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AllTrails: Hike, Run & Cycle
AllTrails is your guide to the outdoors! Discover the best hiking, running, and biking trails around the world. Explore 75,000+ hand-curated trail maps plus reviews and photos crowdsourced from millions of hikers, mountain bikers and trail runners. Find that dog-friendly or kid-friendly trail that you’ve been searching for. Take that mountain biking or backpacking trip you’ve always dreamed of. Explore a national park, or discover new hiking trails in your area. Whether you’re a hiker, biker or trail runner, AllTrails will help you find the way. EXPLORE 75,000+ hiking trails AND MOUNTAIN BIKE ROUTES • Discover new trails in national parks or in your own neighborhood, with hand-curated GPS and topo maps. • Browse photos and reviews from our community of hikers, cyclists and trail runners like you. • Find a hike, mountain bike ride, or trail run that’s perfect for your fitness and experience level. Filter by dog friendly, kid friendly, and wheelchair friendly trails. RECORD YOUR ADVENTURES • Turn your phone into a GPS activity tracker and follow your trail so you don’t get lost. • View your hiking, running and cycling stats at a glance. • Share your outdoor adventures with friends and family on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and more. SAVE YOUR FAVORITE TRAILS • Explore all the trails on your bucket list and add new ones to check out. • Easily save your favorite trails to run, hike or bike. • Follow the hikers, cyclists and runners that inspire you. EASILY GET TO THE TRAIL • Get detailed GPS driving directions directly to the trailhead. GET MORE WITH alltrails pro • Download offline maps - track your exact GPS location as you navigate the trail, even when you don’t have a signal. • Always have a backup - design and print stunning custom topo maps. • Access more map layers to get the lay of the land - quickly toggle between premium map layers including Topo, Terrain, Open Street Maps, and more. • Always know what to expect with real-time map overlays including air quality and satellite weather. • Experience AllTrails ad-free - remove the distraction of ads and focus on the journey. alltrails pro is available as an annual subscription for USD $29.99/year, or you can get three years for the price of two when you buy our 3 Year Plan via a one-time payment of USD $59.99. You can subscribe and pay through your iTunes account. Your annual subscription will automatically renew unless cancelled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period (the 3 Year Plan does not auto-renew). Auto-renew can be turned off anytime by going to your Account Settings in iTunes after purchase. --- COMPATIBILITY Sign up required to favorite trails, record your activity, or follow users SUPPORT We love hearing from users! Email us here: LEGAL Terms of Use: Privacy Policy: Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.
Trails lover
by beforeaso on 2019/05/22 13:49
Great app to get around in trails... good info
One addition and it would be perfect
by Rjawsmail on 2019/05/21 13:44
My wife and I use this app often. Can you add a filter for if the trail has bathroom access? That would make this app perfect!
Easy to use
by DHillMiami on 2019/05/21 00:23
Found great places to hike on this site.
Best app ever
by garrettowensriddle on 2019/05/20 19:40
This app has been so useful! I’ve lived in Utah my whole life and didn’t know about half these awesome trails. It even helped me find some sweet waterfalls on my vacation to Hawaii.
Just generally bad!
by abc123abcj on 2019/05/19 23:02
This app is mediocre. It’s okay as a list of trails/forum, but doesn’t go above and beyond. If you live in a place covered by “hiking upwards” refer to that website instead! I’m not so lucky and have found this app very wanting in comparison. It’s slow, buggy, and wildly out of date. There’s no quality control for content it seems.
Extremely Useful!!
by Darian Ginter on 2019/05/19 22:22
I am planning a trip filled with hiking for my wife, dog, and myself. I have been on this app now for two weeks and can not decide where to go. Everything looks fun and enjoyable. Can’t wait to just get in the car and drive!!
Amazing App !!
by Ultraone747 on 2019/05/19 22:05
Wow ! Keeps track of so many stats and helps you find trails wherever you are
Love it
by evokerone on 2019/05/19 14:13
This app is a must have for any hiker. Find trails near you wherever you are or find where you are when you think you might be lost.
How to make it better:
by Ike Leland on 2019/05/19 11:53
1. Open the app right away instead of initializing trail data. 2. Stop resetting the map/screen thats loaded. If the app is closed or loses focus to another app, it resets. Stop resetting. Record the last loaded screen and stay there on that screen. UI basics 101 the alltrails dev team doesnt seem to understand. Stop resetting the screen the app was last on. I dont know what triggers it but it seems to be a loss of lte signal. That shouldn’t be a reason to reset. We’re in the wilderness. The outback. The sketchy signal areas.
do not recommend
by Walkersrq on 2019/05/19 11:18
I do not recommend this app and am cancelling my Pro subscription. After having used it heavily for a week in the mountains, it is just frustrating. A couple of the features I wanted most and paid for in Pro-- like printing maps -- are only available on your desk top. (There's no cell service where we are, so its critical) And you have to go through several convoluted steps to get a picture of what the trail is like and where it is and how to get to the trailhead. The reviews are helpful, but the description on the app is weak: Poor or nonexistent directions (except to export to Google maps which is insufficient) poor general descriptions of the trail. We are in a popular hiking area, so there is no reason for weak information. Frankly the guidebooks from the Tourist Info booth were consistently much better. Back to paper guide books and old school topo maps until I can find a better app.
Great app for all my hiking needs!
by Hwait9901 on 2019/05/19 04:15
Love this app! Easy to use, great pics, great reviews from people who have hiked the trail. Highly recommend d
Great way to find trails
by aespin on 2019/05/18 19:22
I’ve been using this app for about a year now and I found many trails with it. I’ve found this app has given me more than enough info to plan on my hiking trips and the reviews from other people are extra helpful since they include helpful tips and updates on trails.
Thank you AllTrails
by Kleeetuss on 2019/05/18 18:43
Best hiking app to find the best trails to suit your abilities.
Useful, but....
by PhotoB3 on 2019/05/18 17:59
Nice features but the UI is very confusing and counter-intuitive. Could really use a professional UI designer. Especially annoying out on the trail when you just want to use the app and you have try to figure where to go and and have figure out the awkward navigation.
Very comprehensive
by cmiller0609 on 2019/05/17 13:39
All hikes we’ve wanted to try are well-described. Being able to read other’s reviews (and the dates thy left them!) is really helpful.
by EzBake61 on 2019/05/17 05:39
Best App I’ve ever used!!
If you like to hike...
by chgodavid on 2019/05/16 20:20
Use this app to do some research before you go. You can download the trails you want to hike, and they have additional layers that you can download. Really helpful especially when you’re out of range of cell service, it will help keep you from getting lost while you’re hiking. (GPS location still works)
Great app
by heacks head on 2019/05/16 17:25
This app makes it really easy to find new trails and reviews to figure out if it’s going to be something I like
Love it!
by MaurK Rey on 2019/05/16 16:53
I love this app! It’s great for planning hikes and trips- great details and great reviews by other hikers. Definitely a must have for outdoor trip planning!
Love this app
by alykat6969 on 2019/05/16 15:13
I use All Trails almost every single day. It’s never steered us in the wrong direction. The info is reliable and I love that people can post pictures and reviews of each hike. 10/10 recommend.
Love it!
by HikerJake on 2019/05/16 13:38
AllTrails is the first thing I downloaded when I moved to Asheville, NC. I use it every hike and it’s so accurate and easy to use. Records all your miles and elevation and just a huge access of trails specific to what you want at your fingertips!
Great info
by ALESanaST. on 2019/05/15 13:25
Traveling all over the western USA and have loved this app. Great information on hikes and reviews make it worth it!
Great App!
by LA Walkman on 2019/05/15 01:48
I really enjoy this app! I can get directions to the trailhead, accurate tracking of my hike, and stats too. Afterwards, I can post a review of my experience and upload photos, also. Fun!
