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Use the unique powers of the angry birds to destroy the greedy pigs' defenses!

 The survival of the angry birds is at stake. Dish out revenge on the greedy pigs who stole their eggs. Use the unique powers of each bird to destroy the pigs’ defenses. angry birds features challenging physics-based gameplay and hours of replay value. Each level requires logic, skill and force to solve.

 If you get stuck in the game, you can purchase the Mighty Eagle! Mighty Eagle is a one-time in-app purchase in angry birds that gives unlimited use. This phenomenal creature will soar from the skies to wreak havoc and smash the pesky pigs into oblivion. There’s just one catch: you can only use the aid of Mighty Eagle to pass a level once per hour. Mighty Eagle also includes all new gameplay goals and achievements!

 In addition to the Mighty Eagle, angry birds now has power-ups! Boost your birds’ abilities and three-star levels to unlock secret content! angry birds now has the following amazing power-ups: Sling Scope for laser targeting, King Sling for maximum flinging power, Super Seeds to supersize your birds, and Birdquake to shake pigs’ defenses to the ground!

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 This application may require internet connectivity and subsequent data transfer charges may apply. Important Message for Parents This game may include: - Direct links to social networking websites that are intended for an audience over the age of 13. - Direct links to the internet that can take players away from the game with the potential to browse any web page. - Advertising of rovio products and also products from select partners. - The option to make in-app purchases. The bill payer should always be consulted beforehand.
A great game
by Jermelsheppard on 2017/03/27 00:03
Angry birds is the 💩
ads birds
by angryusershabiapple on 2017/03/26 20:10
傻逼游戏 全是广告 我玩你吗
Updates diminish game
by RlLon on 2017/03/26 14:41
Can't really play the game for the ads
by All Nick Names Are Taken Right on 2017/03/25 05:56
Wanted to play the original game but this was still a fun game to play...when I actually got to play it. I was getting ads between every turn or every other turn. Uninstalled.
Complete garbage
by Mjaismia on 2017/03/23 05:04
Thanks for ruining the game
by Tangepsu on 2017/03/22 23:03
The Mighty League has a huge amount of bugs!! It burns up my tickets by freezing and to restart uses another ticket. Some major work needs to be done. It has become unfun major work to try to play the game.
by Michae1 B. on 2017/03/22 21:08
Add button
by The truth is best on 2017/03/22 02:59
Please add a button to where it takes you to the original update, the original version brought me so many memories. Add a button for it so that I may enjoy my version and others may enjoy theirs. Please don't ignore this.
Rip off
by Nytodd on 2017/03/19 02:13
I am so sick of buying all of the shockwaves, power ups etc, and they are virtually rendered useless. You make people waste their money on buying them, and then make sure that half of them don't WORK OR even assist you. I WILL NEVER PLAY THIS GAME AGAIN, NOR WILL I EVER BUY ANOTHER THING FROM YOU AGAIN. YOU ARE RIPOFF ARTISTS THAT MAKE SURE THAT ONLY CARE ABOUT $$$$$$$$. I will also be contacting iTunes to discuss all of the purchases that I've made as well.
Fun time
by panamtlw on 2017/03/18 23:02
Love playing this game, thanks for all the crazy levels, and help along the way.👍
Nica Sunsine
by Nicajamerican on 2017/03/18 18:58
I'm going thru a lot right now. This game helps me distress 👍🏼
by Jordy Jose on 2017/03/18 15:44
Hbbh había gurú hobby infección omnguk hecho o,mho Ninguno copivong bihbb hbg hbg Utah uni
Long video ads
by A user who's hot and female on 2017/03/18 04:50
The ads are crazy. Long video ads after almost everything. Was almost instantly addicted again but drove crazy by long video after long video without any skip. Was just insane.
Too many Ads and bugs
by Connah0047 on 2017/03/17 17:57
If it ain't broke, don't fix it! You took what the world has loved for years and went and screwed it up. It wasn't broke, why did you have to try and "fix" it?
by ArmyVet on 2017/03/17 14:04
How many tickets do we lose due to bugs when clicking on the ads??? Too damned many. Please fix it and compensate by giving out double tickets or a one time shot of 20-30 tickets.
Keeps glitching
by Persethany713 on 2017/03/16 20:16
More times than not, when I go to watch for the aim assistance, the game freezes so the video won't show and it wastes my tickets.
I have a paid version and forced to watch ads!?!?
by NH Sharkman on 2017/03/16 11:59
WTH? Why am I'm forced to watch ads? And even worse, the ads are played at FULL VOLUME even if you have sound effects turned off in the game. No more playing this in meetings.
Best game ever
by Tailsthecm126 on 2017/03/14 19:51
Best game ever
A little late to the game...
by JohnnyStrife on 2017/03/14 19:28
I never would have played this game if my son hadn't been a fan of the movie. Better late than never; it's a lot of fun! I like the recent update with all the new levels!
by Eric Maximus on 2017/03/13 23:34
A game of the highest quality. Please make the scope free.
Greed has ruined this game
by luke525 on 2017/03/13 14:17
Bought this game along time ago and decided to give it a try again with my young son. In the updates since playing last, they have completely ruined this game. You cannot do anything without being linked to the App Store to try to trick you into purchasing something new. There's no bass game that I can find in here. It's all "gifts" and links to spending money. It's terrible and awful.
What's with the ads????
by PiscesPrincess1980 on 2017/03/12 21:39
Way too many ads for crap I'll never download anyway wasting my time. Kinda ridiculous really...
Angry birds
by " Dickie" on 2017/03/12 14:24
Having a lot of fun
Love it 😍
by MW😍😍😍😍 on 2017/03/12 00:17
I love Angry Birds ❤️
I love angry birds but...
by SEAN PRACHT on 2017/03/11 07:47
The update ruined the old angry birds we all remember. Roving please make the game simple with no power ups and old levels!!!🙅‍♂️🙅‍♂️🙅‍♂️
Wow 😋
by R. B. Deal with it on 2017/03/10 22:30
Love ❤️ the game. That's it
Bugs cause me to delete
by Tieesha on 2017/03/10 17:46
I cannot tell you how many purple tickets, shockwaves, & gifts I've lost simply bc the game won't register that you've clicked the button. Or it does, but the screen stays the same giving you no option but to back out of what you've clicked wasting any progress or purchases. Super frustrating especially when the game has timed events with timed rewards so there's limited room for failure on a functioning standpoint.
Getting a little boring
by Skypilottwelve on 2017/03/10 06:20
This game is fine if you're just getting familiar with angry birds. It's pretty much the same thing over and over. You use to get a chance to get more black birds but not anymore.
by Jniper on 2017/03/09 13:34
Those league levels are ridiculous. Impossible to beat most (especially Gold) levels. Buying tickets to play is a waste of money.
Violent ads
by Timmy3600 on 2017/03/09 13:11
The ads are annoying but the new set of violent and gruesome ads are to much. We have removed the game for our kids protection.
by Get the monkeys on 2017/03/08 15:52
The Angry Birds and Angry Birds seasons both need a lot of bug fixes. They cut out and go back to my home screen after watching a video to earn stars or tickets. Sometimes they just go off and the screen goes blank. I really enjoy playing Angry Birds games but this gets really frustrating.
by Alexis Eris on 2017/03/08 06:32
Would be a fun original game except it took away original levels and makes you watch ads for no reason just to play a level. It'll also take the slingshot away while you're using it, unlike seasons.
Too many ads with no way to get rid of them
by R(k) on 2017/03/08 06:28
TL;DR: Full of ads, no way to buy out from under them. When it was new, I loved Angry Birds. I played multiple times a day, every day on my way to and from work. Life was good. Then one day I had beat them all and reall, after Star Wars Angry Birds, enough was enough, so I put it away. Today, years later, I downloaded it again and was looking forward to playing, but... ads. Ads. Ads. Oh, hey, ads. For some rea$on you can't purchase the app to drop ads nor is there an in-app purchase to stop ads.
Ugh!! Leagues. And ads
by Chubby Cheekers on 2017/03/07 03:22
The new leagues are messed up. Wait a day for a league to be open, only to be told I already completed it. With no scores... Plus, I paid money for my app so it would be ad free. Now they are everywhere, even I interrupting game play in the upper corner. Angry making.
Latest update
by Angry Burd on 2017/03/07 02:50
There is not enough time left in my life to tell you all of the flaws in this application. If you try and play the leagues, they throw up an ad that cannot be gotten rid of. I used to love this game but now it's become so annoying that it's not even worth the effort anymore. Latest update has ads pop up in the middle of the game. Not between rounds, but after you fling a bird and before the bird hits, an ad pops up and interrupts the game. Bye, Angry Birds!
