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Camera360-Selfie Retouch
Camera360 is a professional but easy-to use App for photo editing and selfie retouching. You can use Camera360 to edit photo with filters, stickers and make-ups. ORIGINAL FACE RETOUCHING - Smooth Skin: Swipe over wrinkles, blemishes and smooth skin. - Reshape: 21 micro-adjustment, no trace of PS. - Face and Body reshape: Manual and auto adjustment. You can protect the parts you don't want to edit. - Beautify: One tap and instantly beautify your photo. FILTERS OF VARIOUS STYLES - Magic Sky: Change the sky as you like. Anime Sky, Dreamy Sky. - Painting filter: Make the photo look like a painting. Use “Great Artist” filter. Everybody can be an artist. - Anime effect: Try cartoon filter and make a photo nobody else can do! - Movie Filter: From cinematic, B&W to color, anything you ask is here. Try our movie filters and be who you wanted to be. HIGH QUALITY SELFIE - High Quality Filter: Over 300 filters, from retro, black and white, HDR, LOMO, to Hong Kong style! - Natural and Stylish makeup: Including main and sub, there are over 30 makeup filters! Customize your favorite style and color just the way you like and make your own! - Cute AR Sticker: With smart face recognition, not only face but also your expression will be captured! You can also play interactively! - Video Selfie: Support videos of 10s to 60s with music. You can freely change your music and enjoy filter and makeup at the same time. EDIT LIKE A PRO - Detailed Color Expressions: It works really well if you just want to change one color! Make the unique colored photo with DSL. - Image Correction: Support vertical and horizontal correction. Suitable for photos of buildings. Lines will be straight and balanced. - Basic Color Change: 13 basic parameters including saturation level, exposure, highlight, shade, layers, color temperature, hue, etc. - Mix Filter: Over 300 filters can be used. 【Camera360 VIP Service Statement】 1. Service name: - One Month Camera360 VIP; - Monthly Camera360 VIP; - Semiannual Camera360 VIP; - Yearly Camera360 VIP; - Permanent Camera360 VIP; Hereinafter referred to as VIP. 2. Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period, and identify the cost of the renewal.After successful deduction, Camera360 will be automatically extended for one subscription period. To cancel renewal, manually turn off automatic renewals in iTunes/AppleID setup 24 hours before the current subscription period expires. 3. You can suspend or terminate this service by: Automatic renewal for Apple In App Payments (IAP payments, in-app purchases): Goto iPhone "Settings" --> Enter "iTunes Store and App Store" --> tap "Apple ID", select "View Apple ID", enter "Account Settings" page, tap "Subscribe", and select Camera360 VIP to cancel the subscription. 4. VIP Subscription Notice: 5. Privacy Policy: 6. Terms of Use: 【Contact Us】 ●Email us at: ●Follow us on: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Camera360_Official
Fun app
by Temptation1995 on 2021/05/15 18:14
I like this app , you can do basic photoshop with a free version. Yes you can pay to unlock other tools but the free version covers very good stuff. Also the ads aren’t that annoying you’ll get here and there but is not intrusive.
Excellent app, easy to use and gives you fantastic outcomes.
by loving chase on 2021/05/15 16:55
Different price for Bangladesh and USA
by Irfan dharma on 2021/04/23 13:01
My wife is in Bangladesh and for her it’s asking $29.99 per year and when I download (I live in USA) and try to use , it’s asking $23.99 for USA. Bangladesh is a poor country , why asking this much big amount than USA customers? This is not a fair deal. 1 star for that
by sexyfranchesca on 2021/04/22 15:58
Video recording pretty bad
by JN Reign on 2021/03/31 21:34
There is serious static whenever I record
Great look, poor audio
by Sloxter on 2021/03/25 21:04
I spent an afternoon getting familiar with the product and putting two videos together but I could not get the volume to be consistent. It starts quietly then gets louder.
Bring back enhance filter
by V. Lavelle on 2021/03/23 14:11
Took away the best filter on app (enhance filter) the other filters are basura.
