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Get the things you love · Every day there's a stunning new image, so say bye to boring search homepages. · With microsoft Rewards, earn points for searching and redeem them for free gift cards from Xbox, Target, Walmart, and many more. · Interesting, useful answers and info, not just blue links, in a fast app that's easy to use.   Get the things you want · Snap a pic to search, shop, find similar images, and learn about the things you see. It works with math equations, fashion, landmarks, and much more. · Stay up on trending news, videos, and posts, and control which sources appear without leaving the homepage. · Keep it fun with music videos, lyrics, viral videos, animated GIFs, and more from across the web. · Save time when you're making plans. Check a restaurant menu, reserve a table, and book a rideshare with one search. · Save money by comparing reviews and prices from major retailers with the built-in barcode scanner. · Discover what's nearby, including deals, places to eat and drink, and things to do, right from the homepage. · Get reviews and info from the sites you trust, including Yelp, TripAdvisor, Wikipedia, and Reddit. · Control your search and browsing history with private mode. · Save homepage images to use as a wallpaper. · Use tabs to see recent search results.  *Some features are not available in all countries.
Vertical app
by Miscpdx on 2020/10/18 05:30
This new app in vertical instead of landscape is crap
Free sh*t and a good browser
by Bajingo jones on 2020/10/18 03:42
There you go
Very Impressed
by Ugao23 on 2020/10/17 15:54
So far I’ve been delighted especially since I’m basically ignorant when it comes to navigating around my computer. 🏆🥇
Bing photos
by sandy garz on 2020/10/16 18:53
The very best photos in the universe Thank you Bing
Much better then before
by cant speell on 2020/10/16 07:43
Comparable to chrome
Needs to improve
by Sno-ball1 on 2020/10/15 19:46
by beecmh on 2020/10/15 13:07
I love my daily pictures you put on my phone please don’t take them away
Larry from Iowa
by Rev Mosley on 2020/10/14 16:42
I appreciate bing great app gets you the in depth! Good for me obviously
Landscape and smaller on iPad
by !please on 2020/10/14 13:25
Not a fan of the update. The screen is smaller and it will not flip to landscape. Going to use a different browser, which is a bummer. I really liked Bing.
by Garry&co on 2020/10/14 12:58
The best search engine
by awh1t3 on 2020/10/14 01:09
I think bing is much better than any other search engine I have used. I would definitely recommend it.
Not Google
by WasABigFan on 2020/10/13 16:55
Not only is it Not Google But works extremely well and more in tune with my needs
It ok, the same as google tbh
by Wkaf on 2020/10/13 01:47
It fine, some annoying bugs in the app, I’m in it for the rewards, which is actually a nice feature if you really grind for it
Very good search tool. I use all the time with iPhone.
by Paul Hotel Searcher on 2020/10/13 01:46
It is a very good search engine.
Needs more functions
by silverstu39 on 2020/10/12 23:16
There needs to be a function so that you can swipe to go back a page and not have to use the arrow at the bottom of it. It’s slow and cumbersome. Also needs better voice recognition
Love the new Microsoft Bing update
by Apple_App Gamer on 2020/10/12 19:10
I love the new updates for the new Microsoft Bing, and even the new Microsoft branding. Both Surface and Xbox need to have Microsoft logo before it as well. I also love the new Bing logo. However, for a Google alternative search engine, I need to have the ability to customize it, so that I feel as if I'm using Google. I would like to customize it to feel like Google. Mozilla Firefox let's users create there own themes and distribute it for free, as a result escaping copyright issues
Bing is a good choice!
by robloxiscool09 on 2020/10/12 14:59
Works great! Runs smooth and searches fast!
by The "Count" on 2020/10/12 12:29
Bing is the BEST!! Very reliable search site.
Simple to use
by Mudnona on 2020/10/12 09:40
Exactly what I need easy to navigate
Love this engine
by eldridgesmith on 2020/10/12 06:56
Rewards for what I’m already doing. That’s what’s up
by Ahmad Sanie on 2020/10/11 09:32
I love it .
Not for iPad
by Jakar_2009 on 2020/10/09 19:07
Phone only
by chesbeau on 2020/10/09 16:47
Bing search images are why this photographer and Mac user employs this site. During this precarious time, we can all use some relief while touring our beautiful, natural world.
Great App
by Microsoft Search on 2020/10/08 11:38
I like the cool picture daily.
