will start and there will be a couple second of it just freezing before the rest of the video...please fix it, quite annoying tbh!
by Blankiita58 on 2020/07/14 17:02
My snapchat is not working my screen is black. I can not see anything on the screen!!
I don’t like the update
by 𝒂𝒏𝒈𝒊𝒆 on 2020/07/14 16:55
You can’t half swipe on a chat!
Don't message your crush on this Apl!!!
by z3rbando on 2020/07/14 16:54
Great app however.......
by Miss Heven on 2020/07/14 16:51
The app is cool and all but I don’t like how random people can add you I once had a scare when a man asked me for pics and that he would track me down if I didn’t. I also think that they shouldn’t allow us to share our location cause that’s how stuff happens. But otherwise that and the cool filters I like the app.
by danny905 on 2020/07/14 16:51
Needs update. Cant search users, can’t look at my profile. The camera stays black until a picture is taken acting very strange please fix soon.
issues i’m having
by instagrams not loading on 2020/07/14 16:49
i can’t send snap chats , the camera stays black , i can’t hold down someone’s name and see their profile
by Lil Gamer😎 on 2020/07/14 16:40
I love the app but lately it has been having to many bugs
Black screen
by misscyndiloohoo on 2020/07/14 16:39
My Snapchat screen has been black for almost two days. I have updated the app and emailed Snapchat directly without a solution to the issue. I am unable to see any story updates or receive snaps from friends. I can’t even get to the section on my Snapchat to logout and sign-in again. I’m highly upset and disappointed with Snapchat.
Good but always glitches
by Samantha87690 on 2020/07/14 16:38
I have had snapchat for almost 2 years now but every few days when i try to open snap chat its just a black screen and no matter how much i wait it never loads so i have to delete then install it back.
Bottoms along bottom
by Nighthalk80 on 2020/07/14 16:33
The buttons along the bottom have stopped working with the recent update. The app is basically useless as I can’t see any of my friends stories.
Something is wrong
by tuchikit on 2020/07/14 16:33
I love snapchat but for the pass 3days my cámara is not working and I can’t seem to be able to send snaps to my friends. I have dis install the app twice already and it works fine the first time I open it but if I try a second time, the screen is black and it’s like frozen I can only press on certain things but mostly it’s not responding. Please see what is wrong. Is it me or is this happening to other people?
Fix this
by seth4653 on 2020/07/14 16:28
I’ve updated my Snapchat and it still won’t work. The screen is black and I can’t see my snaps. I can’t go to settings, I can’t do anything on the app
great app
by katelyn the karen on 2020/07/14 16:25
it’s a good way to communicate with others and have fun.
by WratthL on 2020/07/14 16:24
The recent update isn’t allowing me to send anything to anyone and my camera screen is also black Pls fix
Good but need to be fixed
by Bowseryoshi1 on 2020/07/14 16:24
I keep getting locked out of my account changed my password countless time and when I delete to see if that helps and reinstall it won’t let me for a long time
New issues
by Akire D. on 2020/07/14 16:23
I currently am not able to use my camera or go into my app settings... I updated it just now and it didn’t fix the problem. I also went into my phone settings, turned off access to my camera and turned it back on. Still nothing. Restarted my phone, nothing. Never had this issue before in my 6 years of using it.
by morgan stenberg on 2020/07/14 16:21
Bro with every update it keeps getting worse, just keep it the same.
by KAREN 3725 on 2020/07/14 16:21
I can’t open video stories and I can’t open videos that people send me.
by Queenof3Kings on 2020/07/14 16:18
I open the app and all I see is a black screen ‘ I can’t even go to my account ! 👊🏼👊🏼🙄
by keep2blixks on 2020/07/14 16:17
I don’t know why but now I can’t slide up on people’s story
Updated twice
by kimbo mtz on 2020/07/14 16:17
I updated twice and it still isn’t working. Dark screen, and can’t click on anything
Fix this now
by Aliboricuababy555 on 2020/07/14 16:16
When I open my app and go to the screen where you make the snap everything is blacked out on the forward and backwards camera. I updated the app thinking it would fix the issue and it hasn’t. Please fix this!
Haven’t been able to use for 2 days
by boymom1910 on 2020/07/14 16:15
I have not been able to use my Snapchat for the past 2 days. It will not let me use either of my cameras, the screen just stays black. I’ve lost several of my streaks, because it says I didn’t send them. I can’t click on anything. I can’t even go to my settings to log out or anything because it won’t allow me to click on ANYTHING.
Bugs Are Worsening
by mtnwillow on 2020/07/14 16:13
I’ve been using Snap for years and now suddenly on my iPhone 11 Pro Max my snap chat camera is malfunctioning. It’s not my camera because I have no issues with other apps. Snap button isn’t working except to take dark blacked out pictures. It’s not recording video just taking pictures now. And when I try to snap the viewfinder on my end is pitch black. I’ve tried checking my settings, updating and restarting several times. Nothing works and I have streaks with hundreds of days I’m scared I will lose now.
been glitching lately
by quinntr on 2020/07/14 16:10
i love this app and i use it a lot, but for some reason the past like 3 days, it’s been glitching and crashing
by Piglover0102 on 2020/07/14 16:09
i’ve had snapchat for a WHILE but here recently i’ve been having way too many problems with snapchat &&& honestly it’s pissing me off. like the app won’t even open without crashing. i have to restart my phone bc when i click on a snap it won’t even open or try to load. i love snapchat but i’ve had so many problems out of it.
glitches and not working fix bugs
by cxxjkn on 2020/07/14 16:07
black screen and can’t tap on my profile or swipe up on stories basically useless so many bugs and glitches
I hate the new update
by kickbobbbybob on 2020/07/14 16:05
The new update is so dumb now I can’t half open snaps when I don’t wanna talk to somebody 👁👄👁 please take it away
Stories and receiving videos
by Leak menifee on 2020/07/14 15:56
My snap will no longer let me watch any type of videos rather it being on someone’s story or they sending me a video, and I’ve been dealing with this for 3 days already I’m truly getting annoyed, and all I ask is you nicely fix my problem already, please and thank you !
Not working
by sarahi rojas on 2020/07/14 15:55
My Snapchat has not been working for the past 2 days. It was glitching and resetting the app and when I would go back on the app, all I would see is the black screen. I thought it was my phone but saw others were having issues too. This morning, I went to go update it with the newer update y’all gave and I still have the same issue. Also I can’t see my story or click onto my settings.
Snapchat review
by xvanessamzx on 2020/07/14 15:50
Hi! i really think Snapchat is a great app to talk with people and make A LOt of new friends, all tho, i would like to change my username because i really regret and don’t want to delete all my memories 😂
Suddenly stopped working
by Snapchatwasfun on 2020/07/14 15:47
Snapchat has suddenly stopped working as it should. My camera shows blacked out, I can’t go into my settings and do not get updated notifications anymore. All happened after the latest IOS update.
it’s a great app
by THE ADS🙄 on 2020/07/14 15:45
snapchat is one of my favorite apps i’ve ever downloaded it helps me stay un bored haha. but one problem everytime i enter a chat it take forever to load and and takes a long time to save the chat it’s starting to get annoying that’s my only complain. but overall this app is really great tbh
Fix this
by angrymadugh on 2020/07/14 15:45
It keeps crashing when I open the app
Snap views
by foreverangelina on 2020/07/14 15:43
Everything looks really good but it would be more helpful if they made it where you can see all your viewers when you slide up on your story instead of just being able to see a certain amount and then putting a (+205) for example.
New issue
by hidden valley ranch dressing on 2020/07/14 15:38
It was a five star but now it won’t let me open the app so plz fix
Not working
by 🐴💞jazz on 2020/07/14 15:29
Very frustrated. Can’t send any pictures because all I have is a black screen. Please fix.