Short cut to adventures
by Hammerman1935 on 2019/05/14 10:31
Being 83 I don’t have time to reinvent the wheel. All Trails provides hours of adventure at levels I can enjoy wherever my wife and I are. Many thumbs up
Stellar, helpful app for explorers of various levels
by onlywhatican on 2019/05/13 20:48
I’ve only recently been traveling enough to seek out trails I don’t know in new locales and All Trails has been so helpful for me! The personal reviews add so much info, too. Had a bit of difficulty with driving directions to one trail in Portland OR but otherwise no issues! Highly recommended.
by mmm_tasty_busch on 2019/05/13 01:36
Makes it so easy to plan hikes and track progress on the trail. Wish I’d discovered it years ago!
So far the best
by firebirdv8305 on 2019/05/12 10:40
I haven’t been using this app long but by far the best I’ve used
Great but...
by Smith726272 on 2019/05/12 04:49
I use the app prolifically, and even subscribe to the membership for the sake of downloading maps for when out of cell service. App works great when I’m using it. Once I lock my phone and then come back I frequently (not always) have to reload the app from scratch. Annoying.
by pickl3boy2 on 2019/05/12 03:28
Very nice. Hiking gives me a tickle in my pickle
WONDERFUL though not perfect
by Salty Susie on 2019/05/11 22:31
I found an inaccuracy: The trail named “Blue Heron Lake Trail in Walnut Woods” is actually in the Raccoon River Park, which is NORTH of the Raccoon River. The map shows it correctly. Walnut Woods is SOUTH of the river. Both parks are in West Des Moines, Iowa The Grant Wood Trail which goes east from Marion, Iowa to Springville, Iowa is not included in this app. It’s not well-known except by locals. Despite these minor imperfections, I am excited to have this app because it includes a lot of trails that are not on”official” trail maps. I love exploring obscure and little-known trails!!! Thank you for creating it!
I love this app!
by Kaityg on 2019/05/11 18:44
This app is amazing! It has allowed me to discover hiking trails in my area that I never knew about! I recommend this app to anyone who enjoys hiking and exploring!
Very easy to use
by Mdghc on 2019/05/10 11:38
Very easy to use. And very accurate! Love this app! Gives you the freedom confidently to go out to explore!
All trails
by Dani Sie on 2019/05/10 11:36
If you like to walk or hike on different trails or would like reviews of them, this app is for you! You can also track your distance and see exactly where you are on your hike.
Awesome app
by jademarie900 on 2019/05/10 00:30
I love this app! I have found more trails that I didn’t even know were near me. I also like that I can rate them and take photos and also track my annual mileage! Awesome app!
by tyling252 on 2019/05/09 19:51
I use this app for everything. Planning trips, backcountry skiing beta and just making sure I’m still on trail at times. If you are a casual hiker, crazy backpacker (like myself) or someone who wants to just know what’s in the area, this is the prefect app. It is totally worth the pro version. I’ve gotten my money’s worth 20 fold. Download it now if you are even reading this!!
Good Data Collection
by Dhruv5544 on 2019/05/09 14:41
Amazing app, with nicely collected and presented data.
Absolutely the best app ever!!!
by nattytrails on 2019/05/08 19:48
I absolutely loooove this app!! Wherever you are you can find any trail there is around!! Even secret hikes!! Best app to have in your phone. 👌
Phenomenal- the best trail resource anywhere!
by AtlDave on 2019/05/08 13:01
Has reviews, in/ out distances, elevations, features (waterfalls, etc). So much to see in this beautiful country and this app gives you the roadmap.
GPS needs work
by vman0001 on 2019/05/08 02:43
Mileage inaccurate readings . GPS on this app is not good. Only reason for two stars is the app but wish they would invest more in their gps
New App update stopped app from working
by dshike on 2019/05/07 21:52
Updated app and now I will not open. Please fix I love the app.
Love it
by Stine dawg on 2019/05/07 21:15
Love this app...never knew there were so many trails near me!!!
Love the App
by JP Papi on 2019/05/07 14:00
I just love this App! We get in the truck load the app and pick a new trail every weekend! The ADVENTURE and exploring never stops when using the All Trail App!!
Fantastic app
by PANBytes on 2019/05/07 03:00
My family uses this app almost every weekend. I can’t say enough good things about it.
by Lunaflowergirl on 2019/05/06 16:10
This app is so useful!
Best app ever made for nature lovers
by richiatheonly1 on 2019/05/06 13:09
This app is so thorough and organized it displays pictures, location, map. description and reviews from others. There is a TONE more trails and sights to see then I thought and I have lived in the same area for over 20 years. I love this app.
Great hiking App.
by DeeRhapsody on 2019/05/05 22:16
We’ve used it in several hikes. Highly recommend it. It showed exactly where you are on the hike.
Great App, one issue so far. . .
by Poolhalljunkie64 on 2019/05/05 21:32
I hiked a trail last weekend, recorded it and now it’s in my history. But when I click on my history it shows I did a completely different trail than I actually did. But when I click on it to edit it, it shows the correct one. Please fix this, it’s bother my OCD lol, I’m trying to conquer every trail on the all in my area! :) thanks for the app, love it.
Solid Map App
by The Screaming Eagle on 2019/05/05 16:50
I have been a pro in the Outdoor industry for 20 year, and AllTrails is making some amazing progress on their platform, one of the best map products ever
Love it
by Ann990101010 on 2019/05/05 06:31
I love this app. The filters available are so great to find what you’re looking for. You can determine which trails are good for the kiddos, filter to find waterfalls, flat trails, distance- whatever you’re looking for, there’s a filter for it.
Way better than Clash of Clans.
by toomanynickstaken on 2019/05/04 20:19
Yea, that’s right. I used to be a real COC addict; couldn’t get enough COC. Then one day I realized I had been pissing my life away, looking for thrills in all the wrong places. So I swore off the COC, downloaded this bad mamma jamma and turned a new page. Since then I’ve lost weight, gotten tan and had the sweet breath of reality in my lungs. Thanks AllTrails!
Helpful App
by Nikiwaite987 on 2019/05/04 19:57
Ive been using it for a year now, and it’s been very helpful.
Love love love
by Cbeauregard2 on 2019/05/04 17:26
I love this app! It’s so easy to use and has great features... like hiking gps to make sure you are on the right trail, track your distance and time.
Great little app
by Beedlebeedle on 2019/05/04 06:11
This is a great app if you just want to get out. Simple filters, good maps. Good user input. Great GPS mapping.
by sexdoer69ihavesex on 2019/05/04 03:17
The maps are amazing, the level of detail is great. However, the app will crash. If I want to take a quick look at a map, I pull out my phone and open the map up, I’d expect it to have stayed in its previous state, where I already had the trail selected, scrolled to the map, zoomed in to my area. This is rarely ever the case. It’s a very clear annoyance/inconvenience compared to what you are accustomed to with other map apps.
by hiker6 on 2019/05/03 22:25
I am so happy I have this app at my fingertips all the time!! The only reason this isn’t a ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ is because every once in awhile the directions to the trails are WAY off. Not sure if it is the apps issue 🤔
Best tool in your pack
by shockley1234 on 2019/05/03 19:56
Use it on all hikes and climbs big or small. Would not leave the house without it. Using my subzero chargers and Solar panel I have power to my phone and cameras day and night . MUST HAVE
Good but limited app
by Stephsim17 on 2019/05/03 19:02
Would be nice to download maps for free
by TTeuer on 2019/05/03 17:43
I have such a hard time understanding why this app is so highly reviewed. It is slow to launch, frequently has to relaunch when switching between apps, it’s interface isn't really all that easy to use, the downloaded Pro maps are nearly useless when you’re out backpacking due to the lack of zoomed detail, saving maps to use later has proved to fail completely at times... It has potential to be so much better. I find far better map quality by just downloading a saved Google Map area. It has a lot trails detailed and has never let me down out on the trails.
