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sync.ME - Social Caller ID (for facebook, linkedin, Google+)
sync.ME Caller ID identifies unknown calls and adds full screen caller photos to your contacts from facebook, linkedin and Google+! • #1 Caller ID app in 107 countries. • TechCrunch - “The App That Turns You Into a God”. • Over 10,000,000 people love sync.ME for iOS and other platforms. ------------------------------------------------- MAIN FEATURES • Social Caller ID - See your contacts’ full screen picture from facebook, linkedin and Google+ when they call you and when you call them! • Caller ID Search - Identify unknown phone calls anywhere across the world. Received a call from an unknown number? sync.ME will tell you who it is. • Social sync - Keep your contacts up-to-date with latest information from facebook, linkedin and Google+. • Birthday Reminders - Get reminders for your friends’ birthdays and send them personalized greeting cards. ------------------------------------------------- We’re always excited to hear from you! Join our community and send us your feedback or questions: → facebook: → Twitter: → Support:
What happened???
by Krazy Cougar on 2015/06/02 11:48
I've had Sync me for a year and loved it. Yesterday I looked at my apps on my phone and noticed it was missing and didn't know why. It's like it disappeared out of thin air!!!
Great job!!
by Popanana19 on 2015/06/01 15:54
I like the fact that I get reminders for birthdays!!
All my friends aren't there!
by sequoiab on 2015/06/01 12:16
I cannot find a lot of people who are my friends. What is going on???
Works Great!!
by zwilkin on 2015/06/01 03:20
App works beautifully! Love that it keeps contacts updated in the background.
Great App
by Ginger-66 on 2015/05/31 19:45
A great way to update my contacts and send BD greetings!
Could be better
by ealvarez93 on 2015/05/30 20:53
It does exactly everything on the description. All its missing is manually add people's Facebook to the contact.
by Farhang Parsi on 2015/05/30 03:35
Needs improved FB integration...
by casualty_report on 2015/05/28 03:09
This would have 5 stars if the Facebook integration was more consistent.
Good but not reliable
by Despiteful on 2015/05/27 18:40
Great app when it works, allows me to sync 3/4th's of my contacts with full screen photos in high quality. My only complaint is that for some reason it doesn't work with some contacts at all not even manually matching which I can't understand since the full name is there and they're friends with me on Facebook so once the developer fixes this issue it will definitely be 5 stars
Fix App
by BBMM6 on 2015/05/27 16:31
Used to love this application but ever since they made an upgrade it doesn't sync all my social media contacts and it doesn't populate them when you look for them manually. Even contacts that you don't have as friends populate. Fix this soon or else I am deleting the application and looking for an alternative option.
Love it
by AlwaysYourTiger on 2015/05/27 03:13
Great app for contact book maintenance and caller ID.
What happen
by bryantheking on 2015/05/26 17:49
This app was amazing...... Now when I try to sync someone to there Facebook I only get like 5 Facebook friends that show. Why is that?
Great App
by KYwldctfn1! on 2015/05/26 13:14
Enjoy using and keeping up with everyone
Adds photos of wrong contacts
by Vgutf on 2015/05/26 04:25
Anytime I add a contact, it adds a photo of someone else from my FB. So annoying!
by cwilberg on 2015/05/25 21:26
A nice touch to Contacts. The only glitch is the preference to the picture from FB when the profile is attached great to more than one social network
Does not work!!
by YS86 on 2015/05/25 21:01
As many others have mentioned, the app is now broken. It does not show all your FB contacts and instead shows many who are not your contacts. The app used to work fine. Please fix asap!!
Great App
by bUckeYe99 on 2015/05/25 19:28
This app does exactly what it says it will do. Great efficiently. I have not had any problems.
What happened?!
by amandath on 2015/05/25 03:35
I love this app. One of my iPhone staples. Lets you sync pic and info to your contacts without having to match the contact name exactly. If the app doesn't automatically match a contact to a FB profile, you can choose who you want it linked to. My favorite feature is if you sync the photos, the person's caller ID photo is full screen on your phone, not a tiny pic like normal. I recommend this app to everyone I know with an iPhone. I got this app back when it was paid, so now that it's free everyone should have it! The only thing I will say is that if you have people's addresses manually entered in your contacts, you may want to turn address sync OFF in this app. If you have their address, but on FB they only have the city and state listed, it will remove the specific address. Update: The new version of the app doesn't show me everyone in my Facebook friends list (when I'm trying to manually sync contacts), and shows me people who are NOT in my friends list or my phone contacts. Help???
Error has caused the App to be useless
by Gsanguily22 on 2015/05/24 21:18
There is an error that hit the app. It won't allow you to perform a Sync. The error basically states to check you internet connection. It doesn't matter if you're connected via WiFi or 4G LTE I submitted a ticked to support they said they were addressing it and posted the same comment to the user forum. It's been over a month an it still doesn't work. There are also no further updates from the support team. The error has rendered this app useless.
Full screen called ID
by jessz4 on 2015/05/24 18:01
Does not work on my iPhone 6 plus. Please fix.
