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Ringtone Designer 2.0
Never pay for another ringtone! Ringtone Designer allows you to create unlimited custom ringtones, text tones, and alerts using songs in your iPhone's music library. Use the beautiful interface to adjust your ringtone length. Then swipe the audio wave to select a short clip, and your ringtone is ready. It's that easy! Get started creating custom ringtones and text tones for everyone in your address book. For a limited time, you also get a free text tone pack from when you create your first ringtone with this app. After you download the app, see the Ringtone Designer File Sharing section in iTunes for details. (Note: Ringtone Designer allows you to make ringtones, text tones, and alerts anytime, but you need to sync with iTunes to get the ringtones into the Settings section of your iPhone. Don't worry. It's quick, easy, and we even have a video to show you how.)
Need help
by darkgreeneyes on 2021/03/04 21:01
I can’t figure out how to use it, it sends me right to my playlist and I click on a song but it doesn’t do anything can someone help me with this
by EricSantolucito on 2021/02/07 19:11
Omg every time I choose a song to use it takes me back to my Home Screen I would not download
App keeps crashing
by mkfoltz on 2021/01/31 02:18
I’ve had this app for quite awhile and have made numerous ringtones. Now it keeps crashing after you pick what song you want to use. Please fix this.
Crashes every time I select a song.
by hmss77 on 2020/12/06 18:52
Can’t even get past the first step before app crashes.
Great ringtone creator
by artchic6 on 2020/11/30 16:14
So easy to use from your own set of songs and kind of fun to edit as well. I definitely recommend it even if you’re not tech savvy they make it very easy to use and to access on your phone
Can’t even get a chance to make a ringtone.
by mommywm on 2020/11/20 10:44
Every time I click on a song, the app closes. I tried restarting my phone, deleting and re-downloading the app, nothing worked.
Cant pick my music
by kennyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy204 on 2020/11/17 23:20
I can not pick my music
Not compatible with Apple Music
by Jinjosu on 2020/10/14 18:38
I was excited to start using this app again. I’d gotten it years ago and it worked great, but I’d stopped making my own ringtones. But now I go to use it again and I cannot make ringtones out of music I have downloaded via my Apple Music subscription. Whenever I select one of those songs the app crashes. If it’s for copyright or contract and your app just isn’t compatible with Apple Music you need to disclaim that in your description. I am disappointed and will be deleting it to find one that works.
Great app, room for improvement
by Mando Pancho on 2020/10/03 20:05
I am blind yet I found the user interface pretty easy and intuitive, however I think that the editing of the ringtone or text tone should be using two sliders, one to indicate the starting point of the ringtone and the other to indicate the ending point because this would be a better and more efficient system and you could also make your Ringtones as short or as long as you needed with that
Doesn’t work.
by Orygundux on 2020/10/01 21:45
I watched the video and it didn’t help at all. Going to look for one that actually works.
Crashes every time I try to use it
by MightyJuice on 2020/09/24 18:58
Doesn’t even begin to work for me on any recent iOS versions
by chey55555555 on 2020/09/18 21:21
I’m so confused it won’t let me click on a song and when I do it automatically exits the app
App Crashes Everytime U Pick a Song
by rapture197 on 2020/09/08 20:04
This used to be a great app but since I upgraded from my IPhone 7+ to an IPhone 11 PRO I am unable to use this app. App loads and gives u a menu to pick your song, no matter which category I try to select a song, as soon as I tap the play button the app hangs for a second and completely crashes back to my home screen. I’ve tried all the tricks of deleting/reinstall and I have over 60GB of available space and plenty of memory so not sure what the issue is. I have all the latest updates and can’t get this app to even work.
Keeps crashing 😤
by donut🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩 on 2020/09/07 17:46
It’s keeps crashing I can’t do anything on it I choose a song then the app closes out ITS TERRABLE oof I don’t recommend it
Don’t trust it
by Olton Jude Holmes on 2020/09/07 02:41
The app crashes as soon as I choose a sone. Do NOT install
It’s a no for me
by Yanachka0711 on 2020/08/29 14:11
Closes each time you click a song. The reviews were right... don’t waste ur time
by Omega_0724 on 2020/08/19 21:19
Auto closes each time you try.
Crashes when picking A song to clip. Trash
by Studentcrossing on 2020/08/18 15:49
It crashes every time I select a song to start editing. Not worth the space on my phone.
by hdhejfof on 2020/08/15 19:12
Does not function, at all, in any way.
by FLex Rex Tex Dex on 2020/08/10 07:10
App keeps exiting EVERYTIME I click on a song to edit 👎🏽
by Trustapp on 2020/07/29 06:47
Is this app still active? Cuz I have problem to open it.
I’d rate no stars if I could.
by wishappwouldwork on 2020/07/27 11:49
This app used to be awesome. Ever since I updated my software on my iPhone, it crashes every time you click on a song. Super annoying.
Crashes and kicks you out
by Novicez on 2020/07/25 17:25
Don’t know what happened but now it totally doesn’t work. Pick a song app closes.
Great App
by pika1pika2 on 2020/07/24 21:10
Easy to use and works well. Note, you need to have iTunes to use this app.
I’m confused
by mollyp2007 on 2020/07/20 16:24
I don’t know if this happened to anybody else, but I would click on the song I was using, and it would through me out of the app.
