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In the mood to hear your favorite songs? Ready to get the vibe going? It’s time to take control of the jukebox and get the party started! Download the touchtunes app to play the jukebox at over 65,000 bars, restaurants and local hot spots. Enjoy a personalized experience based on your play history and preferences. Quickly queue up songs from a handpicked playlist that you can create in the app or by syncing the music already on your phone. You can also select your top artists and genres and we’ll recommend songs for you. Features: • Earn free credits and other perks! • Get local deals when you enable push notifications and set your location to Always ON. • Be the DJ at over 65,000 TouchTunes jukebox locations. • Take your song credits on-the-go and use them at any TouchTunes location within the U.S. • Personalize your experience and make it easier to find your favorite songs, artists and genres. • We’ll throw some recommendations your way to keep things fresh • Check out the top played songs and artists that you and the venue have in common before playing • Jump the line with our popular Fast Pass feature • Find TouchTunes jukeboxes nearby and explore their music vibe before you head out. • Having Trouble? Our support team is standing by to help. For exclusive content and updates, follow @TouchTunes on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. If you have any app feedback please email us at Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.
by bobbbbbbbbbbbb3860 on 2019/05/24 18:54
The best most convenient app ever
by narutoboy47 on 2019/05/24 08:40
Make it cheaper
by 6969kl on 2019/05/23 23:48
To much $$$$🖕🏾
by old ladies lift on 2019/05/23 22:44
Love ❤️ ❤️❤️❤️Touch Tunes. 😘😘
Where’s the 1 credit songs
by fuckoffahole on 2019/05/23 22:33
I hate a juke box that hide the 1 credit songs and makes you search for them.
4 stars
by Tricia BKA RED on 2019/05/23 22:21
I love it keep it up
Enjoy this app
by jim b222 on 2019/05/23 01:48
Couldn’t do without it.
More songs
by DominicIs#35 on 2019/05/22 21:19
More songs!!
by b.sophosticated on 2019/05/22 02:28
Every time I go out and use the app to play music my music NEVER plays and yet it still takes my coins!! TouchTunes needs to run me back at least 20 credits at minimum. This is ridiculous. About to delete this app real soon 😡😠😤😤😠😤😡😠😤😭😠😠😤😠😡😡😡😤😠😤😤😤😡😡😡😠😡
by pappy goofball on 2019/05/22 02:20
It’s the first time I’ve used this service,and I’m at the Avonmore PA moose. Did not realize that there is a jukebox upstairs and only used on pool night! I lost a few credits because I didn’t realize you have to designate witch moose jukebox your playing! It’s nice now that I know there are 2
by DSchner on 2019/05/22 00:17
Great app and easy to use.
by AJ STILWELL on 2019/05/21 08:46
Awesome service! Fast and easy!
Love the access
by hokusspokuss on 2019/05/19 19:59
Now I play my faves to a captive audience at the pool...AWESOME!!!
Loveee this app
by Kourtneyyyyy418 on 2019/05/18 20:15
Love this!! So fun! Works great
Why it’s broken
by Dog398 on 2019/05/18 18:04
The repair guy was just here to fix the jukebox. I played 5 songs and fast track most of them. None of them played. So I’m out those credits. The app doesn’t work half the time here. Jukebox is broken the last three times I stopped in. I’m going to ask the owners to replace this jukebox system.
by Big Pito Rob on 2019/05/18 02:00
Best DJ at Pepe and Mitos
by sdmaines on 2019/05/17 18:37
This is so better than an old school jukebox
Best app ever
by Dirtyghettoshaun on 2019/05/17 06:16
I love this app.. let’s me override people’s garbage music selection lol
by Andyz171 on 2019/05/17 05:58
You rock
by lexxxxiees on 2019/05/17 01:22
Love this app!!
by Ragdoll😎1 on 2019/05/16 23:58
by Athebar on 2019/05/16 23:50
I love the app but I feel frequent user should get rewarded much more often, at least as often as the owners or bar keeps. We are the ones putting the money in.
iiiits G R E A T !
by Trenadot on 2019/05/16 06:16
This app is very convenient and makes the experience THAT much better bro
by safetyorange on 2019/05/15 23:03
It’s just convenient!! We like lazy at the bar, off work...
by steph9947 on 2019/05/15 06:06
The best
Great App
by Wildcatsuit on 2019/05/15 03:54
Huge song variety and availability!
Takes my credit
by brob2018 on 2019/05/14 23:20
And doesn’t play a song. Happens every now and then but it’s enough to upset me.