Crashes every two seconds!!
by StephBeeber on 2017/03/07 01:51
I can't even play this game anymore because it crashes every time I open it! It's making me really upset, I've loved this game since it came out and can't even play it anymore! Please fix!!!
Glitch...ticket taken without playing
by Intjlady on 2017/03/06 23:55
Mighty league takes a ticket and then as soon as i start it says i lost with a score of 0. Didn't even get to play.
Waste of time
by P.Helmuth on 2017/03/06 18:35
I used to really love this game...But with all the ad's it's no longer fun. You are forced to watch ad's every 2 to 3 min or less and the ad's Last up to 30 seconds. I'll no longer play this game.
by Agent LAL on 2017/03/06 16:05
YOU HAVE TO PAY MONEY TO PLAY THE GAME. Your stupid new system makes it so that kids like me cannot play the game. If you take the tickets out, I will give you a better review. It is goodbye unless you take the tickets out.
Too many ads
by Dave & Jeanine on 2017/03/06 04:08
Good bye!
by 🐌snail🐌snail🐌snail🐮moo on 2017/03/06 03:01
I understand that the update is supposed to improve the game, but it really just destroys the originality of the game. We have to remember that this is the same Angry Birds that we all have enjoyed from the beginning, and if we wanted different, we played Angry Birds Rio, or Angry Birds Seasons, Or Angry Birds Star Wars, or any other Angry Birds game. We don't want the original to become a variant of some ancient game that we can't access anymore. There are things that we all knew and liked as they were. We don't need the sound that plays when we star a level to be the same as Angry Birds Space. We don't need Bomb to go "he he he" when he launches. I mean, seriously!? That's just ridiculous! We've had the old noise for as long as anyone can remember, and now you change it to something totally stupid! If you don't agree with the things that I've written about here, please, AT LEAST put a settings option, so we can choose between the new and old sound effects. We shouldn't have to be forced into destroying the past.
They ruined it.
by JayEnEff4 on 2017/03/05 17:27
This whole league thing is ridiculous. This game isn't worth the hassle. Deleting it. It's too bad -- used to be great.
It's angry birds WITH ADS
by Man_of_Gondor on 2017/03/04 08:39
Need I say more. If you have a smart phone and you don't have this there's something wrong with you. Here's an edit (AD) of my very first review. This is what I thought (AD) all those years ago when (AD) got my first smart phone (SUPERLOUD AD) here's a representation of what it's (slow ....loading like to play now when I reloaded it (AD) shameful.
Way too many adds
by Ninersfan123453 on 2017/03/04 04:00
Game got annoying 2 minutes after starting. Way too many 30 sec adds. Just want to play the game. Now I'll delete this game and find another one. Just plain frustrating
Not good lately!!!
by Raynmatt on 2017/03/02 19:46
So many ads!! Half the time the game crashes which is very annoying, especially when you give up a ticket to play in the mighty league and the game just freezes!!
Now with crashes of the app kind
by spyrospyn on 2017/03/02 00:42
Latest update crashes. Unplayable. Uninstalling, it was getting annoying anyways, lost touch with the basics.
What happened!?
by Dawkins08 on 2017/03/01 06:38
Angry Birds used to be my fav game. Just downloaded it again and it's basically unplayable. Filled with ads. It's ruined. Sad day.
by Peiric on 2017/02/28 23:06
Angry Birds siempre se supera a sí mismo
Littered with ads
by No_name_given on 2017/02/28 02:07
Filled with ads, nags and self promotion at every turn.
Old version GREAT -- Most recent upgrade - Terrible
by danafranklin on 2017/02/27 01:32
I love Angry Birds and have been playing it for over five years. It loads of fun and has varied levels of challenges. The last update with the new level is not at all to my liking. I hate all the silly restrictions, waiting for the next level to, open, paying with tickets to play. The play itself is fun, but you can only play for maybe 20 minutes before you hit the end, and have to wait until the next day to play the next level. I'd much rather pay the .99c for the updates, rather than pay for all these in-game purchases. I won't pay for them, Rovio. And so wait I will. It also is a big turn-off for me to bother downloading any new versions of AG, such as AB2. Since I started writing this review, the "wait x number of days to play" crap has gotten worse. I'm utterly sick and tired of this nonsense. I just want to play and get constantly stuck wait 1, 2, 3 or 7 days or whatever to play the next level. AB has now become the most annoying game out there.
Keeps crashing
by Dpd popo on 2017/02/27 00:24
Fix this game. It wasn't free and now with the latest update it won't open. Keeps on crashing!!
New Version Trouble
by MetalJed on 2017/02/26 20:05
Every time I do not pass a level it crashes. Every time I use the shockwave it crashes. Every time I watch a video to get 10 minutes of targeting it crashes. Also it sometimes just crashes mid level. Please fix it
Play since 2011
by Tan Hong liong on 2017/02/25 11:26
I like play Angry Birds to spend my time when waiting somebody.
Bug Issue
by shurfire032000 on 2017/02/25 05:20
Not sure what is going on with the app or maybe it's my location relative with the game servers but i cannot get the app to open like 90% of the time now. It is frozen on the loading Rovio screen. I live in charleston, SC and ask that the problem gets looked into and fixed as i do enjoy the game.
This game is so fun!
by Zsmitzzz on 2017/02/24 01:05
Gets harder & harder. Like to play when I'm on the toilet 😂
Is it possible to "unfriend" a game?
by Chuck C4 on 2017/02/22 03:58
If I remove it from all my devices, will it agree to not go away mad, but just go away? Mighty league, start a level, get prompted to watch a video "to improve aim", video never plays, but game locked up and ticket used to start the level lost. Anyone else find this totally annoying? Many people have said it: Rovio took what was a fun way to pass the time and ruined it with unworking add-ons and rampant advertisement.
Ruined. What a mess.
by HD streetbob on 2017/02/19 16:56
Rovio completely ruined this game. Used to be simple and fun. Now... full of nonsense: power ups, tickets, stickers, and more garbage. Wow, what a mess. And just when you think it can't get worse, they make you watch an ad. Holy moly what a mess. I'd give this 0 stars if I could. The Seasons version is still fun. But I'm sure it won't be long before Rovio destroys that one too.
Too many ads!!!!!!!!!!
by JdgIpod on 2017/02/19 03:40
Too many ads and unable to turn off sounds in the ads. There are ads where there isn't a way to get out of the ad, had to end the game. Very disappointed!
Deleted data but fun game
by Greenmachine327 on 2017/02/18 17:21
I love this game, and I completed a lot of it, but upon redownloading the app on my new iPhone it deleted all my progress which was a huge disappointment. It shouldn't do that considering it's the same login credentials as my old phone.
Losing turns
by Sage Moon679789 on 2017/02/17 09:07
I have lost my turns so many times. The program freezes and I have to start over again and lose my turn. This is happening so often-at least 20 times!!! Please help!!!
by GSMNP_hiker on 2017/02/17 04:17
It takes many tries before this app starts. It seems to be related master league....
Rate on angry birds
by Best driver baby Jill on 2017/02/17 04:17
I love this game its my favorite a hate when the pigs laugh at me just because i fail a level and botfs dont listen sometimes but i love rhe badkground music birds and the game
It's ok
by Slpotter on 2017/02/16 02:05
I like it
by Joe612lora on 2017/02/15 08:21
I always get promoted to the next higher metal so I only get25 points instead of 500 or 600. I'm not going to continue with this game unless I can afford to use the tools at what ever cost . Then I don't have to play any portion 30 times and then not be lucky enough to keep enjoying the game. Not fun any more
Awesome game
by Jnc4j on 2017/02/14 23:48
I love this game it is so challenging at times it is awesome I recommend this game to you I would give it 10⭐️if I could.❤️ it 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
by Wedgecut on 2017/02/14 21:15
Angry Birds became the new Mario Brothers and although I've already beat the entire set of Angry Birds it's still fun and entertaining when I have a few minuites to kill.
Great game
by Bigspender01 on 2017/02/13 23:08
I enjoy all the angry birds but by far this is the best.
Fan of Angry Birds
by Stewart004 on 2017/02/13 05:44
Crazy fun to play.
by Noelle 030303 on 2017/02/12 05:41
I love to play and get 3 stars!
What happened?
by Disgusted Big Time on 2017/02/12 02:22
Had this game a couple of years ago and loved it. Wanted to play it again and am shocked to find so many ads it's just not worth playing. Is there an ad free game available to purchase? Would absolutely do it. Thank you.
