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OkCupid: Online Dating App
Get the best dating app for singles and find a match based on who you really are and what you love. Better dates come from better connections. That’s why OkCupid shows off who you are beyond just a photo. You should get noticed for what makes you, well, you - because you deserve it. OkCupid highlights your personality and interests with rich dating profiles that let us know what you care about most. We ask you questions on your deal breakers and passions so you can match on what matters. Our one-of-a-kind messaging system lets you focus only on the connections you’re interested in, and none of the ones you’re not. Meet new people and start a romance no matter who or what kind of relationship you’re looking for. Whether it’s a long-term commitment or casual dating, OkCupid can help you find someone special. Love doesn’t discriminate, and neither does OkCupid. We’ll help you find a match no matter your gender or orientation. You can even set your pronouns at registration! Find love, build connections and have a great date with OkCupid – download now! OKCUPID FEATURES: ONLINE DATING • Build a dating profile that highlights what matters to you • Match with singles near you who share your interests and passions • Swipe to find matches or explore in-depth profiles all on the same dating app CHAT AND CONNECT • Chat with our unique messaging system • Connect with someone you're compatible with and meetup for a date FIND THE RELATIONSHIP YOU'RE LOOKING FOR • Find local singles who share your passions and interests • Match with partners who are just right for you • Plan a date night with your match • Set your dating preferences whether you’re straight, gay or anything in-between Match on what matters and find a great connection – download OkCupid today! WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING “Want to have ‘hell yes’ first dates? OkCupid is the perfect wingman.” - Huffington Post “OkCupid may be the OG of dating sites, but that doesn’t mean it’s done innovating.” - Glamour “OkCupid is giving you a chance to really connect with someone…” - Elite Daily UPGRADE YOUR EXPERIENCE Although OkCupid is absolutely free to download and use, we offer an optional premium subscription that unlocks exclusive features. • See who likes you without having to like them first • Search with advanced filters and additional options • Enjoy OkCupid ad-free 1 month packages start at $9.99 3 month packages start at $23.99 6 month packages start at $29.99 Payment will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. Your account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current 1, 3, 6, or 12 month periods. Auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user's iTunes Account Settings after purchase. No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during the active subscription period. OkCupid is a part of the Match Group, which also owns Tinder, Match, Plenty of Fish (POF), Twoo, Meetic and OurTime. Privacy policy: Terms of use:
by Budday!! on 2019/06/20 03:35
I’ve actually met a couple quality young ladies from this site
Does anyone else have this problem?
by Captaintaby on 2019/06/20 03:02
I get alerts for new messages but when I check the app, the conversations don’t update. I can only see new messages when I quit the app entirely and open it again.
OK Cupid is OK🤷🏾‍♂️
by MKEDRE_21 on 2019/06/19 23:33
This app is pretty unique in telling how much users match with each other, and allowing them to instantly message after liking but lacks some modern qualities. The lack of gif support is a bit frustrating. The bugs really take away from the experience. When app switching or even moving fast within the OKCupid app, hang ups, lag, graphics are move to the entirely on one side of the screen, messages don't open. It’s terrible. The amount of fake profiles allowed on this app don’t help in enjoyment of the app either. Overall, it’s simply okay.
Give advantage to guys who should be on the bachelor versus any normal guys
by damvbe4134 on 2019/06/19 23:13
If you do anything remotely close to being successful you get penalized for no reason. Buyer beware for men
It is what you make of it
by JohnWChi on 2019/06/19 22:59
Easy to use, and I’ve gone on a few dates that were good. A lower price point would be nice. Other than that, no real complaints and there seems to be real people on here and few scammers or spammers.
Skewed algorithm
by Kmac804 on 2019/06/19 21:57
I have no filters other than age and distance. Users are liking me that never show up in my searches so I can only surmise there are users I’m not being shown. Thought this app was better than Tinder. Was wrong.
Okay but could be more considerate of times
by nicqueen94 on 2019/06/19 20:24
The app itself is okay. Any issues are with the culture of the app/the matches you connect with. It does seriously irk me, though, that there isn’t an option for “professional training” or “trade school” in the education section. For all of us tradesmen, it feels a little demeaning to say I only have a high school education when I have a $20,000 trade school education and professional license backing me.
Have you killed the iPad app for good?
by awcm0n on 2019/06/19 19:05
It sure seems like it.
Inaccessibility for VoiceOver Userds
by Hunter J. Wilbur on 2019/06/19 16:10
I do not recommend anybody who is totally blind like me to get this app. Why? Because it’s inaccessable with the programs we have to use. I honestly believe that you do not care about us. You’re just like POF and Tinder and all the rest of them. You only think sighted people who can drive a car want to use your app. News flash: that’s not all there is your there. I could not get past the step where you have to answer questions for matches. I suggest you fix this or the American Foundation of the Blind, National Federation of the Blind and other organizations will be after you. Want to be the best app you can be? Fix VoiceOver accessability and you will have an advantage over your competitors as you will get a whole group of users that they will miss out on. Fix your crap, Hunter W
I got kicked off because I look too young
by Side of fry on 2019/06/19 14:44
I’m 17, which is legal in my state. But that part didn’t matter because my personalized profile made it pretty clear that I wasn’t into hookups or anything like that. However, someone reported me for being too young and now I’ve lost my account. Which I feel is dumb, because I feel that I maintained responsible and respectful behavior while using the app and I don’t feel like I should have gotten booted off just because someone thinks I look too young. However, I did like that your profile could be as personalized as it was, allowing for you and your potential matches to see what your compatibility was based on certain factors, so that’s a bonus for it.
by BELOVED1969 on 2019/06/19 11:50
Well put together app.
by AsherBlumenthal on 2019/06/19 11:12
App freezes every time I send a message. Please fix. Keep having to uninstall.
by RangerRed ⚡️💥 on 2019/06/19 10:19
This app won’t let me create a profile. Whenever I enter my email and click next, it always says that there’s an error
It’s ok
by REGINA_GEORGE_93 on 2019/06/19 06:49
I think it’s an ok app. I met my boyfriend on here and we’ve been dating for over a year. Our relationship is great and I’m glad we found each other :) at first I thought I was going to hate this app but you kind of just have to weed out the bad/annoying people to find the right person for you.
Horrible customer service
by BlackGuy223 on 2019/06/19 04:16
So I recently had someone hack into my account change my photo and basically took over my entire profile . I contact okcsupport to explain that I don’t know how this dude got my email or password word and if they could ban him off my account so I could get it back . These people just ban my account entirely without helping me whatsoever.! Horrible
A much better platform with one annoyance.
by Scullyscuba on 2019/06/19 03:27
Between all the dating apps, this is the one you can really get a lot of information on who a person is. I personally dig it a while lot, I like the prompts and stuff like that, there’s just oooone issue. The chat part of the app always seems a little broken?? But that’s not too terrible because one wants to get off the app anyway.
It’s good
by Mkswift on 2019/06/19 01:52
Mostly good amount of real accounts in my experience.. got some phone numbers of the site
Still OKStupid for dropping iPad support!!!
by TGReli on 2019/06/19 01:09
This app was working perfectly fine for the iPad and now it’s showing up as an iPhone format? Might have to revert to the website instead of the app. OKCupid just turned to OKStupid for dropping iPad support!
Hearts & Arrows by the ton!
by RNDY1 on 2019/06/18 21:57
This Cupid app really hits you with all the right hearts & arrows! Quality meet ups , best free dating app !
Good experiences.
by Jedi Moncrief on 2019/06/18 21:41
It’s fun to meet new people.
So far so good
by Kent0000 on 2019/06/18 21:23
There have been a few fake profiles or those of people seeking money, but all in all not too bad. Very navigable!
Meh face?
by Why sc on 2019/06/18 19:43
If you want a hookup app then sure, this is great. But it is a bunch of bs lol
by managraminal on 2019/06/18 17:47
I have been stumbling through the barren thought desert (no pun intended) for years now and I'm just now finally trying OKCupid and I gotta say it's a lot better. I feel like I have space to express myself and say what I think, which is important to me when I'm dating somebody. Tinder & Bumble are all about photographs, which is great if you have an artistic touch but is a huge disadvantage for people who have talents and charms but may not photograph well. Thank you OKC! 5 stars good job
Rate you
by yelnats313 on 2019/06/18 14:36
Not a bad site but could require a bit more info from users
Complete trash
by might be interested on 2019/06/18 14:31
When women complain about NOT seeing messages, you have officially destroyed your app
Pretty good but messaging needs work
by L. Mac on 2019/06/18 03:04
Missing notifications, dropped responses etc.
Great app honestly
by ririnuage on 2019/06/17 19:12
I love the fact that you are meeting people at a good and comfortable standpoint. I am loving it and really reaching out to people and this is a great improvement since I used to have social anxiety, thank you.
App is clunky
by bummed user200 on 2019/06/17 16:54
Lots of interesting people. I’m pretty sure I’ll find something, but I find the app hard to use. I paid the fee hoping it would it would help and nothing changed. It didn’t give me access to the stuff I’m supposed to get with membership. Very disappointed.
by Antilles2210 on 2019/06/17 14:12
I don’t always get notifications when I get a new message. Otherwise a great app!