Does not work
by margeie poo on 2020/07/07 17:35
I tried to click my music about 100 times and every single time it logged me off the app.
Crashes everytime
by jbplato on 2020/06/28 15:16
Go to choose a song and it crashes everytime. Junk
Love It, Just One Suggestion
by The_Water_Ninja11 on 2020/06/17 18:28
I love it and I can make my own ringtones! Could you maybe let me add songs from Spotify?
by alexisaalyah on 2020/06/10 19:37
I just downloaded it and whenever I try and pick a song the app closes. Every single time. So this should be fixed to get a better rating sorry.
Great app
by 89_Dave on 2020/06/03 11:44
Easy to use & most reliable free ringtone maker
Apple Music
by ddontplay17 on 2020/05/17 18:59
It doesn’t allow me to use music from Apple Music
by Jules_2014 on 2020/05/15 03:27
Downloaded app. Couldn’t even get started. Tapped a song a app crashed. Restarted and tried again crashed again
by ellepotatos on 2020/05/09 20:13
Page comes up as not secure
by TheLFactor on 2020/05/05 18:14
The page you have to go to is not secure- instant delete. Also, you have to connect it to your computer one big mess
I am confuzzled
by very confuzzled please help on 2020/04/26 20:07
When I open the app and choose a song, it crashes. If SOMEBODY can tell me how to fix this, please tell me through another review, in which you can call me “Steve”, or, if the creator of the app can reach out through the review response function and tell me, please do. I know that this will most likely get ignored and everybody will probably say “Nobody cares and nobody is going to reach out,” but it’s worth a shot.
by Nickabbey on 2020/04/26 14:31
Having a hard time, not liking it.
Junk!!!! I only gave it a star cus ya can’t sent it if not.
by Jeff Sobchek on 2020/04/19 16:18
Tap on the song and app shuts down
Best Ringtone App. For 2020
by Andreas-NJ on 2020/04/15 22:24
Hands down, easy to use and glitch free
Nothing works
by Rose M<3 on 2020/03/18 00:26
So I used this app for a while and really enjoyed it. However, now when I try to create a ringtone, it shuts down whenever I select a song. Doesn’t play a sample, doesn’t take me to the editing screen, it simply shuts off. There’s nothing to use anymore, which is highly disappointing. All similar apps are pay for and DRM protected files don’t work.
by A civilian#2 on 2020/03/16 00:10
Every time I try to select a song to use the app crashes
Keeps crashing on iPhone 11 Pro
by Bloom6613 on 2020/03/15 20:17
I have used this app many times before on different iPhones and have recently gotten an iPhone 11 Pro and now when I attempt to create a ringtone, I attempt to select the song I wasn’t to create a ringtone with and it just closes automatically on its own.
Doesn’t work
by Jayjaywalker on 2020/03/14 18:04
Let me know when it doesn’t crash every time
Does not work for iPhone 8
by Ratatouille714 on 2020/03/13 22:28
This app is not working for my phone it will not let me play the song or set it as my ringtone. I do not recommend it to anyone who has a iPhone 8.
Unable to do anything
by SMingolla1 on 2020/03/12 14:54
The app crashes every time I click on a song that I want to make a ringtone out of, so I am simply unable to use this app and that’s unfortunate because I used to love this app. Now it’s completely bugged and I can’t use it, at all.
by madmax5011 on 2020/03/02 05:33
It just crashes every time I choose a song
by ndudjeiwia on 2020/02/29 16:33
Won’t frickin stop crashing. What a trash App
by jfjgdfjkerfliwdjwe on 2020/02/29 03:48
crashes instantly
by tangointx on 2020/02/25 17:57
used to be good. now crashes instantly
by Bee080918 on 2020/02/23 22:32
App just continuously closes when you select song or artists!
by 4PlayAt4 on 2020/02/21 01:35
It only works for my songs that start with the letter A once I get into the B’s or later the app crashes
Crashes/Closes when selecting song
by TDwayneS on 2020/02/16 22:54
The app Crashes/Closes every time I select a song. Is this compatible with the newest version of iOS?
by NewToonieTho420 on 2020/02/11 20:01
Very easy to use!!
Crashed Every Time
by Kikkerfrog on 2020/02/08 06:43
Just installed this app and it crashed three times in a row before I ever even tried to create a ringtone. Doesn’t work at all. Upgraded to iOS 13.3.1 today. Maybe it’s not compatible. Deleted this app and downloaded another ringtone app.
Making Ringtones Is So Easy Now
by J Train 15839 on 2020/02/07 01:28
Making ringtones is easy and fun with this app. The process of importing them into iTunes isn’t quite the same anymore since Apple recently updated iTunes. It’s actually a little easier than it used to be. Connect your phone to your computer, open iTunes, go to Files, drag your ringtone file to your desktop to save it, drag the saved file from your desktop and drop it on your phone name on the left side of your iTunes window. Sync your phone. Done.
Doesn’t work
by djjskakwjan on 2020/02/03 18:00
The app does not work anymore
I used to..
by CDE619 on 2020/02/02 01:41
LOVE this ringtone app... hands down the best one out there... but lately any time I select a song to make a ringtone out of... it CRASHES!! Every single one.
by Foxy Ducky on 2020/01/22 12:50
Crashes as soon as you select anything after &#34;get started&#34;. Using an iPhone X.
