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snapseed is a complete and professional photo editor developed by Google. == KEY FEATURES== • 29 Tools and Filters, including: Healing, Brush, Structure, HDR, Perspective (see list below) • Opens JPG and RAW files • Save your personal looks and apply them to new photos later • Selective filter brush • All styles can be tweaked with fine, precise control • Tutorial cards with tips and tricks about snapseed and general photography == TOOLS, FILTERS AND FACE == • RAW Develop – open and tweak native camera files; save non-destructively or export as JPG • Tune image – adjust exposure and color automatically or manually with fine, precise control • Details – magically brings out surface structures in images • Crop – crop to standard sizes or freely • Rotate – rotate by 90°, or straighten a skewed horizon • Perspective – fix skewed lines and perfect the geometry of horizons or buildings • White Balance – adjust the colors so that the image looks more natural • Brush – selectively retouch exposure, saturation, brightness or warmth • Selective – the renown “Control Point” technology: Position up to 8 points on the image and assign enhancements, the algorithm does the rest magically • Healing – remove the uninvited neighbor from a group picture • Vignette – add a soft darkness around the corners like a beautiful, wide-aperture would do • Text – add both stylized or plain text (38 predefined styles) • Curves - have precise control over the brightness levels in your photos • Expand - increase the size of your canvas and fill up the new space in smart ways with content of your image • Lens Blur – add a beautiful Bokeh to images (background softening), ideal for photographic portraits • Glamour Glow – add a fine glow to images, great for fashion or portraits • Tonal Contrast – boost details selectively in the shadows, midtones and highlights • HDR Scape – bring a stunning look to your images by creating the effect of multiple exposures • Drama – add a hint of doomsday to your images • Grunge – an edgy look with strong styles and texture overlays • Grainy Film – get modern film looks with realistic grain • Vintage – the style of color film photo from the 50’s, 60’s or 70’s • Retrolux – go retro with light leaks, scratches, film styles • Noir – Black and White film looks with realistic grain and the “wash” effect • Black & White – classic Black and White look straight out of the darkroom • Frames – add frames with adjustable size • Double Exposure - blend two photos, choosing from blend modes that are inspired by shooting on film and by digital image processing • Face Enhance – add focus to the eyes, add face-specific lighting, or smoothen skin • Face Pose - correct the pose of portraits based on three dimensional models
great app to editing photography photos .
by awderkoye on 2019/12/06 12:54
if your add color tools with volume for change all color of photos , it will be soo good and helpfully for. i wish you could get some more tools may make the add more to use . thank you .
No text
by Mistybrew1 on 2019/12/02 19:02
You have to play with it to get to know what each does but writing the text is a problem you don’t show a key board to write...
More and more bugs
by KatZvo on 2019/12/01 21:13
Fully updated the app, I have the iPhone 11 Pro and now the “compare” button on the top right of the screen doesn’t work under the “brush” edit. It only works if you touch near the button in a specific spot instead of directly on it. It’s such a pain trying to find the right spot and not knowing whether or not you’re on it when comparing very minor edits.
Time stamp change to 2001
by appdigger on 2019/12/01 11:06
Every picture I edit with Snapseed got its time stamp changed to 01.01. 2001, 07:00:00. I’m using the latest version on iOS 13.2.3
this is amazing app and deserves 5 stars
by bertud on 2019/12/01 04:46
this amazing app
Probably the best photo-editing app
by rbrancheau on 2019/11/30 00:27
I hate google, but this is likely the best app for editing any photography. Plus, it’s entirely free. 5-stars.
Great, but...
by TheTechFletch on 2019/11/29 01:17
There’s a bug when you use the healing tool. It places a green cover over the photo. I tried this on multiple devices under different apple IDs.
Healing Tool Is Broken
by Mattmjh on 2019/11/27 05:21
Pls fix asap!!
Bug with the healing filter
by WalkingTrees824 on 2019/11/26 14:28
- UPDATED - Thank you snapseed for updating the app! I can go back to recommending it once more. 5 stars like I promised. Hands down the best free photo editing app out there. Stop wasting time on other editing apps. —————— Previous review: I’m on an iPhone 11 Pro, latest iOS, and when I click on the healing filter, it just turns the photo green until I click out of that filter. I’ve tried to delete and reinstall the app but it still doesn’t work. Once you fix that, I will give a 5 star review. Thank you!
by Lis2.3.1 on 2019/11/26 13:20
One out of three exports to my camera roll will crash. All the time spent editing is wasted because it doesn’t save any edits. It’s a total crap shoot every time I use this app lately! Is there an update for this fix?
Tools are great, but glitchy
by Jesse1870 on 2019/11/25 20:00
Using this app for a photography class for editing and creating a color splash effect worked great and was a huge (and free) lifesaver until recently where I get halfway through editing a photo and the brush tool becomes unresponsive, making it impossible to finish my work I already spent a bunch of my time on. If I try and save what I have, the entire app becomes unresponsive. I then have to close the app and start all over, so I find myself rushing through editing just to get *something* done before the brush tool and soon after the app becomes unresponsive again. Extremely frustrating when I have a busy schedule in college and can’t spend all day editing each image 5+ times just for one rushed result. Other than that this app is GREAT for what it allows you to do, especially on an iPad. I’d love if this could get fixed so I can continue to use this app well after this class, because when it works, it’s amazing.
Excellent app
by hafman42 on 2019/11/25 02:35
I just wish there was an OS X version. It’s by far the best photo editor on iOS.
Fix this! Please!
by FaithNoMo on 2019/11/24 22:37
I used to love this app. Now, if I try to exit a picture from a set of will not save them. What gives? 5 stars when this is fixed!
Not working
by BautistaNY on 2019/11/24 19:00
Edits do not save no matter what you do. Saving, Tried exporting, saving as copy and it always just saves it without any of the edits. Great app when it works but right now it’s just completely useless.
What Happened??
by VadaJS on 2019/11/23 22:14
This used to be my OG editing app. It edits perfectly for how I want to but no matter how many times I delete and re-install this app, it does NOT wanna save the image. Like, for real..what happened??
glitchy recently
by Poker pally on 2019/11/23 17:02
every time i go to the healing tool the screen goes GREEN— have tried deleting the app and reinstalling but refuses to work
by DanielMHII on 2019/11/22 16:38
Thanks for this!
Been using for years
by Zinniacgesachseccesjh on 2019/11/21 02:57
I love this photo editor and I have had it installed on my devices for many years now. The tools are useful, and there are no adds. It’s a trustworthy app that has solid amount of editing options.
Worked, but now it doesn’t
by jvnary on 2019/11/20 12:51
This was such a great app that i used to edit my photos on, but now it really needs an overhaul. it needs to be more compatible with IOS 13 and have dark mode and such. and when you’re scrolling through your camera roll in the app to select a photo you should bring back the 3d touch technology so we are able to preview the photos in a bigger scale. thanks.
Green Screen for Healing
by sk1250 on 2019/11/19 09:51
Updated the app and the newest version has a green screen for healing!
Heal Green Screen
by KevinD1211 on 2019/11/18 16:00
What’s the deal with getting Green Screen when attempting to use the Heal functionZ it there an expected fix for this feature and if so, when?