Best hiking app
by Toooro on 2019/05/03 01:32
My life just change to a better way
by Birdfighter78 on 2019/05/03 00:22
Great way to find trails you didn’t know about and if they are friendly for what you want.
Take A Hike!
by nanseanme on 2019/05/02 15:56
this app has been so useful, weather i’m looking of a short day hike to just get outside & looking for a new spot, and when traveling for vacation. peoples check ins on trail conditions & level of maintenance and markings are also so! helpful!
Great tool for finding day hiking
by TazzerRocks on 2019/05/01 01:55
We use all the time to find great hiking trails at our camping destinations. Love it.
All Trails
by rdy2co on 2019/05/01 01:51
Wonderful. Don’t change a thing.
Ease and easy on the eyes
by Ebermiss on 2019/04/30 20:46
It found my closest park trail and gave me map details integrates recording feature and lots more get it if u like to hike.
All trails
by Mitko Y on 2019/04/29 17:14
Easy to navigate and get an idea about the trails
by Moecsanford on 2019/04/28 16:19
Best App ever
A dream come true.
by A. Jowers on 2019/04/28 14:59
Something I had wished or thought of creating and here it is. Just wish people would be more careful about posting accurate pictures to the hikes — the consequence of allowing contributions by users so you can’t expect perfection but the pros outweigh this. Love the app.
Better trail descriptions
by FatLyle on 2019/04/27 18:24
Trails need better descriptions. All of them are the same
Great App Hopefully Even Better Soon
by RENZOofME on 2019/04/27 14:54
This app is great for finding trails, but I wish it had more tools for indicating whom the trails might be accessible to. The trails are rated easy, moderate, or hard— but for whom? Sure you can often search through people’s written reviews to get information you’re looking for, but it would be nice if there were more options for tagging trails with markers for accessibility so that users can search/filter by factors in their life. OR, if users could tag themselves with tags related to the sort of hiker they are ( ie. fitness level, injuries or limitations, any kind of ability considerations, etc.) so you could find reviews from people similar to yourself.
Love this app
by Connie1961 on 2019/04/27 11:29
No matter where I can record and know how far I walked
An Explorers Dream Come True
by Umbeckka on 2019/04/26 17:28
There are so many places to find, explore, and take in and AllTrails makes doing so much more safe and informative. I’m just now getting my wings and this app is exactly what I needed to start soaring. Getting directions to + a sneak peak at the sites on a trail, it’s difficulty, and a heads up on whether I can take my dog, and what wildlife I need to be aware of before we head out is game changing. I was happily surprised to find some amazing trails practically in my own backyard. I love this app and can’t recommend it enough to anyone seeking adventure in the great outdoors.
Great Overall
by AngelDN on 2019/04/26 08:35
I love this app. It is essential for trail running. I was lost once and the Ranger was very familiar with the app and was able to guide me to safety with AllTrails, Google maps, and the iPhone compass. Also, whenever I travel, I load this app for the nearest location of State Parks/trails. Pure awesomeness. However, I wish the app would not close out the app/map once the iPhone locks. Unfortunately, I am always having to go retrieve the trail and it’s map, followed by reloading it. In addition, there needs to be some sort of autocorrection for miles/elevation. Sometimes files load directly from my (Garmin) device but the Corrected/updated mileage and elevation never makes it to the app (because GPS is off sometimes and information is missing from the Activity). Also, I wish the app took better advantage of the Apple Watch. Why cannot data files be loaded from the AW, similar to how the Garmin works? This is the only app I own that still requires a phone. This is not entirely bad for extremely desolated trails. Even if the developers were to leave most features on the iPhone, it would be nice to start, stop, pause, and complete a run independent of the iPhone app. Great app. Still, I would like some additional features added.
Helpful App
by Mar’s Music on 2019/04/26 04:18
We used this app to decide on our trails, direction to the trails and most importantly we used the GPS feature to help us get around the trails.
Apple Watch
by ken-776 on 2019/04/26 02:08
Everything about the app so far I love. I’ve only had it for a few weeks, but it has yet to let me down. The app has even shown me trails and opportunities I have overlooked and forgotten. The only complaint that kept me from giving a fifth star, is the watch functions. I would like to be able to see a map image on my Apple Watch similar to a Garmin or GPS device. Aside from that, I am very pleased.
by Saylorsms on 2019/04/26 01:50
Beautiful trail, got a little high dessert country and woods. Mostly easy, but still kick my butt. Some very technical hike. This trail does not disappoint.
Awesome for beginners!
by Pohtop on 2019/04/25 21:15
As the weather got nicer, I decided to go walk on a trail. I got the app to try to look for easy trails, and I found the navigation feature to be a lovely surprise. The ability to track my walk was awesome as well. Definitely an app I will be recommending!
Love it!
by Nat37H on 2019/04/25 15:57
I absolutely love this app! Hiking is an incredibly fun outdoor activity but it can be hard to know where all of the hikes are located. This app helps you not only find incredible hikes but it also rates the level of difficulty! Sometimes you want just a pretty hike but other times you want a high elevation and intense cardiovascular work out.
Exceptionally effective
by FUNNYBUTTERCONNECTION on 2019/04/25 14:17
Can always rely on this app for a new adventure almost every day!
Unearthing gems.
by agmurray1978 on 2019/04/25 13:27
I grew up all over Northeast Ohio and would have never found half of these trails without this app. It cuts all of the crap out and gives you the trails you want to check out.
Very capable app, just missing one thing
by Stusandy on 2019/04/25 10:04
Alltrails is my must-have companion app for every hike I take. I use the app to identify potential hikes, filtering by identifying my desired distance, route options, and total elevation gained. Numbers of pre-names hikes can be discovered in list-mode or via a map search. The only thing missing is the ability to create custom maps like you can the full website. Add this feature and it would be 5 stars for sure!
Love the live tracking maps
by abluebarracuda on 2019/04/25 05:28
This app is great. It’s great for finding new trails and great for finding your way on trails. thanks to the live tracking maps this app has saved me from getting lost on spur trails on more than one occasion. If you are a hiker in any form you need this app.
by calamitan on 2019/04/25 01:56
Fantastic, easy to use app that makes tracking my hikes simple and provides useful information like calories burned/distance. Functionality is great in free version.
I love Goldie
by Scout gps on 2019/04/25 01:26
Great app but the pro version way better
Love nature
by jonny33z on 2019/04/24 23:58
Hi I love the wilderness and the wildlife that’s my favorite activity to do.
Great app
by Lovely 123456789 on 2019/04/24 18:10
First time using this app and I am going to pay for the full version
Great walk
by felicesue on 2019/04/23 20:16
We had a great walk
Enjoy this app. Needs native iPad support
by zibberfitchy on 2019/04/23 15:08
Please add native iPad support in this app so I can use it on an iPad in landscape mode.
How to write a title of my hike
by Big momma and minor on 2019/04/23 05:03
Since I updated the new version I can’t write the title of my hike. How am I going to write the title ?
Hikers friend
by Novaski789 on 2019/04/23 03:27
I’m an avid hiker and this app helps me stay on track. It’s reassuring to hear trail conditions from fellow hikers.
Best app
by Myte78 on 2019/04/22 19:41
I used the free version for hiking..gps can be better, but it’s for free..can’t complain. Happy with the app.
Great App
by Csipcsip on 2019/04/22 19:33
I love AllTrails and always recommend it to fellow hikers but the first time today I found myself turning back and sort of getting lost/off trail with it in Oregon Ridge park, Baltimore. I wanted to correct the map but I didn’t find an option to do that to make sure others won’t have the same issue....
