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AB Classic
The survival of the Angry Birds is at stake. Dish out revenge on the greedy pigs who stole their eggs. Use the unique powers of each bird to destroy the pigs' defenses. Angry Birds features challenging physics-based gameplay and hours of replay value. Each level requires logic, skill and force to solve.

 FEATURES: – Enjoy fun and satisfying slingshot gameplay. – Play all 15 original Angry Birds episodes – over 680 levels! – Compete against other players in the Mighty League. – Boost your birds' destructive strength with powerups. – Download and play for free! – Play offline! ------ HAVING TROUBLE? Head over to where you can browse FAQs or submit a request to our support flock! ----- Terms of Use:
 Privacy Policy:
 This application may require internet connectivity and subsequent data transfer charges may apply. This game may include: - Direct links to social networking websites that are intended for an audience over the age of 13. - Direct links to the internet that can take players away from the game with the potential to browse any web page. - Advertising of Rovio products and also products from select partners. - The option to make in-app purchases. The bill payer should always be consulted beforehand.
The ads ruin my nostalgia
by Guyo12345 on 2019/01/20 02:18
When I was younger I used to play this game so much and I had a blast. I remember trying to get to the next stage and it was a great. I came back a couple years later and revisited it and I was disappointed. The ads ruin the atmosphere which I grew up on. All the special abilities and constant micro transactions being shoved down your throat just is plain ridiculous. Still a fun game but man has this game fallen from grace.
I Feel So Accomplished
by Spacechimp555 on 2019/01/19 20:59
While I realize that I actually accomplish nothing by playing this game, it sure feels good to garner all the stars in an episode. Now I’m headed for my hot tub.
Game Keeps Freezing
by Chea71 on 2019/01/19 15:49
Are one of the developers going to address and fix why this game keeps freezing during the game?
by jan1189 on 2019/01/19 07:24
As much really wanted like this game i can’t help feeling a little irritated,when the angry bird game freezes up in the middle while playing,please fix the issue.
Best game
by Haydn716 on 2019/01/18 13:27
This game I always have liked I am 13 years old and I still like it is a really good game.
Too many ads
by JJR512 on 2019/01/17 02:55
The game itself is as fun as it ever was. But I’m barely able to play the game, because it now takes more time to watch the ads and the pushy sales messages than you’re able to actually play. I would pay $5 for an ad-free, upsell-free version of this and all the other AB games. Rovio, take note, because right now I’m no longer playing the game, which means you’re getting exactly $0 in ad view revenue from me. $5 or $0, it’s your choice.
What happened?
by SportyBeader on 2019/01/17 02:45
I would have rated Angry Birds 5 stars a couple years ago. However, recent “updates” (?) have glitches & frequently asks if more birds are needed even tho all pigs have been cleared. It freezes during League levels. It seems to worsen as I progress thru the levels. And there is WAY more advertising. Even after making purchases in AB Pop, the advertising still was relentless. The problems aren’t limited to Angry Birds. We’ve also had issues with Blast and Pop. My husband finally deleted all the AB apps and won’t reinstall. I have reinstalled AB & Pop twice, still have issues, so I’m done, too. Angry Birds sure aren’t the fun, quality games they used to be.
No full screen!?!
by Sebastian890music on 2019/01/16 20:17
Does not support full screen on iPhone XR. Disappointing
Game play
by greekdaddy000 on 2019/01/16 17:02
The game keeps crashing on my iPhone xr I'll be in the middle of have play and it'll just freeze and I'll have to reboot the game. Happens several times throughout the day
hang & crash
by KristinShoots on 2019/01/16 05:43
recently the game will freeze up then crash. which, oftentimes, leads you to loose valuable power ups. please fix. STILL?! HANG & CRASH!! DONE!!
The ads are ridiculous
by Gooder223 on 2019/01/15 23:17
I would have given a higher rating if it wasn’t for the ads. Almost all ads are 30 seconds long, and it seems every other game there is an ad. I like the feature where you can choose to watch an ad to get an extra life. But if you think you’ll be able to avoid some ads if you decide not to get an extra life, think again. This is not television. I should not be forced to watch 30 second ads. Some of the advertised games actually look interesting, but I won’t be downloading them for fear of getting stuck in ad hell. Classic game ruined by waaay to many ads that are also waaay to long.
5 min of ads
by Skwa on 2019/01/15 14:39
Seriously have to go through 5 min of ads each time you go to a level. The ads are longer than what you play. Totally not worth it. Now your game is glitching and consistently freezes.
Purchased Long Ago, Now Forced Ads
by xayes on 2019/01/15 05:12
I haven’t played this game in years but recently got the urge again. I downloaded it and now seem to have nothing but distracting popups demanding I watch inescapable full-screen ads. Try to resume episodes like the old version? Full-screen ad. I PAID for this game. It’s bait and switch years after the fact. This should be illegal or at the very least grounds for removal from the App Store! I’ll never buy anything from this developer again.
Just how I remember it.......GREAT
by E.C.Y on 2019/01/15 02:30
I’m not one for big speeches so I’ll just say if your looking for some classic angry birds greatness this is were to look I see a lot of reviews on here saying “oh it’s not as good as i remember it” “it did not age well” just remember your downloading angry birds CLASSIC anyway bottom line it’s great
Used be good.
by djallen26 on 2019/01/14 23:00
It’s very sad that I can’t download a fun to play game for my kid that that isn’t over run by adds and pop ups trying to sell something. Angry birds used to be fun but now all of these money hungry developers don’t seem to really care about games being fun anymore.
Once Great
by buster1957 on 2019/01/12 18:56
Angry Birds was once a great game. Back when it first released, I paid for the game and didn’t have all the in app purchases that have plagued mobile gaming nowadays. As it stands, IAP ruins another classic. Move on and find games without trying to squeeze every penny developers can from users. Used to be a great game, but now it’s just another mobile game with in app purchases.
by Barlowhockey16 on 2019/01/12 02:07
I deleted this because I don’t think that a game that you pay for should have adds that you have to watch in it
Too many ads.
by ash🦙 on 2019/01/11 18:22
I understand that there will be some advertisements in a game, but when you spend as long watching the full screen video ads as you do actually playing the game, it becomes an issue. I will be uninstalling the game today because of this.
Great game
by Pokemon365 on 2019/01/11 00:29
Just 1 problem though. The problem is that I don't like the fact that you use stars to unlock levels. Players aren't that good to 3 star every level. Please notice this.
by Arenis227 on 2019/01/10 05:39
The game doesn't even let me in. Every time I try to open the app it instantly crashes
Double Dipping
by Flakbait on 2019/01/10 03:55
I purchased this game. Get your commercials and micro transactions the hell away from me. It’s ok to change your business model for new customers but it’s double dipping if I’ve paid you your full retail price already. New buyers beware, this company will change their terms and conditions without giving one thought about you.
To many ads
by Tonyrosa23 on 2019/01/10 02:59
To many ads has ruined the game! It’s tiring just to play!
by acr5548 on 2019/01/09 20:58
For a time I had quit playing and recently came back to it. All of my levels are gone and had to start completely over though I never deleted the game. Now I can’t play without ads popping up! If Rovio is wanting to lose customers they found a way with me. You can’t ignore the ads and have to wait for them to finish. What a waste of time.