Please update the app
by iphone snapseed user on 2019/11/18 02:07
Please update the app for IOS 13.1.3 software version. I am currently not able to edit my pictures on snapseed
Healing needs mending!
by This Nickname Is Taken!! Noooo on 2019/11/17 15:57
Just a green screen shows now on every photo when using the Healing tool. :( Outside that, the app is fantastic!
Healing is killing
by Mirocal on 2019/11/17 05:17
Old bugs out, new bugs in. Healing tool presents a bright uniformly green image, on iOS 13, iPhone XS, HEIF format. (I would think you ladies and gentlemen still do so smoke testing before shipping).
Broken “heal” function
by Crift888 on 2019/11/17 04:32
Looks like last update broke healing function. Any photo turns to green screen when heal is selected. Please fix it, thank you
Not working
by Me_5y on 2019/11/16 15:54
Not working with current firmware update on iPhone X
by 🧱😫 on 2019/11/14 21:54
Guys I’m 11 and my grandfather is a pro photographer and uses this and I got it and within a week my pictures were almost as good as his !!!! I love it so much it’s amazing great app for pro photographers and beginners
by Jake231997 on 2019/11/14 14:31
EDIT SOMETHING FOR 15 minutes then it just crashes lol. TWICE. Thats 30 mins
Healing feature doesn’t work
by Remon.Melada on 2019/11/14 08:17
Every time I choose healing feature the screen goes green I even tried to uninstall it reinstall the app and still doesn’t work
Healing feature
by Dmperkins on 2019/11/13 17:04
Love the app, but in the latest update the healing feature which I use often goes to a green screen.
Best photo editing app in the world!!
by CornyTheDog on 2019/11/12 02:39
You need to get this app because its the bestt!!!
Good app but crashes frequently
by ALB2162 on 2019/11/12 01:21
I really love this app it’s easy to use and has so many features! My biggest complaint is that it crashes frequently. Either it’ll freeze in the middle of an edit and then it it’ll crash or when you’re exporting a photo you spent 20 minutes editing it crashes and you lose the photo.
Incompatible and buggy
by Ricenriceout on 2019/11/11 22:50
The 3 weeks it took to come out with an update for ios13.1 seemingly comes packaged with more issues than before. I still cannot load and edit RAW images without it converting it to JPEG AND features like the healing tool is basically broken (throws up a green screen that completely covers the image). I almost never review and have only done so for this app because i honestly used to think it was the best. I’m holding out a just a little longer before jumping into the Adobe Lightroom wagon. Devs - please push an update to address these issues.
Great Workflow
by Wicked Rickshaw on 2019/11/11 03:39
RAW or JPEG works fine at least up to my 25mb file size file I can make so far. Workflow is fast as you want it to be, RAW slower because my IPad Pro processor speed I am assuming. comparable to Lightroom at least in ease of use I don’t regret getting this app, I can process and email photos in 2 minutes of event happening to client, social media and others. Keep in mind, big files won’t be sent depending on email host.
Healing function isn’t working on iOS 13.2
by Aki467743227888765 on 2019/11/11 03:30
As of 11/10/2019, the healing function is not working on iOS 13.2. Please fix the issue ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It gets a green screen on whatever photo I chose from my library.
Healing tool???
by Ditto Ugh!! on 2019/11/10 21:21
Usually love this app. Been using for couple years but having same green screen issue with healing tool. It seem to work fine after touching the image and undoing that first heal but then when you go to save the image after healing it, it won’t save anything you did. Tried it on multiple images and even restarted app but still won’t save the healing changes. Really frustrating!
Best editing app! Pls add sliders to Looks!
by ScarFreeArt on 2019/11/10 18:24
One improvement that would make me love Snapseed even more: having sliders for Looks so that we may control the strength of each Look. For example, I love the Portrait look but the built-in softening is sometimes a bit much. I’d love to be able to bring it down a tad. Hope the next iteration will add a slider feature to Looks. Thanks in advance for your consideration!
Healing shows green screen
by mfrazier35 on 2019/11/10 15:49
The healing section doesn’t work for me any longer. It just shows a medium/dark shade of green for me. Not sure what’s going on.
Healing is Glitched
by Bjaminkelley88 on 2019/11/09 23:08
Adjusting my review. The healing tool now turns the whole image green until you touch to perform a healing action, then the image is revealed. iPhone 11 Max Pro
Needs update
by whatever louie on 2019/11/09 06:07
When trying to use the healing tool on iPhone 11 Pro, the screen turns green.
Not working right
by Medwrds66 on 2019/11/08 15:59
Some settings are not working. Like another reviewer said the healing setting turns the screen/picture to a bright green square. This app used to work great. If not fixed will remove from iPhone.
What happened to healing tool?
by Memtimen on 2019/11/08 11:32
I got a green picture when using healing tool
Please fix the Heal option!
by Torso McTeague on 2019/11/07 23:19
I'll adjust my rating back up once the fix is in, but when attempting to use the Healing tool (as I often do), it turns the photo into a green screen and you cannot see to edit. If you touch anywhere on the green, it does "heal" the photo but is basically just a blur because you can't see what you're doing.
by megryan 2008 on 2019/11/06 13:34
Love love the healing tool to edit out unwanted background!!
Used to be the best photo app
by Aicdirt26 on 2019/11/06 02:34
But lately when you try to save an image it won’t allow me to save any pic I take. This is has been going on for more than a week and they’ve done an update and it still won’t work. Please fix!
Piece of junk.
by jydalton on 2019/11/05 22:37
Coming from a user of this program for over a year. Something has happened and it now opens a photo and doesn’t show any tools. Nothing works. No editing can happen through this app anymore. There is no way to contact support. Yes, they have a Facebook and a messenger on Facebook but no one answers. This app and their support system is a joke. Thank god legit Photoshop is available for iPad today. ✌️
Can’t open photos with latest update
by danica456 on 2019/11/05 22:11
I can’t use my app after the latest update. Once I open the app and choose a photo from my images to edit, the screen goes blank except for the photo, and I have to force quit the app. It only works if I am able to choose from the photos shown (not through one of my albums) After years of using this app daily, I am forced to find something else unless this bug gets fixed. Im also frustrated that because there is no developer help, I’m forced to leave a bad review and hope it gets through instead of just getting help fixing the issue.
Favorite, most powerful editor by far
by cortjezter on 2019/11/04 12:38
Hands down the best photo editing app around. I remember when this was an expensive set of Photoshop plugins 10-20 years ago, and its pedigree definitely shows. The maturity and flexibility of the available tools have actually transformed my digital photography workflow from exclusively Photoshop to virtually all Snapseed. Of course print prepping and deeper image manipulation are still best handled in a full desktop app, but everyday edits couldn't be faster or more user friendly in iOS. Love it! ❤️❤️
by KileyWalley on 2019/11/04 05:33
Loved this app to begin with but for some reason it's saving my pictures as blank edits to my iPhone ....
Umm iOS is 13.2 now
by Krazikatsz on 2019/11/04 05:05
Bug fixes for 13.1???? Ummm iOS is 13.2 now...
Thanks for fixing it.
by scottriggle57464646 on 2019/11/04 01:17
I can open images inside the app again.
