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Old Navy: Fun, Fashion & Value
You asked for a faster, easier way to shop Old Navy on your phone and we delivered. Our all-new and improved old navy app is a #musthave for shoppers on-the-go. • Discover: Explore our entire assortment, from covetable new arrivals to year-round classics across all departments. • Find: Rockstar obsessed? Searching for a particular color? Find your next wardrobe must-have with our search and filter tools. • Buy: Our updated, mobile-friendly checkout process lets you add faves to your bag and check out in seconds. • Save: Easily find and apply our best offers and promos on the app. Access and redeem Rewards, Super Cash, and more with just a few taps. • Manage: Hey, Old Navy cardholders! It’s never been easier for you to manage your Gap Inc. credit cards. Check your balance, track Rewards and points, and pay your bill in our app’s Wallet section. • Know: No more FOMO. Stay in the loop with instant alerts about offers and big sales. Download our shiny new app and see for yourself. Your feedback is important to us. Tell us what you want to see in the app by emailing us at And stay tuned for new features on the way!
I don’t know what bug fixes are going in....
by Shuggababi on 2020/06/05 05:16
But the biggest big they should be fixing is the “oops, something went wrong. Refresh.” It’s been going on forever now. And when I’m trying to scroll, the app lags so I’m scrolling through the same items 2-4 times before or the app refreshes itself and I’m back to the last item I viewed. The “oops, something went wrong” error is all you get when trying to access the My Favorites. Love the store but hate the app.
Super glitchy and keeps refreshing every 5 seconds.
by Kaylabm21 on 2020/06/05 04:44
Super glitchy and keeps refreshing every 5 seconds. I don’t if it’s because it’s a sale and a lot of people are on it, but it’s super frustrating. It always refreshes, and it constantly logs me out of my account whenever I open the app. Please fix these glitches and bugs soon.
Old navy
by The love star on 2020/06/05 00:10
Love love love. Nice to have an app for old navy.
Awesome App and Brand!
by Santi-1026 on 2020/06/04 19:43
I love Old Navy clothing and this app let’s me explore so much efficiently and easily!
Glitchy and not up to date
by mamachick20 on 2020/06/03 23:09
Lots of inaccuracies with in stock items and prices very frustrating. For weeks it has not been working correctly and constantly refreshing. Very frustrating.
by kushmira on 2020/06/03 21:41
I love old navy 😍
So easy and fast!
by gracieabbas on 2020/06/03 18:20
Its so easy and fast the only thing is now its taking a little longer and its understandable due to the covid-19 measures! But overall great!
Automatically logs me out on a daily basis
by MattB_2692273833 on 2020/06/02 20:06
Title says it all, how hard is it to let me stay logged in?
by dakota funny on 2020/06/02 14:11
Cliente 100/% satisfecha con esta tienda
Excellent App!
by kat ko on 2020/06/02 03:17
Excellent App!
Easy to shop
by Michie0405 on 2020/06/01 16:49
They make it very easy to shop.
Fave Store
by KeKe H. on 2020/05/31 18:24
Old navy is definitely one of my favorite stores to shop at for my children. There products are amazingly priced and made with great quality material. As long as they are in business I will always be a valued customer.
Love his up
by La Indy on 2020/05/31 15:19
Super friendly, easy to use, send me notification of my deals ❤️
by Chjucg on 2020/05/31 13:09
The size filter doesn’t work all that well
Nice UX and Easy to Use
by Heather521 on 2020/05/31 12:52
Very easy to use, clean, simple.
Out of stock
by oldnavyshprfrmbgn on 2020/05/31 02:50
Old navy, Why have the app or online shopping available if everything is out of stock or in stock in a size small? Even this review is not working , I cannot see what I am writing so excuse mme for the typos , I cannot proofread it! Because the page is blank! Like my shopping cart is going to be ! Stock up or don’t advertise! So disappointing!! Old navy shopper from the beginning!
Great experience
by Kath Don on 2020/05/30 14:58
The app is very easy to navigate and once you filter by the size it allows you to only see things available in that size! I’ve used the app many times at this point and I’m very happy with it
by Clarissa_love on 2020/05/30 06:00
It’s the
Love Old Navy
by T-co6 on 2020/05/30 00:22
Always have great styles at affordable prices!
I am so frustrated by oldnavy online services and the system
by cryptoabiy on 2020/05/29 16:44
I am a customer of Old Navy because I like there products especially for my kids. We used to buy things in the stores which was very nice and I have no complaints about it. After the pandemic happened they changed into online. My headache started there. When I ordered online a minute after I found out that I inserted wrong apartment number so that I tried to fix it like almost all other companies let you do it before shipment initiated. But oldnavy website didn’t have that so that I picked my phone and called. Guess what there customer service is not working night time. Which is unbelievable because it is obvious everything is is now online but the management ignores the importance of the high demand calls. In the next morning I started calling oldnavy Customers service to tell them to adjust the apartment number. I swear to God I waited Atleast two hours to tell them. I wished I didn’t order anything from them but I already did so I should wait. Finally one of the staff answered my phone and I couldn’t hide my anger how I waited him and what happened. He told me 302 callers are behind me at the moment I spoke with him 🙄🤦🏼. The second annoying part happened next. He told me he is not able to adjust the wrong address once the customer order placed. Omg 😱 I couldn’t believe why they set the customer service system first of all. Imagine that the shipment is not yet out of there storage. He told me try to contact ups and usps to get it by myself. After one day I got notifications the shipment started and I start calling UPS and they told me I should call usps so I did. But the customer service is not working due to the pandemic so that I remain silent and waited what happened next. I informed the Usps lady who drops in my box in detail what happened. After two days she found a package with my name and drop it in my box. When I open my order I got some of my order. And then on next day I got an email from oldnavy they ship the rest of the order in another mail with wrong address again. I was hoped again she brought it to me but nothing happened. Two days ago I got notifications It’s delivered but I didn’t get nothing. I asked the guys with the wrong address and they told me they didn’t nothing. I am now calling oldnavy again to tell them what happened. Poor me. It’s more than an hour waiting. They are already charged my card and I am still suffering. I am not sure once I finish this hassleI will buy from them online.😡🤯
Easy to maneuver
by Shopaholic 85 on 2020/05/29 09:16
Love the app. Made shopping easier.