Alderman mine trail Boise
by loking for adventure on 2019/04/22 12:13
It’s a steep one but worth it. Lots of great views and wildlife to enjoy. The mine is interesting, didn’t even know it was there.
by Dmvcaulll on 2019/04/22 06:52
I use it to primarily record trail outings. I love being able to review the stats for an outing, then try and beat my previous time. I love looking back on previous trails and seeing how I’ve progressed. Great app
Great to track where you are live as you’re hiking
by xxxxxxxxxx1111111 on 2019/04/22 02:24
Love this app. You can pull out the app as you’re hiking and the blue dot will show your location on the trail. Of course that’s as long as you have internet access. Love that it tells you difficulty, length of trail, shows a moving scale for elevation. Also, even trails that are not listed are all marked on the maps. Great app. Love it!! Makes hiking logistics so much easier.
Gunfire steep poorly maintained
by Runup7 on 2019/04/21 23:22
Not a good way to spend time on vacation with gunfire dominating from a firing range, hundreds of people navigating and as we arrived a search and rescue team evacuating someone. Not relaxing, totally exposed and footing requires attention so you cannot take in view. Good workout but that’s about it.
Wonderful app for hiking
by Heshey310 on 2019/04/21 18:02
Was able to keep a log of my trail even though I had no service great app going to use it all the time
Most resourceful hiking app ever made!
by Janet, Miss Jackson on 2019/04/21 15:16
You can locate any trail, creek or waterfall near you in seconds. You can track you hikes (elevation, speed, distance, pace, etc), look at pictures of the trail before you decide to go, and you can review the trail you visit to give others an honest opinion of the trail. This app is so user friendly and has made hiking so fun. I always keep gym clothes in my car. I can hike anywhere I go even while in vacation since the app is location based! Please download, joint the community and SHARE!!
Better organized
by bertskyayers on 2019/04/21 02:17
Wish could search trails that are the same but may have been listed under a slightly different name or starting point so they show up together so it is easier to find the beat starting points.
Great app
by Bilbak58 on 2019/04/20 22:06
I love this App has so many options and you can record your progress and follow the trail so you won’t get turned around, the app gives you maps of all trails over the US, awesome.
How to Make It Better
by jpeter18z on 2018/07/18 20:52
I have used AllTrails for over 2 years now. The software is easy to use. It includes almost all trials for all the places I went. My biggest issues with it are: 1. Lost GPS signal. I experienced this problem many times when I needed it most. In my recent trip to Emigrant Wilderness, it happened two days in a row. On June 30, I was lost near a lake and I desperately need to get back the trail near Maxwells Lake. But I could not find the blue dot that marked my position. The blue dot showed up only when after I travelled about 2 more miles. Then AllTrails simply connected my route using a straight line from the last place it knows to my current position! AllTrails software stopped updated my route the very next day when I was hiking from Cow Meadows to Crabtree TH. The problem started after I hiked 8.6 Miles from Cow Meadows. It simply frozen. Even after I stopped recording and started it again. It lasted over one hour. 2. Sometimes, AllTrails just won’t record. On July 14, I was hiking in Tilden Park. It isn’t a remote place like Emigrant Wilderness. I tried many times to record my route with no success until I got near the Vollmer Peak which is 3 miles away from where I started. I will appreciate it if you can fix the problems. Otherwise, I will not renew my Pro subscription because it is not reliable. I have to find some things that I can depend on.
Never Ending Trails
by mopfdt on 2018/08/07 23:51
I love it! I’ve moved to a new town about a year ago and I’ve only ever known my town hiking spots. So to move somewhere new and not know anywhere to go was frustrating! I love bringing my dogs hiking and even better to find spots they can swim or frolick in the water. BUT once I go somewhere I feel accomplished and ready for the next. So to find so many varieties and close by places to hike is amazing! Whatever town I’m in I just look up what’s around. Whenever I’d Google placed to go there was NOTHING. Or very short and disappointing places. This app is great because it will give you direction right in the app instead of trying to Google Maps it yourself. You can map your rout and GPS where you are to ensure you stay on track and don’t get lost. I’m so much more comfortable going alone when I can see where each path leads and about how long it should take me. People also are great at providing pictures and comments of the trails so it is so easy to find. My biggest annoyance is not being able to find the place to begin with! GPS is all good and dandy but sometimes it will just bring you to the location but the location isn’t clarified. So by people uploading their photos let’s you get a visual of what you’re looking for. Overall, the best app!
Few issues lately. Oct 2018
by daniG1973* on 2018/10/11 08:03
Removing the check-in was a bad idea. Hiding it in the “...” was worse, didn’t know it was there and my history is now not accurate, and now I have to make up a name for each recording on the fly. Waste of time. Please put check-in back where it belongs, it’s a critical feature, and right map loads with the name of the trail on the saved history. I also agree with the other user about trail hopping. In New England many trails connect but are listed separately. If you are no longer on the same one you started it appears you are just going rogue on the map. How about auto loading the newly entered trail? Also being able to edit history would be helpful. There’s been a couple times where I started driving home and forgot to hit pause and save. And why the “pause” button when the trail is complete? It’s a weird way to “finish” or “end hike”. Big issue with crashing during use lately. Thought I was recording and it had crashed once phone was put away. If I didn’t stop to take a pic early i would have gone pretty far without noticing. Stinks for tracking distance 😐. Overall I do love and use and recommend this app almost daily to find trails and track my history. Can’t live without it but its been acting weird lately.
Good phone app with a garbage watch app
by AnonymousRex05 on 2018/01/06 22:14
The app itself is the best I’ve found so far at finding trails. This probably because of the wider user support compared to other apps. It does hit your battery a smidge harder than other hiking apps I’ve tried but so far I haven’t had that be a real problem. However, I cannot for the life of me understand the thought behind the watch app design. All you can do is start/stop a recording and then check some basic stats. No map integration for you to quickly check and see what way you should go at the fork in the trail, which seems to me to be most of the reason you’d want this on your wrist. Most of the other options on the app store offer this. Also, still no health integration? Not vital but cmon it’d be nice. Overall I recommend it for finding popular trails and helping you get along while hiking as they’ve got pretty good user support. But man, it’s not updated very often and when new features are added they’re not very well thought out. I’m coming up on the time where I need to renew pro and I’m not sure I will. I might just use google to find the trails and use another more well thought out and feature rich app for the hiking itself.
It has a few good qualities
by Jfdexghffsgvhfdd on 2017/09/24 23:55
I like this app, it helps me with planning my hikes. There are a fair amount of accuracy issues though that keep me from considering upgrading to Pro though. First is the fact that there are a fair amount of trails that are well out of date. From what I understand users can suggest edits, but only through the website on a computer. I personally am rarely on my computer so am unable to submit the edits, and I feel this is against good trail management practices because it encourages people to use trails that are closed to prevent erosion and overuse. In addition the trail names on the map are more often than not completely different from official trail names so in the event of an emergency that could cause some issues. My second issue is there is no way that I can find to flag inappropriate comments on a trail review. Saying a trail has been “ ruined by Mexican trash and their families” should be able to be flagged for deletion. Lastly for now, I don’t like how you can pick only one trail when you record. I trail hop frequently and just one trail option isn’t very suitable for me and in the community aspect it isn’t helpful with helping others plan their hikes.
Free version is good wasn’t impressed with PRO at all
by Jsmzm on 2019/02/18 02:11
I would give the free version 5 stars but the paid version 2-3. The free version allows me to see the maps I need and the standard trail when I’m within service areas or no signal just fine. I’ve used the free version for over 10-15 long hikes outside of cellphone service areas. I purchased the pro access today before an attempted long hike and it made absolutely no difference when I was in the middle of trying to hike a trail at 11,000 ft altitude snowshoeing through snowed over trails with way over 5 feet of snow. My main objective was accessing the topography maps and weather overlays. I downloaded the maps before hitting the trail, but once I was I was on the trail I didn’t have access to them since there was no signal. I got the same features as I did with the free version so I was somewhat disappointed. The app also constantly resets so you have to bring up the map several times which isn’t ideal if you out hiking trying to make sure you stay on track, while also looking out for wildlife.