This is the last contact app you will need..
by CompLexium™ on 2015/05/24 17:08
With it's refreshing UI animated features this application will have your contact synchronized and up-to-date with ease. Select which information is updated automatically and if updates occur in the background. Now you can enjoy full and colorful photos on all your contacts in iMessage.
by DexDamian on 2015/05/23 14:57
Awesome App
by Alexa (tlove Alexa 08) on 2015/05/23 13:27
Sometimes is good and sometimes is work but likely is not let me send it to the friends
Akram Abushkewat
by Abushkewat on 2015/05/23 09:41
Wonderful 😀😍
Awesome app
by Nelson4462 on 2015/05/23 08:26
Keeps my contact photos up to date and keeps me apprised on birthdays. Even allows me to make cute ecards. Love it. One problem, not all my FB friends show up when I try to sync them with my contacts. Please fix
by JesusHRosaz on 2015/05/22 18:13
I can't fully sync all my contacts and some are saying there is no matches to them when clearly I do have them on fb as friends and now none of there info except for there number are shown. Fix please so I may have pics to there names.
by kdre0219 on 2015/05/22 17:59
Works great!
by Linksordon90 on 2015/05/22 03:36 no longer supports 6.0 I cannot update beyond 6.0 Fix it so it supports it.
by Sols83 on 2015/05/22 00:48
Great App!!
Could be better
by LJLin on 2015/05/21 22:36
It's a great app. If they can fix missing contacts???
I Agree with review #1. The Update is only syncing 1/3 of My FB Contacts.
by SRCASTK on 2015/05/21 16:39
I would've given this App 10 Stars, if possible. But now is only Syncing 124, out of 340 that this App USED TO SYNC. Somebody Effed Something Up!!! Please Fix It!!!
by jdog night on 2015/05/21 16:08
Great app!
by Abid H on 2015/05/21 06:38
What a waste of time
Name says it all
by u2canbanurse on 2015/05/20 13:27
I love how it updates my contact list and checks for and combines duplicates.
by jmendezch1 on 2015/05/19 15:24
Exc app, muy fácil para actualizar los contactos
It was working fine ?! No support
by FariSahar on 2015/05/19 12:32
The app was working fine until I reinstall it on my new iPhone 6 plus. Now every time I run it it is asking me to check my internet connection while I'm already connected to Internet ?! Contact us page to send a message doesn't work probably :(
Has potential
by pyromantics on 2015/05/17 23:01
The problem is that it doesn't import all my Facebook contacts. Therefor I can't sync everyone. Fix this and it's awesome
by Damil4real on 2015/05/17 22:28
Simply fantastic piece of app!
😎it's straight
by Delldayoungin on 2015/05/17 22:25
👌🏿it's alright
Must fix new friends sync
by Tommytom1737117371 on 2015/05/17 17:44
You can't sync any new friends that I make on Facebook. It used to work perfectly now it's worth nothing
Love it
by Dolla$,TX on 2015/05/17 17:10
Love it
Solved the Unsolvable Probkem
by Jake Ritter on 2015/05/17 16:42
I read way too many blogs that couldn't successfully tell me how to do what this app automatically did in a minute. Very excellent.
by KyKay on 2015/05/17 16:15
This app is great!
by WandaM75 on 2015/05/17 05:46
It's an all in one deal!
Very good
by Zurdo0516 on 2015/05/16 21:34
Easy to use
by CHALANAKING on 2015/05/16 16:18
Es una aplicación muy buena, la recomiendo a todos.
Not great
by SPDude03 on 2015/05/16 16:07
Even when I click the option not to overwrite the existing picture, it still does. Incredibly frustrating.
Would give it 5 stars if it was "iPad friendly"
by NicolaasM on 2015/05/16 15:49
Great app, it now at least does landscape on iPad, if a half star could be given I would move it up to 4.5 stars. However it still is basically an iPhone app. Give it some real iPad functionality and I would give it a full 5 star. As for the rest I am extremely happy with the app.
by Grover Zealous on 2015/05/16 11:45
This app used to work well, it would sync all my contacts and any additional contact info shared via social media platforms BUT now, my newest FB friends and the contact info I have of theirs isn't syncing with my contacts. When I find the person manually, the FB button in the contact won't be able to recognize that persons name under my FB friends. PLEASE FIX THIS. Seems like it's time to get back to the drawing board and from what the other reviews are saying, give a us a worthy update with all bugs fixed.
by MoNoHoS on 2015/05/16 07:04
by Coco hyena on 2015/05/16 02:25
If you have an iPhone 4 do not get! Does not make a fullscreen caller id photo all it keeps asking is to buy premium package!! I would rate -5 stars if I could. All my grey hairs grew in.
App crashes
by Polak72 on 2015/05/15 18:44
Not usable.
by sschilling86 on 2015/05/15 12:29
I really like this app but not all of my contacts are being synced. I have the phone numbers but their profile pictures are not showing up in my contacts. Also, some contacts I have to match up and I am seeing people who I don't even know when I'm trying to match up so this needs to be fixed please.
by Andreiev on 2015/05/14 12:19
Very good!!!!!
Pleasantly pleased
by dlwernsman on 2015/05/13 20:52
I'm hesitant with some sync apps that accidentally combine wrong contacts or switch up mobile numbers. This app is pleasantly accurate and is very user fiendly.
Great app
by Ruba AK84 on 2015/05/13 13:27
One of the most useful apps ive ever used
Me gusta
by DMOBMG on 2015/05/13 01:02
Me gusta esta aplicación, definitivamente lleno mis expectativas.
Great to Use
by Argento925 on 2015/05/12 16:07
Great to use to keep all your contacts up to date!
by Ejakkh on 2015/05/12 06:28
Keeps me update with contact pics through facebook
Great App
by Shubhonkor Choudhury on 2015/05/12 04:35
Great app
Sync me is really a great apps
by Violetteheggen on 2015/05/11 10:05
Great apps , it keeps me up to date with my friend's information!