Forcloses all the time
by Doughboy106 on 2020/01/19 21:45
This used to be my favorite app for making your own ringtones now soon as you pick a song the app forecloses I really wish you could fix this the app was definitely a 5-star app before this happened
Was great...
by Cholie79 on 2020/01/16 02:21
Now it just keeps crashing. Can’t do anything with it.
by kgzd on 2020/01/13 03:50
No longer works like it did two years ago
Where are the instructions?
by Michael Gaylan on 2020/01/12 16:52
I can’t figure out how to add music files to this app. And when I open it, click “GET STARTED” it opened to a page with: Play list Albums Artists Songs Then I have to close the app because there is no “BACK” button. How do you use this app?
Shuts Down
by substitute buddy on 2020/01/01 02:55
Every time I try to choose a song, the app shuts down. It doesn’t even give me the option to make a ringtone. Can someone tell me if I’m doing something wrong?
I can’t even use any song this is a horrible
by •*•^¥^ on 2019/12/31 18:56
1 star
by Packerm on 2019/12/30 03:41
I’m using an iPhone 11Pro with the latest iOS 13. Every time I select a song the app crashes. So I can’t use it.
App needs update
by Delaneysmom12 on 2019/12/29 16:53
I’ve had this app for over two years. It was wonderful in the beginning however as I’ve updated devices it no longer works. I select a song and the app just shuts down! Can we please get this updated for iPhone 11 use?
Upgraded version Crashes
by Bum Queen on 2019/12/28 13:31
I can’t make the attempt to create a ringtone, the app closes every time I try to create a ringtone. Can I get my money back? It still doesn’t work.
by R Beckmann on 2019/12/25 01:56
App crashes the instant you select a song. Using iOS 13.3
by Jmersz on 2019/12/18 04:50
It crashes the second I click on an artist.
by chill doodett on 2019/12/12 22:30
Every time I try and use it all it does is crash! Maybe it&#39;ll work on a newer phone but not on my 5 🤷‍♀️😡
Apple No Longer Works
by MattMan38 on 2019/11/30 17:34
App force closes when ever a song is picked.
by ShellX on 2019/11/30 14:02
This is a p.o. (fill in blank!) not worth anything if you don’t have a computer! Not worth the download nor time
Cool while it worked
by Lindsay_L on 2019/11/25 15:44
I was able to make one ringtone. When I try to make a new one, the app closes as soon as I click on the song I want to use. Furthermore, I can’t watch the video to see how to access my ringtones b/c I have to create one first. It would be helpful to have that video or another “how to” on the home screen
by Mojo91617 on 2019/11/18 17:43
I downloaded the app and was seriously disappointed by how it didn’t interface at all with my phone. My iPhone 6SPlus and this app just wouldn’t work together. Poorly designed.
by coleypoleyguacamole on 2019/11/17 05:28
i’m on ios 13.2.2 and this app crashes whenever i select a song :(
by SeriousAsCanB on 2019/11/14 00:28
Always crashes. Enough said.
Basic and unreliable
by Joker42O on 2019/11/12 15:49
I don’t normally write reviews but I felt compelled to with this app. I’ll make it short and sweet. The app freezes a lot and it crashes every time I try to use it. I re downloaded it and everything and it has the same problem. I will select a song then it just crashes. Or it tells me that I can’t use a certain song because it’s not downloaded to my phone even though it is. I don’t know what’s going on but for an app to be out for a while now these kinda of day one bugs shouldn’t exist. Good thing it’s free.
by Science06Rules on 2019/11/10 18:03
It’s a great app, but recently it began crashing every time I try to pick a song. Also, could you make a way that you can just create the ringtone and it goes automatically to your phone instead of having to use your computer. Has anyone else had this problem????
by 1234 Anonymous on 2019/11/02 23:34
I had this app for years, and never had problems until recently. I can’t select a song without the app shutting down. I deleted the app, and now looking for a new ringtone maker.
Won’t open
by ChredaBabe on 2019/11/01 03:30
When I press the app it kick me out
Force quit.
by Asaad_Dullah on 2019/10/27 16:28
It no longer let me select a song. Once I select a song from my Apple Music playlist/ iTunes. The app instantly shuts down.
App crashing!
by JGA|TheTruth on 2019/10/14 04:10
I used to use this app all the time with no issues, recently when I try clicking on songs it just causes the app to crash and takes me back to home screen! Please fix ASAP. This app is awesome when it works right! I’m using iPhone 11 Pro Max.
Love it
by Had seen on 2019/10/13 20:55
Love it
Stopped Working
by JKDWilson on 2019/10/11 19:13
I used this and made an awesome ringtone which I was able to upload and use. Then I went to make another one a few days later and now every time I select a song the app closes and takes me back to my home screen. I was happy at first and wanted to give a 5 stare rating but now I’m only giving one since it seems I can’t use it at all anymore. Big sad. Please fix.
by SNAFUCC on 2019/10/09 13:38
Every time I click a song.... the app freezes ... then crashes.... 🤦🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️
Don’t work
by deedns on 2019/10/09 08:05
Keeps closing when I pick a song
Please update
by Ebbie91 on 2019/10/08 00:58
I can’t download any ringtones. App keeps crashing. Please update
No good
by GMC724 on 2019/10/03 23:47
Downloaded it, tried to operate it, got kicked out three times. Bye-bye
Crashes 😒
by Deadass 🐝 on 2019/09/18 22:36
Crashes every time I try to pick a song from my library...
