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meetme - Go Live, chat & meet
meetme helps you find new people nearby who share your interests and want to chat now! It’s fun, friendly, and free! Join 100+ MILLION people chatting and making new friends. So what are you waiting for? Download the best app for finding new friends to chat with! --------- What Our Members Say: "I've met people I'd never have met otherwise. And it's easy to chat with people. It just makes life a little better in my opinion." "[It's] probably one of the greatest sites... greater variety of people... everyone is at one place at one time... meeting new people." "meetme has given me the opportunity to talk to really terrific people." --------- meetme+ Information While meetme is available for free, we also offer an optional premium subscription service called meetme+. meetme+ is available in one-month ($7.99), three-month ($17.99), and six-month ($29.99) packages. Please note that with all subscriptions: - Payment will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase. - Your subscription automatically renews for the same amount as your original subscription, unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current subscription period. - Your account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current subscription period. - You can manage your subscription and switch off auto-renewal at any time by accessing your iTunes Account Settings after purchase. - You cannot cancel the current subscription during the active subscription period. View our Terms of Service at: View our Privacy Policy at:
Cannot log back in
by etbdwuwwd on 2020/08/03 02:42
I have been using the app for 2 days. Today I just randomly got logged out and can’t log back in no matter what.
Fix the app
by papipapitony on 2020/08/03 00:39
Fix the app so that the signal could atleast be decent
Can’t reset my password
by RyetheKitty on 2020/08/02 23:08
I got kicked out of my account while using the app. Ever since then I can not get an email to reset my password. I got a page of the app saying put in your old password then a new one to reset. How can I reset if I don’t remember my old password.
Pegasus The Nemesis
by PegasusTheNemesis on 2020/08/02 07:59
I’ve been streaming on this platform for quite sometime. I’ve only had one other issue with resetting my password/verification, but tonight has been very annoying trying to video verify only to get endless error messages. How do we go about fixing this issue? Your app is non compliant yet gives a 72 hr deletion warning if we do not complete the verification. People spend their hard earned money while interacting. I feel cheated & scammed.
Verify account
by km11287 on 2020/08/02 04:37
I went to go use the app, and it wanted me to verify my account for some reason, I don’t remember my old password though. Kinda wish I didn’t have to do this.
by nareliz on 2020/08/02 00:53
For hours, I been trying to verify my account and it says confirm but when it goes back it says error, then it stays on the verified page. Can you fix this soon, my account might get deleted
Fake Profiles
by PepysToy90 on 2020/08/01 14:11
I know it’s hard but there are sooooo many fake profiles
Account problems
by keshishi on 2020/08/01 04:45
I recently made an account On this app just 3 days ago, as I was talking to a friend on this app. I was logged out without any warning. I tried to log back it repeatedly claimed that my password is invalid. I believe someone reported me and now nothing! At this point I’d rather have my account deleted from this app as well. I’ve tried contacting the support team since then, NO RESPONSE.
Keeps removing features
by yesman1232 on 2020/08/01 03:24
Meetme keeps removing features that make it stand out from other dating sites. I miss the days when this was myyearbook (those where the good old days
Can’t log in
by Vita93 on 2020/07/31 23:34
They have deleted 3 account. No inappropriate pictures no cursing and I get deleted. Not only can I not log in...but when I click on forgot password (which I did not) it won’t send me a code to change it. 🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️ I waiting on a respond to help me fix the problem. It better not take days.
Delete account
by Sweetheartkindxoxo on 2020/07/31 23:03
Been trying to delete my account, but for some reason it keeps telling me to sign back in to delete the account.
by crffe on 2020/07/31 22:42
Hey my account just got hacked
Name change from meetme to scam me
by Just be Honest 🤷‍♂️ on 2020/07/31 21:29
Nothing but fake profiles and scammers. The real girls are just here to promote their nasty fansonly pages. Please don’t download this app. Let’s get it taken off the store tbh.
Suddenly deleted my account
by taiisha87 on 2020/07/31 19:22
It was great until they locked me out for suspicious activity and I have emailed support multiple times and no response. The did not even give a reason. Very disappointed . It asked me to cry then says and error has occurred but no one responds
MeetMe ruined itself
by anormalpug on 2020/07/31 18:33
The discussion tab was the only good feature on this app. They should bring it back. If I want to watch streams I’ll go to twitch.
Tried and tried
by ggbabeeee on 2020/07/31 17:02
I had this app and successfully used it for 24 hours before I was booted out and unable to log in again. It keeps requesting I verify. I tried more than ten times. Can’t even create a new account.
Be careful Ladies Lots SCAMMERS!!!
by Babe1235 on 2020/07/31 14:46
There are lots of scammers saying they are military men whose names are Jonathan Voss and Michael Woods and I am pretty sure you will find more.... be super careful! They pretend being dating with you for long time ... very gentleman sweet and caring . They call you every day... like they really are interested in you... please ladies be CAREFULLY !!! Very bad website to find somebody or date!
by BonnieBunnyxoxo on 2020/07/31 12:40
This app is trash. It’s a “dating” and “hookup” app but you can’t even show a little bit of butt or cleavage. But it’s completely okay for men to sexually harass you and/or say horrible things to you when you politely reject them.
App just gets worse
by dziner05 on 2020/07/31 10:18
I've been using this app for 10+ years. At the beginning I really liked it. But now, for whatever reason, they removed the timeline/discussion feature. That's what set it apart from other "dating" apps. You could make friends or find dates. Now it's a 100% dating app, and a bad one at that! I hate the live video thing, and I hate that they've butchered a really good, popular app. I'm just going to remove it from my phone. It's useless.
Bring back discuss tab please!!
by gbc1306 on 2020/07/31 06:02
Discuss was literally the best thing this app had going for it. I’ve been on here since the MyYearbook days and this app/site just consistently goes downhill. Listen to the reviews and what your users want and please give us the discuss tab back. We don’t wanna watch live-streams, we wanna post and view statuses.
Don’t get this app!
by JT⚰️ on 2020/07/31 03:16
Honestly, I’ve tried to uses this app for YEARS and it gives me nothing but trouble. It always logs me out and then says I can’t log back in so I have to make another account and explain to people why there’s multiple accounts with my name and photos on the app. Don’t get me started on support, it doesn’t exist. I’m extremely disappointed and annoyed.
by Eli_9_ on 2020/07/31 00:32
No me deja entrar a mi cuenta en la app IOS. Por favor pueden verificar cuál es el problema, gracias.
Logged out
by deezo6 on 2020/07/31 00:27
I was logged out every time I made a account and did nothing wrong at all
Stop “fixing” what’s not broke
by LokitaMali on 2020/07/30 19:27
I’ve had this app forever since my yearbook days but this is ridiculous I got banned from the app for having my Snapchat on my bio. Why can’t y’all stop changing what isn’t broken like Live when it 1st started it was so much better than it is now and what is up with these wack ass top badges. I’m so done with this app.
Worst Dating App!
by Stormslayerx1998 on 2020/07/30 16:16
This by far the worst dating app none of the people in it respect themselves or care to be honest all the girls I have chatted with since I have been on here have either wanted something explicit or wanted money and the people who run the app don’t care. Every dating app should have a background check and a system to detect who will follow the guidelines and be respectful and honest and also to determine the real user from fake users.
not good enough
by shako96 on 2020/07/30 13:46
it’s just wasting your time and everything is fake
by riddolion on 2020/07/30 07:06
Very nice site
I do not recommend
by Kitty cookie. 11 on 2020/07/30 04:39
It showed my exact location, not cool!!! That’s how people can get hurt, please get rid of that, thank you
It says suspicious activity
by quebeiendbdkdj on 2020/07/30 02:57
It locked me out of my account and said there was suspicious activity so I needed to reset my password. I proceed to do this 3 times and I still couldn’t get back in my account.
It’s ok but they removed key features
by kmoe3207 on 2020/07/30 02:13
I like the app but the fact that they removed like the “discussion” feature and that was the best feature and now you can’t post status sometimes it’s buggy and there are a crap ton of scammers here of they bring the status and discussion back then it would be better but other than that naw
It won’t let me sign up
by ben molino on 2020/07/30 00:59
I’ve tried signing up but it said I typed in the wrong information I kept using the same stuff and I know I was typing it in right please help me
by xman1294 on 2020/07/30 00:52
This app all of a sudden took a dive downhill. No more feed or discuss, like how do you meet new people anymore on here. Completely unsatisfied
I use to like the app.
by carryonkasie on 2020/07/29 23:09
I use to like MeetMe. I don’t remember why I downloaded it, I think it was me and my best friend being young and stupid. But I got a message telling me to log in because of suspicious act and I went on there to check. It’s telling me to “Verify my account.” But when I follow the verification steps, it won’t let me back into it even though I know my information is correct and that I’m following the verification process correctly. On top of that, I know for a fact the email I was using for the account was correct, but when I tried to reset the password and send an email for verification to get back into my account, nothing happened. I never got any emails. It’s getting very frustrating. I just want to fix this so I can go in and figure out what happened and delete the account.
