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Hollister believes in liberating the spirit of an endless Summer inside everyone. To us, Summer isn’t just a season… it’s a state of mind. GET THE hollister app AND YOU'LL GET: MY ACCOUNT Sign up, log in & get notified about the latest products & promotions. BARCODE SCANNER Scan barcodes in stores to shop more sizes and see ratings & reviews. MY SAVES Tap the heart on the products you love and we’ll save them for you. PLAYLIST Listen to the freshest tunes on our Hollister playlist. STORE LOCATOR Find the closest Hollister store near you. BUY ONLINE & PICK UP IN STORE Shop within the app, then pick up your order in-store.
by musicly 💖 on 2019/05/22 23:24
This app is amazing, it makes shopping easier
Love the app
by mya good on 2019/05/21 23:36
Hollister is the best app for me because I am really tiny and long and these pants fit me amazingly I love Hollister so much!!!
by Evelyn Alexanderia rocks on 2019/05/21 21:19
It’s so easy and convenient, the app is awesome. i love how when you like something you tap the heart and there’s a whole separate page where it’s all dispayed for you. there’s no little complicated things you have to do in order to get to things. it’s all layers out and simple.
I love it
by lizzet00 on 2019/05/21 00:41
I love it
The best app i ever try
by margaret loren on 2019/05/20 04:42
Good selection
by Raultim on 2019/05/20 03:06
by BadmanTj01 on 2019/05/18 06:24
Good pricing for such an amazing quality. Well done Hollister
Love clothes and prices
by braker of chains on 2019/05/17 22:44
I would like for newer styles out more often
App review
by lizarevpc on 2019/05/17 14:34
The app is very user friendly, I love it! Makes shopping a lot easier. It helps me stay alert to sales or promos!
by jose out on 2019/05/17 05:55
by yazconmine on 2019/05/16 20:22
Me encanta
by xoelotero on 2019/05/16 17:49
Really good clothing good quality and good prices
I love this company
by angel manuel montalvo on 2019/05/16 15:59
When your order from this company you already know your getting the best deals and best quality
Love love hollister
by shrey.deeo on 2019/05/14 16:16
The app is great way to shop quickly. You can easily find what you want. Easy to checkout , easy to use coupons plus you have your rewards points !! Just simple and easy
i love it
by marianaafreitess_ on 2019/05/14 05:34
the best app!
by fffftgsthcx on 2019/05/13 19:17
Hollister 😍
by Cmercer01 on 2019/05/12 22:15
You got the cheapest prices for high quality clothes ! It’s great you got way to many deals which is always great. There’s a new deal every day which is really cool. Great gold membership !
Shook .
by ackermann_104th on 2019/05/10 22:35
This app of Hollister really isn’t like many other apps, why other apps of clothing may be bigger, hollister really understand and knows how to organize everything in they’re store ! I find things really without struggle and it’s a great use ! Thank you :))
by awesome person alion yea ok on 2019/05/10 22:03
It so good because it gives you discount only you can get on the app.They are loyal and don’t lie about thier prices.They always try to make you get the good price.They are one of my best favorite cloths store totally recommend.
by someone biatch on 2019/05/08 01:09
so far my experience with this app is great. i love how easy it is and has apple pay. keep up the good work
So easy and convenient
by G-Mal on 2019/05/07 02:40
You guys are Awesome!!!
by Sioari on 2019/05/06 23:10
Awesome app I don’t have to keep logging in, love it🤩
by Clee1991 on 2019/05/06 21:37
Love the app especially the Radio.
by bye butt on 2019/05/05 20:43
Awesome great quality clothes for a good price!
by hollister❤️❤️ on 2019/05/05 20:22
I love it
I love Hollister
by aled85 on 2019/05/04 14:48
I love the clothes they have a excellent quality
Awesome App
by dweenix on 2019/05/04 03:20
Easy to navigate and very friendly when shopping online
by JJ_Gemi on 2019/05/04 02:54
Super easy to navigate and find the things I like🔥⭐️
Most Convenient App
by sandra_phrak513 on 2019/05/03 16:07
I love this app because it’s already logged into your account for you. It also gives you immediate notifications, updates, etc.