Never gotten to use it
by ashanahan on 2019/09/18 21:52
I’ve yet to make a ringtone because it crashes each time I chose a song. No error or anything, just back to my home screen.
Never worked
by Cheff Josh on 2019/09/12 10:45
Crashes every time I select a song
by Ktplayswithfire on 2019/09/12 00:38
No matter which song I choose, I click it &amp; the app crashes. PLEASE FIX.
It use to work
by PerryBoyzMom on 2019/09/10 14:05
It use to work and now all it does is crash when you try to make a new ringtone please fix this issue
Simple and easy...missing one thing...
by smahalko on 2019/09/03 21:07
Seems like a great lol app to save ringtones. Only thing missing is the ability to fast forward through your selection to end the ringtone. You have to listen to the complete beginning over and over till you find a spot to end it. Having the option to skip ahead to where you want to edit it would be a GREST improvement.
by sarruhh02 on 2019/08/30 14:19
Every single time I click a song the app shuts down. It’s beyond frustrating!!
by jamika keller on 2019/08/29 17:45
Every time i click a song the app shuts down
by thenoahinator on 2019/08/27 23:14
I am just doing 5 stars for this to get up I got tis app for my monthly app thingy And i wanted my favorite song to get up but it is just a screen that has songs, playlist. And once i tap on it is has a blank screen. Please tell me how to use this
Too intrusive!
by ElChill on 2019/08/16 19:18
It asks to access ALL your playlists, albums, songs &amp; VIDEOS! Why does it need videos to make a ringtone!? It should allow you to give it selective access. I uninstalled it.
Only Crashes
by 614843 on 2019/08/11 22:25
Crashes as soon as you choose a song.
by Lil N Ash's Mom on 2019/08/10 23:24
Keeps crashing, can’t even make a tone 0 stars
My own ringtones !
by wordslite on 2013/08/04 14:01
This is a great app once you figure out the (not quite intuitive) interface - slide the song under the snippet window and you can move through the whole song. I like seeing the graphical song, so I can fine-tune when to start and end based on the sound waves. The only reasons I don&#39;t give it 5 stars are: 1) would love to be able to choose a fade-in and/or fade-out instead of just &#34;fade,&#34; and 2) be helpful to be able to save the tones with names (like when I use two parts of the same song for two different ringtones). Until Apple let us save into the phone ringtones, there is no way to get around the computer...but that isn&#39;t the app&#39;s fault. Great app - thanks!
The only app you'll ever need to download ring and text tones
by Bobbirobin on 2014/04/25 23:21
I love this app! You can use any song in your music library. If you watch the video on your computer you can pause it while you do each step. After a few times you&#39;ll get the hang of it, it&#39;s really not that difficult You can actually move the song behind the clip which allows you to start and stop where ever you choose. I use Family Guy &#34;Stewie mom mom mom&#34; for my son and Train&#39;s &#34;Hey Soul Sister&#34; for my sister. You get the idea. I use it mostly for my closest friends and family so I always know who&#39;s calling or texting me before I look at my phone. I have 150 apps and this is one of 4 reviews I&#39;ve written. You do have to drag the song onto your iPhone when you connect it to your computer, until Apple allows you download it directly. It&#39;s really easy to do once you get the hang of it. The video shows you how to do it step by step. Remember to watch the video on your computer so you can pause it as you do it. A big thank you to the developers I love this app!!
Almost Perfect
by soLAreh on 2015/04/23 22:05
The only way this app could be better is if you didn&#39;t have to sync with iTunes every time but I know apple has restrictions that require that so I can&#39;t fault them there! In fact I&#39;m just impressed they came up with a way that is as simple as it is. The other small things are, I wish you could make slightly shorter clips (for texts and reminders etc) and I wish you could adjust where it begins to play from while you&#39;re picking the clip- what I mean is that when you&#39;re trying to figure out when to cut it off (maybe I&#39;m he only one who&#39;s super particular though) I wish you didn&#39;t have to start it over from the beginning of your chosen start place every time to get all the way to hearing the end. I feel like sometimes I get so sick of hearing it by the time I&#39;m done I don&#39;t even want it as a tone anymore. Not really, but you get the point. That&#39;s it though! Overall this is a fantastic free app. I can&#39;t believe it&#39;s free really. Great job guys!
This App is Honest!
by Glitterboi✨ on 2019/05/25 06:19
I have never used a computer to link with my iPhone before and I finally did it for the first time ever by following their simple steps! I was able to get my ringtone that I couldn’t download from the iTunes Store! They unfortunately didn’t have it as a ringtone, but they did have the song I desired! I downloaded it, found this app, sized it to the right parts I wanted as a ringtone, followed their steps, and I have the ringtone! Get this app! It isn’t a lie! It WILL serve you well! It’s simple, easy, and it WORKS! It doesn’t matter if you have a Mac book or not, iTunes can download onto any software computer for all I know of! It worked on my Windows 10! I’m so proud of this app! Thank you so much!!! I will definitely be keeping you!