Snapchat won’t open
by nehaag04 on 2020/07/14 15:22
I try to open my camera lense and it goes dark. Please fix this
by consumer :) on 2020/07/14 15:14
I’ve had Snapchat for almost 4 years and so far it hasn’t given me much grief if any. All of a sudden though it will NOT show the camera... just a big black screen. Oddest thing is pictures can still somehow be taken, you’re just gonna have no clue what it is that’s gonna show up on screen when you do. If it’s front facing or normal. It’s only been happening for about two days but it’s definitely disappointing. I’ve went into my settings thinking I somehow changed the ability to use my camera and low and behold that lil guy was still on. It could be a bug, I don’t know too much about all that though. All I know is that I can’t use Snapchat normally anymore and it’d be awesome if this was something y’all looked into.
camera not working?
by Happy with this!!!. on 2020/07/14 15:12
everytime i try to take a picture, the screen is black on the front and back cameras, but if i take a picture then that pic will pop up afterwards but i have no way of seeing what i’m even taking a picture of beforehand. it’s not an issue with my phone as cameras within other apps are working just fine
Was a good app... until the last 6 months.
by Bjking20 on 2020/07/14 15:07
Of course every app is going to have its problems. And over the years that I’ve used this it has never been like this. Starting about February snapchat started to glitch. For example, I would respond to my friend, however he would never open it for a day and then on his end it would say I left them on open. This has happened about 20 times. Just yesterday it said my friend left me on open but he actually sent me a snapchat and for some reason I didn’t get it. This has happened with 6 different people on my Snapchat. I don’t know what’s going on but it’s getting really old. I know this is a glitch too because well compare our screens in person. It’ll say that he never responded on my phone but on his phone it’ll say delivered so many hours ago. Snapchat needs to fix this.
Fix the bugs
by PV15524 on 2020/07/14 14:59
My snapchat hasn’t worked in 2 days
camera quality 👎🏽
by Obey_DeSean on 2020/07/14 14:58
it’s been nearly a year since the iphone 11 came out and the snapchat camera quality is still horrible they need to fix it ASAP
by molly liam on 2020/07/14 14:57
molly hey love you cool kids
by kaathy20 on 2020/07/14 14:56
My Snapchat hasn’t been working since yesterday morning out of nowhere. My camera is all a black screen I can’t take pictures and I can’t press any buttons I can only swipe. It’s not even letting me touch my profile or others profile. I’m allowed to see story’s but that’s just about it..
Please fix the app
by SheenaMessy on 2020/07/14 14:51
When on the camera screen it’s black. Nothing works. I can’t even get into my settings. If I swipe left or right I can see those pages but still cannot use most things. It said if I delete and reinstall the app I will lose all my data. Please fix.
by curlycomick on 2020/07/14 14:51
I go and send a message and I can’t see what I sent or whenever someone sends me a message I can’t see it either. It also takes a few seconds to open after I press on the app. I tried updating it and restarting my phone but it still is not working.
Black Screen
by Fali20 on 2020/07/14 14:44
You JUST updated the app after a whole day of the black screen issue, but the issue is still here, and I also can’t tap the icons on the bottom to transition from my snaps to my stories. Is this happening because of my device? Either way, please fix it because the update did not do anything. I’m also losing my streaks because of this issue, so when you eventually update this app again, please bring back the streaks that I supposedly “lost” just because of this ongoing issue. I also cannot reply to friends’ snaps with a snap of my own, because of the black screen issue. I can take the photo, but it only shows up after the photo is taken. Think of it like a Polaroid picture, where you have to wait for the image to show up after taking the photo. That is exactly what’s going on in general with the camera, but at least the photo immediately shows up after snapping your photo. Lastly, my friends’ Snapchat stories are starting to repeat themselves again, even when I have already viewed them. That needs to be taken care of, because that issue lasted AWHILE last time. I would also be open to share some newer ideas for the app; but for now these are the issues that I’m going to report on. Thank you.
by Mookie3824 on 2020/07/14 14:42
My snap always says that i have no friends when i know i have 1000+ friends on snap who watches my story everyday.i believe snap needs to fix this cuz i have to delete and redownload to get my friends back
Camera access problem
by Sophiethegaminggirl4 on 2020/07/14 14:32
When I open snapchat, it randomly says ur camera access or anything like that isn’t on which I never turn it off. Then, it leads me to settings to turn the camera access back on but for some reason it doesn’t show a “camera access” or anything like that. I don’t know what to do about that.
by Eqmumeae!n on 2020/07/14 14:30
i need snap to make it so u can get rid of someone on ur bsfs list without unadding them.
by Barbe forever on 2020/07/14 14:27
Please fix the black screen problem! I already deleted the app and re-download and the camera still does not work!!
by christiaž on 2020/07/14 14:22
Snapchat is good but it keep messing up with trying to send streaks all it says is failed to send I tried to restart my phone, delete the app & the problem is still acting up
Black screen
by tconn1216 on 2020/07/14 14:21
Like others all of a sudden my Snapchat is just showing a black screen when I open it and the camera is not working. I have deleted the app and reinstalled it twice now and restarted my phone and nothing has helped.
Great app but having problems PLEASE FIX THEM
by aLySsA hOeRnIg on 2020/07/14 14:20
I love Snapchat and it has started not working right for the last few days whenever I try to send a snap to 1 person or 10 people I try and send it and it won’t let me send it or the send button doesn’t pop up or it just won’t even let me tap on the persons name and when I try to open snaps it won’t let me so I have to continually press on it for it to work but then the box will stay there till I get out of snap and exit out the app completely by swiping up and sometimes when I send my streaks 1 by 1 they won’t send so I have to do it again but then when I go into the persons chat it’s there twice I just really hope Snapchat can fix these malfunctions soon cause it has caused me hassle but other than this one time thing I’ve never had an issue with Snapchat and it’s a great way to talk to people and have filters on your face but PLEASE FIX THESE ISSUES
Fire 🔥
by Jimmy 11422 on 2020/07/14 14:20
Best social media app out there they just do it different and better
It’s saying I have a snap unopened which I DON’T! AND my camera will not load so everything is black! Can’t take any pictures at all!
Love the app but FIX IT
by hockeysister#8 on 2020/07/14 14:15
My snap hasn’t been working for the past two days every time I try and go in it it glitches and brings me to my home screen it’s really annoying y’all need to fix your app
Fix this
by Rosey❤️🤪 on 2020/07/14 14:15
Good app, but whenever I open it, it says “oops Snapchat is a camera app” and so I go to my settings to try to enable camera, but there is no way to do that.
by Cody Coye on 2020/07/14 14:14
I’ve been using Snapchat for little over two years, and it has worked perfectly fine. Except recently. I’ve been having to uninstall and reinstall the app multiple times because it doesn’t work for some reason. Not a problem with my device, and it happens every week or two.
Whole app not working
by disappointed Uber Eats user on 2020/07/14 14:13
Camera is black. Buttons don’t work. Been like this for a day.
Great app and all but FIX THIS
by Cakegirl300 on 2020/07/11 16:23
My Snapchat, along with many others, has suddenly started malfunctioning. I’ll send my streaks, and then it’ll say they sent, but then if I check later on, it says that only the streaks from the day before sent and makes it seem as though I haven’t sent or received anything, even though I know I have cause it said delivered before and it said I had 15 snaps, but then they all disappeared. And then when they all reappeared it wouldn’t let me open a few of them. It also deleted the videos off of my story from the day before. And it hasn’t been letting me view certain stories. Like I’ll try to few them, and it’ll just glitch me onto another story. This seems to only happen when it’s a video on the story. I tried restarting my phone, and I even tried logging out and back in on my Snapchat account, but after attempting this, it wouldn’t even let me back in the app. Like I would try to open it and it would just immediately crash. I talked to my friends and several of them are having the same issues as well. I even tried deleting the app and reinstalling it and now it’s taking forever to reinstall, like longer than usual. Idk what’s going on but PLEASE FIX IT SOON!