New trying again
by armbar1227 on 2019/06/17 14:08
The quality of singles is really good. Hopefully find the ONE!
by Altmanlll on 2019/06/17 13:04
It should be known that Match Group owns okcupid, tinder, POF, etc. all the same ownership. Anyway, in my personal experience, okcupid has the most delusional user base. Let me explain: I’m an athlete. I work hard towards fitness goals. I eat healthy. I have low body fat percentage. And I’m perfectly healthy. Yet the women who like me all have at least 100 pounds on me. Did you read my profile? Do you think I’ll be your personal trainer? Do you think we have that much in common if my life revolves around physical activity?
Could Stand Some Improvements (that’s what she said)
by DuhReesker on 2019/06/17 02:26
Haven’t been using this long but so far it’s ok, I guess. Just not very user-friendly. I guess there’s a lot that must be assumed in the dating world. I’m new to this swiping thing and sometimes I do it wrong. There’s no “undo” or list I can go to edit. I’m just suddenly bummed ‘cuz Cody the hot guy, just disappeared into the pile of No’s & I can’t get him back. Also there’s nothing to tell you which direction you’re swiping is Yes or No. You just have to be prepared to sacrifice the first person to find out. And why isn’t there an “unsure” option there?! Sometimes that’s a far bigger decision than I’m ready to make & I want to just move on & come back to them when I’m feeling more decisive. Today I realized that these people I’ve been “liking” don’t even know it! What’s the point of liking them if they won’t know it? I thought I was like dropping the hanky & coyly waiting for a response. Nope. I may as well just try to use The Force to let them know & hope they are tuned in. Some of my pics didn’t load properly. Maybe b/c of size or dimensions; not sure. Trying to figure that out. Just happened to look & noticed that I had 3 pics of the top of my head or an eye. Maybe that explains some of my crazy matches... So, overall it’s ok for us desperate lonely introverts who don’t get out much or speak to ppl when we do, but it could definitely stand some improvements, esp if they want ppl to use the paid features (like actually informing ppl that someone was interested so they can meet). 😁😁
by banda1993 on 2019/06/17 01:22
App works okay
by Roll33333 on 2019/06/16 21:53
They shouldn’t charge for letting folks know who likes them- They would get so many more members
Wasted Potential
by Kitty Kunt Kakes on 2019/06/16 19:51
This app has had a variety of issues that the devs seem to not care about. The distance element of the app is broken and has been broken for months. You could select that you only want to see probably leave within a 10 mile radius and you'll still see people in completely different states. In addition to that the age range option is broken as well, I can't tell you how many times I've changed it just to have 18 year olds continue to pop up. Not sure why anyone would want to pay for premium when the free version of the app is dysfunctional.
Download it
by **kOmbistar** on 2019/06/16 19:38
Way better than match, bumble, and hinge.
App too slow
by Genevizzle on 2019/06/16 17:36
Over all I do really like the all but it can take a while to load that’s really what the 2 start rating is for.
Get your % right
by Let go of this app. on 2019/06/16 16:35
When I say my religion or beliefs about something are really important - and then you give me a 95% with someone who believes completely differently than I do - I doubt your process. Music, tv, how I feel about a first date, that’s all minor compared to my faith, how I think about drugs/alcohol or my desire to be in a monogamous relationship. Maybe try and rework your algorithms to reflect what’s actually important to us? I’d love that!
Bad response
by Samuel L77 on 2019/06/16 06:51
App is horrible have to close and reopen to text...
15 dates, three of them truly amazing
by Leisie93 on 2019/06/16 02:48
I’ve been on 18 dates in my life, 15 of which were guys I met on okcupid. Many were decent, nice guys. Several were awful, and three were truly amazing dates. Okcupid doesn’t beg you relentlessly for money (like match) and doesn’t play twisted psychological tricks on you or your wallet (looking at you, coffee meets bagels). It’s not nearly as heavy on hookups (nothing wrong with those, but those belong on tinder). It’s just a massive pool of millennials looking for a serious relationship. The pool is bigger than any newer dating apps. I love the giant profile and how they ask questions about your deal breakers and match you according to those deal breakers.
It’s fine. Fix the messaging system.
by MorganJEchols on 2019/06/15 10:16
Most of the features are fine. The messaging system is horrendous. It’s slow, I’ve had to clear the app and go back into it to actually see messages before. I usually move to another messaging service as quickly as possible.
Fees are increasing TOO HIGH
by StingyWoman on 2019/06/15 04:40
This app was great but now they are charging DOUBLE for it. Longtime user (and met great people on it) but it’s too expensive now!!!
Get to the point
by Iron-John92 on 2019/06/15 02:38
The series of questions allow you to really determine if someone would be compatible, has similar philosophies about sex, politics and religion. You can easily screen for deal breakers. The questions create communication not that common in many long term relationships.
Sometimes it works and sometimes not
by Smilesandangst on 2019/06/15 00:35
I rated OKCupid a 4 because it’s a good site for what you can find as features and how you connect to people without paying a price. But sometimes there are messages that don’t erase or connections that drop, or emails you get about particular connections, that you can’t find. So all in all, it’s good, but the glitches are still present for us free users.
The best
by HonkieMagoo on 2019/06/14 17:54
Probably the best dating app. As an average looking, socially awkward male, I have been very successful on it. There are paid features but I’ve never paid a cent to use them because it lets you talk to others for free. I once made a profile that said “I haven’t killed anyone since 1994” and listed my “perfect date” as “Meet me behind the old abandoned knife factory at midnight, come alone.” And it STILL worked.
Good match maker
by GNANA 2141 on 2019/06/14 05:40
I must be thankful for this app I am shy talking to girls is like a big breath taking task for me I wonder will I reply message. Things happened finally I met my soulmate. Only one issue technical issue is not good fit for iPad developers should take care of it ASAP. any way Thank you very much for this app.
Omg no bots or hookers
by Tim38567 on 2019/06/14 01:23
This app doesn’t have any bots or hookers. It’s unheard of In other apps so it’s worth mentioning here. Everyone has been real so far so thumbs up to this app.
by Damir :) on 2019/06/13 22:20
They Deleted my profile after purchasing A premium. Made a new account and after restoring purchases they deleted the account 4hrs after the account was created.
Okc user
by liltrill1000 on 2019/06/13 17:26
It suspended me for no reason without me doing anything
Mixed feelings
by Displacedcitygirl on 2019/06/13 15:26
I really like the site and it’s features but it is so slow! The messages and notifications are not instantaneous so it is hard to keep momentum going or to stay interested in the conversation.
by unvmefirst89 on 2019/06/13 11:46
Super easy to learn and use. Great way just to hook up no drama
Hide from the cis/hets
by Elle-chan on 2019/06/13 07:14
The best feature is that you can prevent straight people from viewing your profile. A godsend honestly.
I haven’t met yet
by ajtwombleylovesbrenda on 2019/06/13 07:06
But the prospects are good... hopefully I’ll meet someone...
by Not Happy 00034 on 2019/06/13 05:12
Doesn’t work, “likes” disappear immediately before you can view them. I want a refund.
Limited functionality but better than nothing.
by throtljokey on 2019/06/13 03:42
I appreciate that I can communicate with someone before we “match”, but it seems the communication area has some bugs. Also, I wish I could go back and look again at profiles that I’ve liked/swiped right. It shows me some but not all.
So far so good
by Puzziler on 2019/06/13 03:40
Very new at this site things seem to be organized and working well. I will have a better judgment of it as time goes on
User friendly dating site
by crissalys on 2019/06/13 02:28
Great dating site for the most part. You get to read more about each other than most other sites. I just wish they had a way to select what countries you want to get matches from— I’m American but live close to the Canadian border, so 90% of the men they suggest for me are Canadian and therefore off-limits for a serious relationship!
Please don’t show the same people again and again
by 所以要怎樣的 on 2019/06/13 01:23
I met my ex-boyfriend and one amazing man here. Sadly, after two and half years and two dates-They all disappeared. But, I still have faith here, and I would like to bring two suggestions: 1.Back to the old mode-no swiping. 2.Do not show the people I already rejected for thousands times-it’s super annoying and I can only block them.(but I have a feeling they will come back again. If so, I really need to delete this app-it’s a huge bug). I rather there is no people to match than see the same batch over and over again. Over all, I really really would like to support you but now the features are really unattractive. Maybe, the “ghost rate” will be popular among girls users. Then I will definitely buy it!! TBH, I don’t need to see who likes me, or boost things. Also, we both know, more time and money men spent showing he cares more in contrast to women. At least better than those men just like thousands of girls and picked one fish from the pool and then left bad experience to girls. However, thank you Thank You for giving me the opportunities to meet those two men above, even with the heartbreak but there were still good memories out there. I still have the faith to carry on here. Good job.
Pretty good
by Lucas.lallement on 2019/06/12 23:51
I’ll leave 5 because I don’t wanna lower your score but 4. Just wanted to say it’s crazy that it sounds like you never had user sessions on your main feature. Every time I start the app, I swipe a girl I like away because I’m anxious to see her pictures. You’d only get it if you use the app a whole lot and only this app. Everything else is good I suppose.