Fairly good but not the best at all...UPDATE!
by Brother D2008 on 2014/12/27 13:08
Update: I realize that the reason I wasn&#39;t able to get the other music was because I had to download them from my iCloud. Now that I did that, I was able to retrieve the music that I purchased. I give this an extra star. Now if I&#39;m able to use my CD music as my ringtone, this app will be perfect. The app works well.........with SOME songs. I was able to use a piece of India Arie&#39;s &#34;There&#39;s Hope&#34; as a ringtone and was quite satisfied by it. But when it came to other songs on my iTunes that I think are appropriate for other folks, I can&#39;t use them. That should be fixed, especially if I bought the songs directly from iTunes.
by Paris Carson on 2016/01/07 21:47
I love this!! I&#39;ve made so many ringtones already for FOB and TØP songs and I love them all! The sound is just like it is in your iTunes library, which is great. It&#39;s also super easy to figure out how to work the app, and if you&#39;re still having trouble there&#39;s an instructional video they provide a link for teaching you step by step. The only thing I think could be improved is that the longest option is 30 seconds of my songs for a ringtone. But then my iPhone plays it 1.5 times. So I think I should just be able to make a 45 second one and have it play once through instead of playing a 30 second one 1.5 times.
I'm shocked, this app delivers!
by Scalliwags on 2013/07/28 00:00
- Smooth simple interface - If using iTunes Match you have to get the song out of your cloud first by selecting it in the Music app but it works flawlessly - You have to pull your new tones out of this app and on to your computer using iTunes, then import them back in to iTunes in order to use them so they aren&#39;t immediately available, but it is simple and you can watch a video on how to do it after every tone you create. Bottom Line: It&#39;s not often you download any app from the store and it works like its supposed to but this one is great and for a price anyone could afford.
Overall- Great!
by Rebecca Wyman on 2013/07/09 13:57
7/9/13: have an iPhone 4 and this app works just fine with it and the new iTunes setup. It&#39;s really simple to use and it is so much cheaper than buying a tone of ringtones! Just make sure you watch the tutorial they give you on how to put your ringtones on your phone! It may take a couple of minutes to do everything, but to me that&#39;s worth the money saved! My only real complaint with this app is that when you are adjusting the ending of the ringtone you have to listen to the whole ringtone- but that&#39;s such a first world problem it really doesn&#39;t matter. Hope that helps!
Good app but can be improved.
by LippsLikeSillk on 2013/08/26 18:46
I really like this app. It&#39;s easy to use. The thing I like the most is that it has a link attached to the app that tells u how to retrieve these ringtones (or text tones) &amp; access them on your iPhone. The only thing I don&#39;t like about this app is that there&#39;s a limit on how long the ringtone/text tone can be. I personally don&#39;t think there should be a limit. But I guess the limit becomes useful for someone who doesn&#39;t want to use up to much space on there phone. Then still I think it should be limitless when it comes to the length of the ringtone/text tone.
Love it
by Vernadette77 on 2013/01/03 09:49
Totally love this app! Takes seconds to make a ring tone which allows me to make them in my spare time during the workday. Sure I have to hook up to the computer to get them where they need to be and that can be a bummer if you don&#39;t have the patience or think you don&#39;t have the time to so it but I do so that isn&#39;t a good enough reason to not give it a great rating. Def recommend for anyone that has an extensive music collection. One thing I would like to see changed is that it doesn&#39;t go back to the top of the music list every time you make a tone, that is kind of a bummer.
Good app
by Jessimahcuh on 2014/07/10 00:42
I like this app because it uses your iTunes library to create songs. The only downside is getting it to your iPhone. There are a couple of steps and you need to use your computer or laptop to get them to your phone. Overall not hard, but I like to change my ringtone on a whim and I don&#39;t always have my laptop with me. But other than that, it&#39;s awesome. It lets you pick your favorite parts of your songs to use as ringtones. There is a 30 second time limit for ringtones. Not sure how long for alerts because I haven&#39;t made any yet. Hope this helps. :)
Making Ringtones Is So Easy Now
by J Train 15839 on 2020/02/07 01:28
Making ringtones is easy and fun with this app. The process of importing them into iTunes isn’t quite the same anymore since Apple recently updated iTunes. It’s actually a little easier than it used to be. Connect your phone to your computer, open iTunes, go to Files, drag your ringtone file to your desktop to save it, drag the saved file from your desktop and drop it on your phone name on the left side of your iTunes window. Sync your phone. Done.
WOW!! I can create Ringtones!!
by MJEmeralds on 2012/10/05 01:11
This is a great app which allows you to create ringtones or text tones using your own music! It took me a little bit of time to figure how to get the tones into my iPhone, but I watched the video (a couple of times actually) and voila! I now have ringtones and have saved myself quite a bit of money! It&#39;s really easy to create the tones, the only tricky part (I think) is getting them into your iPhone. But, I&#39;m so glad that I stuck with it! Now, I can have all the ringtones that I want, just the way I want! Highly recommended!
by TINAHULL14 on 2014/11/22 11:59
Very good app ! I wish that I could make the ring tones a little longer and Text little longer than 30 seconds but that&#39;s all you get anywhere! and I can&#39;t remember the other length of time but just a little longer . I want to catch some more of the songs that I want but whatever still good app as I said no where else do you get longer times. Even if you buy them ! I would give it five stars if I didn&#39;t have to add it to my computer and just go directly to my phone.