Very Easy to Use
by Bse856478 on 2015/05/11 04:39
I really like how simple to use. It's a cool app to help update your contacts with their Facebook pages.
Great app!
by Akluch on 2015/05/11 03:05
Totally worth it!
excelente e facil
by dado dantas on 2015/05/11 02:01
otimo app super facil o uso e extremamente util. realmente vale a pena
Great idea!!!
by Cookie_maddog on 2015/05/11 00:31
I love being able to sync all my contacts, but for some reason for the past several months it has has alert notifications on the app that I can't get to go away. I'm not sure what is going on there. I do like the functionality of the app though. No other issues...just the strange notification alerts.
A good app
by ShattoElias on 2015/05/10 19:23
I liked so much the pics into of the contacts 😊
a perfect app for iphone
by walidたやな on 2015/05/10 14:56
just too amazing just gotta fix some bugs
Works well
by Dang_johnny on 2015/05/10 14:29
I haven't noticed any drawbacks
by Hazen75 on 2015/05/10 13:34
Great app! Keep the updates coming!
Great app!
by Wolveron on 2015/05/10 11:44
Easier than adding a photo to each contact individually. The greeting cards are a nice touch.
Works great
by Fernando Torres D on 2015/05/09 22:37
It jus work great for me.
Love it!
by Jay10430427 on 2015/05/09 16:28
Love it!
Used to be phenomenal...
by Unsatisfied Heavy User on 2015/05/09 15:51
This app worked flawlessly before, but the newest version is very buggy. Not all of my Facebook friends show up and even people who aren't my friends show up. Please fix and release a patch ASAP.
Very worth it!
by Candace-Elise on 2015/05/09 11:39
Syncs 95% of my contacts. The remaining 5% it doesn't update their information and I have to go in manually and have it update or it does not show them in my "friends" even though we are connected. FAR BETTER than the regular iPhone/Facebook sync. It will completely overwrite all information for contacts, rather than merge it. I lost MANY addresses because people did not have it listed on their profile.
by Keith Fennell on 2015/05/09 01:01
It was perfect working with my updated with contacts. It was very fun
Good to have
by Doggymet on 2015/05/08 23:04
I'll never forget anyone's info ever again, it's all here
by Nitysarkar on 2015/05/08 21:49
It's helpful app
Good App
by Aubie Fan on 2015/05/08 18:27
One of the better name matching apps out there. Very hand when the names on caller ID don't ring bell. Having a face with name is great!
Works as Mentioned
by Vik3467 on 2015/05/08 16:34
I like the Sync Photos on Contacts
missing Facebook contacts
by ohmicide on 2015/05/08 13:53
this app used to work but now I have tons of mismatched contacts, off to look for an alternative
by Stef_with_the_F_82 on 2015/05/08 01:27
Only downside is the pic doesn't come full screen please fix.
Great app
by Vaplayboy42 on 2015/05/07 23:27
Love this app!!!!
by Beccabob2008 on 2015/05/07 22:55
So far I like it alot
What are the changes??
by Apfelmaennchen on 2015/05/07 22:02
Basically the app works ok but it's beyond me why I have no way of seeing what actually changed with my updated contacts!? The integration of FB unrelated to contact info I don't want (for that I go to FB) and it's annoying that it can't be excluded. Last gripe: Why can I not decide which photo to use for contacts with matches on several a platform??
Rip off
by Aansy on 2015/05/07 21:44
Charged me for premium package and there was not really anything different
Nice app
by Khurram Hussain on 2015/05/07 19:55
Nice app
Excellent to Organized All your contacts
by rodobrodo on 2015/05/07 18:23
Love his app , I use once a week to update and organize all my contacts from Facebook, Linkdin, Tweeter, ICloud . Now every contact has a face and a number. Totally recommended, 5 stars .
by Edwardo marsan 03 on 2015/05/07 16:38
Me gusta muy practica
by Lk0555999 on 2015/05/07 12:53
Muy buena aplicación en donde puedes sincronizar y tener información de familiares a la hora de un cumpleaños olvidado la recomiendo.!
App Review update
by tlucas23 on 2015/05/07 07:16
App use to work so well now it syncs people that aren't even on my Facebook friends list please fix this you can't even fix it manual now
Great App
by tlcclc98 on 2015/05/07 04:08
Does good job keeps up with all the changes
by renato2014BR on 2015/05/07 02:52
Like app
Almost Perfect
by Ninabull on 2015/05/06 21:55
I really enjoy this app all except that when it doesn't recognize a friend and u try to tell it and it won't do it
Synch your contacts
by Edelossantos on 2015/05/06 19:58
Nice app to consolidate your contacts and find duplicates and personalize with photos. I like the integration with LinkedIn and Facebook
It's awesome
by Drew Smithson on 2015/05/06 17:59
I like how my friends and family's faces come on the lock screen when they call me! I love seeing everybody's face because you will never know when you will see them again.