A Workaround for Opening Bug
by Bigbird762 on 2019/11/02 17:26
The fix: 1) In the Photos app duplicate the photo you want to edit in Snapseed. 2) Open Snapseed and select Open Latest Image. 3) Voila. Inexcusable they’ve abandoned such a popular app and it’s loyal fans.
My go-to app until...
by AlyfromBelfast on 2019/11/01 12:57
I always edit in this app before any other app. However, now that some of my photos are taken on the new iPhone 11 Pro, I cannot even load a photo to edit. Very frustrating.
Can’t rate an app that can’t even open images
by LeaningTowerofHam on 2019/11/01 02:08
I loved you for years but now I can’t even open an image to edit them. Makes me think you want me to find someone else.
Can you fix this?
by Alejandro8713 on 2019/10/31 23:32
I have an iPhone 11 Pro Max and this app always crashes when I am saving a picture after editing. It is frustrating.
It’s broken!
by Imsaru on 2019/10/31 10:06
It’s been at least 2 weeks that when I try to download the photos from my iPad, it doesn’t allow me to choose any photos from my photo albums. Cannot open from the devices. I can only choose photos from “recent” photo collection.
Please fix it
by Oop11111 on 2019/10/30 15:13
So what’s going on after updated? Can’t even open the app now? It crashes every time I save the photo to camera roll since last update! Pleas fix it as soon as possible.
Can no longer open photos
by Ambiverbal on 2019/10/30 03:07
I have relied on Snapseed for years, but now it's unusable. Photos appear on screen with no UI...just a white background. ☹️
No layer support
by honestrevi on 2019/10/29 09:50
Awful app no layer support just avoid it
Needs Update
by 0llitsac on 2019/10/27 20:44
I loved using this until I updated my phone. Now when you try to edit your photo, it just shows up onto a blank white screen. Pls update the app!!
Won’t work on ios 13.
by PhenX2 on 2019/10/27 20:16
Please update this version to work on ios 13...
No iOS 13 support
by Chandiego on 2019/10/27 16:44
Crashes / freezes in iOS 13. Used to be my go to!
Stopped working after iOS 13.1.x
by lsldyebr74 on 2019/10/27 14:56
In the past few weeks Snapseed stopped working. Now whenever you open any image up, it just shows the image against a white background, with a preview window at the bottom showing your current viewport on the image, and then the file name at the bottom Can’t do ANYTHING else except zoom in and out. Can’t even exit other than swiping away Snapseed... Before this, Snapseed WAS excellent, the only app that could tease out backlit photos that otherwise were too dark to be worth keeping. It had a major limitation in that loading the images from the library took waaaaaaaaaaaaay too long (why no share sheet support?!? Probably some Apple-Google corporate spat).
by m_biok on 2019/10/26 16:37
I love this app and it Even has double exposure and other amazing things that other apps don’t have. I have downloaded many editing apps and this is the best one by far and I would definitely recommend this!!
Amazing mobile app on the go!
by SeekAndDes7roy2 on 2019/10/26 12:25
This app is so great! I don’t have to pay a subscription like I have to for Lightroom and I am able to edit raw photos! The only downfall is that it has become very laggy, when after I edit a photo from the raw adjustments so I can move on to other adjustments, it becomes stuck in the loading/processing part and then crashes more often now. And whenever I work on photos that involve portraits, using the portrait and healing features, it looks fine within the app. But when I export them to my camera roll, it seems like there is an exporting issue and the portraits look really bad and it looks like the blemishes that’s I took away with the healing app actually get heighten and look even worst. Same for when I use the portrait feature as well. So there is an exporting issue and loading issue with raw files. Other than that, it’s a great app for on the go, run and gun type of style when I don’t want too or can pull out my laptop. I hope these issues get fixed in a future update.
No longer working
by Saraphina7 on 2019/10/26 03:46
This has always been my first stop for editing photos, but it no longer works. Let’s me choose a photo, but then that’s it. No options to edit or anything. Seems like a common problem and hoping the developer fixes it soon.
Why it doesnt download on my phone its iphone 6
by koe ljg on 2019/10/25 21:43
Do something
It doesn’t
by Dimanche 10 on 2019/10/25 01:39
It doesn’t work anymore after updating my phone to IOS 13.
Upload bug
by Vivaladiamond on 2019/10/24 22:37
There’s been an upload bug for the iPhone for months now. Once you get past the import screen to the preview there’s no option to confirm and start editing.
Crashes and I lose my edits
by MrHiggs8888 on 2019/10/24 22:04
App crashes on JPG export, consistently, not always... but super annoying. Guess I’m going to have to look for an alternative. iOS 13. iPhone X.
Can’t edit photos
by Skeryl on 2019/10/24 21:42
I used to love Snapseed, but now when opening photos, it only does as a view, with no edit options. A fix is needed for this bug or compatibility issue. (iPhone user)
Dislike the update
by Grininbearit on 2019/10/24 17:04
Just won’t work. 10-24-19 can’t open most of my photos.
App support nonexistent iOS 13
by Floridaskater2003 on 2019/10/22 20:37
Loved the app and features. Google LLC /Developers won’t fix the problem or respond to subscribers. Nonexistent customer service. I used snapseed in conjunction with my Google cloud account No more. I’m cancelling my Google cloud account and transferring my files to Amazon’s cloud service. Snapseed Forum no longer exists. Convenient...You may say it’s not Snapseed’s fault, but why are they not responding to this mess?
Can’t open photos from photostream anymore
by Gaeagle15 on 2019/10/22 19:10
This has always been my go to photo editor but I cannot open pics from photostream any longer. What did you do?
No longer works?
by blueplanetphoto on 2019/10/22 14:35
What happened? A week ago, fine. Now snapseed doesn’t work. Open an image and it locks on a screen with no controls to move forward, just the image on a blank screen. Have been using this app for years.
Still broken after all these updates
by GraPhXLight on 2019/10/22 13:24
Somehow, after iOS 13 was released, Snapseed has not been the same again. For starters, most images open, yes -thank you very much- but that’s that; neither tools nor anything else is available, I can see the image and it’s name, nothing else. Fully restarting the iPhone does nothing. So, Google, please fix it pronto, yes?
Was great. No longer works.
by gngrdnn on 2019/10/21 01:43
My favorite photo editing app. But since latest iPhone iOS upgrade, it won’t open photos to edit. Very disappointed and hope it’s fixed soon.
Was a 5 until recently
by Facingdawn on 2019/10/20 23:18
Suddenly the app won't load any images from my photo library. It's my favorite app but is now utterly useless.
Please add iOS 13 support
by UpRocka on 2019/10/20 15:49
Not Snapseeds fault, but iOS 13 has officially ruined yet another thing - Snapseed. Now when you go to load an image from photos it can cause the screen to have no buttons to move to the next step to process the photo. Only remedy so far is to force quite the app, reopen and then try again. Usually work the second time. Super annoying. Thanks for nothing Apple.
Buggy ever since iOS 13 update
by jayman on 2019/10/20 04:34
I can’t upload images directly from camera and even when I get to edit a photo it will ruin the photo by saving it as a blank image. This has always been my go to editing app but not right now!!!! PLEASE GET THIS BUG FIXED ASAP !!