Website does not function properly
by Wonderboy2121 on 2019/06/12 22:04
The new Intro messaging system does not work. Very dissenting in this app
I ❤️ OKCupid
by GrannyDeepSea on 2019/06/12 20:40
Find friends and more! This app doesn’t hold your conversations hostage. You can get to know people.
Not bad...pretty decent especially for first time
by His sweety on 2019/06/12 19:05
Skeptical at first but not far
by CO_adventures on 2019/06/12 14:44
I used this app for about a month (paid subscription-not the free version) and it was okay, but had several glitches. A few days ago I decided to sign out and sign in again to see if that would help with the glitches. After signing out, I haven’t been able to sign in again, despite using my email and password and trying to reset my password. I have tried contacting customer support several times (the only option is to submit a request on their site) but have received no response. I have messages sitting in my account that I can’t access and the company just doesn’t help or care. Unless you want to pay a company that doesn’t let you use what you paid for, and couldn’t care less about helping its customers, don’t use this app.
Latest update on an iPad is horrible!
by Pudgy Penguin on 2019/06/12 14:05
The latest update has made the look of the app on an iPad horrible! Who ever made the decision to make the iPad version look like the phone version should be fired! You’ll get a notification that someone likes you BUT it’s just a recycled profile of who’s already liked you the majority of the time, it’s a misleading way to try and get you to pay to see who likes you, don’t waste your money paying to see likes.
Met my wife on this app
by Lmattz on 2019/06/12 14:02
It seems this dating app is used more by people looking to get serious - I went on about a dozen Okcupid dates before I met my fiancée, I’m so glad I downloaded this app!
Bugs make it a waste of time
by Hair harbor on 2019/06/12 12:06
This app was great years ago. Used to be something really unique but now they’re trying to make it more like tinder and other swiping apps. However, it’s also impossible to use because the app will show you people outside of your selected filters. As a woman, why am I seeing almost all straight women and gay men?
No more iPad support? Only tiny iPhone portrait mode now?
by tfoker on 2019/06/12 08:26
I have no idea why they would get rid of the iPad app and only allow you to use the iPhone app in portrait mode?
Good app. Terrible bugs and UI
by TLehman111 on 2019/06/12 07:58
Trying to edit a response to one of your questions and the keyboard will overlap the text area and you cannot scroll up. The “more” button that sits on top of the “like button” combined with the INTERESTS and DISINTERESTS modal on the bottom of each users’ page drives me INSANE. I can’t count how many times I’ve accidentally liked a person (or a response) while trying to exit the app or close/open a modal or just reveal more of their bio. I sorta feel like a surgeon when I have to navigate user pages. Is this for real? Great, thanks okC. Bots are a bad problem as well but this is a difficult problem to solve. On another note I think this app is unique and offers a lot of benefits over others.
by Greek lion on 2019/06/12 04:21
Awesome job! Αwesome site ! Congratulations !
Nice messaging
by Z Knight on 2019/06/12 02:12
I love meeting people and messaging them. Thanks, okc!
by Margaretbaldwin on 2019/06/12 01:11
The app has a lot of glitches and is kind of confusing for messaging.
You guys had a crash the other day
by Syd_xox94 on 2019/06/11 22:37
Always glitches and takes forever for matches and messages fo load
Still no iPad support
by Thaddius Fapper on 2019/06/11 22:23
iPad support was removed a few updates back for some unknown reason. The phone version is ugly and nearly non functional on a larger screen.
Much better!
by Solange276 on 2019/06/11 20:26
They have upgraded their app to filter out people from your conversations that you don’t like back and to have more options for prompts on your profile. It works much better!
by jacx99 on 2019/06/11 20:07
I’ve had problems getting to my messages for days. This site is horrible.
Meet your man/girl/buddy/hook-up
by Stephania A on 2019/06/11 18:17
OKC is a great app. The algorithm basically ensures that someone within your preferred category will like you. Yes, you may end up talk with someone who wastes your time. Yes, you may meet the love of your life and have your life ruined when he breaks your heart. All in all, it’s a great app. Go find yourself whatever your looking for 😊
by W Boone on 2019/06/11 17:11
My account has been hacked twice!!! I have sent several emails with photos of the guy impersonating me without a response. There was a charge to my account that I did not authorize. I would advise caution when using this service. OKC doesn't seem to care about its community or customers😔
I like the app
by alan-68 on 2019/06/11 13:08
The ok Cupid site is nice with out s doubt. Just wished it could help with breaking the ice a little people go on these dating sites but too scared to talk lol I don’t get it
Keyboard covers entry box
by Jacoby2ooo on 2019/06/11 11:26
Whenever you try to enter text when answering a question the keyboard covers the entry box up and you can’t see what you are typing without having to slide it down to check. It’s been doing this ever since I got the app (months ago) and they still won’t fix it
My experience with OkC
by Groovy_but_Bored on 2019/06/11 03:15
I’ve messaged lots of people, met a bunch, even kept a few as friends. I won’t pay for the premium services so I am limited on what I can do. I had posted a meme that listed the qualities I seek and it was deleted. Would I pay? Nope. Wouldn’t be worth the money.
Good but a little annoying
by PooberryStew on 2019/06/11 02:15
I don't like how the messaging is setup to only be able to talk to those you mutual like with. I suppose it makes some kind of sense, but it does make things difficult and confusing.
Safe and a little obnoxious
by Quinn M. G. on 2019/06/11 00:38
And a trans woman I've been terrified to get out there and start dating, but the filters available make me feel so safe and open to finding people who can really accept me. That being said, I'm for sure not going to pay for extra stuff, and so it always asking me to gets old. It also could just be on my end, but it's realllllly slow on messages
Review CG
by CMG1183 on 2019/06/10 23:40
I have been in this site for almost two months I have not met a decent person it seems more like a hook up site than finding a match have not had good luck yet...some guys on here are pigs
Terrible app
by 74277:) on 2019/06/10 23:31
Super slow
Too many fake profiles and email phishing scammers
by GolfGuy in Santa Monica on 2019/06/10 18:51
It really gets old.
sometimes okcupid app is down : (
by MercJ341 on 2019/06/10 18:50
works most of the time but sometimes okcupid is offline and have missed connecting
A little confusing
by sauterian on 2019/06/10 18:21
Without paying (yet?) I’m not sure how effective an online dating app this is. My experience, in about a week or two, has been maybe half a dozen mutual connections that have spawned very brief interactions and 3 potential meetups that probably won’t come to light, 1 that might. But apparently 32 people are interested in me that I can’t see without paying. Will update review when I’m ready to pay to see.
Okc review
by Omar gregory on 2019/06/10 16:10
Great app that lets you contact for free I recommend this to anyone.
Not working
by best day till tomorrow on 2019/06/10 14:11
Just went dead. Site down ??? Can’t even get on through my emails from OKC.
Was a great app but my screen isn’t loading anymore
by Master Apple Account on 2019/06/10 14:04
Fix this for 5 stars
What the heck!
by BloodC010496 on 2019/06/10 13:49
I wake up this morning and try to open the app but it not work I delete and download back but still can’t use, any help and explain?? I also already pay for 6 month access, very disappointed.
by ThAdEa82 on 2019/06/10 13:37
This is a dead app. People weren’t even using it and had a low star rating probably because it has the same users on there from a while ago. Not only that but they changed it to basically having to pay in app to use it. Sure you can message someone still, but you can never see who liked you or viewed you without having to pay. This increases your time wasted on there when it was already a time consuming process. If a someone liked and messaged you, it Shows nothing. But yes. Do remove the splash screen. It was the one thing that was added that wasn’t taken away yet. Maybe charge extra for the splash screen? Smh 🤦🏻‍♂️
Not very good
by Wriggles giggles on 2019/06/10 13:33
What is the deal???? Half the time I can’t get in the app!!! Like today!!! Says there’s no internet connection yet I have internet connection!!!! Both 5G and WiFi!! I’ve tried both and your app still says there’s no connection!!!! What’s up Cupid?????
Constant glitches/ error
by MenFishing on 2019/06/10 13:15
Doesn’t even open to home page- just sits there w/ “OKCupid on screen”, not even showing it is trying to load. The search feature needs work.
Seems to be filled with scammers
by gallupsl on 2019/06/10 13:10
Mostly scammers.
Not good
by mari mini on 2019/06/10 13:07
Paid for it and I can’t even access the site not due to internet service because can access every other app with out issues
by LIVINGHIGH66 on 2019/06/10 12:55
No even working right! Kind of frustrated even to open the website through google
No Internet Connection
by sushishane on 2019/06/10 12:40
When I tried to open the app, it says I have no internet connection when I do, please fix asap…
App and support not working
by anaya nowornever on 2019/06/10 12:34
The app is great in general...ive Met some good people and had a year long relationship. The messages just don’t update without closing the app. And I find myself swiping left on some people repeatedly lol. but right now the opening page is frozen. I’ve tried going on the support page, but that’s not opening either.
