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Get connected. kik is way more than just messaging. It’s the easiest way to connect with your friends, stay in the loop, and explore – all through chat. No phone numbers, just pick a username. • Choose who to chat with one-on-one and in groups • Share pics, videos, gifs, games, and more • Meet new friends with similar interests Get on kik now. Start chatting!
Hot garbage
by aotimes4 on 2020/10/21 01:37
App is buggy, lags constantly, shuts down, insanely slow. Really needs some TLC from the developers.
by Jordboo on 2020/10/20 21:58
Wouldn’t let me register,terrible app would not recommend using
Password entry is missing making less appealing
by owwozer123456789 on 2020/10/20 20:01
It using the
by kel971234 on 2020/10/20 15:05
Please fix the freezing and glitches
by Shahilkd on 2020/10/19 22:14
I got scammed by someone this was bad they were asking personal information it was a girl like saying she wanted to talk and I was looking for a relationship and she tricked please remove scammers
by Stemy78 on 2020/10/19 19:42
Should have an option out for whom is getting removed.
Used to be an awesome app now...
by Eo1976 on 2020/10/18 19:12
It leaves a lot to be desired. I’ve had ma at messages come in and it won’t load them. I just keeps saying connecting and it never does.
Why the ads?
by Karleenicole11 on 2020/10/17 20:19
I’ve had this app for 5 years and not too long ago I started getting ads. Now I have ads going off through my speakers at random times. Other than the ads I’ve had very good memories with this app. Also where did the video chat go?
Like the app but can’t trust people
by csgjhg on 2020/10/17 09:23
App is full of pedo’s and needs to be shutdown.
Remove the ads
by J3295 on 2020/10/16 23:27
Remove the ads or stop playing the same ones on a loop the won’t go away
Used to be good
by Wolf i.e.? on 2020/10/16 17:51
So it’s known that kik was shutting down before the new company took control. Now they made some small changes that weren’t bad but now it’s horrible they dropped the quality in support, servers, and the app overall. They don’t do updates anymore and no one can make anymore servers. They basically took over to kill it over time making people leave and go to other apps. They ignore almost any complaints and any serious issues that result in criminal charges are absolutely ignored. It’s not fun, safe, nor fair anymore then what it used to be. I highly suggest staying away from the app if you don’t then I wish you luck because it’s been killed now.
by REUSABLEFALL2 on 2020/10/16 16:25
This app is disgusting and inappropriate so many pedos and pervs erase this app from the app stores !
Nothing will load
by 💖Kiwi🔥 on 2020/10/15 12:28
My Kik account has been saying it’s “connecting” fir 3 days now and I can’t see any of the messages people send me and I don’t know if they’re receiving my messages. Mind you, I have great WiFi. I just think the app is broken. I want to know if this happened to anyone else
Lost everything
by ogbagz on 2020/10/15 08:28
Lost all my contacts ever since I updated my phone and my friends won’t even let me join group’s.
Not good!!!
by Kram0410 on 2020/10/14 22:55
It keeps freezing and kicking me off!!! Ugh!!!!
Let us know if people blocked us
by ethedemon666 on 2020/10/14 21:08
I’ve been trying so hard to see if I’ve been blocked and I can’t figure it out. I think it’s kinda dumb how other apps let us know if we’ve been blocked but not Kik.
Login issues
by iizzzkikll on 2020/10/14 20:38
Had kik for 8 years, can not login in today , Changed my password 4 times , passed all the verifications? Explain how this is happening
Wont work anymore
by luis torrez on 2020/10/14 18:42
My messages usually say ... and then S and when I get a message from someone I can see the notification on my phone but when I click it to goto the kik app it dosent show up anymore nothing loads
by Sean21476 on 2020/10/14 02:29
Constantly crashing.
by Deealynn on 2020/10/14 02:08
Why can’t I pay to be premium or something to not have ads. Y’all killing kik bruh. Went to telegram much better format. Kik was ok for the last 7 years till ads came into play.
by luvjohannadivaa on 2020/10/14 00:39
Easy and chat. Fun👍
by jensbsisnshh was w on 2020/10/13 23:46
Honestly i do not like this app there are times that messages will not send at all and there are times i don’t even receive the messages there is to many problems
Royce w Maslyk I’m 35 years old I would use coins for women to strip tease me on my computer!
by hardakcagirl on 2020/10/13 21:30
I like kik cause lady’s are more flashy than men and demanding. Get coins for the new cams flirting would it be easier to date one women and go out with one guy.
Not bad but...
by mjwittr on 2020/10/13 15:33
Pretty laggy once you start getting more chats and people. Group chats seem to be pretty laggy too..
Deleted information
by olivermary on 2020/10/13 15:03
Kik logged me out and all my conversations were cleared. I don’t like that feature of Kik. Thanks
Laggy much
by xØBITO on 2020/10/12 21:50
Trust me I love kik and the people but the bots are everywhere, so many join the group chats and we can’t do anything about it can’t you just terminate like half of the bots .
It’s gone downhill
by r o k e r on 2020/10/12 19:30
Used to be perfectly fine. I’ve had kik for years and years, but recently there’s hundreds of bots flooding chats, stupid advertisements at every corner, constant crashes and deleting my chats, and bad lag. Like, at least deal with the bots for gods sake!!! They’re never-ending!!!
kik: fairiewrld
by KIK: grlmaid on 2020/10/12 18:31
selling live pics and short video clips 🧚🏼‍♀️ just msg me !! <3
by Seaczr1 on 2020/10/12 15:01
this app is absolutely trash now everybody is bricking people and you cant even send or receive messages when you’re bricked and this has been going on for a few years and support and still wont do anything what a shame seeing what was once an amazing app go to sht because they dont want to update it which is an easy fix.....
by gdsegjvd on 2020/10/12 07:13
So many glitches
by Mxtim10 on 2020/10/11 22:08
Kik is hit and miss and has been for years. For about the past month it hasn’t been working properly. Takes a long time to connect, closes on its own and freezes up. Would think problems would be fixed however keeps on going. Looking for new app. Pictures also won’t open!
It's ok
by Bayless music co on 2020/10/11 21:30
Video is too short, bring back the live video
by lele11remee on 2020/10/11 21:06
I cant create a public group. My account is 93 days old, and i can join other public groups but cannot create me own. It just gives me an error message when i press start after filling in the necessary info for the group
Nothing is loading?! iOS
by Ema020020 on 2020/10/10 23:23
I recently had kik just completely crap out on me so I got kicked out of my profile so I logged back in. Of course I lost my messages, again, but now absolutely nothing loads. It just constantly says connecting and I’ve looked up some solutions but nothings worked. I’ve turned my phone off and on, turned off my WiFi, turned off my data and my WiFi back on but nothings happening. All my chats don’t load but I occasionally get notifications I can’t see in the app. Please help, I have people waiting for me
needs a major update
by bubbaballs999 on 2020/10/10 21:20
keeps crashing after ios 14.0.1 update they haven’t updated in 2months come i know it’s covid times but other apps are updating during this crazy pandemic 😢
Can you fix this bug
by Y0y00 on 2020/10/10 15:51
It keeps clearing out my chats like everytime I exit the app now
Insta chat (Charlog)
by OvO_edward on 2020/10/10 00:16
BRING BACK INSTA CHAT ! I met so many new friends off of that ! I know they said they won’t come back no matter what. But y’all did this to us! Bring it back!!
Drugs. Prostitution. Lewd acts. Pimping. Bots.
by 1520174710371723421 on 2020/10/09 21:34
This app is filled with illegal activity. There a section for public conversations groups and most groups are running an illegal prostitution ring. This has been going on for years yet kik hasn’t done anything about it. Please make kik an adult only app or take the trash out.