One of the best
by Buddatyme on 2020/10/06 20:49
Very helpful and useful search engine
by SuperMode  on 2020/10/05 16:10
Please make a widget soon, I love your app
I love it!
by Dj the stupid kid on 2020/10/05 14:11
This app is better than google
by aZxwsts fz; on 2020/10/04 22:37
The worst search website in the world
My search default now
by r0ssg on 2020/10/04 13:34
I like what I see so far: much of what I search for all in one app, visually appealing, easy access back to "home" screen wherever you are. I would prefer the Bing advertising link not be included when sharing a link. Give it a try!
Easy to use
by google fannnnn on 2020/10/03 09:26
I love it I have an easier time with this browser than any other
by AuroraSL on 2020/10/02 23:20
by AmberDambey on 2020/10/02 18:28
bing google is garbage bing know grammer very well getmony rewarded
by heidisvargas on 2020/10/02 18:13
I love the rewards and doing the quizzes and all the benefits of bing
News to post
by seniorhacker on 2020/10/01 12:35
I post to a disability site - I love your news format - it’s easy for me to find relevant articles and post them.
Unbiased is the key.
by utgrad00 on 2020/10/01 00:51
I’m so sick of everything being political. From surgical mask to wildfires, it seems that things you want an answer has to be a political party’s take. So sick of it. Thank you Bing for advertising and being unbiased.
by Ree Green on 2020/09/30 16:42
Can’t imagine life without Bing,absolutely love it!
Getting used to it.
by Lpvet on 2020/09/30 16:04
The more I use it(because of Rewards) the more I go to it for other things.
Enjoying ways to earn rewards
by KLCountry on 2020/09/30 01:19
Enjoying the various ways to earn daily rewards, especially the quizzes. For example, those quizzes relating to geography introduces places I would never have known to explore. Basically it gives me an opportunity to pause for a few minutes on my own mundane tasks to enjoy looking up trivia for rewards.
Wonderful app
by MVCocol on 2020/09/29 19:58
Very good, , I loved it
Bing rating
by G-poppy on 2020/09/29 17:07
This is an excellent search engine! My preference over Google!
by roperme on 2020/09/28 17:55
Works great, the only one I use. The only problem is it won’t search everything. Says it can’t support server or something?
Every picture you post. Is *truly beautiful* & breath taking, Thank You
by jlilley550 on 2020/09/28 13:44
Everyone at bing. Keep up the great work you all do. It shows you all truly take great pride in every picture and every seen you capture for all to enjoy 😊 Thank you from the bottom of our 💕 💜 ❤️ 💕 HEARTS💕❤️💜💕
by Luhampghanistan on 2020/09/28 01:39
Innovation at one of its highest levels all around.
Better then expected
by Rayraytisamazing on 2020/09/27 22:47
Get point for searches, in browser games, redeem points for prizes. Plus more!!!
What can I say?
by butch 320 on 2020/09/27 16:40
I just love using Bing!!
Annoying to use
by Finstagrum on 2020/09/27 11:34
Every time you try to type something to search, and are not using WiFi, it interrupts you mid-type to see which network you want to connect to, as if you say “WAIT, are you serious? You don’t want to perform this search without WiFi???”. Can’t it remind me without ruining my typing?
by @360swiftly on 2020/09/27 07:18
Really great app
by M Wooten on 2020/09/27 02:26
Got sick of google being liberal shills so I’m now officially changing my vernacular from “google it” to “bing it”
by MarkNehr on 2020/09/26 00:44
Bing pictures are beautiful and inspiring!
by usbshsb on 2020/09/25 17:56
It keeps signing me out wouldn’t recommend
by Del-Morman on 2020/09/24 23:21
Great pictures enjoy them very much
Bing Internet
by Gold6.0 on 2020/09/24 14:20
Excellent Service 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧
Doesn’t work, just crashes
by j micah on 2020/09/24 12:40
For a couple months now I haven’t been able to use Bing, it simply crashes as soon as I open it. I used to use it regularly, but now I can’t. The last update didn’t fix the issue, either.
Very Greatful even if you finish or begin to read what I write to you s
by Rodriguezwon on 2020/09/24 08:00
SINCERELY, yours truly. Ms.Dana Lynn Rodriguez
Much Better
by Traiwolf on 2020/09/23 22:33
Bing is much better then google , I don’t think people know how superior it truly is. May you should promote it better.