Easy to use
by Pinnaplelover01 on 2019/05/02 00:12
Very clear and easy to use
Great clothes
by @therealmichealstevens on 2019/04/30 23:50
The clothes are serious class and really nice. Easy to buy and order. I like the feature where you can save items. The only thing is that the “standard shipping” of 3$ takes a long time to get there.
by lazaro boanco on 2019/04/29 19:31
Muy buena aplicación súper contento con todo
by iovanio on 2019/04/29 16:28
Great deals online best way buy on line pickup on the store near you
Best place to shop
by luk2757 on 2019/04/29 14:35
When I go somewhere I always look for deals but when I’m at hollister I don’t need deals because of how consistent there sales are and how nice the clothes are if I had a choice to choose one store for the rest my life it would be hollister oh and you got to where the vans will h them
Doesn’t work
by 1705$$!!!! on 2019/04/28 21:49
It’s doesn’t work they need to up date the app
Great app
by fvoudfrj on 2019/04/28 20:59
The app is always changing and getting better. It’s always really easy to find something you are looking for.
Mi tienda de ropa favorita.
by Chilango En Austin on 2019/04/28 18:53
Siempre encuentro de todo tipo de ropa para toda las temporadas y lo mejor es que siempre encuentro de mi talla exacta
Don’t order anything through this app.
by Amazone us horrible on 2019/04/27 23:30
I orders a bathing suite at the begging of April and it said it would arrive on the 18th but it still has not shipped yet. On the app it says that I ordered it but I called to store to figure out what is wrong and they said there was no order, so I got scammed through this app.
Hollister !
by 27;9jdbd on 2019/04/27 21:17
It’s a great app I use it all the time very useful and I adore all of the clothes
Best app
by jagr jr on 2019/04/27 12:59
Love it’s so easy the best
New Update
by Aleml10 on 2019/04/27 03:47
Just updated my app and it logged me out. Thought no biggie. Tried to log in and it keeps saying error. It also won’t let me send a forget password email. Please fix.
#1 Clothing Store
by poopf*ck on 2019/04/26 20:52
I like the fact that not all their pants are ripped and destroyed
by Fvgdbjfbhrv on 2019/04/26 12:44
by anniaMs on 2019/04/26 05:50
Love their style
by mr.shuhshhs on 2019/04/26 02:03
Nice app, but here’s a suggestion. There should be an outfit section where it helps you find good outfits for you.
Best app so far
by JojoJoeM92 on 2019/04/25 20:45
Love the app it’s great and amazing. Thank you
by kjk244 on 2019/04/25 03:01
this is a very helpful app and very easy to work, the best app ever!!
It won’t work
by sistersecretjames on 2019/04/24 23:25
It’s still not allowing me to use the app it keeps saying “WIPEOUT”
Won’t let me in
by KiaraCymia on 2019/04/24 18:38
It keeps saying access denied , on safari and on the actual app .
by J_ordyS on 2019/04/24 15:48
The best!!
by Mr.PabloTheBoss on 2019/04/23 18:36
This app is so easy to work and do things. TBH it’s easier then desktop
Jeans 4 Dayzzz
by Cyan Howard on 2019/04/22 23:07
Love love love their jeans, they have the perfect fit for me with a wide range of styles and sizes!
by flakiittaa on 2019/04/22 20:04
Me encanta esta aplicación
Eden Herrera
by Emanuel339 on 2019/04/22 13:22
I’m a big fan oh Hollister I’ll for sure be buying more things off this online app it’s much faster to search it on the Hollister app
by Hampster movie maker on 2019/04/21 19:55
I love how they don’t send me a lot of notifications but just enough so I can get things when they are on sale.
by hollister124566 on 2019/04/20 20:26
I love Hollister soooo much just think they need to add more cheap things
Love it
by Jolivete on 2019/04/20 18:08
it’s a faster and easier way to shop
by Wipeout hater .............hi on 2019/04/20 10:34
love this store with my whole heart
Great app and clothes! ❤️❤️
by Mariacollado98 on 2019/04/20 05:12
I love Hollister ❤️
It’s the best brand
by Shybeach on 2019/04/19 14:12
Love my Hollister jeans
by ailyn2 on 2019/04/19 03:45
Love the style of the Hollister jeans! The high rise are my favorite !
My new fava shopping app.
by Carrey Gunnazzzz on 2019/04/18 13:17
I should have had this app a long time ago.
Item Returned Without Consent
by CLr537593 on 2019/04/18 08:05
I was unaware that items mailed to the store are returned after a certain amount of days. (I’m a full-time student, and I work so I don’t have a lot of free time). I used two promotional discounts on an item that I wanted, but it was later returned without my consent. Thus, I lost the item, (which I really wanted) and I lost on the promotional discounts I used. I’m really irritated and dissatisfied with Hollister due to this.
