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•Meitu is the BEST all-in-one photo and video FREE editor on mobile! •Endorsed by celebrities and key influencers, Meitu gives you everything you need to create awesome edits. 【200+ FILTERS】 •No more dull photos! Animate and liven them up with 200+ original and unique effects! 【UNIQUE ART PHOTO EFFECTS】 •Cutting edge tech that automatically turns your portraits into stunning illustrations! 【INSTANT BEAUTIFICATION】 •Select the beautification level of your choice •Get flawless skin, sparkly eyes, a straighter nose, whiter teeth, etc. in just ONE tap! 【EDIT PICTURES】 Make your photos stunning and sensational! •Effects: add filters to your photos and create a different mood •Mosaic: cover anything that you want to hide ;) •Magic Brush: doodle over your pics with different brush options •Add-ons: customize your pictures by adding frames, text, stickers •Collage: combine several photos into one collage using in-app templates, text, and layout options 【RETOUCH BODY FEATURES】 Customize your body features the way you like by using in-app functions •Skin: smooth, firm, tone and adjust the hue of your skin exactly the way you like! •Blemishes: get rid of any unwanted acne, scars, spots, etc. •Eyes: brighten and enlarge your eyes, and completely erase dark circles •Body Shape: Want to be curvier, slimmer, more muscular, shorter, or taller? Whatever your beauty preference, do it all with Meitu! 【ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE】 •With groundbreaking AI technology, Meitu auto detects your facial features and is able to add cute motion stickers or hand-drawn effects to your face while taking selfies. 【EASY AND FUN】 •Compare your work with the original photo at every step of the way with only one tap! •Instantly share your edited photos with friends & family through the social media •Having trouble? Let our technicians know about any problems or suggestions in our feedback section! 【Meitu VIP】 •Meitu VIP! 300+ materials for members only! All you can use member exclusive stickers, filters, AR cameras, stylish makeups (Special materials from partners not included) •Unlock VIP exclusive functions Please look forward to non-stop member exclusive new releases which give you greater and better experiences •No More Ads! Enjoy the best user experience without Ads to interrupt. •Subscription and cancel subscription The payment will be processed from your iTunes account after you confirm to become our VIP member. The subscription will automatically renew at the end of each subscription duration unless you choose to cancel the auto-renewable subscription at least 24 hours prior to the end of your current subscription. Otherwise, the auto-renewable subscription payment will be processed within the last 24 hours of your current subscription. If you want to unsubscribe, please go to [Settings]->[iTunes & App Store]->[Apple ID]->[Subscription]->[Meitu]->unsubscribe Please be aware that the payment is non-refundable once it is processed. Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Contact us:
Won’t give me access to what I paid for
by HarleyQ13Soul on 2021/01/12 03:35
I paid for the $4.99 a month subscription. It shows that I’m paying for it on my apple account but says I’m not subscribed on the app and won’t give me access to the vip features. I love this app but I’ve paid out 25 bucks so far and have received nothing.
by Ariy! on 2021/01/11 22:09
It dosent show the erase thing
by WWJJXU on 2021/01/06 01:44
very good
by sam13141998 on 2021/01/05 23:00
Esta app es súper genial
Thank you
by huihelen on 2021/01/05 02:49
It’s such a wonderful app and we love it! Thank you!
thumbs down
by KissingMalone on 2021/01/02 02:39
after my purchase expired for the monthly membership, any time i try to take a picture i get a pop up stating “use one time” or “restore purchase”
by gdkjdtjdjgdgnxfngzrcjf on 2021/01/01 18:54
It’s a good app but too many ads 👴🏻
Music problems.
by فرح وحلا on 2021/01/01 18:45
If only it’ll explain the more how to add music it would be nice but overall it’s a OK app.
Force closing
by Ssevyy on 2021/01/01 01:30
Kept crashing for me used to be my favorite editing app😐
by Mysterious girl! on 2020/12/29 01:18
All i can say is i love this app suuuuper much!!! Please keep up the great Work! We all love this app sooo much!!
by Cooookt on 2020/12/28 11:42
I am trying to edit a few picture and then safe back to photos snd it is a challenge. When I push safe. I assume it automatically save but then there are so many choices such as Facebook, Tweeter...but not in my photo as a choice! I ended up took a screen shot instead! Why do I have to have a nickname?
It’s good but keeps kicking me out
by LEHSJ XKANS on 2020/12/27 01:10
I’m literally making a masterpiece edit, but then it kicks me out of the blue, and I have to start all over again, and I keep trying, but it still kicks me out, and I hate that
by 河东先生 on 2020/12/25 18:27
Life saver
by Maewery on 2020/12/24 01:56
Great app for photo editing.
by 张桂桓 on 2020/12/22 15:26
Very long ad if you want to use the app for free
by Jqk235 on 2020/12/21 04:47
Add so long ad for free use the app not a good idea.
I love it
by 莫妤 on 2020/12/20 13:20
This is the best app I used in years
I use this AP for every special moment
by sister bonez on 2020/12/15 22:14
I love the way this ap has it all. There’s editing, filters, so many options for photo taking and video. Love it.i love this Ap! Best photo retoucher ever
by morgotten on 2020/12/13 04:21
When i take a pic i say that’s not good and then i go on this app and i fix all my problems and i love it
Very Good
by MaMa Chaw on 2020/12/11 09:31
So good App
by lustfulbabe on 2020/12/10 22:33
Your app is nice but it keeps crashing in the middle of me editing. I hate that I have to start all over...
by 田亮儿 on 2020/12/10 18:14
It so good ,it makes u look nice
by dhbduebbc on 2020/12/10 01:38
Every single editing app in one!!!!
used to be great but
by jassy x) on 2020/12/09 02:03
After the new update i’m completely unable to download things, such as the smile function.