Love this app!
by Mopal on 2019/05/14 21:38
Great, excellent, the only place I like to spend my money, I haven’t eaten in months, help me, my roommates are kicking me out tomorrow
Great but
by butttlickerfuckbuttty on 2019/05/14 03:48
Songs should be cheaper
by jaklinng on 2019/05/14 02:19
Amazing reviews
by hosfgijgfdddgooufsse on 2019/05/14 01:20
Love being the boss
Touch tunes
by Big R Chives on 2019/05/14 01:05
Great app just got two of my friends to download it
Love it!!!
by Cherokeezy on 2019/05/13 06:20
Keep it going!!! I love singing these songs
by peapad on 2019/05/12 23:16
Great place for music at the bar and cheaper
Just lies to you
by owiwbahziwmwn on 2019/05/12 22:48
Took my credits but never played my songs
Won’t allow search
by One tiny yaker on 2019/05/12 21:12
I have no idea why but this week TouchTunes does not allow me to search music by title! I am extremely annoyed by that
Ate our money.
by Touchtunes Lies & Steals on 2019/05/12 00:13
We paid 4 times for a song that never played and don’t know why. We played other songs before and after with success, and kept coming back to the one song, paying for it each time, and it would not play. Very dissatisfied.
by nottonightshane on 2019/05/11 23:10
Love this app
Great app
by Ta114 on 2019/05/11 20:53
I love the new anywhere credits!
Amaze balls
by allicia belle on 2019/05/11 06:50
I love this app I got to any barin ca and can play music
The best app
by pelonjr7 on 2019/05/11 05:35
I can be drunk every where!!
Bar can skip or block a song they don’t approve of
by appIsDogSh1t!!!!! on 2019/05/11 05:01
Absolutely unacceptable. Queued a song I wanted to hear to have it skipped within 10 seconds. I received no refund for this joke of a “service”. I wish hellfire upon these developers and bar owners.
by suckmeoff123 on 2019/05/11 04:32
Yay I am drunk
by 1nodrvnfool on 2019/05/10 23:10
Works like a charm
by MeatShields on 2019/05/10 13:13
Feel cheated I thought how cool I can play a song at the bar then my song got pushed back and again and again. I paid 3 credits to move it up and it got pushed back turns out I never heard the song and more than a hour later I’m notified at home your song is about to play. Looks like my money is gone too I had 20 credits and I didn’t no they expired. I went to use the app later and I was like I still had 13 credits but they weren’t there. Total rip off and to be honest class action law suit in the making. As these tools hide these details and are not a transparent. Sure it’s nice to listen to your music when it does come up but it’s 50/50 and I feel like I got scammed.
Rip off
by fun and easy to use ! on 2019/05/09 23:00
I paid my coins to play my song next and I keep getting pushed back every time someone else does the same so I am now losing my money and my spot and not getting to hear the songs I paid for
by bakahdb on 2019/05/09 15:45
I absolutely love TouchTunes !!!
Too expensive
by no nuy on 2019/05/09 08:00
Even when they try to make a deal is not a big deal
by kierrac0130 on 2019/05/09 05:01
Fantastic app
by 1mikern on 2019/05/08 04:41
Love this app when out and about, so much fun to play DJ when others are playing horrible music.
Wants location set to always
by andrewmartin on 2019/05/07 19:49
They really really want to get your location data. If you set it to ‘always on’, you get entered into a contest for $500, each week. Pretty sketchy.
Playing the music you Love
by lou lew bear on 2019/05/07 01:05
Pick the music you want to hear
No more did you put that song on?
by Chestrise on 2019/05/06 17:02
Sometimes I feel like listening to a love song but I’m reluctant because I’m gonna get teased, not with this app! I get to play my music Thank You for this app!! Love it!!
Need more artist and new music
by ThekidFlash on 2019/05/06 05:35
Y’all are missing some great artist and music and it’s not even new I love this app and play music at work can y’all please update the music selection
Fast and great!
by Pho reals! on 2019/05/06 02:32
Love this app! Fast and great selections!!
Never playing
by b8878 on 2019/05/06 01:28
Bought credits. Spent them on songs. “Fast play” never played at all. Waste of money.
by lauralogan67 on 2019/05/06 00:41
Totally love this app use it💯
Awesome app.
by Conan1976 on 2019/05/05 21:10
One of the coolest apps. I love that you could play music in a crowded bar anonymously and nobody knows who it is.
I want my money back
by angrysuer on 2019/05/05 05:21
Paid for 8 CREDITS for a song to skip line and it never played. I heard ONE of my 6 songs played. I want my money back. This app isn’t worth it.
by DaveFarmington on 2019/05/05 03:10
by hdmdkfirnd on 2019/05/05 01:14
It is an awesome app!!!
Great but too many’s missing songs
by kyotendochi on 2019/05/05 00:47
words by missing persons should be on.
Best Music App Ever!
by DJGirl77 on 2019/05/04 23:18
I love being the DJ and getting the party started while keeping it going through the night!!
Touch Tunes Service sub par
by Brad_H94 on 2019/05/04 18:02
I used app at a local bar and not only did the music not play for what seams to be technical issues, but the company does not stay loyal to its consumers. I out a sign on the one at the Ballyhoo in Terre Haute explaining its ineffectivness.
by Westdakid on 2019/05/04 09:50
It’s a rip off, I’ve spent countless amounts. Went to a bar played songs I’d like, turns out they’ll ply at a different bar. They lure you into inviting friends for “free credits” except free credits never hit your account. KEEP YOUR CASH!