Sapiosexual dating pros and cons
by Mithrandir Miles on 2018/12/26 14:38
One thing I dislike greatly, is the lack of any sort of verification. I've already had a number of catfishers trying to waste my time, in just a month using the app. Even Kik groups are able to verify people without people having to give up their anonymity, by asking for a live pic to be sent, doing something random that the owner/moderator asked for. Also, on the web version, if you are typing an initial message to someone, if you hit return, it immediately sends the message, and you have no way of going back and editing/continuing your message, which means you might lose out on a very good match, because of a nonsensical first message. Many questions are lacking a good choice, I.e there is a "yes, love it", "no, hate it", but nothing in between, so the % match numbers don't really reflect how compatible people really are (something that can often be seen when reading the detailed explanations) On the positive side, I love the wide range of questions, the ability to add detailed explanations, and all the different categories to handle non-binary gender ids, and being able to find people looking for non-monogamous or polyamorous relationships.
Have nothing critical against this app
by &kandhaj on 2019/02/27 03:17
I’ve been using different online dating apps for long time and tried allll of them literally all of them and I really don’t get it how Okc isn’t 5stars already, So it’s completely FREE there are options to purchase a boost to have your account appear more or to see who Liked you (like any other typical app) BUT in okc I had the option to send massage ANY account I would be swiping -i understand this might be a big issue for girls because they would be swamped with massages- but these massages don’t go to your inbox it actually appear by the account name when your going through the swipes and if that account didn’t swipe back I can’t go back and be this annoying person sending massages all day long talking to himself, you won’t have these people anymore ‼️The Thing that need to be fixed immediately is whenever i wanted to un-match sombody goes to same list as blocked accounts and I don’t have an option to clear a conversation or delete it Last advice: need more advertisement maybe because it’s getting dead and so much inactive profiles (which you can set-up to see recently online but need to be fixed a little bit)
It worked!
by Candycorn333 on 2018/08/18 00:08
I was talking to my boyfriend of 8 months about our relationship. He was commenting on how unusual it is to find someone that is so compatible on so many levels. After remembering back to some of our previous relationships we were noticing that compatibility in only one or two areas was common, but just wasn’t enough to sustain the relationship. My boyfriend and I are two very different people—with similar world views, tastes, and ideas about what we want regarding sex and dating. We are even from two different countries and yet we somehow met each other while both living in this small suburb close to Houston. We most likely would have never crossed paths if it wasn’t for OKCupid and we certainly wouldn’t have know our compatibility rate was over 90% had I walked by him around town! I believe that we are a great pair, but I could have sadly missed out on knowing this if we hadn’t met online. We are both inherently heteroflexible and polyamorous, so we decided to stay and continue to meeting people on OkCupid; this time with our profiles linked to each other! I love this vast and varied dating platform and am glad it helped me to meet someone I am so very happy with!
This app is awful
by Jmcsofly on 2018/09/28 13:32
I can't really blame the app for this first comment but gosh don't get on a dating app if you aren't looking to date. There is LITERALLY Tinder for that. Go there. Secondly I hate that when I paid to see the likes I got MAYBE 15 a day then magically right when I cancel my membership. I mean LITERALLY canceled it the went to the app to double check then suddenly I have "207+ likes on your profile. Join to see who." Really? In 30 seconds 207+ people liked me? This app is a lying joke and false advertising. The membership does nothing for you. If you did meet someone on here you're lucky.~~~~unfortunately the explanation didn't help because I didn't even get to see all 207+ of these people, I thought the whole point of A-list was to see everyone who likes my profile not some people. Sometimes I found people in discover that liked me not in new likes. The new likes section serves no purpose if every new like isn't in it and the section keeps track a record of all likes that I've actually seen. There definitely wasn't even 100+ in it. It was supposed to be some kind of bonus over a normal account but I didn't feel like it was worth it. Heck even when tinder says 207+ you see all 207+. I've counted before to make sure I was getting my moneys worth. 200+ meant 200+ on tinder. I think I'm going to take my chances back to that app.
by Everett on 2017/12/16 03:26
This was once the best dating site around, but since it was bought by the giant Match conglomerate, they’ve gradually stripped away all the useful features. Their most recent change was removing the ability to see visitors, a change NO ONE wanted and that has been universally unpopular and agreed upon that it has finally completely ruined the site. They’ve been in a vicious circle of losing (active) users and removing features that drive more users away. What was once a great and fun site is now a featureless ghost town. Shame. RIP OkCupid. Edit: OkCupid responds… with the same nonsense they’re selling to everyone else. It seems OkCupid has a preternatural aversion to admitting they’re wrong. They keep citing their “research” (that they won’t actually make public other than self-referencing the supposed results) but ignore the FACT that well over 90 percent of the hundreds of responses to their blog announcement of removing visitors were clearly vehemently opposed to it. Same with the reviews here. Even if they did have “research” which showed this was a good idea (which I’m dubious of – this is a site that has admired to manipulating users before as a big social experiment, they’re certainly not above lying) the fact is that research was wrong. NO ONE likes this change and they just won’t listen or even acknowledge the overwhelming majority of users who hate their recent changes. They’ll stubborn themselves to their own demise.
by Heads over Fails on 2017/12/22 23:51
I've been on OkCupid since 2004 and throughout that time I have made a lot of great connections been on many dates made some friends and generally have a good experience. I'm appreciative of that but it's not fair to continue pretending that this site is the same thing that it once was. Gradual changes over time we are well and good but as of late changes to the layout such as removing visitors, and recently, using your real name have made a real impact on my experience. OK Cupid used to be a fun place with some degree of anonymity and the ability to engage with people. But in an attempt to monetize and homogenize itself like many other dating sites it is lost some degree of what made it special and unique. This might be a find business model and they might think that it's fine to address criticisms on their app reviews with some kind of bored and Pat generic platitudes about how it's optimizing it's dating experience but it boils down to the fact that like the GOP this site is not for the people but with the advertisers that they wish to curry favor with. I really do hope that they can make a U-turn on some of these changes but as it is I'm going to change from an A-list user it was paying $20 a month to regular user because at this point most of the perks or gone and so is the love.
Weird rules and preys on lonely men.
by Vcrbetamax on 2018/11/25 09:52
I’ve used this product for almost 10 years and have not gotten one relationship. It’s changed a lot for the worse. It makes it harder to match and the algorithm deprioritizes you if you don’t buy premium. I’ve gotten 6 people to reply to me in the 10 years of using this. One became a good friend, hence the 2 star rating. The rest lose interest after 1 or 2 reply’s. At one point they changed the rules because women were complaining about getting too many messages. This means that instead of an inbox. You have to use the “double take” section. Which is like Tinder’s swipe left/right feature. This seems like it makes sense because then you are forced to scroll through new “matches”. However this means that your message to her will be buried under and hidden behind other people. I also frequently get emails saying that I was “matched”, “liked”, or “messaged”. However when I look through double take, there is no one that has the blue “sent message” notification. Also no matter how much I swipe right. No one matches with “liking” me. This app will break your spirit and kill your soul. It must work for women since the rating is so high but I just don’t have a chance. I’ve bought the premium service on and off for years as well. My money wasted. I don’t recommend this app.
Used To Be Good, Now Just Superficial
by >JD on 2018/01/14 14:18
OkCupid used to be unique from Tinder and Bumble in that it wasn't based solely on looks to determine initial matches. People had the ability to message one another and form a match based on common interests. Now they won't even let your message go through to someone until they've liked you in their Tinder rip-off, swipe-to-like section. And the only other way to see people who have messaged you is through a premium membership. So a girl I'm interested in either has to be superficial enough to judge me based on a photo or has to pay for a premium membership to read my message. Why don't you just create an "Other Messages" section with messages from people the person hasn't liked back yet so they can at least have the option of reading all the messages they receive instead of having to find the people that messaged them somewhere else in the app? You guys have successfully managed to put messages in every section, but messages. Well done. They'll say their match percentage has gone up, but that's because the number of potential matches has gone down, not because they've actually succeeded in filtering out junk messages. This is now just a more confusing and convoluted version on Bumble. They've opted to remove the only thing that made them unique. Don't bother downloading. Just pick another dating app.
Used to be a good site
by Reviewer 1009 on 2019/02/01 22:27
I agree with a lot of the other reviews that I’ve read. This site used to be a decent site for dating. People used to really write in their profiles, tell about themselves, and fill in details about themselves to. These days it’s some kind of weird, stripped down version of what it used to be. The men on the site don’t seem to put much information about themselves anymore, like they take a minute and fill out a profile and spend all their time answering questions perhaps. One photo and a bunch of questions answered does not really help want to make a decision if you were interested in the person or not. They Designers removed a lot of great profile information like what the person’s income is, how tall they are, ethnicity, etc. There’s really not much information that you can glean from these new stripped down profiles. Like OK the guys male and single, thanks that’s a lot of information. That’s about all you get these days. And then the app itself is just ugh. There used to be great features, like you could see visitors to your profile. I don’t know what they did a while ago to the site but it just isn’t remotely what it used to be which was a decent site. I wish they would go back to what they were before all these new changes. It’s like they’ve gone the way of tinder or something to with the swipe right swipe swipe thing.