Used to love it.
by Skyleigh Kitty Meow on 2020/12/08 09:09
Y’all have become super greedy. Everything used to be free. Then you made it so that certain things had to be unlocked by watching ads. That was perfectly fine because once you unlocked it you got to keep it. Then you made it so that whatever you unlocked by watching an ad becomes locked again after one use. And now you can’t use the majority of stickers and such unless you’re willing to pay. Very disappointed. This used to be one of my favorite apps. Now it’s just become trash.
by 翻滚的虾饺 on 2020/12/08 06:50
太烂了 不停的闪退 编辑记录也不保存
Keeps deleting material
by iyyaann on 2020/12/07 23:15
The app seems to be getting worse every update...EVERYTHING has been deleted from my app and now i have to download everything all over again...i dont even know if its worth me keeping the app if i have to constantly redownload material everytime i want to use it..
Why pay?
by Wolf_flyer on 2020/12/07 12:50
I used to love this app but now i gotta pay for everything!!! No longer going to use this app! :(
by queenratyah on 2020/12/06 19:48
Love all the tools it’s just that some of the filters they made it vip but I don’t use them so I don’t rlly mind
Fine if you pay
by Glaglagleegloglo on 2020/12/05 15:13
Used to love but now you have to pay. I won’t use anymore.
by 叫阿成熟 on 2020/12/04 04:31
Loved it until recently
by yulsss97 on 2020/12/02 06:22
I had loved using this app for photo editing, but recently when I use text editing on it, my photos have been saving really blurry despite the settings being on HD! Idk if it’s something from the update, but it’s really bothersome! Would love to have this fixed so I can keep using it!
Update is a problem
by TheDiamondsGirl on 2020/12/01 21:34
This WAS my go to app for video editing. Since the recent update, the video editing features don’t work any more.
Used to Love it but they updated
by ncknamrty on 2020/11/28 06:10
This app is amazing. I haven’t been able to find another app that even comes close to what this one can do! I used to use it all the time! That being said, a few months ago they updated some of their policies. If you’re going to use this app please actually read their Service Agreement and Privacy Policy. It’s extremely shady and I no longer use this app as I refuse to agree to it. Also this app says it is for ages 4+ but in the policy it states that it is only for ages 13-16+ and that it requires parental consent. Anyway, give it a read and if it doesn’t bother you then go ahead and download it. I wish I could find an app just as good as this one.
Its so annoying but good
by GREATUS EDITING APP on 2020/11/27 16:20
Whenever I try to make a edit it starts my edit ALLLLLLL over again
Facetune Could Never
by Jrock2722 on 2020/11/27 00:48
If you need the perfect editing app then this is it!
by alice0371 on 2020/11/24 23:58
Very nice app with different features, especially the eraser and animated feature!!
Recomendado suma
by genesareth on 2020/11/22 16:01
Me gusta lo practico del app es como una cámara normal no necesito hacer mas nada. Me encanta 🤩
by disappijt ed on 2020/11/18 00:10
As a stickers and frame kind of person, each update makes the app worse
by Jiafybjjhvvbj on 2020/11/17 22:06
买了新手机 iPhone 12 pro max, 可是软件只有六个filter?而且我还subscribe了VIP
App is broken
by Shorty Skillz on 2020/11/17 18:32
I switched to the iPhone 12 and now I can’t download the editing tools. I get the error “failed to download materials”
by faceapplover on 2020/11/15 05:30
Wow this is amazing
Best app ever
by life4mom on 2020/11/15 04:44
I love this app
by hyshukai on 2020/11/15 02:38
Still strong after 2 yrs with Meitu
Decent video editing
by Mikey Does Stuff on 2020/11/13 19:08
Seems to work well enough for video editing but it crashes every time I try to add music.
The best app
by stellio343; on 2020/11/11 19:08
I loved
by elnene713 on 2020/11/09 03:04
Lo mejor de lo mejoraba app súper buena
by morilavender on 2020/11/08 21:43
I loved this app and it was perfect to add custom backgrounds and make my photography visions (and my friends) much more easy to achieve with the cutout tool, now every time I go to use it, it doesn’t register what I have chosen to cut out and goes back to the “Auto” version! My friends and I so sad and probably never going to have a need for this app unless it’s updated or fixed🥺😭
by Cshur- on 2020/11/08 04:31
可以不要把編輯時能縮小圖片的功能關掉嗎?現在用起來很麻煩欸 用了這麼久的功能現在沒了很不習慣欸⋯⋯ 好不方便⋯⋯⋯⋯
by 摄影后期制作爱好者 on 2020/11/05 01:48
Half good half bad
by Heeeeeellllllooooo on 2020/11/03 21:36
The good part is that this app is super creative but the bad part it that almost everything cost a subscription ugh sooo bad
by alliechaanu on 2020/11/03 18:29
before the update meitu was perfect but now it glitches and always blacks out when u try to save ur edits and i lose all of my work, i’m not the only one that has this problem and it’s so frustrating to spend 20 min or so on an edit only for it to turn into a black screen.