by Riri Mae on 2013/06/14 06:24
Well, I would like to say that this app is very useful and because other people don&#39;t take the time to understand the app that&#39;s when they get frustrated and think it&#39;s broken. I have an iPhone 5 and it works fine with my iPhone. However, I did notice when the app updated I had to delete it and reinstall again. Note: 1. When you do make your ringtone or text tone save it! 2. Then go to your laptop/computer and open your iTunes. 3. Click to open your iPhone and go to your apps section, scroll to the way bottom. 4. Then click the ringtones app and notice it&#39;ll show all the to hotness you made. 5. Save all your ringtones to the ringtones folder of iTunes. 6. Drag them into iTunes into your tones section. 7. Sync it to your iPhone! 8. Enjoy it!!!! Like I am!!! :) Hope this was helpful to you, because I know this app works and it&#39;s a lot easier for me.
Good, but Not.
by Evagail on 2016/06/16 23:15
The app by itself isn&#39;t bad. It&#39;s pretty easy to use and find the spot in the song you want etc. The tricky part is actually being able to use it. You have to save the recording, sync it to your iTunes account on the computer, add the song to &#39;tones&#39;, re-sync your computer to your phone, and THEN you can use it. The &#39;tutorial&#39; they offer is on an outdated version of iTunes, making it very hard and confusing to follow the steps if you don&#39;t know your way around iTunes. I was able to do it after about half an hour of poking around and much trial and error. Good luck.
Great easy app
by CassssSouthy87 on 2013/02/23 04:32
Ok, I really like this app it&#39;s fairly simple to use, even though it took me a good minute to figure out how to put the tones on my phone, I too have the latest iTunes and almost gave up. You have to drag the file into the side bar under where it says your phone is connected. Or if you drag it to the top you go into tones on the top and drag it down into your phone section. It&#39;s kind of complicated, but glad I figured out cuz I&#39;m enjoying my custom ringtones :) thanks!
Satisfied (totally)
by Emie A. on 2012/09/30 03:48
This ringtone app is so easy to use. I love it so much,all the others are too hard to do. The only problem I have is I don&#39;t know when to stop making ringtones. The best part is you can start and stop the ringtones where ever you want. When you buy ringtones you have to have the ringtone wherever they put it in the song. I like putting the ringtone where I want to. (That is the best part). Thank you for an excellent ringtone maker. I give it a 10++++
With a few tweaks could be awesome
by Pmftac05 on 2016/09/10 10:28
First, if you search for the song, it won&#39;t let you select it for editing. It gives an error message. You need to scroll through all your songs until you find it and then select it. Which isn&#39;t a big deal, just cumbersome. Second, it&#39;s annoying that you have to go back to the beginning of the piece you&#39;re editing each time. It&#39;d be more convenient if you could start closer to the end in order to fine tune instead. Just so you don&#39;t have to play the whole thing once you&#39;ve got the beginning set.
Love it!
by Jmholsbeck on 2015/09/10 21:28
Absolutely fantastic. One of the few apps I&#39;ve found where the free version works so flawlessly I&#39;m going to upgrade because I want to, not because I have to. Great user interface, easy to use to make both ring and message tones, easy to put the tones you make on your iPhone with iTunes. The included link to the instructional video that shows you how to get your creations on your phone is a very helpful, smart addition within the app.
by AmyB8484 on 2013/06/10 15:27
By far the best ringtone app out there! I love that u can do whatever part of the song u want, b/c I hate how if u purchase a ringtone from itunes, ur stuck w/ whatever part of the song they put. Also, u can record a ringtone but use it as a text tone if you want your text tone to be longer. You can pretty much do what u want. As for how to transfer the tone to itunes &amp; then to your phone, I had to watch the video a few times, but it&#39;s not hard.
Love this app BUT...
by Mrkil1o1 on 2017/04/25 19:42
This app is so simple to use which I really appreciate. Nobody wants to jump through hoops trying to do something which should be so simple to do. However there are a few things things that are on my wishlist for this app. Namely it would be nice if there was some sort of volume control in there. And it would also be nice if one could choose to fade in and fade out your sound. The sound of a sfx/track jumping in or chopping off isn&#39;t exactly something one would desire-I know I don&#39;t.
Worked well until now
by LeahCBerry on 2014/05/28 18:41
This app used to make any song into a ringtone but here lately it&#39;s been saying it cannot use certain songs and to try again or select a different one. This is happening with nearly every song I select. It didn&#39;t matter what song it was a while ago, no matter how old or new the song was. I&#39;m not sure what changed but this app isn&#39;t creating ringtones like it used to.
by Lexi rose $$$$ on 2014/01/22 16:38
I have an iPhone and the app is that just does not work for the iPhone I really wanted to get this one ring tone girl on fire. I tried so many ring tone making apps and they all were really complicated and when I tried to sync them to my phone it would say they were too long. When I found this app it&#39;s it was smooth and easy to use I definitely recommend this app for people who arent that good with technology or get confused by it!