Jukebox remote
by Chris dowty on 2019/05/04 05:51
I love being able to pick without going to the screen
Play next
by shingalingadingdoong on 2019/05/04 04:01
App is great very user friendly. However, I have wasted over $40 because I play a song and someone else used the “play next feature”. The song I requested sat on up next the entire night and never got played because people kept skipping me. Either remove the play next feature or make it so only a certain amount of people can “play next” before my song is played I won’t use the app anymore until something is fixed I’m tired of wasting my money.
by smokeater3194 on 2019/05/04 00:22
Love this
Touch Tunes Rocks!!
by $hell$ter!! on 2019/05/03 23:06
Loving having control of the music!!
Pop ups
by Still a god on 2019/05/03 17:39
Good app
by rober jones on 2019/05/03 04:26
Great at the bar with the boys
Love the app
by Jb82461 on 2019/05/02 22:07
Great and easy to use
Use to love
by Bubby Man Kick on 2019/05/02 04:46
Nothing but problems now. Plus. Pay in one place and can’t use credits to another. Always internet connection problems. Oh well.
Abraham / Vanessa
by vanessa 664 on 2019/05/02 01:58
The beast app play any where I go and drink love it
Bar nine,
by vickvela on 2019/05/01 23:51
Fast and easy
Pray for me
by limpdickmotjerficker on 2019/05/01 06:57
Sometimes it doesn’t play my songs
What happened
by d_perez91 on 2019/05/01 03:32
I love this app! I don’t mind that some songs aren’t on here. What really bothers me is that there isn’t any explicit songs on here anymore? That’s crazy that I can’t jam out to my music without my music cutting out because it cusses. Bring the explicit songs back please!
Good app but a rip off
by sguinazu on 2019/05/01 02:41
There seems to be almost zero songs that cost one credit!! They all cost 2.
by oDZx😋 on 2019/05/01 01:35
Great app
Almost Famous
by FA113N0N3 on 2019/04/30 21:49
I love this app! Keeps you from the ups and downs of bar life. All your options and more at your finger tips. More of my personal library music choices are available.
MAddie man
by maddie ma on 2019/04/29 05:13
I pay for songs and they don’t even play
by shorty Hamburger on 2019/04/29 01:21
Who wouldn’t like this? Cost too much tho!
by drunk jammin on 2019/04/29 01:02
Don’t download
by shelljbelle on 2019/04/28 05:51
This app is a waste of money. Don’t download. Spend your money on AMI.
Walmart selection
by RandomGuy73 on 2019/04/28 04:35
Don’t expect to find many of the songs you want to listen to if your taste wanders far from top forty.
Love it
by 🐸🐸🐔🐔🐸🐸 on 2019/04/28 03:50
Yes haw
1 credit option
by angelacapwn on 2019/04/28 00:56
Please give us a 1 credit playlist.
by Rite way on 2019/04/27 23:43
I thank you guys and gals for the creation of the app. When I’m feeling that moment of joy; I’m playing clean music. Thank you again
by theking0046 on 2019/04/27 23:31
Pay 3 credits for be next and place me 5th 😡
More handy than expected
by The Real DRW on 2019/04/27 23:30
I have repurchased points several times. App works perfectly and I’ve been surprised how many bars/places use it.
by bambiTroop on 2019/04/27 20:39
Maybe more people to play. Shoreline Maria please.
Best app
by Alayna777 on 2019/04/27 06:00
Love the easy access fast music
Long songs cut short!!
by Sunny w 74 on 2019/04/27 03:49
App cuts songs off half way and still charge full price I wish there was another app to run jukebox box because I would switch today!!!!
by Wwittmus on 2019/04/27 03:43
Wonderful app
Great App!!
by MyMind23 on 2019/04/27 03:16
Really convenient!
Excellent App!! User for 5 years+
by UnjustSaint on 2019/04/27 02:59
Awesome to be your own DJ at your local bar. Bent🏎🏁🇺🇸IG:TexasAutos210 Follow and lets make the next one for less. Bet-
by Ergot25 on 2019/04/26 21:40
Terrific customer service
by Don Quixote 2 on 2019/04/26 20:39
I contacted them through the app help desk and they emailed me quickly with assistance about a credit malfunction. They went above and beyond and even gave me free credits for my troubles.
by sawdod on 2019/04/26 03:31
Best thing since sliced bread.
Beyond irritated
by Momo927777 on 2017/10/28 17:48
I was singing this app’s praises when I first got it but you all are dirty with the way you do things. Credits should apply to ANY bar, not just one at a time. And if you purchase the credits, there should definitely not be a time limit on when you use them! And my biggest pet peeve is the option to jump the line. I spent 2 credits on a song last night and never heard it because people kept skipping ahead of me. I was at the bar a full hour after the purchase and it never came up until finally I got petty and spent 4 more credits just to hear it. However, I deserve a refund for the 2 credits that were wasted. You either need to do away with the skip option or else give it a limit so that my song will eventually be played even though I *only* spent 2 credits on it. I’ve been using TouchTunes since this summer and that particular problem has never happened before- and I was in a small bar. I find it hard to believe that there were that many people spending 4 credits per song just so theirs would be next. That makes me suspicious that you are just making it look that way to get some of us to spend more credits.