Usually works. But on my iPhone XS it’s not saving
by scosco on 2019/10/20 02:41
Issues with not being able to save photos. They show up as white or black images. Nothing shows up. Additionally the app will randomly close after working on an image for 20min.
Won’t work on IOS 13.2
by Right on switching on 2019/10/20 01:28
You can edit the pictures but you can’t save them to photos.
No longer works! Unable to save image on iPad PRO
by AmacNeedsSnapseedFixed! on 2019/10/19 17:33
I have been a loyal and avid Snapseed user for years but this last update has ruined everything. When I try to save a copy (which I’ve always been able to do), it proceeds as if it’s saving all of my changes and then pops up the error “Unable to save image” . I rely on this setting and this makes the app in-usable. HELP!!!! PLEASE FIX THIS BUG ASAP!!!
Went over old photo + review
by bushykitten on 2019/10/18 23:07
It went over a old photo because I clicked Modify on accident. — Earns a extra star for being a good editor
Please update for iOS 13!
by lovely.julie on 2019/10/18 22:59
I used to love this app. Sad I can’t use it.
Updated IOS to 13.1.3, now I can’t load pictures into this app
by nkmr1953 on 2019/10/18 16:14
What’s up, Snapseed? I loved working with this app until I updated my iPad Pro to IOS 13.1.3. Now I get error message saying ‘could not load image’. Any help would be appreciated.
Not working under iso 13
by Maymay0021 on 2019/10/18 02:52
Has been great and love it. But stopped working after iPhone iso update to 13.
Was great. Now buggy to the point of no-use
by vahanavagyan on 2019/10/17 17:43
Bugs all over since iOS 13. Is this a joke?
Lost photo!!!
by Abigail's mom123 on 2019/10/17 04:07
A minor edit and the photo saved as a gray square in my camera roll. No matter what I do I can’t recover it. Photo is permanently gone. Tried with a far less important photo and same results.
4 star because
by MrSirhot2323 on 2019/10/16 21:10
Please allow the "Text" to be made smaller than the minimum. When photo is shared in social media it looks too large. The rest is all amazing
Doesn't work in IOS 13
by Brandopants1 on 2019/10/16 20:58
I'm at wits end trying to get this app to work for me on IOS 13.2 (or 13.1). I keep getting "cannot save image" errors which sometimes results in no changes saved or actually turning the image 100% black/blank. Worse, uninstalling and reinstalling the app will delete all your saved looks/presets you've worked hours on. No idea why those aren't stored in the cloud. So dissapointed to see my favorite app rendered useless.
Can't save changes...
by RayOlmeda on 2019/10/16 15:29
Just echoing the latest reviews from everyone. Please fix the app as it is not working correctly with the latest Beta iOS 13.2.
iOS 13 issues
by sinjun68 on 2019/10/16 12:41
Just like many others chiming in here. I love snapseed. Use it every day! Upgrade phone to iOS 13 and nothing but snapseed issues. First, had issues opening images, next, images saved are just black boxes, now snapseed won’t export or save images at all. Deleted app, restarted phone, reinstalled snapseed, same issues AND lost all my presets. Please fix this!
Bugging so bad
by Rainis Huynh on 2019/10/16 08:52
But i still give it a five star since it is still my fav app. Please fix the save photo issue. Also i can’t access “view edits “ it kept crashing 😔
Problems since iOS13
by Neoshadow1986 on 2019/10/16 02:44
I’ve been having problems with this app exporting blank photos ever since iOS 13 came out. Please fix this, I’ve never had problems with Snapseed in the past. I’d hate to have to try looking for another photo editor.
iOS 13.2 Beta issues
by sozav on 2019/10/16 01:44
I can no longer save or export photos after updating to the beta iOS
Doesn’t work in iOS 13
by fakehead on 2019/10/16 01:27
It’s time. Please fix this.
Snapseed not exporting on ios 13.2 beta 2
by iPhone11Ratul on 2019/10/15 15:46
Snapseed exported photos is just a black screen on ios 13.2 beta 2 on iPhone 11. It was fine before. Please update the app!
Joining the chorus
by Dream331 on 2019/10/15 05:46
I’ve used this app for years and enjoy it very much. However, there seems to be issues this time around in keeping up with the changes. This app desperately needs an update. I can no longer load photos to edit. This alone makes the app useless and very disappointing. Please fix/update the app
Adding free form focus points!!!
by ItNeedsMediaplayersupport on 2018/07/30 11:51
I really love using this app to edit all my photos. I’m rating 4 stars, to possibly grab your attention on a few new suggestions to add into the apps editing features. First, I think adding a free form focus area in the Lens Blur instead of shapes would be AMAZING. Along with that adding the ability to not just have one focal point, but multiple focal pints, while still being able to blur out the background or things the editor doesn’t want the photo to focus on. Another new feature you should add to this app should be to have a onscreen convenient undo/redo buttons while using any tool in the app; that way the editor won’t have to continuously click in and out of the tool in order to make an alter to an edit or to fix a mistake. I realize there’s an erasing tool, but when you have much to edit and a list of other photos you plan to edit as well, it is time consuming; not to mention that many people using there fingers to edit will likely cause a mistake to worsen by using the eraser tool, which is well - another negative. - Anyways I really do hope someone who can add these two features read my review, and will actually consider adding these two features. I guarantee it will make many people happy. -Overall though, this photo editing app is AMAZING and I highly recommend using it!!!
by BeatlesFan128 on 2017/11/21 02:37
The app is very intuitive, and even the advanced features aren't cluttered or overly complicated (that said, performance and accuracy isn't compromised either). There are a lot of features, and I like how you can choose to save your edits step by step, and can see exactly what you did (and even undo!) after a picture is saved. This does everything you need it to do, and if you spend a lot of time you can get professional grade editing. The only reason I'm not giving this 5/5 is because I seem to be having a problem with the newest update. I can't open pictures, like at all. Even ones I'm certain I've edited with this app. It's a pretty major issue but I don't want to dissuade anyone from getting this because of a bad update, since I've never had a single issue before. Hopefully it will be patched soon.
A Must-Have App For All Serious Photographers
by Paul in NJ on 2017/03/21 23:52
This is one of a very select number of apps that appear on my coveted front page. Its ability to smartly select areas for selective retouching is uncannily accurate; its Structure feature beats anything Photoshop can do; and its Ambience tool provides a wonderful combination of brightness, shadow opening, warmth, and even incredible highlight protection all at once. On top of that are regularly-introduced enhancements like the Curves tool, and the incredible White Balance tool which allows you to see your eyedropper effect in real time as you drag it around your image – a huge advantage I have not seen in any other mobile app or even desktop program. On top of all of this, there are other miraculous effects that seem to be added every other week that are too numerous to delineate here but are absolutely worth exploring. My only two wishes are that 1) a clone tool be added; and 2) there were even more options in the Selective and Brush Tools. Still, I recommend this app without reservation.
Worked great, until it didn’t
by Adoragurl on 2018/05/05 06:19
I must start by saying that I love Snapseed. I have used it for several months taking inventory photos for my business and it has worked great for me, until it didn’t. I’m not sure what happened, if it update messed with the settings, or what. When I use the text filter it used to work great, now when I use it the words are so tiny that they are barely visible. I have googled everything I can to try to find a fix to this as well as searching within the settings of the app to see if I can change the text size, but with the exception of making the bubble that I’m putting the text in extremely large, I can find no other fix. Also, I have edited hundreds of photos with Snapseed only to wake up one day and ALL of my photos are back to their unedited state. Thankfully I have most of them uploaded to my computer or I would have had to redo them all. Very disappointing. I’m hoping any future updates to the app will fix this and the text functionality because until that happens this app is essentially useless to me and I love this app.