Best natural selfie app!
by Shia Majer on 2021/03/17 04:25
I rarely write reviews but this one I have to give it 5 stars coz it’s just the best natural selfie app in my opinion. I’ve been using it for so many years and this cam app gives only a slight touch on your face without losing most of your natural facial features.
Used to be ok
by Rashid4 on 2021/03/16 04:53
I used this app for longest time long before TikTok days! They offered great filters & picture customization! Now all they want is your money. I wasted an hour on the “old” tools that used to be free, making sure I do not use any of the crown ViP marked tools! Still when done, it asks me to subscribe or loss all of my work. Some good apps nowadays outsmart this one including those from Adobe & for free. Additional functionality is usually marked & you can selectively remove them before saving your time-consuming work. Not this one, they will just ask for money and your only option is to pay or lose your work. Bye Camera 360!
Thank you
by brebella91 on 2021/03/12 07:11
I asked about the hdr filter and you guys came through much love thank you ❤️🙌🏾
by Ted18 on 2021/03/06 16:27
Charged me but won’t let me log in
by amr0007 on 2021/02/27 02:03
I bought a year but when I log in with my iCloud email it shows I didn’t purchase! There’s no way to get it back unless I buy again
Expensive for no benefit
by str8bizns on 2021/02/25 12:57
BoughtA tripod and the link to the software was included in the instructions to the Bluetooth for the tripod in order to use the remote. Only allows you to make three minute videos and the Bluetooth remote only works with this app I am returning the tripod app is expensive for essentially no benefit.
This is not working
by /:;567 on 2021/02/21 03:14
This is not working as advertised. The screen keeps send pop up ads and won’t let you bypass signing up for membership
by DonAmir on 2021/02/15 05:13
You guys took away one of the best filters of the app! I loved the HDR filter now it’s gone. Don’t see a reason to keep the app now. Please bring back the HDR Filter.
Trashy filters
by ngeagb on 2021/02/14 16:37
The app started out well but now they’re getting greedy, making the filters trashy, forcing you to buy the vip filters.
I will unsubscribe in just a few minutes because I can’t figure this app out.
by solitare 1 on 2021/02/10 00:33
Good bye
by Storm 1957 on 2021/02/07 22:36
It great I am well pleased
It’s ok
by fy hdbeur irbfhvfbirnrj ridnr on 2021/02/07 02:53
It’s fun I like it a lil bit!you should try it
Not happy
by rubber duckie yellow on 2021/02/04 21:29
I want to cancel my subscription now. Not what I expected at all, how do I unsubscribe today.
VIP Service
by AV ReeRee on 2021/02/03 16:58
I paid for a year long subscription to use the VIP features but every time I try to use it, it says order it again and again. It won’t take a photo at all. I just waisted my money and time.
Careful they charged my card twice
by Fashiongurl1 on 2021/02/01 11:38
The app charged me for 2 memberships when I already had a membership paid for 1 year through the Apple App Store and also 360 app did not work with my IPad once the securities settings and updates for Apple were done on the IPad 7 now I am trying to get a refund. Buyer beware!
by Paulgr15 on 2021/01/26 00:31
Before its free now your asking payment
So disappointed
by Justinyolo19 on 2021/01/19 04:09
Been using this app for 2 years but really hopeless on these decent updates. Wish they have the old version available again. The new version with face contour really bad and made the picture looks really bad quality compared to the old version
This is so good get it...
by tis just jj on 2021/01/15 05:28
I got this as a Christmas gift and I love it. Get it now.
Refund of $25.99
by Cooper70@ on 2021/01/10 23:30
I don’t want this app I don’t use this app it keep take money from my account I’m trying to unsubscribe and I can’t not please refund my money and please unsubscribe me
by Sharee00 on 2021/01/01 21:37
I’ve tried to use this app but everytime I try to take a picture shoot the VIP subscription comes up. I don’t want a subscription. Especially since it won’t let me take the picture.
by zcorsky on 2020/12/26 15:59
Beautiful photo shoot specially during a special occasions.. love it!!