Me encanta esta aplicación
by hectorsista on 2020/11/03 00:57
Me encanta esta aplicación
by Xd12335 on 2020/11/02 01:45
Too much advertisement and lowered enjoyment experience of going into app....slows down getting what you want
Best App Ever!
by Kimmchiee on 2020/10/31 02:58
I've been using this app ever since it was released sooo that was 2013! I will always love this app and it keeps getting better! Loveyou meitu!
Friend Recommend!!
by LionessROAR on 2020/10/30 02:35
Love the editing options, really adds nice finishing touches to the images.
very good!
by 蛐蛐儿s on 2020/10/29 22:02
Really good
by fytrhvuhvuggh jhoogyew on 2020/10/29 00:45
It’s really good for erasing background objects
by 老先角 on 2020/10/27 17:40
Locks in reshape adjustments
by Pletrondo on 2020/10/27 07:19
Unfortunately locks I in reshape adjustments by resetting value to zero
by ...chuhu on 2020/10/27 03:50
C’est juste magnifique 😘❤️
Tbh such a great app! 💕
by 아나마리사 on 2020/10/24 06:28
I’ve been using Meitu for probably over two years now (sorry my concept of time isn’t great lol) and I honestly love it so much! You have so many options without spending any money and you can have so much fun with your photos! The edits look really natural and come out so well! 💕💕💕
by keshabi on 2020/10/22 01:14
Love it
It was good until
by dinosaur (∵) on 2020/10/21 04:58
I understand that they need to make money but now i have to pay for my stickers even though i already downloaded it from when it was free, kinda stupid but i guess
by quakin' on 2020/10/20 17:24
I spend hours editing one photo and it deleted ALL the data after I finished. 1/5 stars.
So upset
by ms.applesauce on 2020/10/19 08:34
Used to be the best.… why do you have everything behind a paywall now?? Used to be free, now you want a subscription service. Greedy.
Sorry 🥺
by thjsjdjslsowoal on 2020/10/17 19:25
so I wanted to try this app and it’s not letting me download it so 1 star sorry
Read the Privacy notice before using
by BurgeR.X on 2020/10/16 22:29
Apparently when you start to use this app, you give permission to them to collect ALL PERSONAL INFORMATION including name, phon number, address, email, geolocation, identification number, FINANCIAL INFORMATION (such as credit card or bank account number, Apply pay info! Ready to give all these to a Chinese company? I dont really trust time handling any of this data!
The removal looks amazing😍
by Tae sook on 2020/10/16 16:14
this app is amazing for editing all of my photos
why is the glitter filter suddenly pro??
by bitlife is a nono now on 2020/10/16 13:46
literally was using it fine for a week and now its suddenly a premium filter? real messed up and greedy of y’all
omg literally the best editing app to exist
by LLazzy on 2020/10/15 17:12
It has everything you could possibly need in an editing app. No watermark too, it’s so good
BEST Pic Edit App.
by mstinamai on 2020/10/14 21:03
I normally don’t right app review but I have to get a Fivestars with this one. This is absolutely the best app for picture editing that I have ever used. I have been using this app for the past 4-5 years before they even have English available in the app. Still loving it. The way they make your skin so smooth and the filters are so great with tons of filters. Keep up the awesome work guys. And keep everything in English 😘😍. LOVE YOU GUYS!!!
Great app
by Brochton on 2020/10/09 20:07
Love this app so much 👍🏼
Not as good as it used to be
by 精彩人生美拍sherry on 2020/10/09 12:30
Uploading too slow , too many commercial ads . It used to be very good . But not anymore . Hope you to improve .
𝐋𝐨𝐯𝐞 𝐢𝐭
by elamor de on 2020/10/08 18:03
𝐈 𝐥𝐢𝐞 𝐭𝐨 𝐞𝐝𝐢𝐭 𝐦𝐲 𝐭𝐢𝐤 𝐭𝐨𝐤 𝐯𝐢𝐝𝐞𝐨𝐬 𝐬𝐨 𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐬 𝐚𝐩𝐩 𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐤𝐬 𝐩𝐞𝐫𝐟𝐞𝐜𝐭 . 𝐈 𝐝𝐨 𝐭𝐚𝐤𝐞 𝐚 𝐥𝐨𝐭 𝐨𝐟 𝐭𝐢𝐦𝐞 𝐬𝐨 𝐈 𝐚𝐦 𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐩𝐲 𝐭𝐡𝐚𝐭 𝐈 𝐟𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐝 𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐬 𝐨𝐧𝐞. 𝐈 𝐥𝐨𝐯𝐞 𝐡𝐨𝐰 𝐢𝐭𝐬 𝐨𝐫𝐠𝐚𝐧𝐢𝐳𝐞𝐝 𝐈𝐟 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐥𝐢𝐤𝐞 𝐭𝐨 𝐞𝐝𝐢𝐭 𝐢𝐭𝐬 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐩𝐞𝐫𝐟𝐞𝐜𝐭 𝐚𝐩𝐩 𝐬𝐨 𝐠𝐞𝐭 𝐢𝐭.♥︎
by Sabrina clemons on 2020/10/07 00:23
There's a big it wont allow me to go into any of the stations. It's stuck on "watch a video and her if free."
Best free app
by Shellbo6987 on 2020/10/06 03:02
For all the apps that end up charging once you have the app to do anything remotely cool. The frames are unique and many could use a little bit more editing options I haven’t seen an app like it. I will suggest to jump on the album receipt bandwagon and make a few frames to make them. There’s only one app and hundreds of YouTube tutorials of how to make it in PS & the Over app, but I can see the Meitu app being a great place to make them easily and creatively. Sort of like the one that looks like the album cover but in the form of a receipt and I can see it coming in handy with other things as well.
needs some things to add
by therewasnomoreusernames on 2020/10/05 17:42
Please just add an extra confirm button, it’s super frustrating and annoying when you make an edit and then accidentally press on the exit button.