Loved it when I was kill, love it to this day
by no-eyes on 2020/10/09 15:22
The tittle Nuff said
Not up to date
by CEO of complaining on 2020/10/09 12:59
Honestly, there are better apps to communicate with your friends and family than Kik. I stayed on this app because some of my friends prefer using this since they’ve been on it for a long time. However, I wished Kik doesn’t delete all your messages when you log out. At least make that an option instead of erasing everything automatically. Sometimes I have to log out for whatever reason and when I log back in, every chat log is gone on my side. I feel like it’s unnecessary. Also, please update Kik so it’s up to date with the new iphone models. I currently use an iphone 11 and my screen is long. So whenever I’m changing my profile picture, it isn’t proportionate. I would have a black or white borderline on top of my picture which makes it very unflattering.
wont let me create public groups
by Vampkore on 2020/10/09 03:28
hey this app is great but every time i try to make a public group it won't let me for some reason and it's really annoying. pls fix it.
by InsaneTrini on 2020/10/08 23:20
This app needs an update. I can’t log back in to my group. I get notifications but can see my groups or messages.
by Jennae917 on 2020/10/08 18:22
I cannot currently get into my kik. The app just won’t open anymore and I am not happy about it at all. This app has really went downhill the last few months. Please fix this!!
So much to not be fake for today.
by to fake or not to fake. on 2020/10/08 12:26
Childhood ruined
by cassidiej on 2020/10/08 12:03
i can’t tell you how many people i know that used this app as kids and got groomed. this platform is a harbor for pedos and almost every highschooler i’ve talked to has the oh so fondest memories of being preyed on as children from the users on this app. i included.
All bots
by CL951 on 2020/10/08 07:07
Kik cannot make an APP that you got to verify you’re real before you get an account? Everyone mostly females are FAKE boys!
by hyhyhagge on 2020/10/07 22:52
too many bots!!!
Delete this app
by jacobx4943 on 2020/10/07 08:18
So many pedophiles and perverts
Connecting issues
by A bad player😢 on 2020/10/07 05:31
Other than the constant bots joining group chats and personally messaging me, I can’t even connect to the current people I’m talking to. It always says Connecting on the top and never loads. I’ve tried closing the app and opening it, uninstalling and reinstalling, restarting my phone, switching to data rather than WiFi but to no avail. There is no update on my software or app so I can only assume the problem comes from you guys.
Please please please fix this app
by kmkryptonite on 2020/10/07 03:58
Ii love Kik and everything bitbofferdb bhutb please get a bigger server. Or whatever you need tonkeepvuoveith these groups bro😭
by surftides on 2020/10/07 03:52
Freezes all the time. Can’t really use anymore.
by Monica Calvert on 2020/10/06 14:11
I like kik but they haven’t been making it to where I get notifications from people and I’d be texting late. I turned notifications on from the app, the person that I’d be texting, and from settings and nothing works still
by yubhoe on 2020/10/06 07:31
Kik used to be a fun way to talk to ppl but now its just full of sex bots and prople trying to sell their body...yea im 69 today
Video chat
by sin_d85 on 2020/10/05 16:20
Please bring back video chat or Ad calls
Kik should be removed from the App Store
by Matley to you on 2020/10/05 16:15
There is no moderation whatsoever they have not updated the program and there is major security issues Kik should be removed from the App Store till they can get their act together
Bot bot bot
by Richard🤑 on 2020/10/04 19:14
Too much bot now on kik, can’t even find a real people anymore
by soheartbroken on 2020/10/04 16:32
I used to love this app because of the ability to video chat . Since that has been taken away I am beyond disappointed as is so many other people . This was the only app that allowed me to see and to talk to some very special people that otherwise I would never be able to see . Please , please PLEASE bring back this function !!!!!
Can you explain
by atypicalxc on 2020/10/04 16:16
What exactly is going on with the app???
Oops try again..
by APp or No ApP on 2020/10/04 11:43
I have used this app for several years without an issue. For the last week to two weeks the app has not been connecting. I have delete the app. Reinstalled the app. Check my wifi, check my data, reset my phone , you name it. Even created a new kik profile under another email. I cannot chat with anyone, ans when I go to try to join a group.. all I get is “oops try again”. After several years of having contacts, friends from all over the country. I have absolutely no way to contact them any longer. This app was so reliable, my go to app for chat with friends. Sadly it’s really let me down. I generally do not give a bad rating, because it’s usually not worth it. I just delete an app that doesn’t suit my needs or spams you with ads. But this app.. it has been one I have had excellent service with for several years. I have seen something about a virus or something that is related to Kik. It was called “kik blue or somethinglike that”. I don’t know how true this is, but I do know kik developers need to read these comments and do an up grade to fix the issues. I’ve read other reviews back from this date and see no one is responding to reviews. It’s as though the app has been abandoned. I understand that kik has laid off most of their employees from around 100 down to 17-19 people. Do UA a favor and either fix the app, put in a update to get rid of these bugs or either shut it down. I’m going to hang on to the app a while longer to see if the developer updates or fixes this issue. Other wise after several years I will be forced to delete it, Download another app to replace it. But I really don’t want too. Please fix or reply. Thank you
Bad quality
by Gangbang690088$23 on 2020/10/04 08:46
Havnt been able to use the app. Sent an email to support and they said they couldn’t help at this time. The connection is lost even when Hooked up to cellular or a wireless router
by Stupot4u on 2020/10/03 20:12
Very cool...👍.
Kik is just bricked for me
by MuteMike008 on 2020/10/03 16:08
Yesterday the app just died on me, all my contacts and group chats are empty circles with the title just saying “Just You” and the connecting logo continuously going with nothing updating, don’t know what’s going on but this is pretty upsetting
by Trugrit451 on 2020/10/03 15:19
Not able to view pictures. Profile picture when changed there’s not show up for other people. Sometime app freezes
What happened?
by unexpectedox020 on 2020/10/03 14:11
This app used to be great, the people, not so much but that was okay. I got attacked a lot because of my gender identity and sexuality. Nothing was done to punish these people. My account got suspended for 2 days because people reported me for no reason, don’t you think they should have to provide visual evidence? Also, what happened to quick chat? That was the reason I still had this app. This app is really going down, and I’m sure nobody likes it anymore. Chats delete when you don’t open the app for a certain amount of time, and you can only save the stupid kin stuff and not the chats. This app is a big fixer-upper..and boy does it need to be fixed up.
The app locks up and become unresponsive
by 515mlf on 2020/10/03 02:37
In the last 3-4 weeks several times I’ve encountered situations where the app freezes and become unresponsive. I have to close it and reopen it to get it back to operational. Has anyone else given you the same type of feedback?
by Hiasoka on 2020/10/03 01:44
I was on kik last night and some girl tried getting me swatted and publicly embarrass me and then ask for 200$ so she wouldn’t do it but little did she know I didn’t put my real name email or photos
by noiradle on 2020/10/02 14:55
The ad placement and endless spam bots destroyed this app. The developers have fully abandoned Kik. Sad!
Lost stars for missing one thing
by CameronH1403 on 2020/10/01 22:43
I gave this app a good rating, but now I’m dropping it. Why? Because it doesn’t have multiple account support. If I have two accounts, I have to sign out out of one to use the other. It’s 2020, all other social media apps support the ability to have multiple accounts. The fact that you don’t is pretty sad.
by nunofyobizz on 2020/10/01 06:25
Need to get rid of these bots they really be inappropriate and they’re annoying
Messages deleted
by alex5rey on 2020/10/01 00:23
Good app but keep deleting your messages. Making you loose important information and and important conversations. Disrespectful
Always been a great app
by Cam.2244 on 2020/09/30 19:46
Ive been on kik for years and it still a great app!
Buggy AF
by 357?;46)?(($86 on 2020/09/30 15:37
Constantly bugging out. If you change your screen name (maybe to improve your privacy) your old name will show up for others and that’s how they’ll probably address you in the group. If you change your profile pic? Same thing. They would have to leave and rejoin the room, or block and unblock you. Did I mention the bugging out?