Not classic
by sam toops on 2019/01/08 22:47
The game was ok the reason I got the game was to play the classic angry birds but you have seem to mixed certain things up I’m not counting the leagues thing but if you Did not do those certain things like mixing up the order in which you get the birds I would give this five stars
I Love It
by Handsomeboi2005 on 2019/01/08 20:39
It’s So Cool And It’s So Fun
Awesome nene
by snwhzhjkek on 2019/01/07 02:06
It’s so nene
Too many ads!!
by purplegal73! on 2019/01/06 16:58
AB has been around for years. Congrats!!!! Thought I’d re install after a few years of not playing, But the original has extremely too many ads. Uninstalling!
too bad
by AutonomousExistence on 2019/01/06 07:35
they stopped caring about this app. It is now about as buggy and glitch filled as it gets. Avoid or be frustrated
Thought this was angry birds
by Redcat9894 on 2019/01/06 01:57
Nope this is not the og angry birds lady’s and gents this is the worlds longest candy crush ad. Game now has micro transactions but don’t be worried about that the candy crush ads are every minute for a minute (aka there’s really no time to play the game). Kind of disappointed that this is the way games are going.... sadly there are way better games that don’t do this kind of thing so to them I go.
Doesn’t save progress
by Em2000003434 on 2019/01/05 22:11
The game mechanics are a little if-y. And I have to restart at the first level every time I open the app; it doesn’t save my progress.
Ruined with Greed !!
by PRJules on 2019/01/05 10:21
Interrupted play with annoying amount and length of ads. Give us an option to pay for the App - so we can play!!!
Great Game!
by VintroV2 on 2019/01/05 06:08
This game rocks! I play it whenever I am bored. Please keep this game up forever!
Add support for iPhone X and Xs
by Butterfimz on 2019/01/05 02:34
Add support for iPhone X and Xs
Great game
by Nerdy Anime Guy on 2019/01/04 23:51
Very addictive game love it so much and I really recommend it to other people
by groot0817 on 2019/01/04 19:26
Love the game, but it freezes way too much.
I love it
by on 2019/01/04 17:45
I remember what I used to play this game all day every day and I loved it until I ran out of levels so I deleted it and reinstalled it so I could restart. This occurred on many occasions and I’m still doing that to this day since 2010. Thank you for creating this game which has brought joy to many
Love the game but Keeps freezing
by ShaLo4 on 2019/01/04 14:39
In my down town I like to play this silly game. It keeps freezing way to much!! I hate that it does this because I enjoy playing a few minutes each day.
ADs, ADs, ADs. Impossible to avoid the ADs
by Tn2036 on 2019/01/04 13:08
6 year old: “I don’t like playing Angry Birds because of the ADs” Hope the developer figures out new people - potential customers - are born every day and gets rid of the relentless ADs. As it sits today, this is a useless game. An adult cannot move between levels without a mandatory AD stop.
Bring Back Plain Vanilla Angry Birds
by Audchill0 on 2019/01/03 19:45
I bought the app so my young son could have a simple game to play on a tablet we got him. Both he and I enjoy Angry Birds from the cartoon and movie so thought this would be a good intro to game apps; I bought and played the original years ago. Nope. It was disheartening to have to constantly navigate video apps and in-game microtransactions to play a years-old game that I paid for — and didn’t have an option to turn them off. I deleted it and told my son the game was broken. Rovio, you’re more than welcome to use video ads and microtransactions in your free-to-play lineup, but there’s something wrong when you’re going back to monetize your legacy game.
Terrible business practices
by ESBravo on 2019/01/03 09:18
It makes me sad to think how much Rovio has sold out. I bought this game years ago, now they want more money...the adds are terrible...the stars locking your progress are even worse...shame on the people that made these horrible decisions.
Needs help
by David 679 on 2019/01/02 19:24
It stalls is stops reboots. I t could be great if they would fix it.
Disgraceful ads and purchases distract from a great game
by Seancoffey78 on 2019/01/02 14:57
I guess Rovio forgot, but this game costs $1 (at least when I bought it in 2012). And yet they still have the gaul to shove ads and in-app purchases down our throat in this nearly decade-old game. This is a significant slap in the face to the consumer, and will make me personally boycott your greedy company in all its future endeavors. I hope others follow suit. It’s 2019, and customers are through with being constantly ripped off by game developers. Remove all ads and in-app purchases and I will update my review to 5 stars, because the actual game itself is great, if it were not constantly distracted by shiny deals and ads for candy crush.
Too many adds now.
by Crrreature on 2019/01/01 20:35
Not hardly playable with so many adds.
Lousy Ad Heavy
by eeconstable on 2019/01/01 18:37
This game is nothing but ads thirty seconds apart. I installed the app and tried to play and gave up. I uninstalled the app and moved on. Not worth your time.
Too many ADS!!!
by Disposable Heroes on 2019/01/01 15:41
Please turn off the *^%# ads!!! All the players that played these games over the years and you still have ads!? We’ve all paid so much money to your company, you shouldn’t even need ads! You’re just as greedy as ever other company, and it can’t be to pay your employees because you haven’t been able to come up with anything new and good, so fire them all and give your “already have paid to much to your company” customers an ad free game! I’d much prefer to just have the original Angry Birds app back. The very first app for the very first game, without all this extra crap anyway!
by kdiocimji on 2019/01/01 07:44
Every 5 minutes you have to watch a 30 second video just to keep the targeting scope that you have to have because you have no clue where it’s gonna land without it. It just seems like a game app that tries to guide you to other games rather then enjoy the game your playing. Yes I know all games has videos you have to watch to get somewhere but this is the first game where watching videos seems constant.
I love angry birds!!!
by Corrie Hallock on 2019/01/01 05:17
This game is awesome!!!Even though it is time consuming and addicting I love it!! Thanks a lot!!!
Good game
by itsJoshuaElite on 2019/01/01 02:29
Smell my poop
by crocksgod on 2018/12/31 17:38
The reason I got this game is because my mom wanted me to get it because when I was really young I played it and now I am addicted
Used to be Great
by Jai Jai Ma on 2018/12/30 03:50
Can Never get more power-ups with coins! Even though I have more than 1200! What’s up????
by bbnsnt on 2018/12/29 08:21
Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Why not make a version that can be purchased ad-free??
by Swiggs on 2018/12/29 01:10
I am getting tired of playing this game because the constant glitches and freezing. In the middle of a level the game freezes and there goes my motivation to play. If this issue isn’t addressed and fixed, I am going to delete this game off my phone.
F this game
by Namanuikaika on 2018/12/29 00:58
So garbage and too old teck-uninstalling
2009-(almost 2019)
by Jallise on 2018/12/28 22:02
Remember back in 2009 where the pig’s eyes, ears, and mouth/teeth were the same? But right now, it is almost 2019 and everything has changed pizz.