Great! 👌😌
by vclvetxrose on 2020/10/04 00:54
I use this app for editing and it is pretty good but add some more of the tools to edits thanks 😊
Not the best app...
by abuding on 2020/10/03 18:24
It has a lot of changes or glitches this I dislike it deletes my favorite stuff it also sends ALOT of glitches like saying it’s at 0% and it’s not working then also says saving failed when the internet’s still good.
Love this app!
by Jheou on 2020/10/02 18:26
There is so much to do with this app. ❤️ and it works perfectly!
by Imaginary Lan on 2020/10/02 03:59
If you’re darker than the literal color ‘white’, then this app is not for you. It will turn all your pics Casper pale.
The very best💗
by The sweet and the sour on 2020/09/29 23:16
I absolutely love this app. Going on 3+ years and have enjoyed every minute of it!
Love this app!!
by SuSuzie14 on 2020/09/28 21:50
I’ve had this app for years and it has everything I need! Highly recommend!!
Favorite editing app!
by veggiepocket on 2020/09/27 16:15
Really cute filters and editing options. Don’t have to use FaceTune anymore to enhance colors for my makeup looks ❤️ this app pretty much has it all. Love it!!
by G.Tinama on 2020/09/27 10:16
Well I know this app from one my friends. You will never be bored with this app You can do any thing you want U can make wallpaper Make vid Take photos Or edit them You can also watch thousands of vid I can follow like or comment on all the vid So this app is my fav And I’m telling you to try Cuz it’s one of the BeST aPpS EvER
It was great until....
by @tiadatortillaa on 2020/09/27 00:26
It was great before, but after my iOS 14 download, the photos are really hard to load. So unfortunate
Free and AMAZING
by EditorTenshi on 2020/09/26 23:45
Best for any type of editing, makes everything else obsolete, no ludicrous amount of ads AND NO PAYWALL! I will cry if this changes because I rely so heavily on this!
Love using this app but....
by artistherron on 2020/09/26 15:19
EDIT: App is fixed and working great again! 🥰 It’s a great app for selfies and I’ve had fun using it for a long time now but like others since yesterday I’ve been getting the green bars/screen. Something has glitched with the app!
Yes, it has everything I need! But...
by Leeyoyo615 on 2020/09/26 06:33
Just updated my App yesterday, and noticed there’re some main changes on UxUi. I’ve used Meitu since it came out. - I love the menu icons. Simple and modern. - Some features become more flexible. However...(personal feedback) My personal experience with background layers selection is frustrating. I used “Mosaic” to cover my underneath photo, and then add texts. Due to previous UX habits, I’d like to tap the background after I type something, simply because I want to see the layout without borderline. BUT even when I was using “Text” feature, the mosaic layer just keep moving to the front if it’s getting tapped. A layers editing add to the menu might work better.
Crashing !
by brendasbeautyblog on 2020/09/24 23:08
It started to crash ! Please fix it !
The app was so so good, now there’s a bug?
by amaracan on 2020/09/24 04:49
I’ve been using the app for years, but now suddenly, when taking photos, the picture you take changes to a bunch of green bars? It’s impossible to actually take and keep a good picture now.
Definitely 5stars
by Sam belaed on 2020/09/21 17:21
Simply one of the best apps
Very good app!
by Boomerang62 on 2020/09/20 19:31
I love the app but I wish one doesn’t need to go back and forth during process of beautifying.
Ilove it
by cielomoo on 2020/09/19 21:28
Ilove it so much
A+ 100
by Jacksismynicknameallthetime on 2020/09/16 18:41
Great fun and so easy to use!!!
Three Stars
by basic ho3 on 2020/09/16 04:28
Everything about the app is great. But recently my edit drafts have been deleting themselves and I would have to start all over again which is annoying since I put so much work into it. I really hope this problem can be fixed.
Kind of good
by Ehhh... pretty good on 2020/09/16 01:50
This app is pretty good but to unlock you need to watch annoying and sometimes inappropriate that I do not need to see so I recommend not to try to unlock anything.
Chỉnh sửa
by ttuan1101 on 2020/09/12 22:37
Tốt lắm
My favorite editing app ✨🥰🌈
by b98✨ on 2018/12/18 01:42
This is an honest to god review...I’ve been using Meitu for probably almost two or three years now. It’s my favorite editing app and my immediate go-to for selfies and food pics before I put them online. With so many money-grabbing apps out there, Meitu is such a great app to use even without purchases. That being said, there are things Meitu doesn’t offer that other apps do. It’s not Photoshop, so you can’t be as precise as you want or use it necessarily as an “photo editing app” outside of making things aesthetically pleasing (no cutting and pasting or duplicating, no layers), but you can control the strength of effect filters and beauty filters that are so, so well done and really fun for me (especially since it’s Japanese-styled and I’m American!). I wish my photo quality could be higher without sharing, but I can’t be choosy with a free app. I know I read an article about Meitu nearly having its plug pulled about a few months ago so I’m happy to see it still updating with awesome effects and features every month. Long live Meitu!! 💕✨
Powerful and easy to use editing tool
by Jessigao on 2017/10/12 05:09
This app is amazing for editing your selfies, especially for a free app. The dark circle tool can lighten up unwanted shadows, not just under-eye circles. (The highlight tool in comparison is pretty useless.) The reshape tool, which changes the size and shape of individual features, looks subtle and natural if you don’t drag the slider too far. The slimming tool can drag parts of the image around to, say, make your face look longer or shorter. However I’d say the lighting filters aren’t as good as B612’s, so I like to take the selfie in B612 first and then edit it in Meitu. Editing your selfies might seem dishonest, but the front camera distorts your face and lighting a bit and you can use Meitu to bring it back to what you see in the mirror. Make sure before editing your photos, to change the output to the highest quality.