Scammers and Spammers
by Syn1672 on 2020/09/30 15:25
Kik has always been a fun place to meet new people and chat or whatever, but lately there’s been a takeover from the spamming scammers! They are everywhere. It’s so annoying. People will stop using kik if something isn’t t done. It’a not even fun anymore. Stop the invasion!!
by eddie is sad on 2020/09/30 15:24
Too many bots it’s very annoying!
Was good
by chitownghost on 2020/09/28 20:33
I was using Kik for a long time but recently it started messing up I already have deleted app and reinstalled also updated it but everytime I open it it’s just keeps saying retrieving chats
The Bot problem
by jfydltTklRklrLt on 2020/09/28 20:26
There are wayyyyyy to many freaking bots. It makes the app so unenjoyable because EVERY GROUP is bombarded with bots. Like there is more bots than people. So my kik doesn’t work properly. It wont load up and I deleted it and reinstalled it and it still wont load. Please fix it
Lost all my chats
by NAC74656 on 2020/09/28 19:40
The app logged me out and lost all my chats. This is the second time that this has happened. To say it’s buggy is putting it mildly.
Video chat
by itbsucks on 2020/09/28 19:02
It don’t even give me the option to video chat.
Stop updating this app
by Ttahdg on 2020/09/28 06:42
I had no issues sending pics or videos no I select a pic or video and the app Freezes kicks me off EVERY time idk what you guys did but I don’t like it it was fine before 🙄
Bring back where u can call in a gc
by ilovebannnasloolkoopp on 2020/09/28 05:07
Let me call my friends on kik
Single and ready to meet someone new.
by Muddogs0066 on 2020/09/28 00:40
Haven’t been singke in over 15 years. Ready to start over and see what’s out there.
Im so upset
by Cloud6663803 on 2020/09/28 00:28
I lost all my chat history and then any new messages I send show up as sent. My friends tell me it appears that they can still send messages and that It just appears that I can no longer see nor respond to them. Very angry. No stars if I could. Please fix issue.
by Ctokar1 on 2020/09/27 20:39
I had this for 3 years and I can’t even download it right now and it’s super slow when u log in plz fix it
by bullseye299 on 2020/09/27 02:06
This is one of the best messaging apps I have ever used, it is stellar in form and function. Whoever wrote this program, deserves a great big fat raise in pay.
Can’t join groups
by 50/50Review on 2020/09/26 21:05
All of a sudden every time I try to join a public group it says oops give it another whirl or the likes. It’s been like this for me for about 3 days. Is this a bug? Until this is fixed I have to give it one star
Does not connect to the Internet well.
by Do not wast your money on 2020/09/26 11:11
Connecting is terrible, and that’s when all my other apps do you connect a Kik does not.
by Blackmailng report this app on 2020/09/26 07:29
I just got blacked mailed from a person who said I gotta pay 1,000 dollars over nothing this app need to be permanently deleted now I’m scared for my life right now never using this app again
My review
by j-baby south on 2020/09/26 03:39
I been using kik for over 3 years now. I loved it!! It was awesome. But for the last 2 weeks now it’s been having some kind of technical issues. My opinion of it has gone from loving it to hating it. I can’t get in touch with any of my kik friends and when I pull up the app. It won’t connect all the way. What the heck?
Something missing.
by Ndres_dani on 2020/09/25 20:40
Cant find the meet new people menu
Password reset problems
by Jessynape on 2020/09/25 16:12
Cannot reset my password despite numerous attempts and it is impossible to communicate directly with anyone about it. Guess I’ll have to quit using this app. I could make another account using another email but then I’ve lost all the previous connections I’ve made. So disappointed. I was enjoying it up until now!!
The app crashed and isn’t loading
by stalkuru on 2020/09/25 03:59
This app is cool and all but it recently crashed for me and isn’t loading any information and it lost all of my messages and contacts. I tried deleting it and restarting it but it didn’t work and it only made it worse. Now everytime I try to search for a group or a person it doesn’t load and says that there’s an unstable internet connection but my WiFi is working perfectly fine :(
Not secure, just terrible, buggy
by ADependableReview on 2020/09/24 22:17
This app will fail you.,If your phone battery dies you loose everything. When it glitches you loose everything. A secure app would not fail because of bugs or a device needing a charge. A well designed app would allow a user to make their own choice to export their data if they wanted to. I just lost literally weeks of work because the app failed.
Not horrible but not great anymore
by Maggie1342 on 2020/09/24 21:59
Keeps crashing and has major lag time. Still enjoy the app and use it, hoping the next update fixes these issues.
Great until
by ZoomaRavewolf on 2020/09/24 20:54
The app was great until recently when they updated it and now I don’t get messages, it notifies me and there isn’t anything there. I recently deleted and re-added, updated, and still nothing.
Unusable due to verification bug
by SMontgomeryB on 2020/09/24 13:12
The verification process involves an over elaborate capcha of rotated images. Bug screws up these images and causes verification to be invalid. “Incorrect Solution” message appears and prevents access to app. Needs fixed ASAP
by Innovative thinker 23 on 2020/09/24 06:47
It says the last update was one month ago, but I can’t tell! Phones are now running 5G and the iPhone is running iOS 14 this app is drastically slow! I don’t know how many people actually still use this, but I’m sure for the few that do they would like a compitent app
Do not get this app
by Zariana Tyler on 2020/09/24 06:18
This app is awful and flooded with pedophiles. The fact that this app has still not been deleted is beyond me. Every person on here is just people obsessed with gore, doxxers and pedophiles. Shut this company down.
Fakes and extortionists
by nothappening100000000000 on 2020/09/24 05:12
Use to be a good message service, now all fakes and people trying to get money from you.
Kik days
by Mex.salvi on 2020/09/24 01:44
I’ve been having kik since 2014 😂 I remember kik was very popular back in high school and I honestly miss it
Lot of good and some bad
by 404_user not found on 2019/01/24 05:54
I have had this app for like 2 years? And have made soo many friends. In fact once the video chat came out a group i was currently in was so hype, we spent a bit on it but it didnt work all the time back then so we gave up. There clearly has been lots of change since then and i enjoy most of it. There are a few bugs that well, bug me. First off the problem with changing pfp. Im in so many group chats (not rlly) were a lot of them have changed their pfp but it doesnt change when they text, and neither does their name. Which is more of a minor inconvenience but i still like to see that change. Another bug that i see often is when it would take me back to old “unread” messages even when i was talking during these times. I love all the things that have been added but these bugs have never changed. A cool thing to see in the future too is possible more backgrounds of possibly putting your own pictures for backroads and maybe adding a bio and making the background pick a little bigger, while i get why its that size i like the picture that i put and some arent fit for that format, and with the actual profile picture covering it it makes it harder to see the pictures. This app has definitely done its job of letting meet new people and talk to old ones and i would like for some of these bugs to finally be worked on after so long.
Good but with one problem
by gacha_girl_jenelle on 2019/10/13 23:28
At first when I got kik for the first time, everything was okay. Chats were working, no crashes, and I even joined one group that shared the same interest as me. People were really nice I guess-one person welcomed me, others just ignored me minding their own business and that was fine by me. I even started opening up and talking to some members and it actually wasn't awful, but I did leave because one people weren't really talking much though there were like more than 40 people that joined and two there was lots of cursing. After that, I decided to not join any groups for a while. But a few days ago, I was like"Hey, why not join another group like the one I joined?" So I searched up groups with that one same interest as the first group and found many. Some were full but I eventually found some that still had some space left. But here's the thing: when I tried to join it, it just kept saying that there was a problem and to try again. I thought that it just happened to this group for some reason but it didn't. The message still kept popping up to other groups. And that is also why I've given this 4 stars. I really hope I can get told why this happens and if it's just a glitch, please fix it for I would really like to join another group and talk to others again.