Sync Birthday/special occasion cards
by Big byrd 2013 on 2015/05/06 11:38
Do not like the latest version at all! Would like the opportunity to post cards directly on the person's FB page rather than as a status on my page as in previous version!
by Zoomi85 on 2015/05/06 10:07
Sync me
by spaceguy2010 on 2015/05/06 04:12
Love this appt
Needs repair
by Pilotoooooo on 2015/05/06 03:36
No linking all Facebook contacts
?? Ummm, OK, I guess?
by GieTM on 2012/03/27 08:01
This app has a lot of downloads, and it's rated pretty high so obviously it's working for people. As for me, I don't understand what makes this app unique or what features it offers that are not already part of the iPhone and the Facebook app. Moreover the iPhone and the official Facebook app sync friends addresses and phone numbers. This app clearly states that it does not/can not do those two things. If you use this app you have to replace your existing contact app with this one as it does not integrate itself with the iPhone contacts list. Also this app fails out every few days and forces you to re set and re configure your settings and re select and re match your contacts with your Facebook contacts. The default iPhone phone book and official Facebook app integrate the contacts and even update my Microsoft outlook contacts file including phone numbers and addresses. So I give up trying to understand why this app is special. For all intents and purposes it is severely lacking and splits your contacts into two locations. Standard iPhone contacts and set your mobile Facebook app friends list to sync and wammo! Smooth sailing without an extra 14mb app (before syncing) that kills your battery. I'll check back later. Maybe the developer or happy user can let me know what makes this app special or unique in ANY way.
Terrible app
by Vdanielle on 2012/11/03 03:18
I downloaded this app when I first got my iPhone about 7 months ago. It worked wonderfully for 6 months. Last month, this app constantly kept experiencing shut downs whenever I would open it. The app was crashing. I contacted tech support about the issue and nobody ever responded. Eventually there was an upgrade available in the App Store. So I upgraded the app. It worked fine until every time I had to sync my contacts. After the sync, the app would crash and make all of the other apps on my phone crash when opened. The first time that happened, I factory reset my phone and backed everything up on my iCloud to reset my phone to before I synced the app. My phone was working just fine after that. And at the time, I didn't know it was the app that was causing my phone to malfunction. Then today, I synced my contacts with the app again and the malfunction reoccurred. That's when I realized it was the app that was causing the issues. I have deleted this app and absolutely refuse to use it again. Good luck to anybody who chooses to download this ungodly app!!
Smartsync is awesome
by r0yA1tY on 2011/12/23 02:58
Ive been using this app since i got my first iPhone 3G back wen they first came out & i must say this is an awesome app. Not only can u sync your contacts with face book & have all their pics, work, email, etc., info update onto your phone but you can also add contacts to your phone from facebook, say a long lost friend u havent seen in awhile & mayb just have their facebook & no phone numbers emails or whatever, you can select people from facebook & add a new contact with their number & everything which is great. I give the app 5 stars cuz its so handy & cool, i havent fully used or explored the app that much so i cant rate all its features but for syncing with facebook its a 5 star MUST HAVE, hands down if u have a smartphone & facebook this app is hands down a MUST HAVE and it is fully worth the $.99 it costs!!!! Thank you SmartSync
Formerly great app/ Poor with update
by Shark Fin-atic on 2013/04/29 13:30
This app was once useful and functional. It simply pulled in your contacts' latest facebook profile pic (which is ALL I wanted). Since the update it will now only sync about 10% of my contact photos. It cleared (made blank) the other 90% of my contact photos which were formerly sync'ed and present. It now apparently is requiring one to INVITE anyone further whom they wish it to pull in their photo. I'm not going to harass my 200+ member contact list with invites to this app. There is also a new feature to make your own contact card. First it asks you for too much personal information. Second, the idea is so other people see your incoming call with the pic and info you want them to see - App makers, I want to decide on my own phone, WHAT IMAGES AND WHAT INFORMATION comes in when someone calls ME. I don't want incoming callers sending the data THEY want appearing on my phone! It's my phone, my personalization! I heard the app is also placing watermarks on pics, but haven't seen it myself. I just deleted the app completely.
Needs an “Undo” Button
by Issokay on 2013/07/19 03:33
I'm very particular on how my contacts are set up, so I always want to know what's actually going to change and it doesn't exactly tell you the exact change that's going to be made to your contacts or any particular contact, so I would like to have an ‘undo’ button just in case I'm not happy with the way it turns out. So far I don't like that it has changed some of the URLs that I have set for some of my contacts from their Facebook page to their LinkedIn page (or other various different pages.) I don't want *any* changes to be made to certain parts of their contact information. I only want an app to sync their information such as address, phone number, & whatever picture they decide to use as their current pic on their Facebook page. I want it to synch to Facebook. But that's just me. There should also be a way to toggle exactly what parts of the contact information that this app updates/synchronizes.
Great Improvements. Now Add a few minor improvements.
by Danko on 2012/03/03 07:17
I know from working around with app development that these guys did a great job making stuff a lot more slicker and easier to use/navigate the app. The new rebuild was greatly needed because every time I got the iOS push to sync, I frankly would put it off. The app was buggy and would hang and a pain. With that being said, I did enjoy being able to change individual setting for some contacts such as name override. Now I can't sync those contacts without changing the settings back and forth for the default. Hopefully you bring those back ASAP for a 5 star. The actual syncing process is better I feel because you can see what contact it's on and whether or not it's frozen or hung on a contact. Worth the download though for sure.
by TheRockOverMe on 2014/08/21 10:29
This app will help you keep all your contacts up to date all the time. The app does all the work! Synchronizing your contacts with social media info has never been easier! The App collects all your contacts info without you having to type it! And with the birthday feature you will never forget a birthday, and you can create a birthday card in seconds! With many predesigned templates you can choose, you only add a few words, and your birthday card is done! You will even have updated pictures of your contacts without ever having to take their pictures! Want your contacts organized and up to date all the time? Then this app is a must for you!