Get app with eye to future
by Chasgard on 2018/08/28 16:24
I have used this app for a couple of years now with the pro version. In the beginning it might have had issues but I think they are tied to performance issues of the phone and the network and satellite hardware. I have been to many trails and it has worked great. This new lifeline feature is going to be great especially for my wife since I usually hike alone. It has helped me get back on the trail in areas where the trail is poorly marked or no real markings at all like out in West Texas. I took a turn off a trail ( not on purpose) thinking that was the trail. It was the most dangerous turn possible. I finally sat down and pulled out my phone and looked at my all trails plot. I was way off but too dangerous to back track. So I plotted a way across the steep mountain side to reconnect to the actual trail. On thing that would be nice is if would tell me when I have diverged from the trail with a voice warning kinda like google maps or tell me I’m at an intersection and take the left turn again via a voice notification.
Concerns About GPS and Route Recording
by rhnotte on 2019/04/11 21:54
I saw another comment on here complaining about All Trails and his GPS signal being lost, as well as his routes not being recorded. This has nothing to do with the All Trails app, and there’s nothing AllTrails can do to fix this issue. It has to do with the strength of the GPS receiver in your phone. If the GPS signal is lost because of cloud cover or whatever, AllTrails will stop recording your route because it cannot locate you while your GPS receiver is unable to connect with the GPS in orbit around Earth. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how good your GPS receiver is, and the signal connection will still be lost. If your phone is constantly losing GPS connection, either your phone’s receiver is low quality, the weather is impeding the connection, or you’re simply in a location where a GPS receiver is going to constantly drop connection no matter how good your receiver is. I hope this helps.
Very useful!
by legallybonnie on 2017/12/24 03:42
Love this app for 3 main reasons- one it forces me to find new trails instead of just sticking to the same ones I know. Two, it makes finding new trails easy, especially with the filters. And third, it makes me feel safe because I can download the map before I go and when I’m on the trail with no reception, I can track exactly where I am and where I’m headed - it’s saved us quite a few times from getting lost on some of the trails! Couple of suggestions: 1) have a “daily report” that people can update in regards to conditions of that hike on that particular day/week (don’t always want to scour reviews for that) - we went on a hike that was incredibly overgrown over the summer and encountered a bees nest in the midst of it and really did not enjoy it. 2) be able to tick off trails we have done and have a “past trails” list or “history” list that isn’t tied to recordings or anything. Otherwise, great job! Thanks!
AWESOME APP but Needs One Addition
by Todd_M_Peterson on 2019/04/08 19:16
I love this app! I ride an Adventure Bike (GS 1200) and the reviews are great to research various trails to determine if I’m able to do them or how much effort the trail will require. The GS 1200 is a BIG motorcycle and I like knowing if there are “Rock Gardens”, massive ruts, steep declines, etc. Other users often give distances to significant trail challenges which comes in handy!!! Of course, remember that trail conditions change constantly so don’t ride wild based on reviews... The one addition that is needed (in my opinion) is an additional FILTER Category of “Adventure Riding” or “Off Road Motorcycling”. It’s easy enough to use “Off Road Driving” to identify trails that are open to Off Road Riding but the numerous trail user write ups is mostly from rock crawlers or 4x4’ers. I often read these when I’m out and about riding the trails and it would make reviewing up and coming trails much quicker. I upgraded to the Pro version last year and it is the best money I have spent on an app!
If you backpack....
by Cavin ledouche on 2018/06/26 15:21
This is the best app. Besides the old map and compass, you have the ability to track your gps location on the marked trail you can download from each hike. Keep in mind GPS is run by satellites in space so cell reception is unnecessary to use which saves your phone battery and can track every step to make sure you’re on the path. I recently did a technical alpine lake wilderness hike and ran into 6 groups of lost hikers from excess snow and brush blocking the trail which allowed me and my dog to have an entire crystal blue lake all to ourselves for 2 days. If it wasn’t for the app, I wouldn’t have been able to navigate the trail as effectively and knowing within 10 feet if I had stepped off of it. Pay the 30 dollars for the pro membership and save yourself from getting lost and also epic states of solitude are in your favor like mine thanks to this also application. 🤙🏾
AllTrails Pro: Worth it!
by Swift3000 on 2018/07/18 11:46
I completed the Adirondack 46 high peak trails in 2018. I have summited half or more of those mountains using my AllTrails app. I obsess over our hiking routes and spend at least a few hours for each hike reviewing our plan using the AllTrails app and the AllTrails map layer. Great print out to hand off to family so they know where we are going and can identify landmarks quickly if needed in an emergency. On the trail, at least 2 or 3 times, we have made quick course corrections leading us back to the trail using the GPS follow the trail feature! Not a substitute for a compass (app loaded on my phone, battery could go dead) but I always have it ready if needed. AllTrails is great for local adventures. I never realized how many trails were right in my backyard! I spent a frustrating amount of time with other apps before landing on AllTrails. You cannot beat this app!
Pay version worth it if you love planning your own routes and spend time alone on the trails
by ceryphym on 2018/12/20 01:05
I LOVED the free version of AllTrails so much that I payed to upgrade. I loved the payed version so much that I continue to pay the annual fee. The pay version allows me to plan my own routes on and off trails and gives me mileage and elevation gain, download the maps and have access to them when I don’t have cell service, and tracks my gps location on a map. This definitely gives me peace of mind in the back country, even though I am a capable route finder and carry map and compass. The only annoyance I’ve noticed is that if I don’t update the app every couple of weeks, it takes a REALLY long time to open it. Also, I love that I can share maps with friends and download their maps to use. I highly recommend this app the free version and paid version.
Love this App
by peterherrm on 2018/10/06 23:16
This App is awesome, I use it every time I hike, which is at least once a week. Well worth the price of the Pro version IMO. Still needs some work though. What I’d love to see, is some sort of intelligence built in, so it knows when you’re driving in a car versus walking. Sometimes after a long hike I’m exhausted, and forget to turn off the recorder. The app then records my ride home, and adds it to my hike. This has also screwed up my stats, and it makes a mess of the trail I’ve just recorded. I’d also love to see more levels of maps able to be saved offline. I’m out of cell service often when hiking in the mountains. Yes the map is saved to my phone, but at only one zoom level. If I try to zoom in to see more details about where I am, and I have no service, the map doesn’t redrawn. My cell phone has 200GB of available storage, id love to be able to fill it up with maps!
Superb so far
by GF8000 on 2018/08/18 17:55
Downloaded this app before going off-grid in the Okanagan. Lots of hiking areas in BC and elsewhere are no where close to cell signals and this app (with downloaded maps) has been awesome with keeping us on track and giving confidence to venture around. Putting our phones on Airplane mode (mine is an iPhone 7S) saves serious battery so I feel confident I can go a full day with no issues. When mountain biking I still use this over TrailForks because it more clearly shows logging roads and other trails. I’ve had accuracy issues with TrailForks but none so far with AllTrails. Both are useful when mountain biking but as you’d guess: garbage in, garbage out. The maps are only as good as the person who uploaded it (and their GPS track). I’ve just found that AllTrails has been more accurate in that regard but again it’s not perfect either.
Great Overall
by AngelDN on 2019/04/26 08:35
I love this app. It is essential for trail running. I was lost once and the Ranger was very familiar with the app and was able to guide me to safety with AllTrails, Google maps, and the iPhone compass. Also, whenever I travel, I load this app for the nearest location of State Parks/trails. Pure awesomeness. However, I wish the app would not close out the app/map once the iPhone locks. Unfortunately, I am always having to go retrieve the trail and it’s map, followed by reloading it. In addition, there needs to be some sort of autocorrection for miles/elevation. Sometimes files load directly from my (Garmin) device but the Corrected/updated mileage and elevation never makes it to the app (because GPS is off sometimes and information is missing from the Activity). Also, I wish the app took better advantage of the Apple Watch. Why cannot data files be loaded from the AW, similar to how the Garmin works? This is the only app I own that still requires a phone. This is not entirely bad for extremely desolated trails. Even if the developers were to leave most features on the iPhone, it would be nice to start, stop, pause, and complete a run independent of the iPhone app. Great app. Still, I would like some additional features added.