It was great—until it wasn’t
by Suzanne T. on 2018/10/15 18:20
When I first discovered Snapseed, I was teaching a smart phone photography class and didn’t know how I was going to be able to help the non-Apple students. This app saved the day. I have relied on it for several years now. My 10,000-word class presentation Is filled with all kinds of Snapseed Screenshots. Students seem to like it a lot. Imagine my dismay when, a couple of weeks ago, the screen turns black whenever I try to access a photo from either my or photos or favorite is filled with all kinds of Snapseed Screenshots. Students seem to like it a lot. Imagine my dismay when, a couple of weeks ago, the screen turns black whenever I tap a photo from either my All Photos or Favorites app album! I can still swipe through the filmstrip if I need to open a photo for editing, but that’s so impractical for 9K images on my iPhone X iOS 12.0.1. During class, I also project live-screen demos from my phone (using an HDMI-to-lightning connector). The only place I’ve found this problem discussed is on Reddit. No one has a solution yet. Please, Google: help!
I’m in Love, I’m in Love!
by AuntBoogie on 2018/09/12 00:53
I have been using Snapseed for MANY years; it is the longest-reigning photo editing app in my iLife. Over the years I have tried so many photo apps that seemed promising from their description, but wound up not delivering the goods. The lone survivor of many cullings of my photo apps herd, Snapseed is tried and true! The fact that I am able to edit a photo and then Save the new edited version OVER the original version (by Allowing the app to ‘Modify’) is the reason why I fell in love with the Snapseed app. I am able to write a note or add a label on a photo and then save it without creating a new needless copy and, most importantly, without moving the photo from its original spot in my timeline. This allows my edited photos to remain alongside any untouched photos, in their originally captured order. This simple yet invaluable feature is what makes Snapseed a standout for me! I do wish we could open a chosen photo in Snapseed directly from the Photos app (either via (a) the ‘Edit’ button ‘...’ Activities, or (b) the ‘Share’ button Activities). And honestly, if you were to add a ‘TOOL’ that allows us to draw (and then move/resize/reshape/rotate) lines, arrows and maybe even squares (shapes), you would become the HOLY GRAIL of photo editing apps! I would [figuratively] shout praises of your name from the mountaintops!!! I am always excited and never disappointed when you release an update! Keep up the AMAZING work!!!
Amazing mobile app on the go!
by SeekAndDes7roy2 on 2019/10/26 12:25
This app is so great! I don’t have to pay a subscription like I have to for Lightroom and I am able to edit raw photos! The only downfall is that it has become very laggy, when after I edit a photo from the raw adjustments so I can move on to other adjustments, it becomes stuck in the loading/processing part and then crashes more often now. And whenever I work on photos that involve portraits, using the portrait and healing features, it looks fine within the app. But when I export them to my camera roll, it seems like there is an exporting issue and the portraits look really bad and it looks like the blemishes that’s I took away with the healing app actually get heighten and look even worst. Same for when I use the portrait feature as well. So there is an exporting issue and loading issue with raw files. Other than that, it’s a great app for on the go, run and gun type of style when I don’t want too or can pull out my laptop. I hope these issues get fixed in a future update.
Tools are great, but glitchy
by Jesse1870 on 2019/11/25 20:00
Using this app for a photography class for editing and creating a color splash effect worked great and was a huge (and free) lifesaver until recently where I get halfway through editing a photo and the brush tool becomes unresponsive, making it impossible to finish my work I already spent a bunch of my time on. If I try and save what I have, the entire app becomes unresponsive. I then have to close the app and start all over, so I find myself rushing through editing just to get *something* done before the brush tool and soon after the app becomes unresponsive again. Extremely frustrating when I have a busy schedule in college and can’t spend all day editing each image 5+ times just for one rushed result. Other than that this app is GREAT for what it allows you to do, especially on an iPad. I’d love if this could get fixed so I can continue to use this app well after this class, because when it works, it’s amazing.
Best Photo Editing App
by katiekrl on 2019/04/22 12:25
Taking photos is one of my favorite hobbies. Editing photos,’s just not. While helping my sister start her own business, we needed product photos. I snapped some off my phone that looked nice, but they needed an extra boost through editing. No other photo editing apps I was previously using were doing it for me. So, I went looking. Found this one and instantly fell in love! I send all my photos through this app before posting now. Super simple to use. I love the swiping feature to go between settings and to adjust settings. It makes the whole process seamless and effective. Only thing I wish I could do, and it’s entirely possible I’m just not seeing it because I’m still learning new things on this app everyday, is to edit specific colors in the photo. Otherwise, this app is hands down the absolute best!
Avoid 2.18.2 update if you already use Snapseed.
by JohnTujunga on 2018/08/28 23:16
As many have already expressed their frustration with the latest version, it is prone to crashing. Once it crashes, the app becomes unstable (repeated crashing on app launch or picture selection) which leads me to have to delete and reinstall the app. I have lost quite a few saved “Looks” and a cumulative sum of a few hours because of this issue. It’s still my go-to photo editing app but I have to take precautions when using to avoid lost work/time (eg. “Save a copy” periodically so I can re-import the picture with all the edit steps and re-save as a “look” after the app crashes and is reinstalled). Overall a powerful and feature full app FOR FREE! Highly recommend and I’m anticipating the next update that hopefully address the crashing problem. -iPhone 8 -iOS 11.4.1
Strange lines in original photo
by manuiwa on 2017/11/02 13:28
This is my favorite app! No one can believe my photos come from my iPhone. I use snapseed to really perfect and fine tune. The reason why I am not giving it 5 stars is because a new update is creating very faint vertical lines in the original photo before editing. To give an example, it looks like a photo taken of a picture on a computer screen. The original image (found in the photo album) does not have the lines. It only shows when opened in Snapseed. The lines become even more apparent when using an editing tool. I will give it 5 stars when the lines go away. Other than that, still my favorite editing app.
Excellent photo tool
by BargainHunter168 on 2017/11/05 15:25
First of all, I like its handy, effective, I don’t need to import pictures into laptop and use Adobe photoshop. Nowadays, people take pictures with no serious purpose, maybe just for posting on social media. A quick makeover is all its purpose. I used serious photo tools long time ago, often it was very time consuming to accomplish a small task. Now Snapseed provides a lot of practical tools, with newer version, Looks->Last edits saves one time for similar batch processing, Tools->True image->Ambiance is my favorite tool to correct color tones, brightness at one time, Tools->True image->Shadows is also useful to save pictures with sharp contrast. Besides, I found this app is easiest to learn. Just select a sample picture, then apply each tool to examine the outcome, it’s fun!