Great app
by ivan1645 on 2019/04/17 17:00
I really like the app and it’s been wonderful to me up until my last purchase. The app was messing up and so it put my address in wrong and so I canceled my order and when I went to reorder it clothes it put a hold on my card for the total 3 times now I understand why it charged one and put the second hold and I was told it should fall off but the third hold I didn’t understand and the costumer service rep I called was rude and just told me it would fall off. Now I’ve never had problems with the app before but that’s just got me wondering first why was she so rude and second why was the third hold on my card posted. Huge inconvenience. Definitely the worst birthday present to myself this year
by shopaholic😂❤️ on 2019/04/17 15:41
It’s great I just wish the formatting was different but overall it’s easy to shop ok here
by BritneysFormal on 2019/04/16 22:32
Jeans run small, but I do think you should go into store and try them on and get your size before you purchase online.
by sebasvvvv on 2019/04/16 12:52
The app is very good but it should have for diversity of the clothing.Also it should have clothing for children because in my opinion you would get more customers. Another good thing about hollister is about it’s modern clothes. But overall it’s a very good company but it should have children’s clothes
The update was terrible
by 🍉🍒🍪🌰🍫🍩 on 2019/04/15 20:37
I really like Hollister a lot. But whenever I want to look at new clothing there’s a ‘wipeout’ and gives you a retry button so after 50 tries and deleting and reinstalling I get nothing so um could you change that? I have an iPhone 6, it might just be my phone but I’ve seen other reviews abt the latest update making the app bad. I really like Hollister and I don’t want to believe it’s a bad store because of the app ;-;. Thank you
by saraaaaabuii on 2019/04/15 18:21
They always have amazing deals. And customer service is 10 out of 10.
Always shopping at Hollister!
by Jpfreak09 on 2019/04/15 11:58
I’ve spent so much at hollister, and this app gives me a way to regulate the money I spend into rewards!
Good app I like it but you should get the clothes more earlier
by el papa de tus sueños on 2019/04/14 20:05
The best app to buy clothes
by rusty_49 on 2019/04/14 17:54
This app is epic I live an hour away from my “local” hollister and this app has helped me a lot
What I love about the app
by Daisy Luna 25 on 2019/04/14 06:16
When ever I go on this app I just love how well organized it is and how I can just click on what item I would like to look at... I also love how I can always go on this app and be sure that I won’t have any problems with an item that I would want. ❤️
Awesome app!!
by laxgrlNSH on 2019/04/13 01:08
Hollister is so fast and has the best clothes and I love it definitely recommend it!!😃😃😜😜😜🤪🤪🤪
Hollister is great!
by Tatti💛🤙🏻 on 2019/04/12 22:47
While it might be a bit expensive, they have great quality clothing and super trendy style! It’s my favorite store ever!!!🤙🏻❤️
I love it but
by pedonquiz on 2019/04/12 21:06
It is too slow
The best app ever
by Sjbfjsjbbx on 2019/04/12 20:00
This app is awesome I love their clothes and swimwear honestly most of my clothes r from here . Better yet they have a thingy called Hollister radio and it plays awesome songs❤️💯🔥
4 stars
by Brooke Roy on 2019/04/12 00:56
Hollister has a great app. It’s very organized and there clothes are so cute. It’s a great app and store one of my favorites actually.
by ᗰᗩᖇIO on 2019/04/10 22:11
Great app
by bennycdr on 2019/04/10 17:46
Fix the problem please
by unkown_cali on 2019/04/09 04:46
The app is great I personally love it. It’s very easy to find what your looking for & It’s not confusing at all.
by Tazmanian31 on 2019/04/08 10:54
by Jamark!s on 2019/04/08 06:06
Great App Works 100% & Also have nice Clothes/Sale 💯
Club Cali Hollister
by LachelleValdez on 2019/04/08 00:44
This is a really good app to find cute clothes
Best store
by litty gal loves clothes so ya on 2019/04/07 22:41
You guys are awesome and the best clothing store everrrr
love the clothes!
by beth kursh on 2019/04/07 03:02
i love the clothes and quality but i just wish the prices were lower. i picked out only 4 things and the price was already over $100.
by officialdani3l on 2019/04/06 23:56
Is your clothing made for only skinny people? Almost all your clothing only is available by having the “slim” option selected.
by darrendude104 on 2019/04/06 14:01
Hi, stop screen recording thanks!!! Shameful better stop before someone exposes you and you really go down. Worse than Abercrombie. Reported and also reported again.
by Kaitlyn Fanton on 2019/04/06 04:16
Its my favorite!!!👌👌🤟🖕
by juan.scr7 on 2019/04/05 20:32
Best clothing there is
by Irritated Customer-Fix upsate on 2019/04/05 19:09
I love being able to look at any sales going on with a simple click
Shopping bag empty
by Mwitherow on 2019/04/05 12:22
Whenever I add something to my bag. It’s says there are no items in my cart. Makes the app totally useless
The best!
by naych@ on 2019/04/05 04:37
Mi tienda favorita!