Crash and burn
by 2468nobee on 2017/02/10 20:41
All day crash and burns. Very annoying. Please fix it!!!!
Leagues are stupid.
by KiLoGameZ on 2017/02/10 06:20
Everytime I enter the golden league im always given levels that are so idiotic, that I can't even get the star score for them.
It isn't the same...
by StoB14 on 2017/02/10 03:33
I had this game on my iPod touch and loved playing it as a kid! I wanted to start playing again when I said it in the App Store, so I downloaded and opened it. I am very disappointed with how much the game has changed and how it's not the same as it used to be. I hate the tickets and how there are these "leagues" now instead of worlds. Bring back the old angry birds or create a classic one which would be like the the game debuted please! There are several people in the same situation as me. I am very disappointed!
No win
by Reviewwhenangry on 2017/02/10 01:21
The regular levels are just fine, whenever I make it to a new league level it kicks me all the way back to the beginning again. Don't waste your money on tickets there is no way you can win.
It's good but it has too many ads
by Super cool awesome game on 2017/02/09 00:47
U need to stop constantly giving ads every single time u retry a level or when u just want to relax and play angry birds but noooooo u have to put up these stupid ads that no one is going to get sooo plz stop constantly giving us angry birds lovers ads we have to face with. Other then that the game is good
by Taliyah_Offical on 2017/02/08 15:25
Yasssssss it's awesome great movie by the way
Fun game ruined by progress
by hudson2001 on 2017/02/08 03:31
I bought this when it first came out and completed all levels and bought the eagle. I wanted to introduce it to my kids so downloaded again (same account) and now it's filled with annoying video ads and addons and extras that just make it more confusing. I restored my eagle but why am I getting ads?! Ugh. I was so frustrated after three levels I deleted it.
by Bearrudy101 on 2017/02/07 14:57
It's a fun game never gets old
by EKlei on 2017/02/07 01:16
PIECE OF SH*T doesn't even load
Waste of time
by amanda_6_22 on 2017/02/07 00:24
The app constantly crashes, wasting all of my tickets. I get to use one of my three daily tickets if I'm lucky. And, of course, it always crashes AFTER I waste my time watching the ads.
Too many video ads.
by rclarksworld on 2017/02/06 23:39
The time and data spent on ads are not worth it. No longer appears to be an ad-free option. Uninstalling.
Mighty League Really Isn't
by OolooKitty on 2017/02/06 22:22
The new mighty league game is super irritating. You only get three shots per day, unless you watch a video to get an extra shot, so it's pretty annoying when it constantly freezes and you've lost one of your turns. Kind of making me hate Angry Birds altogether.
by Tojvdybcfhbbvd on 2017/02/06 20:06
I remember when their was no wait time to play levels. The wait is dumb, it serves no purpose and just annoys people. Also I remember when u actually had to kill all the pigs, hence the point of the game. Now their is this dumb point thing. NOT GOOD 😡
Rovio disconnected from the game and erased all my scores
by rinncella on 2017/02/06 20:04
I've been playing angry birds since the beginning and I'm pretty upset that the app no has a problem with logging people into their rovio accounts. My scores were there last night, I reset my password and it erased EVERYTHING. 😡
Ads galore
by Krw17 on 2017/02/06 02:22
I would rather pay 99cents or something. To have to watch an ad after EVERY level is too much for me to enjoy. Just delete it and find something else.
Too many ads!
by MBH26 on 2017/02/05 02:41
I bought this game when it first came out...I'm not talking about updates! And now I have to watch ads. Why? If I purchase a game, there shouldn't be any ads! I'm not paying more money for it to be ad free. So I won't be playing this once fun game.
by MyNAmeIsJackson on 2017/02/04 20:24
It is amazing beg for moneeey brh
Addictive Family Fun
by StunninNewYou on 2017/02/04 17:57
Doctors offices & school pick up lines have become a lot more fun with this game to entertain myself and my 4 year old! She is learning great aiming and strategy while sitting and being patient when she'd otherwise be going crazy :)
Angry Birrd/con facebook
by jcpalos72 on 2017/02/04 08:55
by Bill Frazier on 2017/02/04 06:16
Screwing people over after the fact by reintroducing ads in the paid version after they already paid to remove them is completely shameless and totally effed up. REMOVE THE ADS FROM THE PAID VERSION OR REFUND 99 CENTS YOU GREEDY THIEVES!!!
It could be better
by Walker Watson on 2017/02/04 03:02
The game is ok but it could be better. It's just too complicated. Like I just got it and I finished like one "level" or whatever and it says to come back tomorrow. If it's a game you should be able to play it whenever you want, not wait for a day to play the next "level".
by Hamza472 on 2017/02/03 21:41
Very good. Better sounds. Hal, bomb and the stars are great. 👍
I would buy a game…
by DrFrankStein on 2017/02/03 15:54
But I'm not going to watch a bunch of movies or play a half finished game that requires me to buy a bunch of in app purchases. So you can have this advertising platform disguised as a game back.
by Hydriden1986 on 2017/02/03 00:02
I like the birds
Great game
by Hi7979 on 2017/02/02 22:14
Awesome time killer😎 2hrs waiting on metro and bus flew by right on guys
SO many ads!
by Zarantha on 2017/02/02 03:07
I like this game, but it takes so long to play with all of the interruptive advertising. I paid for this game - why am I seeing as many ads as I do on free games? The least you could do is let me opt in, rather than forcing me to watch ads between every level.
by Yamahablonde on 2017/02/02 01:22
Works off FRUSTRATIONS from work!!! I can think of the PIG 🐷 POPPING like wanting to hit STUPID bosses at work who are JERKS!!!😳🙄
Still fun...but
by Mythos68 on 2017/02/01 22:43
All about the money and the ads. Drives me nuts and makes me not want to play it anymore. Dudes. You made a movie! Stop with the stupid ads.
Used to be my fun game
by murphsanto on 2017/02/01 22:26
Why does your Angry birds games have to be so difficult and expensive? Pay for coins, super powers, etc. When it debuted it was affordable, easy fun. Now it is complicated with games in the games. Very few just new episodes. I am so tired as a consumer of being disappointed. You creating an application is like art. Now it seems like greed
Angry Birds Review
by Duckofthefuture on 2012/11/23 22:37
This game is brilliant, really fun. The story is small, and players don't really care about it (players should usually just care about popping those darned pigs) but that's okay. The Mighty Eagle option is really good too. There are actually a few things I want to see in this game. I really want some sort of Multiplayer option (there are actually a few things Rovio Mobile could do). There are also two other things that I do rather want, but they don't matter as much as the Multiplayer option. I loved how in Angry Birds Space and Angry Birds Star Wars, they had the dotted line showing where your bird would go after you shot it out of the slingshot. Of course, that's not infinite (go on forever till you see what the bird will hit, including bouncing) or that would be too easy. I also don't exactly love the power-up options. To me, I think that's rather an Angry Birds Facebook thing. There is also one power-up that I am not sure of what exactly happens. I'd rather not go too deep into that, because many people would rather make fun of me if they do know what it does, etc. I do rather think that the power-ups should be taken away. They do make the game easier, and I do want it to be challenging and hard so I don't complete the game in a week. Overall, this game is great and fun. 5/5 stars. And please don't mind the many negative comments above. This game is truly great and addictive.
4.5 stars
by Jj vyvyvyvygyfyr on 2010/06/26 04:21
This silly arcade game is good for passing time and to simply enjoy a few rounds of challenging gameplay. The game starts of with fairly simple birds that have limited attacking capabilities, but progress as you breeze along the levels. Nothing is ever really too repetitive, especially with new birds and locations flying in with the completion of twenty or so levels. Each level provides the gamer with a different set- up formation. The pigs, which come in many different forms, create unique barriers that the birds will then have to penetrate. You being the gamer, will therefore pull back on the rope and carefully maneuver each bird in the direction that will best strike the pigs and give you more points. The fact that there are ratings and points for each level, offers intense replay. One can earn up to three stars rating for each level, and the highscore is determined by the pigs you struck, what objects you destroyed, and how many birds you have left. Ultimately the goal of the game is to destroy all the green pigs using as few birds as possible. Most levels are challenging and you could even be stuck for days on a certain level if you can't figure it out. Maybe ask a friend to see their strategy, cause it definitely isn't impossible. All in all, be sure to grab hold of angry birds. The challenging levels and replay value will have you thinking that your money is well spent. Highly recommended.
worth it despite the eagle
by Manelica on 2011/01/26 08:04
What I like: Fair price. I like the sounds of the birds cheering when you are successful and the pigs snorting and laughing at you when you fail. The pigs snorting and laughing are so light-hearted that it inspires good will and laughter in me when they win. The snorting and laughter does not make me feel bad or disappointed or negative in any way, it really reminds me that I'm playing a game and having fun makes me feel more like being a good loser and good sportmanship than being a sore loser. Also love the different background bird sounds in some of the later games sounds like nature sounds, nice. Like the music theme too. Like the free updates and the new levels added. Just looking at some of the level setups cracks me up (makes me laugh), like these pigs are little kids, setting up their little forts from their toy blocks and stuff or sitting to have tea, etc., some of the levels are just too funny. Overall, a positive oriented game which although there is some violence, it is offsett by the amount of the amount of wholesome fun and laughter. Thank you. What I don't like: The constant negative looking eagle eye which I don't use because I enjoy solving the game on my own as this is where the challenge is and there is no option to turn it off.