Terrible design
by Johnny clegghorn on 2018/08/27 05:09
Normally I don’t care to make reviews but I figured I’d help people save money... It’s cool not having to get up to go pick a song and swipe your card or insert bills every time you wanted to hear a song but the system they have in place is poorly thought out.. The play next option ruins everything, I chose a couple songs and they kept getting bumped back and back because other people paid more to hear theirs next so I decided to try the play next option so I selected that option and the cue showed my song as being next, well then someone else did that after me and my up next song got pushed back a song, and then again and again... Next thing you know the 4 credits I spent to hear my song next was 9th in line 5 minutes after I did that option. My song went from next to 9th in line in 5 minutes for 4 credits... Not only that but people kept selecting the next option so that the 6 songs I selected prior to that still haven’t played after 3 hours of being here. Just save yourself the money and disappointment and let everyone else make their mistakes with this app...
This App Cheated me out of Money
by Osteoperosis on 2018/03/18 23:15
This app is complete trash. While at the bar last night I bought the app with numerous credits and then purchased a song, interested in how it worked. It immediately showed that my song had been played and took the credits. I assumed it was just a poorly worded notification and figured it would play after the 3 song queue. It never played. I kept waiting thinking that I had made a mistake, double checked where i was and that I was selecting the right bar. So I went ahead and just bought the song a second time since I had already wasted my money on credits. This time a 7 song queue. It never played. I waited through 15 additional songs before we finally left the bar and the song never played from either purchase. Now I have fewer dollars with only a few worthless credits left in an app I’m going to just delete anyway as it’s trash. Don’t use this unless you want to burn your money on an app that can’t do the single thing it is built to do. It will just take your money and give you nothing in return.
Baaaad Move on the Update
by Dirtyfromdust on 2018/10/13 03:29
As a bar manager that has been using this app for several years, I cringe at the thought of how much money I’ve spent on this app (over 3000 plays, you do the math). Nevertheless, I’ve always enjoyed (and continue) to use it. Prices always seemed fair and it’s a great help when a customer requests a song or you need to change the atmosphere in the bar. Over a year ago or so, ALL credits worked at ANY location. They changed it to check-in locations only. Not a big deal, considering previous stated circumstances. However, this new update is a complete sham. They return the “everywhere” feature of versions past, but lower the credit count because it’s a “new” feature, I guess? Has always been 18 credits for $5, and is now 12 for the same price. As a loyal customer for years, SHAME ON YOU. I never write reviews (I’ll go ahead and sincerely give you 5 stars for versions past),but this appalled me. I’ll just be using my manager reward credits from now on, until they get rid of that....YOU CAN DO BETTER, TOUCHTUNES.
Show the right song?!
by Bloundiegirl on 2019/03/17 22:55
Love TouchTunes (other than my area keeps raising the price for a song) but can you please at least show the current playlist so I can see what I have to hear until my song plays. I’ve seen the same song every place for the past day and I know T-Pain doesn’t play electronica or Irish music. To amend why my review went down stars: “your songs will play in 7 songs”, it’s been at least 12... and I lost count after that so glad I played for them to come next, could have been nice to have a better estimate..... To amend yet again, this service is good on places that have low attendance, in a moderate area and definitely not on a holiday. You should probably advertise places that “close the juke box” before patrons buy a song... since the server just said that they close the juke box on ‘big days’ if this true then you need to let your patrons know. I think I’d rather go straight to the bar and ask for them to play my song, at least it will play in the 6 hours I have been here.
Skip option causing more arguments at bars.
by JasonCrosbyBenjamin on 2018/04/24 12:32
As a bartender your main goal of the night is to have everyone relaxing and enjoying their drink, having a good time. Every once a while a dispute may arise, but very rarely. When then app came out, it was great! The convenience of not having to go stand their picking out songs or having to mess with money! Now, with this Skip option, more & more arguments are stirring, people are mad, upset & either leave, or argue with me or other patrons because they didn’t get what they paid for. It gets to the point where I have to turn the jukebox off, in order to stop the argument. No one wants to hang out in a bar with a bad or negative atmosphere, and this Skip option is causing just that.
by Looperr on 2018/01/15 02:13
I’ve seen one review similar to what I’m writing this review about and how they just get people to spend coins. I’ve wasted coins before and just started to realize that they’re going to waste Cus I never get to hear the songs I put on. For example last night I was at the bar and I paid for two songs. After 15 minutes my friend asked if my song came on and I said no and I had picked two. So I went back to try to have it play sooner so I paid the extra 4 credits. After an hour I didn’t hear the song. I’m mad Cus I’m leaving I’ve spent enough time at the bar and so I checked the app to see if there’s a way I can cancel my songs and nope, even more disappointed that I not only will be not listening to my song but people that didn’t pay will. You guys should have like a song cancel option and therefore you can get the coins back other than that I wasted time and money
Upset with credits decreasing
by Hoover clan on 2019/01/08 06:23
I used to get 60 + 4 bonus credits for $20. Now I only get 50 + 2 bonus credits for $20. I will not be purchasing as many credits!! I used to buy $20 worth a week!! Now I will be only buying $20 a month!! As well as my bar rewards have went down drastically!!! Very upset. Used to love this app and recommend it to all my patrons!! My juke box is usually playing every night most of the night. Now it is rarely played due to the major increase in amount of money it takes to buy credits and how the credits for each song has gone up as well as the amount it cost for fast passing. It was gonna be 12 credits to fast pass! Come one touch tunes bring back your better prices and songs for 1 credit. Your losing customers!! Is only common since. Without us you wouldn’t have a business. Reciprocity I scratch your back you scratch mine!!!