Love it (but I don’t like the new updates)
by Haley Jacoby on 2019/11/27 02:25
Ok so I’ve had Kik since 2 years back, it was awesome and worked amazing at that time. So I got a new phone and forgot about it and probably half a year later I got it again, it was great when I opened the app. It worked perfectly and I didn’t have any problems. So as time gone by I noticed a few bugs, example: I own a group so I’m the owner, sometimes when I open the app and a bot joins I try to remove it but it doesn’t give me the option so when I view the members, there’s two of me. The one that’s owner and the one that’s a member. So I ask the members if they see two of me in the members and they say no. I tried closing the app and reopening it but it never works so I just wait it out and let my admins do it for me. The update that I hated is when someone leaves a group chat, you can’t private message them. That update annoyed me a lot because I made some friends in some chats but they left but I can never get in touch with them unless I had them in my contacts which I do not. I’m only see that the bugs happen in the group chats. Also, the ads update, or what I think is a update is really annoying also because it really messed up al the chats I was in. I really hope they fix them because I love this app!
Its ok but...
by LavenderSTITCH626 on 2019/11/22 21:01
I like this app I’ve been a member for going on five years so I’ve definitely seen changes with the original developers compared to the current version. I understand the need for ads in order to pay for the app as it’s free however your website claimed they wouldn’t be intrusive i beg to differ as they appear inside of chats as ad banners this isn’t a good way to add apps into an app and it makes me want to uninstall it, however as i have friends on here I won’t. Instead I’m offering a different type of way to have ads a way that kik used to do ads. There used to be kik points which allowed you to get different emojis, and stickers. You earned these through both games and video ads which the user chose to watch or see. What if you did a system like this again? And have emojis, stickers, and custom themes we could get with points. It would be a great non intrusive way to include ads to keep the app running and add some more fun back into the app! Hope this review helps!
App is falling apart
by drake daggersblood on 2019/10/19 15:27
The app used to be very versatile and active but with the shutting down rumor many groups have members that no longer use the app even owners. Is there a plan for an an update to make it so users can take a group back if the owner is no longer around? Like after a certain time period the most active member in the group is promoted to owner if the owner has been gone and no admins are available to inherit the ownership. Also with the ban cap. Many people tire of having to manually remove bans so that they can ban toxic members. Could we get an update where when a new member is banned after the cap. The longest ban would be lifted as the banned member most likely won’t be back after that time. We also would like a feature to hand over ownership without having to leave a group. Some people just want to pass on that torch and be another member for a while. Oh. And groups would automatically be deleted if all members exceed 3 months of inactivity? One last one. I highly recommend that the role play bot come back with a block feature that’s accessible. Even if the bot was misused. It was an excellent opportunity for role players to share their ideas and connect with people that had the same style. I loved the format personally of the old bot. Even just bringing that back would make my day.
Why are there so many bugs?
by catestrophey on 2017/12/31 17:22
Troubleshooting with the app has completely crashed for me an my friend almost, and it’s become very annoying. Our messages will get stuck on Sent and it’s a gamble if they will arrive or not to the chat, and half of the messages never display Delivered and that’s also a gamble for if they actually arrived or not. We’ll get notification sounds for new messages and once we open that chat that we guessed it “arrived” in, it’s not there most of the time and we have to send the message again. I’ve tried doing what the help articles for Connection troubleshooting and Red Recipients along with the Notifications article which are all the same thing, but they’ve done literally nothing. The only noticeable difference was at the beginning whenever one of my messages displayed Delivered, but it never happened again and it appeared to only have worked for the first two minutes. I’ve had to redownload the app as well, which didn’t work in the slightest either. I can’t keep turning my phone on and off every two minutes in the hopes that my messages will actually reach my friends. Please make an effort into fixing this.
The Ban System
by Steven Awesome Man on 2018/05/17 22:20
Let me start off by saying I am writing this not for my sake but for my girlfriends sake. I have been a member of kik for almost five years. I have always loved the app and enjoyed it a lot. My girlfriend, however, told me about the ban system set in place. I believe the perma ban system you have set up where if you prove there is wrong doing you can lose your account is acceptable. I do not, however, believe that the temporary ban system in place is fair. My girlfriend is an admin of a group chat and is worried because someone is falsely reporting them because their friend was removed from the group because they were rude to others. One of the admins has already received a temporary ban due to these false reports and quite frankly I don’t believe it is fair that they did. I believe a better system for temporary bans should be in place to prevent innocent people to be banned. Thank you for reading this and I really do enjoy the app but I strongly believe that to make the app even better the temporary ban system needs to be changed.
Update Nov 24th 2019
by Qmab on 2019/11/30 13:24
I’ve used Kik for over two years now. Yes, the video chat option is now gone yet that hasn’t improved performance. Kik fails to get new message alerts to my locked screen. Even while in the app there are issues. I will get the alert sound or vibration if my phone is silenced that I have a new message yet nothing shows up in the chat I’m in and when I go back to my list of current chats there isn’t a new message there either. I have to leave Kik, close the app entirely and restart it to get the new message to show up. This delay is even noticeable when the alert that someone is typing goes up on the top of the screen yet the messages you just sent them stay on D for delivered instead of changing to R for read even after you receive a new message in the same chat! I’ve restarted my iPhone several times with no improvement in the app’s performance. There are now ads on every screen in the app so maybe so much priority is being given to their refresh rate that only the barest crumbs of the app’s ability are left for my messaging functions. I’m actively seeking a replacement platform which saddens me as I was so excited to hear that Kik would be staying.
Don’t bother with this app
by NoxSkyz on 2019/07/04 08:28
I thought this app was nice at first. After using it a while it became clear that you cannot use it unless you verify your personal information to the owner and admins of chat rooms. In order to stay you are asked to submit your age, exact location and a live picture or you will be removed from the group. I reviewed Kiks community standards and even wrote regarding this issue. I received a response that this is not condoned by Kik and that it would be investigated but it still goes on to this day. I do not feel that this is something that Kik should allow to happen. I feel as if the group owners/ admin are being predatory picture collectors gathering whatever information they can about you. I understand the need for safety but when I am asked to provide this information to admin that do not provide their own information then there is a problem. I do not have a problem with the app itself and think Kik has done a good job with it. I do however think that the way people are misusing it is discouraging. I would not recommend friends to use Kik unless they are comfortable with sharing so much personal information to individuals whom you have no idea who they are.
I'm Disappointed – Again.
by amandagirl999 on 2017/09/29 00:42
Video chat isn't working again... It was fixed for a little, then it happened again. Furthermore, now Kik doesn't show "Camera" under pictures that I've taken on Kik. Problem #1: I have been trying to start a video chat over and over, and it keeps saying "Failed to Join Video Chat" because of some "Problem Connecting to Network." Except my network is still perfectly fine. It's letting me send messages in a fraction of a second, so why does Kik suddenly say that my network connection is bad only when I want to start a video chat? The video chat feature was working perfectly fine yesterday, so why isn't it working now? Furthermore, why is it saying that there's something wrong with my own personal network? That's not right. Please fix this, because I'm positive that it's not my network that's acting up - it's the Kik app that's acting up. As for the while camera photo thing, this is brand new to me. I've never had this issue in the past, but ever since today's update, it's happening to me. I was reading up on the update history of Kik and it says this was fixed in the past, but guess what? It's happening again and it needs to be fixed again...
Worse program
by Kinkyflman on 2018/10/11 20:45
If I could give this program a negative star I tke it to the store I would. KIK is one of the worse chat programs with absolutely no support. Many times as I sent a message earlier often just sit in the sending mode taking for ever to be delivered. I had made up a new profile because I was getting bothered by unwanted people on my first one. Unfortunately I forgotten my password so went to the help center to see how to get a new one I followed the directions. I did exactly as I was supposed to and according to the program my password was changed but it would not except my password during login. So I figured I would just go back and change it again but KIK only lets you change the password once a day, but I tried to change it again then it told me I had to wait three days. Then I wrote to the help center and all you get from them as an automatic response telling you to go back to the forgot your password website which of course does absolutely no good. Now I’m locked out of the program for the next three days so I’m not waiting that long. I downloaded Snapchat using that and much happier so anyone reading this I suggest you do the same as I did.
