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meetme - Go Live, chat & meet
meetme helps you find new people nearby who share your interests and want to chat now! It’s fun, friendly, and free! Join 100+ MILLION people chatting and making new friends. It’s for all ages, all nationalities, all backgrounds — EVERYONE! So what are you waiting for? Download the best app for finding new friends to chat with! --------- What Our Members Say: "I've met people I'd never have met otherwise. And it's easy to chat with people. It just makes life a little better in my opinion." "[It's] probably one of the greatest sites... greater variety of people... everyone is at one place at one time... meeting new people." "meetme has given me the opportunity to talk to really terrific people." --------- *** #1 Social Network for Meeting New people in the US *** *** As featured on ABC News, CNN, CosmoGirl, and BusinessWeek *** --------- meetme+ Information While meetme is available for free, we also offer an optional premium subscription service called meetme+. meetme+ is available in one-month ($7.99), three-month ($17.99), and six-month ($29.99) packages. Please note that with all subscriptions: - Payment will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase. - Your subscription automatically renews for the same amount as your original subscription, unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current subscription period. - Your account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current subscription period. - You can manage your subscription and switch off auto-renewal at any time by accessing your iTunes Account Settings after purchase. - You cannot cancel the current subscription during the active subscription period. View our Terms of Service at: View our Privacy Policy at:
Nice app
by yassyassss on 2019/05/24 02:27
Nice app
by beaker567 on 2019/05/24 01:17
This app is a very good app for people who are looking for people to find friends and see where it goes but there are a lot of creeps on here so be care ful
by kenz6791 on 2019/05/23 20:40
This app is pretty great. I wish you could search by more filters or sum but it’s easy to find people near me so that’s nice
Bots and fake profiles
by Ajdin b on 2019/05/23 19:17
Bots and more bots and fake profile galore this has not changed for years absolutely garbage
by dgeeb on 2019/05/23 16:08
Love to broadcast here but many issues
by ndeuel on 2019/05/23 13:40
Haven’t been able to verify my account through email and occasionally get logged out of the app. I’ve been streaming for 4 weeks and have met so many friends and have done very well, I am at 8k fans already. My only issue is that the verification process isn’t intact and I have still not been able to verify email, which needs to be done. I keep getting logged out and in the process scared I will lose my account and all of the diamonds I earned. I hope that is fixed soon. Still have not heard back from meet me email. Still will continue using but really hope to see some security updates and more prompt customer service
by jack113211 on 2019/05/23 12:24
I love this app
by u1563b on 2019/05/23 11:15
Not enjoy this app
by jameshug on 2019/05/23 10:16
I wasn’t saying anything that was inappropriate. People who don’t like your opinion that THEY asked for , will report you. I had a guy threaten to report me if I didn’t show him my private parts. Good bye, I collected a list of your sponsors and will REPORT YOU , just as unfairly as you allowed me to be reported.
Drains Battery super quickly, site is otherwise hit or miss
by Kieran CB on 2019/05/23 06:43
I often travel between the middle of nowhere and the NYC metropolitan area. Around NYC there were about 10 fake profiles to every real one, but in the middle of nowhere everyone was generally real. Other than the hit or miss nature of these type of sites, the main gripe I have with this app is that it drains your battery life far too fast. Within 3 minutes of usage my battery will have easily dropped 5-10% or even more.
Notification bug
by JMcIntyre3 on 2019/05/23 05:56
***One thing that I keep noticing is that even though I’ve open my messages and close the app, there is still the red badge on the app saying I have a notification. So I have to open the app and close it again to make it go away. Please fix Still having the same problem. Hasn’t been fixed in the last 10 or so updates that have rolled out.
by kaylime19 on 2019/05/23 02:57
No one to contact when I have questions. Unable to purchase credits on my valid debit card. Can’t go live from my Laptop. Fix these problems.
by 🤷🏽‍♂️👌🏽 on 2019/05/23 02:21
So so so so many fake profiles I like the app but it could be better ..also when i open the app each tab for example the inbox page takes long to load up I have to close the app and restart it a few times for it to pop up .... But the app could be a tiny bit better
by Iloveamyg on 2019/05/22 19:42
Kool place to meet good people
Needs work
by broncosmamma on 2019/05/22 19:31
It’s a great app but so many people are on here looking for a hook up more then possibly a relationship or even friendship, and people should read others “info” before they send a message
by tangue0000 on 2019/05/22 18:49
Like this app
Not worth the annoyances
by Trippy4Life110 on 2019/05/22 16:27
App is full of fake bots and girls trying to scam and make money selling nudes it’s actually pretty gross.
by Aa620012 on 2019/05/22 16:08
Poderia melhor, ter mais controle com pornografias,
by CultCash on 2019/05/22 15:59
Great way to meet new people
by ceej4000 on 2019/05/22 15:32
Lots of bots you need to get rid of
by mogan c on 2019/05/22 14:57
But few good returns
Is good👍
by pefo10 on 2019/05/22 13:40
Quick response when sending messages
by manad19 on 2019/05/22 13:31
It’s fun!!
Great website
by Hopefully1 on 2019/05/22 13:09
Always have enjoyed this site. Liked the layout, have met some nice ppl here. Now lately customer support couldn't help me. Could not gain access to the website, kept on asking for my phone number. Got tired after the 4th time
Non transgender friendly app!
by micca alexandria on 2019/05/22 10:16
You see I started on here when I identified as male. As of 2 years ago I came out as female. I wanted to change my gender on the app but it doesn’t seem like there’s any option for it which can be inconvenient especially when I keep getting guys that have no idea even tho it’s told in the info. I’d give this a better rating once this option is available otherwise I don’t really care for it :/
by 503Fernandez on 2019/05/22 08:21
It’s good but it should be easier to earn free coins
by black cat on 2019/05/22 07:49
Keep getting hit on by guys an I’m straight really hate that not gay men an get hit on by them
by scottyking23 on 2019/05/22 07:40
To date or not to date?
by Mosliest on 2019/05/22 07:18
I’ve had my fair share of social media chatting apps, and by far this one was my favorite, yet still lacking. I get that people come to these apps when they’re lonely or in need of a quick date/hookup, but there’s tinder and all that right? Wrong. Any app that includes just taking to another human being is deemed a dating app. So I’ve recently moved to this town and thought maybe I could use this app to find nearby people to hangout with. I set up my profile with clear interests in only chatting and making friends seeing as I’m married. Unfortunately I got a lot of harassment and ugly disgusting comments thrown my way just because “I’m a dumb (🙄🙄) who knows better than to get on dating apps looking for friends”. And so on and so forth. Many times I get harassed to the point of just blocking them but they find their way back to me though another account just to bash me for being in the app and not interested in meeting them. This is quite terrifying seeing as they’re in my same city. I wish there was a clearer more helpful way to find people that are JUST here for chatting to separate them from the people that are wanting to date. Yes, there are tags but I’m resizing it’s not quite enough. Enjoyable app besides that problem. 🤷🏻‍♀️
Unable to log in
by TabbyStarr on 2019/05/22 04:14
It kicked me out of the app then wouldn't let me log back in, a few hours later it lets me log in but wants me to verify my number, but it tells me my number is invalid. This isn't the first time this has happened. UPDATE: It happened again, I'm locked out. Y'all always tell me to contact you but I very rarely get a response back .