Horrible, shady company
by Iupchris10 on 2019/01/01 17:24
Someone should file a class action lawsuit against this company for their shady business tactics. They give bartenders way too much power to skip your music, without any explanation and with no refund. I tried to play Kanye, Fallout Boy, Zedd, and the bartender skipped all of it. How hard would it be to automatically credit my account if my song is skipped? I’m a an app developer and I know that it’s not hard at all! They also give the venues free credits for their bartenders to play what they like and this bloats the playlist so you are forced to use the Fast Track feature if you want even a prayer at hearing your song. So shady. You are basically in a bidding war against the bartender and you will ALWAYS lose. When I use TouchTunes I hear my song about 20% of the time. This company continually does not do the right thing and will not see about her nickel from me.
Dishonest Monopoly
by boopsie bear on 2018/11/11 02:07
This company unfortunately has a monopoly in the Pittsburgh, Pa area, and they really take advantage of it. I clicked the help option within the APP and was charged $5 dollars without ever being told. I am very upset by this immoral business practice. I would have never paid 5 dollars for the help option. I didn’t even chat with a representative. My songs were repeatedly skipped for over an hour. I had to stay later after finishing my food and drinks to hear the 2 songs I played. I hit the help button so I could make a suggestion that customer should only be allowed a certain number of skips since we all must share the machine, or at least give people the option to recall their requests. I’m done with touch tunes if it is going to charge me for ridiculous things like help chat, but has the nerve to never even tell me I’m being charge.
One of my favorite apps
by dfjrdd on 2018/06/19 00:28
I love, love, love this app! It’s so cool to be the bar’s anonymous DJ! I’ve been using this app for more than five years. I wish more bars/restaurants/clubs had these machines and associated apps. So great! I would recommend a couple of improvements: - For the love of God, let us use credits across venues. Not doing so seems actually kind of dishonest and greedy. - Have a more complete library across the board. You have TONS of songs, but not all venues have access to those songs. Maybe that’s on the venues. I don’t know. - Make it more difficult for staff to just skip your songs because they think it’s on autoplay. I’ve seriously gotten in arguments with staff and managers, trying to convince them I requested certain songs. Somehow make it way more apparent when a customer has requested/paid for a song. - Keep being awesome! It’s a really good, fun app with great functionality! Please take these suggestions into account. I know for a fact I’ve spend thousands of dollars on this app, so please consider them.
I was irritated as well - they have great support
by Nubien1691 on 2018/01/09 18:17
So apparently I purchased credits to a place I have never been because I thought that the credits could be used anywhere. Finding out moments later, when you want to hear a song, that you can’t spend those credits is very frustrating. Then I get an email stating the credits were going to expire - oh man, now I am furious... So I finally emailed/chatted with customer support. Let me tell you, surprisingly they did not disappoint. They put the credits back into my account, and made them universal wherever I go. Thanks guys. You turned a 1-star review into much more.
Steals your money
by Dntbuy on 2019/02/03 12:34
The first time it happened I thought maybe we just didn’t notice the songs playing, but last night I know they didn’t. Several times we have paid to play 3-4 songs in a row and not a single one EVER played. No texts saying our selected song was playing either. We verified the correct bar was selected too. After these few credits we have left are gone we’ll be deleting this app and just putting our $ in the machine. Wonder how many times we’ve been ripped of and didn’t notice.
Anywhere credits not worth it.
by whmanager on 2019/01/28 01:47
When you guys made the change to anywhere credits, I thought it was a great idea. However, changing the price so you only get half the songs at the same price is a scam. I’m a manager at multiple restaurants, and I used the app faithfully. Since the change to anywhere credits, I have not used this app, and several of my employees have stopped using the app as well. Please either change the prices of anywhere credits or return to check in only credits.
by MeatShields on 2019/05/10 13:13
Feel cheated I thought how cool I can play a song at the bar then my song got pushed back and again and again. I paid 3 credits to move it up and it got pushed back turns out I never heard the song and more than a hour later I’m notified at home your song is about to play. Looks like my money is gone too I had 20 credits and I didn’t no they expired. I went to use the app later and I was like I still had 13 credits but they weren’t there. Total rip off and to be honest class action law suit in the making. As these tools hide these details and are not a transparent. Sure it’s nice to listen to your music when it does come up but it’s 50/50 and I feel like I got scammed.
Delete Account Suspicious
by Endergirl_69 on 2018/02/20 13:32
I almost never write reviews but this is were I cross the line not having a delete account button on your profile in the app? That’s sketchy too I’ve contacted the app to request them to delete my account they responded with I’m sorry to see you go but is their anything we can do to help? I replied promptly with no they can’t do anything to change my mind I just simply do not like the app and they have not responded since. They also collect a lot of personal info which I feel is unnecessary such as your address and phone number I get why an email and name is necessary but seriously?