New Features?
by cuwhdcclhjck on 2020/06/24 08:45
I have had snapchat for almost a year, and there are quite a few features that I think should be added in a future update. I've seen some of these new feature ideas on TikTok. The first/most important feature that should be added is that we should be able to change our usernames.. as most people got Snapchat when they were younger and they are unable to change their usernames. Some of the other ideas include; unsending a snap... this would be useful if you were having a private conversation and accidentally sent something to the wrong person (idea from TikTok). The ability to screen-shot/-record something without it notifying the other person (idea from Snapchat). There should also be a way to make the drawing clear, this is good for doing snap bingos and other things. There should be a bigger variety of color filters on Snapchat (for after you take the photo). There should be an option for the timer to be for either 3 secs or 10 secs. There should be a way to blend the colors when you draw. Last but not least, there should be an eraser option when you use the drawing tool. I hope you consider adding these features into a future Snapchat update :) -me and many others
Somethings Very Wrong
by IssaRaeSwag27 on 2020/04/08 15:25
I’ve been using this app for well over 6 years, and in that time I’ve had minimal problems with the app. However, as of recent within the last year (Say January 2019 to April 8th of 2020) this app has started to derail from it’s once great state. And as of recent meaning these past two MONTHS, my friends and I’s snapchats have been going to total crap. My friends snapchat “deleted itself,” wouldn’t allow her to login, wouldn’t allow from others phones to login to her account. And now, mine is doing the exact same. I changed the password, I’ve changed my connection back and fourth (Sorry TeamSnapchat no one has 3-4 wifis to choose from on a given day), the app wouldn’t even allow me to change my password through email it HAD to be done through SMS, which still didn’t change the fact that AFTER I CHANGED THE PASSWORD Snapchat would STILL NOT LET ME IN. With the constant pop up of, “Cannot Connection” or “Change Connection” one of the two but it had to do with a connection I had already changed SEVERAL TIMES, again I only have one wifi, and one cellular connection because I’m on a PHONE!! Snapchat Support doesn’t have a number to call, they don’t want to take any fall back, apparently this is a problem they can’t really help with. The worst part is I have no clue if someone is using my Snapchat, I have pictures dating back to forever ago on there, amazing memories, and thats my biggest problem. ITS, ALL, GONE.
Ads impairing usability
by lauralooloo99 on 2020/01/19 20:10
I’ve been a Snapchat user for 7 years now — which is CRAZY to think about. In that time, it’s evolved to something far beyond an app to send disappearing pics with a little bit of text to your best buds. It’s now it’s own stand-alone social platform with a million and six features that, for the most part, have built upon the idea of sending a snap of something in the moment for quick casual communication. HOWEVER, though I understand advertising is necessary to generate revenue to keep Snapchat free, when I can’t tap past content I’m not interested without getting stuck on a long timed ad every two taps, I give up on trying to find content I enjoy. I leave the app in frustration, and have not looked at discover stories as much because of this. I have nothing against advertising, but the way they are presented makes me really dislike the discover portion of Snapchat. Again, there are a lot of things about this app I like, but I get increasingly frustrated and notice more and more cons daily. Doing this kind of stuff makes users want to “quit Snapchat,” since the app has been designed to be addictive and the high is getting less and less satisfying. Just some things to consider. Please improve your ad algorithm and that’d be a great first step in improving the UX. Thanks!
Small suggestion
by UnbuiltFungus10 on 2019/08/26 11:59
I can say confidently that me and all of my friends spend just about all of our time on Snapchat. It has brought many people I know together in ways I’ve never seen capable by another app. By far snapchat is my favorite and most used app. It is easy to use and has a smooth and appealing layout. I am not here to criticize, but simply to make a suggestion. I enjoy watching some of the shows on the “For you” tab. But I often find myself losing the show that I was just watching. I’ve noticed that thumbnails change after you go through the story, so that makes it hard to find what you clicked on in the first place. In particular I keep finding myself thinking “wow, I enjoyed that show, but I don’t remember what channel it was under. Though I only watched it 5 minutes ago.” Thus I would propose a sort of “history” feature for the “for you” page. (I would not like this for personal stories, only shows on the for you tab.) Possibly even just keep it in a more hidden spot because I do not need it as often as other things on Snapchat. But a feature like this would help me find and subscribe to the shows I enjoy. Thank you for reading.
if it could just load faster than everything would be fine
by raya4456 on 2019/04/25 23:38
OK I love Snapchat so much are use it every single day I use it for everything to text my friends call my friends post on my story let people know what I’m doing and I love it so much but, if it were just faster!!!Lately it has been lagging and axing me out of the tab and doing really crazy stuff lately at this point it’s getting very annoying and I wish you would just stop the most recent iOS update on Snapchat was just three days ago this is becoming absolutely absurd if they’re having updates within three days and it still continuing to be bad and having really bad bugs and saying that they’re fixing them is not correct, they actually need to fix the bugs and fix the lagging and fix all the terrible loading and axing out of the tabs and all the really crappy things and Snapchat will be perfect this is just my opinion but many other people are experiencing this to it has just been recently so it’s good that hasn’t been really really bad but lately it has been very bad many people running or changing the same thing so I know it’s not just me on my phone so let me know if you’re exchanging the same thing to!
by 🐷PigLover🐷 on 2020/05/02 02:44
This app is amazing and is so safe for our kids! I am a mother of 4 and i let all of my kids have this app. It is very safe because when you first download the app, it immediately puts you on ghost mode. This means no one can see your location. you have the choice to turn it off but they ask you about 3 verification questions before you do. Plus, you can’t see anyone’s posts and you can’t message anyone unless you follow them and they follow you back. If you guys follow each other and someone does something inappropriate, and you didn’t save the chat, you can go in settings and there is a button where you can revive all of the message you have ever sent. they will also bring up any messages they other person sent too. Lastly, if you report someone, it will immediately block them and report their account to the headquarters! This app is also super fun! It’s a fun way to communicate because when your kids go into their teen years, it’s not “cool” to text any more so this will be super fun! There’s all types of wonderful filters on this app which makes it amazing too! There are some cons but overall this is an amazing app!:)
Snapchat Needs improvement
by Ktiger101 on 2019/04/02 16:52
I was really impressed with Snapchat back in the day, in that it enabled photo messaging and added filters to help with those of us who may have a bad skin day, keep our blemishes hidden by a smoother so when we send our friends a snap it doesn’t show our embarrassing acne spot to our possible crush, etc. The new updates to Snapchat are disastrous. First; I can not clear an entire conversation column and have to go one by one through the messages to clear them. Also you can’t look up your friends; how is anyone supposed to organize their friends list if we can’t even see who’s our friend without searching them? If you have 20 or so friends you are basically spending 2 minutes of your time trying to clear your snap window. Second; the stories; filled with biased propaganda and absolute garbage. I enjoy subscribing to some of the channels but the fact that most of these channels feature some of the most controversial topics and are completely one sided is unfortunate. I would like to see more middle liner content, and keep politics out of the playground unless your going to equalize and allow those who may not swing to the left side of the scale, be able to enjoy the features as well. Please read and consider Snapchat
Dark mode?
by DoctorWhovian66 on 2020/03/02 05:03
I’ve had Snapchat for several years now, and it’s always been one of (if not my favorite) social media platform. It’s easy and fun to use, and it’s a great way to keep in contact with friends. All the filters make for some great selfie-taking, and you really get a personalized experience, which I love. The only thing I wish was different is that there is no dark mode. I have an iPhone, and Apple has been super receptive to feedback when it came to allowing a dark mode for phones. It’s really an awesome feature, since even on the lowest brightness you could burn out your corneas with the pure white screens of the App Store, iMessage, iTunes, and more. Thankfully, those are all in dark mode now, which is great in the middle of the night as well as in broad daylight. I really wish Snapchat would look into making a dark mode for their users as well, since lots of people (myself included) really prefer dark mode. There’s something about the look of it that I love, and an added bonus is that I don’t go blind at nighttime. I wish I could say the same for snap. Snapchat, please consider a dark mode for your users. I don’t think I’m the only person that would like to have it.