Easy to navigate
by Roxy Bel on 2020/05/29 00:17
Great variety and so simple to use!
Old Navy
by dmaz8796 on 2020/05/28 11:26
I loveI l
by rosibiris on 2020/05/26 22:20
Me encanta comprar en la tienda porque consigo muy buenos precios y la calidad es excelente. Gracias
by agnumgoldicecream on 2020/05/26 18:00
They have the perfect sizing of plus size clothing I always get 1-2 sizes up tho to make sure lol but they are amazing
Bug in Checkout
by smurkk2 on 2020/05/26 15:09
I’m trying to checkout and the “scan credit card” feature which enters my credit card numbers won’t work. Then when I go to enter the credit card number manually it tells me that card is invalid. UI needs better error handling here, as a user I’m not sure what the issue is, for entering the credit card manually maybe there’s a format it has to be in. I can’t checkout aka buy anything which is kinda the app’s point lol
Super Easy
by Charming Gigi on 2020/05/25 20:35
I was able to shop from all 3 I used promo codes that knocked extra $$ off the already discounted items!
Need more selection for tall guys
by Hardcore Rocker on 2020/05/25 15:21
Great app but they need more selection for tall men such as myself.
The Old Navy APP is wayyyyy quicker than surfing!
by headrush67 on 2020/05/25 12:31
Seriously... anyone who shops old navy sales online knows when doing it on Safari, it will take u an hour to change/edit something in ur cart and by the time u check out - half of of ur shopping cart is already sold. Yesterday, aggravated while old navy shopping the Memorial Day Sale May2020 - I HAD ENOUGH & I downloaded the Old Navy APP —— I LOVE IT!! Don’t ask questions ppl ... just download the APP! Do it.
by Pink12912 on 2020/05/25 01:21
Love this app ❤️
by watagataspituspso on 2020/05/24 22:28
Real Fast
by Kris8410 on 2020/05/24 20:56
It, quick, easy to access & the required items are found easily.
Love the app. So easy and I love the savings!
by bachagaloopauuu on 2020/05/24 07:56
I lovvvv
Great app
by Tonyr14 on 2020/05/24 01:29
Great apps never lags
Shopping made easy
by B.Young19 on 2020/05/24 00:12
The app is easy to navigate and user friendly!
Great app other than constant refresh
by Rick439256 on 2020/05/23 16:00
Been shopping at ON and using the app for years, but in recent history (maybe the last 6 months or so) it CONSTANTLY prompts the refresh, probably 30 seconds after clicking anything while browsing or looking at favorites. Very annoying.
Adoro Old Navy
by YEIRAH2020 on 2020/05/23 15:46
La calidad de la ropa es excelente. Buen precio por sus productos.. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻😉😊
Just love it
by ladylizbx on 2020/05/23 15:13
Love it
by kyebear43 on 2020/05/22 19:09
Easy access and great clothes
Keeps Crashing
by Abigail H. Blair :) on 2020/05/22 18:21
I’m not sure why the app is so slow. Maybe it has something to do with everyone shopping in these strange times. I just hope they fix it soon
Does not show my order history
by B in Tempe on 2020/05/22 16:22
Even though I logged in and ordered on the app, when I go to order history in the app it says I have no order history. This is not just a one off. It happens every time I have ordered. So to track my purchases or go back and look for them, I have to sort through my emails. Not convenient. The app works well to purchase, But tracking my order and finding my last orders is a pretty important piece for me ... so two stars.
Infant boy
by babymama222 on 2020/05/22 12:48
Would like more infant boy options
Bigger shirts
by lefty5609 on 2020/05/22 03:52
Old Navy has some great deals, but their shirts are always 1 size to small even in the talks... a 3xl tall in all shirts fits like a regular 2x..
Easy Shopping
by JasonL.1234 on 2020/05/21 19:14
Thanks for building a great app. Quick and easy to use!👍🏻
Love my wears
by sweetpea black on 2020/05/20 22:52
I love shopping at old navy I get good quality clothing on most of all my kids enjoy wearing this brand 👍❤️
by Dixiejenn on 2020/05/20 13:23
So easy to use the app.
Old navy
by Mat 5252 on 2020/05/20 01:42
I love it.
So many glitches!!
by MrsRosales2009 on 2020/05/19 13:45
I absolutely HATE the app. While shopping it constantly times out and says “something went wrong “ and you have to refresh. I’ve deleted and downloaded the app over and over and no change. When I got my new phone it just got worse, I can’t even view my orders when logged in. So frustrating!
Order History
by Venusmarey on 2020/05/18 17:04
Over all I love the app- the only issue I have is that it is almost impossible to look at my orders. I get the something went wrong error but when looking at my account in the web browser I have no issues.