Does not Really fully Work
by Pdxmacguy on 2012/08/01 05:45
App asks for additional Facebook permissions which it says are optional. If you do not grant them the ability to spam your wall and contacts then it does NOT work. Tried many times and checked Facebook and could see that app had right to pull info it needed to synch. Saw the matching which was great but at the last step it said it failed to log in. That was the first lie since it had just showed me the updated contact details and picture of my friends. It then says I can cancel synch which then makes the app spin forever or get More info where it states why it needs more permissions before I can synch. Apparently it is free if you let the app have too many permissions. I'd rather pay for the app than let the app use my Facebook wall. Rating it poorly for mis stating that the permissions it needed were optional and locking up in the end and inability to cancel the nothing spinning.
Best Facebook Sync in App Store
by vinnccee on 2012/01/29 04:37
DEVS: There is one addition I would like to see. The iPhone contact list, especially when connected to iCal on a Mac via iCloud, should have an entry that is designated as "Me" in Contact settings so that picture changes are reflected on your Mac's user account. This app should have a way to sync your contact entry with your Facebook profile. For those of us named after our fathers, the first sync will mistake that entry as your father's Facebook profile. With that feature, this is easily a 5-Star app. This app is the best you're gonna find in the app store. Unfortunately, Apple won't include this built in the iOS itself so this app is the strongest feature set you're gonna find for the iPhone.
Just Keeps Getting Better!
by silversurfer20 on 2012/09/11 14:35
I've had this app since it first came out. In the beginning it was rough around the edges but did what it needed to which was link my pictures with contacts. Now it does this very smoothly and with birthday notifications and the ability to add new Facebook contacts from within the app itself makes it a pleasure to use! The only thing I wish you could do ( and this is because of Facebook) is sync email and phone numbers of friends who have them listed. It would be nice to not have to manually input all that. Keep up the good work SmartSync! You can't go wrong with this app!
Almost there
by xoxokiki on 2015/04/11 14:02
This app is REALLY great to copy pictures across from Facebook to iPhone contacts. The functionality and control over the process has improved drastically compared to the version that I used of this app a few years back. To be able to sync from both Fbook and LinkedIn is fantastic, especially since you can choose to sync only specific pieces of data from each one. However sometimes the app seems a bit unpredictable in terms of when it does and does not overwrite pictures, even when you have ticked the option to "Overwrite" pictures. This would be the only thing that prevents me from giving it a full five stars!
Great but needs some fixes
by Kbochon on 2012/10/11 19:23
This is a great ap but needs to be fixed. When u first sync it gives u opportunities to link and correct contacts that failed to match. However if you attempt to do so at that point it crashes every time. I did find however, that if u just sync without fixing anything at that initial point, you can then go back and correct any thing. The best think is that if u have 2 or more contact entries for the same person (say one from Facebook, one from email, one phone) u can link them all together and it will combine the info and only show once in your list. This is the main reason this ap is so much better than the IOS6 sync
Great, cheap, fast app
by Jyn on 2012/02/24 17:33
I've been using this app for about a year now and it's such a convenience! Being able to sync FULL SIZED photos (Facebook only let's you sync small thumbnails), birthdays, addresses, emails, etc. is such a great option. As for the speed, I recently tried a free program that supposedly does the same thing. While it worked, it took a whole HOUR to run and didn't let me choose what to sync! This app runs in MINUTES and has a really easy to use interface. BOTTOM LINE: For $0.99, this is an amazing app for people who like to have up-to-date contact info for their address book. An essential!
Very Good App
by F4F Wildcat on 2011/09/30 21:52
This app did as advertised. It really cleaned up my contacts and I really liked that it added FaceBook profile pictures to my contacts. I always thought the photo feature was useless until now! (I used to only have a picture of my dad). I wish it could add phone numbers and create new contacts with the phone numbers as well. Sometimes when I need to contact someone for school, sports, etc I use FaceBook to find their phone number. Searching through my iPhone contacts would be very nice! Overall this is a very good app that is only restricted by FaceBook!
by RadicalDreaming on 2012/03/17 11:02
I thought this app would update the pictures of the people who are already on your phone with their pictures on Facebook. This app creates contacts on your phone from people on Facebook that you are only loosely connected with even if they are not on your friends list. (imagine an app that puts people on your friends list without you wanting them there. This is worse. This puts those people on your phone's contact list.) So it can add the contact information of that person from your school or your job that you really hate. AND EVEN WORSE, If you provide your number to this app, chances are the people you don't want having your number will have your number. I added a lot of people to my iPhone not knowing this. It's going to take me forever to remove them from my iPhone.
Use once, then DELETE!
by Devin Gallagher on 2014/11/08 17:05
I downloaded this app a long time ago in order to sync all of my Facebook friends to their contacts on my phone, including pics. It worked fine. However, if you have any non-Facebook info on your contacts that you want to keep, DO NOT SYNC! Just delete the app and never use it again. No matter how many times I tell it to not overwrite any existing data, it does it anyways. It overwrites all of the profile pics, address info, and notes I had added manually to my contacts. Like so many apps, this has become way too over-designed now and it wants to take over every aspect of your phone. My suggestion is to use it once to sync all of your contacts to their Facebook/LinkedIn/etc info, then delete this overbearing and frustrating app.