Was good
by 🐋wally the whale🐋 on 2018/12/28 20:21
When I first got it, it was good and I enjoyed playing it a lot. Then I started playing others games. It wasn’t til recently I started to play it again and noticed how many ads and micro transactions it had. All I want to do is play the game and not get swarmed with ads. The worst of this I would say is when you lose a level it would constantly ask me to get another life with ads or some other thing that was added. Not very enjoyable anymore.
Excessive Ads
by Ash82650 on 2018/12/28 19:19
More time is spent watching ads and figuring out how to dismiss them than actually playing the game.
Coolest game ever
by Kim2424 on 2018/12/28 18:58
I’ve always loved this game but the only problem is the ads
Not cool👎🏻
by hxbxhdbdnnd on 2018/12/28 15:28
I hate this game and I’ll give you 1reason why 1.
Constantly Freezes
by Hating Dee Ads on 2018/12/27 23:18
This games freezes at the worst times.. after you have earned or bought power ups! It’s so unfair! A person should be compassionated for that.. people buy power ups only to have the game freeze while using them. What a ripoff!!!
Good game. But what about the old Angry Birds Toons?
by JTWGaming16 on 2018/12/27 18:58
This game may be almost 10 years, it is still as good as it was 10 years ago. I still think that you should keep the angry birds toons series on though. I mean, piggy tales is fine but I’m sure some people would rather have the older angry birds toons. When I was 5 or 6, I watched an episode that just came out from Season 1. I remember it was about a bunch of pigs trying to hold the throne for King Pig. But a pig saw a bee or wasp. The pig got stung by the bee. The pig started shaking and turning then the King Pig fell down a lot of stairs and started crying. It may now be 2018 and soon 2019, I still think this game is great. What about the end of Angry Birds Toons? I remember when the end of season 3 came. They kept making just piggy tales and no angry birds toons. I thought there would be some kind of finale. I checked and I think it is called Sneezy Does It. I watched in around 2013 or 2014. Angry BirdJake
Interesting game, but huge number of ads
by MarkASilver on 2018/12/27 01:42
I enjoy playing the game, but it seems to me that there is an advertisement comes up after almost every game, and at least after every two episodes. The number of ads and the inability to close them quickly make the game almost unplayable.
by 4U-123 on 2018/12/26 19:18
No more needs to be said!
Not worth the time
by 6-stringDLW on 2018/12/26 18:25
I placed several ad-based games. Angry Birds is the only game I have seen where you spend over twice as much time watching ads as you do actually playing the game. I’m deleting it. It’s not worth my time!
Awesome, but..
by Kittymeowmeow200 on 2018/12/26 14:10
I absolutely love this game, it was the first ever mobile game I played when I was 3. But now there is payment and that really annoys me. Plz try to fix this.
Power ups aren’t that great
by The 8 Bit Leonid Gamer on 2018/12/26 04:43
They are good for new players but come on I’m an OG here and I’m not being challenged if power ups are available to use. I liked the moments where I’m frustrated and try to beat the level that how I want to do it.
Rovio has sold out.
by Powerpayton on 2018/12/26 03:49
I used to play angry birds daily back in the good old day, but it feels like Rovio realized the immense profit they could make from this game and took the chance without a second thought. Things like level progression locks that require you to go to a “league” and non functional IAP restoring make this nothing but a shell of the game it once was. Unless you like tons of ads and tons of pressure to spend money, just pass. It’s nothing like it used to be.
by mario fan 345 on 2018/12/25 01:41
I wish it was the same as the original. I hate it how I have to give stars to go to the next level. I shouldn’t have stars In the first place. I hate it so much
Mighty League crashes stealing my money!
by alect006 on 2018/12/24 19:46
Playing the mighty league is becoming an absolute nightmare! Constant crashes have stolen COUNTLESS power-ups from me. I can only imagine how many people have been ripped off. Lawsuit?? Rovio needs to consistently update this app, OR RETIRE IT!
by Kingalpha92 on 2018/12/24 00:25
I wanted to play ab just to get a little flash back to the past and wow! Not the game I remember at all, so many ads it’s crazy. Having to watch ad just to see where your bird will land?! With the telescope I mean come on.
Ads ads ads
by Bearngrime on 2018/12/23 21:41
I used to play Angry Birds years ago and it was so fun. Recently I started playing again... You can’t hardly play anymore because of the ads and videos. This makes me so frustrated and sad... It used to be such a fun game... I understand the need for ads on free apps but this is ridiculous! You can’t do ANYTHING in this game without having to watch a long video...
What happened to no ads with purchase
by Fuuzywuzzy on 2018/12/23 18:11
I purchased this years ago and didn’t have ads. I just started playing again and am ready to delete it because of all the ads. What gives?
Needs iPhone XS Max support
by Not 3- D on 2018/12/22 13:38
Has no support for Iphone X line. The game is basically inside a black bar box.
by Sdway on 2018/12/22 05:07
I actually paid for this so I wouldn’t have adds, son of a gun there’s so many adds it’s a waste of time trying good bye
Not broke don’t fix
by Gobochick on 2018/12/22 04:08
I loved this game back in the day. However now, with the ads that take forever and you can’t skip pass it is becoming borderline unplayable. Please stop with the ads coming on.
Not happy
by Frustrate me some more on 2018/12/21 17:50
Keeps crashing and stopping! Again? Come on, get your stuff together
This is good game
by 720-755-1629 on 2018/12/21 15:49
It’s pretty nice and cool
Don’t do it
by b5v76lggu on 2018/12/21 00:54
I used to play years ago. I tried it again recently. It’s a good game. Better than it was. The ads were really annoying so I paid for credits. I still have to watch the very very very very lonnnnng ads. I’m uninstalling.
by New York business on 2018/12/20 22:47
by Msfails on 2018/12/20 21:11
Ads are constantly in your face and just incredibly annoying. You have to let ads play for several seconds before getting the option to close them and return to the game. Oh, and they show up like after every other level. Sad to see what was once hands down the best game on the App Store devolve into this garbage
Pretty boy blue
by Cade Sisemore on 2018/12/20 15:10
This is a very classic fun and awesome app game it’s a dated app game but it’s very fun
darude - sandstorm
by anime yiddies on 2018/12/19 09:17
this song is so cute i love ab so much
Greatest game ever
by 95757@73k8O on 2018/12/18 23:00
This is gonna change the world 🦅❤️😍🙂🤩
too frequent ads, despite still fun
by All_apps_bugs_me_to_rate on 2018/12/18 21:24
and they ruin the experience, sometimes close button doesn’t even work, occasionally even after whole video is ended.
Not Quite There Yet
by mug_kid on 2018/12/18 19:28
Despite the update: 1. The app still freezes when you’re playing the Mighty League. If you use a power up, the app won’t “reimburse” you. So when you force quit the app and get back to where you were, you’re down a power up. Frustrating, especially since this issue has been festering for quite some time now. 2. When you complete a level in Mighty League and surpass the high score, the app won’t automatically compute your score and move on move to the next level—as it should. I will give it 5 stars once you squash these bugs! When will things get better, Rovio?!
AD overkill
by Me, hahaha on 2018/12/17 15:55
Way too many ads. I’m willing to spend 5$ to get rid of them. Just going to find a different game to play. Not giving y’all any more ad revenue.