Three wolf moon
by Username17 on 2011/10/28 09:09
This item has wolves on it which makes it intrinsically sweet and worth 5 stars by itself, but once I tried it on, that's when the magic happened. After checking to ensure that the shirt would properly cover my girth, I walked from my trailer to Wal-mart with the shirt on and was immediately approached by women. The women knew from the wolves on my shirt that I, like a wolf, am a mysterious loner who knows how to 'howl at the moon' from time to time (if you catch my drift!). The women that approached me wanted to know if I would be their boyfriend and/or give them money for something they called mehth. I told them no, because they didn't have enough teeth, and frankly a man with a wolf-shirt shouldn't settle for the first thing that comes to him. I arrived at Wal-mart, mounted my courtesy-scooter (walking is such a drag!) sitting side saddle so that my wolves would show. While I was browsing tube socks, I could hear aroused asthmatic breathing behind me. I turned around to see a slightly sweaty dream in sweatpants and flip-flops standing there. She told me she liked the wolves on my shirt, I told her I wanted to howl at her moon. She offered me a swig from her mountain dew, and I drove my scooter, with her shuffling along side out the door and into the rest of our lives. Thank you wolf shirt.
Disappointed by tricks, gimmicks, and controls
by Shabu92 on 2011/11/02 16:41
It's easy to see why this game can be popular. The pluses are listed by everyone and no need to. Repeat them. The negatives are important. First, you need inside information to successfully complete all stages and unlock all aspects of the game - in my opinion the things should flow from good game play not a third party website. Second, the controls and angles are extremely touchy and inconsistent. It's not fun to line up the angle you want, only to have the bird 'slip' and go in a different direction, or land in a different location than it did the previous time it was launched from the same spot. Also, it's frustrating when you're resizing the screen or moving left or right and suddenly your bird launches. Finally, the game at higher levels requires pinpoint shots and moves that will fail if you're even one pixel off - sometimes you need to get two or three shots in a row exactly perfect or you can't get three stars on the level, and to get everything you need you have to get three stars on all levels. It's a lottery shot to get it right, not good game play that lets you succeed. Having to replay the same levels 50, 60, 100 times to get three stars because of this is not fun. Go ahead and download and have fun, just be ready for some frustration at these aspects.
CAUTION: Highly Addictive!
by MissYourMark on 2010/05/08 06:20
This is one of those games that just can't be truly appreciated until it's been played. When I first saw it, I didn't understand what the all the fuss was about. I only got it originally because of the reviews, but it wins you over quickly. It combines both 'action' and 'strategy' type game play in a uniquely effective way. The action style gameplay challenges your hand-eye coordination and timing as you try and try for the perfect attack. Plus, each time you unlock a new bird, it's like you have to master an entirely new skill, which keeps it so interesting and fresh. And then, when you have several different types of birds, the strategy comes into play, as you have to figure out the best plan of attack with the combination of birds that you have. Get used to hearing yourself say "Okay, that was really close, I'm just going to try one more time..." and then the next thing you know, you've said that 10,000 times in a row, and it's three hours later. And my guess is that the number one reason most people turn off this game is because their battery makes them. It is that addicting. Long story short... believe the hype, get this game. I'm VERY glad I did.
Great value, room for more in ver 2.0
by TheLAStory on 2010/07/28 22:52
This game is a great value at $.99. There are plenty of levels to keep people busy, especially if you try to get 3 stars on each puzzle. For version 2, it would be great to get an expanded soundtrack, more bird abilities (eagle that picks a block up with talons, hummingbird that hovers and/or exerts sideways wind force, woodpecker that destroys only wood, ostrich that burrows, falcon that can see the predicted effects of his impact as he is being aimed in the slingshot, etc etc). It would also be great if there was more 'slack' in the physics model. Right now, there isn't enough movement when structures are hit. It would be more dramatic if the vibrations among blocks that didn't quite get knocked over immediately didn't dampen out so quickly.) Also, I feel like there's too much chance in the physics model. If I hit the same place every time, I should get the same result but I don't. This is frustrating because getting three stars on some levels depends too much on luck. Additional modes would also be great. For example, a set of puzzles that can all be solved using only one bird, and the user has to figure out how to start the chain reaction. Or a mode where the user has to select what birds to use and in what order.
by Tigress on 2010/08/31 20:01
At first, I didn't understand what the big deal was about Angry Birds. So many 5 stars, why? It was just okay, nothing really amazing. However, the more I played this game, the more I fell in love - it really is addictive. It has great sound effects, cute graphics. A logic game, a strategy game, a simple game. To put it plainly, it's really fun! A good add to my game collection... looks awesome on iPhone 4. You'll enjoy this game if you're tired of all the pointless, short, luck-based games. Amazing price for the amount of levels! If someone it giving this game a bad review, truth is, they probably just too stupid to understand it... even if they're saying it's too easy. The game is deceptive because the concept is very simple, but to win levels it takes logic/strategy... the more you play, the more you have to sit back and logically work through it. So, these bad reviews? Obviously from morons that didn't give it a chance, or are too dense to see the point. There's a reason why it has a near-perfect rating, is the top paid app in all categories, and top grossing app in all categories. Because it's AWESOME -- plain and simple! One of the best things you can buy with 99c.
Good clean fun for all
by Mimi_Q on 2010/05/12 15:08
18,000 other people can't be wrong. And for a mere dollar, this game seemed to be a bargain. So, I plunged in and bought it. After playing it for a few minutes on the iPod Touch, my 6-year old son begged to play. He is now hooked and has figured out all sorts of fun tricks that I have yet to even unlock. What I like about it is that it keeps the whole family entertained. Long drives, long waits at restaurants and doctor's offices are no longer a punishment if we have Angry Birds at the ready. It is a clean game with a seemingly simple goal, to catapult birds unto houses of sticks and stones where the green hogs, thieves of the birds' nest eggs, reside. Destroy the hogs' houses in the most efficient way, and get high points. It is clean and fun, and promotes strategy. Yes, it can be addictive and you could end up "wasting" hours playing Angry Birds. All I can say is that my kiddo will promptly get out of bed in the morning and eat his cereal in time to get a few minutes of iPod Touch games before getting ready for school. Angry Birds is his favorite (and mine). We play as a family by repeating the same scene over and over until we all can get a high score (3 stars).
Great game
by Csa181 on 2010/04/22 22:48
Great game! Havnt been able to stop playing it!! The graphics are great. It takes a little time to get used to the concept and aiming, but doesnt take that much away from the game. The sound effects go well, although sometimes the sound cuts out. I also feel like the game does require some skill, with 'aiming' and when to use a birds ability, but a lot of times i feel like its luck also. Things like how the blocks fall, blocks not breaking, the time it takes for blocks to fall, all feel like they are left in the computers hands. Where being able to control that better, like better aiming or mechanics would make this game perfect. A few things I wish it had: A replay button!!! I would have to have a replay feature to watch my last shot, and even save it. Sometimes I get some pretty epic shots I would like to share. Sometimes getting power ups, like to help aiming, choosing which type of bird you want, or redue last turn. That would add something extra to it. Sometimes a hint or tip would be nice, some levels I end up redoing over and over and find myself just taking random shots. All and all. Very enjoyable game and I would highly recommend it.
Best App (gaming) I own!!! Thank you!
by Alexis899 on 2010/07/07 17:29
Normally, I never write reviews unless the product is really good or really bad. This is the first app I've bought from Itunes, despite having over 60 free apps from the Itunes. If I can, I don't spend money on apps because most seem like a waste of money, are too expensive, or I'm too cheap. (Most of the time, it's the latter.)If you've ever wondered why Angry Birds has been the top app for months in the Itunes store, I can tell you for a fact that it is #1 because it's offers so much in one game! I've got the lite version, which was fun, but challenging. I always wanted the full version, but was unsure if it was worth spending a dollar. I'm glad to say that I bought the full version and it was well worth the money. I love all of the puzzles and levels. It keeps me busy. Mainly, I like that this app is so cheap, even though I feel like the developers should be charging at least 2-3 dollars for it. (Please don't!). So, get the lite version first to test it and if you really like it spend the best dollar on this one. It's more than worth it! Thank you to the developers!