Good Website Okay pricing
by Apple MacIntosh 7 on 2019/04/04 20:39
very well organized but pricing very high and not sure if all is worth the price (swimsuit)
It’s Wednesday my dudes
by Rich boi Ricky on 2019/04/04 20:37
Best store/app ever!!
by emileerose. on 2019/04/04 00:39
hollister is the best thing ever. I can not wait till they restock swim suits. The people on here are so sweet and it is so easy to use!!!
Easy and convenient
by JoMoto84 on 2019/04/03 23:59
This app has been developed well. Easy to use. Very easy to track orders and place them. While keeping track of your earned points and rewards. All in one! If you are a fan of Hollister I would definitely recommend using. Especially if you do not have a Hollister store close by.
by chfcvnmkk on 2019/04/03 19:46
great clothes for great prices. really good jeans ! i don’t buy my jeans anywhere but hollister. love this place. it’s my second home❤️❤️❤️
Love love love
by suososaoososossi on 2019/04/03 01:15
Super easy to use and they always have great deals!💗
Online Shopping Addict
by Ska8r kid on 2018/11/26 19:20
If you shop a lot online, you’re usually going to use an app. I’ve noticed with some though it’s difficult to filter things out & find exactly what you want within a decent time frame. With this app I’ve noticed that I can easily add or remove things from the cart. Even favorite diff items to look at them more closely in a group making the decision making process a lot easier since it’s all right there in front of you. Even inside the shopping cart I will add several items & add discounts then filter it out all in the end. Easy to use. Cutest clothes for my body type & the lines are usually on trend but still keep the casual beachy look in mind. In love. Ps. Been shopping here for almost 10 years now. If you look at Hollister’s line as “too pricy” or it’s only for “smaller people”. Look again. Look closer. Sales & upsizing are there. Most pieces are super stretchy & adjustable. Overall 10 out of 10. 👌🏼 & FYI, things are usually cheapest online. With shipping & all. 😘
Account in EU???
by Skylarnicole on 2018/08/15 04:52
I always love buying stuff online here because every hollister store around me is like 3-5 hours away from me, but recently I bought some things off of there and I went to check my club points and this has been going on since you updated as well cause I believe the day I received my items, you updated your app as well, it has been telling me I cannot redeem or use my points with out an account in the EU, but I live in the US with a US account and I’m not sure why it isn’t working I can’t even order anything else because it has pound instead of dollars and I don’t know the price difference nor the shipping, I’ve went through all the settings to see if maybe i changed it by accident but I hadn’t. And I can’t even use my rewards because they won’t show up. And I am getting really frustrated because all your deals are out and I can’t buy anything, I’ve deleted the app and redownloaded it and even restarted my phone and either thing had worked
App is RUINED after update
by Younesryan on 2018/11/03 19:37
After updating to the latest version of the Hollister app, there have been several issues that have constantly been occurring that were not before updating. At first the app was working completely fine until I noticed that scrolling through the catalog of clothing was INCREDIBLY laggy and slow. Even if I scrolled with the slightest touch, it would completely lag out. Later on, I was trying to fill out an order and I used my PayPal. However, every time I tried clicking the icon to use PayPal, the app would either crash or give me an error. I had to delete and download the app again in order to place my order. The next day, I went into the app, and noticed I had been logged out, which the app does periodically so I didn’t mind it much, but when I try to log back in, it says that the information I filled in (username/password) does not work and it shows me an error, and asks me to reset my password. I’m unaware if anyone else is having these issues, but I will not continue to use the app if these issues are persistent.
by Xxdummy gamer on 2017/11/15 03:58
Normally I find the Hollister app fine, but for over a week now every time I open the app it just says "Wipeout: we're dusting the sand off a few things to make your shopping experience even better" followed by a retry button. I've tried refreshing, I've tried deleting and redownloading, I've looked online/at reviews and at their Twitter to see if this was an issue with the app in general or just me but saw nothing, and at this point I'll probably just delete it soon because I keep getting notifications but can't get rid of them because the app won't open. And this is following me making a purchase through the app for store pickup and then never getting a notification/email of delivery so it was returned. Customer service was willing to refund that purchase but now with all these annoyances piling up not sure I'll keep the app. However, when it's not buggy and full of issues the app does work well, but when it's not in top shape it's literally useless.