App was good but now it isn’t
by Heath6902 on 2020/03/27 03:09
I’ve had Snapchat since like the first time I got my phone (I know right) & I usually never had problems well I decided go on one my accounts things were fine I went to send a snap someone & it didn’t send for a long time (in minutes) finally I got it send like I was closing outta all my apps, closing it, retrying, powering off my phone everything! Finally I got it I was happy so then I post pic saying I was getting off the account go my main because I was bored on that so that toke couples minutes post & so as said I was logging out well it kept saying ‘connection error’ when my phone was fine & tried once more getting out & everything didn’t work! So I deleted the app as I was I looked at peoples reviews knowing I wasn’t alone so I got it downloaded & tried login same thing popped up like really!? So I panicked & came here so many thoughts ran threw my mind because that app was kinda the thing that I texted some people on if I didn’t have them on other apps..but all I’m asking Snapchat is to fix this one bug for everyone don’t worry about new stuff I’m glad what we got but the game but eh. I’m going keep trying & see but for now this is it :/
My love/hate Relationship With Snap
by Dillard698spmethiin on 2019/10/19 07:01
I have been using snapchat since 2013. In the past six years I have seen such an development in quality, options, and overall popularity. This app is like a lion and every phone the app touches, is it’s kingdom. I enjoy Snapchat. I enjoy the streaks. I really enjoy the meme accounts I’m subscribed to! But there’s one thing that I just can’t get behind. The Discover Page. I’ll be straight up honest with you, it is the one thing that makes takes that fifth star away. Ya’ll just came out with a new update. I was excited to hear that you could change the settings with the Discover Page. I went to these setting (to turn off the page) to DISCOVER (haha ha, dad joke) that there’s still no way at ALL that I can turn it off. Look, and I’ll put it bluntly, I love your app except for that one thing. I think you should be able to have the option to turn it off. I simply just don’t care about it and would rather not see it. Now I might just be the only one on this planet that doesn’t like it, or there are tons of other people that don’t enjoy it either. Anyways, I’m sorry for the rant, I just really wanna see that change is all. Have a good one!
love the app, but...
by GracieMoMo0223 on 2020/04/09 23:22
I’ve had Snapchat for a long time now, and I love the app. It is a way that I can stay in touch with my friends and get to know new ones. Of course ever app has its bad days and glitches, like the other day, but something that annoys me greatly and has never been fixed is the time that the notifications that someone you subscribed to comes in. I am subscribed to a couple influencers and I have notifications on for two or three of them. I will sometimes be on the app and see that they posted and view their story, and of course, I would view their story so there would really be no need for a notification. Even though this occurs sometimes, I will get a notification five to ten minutes later about the same person, and it would be in regard to the post that I already viewed. Something else that happens with the notifications is that I do not receive them until about fifteen minutes after the post has been up. The reason I have notifications on is to see it in the first couple minutes, not in the first hour. If there is something that can be done to fix this, it would be greatly appreciated.
by Aye mopeeeee on 2019/06/03 02:32
So I was on my snapchat and all of a sudden it just stopped working. I completely shut my phone off and I re-opened the app back up to see it still wasn’t working. So I thought the best way was to delete the app the download it again. So I did that, but then it wasn’t letting me log into my account? It kept saying “check your internet” and everything was just slow. When I finally got back into my account after like 5 minutes.. it showed I didn’t have any friends or anything, no pictures, no nothing, and then it finally loaded again after like 5 minutes. I can’t post stuff in my story without seeing the “failed to post” thing. My snaps were disappearing too, and they were my friends snaps not showing up. I finally got the app to work but not as well because it still is doing the same thing other than me being able to see my friends snaps. I hope you fix it soon because I’m really not enjoying how it is right now because it’s not working for anyone and my internet is perfectly fine. So that’s why I’m asking you again to just fix the problem. Please and thank you!
Memory/Image Recovery
by MyLoUlSh on 2020/05/21 02:23
Hello! I just wanted to say that I personally love Snapchat. I use it more often than iMessage. Though I have to say that the fact that there isn’t a recovery option for memories really bothers me, and I’m sure I’m not the only person who has run into a problem like this on Snapchat. I had a memory that I held dearly to me. I was editing my memory small segments at a time. When I was editing, there was a small segment of that memory that I didn’t want to keep, so I had tapped delete believing it would delete that portion only, not knowing that it was going to delete the entire snap itself. Having made it two years ago, I hadn’t realized till now that I didn’t save it to my camera roll at the time being. I was wondering if there’s any way possible to incorporate a recovery option into snap, or maybe even make it possible for us to recover our memories without saving them to our camera roll? Though if there is a way to recover memories without having saved them to my camera roll, I would really appreciate the tips and feedback. I lost all hope for saving the memory after seeing that it is stated on the Snapchat support page that there is no way of recovering unless backed up on the camera roll.
i can’t
by Eva❤️🥺🖤👀😂😘 on 2020/05/12 03:50
i have had this app for like 3-4 years and have had plenty of different accounts as the years past. I love snapchat because it’s just a good app but there all more negatives that out way the positives. one of the the negatives is that there’s so many bugs. one of the bugs is that whenever i’ve had an account for awhile it starts to go slower and slower and slower to the point where people’s bitmoji’s don’t pop up there names turn into there usernames than whenever i tap on a chat or snap they don’t open. so i had to make a new account because it got so bad and now my new account is running slow to. sometimes the app just closes out and i’ll try to open it again and it closes out again. there are people that have had accounts for years and there account are not running as slow as mine and i know it’s not my phone because i’ve had many of different phones and snapchat makes my phone run slow. i used to not be able to receiver yolks but i thought it was just my phone but i made a new account that receiver yolos, i also feel as if we should be able to change our usernames because some people have weird names that they were not able to change. please fix these bugs because if it get anymore worse i might deleted the app😕
Snapchat is awesome but I need help!
by Marky boy(PuertoRicanCrazyBoy) on 2020/04/08 16:15
Hey Snapchat Team! I hope all of you guys are working safe during these times of the global pandemic going on, but I have an inquiry. I see that recently you guys released a new update about 2 days ago and today this morning Snapchat updated to the newest version. For some odd reason my photos aren’t going through at all and no stories are loading up. I tried closing the app out wait a few minutes and reopen it and resend my snap, but it still wouldn’t go through. I decided to just log out and log back in to see if that’ll help, but to my surprise it didn’t let me log back in and told me I had a connection problem. My WiFi is working perfectly for my other applications and social media platforms at this time, but some reason Snapchat isn’t liking my WiFi so I switch over to my Data network and still I’m getting the connection timed out message, telling me that I have a connection problem. Please help as soon as you guys can to resolve this issue! I thank you guys in advance and don’t work to hard during these times! God bless. -Mark L. Garcia
by Cjloe12 on 2019/07/15 00:24
I’ve been using SnapChat for several years. I’ve enjoyed it a lot, never encountering an issue. Then suddenly, things began to change over the past few weeks. One night, I noticed that all of my Streaks had the time capsule next to them, indicating that they were about to end. So, I sent out Streaks to everyone, thus causing the time capsule to disappear and an extra day to be added to each Streak. When I woke up the next morning, approximately 9 hours later, all of my Streaks remained in tact except for one; my longest streak, spanning over 800 days plus. This is despite the fact that I sent out Streaks to everyone the night before, and all of the time capsules disappeared. Yet, just 1 Streak ended. The next day, both my friend (who I had the terminated streak with) and I filed reports through the app about the malfunction, but we’re left without a response. Since that day, I’ve encountered other issues such as the app crashing, Streaks failing to send despite having WiFi, and messages failing to send. I’m very disappointed in the malfunctioning of what was seemingly a reliable app for years, and the lack of customer service dealt to acknowledge my filed report. It would be upsetting if this went unnoticed, and a reliable user of an app was left dissatisfied.