A meager price turn into Billon Dollars worth of bull.
by lol polish so on 2018/12/16 21:11
Ever science angry birds was even a thing, I played this game all the time. It was actually fun. I could go through my day with less stress. But now look at you. You’ve become way to greedy. You added super long ads for every level you beat, you force us to PAY REAL MONEY TO GET STARS TO UNLOCK LEVELS! & most importantly, THERE IS NO REMOVE ADS! Honestly. I hate how rovio has grown. They went from nice and calm to something like EA. Fix the game & your company & I will be happy. Or else this dipshit will burn in hell.
by ashley_________a on 2018/12/16 19:36
Love this game!!!
by Bat Flies at Night on 2018/12/16 07:57
Seriously, I PAID for this game. With money. And now it’s bloated with ads, stupid power ups and I have to use STARS to proceed to the next level. And when I run out of stars... then I have to PAY to get more stars to play the next level. You people are disgusting, greedy, and absolutely ridiculous. I can’t even play the game I PAID FOR without having an ad every single level and yet another pay-to-play money grab angle. Refund our money. Haven’t you made enough on movies and merchandise? Now you’ve defrauded people who have actually paid for your game in the first place. I’m so sick of developers like this. I blame apple for allowing this crap to begin in the first place. Now the whole App Store is filled with pay-to-win, money grabber apps, which take people’s hard earned money just to enjoy their devices.
by Checkered Swine on 2018/12/15 23:00
Commercials. Go phuhq yourselves Rovio.
by F 250 on 2018/12/15 18:12
Once time a time there was a game you could play called Angry Birds. You’d pay for the app and then play for hours having mindless fun. You could let your children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews play as well. They would play and they didn’t even need your help. Then the love of money took control and now what once was a lot of fun, is now cumbersome to play. Add after add after add. Buy this. Buy that. I am sure they are working on having an add show up after each shot. Deleted. Too bad was once a lot of fun.
No league access
by Smartphone Levi on 2018/12/14 22:54
I have been playing Angry birds for years and I got it again a couple months ago. At first everything was fine but now it won’t load and I have a good internet connection. Let me play in the leagues please.
Too many Ads!
by Keyband on 2018/12/14 21:29
I love this game but the ads!! I could have sworn that I had purchased this game a long time ago so I would not have ads. If the ads continue, then why not refund my money?
by StefsterHB on 2018/12/14 03:35
Soooooo many annoying ads? I haven't played in years. I don't recall ever seeing an ad. Didn't this company make a movie and many other products that they made millions from? Then why the ads?
There are too many ads
by elm63 on 2018/12/14 01:25
Ads after every level is aggravating
Once glorious, now bloated and annoying.
by Tom_From_Cowtown on 2018/12/13 15:43
I soooo miss the early days of Angry Birds when you could pick it up, select a level, and just play... without being nagged every. freaking. minute. with ads, power up nagifications, coins for this& that, unlocking things, etc etc etc. No longer the huge addictive draw it once was.
Constant Crashing & Excessive Ads 👎
by DontMindMe555 on 2018/12/13 02:07
Between the incessant ads and app crashes resulting in lost power-ups/coins/wins, etc., this outdated game is a shell of its glory days.
A fabulous time waster!
by Mommy chick on 2018/12/13 01:45
Love this game. I’m a huge fan. Love the power-ups and the selection of levels. Once I master the game, I uninstall it and start all over.
by Cbfrog on 2018/12/12 14:34
Every third fling the app freezes!!! Fix this please!
This game gay
by Jonny587 on 2018/12/12 14:31
Too many adds and birds don’t do anything to buildings or pig.
Getting Older
by Luthor Guy🐶 on 2018/06/04 19:19
Remember back in 2010 when Angry Birds was the most popular game among anyone. Well, that role has switched to Fortnite (which isn’t the greatest game) and Helix Tower (nice game). Point is, this game has been around since 2009, and it’s gotten to the point where no one plays it anymore, and Rovio has started to milk the franchise. I mean, Angry Birds Evolution? The movie was absolute garbage, so who would want to play a game based off of the movie. Even the older games I liked have gone downhill. The original has too many adds, Rovio hasn’t updated Seasons since December 2016, Space was awesome until the buttons literally became too hard to press, Angry Birds Go was fun until 2.0, and Angry Birds Pop, Blast, Evolution have no reason to exist. The only games I can really appreciate at this point in time are the Star Wars ones, the original (somewhat), the old Seasons levels, and Angry Birds 2. So, what needs to be done at Rovio? Bring back the old Angry Birds Go, update Angry Birds Seasons more, fix Angry Birds Space, reduce adds on the original Angry Birds, and get rid of games like Angry Birds Evolution. I mean, they got rid of Angry Birds Stella, so getting rid of Evolution can’t be that hard.
Worst video game of all time
by Techstar01 on 2017/12/14 20:44
I first bought this in 2010 and for a year or so it was the best game on the app store. I suppose my dislike of the graphical refresh from v1.6 is a bit ridiculous by now. The next update added the first consumable in-app purchases, which never worked and were generally useless and bad. It's only gotten worse since then. You used to be able to disable powerups and Rovio ads but now you can't because Rovio is desperate for money. Having paid for this game, I was shocked to see (optional) ads added into the game when "Short Fuse" came out. Mad about all this, I abandoned the game in 2016 but left it on my phone in hopes that this would change. It did not. Rovio somehow managed to go below rock bottom. It added video ads with sound after every few levels (again, this is a game I paid for way back when.) And today, they released an update which locks level packs until you get stars. That was the last straw. There is nothing left, not even the quite good gameplay, that can save this game. When Rovio goes out of business from all the formerly happy customers like me deleting the games THEY killed, I will have only one thing to say: I told you so. Another formerly good game deleted. Why, Rovio, why?
What Happened?
by Parental Control Rater on 2018/05/12 11:44
Angry Birds was a revolutionary game that brought along with it great business. Unfortunately, the app was made free after years as a paid app in exchange for ads. And people who paid before got nothing. Based on my own personal experience and from reading others’ reviews, Angry Birds classic should actually be angry birds classic. When I received news the birds were getting a new star system, I was left in the dust. Combined with the video ads, the only way to save the game now is to get rid of or at least be able to turn off the new star system and video ads for no cost. When a company well known or that generally has a positive impact on the market goes out of business, we tend to respect the company. Not Rovio. It was good in the 2014 days and managed to stand even when Niantic, King, EA, and Ketchapp rose to the top. Angry Birds 2 was anticipated, and I liked it for a while, but I soon developed a hate for Rovio business. Some people wish they could just topple Rovio like toppling Comcast. I hope they do.
Not kid friendly anymore.
by Luckycutie on 2018/05/10 17:58
I bought this game when it first came out. It was a common understanding that free games had micro transactions but a paid game didn’t - so it was often better to just shell out for the paid version. I loved the game, but less so lately. Something happened - and now a game I PAID for wants me to give them micro transactions. This isn’t a big deal for me - I’m not buying anything. My concern is my child. When he was little, he could play it when I needed a break. He loved this game - it made him so happy and I got a break. He’s eight now and he hasn’t played it in years. If he plays, the game will redirect him to the App Store and he will hand me my phone to ask for help. It happens every few minutes and it’s exhausting. What started out as a break for me is now something i only do when I’m prepared to be stressed. I still do it as a special treat for him - but it happens less often and I’m incredibly stressed throughout. This PAID app is so intent on selling you even more, it’s taken out the original fun of the game - for everybody.