Why the name.
by Bbalthaser on 2020/12/21 05:54
Ok so, I was looking for a 360 cam for my telescope and this was the first thing that popped up plus it was what the manual showed. I know this is a great app and all but CAMERA 360 MEANS A 360 CAMERA NOT PHOTO TOUCHUPS!!! Why is it called camera 360 if all it is is a photo touch up app?!
We Want The Old Version Of Camera360
by lovelydiana123 on 2020/12/18 00:19
The New Version Of The Camera360 Is Not All That Good Please
Loving this app!!!
by DJ Rene' on 2020/12/12 23:09
There’s so many great features and I am still exploring...
Tess Jacobs
by Tess Jacobs on 2020/12/12 20:58
I love the way the pictures turn out after the picture was taken came or 360 is wonderful the only thing is is the price as far as people like me that live on disability is bad as I would love to have it all the time on my phone I just can’t afford it but it is a wonderful app
by BubblyEricka27 on 2020/12/10 15:55
Why do I need to pay for the filters that were originally free?? Now I can't use my fave filters because all you want is money and I'm broke. Stop making us pay for filters that are supposed to be free. I've been here since you guys started and this is crazy to have to pay for all the filters. That's not fair to people who don't have a job or any income due to a disability and can't work and people don't think you have a disability. Please give us back the free filters as free. They were my absolute favorites that no other camera editing app has
Very good
by phuonghelen on 2020/12/09 02:03
Very good
What’s going on I just came to get the app so I can used the remote. You guys are doing too much.
by @withmeiam on 2020/12/07 06:34
Yea I said it.
Horrible App
by Know1954 on 2020/12/03 05:19
Good for nothing.
This type of Camera 360 update is not interesting so please bring back the older version of it
by KasaBlaine on 2020/12/03 03:33
Bring back the older version of the Camera360. We don’t like the new one
misleading offer
by mralejop on 2020/12/01 09:05
I download the application and it said three days of free trial, then a couple of minutes I checked my bank account they debited $32.46 How can be that possible? 👎🏻
Not great
by GliterGirlPixie on 2020/12/01 08:21
I will raise my rating if they fix these 3 problems... 1: I cannot edit videos in my gallery. I can only edit videos that are taken within the app. 2: Taking videos and photos in the app lowers the quality of the app. My camera can take 4k video, but the app seems to only take 720p or lower. 3: the filter glitches sometimes while taking video.
Bring back the old version
by Major_Lit1 on 2020/11/30 09:08
Please can you bring back the old version of Camera 360? The new version is a mess please 😭😭😭 The reason why I’m saying you should bring back the old version is because the new one doesn’t have some features and also is a mess, at first it used to have this smooth features which will make your face and your skin very smooth but it seems this new version doesn’t have that kinda feature and also try removing the auto from the editing. At first it was only Manuel so as you people added the auto mode it seems I’ve lost interest in the app I’ve been installing and deleting it because I thought maybe you’ve brought back the old version but it seems not. So please developers try bringing the old version or try bringing the old features into the new version Thank you and I hope you’re gonna do so🥺💔
Forgot email
by Iw2mla on 2020/11/27 17:54
Help!!!! I have a new IPhone 12 Pro Max & I’m having to set up all my downloaded apps again. My phone shows I’m subscribed to VIP subscription until Dec 2020. How do I retrieve my subscription if I don’t remember my email address??!! However Your site does not see any of my email addresses. How do I access my photos saved? When it asked if I wanted to use my Apple login, I entered my Apple email but it still does not recognize it?
Flash issue
by Roxydadime on 2020/11/25 00:15
Please fix the problem with the flash changing the color of the pics. I have been using this app for years!!!