Free credits?
by Spadepro on 2018/08/20 04:34
Downloaded the app. Added credits. I received bonus credits for picking a certain number of songs which is great but their are broken promises as far as the referrals. I invited a new user. The new user NEVER received their 5 free credits and I NEVER received my credits for referring a new user. I think it qualifies as false advertising. Also, if you spend money on credits they only last 180 days and they are only valid at the location you purchased credits. Please DO NOT give expiration limitations on the money you pay for credits and please just add the option of spending your credits at multiple locations. 1 credit plays can always be a bonus like the AMI app.
View Song Queue
by Robnation101 on 2018/03/22 04:51
I wish I could see more songs in the queue without having to spend hundreds of dollars to do so. I understand the premise of the more plays you make over time the more songs you can see in the queue. However currently I have to make a ridiculous amount of more purchases to do so. This usually means that I’m not going to play music during peak times because I can only assume that I will never hear them. If I at least knew how many songs were in front of me I would possibly choose to play music during peak hours.
Takes the Fun Out of Jukeboxes to Make an Extra Dime
by VCUstudentVCU on 2018/12/24 04:31
Ironically enough, it takes the fun out of jukeboxes. I paid for a bunch of songs but the capitalism that fuels the app made it possible for me to hear zero of them before the bar closed. I literally paid and didn’t get what I paid for. They allow people to pay extra to bump to the front of the line and when people take advantage of that, those that didn’t pay a boat load for the songs waste their money. Then they make you pay to see where your songs are in the queue (pay the amount of three songs worth of plays). Then they do surge pricing... In the end, again, they take all of the fun out of jukeboxes to make an extra dime.
Shady,Crook And thieves on this App
by BIGSARGE64 on 2018/06/20 02:01
DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!! So apparently the administrators and or designers of this BS app think I can’t add. I bought some credits and played some but not all, and left 10 credits on the account. There is a comercial/ post or some sort that appears regularly it reads if I recommended a friend To download the app they will give me or credit 50 credits to my account. After all was done and my sister downloaded the app, they only sent me 5 miserable credits. But that’s not all, I left 10 credits on my account as I said earlier+5 would have been 15. I check the account and to my surprise there is only 9 credits. I will delete the App as soon as I use my credits. Screw you guys you freaking thieves.
Former fan of this app, disappointed in update
by vanillahny17 on 2019/03/03 04:47
I loved this app prior to the latest update. I use this all several times a week to play music at a local place, I loved how easy the app was to use and how fast I could run through and play my favorite songs, I could spend 20 dollars easy flying thru my favorite songs. Since the latest update there is an AD, that comes across the screen after every single song purchase. I guess it doesn’t matter that I pay money to purchase and play songs, I now have to click out of an AD before I can select the next song I want to play. Disappointed in this update and the addition of ads. Thumbs down 👎 👎👎👎👎
Very cool but doesnt work well
by Wish it worked right on 2018/04/11 22:17
I’ve been using this app for three years to control the music at the bar I work at, and it’s always been awesome and customer support has been top notch, but over the last 6-9 months it’s become unusable. For example: I just blew eight credits I paid money for on a device/app that doesn’t play the music you pay to play. This app has repeatedly blown customer and friend credits for lack of app support. If it worked it would be awesome, but I 100% dont enjoy sending in credit card payments for jukebox credits that don’t work. People are getting duped out of money for lack of app support.
Save your money for credits!
by Jjhnson138 on 2018/02/14 05:07
I’m really upset the credits are not transferable from place to place because I’m not always at a certain location and even when I pay for a song to play OR even play next..... somehow 5 more songs apparently in front of my songs that are play or play next. Seems dirty & seems rigged. Here’s 4 people at the bar right this second in which I bought credits to play a song and somehow songs keep getting thrown in front. Seems a little sketchy. This app and touch tunes should limit the amount of play nexts... completely frustrating. I’ve even bought play next Songs that haven’t played hours after I’m which I have waited for them to play. Save your money!!!!!! **review Update ** Actually after reading most of these review yes this jukebox app STEALS all your money. Expiring credits, 4 people at the bar yet 10 songs have played and I’m still waiting for my song to play!? Don’t waste your money IN the app OR at the bar at the wall juke box (touch tunes) biggest rip off EVER!!!!
Love the app
by problemchild 19642012 on 2018/03/15 16:35
The support is awesome if you have an issue they do get back to you right away. I like that. But I agree the skipping should not be aloud not when other people pay. And if you put money on this app it should go anywhere not just one place. That should be changed. You wouldn’t want your songs skipped. And ha e to keep putting money in just because u go to a different place when you already have money in it. Just saying
Cool points
by Blaker41 on 2019/04/09 04:16
This app literally transforms me into a local at any bar from Portland, OR to Denver to Atlanta to Joliet to here in San Bernardino CA!! As a trucker, I find myself in a different bar every week or so. If there's Touchtunes in the house, I know the whole bar is about to have a good night. It's never failed. Often times, by the end of the night, everyone in the bar has selected music using my phone. I'm currently in a battle with someone that I don't know yet. I'm winning😊
Not a happy user
by !?$&!?$& on 2019/03/24 18:03
Worst customer service I’ve dealt with in some time. Looking for simple help with getting logged back into my account (new phone). Tells me my email is not one connected to their app yet I’ve received hundreds of receipts from them to that very email address. Attempted multiple times to “contact us” on the app as well as sent emails. After a week, still NO RESPONSE aside from an automated one stating how important customer care is and I would be hearing from someone ASAP. Haha, no one word. I’ve spent more money than I’d like to admit w this app and this is the customer service I’ve received. Hope your experience will be better if you chose to use this app
They take credits and don’t play your song
by Shawn Alcazar on 2018/08/28 02:38
I never write a review but I just played a song and never heard it. Then one of the bartenders where I’m at did the same thing but she had a number to call since she works there.... she didn’t give me the number to call but told me it happens all the time. After witnessing this I will never use TouchTunes again. I’ve always wondered why some of my songs weren’t played and now I know why. This is B.S. I did get my credits returned but only because someone that has their number called to complain. I’m sure this has happened to me before. It’s unfortunate but I hope this helps. I won’t be using this app ever again.