Checked Stay Logged In DOESN’T WORK
by DenverDean on 2020/09/23 13:28
Omg! You suddenly have me logging into my profile again every morning. Fix this!
by sudjwuw on 2020/09/23 00:48
I can jack off to stuff on it
Long live Bing
by Roscoe Kid on 2020/09/22 19:18
Good stuff
Truth and Beauty
by IciclePrism on 2020/09/22 08:15
Taking in the beauty around us feeds our soul.
Bing - The Best
by B'ville Jeff on 2020/09/21 18:38
Bing is the best search engine on the planet!!!
by ChiTownsLastDon on 2020/09/19 04:56
Love da points
Love Bing rewards.
by BMJ 1 on 2020/09/18 00:18
Love Bing rewards. Wish they would bring back the monthly challenge & get the Microsoft weekly email to earn points to.
by judielayne on 2020/09/16 14:43
I love the MS rewards program. It’s fun, educational and economical. The gift cards really help and the donations to various charities and organizations are an easy and painless way to help others. There is no downside to this program and I greatly appreciate it. 🤗
Quick delete
by MJMKML20 on 2020/09/15 05:47
I like the quick delete but do not know how to delete one at a time or all but one.
I never knew
by Hotlanta Foody on 2020/09/15 04:19
Refreshing difference if that makes sense 😁😎
by COOLZNATE46778 on 2020/09/15 02:09
Now this is an avengers level threat for Google
Not good
by ask s JJ lpofr on 2020/09/14 12:50
Does log my points for search’s
by Jchubs on 2020/09/13 13:35
When I search for something I feel I get more variety in the results and not what someone has paid for me to see first.
by thaJoe on 2020/09/12 17:27
Lots to look at and enjoy!
Microsoft = king
by BoCyberKing7 on 2020/09/12 03:51
Microsoft is great at everything they do
by pro gamer number one on 2020/09/11 06:19
The app works fine and it’s pretty nice.(google is still better!) also that moderation for adult stuff is so horrible it’s just a couple of buttons and then boom you see gross stuff. Honestly I hate this app, it doesn’t help my addiction of you know what because of it. I really really hope others don’t fall into this bing trap. So I’ll hire my rating if there is no adult content. 1/10 for children 7/10 for the app itself.
by loloo305 on 2020/09/10 21:35
Love watching porn👌🏽
Luv it
by Sweet Mya on 2020/09/10 20:10
Bing get straight to the point that’s what I luv about bing.
Head and Shoulders
by ferdboyce on 2020/09/10 16:03
Not just a fast and accurate search engine, Bing’s lovely images every morning with my coffee makes the perfect start for my day! Bing “stands tall” when compared with the others.
Get you COVID tracker off my screen!
by GetLostYouMorons on 2020/09/10 14:48
Immediately please
Light App and Very Fast for iOS
by love lifetime 1 on 2020/09/10 09:09
Light app with very nice interface, easy to use and fast to delivery 5 stars to the Bing Team
Great app
by LizardKingsOtts on 2020/09/08 17:15
I like keeping up with things and I like the daily rewards helps me keep my motto you must learn something new each day.
by Olmanfear on 2020/09/08 17:07
Love earning rewards for what I would normally do!
Better than Google
by PulLeveq on 2020/09/07 03:33
Just by a little bit, Bing is better 🤷‍♂️
Screen. Savers
by Sue. (Stormy) on 2020/09/06 19:51
Absolutely fabulous Every scene u feel like u could be there
One day the numbers will drop
by 5P1T on 2020/09/06 05:02
Very informative but I hate looking at it.
by JW 299 on 2020/09/06 04:59
I tried to leave google but you made it impossible . Your APP is useless.
Less headaches
by 56spyder on 2020/09/05 16:55
Freed me from all the inquisitions and harassment from google
Bing search engine
by ConclusiveFlashback on 2020/09/05 01:43
I always use Bing when I need a search engine that will keep my questions private! It shows you how many times someone has tried to mine your information. If I use the most popular search engine, I have found my search activity was supplied to a lot of companies with no way to tell how many other sources they have sold my information to!
by Meukow Aguila on 2020/09/04 02:36
Bing is fast & the images are inspiring
Left-Wing, falsified-titled news every time you open the application.
by Tennis ballZ on 2020/09/04 00:21
The title says it all.
by XsmilingX on 2020/09/03 21:46
The bestest!!! Thank you my friends!
Better than google
by Heathen$Wealthy on 2020/09/03 15:31
I like the quick delete feature and bing doesn't tell me to like groping joe biden or that rat bastard obama! Bing keeps to itself and searches what i tell it to! Thats worth a lot to me.