Best Dating App on the Market!
by roboticactions on 2019/04/17 00:29
I hardly ever leave reviews and good ones at that. OKCupid provides the a wonderful algorithm to finding someone perfect for you. Of course, it can have small bugs here and there, but no app is perfect. Yes, there are the micro-transactions available to see who likes you back or to be viewed first. But they aren’t that necessary which is great! The compatibility percentage is what gets it for me. You can answer tons of questions, I think 500+ at least and be shown people who answered the same as you did. Keep in mind, the more questions you answer, the more accurate the compatibility. And I love being given the option to choose any distance, any age, any kind of specification without having to pay! I met my boyfriend on here who lives across the country, but we plan on meeting by the end of the year. I’ve fallen in love with him & our compatibility went from 96 to 98% just because I answered more questions that he had answered. (And you can even see what they answered and how they answered it without having to answer yourself.) Thank you, OKCupid. I found my happiness. (: Tinder, Bumble, etc can’t compare.
by Tee522 on 2018/06/03 07:52
I keep writing reviews bc you guys keep making the app worse. So like I said before, not only can you not message people whether it be for friendship or dating, bc you have to mutual match first. Ppl miss who actually messaged them or if they never go to Double Take, never find out who did. And idk what bugs yall are fixing bc I swear to you I have swiped lefts on everyone that keeps coming up in Double Take at least 5 times. So if there is someone new I’m actually interested in, I would never know bc I keep seeing the same ppl over and over that I already do not want to see. Also if you are using Double Take and swiping just like Tinder or any other site, you don’t get the chance to even message the people you like because their page disappears. The only way to do so is if you’re actually on their profile to do that and it’s too time consuming especially he way you guys made this app now. This is why the people older versions of this app were better. Just please bring back the ability to message people without having to mutual like. I understand this may have been a nuisance for heterosexual people but for lesbians, the spam messages were not an issue. Please come up with another alternative otherwise this app is worthless if you keep seeing the same people over and over even if you already stated you don’t want to.
Bring back seeing who visited your profile
by SMN3060 on 2017/10/14 02:33
UPDATE: I don’t know how on earth the reviews have gone from 1.5 stars to 4.3 when the app continues to be less and less useful. The only way to talk to somebody is if you like them. And then you get locked out of likes for using too many. This app is turning more and more like it’s competitors instead of embracing the differences that make it better. I was always more likely to message somebody who visited me because I could see that they had interest outside of simply swiping right. Yes, the developers are getting more likes and messages, but that does not necessarily translate into responses, conversation, and dates. Developers, listen to feedback and make changes instead of attempting to placate and explain your horrible decisions and changes. At one time OKC had features that set it apart from other dating apps. Now it has moved to the age of swiping. I enjoyed seeing who was looking at my profile, as it helped me wade through countless other profiles. Now it is full of inane graphics that look like kindergarten drawings and no helpful ways to make a connection. Back up a few versions and maybe your reviews will be better. Update: I did not pay for A-List and did not care about browsing invisibly. I liked being able to see who was looking at my profile and letting people see I was looking at theirs.
They Killed It :/
by MyNicknameIsJ_ on 2019/02/02 22:53
OKC was awesome when I used it two years ago. Since then, they updated the messaging system and now you can’t see messages unless you both like each other or you go to the other party’s profile. Ergo, you have no way of knowing if the other party will ever see what you wrote or know your message exists. Adding to this, anyone who does bother to write does not put effort into it now. They said they did this to streamline the messages, particularly for people with high incoming volume and to curb harassment. Let me tell you, as a woman who was getting a ton of messages under the old system, I never felt harassed and I responded to anyone who gave a thoughtful intro. That intro helped me decide who to talk to. I no longer have that because nobody cares anymore. Worse yet, the change turned OKC into a ghost town. I’m on another app and get a new message every 3-5 mins, and on another where I get a like every few minutes. On OKC, my profile is collecting cobwebs. It wasn’t like this before. I could use the % match to find people like me and easily interact. Now... crickets. The match was the one thing that set you guys apart and made your app more effective than others- now I’m back to using the others and sorting out who’s similar on my own just because I actually meet people on them. You guys ruined a good thing. Seriously.
Please fix the app
by Irritated with Mingle on 2019/05/26 21:21
I think there should be option where you can write an anonymous message about someone on the app. I’ve met 2 people on the app over the past few yrs the 1st one was a gold digger, and drug addict, and the 2nd one had just recently got out of a relationship everything was going good as we didn’t meet yet in person we moved from the chat room on OkCupid to Facebook messenger then onto the phone the 3rd day it came out of no where and she told me she wasn’t ready so I think it would be nice if you could write anonymous reviews about someone so that way people know who they should avoid. When I met the 2nd person I completely deactivated and deleted the app well due the issue that happened with the 2 person I reinstalled and created a new account. I have everything setup like I did before but the app isn’t working correctly as it brings me profiles from out of my search perimeters and I’m looking for a specific ethnic group and it’s bringing up a mix of ethnicity groups. So yea something isn’t right so how do I go about fixing it to where the app is set to my search perimeters and ethnicity group that I am looking for. Thank you.
I’m being generous.
by Un petite Matisse on 2018/05/08 06:20
This app is ok it’s still hard to meet friends and people too talk too. I appreciate greatly the gender choices and distinction. I would like more options For matching my high matches haven´t worked out. I even am even trying a subscription. Not sure I’ll even get a good date. I sometimes wish I would not see the same people over and over. People I already let the app know I’m not or less than interested in . It seems like there could be much better improvements. Lots of wasted time. There are so many people who already have relationships. I’m all about being open to polyamory but would prefer too see more people maybe even sometimes only people not attached to anyone that’s not an option. I use to like the app more when I just used the website. The app seems lots of flaws. Also I find matching with other gender non conforming and different sexual orientations difficult at best there seems too be no effort too matching other than interests like generic geek and nerd culture and alcohol preference or weed which seems arbitrary. It’s just not working for me.
by SquarePantsSpongeBob on 2018/03/08 23:53
Everyone’s heard the definition of insanity when used in context for repetition, right?... Well OkCupid is definitely trying to make me go insane, because swiping left apparently means I made a mistake and I need to see that person again to swipe left to confirm I’m not interested. Although, OkCupid wants to double check my confirmation and will make me swipe left a third time on the same person because clearly they think they no more about what I like and they feel like I made a mistake. But wait there’s more! This app believes at some point in the day I won’t notice that they’ve thrown the same person back into the swiping queue so I might end up swiping right on that person to open up a chat proving them right that I’m clueless about attraction. OkCupid, you’re either trolling or twisted, but either way this app update is unacceptable. Your ads are aggressive when they appear, and your swiping algorithm is seriously flawed. Aside from the sarcasm, the changes you’ve made have jeopardized the quality of the app and before anyone says anything, I sent a message to customer support letting them know about the swiping issue since I feel like that’s the only thing they might actually care about, but there’s been no improvements in any of the updates since. Good luck trying not to go insane 🤡
Newer *no visitors* version is terrible
by Sandras13 on 2017/09/10 02:06
I think the app developers underestimate the usefulness of the visitor feature. In real life, I could smile or look over at a man that I am interested. On here, "visiting" a guy's profile was a way of doing that. "Like" and "Mutual Like" don't seem to have the same effect. The visitor feature was part of the subtle chase that's part of flirting and dating. I know I'm no 20-something year old girl, but I was used to getting messages quite often, by men who were genuinely interested in dating me. Now, it's a rare occasion if I get a message. I have even gone as far as to follow the suggestions that OKC recommends, like being the one to message first, etc, and have noticed no difference when I do or don't. This change has been a massive miscalculation, IMHO, and I will likely disable my account. And hope for the best with another app. UPDATE: App developer's response to trying liking more: I have done. Many more than previously. It's clearly not the same, and by the looks of other recent reviews, it appears I'm not alone on this one. Even Mutual Likes or matches, when we both know we liked each other has not led to any improvements in matches that lead to messages. Fewer messages = fewer IRL connections. Keep telling yourselves that Visitors didn't work, despite the feedback you're getting.
The best one I’ve used
by Gabriel B's mom on 2019/02/18 16:52
OK, no dating site is perfect. I have tried 9 different ones and not one has been perfect. But OKCupid is the closest to perfect of the 9 I’ve tried. 50% of the dates I’ve been on originated with someone I met on OKCupid. The other 50% have originated with a mix of the other 8 sites. I really like the algorithm OKC uses to match you with people - relatively simple questions you answer about your preferences, values, opinions, experiences, etc. There are over 2,000 questions you can answer, and they’re always adding more. The more questions you answer, the better your matches. This is also an easy way to see how compatible you are with someone. And you can see how they answered specific questions. The only thing I don’t like about OKC is when someone sends you a first message, you have to “like” them before you can respond to their message. Well, I don’t know if I like them yet - I just want to exchange a couple messages and see if I do like them. I wish they would change that. Otherwise, I think it’s a great site and the app is easy to use.