Met someone I’m interested in
by Clynn_911 on 2019/05/22 03:02
One person I’m interested in. A few or There a few who might i my May be interested in. Funny most don’t read my profile my profile which is depressing. Actually Its depressing I get profiles from outside of Denver.
Deleting Issues
by bonnycash on 2019/05/22 02:00
i’ve made 3 separate accounts on here and theyve all been deleted and im not even notified why??? i just want to know what it is so i wont keep being deleted. each time lasted no more than 3 days, one lasted less than an hour. when i get logged out i ask to be sent an email and don’t receive anything, i hope from now on i can at least get a response or be notified that my account is being removed so i dont waste my time attempting over and over again to get the right password. not only that but it seems like it doesnt take much to be reported. maybe make it less easy to be removed on there?
by kruthr on 2019/05/21 23:44
Pretty much every other account on her is a spam account
by Ash Kep on 2019/05/21 22:11
It’s aight.
Not enough customization for free users.
by Mizter J on 2019/05/21 21:47
Not enough customization for free users and not worth paying for. Too few locals.
by Jojo Skittlez on 2019/05/21 21:25
I give this app a 5 star simply because...i get the funniest replies and the dumbest people all the time. Love seeing what people bring to the table
by Coltens_mommy on 2019/05/21 20:53
I can’t get into my account and it will NOT send me my confirmation code. I’ve put in my email thousands of times and I still get nothing. So what can I do next??
by Soloking2 on 2019/05/21 19:16
This site was okay at first but it’s horrible. Half the people on this site are either fake or trying to sell their nudes photos. This is the worst app ever made. Try and find decent people is literally the worst thing out there.
No me deja regístrame
by NPT78 on 2019/05/21 19:02
No me deja registrar
Nigerians and spam
by spam city on 2019/05/21 18:50
Nothing here but Nigerians scammers and spam for porn. Waste. Unless your looking for a tranny
Nice App
by Izygroupies on 2019/05/21 15:27
Nice App but, I got blocked, dunno why.... I clicked on forget password but they are telling me that my password is invalid, of which I connected via my Facebook and didn’t use any password whatsoever. So I’m stocked! Help out!
Very good live app
by Adema133 on 2019/05/21 06:47
I love it the people actually like to talk
Take off admire
by Matchbook romance on 2019/05/21 05:58
Too many notifications to go through on those “you have an admirer thing”
Meet me
by bthweatt on 2019/05/21 05:23
I really like this app is easy to meet people and make good friends
Meet me
by alrightwhatever on 2019/05/21 05:19
Great way to meet new people
The best
by steevy_vybz on 2019/05/21 03:20
The best on live videos
by LJlit on 2019/05/21 01:44
Good gonja
by jass0o0o on 2019/05/21 01:37
Review for MeetMe
by Jordan0696 on 2019/05/20 23:35
Wish there was less bots and people selling drugs. Otherwise app isn't too awful.
Terrible App
by Funboomer on 2019/05/20 23:00
It’s overrun with scammers and hookers looking for money. People that look legit don’t respond to chat requests.
Good app
by AnimeSlut0967 on 2019/05/20 20:06
Pretty much a good app not as many weirdos that I’ve met on here anyways
Pretty Good
by mzlettelette on 2019/05/20 13:13
Only complaint I have is you can’t search for people by name.
Great to meet people
by cody mck o on 2019/05/20 12:59
Wish you didn’t have to pay for the upgraded version though...
Good app for new friends
by brandhorn on 2019/05/20 12:05
There seems to be a lot of robots
Try it out
by Monkey D. James on 2019/05/20 11:59
Love it
by lovemekiah on 2019/05/20 11:16
Very nice people on here
It’s okay
by putalabing on 2019/05/20 11:11
A lot of bots on this app
by Lumanorca on 2019/05/20 11:01
This App is a waste of time. I used by 3 months. When I was starting to get new friends. The app was closed suddenly. Without reason or explanation. Don’t waste your time and money
by nicknite9 on 2019/05/20 08:21
by MiaLaPatrona93 on 2019/05/20 07:31
Great app
by cfcdhsuxjds on 2019/05/20 07:09
It is amazing
App is crashing
by thomasday101 on 2019/05/20 06:19
Knee knee and SKOUT been crashing for the last two weeks you need to fix these apps like you don’t hear anything are you going to person live and I’m just tired of These apps keep crashing please fix it
This app is so buggy it’s almost a feature
by That guy with iStuff on 2019/05/20 04:46
Love it
by zacharyb20 on 2019/05/20 03:35
Love it
by MissSarah95 on 2019/05/20 03:09
It wont download
Fake Profiles
by Kingrocky1 on 2019/05/20 02:47
There are a lot of fake profiles that want you to go to other sites
by ....434 on 2019/05/20 02:40
I had meet me and it kicked me out and wouldn’t let me log back in this the 4th time it did that
MeetMe review
by kara1232 on 2019/05/20 02:19
Uhm I was logged into it and it logged me out and when I put my info back in it doesn’t want to log me back in y’all need to fix the app or sum cuz I didn’t do wrong
Para ligar
by Skull spirit on 2019/05/20 02:17
Muy bueno
by Kauaikid775 on 2019/05/20 02:14
Majority of profiles are fake
by queenatheart98 on 2019/05/20 02:06
I met my husband on this app. I love it. Also made some great friends on here.
by tmac22891 on 2019/05/19 23:46
Not enough real people
by Elmo191 on 2019/05/19 23:32
Best app ever not only a time killer but u also meet new ppl
by no names to pick so oh well on 2019/05/19 22:33
Once again. They think my email I wrong/password. When I try to make a new one they never send a link. When I email them they never respond. Don’t waste your time
Fake accounts galore
by Mrcnspots on 2019/05/19 22:15
So many fake accounts, but those are easy to weed out. The issue is the harassment. This is suppose to be a place where different lifestyles can go to meet. We were harassed countless times saying we are disgusting and need jesus. We never contacted these people but even after blocking they still found a way to message us. Worst experience of our lives. Made us really not want to use any app at all. Back to the only way that truly works.
Fun while it lasted
by Mara_Lilim on 2019/05/19 21:51
Updated review Decided to give MeetMe another chance. I am having a couple issues with bugs. When someone sends me a message it’ll send it multiple times for no reason and it keeps showing me that I have unread chats despite me reading all of them. I also wish there was a way to hide the live stream bar that appears in the messages section. Despite MeetMe having rules against sexual content I have seen some pretty suggestive thumbnails for the lives (one was literally a user showing her breasts). I also got threatened by another user because I told him I wasn’t into his gross pedo fetish. He blocked me before I had a chance to report him which for some reason wiped the chat clean that had the threatening message. There’s still no option to pick from different sexualities or gender. You’re only able to pick male or female along with gay, straight or bisexual for orientation. Other than that, I’ve had no other issues though I really do wish you could hide lives since it’s really just a bunch of people who think they are special snowflakes begging for money.