App deleted
by Barfcity on 2018/05/27 16:31
I see I’m not the only one who is irritated that they spent money to hear what they wanted only to never hear it. Its retarded that when you buy so many credits, you can only use it at one place. It was half an hour after I selected a song before I realized they had a dj tucked wayyy in the back. Why don’t you inform your customers before they waste their money? Is there no communication at all between your services and the bar???? I reached out to support but to no surprise at all, I never heard back. Now I have a bunch of credits sitting at a bar that I’ll probably never go back to because I was out of town. 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻
Love. Play
by Sun luv on 2017/10/27 12:31
I really like the jukebox, especially the ability to play without being at the box. I visit various venues that house this jukebox, can’t you guys give us a break and link all venues use together? It’s pretty stupid to have to load money every time you play at a different location, it also discourages use of the jukebox. Also I would love to see more of playlist that’s on the jukebox, like the $1 play.
Recently ripped off by an app I used to love!
by ErinC83 on 2018/07/13 03:05
Bought credits, haven’t been able to use them due to unexplained technical issues, was told by customer service I was being refunded, never received it, five subsequent messages to customer service over two weeks have been ignored. Disappointed! Will dispute the charge with my bank and delete TouchTunes. Used to enjoy this app, what a shame!
$1.00 songs
by Terry bryant on 2018/12/04 22:09
It would seem to me that since these jukebox’s holds multiple songs that if a person pays a $1 for a song, then as long as the song remains in the top 2000 songs then it should be reduced to 50 cents 🤔, that way I would be willing to pay the same song on different occasions. Otherwise im limiting the amount of songs that I would pay a dollar for. I haven’t played as many songs lately because of this
Finally, use anywhere tokens!
by Let's Review on 2018/11/01 23:14
Glad to be able to use my tokens wherever I choose. Now I can afford to purchase the larger token packages, and save at least a few pennies, since they dropped the bonus token from the $5 dollar purchase pack. The 180 day limit still bites. I hope they put a cap on the number of “play me next” (limit it to like 2) plays we have to endure before we here our picks. “First come, first served” should be the rule.
So peeved!! Stealing credits!!
by Lilbittypeach on 2018/03/26 05:34
Bought a few songs with the two credit option and realized I was never going to hear them, so I spent the extra credits to hear the song via the “skip” option and then the time came for the songs to play in the order of the original purchase order and they disappeared!! Total BS!!! I want my credits back!!! This is such a thieving way to run your application!! I want to hear my songs!! I paid to play them twice!! This is ridiculous! I paid to play them twice, I should get to hear them twice!!!! Last time I buy credits and play tunes form this POS app!!!!
by Huygtfebi on 2019/01/03 07:35
This app doesn’t even let you see past the next two songs, and it makes sense because chances are your song is like 10th in line from being played. It doesn’t matter if you are the only one in the bar buying songs, the jukebox automates random to play songs to pressure you into buying the “play next” option. I bought 4 credits to play two songs and they didn’t play for over an hour. No other people bought songs, and it was very evident the juke box was playing random songs because no one cared for the songs playing.
Works Great and Now Does More
by Jocasta51 on 2019/01/06 12:24
I really enjoy this app and use it almost everywhere there is a jukebox. The newer ability to buy “everywhere” credits is awesome too. I do occasionally play a song by mistake on another jukebox in town...make sure the bartender has the jukebox you want turned on before you start buying songs. $10 for 27 credits plays about 10 songs, since most cost 2 credits.
Credits only good at one place
by Erickkk__ on 2018/02/02 02:43
When you buy credits you can only use them at the location you are checked into. So when I leave a place and I have twenty credits still I have to come back to the same location to use them AND I have to do this within 180 days otherwise they expire. This has been a waste of my money. I currently have 27 credits at 3 different places which I may never go back to making them useless. When I am buying credits they should be valid at ANY TouchTunes location. This is how many other jukebox apps work and it only makes sense.
by Itz ya boiii on 2017/11/18 06:12
This service is a joke, i played 7 songs tonight about an hour ago. I haven’t heard one of those songs come on. It’s now 1:10 am and last call is is 20 minutes, bar closes at 2. Don’t thing the 14 credits i wasted will play between that time. Lol this is a joke. Don’t pay for it through the app, just walk up to the machine.