Remove job listings
by vckarke15 on 2020/09/03 11:24
Love using bing search. But lately I’m getting job listing on the search results. How do I remove those??
Bing 👍
by Ivory billed woodpecker on 2020/09/03 02:12
Thanks for not being google
It is a great app that does what it should.
by Simbalismisdeep on 2020/09/02 22:49
Have not had any problems yet thankfully. Rewards are nice too.
by BrothersAtWar7 on 2020/09/02 00:17
I love this app so much helps me find what I want not only that it give you points to buy stuff (basically free).
I think this is good
by iiImAdopted-x on 2020/08/31 11:42
Better than Google
by Angry mad cheated! on 2020/08/30 19:02
While I am not naive enough to believe that there aren’t any political biases or bribery efforts to manipulate search results in every browser, Bing returns much more relevant results than Google and some of the other search engines. Hopefully the developers will monitor the negative feedback that Google is getting from frustrated users and work to keep search results less filtered, censored, and politically driven.
by RYDER100 on 2020/08/29 22:56
My New favorite Search Engine besides google🙌🏿👌🏾
Still waiting for the iPad version to come out.
by PokemonGoHater420 on 2020/08/29 15:03
Still waiting.
by Lakehome Lucky on 2020/08/28 03:47
Beautiful website with such interesting places and gorgeous pictures of our fabulous earth!!
How to bypass secure connection warning?
by JFlash66 on 2020/08/26 22:33
Every time I try to access I get the message that a secure connection to the server could not be established. Can’t find a way to solve it. Don’t have that problem with other browsers. Works fine on iPhone.
I Love Bing
by Samiesosaaa on 2020/08/26 08:08
Bing is the best because you're able to get points for every search and turns into gift cards etc.
Reliable and safe.
by WarnerM93 on 2019/12/08 20:58
I’ve always had positive experiences with bing, and the app is no different. Just as reliable as google, and just a little bit safer when using safe search mode, and opening private tabs. I also searched the definition of several different words, and was pleasantly surprised to find that bing will give you an optional grammar quiz to help you retain the definition you just read. I’m excited to see what other little surprises wait for me as I continue to search with bing!
Annoying bugs
by Neured on 2020/07/26 10:05
This is generally good but has two annoying bugs. I use Bing to get specific news updates so I frequently use my search history to save time retyping in the search terms (e.g., COVID-19 deaths over time). The problem is every website visited shows up as a search in my history. This clutters my search history and I cannot delete specific items from my search history. The only way to fix this is clearing my whole history, which I do not want to do. The other major bug is having to sign in again to the app 2-3 times per week (or sometimes daily), even though I check “remember this device”. I understand security concerns but I shouldn’t have to log in this often.
It’s a good app to use, but there is a problem
by HIDDENCLOAK on 2020/05/19 13:59
I enjoy using this app a lot and it’s not a bad app to just search something up. The only problem is that When I try to search something up, I always accidentally click the camera option (keep in mind, I’m not at the home screen for bing. So I only click it on accident when I want to search something else, I click on the camera on accident). If they move the camera option somewhere else where I don’t click it on accident when trying to search something new, i would just give it a five star rating because I would have no problems.
Missing Features
by TheJumbaman on 2020/04/24 23:49
I understand that Bing is first and foremost, a search engine. However, the way the app is designed, it may as well be a web browser. So, due to this similarity in app design, I believed I could do some of the things that a browser could do. For example, holding a link to view not options, in order to open said link in a new tab. That feature isn’t here. Another example, the order of web tabs. Rather than leaving each tab in a set order based on when I originally opened the tab, like Chrome & Firefox; instead the tabs reorganize themselves and place your most recently visited tabs at the top of your tab list. If these two features were were added/fixed for this app, I’m sure that I’d enjoy the UI experience a lot more than I currently am. Bing has attracted me from Google, by not being biased and not censoring information. All it needs now is better features, design, and tech support. I honestly believe the best approach would be to turn the Microsoft Edge browser into Microsoft Bing.