Not Quite...
by jmarsh5 on 2010/11/01 13:08
It doesn't quite live up to the standards that everyone is talking about. Yes, it is a very good game. It has awesome graphics, great music and sounds and the game concept is new and fresh and original. And honestly the birds launching off of the pad is the funniest noise I've heard in a long long time. But unfortunately the concept can only go so far. The levels get ultra repetitive to the point where I think they use the same level design with just different birds at a couple points in the game. I don't want to have to be trying to beat the game just to beat the game. I want to be able to beat the game and not realize how long it took me because it was so fun. I find myself trying to just 'get through' the levels to beat the game. I think I will still go back and try to get three stars on all the levels which does add a ton of replay value, which does make it worth the .99. I think that there has to be a changeup thrown in there somewhere to change up the game a little bit to the point where it's not just level after level of launching birds. Overall it's a really good time wasting game and it is even on the verge of four stars. But, as I mentioned not quite there.
Crashes and hangs up ALL. THE. TIME.
by sirpaulfan on 2015/03/12 13:13
I wrote the 5 star review below several years ago, and I still think AB would be the best game....if I could play it! I've just spent another 1/2 hour trying to just get in to play level. It always hangs up on a request to give your birthdate. Look, I'm an old-ish woman. I'm not going to give you my birthdate. But now I can't even enter my birthdate or a fake one because it just comes on and freezes. If I am lucky enough to get into the actual game it crashes. This can't be a hardware problem... I have 33 gigs I'm not even using on my iPod. Oh well, here's the old review: "I used to have a job. I used to have a family. But now I live in a dark alley in tattered clothing, begging for food. trying to calculate the angle at which to launch red, blue, and yellow birds so they will kill green pigs in a myriad of jumbled up constructions. My eyes are bloodshot, my breath comes in shallow, rasping gulps, and a tremor takes over my body. I play until I am utterly exhausted, and upon waking I feverishly grasp my phone, knowing if I don't get my morning pick-me-up the dreaded pangs of withdrawal will render me unhinged. Can I stop, you ask? No, by heaven, long as the need to complete one....more....level supercedes the will to return to my role as an upstanding citizen. Don't let this happen to you."
iPhone On the Go Gaming At It's Best
by Frank1110 on 2011/07/13 05:32
From what started as a simple premise with a overly simple goal, has now spanned with numerous story lines, worlds, and new games completely. Angry Birds is probably the best app for on the go gameplay. The levels are challenging (especially near the end of the 1st set of levels, almost to the point of frustrating!) The birds themselves have been advertised so much all over the place, they seriously have become the Mario/Zelda of this generation. The soundtrack in the main menu is very memorable and often fun to listen to. One of the best features of the game, in my opinion, is the option to use the mighty eagle. The mighty eagle basically allows you to beat a level without withstanding the frustration. However it does come with a price, you must wait 1 full hour before using it again. The eagle can be used on previously beaten levels as well to earn a "feather" for damaging 100% of the level. Overall, Angry Birds is an addicting game with plenty of content to keep someone immersed for hours. It's addicting, it has memorable characters, and it's definitely worth the .99 cents.
I liked it before the last upgrade
by Belseth on 2012/04/02 08:00
The game was tough at times and there's as much random chance as physics and skill involved but for a buck who can complain. Then their marketing department thought it was time to update the game and cram it full of ads. I found the ads for the new space game annoying but I was interested in the game so I tried to ignore them. Well they added a couple of new levels so I thought I'd give them a try. That's when they got greedy and started constantly suggesting that I purchase and "eagle" upgrade which I could use on all future games. Translated you can't finish the new level and you don't have much hope of finishing future games without the new super duper eagle projectile. After the fourth or fifth time I got harassed to buy it and I figured out the level couldn't be completed without it I shut off the game and deleted it. Also I decided against any of the newer games since I'll probably get hit up for needed upgrades to complete levels. Such things are okay on freebie games but NOT for games you pay for. Angry Birds needs to be renamed Angry Customers because their marketing department just cost them any future business from me. I don't like being played for a sucker!
Good but not great.
by Sooner Born on 2010/09/03 04:15
I've had this game for 8 or more months and it's fun. It's really addicting at first but that does ware off. I did get stuck on a level in 2 of the stories chapters whatever. I tried for months and couldn't get them, so I gave up on it. They do come out with tons of free updates which is really cool! But I'm the type of player that if I get stuck somewhere I don't want to go beat everything else and come back, I want to beat it in a linear fashion. So for the beginning addictiveness and feature packed free updates I give it 3 stars and bc of the ridiculous difficulty of some of the levels and bc after time the greatness slowly goes away I can't raise it above 3 stars. So for .99 3 stars isn't bad, usually .99 will get you 0-1 stars 2 if your really lucky. I say it is worth the buy but not worth all the hype and 5 star ratings, that's just dumb. This game is not 5 star people just rate it when they have owned it for a couple days instead of a couple months which is the exact opposite of how users should rate games. Thanks for reading, I really hope I helped some readers make a decision and that you all respected and appreciated my honesty!
I hate you guys!!!!
by 919Repoman on 2010/11/01 00:06
This game is way too addictive! What kind of people are to make a game that will cause a person to repeatedly drain a fully charged battery on his/ her hand held device trying to master such a well designed game! You, sirs, obviously don't understand the American way which is to give people a little for a lot! Now, because of your awesome game, I have to remain as close to a battery charger as humanly possible to make sure my IPod doesn't die on me in the middle of playing! You, sirs, should be greatly ashamed of yourselves. I would advise that you sit down a rethink your business plan, but you won't last very long make amazing games like this. Thank you for your time. *Please note that this entire review was written as much sarcasm as any one human could muster. It's an amazing game and highly, highly recommended to anyone who can get it. And the Lite version doesn't serve it near the justice it is intended to. Keep up the good work! And by the way, don't make any new levels. I can barely handle the ones I already have. :)
Paid Sardines??!!
by Joshua D. on 2011/03/19 05:05
So we buy the stupid Mighty Eagle and then have buy sardines to use it now?? Wow, once a company that catered to it's audience, now a company that has become greedy, and following in the footsteps of horrible in-app purchases. You know I could see doing that if you hadn't already made billions selling your game, and you needed to fund development. But nope, not now... Now you're getting to big for your own good, trying to take the game and make it become a whole media brand in and of itself. But you will do what all prosperous companies do, lose sight of what gave you that fame and fortune, the consumer. You could never say anything that would have me believe, in-app purchases are necessary, and not pure greed so a corporate head can have one extra vacation home in the south pacific. Well bye bye Angry Birds, hello Angryfarmville. Soon we will have to buy each shot, that we fire at the pigs. And then next, it's buy new levels. You watch, buying new levels will absolutely be Rovio's next move. Because it's so hard to duplicate a new level with new graphics. If their overhead is high, it's because they lavishly made it that way, and spread themselves too thin... And we have to pay for that gluttony.
Amazing but minus 2 stars for the EAGLE
by Texcube on 2011/01/01 11:44
Update: I give this minus two stars for resorting to using what plagues all games these days ... DLC. The Eagle is ridiculous. The addition of DLC shows Rovio is just as greedy as every other developer. What they should have done is use it in an Angry Birds DELUXE version of the game giving us the choice to download the game if we choose to look at that idiotic Eagle Eye. Thumbs down to Rovio for stooping this low and becoming one of the problems in gaming today. Becoming a purveyor of downloadable content for squeezing additional cash out of it's customers. Think of it this way. If I buy a gallon of milk. Halfway through drinking it I don't have to buy a glass from the milk company to finish what I've already bought. That's DLC in a nutshell. It's changing the rules mid game and about duping the consumer. Old review: I know many have said it ... But this is a fun game that requires you to really think. This is the best game I've ever played from the app store and is worth way more than 0.99 cents. Do yourself a favor ... Get it. Note to developer: I would love to see a Wii or DS version of this game. I can see this as a great 3DS game with the depth of 3D.