It’s a pretty good app
by Cyrus Blades on 2018/09/23 04:54
The maps are good, you can find lots of hikes already on the map or just create your own and suggest the trail be added. One of my BIGGEST complaints is that you can not ask questions or comment on peoples reviews. You can’t direct message people... why??? What if you’d like to know some information someone just hiked a trail could answer for you? Or try to meet up with other members for hikes? Or just comment and praise other people for their reviews and photos? Really a huge downfall so I had to remove a star for that. Additionally, it’s crazy how you can NOT drop pins, or markers to mark different locations, potential campsites, shelters, water sources, bridges, downed trees or passages blocked. And you can NOT click on any of the map details for information. Very basic short comings... :/ It would be great if these could be future updates, people could search for pins others have dropped, water sources and shelters. Users could verify one another by confirming those things are accurate and there, earning points and giving other people searching for pins the options to pick from the most reliable pins (most verified) or most reliable people (person that always leave correct information) this would also boost followers for people that are active and add this useful information.
Nice features except for the horrendously slow startup
by trendpundit on 2019/04/01 19:51
I’ve been using this app for awhile now and like its feature set and they provide frequent and useful feature updates. My only complaint is that every single time you start the app it initializes your trail data, which can be very frustrating. Particularly if you had the app closed to save battery life and need to make some quick routing decisions. I’m baffled as to why the process is so inordinately slow because there are numerous technical strategies that can be employed to short circuit the process and quickly determine whether an initialization/sync is in order. How about letting the user decide if they want to initialize/sync at that time instead of making them wait, sometimes minutes? (Question: If the mobile app is used on one device with only an occasional visit to the web app - what exactly needs to be initialized/synced every single time?)
Maps and pictures not loading
by Needle And Groove on 2018/02/25 16:11
Just recently noticed the pictures and some maps are not loading at all. Thought it was my iPad but it’s doing the same on my phone as well One thing I really wish was changed is the altitude and mileage tracker on the bottom of the topography maps. One, it’s small to begin with because it’s on a phone screen and your finger hides most of the information when you’re sliding. It should have its own slider underneath the graph so I don’t have to try to look under my finger to see information. Two, I hate that the mileage points are not evenly spaced out. It goes from 1.2 to 3.6 to 5.1. It should be broken up into half or quarter mile increments to easily calculate distances. Furthermore, I know it shows you altitude in real time in the upper left hand corner as you’re sliding on the graph so why can’t it show you mileage as well? These hanged would be UBER helpful
The Best Thing About AllTrails
by Gale Newbold on 2019/04/09 12:26
Have you ever gone hiking on what you thought was a well marked trail, and got lost? Did you wonder around for 45 minutes trying to find South on your phone’s compass, knowing exactly what time it was going to get dark? I have. Not any more! I love AllTrails because when I want to take a walk or hike, I can pull up 500 trails near me! I can learn the location, a description, and important details, like if I can bike it as well. When I’m ready to go, I just click on the directions so I can drive to the trailhead, and then click on the map of the trail, which shows my location, on or off the trail, at all times. No more fear of getting lost for me, is the end result, with more time to enjoy walking in nature. Get AllTrails. You and your family will love it!
Nice maps, but not editable and no apple watch support
by Hafík on 2017/10/01 01:33
I really like that this app shows hiking trails in a high contrast so that they are visible even in the bright daylight. The problem is that there is no way to submit feedback in those cases when there are mistakes on the map. Another problem is that it is not possible to download larger regions for offline use. All is designed around finding a hike and then downloading a map around that specific hike. And for this you have to be connected to the internet. One extremely frustrating aspect is that when you are searching for a hike the list of suggestions completely disregards your location. If I live in Oregon and search for let's say Eagle creek trail, the on closest to me should be on top. This could be resolved by a preference settings to show the trails near you. It would also be great if you added apple watch support.
Overall a great app (Revised Review)
by Hike The World on 2018/04/27 19:49
AllTrails is my go to app for finding new trails when we travel. It is nice to read reviews before heading out. The detail on the trails is also nice if you get in a situation where you want to cut through somewhere to shave some distance on a long hike. I recently became a Pro member which came in handy on a couple of no cell service hikes. I like being able to download trails in advance of the hike. The only downfall is I feel like the app can drain your battery fast on your cell. It would be nice if I would be able to link my purchase to my wife’s phone so we had a back up if one of our phones died. I am always happy to see the developer adding new features and fixing bugs on a regular basis. I hope that the new Pro flat fee option is bringing in enough revenue to keep the app progressing.
Great app, one big problem in pro version
by yet another hiker on 2018/07/29 04:27
This is a fantastic app and really useful for hiking. It would be a wholehearted recommendation if it wasn't for one problem I keep running into. The main reason for buying the pro version is offline maps access. Most trails I do are not where data coverage is available. So offline maps are critical. Hiwever, once downloaded, they just go away (expire?) within a day or so. This is incredibly frustrating given how much effort I took to slowly download these maps in poor data areas,only to find it magically disappeared before the hike. I can appreciate needing to refresh mapping data. But the app should never discard downloaded maps without user consent. I was in the Himalayas and it would take multiple days to download a map of a trek, only to see it disappear a day or to later. Also the process of selecting a custom nap for offline download requires substantial data which makes it almost impossible to select in low bw areas. This is likely not an app problem, but if the selection UI can somehow use very low detail data to just select region, that would be great. Mostly just please fix offline map expiry problem!
Love this app!
by opipro1 on 2018/06/08 22:50
I’ve just started hiking recently. I got lost one time and almost scared myself. After that day I stumbled onto this while looking for another place to go. When you download the place you are going to and there is no service or off line, all you have to do is look at the satellite, zoom in and it will still guide you with your little blue dot to your entrance or out. Even the highways. It has helped me know exactly where I’m at on the trail and how much further. It has given me peace of mind just having it. I do wish they had a feature if you do get yourself in trouble you can just hit a button and will ping or signal for help and show the authorities or stations where you are at. Maybe they do have it and I just don’t know about it.
Got me home!
by Anomalous8000 on 2018/07/23 02:44
I downloaded it on a whim trying to find something to help me find trails. Little did I know that it would get me home after being left behind on Ka’au Crater because of miscommunication while trying to get my group back together after we got split up! I was on the trail for half a day. But I knew where I was the whole time because of the App. I walked off the trail at 9pm and thankful to be able to report my location one last time before I entered the valley on 10% cellphone battery and draining with every flashlight flicker. I also know how to better plan for my adventures because the App just simply works even without the Pro version. Looking for a trail App to help get you there and back! This will do the job hands down.
Pro Version is Glitchy
by Norma_ca on 2018/10/23 13:53
At the beginning of the year my husband upgraded to the pro version because we would be doing longer and more difficult hikes. Before our hike we would download the map and made sure it was downloaded, but once we got on trail it would show that the map didn’t download. In the case that it would download, if we would go a while, let’s say an hour without looking at the map, the app would shut off. So we would have to open the app again and reopen the map to figure out where we were. There was actually an instance where we were constantly needing to refer back to the map, but the app would keep closing. It was a frustrating to have to let the app load and then reopen the map. I like to use app to look for trails, but using the pro version in our experience has become frustrating.