Best friends list messed up
by Jo7272818 on 2019/10/09 01:46
I have been utilizing this app for many years and have always been impressed with the variety of features it has added over time. I admire how the app keeps one connected to people who are far away, and those close by as well. I have never had a single complaint about the app that is, until today. My boyfriend and I have been dating for 6 months and as a result we have acquired the pink hearts over that period of time. Today, however, I logged into my Snapchat to see that it was gone and instead replaced by a yellow heart saying that we have now just become “besties.” I would like to argue that this is false because we Snapchat every day and only really Snapchat each other. I believe that this must have been a glitch and would like it to be fixed. If our pink hearts were to be brought back, I would reconsider my initial review and come back to edit it by adding that Snapchat was very responsive and attentive to my request. Thank you, and I am hoping to see this fixed soon. Annnnnd as promised, I am back to add to my review. Thank you Snapchat for giving us our pink hearts back- and so quickly too!
Great app but needs improvement
by GamingWithJen 2 on 2019/06/03 22:08
Ok so I have been using Snapchat for a while now. It’s a great app I use it to keep in touch with my friends and post random stuff. But lately, snapchats been bugging out. So here’s my problem: I viewed my friends story nothing unusual, then it slid to the next persons story and so on and so fourth. Then a couple hours later I go back to Snapchat and it says I haven’t viewed their story yet. I was a little confused but viewed there story again anyway. I could see that they posted something new because I saw it on the little circle thing next to their name😂. But when I viewed the story I saw the exact same story I already viewed. This happened with four different people. I thought it was my phone even though it’s brand new. So I deleted Snapchat, logged back in, and the same thing happened. I did that numerous times before I just gave up and decided to write a review. (also another issue was I viewed one persons story then the next then the next but after that one as I was tapping for the next persons story it kept showing me that same persons story when there were still more to view?) I really hope you take the time to read my review and fix this little issue.😊
I avoided using this app my whole life and now that I’ve downloaded it I regret it
by Brandon Brunn on 2020/04/07 21:19
First of all I’d like to say that I have never once reviewed any other app on the App Store. However, I feel the need to rate SnapChat 1 star because of the number of times my account has gotten locked since I downloaded the app about a month ago. I use a Jailbroken iPhone 11 because I like the freedom of my device and being able to do whatever I want with it without the manufacturer (Apple) preventing me. Jailbreaking is NOT illegal and does NOT mean I’m doing anything that an average user wouldn’t do with SnapChat. I have no tweaks that modify SnapChat in any way. I’ve done the things that SnapChat recommends to avoid getting my account locked while jailbroken. My account still gets locked at least every week. The fact that SnapChat is so against jailbreaking concerns me as to why they don’t support people having freedom of their device. It makes me think they do shady things. Banning people for wanting their device to be the way they like it is absurd. It’s one thing to ban someone for modifying SnapChat to do things that it wasn’t intended to do but to ban someone for wanting to change the icons on their home screen, change the system font, set a GIF as a wallpaper, or other minor changes is stupid and that’s why I regret downloading this app.
by bob🐳 on 2019/08/30 19:11
When I first got Snapchat it was great, worked very well and they’re wasn’t anything I didn’t like about it. I did notice though, that I couldn’t send videos. I would have to save them and then send the video to the person/people through the chats. Even then they still didn’t send. And recently, I lost all of my saved memories - I did follow the steps you left in the help section about lost memories and I got them back for a little while, but they’re gone again and those steps no longer work. Also, every time I go to open Snapchat, it shuts me out of it. I found that I have to shut down my phone for a few minutes, and delete an app on my phone to stay in the Snapchat for a little bit. I’m sorry if this sounds like I’m complaining, or unhappy with your app, I really do love it, but I would appreciate it if you might try to fix these issues. I’m not the only one with this problem, some of my friends have this problem too with their Snapchat just shutting them out of the app and not letting them reopen it, and we would really appreciate it if that was checked out. Thank you so much!
by GILCROES😎 on 2020/03/24 04:16
I personally love this app and it’s a great way to text and chat and do lots of things on honestly! I have a few issues with it though. One is that when I go to a chat and press the smile face I can’t find the cutout thing to make a cameo. I’ve been looking left and right how to. I’ve been asking my friends and everything they tell me is not showing up on my screen. For example they said to update Snapchat and then maybe I’ll see the cutout so I updated it and honestly nothing changed. I can’t find how to make a cameo. My friend has even sent me a link to Snapchat support saying how to make a cameo but I am missing on of those steps. I don’t have the face cut out image on the bottom of my bar when I press the face. I have one more issue. The only snap game that I can’t play is Bitmoji party. Me and my friends are always trying to play bitmoji party together and hers works and mine doesn’t. Everytime I try playing, before I even start the game, it says connection lost. EVERY TIME! So I would love if you could fix the bitmoji party and I know that it is not my connection because I have strong connection. Thanks for reading.
I hate the swiping up on subscriptions
by Christian Boolang on 2019/06/02 15:07
i love everything about snapchat but one thing i can’t stand is going through you subscription story’s and seeing a interesting story’s that end up being 20 pages, but i’m complaining about the ads all around the screen, they make everything so glitchy. now i know this isn’t really snap chats problem but i hope they can make my time on their app more stress free by making it smooth and not frustratingly hard to read a article. look i was just talking a Urbo how many times will you fall in love quiz and me going through the questions when the page is super glitchy and it makes me click the wrong answer and then i can’t change it and has to restart, this is ridicules. then i finally got through almost all the questions and was at the final question and the screen went white. i tried to do anything in my power to save the progress but it didn’t do anything and i lost it. i just wanted a simple answer to how many times i would fall in love because snap chat hasn’t yet fixed this problem i felt the right to report this. and i know giving snap chat a one star is not the best thing to do if i love everything else in the app but i hope this will be seen and fixed as soon as possible so i can take my quizzes quick and smooth. Thank you
Love but needs fixing
by ellahair24 on 2020/03/22 03:33
I LOVE Snapchat and I’ve had snapchat since 2013 because it’s such a good way to meet new people and stay in touch. It’s my most used app and I enjoy snapchatting people all day long. But recently I’ve been kind of fed up with the bugs. Like when I get a notification from Snapchat, sometimes it’ll just disappear off my lock screen. Also when I open the app after I got a notification, the Snapchat will not appear. The most annoying bug is when the Snapchat says, “Tap to Load” but when I tap it won’t load and I’ll never see the Snapchat. I’ve looked up how people have fixed these bugs in the past and I’ve tried everything. I’ve tried restarting my phone, deleting the app and download it again, I've logged in on another phone, I’ve cleared the conversation, and I’ve cleared my cache but nothing seems to work. Another thing, it is very hard to reach Snapchat. I had to really work to find how to reach them and tell them about their bug and I feel like it needs to be a little easier. Again, I love snapchat and as a teenager it is perfect for my generation to keep up with each other but I am really disappointed in all the bugs recently. Thanks!!