Best app for bar hopping!!!
by Marta Lynn on 2019/04/24 02:56
This app is the BEST thing to have for going out. It’s super easy to use, convenient as hell, and you get bonus credits for using all the time! Not to mention it’s cheaper than putting money in the jukebox. You can look up your bar/restaurant and play songs. I work at Bdubs and use it all day when I want to hear something I like!
Would rate a zero if I could....
by Maaaaaann!! on 2018/08/28 02:30
WHAT A JOKE! Do not buy and if you already have this app DELETE immediately! They changed their policy of credit purchases. Used to be able to buy credits and they would play anywhere but now you can only use the credits where you bought them. Used to be a handy and one of my favorite apps. I now use AMI and only go to bars where AMI has the juke box If I end up at a TouchTunes (friends choice 🙄) bar, I tell the bartender about it and hope that enough of them push back to TouchTunes and they change back to the original way.
5 stars a hard to give out to anyone
by Jkennedy268 likes puzzles on 2018/03/22 23:08
Three stars may mean something blah to this rating, but to me it’s not bad (I never give max ratings, everything can be made better in my eyes). With that being said I really enjoy the app, hate a few things (because of other customers, but more money for you by skipping other people’s songs). I ONLY WISH THERE WAS A WAY THE SONGS NO ONE HEARS BY GREAT ARTIST THAT YOU HAVE THE OK TO PLAY THEIR MUSIC. Maybe you could have better syncing with other music playing devices. Ie my iPhone!!!!!
Got ripped off again, and again... and again.
by LakLanMan on 2018/04/01 19:56
Was sent two more mobile receipts, for $5.00 each, for a bar I was sitting in with 40 credits. I’ve only used their crooked app in two establishments and always bought in $20 increments. These guys are crooks and I believe we should start to boycott anyplace that has one of their ripoff machines. Apparently they are in financial trouble and need to steal from people.
So, If you like throwing your money away...
by Maya6940 on 2018/04/15 13:21
So, If you like throwing money away this is the perfect app for you! Between not being able to transfer credits from place to place, not being able to see what’s in Q, not hearing your songs for over 2 1/2 hours, and not being able to cancel the plays if you have to leave, I am done with this app. This is by far the worst app I’ve ever loaded that deals with money. Total scam. Only use it if the venue is empty, otherwise you may have to wait hours and hours before your plays are played.
Love this app more now than before.
by Cap'n Beefheart on 2018/11/29 00:48
The universal credits are the reason for the five star rating. I can’t even think of how much money I lost due to the credits not being used or played at places… I was about ready to give up, but this new feature has made it worth using again
Wish there were more competition in my area
by JoshuaB1980 on 2018/03/19 20:33
I love music, but I don't want another dime to go to touchtunes. My account of "international Icon" status was revoked because I was giving my bar rewards credits to other users in MY bars that I OWN and manage. If I own/manage several bars simultaneously, why wouldn't I be allowed to have multiple bar rewards? I'm making you idiots a crap ton of money every week and you revoke my account? Shame on you, I'll be looking into any other music vendors that exist or may just buy my own digital jukebox that I own.
Love this app!
by kayleebudz on 2018/02/03 23:04
This app is super easy to use. I accidentally bought credits for a different bar that I don’t go to.. so I sent them a message and they refunded me credits for those that I can use at any bar! Which I appreciate. Just make sure you’re on the bar you want to buy credits for and this app is flawless! 😉
Adapting to what your customers want
by Federico Ayala on 2018/11/10 03:26
Honestly I’m really happy that this company decided to change how they handle credit, the customers that purchase credits with TouchTunes are able to use those credits at any location now, I thought that was the biggest mistake this company made but they adapted. congrats.
Mr Soward
by Scfdfirefighter707 on 2018/11/20 13:25
If you would make edited versions of songs avalible at filtered sites that would be great. And fix the top plays list as it is not stable. The limit on how long credits are good needs to be dropped and if I buy credits they should be good everywhere. Also you need to fix some of your customers as they are making their machines $0.50-$1.00 each. This crap keeps up I might need to go into business for myself and make my stuff cheaper, better, with less BS. Been using your app for a while. And it’s starting to become crap
scam - straight up
by r+9 on 2018/12/28 05:04
Showed up at this place and jukebox was dead silent. Decided to use to the app vs pumping the box with bills. As soon as I started selecting tracks other tracks started playing. It’s been two hours and I haven’t heard anything I selected. App will tell you the x number of plays will get you access to see the entire queue (of tracks ahead you). Didn’t happen. Hit the number and then app says I need 9 more. Save your money folks and go spend it at some place with real musicians playing or at least a real jukebox.
It Kills the Experience and wastes money
by Paying Customer--- on 2019/03/16 03:15
I waited over 2 hours for my song to play. I went up to the jukebox in person, put in actual money and waited to hear my song. Apparently people “fast passed” me to play theirs first. I ended up leaving before I could hear my song play. I payed real money to use a jukebox. I downloaded this app just so I could say, this is a horrible system. I want my dollar back. Petty? Sure. Frustrating on what should be a chill night out? Definitely. Don’t prioritize your app peeps over your analogue contributors!!!
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