This app it’s so good and amazing
by maggiecitegirl on 2020/08/28 01:21
I love this app so much , I use it every single time when I post on Instagram account . It’s free app , you don’t have to purchased the app , just simply used the app . There has so many cute affect for the video or photo editing that I love it so much . Make your edit looks wonderful and beautiful. Another thing I like it so much that I can add any music for free for my video editing without has to purchase music like the other apps has to purchased music from iTunes , but after spent money sometimes got blocked because of the copyright. Meitu didn’t need to purchased the music , it’s all free .. it’s huge deal 👍🏻👍🏻❤️❤️. I love it .. Highly recommended to use this app .
by Fopples on 2019/04/20 17:08
this app is super sketchy. i tried “deleting my account” because it kept saying i couldn’t use certain features because i was under 13, which I’m not, I’m over 18. and even so, listed on my account info it said i was 29, which I’m not also. so i went to delete the account and it asked me for a bunch of security verification questions, such as “date of registration”, which it doesn’t even list so how am I supposed to know?, “date of last login”, “device you used the app on”, “linked phone numbers”, and last it asked me for my location down to the county I live in. oh, and then my phone number a second time. i ended up now deleting my account because i felt as if it was even more a threat if i deleted it then having it now. absolutely ridiculous. the app itself i had fun with which is a shame but there really is no need for all this. don’t download this app theres better ones out there.
by I D L T on 2020/04/19 22:41
Listen, you could honestly fall in love in the app or hate it and think it is “sketchy” but everyone has their opinions, so I respect that. But since I have really high reach with my Instagram accounts, this app helps me a ton with the themes, wallpapers, acne removal, and etc. This app could be not free but it is. This app helps me a ton with edits for Instagram and Instagram stories. In consensus, this app is really useful you just need to know how to click and avoid the ads it has and how each button leads to a deeper more incise variety of photo editor features. Thank you! Have a good day.
Good app but
by MoriNoir on 2020/08/22 07:17
I’ve been using this app for years now and while I love it because it’s free and has a lot of features, I also do have some complaints. I’ve noticed lately that every time I open the app, a lot of sticker packs or filters or whatever have been disappearing from my library on the app. Most items need to be unlocked and normally after unlocking them, they stay in your libraries for good. Now, I have to keep unlocking them and re-downloading packs I’ve previous had in my libraries over and over again. I don’t know if this is happening to others who use the app, but it’s a bit annoying to deal with and I want to understand if it’s just me or if it’s the app’s update doing it.
Can not remove it from iPhone
by Toutoucat on 2018/12/25 15:43
This app has been used most frequently in my iPhone. To save some room of the phone in the eve of Christmas for photos while I was in a church, I tried to remove it from my phone temporarily. I thought I could reload it to the phone once I got home and release some space from the phone after uploading pictures. However, when I tried to download the app in Apple store, the status of the app showed “open”, and nothing happened when I clicked the “open” sign. I noticed that there was “MTXX” listed as an app in the setting of the phone. I tried to delete the app from the setting so that I could reload it to my phone, it disappeared but showed up in second. What can I do? It’s so frustrating. I like the app so much but now I can not make it work for me!
The only app I use for editing.
by Sunniesaurus on 2018/07/17 12:01
In terms of creating filtered photos and minor editing needs I absolutely love this app. There’s very few apps now a days that don’t require some kind of payment to have access to the amount of tools and edits, filters, frames, text, and stickers that this app provides and keeps updating. I absolutely love using this app for all of my photos and have found myself wanting to edit on my phone instead of on the computer with software I’ve purchased because of its ease of use and it’s choices. 💕
This is the best app ever! I love it and couldn’t do without it!
by Anya Aleksandra on 2019/11/28 18:21
I love all of Meitus apps! I love Meitus BeautyPlus app and the Meitu editing app. If you are thinking about downloading a great beauty camera app than I really recommend downloading Meitus BeautyPlus app. and download the Meitu app. for additional editing options to make any type of pictures you take especially of people (even guys) look absolutely fabulous!!! This app is also a awesome beauty camera app!!! 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖 I JUST WISH SOME THINGS WERE NOT WRITTEN IN CHINESE AND THAT GOES FOR ALL OF MEITU PRODUCTS. PLEASE PUT THEM IN ENGLISH ALSO...I AM SURE WE WOULD TRULY APPRECIATE THAT! THANK YOU MEITU! 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
Wide Array of Editing Options
by Heicho Twerp on 2017/10/19 10:24
I love this app. It has many unique and useful filters, as well as frames and effects. I especially love the frames since there are many to choose from and most of which are simple, and not too flashy or child-like. The only problem I have with this app is the quality of text. After adding some text to your edit, the quality of the letters are quite bad and it becomes blurry. This is probably the only app I know that has options for different styles of kanji or other Japanese written dialect, but the quality of it becomes degraded after adding it.
by Thelemonpiper on 2019/03/28 14:25
I don’t usually bother to write reviews for apps, but this one is top notch and you need to download it NOW. You get a ton of awesome tools for free, way more than most photo editors. The amount of options for frames is mindblowing. It’s by far my favorite photo editing app and I find myself using it frequently. I recently used it to decorate photos I took of my brother’s cats, which I had printed and gave to him and his fiancée for his birthday. They loved them. My sole complaint is that it has a surprisingly limited sticker selection.