Love ❤️ BING❤️
by jacobabella on 2019/12/16 09:51
Have Bing on my PC & Mobile Devices. Sorry just Not a fan of Google at all. Won’t have anything else but Bing. I do hope Microsoft does invest some time in KEEPING-IE and Bing. Love the Photo of the Day. One can learn So Much about our World 🌎 from Bing Photos. The Search Engine, is just the BEST. Hands down-Nobody Compares to Bing. High Quality, that’s why I Encourage Microsoft Not to do away with IE. They’ve got Really Great thing in IE & Bing- Why ruin it. PLEASE LISTEN to the People who CARE about IE & Bing-I would be So Lost with out either one in life. Use them everyday.
I have been pleasantly surprised by Bing !!
by Givens56 on 2020/05/26 23:28
I live out in the country in a house with a tin roof. When wanting to look up information I always went to my Google App... Until one day it seemed Google was nowhere to be found. I tapped on my Bing App and the information I was seeking came right up. I think everyone should give Bing a try. Google finally has some legitimate competition and competition is what keeps us at our Best! Thank you, Bing! (I also love your variety of screens... Beautiful!!)
Achievment hunting for charity
by qor_ on 2020/06/12 13:54
I logged into my Xbox One X this morning to find an ad for matching donations by earning rewards points playing Forza 7/Horizon 4. So I unlocked three easy achievements and bam! I had myself a matched donation to the CDC for their fight to save us from COVID-19. Then I went ahead and downloaded Bing and Edge, discovered I can earn Microsoft rewards points which I can then donate to a good cause and make a small difference through my favorite hobby, gaming. It's the little things in life, ya dig?
by Pirate Carolina on 2020/05/27 16:47
The changing pictures are a great way to have a fresh little something that is new each day which is often tied with a current calendar event or perhaps an ever changing diverse places around the country and the world. Each had an explanation of the picture and links you can jump to to expand your knowledge even more. Sometimes this is tied to the questions in the bing rewards program, so that’s great too.
Love this
by MasonCee on 2020/01/03 06:41
I got Bing because google stopped working on my old phone. I said when I get my new phone I’ll switch back to google. Well guess what? I got a new phone and continued using BING. I love it way more than any other search engine I’ve ever used. The pictures motivate me to travel to places I never thought I would. I went to France specifically because I saw a picture of Mt. Saint Michel on Bing, and I said I have to go there. I did. And I have Bing to thank for that.
One of my favorite apps but ...
by Jeflyn on 2020/04/26 13:05
I switched from using google apps (Search, Mail, Translate, etc.) to Microsoft on all of my devices a year ago, and am grateful for the options. They’re all solid apps and Bing search is now very good. I have only one complaint/request regarding the Bing app for iPhone. Well, two actually. When moving about the bing app and opening various links, the only way to go back is to tap the back button at the bottom of the screen. Would it be possible to implement a right swipe instead to make the app feel a bit more iOS native? It’s a natural gesture that I just can’t seem to overcome. Also, there used to be a Bing app for iPad. This is no longer available, and a companion app for iPad OS would make for a more consistent experience across devices. Thanks for all of the great OS apps, search integrity and news aggregation.
Bing private browsing.
by terij34 on 2020/03/28 04:08
I love the stars that appear when you delete a page. I us it often. It is refreshing as the stars are something humanity does not understand yet. It reminds to look forward to the future. Humanity has more to discover and learn. I download the daily Bing photos for my desktop. My favorite are the December holidays with fireplace or the lights, icicles and snow. Thank you for adding joy to our to our lives, Bing Team.
Great App, even though I’m skeptical.
by Aj Sov. on 2019/12/15 18:52
A great app certainly rewards you with gift cards & what not, just for searching. I’m still very skeptical on the whole big rewards for a chance to win. Sorry, been on here for many years. Maybe just bad luck I pour all my points into contests & not once in 7 years have a won anything. lol. Like I said probably just, better words lack of luck. Great rewards realistically though.
Ring-a-bing bing
by psyoken on 2020/03/01 17:29
This app is winner in my book. Along with the browser extension on PC. I’m mostly here for the MS points but I’m sure I’ll stick around regardless of the outcome of any sweepstakes. There is one thing: please make a way to easily prohibit the bing search box drop down list from logging all my previous searches (listed in purple links). It’s super annoying and distracting tohave every previous search appear every time I go to search something new. Thanks for the awesome app and continued support and work!