Good app but frustrating
by Samlw0528 on 2019/05/19 21:45
I love this app but it’s highly frustrating when it won’t let me upload any pictures but one no matter how much I try.
by Yo Robby on 2019/05/19 17:50
My pictures I just downloaded aren’t showing up on my page
Love it 🔥
by funnygotit on 2019/05/19 17:24
Love the app 🔥‼️
by bec4azn on 2019/05/19 16:52
Takes to much battery life, plus a lot of fake profiles
Rose Horror
by rosehorror on 2019/05/19 16:42
Love it !
by RaincloudRainbow on 2019/05/19 16:05
You guys remove my account and I had 12 K diamonds you guys stated that I was doing inappropriate things on live but I wasnt people were coming in my life in my box doing like inappropriate things and every time the did so I removed them I don’t respect you guys removing my account I have been a user since it was my yearbook and this is how I get treated.
by rvf239 on 2019/05/19 15:23
Never seen so many fake profiles in my life. Then if you try to talk to someone who seems real, they never read your message. What an awful site this is.
by Bobodjshsfocisnsjalci on 2019/05/19 13:38
The verify phone number process is not working for me, it keeps telling me my number is invalid.
Don’t waste your time
by SnoCross_85 on 2019/05/19 13:03
I’ve had this app when it used to be called ‘ myyearbook ‘ since than, it has went down hill!! So many fake profiles. When you report those profiles, they keep coming back. Do yourself a favor and don’t download this app...
Waste of my time
by Toyotagirl365 on 2019/05/19 11:24
I hate this app it freezes up, then it will go black and completely come out of the app. Very frustrating
c l u n k y
by hamberder tyme on 2019/05/19 07:47
you guys really need to give the ui an overhaul. buggy af. s l o w s down ur phone. double sends messages. plz fix it
No gay, ok?
by Wildcatform82 on 2019/05/19 07:42
I noticed at times o get nothing but dudes. It really freaks me out when I click on matches and all men!
by nsndndnejje on 2019/05/19 05:29
Top Badge Holly got popular because her uncle is the creator and she exposed her body on her first lives
Full of scammers
by dont sign up for meetme on 2019/05/19 05:14
This site use to be great when it was My Yearbook meet some great guy and a couple are still friends, but this site has gone down hill, there are a lot of scammers on the site and men who treat the site as a meat market looking for hookups. They now have a live chat feature this is for the hookers and the ladies trying to get people to the sex sites. Before I left a few months ago my profile got hacked 3 times in 3 days and and their site claimed that my valid cell phone number was not valid but yet the scammers use google voice and are approved.
by manske81 on 2019/05/19 05:07
This site is nothing but fake scammers spammers lying cheating people
The one
by RUFF NECK on 2019/05/19 03:25
It’s sickening
Lovely app
by Magentamarauder on 2019/05/19 03:24
Lovely app.
by Business Man 88 on 2019/05/19 02:25
I have enjoy meeting new people from meet me.
by daddy chava on 2019/05/19 00:50
Like it
Nice app
by cypo FC on 2019/05/18 20:52
Nice place to people, keep it up 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽
No flakes no fakes only cake
by antthegreat96 on 2019/05/18 19:44
Legit site, met a lot of new people.
Nice app just alot of fake
by boy sweet. on 2019/05/18 18:59
Very nice app just alot of fake members you need to work on that
by deathstar110100 on 2019/05/18 18:36
People could be nicer but it’s a great way to meet new people
Bots and Ridiculousness
by Timothy Hamilton on 2019/02/19 23:43
I have had this app for quite a few years and instead of making it better through nice features like the watch me or live stream service, it has gotten progressively worse. I don’t normally write reviews. Like ever this is probably my third one ever. This app while being a nice way to connect and find people with similar interests, it’s completely ruined by most of the users abusing these features. There are many people from all across the world who badger, threaten and all around just make it not fun to converse with other due to the massive amounts of people looking for sexual interactions or plainly bullying other users and no actions are never taken. Then there is the bot problems. So many bots send “Hi!” Repeatedly until you block them. Low and behold another one pops up soon after. If it is not these randomly generated bots then you will receive the ones that are depicting people of older ages looking for “sugar babies” who then give you fake automated kik accounts and try to pursue your credit/debit card information. They will also try to give you a fake tracking phone number which is also unsafe. Lastly like I’ve stated before the live streaming service, while a neat feature, it tends to be people who for whatever reason have random problems with people or are for the most part just sitting there to be attractive trying to have people send them money or “Diamonds.” It used to be a very nice app but is now a dusted road of what used to be.
To date or not to date?
by Mosliest on 2019/05/22 07:18
I’ve had my fair share of social media chatting apps, and by far this one was my favorite, yet still lacking. I get that people come to these apps when they’re lonely or in need of a quick date/hookup, but there’s tinder and all that right? Wrong. Any app that includes just taking to another human being is deemed a dating app. So I’ve recently moved to this town and thought maybe I could use this app to find nearby people to hangout with. I set up my profile with clear interests in only chatting and making friends seeing as I’m married. Unfortunately I got a lot of harassment and ugly disgusting comments thrown my way just because “I’m a dumb (🙄🙄) who knows better than to get on dating apps looking for friends”. And so on and so forth. Many times I get harassed to the point of just blocking them but they find their way back to me though another account just to bash me for being in the app and not interested in meeting them. This is quite terrifying seeing as they’re in my same city. I wish there was a clearer more helpful way to find people that are JUST here for chatting to separate them from the people that are wanting to date. Yes, there are tags but I’m resizing it’s not quite enough. Enjoyable app besides that problem. 🤷🏻‍♀️
Not what it used to be.
by trevgrad08 on 2019/01/09 03:24
I’m not one for horrible reviews, but I feel something needs to be said. I’ve been an avid meetme user since it was formally myyearbook. After the name was changed to meetme, the site hasn’t been the same. Meetme used to be great! At one point it was a hot topic and was very popular, but just like everything else, it’s changed. I’m not sure if the developers are aware about this issue, but the fake accounts and spammers have got to stop! It’s become worse since meetme merged with skout. But skout is the same way. Nothing but spam accounts. This site and pretty much every other dating/social media site out there is nothing what it used to be. It used to be enjoyable, it’s nothing but enjoyable anymore. The only reason why I still have these accounts is because it’s a form of connection with other people, but it’s been nothing but fake accounts. I’m writing a review here simply because, I have tried to attempt to contact support personnel with various sites about this issue, including skout and I never receive a response, nor is nothing done to correct the issue. I would love to give input on how you could make sites like these better, but that’s nearly impossible when you can’t even get the right person to talk to that will step up and do something about it. It’s sad how much these sites have changed these days!
by MR BRAVE (TOP STREAMER) on 2018/05/26 23:09
I have been using meetme since it was my year book. I have met plenty of friends off this app and they became my true life friends. As a person that’s been using this app for a long time i have seen a lot of negativity on it from people that trolls people and look for attention. From people that scams people. People that are fake in everything. But that doesn’t mean everyone on the app is fake. This app truly helps a lot of people with their real life drama and headaches and it gives the a better way to explore their minds. I have even witnessed people that were trying to commit a suicide but I personally and others helped them from not doing that and they become our friends till today. Meetme is just an app like every other app that starts new and fresh but by time passing by they work on making it better and better and better and they have being making it even better than it used to be before. I’ll rate this app 5+ ⭐️s because the team is really working hard to make it a safe and joyful app to hangout on when you have free time.