Nothing but thirsty ass people on here
by LolxPawnsx on 2020/07/29 18:12
It’s either going to be men hitting women up for nudes & sending them random dick pics or some busted ass how trying to sell herself. Lots of trannies on here selling themselves as well, this site has basically become the hotspot for sexual criminals. Lots of pedos and lots of fake accounts.
Used to love this app
by thefinestknown on 2020/07/29 09:48
This app has deactivated my account even if I make new ones with different emails or name they take down my page for no reason I used to use it in 2016 when it was good now it’s ridiculously irritatingly takes down all of my pages
Loads of spam
by The goddamn devil on 2020/07/29 04:16
All it is is a bunch of people probably computers wantingYou to go onto a completely different website no real people
Bad update? Bug?
by boom11c on 2020/07/29 02:40
Used to enjoy this app and made friends, but now there’s no news feed?
Flagged for no reason.
by princessSarah23 on 2020/07/29 02:33
I got flagged on this app for no reason, never got an email telling me that my account got flagged and now I have to verify that it’s my account. And it wont let me change my password. Please fix this issue. Thanks!
Can’t get into my account
by Franky420jay on 2020/07/29 02:02
Can’t get into my account and when tap reset password and says sent me code but never get a code go have resend but never get a code and still can’t get in can’t reset the password Officially done gave up on meetme just gnna delete it since can’t get into it
Don’t do it
by Naniibaee on 2020/07/28 21:57
Absolutely horrible app to many bugs and issues and the people are just disrespectful
by sidcole96 on 2020/07/28 21:04
90% of the guys on here just ask for nudes or to hook up. I hardly ever find any respectful on here. I literally have a guy tell me that I’m not worth much and I should lower my standards because I put in my bio that I didn’t want hookups and won’t answer demeaning comments.
Delete my profile please
by Angela Kirkes on 2020/07/28 20:26
Someone else had access to my phone and set this up, I’ve tried deactivating it but I don’t know what email or what she used to set this up, please delete this! I’ve wrote y’all many many times you still haven’t deleted this! Angie 56 years old Norman, ok that’s what she put and I deleted my 2 pictures she put on there!!!!!!
unable to create an account
by shsghwjevhdbjdje on 2020/07/28 19:52
i couldn’t even sign up
Great Value IG
by ploilatina on 2020/07/28 14:42
The lowest of the low hang out on this site.
Terrible app
by mellaosrs on 2020/07/28 14:34
I’ve been logged out of my accounts countless of times because I’m simply not interested in the people that text me so they report me when I leave them on seen. So many men are sending me nudes or bullying me on this app. This app is terrible don’t use it. There’s so much weirdos and grown men wanting sugar babies this app is a waste of time you will definitely not find love here
by noonescaredofajeffery on 2020/07/28 13:30
Lamest app ever
Can u still cash out diamonds?
by maheei80 on 2020/07/28 08:32
Can u still cash out diamonds?
by Dsquad47 on 2020/07/28 07:42
It sent me into this never ending password reset verification
by Mangumbsm on 2020/07/28 07:34
not letting me put any pic on
Hollow shell of a great app
by SameShitNewDay on 2020/07/28 05:38
I once loved MeetMe, I grew up on myyearbook and it helped me in some ways deal with my social awkwardness by being able to talk to strangers and slowly develop friendships. Today it’s a husk if it’s formal self. It completely shut down the social media aspect of statuses and meeting local people. It’s essentially just a softcore cam site at this point. MeetMe, you truly had something great and with each move manage to destroy it more and more. Bring back the stuff people actually care about, stop being greedy, and bring back the conversation.
by stubzpanda on 2020/07/28 04:29
Out of nowhere I was told there was suspicious activity did The Who verify and is being told my password is wrong still no word from anyone insane
by Fuzzycat06 on 2020/07/28 02:49
Every other day it keeps trying to verify me and won’t let me on it. It takes me days to try to get through again. When it finally works it works OK until it goes down again and then it’s no good
Log in issue
by Mcccccmrmuffins c: on 2020/07/28 02:18
Can’t log in meetme support you really need to handle this.
Dates forever
by leesmsg on 2020/07/27 22:06
Great site MeetMe always delivers !!!!
by irfdgaf on 2020/07/27 21:55
This is my favorite app to go live on an the people are so nice lol, there’s been a bug recently tho. i’m not able to varify myself because the app just freezes
Spam and fakes
by Grunt3089 on 2020/07/27 20:59
The app is almost entirely fake bot accounts just phishing and trying to promote crappy businesses that are probably scams. The Live chat can be entertaining, but pretty pointless; just narcissists stroking their egos. This is like the Walmart of apps.
terrible app, full of bots
by nasty man96 on 2020/07/27 12:27
no real content to it lots of bots tryna scam or rob you hard to identify and initiate conversations with real users no clear distinction between tran and cis genders
by Maricelaaa_m on 2020/07/27 11:39
There is a lot of underage guys there !
by jkr2697 on 2020/07/27 11:02
Removed the discuss feature and now there isn’t much appeal to the app. Could care less about the stream feature they want to force down your throat
Trouble logging in now !
by ShayRosaa 👑 on 2020/07/27 10:29
I just downloaded this app and it was going so well until I was logged out of my account for no reason.. Why does this happen ? Do people report your page or something ?
What happened?
by Akira Andrews on 2020/07/27 07:57
I met my wonderful soulmate here and I’m forever grateful for that. I decided I wanted to go back again so I can search my friends I’ve left behind only to make another account because I couldn’t retrieve my old email back. I created another account only to hear they removed the search. How in the hell am I supposed to find my old friends now? I could’ve sworn the search engine was there three months ago. I’m sure the lives generate money but I miss the days when you can actually see other people’s statuses and pictures, it was one of the few apps I felt comfortable at the time.
Crazy embedded bots
by MathHertz on 2020/07/27 06:46
Seems that this app is not really used across the country. Almost feels like profiles are staged by only a small group of people however using emoji tagging and other applications now that open source licensing is now accessible. Essentially without any verification for age location or facial mapping, the app targets low self esteem clients with little to zero understanding of coding C+++, or postmodernism. The app then creates a system of loops of “Live” streams performing with other “guests” that are in truth merely other ambitious employees. This helps create the illusion of a strong community that helps perpetuate the lies of the brand. In conclusion I think the app is nothing more than a group of people that are baiting S.O’s .
by parreebsbdfvg on 2020/07/27 04:30
Guys Will get hounded by fake porn profiles like 10 a day
Too many Bots
by Aframe2314 on 2020/07/27 04:15
So many bots takes the joy away
Log in issue
by mjellybean33 on 2020/07/27 01:11
This app was working just fine till this evening I went to open it to check a message from a friend and it had logged me out an now won’t let me log in says invalid password or username yet the app icon on my phone is showing 10 notifications
You will get banned over the slightest reason
by Imthatbitcharabia101 on 2020/07/27 00:25
I’m a female, I’ve met a lot of people off this app. This app is very fun , I love going on live , this app is very active and everyone engages however they randomly deleted my account. This app has deleted my account multiple times , I always had to make a new account but this time it will not allow me to make a new account and I’m so upset because I really do love this app I just wish it would stop deleting my account. Now I can’t even go back on the app since it won’t even let me make a new account!!!!
No news feed...
by COZZA FRENZY on 2020/07/26 20:39
I used to use this app a bunch... now there is no news feed/discussion feed... the is basically useless now...