Extremely Good!!!
by PotatoToast on 2020/06/11 19:23
Honestly, I wasn’t expecting this app to be so good, but it really serves QUALITY. My pictures have never looked so good!! The video editor on the app is also AMAZING! The transitions are professional and smooth, there’s cute stickers, filters, frames, you name it!! And the most shocking part about this app is you can use almost every amazing thing for FREE! What????? I’ll admit it’s kinda dramatic hyping over an editing app, but I’m not kidding when I say this is the only app I will ever use in my life. It has EVERYTHING. Download it!! It will save you money and time!
This is the most amazing app ever!
by AppStore downloader on 2018/07/14 21:22
When I first downloaded it, I thought that it would be a bad quality app. Only to then discover how wrong I was! This app is amazing 🙌! Zero in-app purchases- completely free! It has a bunch of new features every so often according to the season or even holiday. It has editing filters, mosaics (backdrops), and beautifying features as well. With the manual and automatic option! Currently, my favorite feature is a feature that sketches your photo! In conclusion, this app is amazing and I highly recommend it!
by Cllumpy on 2020/01/23 22:00
I use this app everyday, I can’t believe it is free!! You would think something this amazing and useful and awesome would cost something!! I highly recommend this!! I would say something that they need to improve, but I can’t think of anything! It has filters even better than Snapchat, you can edit anything out of the picture, it has makeup, you name it! I absolutely LOVE THIS APP!! I wouldn’t be surprised if someday this app grows a lot of popularity, and it starts costing something, it’s that good.
by 🍓💖🍓💖 on 2020/06/26 00:24
This app is awesome🤩 and great 👍for thumbnails. There are also pretty filters and stickers you can add to your pictures and face😊🦸🏻‍♀️But Mostly what I like is that you can collage phots for me that is super Helpful Also, I love💖 the fact that you can customize your own stickers from your photos📱🎥. And As I said I love using this for thumbnails cause there creative fonts but also because there is no watermark. But the big thing is That this app Is FREE! You can get everything without paying! 💎💶
Current version is okay. Older versions have been better
by Kogumo on 2019/01/07 17:59
I love this app. I practically edit all of my photos on here - for the smallest of edits like brightening a photo to full mode bokeh filters. However, with recent updates some filters are great, but they also did get rid of a lot of older filters that I love. I wish they’d bring it back and allow users to choose which filters to download. Not to mention, some of the new filters will come with default text that I don’t like at all. Please make it optional to have the text. Overall, I will continue using the app but please bring back old filters. 3.5/5 stars from me.
This app is AMAZING!
by AbcLady123 on 2019/12/23 17:27
I’ve been using this app for years now and it’s so great for editing. The wide variety of face editing, photo enhancing, and overall fun tech is so great for a photographer like myself. The AI also works way better than I imagined it could. It can detect the humans in a picture with a flaw, and make quite adorable animated versions of people. The ability to see other people’s posts is phenomenal as well! Overall, this app is great, and I wish I could give it over 5 stars!
Best Photo Editing App 👍
by retsyrk6 on 2019/04/07 00:15
This app has several stickers and text features that are cute and free to incorporate in your photos. It is definitely a must have app and is probably the best that I’ve used so far. Overall it is easy to manage and there are so much you can do to edit your photos without having a premium account. There doesn’t seem to be anything and if so, only minor, that should bring the rating down. *will update soon..
I like it but
by Luce Mor on 2019/11/26 16:26
I hope that you guys can roll out an update for the newer iPhones. Just got an iPhone 11 pro and the camera makes me look orange once I take the picture. Also will you guys add a feature to toggle between the normal and wide lens camera? That would be great :-) Edit: I think you guys did great getting rid of the orange tint but now when I take a selfie it comes out slightly darker than when I am viewing myself- is there a way for the selfie to come out exactly as I am seeing it? I love this app and want to continue using it!
Why is it not full screen? The rest is perfect!!!
by maggie the🐇🐾 on 2019/07/17 01:57
Why is it not full screen? I can see those words and pictures but what if someone else can't see well and don’t have glasses? It’s not like they have a 🔍 around their house! But most people that can’t see they have glasses. THE REST ARE THE BEST PART EVER!!!!!!!!!! I can edit selfies and add stickers I mean who don’t like stickers? And chop the parts I don’t like or have on my photos and i can add frames 🖼 to my picture I ENJOY THIS APP SO MUCH I CAN’T STOP USING IT I MUST GIVE IT A FIVE ⭐️ ITS THE BEST APP EVER!!!
Great for touching up pictures
by HelloI'mRain on 2020/04/22 18:24
If you turn off all the effects that make your eyes bigger and change your face shape it’s a great app. It has lots of filters and it applies makeup flawlessly. It even lets you tone the looks done if they’re too bold and readjust the position of it in case it over lines your lips too much. I was just looking for an app that would tint my lips and darken my eyebrows when I look dead in a picture. I got so much more than that!