Works with iTunes just fine
by Naja Commander on 2013/06/04 20:36
A lot of people are saying it doesn&#39;t work with iTunes at all now? It does. After you make a tone watch the video it offers on how to do it. Instead of dragging the song to your tones from desk top double click it. It doesn&#39;t work if you drag but does if you double click. This is a simple, easy to use app so enjoy and don&#39;t let the ones who don&#39;t understand basic technology ruin your opinions.
Giving it three stars..😕
by Pandazrip on 2019/07/10 11:15
It’s an amazing app I got to say. I love the way you get to choose the songs you want as your ringtone, but there is one thing that has to be fixed is that every time i chose a song the app crashes, maybe it’s the artist I was using, but every time I chose the same artist but a different song which kinda makes me upset that I can’t choose that song if the app is going to crash. I not saying this is a bad app I just wanted to tell you guys one little bug about the app great app keep up the good work.
Needs Just One More Feature
by Feo Y Flaco on 2014/05/29 07:01
This app is GREAT! It does exactly what it should. It just needs a volume amplifying feature. Sometimes depending on the ringtone sample you use the volume is a bit low. If you can add a multiplayer to raise the volume level I will buy this. I think I speak for a lot of people out there as well. It would be nice to be able to raise the loudness before saving the sample so the saved copy is louder than the original track used. It&#39;ll make our ringtones blast. Please please please! Thanks!
by D7Z on 2014/06/24 20:10
Just like any group of friends you have you iPhones, with the classic ringtones that we have gotten bored of. And then there&#39;s the friends that have other phones that are easily customizable. And when I walked in jamming a sick bass drop for a ring tone on my iPhone, they all got excited. This app makes it easy to customize straight from your music. And gives you great step by step instructions on how to get them on your phone.
Fantastic with a minor flaw
by kazatani on 2012/10/10 18:40
As said, fantastic for using your music library for your phone alarms. But, one thing sets it back and that is the level of precision. When selecting to cut a ringtone, you can negotiate the editor with jumps of 0.2 seconds, that leaves gaps of unwanted audio in the 30 second limit. With text message it&#39;s with jumps of 0.04 seconds with a six second limit. Overall, the level of cutting audio is quite nice, and hopefully the devs will deepen the level of precision.
Easiest yet! 👍
by Christyyy💜 on 2012/10/13 04:26
I&#39;ve tried a number of different ringtone apps and this one is by far the best and definitely the easiest to use! After watching the video once you know exactly how to do it, and they sound great! So glad to know I won&#39;t have to spend money anymore buying ringtones from iTunes (I could never understand why they make you pay for the song and then pay again for the ringtone...what a ripoff!) great app, a+++
Good app
by Speeches on 2013/01/02 02:48
Havent tried taking the snipped ring tones from my phone music through iTunes yet but it looks easy enough. This is free everybody. Free and workable. Adds are tiny stay put banner at bottom of screen and the freeloader :) thank you developers. I&#39;m guessing the full version gets a wireless transfer option. That would be the only other part there could be to this app other than snips longer than 30 seconds
Created 2 ringtones in first 10 minutes
by flowergirl1133 on 2013/06/08 04:00
OK, I&#39;m impressed with how easy this was to use. I made sure the song was added to my iPhone, clicked on the app, called up the song, selected the section, pressed the disc/save button, watched the video, clicked on the app (iPhone was connected to laptop/iTunes), clicked on the document, saved to desktop, double-clicked the desktop file, selected the tone in my iPhone &#34;tones&#34; tab, synced - DONE!
After Selecting/Cropping Song--It Doesn't Download
by Lobotex on 2014/10/08 20:45
Tried the app once, it worked perfectly! Very encouraging. But when I tried a second song to go to Ringtone, after I cropped the song and pushed &#34;Play&#34; sound. Tried to download by clicking the &#39;save&#39; icon...and screen goes blank and takes me back to home screen. So, I&#39;m in a quandry. It worked. Now it doesn&#39;t. Probably something I did, but I don&#39;t know what.
Ring Tone Designer App
by Insight23/45 on 2013/05/19 16:39
What I like about this App is its simplicity. I view an app based on certain criteria. Does it work? Is it easy to use? Are there a ton of pop up ads running in the background? This app is amazing and it doesnt have pop up ads. The key feature it lacked are the ability to record externally, and You can only record from your own Library. You can fade out but it lacks a fade in feature. Next update add those options and this becomes a 5 Star!!
Best one I've tried
by SciGuy22 on 2013/01/21 07:10
I&#39;ve tried a few, but this one is best overall. It does not allow you to directly record a tone, but there is a way to take a voice memo and then convert it using this app (it took me a few tries to figure it out). The maximum length is 30s for a ringtone; 6 for a text tone, but I don&#39;t know why they do that, since all the tones are categorized together as ringtones. This app does not have a minimum length though, which is great for quick text tones.
Great app, room for improvement
by Mando Pancho on 2020/10/03 20:05
I am blind yet I found the user interface pretty easy and intuitive, however I think that the editing of the ringtone or text tone should be using two sliders, one to indicate the starting point of the ringtone and the other to indicate the ending point because this would be a better and more efficient system and you could also make your Ringtones as short or as long as you needed with that
Great App
by auntiemandme on 2013/08/22 02:21
This is a great app. Tried a different ringtone maker and could not get it to work. I did have a bit of trouble getting it on my phone because I had to go about it a bit different than the video showed but I&#39;m happy with it. Edited by auntieminahz...................One of the songs that I used to make a ring tone will not play properly. Not sure what happened but the rest of them seem to be alright. I wish this one would play like it did before.