Two really annoying issues
by Wrinkledpants on 2018/03/17 17:06
Love this app and like seeing where the developers are taking it. One problem I cannot escape is the custom maps downloads take a really long time, and your phone has to stay on (not locked). I don’t always have 15+ minutes to wait for these to download for offline use. If the phone locks or the app closes, the download starts over. I’ve had to resort to using other apps for these when on the go. The other issue is how long this app takes to open. I’m on an iPhone 7 and the app takes a minute or so to open. Really frustrating when you’re trying to make quick decisions on the move. Seems like a silly thing to complain about, but I’m using this app a few times a week. The inability to get to geolocated maps quickly has pushed me into other apps for this purpose.
Finger Rock trail(#42) to Mount Kimball
by Nick Naming on 2017/11/26 02:12
This is an all day ordeal that will require a 3 liter bladder for hydration. The 5 miles up is over 4000’ elevation gain. The distance & gain are similar to Mount Wrightson which is in Madera Canyon, an hour south. This hike allows a walk along Pusch Ridge to Pima Saddle. Hike back down thru Pima Canyon for over 12 miles. A car shuttle is needed to complete this loop. The loop took us 11 hours including lunch and picture taking. Start at sunrise to insure completion by sunset. Make sure to bring headlamps just in case. There are a few spots where you can take a wrong turn. Look for the cairns. At the Pima Saddle metal sign you can go up for great views. The path down heads West & is easy to miss due to a rock slab. The difficulty is similar to hiking Bright Angel trail to Indian Gardens & back the same day.
Beginner camper/ hiker / traveler
by Ericke90 on 2018/07/05 15:17
Man oh man!!! I love the outdoors BUT I’m the type that goes into the woods and hopes to find something cool (usually do) but not without doing some serious off trailing type of hiking. So I took to this app in hopes that I would find more appealing spots and wow am I impressed! Basically made me want to travel around the country and currently on a trip to Portland to see a few hikes and camp sites! Do not be fooled by lame 3 star reviews because they didn’t get their coffee this morning.... haters! Honestly you won’t find a better app and!!! And and! (I don’t have pro) but if I did (I probably will) I would never think of complaint over $2! I’d pay that forever because people gots to eat y’all 🙏🏽 blessed and happy camping!
Great hiking app for your phone
by Phil Cannel on 2018/06/25 03:24
This app is fantastic for hitting the trails. Let’s you know right where you are so you never head off trail. Recording your route is great for going back and figuring out pacing based on what sort of terrain you were tackling. Not sure about the calorie counter as it was hundreds of calories off of my watch, but that’s not what you’re using this app for anyways. Would be 5-stars if the watch app also showed maps like some of the other apps out there. Instead it is basic record route and some analytics. Would be nice to have those maps on my watch so I don’t have to pull out the phone every time, when I just need a quick check of where I’m at. Overall, a fantastic app worth every penny of the subscription for the pro elements.
Great app but a little clunky on the social end
by Ron G63 on 2019/04/20 10:08
This app has been super helpful in finding trails around my area and while on the trail itself. Posting a review of the trail, photos, and a recording (which I find to be a great feature!) is a little confusing. If the UI could just have one place from which you could post everything you want to post about your hike it would get that extra fifth star. Unless I’m doing it wrong, there seems to be several ways to post information and these ways are difficult to remember where to find them in the app. Also I’d like to see a filter for searching other members. Right now you can only search by name. How about a search for other hikers in my area? Or others that have hiked the same trail as I.
Nation wide hiker
by Rainbow brite 28 on 2018/04/27 01:44
I travel for work all over the US and downloading this app was one of the greatest things I’ve ever done. No matter where I go, I can always open the app and find an awesome new place to explore that I never would have found otherwise. The reviews are helpful and most trail difficulty ratings are pretty accurate. I don’t ever get lost because i can always compare the path I’ve taken with what’s on the map. That’s especially helpful when some trails aren’t always heavily marked. The only negative is how badly tracking my trail drains my battery, but that’s the nature of the beast with a constant GPS ping. I would highly recommend using the app the next time you are looking for a new place to explore!
by Yup_Morris on 2018/06/09 00:30
If you travel and you know where you’re going to hike, this is the app for you. It’s worth the purchase. Download the maps before your hike and you’ll never be lost. I like being able to see what other people see on their hikes and determine if it’s worth going to. I like to drive to different cities throughout California and while I’m there I always look for hiking spots. This app is great and spot on. Even the places that are “hikable” but are now private property. I appreciate that little warning. It’s the little things that make this app what it is. Even if you don’t buy the yearly subscription just being able to look and read other hikers reviews make it worth having in my phone.
Great trails, needs watch app
by Fernando TTA's iPod on 2019/03/24 19:03
I have to say, I’ve bought the subscription for pro features and I don’t regret it. They’ve made an excellent platform for a huge number of trails. Really well done. But the app itself on the iPhone is ok. As far as I know there’s no way to JUST see the map , with your location and direction. They have this’s small map, but the screen has several other items on that distract the eye. It would be great to just have the trail and your location on a whole dedicated screen. The other point is this app NEEDS a better Apple Watch app. I’d really rather glance at my wrist to look at the trail and my location. That way I could just leave my phone in my backpack, or even at home. You already have a ui for the map, trail, and location, it just needs to be on the watch now.
Excellent App and Customer Service
by The Scottie on 2018/09/27 23:35
I got this app to use as a tool for helping me get back in shape. I had several questions and contacted customer service with them. They were quick to respond and as a result I have upgraded to the pro version of the app. I must say that this is well worth it, after getting separated from my trail today, after getting separated from the trail today on a long hike I was able to use the app to easily find my way back. It also helped me follow the trail, as the one I was in crossed several other trails and had about a dozen forks that were poorly marked. I recommend this app to everyone now and this is an essential tool for me to now use on my adventures.
do not recommend
by Walkersrq on 2019/05/19 11:18
I do not recommend this app and am cancelling my Pro subscription. After having used it heavily for a week in the mountains, it is just frustrating. A couple of the features I wanted most and paid for in Pro-- like printing maps -- are only available on your desk top. (There's no cell service where we are, so its critical) And you have to go through several convoluted steps to get a picture of what the trail is like and where it is and how to get to the trailhead. The reviews are helpful, but the description on the app is weak: Poor or nonexistent directions (except to export to Google maps which is insufficient) poor general descriptions of the trail. We are in a popular hiking area, so there is no reason for weak information. Frankly the guidebooks from the Tourist Info booth were consistently much better. Back to paper guide books and old school topo maps until I can find a better app.
Needs a lot of work.
by tekkaman65535 on 2017/12/03 21:29
I used to love this app, but as time has gone on, I've had more and more weekends ruined by it due to the lack of what should be necessary details. Some of the navigational and routing issues I understand because a lot of the destinations are places roads can't take you to. That stuff I can figure out. But there are a lot of things I would consider need-to-know information that aren't listed, such as whether the trails are in a facility that has certain hours (I got to a trail at around 4 specifically to take sunset photos from an overlook only to find that the gates for that trail locked at 4:30 in the afternoon), whether the trail requires a pass/permit/fee that may require one to bring cash or a check, whether there is as kiosk at the trailhead with a map or if you're solely reliant on your phone, etc. This information seems pretty simple for users to provide but currently, the only way to get this information is to scroll through the reviews of a trail until you find the one that has that info, if it's there. $30 for a subscription would be a small pittance for an app that did what this promises, but with all these important details that can make or break an afternoon or even a weekend left in the fog, it's a bit of a ripoff.