Great Game
by inThysite on 2010/12/28 14:01
This is a very addictive and challenging game. What I don't understand are all the negative reviews over a little issue about a charge for the MIghty Eagle. First of all, I've been playing this for a while now and I'm stuck on one level and have replayed it over and over again, but not once was I prompted to purchase the Mighty Eagle. The only time I was asked if I wanted it was when I first started the game. The other issue I have are the complaints from people upset that the developer is charging for this eagle. Let me ask all of you, do you work for free? I doubt it. These people spend their time developing these programs and deserve to be paid for their work. Not to mention it's only 99 cents, it's not like your buying a console game for $60 and having to buy an addon for another $20 (like so many games out there are doing now). Oh my gosh, I had to spend less than $2 to play a really cool game, now I can't pay my rent what am I going to do??? Please! To the developers, great game, thank you.
It's okay
by Naterkix on 2010/07/24 19:53
While I do agree there is fun to be had here there are a few annoyances that keep it from being truly great. One is the setup of levels. In the normal view you can't see both your slingshot and the target pigs. You can if you zoom out but that doesn't make aiming as accurate as you need. Second is the fact that the pigs only disappear if hit hard enough. You can destroy their entire little fortress but if a pig didn't get hit just right... Sorry, reset! There are also times where the birds don't disappear quick enough, causing things to fall oddly (this can sometimes help out however, so it really depends on the situation). Lastly is the vagueness of everything. Sure it's easy to play but there's no info on how birds will react to objects, how different materials act, the gold eggs, etc. This promotes trial and error but it would be nice to have a bit of info on how the various components interact to help in the harder levels to lessen the "keep shooting until it works" formula. There is a lot here for 99¢ and it works well enough and is fun enough to warrant a try. It just needs a bit tightening before perfect.
Fun but repetitive
by G-dubble on 2010/11/18 22:48
Playing on an iPad and heard all the buzz about Angry Birds, I had a great time with the Lite version. Enough so that I thought about buying the full version. However the HD iPad version was $5 and that's waaaaay too much for what amounts to a flash style game. That said I coughed up the $0.99 for the iPhone version (trust me, save the money and get that one, you won't notice much of a difference at all but you can go buy a sandwich with the savings). Well the full version is fun. There are 195 levels and a couple new birds over the Lite version but it starts to get pretty repetitive as you play. I'm currently onLevel 40 or so and the addictive nature is winding down. I'll kep playing when I'm bored but no longer do I get really excited about it. Maybe less levels and more different birds/obstructions would have kept it engaging? Not sure. Anyways, a solid game. Definitely worth the Lite version and I don't regret the $1 for the full. Avoid the $5 HD version. Just wish they would have been a little more creative as the game progressed to keep interest up.
Not GamePlay anymore..but AdPlay
by minimann on 2011/03/19 02:55
This amazing game has gone to the dogs, or the pigs more like it. With all of the ads, pop ups, and annoyingly placed in app purchase buttons! I truely believe this App no longer provides GamePlay, but AdPlay. With ads in between levels and in app purchase buttons not even a person with pencil thin fingers could avoid. This App I cannot believe this amazing game that people have gone crazy over has become something we pay for only to be bombarded with ads most people won't even give a second thought to. If this App was a person it would be stingy street sales person who would snatch your money as soon as you flashed it in their line of sight and tossed you some cheap t-shirts for your quickly grabbed cash. People from five year old kids to sixty year old grandparents have played this game and loved it for what it was, I say "was" intentionally because there are so many things this update has done to the App to trash it. I regret even clicking the "Get Update" button to update this, I would have rather lived without the extra 15 levels and replayed every level over for the rest of my life than updated this App. I say again, this is no longer GamePlay but AdPlay.
6.5 million can't be wrong!
by moreismore on 2010/10/21 06:37
This is by far the best game I have ever played and I've played a bunch. For those thinking about it, no thought needed! Buy it, play it, and become a dedicated fan like the rest of us. It's fun, it's challenging, and tests your ability to reason out the best strategy. Someone said it was just knocking things down and destroying pigs; brute force. I feel sorry if that is all he saw since there is truly so much more! Maybe that is how he lives his life just billing his way through knocking over anything in his way. That doesn't get you far with Angry Birds. Logic, strategy, understanding your forces and their abilities, THAT'S Angry Birds. If you like a challenge, are willing to think outside the box to find the right way to get the best score, this is the game for you. Everyone should have it on their iPhone and/or iPad as I do. So, ignore those without the smarts to learn how to get hours and hours of fun from this game and join those of us who know it deserves 10+ stars, not just 5!
Angry birds
by uhmm what on 2011/04/28 00:16
Legit awesome. It is he most interesting, fun and also the game that actually makes you exert effort into killing all the pigs that laugh at you when you fail a level but when you finish the level it gives you that feeling where you just wanna do a happy dance and you can't wait for the next level but also this game uses your brain because when you're doing a level it's like you're curious how the hell do you kill all the pigs with just one bird and then get the three stars so basic instinct you try over and over again until you finally get a hint of how to do it and you just continue on from there till you get the three stars and your pride goes up and hen continue on to the next level... All a happy experience so yeahh...... I give this game 5 stars... Although I'd give it a higher rating if iTunes would left ;) warning for all players and /or future players this game is veryyyyy addictive so bring a charger with you everywhere ! :D I'm serious <3
Very Entertaining
by JuzCallMeNeo on 2010/05/19 03:10
Why on earth anybody would be so cheap they wouldn't spend $0.99 on one of the best games in the app story is beyond me. the graphics are cute, smooth. excellent physics, and it would be fun if you could make some kind of online vs game, or some new type where the pigs tried to destroy you as well. i love the golden eggs and new levels. the progression from easy first levels to later hard levels is very smooth. very well-rounded game. The only complaints that I have are sometimes when i release the slingshot, it moves as my thumb is raising up..I'm not sure if this is fixable or if I just have to deal with it from having very large piano hands. The other is when a pig gets piled over with tons of lumber or bricks..several tons on top of them, they don't die and they should be squashed. I think that if enough weight goes on them they should die from it. also, im sure many would agree with this suggestion: more birds would be awesome in future updates.
by Sam-121217 on 2013/01/13 21:18
Ridiculously addicting, easy to play for hours and lose track of time. Prolly not a good idea to play if u have other things to do. There is 1 bug that I've seen: sometimes when ur phone is switched to silent, and u turn silent off, the sound does not come on regardless of the sound settings in the app. It doesn't always do it. I don't know exactly how to reproduce the bug, but when i have the problem it is something like: use the app when the phone is on silent, leave the app for an extended period of time (24 or more hours), then return to the app, then flip your phone off silent, and there is no sound. The only work-around I've found is to force-close the app and reopen it. Using iPhone 5 and iOS 6.0.2. My iPhone 4 running iOS 6.0.1 had the same problem. Running Angry Birds v3.0.0. The 1 star review is only to hopefully get the attention of someone so maybe the bug will be fixed. This is a 5-star app in my opinion.
Heres some 6-12 help
by Krazy440 on 2010/05/02 03:18
alot of u have said 6-12 is too hard i beat it ( after numerous tries) with 2 stars heres some advice shoot your first brid to hit under the ice tower and take out the wood triangle under it and the botom layer of ice of the ice tower (the whole tower should collapse to the right killing the pigs in the ice tower and the 2 under it) then shoot your second to go under the wood tower and hit the triangle under that then shoot your third to go almost straight up but at a slight angle so it hits the lartge pig near the stone tower (with out you haveing to tap to make the bird return) then shoot your fourth one and make it return right into the stone tower and there you go (may take more then 4 birds or less then four depending on your luck) but remeber if your first bird doesnt do what i previously stated it should do you might as well start over. I hope this helps you guys in completeing level 6-12 (IMPORTANT the first bird has to do as previously stated or it will make the rest very much harder!)