Honestly love the app although...
by Just a simple Gal on 2018/11/10 20:30
The app is so helpful and useful especially, when you are shopping for something specific in the store. You can simply ask “do you have this in stock” and they will let you know! I love the app although, there is one big problem that I face. The problem is the lag in the app doesn’t make it the best app to shop on if you are looking for something online and in a rush or don’t have patience. Sometimes I’ll be scrolling through and randomly it will lag and skip and that’s why I don’t use the app that often unless it is back to school season, holidays, or summer. Those are the only times I’m ever on the app and I have time to sit down and look over. But, overall it is a very helpful and useful app but not when in a rush!
Great app
by ivan1645 on 2019/04/17 17:00
I really like the app and it’s been wonderful to me up until my last purchase. The app was messing up and so it put my address in wrong and so I canceled my order and when I went to reorder it clothes it put a hold on my card for the total 3 times now I understand why it charged one and put the second hold and I was told it should fall off but the third hold I didn’t understand and the costumer service rep I called was rude and just told me it would fall off. Now I’ve never had problems with the app before but that’s just got me wondering first why was she so rude and second why was the third hold on my card posted. Huge inconvenience. Definitely the worst birthday present to myself this year
Adding Club Cali to Apple Wallet Feature
by Michaelc1252 on 2019/01/13 23:43
So I just contacted Customer Service and it seems to me that they have no clue about this option(calling it Apple Pay), but the developers do look at these reviews. When you go to Profile and then ID(for those who have Club Cali) there is a barcode where the associates can scan, and right below it is an option that says, ”Add to Apple Wallet”. I’ve already seen two reviews about the same concern and it is about the function not working! I’m currently using an iPhone 7 Plus and I’ve tried everything possible and nothing seems to work. So developers, if you are seeing this please fix it as many people would like having this option available. Thanks.
won’t let me login?
by christyys on 2018/06/01 03:36
I love love loveeeeee Hollister and I was super excited to download the app but when I tried to log in it would either just pop me back out to the home page or give me a sign in error. I thought that I had maybe remembered my password incorrectly so I reset my password and even tried logging in on the website to make sure it worked and I was sure it would work on the app. I went back to the app and it did the same thing so I decided to redownload to see if that would help but it kept doing the same thing. I even tried apple saving the passwords and automatically entering it to ensure I wasn’t typing my password wrong but it still would not work?? I don’t know if it’s just my phone but it would be amazing if the app would actually let me sign in:((
Pretty Amazing Actually! ;)
by Caboose285 on 2018/10/11 22:46
So far from using the app I’ve bought lots of jeans, shirts (mostly curves hem tees and cool stuff that went to clearance) I’ve been able to pay so much faster since they’ve got Apple Pay on the app so it avoids a lot of the shipping and fillings out information part and pays really secure (definitely the recommended route I’d tell people to go for) other than that it helps being part of the Club Cali program since I can be have more discounts. 5/5 stars 🌟 definitely recommending to everyone.
This is a great app !
by Blue 💙 & Green 💚 on 2018/12/05 01:36
This an awesome app, the great part is they deliver before the date they tell you, but the only thing I hate would be on some of their jackets, they have some cute jackets. It would be hella nice to order one, but the sad part is mostly all of them have something in common that I hate. I hate the fact that their jackets have fur like outside the hoodies, I kinda wish they made them with out them....... but other then that they have wonderful stuff to offer, I love the fact they don’t take that long to ship.
by Scotts0712 on 2018/10/28 16:37
I hadn’t been into Hollister for all that long, I’ve always known about them, but never really shopped there for myself. I began shopping for some t-shirts about a couple weeks ago and I really enjoy the design and nice slim fit of their clothes! Not to mention comfortable fabric they use! I love Shopping at Hollister, they have such a variety to choose, ranging from spring through Winter, very nice, comfortable, affordable clothes! Thank you Hollister for treating me as a valued customer.