Downgrades and glitches that make the game unplayable
by the dew master on 2018/08/09 22:22
Remember back when progressing through the game was simple? Well in the latest update they made a decision where you have to earn stars to unlock more levels!!! That is such a downgrade, what is even worse is that you have to watch an ad every time you enter a new level! Sometimes the game will just crash for no reason, and the classic red is not there in the golden egg section, these are unbearable glitches and downgrades that ultimately weaken and kills: not only the game, but the franchise in general. Rovio if you continue these downgrades with every angry birds games then this franchise is going to die. Rovio: if you can fix every angry birds games and return them to their original updates then you could save the whole franchise. If you don’t then you will disappear and be forgotten, So start fixing every angry birds games and return them to their original updates, and then people will start loving the angry birds franchise, As you revive the franchise and make your games great again.
by Racing lover on 2018/12/08 04:00
I lost my "Games for (RED)" Mighty Feathers Red purchase when I deleted and reinstalled the app to see if it would crash less, and then connected my Rovio Account. I know you said there's nothing we can do, but I hope you can update the app so the Mighty Feathers Red purchase is available once more, or at least add a button that restores ALL in-app purchases, including limited time ones like my Mighty Feathers purchase. Besides, if I have connected my Rovio Account in this game for years after making that Mighty Feathers purcahse, then my purchase SHOULD have been saved with my Rovio Account Progress, just like with Angry Birds Go (as I still have my Jenga Mode). In addition, the app has all kinds of other problems that need fixes. 1. Bomb's slingshot launch battle cry needs to be changed so he sounds more exciting. HINT: His best battle cry can be heard in AB Seasons, Rio, & Friends. 2. The characters should be displayed on the bottom corners of ALL of the episodes' level select screens to attract the players. 3. The Mighty Feathers tutorial in the first level of Red's Mighty Feathers is having trouble responding to the player touching the screen as instrued. Needs fixing. 4. The lock-on icon for Red's Mighty Feathers ability needs to be brought back for better targeting. 5. Like the other players said, remove stars as a way to unlock levels. They like playing the game & unlock the levels easily the good ol' fashioned way.
Game interrupts the adverts
by Captain Stingo on 2018/12/10 20:05
I understand that there has to be some balance between game and adverts and I used to enjoy filling a little time playing one round of the game before the next advert showed up; but then I realized that I was actually spending slightly more time playing the actual game than watching adverts for other games. I soon found another game that was able to provide a much better ratio and I hardly have to play any game at all before my next advert fix (thanks Woodblocks). Nice try Angry Birds but you’ll find if you sell out 100% rather than your current half-hearted attempt to make the game a compromised money-grab you will find life so much better - you won’t have to waste all that money & resource looking after the game players with their tiresome demands for upgrades & improvements! Just put the merchandise store up front & 100% ads - you’re so close already - lie back & enjoy the money!
by 7/3/18 on 2018/07/04 03:07
The game is still as fun as was in 2010 and gets better with every major update however there are a couple of things that bug me. Having to use stars to unlock levels is very annoying and pointless. Instead I think using stars to get gems, coins, etc is a better idea. I also really dislike the pop-ups. Enough said there, last is the episodes. I wish that we would be able to do more episodes at once like before than going through them level by level I really wanted to play egg defense in RMF but now I have to complete all the other episodes in order to play. I really hope we can change these things so that it feels like we’re actually playing a game more than doing hard work in a game. Thank you for taking time to read this Rovio.
by roblox_noob on 2018/11/10 19:50
Angry birds was a great game at first, I even still have an iPhone 2g with the “click gamers” angry birds game on it lol. They made some changes that never really made a big difference in terms of gameplay and it was fun to play, like when the only paid item was mighty eagle, so it made the levels more challenging. But now this game is pay to win and you can crush levels so fast. I gave five stars to get this up hopefully to get to you guys, the stars to buy levels is a downgrade yes, but it’s not really a problem if you get like two stars per level. But, WHOOOOPS , here comes the boosters, where you can go through levels with three stars if you pay REAL MONEY!!! please just make this game like it used to be.
From excellent to crappy
by Crazycuber911201 on 2018/04/13 21:37
I started to play this game when I was in kindergarten on my Dad’s phone all the time. I even used to take his phone away and play for hours. Now that the games are all free, you screw it up. I was better off playing the lite versions of the game instead of having to play such a long time to unlock an episode. The new methods of playing the angry birds series require a lot of time and no fun at all. The only two games that I play that aren’t crappy are the Star Wars series and angry birds space. All the other ones have been screwed up so badly that for a second I wondered why I even bothered playing these games as a kid. I used to play all the games and have all the toys before this game became this bad. I have always wanted to play red’s mighty feathers again without having to unlock anything. I just would rather have to pay for the games instead of playing the new free ones.
by Run-fiend on 2018/04/28 04:06
Awesome new feature, BUT game freezes incessantly. Will freeze in mighty league feature up to 80 times in a week. Like the game gets perverse pleasure in freezing and aggravating the player. Some levels unplayable d/t constant freezing . U fixed bugs? Hah! No u did not. U just put new ones in that are worse. Game played beautifully before the last update. Please fix the freezing!!!!! Also, another pesky bug. The game crashes incessantly will not load AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It just crashes . That is all. Just crashes. Please fix! Now! Please stop the freezes . Please stop the freezes. It just froze 77 times in less than an hour. Enooooooooooooopuuuuugggghhhhh!!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhggggggg! Ur update is way overdue. Over a month with this worthless version that crashes/ freezes 75-80% of the time. I have happily, victoriously deleted the app. 10,655 crashes in 60 days was enough. Bye bye
by Shakala Poodle on 2018/02/27 20:43
Have enjoyed for years but recently have been having problems due to ads. I understand the reasons for ads but even though I have my settings on silent so as not to disturb others, there are a number of ads in every form of angry birds that still play sounds thus disturbing those around me. In addition, while some ads have a mute icon, not all do and it is a problem. The other problem I have is since latest update the game keeps crashing. I went to support site and saw an other complaint posted today for this same issue and had been responded to with instructions on a hard reboot. I followed those instructions yet the game is still crashing causing me to loose resources such as tickets and power ups. Please fix these issues
If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it
by Nyan cheetah on 2018/04/26 23:01
Shame on you Rovio, shame on you. The fact that you can take an amazing game (which I used to rate five stars) and go even below rock bottom is ridiculous. I loved this game because it used to be completely free and have moderate (sometimes a bit hard) levels. Now, however, the levels feel very hard which encourages you to buy power ups, coins, gems, etc. which are COMPLETELY unnecessary to the game in the first place. Not to mention leagues, stars, and the sheer amount of marketing. What happened? Where is that simple game about just launching birds at towers which I could play for hours on end? I have no idea. Please, fellow angry birds players, help me in my attempt to bring that original game back. Boycott their shops, give them low ratings, bombard them with emails. We must do something to stop them from going even lower than they already are!