Thanks ok Cupid 🤧🤧 y’all are my bros
by alittlemuslimgirl on 2018/09/16 21:40
I met my boyfriend on okCupid and let me tell you SIS...I’m the happiest I’ve ever been I’ve always felt like something was missing from my life and I would turn to apps for online friends to fill my void but I gave up hope because I could NEVER find someone so I deleted the app but one day I got bored and re-downloaded scroll the app and saw a message from this guy and I just felt something like a SPARK 💥 so a couple days later I went to the movies with him and from that day forward we’ve been together it has been two AMAZING months and I owe it to you guys the internet is great I never would’ve had the courage to meet anyone in person we have something very special and I’m very happy and appreciative and thank i god everyday that I found him, but I never would’ve found him without you guys!! Moral of the story is be patient and love will find a way because I would’ve NEVER GUESSED ID BE IN LOVE LIKE THIS also be careful meeting strangers online it is super dangerous but I’m still alive so I guess it’s not too bad 🤠🤠🤠but that’s all folks
Still a good site but has definitely changed for the worse
by travelmad478 on 2018/05/29 00:15
I have been using OKC for a number of years and have met many fine people through it. I’ve paid for A-list for several six-month stints and liked the features it used to have. Unfortunately, the last few rounds of “upgrades” have made the whole thing a worse experience. My biggest gripe is that in order to respond to a message from someone, you have to “like” them first. Well, I am a person who is selective in “likes,” but who also wants to be polite and at least respond to those who write to me, if only to tell them “thanks, but I don’t see us as a match.” Now, to respond to those people, I am forced to be either (a) a liar if I do “like” them, or (b) a jerk who just ignores them. This does not improve civility or truthfulness, two qualities which are in short supply in online dating to begin with. That said, I do like the matching algorithm (it definitely seems to work) and the many opportunities to ask questions to understand others’ world view. Some of those questions can be pretty ridiculous or intrusive, but some of them are really helpful in understanding people.
Don’t even try here, men.
by noway886 on 2017/10/31 05:30
The age we live in now has made it super hard to meet people online if you decide to go that route. Even in person it’s kind of hard too, but that depends on where you live. If you live in the PNW don’t try going here at all. I’ve gone through insanity so many times here expecting a different result but nothing ever goes through. My profile is nice and pics are up too. I also think the ratio for men to women in the PNW ( mainly WA) is pretty bad. You’re just better off trying Portland, Or because that’s at least good. The women up here just don’t even give you a time and day on here. No messages or nothing and I partially know that’s because they get bombarded with messages but I honestly think some just go through those messages and read them and keep going on about their day. What I’m saying is that it’s mainly a competition and it’s not even worth it. You may as well go somewhere else where the ratio is better where you’d even have a chance. Or say to hell with it for a while and take a break and go and listen to some MGTOW. Tchau! 👎
Good app
by angry orchard 1978 on 2017/12/08 11:11
They continue to improve it which is always a positive sign. They’ve made it so it’s more flexible in how you can look up and find people and I find that particularly helpful. Living right next to NYC, however, I do wish they could find a way to make it so you can look in a specific state rather than a particular radius. Sure, people in Manhattan are only 8 miles away, but that’s a pretty steep toll to pay to cross any of the bridges or tunnels not to mention the traffic. Eight miles in NJ costs nothing, and is a 10-15 minute drive. Eight miles into NYC is a toll, and bumper to bumper traffic. If I’m luck it only takes 40 minutes, and that’s a big difference, especially since most of the people I see come from NY, and would prefer not to travel. I would imagine this happens with other major cities and suburbs too, and I’m sure it can get frustrating anywhere. Other than that, however,it’s a really good app. There are scammers, but the reality is they’re everywhere in every dating app. If you use common sense, and don’t give any financial information away, you can spot them from a mile away. OKC does do a good job of monitoring and removing inappropriate people swiftly, I know because you as a member can take part in the process of reviving reported profiles which also helps you see how the scammers profiles work. It’s truly better than 99% of other free dating apps. Anyway, hope that helped.
by Rysodone on 2019/06/05 05:50
Outside of the constant glitching of the app, slow notifications (if I get any at all and) etc... So decided to pay for a monthly subscription (for the second nonconsecutive time) and of course I new that it would be continuous if I did not edit the subscriptions in my settings. Right after I paid for it a notification popped up and asked me to manage my subscription, so which I did. Then as I was using the app I noticed that the subscription wasn’t applied. I immediately called Apple to speak to iTunes and they told me that it’s an app error. So I can either get a refund with them or contact okcupid and ask for the issue to be rectified. I did that on the June 02, 2019, by email, OKC took 2 days to respond and instead of asking to verify the account, or go into my settings to update my email, they said my email didn’t match so I would need to email them from original email when signing up with the account. Now mind you I signed up through Facebook. So here I am 2 days later waiting for a refund or the subscription I paid for until July 02, 2019. I bet they won’t even bother to compensate me for the inconvenience. If the issue isn’t resolved I will be getting that refund from iTunes, and OKC will have lost a valued member.
Has lost significant value
by steve frieholtz on 2017/12/27 07:47
Perhaps OKC makes enough for money from selling data mining gathered from those who use their surveys, and that’s fine, but as a casual dating app it’s been essentially worthless after they removed the ability to see people who visit your profile. Maybe they didn’t like your profile because they aren’t sure yet. Maybe they would like to see if you visit their profile in response to their visit. Regardless, it’s a feature OKC claims users do not like, yet somehow their swipe feature, which is a prominently displayed, inundates you with profiles from people hundreds or thousands of miles away. Somehow the same people not interested in knowing who viewed their profile unless it was also liked, are interested in reading profiles from people they can never date because they are in Buffalo and you’re in Phoenix. It makes no sense wasting time swiping profiles from people in other states, but somehow okc thinks this is more worthy than seeing an actual human with potential who viewed your profile in your own town. Again, maybe the point is user data, and fine, but as a dating app, you can’t entice me to eventually pay when it’s usability makes no sense, despite their research.
No more visitors list???
by skvxpi7b2hrf on 2017/09/07 20:03
As a guy, I can't see any reason to log in anymore as the list of women who visited my profile was the main indicator I used in deciding who to message. UPDATE: I received a canned "developer response" that gave some nonsensical and convoluted reasoning that described removal of the visitors list as a new free feature. Note to developers: My review did not mention "A List" and invisible browsing was already a free feature which I did not choose to use. I relied on "visible" browsing and the visitors list to determine which profiles to visit and possibly message. With both of those previously free features gone, I no longer use the app/site since I long ago stopped browsing profiles and messaging random women because it proved to be a waste of my time. The only message responses and dates that I ever got were the result of the now-discontinued visitors list and "mutual likes." UPDATE 2: Received another developer response stating that their data shows that removing the visitors list is better and results in more messages. Anecdotally speaking, this has not been the case for me and my review/rating stands. I will add that I live in a smaller city that has very few attractive women using OKC, but that has always been an issue.
A blundering travesty who seems to pay for 5 ⭐️ reviews
by Chrome 2.0 on 2019/05/27 21:07
Absolutely horrid. I have used this for a few years and gradually seen more and more features be cut away, only to be locked behind the subscription fee if they weren't outright erased. My account was recently suspended without notice. I was greeted with a message saying my account had been suspended due to violating terms of service. How exactly I did that without ever posting anything obscene or even sending a single rude message is beyond me. I was told that I could contact the support team if I thought it was a mistake, which clearly it was. However, there is not a single link on their website or on the app allowing for contact with a support member. I combed through the support forum of pre answered questions only to find in bold text that they “do not tell users why there are banned”. How utterly laughable. That is like arresting somebody without telling them what crime they committed. The article then told me to read the community guidelines to see what I might have done wrong. Unfortunately this is not possible since the link they provide for you on their own forums brings you to a page where their community guidelines are not available in English! What an absolute joke.
Back after a while, and now I see why all my friends moved to other apps.
by mwhalentech on 2018/10/21 06:20
Spent a few weeks here on OKC after a recent break up. There had been lots of redesign done since I was last on, so it took some getting used to. I had lots of friends saying that they had left OKC for other apps due to issues. And then, I came to my own discovery - the handfuls of messages I had sent to people would most likely never be seen, since the receiver doesn’t see messages unless they also say ‘yes’ to your profile. Forget winning people over with personal words and talking about their profile, if they don’t like your picture, all that work and thought goes out the window. I’m switching to another service after what my friends warned me about: while every other dating app was busy adding new features, OKC took them away and made lots of free features paid access only. And while their questions and personality system seems the best of all the sites, netting them 2 stars instead of 1, the shrinking of features in the name of reshaping how dating works just doesn’t seem worth it. I’d consider paying if it wasn’t as much as a Netflix subscription.
Seems like a scam...
by TheGrunk on 2018/03/10 20:10
I used OKCupid years ago and it was easy and fun. Using it now seems like a giant scam. I purchased the "A List" subscription when I reactivated my account and it seemed fine, but didn't seem to help so I let that subscription lapse. The day it ended all of a sudden I had 30+ "likes" I can only see if I pay for A List again. My "likes" are now over 80 and in what seems to be a near impossibility I never match with anyone who has "liked" me. I'm either getting liked by a bunch of real beasts or OKCupid is trying to scam me, you and everyone else who signs up to use their app. It's garbage, don't bother. EDITED REVIEW AFTER REPLY FROM OKCUPID.... OKCupid has told me that once my subscription lapses it reverts back to “total number of likes” and that these aren’t necessarily new likes. Based on that I wish I could give them an even lower number of stars. This app is complete garbage and unless you are good looking enough to get hit on just walking down the street this app probably won’t do anything for you. If you are good looking enough to get hit on just existing in this world you’re most likely using this app to rack up numbers. Flat out, OKCupid is garbage and you’re probably AC superficial moron if you’re using it.