We need this one improvement
by Pup Simulater on 2019/07/29 04:39
Snapchat, you know how you added the group chat system a while back? There needs to be one change to it. We should have the ability to remove someone from a group. Here’s why: Okay, so, I decided that I wanted to make a group chat with my friends and use it to share stories as a way to get closer. I made the mistake of inviting one friend, however, as she would make the most ridiculous and inconvenient calls in the middle of the night. Not only that, but, she wasn’t using the system of MY chat as I intended. She abuses my group chat as she posts multiple pictures, despite me asking her to stop. That friend later says I yelled at her, then creates drama for everyone and keeps us all up in the middle of the night. That girl later posts something I call very disturbing, and the sad things are, for one, I couldn’t delete it, and the fact people were literally online, on my group chat, and saw that. Now what are they gonna think of me? I’ve had enough of it to the point I left the group chat. I got fed up, ok? Snapchat, PLEASE make this change right now, and I’ll give you a five star rating. Thanks for your time in reading this (if you did so already).
by unicorn_88888888888 on 2019/09/03 04:11
i read some reviews and realized i wasn’t the only person with this annoying problem. i get into Snapchat and do whatever until like 15-25 maybe 30 minutes it my screen turns black and kicks/glitches me out of the app. otherwise the app is fun, i don’t really take pictures i scroll through the “movies” on there, Hooked, stuff like that and it’s entertaining and i use that app a lot. it’s not too bad with the glitching out but idk if it’s my device or snap because i heard it’s happening to other people. so if it’s snap at least try to fix it because i don’t want it to get worse like i can’t even do anything without it doing that. try and don’t ignore people because most very annoying i don’t use it too much but for people who use it for hours it’s gonna get frustrating. also the little paragraph/story stuff there are WAYY too much ads, and pressing next 4,078 should be enough. but no. and most of the time i just leave the story bc the screen just randomly goes white, has to load whatever. i’m lucky if i get to finish which happened like 2 times. please fix these problems otherwise it’s fine thanks for reading my review ik it’s long but whatevah sistah.
Subscription story problems
by BarbieBalla12 on 2019/07/03 02:22
I usually don’t do reviews, but I’m really starting to get annoyed with the “next page” “next page” next page” “next page” “next page” story pages. The stories are really interesting, but eventually I will click next page and for some reason the page will just glitch and show a white page or pop up an ad that I can’t get out of except to press the “x” and after that, I don’t feel like scrolling all the way through the numerous “next page” buttons and ads, and therefore cannot finish the story that had already hooked my attention and I was almost done with. It’s been doing this for about a year or more. Eventually I just don’t even want to read the stories that writers spent their time writing. I have an iPhone XR and I am connected to internet that has never gave me any issues. Plus, like I said.. it has been going on for a long while now and I’ve been on numerous devices and connected to numerous WiFi connections. That said, the problem is most definitely stemming from the application. Please take this problem into consideration as I really enjoy this Snapchat feature, I just wish I could actually finish the stories that I have already invested my time into reading.
Minor Issue :/
by brbieboy on 2019/05/26 04:08
okay so the past 2 days my snapchat has been acting weird. i mean sure this complaint is not really a big of a deal but i just can’t get use to this issue. i cant see when my friends are in the chat and when they’re not because i cant see their bitmoji’s but it does give me a notification that this particular person is typing its just that whenever i go to the conversation i don't see him/her typing or there at all even if they are there. at first it was tolerable but then it got worse when i couldn’t even figure out whether or not they have opened my snaps or messages because there were some points that i know they’ve seen it but it’s just not saying it’s been opened. i have tried every solution i could think of to fix this glitch or bug or whatever but nothing worked. i’ve tried logging out then logging back in of snapchat, deleting the app then reinstalled it again, and resetting my phone. i dont know what else to do. so please if you can at least give me an update for the app i’d be very glad. thank you.
good but fix this!!!
by buuudda on 2019/10/17 03:55
I love this app. I think it’s a great way to be able to communicate with my friends and family. I haven’t had really any problems with it except for 2 things. First I think that the updates should be released to everyone. My snapchat still looks the same with the blue or purple at the top, but a lot of my friends have the new all white look. I like the blue and purple top, but I think the new look should be released to everyone or better yet, be an option in settings how you want your snapchat to look. My second big problem is, is when I go to edit someone’s name, I can’t, for example, add a letter in the middle of their name without having to delete the whole name. The cursor won’t stay between letters, and just seems to go to the beginning or end of the name, which is a huge inconvenience, especially if I’m just adding a letter or emoji to the beginning of they’re name to indicate that I have a streak with them, or if I’m just trying to delete that emoji/and or letter. Otherwise I love this app, except for the reasons above and the minor crashes we’ve been experiencing lately...
I noticed my review, and others were removed. (Why?)
by Chris.710 on 2019/08/21 22:07
Editors must be in 9th grade or something. Old article content. They pull topics from years ago... Snapchat used to be great, but now it is plagued with content that is of very poor taste. You click something you’re interested in reading about or listening to and it takes you through 4-5 completely irrelevant corny articles and ads that make you wonder what happened to society and then you finally get to the article(s) of interest. It’s for kids, and nothing more. Tasteless marketing targeting children which is unfortunate because I have used this app for quite some time on every recent device, but can’t stand the “Demi said WHAT?!?” Or “you won’t believe what _____ wore to the beach!” But today I saw one that said “how EXPERIENCED are you really?” With a picture of 2 condoms and all I could think of was how CLASSLESS the author of that article must be, knowing CHILDREN use this app more than adults! Unreal.. goes to show people will put their class and morals aside for some kudos from their higher ups. Really corny tactics to draw an audience. I figured these click bait articles would be obsolete by now but with this new generation, it is a field day for the marketing team. Money over everything 🤦‍♂️
About Snapchat
by kenna.bug on 2019/06/01 13:42
Okay where do I start.. Snapchat is an amazing app because you can FaceTime and text your friends if you or your friends don’t have minutes on your phone. Also I love the filler’s and I like how you can block people if the are being rude I’ve had to do that a couple of times.. and I like how you can save chats just in case someone is being rude to your friends they if you save them you can show your friends what the person has been saying about them. And now let’s talk about updates..ever since the update my Snapchat isn’t working as well as it was but it still works good and sometimes it pops up that I have know filler’s. BUT it is because I never refresh my Snapchat😂 So remember if something weird happens alway refresh your Snapchat DON’T be like me and never refresh your Snapchat... so that was just a little story that happened to me about a week ago😂 but yes Snapchat is amazing oh and another thing do not add strangers.. trust me I done that but let’s not even go there😬😬 And yes if you are aloud I recommend you getting Snapchat👻👻 bye
Snapchat keeps crashing & new icon is ugly
by Its da bae on 2019/09/01 15:30
Ever since the newest update my snapchat crashes after 30 seconds of being on it. I have tried everything and nothing seems to work. I tried deleting and redownloading the app, i have refreshed the app, cleared it, shut my phone off and then back on. I have lost all of my streaks due to this app crashing and its very frustrating i love my streaks and im disappointed in the app. I love snapchat its my favorite app on my phone but as of right now its the crappiest app on my phone. I updated it and was a little iffy on if i wanted to update it only because my bestfriend is having the same issue she had hers set up to automatically update her apps and hers has been crashing since the day it updated. As soon as i open the app it and go to send a snapchat its freezes up and then the screen goes black and it takes me back to my home screen...not only that but it logs me out of my account out of nowhere i changed the password thinking someone else was logging in mine but thats not it... it still logs me out. Not to mention The new icon is too bold and ugly now. ive had snapchat since 2013 and ive only had one other issue with an update untill now. Can you please fix this issue i know im not the only person thats having this problem. Thank you
Great App minor issue..
by ShaggyDabbyDoo14 on 2019/06/03 13:27
I’ve had this app for YEARS and have never had this problem occur until yesterday. So...a basic run down of how it happened...I tried to post to my story, and it kept saying “failed to post” or whatever so I tapped retry, and it posts...for like half a second until I close the app and reopen it...then it does the same thing. So now I got a ten second story that was supposed to be a minute long in total....and the rest of the videos are gone because I didn’t save them because I didn’t think I had too..anyways...onto the next problem...I wake up this morning and try to look at my other friends stories...and it won’t play theirs’ll play their old ones that I’ve already seen but none of the new ones that they’ve posted in the last hour or so. Plus it keeps recycling the same persons story when I try to click through them to get to the next person. I’m not sure if it’s an update error or if it’s a minor bug but I would really like for it to be cleared up soon. Other than these two recent problems I haven’t had any issues with the app! It’s great in total I just think something went wrong in the recent update!