Crash crash crash
by Chingus808 on 2018/05/03 23:02
I have never played a game that cheats you out of power ups, money and patience. Wanna game that any time you use a power up that you purchase mysteriously locks up? Well you found it! FRUSTRATING is the best word to describe this game. Why it ever got popular I have no idea. “Fix it? Never! We cheat you any way we can!” The mentality of the programers. Yes I blame the programers for not having a back bone or any integrity to do their job, at least adequately. It’s fun to play if it ever even gets to the game screen. On average I have to start the app about 7-10 times before I can play. Update now it just crashes in the middle of playing...which means if you score prizes, stars or are passing a harder level it all erases. Totally annoying. I thought it was fixed for a minute then it just started happening more than ever.
The game you payed for years ago is not here.
by vevexus on 2018/09/17 21:09
I payed for this app years ago and had a great time with it, and figured I would re-download it now to rekindle some old memories and let my 4 yr old have some fun with it. What a mistake that was. In-your-face ads assaulted my son every step of the way, disguised as mini games that made it hard to learn the actual game. The “x” to close the ad isn’t always visible. Even if you stripped the “ads” out of the game, the game itself is an ad. Constantly popping up windows with gifts and offers to buy more of this or that. It is more of an ad avoidance trainer than a game. Playing the game gives me the feeling of being deceived and taken advantage of. Even if I manage to successfully avoid all the ads and begging for money, it still causes me to waste 1/3 of my time playing the game. I understand this is the new model now, make the game free and litter it with pay traps. I wouldn’t be complaining as much if there was a paid version that cut the ads out(but like I said, the game itself begs you for money constantly even without the ads). The game I payed for years ago is no more. Be on guard if you see Rovio as the developer, they are taking desperate measures to survive!
by Klott009 on 2017/11/23 06:47
I loved angry birds and all the different versions of it ( space, seasons, and rio)) but the pop up super upgrades that open imeadiatly, the charges for all the upgrades... have made the high score challenge / with super upgrade rewards not so much fun. And then there’s seasons... ok I get you don’t do every “ commercialized Holliday “ but this year there has not been even one Holliday. Please if any of you at rovio read this.. turn the power ups off and move them an the angry eagle somewhere else on the board. Every time I go to reset a game I am asked to buy angry eagle or power up... I can’t stand it. Go back to your basics!! It is what made this game amazing and actually fun to play!!
Way too many ads Mighty league Says no internet connection
by 1 way too many ads on 2018/11/14 23:35
Well angry birds used to be fun before they went AD crazy !The last update made it so the mighty league will not Connect to the internet Rovio needs to fire every developer associated with this last update as they have shown they are incompetent As this Isn’t a issue only associated with only one phone model it’s the same on all the phones I’ve tried it on So advice to Rovio Send the developers packing They are incompetent!!!!! Also back in the day I Bought Angry birds to be ADD Free Remember that Rovio ? Only now to be Assaulted with Ads Ads Ads That’s a Crappy way to treat Your customers Dontcha Think Rovio! You Got Greedy So KISS it Goodbye Also FIx the internet Connection. Issue in mighty league !!!! It’s Gone On far too long Will delete this Game Permanantly Soon !!!
by TheFireNinja983 on 2018/09/28 03:01
I’m bumping my rating up to three stars! Good for you rovio, however the star system still remains in the levels, constantly I find myself returning to the past levels just to get 2 stars, very annoying. And the you must complete the last level system is terrible, back when angry birds was just 4 levels it works but now it’s just BAD. To make matters worse is the fact that you’ve made the levels harder due to your crappy star system. Fix your game dammit and I’ll bump it up to 4 stars. How to fix it: remove the star system, all levels will be playable from the start, remove 25% of your ads. I have to turn off WiFi just to play your game!!
Used to be good, now not at all
by LeiferD on 2018/04/18 16:22
Having played angry birds for years, through Androids, iPhones, and iPads, the original, AB2, Space, Rio, and AB Blast, I have seen and experienced just about all there is on the Bird-Pig warfare front. AB has gone downhill so badly, that I can’t even play a full set of the 6 challenges in The Mighty League without it crashing and taking me back to my home screen. That, and you can’t do much of anything without having to watch an ad or several. I haven’t been able to claim awards via the trophy icon for weeks- anytime I click on it, BOOM, app crashes and takes me back to the home screen. It is sad, because AB used to be a great game, but now it’s extremely buggy, unreliable, and overwhelmed with ads. Don’t download this game, and definitely don’t pay for it!!
Really Challenging Game Play!
by Zylo47 on 2018/04/05 13:12
My favorite two features that really throw a new spin on game play challenge are 1) when the game freezes when you’re in the middle of a board so you lose all your progress and have to relaunch the app and 2) when you try to collect stickers are receiving a notification ! pop up but the entire app closes instead of letting you collect it. The second one really increases challenge because you won’t be tempted to use those power ups to get through those harder levels. If you manage to beat them without the awarded power ups AND the game didn’t freeze then you really earned those 3 stars
If the app stopped freezing/shutting fown I would Love this game!
by DTD Lady on 2018/11/04 19:02
It is sooo frustrating to think about how many gems and coins I have lost due to Angry Birds Classic app freezing up and/or randomly shutting down ... a lot of $ spent/stolen from me. Plus unable to find/figure out how the recently added part for getting more stars snd coins from/or within the episodes is supposed to work nor am I able to find any additional bonus levels. Sad to think how popular this app is and how people like me have purchased the premium version just to have sooo many problems. Get it together developers! ***update for iOS 12.1 or whatev apparently doesn’t work with current version at least I am not losing more money from app randomly freezing and/or shutting down
What happened to Angry Birds?
by Mr. Wynaut on 2018/01/20 21:12
I was a big fan of angry birds when it first came out. It was my go-to game to have fun. It was easy to play and there were always new levels coming out. I lost my iPad and I kind of forgot about angry birds. Years later I come back to it thinking it would be even better. I was very wrong! First, there are ads in a paid game. Second, there are consumables that you have to buy for money. Finally, they have this system where you have to use stars to progress and if your short on stars, you have to go back to levels you already completed to get a better score. In my opinion, this is really not very fun. Oh, and did I mention 99% of the time it crashes. I hope that one day they return it to its original form.
It's the bomb!
by Gypsybelle7 on 2017/10/05 21:53
Love them birdies! Great game for iPhone. Angry Birds rules! Mine & Dine is great fun. Waiting for next level. 05 Oct 2017. AB Original has been Crash Crazy since Jurassic Pork was released. I kept hoping for a bug fix with subsequent releases but so far Rovio has not obliged. The instability of Angry Birds is even worse since yesterday’s release. I’ve hit the icon 12 times in a row this afternoon and it crashed every time. PLUS the release notes said we’d get the 3rd set of 15 new levels for Jurassic Pork and that did not happen. No new levels. Bummer.