Please and thank you
by bskejfjsbs on 2020/04/13 04:41
Hey kik team I have some things that’ll make kik a lot better than it already is. Allow people who use kik to add a story like off Instagram and Facebook. Allow kik to have a timeline like Facebook and Instagram. Allow kik to have a page where photos are located on and show how many followers they have and how many people they follow. Allow kik to have video call and audio call like Instagram and Facebook. Allow kik to show the number of messages they have unread like Instagram and Facebook. Allow kik to have message requests and private accounts just like Instagram and Facebook. Allow kik to go live just like Facebook and Instagram. Allow kik to turn on private accounts. Allow kik to make comments just like Facebook and Instagram. Allow kik to have a business account like Instagram. Allow kik to save videos or pictures that others post on their timeline or story like Instagram and Facebook. Allow kik to have a close friends list like Instagram.
Take down the ads 🤬🤬🤬
by NiallsBunny69 on 2019/11/27 19:11
Ok I've complained about this once & here I am complaining about it again, I loved how Kik messenger had no ads before it was about to shutdown you guys are ridiculous 👿👎 the flashing ads are useless there is no need to have these ads on my screen I don't want to see them ever Kik messenger was fine until the updates went back to the old thing 😖😖😖 I hate the ads just like all other apps they have ads but not where it blocks like half of my conversations with someone I talk to I recommend you take the ads down cause I don't want this app to have anything with ads I'm sure other people are complaining about it to I've sent a complaint also on your guys Twitter page & on the messenger app itself I'm furious 😤I'm giving this app a one star it's terrible how you guys have pointless ads FIX IT WITH NO ADS OR I'M COMPLAINING AGAIN 😒😒😒 I am glad there's a person who bought the app before it was shutting down but the stupid ridiculous ads have got to go. P.S I'm NOT giving this a 5 star unless you guy UPDATE the app to NO ADS cause they are ridiculous & annoying like I said everyone who is giving bad reviews now is annoyed with the ADs
Needs more organization options
by Kirtan Lover for Life on 2019/04/15 00:50
This is a great messaging app and I have made a ton of new friends who are into the same things I am. HOWEVER: some MAJOR organization needs to happen. I really don’t like how unorganized it is! 1. It should be able to be organized by groups and direct messages, like two separate chunks, so you have your directs in the top and groups in the bottom, separated by a line or a category or something. I hate having to scroll through tons of messages just to see where the notification is coming from!!! 2. I wish I could flag messages that I want to return to at a later time. So I’d like to be able to read them but then flag them so I can keep them at my attention. 3. Wish I could pin certain groupchats to the top. 4. there should be options for “turn off all group notifications” so i don’t have to go into each one separately and do it manually. As well as would love an option for “alert all groups with this message”. 5. I’d like to be able to add people into a group chat FROM my singular chat that I’m having with them. There should be an option from the personal message to “add to a group” which then populates with all the groups I’m in, from which i can choose which one to add them to. Not having to exit the chat then go find the group then go to add people and find the person from a list of recent chats in order to add them, would be great. Otherwise I love the app.
Bug Issues!
by DevoidRyan on 2018/01/27 18:26
This app is eh. It has a decent text chat, with some nice emoji features and gifs and can allow for some decent groups. The texting is often fluid and there have only been a few app crashes here and there. However, there seems to be a bug with the group texts. You have this option to mute the group for an hour, a day, and until you turn off the mute (forever). So, I have all my groups muted until I want to turn them on. However, I still get notifications from these groups despite muting the groups. I’m not supposed to receive these notifications. I’ve been forced to turn off notifications for Kik all together because I receive so many. I’m in a few large groups and so the notifications pile up. But this problem shouldn’t be happening. I’d ask Kik to look into it. There is also, occasionally, a problem with the app itself. It’ll be stuck on the “loading...” State and you won’t be able to text anyone or receiver texts. Kik bugs out and basically you can’t do anything until it decides to stop. And so I hope Kik does something about these two issues.
by Tessk5 on 2017/09/29 01:46
So I got a notification to update my apps like I always do. Everything seems alright and I see this kik update promised a new feature. "Emoji express" so yeah I happily download the new version hoping I'll get some of the other new features. First off, I didn't. Kik why is your updates so spotty? There was a feature to send multiple pictures at once, a feature I wanted but every time I updated I never got it. There was also a feature that let you write a bio on the settings page, also never got. Then I see some people finally got the profile picture rings, something I had gotten weeks ago before the next update got rid of them. I get none of these but instead nothing but bugs. My profile picture will no longer change. Just like the emoji express when I go to change it I get a message that I have a network error and bad signal. But I'm hooked up to wifi with data support if it did need that. How is there a network problem when my messages send just fine? Kik you are breaking a good app and the few good features by trying to add more. Please fix the profile problem and just take awake emoji express.
Public groups
by Popcapguy on 2019/05/24 00:33
I love this app so much. The only thing that needs improvement is the public groups. I feel like sometimes the groups are too hard to find just by typing in the name of it. For example if I type in song it’ll only show groups who’s tags start with song and not things related to songs. Also the groups only get one tag. Please add an option to make related words for a group so a group can put as many tags as they want that are related to what the group is. So if a group is for singers/songwriters allow them to be found by searching up words like, music, singing, sing, song, songs, songwriting, singer, etc. etc. This feature NEEDS to be added to make the groups more easily found. And of course the groups that don’t want to be easily found don’t have to add more words that relate to their group. Please make this a feature. Otherwise I would give this app a solid 5 stars. Everything about it is perfect and super easy.
Why adds
by Astorm_207 on 2019/11/22 02:50
Honestly I’ve been using kik since it’s released date I’ve been through it all supporting kik and using it as my main source of messaging and connecting with other people and friends but I simply cannot understand why in the world do you need adds it now feels like a last ditch to support the app for longer and it feels like you guys have given up on the app a lot of people have come to love please guys change it back to how it use to be with no adds the app is much better without them and people will start leaving if it’s not changed I remember a time that we were able to play games in the app itself and a time were it was fun to use this app but the adds simply just kill the app entirely and is just not a good thing for the longevity of the app please I strongly suggest that this add be removed you guys can implement so many great things in that app that can get more people to get the app and communicate with others in the app itself please I really don’t want this app to just die overtime I hope you guys evaluate my review and make the needed changes
Gotten better!
by Lucas Sternberg on 2018/01/09 05:37
Kik has gotten a LOT better over the past few updates! So many bugs that made kik quite insufferable have basically faded out of existence (at least on my device). I quite like the new interests feature, though I would like to make a suggestion. If possible, people could enter their own interests in the text field, so that fans of similar shows could find one another and such. I feel like it would be a great touch and allow the kik profile to be more personalized than just name, photo, and emoji status. Alternatively, you could swap the interest bubbles with a short-in-character-limit bio section? Nothing too long, maybe about the length of a tweet! The only complaint i have (as with any messaging service) is the bots. They have become quite frequent, and find their way often into group chats. I know that these bots are difficult to weed out half the time, but any efforts to control them, I’m all for.
Worlds biggest favor -kick fan
by lonegunman66 on 2018/07/05 10:55
Hello kik team my name is Jose. I need help, a very big favor to ask. So about 2 years ago I met the love of my life in a chat room that kik had back than, I believe it was “chat with strangers” or just “strangers”. I’m still with the girl I met on your service and I thank you so much for changing my life ! Well the favor I want to ask you is that ... sadly I forgot our anniversary date, when we first chatted on kik . We debated and guessed the date so many times and I can’t live with a false date Is there any way you can retrieve it for me to our first message .. I have my account surprised I still remembered it haha I met this girl when I was 17 I’m 20 now . Please kik team help me ... I would appreciate you guys if you did , from the bottom of my heart I would treasure you guys for the rest of my life . I wish you a happy 4 of July kik team thank you for bringing me and the love of my life together .