Terrible content forced upon users
by Disgruntled Snapchat User 55 on 2019/07/20 04:15
I love the primary function of Snapchat. But there should be options to customize a feed. For instance, some people (although I’ve never met them) probably like official stories and enjoy seeing them. Someone like me who hates official stories and thinks that they are biased, misleading, complete wastes of time and that they lower millions of IQs every day, would appreciate an option to hide all official stories because I don’t care about celebrities, crazy people seeking validation or loudmouths trying to get my attention. I just want to communicate with my friends. You might respond “oh, you can hide stories you don’t like”. Well I tried hiding all stories I don’t like but more kept popping up in the “Discover” section, stories that I hated even more. Just make an option to hide official stories, it’s that simple. I’m talking an option to completely hide them from the app. I think I’ll probably delete Snapchat sooner if nothing changes and I hope you realize it’s a shame that you’re indoctrinating young people like me with the most mind-numbing, useless content around. On a positive note, you do have at least one good official story: “Snapped in the Wild”. Who cares about some brainless instagram model when you can watch animals rip each other to shreds. Thanks.
It’s decent.
by emily_jska on 2020/05/05 19:12
i use this app just as much as everyone else, if that’s a good enough description. it’s pretty good and i don’t have many big issues, and if i do they get fixed pretty fast, however i do have some gripes about the lens features: 1. LET US DELETE THE SNAPCHAT-GIVEN LENSES FROM OUR LENS CAROUSEL, PLEASE. they’re never good and i don’t like them! make it a toggle option in settings or something! i’m sick of scrolling through them because i’m wondering where the heck kumar w/ grain disappeared to! speaking of.. 2. i shouldn’t have to send a snap to someone to save a creator-made lens to my carousel. it’s annoying! maybe i’m just missing it, but is there a way to just permanently save lenses to your carousel even if you’d don’t use them all the time? 3. what’s the deal with only 2 people being able to use like.. 90% of the filters? and in addition, why do they not recognize faces in landscape? i have more than 2 friends! i HATE turning my phone horizontally slower than the earth’s rotation to get the filter on my friends and i. i gave 3/5 stars because other than those pretty minor issues, the app works well, but those minor issues bother me personally enough to rate it quite poorly :/
Needs work.
by HeyItzAcey on 2020/03/19 15:41
Anyone could tell that snapchat is a very unique social media app. From the ability you have to share your own posts with your friends, see other friends posts, keep photos private, save memorable snaps, to be able to catch up on the latest news in the world. This app almost has it all. Although, don’t be fooled! This app has plenty of bugs that come with it. For example, let’s say you click on a news story. You swipe up, and this news story happens to have a video that you can watch. Once you click out of the video, you can still hear the audio. Although, your screen is completely black. Therefore, you must reload the app completely to get it to work again. This is one of many bugs snapchat has. Snapchat also has a tendency to crash; if you care, it also takes up a decent amount of storage in your phone. I’m assuming the storage amount also depends on how much you’re putting in to the app. In addition, this app is a great way for you to meet creepy people. Watch out! All in all, this app really does have unique features that make it enjoyable, but there is definitely a lot to be done to make the app work more smoothly.
Yee yee
by Booger cousin on 2019/06/25 16:15
Okay first off I love Snapchat it’s amazing and fun! It’s a really easy and simple way to get ahold on my friends, and a easy way to see where they are and what there doing:) the filters are really funny, I love to get one of the really funny ones and put it on my friends faces with out them knowing..hehe😂! I also love love the filter ones!! That’s what I usually take my photos with, for my Instagram, and to send to my friends😫❤️ I love to scroll down threw my saved to see all the cringe, butttt funny memories that I’ve gotten to make. But lately snap has been getting really glitchy and it shows me snaps, storys, and chats that I’ve already opened and sometimes with out me even opening they GO AWAY! And it really upsets me, because what if it was really important, you know? Another problem is the streaks thing! I have like 30 but I lost my highest streak (344) and she had already sent streaks to me! And the other day me and my cousin were sending each other videos of each other cause we were right beside one another and it told us we lost our streak when we where just send photos/videos of each other!👎🏻😡
by hhr23 on 2020/04/08 11:31
So I’ve had snapchat for almost 4 years now and I’m just getting more and more disappointed. When I first got snapchat I really liked how it looked and the the icon had not such a bold out line. And it was different layout. So I’m not saying that any app should never update itself but think about what people want upadated and make changes to that. Anyway u guys updated the app and the whole layout changed I didn’t really like how it looked at first but I got use to it and then liked it. But then u guys changed the whole layout again this year and I hate it. I’m not against androids but that’s what it looks like and it just looks weird for an app to look like that. So there’s one thing. Then the next problem I’m having is that my friends are Apple to send multiple snaps bc it says on there phone under like the little drop bar down option they have a little multiple photos thing but I don’t. And I would really like to use it but ever since I updated the app I’ve been unable to find it. So I’m not saying I hate this app and would get rid of it but I think that there should be more tests run and maybe do a survey of what people would want changed about the app so they can still enjoy the app.
actually good.
by allisoo0n on 2020/02/23 14:03
it’s a really good app. i don’t know what these reviews are, because snapchat should have at least a 4.5 rating. There is nothing wrong with the app in my eyes. and, if you’re a parent reading this and wondering if you should get your kid the app, i think you should. it’s the child’s CHOICE to do bad things on it. Only add back the people you know and stay cautious etc etc. It’s a really good app i’m not sure what the complaints are, honestly i’m kind of bored waiting for it to update so i thought i would make this review after reading the negative ones. the only the negative ones are saying is how they don’t like the new logo or something, not REALLY about the app so like... sorry that you don’t like the logo or sum, we do. it doesn’t really matter the looks if you ask me , it’s a good app and a good way to connect with friends or family. that’s what i use it for. or to share to your story to show other what your doing!!! Like maybe you’re baking cookies!! anyway the app is amazing and i think who ever is reading this should download it.
Won’t let me play my next turn when I’m playing a game
by Hockeygirl78 on 2019/06/28 23:27
I love Snapchat it is an amazing app. It is great for texting your friends and sending them pictures or playing games. Although, lately it has been annoying me. As I said, I like to play the games. I like the ones where you open the front camera and then hold down to get the lenses and then when you swipe left you get to choose a game to play. I recently got an IPhone XR and when I try to play the games it’ll either not give me the option to play my next turn or it won’t let me click the play button. I always replay the snap in hopes that it’ll let me play but it never works. This never happened when I had my iPhone 7, so I’m thinking it has something to do with the fact that Snapchat is trying to adjust it to the new phone but I’m not to sure. I’m hoping that this will eventually be fixed so that I can continue to enjoy my experience. All this aside, I will continue to use the app because I love it and it is a good way for me to talk too friends. If you are thinking of downloading this app definitely do it.
Chat interface is way too cluttered
by TehPers on 2019/05/02 04:27
The chat textbox is way too short. There are five icons on that row, and only three are intuitive (camera, microphone, and smiley face). One icon is two rectangles overlapping each other (select photos), and one's a rocket ship. Yes, a rocket ship. How often am I going to be asking my friend to play a Snapchat game with me? Probably never, so why make the textbox smaller just for that meaningless icon? Instead of cluttering the chat textbox row and making the textbox a 1 inch wide oval, it would be nice if this mess of icons could be collapsed into a single menu to allow the chat textbox to take up most of the width of the screen so I can see what I'm typing. For reference, Discord's chat textbox takes up most of the width of the screen, and there are only three buttons there (attachment, emoji, send). Slack moves all those extra icons onto the next row so the chat textbox can be the full width of the screen minus one icon. Snapchat could do something similar to Discord and limit the chat textbox's row to having the diction button, emoji/bitmoji/etc, and photo (which would include camera, camera roll, and memories). The games button could be moved to the top of the screen next to the other infrequently used buttons.