Never going to use this app again
by Wy50752235!1 on 2020/07/03 19:26
I can give you the rate that you want. However that will be all that I can give to you. I will never use any apps from your company again since you have horrible company culture. You agreed to the group of people who gains joys from bullying others online and never said sorry for the one that got deeply hurt by this behavior. Your performance made me feel so uncomfortable and sad. I have uninstalled the app that I have used from the first year that this app was developed.
Is There a Bug?
by VenusianTings on 2020/06/01 11:58
I love this app so much. The app provides a wide range of options to change up your pictures and the background changing feature is amazing as well. The only issue is that for the last few weeks the stickers haven’t been unlocking. The stickers will load and then stop. I don’t mind watching an ad to get the stickers but the ad won’t pop up at all. I’d love to use the new sticker collections but I can’t access them. Is there an update I’m missing, I’m using an iPhone 8?
Such an amazing app
by tiffxnyvo on 2018/09/13 05:20
I first downloaded this app only thinking I could do simple things, but I started to explore the app and found such amazing features, from simple things to touching up your picture and adding stickers to adjusting anything basically! I definitely recommend this app, and it is probably the best editing app I’ve ever used. There are also so many sticker and writing packs that come for free and look absolutely amazing.
Cosplay quick-edit dream
by hereisareviewfromkgum on 2019/04/02 18:02
I NEVER leave reviews but Meitu is so easy and intuitive to use and I’ve been using this very happily for years. You can tell they work hard to make sure their features work well and they all have many sub options to adjust intensity of effects, correct mistakes, and color. I’d choose this over Facetune or many other paid apps every single day of the week. Very satisfying and simple to use.
BEST Pic Edit App.
by mstinamai on 2020/10/14 21:03
I normally don’t right app review but I have to get a Fivestars with this one. This is absolutely the best app for picture editing that I have ever used. I have been using this app for the past 4-5 years before they even have English available in the app. Still loving it. The way they make your skin so smooth and the filters are so great with tons of filters. Keep up the awesome work guys. And keep everything in English 😘😍. LOVE YOU GUYS!!!
Love this app but...
by Narsingsalot on 2019/02/07 05:32
I love this app but I think they forgot that black people and other people of color use it as the new Artbot completely changed my ethnicity! As I was trying some of the new features I noticed that I couldn’t change my ethnicity back to black on the Artbot... White/EastAsian/pale is the only color represented when my photo is processed. The changes to my photo made me an unrecognizable pale skinned girl.(no offense to pale people I just want to recognize myself in my own photo. 😓) You wouldn’t notice this flaw in the mode if you aren’t dark but it is very upsetting. Also the new Anime Avatar although featuring different ethnicity's...btw thank goodness... it doesn’t allow you to change the hair color. Its black hair or nothing which is a problem because my hair is ash blonde so having an Avatar with no hair color selection is pretty frustrating. All in all I love this app and will keep using its core features that represent me in a way that I'm pleased with but I hope you will be better with representation in the future.
Astoundingly intuitive
by Gloria Gergen on 2018/03/23 13:46
The updates to this app have made an incredible difference. The makeup and reshaping tool are astoundingly intuitive and the results are very natural looking improvements that leave you looking like the best version of yourself. The “choose a face” feature has helped a lot for fotos with multiple people (especially when there are males in the photo). Honestly I’m just very impressed
Fun but has issues
by poshpants on 2020/04/17 00:56
Love the features. I was finally able to open the photo edit section to play around with the different mosaics but now I can’t get back inside. Every time I try opening the “Photo editing” it just freezes regardless of how many times I close the app and re-open it. I can only access the photo taking feature and tried getting to the other features through that but didn’t work. Please fix
Took away cool features 😒
by twiggyw on 2018/04/07 23:15
I really love this app but I used to love it more before they took away the Carnival filters and the most beautiful magic brushes. Please never take away the Pink filters!!! And please bring back the magic brushes and the Carnival filters!!! 🙏 Update: you guys are downgrading this app! You’re taking away all the filters. Now Etude is gone too! Seriously? Soon it’s gonna be useless. 😒 Downgraded your rating to 2 stars!
Better than VSCO and free!!!
by cmdt96 on 2020/08/05 06:15
Meitu is has so many more editing capabilities than VSCO, and it’s all free! I’ve been using this app for several years, and it’s by far my favorite editing app. The presets are fantastic, the artistic filters/backgrounds are so fun to use, and there’s so much fine-tuning that you can do for each photo. And that’s not to mention the video capabilities too! Holy grail photo app for me.
Meitu AI not working.
by sleeping in silence on 2019/04/01 07:57
Usually i would give the app 5 stars but now i can’t click on anything in the AI function? No issues with the main screen or the beautify and other functions, they work perfectly. I can click on the buttons for the different options in the AI function but it doesn’t take me anywhere. Just leaves me stuck on the same screen. It had started doing this right before i updated it recently. So i figured the update would solve it but nothing changed.
My all time favorite editing app ✨✨
by gnersh on 2020/01/04 18:22
I’ve been using this for about 4 months now?? And honestly I love it it’s not like any editing app I used before. It’s completely free and you can get access to tons and tons of filters. I use it to edit my art. You can take your photo through heavy and light editing. Anything I edit in Meitu always comes out aesthetically pleasing
Favorite Photo App 💗
by heydovie on 2019/10/24 20:36
I’ve used this app for years and love it! The filters are always adorable and flattering. The editing/collage etc features are always so useful and have so many options. My only downside and reason I’m writing this is because after updating the app has been very laggy and slow when I use the camera option 🥺🥺 works fine on my other phone, I wonder if it’s a 6plus thing? 😓
Tag search
by mamacitacoco on 2019/05/12 17:15
I would love this so much more if there were tags on the filters and the frames. For example if you could search “heart” and all heart stickers, filters, frames, and magic brush options could come up it would be easier to pick what I’m envisioning. Overall still a great editing app, in fact my only editing app.