Easy to great rings and tone
by SAN DIEGO VOICE on 2015/07/02 13:42
Started using this again after several months and again see how nice it is to be able to create ringtones and text tones. I wished that when you finished one ore the others and wanted to create a new one it would start from the last song or artist you just finished with so you don&#39;t have to scroll all the way from the beginning of your music. Recommend highly!
Does the job
by music snob 08 on 2013/07/28 15:33
Once I got the hang of it, the app is pretty easy to use, but I feel like there are a lot of steps to getting the ringtone downloaded to the phone. What I don&#39;t like is that if you choose a song and start or end it in the wrong place, after you adjust it you have to go through the whole ringtone all over again. Also you can&#39;t pause it where you want to start or stop, so there&#39;s a lot of guesswork. But for someone fairly tech illiterate I found it pretty user friendly.
You DONT need to erase all your files. READ HERE.
by Jacquelyn8685 on 2013/03/09 17:27
YES YOU CAN add just the new ringtone to your phone without erasing all the files on your phone. You don&#39;t need to sync the whole phone to add one ringtone. Plug in your iPhone, drag the file (found in apps&gt;file sharing&gt;Ringtone designer) to your desktop, then from desktop drag it to your iTunes music library. Find it in &#34;Tones&#34; and drag it to your iPhone. Thats it. Easy!
by stctrts on 2019/05/17 21:40
Does this app do the job? Yes, you can create a ringtone on it. However I wish it had a little more to it. I wish there were up and down arrows to add seconds to it or make it shorter by a few seconds rather than just by moving the bar and hoping you barely move it. I wish you could adjust how much you wanted to fade it. And I wish it would save directly to your phone. Having to plug your phone into your computer, move it from your device, to the computer and back onto the device is tedious and annoying. Probably won’t keep it
Free and easy
by bag0518 on 2016/03/04 20:20
I have had this app for over a year and I don&#39;t get tired of it. It seemed a bit complicated at first, but after the first time loading my tones I fell in love! The directions to load to my phone were easy to follow, and the app being free just makes it better. Even for a slight techno-phobe such as myself, this is a great app. Definitely recommend if you are into creating your own tones.
by Arusha 27 on 2016/03/25 06:51
This is probably the best app to make your ring tone for the most part you take a song from your phones library and crop where you want it to start and end then just click to make either ringtone for call or text then just hop on your computer and put it as ringtones, if you don&#39;t want to pay for songs just download them for free from your computer
by Furvert101 on 2012/11/30 07:15
I would give 5 stars, but it lost one because there is no display of actual waveforms, so searching for a drop or buildup or any section is a chore. There&#39;s a lot of guesswork, and fine tuning. This could be a huge improvement on many aspects. This also loses a star because there&#39;s no zoom feature for for fine tuning, just a tiny slow forward or slow backward button. Again, a small fix that&#39;s a huge improvement. Hope you guys can do that, would be awesome!!!
by Stoopnagel on 2012/10/25 21:02
So far, so good. Talk about handy! I&#39;m able to create ringtones from music I&#39;ve made in GarageBand. Only downside is you can&#39;t use music purchased from iTunes. Not sure if that&#39;s the case currently (I haven&#39;t purchased anything from iTunes in over a year), but music uploaded from discs and/or purchased elsewhere works fine. Thanks for creating this app, you clever developers, you! 😄 I&#39;ll give ya 5 stars.
Good when it works
by ClydeD on 2018/02/17 23:32
Update: Now using IOS 11.2.5. Newly created ringtones will not transfer from my phone to iTunes. But this is not a problem as I discovered that I can make ringtones using iTunes. I no longer need an app. I have used this app successful for several years and it was a 5 star app for me. I am able to create apps and load them onto my iPhone 6. The music for the ringtone and the text tone both play when I touch them in the contact settings, but do not play when I actually get a text or phone call. I&#39;m running iOS 8.3
Easy to use
by BandNerdFighter on 2014/10/23 15:24
Im usually really bad at working with computers, but not only is the Ap strait forward and easy to use, theres a really helpful video that is linked on the screen after you create your ringtone that shows you exactly how to get it on your phone. Without that video i probably would have gotten frustrated and deleted the ap, so im really glad it was included.
Awesome App
by BrotherFrancis on 2013/05/03 00:50
I am new to the Smartphone world and this is one of the first apps that I used. It is easy to navigate and I love the ringtones that I have been able to create. I doubt that I will be purchasing my ringtones any more. I recommend watching the instructional video on how to transfer ringtones from app to your phone using ITunes. Highly recommend this app if you enjoy using unique &amp; custom ringtones.
by DeezyLee on 2013/03/02 18:11
Seriously!! I don&#39;t write reviews often... Or often enough, considering I depend on them! My son showed me this app after struggling with many confusing and inoperable ringtone apps.. (I&#39;m a dinosaur! Rawr!) I fricken LOVE this app!!! Really!! Soo easy, and I can pick whatever part of the song I want... And I don&#39;t have to $$ for it! Though I would its worth it.. Even has a video for how to do its, for dinosaurs like me! Lol Thank you!!! &lt;3