Thank You for Not Leaving Out Plus Size Women
by Gatsbydaisy on 2020/05/18 01:38
Old Navy is the only women’s store that offers plus size clothing that is exciting and feminine. If you go on the standard women’s section of the website and see something you like, you will also find the same style, or very close to it in the plus size section of the website. Finally, a women’s store that figured out that using more material to make things in plus size is not just smart for Old Navy, but doesn’t leave out a large section of the population of women who want to look nice as well.
The Security tag was still on the shorts!
by @shl! on 2020/05/17 21:19
I ordered a pair of shorts off of the app and when they arrived the security tag was on it and I still can’t get through to get it fixed. I only gave 2 stars for the jeans nice quality.
Could be cooler
by Jusjenn2 on 2020/05/17 20:05
I would love to return to where I was looking and not have to start over at the top again
great app... except for one feature.
by TheDinsmoreFive on 2020/05/17 16:51
when an item goes out of stock, it gets removed from my favorites. then, when it goes back in stock, I have to find it again. it’s really obnoxious.
Love it!
by Mysize411 on 2020/05/16 23:13
Always keeps track of my rewards for me.
by 😃😄😚🙂😉😉😍 on 2020/05/16 21:27
by AMKersh on 2020/05/16 14:17
This is a helpful convenient app, but there must be a glitch. I am completely logged out every time I go into it. I have to re-sign in and enable Touch ID, and then it gives me a tour of the app every time. If this were fixed it’d be great
Easy peasy
by Hgmama11 on 2020/05/16 03:41
It was super easy to navigate and my family all got what we were looking for! A super convenient thing during this time in which we can’t go shopping physically...
Please fix this app!
by onshopper on 2020/05/16 00:23
The Old Navy website works fine, but this app is trash! I can’t browse for more than 5-10 seconds without a “refreshing” pop up showing up every time! Plus, apparently they got rid of the “favorites” function on their website but it’s still on the app and doesn’t work. So if I want to save something I’ve had to add it to my cart then move it to “save for later”. It’s very annoying! This has been going on for MONTHS, FIX IT!
I love old navy
by par1335 on 2020/05/16 00:07
I love the quality and price of old navy product
There is no sorting option
by Jabadabam on 2020/05/14 14:10
Cant sort
by laurasta on 2020/05/13 18:51
They are awesome
by ♥☆♥ on 2020/05/13 14:57
So easy to use!
Not the best
by KP 6209 on 2020/05/13 04:20
It’s always refreshing and never loads my favorites.
Efficient and user friendly
by Antnyc18 on 2020/05/12 23:32
Love shopping in this app. Very user friendly and discounts automatically applied.
Slow and needs improvement
by jennifer10897 on 2020/05/12 15:16
Super slow and I can’t ever look at my favorites. It will keep saying loading and never loads. It’s been messed up for a while now.
by eline sant on 2020/05/12 13:30
Trato de llamar para cancelar una orden y que me devuelvan mi dinero y no toman la llamada, ni si quiera han enviado mi paquete. Pésimo servicio
Great app
by mynameisrylee on 2020/05/12 03:43
All around greatI was able to place an order
It’s good just one thing
by yo1445798 on 2020/05/11 22:03
App is user friendly and simple so I really like it, it’s just that sometimes I’ll click/tap on an item and another will show up and I won’t be able to see if that item is available or sold out. It’s not a big deal since I’m not picky but it’s just one thing I’ve found unlike-able about the app.
by hhhy2:3 on 2020/05/11 21:54
Good stuff
Great prices
by MamaForever3 on 2020/05/11 10:57
Everyday wear at great prices.
Best ever
by Astra 1976 on 2020/05/10 14:31
#1 clothing App in my view. Well organized; easy to use.
by karl510 on 2020/05/10 05:10
Love their products!
by medinale12 on 2020/05/10 01:41
Me encanta 😊
Love the app )
by Glitter rocks on 2020/05/09 23:42
Much easier to shop in the app and on the go. It’s so fast!!! Keep it up Old Navy.
A “refresh” problem.
by Laci R. on 2020/05/09 15:08
I can’t browse the app without having to refresh every 5 seconds. No lie. My app is up to date and nothing’s wrong with my WiFi connection either.
Love all staffs ❤️
by Raghda almafragi on 2020/05/09 11:30
Love all staffs ❤️
The big boy I love
by TanyaDixson on 2020/05/09 02:30
🩰I like the sizes of the theses on this app.
Easy a Shopping
by minnesotamama123 on 2020/05/08 19:28
This app is dangerous as it makes shopping a bit toooo easy!!!
by Stepharchheryeihey13689628 on 2020/05/07 10:53
Muy buena pagina
Shopping bag
by App not for me on 2020/05/06 18:04
Why does my shopping bag delete when I leave the app?! And it kicks me out of the app so I’m so signing in every time?! Makes it very difficult to buy anything if my shopping bag keeps deleting .
❤️Old Navy
by laycris on 2020/05/06 16:04
I love all!
Need More Shipping
by Lene2 on 2020/05/06 13:05
I would love free shipping on anything not just on a certain. Are more free shipping through out the year.
by KarinaMSJ on 2020/05/05 22:48
Aplicación muy sencilla de utilizar, totalmente recomendada
by brunilsa on 2020/05/05 18:53
I love this clothing for my kids
by yoalin on 2020/05/05 16:29
I love shopping at old navel for my son. Always on time
Love how everything looks and the price is unbeatable! My whole family rocks the Old Navy
by Jenn1284 on 2020/05/05 04:11
Very easy to look good with all these beautiful styles
Very slow
by nnvbc on 2020/05/04 01:54
Very slow , trouble looking at pictures. Once you add something to you cart and start pitying your card number it says some item are no longer available.