American Eagle vs Hollister
by Aqua Marine 21 on 2018/01/14 00:35
Well I really like this app cause it has a lot of good discounts. But I just have to say this doesn't mean that American Eagle Outfitters is not in the top, cause it is. I mean come on!! They even have the same Eagle;). But if you ask me I've bought lots of clothes in American Eagle that I had in Hollister. I say American Eagle is still my fav just because I'm used to but there. This doesn't mean i won't change my mind in the future. (Hope for Hollister)👍
Hollister App.🙂
by Music Lover _09 on 2018/02/20 23:17
Really love using this app. It’s the first time I’ve ever had it on my phone before, so it’s all new to me and everything, but I like it anyway. If I had a question to ask, the chat feature is there whenever I need it and someone is always available to answer my questions in a timely manner. Haven’t used the app to purchase anything as yet( but give it time, it just might happen after all!), but I’m pleased to say that things are going well while using the app!🙂
Wallet support
by AyyoCarlos14 on 2018/12/22 02:45
I used to be able to add my Club Cali card to my wallet but after switching phones from the iPhone 6S Plus to the iPhone XS Max I haven’t been able to add it again. I’m not sure if it has something to do with the app but I have done all troubleshooting possible and the option is on the app but it doesn’t do anything when I tap. I find very inconvenient having to open the app just to scan my card where before I would double tap the button and the card was easily accessible through wallet.
Can’t login...
by 1233758902637820166738294639 on 2018/06/19 21:03
The first time I tried to login, I was brought back to the original screen (the one that you see when you first open the app, which asks if you want to make an account or login). The second time it said that my login information was wrong, and I knew it wasn’t because I had just logged in and made a purchase from another device. Furthermore, I changed the setting so that I could see the email and password instead of black dots. I compared my login information on my app to the one I used a few minutes earlier and they were the same. So, I changed my password and it still would not work on the app.
Awesome way to buy clothes
by RayRay🇱🇷 on 2018/11/08 03:10
It’s been soooo useful sense I got this app and it has special deals kinda like it’s not the same as if you went into the store and it keeps track of your points and everything like that I’ve ordered three different times now and each time I’ve ordered I’ve purchased more than 2 items and it always arrives about a day early for me and it all comes at once I love this app!!!
My complaint?
by icynash on 2018/11/23 19:40
It doesn’t let me log in to the app, or the app won’t open In general. I deleted the app and redownloaded it. I restarted my phone. And nothing. And to top it off, it was during the Black Friday sale, so I didn’t get my things in time. I’m not saying I want a “refund” on the time that was waisted by the app not working; but I want to be able to access the discounts again once I’m able to log back in. Thank you, and hopefully you fix this issue.
RUINED after updated
by Ashely.Zuzga on 2018/11/07 23:46
I recently updated the app and soon after i did it began to crash randomly and say the page was unavailable. it would also randomly log me out and tell me to change my password because my username/password was invalid but i’ve never changed it. also has been really laggy and i had to sign in through google to place my order.
by Gwen.Cuadros on 2018/08/27 02:19
this app literally gives me life, i actually dont do much online shopping but thats just bc i wanna see if a clothing item looks just as good on me as the model (bc im a small person LOL) but i go on this app to check how many points i have and to see whats available at a store when im going shopping or just to look at clothes when bored but yeah i loveeee hollister it’s literally my fav store in the entire world
by Michelle3748 on 2018/01/19 03:40
I have always been satisfied with what I have received everything fits me well I can never find pants long enough but here I can and I can never find the small enough but here I can the 00L is like heaven for me I could have never found a better Jean company ever and I love their leggings and shirts so much I have spent like every pay check here and i plan on doing it time and time again
Has issues
by 114486 on 2018/12/26 01:32
Okay so .... first of all the app keeps saying it’s dusting sand off for days and I rarely ever get in it bc of that ... and if I try to go to the website it says I don’t have permission to go into the website and sometimes it says there are only 11 jeans at the store and shows you the styles but when you go to the store it doesn’t have it and instead had other jeans ... like what the heck ... get these issues fixed ASAP
Love it!
by recyclegenius on 2017/11/12 03:31
I feel like it is easier to have the app then going onto the website. It’s the same thing but the app is just better adapted to the phone and you get points which means cali cash when you sign into the app, I don’t know what’s better than that? Plus they have great pictures and reviews to make sure you get the right fit! Love Hollister jeans and they have great deals!