💜 Don’t take it for granted. 💙
by Natalee Sizemore on 2018/05/27 03:01
I took this app for granted, I didn’t realize it could actually change my life. I messed around on it at first just talking to people, it would usually be those little chats that never go anywhere. Give everyone a chance because one day I got on to just block people / to see how my page was doing and I didn’t know it then but I got a completely normal message from someone that changed my life and showed me what true love was. I know it sounds sappy but I just can’t believe I met him off this app. I gave up so many times and deleted the app and my profile. I had my last profile for only a couple of days before he messaged me. I talked to 3 other guys and 1 of a week and the other 2 for a couple of months. I didn’t think it would ever workout of me and anyone. I’m a bigger girl and no one ever was interested in me in person. I love my man with all my heart and just so you know it can really happy my name on Facebook is Natalee Sizemore. My man and I have been together for almost 7 months and I know he’s the one.
by BombxKat on 2018/05/17 04:34
I’ve been on the app for over 2 months now and all I want to do is have a nice conversation and maybe find a friend. Maybe even more than a friend but don’t ever expect a reply. You know what I’m somewhere between a 5 and an 8. I’m definitely not the best looking guy on the planet but even the women on the sight who look like they have a missing chromosome won’t bother replying even if they read your message and it’s the apps fault. And now you can’t even view their whole photo album without paying the app to do so even if the account isn’t private. The only ones who bother messaging you will ask you to kik them so they can have a bot link you their nasty sex cams so you can give them money, it’s just trash. The app forces you to judge people at first glance and they promote that type of interaction by making you play this stupid guessing game to find out who liked your profile. It’s trash, everyone on it is trash, everyone on there is either fake or has unrealistic expectations and everyone is so pretentious they can’t even respond or look at your profile to see what kind of a person you really are and it’s the apps fault. Don’t get this app. Especially if your looking for date, even if it’s just for sex. And especially don’t get it if you’re lonely.
Too many shady people on here
by XxCL0UDxX1990 on 2018/01/30 14:38
I had met someone on this app and we had been talking for a while and they asked to Skype and I agreed. So while we’re Skyping she wasn’t talking but rather typing things to me and suggested we both get naked for each other on camera. So I foolishly agreed, well right after that everything changed. They proceeded to tell me they they knew all of my information and that they recorded the whole Skype video call and they proceeded to show me they had created a fake Facebook account based on mine and basically was black mailing me and extorting me for money because they told me they were planning on sending it to all my friends and family if I didn’t send them $500 over PayPal. I refused and deleted and blocked them everywhere and even had to change my password for everything! Also even though they did send the video to all of my friends knew it wasn’t me and the reported the fake page to Facebook, which thankfully was taken down. Between this and meeting a girl that lived one town over from me that started out sweet but quickly became a jerk and basically lied to me about being single and only used me for money, I will never use this app again because obviously the creators don’t maintain it and allow anyone on here!
Its good but too much
by fuuckniwmakksb on 2018/07/22 04:36
Ive used this app for two years now and i have met alot of people on it but a lot of scammers and a lot of people not my age (20) and not having a option where you can select who can and can not message you. I have had that problem a lot where someone has multiple accounts and spams me and its 3-5 times my age. Its creepy to get messages from 35+ people and having to block them every time. It also shouldnt be listed as a dating app because people use it like they do facebook. I wish that it was more like other dating aps and sites i have used but those had alot of flaws. I also suggest that if someone is going to pay to be boosted and put first and ad free that there was more to paying each month for it. I barely use it because it takes so much data when i do use it. I mean it takes a long time for it to load and sometimes when a lot of people are on at once its so slow that i dont even bother trying to give someone my number, also on that with facebook. I wish that using facebook to long in would be more secure so people cant find you right away on facebbok. I dont know about anyone else but having creepy old men facebook stalk you and try to message you is creepy.
by Shyguy1 on 2018/04/15 18:34
I will say this app experience. Luckily it screens all photos so nothing explicit will get to you, which is probably why so many people list or ask for other apps to be used in their chats. Still though, you will receive many “offers” and be annoyed almost constantly unless you can maintain a low profile, which they do have a few settings to help with that. Occasionally, you’ll meet someone nice to talk with so it gets points for that. However, just today when I was chatting with one of those rare people it stopped sending my messages, showing a failed message each time. And to make matters worse it stopped showing any of their messages and won’t give me a way to contact them. When I try to report the problem on the app, I get more error messages. Took a lot of work just to get on a site that would be able to send a message to the developers that wasn’t blocked by my security software. And I don’t even have a confirmation email that they received it. So now I am unable to talk with someone I liked, don’t know why or how the problem was caused, and don’t know when or if it will be fixed. But hey, if you’re just in this for you know what, you might enjoy this app.
by Rikurox21 on 2018/03/27 20:37
Alright. I’ve had experience with this app a couple years ago, then I got bored and deleted it. I stayed away for two years, came back, and nothing has changed, except the people. This isn’t the problem, as, well, people change. The problem I have with this app is the ‘Matches’ tab. Going in here is weird because you have 3 more tabs in there labeled ‘Meet’, ‘Admires’ and ‘Matches’. The one I will talk about is the ‘Admires’ tab and how trash this installment is. Basically it’s a nice idea that needs some major work. (In fact this whole app does). Anyway. Upon tapping the ‘Admires’ tab, it will give you an option of 20 people, and you have 5 guesses as to which one ‘Admires’ you. For the first few times, it was all well and good, but then it got to the point where I couldn’t go an hour without getting an ‘Admirer’. After a few times I noticed a pattern, THEY WERE ALL THE SAME PERSON IN THE PICTURE. And to make matters worse a few times more THEy HAD THE SAME NAME. I don’t think I’ll go back into this app, until recent positive reviews start popping up. There is potential to make this app great, however. Staff at MeetMe, clean up or throw it away. Thank you.
Meetme is predatory and dangerous app.
by Lolapop143 on 2019/03/11 04:30
I have been on and off meetme for years. Why? Because every time I make an account it gets deleted when I turn down sexual advances or solicitations from random men. It takes one report of me being “fake” for my entire account to be deleted. No questions asked. Unless it comes to reporting underage girls. Meetme is a mixture of sexually charged perverts and young girls being preyed on. There is no lack of prostitution or other illegal activity on this app and nothing is done about it. I have reached out through every possible way to express my concerns and they have gone unanswered. It’s a shame bc there are good things about the site for people who choose to meet people online. Again though the second anyone doesn’t submit to a sexual desire or pushes back at all, their account gets deleted indefinitely. I have found my pictures used on the site as catfish accounts as well right after my account has been deleted. Which of course is unsettling. Something is really shady about this app/site and like I said it all goes unanswered by the creators. I would stay away from this app all together. It screams prostitution, drugs, and human trafficking.