Frustrating app experience
by EdFromMcUNg on 2018/05/17 00:12
At the beginning of a recent trek, AllTrails was acting very erratically. The app would not correctly download the trail map regardless of numerous attempts, yet, my hiking partner had no problem. The app kept shutting down for unknown reasons, yet, my hiking partner, again, had no problem. For the sake of argument, we have identical equipment - including battery charge and signal strength at the time. One-half hour of stats for a 3 1/2 hour hike were lost. Also, for some unknown reason this app created a mirror image of the hike record. Editing one record automatically edits it’s clone. I feel confident that if I deleted one (either) copy, I’d probably delete the other. I’m not about to test that! Finding online help to resolve this issue was impossible. Needless to say, with a high degree of frustration, I maintain a double record of a trek erroneously shortened. (To maintain a corrected record of the hike stats, I recorded my partners stats.)
Perfect for adventuring families
by Dr dingle on 2018/07/31 15:10
I am an avid outdoorsman and family man and this tool is an invaluable tool in my adventure belt. I take my kids out all the time and using this tool to map out and get the best route for my kids to get an epic adventure is hands down the easiest way i have found. I have only bought three apps, and have always used the free version of apps. The free version of this one is great, but I think it is definitely worth the subscription for the extra tools available. Traveling or local use, you can’t go wrong with such a rock solid tool. I’ve used this for three years now and it has gotten me to some absolutely amazing places. Definitely a must.
Oh! The Places We’ll Go!!! THANKS ALL TRAILS !
by wildflower🌻 on 2018/07/23 11:22
I stumbled upon this app and it is been a LOT of fun for plotting and planning. I like having my favorites and the ability to create lists to keep them sorted and organized by state. I did a short hike in West Virginia and really used up a lot of my cell phone battery. I am going to see how to just use the GPS only to conserve on that. Also going to upgrade to the PRO as well. So I can print out maps and reference the hike that way. I’m going on vacation to Rapid City South Dakota in August and I am really looking forward to doing some hikes around the Black Hills and Spearfish Canyon, Mount Rushmore, etc and sharing those experiences with my friends and on All Trails! Happy Trails! 🌸🧗‍♀️🚵‍♀️🌄🌅
Extremely disappointed
by wyatt222 on 2018/06/28 15:54
I upgraded to the pro version of AllTrails because the AllTrails app won’t allow you to download trail maps unless you do. So under the impression that downloading maps meant I would have them for offline use, I paid for pro. After all why would you have a trail app that you couldn’t access trail maps offline when a lot of trails have no service. Anyway, I downloaded about 20 maps for Yosemite National Park after upgrading to pro thinking I would have all the trail info I need for my trip, but no dice! No maps worked when I got there because apparently downloading the map doesn’t mean you can access it offline. Needless to say I was extremely disappointed and also feel that forcing people to upgrade to pro to “download trail maps” is false advertisement because downloading something means you should have it for offline use. I would like a refund.
Hikes do not integrate with Apple health
by ORHobbes on 2018/01/20 22:09
This should be a five star app. But there are two big problems holding it back. 1) Although it records your distance during hikes, it does not integrate with the Apple health app. So you do not get credit for any calories burned, or your distance traveled, unless you also use a second app to track those items at the same time. You shouldn’t have to use two apps to collect that data. The AllTrails app should be able to export that data into Apple Health for you. 2) The base app does not let you download any maps for off-line use. That is a basic need of any hiking app, because most of the time when you are hiking in remote areas you do not have a cell phone signal. So the app does not work unless you can have an off-line map. But the only way that AllTrails will let you have an off-line map, is if you subscribe to their yearly pro service for $20. If you go on dozens of hikes a year, the subscription price is a fine value. But if you only go on one or two hikes year, this one price fits all mentality is too much. They need to have an option of letting you just pay for the maps you need rather than forcing you into a year-long subscription when all you want is one map.
Basic Trail Info/Support Lacking
by mount10hiker on 2018/05/10 01:27
I had hoped to use this app and bought into the Pro version. But I’ve come to learn it’s not what I thought it would be. While it has basic trail info (stats, other user info, etc) it’s help feature is severely lacking. You have to email them, and if you have lots of questions this can take days. Plus they keep referring you to their FAQ web page, or their web videos. I don’t want to “read” everything. I want a human to ask a question to and be done, not have to go to another page because the first page doesn’t answer my question. Their Support admitted they are a small organization: I say if you’re going to play with the big boys, then you need to be able to keep up. Emailing doesn’t cut it. Having said that, if they improve on their support I think this could be a really good app. I just don’t think at this point they’re ready.
Love It but..
by JumperSpecialk on 2018/05/06 19:02
Love reading reviews from other users and seeing pics to know if it is worth checking out. I would love to see the trails more organized (all trails for each park listed instead of a park that insinuates it is just one big trail). It would be great to be able to message other users and network with like minded individuals too. I hope in future updates the app could give you more stats and comparisons to other users (Was this my fastest hike? Am I as slow as a slug compared to others? And such). I have been trying to add new trails to have a more extensive list for users but it would be better to be able to do it from my phone instead of needing to log onto a computer.
I’m so thankful I had this app!!
by hikewithme2015 on 2018/07/28 20:42
So i already loves the app, when I was finally able to take a hike I had planned on the app, I used the map of the trail I was on. The trail wasn’t well marked so when we hit what we thought was a fork we went right. Unfortunately it wasn’t a fork but a dried up water way. I checked my map again and saw we were pretty far off the trail. I had my 3yo with me so it could have been disastrous. Once we turned back and got to the blue dot showed me I was back on coarse. I love how the searches work and love how I can save trails to lists. Still figuring out all of the bells and whistles, but I can say this...I will never hike without it.
by J-maxx on 2018/07/27 06:57
I downloaded this app on my galaxy and bought a year long subscription for $30 after logging In with my gmail account. After completing the purchase the app informed me that I was charged for the subscription, but wasn’t able to get access to the subscriber features and to contact support. So I wrote support an email and went to the online help after trying everything I could for about 30 minutes. The help suggested I log out of the app and log back in. I logged out and was never able to log back in because the app couldn’t connect with google even though I had a perfect internet connection. I restarted the phone, uninstalled the app and reinstalled it and nothing worked so I figured I’d download it on my iPhone. It still doesn’t work and gives the same error. Fastest $30 I ever wasted. Save your time and money and find another app.
Pretty good app
by deflep71 on 2019/01/22 15:07
I have been using this app since 2012. The app was rough in the early years but the constant updates have made this an app I don’t want to go without. It’s great at finding new trails near my home. I also love the added feature of it keeping track of your monthly, annual, and lifetime stats. I have used this app all over the country. It works great as a backpacking tracker in the back country of Yellowstone with no cell signal and it works great at my local park. I upgraded to the Pro version this year for the first time and am very happy with it! Great all around Trail app for tracking or finding trails. I highly recommend this app.
The hiking app I’ve been looking for
by Justin engineer on 2018/02/12 02:13
This app allows me the have a GPS on my phone overlaid on the topo lines, showing the route others have taken and my present location. It also shows the elevation profile. Plus it works without an internet or phone connection. There’s even a rangefinder that shows the “crow fly” distance to any point you chose on the map. There is a database of 50k plus hikes to chose from and this can be filtered in various ways. You can save any of these to your “favorites” list and arrange them in any order you like. And I can take photos and track my completed hikes along with basic stats. And I get a map showing all my completed and planned hikes I just recently discovered I can also organize the hikes I want to do by making a “list”. This feature allows you to geographically (or any other feature) organize you hikes. For example I’ve created a list of hikes along the Blue Ridge Parkway. This allows me to quickly separate those hikes from Colorado (for example)
No way to upgrade to pro if Touch ID doesn’t work on your phone
by Artichoke 25 on 2018/01/22 05:33
I would like to upgrade to Pro but the ONLY way to do it is with Touch ID. No other option, nothing in FAQ about it, no way to contact support for help. I have a screen protector in my phone so Touch ID doesn’t work. So no way to get PRO - see developer response below - that worked. Like that it looks like I can record over a trail map that comes up as being close to my home. But when I tried to save and download that map, I saw it downloading but have no idea how to bring it up offline - can’t find out where these downloads are kept or how to access them
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