Love everything I buy!
by English professor. on 2020/05/03 14:32
I love the t-shirts, jeans, and everything else I buy. The quality of the clothes is excellent. I always order online, and I am also very pleased with its service. Delivery is fast!
by jhjvjbj on 2020/05/02 21:37
Love Old Navy!
Love love love
by joy goode on 2020/05/02 14:48
I look
Love it
by Larsky1130 on 2020/05/02 05:36
I love how old navy always has something for me, for every season!
by Adlihmar on 2020/05/02 03:58
Buen servicio
by Rocaquias on 2020/05/02 02:17
Rápida entrega A+++
Easy Tasks
by Abuela B on 2020/04/30 19:38
The app is easy to use. You can go back and find your chosen items, you can easily add or delete. It’s guides you, so it’s stress free making online shopping a pleasure! 😄
The best
by aloha_loly on 2020/04/30 18:16
I love it 😍❤️
Old Navy
by JayBatres on 2020/04/29 01:31
Easy to use and quick
Great interface!
by Haimy on 2020/04/28 22:57
This app is great! It’s easy to navigate, and flows smoothly. My favorite part is that you can shop at all 4 brands at once with the same shopping cart, and apply all your coupons and rewards at the same time. I’m an OldNavy credit card holder with a ridiculous amount of rewards, and now J can buy things in a minimal amount of time.
Great App
by lindylulu4 on 2020/04/28 21:14
Just love the Old Navy app very easy to navigate
App errors
by bbkaraca on 2020/04/28 00:59
Love this app but unfortunately it will not load my favorites even after updating it
Super convenient!!
by AlohaCCC on 2020/03/07 19:49
I am an ON shopper. I used to have great difficulty navigating the site on my phone with the conventional methods, like google and safari. It would take forever to Load. And even bump me off. So frustrating!!! It all stopped once I got the app. The app could not be easier to use!!! It takes me to wherever I want to search. Has the pics at the top to swipe, I can enlarge the pics and zoom in for greater detail if I want. And it shows you everything you need to see if you scroll down, like product details size guide, even local availability and reviews. The only suggestion I would have if any is that I can’t leave a review on the app. I have to exit and go to the traditional desktop site to leave a review which is annoying. I want to be able to do everything on the app. Other then that, the app is truly perfect. You can checkout with the greatest of ease. And I really like that it stores my order history so I can search what size of an item I purchased several months ago for example. Or track my order easily. Plus I don’t have to remember my password. Just use my thumbprint. It’s is perfect!! Thank you!!!!
Great store but app need LOTS of work!
by Sunshine1817171717 on 2018/07/01 07:54
I’ve been shopping at ON for over 10 years now and I like the styles and deal they got but their app has major problems! It asks me to put in my address and phone number every single time I place an order even though I’m logged in to my account and use their credit card. It never seems to remember me. Such a time waster! Secondly, for the past several weeks every time I press the Place Order button it says that there’s been a misconnection and to call customer service to check if the order has been received. After it’s done that over 5 times on 5 different orders I just switched to their website instead of the app. Please fix this Old Navy!
Sneaky with their “super cash”
by kiradisa on 2019/12/09 00:59
I like the store and got excited when I earned a bunch of “super cash” from shopping on Black Friday, thinking it was similar to Kohl’s cash. Not at all! Basically super cash is like earning a 20-40% off coupon for future purchases. I have to spend at least $25 in order to get $10 off... (kohl’s cash is simply cash to use towards your purchase.). And if I spend $45, I still only get $10 off. So I decided I would give it a try... and found out that the store has a 30% off sale anyway which is higher than my super cash discount. So the super cash isn’t worth using at all! Some Black Friday deal! It is all just a super hoax to make you think you are actually earning something special! Makes me want to stay away from Old Navy and stick to Kohl’s where at least I know what I’m getting and where I can read about the exclusions on the back of the promotional material. (But that’s another story... black Friday’s tv ads for Old Navy said that everything was 50% off, no exclusions, but in store I came across several exclusions and one of my items wasn’t discounted even though it was included in the sale.
Love the clothes but SO HARD to buy!!
by Kellymarie0486 on 2017/12/08 11:35
Im a new old navy CC holder, 3 months approx. I’m a busy working 31 year old toddler Mom. I don’t have a lot of time to go out shopping so I like to order Christmas online on my lunch break. Every other time I go to log in it makes me change my password. Every time you change your password it tells you for your convenience we’ve erased all your credit card information... I know for a fact my password is correct. I even screen shot what I changed it to and made sure I re-entered correctly and it still told me it was wrong! How annoying to re-type all of your credit card and billing info each time you want to buy something! I don’t bring every single one of my credit cards to work with me so this time I could not check out. I’ve never had so many problems trying to buy online ever except with this site and app. I cannot stand how much work this is to try to give old navy my money so I’m considering canceling my card and giving up on them altogether at this point.
New items and selection- and perks for cardholders are all limited
by kwestonjr1 on 2019/10/05 17:23
It seems for the last couple years the clothes haven’t changed at old navy. I see the same stuff and it’s redundant. For cardholders there aren’t really enough perks to justify having the card, the sales are the same and the cash bonus bucks are more than the points given and anyone can get that- even without a card. Another issue is cardholders should have free shipping and not be expected to order 35 or 50 to get it! I’m disappointed with old navy because the clothes are generic at best with old navy emblems. There’s nothing better about the quality and I’m most likely going to close my card and shop at Burlington or Marshall’s- they have more of a selection and prices are better! The alternative is gap and they are generic also but twice the price. I see a problem in the near future for this company if they don’t step up their game.