Too many changes ruined the app
by Jerry9812763465 on 2020/07/26 20:24
Meetme used to have a really nice discussion feature that was useful for finding people to talk to with common interests. A couple months ago they decided to get rid of it to make room for new features that have to do with the new streaming feature they added, but that makes no sense because people get this app because they want a social media app and not a streaming app. It was already a very subpar social media app and it’s only getting worse now that they’re removing features that make their social media app a social media app. I guess if you want an app that’s similar to periscope, but is flooded with scammers and has micro transactions, then you’re stupid and you might enjoy Meetme. Lastly I must say that as of writing this, I am unable to access any streams. I click on them and it tells me something went wrong and to try a different stream. It really says a lot that the Meetme staff removed features so they can focus all their attention on the streaming, but it doesn’t even work. It’s too bad I don’t still have fun stuff to keep me entertained, like the discussion feed, while the streaming is broken so I don’t lose all interest in the app.
Got banned for no reason
by Theredrumbaby on 2020/07/26 18:56
The issue is Literally what the title says. Dont download this horribly made app
Privacy and Monetization alert
by Pcendeavorsny on 2020/07/26 17:59
The first thing at the gate was an advertisement that made it like I was walking into a casino. privacy settings default to share your information with multiple other websites taking control out of your hands. This appears to be just a part of a suite of apps used to divert and match people across APIs. Disingenuous.
Terrible bots everywhere
by rickandmorty72 on 2020/07/26 13:51
I reinstalled this hopeing y’all had fixed ur issues but you haven’t the match system is full of nothing but porn site bots you need beter admins to combat this probelm
Bring the feed back
by sotostee on 2020/07/26 13:31
Can’t access the feed when I click on the tab to open up the feed it just says you haven’t made a post yet! Make one to access the feed And then I make a post and rinse and repeat Your app has too many bugs! Fix em!!
by SpiderMan8o5 on 2020/07/26 09:00
Don’t even bother with this app. Nothing but bots
Dating tips
by M2Krose on 2020/07/26 05:34
I think almost all apps should educate men how to socialize and proper etiquette to talk to women it’s almost all the problems with all apps, not for sex if that isn’t what their looking for. It makes the APP look terribly bad.
Got to meet new friends and cool ppl 🙏🏽🙏🏽
by fboy2music on 2020/07/26 03:13
Thanks for thanks
Worst app
by Ace_ 1078 on 2020/07/26 02:30
Worst app out there 90% is all spam
by Katv16 on 2020/07/25 23:27
Bring back the is so boring with out it.
Long time user. Can’t log in.
by treytreydynamo on 2020/07/25 22:39
Hi, I’ve used MeetMe for years, always loved it. Recently, I was logged out of my account and now I get an error message whenever I try to log back in. I’ve contacted MeetMe support, but have received NO response. Help? Thank you.
Nice app love it
by wtplove on 2020/07/25 21:18
Hey can we add decus back on there
by Maryuchiha on 2020/07/25 19:53
Used to be a really good app I mingled with a lot of people but there was recent update or whatever and now the entire “discuss” feed is gone and I can no longer mingle with people who have common interests as me now I get more creeps then ever and I find the app not useful anymore.. was a fun couple of years but the recent update really killed the app for me
Always locking me out!!!!
by lolchic2144 on 2020/07/25 19:34
I’ve had this app for a while now and I’ve had no problems until recently. It continues to log me out and lock me out of my account, I know they do it for security reasons but you continue to lock out the real people on the app rather than all the bots that are actually on. And on top of that they don’t even acknowledge/ respond to emails or complaints and it’s very frustrating because there’s not a lot of ways to get through to customer support.
by disgruntled mann on 2020/07/25 14:17
So many things in this app are so broken. Pictures being sent isn’t working. Logging in on different phones doesn’t work. This app is falling apart.
by too bad its so sad on 2020/07/25 09:19
Chatted with a few men my age but I find it’s mostly young men and men from countries I have no idea where they are and I taught social studies my whole career!!! Lol.
Don’t download
by blues4th on 2020/07/25 04:57
One of the worst dating apps you can ever get, I’ve been spammed by bots and fake accounts since I downloaded it, don’t waste your time or money on this thing
Why can I not verify my account?
by heksnsbsnajansbah on 2020/07/25 04:31
This is absurd. Why am I unable to log into my account?? Verify with my face that I’m a real person... uhm, I go live.. is that not real enough for you??
by 🤪🍃😈 on 2020/07/25 04:10
Why I can’t see other people statuses? I was able to see them few weeks ago and now I don’t see anyone post.. can you guys fix it???
by jgfbjygnjgdbjivbh on 2020/07/25 00:14
Every one is fake even writing this it’s not showing any thing I’m writing it barely works drains my phone’s battery super fast this is the worst app on the planet I’d be very surprised if this one star even makes it to the review board. Don’t waste your time I wouldn’t even give it a star actually would be like minus 10 stars for how garbage this app is.
Nothing But BOTS
by OnehundredTenPercenf on 2020/07/24 17:59
This app has changed from 2018... There were a lot of bots then too but, now in 2020 there no real human users just straight bots who annoyingly message you about their fake sex apps. It’s terrible.
Bot fest
by zacksdivk on 2020/07/24 17:39
Full of bots
Waste of time
by Chandeler96938 on 2020/07/24 16:44
Unfortunately there is more fake/spam profiles than real profiles.
Lots of fake people on this app
by officerz on 2020/07/24 12:13
Lots of fake people on this app
Not so good app
by stephenk315 on 2020/07/24 10:31
It keeps taking down my account for no reason
log in
by sharris663 on 2020/07/24 05:04
So i cant log in or change my password?
Locked out of meetme
by Matthew Nelson @ on 2020/07/24 04:54
Logged me out and now I cannot get into my account or even make a new one!
by black_ninja90 on 2020/07/24 03:17
I never had an issue with this app, it’s how I met my fiancé but since we tried looking for a third all I get is too many bots now. This used to be a good app but if bots gonna be the biggest issue then I’m going to somewhere else like this is ridiculous!
Slow and too many adverts
by stargirl1s on 2020/07/24 00:00
The app seems a bit too slow, tends to reload too often. And way too many adverts and redirecting
by Gamw Cheats on 2020/07/23 22:57
More than the majority of women on this app are fake accounts. One out of 1000 people I chat with will say hi and then send an adult website for hook ups. And when you do find a woman who will chat with you and it’s not a fake account. For whatever reason these women will just stop chatting with you and won’t want to meet you even though they like you. Or they say they like you. I believe the majority of men and women on this app are here for the sole purpose of doing that video chat date thing. Or they’re here for a popularity contest. They are not here to do what the app was designed to do and that’s to help singles find their other person. If I could give a rating of zero stars I would.
Too many ads
by $$$ GANGSTA $$$ on 2020/07/23 18:36
Used to love the app until they added intrusive ads everywhere, uninstalled immediately.
by Great+100 on 2020/07/23 08:08
MeetMe friends section problem
by Alex Tatar on 2020/04/22 02:52
This app is great I have had this app for more than a couple years I have never really found the right person on this app though but the issue I’m having and I’m hoping somebody can tell me what’s going on with this but the friends section will not load keeps saying we are building improvements we will back shortly and I’ve had this problem before but then after refreshing it a couple times it loads and this time nothing doesn’t work the reason why I am asking someone to help me is because I want find someone who is nearby in the location of the state and town when you look at the main page it tells you their name but it doesn’t what state of town they live in the friends but the SKOUT app doesn’t have the friends option to look at that because the location on that doesn’t really be that accurate I will set the location to near me and it will say there is somebody 100 miles away when other times it will tell me there is somebody 3 miles away.
Bots and Ridiculousness
by Timothy Hamilton on 2019/02/19 23:43
I have had this app for quite a few years and instead of making it better through nice features like the watch me or live stream service, it has gotten progressively worse. I don’t normally write reviews. Like ever this is probably my third one ever. This app while being a nice way to connect and find people with similar interests, it’s completely ruined by most of the users abusing these features. There are many people from all across the world who badger, threaten and all around just make it not fun to converse with other due to the massive amounts of people looking for sexual interactions or plainly bullying other users and no actions are never taken. Then there is the bot problems. So many bots send “Hi!” Repeatedly until you block them. Low and behold another one pops up soon after. If it is not these randomly generated bots then you will receive the ones that are depicting people of older ages looking for “sugar babies” who then give you fake automated kik accounts and try to pursue your credit/debit card information. They will also try to give you a fake tracking phone number which is also unsafe. Lastly like I’ve stated before the live streaming service, while a neat feature, it tends to be people who for whatever reason have random problems with people or are for the most part just sitting there to be attractive trying to have people send them money or “Diamonds.” It used to be a very nice app but is now a dusted road of what used to be.