Wouldn't recommend downloading this
by Ivey hot on 2017/12/20 05:05
I've been using this for about a year and a half because I needed it for business, some clients were on it. It does work, but there are some very annoying things about it that you should know. The biggest dealbreaker is when you send graphics, it only keep them for certain amount of time in the message, then it's gone, forget about it. The fact when you log out there's no message history when you login, I find that horrible. And the last very annoying thing is I travel, and I access Wi-Fi, or through LTE. I would say it logs me out twice a month and makes you authenticate. All conversations and history at that point is gone, lost. You should see the process involved to re-authenticate, it's so incredibly time-consuming and amateurish, that you can't believe what you're seeing, with these tiny little dinosaur animals. There is potential here, but I don't know if anyone serious about the thing anymore, would like to see you develop more. At the moment I would not recommend it to anyone.
Needs To Restore Chat History & Stop Force Closing/Crashing
by RaiderSonic on 2017/11/26 23:20
I really like using the Kik app, including to get to stay in touch with friends. But I really don't like that it won't restore and/or bring back the chat history, including the recent chat history & any messages from chatting with my friends from before, whenever I log out & log in again, and I really don't want to have to keep asking my friends to show me their recent chat history to catch up from the last time I chatted/talked with if mine gets cleared off. Also, the app is now starting to keep force closing, including on when I'm trying to send a message to my friends and/or in the Kik groups that I'm a member on. I want to see them get the chat history restored whenever we log out and then log in, and also fix it to stop it force closing a lot while using the Kik app. I want to be able to retrieve all my previous chat histories, so I don't have to ask any of my friends the same thing again, and also needs to be fixed to make it stop force closing / crashing a lot, even when I'm typing a message and/or trying to send a new reply.
by idonotwant a nickname on 2018/03/02 04:24
Hello. I am messaging about something that one of my friends recently got on their kik app. I am not in contact with them over kik, but they have recently told me about a feature given to them out of nowhere to where they can choose and send up to 5 images at once. My question to you guys over there at kik, is why is she the only person I know with this feature? I have only found one other instance online, and a friend of hers who has it. I personally do not have it on kik, and I tried many things like using different devices and accounts in order to get this, but with no prevail. The extremely scary part is the fact that she has 5 different alt accounts all with different information and used on different devices and each and every ONE OF THEM have the ability to choose 5 images at a time. Please contact me to see if there is a way for me to get this ability
by Pinkcookie26 on 2018/05/30 02:22
Kik must have new owners because now it’s ridiculous. It has been temporary banning people for no reason and suspending many accounts that we can’t get back. Now it’s to the point that we can’t even make another account because it tracks your IP ADDRESS. So if you’ve been hacked, or sent a request KIK NEVER UNBANS YOU AND YOU CANT MAKE A NEW ACCOUNT. Even snapchat or any other app doesn’t do that. So I recommend going to Snapchat or another social media app. Because Kik is no longer user friendly and becoming way too strict. I know they’re trying to be nice to the people but to the point they track your IP?!? And they ban you without a reason. What’s worse is I’ve never had a temporary ban before maybe one 2 hour one from 3 YEARS AGO!!’ I wasn’t even active on Kik and it banned me ?!? Are you serious ?!? Half of my friends even been suspended or temporary banned and it doesn’t tell us why. Have people reported me? Like Kik should tell you what happened and not do it for no reason. I’m starting to think Kik has even been hacked. This is Stupid now half of my friends can’t even go back on Kik. And Kik wonders why everyone uses snapchat
Don’t like the ads, bring back the games instead
by movkai on 2019/11/27 04:23
I’ve been on kik for literal years. I chat with my friends pretty regularly and I’m apart of many groups. I took a break from it however to focus on my schoolwork and when I came back, there were ads? It looks distasteful and completely distracts from the themes set up in the groups (why would you even put them in group chats??) and it’s annoying. There’s plenty of other ways you can earn money with ads that...aren’t by blatantly shoving them in consumers’ faces. In fact, that’s the quickest way to lose consumers! What happened to all the games and such? And the kik points? I frankly loved that update but you’ve gotten rid of it! How about implementing the games and the kik points and using those as marketing for ads and such so that everyone is happy. I actually don’t even want to use this app until the ad banners are gone because it’s so ugly and obnoxious. It sounds harsh and I’m sorry but there were literally other ways you could’ve gone about this. I used to play the games a lot and I didn’t even care about the ads I got in those because the games were fun while waiting on replies. Please fix it, I don’t want to stop communicating with my friends (because kik is some of their only means of communication) but I’m going to have to find other ways apparently because this is just...terrible.
Improvement on the Emoji Selection
by Kinda Feminist on 2017/12/21 17:32
I have little to no issue with this app, it works for everything I need it to and has a beautiful display, along with that nothing is confusing/ it’s very easy to use. Despite enjoying Kiks transparency I do see a problem with the current “Emoji Status” options. From the millions of Apple emojis I have access to we are allowed to pick a very stereotypical selection. In this review I hope to raise awareness for us girls out there that feel boxed in by the superiority of males Kiks current Emoji selection seems to curtail. Supporting my argument, if you scroll all the way down the list you’ll find some sports related emojis, there are no “female” sports emojis able to be selected; no volleyball, no softball, etc. Emojis are meant to be gender neutral and up to this point I believe we have achieved this. I’d like to clarify that I’m not angry with this, only slightly upset. I see this issue having a very easy fix, just give us customers a wider variety of emojis to display themselves. Thanks for reading :)
So much has changed
by Schrieme on 2018/09/25 14:16
Used to use this app back in ehhh... 2015ish? It was on an old phone, I know that. I can’t remember exactly, but wasn’t there the ability to send gifs straight from your phone? That really needs to be a thing, if not! If so, please bring it back! I find it hard to share my quick animations with friends without it. Another thing: there’s a massive bug going on with the name/profile picture system. In one group the picture will be right, but the name is not. Many scenarios like that, except it corrects itself in private messages. Lastly, it would be nice to have a way to report dead groups. There are a few hashtags that I’d like to get my hands on, turns out the group is flat out dead, but I can’t do anything about it! It clogs up the search and is very frustrating to work around. However, for nostalgia sake, I seem to keep coming back to this app. That, and it’s one of the few that I find is the easiest to search for public groups.
Great alternative
by Nmt02 on 2017/09/28 23:14
I downloaded this app because my boyfriend and I cannot text regularly and have decided to delete our Instagram and snapchats, so this was an option. At first, I wasn't so sure because I'd used it before and I just didn't like it. But it has been a great alternative. It is quick, very easy to use. I have an iPhone 7 and I've heard of it causing problems for the 7, but it has not caused me any problems at all. The only problems I find with Kik, is it will delete messages on its own. And I typically do not delete my messages. So when I go back to look for something, whether it be a picture or an important message, it will be gone. If that could be fixed it would be perfect!! The other is for some reason it is detecting a network error every time I try to change my photo, which is a little strange. Other than that I see no problem with kik, and it is very useful.
Great app. Only a couple things that bug me.
by PersonThatWritesStuff on 2018/10/18 03:43
This is a great app, but there are a couple things that bug me. I really don’t like the placing of the video call button. It’s so easy to accidentally press it. And another thing is the app has been so slow to type out messages ever since I upgraded to an iPhone 8. I don’t think it’s my phone, but there is a chance it could be, even though I tried everything to fix it. There’s also a bit of an issue with the bots on here. I made the mistake of talking to a ton of bots about a year ago, and they are still messaging me even though I muted them for forever. One of them (I think it’s GameBot) still sends notifications even though that one is also “muted.” Other than that, this app is amazing. I have been using it for a couple years now. I really like the games you can have in the chats. But hopefully you can fix the issues. Thank you.