Great for all body types.
by Jonn jonn on 2017/12/07 05:42
I love old navy. I’m very hard to shop for. I’m tall so it’s hard to find pants that fit in store but online I can always buy my size and if you wait for a sale you can really get a lot of good stuff you wouldn’t be able to get in store. Once you know you’re size and what fits work for you everything is a breeze. I’ve gained weight in the last year so having so many options of flex pants is a dream come true. The ones I bought last year when I was 240lbs still fit now that I’m almost 50lbs heavier. If you’re looking for low cost and good quality clothing for work or everyday I highly recommend shopping here.
App needs MAJOR improvements. STILL.
by Ytruda on 2019/08/22 10:28
I’ve been shopping Old Navy for years and while I love the store, the app is a problem. It constantly stops working mid shopping leaving you with the “Oops, something went wrong” message which then prompts you to “refresh.” Hit refresh only to not have it work so you have to back out of the app and hope what you put in your shopping bag is still in there. A lot of the times it not. And I’m on WiFi when this happens. This has been going on with this app for sometime and still not fixed. Another issue was that my info is saved in my old navy app. Yet I had still had to enter it every time. Not too big of a deal but if you are going to offer a feature make sure it works. I mainly got rid of the app because I got tired of it kicking me out multiple times while shopping. Fix that and it would be great.
Search, sign in and tracking need work
by Flurr Ball on 2018/10/19 16:07
When I search I can filter to “women” and something like “jeans” but then I see regular, maternity, and plus. I would like to choose which one to see. Those are 3 very different lines and they should be filter-able. I can filter by size but then I will miss out on seeing items that are currently out of stock in my size, which happens often. I do not want to sign in every single time that I make a purchase or especially to just look at or track an order. It’s a hassle. Speaking of tracking, it’s awkward to have order tracking and order details on two separate pages. Worse, clicking on the tracking number only copies the number. I don’t want to leave the app to track an order. It should be in the app.
The First Store I check when I need Anything
by MrOldNavy_ on 2019/08/12 02:11
Old Navy is my GO TO STORE. When I need clothes for work, I check Old Navy first. When I need clothes for Any Event, I go to Old Navy. I think what I love best about this store is that a large part of their clothes are plain (as in no logos). This is extremely useful for me in a lot of situations where I need to look good, but at the same time I want to be subtle, and having no logos does that. There’s never a time I go in store and walk out with nothing. I’m so grateful to have a clothing store I love so much, and I never break the bank when I shop there. Can’t Say Enough about Old Navy!!
Not user friendly
by Shweetie71 on 2018/05/03 06:55
Every single time I want to log into my account (to shop or pay my bill)my password doesn’t work and I have to change it. This is on the app and through the website. Each and every time I need to get on I have to go through the whole “forgot my password” hassle. I have done this at least 10 times if not more. I will pay this card off and not use it anymore. And to top it off they lowered my credit when my overall credit usage (all my cards) was higher than even I liked. However I never once made a late payment to them, or any of my cards for that matter. My credit is good, I just received a VISA with a $10,000 limit so that says a lot about my credit. I paid off all my balances and Synchrony still won’t extend my credit. I love Old Navy’s style and pricing. But from here on out I refuse to do any business with Synchrony Bank.
Never remembers me!!!
by Love*pineterest on 2018/06/05 04:06
I LOVE OLD NAVY but the application needs lots of work. Like boat loads of work. The buying, browsing, shopping aspect is ok. Most times. If you’re like me when you shop you browse, save and come back. Well, when you returns to your favs only to find their gone. Need to manage your account? Too bad! No cards to show. Past order you need to check on? No past orders to show. I JUST ordered a $175 worth of merchandise 4 days ago and I have no past orders?? What gives Old Navy? I’ve had this card for 5+ years and I always shop and pay my bill via the app. Why is it always losing my information?? Constantly having to change my password like another reviewer said. So over this frustration! I’m a busy mom of 3 kiddos all under 4 years old. Give me convenience or I’ll delete my app and shop somewhere else!!!
Great App but deceiving prices
by hiphopananoumys on 2020/02/06 05:17
Love shopping online through this app. But beware, during a sale, online will have huge mark ups on items to make it seem like a “better deal”. I’ve gone in store and have been told this is what they do. I’ve even spoken to managers over the phone about this and their “super cash” savings scam. You’re required to spend a certain amount to even use the money they reward you with for spending so much already. So if you really want to make sure you are getting the best deal when they do have “sales”, go in store and compare prices by using the search bar to scan Bar codes. I’ve saved hundreds- thousands of dollars. Just a tip from a fellow Navyist.
Not bad
by Pykachu10 on 2019/05/05 17:50
Getting a bunch of great discounts on this app that aren’t available in stores is pretty nice however, there are a couple of annoying things about this app that make it so 2006... One is, I swear this app asks me to login more than my banking app. It feels like I need to login every time I switch tabs. Honestly, it should always have me logged in after I create an account and maybe just verify if my account is still active in the background or something. This app was built as if we don’t lock or phones or something. Secondly, I’ve ordered a ton though this, what is with the 2 week shipping on every order I make (3 orders so far), how is this even a thing anymore? Yikes
Um ok what?
by VamperRose on 2017/11/16 01:35
I love Old Navy. My entire wardrobe is Old Navy. The app though, I don’t know but it’s not helpful. I am me, a woman so any button I hit with a generic prompt like SALE sends me to women, ok. But then I look and see if I can choose male, and I can but not from there or any prompt, only the shop by department. Then I don’t see the sale stuff, and the first category is alternative sizes or something. So if I am not a man and have a signed in account as a woman, I am not supposed to easily by men’s clothes? I find this incredibly deterring. If I am not at home with my laptop I cannot easily purchase gifts through the app only stuff for me and that really doesn’t help me at almost Christmas season and looking to spend a bunch of money easily is prob what the earner,Old Navy, wants?