What's going on??
by Fehiber on 2018/05/21 04:12
Yes you need to keep working on this app with matches and admires. I been having this app for 1 year if not more. Everything was going fine. Into my profile was deleted. I just couldn’t log in. It kept saying this “account can’t log in try another time.” Then I try it 3 days later. nothing. Same problem. Can’t log in. I gave up, created a new account. Now I can’t post pictures. How I’m going to meet people if I can’t upload pics to my profile!? How? Don’t really care about the other thing that you guys gotta fix but, if someone can’t even upload pictures. I feel like you guys have a good success with this app but, you guys barely do any changes. It seems like you guys don’t want to keep improving your app. Or seem like you guys don’t care at this point because I can’t even upload pictures. Please fix this problem, this is a great app to meet people near your area and it’s fun but you have to keep improving it before your app is gone.
The worst customer service ever.
by hmmm.that guy on 2019/04/30 06:29
The only thing slower then these CSR’S on this app is a sloth. This is the worst customer service I’ve ever had, and I’ve been to the Nevada DMV. If your a first time customer here you probably won’t have issues. I recently came back to use the MeetMe App, when I tried to login it would not let me, I then proceeded to try to do a change password for the account are used previously, no change of password email ever sent to original email. So I had thought well long time no use maybe account is completely gone and I need to create a new one. Went to create a new one and was told I could not have multiple accounts, associated with same phone number, no account name from last email address. I have contacted the Mimi service support team several times going on five times to be exact. No response no show of concern for the customer and still cannot use app. After several frustrating attempts and no help given by technical support team, I have rated this app one store and in line to change my rating even after waiting so long, if only they were to fix this issue so I can actually use the app.
2nd time major annoyance
by TeppanHage on 2019/02/18 08:14
Recently, for the SECOND time, I created account only to be randomly logged out after a while of usage. When I attempt to log in, it says my password is incorrect (which isn’t true). So the only resort is to use the reset password link right? Well when I use that, the email hits my inbox hours/days later, and when I try to reset my password it says the thing is expired. Trying to reset password now doesn’t even send the email to my inbox anymore.. which is extremely beyond frustrating, considering that you don’t have access to your profile with YOUR pic. It’s even more frustrating that this whole thing I described has happened twice. And it’s a deal breaker that these people didn’t respond to my complaint. MeetMe was good in the past I can confirm. If this was 2013 I’d give it a 5 star because I met a ex gf through MM at that time. Now, It seems like it’s being run by some thugs. I do not recommend. “Staff” is pathetic and doesn’t reply or take serious the complaint you send. Find something else, I’ve met 3 women on tinder in the past and have absolutely never had my account there hijacked.
Almost had 80k diamonds and they logged me out.
by 💦(rip) queen_kim💦 on 2018/11/22 02:06
This app is very much a new age social media. The live feature is what I utilized mostly while Being on here. I spent a large majority of my time on live in hope of reaching to the top. That is up until I had around 78k in diamonds and they logged me out and when I tried creating new passwords as mentioned it did not allow me to renter in to my account. This is the 4th time happening to me on this site, as soon as they see you becoming popular they delete you off in efforts of you not reaching the 80k which is when there suppose to give you a cash prize. As cool as it was to be on live they are very much liars , cheaters and thieves!!😡 , there countless amounts of emails I sent them and still yet no reply. Not only was my time wasted but I lost a lot of friends from around the world that I can no longer speak too. I have also spoke to top livers who said there is no way to fix the problem because the meetme team doesn’t answer anyone regarding this issue in which MANY people end of having.I would not recommend this app at all! Unless they reach out to me regarding this issue.
Efficient App for People of the LGBT Community!
by alextyran2 on 2018/09/26 20:06
I haven’t had any problems with this app that I normally wouldn’t have with any other social media. There’s the great and there’s the bad! I love this app because there is a bunch of people you can choose from and talk with! Granted some girls on here are dry/strippers/prostitutes/etc but those are everywhere and I won’t blame the app for the certain people using it. Of all the apps I’ve used, I’ve been a long time user of MeetMe for the longest! (almost two years!) HER,Badoo,POF,Tinder,Bumble,Clover,Skout,etc are all trash. Being apart of the LGBT community, this app is definitely the Lesbian HangOut of Meeting apps. They have a diverse lgbt community following on this app. Matter fact, the biggest of all meeting apps I’ve ever been on. (Except for HER, but HER is 18+) Great for teens and there is a way you can censor out all the negative/pervs of the app in which I can definitely appreciate! 5 STARS KEEP UP THE WORK!
Curiosity didn’t kill the cat
by amano itsaonno on 2019/03/01 02:17
I downloaded this app early February 2017 when I moved over seas to South America to meet new faces with similar interests as me. Having no clue how to speak Spanish fluently I looked for someone who had some knowledge of English. Low and behold 2 weeks within using the app, I accidentally get a recommendation of a guy who supposedly was in my city but instead the app hadn’t updated to his current hometown which was 8 hours away (driving). Well, long story short, after being cautious yet still curious and finally 6 months later of only writing to the guy we finally met and months later officially dated. We’re together almost 2 solid years now. I really wonder it would’ve been impossible to run into an amazing guy like him hadn’t it been for this app. I know it sound ridic and we may just have had our luck, but it’s worth a try if you’re that serious !
Be careful
by hellabigafro on 2018/04/24 17:02
I met a great guy on here we dated for half a year. Everything was great in the beginning like every other relationship but slowly realized he only wanted me because he was bored and probably just wanted attention! He ended up cheating on me but denied every claim but changed on me and acted just like a cheater did. I was never looking for a relationship on here in the first place just a few people to talk to when I’m bored ya know? I’m sure a lot of people do that but if you’re looking for a honest relationship! Make sure you wait a very long time before you two start dating. A lot of people on here are just LOOKING FOR ATTENTION!!! No relationships. Which is fine but if you are looking for one make sure they’re genuine and honest with their words!!!! You can definitely meet people on here no doubt! But make sure they’re actually looking for relationship not attention.
Not the ideal app for dating
by HelloTiffanyJ on 2017/12/30 03:16
I’ve been using MeetMe ever since they were “MyYearBook” and it has gone downhill. First let’s get to the app details. I make sure to use this app while my phone is charging, it eats up battery life like crazy! And it also makes my phone overheat. It’s laggy and the ads can be very annoying. Now, if you enjoy getting random nude pics sent to you, profiles with fake pictures (catfish), only interested in hookups...then this is the app for you! You can get all of the above, the minute you sign up. Sure, I’ve met a couple of people who ended up being good friends, but it took to long to find. The block button is my best friend on the app. You must have the patience to tolerate the messy community that within MeetMe. I don’t recommend this app for minors, too many creeps and things you can’t unsee! I would like to make a suggestion for meetme, and that is to have a photo verification so it will be easier to distinguish who is a catfish and who is not.