Fix The Bugs!!!!
by k-man1134 on 2019/07/17 08:02
I don’t like writing reviews because it’s kinda a waste of time. But I’ve had SO many problems with this app I need to address it. I’ve used MeetMe in the past a few years ago and it was working fine. It was the best app I had used back then. But one day when when I was logging out of the app to take a break, I tried to log back in but it didn’t accept the password that I had been using for years. And then when i was tired of putting things in, I tried to reset try password, but nothing was ever sent to my email. So I lost that account. The second profile I tried to make, everything was running smooth. However after a few weeks I wanted to change my photos. The app had other plans. The app kept bringing back the photos that I was trying to delete. Then it wouldn’t let me update my bio. So I was frustrated at this point and closed that account. Now I’m here in 2019. For this account, I promised myself that this would be the last one I ever make with MeetMe. However with this one, while I was trying to sign up and it asked me to upload some photos, I could not upload any photos. And I tried and tried and tried for at least an hour. I tried contacting support but it always ends up going nowhere. This app has been a complete waste of my time and I honestly would not recommend. There’s a reason why other apps are doing better and this is slowly starting to fail!!!
It used to be good, now it’s filled to the brim with bots and scammers.
by Anon0-91 on 2019/07/15 19:39
So first off, I just want to say this app has so much potential, I’m not saying it still doesn’t but it has gone down the drain in a lot of ways. I’ve been on this app for approximately 2 years, I’ve seen it’s growth firsthand. The developers add in new things such as live streaming services to try and hide the faults that the app has such as the fake accounts, multiple scammers, robots impersonating actual people. In the time span of 2 years I’ve met friends, relationships, and even enemies. The only way I’ve noticed to even get anyone to “notice” you on this app is if you either pay or you’re outrageously good looking, I’m talking model status at some points. With that being said those said people who are actually on there to meet people either as a relationship or just friends. They always assume that other person is going to just want to, well for lack of better terminology, send naked photographs or buy photographs of that sort. It puts a bad light on everyone else that just wants to find people to hangout with in new cities. I’m dragging this on a while so in conclusion, I wouldn’t take this app too seriously at the moment. The developers need to work on better ways to phase out the bots and scammers. I’ve said my piece, do what you will with this review.
Very mixed feelings
by GangStalker on 2019/07/07 22:21
So part of this app works well and it’s not anything special. But there is a feature called match with what is a guessing game called admirers. You’re meant to guess who has somehow indicated you as a person they admire. The only problem with this is they are almost entirely bot accounts created by the app developers in an attempt to make this app seem more popular and interactive than it actually is. This wouldn’t be a problem if they weren’t always encouraging users to spend money on credits to boost they’re popularity with these bots WITCH IS POINTLESS. I’ve spoken to my aunt who is a lawyer and has worked several class action lawsuits, she’s agreed with me that there is definitely shady business tactics at play here and there may be some leverage to show users being taken advantage of, and developers using misinformation to excel the amount of micro transactions. Meet Me team I will be in contact with you. This app needs a major overhaul. It’s worth your time to focus on making a better product for the consumer, and if you’re charging money for your product than it’s your responsibility to. This app has a lot of potential especially considering the amount of real people that are on here, but it’s gonna take the developers looking at it again and taking away all the features that are just bloating the app.
Not what it used to be.
by trevgrad08 on 2019/01/09 03:24
I’m not one for horrible reviews, but I feel something needs to be said. I’ve been an avid meetme user since it was formally myyearbook. After the name was changed to meetme, the site hasn’t been the same. Meetme used to be great! At one point it was a hot topic and was very popular, but just like everything else, it’s changed. I’m not sure if the developers are aware about this issue, but the fake accounts and spammers have got to stop! It’s become worse since meetme merged with skout. But skout is the same way. Nothing but spam accounts. This site and pretty much every other dating/social media site out there is nothing what it used to be. It used to be enjoyable, it’s nothing but enjoyable anymore. The only reason why I still have these accounts is because it’s a form of connection with other people, but it’s been nothing but fake accounts. I’m writing a review here simply because, I have tried to attempt to contact support personnel with various sites about this issue, including skout and I never receive a response, nor is nothing done to correct the issue. I would love to give input on how you could make sites like these better, but that’s nearly impossible when you can’t even get the right person to talk to that will step up and do something about it. It’s sad how much these sites have changed these days!
I used to love this app
by Thethe2020 on 2019/09/27 16:39
I used to love this app and I have used it for years. But suddenly I can no longer log in and I have spent over an hour repeatedly changing my password. The only response I ever got from Meetme as to why I was locked out of my account that I had was apparently there was suspicious activity and I needed to change my password. Witch ended me up in a vicious cycle of never ending password changing because it would never let me log in with my new password. The site itself is good if you don’t mind all the underage kids and people from halfway around the world trying to marry you. Also lots of bots and people in relationships looking to cheat on their partner…now that I think about why did I use this app on and off for 5 years? Also make sure you never need support from meetme there is no such thing as support at all. Thou you can easily get banned just for upsetting someone or if someone decides to report your page in anyway and there is no way to get it back. I actually can’t even make a new account anymore since it atomically signs me into my account that I already have but yet I can’t access it without my phone number witch is considered invalid and unusable
by Mcchickennuggets on 2019/11/18 14:47
I’d give 0 stars if I could. I had meetme since I was 13, I’m now 19. Meetme and I have been off and on over the years. The bots, scammers, and MEETME DELEVOPERS are horrible. Don’t get me started on the ads. The app is so run down- oh how popular this app used to be! (As well as skout) when things were going downhill they added the Live and that got everything going for a bit then it got dull again. The app itself and the way it’s set up looks old like they haven’t updated or had any bug fixes. I’ve been through a lot with this app and believe it or not, when times were good they actually did respond to emails. I can’t even log in the app cause some message is stuck in the way saying I need to put in my phone number but I don’t use a phone number for my account. This app just needs to die completely along with Skout unless they’re going to fix the problem. DONT BUY THE SUBSCRIPTION, you won’t be able to cancel!! The caption literally says you won’t be able to cancel your subscription during the sub period so that means you’ll never be able to cancel because you won’t be able to get ahold of meetme and you will have to contact Apple and your bank! Don’t just give 1 stars, say why you hate this app. Maybe it’ll give them some sense to shut it down or make it better!!!
by MR BRAVE (TOP STREAMER) on 2018/05/26 23:09
I have been using meetme since it was my year book. I have met plenty of friends off this app and they became my true life friends. As a person that’s been using this app for a long time i have seen a lot of negativity on it from people that trolls people and look for attention. From people that scams people. People that are fake in everything. But that doesn’t mean everyone on the app is fake. This app truly helps a lot of people with their real life drama and headaches and it gives the a better way to explore their minds. I have even witnessed people that were trying to commit a suicide but I personally and others helped them from not doing that and they become our friends till today. Meetme is just an app like every other app that starts new and fresh but by time passing by they work on making it better and better and better and they have being making it even better than it used to be before. I’ll rate this app 5+ ⭐️s because the team is really working hard to make it a safe and joyful app to hangout on when you have free time.
💜 Don’t take it for granted. 💙
by Natalee Sizemore on 2018/05/27 03:01
I took this app for granted, I didn’t realize it could actually change my life. I messed around on it at first just talking to people, it would usually be those little chats that never go anywhere. Give everyone a chance because one day I got on to just block people / to see how my page was doing and I didn’t know it then but I got a completely normal message from someone that changed my life and showed me what true love was. I know it sounds sappy but I just can’t believe I met him off this app. I gave up so many times and deleted the app and my profile. I had my last profile for only a couple of days before he messaged me. I talked to 3 other guys and 1 of a week and the other 2 for a couple of months. I didn’t think it would ever workout of me and anyone. I’m a bigger girl and no one ever was interested in me in person. I love my man with all my heart and just so you know it can really happy my name on Facebook is Natalee Sizemore. My man and I have been together for almost 7 months and I know he’s the one.
by BombxKat on 2018/05/17 04:34
I’ve been on the app for over 2 months now and all I want to do is have a nice conversation and maybe find a friend. Maybe even more than a friend but don’t ever expect a reply. You know what I’m somewhere between a 5 and an 8. I’m definitely not the best looking guy on the planet but even the women on the sight who look like they have a missing chromosome won’t bother replying even if they read your message and it’s the apps fault. And now you can’t even view their whole photo album without paying the app to do so even if the account isn’t private. The only ones who bother messaging you will ask you to kik them so they can have a bot link you their nasty sex cams so you can give them money, it’s just trash. The app forces you to judge people at first glance and they promote that type of interaction by making you play this stupid guessing game to find out who liked your profile. It’s trash, everyone on it is trash, everyone on there is either fake or has unrealistic expectations and everyone is so pretentious they can’t even respond or look at your profile to see what kind of a person you really are and it’s the apps fault. Don’t get this app. Especially if your looking for date, even if it’s just for sex. And especially don’t get it if you’re lonely.