Video chat
by WikkedDreams on 2019/06/08 06:14
I’ve been using Kik for maybe 3 years. I’ve never had any issues with chatting with my friends. Until recently at least that I’ve noticed, when I try to video chat with a friend of mine I can’t. As soon as I turn on the camera it the camera bubble disappears two seconds after I turn it on. Even if my friend start the video chat first I can’t join them by clicking on their bubble. Then on top of that half the time it won’t even let me turn on the camera and sometimes when I do try to turn it on it won’t let me turn it off. I use to be able to turn off my phone and it would work but here recently that doesn’t even help. I’ve updated my phone turn off my WiFi, put my phone in airplane mode. And nothing! It’s frustrating when you want to talk to one of your long distance friend, who lives in a different country and you can’t..
Awesome app - but...
by Sorrygirls on 2017/12/31 21:05
I love it! I use kik everyday to text friends - usually don’t have any issues. But... recently, starting yesterday (Dec. 30th), there have been bugs. It wouldn’t send my messages until 30 min-an hour later, or even until a couple hours later. Some of those messages haven’t even sent yet. Today has been somewhat better, but my messages still take 5-10 minutes to send. Notifications are okay now but yesterday, even after following some troubleshoot guides, they would take 10-20 minutes to then show up; even if I was on kik and had already replied (or tried to reply) to their message. But... other than that, before all of that happened, I love kik. It’s one of my favorite apps that I have on all of my devices to message. I’ve been using it for many years and am quite pleased with how it’s improved.
“ Unrecoverable Error “
by yeontans on 2019/03/30 21:24
I’ve been a user of kik for a total of 2 1/2 years and there’s no doubt that the app itself is a really cool way to communicate with others around the world ; digitally. Although recently , I’ve always had issues where I would be using the app continuously and as I were to exit the app and go onto different ones , sometimes a notification bubble would appear saying “ Unrecoverable Error “ which I fail to understand is about as it tells me that Kik is incapable of generating the previous chats I have and would order me to sign out and reset the app as a ways of allowing it to function better. In no way do I have anything against the app at all , there’s just a few minor issues here and there but overall—don’t let this concern stop you from trying it out. And maybe also the profile pictures when it comes to group chats that I join—sometimes as I change the picture for my user , it doesn’t generate into a chat that I previously join which causes some people to question why it’s the same and what not. Again—only minor issues with kik but overall , it’s a decent social interface that allows many people to communicate with one another globally which is something that I do give Kik credits for. All in all , it’s a great app. Just wish that they could possibly do something about the “Unrecoverable Error” notification on my kik.
We Don’t Want Ads!!
by Spartan117UNSCD on 2019/12/03 16:07
Recently had an update for Kik that allows other companies to advertise whatever they want on here. Usually I’m okay with this in some form as long as I get to close out the ad and not have it in my face 24/7. Now I have exactly that.. a banner ad hanging over the top of my chat whenever I try to message someone. I think this would be less of a problem if it wasn’t blocking a part of my conversation, but I’m honestly considering leaving Kik for good if they don’t fix this. I completely understand that they need to make money, but there’s other ways to do that. They added the ability to customize your chat room themes. I don’t know why they didn’t just monetize this with a little micro-transaction system. I would have gladly thrown in a couple dollars to help support their app if they had chose this path. Instead, we are stuck with ads hovering over our conversations. Don’t settle for this! Let our voices be heard! Remove these ads or we walk away! Until they change this to some degree I will leave my review as a 1 Star
Good, but it has NO ACTUAL SUPPORT
by txcipack on 2018/10/31 17:08
Kik overall is pretty good. Me and my friends actually uses it almost everyday and we enjoy it. I really would give this app 5 stars; HOWEVER, I am giving it only 1 star because good luck trying to actually talk to an actual human whenever you need customer support. Especially if it’s something specific. I’ve been trying to get help regarding my kik bot for a while now and I’m about to just give up. Tried using the help center, YET it does not help. Tried asking my question in the center, I can’t do it. Tried viewing my support ticket, but I CANNOT login and yes i have an account for it. Tried emailing kik, all I get was freaking automatic replies that says the SAME THING: “We got your email, try looking into the help center” which again, DOES NOT WORK. I tried reaching out to kik on social media, but again that does not work. So I’m just like screw this and give this app 1 star. It’s good overall but I should be able to EASILY contact an actual human if i need extra support. You can’t have any sort of product, but not have good support for it.
App works pretty well but nowhere to report problems
by MsChris1221 on 2018/01/01 22:47
I’ve been using this app for quite some time and outside of a few glitches that went away pretty quickly, I’ve been happy with it. Until I started having problems with messages only showing sent, not delivered, some messages delivered and obviously read but don’t show as read. Multiple instances of messages taking extended periods of time to send and be delivered. This went on for over 2 days. My biggest problem with all of this is that even with an email address, there’s nowhere to report technical problems. So how do these developers know when there’s a problem if users can’t report it? I am extremely frustrated that no one can be contacted when there are issues. I know it is not my Wi-Fi or cellular provider because problems occur weather I am on my Wi-Fi or on cellular data... and recipients are experiencing the same issues as I am.
Broken since update
by JessieSayward on 2017/12/31 09:50
I absolutely love this app and will change my rating back to a 5 but there has been a huge problem since my phone updated Kik yesterday and I have a friend who is having extremely similar issues. The chat doesn’t update at all. For example in my group chat all of my friends have been sending messages to the chat for the past 20 minutes and I haven’t gotten seen any messages for the past hour. I will get a few notifications here and there for it but the chat doesn’t update. And then the issue my friend and I both have is that even with great internet connections the messages will say they were sent but will not deliver for 10+ minutes. We know that everyone in the chat has a good internet connection so it should deliver. This is insanely aggravating to all of us especially with us planning a get together for New Years and now I have no way to get in contact of a majority of them. I’ve been using Kik for almost 2 years now and never have I been so disappointed in this app.
I’m glad it’s being saved. But ads are an issue.
by datboigay on 2019/11/12 19:37
I have had kik for about 4 years I would say atleast close to. The point is I’ve had it for a very long time. It was going to be shut down and I was very sad but learning it has been re bought by someone else is nice. Except, the ads are a huge HUGE issue for me. I have just redownloaded the app after it was glitching majorly as to hopefully stop it when I opened it to a very large flashy ad at the bottom of my screen. I believe these ads get in the way of texting and communicating with friends as well as they follow you INSIDE your own chats? I do not like this idea at all and the ads get in the way of seeing messages further up chat as they block a big portion of the screen. I’m sure you could come up with some kind of better solution to get money. It is ruining my favorite messaging app by turning it into some money grabbing ad app. Kik does not deserve this. It was better than this. Please please change it back.
I Love Kik
by Emrock08 on 2020/08/31 21:36
Hello! I’ve always loved kik and using the app. It’s been a great way for me to talk to friends and even make some. And I would like to help any way I can to improve it. If I could apply to be a part of the team, that would be even cooler! That is NOT why I am reviewing though. I’m wanting to ask when more themes for kik will be available to IOS users. I also had a suggestion about groups. You could set it to where anyone that is inactive on kik for over so many days is removed from a group. There are a lot of groups just sitting out there because the owners of the group are no longer on kik. It makes it hard to know which groups are active and not active. Thank you! And again, if I could ever be of assistance to be a part of the kik team, I would greatly appreciate it. It would be something I would love to do. Have a great day! Emily
Problems on iPhone XR iOS 12.4.1
by emilycuhz on 2019/11/16 02:24
I love kik but ever since I did the last update it force closes as soon as I open the app. I assume it is due to me being in so many public groups with friends. Please look into this. And I’d be amazed if you could allow public groups to have more than just 50 members in a single group. The telegram app allows up to 200,000 members to be in the same group. A similar feature would be nice added to kik since I use it the most to socialize with friends (which I have way more than 50 of.) I use kik everyday as well as lots of my kik friends & we all agree that this feature would improve so many things! It would get rid of the force closing due to being in hundreds of groups and CRAZY slow loading chats when you open the app for the first time in a day.