So frustrating
by A Proud Saiyan on 2018/07/07 08:09
I’ve been a long time user on here, probably going on 2 years, and I have got to say there could be a ton of improvements. For one, almost no one replies or attempts to hold a solid conversation. Then there’s all the fake bot accounts, which I got to hand it too them, are pretty convincing. It just gets annoying after a while when you have multiple bots sending you the same messages ( “Hi!”). The other thing that drives me crazy about this app is the ads. Oh my god, I can’t even finish typing a sentence before an ad automatically pops up and interrupts. Not just once though, sometimes it’s multiple pop ups while I’m still trying to type. Also the app is called “Meet Me” and I can honestly say over these past 2 years I’ve maybe met 2 people in person. This is ridiculous and the people who are running this should go back to the drawing board and figure this out. To any new or anybody thinking about downloading, I highly recommend thinking twice before downloading.
It could be worse....
by Sincerely Sabrina on 2018/10/09 14:52
I’ve had MeetMe on and off ever since it was MyYearbook. Honestly, it’s went downhill more and more ever since they changed the name. The only reason I come back to it is because it’s free and I enjoy making friends. The past year or two when my account isn’t being paid for with a monthly subscription my account has to get verified and my phone number never seems to work for some reason so I have to email support. Like I’ve deleted my entire account because it happened on a weekly basis in the past when fake profiles and people trying to prostitute themselves never seem to get deleted or anything. Their is a lot of hate speech, trolling, unwanted pictures, and so on. You’ll find a few decent people to befriend or something more on this website, but mostly it’s people wanting money, wanting sex, or poly couples. It’s harder to find people who are just wanting friends or a real committed relationship. Also be careful because internet stalkers are horrible on MeetMe..
by Kelsmote on 2017/12/02 03:20
Have never had any issues with running the app until the last few weeks. Running the most up to date IOS on my iPhone, IOS 11.1.2 and the Meet me app is very, very glitchy when I try to tap on the “meet” button and 90% of the time won’t even load any people on that page and just keep acting like it’s loading in. Occasionally it will load people in, scrolling Is very laggy on the page when it does load and if I click on someone and then click the back button to browse some more it glitches and loads forever again. App does not need updated in my App Store, everything is up to date. It’s so laggy I never use meet me anymore and refuse to because of how slow and laggy is it for me and my phone gets super hot if I try to load it for too long. Please fix this y’all! 😩
Changed my life
by Gdouble07 on 2019/02/19 18:57
I got this app maybe a few years ago to meet new people. (I was never a social person and didn’t get out much). I chatted with a few guys but it never lasted long as i alway lost interest. & then i matched with this guy who was super attractive, so attractive i thought he was a fake account so i kinda ignored him for a bit lol since i wasn’t responding to his messages on the app he found me on Facebook, Instagram& Snapchat sounds stalkerish but I’m glad he did) once i saw he was legit i replied to his messages and we started talking. We eventually decided to meet up for coffee and the rest is history. Years later we’re married, own a house and have a 1 yr old son together. And to think i almost let him get away! But yeah thanks to this app i met the love of my life, now husband and father to my child ❤️ crazy how life works.
Change my mind.
by ratlansj on 2018/06/10 03:56
I do like chatting with people...but it tends to get very boring very quickly.I dislike the fact that you have to get “popularity” for the views you get...I mean it’s fun to see how many people like you based off looks..but there’s things that make people have low self esteem because they don’t get views... and if you want people to view your page or photo you have to pay cash to just “BOOST” yourself, I feel like this app does not fit for children or any one who is 16 or younger...the why for this is that some people are perverts and it seems like I mostly got perverted text messages from random people..they are disrespectful...and they only want sex and if it’s love they become too obsessed and become weird little creeps..THIS APP NEEDS TO BE DELETED but I don’t know how any other kids feels about it..or at least put the age limit to 17+ and I’m saying for real..don’t have us fool to get this app and than when we actually sign up on your app and get 13 & up...stick with the rules lady
Hit or Miss
by Ahdpwbxwnckashvwbz on 2017/10/10 00:37
I’ve definitely met some scum bag people on this app. People that have used me, only wanted sex, etc etc. And of course there are a lot of predators but that’s gonna be anywhere you go. Just gotta use your common sense. Also, yeah there’s a lot of marijuana users but i’ve never ran across someone that did heavier. You can usually tell the difference. Also, in the live chats you cannot post or write inappropriate things or your account will be deleted immediately, so i wouldn’t be too concerned about that. Now, you might be wondering why i gave it 4 stars, that’s because i’ve met my future husband on this app. Never knew him before he messaged me. And he’s sweet and loving and i couldn’t imagine myself with someone else. I want him to be the father of my children. So maybe i just got lucky, or maybe this is a decent app, but either way i thank them for bringing us together. :)
User since Myyearbook
by Elizzybear93 on 2018/08/10 02:29
I have been a user since myyearbook and while yes this is a great place to meet people, it got rid of all the things that made it original. It instead has tried to mimic Instagram and Facebook rather than being its own forum. With that being said, the tag system, which while borrowed from Instagram, is vey clever. It’s nice to see different peoples political views around the world or in your city. However, I feel that if they’re going to have these tags, they need to have more. For instance, there isn’t one that is specifically for vegans but there is for gearheads. Both are passionate about what they do. I would love to meet more vegans in my area. It’s a problem I’m actively struggling in. I would love to see meetme make more connections with like minded people such as being vegan or a cross dresser. We need that kind of connection if they’re going to offer everything else.
by nttocs on 2018/11/17 04:30
This isn’t from personal experience but it’s from what I’ve heard from other people: This app used to be fun now it has become very dangerous. I used to meet a lot of people (friendly and real people) on the app however the terms and conditions have changed and it has become boring and I don’t get messages as much (possibly because of the way I look). I’d also like to mention how much of a risk this app is and how no matter how much the app is trying to put a stop to spam accounts, they aren’t trying hard enough. This innocent app has now become a scam. Not just an ordinary scam but a scary and uncomfortable scam that could make you feel uneasy and uncomfortable as you go on through life as it will keep you thinking in the back of your mind if you’re safe to walk outside without being watched. This app is also a way to easily become a victim of blackmail too. So with that being said, this app is not worth your time and stay as far away from it as you can.
Nice dating app
by Albert0708👌 on 2019/01/05 19:40
I love this app so much a friend actually introduced me to this app at first I was skeptical cos of the so much online scam going on nowadays but I finally found someone who’s chemistry matches mine and now we are getting more acquainted. Except for the fact that I was continuously being locked out of my account which looks like I was actually being blocked by the site and i had to keep creating new account before I finally found the woman I am with now please you guys should fix that and quit blocking people unknowingly from their accounts, it hurts. Imagine talking to someone who you just met on the app only for you to notice you have been automatically locked out or blocked it’s disheartening so you guys better work in that.
by Yolee Polee :-D on 2017/09/02 13:43
I've been a member for 4 years. I'm accepting friend requests just this morning and all of a sudden I get kicked out. I go to log back on and I can't get in. No notice was received on whether or not my account has been deleted. They just sent me an email to reset my password. I reset it four times and I still can't get into my account. I keep getting invalid account messages. This is four years of pictures on my profile! For years of friends gone! I've had my ups and downs with this app but this by far takes the cake. Customer service? Where? I even went on the desktop website to figure out who to contact about my problem and there's no tab for that. Unbelievable. I miss my friends already!