Too many shady people on here
by XxCL0UDxX1990 on 2018/01/30 14:38
I had met someone on this app and we had been talking for a while and they asked to Skype and I agreed. So while we’re Skyping she wasn’t talking but rather typing things to me and suggested we both get naked for each other on camera. So I foolishly agreed, well right after that everything changed. They proceeded to tell me they they knew all of my information and that they recorded the whole Skype video call and they proceeded to show me they had created a fake Facebook account based on mine and basically was black mailing me and extorting me for money because they told me they were planning on sending it to all my friends and family if I didn’t send them $500 over PayPal. I refused and deleted and blocked them everywhere and even had to change my password for everything! Also even though they did send the video to all of my friends knew it wasn’t me and the reported the fake page to Facebook, which thankfully was taken down. Between this and meeting a girl that lived one town over from me that started out sweet but quickly became a jerk and basically lied to me about being single and only used me for money, I will never use this app again because obviously the creators don’t maintain it and allow anyone on here!
So frustrated
by jnc9220 on 2020/05/24 20:51
I have had this app not that long maybe two months or so. Was recommended so I could meet new people with the same interests and hobbies as me but that’s definitely not how it went. Not the apps fault BUT I recently decided to delete it because I just went through a divorce and not ready for those kinds of convos yet. TMI I know. I also felt a tad unsafe. So many of these individuals wanted me to drive to them or pick me up. Almost every single one. So I tried deleting the account but every time I entered my password it was wrong. Even though I write down every password I have and I know it’s not wrong. Logged out to try and send an email so I can change it. Still won’t send me an email I’ve tried several times. Thought maybe I could login with my Facebook NOPE! Made an entirely new account for whatever reason. I know I didn’t have the wrong email initially because I was sent a confirmation when I made the account. Now I can’t get ahold of anyone for customer service. I’m so frustrated and angry that this “customer service” is this terrible. It took me far too long to even figure out how to get in contact and now I’m waiting for a response since I’ve made a “ticket” for my issues. Stay away from this app entirely. It’s pure crap
Its good but too much
by fuuckniwmakksb on 2018/07/22 04:36
Ive used this app for two years now and i have met alot of people on it but a lot of scammers and a lot of people not my age (20) and not having a option where you can select who can and can not message you. I have had that problem a lot where someone has multiple accounts and spams me and its 3-5 times my age. Its creepy to get messages from 35+ people and having to block them every time. It also shouldnt be listed as a dating app because people use it like they do facebook. I wish that it was more like other dating aps and sites i have used but those had alot of flaws. I also suggest that if someone is going to pay to be boosted and put first and ad free that there was more to paying each month for it. I barely use it because it takes so much data when i do use it. I mean it takes a long time for it to load and sometimes when a lot of people are on at once its so slow that i dont even bother trying to give someone my number, also on that with facebook. I wish that using facebook to long in would be more secure so people cant find you right away on facebbok. I dont know about anyone else but having creepy old men facebook stalk you and try to message you is creepy.
I met my future husband thanks to this app
by meli805ox on 2020/05/18 05:23
So when I was 14 I created an account and well there were a bunch of people who catfish you but luckily I knew how to detect it. Well I came across someone and I thought he was cute and messaged him saying hey :) and it alllll started there. After a few calls I asked to FaceTime to make sure he wasn’t a catfish. Luckily he wasn’t. Eventually We were best friends. Not a day went by where we did not FaceTime. 2 years later we finally met in person and a few days later we started dating. We are currently almost 3 years into our relationship with our love doing nothing but growing. We are all we have. I love Him more than anything and if it weren’t for my parents being so strict about marriage(I’m 19 and he’s 20 and they think we’re too young) we would’ve already been married. In the end I trace it alll back to this app. Where it all started. And well I just wanted to say thank you. If it weren’t for this app who knows how lonely my life could have been.
by Shyguy1 on 2018/04/15 18:34
I will say this app experience. Luckily it screens all photos so nothing explicit will get to you, which is probably why so many people list or ask for other apps to be used in their chats. Still though, you will receive many “offers” and be annoyed almost constantly unless you can maintain a low profile, which they do have a few settings to help with that. Occasionally, you’ll meet someone nice to talk with so it gets points for that. However, just today when I was chatting with one of those rare people it stopped sending my messages, showing a failed message each time. And to make matters worse it stopped showing any of their messages and won’t give me a way to contact them. When I try to report the problem on the app, I get more error messages. Took a lot of work just to get on a site that would be able to send a message to the developers that wasn’t blocked by my security software. And I don’t even have a confirmation email that they received it. So now I am unable to talk with someone I liked, don’t know why or how the problem was caused, and don’t know when or if it will be fixed. But hey, if you’re just in this for you know what, you might enjoy this app.
by Rikurox21 on 2018/03/27 20:37
Alright. I’ve had experience with this app a couple years ago, then I got bored and deleted it. I stayed away for two years, came back, and nothing has changed, except the people. This isn’t the problem, as, well, people change. The problem I have with this app is the ‘Matches’ tab. Going in here is weird because you have 3 more tabs in there labeled ‘Meet’, ‘Admires’ and ‘Matches’. The one I will talk about is the ‘Admires’ tab and how trash this installment is. Basically it’s a nice idea that needs some major work. (In fact this whole app does). Anyway. Upon tapping the ‘Admires’ tab, it will give you an option of 20 people, and you have 5 guesses as to which one ‘Admires’ you. For the first few times, it was all well and good, but then it got to the point where I couldn’t go an hour without getting an ‘Admirer’. After a few times I noticed a pattern, THEY WERE ALL THE SAME PERSON IN THE PICTURE. And to make matters worse a few times more THEy HAD THE SAME NAME. I don’t think I’ll go back into this app, until recent positive reviews start popping up. There is potential to make this app great, however. Staff at MeetMe, clean up or throw it away. Thank you.
What's going on??
by Fehiber on 2018/05/21 04:12
Yes you need to keep working on this app with matches and admires. I been having this app for 1 year if not more. Everything was going fine. Into my profile was deleted. I just couldn’t log in. It kept saying this “account can’t log in try another time.” Then I try it 3 days later. nothing. Same problem. Can’t log in. I gave up, created a new account. Now I can’t post pictures. How I’m going to meet people if I can’t upload pics to my profile!? How? Don’t really care about the other thing that you guys gotta fix but, if someone can’t even upload pictures. I feel like you guys have a good success with this app but, you guys barely do any changes. It seems like you guys don’t want to keep improving your app. Or seem like you guys don’t care at this point because I can’t even upload pictures. Please fix this problem, this is a great app to meet people near your area and it’s fun but you have to keep improving it before your app is gone.
Good apps lots of bugs
by TheRudeGal on 2019/10/14 03:02
So, this app is really good! BUT, it has so many bugs that need to be fixed! I had to verify my identity (I think someone reported my profile for being fake) which wasn’t the headache.. the headache was how long it took their support team to respond back... They made me change my password which leads me to believe that my account was compromised... I finally got back into my account (it wasn’t working with the app after numerous failed attempts) I had to do it through their webpage.// now that I’ve done that and solved that issue, I am unable to log into my account with my phone using the app!!! -____- I tried doing everything that I could think of and nothing worked and nothing solved my issue!!’ I deleted and reinstalled the app numerous times and I find myself still unable to solve it... The app prompts me to prove my identity and to change my password. (Even though this has already been done!) I think this app is very fun but when you run into issues such as these... something more needs to be done.... what’s the point of having an app available in the Apple store if it doesn’t work after awhile...
Too many changes ruined the app
by Jerry9812763465 on 2020/07/26 20:24
Meetme used to have a really nice discussion feature that was useful for finding people to talk to with common interests. A couple months ago they decided to get rid of it to make room for new features that have to do with the new streaming feature they added, but that makes no sense because people get this app because they want a social media app and not a streaming app. It was already a very subpar social media app and it’s only getting worse now that they’re removing features that make their social media app a social media app. I guess if you want an app that’s similar to periscope, but is flooded with scammers and has micro transactions, then you’re stupid and you might enjoy Meetme. Lastly I must say that as of writing this, I am unable to access any streams. I click on them and it tells me something went wrong and to try a different stream. It really says a lot that the Meetme staff removed features so they can focus all their attention on the streaming, but it doesn’t even work. It’s too bad I don’t still have fun stuff to keep me entertained, like the discussion feed, while the streaming is broken so I don’t lose all interest in the app.