Used to be great, now bloated and unstable
by Vurcease on 2017/11/27 15:26
I’m a *very* long time fan and paid customer for this game. I’m also a software developer. Being a fan of the simple and fun original format Angry Birds first introduced to us, it saddens me to see this app crash 90% of the time on load due to its own pop ups. While initializing it dies in its own scramble to log into Game Center, try to get my age data, and pimp Angry Birds 2. I can play it while on airplane mode, which I normally do. Once in the game, the classic gameplay is fantastic. But over the years the pop ups for upgrades and power ups appeared and I hate them. I bought the game - where’s my simple game to entertain me that I paid for? Return to the basics please.
If you like ads and not game play then this is for you.
by Billy Joe Carl Bob Danny Frank on 2018/10/10 22:42
That right if you like ads for candy crush or one of any of the hundreds of other games just like it repackaged as something different then this is the app for you because that’s all you’ll see. Forget game play. Pshh playing games is for losers. Just watch ads so the creators can get paid. I get it. This is a business they are out to make money, I also know they don’t care about my opinion but for god sakes when I get ads when I’m trying to play the game itself and then and the end of every single round to the point it destroys the flow of the game then the creators have done both to serve the game just their pockets. Screw this fame. I’m deleting after I post this.
Ads on a purchased app and paid progression required
by DJ Bieboo on 2017/12/24 15:21
I’ve been playing this game for years. I paid for it when it first came out. Now, after some time away, I came back and there are a ton of ads (on a paid game) plus they added some ridiculous pay-to-progress scheme where you need to spend stars/tickets/ coins to progress to the next level. I could deal with the ads (not happily), but the new progression scheme is too much. I’m done playing until they remove it. There are plenty of games out there that are just as fun where I don’t need to pay to progress. If it’s not removed, I’ll be one of those who will avoid all Rovio games I. The future. (Not that it would bother them any)
7.9.8 killed it; “AB Classic” is for the birds
by HalBumble on 2018/11/01 23:15
Been playing for years and still enjoyed it. I would play the Mighty League and even throw some money at the in-app purchases. A recent update reset all of the awards, so I lost those. Then after this latest update, it wouldn’t even load the game, always saying I had no internet connection, yet everything else worked fine. I checked the Support page and no help, but said if I had an existing account, I could delete and reinstall (I’ve done that before to start over game play but it always kept my gems and stars and other rewards). Reinstalled, this time though everything was gone. Now I am too. Bye, bye Rovio - it was fun while it lasted.
Iphone X and CRASHES frequently with this apo
by Pennybink on 2018/05/28 23:37
I have played it very well when I had an Iphone 4s. Its still working but the Angry Bird app was crashing a lot and slow. I thought surely the latest iphone would not crash. Now I just crash faster as I can play faster to get to crashing. Sure hope there is an update to stop this from happening. Usually I get in touch with a developer first and let them fix it before giving a sorry review. Considering how fine it was and how long Rovio has been doing such a fine job at one time, they can figure it out on their own. Actually just read a review on here about the crashing. For now, waiting to see if fixed before deleting.
by caveman1962 on 2017/12/27 01:55
All I can say is that this game platform has evolved into a sad state compared to its past. Several months ago I had to delete this game as it would not load anymore. My wife suggested that I should re-download the game as it brought me a lot of pleasure in playing it in the past. The app stayed on my phone maybe 5 minutes till I deleted it again. In that 5 minutes the app crashed. I watched the stars I had earned go up then to suddenly decline to a level under what I would need to unlock another level. Just sad to say the least that this game is nothing more than a grab at your wallet. I will never download anything from rovio again unless things change.
Angry Birds
by Horky72 on 2018/12/04 13:03
I used to love this game, but it has become increasingly frustrating. Yesterday the game went well, I got promoted to a higher league. But today two of the levels completely froze up, something that happens more and more often. I tried one of the levels FIVE times, and each time I tried to send a bird, the game froze. I wasted time and money on power ups, only to have the game just freeze as I finished. No doubt tomorrow I will be demoted again simply because I could not complete two of the six challenges. All my other Angry Birds games work fine—why does THIS one always have problems? It’s a shame because this game COULD be fun—but right now it just makes me mad.
What Happened to Rovio?
by Cosmocat01 on 2018/07/19 15:13
I was once a huge Rovio fanatic back before 2017, and at that point in time it was actually good! Now it's turned into a social money grab. To even play a level you have to use the mandatory star system that requires you to go into the Mighty League, or go into previous levels and get more stars. This is indefensible. They have loaded as much crap into the Mighty League and star system that the game is awful. Rovio, there is outside pressure to abolish the star system and Mighty League. People want to be able to have the Angry Birds experience of pre-2017. Please, make AB Classic what it is supposed to be, not a hierarchy in the Mighty League and star system that needs to go.
Update it pleaseeeee😞
by poolebabt_tre on 2018/11/24 01:53
We ALL would like to have WAY LESS ads and better compatibility for newer devices like the iPhone X. This game has always had a warm spot in my heart. It WAS the best. All it really needs is just “1” update..... DO NOT make it look like angry birds 2 please🙄. I don’t like angry birds 2 at all. WAY TOO COMPLICATED. Add some more levels to the original angry birds. And slap a label on it saying “Angry Birds Remastered” OMG now that I think about that name it sounds like an AWESOME idea😫 Please update it just one more time?
Formerly Awesome Game Now Barely Playable
by Tedtown on 2018/05/19 08:35
Man, this game used to rule. Now you have to play episodes in a set order. Which means you sometimes have to play through crappy episodes to get to fun ones. Then you get some little green gems and other stupid trinkets, not sure what they're for. But you can buy them with actual real life money so they must be good. Then when you beat a level with 3 stars you get a "keep playing" prompt, as if you didn't just beat the level with 3 stars. Then you get to watch a 30-second commercial for some other stupid game. Also, many of the newer episodes are unplayable dumpster fires. Piggy Farm, Jurassic Pork, and Bird Island, I'm looking at you.
Freezes and crashes constantly
by Ribskra on 2018/04/27 01:50
I bought this app years ago when it first came out. I loved it and worked through all of the levels. A few weeks ago I downloaded again on a new phone. I wish I could have bought it, but it is only “free”. One of the many problems is the incessant ads. The list goes from there. It freezes and crashes constantly. I use a power-up and it freezes and then I lose the opportunity to use it. I can’t get to bonuses. On and on like other reviewers say. I wish I could have the old, paid version back but it is gone for good.
Total money grab
by rooster6424 on 2018/10/05 00:39
They took what was a great fun game ? Turned it into a total money grab, it appears to be that the fix is in, you can never quite get to wherever it is your going because it gets more and more difficult, and gets more expensive than a casino. The updates on all of there games are so slow. It was awesome when it came out, and it’s been totally downhill ever since. But when you become a billion dollar business and forget how you got there, that’s exactly what happens. They’ve totally forgotten about the consumer except to bury there heads in the money and how to make it from its users.