Great with glitches.
by eilatansenoj on 2018/06/17 19:28
While I do love the ease of not having to go into the store and shop via app, there are a few glitches or things that are lacking that I would prefer to have. 1) my favorites are never saved. So every time I close the app, I loose whatever I liked. 2) there is no option to write reviews on the app. You usually get an email, which takes you to a webpage, where you have to manually sign in, in order to write a review. 3) I get the security of having to sign in every time you place an order, but it goes back to the favorites thing. I would like for the app to save who I am and then ask for my fingerprint when I want to place an order 4) sometimes when you’re browsing, the same items pop up two or three times in the same sequences Lastly...5) I can leave consumer feedback through the app about the app. It won’t allow me to or I would be writing all this in the “suggest updates” section. However, I do love Old Navy and will continue to buy things using the app. There are just several things that need to be adjusted for the perfect app experience
Thank You for Not Leaving Out Plus Size Women
by Gatsbydaisy on 2020/05/18 01:38
Old Navy is the only women’s store that offers plus size clothing that is exciting and feminine. If you go on the standard women’s section of the website and see something you like, you will also find the same style, or very close to it in the plus size section of the website. Finally, a women’s store that figured out that using more material to make things in plus size is not just smart for Old Navy, but doesn’t leave out a large section of the population of women who want to look nice as well.
App need some chnages but store is awesome
by bonjuou1 on 2019/07/24 22:59
I had been using old navy for quite a sometime and i am very happy with the styles, quality and selections available. However i am finding old navy app not user friendly these days. I have to enter my login information everytime i need to check out and have to add my phone number and address every time though my old navy credit card info is saved there. Also, coupon codes are mot saved automatically. On a different note, apps like macy and kohls provide me that flexibility and its easy to use them. Please fix these issues in the app to make it more user friendly
Great but can be better
by Fk.1022 on 2019/06/14 20:19
I really like the idea of shopping a and paying for my shopping( credit card) all in the same place. But i would appreciate having store inventory available. I mean i would like to know exactly what items are present in my nearest store.. for example sale items, clearance etc. so i can shop knowing i am not missing out on anything by not heading to the store. And the prices are different too by the way from app to store. I mean that policy should be changed. Nothing to do with the app. The app works really well.
App Not Working
by DomsLetti on 2019/02/25 21:54
I haven’t had a problem with the Old Navy App until today. At checkout I input my Old Navy credit card information and clicked on “Next” and it showed the round pinwheel for a few seconds and then it went away but the page didn’t switch to the next page; there was no error, no “you forgot a few more details”, nothing. I tried it a few more times (signing out, signing back in, closing app completely and opening it up, checking the card number was input correctly, etc.) it wouldn’t go to the “Review” tab. Finally I decided to order through the actual website and it worked perfectly.
Update requires new password?
by EmCeeMttM on 2017/10/23 08:46
I believe there was a change to the overall old navy system. I updated the app and could no longer sign in. I attempted to reset my password and then realized they changed the requirements for the password. It would've been nice if they made that clear. But whatever. Love the app. The mobile site never works properly and freezes. Plus the app saves my cart for extended period of times. Like if I earn super cash, I'll add something to my cart that I want to buy when I go to redeem the super cash and it stays there until I delete it or buy it. It works great for me!
Overall pretty good, but search utilities could use reworked
by nchamplin93 on 2018/10/03 23:16
Great value for clothes for bigger guys who still want to look decent. The only thing I’d say is really lacking is the search features could use improvement. More tags like style and cut for jeans would be helpful in looking for specific things. It seemed like sometimes a very similar search would turn up incredibly different results. It made finding things again that I liked, but didn’t save for later very difficult.
Need a prompt before finalizing orders
by oldnavymama on 2019/10/06 01:46
Twice now it’s happened to me that I accidentally hit the Place Order button on my phone. Since there is no “Are you sure you want to place this order?” prompt, the order goes through. This wouldn’t be horrible if you could cancel online orders within 30 minutes (standard for most online retailers) or even 10. But I have literally called in immediately and was told it was too late. So basically ON is spending money on shipping and packaging and I have to waste time returning bogus orders since I wasn’t ready to finalize the order in the first place. Please fix this flaw.
Old Navy App
by Milli🤘🏽💯 on 2018/03/24 15:34
I prefer the app over the website in my internet browser on my phone. The app is very simple and easy to use. I am a constant filter person. The filter option helps me track down the exact items I am looking for or when I just need to slim it down to view more easily for items that pertain to me as in body, shoe or swim wear size etc. I’m constantly always coming back to the app to see if there are any new items or trends currently happening that I might have missed.
I love the store, but the app not so much 😤👎🏾
by NU-NU17 on 2019/07/05 18:16
Before all these major updates came out the app was great. I was able to use it without any problems, but now it’s driving me crazy. Every time I open the app I have to re-login every single time and that is frustrating. I add something to my cart and constantly get an error message which the only way to fix is to close the app and start over which brings back the login issue. I love that I was able to pay my CC from the app but now it won’t even let me see my balance. It’s so many more issues with this app that all I use it for now is to see what’s on sale and then go to store and buy it in person.
Old Navy/Gap Apps
by Yess-I-can on 2017/10/15 16:13
They have done major updates, have made shopping easier, however, I have noticed that it is constantly forgetting my log-in info (logs my account out often), even with the “quick log in” being set up. Also, finding the credit card payment section could be more user friendly. It took me sometime before I realized that there was a quick link to look up your credit card. It’s too bad that they have a different password and log in than the shopping part of the app! First world problems! Ha!