New Message system is awful!
by Valserker on 2018/10/23 20:28
I am really bummed and somewhat depressed about this. I found someone on this app that I think was a really good match so I message them. This person more then likely has a free profile based on the Info they put out there which is fine. However OK CUPID decides to punish me! Someone who has paid for this app! Because when I message someone there is no way to do any follow up or determine if they might of read my message because due to their new algorithm they disappear from my messages and profile completely! I have to wait and hope that they log on to check the stupid double take and then they have to like me back in order for the message process to begin! When did online dating become this rediculous? What happened to just messaging someone normally without having to jump through weird design hoops that nobody wanted in the first place! I paid 35 dollars for this? I have a suggestion, how about listen to the people who are paying money to use this product and quit adding your own devoloper crap that nobody cares about! I am making sure nobody uses this app. If I can keep at least one person from using ok cupid then I will be happy. Thanks for nothing.
Love and happiness
by Rob DJ Jamm Griffin on 2018/08/10 07:37
I don’t understand why so many on here are having such a hard time using the site or app. I have used OKCupid a few times and not once I have had any issues. The only thing I can think of is that there cellphone could be out of date and need to be updated. The same for the apps. If you don’t update it won’t work!!! Now to something more exciting. I have met a few woman on here one was a little crazy, another one is a good woman but didn’t want to understand my insight as far as she being there for her daughter during the pregnancy and putting things on hold till after the baby was born so I parted ways because of her selfishness, then I met my now wife Ami. She messaged me first on a Friday night, I didn’t see the message until Saturday then we chatted on Sunday met on a Monday and like she said in her review we got married 62 days later and I have to say she is definitely my soulmate and have never been more happier!!! Thank you so much for matching me with Ami!!!!
An ok app
by J.McNew on 2019/06/02 02:20
Not sure if the entire user base is going after the same 10 people or everyone doesn’t use the swipe feature. So many women have on their profiles they can’t see likes and to message them but for whatever reason very few respond to messages. In Oklahoma you see a lot of the same users on PoF and there people can email pretty freely. This is better than a lot of apps but as a free user PoF feels like a better option but it never hurts to use both. I wish messaging was more straight forward or at least make it so if women just delete get an auto reply they aren’t interested, as a guy you spend so much time writing messages because very few women are willing to message first but getting ignored with no reply at all just makes you never want to put effort that 90% of the women on here claim they want to see. I dream of the day that in order to view people you must be an active user meaning you must send and respond if you don’t then your profile is placed in low priority queue until you start sending or responding to messages.
I wish I could give zero stars
by Ammyisalion on 2018/01/31 19:33
After finally trying to make the app work, I’ve lost all patience. I had to come to reviews and see if anyone else feels just as frustrated with the changes as I am. The entire message feature is absolute garbage. I can’t delete any messages, I still wish I had access to other messages despite being unmatched, previous messages before the change you don’t have access to anymore, etc. You used to have an incredible amount of freedoms and versatility with the app and now you’re strapped into a box. Everything is extremely limited making it terribly difficult to maneuver through the app. The website isn’t any better. They’ve completely stripped the website down to the bare minimum. And let’s not even get started on the profile visitors. The name change is literally the worst idea ever! It makes it uncomfortable for those who want to stay a little more discreet and have privacy in their life. (I’ve got just about one of the most uncommon names and a quick google search would be a stalkers dream). I can’t even go on. This is now the worst app ever. I can’t believe they’ve ruined a perfectly great app.
by Emily38373993 on 2017/12/22 18:22
Of all the asinine changes they've made to this app recently in order to create another Tinder/Bumble hookup-finder clone with no distinct features, forcing users to go by their real names is the most ridiculous yet and will probably lead to me canceling A-List and deleting. As a woman using the site, I like to preserve at least some layer of anonymity until I'm confident I can trust the person I'm messaging. Exchanging first names was an indicator of trust, the first little intimacy before meeting in real life. For people with unique first names, this exposes your identity in a way that you generally wouldn't want with a mass of internet strangers on a website that also asks you to provide a lot of detailed information about your personal history, your sex life, and all sorts of things you would not necessarily volunteer to the world or on a first meeting with a random person. Because of how intimate the questions get, you have to have the option of anonymity. Requiring otherwise is irresponsible and makes me, as well as, I'm sure, a lot of other women, feel unsafe. I met a lot of great people through this app in the past but sadly OkCupid seems determined to chase all its sane users away.
Can’t see visitors. Ultimate demise.
by ThatGuy 93 on 2018/11/29 06:54
This app used to be unique in that you could see people who you may not have been initially interested in or couldn’t see because of an age or location filter. Back in early 2017, before the changes, I went on SEVERAL meaningful dates and met quite a few cool people. One even led to my first real relationship. He lived outside my location filter but he visited my profile and that led me to message him. Now, it’s honestly worse than tinder. It plays into the whole game playing that’s completely facilitated by all dating apps. We both have go mutually like each other, then we message, its his turn, my turn, blah blah. You can say that your research shows that the visitor elimination has led to more messages and honestly, that’s probably true. You have to take more shots in the dark now. And so what? More messages don’t mean MEANINGFUL dates. I want to meet someone not chit chat for a few days and then fade out. I’ve gone on a few dates since the changes and honestly, every single one was awful. You talk to people who heavily use this app (millennials) and the general consensus is this: OkCupid is no longer relevant in the datingapp world.
Don’t bother!
by TrojansFan on 2018/06/14 00:58
The new messaging system is AWFUL! It totally discriminates against thoughtful messages from average guys in favor of superficial connections and alienates their primary paying customer base! I used to be somewhat successful by sending thoughtful messages that showed I paid attention to someone’s profile and that might even be somewhat witty. Now, that message won’t ever be read unless the person actually swipes right on me first a la Tinder. This doesn’t improve the quality of a person’s incoming messages. Instead, all it does is ensure that most people will never hear from average to marginal-looking potential matches. Rather than having a well-worded message be my potential foot in the door with a match, I’m now completely dependent on a profile picture. If they really wanted to de-clutter inboxes, the better way to do that is to create better filtering tools. For example, I would allow people to filter out messages: (1) with profanity, (2) that are too short, or (3) are from profiles sending too many messages. I’ve gone from a couple of new messages a week to ZERO in months. I’ll delete until they go back to open messaging!
by Cari3830 on 2018/01/10 17:37
I wish I could give it zero stars. It used to be great. Now there have been so many awful changes, OkCupid is ruined. And they totally ignore what their users want while making excuses for these unnecessary and unwanted changes. First they stopped letting us see who visited our profile. Obviously nobody wanted that but they tried to tell us that seeing our visitors made no difference - it actually did, because you don't know who might've read your profile & liked you if you can't see who visited you. Then they did away with usernames, while condescending users as if they were children. Now, the latest change is to completely destroy the messaging system. New messages you receive don't go to your inbox. They show up on the Double Take where you like or X possible matches. Such a bad idea. Also from what I can see, it's not possible to delete messages now! OkCupid will move them out of the inbox after a certain amount of time. What if I want to delete it now? There's no delete button. This site and app are useless and I honestly believe they're trying to ruin it to destroy competition for Match, who bought OkCupid.
Less and Less Usable Over Time
by Rival Dave on 2018/01/26 19:46
OkCupid has really gone down hill over the years. It used to stand out from the competition because it offered so many features. But, they’ve slowly been stripping the app of those features and making it less user friendly. For instance, you can’t see who has visited your profile anymore. And when you send a message to someone, it doesn’t appear in your sent folder, and the person you sent it to disappears from your matches search. Likewise, people’s messages to you don’t automatically appear in your inbox, so it’s easy to lose track of who has messaged you. The whole system is needlessly complicated. One of OKC’s big goals recently has been to reduce the number of harassing messages that get sent. While I’m sure making the app more difficult to use has accomplished this, I’m sure there was a better way they could have gone approached the issue. I also get the sense that OKC has been dumbed down to fit in with the swiping culture of other apps, like Tinder, which is a shame. It’s becoming just another shallow dating app.
6 Women, 8 Months
by Roy from Episode 55 on 2017/10/20 17:54
I either made friends or went out with 6 women in 8 months since I discovered one powerful trick. I have been on OKC for years but no luck until I tried this one trick. Go to the viewed me section after getting notified someone likes you. See who it is, and if you like them back, it's a match. You save so much time and don't have to send a single message or play any swiping games (other than a few minutes a day to stay active) because they came to me. When this feature got removed, I removed myself. Now that people have to pay to figure out who likes them, I might as well go on another dating app... one that doesn't pride itself on being freemium. You know it's one thing to never have the visitors feature, but another thing entirely to take it away involuntarily. I feel like I am the paper boy, someone stole the company bike, and now I have to walk everywhere to throw the newspaper... or I could pay to rent a new bike, but some of the customers have left in the mean time because too many paper boys quit, moved on to different companies or delivered papers too infrequently because they had to walk everywhere.