Black borders on iPhone X- fixed!
by :')--- on 2018/03/10 15:38
UPDATE: No more black borders, thanks! ------------------------------------- Downloading it was a bit of an issue at first. It would lag, freeze, and crash multiple times when at the screen where you can choose to sync contacts. After bypassing that and getting in, it worked perfectly. There are no problems whatsoever except for the fact that there are thick black borders on the top and bottom of the app. It makes it look outdated and weird. I'm sure this is a very small fix and I have emailed about it but haven't gotten a response. I really enjoy using kik though and hey, it's free, so it's hard to complain. I would absolutely love to see an update asap to make the app fill the screen for the X. If that happens I will gladly update review to 5 stars.
Annoying kik problem
by MsCaptainMorgan on 2017/12/31 00:34
I've been using the kik app for a few years now, and I've never really had a problem with it until recently. At the moment, when I get a notification and open the app, it takes a very long time to connect. At the top it just continuously says “connecting” and nothing will load unless I leave the app open and on my screen and maybe after about 5 minutes or more it will finally load but now when I get notifications, the messages won’t load when I open kik and it finishes connecting. The app is going to complete crap. I’ve uninstalled it multiple times now and lost all my messages for nothing because it is still not working correctly. Please fix this issue ASAP. I love using kik as an alternative but this issue is really bothering me. I don’t like texting on other media devices. I’m so used to using kik. Please fix this issue fast.
This is what I get for using your service?!
by Cookielord771 on 2020/07/23 13:52
I have been a kik user for over 3 years. And I must say those three years of talking with people, connecting, and the many other things I did with people were fun! I believed that Kik was a great app that allowed a whole collection of people to have nice and interesting conversations between one another. But of July 23rd, 2020 my account was terminated for unspecified reasons. Under my 3 years of utilizing kik to be with my friends, I was unfairly judged. I did not know what I did wrong; I did not do anything that warranted a perminate ban. I have tried to appeal my case with Kik’s email, but they gave the the dumbest bot response each time. I was a very active kik user and, once again, I followed each of the big nopes of the Kik guidelines. I did not post anything confidential, I did not post anything harmful, and I refused to advertise or sell anything. The one thing I may have done was have a friend of mine utilize a app in which that can Unbrick my account! Which is another reason why I write this, I was bricked about say July 15th and I could not post a single thing or respond to anything in app. An app that, not only doesn’t even acknowledge this issue, but now punishes people who want their accounts. Ive given countless years of dedication and respect Kik, but this is how you treat your long time users? Shame, that is why Im giving you a 2 star rating.
Hero to zero
by Merp and derp on 2018/01/01 03:01
I use to love this app. Its been the only app that has ever stayed on my phone no matter what, but it’s been slow, it always goes to saying *connecting* when I’ve had full signal and WiFi, and it glitches and says someone is typing when they aren’t. I could be on another app’s screen and join back to kik and then it shows the person is still typing over 10 minutes after they’ve stopped and haven’t touched their phone since, I’ve tested this theory with my friends phone. The filters on the video chat don’t like to change smoothly as well, this app just doesn’t keep up as well to the wear and tear of groups and such. The past couple days all of my messages have been left on sent and haven’t been delivered. I relied on this app to get important messages across to other users and they have since not been able to read my messages causing them to switch to other apps.
Too many ads!
by mexna michaelis on 2019/11/13 17:29
I’ve used Kik for years. Many years. I’ve been around since public chats were removed and readded, since you could anonymously connect to a stranger, since we could video call friends, and since Kik used to have its own web browser. However, now that Kik is recovering from almost shutting down, there’s something new: ads. I don’t mind ads every once in a while, but ads everywhere is too much. When I load the app — ads. When I go into a chat — ads. It’s lagging me out. I use an iPhone 6, which is still decently good, but these ads are wayyyy too much. They kill my battery, lag out the app, slow down the typing speed, and block part of the screen. Either reduce the amount of ads or find a better place for them. I cannot handle the lag when I’m trying to respond to someone ASAP or when I’m just casually talking. It’s annoying.
Revise the banning system
by jlwjaw3 on 2018/06/03 01:39
First of all, this app is very very helpful for meeting and keeping contact with friends, which is why I’m giving it a two star instead of a one star. Second of all, your banning system is comepletly messed up. Every other day I get a 12 hour ban on my account and it won’t tell me why. My profile picture’s are always clean, and my banners are always clean as well. Nothing on my profile is inappropriate. However, while I’m in the middle of a conversation, I am shoved with a 12 hour ban for a reason I’m not told why. I’m just about done with this app, and after the last ban I received, I’m at my breaking point. My advice would be if the ban is for a profile picture, they should have the picture removed and forced to add a new one, for any reason it is removed. Second, use actual humans to loon at the profile pictures and usernames. Third of all, tell people why they have gotten a ban.
Glitch or Hack
by Papu💕 on 2020/08/06 07:12
Every time I try to log in to my account it shows it’s just loading and everyone in the group chat I’m in is or was experiencing the same problem as me at first I had noticed no one was talking in the group and thought maybe everyone is busy but then I wouldn’t get any messages from anyone and then the messages wouldn’t load and I logged out and when I logged back in it said it was connecting and retrieving messages and all that but it wouldn’t stop loading and I realized it had happened to me what everyone was experiencing I don’t know if it’s a technical issue with kik or someone is doing it also I made a brand new account and rejoined the group and it started doing the same thing within a couple hours no more than 4 hours later that I had joined and when someone spoke up about it on the group that persons account started glitching as well I don’t know if anyone is able to help or not but this isn’t funny at all.
Please help a loyal kik user out.
by Qwwwww2 on 2018/02/02 04:57
Okay, so I have been using this app for over 2 years now, I'm using it on an iPad mini, original iPad mini, and it has been doing good for me and I pretty much rely on it for a lot of stuff. But, recently there has been an update which made a lot of issues pop over into kik. First of all, I can no longer select a profile picture. Not can I see others profile pictures, and that really bums me out, second, when I get a notification of a message and get on kik, the message is not there as if they hadn't texted, but on their side they can see it, and thirdly, when someone sends a pic of something, it shows the pic only at the time if I'm already on kik, but if I get out and get back in it only shows a white box. Please fix this because I use kik for so much and those issues are just throwing me out of loop. Thanks.
by maxxxyyymoo on 2020/06/20 06:33
I’ve had this app for maybe four years and I have to say that only minor changes have been made. There are still a lot of bugs, for some reason it keeps logging me out which makes me lose all of my previous messages. Also it’s difficult to set up a public group chat. There’s too many bots on here and it makes the app run really slow. Sometimes it shuts down as I’m texting someone. EDIT: I have lowered my review to one star because it has always been logging me out even when I changed my password. Recently it totally crashed on me ! I tried to log in and it said “connecting; receiving messages” and I had to restart it twice. The second time it worked but it won’t load any new messages and won’t let me send any. It’s so dumb, the app is so broken. What the point of paying t keep it on the App Store 2020 when it’s just worse than before! Plus it’s waayyy too easy to get hacked on there. Even if everything is anonymous
Fun but can be glitchy
by Amshand on 2020/05/04 00:06
I’ve been using kik for 2 years. The best thing about it is the ability to search for and participate in group chats with ppl from all over the world. But it does do weird things. Occasionally when you leave a gc, and rejoin it doesn’t get added back to your chat list. Also the platform does not appear to have had any major functional additions in my time using it, but they did remove the video chat feature. I think the money they saved on bandwidth not needed for video chat could have gone to a few house keeping items to Improve the user experience, like having more customization for the look and feel. Very glad we at least have a dark mode now! I think someone should build a competing app. The chat is quick and has a good following, it just could be more functional and fun.
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