Great App
by Jade Blackwood on 2019/05/21 17:20
I love this app for its photo editing and filters features. It has a great selection and makes all of my photos look great. However, this app runs too slow to take and save pictures. It will also crashes sometimes when it takes too long to either show or save the picture taken. I would love for that to be fixed so I could use Meitu a lot more if it ran faster and smoother.
Great app!
by Shutter_Life on 2017/12/26 04:00
Honestly I use this app a lot for my business. It’s a beautiful interface and a huge option of different tools. Out of all the apps I use this one is by FAR my favorite. Just one problem. I’m in my 20’s and I accidentally hit the wrong button so now the app thinks I’m under 13 🙄 I’m not sure how to fix that? But a solution would be great. Thanks!
by Cho Alson on 2017/12/05 06:08
So the normal beautiful and edit works and that great, I use that all the time. However this new feature came out where it is supposed to make ur face look like a drawing and that exists along with the others that do similar things, before I updated it they all worked fun, but since the update all its been saying in internet connection issues and all my other apps that require Internet access are working fine so idk what’s happening.
Loved it until recently
by yulsss97 on 2020/12/02 06:22
I had loved using this app for photo editing, but recently when I use text editing on it, my photos have been saving really blurry despite the settings being on HD! Idk if it’s something from the update, but it’s really bothersome! Would love to have this fixed so I can keep using it!
Used to love it.
by Skyleigh Kitty Meow on 2020/12/08 09:09
Y’all have become super greedy. Everything used to be free. Then you made it so that certain things had to be unlocked by watching ads. That was perfectly fine because once you unlocked it you got to keep it. Then you made it so that whatever you unlocked by watching an ad becomes locked again after one use. And now you can’t use the majority of stickers and such unless you’re willing to pay. Very disappointed. This used to be one of my favorite apps. Now it’s just become trash.
Auto exposure during a video
by Runwaydoll on 2020/08/22 14:01
I’ve used this app for along time. It really is a great app. I would like to know if there is a way that auto exposure can be added to the video. If I’m doing a video the lightning changes so much when I move until the video looks crappy by the end. And if already an option can you let me know where?? I looked in settings & didn’t see it!!!
Would have giving it a 5 stars if
by xDtania on 2018/05/20 11:27
The app is great but it has a couple of issues when I try to use any of the beautify options it doesn't work for me also I really wish that taken videos would be longer because I like taking videos but I usually have to make them quick or else my time runs out and I hate that. Please make an option where we can record videos for a longer period.
Cute chibi great for marking energies memorable
by Crazydanfan on 2017/11/23 21:25
This app is really cute with the Japanese like art style and photoshop you have a cute fun way of editing pic's and there are ton's of options for editing as well so far you don't have to pay for anything and sometimes you can make really funny pics I rcamend this app for animae lover's and anyone who loves makeing fun and cute photo's
Yes, it has everything I need! But...
by Leeyoyo615 on 2020/09/26 06:33
Just updated my App yesterday, and noticed there’re some main changes on UxUi. I’ve used Meitu since it came out. - I love the menu icons. Simple and modern. - Some features become more flexible. However...(personal feedback) My personal experience with background layers selection is frustrating. I used “Mosaic” to cover my underneath photo, and then add texts. Due to previous UX habits, I’d like to tap the background after I type something, simply because I want to see the layout without borderline. BUT even when I was using “Text” feature, the mosaic layer just keep moving to the front if it’s getting tapped. A layers editing add to the menu might work better.
by GlamGlitter on 2020/06/27 17:55
I downloaded this app and used it for quite a while for its mosaic features. At the time i was only able to download one of the glitter options and just a bit ago i deleted the app but redownloaded right after. I opened the app and its not allowing me to download any of the glitter options in mosaic again including the one i used to use. Please fix this the glitter options are very important to me.
by Jazzira Martinez on 2020/06/15 19:33
This app saved my life 😂 I totally recommend it, but I would like if the app had a section where you can choose your favorite filters (because I always have to look for them and it wastes a lot of time). I even deleted Snow because I find this app better, and doesn’t make you look like an alien or unnatural.
My favorite and only photo editing app
by 𝕟𝕠𝕥𝕙𝕚𝕟𝕘 on 2019/09/03 01:13
To the people who are looking at this app right now but still doubting if they should get it, I’m telling you right now: it’s COMPLETELY worth it. It beautifies, edits, and takes pictures. It’s much better than every other photo editing app. You will so regret it if you don’t get it!
Best but still lacks something.....
by ngthexho on 2019/06/06 18:31
The app is best and has some strong editing tools for which i love the app most. The only lacking is when i take i picture, it doesn’t have auto saving options. That option would be so convenient to use. Please bring that option into the next update. Then it will be a complete app and I’ll rate it five stars ⭐️.
App Bug unfixable
by Kilozel on 2017/12/22 18:39
I’ve used Meitu since its release, a recent update now makes you choose whether you are older than 13 or not to use the tech app. I am 22 years old, it asks me for my age in my profile however every time I choose to use the tech app it tells me users under 13 are unable to use it. I’ve gone back and tried to reestablish my account multiple times and it stills gives me this error. It’s basically the only reason I use the app. Now it’s useless to me.
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