Old Navy App is my BFF.
by Smiley Shylee on 2018/06/18 17:19
I'm seriously so in love with this app! I work in Bryce Canyon national Park, my son is starting preschool in August and I definitely did not feel like driving four hours for new school clothes! This app lets me get him such adorable, affordable, and durable clothes from my phone! And let's face it, even if I lived a block away from the mall I would still use this app! I get coupons via email that I can apply to this app and save even more money! This app is easy to run, has Gap, Banana Republic, and Athleta all in one!!
Customer Service
by EastCoastAsh on 2018/03/31 04:28
I called customer service this evening and got through with someone less than one minute. He was super helpful explaining to me the differences between the regular and tall sizes ! I wish I would have gotten his name to thank him on here ! Whoever you are on the West Coast thanks so much! Have been shopping at Old navy since I’ve been a little girl and now I’m in my mid twenties! Can’t wait for the future one day where hopefully I can bring in my daughter ! Thanks Old Navy don’t change!
App Keeps Crashing!
by Yuppitsme on 2018/08/13 13:33
Every time I open the Old Navy app I get the “Uh-oh something went wrong” screen and I need to refresh, which solves the problem temporarily. If I switch screens (going to different department or page) I get the same error message and that I need to refresh. I do that but if I want to purchase an item or add it to my bag the same error message pops up!! It’s so hard to shop on the app (which I prefer over the actual website or in store). Please fix this!
Love Old Navy
by SoGA95 on 2020/01/04 12:21
I love to shop Old Navy. I like their sales and variety of clothing. I do have a problem with the app saying that an item is not in stock at store when it is. I have been to the store and have tried on clothing that the app said was not in stock?? It clearly was because I had it in my hand. I also don’t get why sometimes they have clothing on sale and coupons online but not in store. I would buy more if there wasn’t these issues.
Best Store EVER!!!
by Mamie3gk on 2019/12/02 08:00
I’ll gladly say it, Old Navy is the Best store for me period!!!! I am a 56 year old grandmother and 99% of my closet is Old Navy. The jeans fit me better and I Love the fact that the shirts and tees are relaxed and soft! Prices are so affordable and last, but not least, I Love to shop here for my husband and grandkids!! If I ever found out that I’d won a Huge gift card from my favorite store, I’d hit my knees and thought I’d won the lottery!! Keep em coming Old Navy, my app is running and waiting!! Lol!!
LOVE, BUT....,,,,
by JPSBADLV on 2019/07/14 16:50
Old Navy is one of my favorite stores and has been for years. I would love to see a barcode reader in this app, because for as long as I can remember, sale signs but in the store are not representative of what is next to them. So you get to the checkout and nothing is ever what you thought it was, you may have bought more or you may have bought less and because so many other apps have barcode readers I think it’s way past time Old Navy did the same. Thank you for listening.
Makes you log in... over and over!
by Jmmcpastor on 2020/02/23 15:14
Unlike most other apps that allow you to stay logged in when toggling between tabs, or uses touch login, my app makes me log in over and over again every single session! I love the user friendliness overall, but this feature feels like a bug vs. a security feature meant to protect users, and impacts the app experience a lot! You should put it in the development queue and fix it! And at least, allow the user to save their user name so they don’t have to re-enter that every time too!
I love Old Navy
by Always Old on 2019/07/15 02:47
I have been an Old Navy customer for as long as I can remember. I love the style of clothing and the colors/patterns that they offer. I can always rely on this store to offer amazing selection in my size and fantastic sales and deals. I love shopping at Old Navy also because I feel like a normal size, I wear a large as opposed to a larger size in others stores so that makes me feel even better. I am a loyal customer! Thank you for being so wonderful! I’m always satisfied and I never return anything.
Worse App Ever
by Chelle_Lynn on 2018/09/01 11:14
While I absolutely love Old Navy, I despise this app. I have to change my password every single time I use it. Then occasionally when I change it, I am still told it’s wrong. I am not quite sure how that’s possible. You can’t use one of your previously used passwords (ex. Rabbit#01 then change to Rabbit@40) because it is the same word. Well when you have to change a password 500 times, you tend to forget what you have already used!! Yes I have written it down so I can reference it next login but of course, I am told it’s wrong. Very very frustrating. And I am only giving 1 star bc I am being forced to give it a star at all. I wouldn’t even give it that much.
Having Issues With “My Favorites” Button
by ImSelf_Made_Ty on 2020/03/02 18:26
Unfortunately this has been an ongoing issue of mine since I’ve had the Old Navy app for 3 years now. For some reason whenever I go to “My Favorites” I always get a message that says “Something went wrong. We weren’t able to complete your request. Refresh to try again”. I’m not sure why this keeps happening when I’m trying to access my favorites but right now it’s now allowing me to see my favorites at all.
I’m a 6’2 woman
by HappyAmazonChic on 2019/11/10 12:39
I’m so grateful for old navy, because being an adult, you don’t want to look silly in business settings or at semi-formal events because you’re trying to make a style out of “regular fit” clothing. I really do appreciate and value old navy and their affordable clothing that they offer for tall women. I own a gym a mile from one of their stores, that caters to all types of women: moms, plus size, elderly, college kids...we all love your clothing!