I love it 👍❤️
by lilylurv on 2020/11/24 18:12
I love this app it so good so like i want to tell you guys download it💖
Stop it get some help
by Tommyphan67 on 2020/11/20 23:18
Bruh the update I HATE THE UPDATE AND THE AD But what if i do kpop icons
Good work
by D!?!?! on 2020/11/14 01:44
Good work
The new
by mgdfyb on 2020/11/03 08:27
by world boY❤️🔌💰 on 2020/10/29 01:04
After you update it you won’t be able to edit your picture like you used to
Great before it gone haywires
by zhjygc on 2020/10/28 04:29
Used to be a great app, but not anymore. I don’t know if it’s the new update or because it’s not compatible with iPhone 12, but the app is acting crazy. It takes photo on its own and the new filter ad won’t close without forcing you to enter VIP mode.
by Monica y Jan on 2020/10/27 20:40
Necesito revisen la aplicación. Es mi favorita y por esa razón pagué por ella para usarla todo el año. Pero al bajarla a mi otro teléfono con Mi Misma Cuenta,5 me la quieren cobrar de nuevo. Necesito me resuelvan esa situación. Es la misma cuenta,ya la pagué y no encuentro sea negocio pagarla de nuevo.
Editing Options
by HwD510 on 2020/10/25 19:06
Can’t see any of the editing options for iPhone 12 seems like it isn’t developed for this phone yet?.
Editing not working
by DeeMH3 on 2020/10/25 17:52
The app will not let me edit after updating. Hopefully it’s fixed ASAP
Bait and switch!
by Eebyb101 on 2020/10/20 23:57
You buy a product off amazon that then requires this app but when you download and go to use it requires $30!! Yeah it’s only 30 bucks but the tactic is lame. It mentions a free version with ads but it won’t let you take a photo or anything without “upgrading”. Lame!
Need to cancel
by lilykike on 2020/10/20 03:03
How to cancel
I like this app
by Fhai cotton on 2020/10/10 23:29
I always use this app and be vip now I got problems with this app. After I choose my picture then I try to edit I cannot do that because it doesn’t show any tools for me any more. I like your app can you help me. I don’t know why
It would be great if it didn’t crash that often
by USA Telecom on 2020/10/04 14:31
It constantly crashes in the middle of an edit causing all the work to be lost. Also all of the sudden I cannot edit ANY PICTURE on my ipad, it was working but now it is not... i used to like this app but have encountered so many issues and I pay VIP!!!
My photos are turning green
by Sis Janina on 2020/10/04 10:17
by El jaguar1 on 2020/10/03 20:45
Not sure why AshutB tells us
by Lhorna74 on 2020/10/01 16:17
To download this app to use the remote shutter but I’m about to mail the remote shutter back and I’ve already deleted the app it’s full of ads I don’t even I can’t even see what that app does before the ads all start popping up you lost a would-be customer by being greedy. I also don’t like what I’ve been reading reading in the reviews about no diversity in the pictures. Black Lives Matter.
Editing option missing
by MeezieW on 2020/09/30 16:46
Recently got a new device and I restored my purchased version to the new device and now I cannot edit anything. When I click on edit, all editing options are no longer visible
I’m a PinG Boi
by rocketship69 on 2020/09/24 03:32
I didn’t use the app but I’ll tell you what... I have learned that there isn’t one Chinese company besides Honda and the other giants that create good copy. I want to say it seems like it’s pretty difficult even if you can speak English but sadly there are just too many times it’s some insane typo that gets me reading, only to then realize it just isn’t our lingo. SO (this is better than a review) since I was trying to write a bad review for Pingko and can only find your apps, I’m thinking it might be you guys. By you guys I mean your company. Nationwide though you seem to have zero shame when it comes to ripping other products off and RUSH everything to production. What’s worse than a typo in a planned piece of advertising artwork? Nothing. Right. So let me be the Chinese to English translator for all of your apps. Let me listen to you attempt to convey a feeling in English for several hours and type a perfect sentence. In fact, if you’re there, tell all of your friends. I’m telling you. You all are terrible at writing in English. In this case, ‘before’ is missing an E in one of your photos. You might not care over there but missing a letter here... you might as well assume the developer has had a lobotomy. Naaaah me. (Familiar? We say that nonstop here. Anna Ferris made it popular in Scary Movie. Naaaah Me!