Woah, like woah..
by nejifneksnfowbd on 2020/07/29 02:54
Its better than most, but really we are screwed with technology. It’s has started the best fraud and fraud is everywhere. I can’t look up blogs no longer... I can’t look up happy stuff. Just racism, and straight up online bullying from google and DuckDuckGo, bing, yahoo, q one. They are extremely prejudice. Simply, horrible results that could cause physiological damage to anyone. The fact they pick stuff for you based off the information they have on you. It’s sick, I don’t know how they came up with this horrible stuff but this is not what I want to see on my platform. Hopefully, you can partner up with a better partners. Idk the pay check is probably good
Bing search engine
by ConclusiveFlashback on 2020/09/05 01:43
I always use Bing when I need a search engine that will keep my questions private! It shows you how many times someone has tried to mine your information. If I use the most popular search engine, I have found my search activity was supplied to a lot of companies with no way to tell how many other sources they have sold my information to!
Bing is one of my favorite "go to" Apps. It provides a good cross-section of news.
by jmanA2 on 2019/10/25 09:54
The Bing app on iOS is really well done. The news feeds keep me well-informed, the "nearby" search is fast and accurate for food, entertainment, etc., navigation within the app is intuitive and nicely optimized. These, combined with all the other features, make Bing one of my favorite "go to" Apps, especially when I'm traveling.
Better than Google
by Angry mad cheated! on 2020/08/30 19:02
While I am not naive enough to believe that there aren’t any political biases or bribery efforts to manipulate search results in every browser, Bing returns much more relevant results than Google and some of the other search engines. Hopefully the developers will monitor the negative feedback that Google is getting from frustrated users and work to keep search results less filtered, censored, and politically driven.
I love getting rewards!
by CindyMSG on 2020/03/07 18:14
I love getting rewards! Although sometimes it’s a little annoying because there’s a few glitches with the app and lately I have been signed out too many times!! I wish we could still get rewards for the time you use bing for reading! You used to give points per certain amount of time you spend on bing! I use it a lot and love it!
Way better than Google
by Bran1980 on 2019/11/29 13:45
This is my favorite search engine now. Go ahead and ask Google something and watch how they put what they want you to see versus what you want to see at the top. It’s usually politically motivated or advertisement motivated. Bing just places the relevant stuff you searched for at the top where it should be. Seems way more natural to me. The algorithms do not make it a pain to use.
Bing Is My Search Engine Choice
by DENNISCLARK99 on 2020/06/16 03:26
In addition to the speed of results using Bing, the returns to my search nearly always match what I searched for. Bing also provides points for each search while maintaining a running total. These points may be redeemed for gift cards, food from BK etc. It amounts to getting paid for your searches. One only needs to sign up for a free account.
Found gold
by Tellez Tellez 7 on 2019/11/23 19:00
This search engine is none bias in all sense of the word. Is very easy to use and your results are wide with true information in your finger tips. It’s not directing you to someone’s feelings and what they think you should see and read !!! A breath of fresh air and information streaming I strongly recommend any person that just wants facts not story telling
Useless, rotation locked, screws up landscape apps.
by Al Havemann on 2019/09/01 11:09
Another useless rotation locked app. Can’t use it on an any desk stand or cased iPad or iPad Pro. Don’t understand why developers are unable to add the autorotate library function. Not doing so means no iPad in a stand or case will work with the app. Starting such an app means you have to somehow physically rotate the device to use it [the app]. And, when you leave the app it doesn’t restore the proper landscape orientation. On a desk stand the only way out is to physically lift the whole stand up and twist it to restore landscape mode. Not providing Autorotation is a totally fatal omission which also leaves many other landscape applications that may be in the background in the same, screwed up, portrait orientation mode, and when you return to them they almost never recover correctly to their native landscape mode without restarting the app. Stupid, useless design, stupid programming by stupid programmers, don’t bother with it.
Accurate, Trust, Attractive & Pleasing
by Boise6989 on 2019/11/21 13:53
I love this search engine 😊. The Bing search engine 8 out of 10 times gives me the Accurate results I am looking for. I Trust this search engine over any of the other big ones. Most importantly I am able to Trust Bing with my info, unlike the others (google). I also find most of the backgrounds are very Attractive & Pleasing to my eyes 😌.
Used to be a Google fan
by Ms122786 on 2018/12/12 18:19
I used to be a Google fan but recently they made so many changes and got rid of a lot of functionality; and they look like a cartoon too. Made me try Bing; and took some getting used to as far as the change in UI/UX; but Bing really grew on me. I’m happy with this app and the bing search engine provided the results I’m looking for. Wish I used this before.