One of the funner game apps out there
by Moonxq777 on 2010/10/11 19:50
After I kept seeing all these five start ratings for this game, i decided to see what all the hype was about. So, about three weeks ago, I got the lite version and then bought the paid version after having so much fun with the lite version. I've gotten game apps before only to have become bored with them overtime because either they are too hard to move any further which a lot of iPhone game apps are, case-in-point, Hoggy for example, some of those levels are waaay too tough or they just don't seem fun anymore. I may have run into a few on this app but I was able to eventually figure them out. There is also a humor behind this with the pigs grinning when they cannot be killed by the birds. When the birds do kill all the pigs though, it sounds like a bunch of hooligans I would say the only thing I am hoping for is more levels because I don't want to run out once I reach the end. ;)
App Shuts Down With Latest Update
by Universal Respect on 2013/07/08 09:54
I really like AB, so much so that I actually restarted from scratch once I'd finished all the levels. But that was quite a while back. The last few updates have caused some very strange problems: the app would suddenly freeze or close, upgrades would disappear, etc. But now, with this latest update, the app opens fairly normally; I press play; I choose a scenario & open it. All this usually goes fine BUT THEN as soon as I select any specific level to begin playing, the app closes without warning. At 1st this happened only with the new scenarios. Then I made the mistake of thinking that uninstalling and then reinstalling the app might help. It changed things all right: now instead of the app shutting down only on the new scenarios, it shuts down no matter what I select. And I lost all my upgrades in the bargain! Thanks, Rovio! Please, please fix these bugs. This has really gone far past tiresome…
Easter Egg Set List
by James Dean 004 on 2010/04/04 08:36
Ok. All done. Nine eggs, all starred. So, here's the set-list. Can't give you what egg referrs to what, just work through the list. 1, you get an egg for completing all first group of levels with 3 stars. 2, you also get an egg for completing all second set, 4 & 5 ( big hoax) with 3 stars. 3, let the credits scroll to the end, you get an egg. 4, click the 'i' icon in any level then the question mark, for help. Click through help to White bird advice for an egg. 5, level 2:2, burst the beachball. 6, level 4:7 on the far right, zoom out to see an egg. You'll have to use your only yellow on this level to get it. 7, level 1:8, treasure chest, tap twice for egg 8, 5:19, rocket level, what worked for me, was aiming first yellow at first stone triangle. Then first White, send above the first stone structure, dropping the egg in the middle of the two stone triangles that were seperated by a long wooden one. 9, on the first level select screen, tap around the sun, should bring an egg forth. Soundboard level, in sequence click: group of birds, catapult, blue bird, glass block, frog with helmet. Radio, tap on second and fourth buttons simultaneously. Beak, use two fingers to 'pull' the beak apart, like you are zooming out on iPhone. Sleeping helmet frog, two fingers again, 'pull ' open his eyes. Think that's everything... To add anything, can I suggest we 'quote' and edit this post, so we're not typing all this again, with one finger... ;-)
by reeseychild on 2011/08/23 18:14
I have not had any problems with Angry Birds crashing, but to those who are; Start by trying to open angry birds as usual, if it crashes quickly tap the home button twice, this should pull up the multitasking bar at the bottom of the screen. Once that is up look for angry birds, if it is there quickly double tap any icon in the multitasking bar and hold your finger down until the icons start jiggling and the red buttons with the white line through the middle appears. Then find angry birds in the multitasking bar and click the red button. This process shuts down programs completely. Meaning that when you think you are closing a program it's really still running and needs to be shutdown in the manner I have described here in this post. If none of this helps my best advice is to uninstall the application and re-install it the same way you bought it. This method is free and easy. Hope this helps! :)
New concepts
by electrocello on 2013/08/26 02:45
Like many, I hated this update when I first cracked it open. It involves new sets of skills and is super hard. I did go through all 15 new levels and eventually 3 starred them all. Perhaps it should have been in a different app, keeping the original a "classic." Even the original music was awesome. Not that the current stuff that sounds like some Tetris and bohemian styles are mixed in is bad. It just sounds like some of the classic users can no longer have the classic experience they love. Also, from the psychological side, you guys did a brilliant job of taunting us with your piggies to keep playing one more round. There are probably many who don't like the new levels, and have lost there sense of completion (three stars and all.) that's my feedback. Angry Birds is a *classic*. I guess the problem people have is that it's too much of a mixing of styles. Anyway, there's my two cents. I had fun with the new levels.
Almost not worth it
by agheh. on 2010/07/25 01:58
This game is highly overrated. If I had known the game would have been what it is, I wouldn't have bought it. I just assumed that because it was so incredibly popular that it was also actually FUN (imagine that). It is almost tedious and somewhat annoying to play. I like playing games with sounds, but the sounds the birds makes is SO annoying. It has a good concept, but on harder levels that are tough to complete, or even impossible for some people, the game gets frustrating and loses interest quickly. Upsides are that there are plenty of levels to play. Though, this may be a downside, more frustration for you if the level is difficult/boring for whatever reason. Another upside is that there are many different types of birds to use, which increases the interest and enjoyment some. Overall I think the game is pretty much not worth buying. Don't get me wrong, I had SOME fun playng the game, but it only provides sufficient entertainment for maybe ten minutes before becoming boring and/or frustrating and/or tedious.
Umm.. Mighty Eagle was design flaw.
by Tropunlim on 2011/01/02 19:28
Mighty Eagles remove achievement from the game for money. And they always keep us wondering: "Is there something they would put in the game that we could only use the Mighty Eagle to access? (like that deeply buried treasure chest in the last update?)" Achievement is what keeps us coming back to play the game- getting three stars in all levels! And getting the fun golden egg bonus levels! You deserve an extra .99 for all the work you do with the game, but I don't want to pay you just so I can beat challenges that you put out that I think are too hard! I feel like a chump if I PAY you for a mighty eagle! Like all other things Angry Birds, let us EARN one. Like with a golden egg win or something. And for godsakes if you need our dollars, charge .99 per 45-level expansion! That's more than fair, and I think you will find that this will make you millionaires many times over. Thanks for the great game. Fix the Mighty Eagle. Charge per 45-level expansion.
Ideas for new angry bird apps or updates
by Girchu1 on 2012/08/31 09:30
It would be so cool if they put the green day levels on angry birds people who are green-day fans like me would want to get the app as soon as possible it will bring back lots of interest to people and will catch there eyes I was probably why not do a angry birds friends app that would let the customer make there on levels and be able to send there levels world wide and also another Idea I would create an angry bird musical app which could be similar to the green day one where you guys can get songs from other famous musical artist and make a set of levels for that artist I bet you you would make a lot of of sweet money it would totally worth every-cent you put in for the customers. Thank you if you can please respond back Rivo to see if you like any of my ideas. If you do it would have been an honor of knowing I gave you some good ideas
A second review.
by Mrow. on 2011/01/22 01:54
Angry birds is, by far, my most favorite iPhone game. Heck, it may very well be my favorite game end statement... I just wish I could keep playing it. Unfortunately, back when the wrecking ball bird was introduced I started to come across curious problems. I already expect that any time the sound is on while playing there will be significant lag, so I always keep the sound off... But that update made it so that I also could not play at all unless my phone (a now-outdated iPhone3g) was plugged in. If I was running off my battery, the game would just repeatedly crash before I even got to the title screen. With the crazy eagle lazer update, I can't even play with it plugged in there is seveeeeeeere lag no matter what I do and it is very disheartening... Especially because the seasons version of this game works flawlessly even with the sound on. I'd really like to play again, please. :(
Easily 5 stars but new menu has to go
by GreenDragonDaddy on 2010/05/19 03:16
I first got addicted to these type of games playing Crush The Castle and will say while Angry Birds may look more comical and cartoony, that is a good thing. My kid has joined me from CTC to Angry Birds because of it. The only negative I have is the new level menu, in trying to be like the little dots at the bottom of an iPod/iPhone and swiping to a theme... At first I thought I lost most levels after updating. I liked the old menu layout but if you feel the need to keep the switch, make the dots larger or change to small icons with arrows showing other themes are just a swipe away. Then I will change to 5 stars. As for last levels too hard? I think they are just right. After 2 weeks I have 3 stars on all levels but the last 4, all achievements but 2 and closing in on one of them, and all golden eggs (at least until this update) so new menu is only problem. 5 stars once you fix or improve it. Foster
Overwelmingly Addivtive!
by "M" Professor on 2010/07/26 02:37
Can't put the phone down! I replay levels over and over until i get those Three Stars! You'll find yourself making sound effects, like crashing and bombing sounds! The Wife got mad that I spent so much time playing this... until I downloaded it to her iPhone. Now, she is yelling, cheering and making all the same crashing and smashing sounds she so recently fussed at me about. Only thing I would add is some sort of a "Last Resort" or "HINT" option. Sometimes I'll spend half a day on one single level... Just to find it was a simple, single bird, going a certain way... and I only wish I had some way of getting that hint. As an example, "Only one bird will break the glass"... that would be enough to know I'm sending every bird over for nothing! But, that's no complaint... call it a "Hint" Thanks for a great, entertaining, and addictive game! You guys got it right.