Online shopper
by Aylin gamez on 2019/03/28 05:03
Okay so I love online shopping and I love this website this website is amazing because it works very well and it has some amazing clothing and offers so if u love to online shop and u love the store Hollister the I really recommend this app and it has no glitches or anything to worry about and I just keep noticing new stuff about this app so over all I rate this app a 4.9 💗💗
by Ms.Smartpants on 2019/01/14 06:47
I enjoy the new update with the quick view by sliding. Before the new update I would have to click on the item then go back and sometimes it would take me back to the top. I also enjoy how it has your points and rewards on the top and you don’t have to look for it in settings or in your email.
by Makayla.smiles on 2018/08/14 16:07
The jeans always fit perfectly and the sizes are always right! I’m always busy or up to something so ordering online is my only choice. Everything is so organized and separated and can be accessed easily!! All in all I love this store and think that it is absolutely amazing! I’ve never had issues with them and the service is always great! 10/10 recommend to everybody!
I love it !
by Yoooooooooolllllllllooooooooo on 2018/01/14 06:28
This apple is simple to use I have had zero complications ordering from it every time i have received my packages in the mail the orders have been correct and i have not had to take them to the store for any reason . I also receive amazing offers and love the rewards program that the Cali club is and what it has to offer it simple too.
How Great Hollister App Is!
by SantiBov34 on 2018/07/11 15:20
Hollister app gives you all the concept and styles of clothes they offer. They make a wonderful job in making your life easier and quicker in what you like and dislike and the options and clothes you’ll love. Is just as simple putting your likes and dislikes in the filter tab and then scroll away and bit yourself some new style!
Love it-Great app
by -Afrokid on 2018/07/01 21:25
This app gives me access to so many clothes that are easy to find, they always have things I’m looking for and always alerts me when there a great sale(witch is wonderful)! The shipping price is not too pricey and has wonderful low prices for great cloths (I got a white jacket for only $10) if that’s not AWESOME I don’t know what is! All of you guys reading this should get this app!!!! ASAP
Love it but......
by penny493 on 2018/07/30 19:45
I love the Hollister app and their products, but I wish that they would either offer more free gifts or a larger reward because I shop at PINK a lot and they ALWAYS have free gifts or rewards cards when you spend a certain amount of money. I love shopping at Hollister, but I hate how you have to spend over $100 only to get a five dollar reward, which I find ridiculous because of the amount I spend at Hollister.
Won’t let me log in
by Catlin macqueen on 2018/08/21 01:43
So I tried to log in with my email and password. It said incorrect password so I was like okay I’ll reset it. So I went to “forgot password,” type my email in and it didn’t send a link to my email. But it said it would send me a link. It’s been a week now and I put one in again and did the same thing. I didn’t get nothing
I love Hollister!
by Frustrated Gorl. on 2019/02/07 00:14
I have been shopping at Hollister for almost four years now, and I have never had a single complaint about any of their products. Highly recommend getting the app and joining Club Cali. However, I just recently moved, and the box with ALL of my BRAND NEW swimsuits was lost in the process... so whoever is reading this please please please put the swimwear on sail ASAP!!!
App update
by alinic22@ on 2018/10/29 20:51
I just updated the app and since, it’s kicked me out of my account. On trying to log back in it tells me that there is a “SIGN IN ERROR” and that “The data couldn’t be read because it’s not in the correct format.” How do I fix this? I’ve had the app for a while but have never had any problems with it until now.
Just a few tweaks
by hco92 on 2018/05/06 04:29
I love the app but I am a size 28x32 and since my size is not available in the specialty denim I realize my options are limited, but the filter option should ACTUALLY FILTER out by my size so I don't have to click through all the jeans and be reminded my size is not available. It's frustrating. “Refine” when searching for 28x32 doesn’t filter any styles out. The same 30 super skinny jeans show
Awesome! 5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
by Smartestest1 on 2018/05/27 16:39
Literally whenever I am bored or am waiting on my friends to go shopping I go on the Hollister app because it is my favorite store to go to and I like to see what I may want that day and put together outfits that I can see myself wearing and did I mention that I think Hollister has the cutest off the shoulder tops ever. I would totally recommend
by dissapponted customer on 2019/02/02 21:51
I made an account and had my email put in when it constantly logged me out. I always try to log in but they never let me. I always have to make a new account and then it either logs me out or deletes everything in my cart. I have tried multiple times purchasing something THEN IN LOGS ME OUT!!!! I have also tried using my hollister gift card to buy things but it always declines it. It has happened to multiple cards I have used but when I go to the stores it works just fine. If you want to buy something, go to the store
Easy and convenient
by JoMoto84 on 2019/04/03 23:59
This app has been developed well. Easy to use. Very easy to track orders and place them. While keeping track of your earned points and rewards. All in one! If you are a fan of Hollister I would definitely recommend using. Especially if you do not have a Hollister store close by.