Not working
by Migueez on 2012/07/11 15:36
This app USED to work until the last two updates, i have stopped using it because it creates duplicates... I have done EVERYTHING to make it work, and it still hasnt. I thought with the newest update it would be fixed but it hasnt. As soon as i sync it, my contacts get deleted but then it gets created BY ITSELF ... Issue is that it duplicates the contacts. I have to turn my Contacts feature on the exchange to off and on to delete them and put what i had originally.. Not using it until another update that works get done. Also, how do you creat an exact app myphone+ charge people for it, when its available for free with smartsync.. Same options, same people.. I also tried the other app and it wont work
Sync me
by Kelly bonham on 2015/03/19 15:19
This app is very useful, it helps you keep up with your contacts birthdays! And it keeps all of your contacts up-to-date with maintaining the data it receives from Facebook. You can utilize it free, however you would not be able to have all of the services that the app offers. Or you can get it free by inviting seven of your friends. All in all I found the app extremely useful, it does what it says it does and if you're one of these people who does not like to keep up with such things as birthdays then this app is for you.
Love the app but...
by Emagirl21 on 2013/05/17 19:24
On the "my card" The birthday is a little messed up & off by a day, I had to select may 2nd in order for it to change to may 1st... Weird glitch if u ask me... The new update doesn't allow us to match people individually thru their name and profile within the app. I liked being able to match people myself in case the app selected the wrong person or didn't at all even If they have their own fb profile. You are throwing yourselves down the toilet, go back to the original options.
Works great so far
by RatingName on 2011/08/18 17:54
I'm pleased. It didn't change any of the pictures or information I had in place, which is good! simply added all the photos and information available for people in my contact list that I didn't have time to manually save pictures for on the Internet. I have the option to override my previously inputted information if I chose. It took almost no time at all. It would be great if there was an app for iPhone that did this as well as ran as a Facebook app complete with status updates and chat. Facebook itself is doing such a poor job of their app!
A little skeptical at first
by Matt Seal on 2011/11/09 05:00
This app makes some big promises and delivers on all of them! I was a little skeptical after reading a few negative reviews but 9 out of 10 are positive with a 5 star rating. If all this app did was sync my calendar with facebook birthdays it would be worth the .99 cents but it does so much more. All my fb contacts in my phone book now have photos and I have everyone's email address, website, IM etc. Don't be fooled by the few negative reviews, you cannot prevent user error. This app deserves all 5 stars!!
SmartSync no longer works - "Cannot connect to Facebook"
by msc3434 on 2012/04/04 18:24
Update to my April 2, 2012 post: I emailed the developer and received today the following response: " Hi , Thank you for using SmartSync There seems to be a technical issue with OS5. We will update our version shortly, Please keep posted. We are sorry for the inconvenience If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to ask and we will be glad to help. Kind Regards, SmartSync Team " My review below stands until the problem is fixed This app was great when it worked. Over the past few days SmartSync stopped syncing, and instead I receive the following message: "Cannot connect to Facebook." I have tried connecting from home, the office and other places where WiFi is available and get the same message, so my internet connection is not the problem. I can connect to FB through the FB app on my iPhone, as well as through the internet on our computer at home, so FB doesn't seem to be the problem. The FAQ to this app does not provide a helpful answer to this problem. Please fix this issue.
Needs tweaking
by LaLaFan on 2013/06/15 10:38
Like the MeCard and idea of sending cards through app (needs some "just because friend" options please) Initial update MeCard included current FB photo and all my personal info from my Apple Contacts. It reverted my Sync photo to an old FB photo. Also, when attempted to access "MORE...," the app repeatedly crashed. No longer have the option to choose photo size for incoming calls. Deleted and reinstalled app. The MeCard kept my current FB photo and minimized my personal info to what is available on FB. :) Photo in Sync contacts list was also updated to current FB photo. :) App still crashes when trying to access "MORE..." I chose a photo size from the settings wheel before installing app. I still don't have the ability to toggle between options. I have an iPhone 4S with iOS 6.1 software. ***** Lowered the rating today. This app used to be my favorite. Each update makes it less so. Like others here, receiving error message when I try to sync with Facebook. After months of the app being totally down and unavailable I thought when it reappeared that I'd be able to use it again. Wrong.
Excellent App
by dcfan70 on 2014/05/30 10:36
That is all. Well after reading some of the other reviews, I will say a little more. This app, like others, requires you to pay attention to the prompts. It has a wonderful feature to merge duplicate contacts but it gives you all the prompts you need to keep from losing any contacts (which you might backup before trying a new app). Also if you decide to sync your Facebook info, once again pay attention, read the prompts and make the settings fit your needs. ENJOY!!!
Awesome App!!
by dgroenig on 2012/10/07 23:21
I have been putting off writing a review for this app for a good month now. I just hate writing reviews but this app, among a few others deserves mention of how good it is. Non intrusive other than connecting to your Facebook (which I know a lot of people despise) but all in all it has been a great app. Reminds me of birthdays and keeps my contact list updated with those I have on Facebook as well. It's nice to put a picture with the contact I am calling without the tedious task of adding a picture for each contact.
Regret the day I ever downloaded this app!!!
by Mommy & RN on 2012/10/30 23:59
I absolutely despise this app! Instead of syncing with the contacts already in my phone, it added a contact for everyone on my Facebook friends list!!! If they were already in my phone now there are multiple contacts for them and half of my text messages are not going through to the receiver. Sometimes I'll receive a message back as if I've attempted to email a closed account. Finally I was fed up enough to delete the app thinking it would delete all of its data like it said it would. Well, it didn't. Even worse, it won't let me manually delete the contact either!!! I cannot tell you how much I loathe this app!!! If it were possible to rate it negative stars, I would!