What’s going on?
by jbooks14 on 2019/09/07 02:42
I use Bing on my phone but when I downloaded the app on my iPad it looks bad. Why does it look like a phone was placed in the middle of the iPad screen and that the phone screen is the only area Bing is on? Why is it only using 50% of the screen? I can google search Bing and it pops up perfect- but I feel like that defeats the purpose of trying to use a different search engine. 5 stars on my phone 1 star on the iPad , guess I’ll download Duck Duck Go until this issue is fixed.
Underrated alternative to Google Search
by Violenthrust on 2019/09/12 18:21
For those who don’t trust Google but also want to have the most reliable search platform this app works great. It’s simple, clean, and it basically does everything Google can do. Absolutely no qualms with this bad boy what so ever. Plus you get points for searching on it which can be used to claim rewards like gift cards and stuff.
Pleasantly surprised
by madeleinejones11 on 2019/04/05 03:23
I have always heard jokes about how “awful” Bing is, but I decided to download anyway only because Google kept automatically logging me in to the wrong account and would not let me sign out. Needless to say, I did not at first have high expectations for Bing. However, it has now grown to be my favorite search engine and my go-to whenever I am on my phone. Great app!
Great search engine
by Lee23241212 on 2019/02/22 15:06
I appreciate Bing for not forcing you to constantly be exposed to news stories every time you search for something like Google does. I felt like I was getting way too distracted with news every time I opened Google to search for something. Our time is very precious and I appreciate Bing letting me do the search without unnecessary distractions. Love this app!!!
Great App
by JohnnyToledo on 2020/02/04 23:06
This is a great App for any Xbox users because you get Microsoft Rewards points when you use bing. If you don’t already have a Microsoft account, make 1 for free and get a free email account too with Outlook. The rewards points you get from Bing searches can be used for all kinds of things like gift cards, games or movies, enter to win great prizes too with your free points from Bing.
Great Browser and love the rewards system.
by FearTheBeard75b77 on 2020/08/22 21:18
I was hooked from the moment I found out about the rewards system. I wanted to switch wholely to using this browswer as my main one, but one feature it lacked discouraged me.. There is no way to add bookmarks folders to customize them and stay organized.. Besides that, a built in ad blocker would be nice too. Besides that, I like everything about the app, with the daily images and all..
by Tess, Rn on 2018/09/27 01:28
I love Bing, and will continue to love and use Bing as long as it stays neutral. I deleted the Google app from my iPhone and switched to Bing when Google became politically opinionated and printed only negative items about our president, Republicans and/or conservatives in their newsfeed. I was happy to find that Bing is a far better app! I have encouraged my family & friends to drop Google. Stay neutral and intelligent, Bing.
Hard time getting tickets
by Still waiting at Yak and Yeti on 2019/11/09 01:09
So the first time I tried to get tickets today it would not accept my sign in so I had to go all the way back out and try again. Later I realized I had ordered tickets on the wrong day so was glad the app allowed me to cancel those. Then when I tried to order tickets for the correct day it took so long for the upload it timed me out so I had to go all the way back in again. A lot of stress just to get tickets I felt was unnecessary ☹️
We are horseman professional breeders
by Xandra V on 2020/04/27 23:38
This site is extremely helpful and such a walk down memory lane as well as a training tool when working with our son and folks who have not witnessed the foundation Quarter Horses in person. Can’t say enough about the site. Customer service is also punctual and timely answer questions. Just wonderfully ran. We love it!
Enjoying ways to earn rewards
by KLCountry on 2020/09/30 01:19
Enjoying the various ways to earn daily rewards, especially the quizzes. For example, those quizzes relating to geography introduces places I would never have known to explore. Basically it gives me an opportunity to pause for a few minutes on my own mundane tasks to enjoy looking up trivia for rewards.
My Favorite Daily Dose of Inspiration and Information
by SMMinke on 2020/01/28 12:24
They say a picture is worth a thousand words and Bing Daily Images have been a part of my daily routine now for many years, since it's inception. Each day there's new inspiration and information on what we are looking at. Thanks for providing this service as it's appreciated more than you know!
Highly Recommended
by WhereDidMyBrainGo on 2019/06/28 18:28
The only Microsoft app on my phone is well designed and useful. It includes a browser to keep search histories / bookmarks / tabs separate from Safari. However, you can open pages in Safari if you need a login. Finally, it is easy to clear search history and cache. Highly recommended.
Great search engine
by lulukiss1 on 2019/05/06 14:28
I have never used any search engine except Google. But for whatever reason they are very slow and they keep losing the page I’m looking at. I don’t have that problem with Bing. I love the beautiful face page too. Everything I have searched for y’all have found for me and very quickly. Thank you!