The sharing to social media option does not work with latest update
by Robby Delaware on 2019/03/29 05:17
I just checked this on an iPhone and an iPad Mini running 12.2 iOS. With the latest version of this app, the social media pop up does not work. This is the SMS/email/Twitter/Messenger/Tumblr sharing option that is activated by pressing on the up arrow at appears with each product featured in the app. With your current version of the app, pressing this arrow does nothing - it is like the pop up is dead. Please fix!
Account problems and probably not going to receive my package.
by 💛✨Lucy 💛 on 2019/01/30 14:08
I would rate this app a 2 star because when I went back to check my order and when it was going to come ,it told me do you want to sign in or join but I was already logged in and when I ordered it logged me out so I don’t know if I will still get my package or not and I paid $60 .
by Ashley_Trujillo on 2018/07/31 18:14
This app is way better than other shopping apps because it’s tells you the quality of the clothes and how to wash or take care of then like for example it tells you how to wash them! I also like how it has some type of discount when you order something!
I love love love Hollister
by king_me👌😝😂 on 2018/07/04 20:28
Ok so the store in general is amazing but the app just makes it easier to find stuff I want and love and it is easy to keep track of your points and how many points you need to save in order to get great deals!!!! I really think if you want Hollister to be in your closet this is a great way to buy their amazing clothes!!!
I just joined
by Hannahmaeddancer on 2018/02/04 05:21
I just joined but I did not make an account yet cuz I am not gonna make one ever so I just joined and it gave me so many options like I know that’s dis happens to like every online shopping apps or website but I just got shocked cuz my mom JSU had a little bit of stuff and I had way to many options dat I could have I love this app so much
by ry🤪 on 2018/11/23 21:23
It is black Friday and all I wanted to do was look at some of the online sales. I tried multiple times to do so on my phone, but every time I added something to my cart the entire app would shutdown. I thought maybe this was because my phone hasn’t been working, so I tried my ipad. Still, nothing worked. It took me over 20 minutes to do this on each device. Part of me things it would have been better to go to the store.
The best shopping app there ever was!!!😍
by Twirling to the competition on 2017/11/02 21:46
This app is amazing because: 1) it so sooooooo organized 2) it shows what stuff you liked that is in store 3) it lets you play music everywhere, even when you are on a different app or even if you phone is off it still plays the music
by Alepooh123 on 2018/04/22 15:42
I love hollister everytime I buy closes from them I always get them like two days later and that’s amazing when I shop at Abercrombie and buy stuff it takes over a week so keep up the good work with the closes and sending them out and delivering them fast😁😂❤️❤️. App is great!
New favorite store
by Nuk385 on 2018/03/14 23:33
Last week was my first time ever shopping in Hollister only because I'm tall and skinny and only shop certain places because most clothes don't fit me because of my size. I'm usually at Express, but long story short, I tried on a few pair of jeans and shirts and fell in love. I spent like $150 first visit.
Apple Wallet?
by gracew22360 on 2019/02/09 15:47
I love the app and it makes shopping very easy. One thing to fix is when I try and add the membership card to apple wallet, the button does nothing. The card isn’t added to apple wallet which gets quite annoying. I hope they can fix this soon.
Good Vibes Good Clothes
by YuriyMastin on 2018/07/27 16:30
I love this app and their brand. Their clothes are awesome and fit well and look super nice, they even have their own radio so I can enjoy good music while I shop, their shipping is fast and their costumer service and help is spectacular. I shop here for my girlfriend and myself and I highly recommend Hollister. Thank you!
Best place to shop
by luk2757 on 2019/04/29 14:35
When I go somewhere I always look for deals but when I’m at hollister I don’t need deals because of how consistent there sales are and how nice the clothes are if I had a choice to choose one store for the rest my life it would be hollister oh and you got to where the vans will h them
Stretch denim trucker jackets
by blares problem on 2019/04/02 12:30
Ummmmm, I want to buy a black jean jacket with the fur on the collar but they keep selling out in the XS size and now you all are putting them back in stock but just only one can you fix that and when the next time they are in stock can you add all of the sizes back at one time?????please please
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