Meetme is predatory and dangerous app.
by Lolapop143 on 2019/03/11 04:30
I have been on and off meetme for years. Why? Because every time I make an account it gets deleted when I turn down sexual advances or solicitations from random men. It takes one report of me being “fake” for my entire account to be deleted. No questions asked. Unless it comes to reporting underage girls. Meetme is a mixture of sexually charged perverts and young girls being preyed on. There is no lack of prostitution or other illegal activity on this app and nothing is done about it. I have reached out through every possible way to express my concerns and they have gone unanswered. It’s a shame bc there are good things about the site for people who choose to meet people online. Again though the second anyone doesn’t submit to a sexual desire or pushes back at all, their account gets deleted indefinitely. I have found my pictures used on the site as catfish accounts as well right after my account has been deleted. Which of course is unsettling. Something is really shady about this app/site and like I said it all goes unanswered by the creators. I would stay away from this app all together. It screams prostitution, drugs, and human trafficking.
This app needs well needed features
by STG foster on 2020/07/05 19:02
I would love to see back swiping on this app to make it a little bit easier to go from one message to another or doing various things within the app, another very important thing I would like to see is kind of an implication of what Instagram has where if someone’s trying to message you, you have accept their message and that would be great we cut down on the people trying to Catfish you because obviously you can see who is trying and who is actually trying to speak to you. There’s two bags that I’ve recently found out about one of them is where it will take a long time for it to recognize your taps, and the other bug is when you’re typing a message to and then the keyboard will sometimes go down and disappear and then you ultimately will tap the ad under the key board. Other than those problems the app is great I love using it I use it every single day.
Waste of time
by Jtyrellv on 2020/04/23 16:32
I've been using this app for a few years now. Tons more click bait social influencer wannabes when they added the ability to go Live but, you can stay away from that feature with no real problem. The main issue is spam accounts. I can't tell you how many times I'd see a notification saying someone viewed my profile and liked me then I go and see its from a profile with a young female, clearly in her teens, picture, the pic is a little blurry and the gender is Male. The second main issue I had was with gay guys messaging me constantly trying to turn me out. 9 times out of 10 they had a female profile with just one close up pic of their lips. I've met a few friends on this app but the nail in the coffin for me was this stupid security update they've added now. It completely removes the ability to log in... As soon as I try to log in there's a pop up requesting I verify my account with my phone number. I've never added my phone number to my account but that wasn't the issue. It won't even recognize my phone number as valid. I've had the same number for over 5 years and some stupid app is saying it's not real. Smh
Don’t waste your time
by Pinkiiy on 2019/09/21 18:06
I’ve been on the account for several years but I’m currently forced to make a new one because I’m randomly logged out of the account and not able to login again. I have been told by Men that they’ll Report me because I did not respond to them. I haven’t even broke any of the rules I literally make a post about going to a museum and then I’m forced I have the app and no longer able to login. I really used to enjoy the app but now the owners have become so controlling. I can’t even post A photo. No my photo weren’t nude or revealing. I can post a photo in a dress much like the one I just posted before you kick me off the app. Then I check my wall it’s removed. Also honestly the developers have stolen so much money for me it’s criminal. Im done ! I’ve been a customer for years in this app has honestly become draining. I only like this app because you’re able to make statuses, other than that this app is completely outdated anything that this app can do any other app can do. If you want to lifestream go to another app. I’ve noticed a pick up more streamers on other apps it takes longer for meet me so don’t waste your time
Hit or Miss
by Ahdpwbxwnckashvwbz on 2017/10/10 00:37
I’ve definitely met some scum bag people on this app. People that have used me, only wanted sex, etc etc. And of course there are a lot of predators but that’s gonna be anywhere you go. Just gotta use your common sense. Also, yeah there’s a lot of marijuana users but i’ve never ran across someone that did heavier. You can usually tell the difference. Also, in the live chats you cannot post or write inappropriate things or your account will be deleted immediately, so i wouldn’t be too concerned about that. Now, you might be wondering why i gave it 4 stars, that’s because i’ve met my future husband on this app. Never knew him before he messaged me. And he’s sweet and loving and i couldn’t imagine myself with someone else. I want him to be the father of my children. So maybe i just got lucky, or maybe this is a decent app, but either way i thank them for bringing us together. :)
5 stars for finding a 5 star husband
by WVgirlHP on 2020/02/04 05:09
For starters, I know it’s the person and all... and being fortunate that I happened to give that young bright eyed boy a shot. It started in 2014, I was 16 and bored from a surgery. Meet me was practically entertainment to my best friend and I. To some friends we even made it a joke. We’d talk to people just to get outside of our small town. Then, I stumbled upon him. My husband to be. He messaged me and fate began. Meet me introduced the greatest thing in my life hands down, the guy that has taken care of me and stood by me through 6 surgeries. Fully supported me while I got on my feet from post op recoveries. I waited on him though basic training and we dated for 4 years before finally getting married. I think back to how fortunate we were on an app that you start think is not worth the time. It was. You never know what you might stumble upon. I was extremely fortunate and couldn’t be happier with our life we’ve made together. By 21 and 20 we had a remodeled house and 3 dogs and good jobs with starts to our lives. We took such a chance thanks to this app. We fell in love with strangers. Didn’t even meet for a while due to still being kids. For our lucky story, after waiting due to age and circumstances, and all and catfish fears no matter what. It worked out. **Given my review I do strongly advise a ton of caution on this app from experience back in the day.
0% Entertainment
by Nightwing Undead. on 2019/08/02 04:52
Like many applications that have a failing consumer base, this app fails to deliver a constant feel good atmosphere and lacks in having a welcoming enthusiasm. Seems to run off of its members and less on actual management. Ran a test running through it’s “Lives” and found 90% of them filled with absolutely rude streamers and “viewers.” I didnt even have to stay in one lobby for over two minutes and i was suspended for a “language” complaint, which occurred by biased viewers wanting unwanted company out of the session. Obviously more excessive than necessary where a kick even then would have been seen more appropriate. The fact that this site hands so much power to it’s users alone is an insult to a social media consumer, and should be taken seriously viewing other social applications. I would highly recommend staying away from using this application based off of what i have seen from viewing it.
The worst customer service ever.
by hmmm.that guy on 2019/04/30 06:29
The only thing slower then these CSR’S on this app is a sloth. This is the worst customer service I’ve ever had, and I’ve been to the Nevada DMV. If your a first time customer here you probably won’t have issues. I recently came back to use the MeetMe App, when I tried to login it would not let me, I then proceeded to try to do a change password for the account are used previously, no change of password email ever sent to original email. So I had thought well long time no use maybe account is completely gone and I need to create a new one. Went to create a new one and was told I could not have multiple accounts, associated with same phone number, no account name from last email address. I have contacted the Mimi service support team several times going on five times to be exact. No response no show of concern for the customer and still cannot use app. After several frustrating attempts and no help given by technical support team, I have rated this app one store and in line to change my rating even after waiting so long, if only they were to fix this issue so I can actually use the app.
2nd time major annoyance
by TeppanHage on 2019/02/18 08:14
Recently, for the SECOND time, I created account only to be randomly logged out after a while of usage. When I attempt to log in, it says my password is incorrect (which isn’t true). So the only resort is to use the reset password link right? Well when I use that, the email hits my inbox hours/days later, and when I try to reset my password it says the thing is expired. Trying to reset password now doesn’t even send the email to my inbox anymore.. which is extremely beyond frustrating, considering that you don’t have access to your profile with YOUR pic. It’s even more frustrating that this whole thing I described has happened twice. And it’s a deal breaker that these people didn’t respond to my complaint. MeetMe was good in the past I can confirm. If this was 2013 I’d give it a 5 star because I met a ex gf through MM at that time. Now, It seems like it’s being run by some thugs. I do not recommend. “Staff” is pathetic and doesn’t reply or take serious the complaint you send. Find something else, I’ve met 3 women on tinder in the past and have absolutely never had my account there hijacked.