Amazing but!
by EMMANUEL AKIN on 2017/06/19 18:40
Truly amazing I have been creating all types of fine photography and art with Snapseed for years ever since its beginning. Love the new features continue to upgrade because I feel as though I'm the ambassador and would love to see more! Every one thinks I'm on a computer editing Lightroom or ps but I'm on Snapseed that goes for every single piece of my work check my | IG:poorspirit | and you'll see! Please make changes for face enhancement it destroys shadows on face and neck far too often i have to dodge & burn. I think medium leaves orange tint around face and hair and it gets noticeable sometimes. Last when I deeply edit as I should catching the small details once I pass about 6 layers the image beings to distort and has pixels and rings in shadows & highlights. HEALING DONE TO IMAGE IS ALTERED INCORRECT AFTER IMAGE IS SAVED!!!!!
Saved edited photos are reverting to original
by Can't mobile order on 2018/04/13 16:41
I’ve contacted Apple and they couldn’t help me. I’ve been using snapseed for almost a year to edit photos I take daily. I save my edited version over the original to save space on my phone. Over the past 2 days (since the iPhone iOS update) random photos I’ve edited will revert to their original version on their own. They’ll save for a period of say 12 hours and then I’ll go into my photos library to use that photo and all the edits are gone. This only happens to SOME photos I’ve edited. Not all. Is there anything you can do to fix the issue? Otherwise, I LOVE snapseed. But I spend a large amount of time getting my photos perfect and can’t afford to waste my time editing everything over and over.
Hands Down The Best!
by LadyJ828 on 2019/07/29 10:36
I have been using Snapseed for over a year now. I use a plethora of other photo editing apps (Photoshop, Pixlr, Enlight, Aviary, Facetune, etc). Hands down, this has so much more to offer than any other app and I find this to be my go to App. The Tools that make this so worth while: the HD tool, healing tool, and the selective area tool (allowing you to lighten or enhance any portion of the photograph). Having said that, there is only one tool that I do still need that is offered in other apps and is not available on Snapseed. A blur tool. I find when I am in need of this tool I resort to Aviary (no longer supported) or Facetune. If this was included, I would have no reason to use any other App. Thank you Snapseed, maybe someday you would consider adding a blur tool.
From amazing to unreliable
by Eversoe on 2018/06/23 16:11
I have been a major fan of Snapseed for years, turning many friends onto its powerful photo editing tools. But with the latest update in June of 2018, it has all of a sudden become unreliable. I recently returned from a 3-day trek into the Grand Canyon, and spent an hour editing photos using Snapseed. Yesterday I went to post some of the pics, and more than half of the photos I had edited had reverted to their unedited state. Confused, I spent another hour editing the photos, and then posted a couple on Instagram. Today, I went to post another photo, and discovered yet again, several of my photos had automatically reverted to their unedited state. I can share screenshots showing one of the photos I posted to Instagram looks totally different that the photo on my phone now. This is extremely frustrating, time-wasting and makes me lose complete faith in trusting my photos to Snapseed. Please, please fix this!!!!
Amazing App!
by bubblezartist on 2019/05/28 16:46
I use this app ALL the time on my phone. I’ve also recommended it to others who use it all the time now too. I’m a designer and use Photoshop/Illustrator/Lightroom on desktop. Snapseed is my go-to when editing photos on my phone. I have a request for developers - would it be possible to add a feature when masking layers, where you can make straight-line selections quickly? I mask a lot, and many times I’m masking out a square object. It would be amazing to have a feature where I can tap on the corner of the square, and then tap the other corner and have it make a straight line, like the Polygonal Lasso tool in Photoshop. If you added this feature it would be amazing!
App crashing after exported edit of photo?
by fwhitlatch on 2018/02/06 17:07
Hello, so now for the last 6 months I have to reinstall the app after about 1 to 3 photo edits. What happens after applying all my edits I go to export photo from the three options. Doesn’t matter what option I pick it will crash. After crash it does safe the photo but if I try to go back into app it just opens and then closes out. At this time now not being able to use the app at all. So then I have to delete the app and reinstall to do more editing but the same process of 1 to 3 photos then it crashes and having to delete then reinstall again. Can you guys please fix his I love this app but have installed it now a zillion times to keep using it and it’s getting old that it keeps crashing. It never used to do this. Could you guys please help? Hopefully to read this since the help app side won’t let me write a note like this there. Thanks, Franklin. W
Blemishes, Acne and Scars.
by Amazing999999 on 2018/03/11 14:52
i got this app because i was looking at pictures of my girlfriend and she’s very insecure about her facial acne and scars... so, i looked into a simple photoshop esk app for covering this up. this app was trending so i tried it out. it was very smooth and between a simple filter and some smoothing out with their wand, it was amazing. zoom in and you can work with every little (i know this sounds gross but it’s real life) zit, pimple, pore and scar and cover it up how you want to. between this amazing and handy trick the filters are great, you can crop, edit, add text, change brightness, sharpness, saturation etc. it’s truly and amazing app. plus... ITS FREE! download it and see if you like it!
Saved pictures blank in phone gallery
by OkKaye on 2019/10/13 18:31
Could not find a place to send developer feedback for a problem I’m experiencing, so I had to leave a review instead. I’m using an iPhone X on IOS 13.2. Anytime I save an image in Snapseed via any save method (save, save as copy, or export), the image “saves” but only shows up as a blank image in the iPhone picture gallery. It cannot be viewed in any other way, opened with any other apps, or even opened again with Snapseed. This means any and all photos I have tried to edit do not save correctly and pretty much makes the whole app non-functional. I have screenshots of you would like them and a record screen video to show you what’s happening. Please fix - as it stands now, this app is not functional without being able to properly save images after editing. Once fixed, I will update my review. Thanks!
Snapseed starts crashing
by iphone8snapseeduser on 2018/12/06 15:56
I am not sure if it’s Snapseed fault but it just became useless on my iPhone 8. Every time I want to open “ All Photos “ on my device the app crashes. I used to love Snapseed. Post Scriptum. I had to review my previous review. Apparently it might be the latest IOS updates causing the Snapseed crash. I had the same problem when I tried to select photos to edit from my phone library with other apps too. A quick fix is to Copy your photo from your library and Paste it on Snapseed for editing. Snapseed is so powerful that’s worth the extra steps you might have to do in order to use this app.
My fave photo editing app!!!
by extorsys on 2017/03/21 23:12
Is worth say that i have a masters degree in digital photography... I have tried countless photo editing apps for both the iphone and ipad pro. Without a doubt, SnapSeed is my absolute fave app on the ipad pro and iphone. It gives me incredible power to enhance my images, i love the precision i get when using apple pencil, the healing tool works amazingly! The new updates of double exposures and expansion of images are amazing!!! So creators of Snapseed please dont kill me because i know you already have the best photo editing app! But hear me out, if you add warping and gradients i will simply stop using all other photographic apps.
Great App but needs to open from other Drives
by tunesmith on 2018/08/30 22:58
Love the app, super simple to use and turn a good photo into a great photo. My only gripe is that I can only open photos from the camera roll. I would like to be able to open photos from Google Photos, Dropbox, One Drive, Create Drive (Adobe) etc so I don’t have to move things around so much. Also, it would be nice to be able to save the Snapseed result to another directory for modified work and jpg’s for sharing to another directory just for sharing. Prevents confusion as to the original, mod and share output. This is the workflow I have used for years on the PC and would greatly help organization. One other request though not IOS related: Make Snapseed available for Windows using Chrome Extension. Thanks for listening. Original: Haven’t really been able to thoroughly test as yet because the first time using it crashed and hung my iPad Pro running latest version of IOS. Have seen other people’s work with Snapseed and it’s impressive, but crashing/hanging doesn’t fly.