Ads and 'free gifts' are an annoyance
by JellyBeanFTW on 2018/02/02 03:58
This used to be my go to time waster but hasn't been for some time now. I'm constantly reminded of "The Mighty League", waiting for "Free Gifts" to be given/open, and between levels shown advertisements for other Rovio games. Yeah, I get it, Rovio. You wanna make more money on other games and get me hooked on free gifts so I'll buy the stupid things later. Well, it ain't working. I just want to play the episodes and do it the hard way without a lightning bird that destroys the whole level. And since I paid for the game years ago, I want to do it without all the other garbage too. Way to ruin one of the greatest games for smart phones.
by Jkoss2 on 2018/01/05 16:22
This game USED to be great to pass the time and was genuinely fun. Since the game was updated a few weeks ago with “gaining stars” in order to play the next levels I have lost interest. When you run out of stars you cannot play the next levels. Your options are then to play the mighty league (online mode against other players) where you can win stars, but if you don’t do well in the mighty league, you won’t earn any stars!! Overall this was a dumb way to update an app that didn’t need any updating to the general idea of the game. Only reason I’m keeping the app is to see if Rovio will go back to the way it used to be.
I bought the original, but now there are ads
by mattboy_slim on 2017/11/26 16:52
I bought the original game, and I uninstalled the entire series of games when the “pay to play” scheme was introduced into every last bit of the game. After a few years away I thought it would be good entertainment to have for a long travel weekend. Boy was I wrong. The game is now riddled with ads after every so many plays. I can understand if those ads were on the later DLC levels only, but they go back to the original levels as well. I uninstalled it again, but this time I won’t be back. This fun series has devolved into a mess and has caused a great franchise to die. How sad.
Angry birds problem
by BMG175 on 2017/09/23 15:28
I still enjoy playing this game but really adding the power ups make the game way easier and causes the old hard levels to not be a challenge. I've played angry birds since 2010 and I miss all the old things messed up with the new ones. Rovio make a setting to go back to the old game without the power ups and all sound effects, all bird noises, and the one and only Matilda when she drops her egg. That was funny how see looked. If you read this please add all this in a new update. Thanks for 8 years of angry birds.
Ads and what else
by Cooldudesbro on 2018/09/15 20:29
This game used to be good. I could actually play the game, have fun, and go about. I recently downloaded it again to play it more, but it’s changed drastically. There are now ads BETWEEN the levels, every level you go into then (after playing a full screen ad!) Shows you another ad for in game purchases, then when you exit that ad the game has the audacity to have 20% of the freaking screen dedicated to just in app purchases!! How money hungry can a company be! This is a perfect example of how greed can affect games. All I wanted was to buy a game to play when I had free time but all I got was a bunch of ads shoved down my throat.
Ads in paid games disgraceful!
by lec0rsaire on 2018/05/26 21:41
This series was once groundbreaking and among the best mobile games of all time. I paid for all of them. I find it disrespectful that not only do these games have ads, but they have the worst kind: intrusive 30 second videos! The devs have already made a fortune off of the entire series over the past decade. It’s not like they’re providing a new experience and they need as much revenue as possible to continue. I have deleted all of these games from my phone and to me Rovio is dead. I will never try anything from them in the future just like I stay away from anything that comes from EA.
What’s the Story?
by Scuba skier on 2018/11/05 04:03
The first time I used the Angry Birds app, it was fine until I reached an upper level, and it sent me back to the beginning just as I was about to move forward. This time, I cannot connect because, for three days, there is a note that says that my internet connection has timed out. Not so - I can still access all other variations of Angry Bird, other apps and mail. What a frustrating mess!
Okay, I guess?
by Jadon ARey on 2018/02/05 21:19
This is a classic, no doubt, and it always will be. But I think they need to catch up and make the graphics better. With all these graphic-intensive games, and newer, more capable smartphones, better and better games are coming out, with bigger graphical demands. And this game needs to catch up in terms of graphics, because compared to some newer games, this looks like something out of a 90’s arcade. I would enjoy this better if it had more detail. Otherwise, this still holds a special place in my heart.
No where near as fun as the free version
by Hbbird on 2017/12/28 23:54
Haven’t played angry birds in a long time. Of course they had to monetize it. I got tired of Snoopy Pop because they seemed to cheat you into paying big bucks as the game got more complex. Now that Angry Birds is monetized, they got very greedy. No longer do you get cool new birds as the game rises in difficulty. Now you have to buy powerful extras to get through even the easy levels. This really takes the requirement for skill away. Additionally, they are very stingy with making it possible for you to earn extras by good playing. Just another overly greedy game app. So disappointing.
Better, but still glitchy
by Big Bubble Fun on 2017/09/18 23:58
It has either not awarded or charged me more that one ticket several times. Very frustrating since that heavily limits how much I can play. Still goes to show a video, doesn't complete the link to see it and then won't let me do anything else that requires watching a video. In general don't like having to compete against others. Prefer just to improve my score. Hate the ticket system which means I have to stop playing after only a short time.
I deleted the app after having it for years.
by WildBastion on 2018/08/02 15:58
I... can’t believe this. I am so disappointed in this. I haven’t played the game in a while, but found that I had an itch to fling and break some stuff. So, I tap the icon for angry birds, and what greets me? Garbage. So much of it the game becomes unplayable. I paid for AB back when it was the only one, when it cost some money, and that was it. I got a fair amount of play from it, I will admit. But that game is gone. The stages are there, the physics aren’t different, there aren’t game breaking bugs, but the game I loved years ago is gone. Every level transition I get asked to buy currency. I get shown an ad. Every action I take is delayed somehow by greed. In something I paid for, where the transaction was complete. I do not care if the devs needed more money, or if the studio was in danger or any of that. It means nothing. You changed what I bought, and made it unplayable and unenjoyable. It is a shame that things like this are allowed to happen.
Crashes constantly 😠
by viggity76 on 2017/11/19 21:12
I have been playing Angry Birds for quite a few years now and about a year ago one of my kids deleted all of my apps and I never downloaded this one again. However, 2 days ago I was looking through the App Store & decided I wanted to play it again so I downloaded the game. With phones and screens being bigger than when I had iPhone 4 I was excited. I didn’t even care that I had to start all over until I closed the app & tried to crashed. I tried again, and again, and again. It crashed constantly. I couldn’t open it so I deleted it again. Very disappointing
Crashes and Poor Interface
by Pure genius!!!!!!!!!!!! on 2017/12/28 13:55
1. Whenever I first boot on iPhone, it crashes numerous times. Once I’m finally, it works fine. 2. The placement of the bomb right under the pause button is terrible. I constantly hit pause then redo if it’s clear I’m not getting three stars. I do it very quickly over and over. But with the bomb right under the pause button, I’ve unintentionally hit the bomb instead of pause countless times, and you don’t get very many of those. I want to use them strategically.
Fun but too many ads
by GrapesApps1921 on 2017/10/05 18:26
I hadn't played this in years, so decided to give it a replay. The actual gameplay is still just as fun as it was back when this classic was released. But WOW there are a lot of ads now. Annoying ads that take up the whole screen, and you can't dismiss for like 6 seconds. They seem to pop up at the end of maybe 75% of the levels. I don't mind the micro transactions, power-ups, coins, gems and all that jazz. Let people pay a buck to cheat a level. Whatever. But please remove the obtrusive ads that interrupt play.
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