Just like every app
by cfiliatrault on 2018/08/13 07:10
This app is just like any other one you would see out there. Not much of a difference. There’s weird creeps only looking for sex no matter the age of the person on the app and even if you respectively decline them then you’re trash and they threaten your life. 99% of the people I’ve talked to do one of three things. They send me a nude vulgar picture, want sex and threaten my life, or actually start a half way decent conversation then yes to be friends with benefits and then when you say no it’s again with the life threatening. So just your run of the mill sh!* show. There’s no way to make friends. The only reason I rated it 5 stars is because I’d like people to possibly see my review before downloading. My real rate is a half of a star.
S. C. A. M.
by Swag Masta 3O0O on 2018/01/13 11:02
THIS APP IS A SCAM. STEER AWAY. I bought credits on this app, thinking i would actually get some followers, fans, or anything from spending my real dollars on an app. Not only did i not get any messages / interest during the time i was ‘boosted’ (what the app references to) but MeetMe took it upon themselves to remove ALL my photos on my profile, and as a consequence for my pictures apparently ‘not following guidelines’ resulted in them taking away all the credits i had YET to use also. So not only did i not get anything from the app, my photos were removed, and my credits stolen without any word from Support , or an email in regards to what happened. Just logged on, and everything was gone. Talk about walking into your house and it being empty.. In turn, i sent 2 emails to MeetMe customer service explaining my frustrations and asking for me $15 to be refunded as there was no service provided with money i spent, and now going on the 3rd week, still no word from their support team. I already contacted If you’ve been scammed by this app : Contact Apple about the issue ; I got my funds back in 72 hours of contacting them. REAL service. Contact your bank to make sure they know to NEVER allow/authorize this scamming app to take funds from you again. If this app could get negative stars, it would be to the maximum. Better suggestions : Yubo, Tinder, Yellow Pages, AddMe+, Houseparty.
by Bloopandstoppp1 on 2017/09/09 00:11
To be honest I don't like this app. It's out of control. It's like Facebook meets tinder. It's very uncomfortable. You do have the options to turn your profile to private and make it so people can't send you nudes. Aka unsolicited pics. But it's scary because people, (especially men) can be very verbally aggressive and it almost makes you scared to go back on. It's almost like a drug/sex trafficking site. It should basically be called "Hook up" or "attack me". Because that's literally what 90% of the people want/do. I think that the Meetme app should definitely update their security and privacy. Because it's dangerous to have that much of an unsafe app. The "live" action is not okay because it's like promoting sexual violence. It's like a live porn site. Which would be fine if it was meant for that. But it's not. It's supposed to be where people meet and form relationships. Romantically or platonically. Which is certainly not the case here. Plus there's always people posting about how they're suicidal or how they're doing drugs or want to do drugs with someone. I'm truly surprised that authorities haven't investigated this site. If you want to find a good and healthy relationship, don't go on meetme. It's toxic and straight out scary. I hate to say it but even tinder is safer and less toxic than this app. I will never recommend this app to anyone. Please be careful. Don't download. Be safe.
Account deleting
by Yuyouyo on 2018/12/22 12:48
This app has deleted two of my accounts. The first time it happened I was on live I was doing nothing but chatting with a couple people when the live shuts down and closes the app, I open the app back up and it signs me out. I try to log back in but it tells me my user or password is incorrect. I then try to change my password, but it still doesn't I later find out that deleted my account so I email them asking why my account was deleted they email me back maybe a week later saying "your account was deleted because of violation of terms of service" I ask " what did I do to violate terms of service?" No reply. So I later sign into my second account and maybe a year later they delete it too! So today I decided to run a test by signing up using the same email. And it worked. How is this possible? When they deleted my very first account I wasn't able to sign up with the same email.
Absolutely Terrible
by LucysInferno on 2018/07/31 06:57
Conversations are not private... at all. The company has actual favorites so if you attempt to use meetme to stream just remember that If your trying to build your fan base you can “sell” your premium snap chat for their currency ♦️but if you send a fan your PayPal info they will kick you off line and then your app will no longer work correctly. (I have every right to sell my intellectual property) and they are making a pretty penny off their members when they give virtual “gifts” the pay back is very minor .... I have been kicked off on more than one occasion and now my app will not allow me to view my own messages until I provide the company with my phone number... you already have my email why do you need that. They don’t. I guarantee Meetme will not last they do not support freedom of speech or the privacy of its members so I suggest not sending any “uncensored” images through its messaging system. Good luck chuck
Not like it use to be.
by ACCR12 on 2019/03/01 13:25
I’ve been using MeetMe for around 10 years now (so since it was called MyYearbook). MyYearbook was great! I connected with a bunch of new friends and even met my now husband there. My husband’s work makes us move a lot so I’ve kept my profile (off and on) to try and make new friends in the new places we go, which was fairly easy using the app, until they changed so much about the site/app. They removed nearly anything that was meant for making just friends! It has become a site for perverts looking for a quick hook up or photos, spam, and people asking for money. It’s very disappointing seeing as there seems to not be a place to make NEW friends not just connect with your current ones (because, let’s be real, who adds/talks to random people on Facebook?) I would really like to see the app to go back to the way it was!
Great app don’t want to have to stop using it
by Cadrinth on 2018/08/04 07:23
As far as the app goes I love it. It’s got its issues but what app doesn’t. As long as your careful and keep an eye out for weird people which would be on any app similar to this one. The only problem I have faced with app happened about an hour ago, all the sudden I was logged out of my account and my password no longer works. So to put it plain and simple I was hacked. I love this app being able to have a direct line of contact to the developers/anyone running the app would be greatly appreciated for those who need help out of situations like these. Other than that no complaints here it would just be nice to have my account back 😣.
Flawed but has potential...
by ShaiRikard on 2018/01/27 15:21
I would have given this 4 solid stars if it weren't for the horrible Ads and their placements. Ads make this a not so smooth app;they are placed all over the app(in very inconvenient places), sometimes I end up pressing one without even meaning to! The ads also make it lag nonstop, and I mean NONSTOP. If you get this app, keep in mind that you are going to be pressing Ads even if you don't want to. Another thing, if you're only getting this app to make friends--make sure to check your settings and switch the Match option off. MeetMe automatically includes you in the dating proportion, so you have to turn this option off. P.S HOPEFULLY MeetMe will read this review and understand that their app is unenjoyable with all the ads. Other than that, there is good potential.
Very active.. Very laggy
by (((:Amberrr on 2018/01/01 23:27
Cool app! People started connecting with me and reaching out right away. You can tell that it’s very relationship-based. Although I put on my profile settings that I was strictly looking to chat and make friends, I’ve had about 98% of the people who reached out to me, try to make moves. Everyone can tell every single time you look at their profile, read their messages, if you’re active, etc. I wish there were a free way to be stealthier on the app. 😂 It’s also insanely laggy. It’ll take a few seconds for it to switch through pictures, and it’s so hard to type because it’ll pause for a few seconds between letters being typed. Other than that, it’s really cool and I’ll continue to use it!