New update is terrible
by bellasiempre77 on 2020/09/22 20:29
I updated today to the latest version and it’s horrible. When I record a video it glitches and that’s never happened before. I want to go back to my old version. I’m so sad I use this app everyday.
There is a bug recently in the app about VIP
by elham1296 on 2020/09/20 22:34
It was a great application, but it seems that recently it has a bug which doesn’t let us to use the app in a non-vip mode!!!!
You can’t save the pictures
by Lisa essien on 2020/09/19 15:23
It so annoying that you can’t save the pictures on my phone
Cancel subscription but still got charged
by DarkDragon9999 on 2020/09/12 14:34
I went to my account and cancelled during the first day of free trial period because I don’t see the app is useful for me. Today is the second day of the free trial period and they noticed me I will be charged for yearly subscription on Sep 13 (tomorrow). The cancellation is a joke, now clear instruction except for a button “cancel free trial”, Burt no confirmation on the cancellation, and still charges as usual? The app is a scam!!!
Best app ever
by Kamarr Keys on 2020/09/08 09:59
Please developer kindly upgrade the app once again by restoring the old smooth feature into this very new one..because this upgraded version has a poor smooth feature. Am really enjoying all the new pro features
Don’t get premium
by Bouttoquitforreal on 2020/09/07 16:50
I had this app when it was popping underground and it didn’t have a price tag to it.I don’t know whether an American company bought because originally they had Asian Americans as models now they have these random white people. The point of this review is stay free and do not even think about purchasing the three day trial because once I purchased the three day trial the app started glitching closing out while I was editing photos. So it’s important when you have the premium and free figure out a way to save the photo ;) ;) ;) if you know ,you know. This used to be my favorite app now it’s just a glitchy funky mess. And I updated this stupid app and its still doing the same thing. This app is amazing for free just don’t get the free trial or spend money on this YOU WILL REGRET IT.
Lousy service of this camera 360
by juicy 61 on 2020/09/01 02:59
Why is it i cannot use my camera 360,should i really purchase those tricks on this camera? I hate buying thise tricks,its in the midst of pandemic,a lot of people have no money and that includes me,i hope u would release the option to enable me to use this camera
Video only 1 min
by ghedhdw on 2020/08/28 01:52
When I first started using camera 360there wasn’t a time limit on videos . Now videos only record for 1 min . Overall the app is great . Please fix the time restriction on videos
by ksmitty1 on 2020/08/28 00:53
Used to work fabulously. Absolutely rubbish now. Acting all kinds of crazy. Nothing is working the way it used to. It’s got a mind of its own. 🤪👎🏼👎🏼
by esrteya on 2020/08/28 00:30
Best ever. My go-to for YEARS. One small request.
by Twitchy2112 on 2020/08/27 17:55
Suffice to say, this has literally, not-joking, my go-to photo app for YEARS now. I’ve upgraded to the paid subscription and every single feature is worth it. (Although I don’t do the beauty features, they are available.) I could go on forever about the amazing features. Hint: choose album. Choose a pic. Hit the magic wand in the center. Go to Adjust and start there. Go in order. Then okay with the filters after. Love every addiction. Especially the remove feature. I remember when doing that meant buying an $80 desktop program. Lol. One small request: the sliders are difficult to get back to “zero”. Is there a way to digitally “magnetize” them somehow to do so? Often there really is a difference between “-1, 0, and +1). Thanks so much. I’ll never get rid of this app. Please never delete it. iPhone 8 user here. Awesome job anyway!!! 😎🤘🏼
Crap and stupid app, don’t download
by tanjina007 on 2020/08/23 21:23
Not working rubbish app, waste of time 👎
It’s forcing me to be VIP and I don’t want too!
by Grberkh on 2020/08/23 20:26
Why am I not being allowed to use this app for free anymore? It keeps directing me to the VIP screen. I don’t want VIP. I don’t need all the fancy filters, just a good camera app. Why do I need to pay to use this now???????
by Camillesun on 2020/08/18 06:17
I purchase the trial version and automatically subscribed to annual subscriptions of 29.99. How can I get my mo get back? I don't want an annual subscription!!!