Thankful For This App
by Ivytat93 on 2020/06/21 12:41
While I discontinued utilizing this app post coming into contact with someone , I can say that it was legitimate with the few weeks I had it . I met the most amazing , articulate, amazing , drop dead gorgeous woman on here back in 2015. Had it not been for use matching on the MeetMe we would not know each other today. This app served as a lifeline for our initial meeting and soon we will be coming together within the next few months ! <3 . My advice to anyone actually utilizing the app for good intentions towards “meeting” someone is to be your authentic self and to have a positive mindset. You will be surprised; you could find your better half on the app with a chance meeting. Although this app is not commercialized like the dating apps you see advertised on TV that you have to pay for 😒, it is nevertheless authentic and valid. Like I mentioned, my Love and I met on it and I am so glad that we did. ⭐️⭐️ Thank You MeetMe
Almost had 80k diamonds and they logged me out.
by 💦(rip) queen_kim💦 on 2018/11/22 02:06
This app is very much a new age social media. The live feature is what I utilized mostly while Being on here. I spent a large majority of my time on live in hope of reaching to the top. That is up until I had around 78k in diamonds and they logged me out and when I tried creating new passwords as mentioned it did not allow me to renter in to my account. This is the 4th time happening to me on this site, as soon as they see you becoming popular they delete you off in efforts of you not reaching the 80k which is when there suppose to give you a cash prize. As cool as it was to be on live they are very much liars , cheaters and thieves!!😡 , there countless amounts of emails I sent them and still yet no reply. Not only was my time wasted but I lost a lot of friends from around the world that I can no longer speak too. I have also spoke to top livers who said there is no way to fix the problem because the meetme team doesn’t answer anyone regarding this issue in which MANY people end of having.I would not recommend this app at all! Unless they reach out to me regarding this issue.
Efficient App for People of the LGBT Community!
by alextyran2 on 2018/09/26 20:06
I haven’t had any problems with this app that I normally wouldn’t have with any other social media. There’s the great and there’s the bad! I love this app because there is a bunch of people you can choose from and talk with! Granted some girls on here are dry/strippers/prostitutes/etc but those are everywhere and I won’t blame the app for the certain people using it. Of all the apps I’ve used, I’ve been a long time user of MeetMe for the longest! (almost two years!) HER,Badoo,POF,Tinder,Bumble,Clover,Skout,etc are all trash. Being apart of the LGBT community, this app is definitely the Lesbian HangOut of Meeting apps. They have a diverse lgbt community following on this app. Matter fact, the biggest of all meeting apps I’ve ever been on. (Except for HER, but HER is 18+) Great for teens and there is a way you can censor out all the negative/pervs of the app in which I can definitely appreciate! 5 STARS KEEP UP THE WORK!
Curiosity didn’t kill the cat
by amano itsaonno on 2019/03/01 02:17
I downloaded this app early February 2017 when I moved over seas to South America to meet new faces with similar interests as me. Having no clue how to speak Spanish fluently I looked for someone who had some knowledge of English. Low and behold 2 weeks within using the app, I accidentally get a recommendation of a guy who supposedly was in my city but instead the app hadn’t updated to his current hometown which was 8 hours away (driving). Well, long story short, after being cautious yet still curious and finally 6 months later of only writing to the guy we finally met and months later officially dated. We’re together almost 2 solid years now. I really wonder it would’ve been impossible to run into an amazing guy like him hadn’t it been for this app. I know it sound ridic and we may just have had our luck, but it’s worth a try if you’re that serious !
Meet me
by Medifix01 on 2020/02/25 18:13
My phone was hacked I didn’t realize it so I don’t know what happened but without warning you blocked all my emails even on my laptop which I haven’t ever used ... I have an Apple case number but nobody has unblocked me yet ... you should not be able to get into my private accounts and emails either according to my attorney... so someone needs to unblock me ASAP I haven’t violated any terms of service if so let people know what they did wrong not just hack into all their emails that’s unlawful... Correct your mistakes and if you want my case ID let me know ... been on here since 2014 with no problems ... You send me an email to write support but I’m blocked on all emails on this new phone and my laptop not even affiliated with no explanation but I violated terms of service after explaining I have a case number from Apple regarding someone hacking into my phone IP during the date you permanently locked all my accounts... how did you even get access to all my emails that were never used on your site ? Illegal to do ... on your end so fix the problem I’ve even been a premium member and been on since 2014
Why one star?
by Rese9978 on 2019/09/12 03:47
When I used this app about 4 years ago I remember talking to new people and being interested. There were a few cases where some people spoke bad things, but I reported them and went on. However, now there are many people on this app that use names that advertise inappropriate websites, and apps like Kik or snap chat. When I downloaded the app this morning I wanted to see how the app changed but it seems the app has not changed. This is terrible if children were to download the app, and since there no child protection or blockage, these people advising these acts are exposing children to inappropriate and disgusting things. There is a 18-20 rule but when I got on this morning people were sending me inappropriate things and when I reported them they where still there. What this app needs to be safe and kid friendly is face recognition. Also it should have a free feature to block older ages from texting people that are to young to read and see any of those things. Also the company needs to check people’s posts and people’s names and make sure it’s safe.
Not the ideal app for dating
by HelloTiffanyJ on 2017/12/30 03:16
I’ve been using MeetMe ever since they were “MyYearBook” and it has gone downhill. First let’s get to the app details. I make sure to use this app while my phone is charging, it eats up battery life like crazy! And it also makes my phone overheat. It’s laggy and the ads can be very annoying. Now, if you enjoy getting random nude pics sent to you, profiles with fake pictures (catfish), only interested in hookups...then this is the app for you! You can get all of the above, the minute you sign up. Sure, I’ve met a couple of people who ended up being good friends, but it took to long to find. The block button is my best friend on the app. You must have the patience to tolerate the messy community that within MeetMe. I don’t recommend this app for minors, too many creeps and things you can’t unsee! I would like to make a suggestion for meetme, and that is to have a photo verification so it will be easier to distinguish who is a catfish and who is not.
Best app for social dating, friendships and streams
by on 2020/04/30 23:07
I have been using this app for YEARS now. Absolutely nothing but good things to say about it. I have tried every feature this app has to offer and I want to start by saying you must try out the Live feature. The meetme community is based all around the world and you can find very amazing people with awesome talent. If you’re looking for someone locally, YOU HAVE THAT OPTION. I’ve seen the other reviews talking about catfishes, you will literally find that on every single app you ever use! So, yes their are people who catfish on here. But we all know what those look like by now. If you want to find someone real, I suggest going to the Live feature and trying out date/next. If you have a problem with this app, you’re not trying out all of the features. I promise, it’s worth you time and it’s FREE!
So frustrating
by A Proud Saiyan on 2018/07/07 08:09
I’ve been a long time user on here, probably going on 2 years, and I have got to say there could be a ton of improvements. For one, almost no one replies or attempts to hold a solid conversation. Then there’s all the fake bot accounts, which I got to hand it too them, are pretty convincing. It just gets annoying after a while when you have multiple bots sending you the same messages ( “Hi!”). The other thing that drives me crazy about this app is the ads. Oh my god, I can’t even finish typing a sentence before an ad automatically pops up and interrupts. Not just once though, sometimes it’s multiple pop ups while I’m still trying to type. Also the app is called “Meet Me” and I can honestly say over these past 2 years I’ve maybe met 2 people in person. This is ridiculous and the people who are running this should go back to the drawing board and figure this out. To any new or anybody thinking about downloading, I highly recommend thinking twice before downloading.
You have to do better, meetme
by TheyDontCareAboutUs on 2020/03/15 04:31
Obviously for some reason this app attracts a lot of strange activity. I still think it’s a decent way to meet people when not meeting someone in person. However, this app is just flat out poorly programmed. I’ve never seen such a low quality app. From how the pictures and comments are displayed to how you upload pictures and share content. There’s is always some weird offbeat stuff going on with the operation of this app. The latest trouble that I’ve had with this app and verifying myself. I haven’t used my profile in almost a year. I get back on and it says that my profile has been flagged for spam. Okay. When I go to verify myself, it says my number is invalid. How is that possible? Later it just says to download the app and it will give me instructions. I download the app and log in and still says that the profile is flagged and that I need to download the app to continue. I go front eh browser to the app and they both tell me to download the app and give me no real way to get back into my account.