Where did the edits go?
by kefichick on 2018/04/18 21:56
I had been using Snapseed as my go to app for all my photo editing for almost 2 years now. I must have 8 or 9 photo editing apps but once I discovered Snapseed, I stuck with that. But now I am trying to figure out what to do. I spent about 2 hours editing a bunch of photos from my Yosemite trip, went over them one last time before bed, woke up and the edits had all disappeared! I did a google search to find out what had happened, explored the app extensively, deleted and reloaded the app and finally did all the edits again. Yup, they all disappeared and I have now wasted far too much time and am losing heart. I guess it is time to find another app unless someone has a suggestion of what to do! So bummed!
Probably best editing app for mobile!
by TheAwesomeJuan on 2019/02/23 09:03
This is an app that you simply download and keep. I have had so much success with this app that I haven't ever thought or even tried searching for another to replace it. It does everything it advertises so well and rarely crashes. I only ask that in a future update we can receive a shortcut to access the app straight from camera roll. A very simple addition would be very appreciated. Sometimes I'll scroll through my photos and decide to edit, so the shortcut would be dope. Give this app a try! It's free with no add-on purchases, unlike many other apps.
Edited versions disappeared from photo album after deleting the photos in SnapSeed album
by Classof65 on 2018/05/06 21:59
Love the SnapSeed app, but since Friday, I am unable to save my edited photos, takin w/iPhone, but transferred via Cloud to my iPad! What happened? Went to help and support, but no answer found. Photos much easier to edit on iPad, since images are larger. Now the save option is gone. When I tried the Export option, it says “photo can not be saved”! PLEASE fix this! I edit every photo I keep, so need this resolved ASAP! FYI, I have NOT yet installed the recent iPhone/IPad software update, so that didn’t cause it! HELP!!!!
One small problem
by LoreWhite on 2018/08/28 17:25
I’ve had this problem ever since getting iCloud storage, so maybe it isn’t a problem with the app itself. Somehow it isn’t communicating with the cloud so everyday after I spend hours editing my photos, they get updated by the iCloud library and they turn back to the original! This is getting to be ridiculous! I came up with the solution of emailing them to myself or uploading them into Dropbox, but honestly I feel like I shouldn’t have to do that! Ugh! This is so frustrating having to re-edit a bunch of pictures I just spent 2 hours on!
Great, Easier than PhotoShop and LightRoom but...
by SgtGrn on 2018/10/08 04:59
Love this program. I have PS and LR on my iPad and iPhone. But this is program is easier and more intuitive than either of those. It’s now my goto exposure adjustment. But.. I wish they would expand the brush capabilities. I wish I could selectively apply every effect with the brush tool. I wish I could apply color, paint and draw with the brush tool. I wish the brush too could be sized incrementally. And exposure should be in increments of .1 and we need a knife tool for mask selection for those of us with apple-pens. Hey Google offer all that and I’d be ready to PAAAAYYY.
by RoshuaJogers on 2018/06/13 19:33
RAW support for cameras that are 2 years old needs to be added. Sony has multiple new generations of cameras that have been out for more than a year that are not supported per the Snapseed site. Please add asap. Previous feedback still applies: ____________________ Snapseed is a great app for editing photos, but the picker interface could use some serious improvement. Limiting users to scrolling through images rather than seeing a grid of image from the photo library or camera roll is limiting to say the least. If a user wants to edit a photo taken 400 photos ago, then there is quite a lot of swiping that needs to be done in the current interface design. Next, knowing what photos have been edited after stepping away from the app or when editing multiple photos is not easy either. It would be a huge improvement if in the photo picker there was some icon or symbol in one of the corners of the preview that indicated that it had been edited. Please improve these things and the app will be even better than it is now.
Hate the new look
by cjindy on 2017/10/07 22:55
Why do all you developers have to keep fixing what isn't broken???!!! I loved this app when I got it and had all the settings down pat. I also like the flow of where everything was. Now it's all different and I have to learn it all over again. I understand adding features but this looks like a completely different app. The white background is terrible. Black or dark grey would be so much better, you know like it used to be. It would also be helpful to be able to save a series of edits like your “last edit” option in Looks but be able to come back to those saved option later after editing a different set of options.
Blown Away
by GunslingerDust on 2018/03/16 14:12
Up until yesterday, I had never heard of this app. Then, when researching ways to take better photos with my iPhone, one of the articles I read mentioned this little gem. Honestly, after only one day, I’m super impressed. I’ve already edited a dozen photos and I’m happy with every one of them. Tl;dr: the app is great. Here’s why: Super easy to use. Pick a tool, edit photo, save and export. Tons of features. I think there’s a paid version but I haven’t needed it (sorry Google). This version is great. Export as a finished photo or for editing later. You can come back to previous photos later on if you need to make further changes. Useful for quick and clean edits, whether your keeping the photo or posting to social media. Conclusion: I’m not sure if this is for professional photographers or not, but for the average person that needs to clean up and image before posting, this’ll most likely get the job done.
Great app...just one thing
by jondoe01 on 2019/07/30 00:21
I’ve recently downloaded Snapseed and its a fantastic app. Really great and versatile. Problem is, with my iPhone XS Max, the sliding control used to adjust tools appears so far near the top of my screen that it really isn’t all that user friendly. Swiping so high up can drop down menus and such, which then cover the photo I’m editing. Happens a lot. I’ve already tried replacing the tempered glass protector because that really interfered with the swipe. The new one is as high up as I can get it. I’m thinking I may have to ditch my phone cover (otter box), but I spend too much time outdoors to not have a good protective case. Please tell me this is a fix you’ll be making?
Love this app!
by jz4467 on 2019/10/03 11:48
Looks like this latest update fixed the compatibility issues with the iPhone 11 Pro and iOS 13! Thanks guys! Only thing I noticed was that the description of what the latest software update changes in the app doesn’t appear to have been modified to properly reflect those changes (looks like last year’s description). More specifically, it still references last year’s Apple iPhone and iPad model updates and last year’s iOS software (12, rather than 13). Just thought I’d let the devs know!
Love This App! Only 1 Thing I’d Change
by New To IPhone (330) on 2019/03/27 02:14
I love this app! I use it on all my Instagram photos. I would definitely give it 5 Stars if I could save my edits as filters!! This would be the dopest feature ever. For example, it allows you to use your “Last Edit” on other photos; I love this feature. Only problem is if on my next photo it needs to be edited different my “Last Edit” changes and there is no way to save it as a custom filter (that I know of). Let us save like at least 3-5 custom filters that we can use over and over. You would kill the game!
Updated Review v2
by sarasarasarAAA on 2018/04/14 23:04
Update: Snapseed has become my most used photo editing app. Love the interface and the subtle but powerful tools. What this app does I used to have separate apps for. Once you play around and get the hang of it, it will (probably) become the only app of this kind you will need. Recommended. Older: After using it more, I like this app more and more. And I'm pretty hesitant about free apps. It is full of features though, and doesn't bother you with ads or filter packs. It's better than many other photo editing apps I have used.