Just Incredible!
by wassup45 on 2013/08/23 20:59
It just makes organizing that much easier. It has everything from birthdays to pictures for your friends covered. Also I don't get any spam, those that did probably checked off please send me updates and what not or check off to invite friends. Otherwise this app is pretty awesome! My favorite thing about this app is it saves everyone's contact info and whenever someone calls you that has sync me you see there picture as well.
Latest update makes app unusable
by warrenwheel on 2014/11/23 15:21
The app requires me to now provide a phone number to access and sync my contacts. When I provide my info, I'm told the number is already in use and invalid. I've even tried fake numbers to receive the same message. So I'm simply stuck on the first page. And just why is my number required? It seems to serve no other use than for you to sell to the highest bidder despite your claim to protect our privacy. Add to the fact the multiple ways the app acted scammy over the years by trying to force inviting all my fbook friends. Never respected my choice to not inundate my friends with your app invite. I always liked the app despite that 'feature'. For a paid app, I feel we deserve better.
Most useful
by Amandafoxx22 on 2012/03/29 04:24
This app is one of the most useful apps pertaining directly to Apple devices and you don't find many apps that will sync contacts with social websites over the Internet you don't find many apps to deal with syncing things on your iPhone a lot of times Siri cannot do things for you on your contacts or on Facebook so it takes a long time to store your contacts from Facebook individually but if you sync your contacts with this app all u have to do is store the contacts name sweet huh?
by cmueller11 on 2012/01/08 05:17
I have been using this app now for the past month or so and am still finding out what you can do with the app. In a way this app works the same way as the facebook app. If you are looking to save money and still have your facebook contacts to sync with your address book I would recommend downloading the facebook app itself which is free. I just really wish it was able to take your friends phone numbers and email addresses like the facebook app does.
Adds personality to my contacts
by arlene2 on 2012/09/14 10:44
I recommend this app to not only liven up your contacts with the personality of your facebook friends but also for the reminders to reach out. I always liked having contact photos but who wants to take them? This way I'm using images they chose and I don't have to maintain them. My only quibble is every sync I'm asked to locate the same three contacts on fb even though we are not fb friends. All in all a fun friendly well designed app.
The worst!!!
by BikerTaz<3 on 2012/11/10 11:00
This is nothing but a nightmare. This app added people to my contacts I did not want and not just once but three times each for every Facebook person including myself. It's changed my default contact pictures and all contact information including my own default account information on my iPhone. You can not remove or edit any of the information or contacts loaded on your phone. I deleted it because it created nothing but a mess and now I can't get it back because it messed up all my information and can not even update my apps all my default account settings have been changes to Facebook public information. It's made a complete disaster of all my information.
What happened?!
by amandath on 2015/05/25 03:35
I love this app. One of my iPhone staples. Lets you sync pic and info to your contacts without having to match the contact name exactly. If the app doesn't automatically match a contact to a FB profile, you can choose who you want it linked to. My favorite feature is if you sync the photos, the person's caller ID photo is full screen on your phone, not a tiny pic like normal. I recommend this app to everyone I know with an iPhone. I got this app back when it was paid, so now that it's free everyone should have it! The only thing I will say is that if you have people's addresses manually entered in your contacts, you may want to turn address sync OFF in this app. If you have their address, but on FB they only have the city and state listed, it will remove the specific address. Update: The new version of the app doesn't show me everyone in my Facebook friends list (when I'm trying to manually sync contacts), and shows me people who are NOT in my friends list or my phone contacts. Help???
App not what it was, but
by keygb on 2013/04/27 16:10
it is only those of us who have used this app for awhile who are really feeling the difference after the recent update... What people need to realize, is that the changes HAD to be made by the app developers because FaceBook stepped in and told them that if they wanted to still be able to link up to FB, the changes that have been made were requirement and not negotiable... Yes, the new version is not quite as smooth as the old one, but guess you take what you can get and be happy! Life is short, so Enjoy!!!!
Excellent App
by ScourKing on 2014/09/06 23:06
I love this app! If you have Facebook and Google this is a must have app. It syncs all your contacts as well as pulling numbers and address as well as emails from the above mentioned sights and updates your contact info. It also pulls their photos and when u have an incoming call it shows a photo as well as the name calling. Love this app it's a must have for me I highly suggest you try it you won't be disappointed. It also tracks and alerts birthdays from the gathered info.
iPhone 5
by Ok. That's odd. on 2012/12/16 21:21
Would like to see a way to merge multiple contacts in one. Also recently has had a tendency to consistently not be able to find the same matches on its own after repeatedly choosing the correct match daily. Separate issue has intermittently been hanging and will not reset w a soft or hard reset. Nor even after uninstalling and doing a hard reset then reinstalling. Clears up w no action on my part when it feels like it up to three plus days later... Odd and annoying. When it works its great. Not sure what's going on. Been that way since the last update.
by Desmond Alexander on 2014/04/07 19:07
I like the app a lot. Just didn't like how people that I didn't know from Facebook & my other social media sites that had their number on their accounts got stored in my phones address book. But I can see the convenience in that. I just don't know most my Facebook friends like that. However! What's most outstanding is deleting your account is very simple and no questions asked. Whoever created this app is a good person who was thinking about the user.