Needs work
by drparrick on 2019/05/24 13:45
I love seeing the awesome background pictures. I love scrolling through checking out the various news articles. I dont like that i keep having to dislike or dont show from this “organization” again and again for the same people on the same topics i dont want to see. I dont like when i open a link in private browser the link is opened in non-private browser thus saving all the info in history. Can you fix
Microsoft is lacking a big marketer
by joeyb1717 on 2019/03/12 21:16
Well you see I’m writing this review from an Apple iPhone and since I’m a shareholder of the company, I really feel along with my father, that Apple will continue to dominate despite the naysayers. People don’t understand the value of security that is enabled within the company’s growing bottomline. I’m not certain as to whether or not they will be able to find the solution or not but MS has a way to go and the only way possible is through negotiations with AAPL.
New dashboard
by Libra_Butterfly on 2019/07/12 08:01
I have enjoyed using bing and love the rewards. It’s just now the update of the app changed the dashboard and it doesn’t show the actual rewards anymore. It used to show what reward you had chosen and how far you had to go. That isn’t important it’s just now what happens once I reach a certain number of points, how will I choose a reward and redeem? If I don’t see the reward list anywhere.
Much Better Than Expected
by sephiarose on 2020/03/12 20:30
I have heard a lot of jokes putting down Bing, but tried it anyway to complete an Xbox Rewards segment. I found I like it better than Google. The search results are more relevant and I like the easy access search history. This iPhone app is designed really nice with beautiful graphics that make it a pleasure to use.
Best UI
by Tina Mpathy on 2020/03/10 11:03
I’ve always appreciated bing’s sensible UI—like having the back button and other functions on the bottom of the screen where they’re closest to your thumbs, as well as keeping clicks to a minimum (Windows phone was the same way). Streamlined, logical, and gorgeous. All qualities which are underrated, including, sadly, bing itself. What can you do; people are dumb.
Bing Reveiw
by Jimmy JC The Man on 2019/09/26 19:54
So I far I love bing. I haven’t used I very long, in fact this is my first time. I must say so far it’s been a blessing for me because I’m handicapped and spend much time on my phone. Some say I’m wasting time but I stay in touch with friends I had lost contact with, get recent pics,buy and sell things and actually have made money just doing surveys . Thanks Bing
Love It!
by vivalacircus on 2019/08/25 02:51
I’ve been using Google for years (sorry Bing) but felt I was only being shown certain results AND I didn’t like feeling like I was being monitored every second. I switched to Bing & was nervous about the user experience but I LOVE BING! OMG! So much more search results & it’s so easy to navigate! I can’t believe I waited so long to switch. Don’t be like me. Switch now!!!!!
Love the new Microsoft Bing update
by Apple_App Gamer on 2020/10/12 19:10
I love the new updates for the new Microsoft Bing, and even the new Microsoft branding. Both Surface and Xbox need to have Microsoft logo before it as well. I also love the new Bing logo. However, for a Google alternative search engine, I need to have the ability to customize it, so that I feel as if I'm using Google. I would like to customize it to feel like Google. Mozilla Firefox let's users create there own themes and distribute it for free, as a result escaping copyright issues
Administrative staff
by delicious R. on 2020/06/28 18:58
Since using bing it show me how me are tracking me privately. I knew already people was harassing me through the internet and email I didn’t know how to stop it, it going through my song I play from the internet the people who are harassing are smart. But think God, God put bing in my life to help me excellent service. Keep up the good work.
You MUST install NOW!
by osu9400 on 2018/07/18 00:44
Since there's no concept of a search button on the iPhone (which is super annoying) install this app and put it in your dock. You'll have a near replacement for a real button. Bing is not just another Google. You will have access to all its AI, voice, crazy insane cool image search, local recommendations, etc.
4 because of UI
by No Proaganda Please on 2019/07/21 23:21
So- way better than google. The only down mark I gave it was because when I search for something there’s no navigation tab to switch between general search to videos to images etc... I need to click back on the search and that’s when my options drop down. Other wise awesome app, excellent at not pedaling propaganda like google does. GO BING!
Beautiful pics
by ngorika on 2020/05/08 02:35
One thing I like about using bing is for the beautiful and amazing pictures that they use on their page. Every day a different pictures, those pictures are actual things or places and you can always learn more about them by clicking on the info. Very very educational👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿
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