It could be worse....
by Sincerely Sabrina on 2018/10/09 14:52
I’ve had MeetMe on and off ever since it was MyYearbook. Honestly, it’s went downhill more and more ever since they changed the name. The only reason I come back to it is because it’s free and I enjoy making friends. The past year or two when my account isn’t being paid for with a monthly subscription my account has to get verified and my phone number never seems to work for some reason so I have to email support. Like I’ve deleted my entire account because it happened on a weekly basis in the past when fake profiles and people trying to prostitute themselves never seem to get deleted or anything. Their is a lot of hate speech, trolling, unwanted pictures, and so on. You’ll find a few decent people to befriend or something more on this website, but mostly it’s people wanting money, wanting sex, or poly couples. It’s harder to find people who are just wanting friends or a real committed relationship. Also be careful because internet stalkers are horrible on MeetMe..
by Kelsmote on 2017/12/02 03:20
Have never had any issues with running the app until the last few weeks. Running the most up to date IOS on my iPhone, IOS 11.1.2 and the Meet me app is very, very glitchy when I try to tap on the “meet” button and 90% of the time won’t even load any people on that page and just keep acting like it’s loading in. Occasionally it will load people in, scrolling Is very laggy on the page when it does load and if I click on someone and then click the back button to browse some more it glitches and loads forever again. App does not need updated in my App Store, everything is up to date. It’s so laggy I never use meet me anymore and refuse to because of how slow and laggy is it for me and my phone gets super hot if I try to load it for too long. Please fix this y’all! 😩
Changed my life
by Gdouble07 on 2019/02/19 18:57
I got this app maybe a few years ago to meet new people. (I was never a social person and didn’t get out much). I chatted with a few guys but it never lasted long as i alway lost interest. & then i matched with this guy who was super attractive, so attractive i thought he was a fake account so i kinda ignored him for a bit lol since i wasn’t responding to his messages on the app he found me on Facebook, Instagram& Snapchat sounds stalkerish but I’m glad he did) once i saw he was legit i replied to his messages and we started talking. We eventually decided to meet up for coffee and the rest is history. Years later we’re married, own a house and have a 1 yr old son together. And to think i almost let him get away! But yeah thanks to this app i met the love of my life, now husband and father to my child ❤️ crazy how life works.
by Slkses on 2019/07/01 01:16
This site is good the people bring it down a few pegs. Other than a few glitches at random the functionality of this site is great. There is a great balance between the payed and unpaid features. It’s really taking the best of other dating sites and putting them together in a harmonious fashion. It’s a great place to chat or if you’re interested discover your own potential popularity. The downside if you wanna call it that,is that this is not the site for those looking to date. That is due to the clients populating the site. You have the usual bots and scammers as any free site. Site moderators seem to eliminate them fairly quickly. You can find someone to chat with easily. Response time from females lags do to the volume of messages they receive. None as yet seem to be interested in dating. Disclaimer this could vary from person to person. The majority seem interested in there own popularity.
Lazy developers let app be overrun by scammers
by KCCOMarine on 2020/07/13 18:11
This app used to be pretty decent, but there has always been an issue with bots and spam. Now, the developers seem only interested in finding new ways to implement adds and push their useless live feature with all of its pointless microtransactions (how does a social/dating app benefit from this kind of stuff?). Meanwhile, other features, like match are unusable because 95% of matches are scam-bots, who immediately send links to illicit sites. You can report them, but there are so many that it is of no use. This has been the case for at least 2 years. I’m giving this app one star because, even though I have used it for a long time I have seen how lazy the developers are, and how they have put their own greed ahead of any attempts to improve the app or protect it from scammers. Case in point, my account was just deleted because meetme thought I was a bot.. even though I was helping by reporting every bot that messaged me. Congratulations meetme, you took a decent app and turned it into mocospace-tier garbage.
From bad to worse
by PixieStixNJ on 2019/08/15 00:43
As if the bots and scammers weren’t bad enough. Along with all the perverts sending unsolicited pics and disgusting messages... all of a sudden it logged me out today and o received an email stating there was suspicious activity on my account and to change my password. Several attempts to reset my password it won’t let me log in saying it’s invalid. I send feedback that in all the years of using this app on and off they never ever reply to or fix anything. I tried making new account with two different emails and it says the same thing. Even with all the crap on the site I have met some okay people over the years and I made a decent connection with someone to have normal conversation with but no way to contact them now because of this horrible app. It was somewhat entertaining and a way to pass time but nothing to take seriously. I’m not even going to bother trying with this piece of junk and wouldn’t recommend it. And they only reason I gave it one star is because you can’t give zero.
Don’t use this app
by Choo_Boo on 2020/06/03 18:08
1. So many horny guys. I’ve had to report them for unsolicited penis pics and nothing seemed to get anything done. 2. I don’t feel protected. I’ve had same men trying to contact me after I blocked them so many times. I keep reporting but the MeetMe team never got back to me. I’ve had to report to them so many other things but they only responded when I report someone being suicidal. Really? I even let them know about it too but they never got back. 3. You can’t even look up someone’s name. For example, you lost contact with them for whatever reason and you need to search for them but you can’t since MeetMe doesn’t enable that!! 4. MeetMe should work harder to make women feel safer. Most women don’t even use these apps because there’s so many horny and desperate guys. 5. The messages are gone after a couple of weeks of not talking. I don’t know if the issue is on my end or what but I noticed messages from people I used to talk to seemed to all disappear. 6. MeetMe should try to come up with conversation beginners to help people break the ice. Many people I’ve met here are very boring. I’m sure there’s more but the biggest takeaway is that they don’t really do anything when you report them other than when someone is suicidal. They must think, “Ah, they’re still alive and going through some drama so why bother doing anything about it? Let’s do something when someone threatens suicide.” Pathetic if you ask me!!!!
Prepare for thirsty males
by nonya_666 on 2020/04/19 07:55
I understand that no matter what social media app you’re using, you’re definitely going to get some thirsty people..but the amount of thirst on this app is ridiculous. Not even 10 minutes of having this app and I had at least 20 guys asking for pictures and wanting to hook up. I’ve had it for over 2 months now and I would say I have a little over 1,000 messages. I used to go live, but I stopped using the app completely because I have a stalker now. This man has been looking for my house and even sends me pictures of him being 2 blocks away from where I live (he lives over an hour away). I tried blocking and reporting him, but when I went live after blocking him he was able to watch and comment. I personally kicked him from the live but he found his way back. If you can handle stalkers and thirsty men, go for it, but if you can’t I wouldn’t suggest getting the app. My opinion and my experience tho so you do you.
They kept my account live for 7 years without my knowledge
by Crazyhoopla on 2019/12/22 05:36
I started getting emails about a week ago about people liking me on meetme. I was super confused considering I didn’t have a meetme account? Every time i’d click the link in the email they’d insist i’d give them my number ‘for security’. I let it be for a week because I thought it was a scam and they were trying to take my info. I kept getting emails and finally downloaded the app to see the so called account that I didn’t know I had?? I didn’t know what the password was to I did the email password thing and changed it. This happened today and I was seriously scared, considering it knew my name. When I managed to loggin it forced me to put in my number (which i wouldn’t doubt they’d sell off or something scammy) and was shocked to see messages from other people for the past 3 weeks or so, and my name and age(?!?) on the account. I was absolutely freaking out because to my knowledge I didn’t make this account and had no idea who did or how they knew my email and age. I searched through my email to see if they had ever sent me other emails before and they did! In 2012. I must have made an account 7 years ago- but for some reason they made it active again? after 7 years??! I don’t understand why or how. I’m creeped out and think this app is super messed up. Do NOT download it. My previous review I made 5-6 hours ago isn’t showing up either, which is super shady in itself.
*APP CREATORS* This app Can be extremely unfair
by Abbycrombienfitch on 2020/04/28 02:02
I HOPE the makers of this app see my review because I know I'm not the only one with the following problems. There HAS to be a way to appeal photo or post removals! Why? Because there's a TON of petty men and women who will report things just because they can. If i, as a woman, post anything that the men don't agree with(for example: women on here don't exist for your pleasure) all the butthurt men will report it and get it removed. There has to be a better more fair system! I've had so many accounts deleted simply because some men were butthurt over my honesty and asking to not be sexualized and to stop sending weird messages. I posted a picture of myself in leggings, that is also my Facebook profile picture, and I'm honestly not sure why it was deleted and there's NEVER an answer, warning, or way to APPEAL. I genuinely gate this system it endorses petty people to gang up on someone and get their entire account deleted simply because they don't like that person's opinions. It's ridiculous.
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