Not a better mouse trap...
by charleyh2o on 2011/06/10 13:37
I had expected more from the app but after installing, I found that the syncing of info from facebook to my iphone's native contact list was comparable to the sync feature provided by the facebook app for the iphone. Prior to installing this app I had already been benefiting from having my friends photo's and birthdays showing up on both my addressbook and calendar but sought to have a more complete sync of the info. Overall the marketing for the app was good and it caught my attention and my 0.99 cents but in the end it failed to impress. I already have far too many apps and to add another that does much the same thing as one I already have just does not earn a place on my iphone.
Just a couple suggestions
by Joonshaidra on 2010/12/27 02:27
1. I think it makes more sense to put contact tab first and sync tab second 2. I wish the contact tab supported the group function. I'm no longer using the apple's contacts app, but this app. It annoys me a bit that I always have to scroll through all of my contacts (oh and adding 'add to my favorite' will be even better) Nevertheless, I can't help giving it a full rating because it's awesome and does what it says to do really smoothly. A great app
Fantastic application
by Bucky Bear on 2014/11/17 13:44
I have five or six different syncing application I have tried without success; this is the only one that successfully syncs and pulls connections into my contacts from LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google, accounts. It will also supplement information I already have my pulling in the current information from other applications such as Facebook so that my contact information is as complete as it can be .....this is a five star application!
Great functions---except the crash
by How-Ar-U on 2013/02/22 13:50
Seems too good to be true to have syncing functions and Greeting Cards all in one APP---until I hit "Sync Settings" (or "Reset") in "more" at bottom right of the menu and was sent straight back to Springboard. Plz fix the Crash problems. And the APP would be a DREAM if it can also sync w/ other social services like Twitter or Instagram. I think it would be convenient for some social butterflies though I don't really need it myself. Having both suggestions fixed and this APP would be "6 stars"!!
Does what it says it does, but...
by Hardcore_Since_4 on 2011/08/24 22:40
After I deleted the app, all my address book AND the imported FB contacts got all screwed up with multiple duplicates. I wish there was a way to revert iPhone contacts back to how they were prior to the apps installation. Because I have so many Facebook contacts I no longer want them all stored on my phone (like do I really need my boss's birthday but not his phone number? No.) and now have to delete them one by one which will take a very long time. Otherwise, if you want everyone's birthday, pic, or website, this is a good app! This just wasn't for me, tbqh.
Much Improved in current version
by Bobcat_Mark on 2014/12/08 14:55
Night and day from prior releases. Most of functionality now appears to work. It appears company recognizes need for more frequent releases. To me Birthday and photo sharing a waste of time. Please provide customers more control on syncing like origin of my contact photos and ability to select / filter some contacts from syncing. Please never over contact info with blanks if it exists on customer contacts.
Really good
by Heather_Br on 2012/02/06 01:56
I really like this app, the birthday reminder is great, I have 4 because I wish the profile pics would update each time I sync, and I wish there was more control the merging or contacts. I do love how simple and straight to the point the app is, it's user friendly. I know giving a review I should just base my decision on features currently available based on the current technology, but I really wish someone could just come up with the technology that it takes to fulfill my wishes, then I'd give 5 stars :)
It does the job
by Anders01 on 2012/02/27 15:38
I wanted something to pull contact info from FB to my contacts. Simple. This app gave me what I expected. Nothing too fancy but functional. Few things to note: - most people have city/state in FB, not full address. Not too helpful when importing. Watch that before you choose address. - DOB can be pulled into you contact but you can't have it create a calendar event with a reminder. Be sure to have push notifications on for this app if you want that needed reminder the birthday has arrived.
Low-res pictures
by CWEECH on 2012/03/28 18:11
Been using this app for a few years - they sat on it for a looong time without updating it. They've had two major updates since then. In the most recent one, they got rid of the ability to choose the picture quality. Everytime my girlfriend calls, she looks SUPER grainy now. Also, this app is now syncing random photos to contacts of mine that are not on Facebook/unmatched. So my mom will call and it's a picture of my buddy. My main gripe is the crappy photos. Sync high quality photos only I you're going to eliminate the option!
by Sweetsunshinerose on 2012/07/04 23:15
The only draw back I have is when I do sync with or update the info, it puts some of my contacts in a different order then the way I have the contact listed. Otherwise this is awesome I have had many of my friends email address changed and I forgot to change them...when I sent something to them it would come back unable to deliver. But now I don't have that problem now that I have Sync. Thank you
Love, Hate
by avanhorn09 on 2012/09/29 16:38
I love having my contacts synced with Facebook! It is nice to have all the birthdays in my calendar. But I hate how when you sync it all of your Facebook contacts are then put in your phone contacts list even if you don't have their number. I also hate how to delete contacts who have been synced you have to do it from the smart sync app so if you don't like the app once you have synced it you can't delete the app because then you can't delete any contacts. If I had known these flaws I wouldn't have downloaded the app in the first place
by Davidpawilliams on 2012/01/28 06:11
I switched to the iPhone from a webOS palm pre. In webOS it's called synergy and is standard in all the phones. Meaning it already syncs all the matching contacts so u don't have to spend alot of time editing your contacts. This app is great in the sense It puts your FB contacts on your phone, but it doesn't match them so you are left with old contacts and new FB ones that have to be combined manually (unless there's an easier way). All in all, pretty useful especially if u like to see people's FB pic when they call!
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