Disappointing "Upgrade" to an Old favorite
by Pierre Wilson on 2017/10/31 15:50
Snapseed has long been my go to photo editing app. Sad to see it fall victim to the endless homogenizing of photo apps. There's a reason I used this app and not instagram to edit photos. It was far superior. Now it looks a lot like instagram, only worse! Disappointing, though sadly unsurprising. If I was downloading this app for the first time in its current version there'd be a 95% chance I'd delete it immediately based on the awful UI alone (which of course used to be a strength of this app). I suppose I'll give it a few more tries since I know it can still produce the edits I want, but if it continues to take twice as long to get the same results I'll be looking elsewhere very soon.
Love it!!
by amberwings on 2019/04/13 17:06
For a free app i absolutely love it!! It has many options to choose from to make your pictures look professional. However, for inexperienced photographers, like myself, some tinkering around the app would be required before fully experiencing it, as it is a tiny bit overwhelming. I have no complaints about this app. I feel that this app does just about the same as if you would get from a paid software. I have been using snapseed for a few years now and will always be my go to app for touch ups.
My essential editing app
by jayemgee on 2019/01/19 01:18
This is the app I start with every single time I edit a photo (and it’s often the only app I use). The range of options is amazing, yet they’re all very easy to use. The ability to go back through your edits and tweak them is a great feature, as is the ability to save an editable version of your work in case you change your mind later. I also appreciate that it’s not full of offers to buy add-ons; I hate that in other apps. For all-around photo editing, this is a must-have.
Wonderful app!
by wellwhatnameisn'ttaken?! on 2018/06/01 22:54
Very happy with this app. It’s fast, very easy to operate, and there are so many tools to take advantage of. I do not consider myself a professional photographer but I know a good picture when I see one and this app has helped immensely in making my amateur photos into something I’m very proud of. However, after processing many many photos through this app, I’ve found that after about a day, they revert back to the original and do not retain any of the filters or alterations I applied. Not sure why this is. If someone could offer some assistance, that would be great as I have spent much time touching up my photos and it was highly disappointing when all that work disappeared.
Favorite, most powerful editor by far
by cortjezter on 2019/11/04 12:38
Hands down the best photo editing app around. I remember when this was an expensive set of Photoshop plugins 10-20 years ago, and its pedigree definitely shows. The maturity and flexibility of the available tools have actually transformed my digital photography workflow from exclusively Photoshop to virtually all Snapseed. Of course print prepping and deeper image manipulation are still best handled in a full desktop app, but everyday edits couldn't be faster or more user friendly in iOS. Love it! ❤️❤️
Works with 13.1 update, just delete and reinstall
by Qt_Mousie on 2019/09/30 21:09
I’ve had snapseed for the longest time, probably since my iPhone 5s or maybe even before then. The app has since expanded to just being able to make minimal adjustments to photos. I was even more happy when it expanded to brushes/healing. While the latest Apple had upped their game with the latest iOS update to the photo to editing capabilities, you still can’t batch edit like you can with Snapseed. I will stick with Snapseed just for the batch edit capabilities.
User friendly...but what happened to the watermark?
by Oliviagaskill1 on 2018/05/05 13:37
I use this app a lot to upload pics to my website for fine tuning. My only complaint is the watermark I’ve been using has changed and formatted differently. It use to be 3 lines which was perfect when it came to placement on the pic but now it’s all in 1 line which stretches across the pic and in return you have to make it smaller which makes it a little hard to read. The one I used a lot is the one with 3 hearts. I would love to see it go back to where I can use 3 lines. Looks more professional.
by hmm :)) on 2019/01/21 21:45
I usually don’t write feed back for apps but this app is by far my most used editing app for my photos. Snapseed isn’t like your handful of other editing apps where you have to pay for certain tools and filters everything on this app is accessible and free. When using this app you aren’t limited to any tools you may want/ need. The app is very complex covering so many useful tools and editing options for users but is very simple and easy to use turning out extremely effective.
For color control freaks like me!
by ndacarr on 2017/12/10 02:51
It's like having my coveted Nikon CaptureNX2 but in my iPhone. I mean, it's not a replacement for it but, I now have more control than Photoshop or Photogene for iPhones. You can’t really use any other software that makes the correction that Snapseed can make. My only issue, I wish they can add a warmth and tint adjustment onto their U-point adjustment controls. Will be the only adjustment slider that can allow me to color correct this without having to resort using CaptureNX2 on my computer.
Workaround! Very annoying though!
by Lopatic on 2019/09/29 11:12
This is a great app and used to work perfectly fine, but now it doesn't work with a new iPhone 11 and 13.1 software version. The app opens but when you click to open the image it comes up with an error message ”Error loading image” and it crashes. Needs major update! It's not working at this time. Installed new update 13.1.1 but Snapseed is not working. The same error message comes up. You can open the image in Snapseed made by new iPhone 11 of you first open older image taken by older iPhone model and while this image is open Snapseed will be able to load your new image. This works only one time. You have to repeat all the steps for another new image to be loaded.
Was a Great app but now wont open .ORF files ... UPDATED
by Brian, TX on 2017/08/06 16:34
This was my go to app but it now wont open the .ORF files from my Olympus OMD EM-1, works great with JPEG but RAW no More. I hope this gets fixed soon. The issue I was seeing appears to be down to the time it takes iOS to fully import RAW files, although it indicates the import is complete if I tried to open a file in Snapseed it came back with an error. I tried 30 minutes later and Snapseed correctly opens any of the 80 RAW files I imported. Snapseed still the best
Love this app and pretty please...
by ThereRSixBillionJennifers on 2019/04/21 23:23
I absolutely love this app. Use it all the time. Easy to make adjustments. Gives quite a lot of capability in a simple to use package. Pretty please with sugar on top AND sprinkles, add the ability to adjust hue/saturation of individual colors. This would give the ability to adjust hue/saturation of just yellows or just blues or just oranges etc.. etc. This is the one feature I keep waiting for and it would really add a lot of capability to the app without introducing the complexity of layers and layer masking to the app.
Saying F this app... for now.
by Braveheat on 2019/09/30 21:15
Dear Google, by not updating your app for iOS 13 tells me a few things: most important is that you have zero interest in fostering loyalty to your customers. By not putting out an update in a reasonable amount of time is basically telling me to move on to another photo editing app. This is disappointing because up until recently this was my go-to editing app, and I certainly wasn’t quiet when it came to recommending this to friends, family, etc. I throughly loved what I could do when it came to editing Raw photos, now the app crashes and I am left looking elsewhere. Sadly I’m sure I write this for my own benefit as I can’t imagine anyone at Google is reading this. Here’s hoping you guys update. Thanks.
Love this tool.
by Hoy Hoy on 2018/12/15 21:49
I love working with this tool and the price is more than fair for what it has to offer. I can freshen up sharpen enhance, slightly alter photos. Many effects offered for use with some nice controls to help me find the effect I’m looking for or trying to achieve. The only thing I can ask of the developers is if it’s possible to have a black, or dark, background on the apps’ desktop while editing? Visually it’s easier on the eye while editing. Great app!! I love working with it. 4*1/2 stars!
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