Angry Birds? Mighty Eagle?
by jdude842 on 2011/01/09 22:41
I was a fraction of an inch from not purchasing this game because of the negative comments about some kind of "Mighty Eagle". I read things about how it interrupts game play, costs another dollar, doesn't require a password, etc... All I have to say is chill out. I purchased the game with hesitance, and quickly found out what the hullabaloo was all about. Sure, there's one advertisement for it the first time you ever open the game, but it never comes up after that. The "In game play" everyone's babbling about is a tiny button next to your settings in the corner of your screen. Not a huge deal at all. No, if I'm going to complain about this game, it's going to be the physics; specifically the weight of objects. There are several times the towers should (according to gravity and basic laws of physics) collapse, but don't. But you know, I get over it, because IT'S A GAME!!! You anti-eagle people have become a bunch of angry birds for no reason...
In deffense of the Eagle
by onceaneagle on 2011/01/08 02:17
Looking at all of these reviews I see a couple of misconceptions about the eagle: 1. You have to pay each time to use it. You only pay a dollar once, then you get it for use on any level. 2. You can only use it once an hour. The once an hour rule only applies if you use it to beat a level that you've never beaten normally. If you use it to advance you can still use it on any levels you've beaten and if you beat the level you were stuck on you can use it again for any unbeaten ones. From what I can tell the eagle was created to help people who were stuck on a level deemed "impossible". The hour time limit, while admittedely a bit long is there to encourage people to try to beat the levels themselves. The second reason is why I enjoy it so much, it creates a new play experience. When you get 100% destruction on a level, which generally means you destroyed most if not all blocks you get a feather next to the level in addition to however many stars. The eagles not perfect as the other reviews stated: it's not password protected, the marketing was awful and you have no idea what you're buying, and the placement of the eagle button is very close to the restart button but overall it's a fun addition that lets you experience the game in a new way.
by Lotsa Eggs on 2010/04/05 07:50
Heres a listing for those who want info on the golden eggs: (spent hrs getting this stuff credits-on bottom after screen scrolls to the end. question mark- go into any level, click the ? mark and tap 4 times and find the white egg throwing bird w/ the golden egg. 1:8-treasure chest- double tap-try harder if doesn't work. 2:2-bust the beachball underneath the ice, there you'll find a golden egg. 4:7-way up high there's one more egg - you'll need to yellow bird it. 5:19-rocket- not that far in the level yet (but close), but got info on it being at the tip of the rocket-small egg or stars, not sure and might be two smaller ones. Little vague on this. Big screen w/ bird beak-pry beak apart with 2 fingers-tap onto gold star and close out to find egg in egg world. Big screen w/ helmeted pig- pry with 2 fingers on face so eyes open and nose falls off and see the gold star-tap then close out to egg world and see egg added. The gold star will fade in color to say you've got the egg in egg world. The middle one w/ the 3 stars and THINK the empty egg (in egg world) are only if completed the other level w/ total 3 stars. This is the only thing not sure of on which Themes. Might check the thread, its in there but got too large for me to get info and scattered. This not complete but just what the thread had to offer and what I personally had done as well.
Angry birds
by stoicme on 2010/06/24 21:45
This game is like having sex with your best friends mom. You it's HOURS of mindblowing pleasure. It's amazing and you never want it to end. But alas... You reach the end. Then your friends mom starts to feel guilty for cheating on her husband with her son's best friend, and it takes forever before the guilt subsides enough for her to want to hook up with you again. And all this long time, you're desperate for an interaction that beautiful and mind blowing again. So you hook up with others, trying to recreate that experience, and you find a few that were pretty good, but you're always let down because nothing can compare to that amazing and wild experience. Then the day comes, where your friend's mom approaches you. She says she's missed you and the two of you reunite in a blazing ball of firey passion, and it's just as amazing as you remember. Then you're left there, gaspin in a post-coital euphoria, when she feels guilty, and you are, again, left waiting...
What's all the high-pe?
by BooCwis on 2010/08/08 13:33
This game is frustrating. Why? Most if not all the times you have to get the birds egg-sactly at a certain point or else it's the reset button. I've hit that button so much that it's a reflex (I pause and accidentally hit reset when I was one hit away). In fact, if you have one bird left and mess up an easy shot because the angle was off a little, back to bird 1. They should add an angle reader for your shots so you can better account for missed shots. Also, the physics are awful. A rock won't deal the killing blow when it should. There is a good side, as in it IS addicting. But only as in "I just want to get this dang level over with. The only fun levels are the Big Setup ones, but the boomerang bird almost kills it. Final Summation: It has it's fun moments (watching friends is also fun(ny)), but the frustration and near iPod crushing clouds it. The addictiveness of it could be dangerous if you're angry as well. But it's only 99 cents, so I say it's worth the price, just not the time put into each complicated level. And a stage builder would be nice.
My god! Can't stop!
by Defeat_Zerg on 2010/07/16 12:05
Insanely addictive!! You will hit a level where you never think that you will get past and play that one for hours and the you barley pass it. Later you go back to that one and then you can kill it every time. Makes you feel like a king. This game is well worth the buck. Just a tip, when playing the later stages is that things are not always like they seem. Sometimes you have to over shoot the building and bounce off a back wall and just because a bird will or can do certain tricks it doesn't mean that you shouldn't just go directly at the construction. Now if I could just figure out how to get past the daggum level I am on now. I have been playing for quite a while and have gotten pretty far because I don't want to take the time to write a review because I just want to get right to playing. But it. Live it. Learn it. Love it.
by Minot85 on 2011/06/16 18:46
The game is still working...take a moment to read the info about the update...afterwards, realize it's a's not the end of the world!! And, it's 99 cents...if you're furious over said price and the fact that it is just a game that may take a few more seconds to load, one you should not be buying games if you can't splurge on the 99 cents and two if you are so busy that a few more seconds will throw your life out of order that much then maybe playing a game isn't the best use of your time!? Also, if it's not going into the game try rebooting the device!! If that doesn't work try deleting and reinstalling the game! If that doesn't work, try finding something else to do until an update occurs!! There are other things to do out there!! Basically, it is just a game! Nothing serious, nothing that will ultimately matter! :)
by gaclvr314 on 2011/07/05 20:01
this is the best app ever!!! i can waste a lot of time playin it!!!!! :) "time is a waste of life. Life is a waste of time. So lets get wasted and have a great time!" seriously, get this game! Its amazing! Althogh, ive been stuck on one level for like 4 months!!  oh well! I still  angry birds!! " I want action tonight! Satisfction all night!" - Poison whoever is reading this, Hi!!!! Tehe! Tehehe! Tehehehe! Tehehehehe! Tehehehehehe! Tehehehehehehe! Tehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe! Jajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajaja!!! I speak spanish! Jajajajajajajajaja!!! Hahahahahahaha! "tell everyone that i so not abuse drugs" " Jeff does notabuse drugs. Hes an alcoholic!!" "NO!!"- Jeff Dunham and Peanut! jefafa! Dun ham! Dot com!!! Ello mate! Im from australia! Ello govna! Im from england! This for all u canadians out there, i am very sorry to tell u this but one day me and 4 other ppl will own ur country!!! U will get free cupcakes every hour every day!!!!! Wait, is this still the angry birds reveiw thing?!? Bye!!!!
Old version GREAT -- Most recent upgrade - Terrible
by danafranklin on 2017/02/27 01:32
I love Angry Birds and have been playing it for over five years. It loads of fun and has varied levels of challenges. The last update with the new level is not at all to my liking. I hate all the silly restrictions, waiting for the next level to, open, paying with tickets to play. The play itself is fun, but you can only play for maybe 20 minutes before you hit the end, and have to wait until the next day to play the next level. I'd much rather pay the .99c for the updates, rather than pay for all these in-game purchases. I won't pay for them, Rovio. And so wait I will. It also is a big turn-off for me to bother downloading any new versions of AG, such as AB2. Since I started writing this review, the "wait x number of days to play" crap has gotten worse. I'm utterly sick and tired of this nonsense. I just want to play and get constantly stuck wait 1, 2, 3 or 7 days or whatever to play the next level. AB has now become the most annoying game out there.
In my Top 5!
by 2hands2feet on 2010/07/19 11:55
I barely bought the game like 2 hours ago and now my battery is low so I thought before they die I would write a small review. Anyone who played Crush The Castle will feel at home with this game. It's simple, pull the bird back and watch it smash it's obstacles in order to beat its enemies. Unlock new birds with their own abilities and a ton of level. I love the sounds(when the birds laugh they sort of remind me of bravos and butthead lol). Graphics are great. Physics are great. And some levels are quite the challenge. For 1 buck you get a lot of content. I'll admit I was a skeptic about buying this game because I'm more of a hardcore gamer, but I have to say it's worth the buck. Trust me, this game will stay on your iDevice. To prove how much I love this game I placed it right next to The Quest Gold with all its expansions, my all time fave game:) (told you I was a hardcore gamer)
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