The app seems as if it’s still in beta.
by JayeDeeh on 2017/11/23 00:47
There’s not one day where I don’t experience some kind of lag when using the app on my iPhone. This is not a problem when using it on my iPad though. This app needs a lot of work because it also heats up my phone. The lag is the worst part because it gets to the point where it’s almost unusable. You can’t type anything through messages or comments without experiencing a 2 second delay. I’d understand if I had an old phone but I do not and I’ve seen other people complain about the lag on several occasions. I don’t know if it has to do with the “live” feature or not since there is no such feature on the iPad version and that one runs smoothly. Another huge problem is all the fake profiles that are on this app. Way more than real ones. I’ve met decent people on here but the experience is ruined by the fore mentioned problems.
Where MeetMe fails it’s users
by hedmaster9000 on 2019/02/11 16:29
We as users want to be able to experience a way to talk to other real users so that we can interact. This interaction with multiple users allows us to grow to a maturity and base level of relationship knowledge to make the connection that is going to last a lifetime. All that I have found for years of using MeetMe, since it was on my computer at home on my yearbook, is that fake profiles are continuously using up the users time and destroying what chance that individual has on having that real conversation. I know that this dating app has a strong network of individuals who use it and have the ability to take more practical steps to stop these users at their source then to report them as spam. I would like to see a change to see a more real life user base then the fake profile that never end.
Meet me is a great app!!!
by Bryan Richard on 2019/02/15 16:12
I enjoy this app. I’m recently divorced and living alone and I have met a lot of good people here!Of course it’s all women but you like to talk with different women and have a good decent time doing that. I like the fact that if it’s someone who you don’t care for you can block them. A lot of women on here are just asking for money so I block them. Some of the women are prostituting their self so I can just block them and stop that. Most women are pretty nice and open about their selves and they don’t push you to do anything they are looking for a good decent man to talk with and I like that! I’m pleased that I chose this app for visiting with people! Thank you very much for this app!
by Rebecca10365 on 2019/04/14 17:03
Someone can report you just cause they are mad you didn’t want to talk and the app will kick you out. It’s so annoying. I told this guy I wasn’t interested cause he’s old enough to be my dads dad and he got mad and reported me and the app kicked me out for a whole day. And the next day someone go mad cause I told them I wouldn’t hang out with them in a sketchy part of town and they reported me and I’m currently kicked out. I was having a great conversation with someone and if the app won’t let me back in then I just lost what would’ve been a great friend. Hate this app sometimes. I don’t recommend using it unless you want to constantly get kicked out of your account, talk to creeps and spams. I use to use this app all the time with no problem but this app is now trash. I hope I don’t lose my account so I can at least text some of my friends my number so we can chat that way instead.
It’s ok
by hillbillibob0615 on 2018/07/17 06:36
This app is ok... not terrible nor great. The problem I have is that with admires there are to May fake accounts that says to add them on Kik. One more thing is that when I use this app my phone tends to heat up and kill my battery!!! I don’t know why but it’s only with this app! I thought it was because it was using my location but then I realized I use other apps with “use my location while app use only” and they don’t heat up and kill my battery!! Idk I find it strange that it’s only with this app. But everything else is too (: meeting new people is fun... I read other reviews and they blame the app and when they do that they also talk about how girls don’t talk to them and how they they are ugly but not too ugly, it’s just dumb haha (:
It’s cool but haters can get report your account and you will be deleted
by JeneneG9 on 2018/02/12 03:07
It is way too easy for people to get kicked off of here without doing absolutely anything wrong you can follow all of the guidelines and people can report your page and you would just be kicked off losing all of your diamonds and everything else! It happened to me and it was for no reason I did absolutely nothing wrong! I like the app but for some reason people can easily get you clicked off so if they just hating on you; you can lose everything and that needs to be changed because it is highly unfair to people who have gained popularity on the app!
MeetMe vs scout
by 12nv:) on 2018/05/29 22:49
Meetme had the ability to multitask during live, which is appreciated. But there are some issues with video Latency and quality. There is some dropping in signal every now and then along with some freezing. I think it’s confusing to merge scout and MeetMe because when I try to accept chats or get accepted for chats between the two it’s not being sent or received being that they are two separate apps. There are a lot of bots on here promoting kik accounts and that’s a big annoyance. I think those whole auto ban on text isn’t very appealing because it defeats the the purposing of having bouncers. We are all practically adults and should manage our own live feeds and decide our own filters in chat. So it makes no sense for an app to be a verbal guardian of any sorts.
To many bots
by Killed by giant chiken on 2018/11/12 19:02
First off there are way to many bots, so much so that I don’t even use the match game because 90% of the matches are bots. And I’m always getting messages from bots, really not fun. Also can we not show that someone has meet me+ it kinda steers people away from the profile, makes them look like a try hard, if they want to pay for a subscription let them do it in peace haha. Last but not least, can we pleaseee do something about the “locals near me”, seriously, the nearest person to me in 4 hours away, and with that occasional person who’s only a 45 minute drive from me. 😂 I know for a fact you make enough money on this app to make it a great dating/friend app, so let’s see its potential not this sad excuse for a dating app. The bots have to go.🤣🤣
by Hope Robinson on 2018/07/07 17:46
So, as many people have said, this app needs work. And yes, it does. It needs work with accessibility for blind users like myself. When I'm using the app, yes, I can work around it, but I can't view the chat history within a chat because my phone won't read the chat history, just a random number. This use to work, though it doesn't anymore. And, the live feature. Seriously? I can't even close out of a live stream to join another if I wish, or respond to a chat because when I double tap, nothing happens. So I have to close the app and reopen it again for this to work. So, yes, great idea, but your accessibility needs work. As I said before, I use to be able to read the chat history just fine, but of course, you guys broke it.
Meet my wife Lol.
by IkuHentai on 2017/10/30 04:54
Honestly I probably just got lucky. But there is a bunch of spam bots. It seems like most of the people on here where people that where too ugly to get any hook ups on tinder. But a girl messaged me and I thought it was just a spam bot. Cause she only had two pics of herself and she was pretty hot. We started talking and we ended up going on a date. She ended up actually looking way better than in her pictures. And we went on a couple dates. And now we’ve been married for two years. So I’m pretty happy. She’s a full time model now does a bunch of photo shoots. So I’m pretty happy I downloaded the app honestly. But I might if just gotten lucky.
Really bad app if you wanna find someone that isn’t a friend
by iTz A Scrubx xbox on 2019/04/24 14:13
If you live in the Tennessee area specifically Knoxville you will be met with a horde of single mothers looking for men to take care and help or a bunch or really over weight women (I mean if that’s your thing it’s a plus right?) lots of jail bait mixed with a few widows. Single women in the area are a hot commodity. Side not I forgot to mention all the “open relationships” you’ll be running into along with dodging ads and a general feeling of you wasting your time I’m gonna rate this a 5 star so you might actually see this and not waste roughly a week on here like I did if you feel the same rate 1 star and delete ASAP
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