Im experiencing a lot of bugs that need to be fixed. But otherwise it’s a great app
by Bjac7978 on 2020/06/20 00:30
I keep getting Snapchat is a Camera app go to settings to fix this I go to settings to fix it it has no option of fixing it so I delete it I log back into my account and then it keeps giving me the same thing and now I can’t get it back on because my tablet doesn’t have enough space so I delete random apps I don’t use but it still doesn’t let me download it so I have no way of reaching my friends my mom and dad no I am up so I’m gonna keep trying to download it until it finally downloads other than half of that I love the app it’s a really good app me and my friends we talk about it and we play Roblox calling with it! We take snaps with each other and it’s just a really good app all the bugs Snapchat if you’re reading this: please fix your bugs and please please get rid of all the allows every time I read download it it keeps getting more annoying Thank you so much for reading my review! :D have a good rest of your day/night/evening! bye :) <3
3 stars is the right fit
by annabelle.obersteadt on 2020/06/01 01:26
i love snapchat personally because of the quick communication and i’ve made 100’s of friends from the app. there are a few things i need to get straight though... the first thing is updates, i have the iphone x and most of my friends have the iphone 11 so you might be thinking what the problem is well my friends have the newer design of snapchat that has been recently changed and my phone which is kind of an older phone has not updated. i know plenty of people who have a older phone like me and we haven’t gotten any important updates besides bug fixes. i don’t know why snapchat you’re only picking newer phones to be updated and be faster but i have enough and you guys need to put an update for all phones any kind. the second thing is bug fixes; it is not necessary to be sending out bug fixes if it’s not fixing anything... remember new years 2020 when the app wouldn’t work for anyone and it was about to be midnight and you guys can’t get your act together and fix it is pretty ridiculous. i mean i love the app and all of my memories but there are large and small things that you guys can fix. -AO
Could Be Better
by asdfghkagsuzb on 2020/06/24 04:50
Snapchat is notorious for not listening to their users. Everybody knows this. But snapchat is growing old. We all want something new. For starters, it’s high-time Snapchat joins the dark mode team. I don’t want the light from chats glaring in my eyes at night. Secondly, stories used to be so simple but now I can never find my friends’ stories. There is WAY too much going on with the interface. It’s too confusing, too complex. People like simple. Third, bring back best friends. Snapchat has become so exclusive. We want to know what are friends are up to and it’s all so closed off. Bring back best friends and just make it optional. You guys never listen to users. Snapchat is tired. So much needs changed. Giving 3 stars because it went from a simple, fun app to confusing. I don’t even check the right side of Snapchat because it’s just filled with “recommendations” that I don’t want to see and people I DON’T know. What is even going on on the right side of Snapchat? We have stories on the left but then on the right too? Except the right shows me stories of people I can never find. What sense does that make? Highly irritated. It’s just too much.
favorite app hands down!
by myan arié on 2020/02/14 17:46
i love it, i use it everyday. it’s actually my most used app. i’m able to keep in touch with my friends and i’ve even made a couple of new ones from it! the filters are cute, especially the filters from the recent update, such as “butterfly blush” and all kinds of cute filters made by everyday people. one suggestion i have as a new feature is, when it comes to the different filters, could you maybe try investing in a “favorites” where people could keep all their favorite filters? i know there’s subscriptions, so you can subscribe to someone and get access to all the filters they’ve made and keep up with them, but sadly you can’t subscribe to everyone! i was just thinking the favorites feature would be really helpful and it be a big hit with people who like to use the same filter. i love to use the “butterfly blush” and the “cloud blush” filter, but it’s hard to keep up with the exact one i want because there is so many of them and i love to use the exact one! plus, it can be hard to remember the exact name and if you don’t remember the exact name, it won’t usually show up. i also like to use certain filters when i take selfies, send streaks, or just post scenery photos on my story, but i can never keep up with the exact filter that i like to us or the other multiple other filters that i also prefer! i certainly have a list of filters i like to use in my notes, but i thought the “favorites” would be a clever feature! love your app though!
My Account Is Permanently Locked
by Sharlyse Henshaw on 2020/02/23 18:00
I have been the biggest fan of snapchat for 5 years now. I’ve had my account forever and I’ve never had any issues. That was until this weekend when I was completely logged out of my account and locked out of it for no reason. I did not violate a single term of service, download any third party apps, or spam anyone. So my account was locked for absolutely no reason. I emailed customer service about my problem and they sent me a link to unlock my account. I used this link and now my account is permanently locked. I then emailed them about 5 times trying to get some help to save my account but they didn’t respond once. I called Apple to try and help but there’s nothing they could do and this is entirely an issue on Snapchat’s part. Their customer service team is absolutely useless and it’s disturbing that I cannot even get one person to email me back. So I made a new account to try and start over and move on. This account was doing great until it was logged out and locked out for no reason again. I literally have no idea what to do and have now lost all of my memories and way to communicate with people. I’m beyond upset and will not stop emailing their lousy support team until this is fixed.
Saving automatically for certain time period
by Shellbo6987 on 2019/07/26 04:51
The new way saving stories to memories isn’t always working when there’s more than a few snaps. Before the button once pressed would show the status with a circle showing how much has been uploaded until it’s done but now when it actually works it pops up on the top of the screen on a bar, it if you don’t manually wait and go back to check a lot of times it doesn’t finish saving and then after the 24 hours they are gone. There needs to be a better status showing when or if it’s working. Also, in Our Story Snaps, some snaps save and other dont ie 2 weeks who snaps show up and then ones within the past 3 days are no where to be found. I like to save everyone I post into one story for each day and there’s no easy way to do it. There should be a way to set a time of time to be automatically saved in one story together like 9am to 5pm or 11am to 9pm or maybe if one story ends and then a large group of snaps are posted before that first snap is to expire there needs to be a way to get a notification from SC itself that ask if you want to save the latest set of post to a story before they disappear from existence
Differences between androids and iPhones
by Disapponted221 on 2020/04/19 13:09
It’s pretty annoying how you can only have some features on iPhones that you don’t have on androids. You can have more than one filter on iPhones and you can’t on androids. You can also pin comments on messages and see who saw you’re story that isn’t your friend, on iPhones. You can’t do that on androids. The discrepancy between both is pretty upsetting. I don’t think people with androids such be left out just because they have different devices. People with androids are missing out on being able to access these features. Also the new update is annoying. You’re making it more complicated than it should be. People really don’t care to follow influencers unless they actually like them. If they do, they’ll find them. There’s no reason to have like 2 pages added just to fill them up. I guarantee, people use Snapchat for their friends, not so much celebrities. It’s be great if the amount of space reserved for the stories of celebrities were actually used by our friends that we actually care to click on. Having my feed filled with people I don’t know is a waste of space. Do a survey and you’ll find this out real quick.
Snapchat does not care about the mentally disabled
by Kittygirlgoesmeow on 2020/07/09 22:33
I use Snapchat a lot to access my support system and they banned my account when I went through a serious panic attack. Without access to my super system, my life could have ended that night. I'm bulimic and have body dysmorphia so I asked Snapchat to stop showing me ads for fat reduction treatments and they emailed me back saying I could disable a certain setting and that's all I could do. Doing this had no impact on the ads they were showing me. Snapchat also advertises scam businesses that have you send money for a product then never send the product and refuse to take any calls or emails. Snapchat does not check out the ads they show on their site and result in people getting scammed and having worsened mental health and confidence. If you have mental health issues or body dysmorphia, Snapchat is not the app for you it is not safe at all. They will lock your account after giving you a warning even if you stop doing what you were doing before. They don't make the terms very clear without reading a ridiculous amount of stuff and then penalize you after reading it and following the rules. Snapchat does not have mercy on people and could play a hand in people's deaths and mental health.
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