Great app
by fkapopqwiz on 2020/08/15 15:10
And it’s FREE
by tacuasin 1 on 2020/08/15 01:22
Tacuasin 1
The new update don’t work like the old version we need the old version back
by Mzkal on 2020/08/08 11:57
Help! Filter on video screen
by NMAC318 on 2020/08/04 13:04
Can’t record bc a coffee cup sticker shows up on video screen. When using the remote it states that “can not record w sticker on screen”. How do I remove?
Get 360camera
by chuu san on 2020/08/01 04:52
Good Cchuu san
by Daniel Pluta on 2020/07/30 23:19
It’s great
Happy happy 💜🌻 thanks you ✨
by ositagi on 2020/07/20 00:59
It’s hideous
by jaii. on 2020/07/19 00:15
The new update in refresh skin is trash I honestly like the old version better the new manual update doesn’t work properly and it’s make our pictures look hideous.
I use to love it but now disappointed
by SitNonTopofdaWorld on 2020/07/10 00:13
I use to use this app all the time.. but now you are unable to use without purchase... very disappointed
No POC in photos!
by Access24$ on 2020/07/08 17:20
As I scroll through all the featured photos within the app and in the advertisement. There is not 1 of the dozens in their filters etc that represents a person of color. Only very pale white and Japanese people. No diversity. #Deleting
App 360
by Moly Ka on 2020/07/02 03:30
App so slow when I try to open camera in the app very slow to open camera and I didn’t registered for VIP 29.99$.
by sincerelyhis6713 on 2020/07/01 23:52
You really think I’m paying you $30 to use just the basics u had for free now unless I pay u this I can even use the basic you are really out your mind I will be deleting this not worth the space and deff ain’t worth paying 😂you thought BYYYYEEEE
by Fat F. Chants on 2020/06/28 20:18
by crazy gal 45 on 2020/06/26 01:49
Too confusing & difficult to use!
Really great app to edit your photos
by deepika1522 on 2020/06/23 22:39
Throughly enjoying this app!!
Great app
by 2694Arr on 2020/06/21 13:36
Great app! I have already suggested a number of friends to download the app as well my only question/concern, is there a way I can take multiple pictures without always having to click the download or back button after each picture? When I’m on the app trying to take multiple pictures especially on special events it’s frustrating that I have to take them one by one and click the download button in between.
Difficult in saving edited photos
by queen chisom on 2020/06/18 13:18
Please i want to cancel the subscription of yearly premium purchase please am not interested please fix it and I can’t edit pictures without it popping out
Ok app
by aidan and elys mom on 2020/06/10 04:04
Thought it was a pretty good app until all of a sudden it keeps closing on me every time I go into it.
Where is the video???
by bklyn2miami on 2020/06/05 18:25
I made a video and can’t find it. Why can I only share to Twitter an not Instagram?? At first I had the option to share with both then Instagram just disappeared.
Previous update
by jnaaz on 2020/06/04 09:48
When will you add new eyelashes? Longer and thicker eyelashes like old eyelashes.
by pancakes2212 on 2020/05/28 17:24
This app used to be so good but now it turns off my music every time I open it and plays ads I can't even get out of so its not even usable anymore.
by 1267😷😷😷😷 on 2020/05/24 15:16
I luv this because I can take cute pics and I’m 9
by Niniteye on 2020/05/16 06:11
This app is a scam I never add a yearly subscription however they charge me $29.99 be very careful
Constantly crashed
by Pandacandy777 on 2020/05/14 23:09
Can’t even open it because it will immediately crash
Love this App, just freezes!!!
by NayeBabes on 2020/05/11 17:44
I absolutely LOVE this app!!! It makes editing super fun and easy!!! But I hate that after putting time into editing a photo, the app will freeze. I will have to close out of the app and restart the editing process over for that photo! I’ve lost numerous hours of work with this issue and would greatly appreciate it being looked into!! Other than that issue this is a great app and well worth the price to pay for it!!
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