Old Navy App
by Southernbelle1226 on 2019/03/02 01:02
Usually love the Old Navy app. However, the last two days I have been extremely disappointed. I could never submit my order through the app because a message kept popping up stating, “Oops! Looks like our wires are crossed.” I had to end up getting on the desktop version to purchase. When I did that, it had cleared out my shopping bag completely and moved all of my items to saved—extremely frustrating. In addition, I have tried to sign on this evening and check the status of my order, but every time I try to sign on, it will sign me in and then sign me right back out. I am not sure what is wrong, but it is very aggravating.
App is awful
by Haleys213 on 2019/10/05 16:22
I’ve been having problems with both the website and the app. I’ve been trying to deal with it for hours and I’m just about to give up purchasing anything. I have a Gap credit card and $100 in rewards and it’s been extremely difficult for me to apply it towards anything without there being some sort of issue, or the page not loading. When I go to checkout, the spinning thing indicates it’s loading but it never brings me to the next page, it just stops entirely after a few seconds. It’s unfortunate because I love Old Navy but I’m so frustrated with both the app and their website not cooperating.
Love the store hate the app
by Jokingaround9987 on 2018/05/25 18:03
It takes me an entire day to submit an order and that is not an exaggeration. I am very tech savvy it is my career actually but this app is so buggy it is impossible. Once you get it to accept all of the codes for discounts it will freeze or say “something went wrong” I always have to rebuild my cart at least 5 times. I have the most current everything and it still does this on every device I own. I end up walking away in frustration and trying again later. Was so annoyed today that this review is me walking away. I have emailed customer support and they replied “we could not recreate this situation” so no help there.
Great app, one major setback
by jmramos1231 on 2018/05/09 21:15
I love old navy & I think overall the app is great & easy to navigate. The only issue I have is that I've saved quite a few items to to my favorites list once I log in, & the next time I log in, they all disappear! Extremely frustrating to have to go back & look for all those items again. Old navy, please fix this bug! Other than this, the app is awesome.
Login process is not up to par
by meditationlif3 on 2020/04/16 14:26
Every time I open the app have to enter my user name and password like it’s a website. Each time I enter my user name / password I am asked if I want to enable Touch ID. I select yes each time, however Touch ID is not enabled. Also, I tried to submit feedback within the app so I didn’t have to come to the App Store, but it says feedback is not enabled. User log ins should absolutely be prioritized by your product owner as it’s one of the most frustrating customer experience flaws an app could have.
Customer Service?
by Russo8809 on 2020/04/23 19:21
Does their customer service even exist? I’ve been calling for 2 days and listening to their recorded voice telling me someone will be with me shortly for hours on end. They said their call volume has increased but really does it take days to get ahold of someone. I’ve even emailed and got an automatic response of 3 days as an estimated wait time for a response via email. All I want to know is why my items haven’t shipped there’s nothing saying it’s back ordered or out of stock. Extremely disappointed. In times like this you should be all about your customers online seeing as your stores are all shutdown in my state.
The Old Navy APP is wayyyyy quicker than surfing!
by headrush67 on 2020/05/25 12:31
Seriously... anyone who shops old navy sales online knows when doing it on Safari, it will take u an hour to change/edit something in ur cart and by the time u check out - half of of ur shopping cart is already sold. Yesterday, aggravated while old navy shopping the Memorial Day Sale May2020 - I HAD ENOUGH & I downloaded the Old Navy APP —— I LOVE IT!! Don’t ask questions ppl ... just download the APP! Do it.
Bring back scanning
by SweetMocha718 on 2017/11/16 13:09
Old Navy.... you used to have a feature where you could scan items in the store and save them. My husband and I loved this feature. My husband is a big guy, since you don’t sale his size in stores, when I would go to shop he would scan items he liked and purchased them later. He likes to see and feel the clothes before he buys them. PLEASE bring that feature in your next update!!!
Constant account locked out message
by TBarnes05 on 2018/08/31 02:01
I love old navy, I hate the app! It has actually made me shop less with them since it gives me an error that my account is locked out almost every time I open the app and want to access my credit card info to use rewards etc... I’m going to reset my password AGAIN and if I have this happen again I’m done. No more old navy shopping for me
Old Navy online App
by Georgia and Mike's on 2020/01/18 01:22
I really love this App. I have online shopping. It’s really easy to navigate and it provides me with the I’m new items as well as what is on clearance. It provides you with what’s on sale. If you haven’t downloaded this app, you need to because it’s shopping with ease online as well it has the option to pick up at your stores location. I highly recommend this.
I know my address!
by Bbkk~ on 2018/08/08 21:05
Attempted to buy some stuff that was on sale that I had been watching for a long time. I went to check out and and the app kept telling me that my address wasn’t valid! It wouldn’t even let me bypass it or alter it. I would’ve been OK to pick it up in store but the products aren’t available in my area. By the time I got a response from Customer service,(the next day) all the stuff was sold out. To top that off, customer service said “don’t know what’s going on since we can’t emulate your check out and we will forward on this information” They didn’t even offer to help me place my order.
Easy to Use
by KT STP on 2019/05/17 02:56
I’ve been super impressed with the app since I started using it a few months ago. It’s easy to navigate, view and save items, and the checkout process is a breeze. You can also access your billing account even if it is not with Old Navy but one of their sister companies. Needless to say, I’ve been very pleased with the app and would recommend it to others.
Keep losing all my favorites
by jsl2749 on 2018/04/24 06:07
I love the store and the app mostly functions well, except it keeps logging me out and erasing all the clothes that I saved to favorites in the app. If they want me to buy stuff from them, they shouldn’t be trying to hide the stuff I want from me or making me do extra work just to find everything again. But what’s the point - I just went through and re-saved everything again, but it didn’t save any of it. That needs to be fixed or I will spend my money at another site that’s easier to use. Not fair 👎
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