Site going downhill quick.
by mb0392 on 2018/07/27 16:01
My original complaint about the app not being accessible enough for blind users is still valid, but now it’s gotten even worse. I used to be able to message people and they’d message back, because you know, they could actually see messages. What a novel concept, being able to see messages on a dating app, right? Well now they have taken that ability away from free members unless you both like each other. Unless you look like a model, you’re probably not going to get many message responses, especially if you are a man. This used to be a great site, and I’ve had a lot of success with it in the past, but now it’s essentially useless for free members, and almost useless for paid members since most people don’t pay for the A-List anyways, so they still don’t see your messages. I still pay for A-List by the way. Let everyone see messages in the messages section, that’s all I request. (EDIT) After generic “We don’t care” response, downgraded to 1 star. 70 percent less abusive messages, that’s all well and good, but if it makes the app useless and completely superficial, then what’s the point?
What am I paying for?
by Erix Nazareth on 2018/01/12 01:31
I honestly don’t know what features I’m getting now as this app does nothing now. I can’t see visitors, and I can’t even message people to see if I like them. I have to like them before I get to know them. How does that even make sense? Edit: I don’t think my complaint was clear as I got a response from OKCupid that really didn’t respond to what I wrote. I know how messages work and how to read them. I also read the article about why OKCupid wants me to accept these changes. First, I have been on A-list for several years. There are some perks that I like but one that I enjoyed more was how the visitors list worked. Second, the way I get to know someone is through messages and not exactly through their profile. I may not connect with someone until I start talking to them. Now to send a message or reply to a message, I have to like a person’s profile or like something on their profile to do so. While I understand wanting to control harassment, how does it help from actually avoiding harassment? App dating is already frustrating, but it seems OKCupid is now going out of its way to make it even more so.
Suspend you without telling you; then ignore your messages
by Shelbyann24 on 2018/04/08 15:21
I don’t have inappropriate photos, I don’t send inappropriate messages, and my profile doesn’t say anything inappropriate. I am the person I say I am, yet on a day where I started talking to a really nice guy and then didn’t go on the app all day because I was working and applying for new jobs, I suddenly come home to see I was logged out for some reason and when I try to log in it says my account was suspended due to term violation. I looks through the terms and I have not done ANYthing listed. I have messaged the company multiple times and haven’t gotten NOTHING, not even a confirmation e-mail. This was my favorite dating app as it had the most potential in me finding friends and eventually a good, solid relationship AND I had just started talking to a really nice guy. Yet now I’m suddenly suspended with no clue WHY. There is no phone number I can call and to send the feedback e-mails I have to google it. This is so frustrating and as much as I loved the app, I’m close to giving up, deleting it forever, and telling every person I know that it is the worst dating app out there.
Cheap and as discrete as you want
by Sir Smaller World on 2018/01/15 18:09
I haven't figured how OkCupid assigns it's guess as possibility of persons being a match and the choices to the questions it uses are severely limited. I know one can pay to be given preference in being displayed as a match, but I don't know how those who don't promote oneself get into the list that comes up. One could spend days answering them, rating their significance for you and your potential partners. One can give explanations for one's answers--those who do are probably more sincere, but there's no quick way to see if explanations are given and if it helps know the person. Of course, no online service can give you an idea whether there's any chemistry between the two. I don't know if I like the changes. OkCupid isn't enforcing the use of real names but if someone has a common name that policy can result in confusion with whom one is communicating. I'm glad their reports indicated that the new policies have cut down on harassment.
Log in issue.
by Elphino on 2019/03/25 15:22
As stated in title I am having login issues and after sending support a message and requesting a password reset link sent to my email now over 5 times during that last few hours I figured it was time post here. For my good it’ll do. Set up count last night. Spent a good 1 1/2 actually filling out my profile and answering questions, messaging potential matches and reply to their profile questions to see if we match better. Overall it felt like a good evening and experience. Go to log in today and says either my email\password are incorrect. I know they aren’t as I have them in my password section on iOS. Okay, I try a few times and still the same. Fine, whatever! I’ll just use the reset link and change my password and once again save it. NO, can’t do that since the reset link is not in my inbox, spam folder, junk mail and just nowhere to be found. Okay, well guess I’ll go to main site page and look for answers. Found link, sent messages and yet no reply or reset link. Hey, thanks for nothing and guess you now have a ghost profile to lure females in with right. Good stuff. 🤦🏾‍♂️🖕🏾
by Rounded Edges on 2017/12/22 18:53
Used to be a decent app, but they’ve fallen far enough in app quality and the user base has hollowed out to the point where they likely have to pay Chinese app rating farms to fake good overall user satisfaction score in the App Store. Talk to your friends about their experiences with the app and you’ll also begin to question if genuine droves are stopping by to leave 4 and 5 star ratings. Removal of the visitors feature and forcing likes in order to message are clearly some middle management shell game to prop up decaying metrics. Feature after feature has been clawed back and most attractive women are clearly cheap bots. They need to stop antagonizing those who remain and try to make the app better instead of locking more and more behind a paywall until the experience slumps further into a crater. I cannot in good conscience recommend this app to any man looking to find someone around their level. It’s a miserable experience. Go outside instead.
Decent, but a few issues..
by Trindalas on 2018/09/27 02:13
I’ve only met one person off here (sadly she was moving, so it was only once) and I’ve been on the site for years. There are a LOT of fakes and old inactive profiles. Fortunately the fakes seem to be deleted quickly but I don’t understand how they get approved in the first place. I have also apparently run out of people in the area as everyone new in the match system is always just more fakes. Another issue(which I think is fairly recent) is that going back to reanswer old questions has become very difficult as it goes back to the top of the questions list every time you reanswer (or skip again) a question, forcing you to scroll all the way back down for each one. I have no more new questions, and old skipped questions do not show up in the unanswered questions tab (why?), and there is no apparent way to filter the list to questions you answered a long time ago like there is on the website. If these were fixed it would be a lot better...
Extreme changes. Almost none of them good
by Slowmotionaudio on 2018/02/01 00:27
I really don't like the new set up. I have been using OKCupid for years and it is frustrating how someone can't see your message until they like you and even me not being able to see someone's message until I like them or happen to come across them in the swiping thing that I barely use. Also, I want to be able to see sent messages and messages from people who disconnect their accounts. I just got a notification saying I got a message from Ashley and then I checked the app and the thread is gone ! Idk why because things were going well. Maybe she said she is done using the app and offered her number but I will never know. Or maybe she blocked me because of something I said and said one last thing. But I will never know. Also this new system forces you to like people and swipe like tinder. I like it because it's not like tinder. Please revert some of these horrible changes. I should be able to see older messages ! Don't remove them from MY history because the other person deleted their account or blocked me , or didn't reply. that's not right !
Messages are all screwy now
by Auromira on 2017/12/26 15:29
Taking away visitors was one thing. That's fine since I don't want to pay to visit "invisibly". But the messages are all screwed up now! Now who has messaged me and who I have messaged are all in one spot - which seems like it would be better. No. I liked that if I ever heard from someone again I wouldn't have to see it in my face every time I open the app. Also All new messages used to go to the top. And someone messaging ME used to go to the top. Now they're all mixed up and if someone rando messaged me?? I keep missing them! I can only see it if they happen to come up in the tinder-like match feature. THATS DUMB. Please fix it back the way it was. And stop trying to make it like Match. (Match is a mess with entirely too many lists and stupid ways to get someone's attention.) THANKS! Also hi, what's the point of being able to message someone, IF THEY CANT EVEN SEE IT? They just *might* see it? That's pretty dumb. And makes me really frustrated. Figure your life out Okc.
1 hour to find a msg from when it’s sent - who are you fooling!
by Rebel4liberty on 2018/05/10 18:02
Now I’ve read a lot of reviews, and have tried to embrace these new changes, but they are seriously flawed. The Dev can say whatever they want, but the simple fact can’t be denied. About an hour ago I got an email from someone that liked me and sent me msg. So to the Double take I go, and it doesn’t take a few mins, or 10 and 20 mins, it takes about an hr to get to. You’re team is delusional if you think your user base has an hr to find a msg from someone to find out it’s a horrible match to begin with. If you’re going to insist and impose this system, MOVE these matches to the front once they send a msg so you can see and decide than waste time finding it. It’s bad enough that users just send a msg fishing for a response now, but unpractical to spend time finding it. Serious blunders that need more dialing in. I can only hope it doesn’t fall on deaf ears. I can only say if this team is just going to waste peoples time , Then OKC needs to go defunct to learn a lesson in inefficiency of a matching and msg system that’s becoming unpopular to use!
You’re a criminal!
by 👑 Truth Speaker on 2019/03/12 18:20
The rating 1/5 (0/5 in my book) is because the OkCupid contract (Terms of Services, Policies, etc.) make you ignorantly sign yourself off as a criminal to be monitored by their Private Investigators (PIs). Your account will be monitored by the “administration” and when you’re here seeking nothing but a unique and genuine connection for dating your account will be banned. By being banned your information (name, photos, messages, etc.) will be retained forever because you’re a signed criminal that they’re investigating with their PIs. Probably shouldn’t have let them choose to talk to your neighbors, friends, family, etc. Their contract has always been the same and always will be. Good job at making yourself subjective to being utilized like a criminal without even knowing it. Hence why your account probably got banned for no reason. Now, here comes OkCupid Staff trying to “mend” the pain. Don’t reply, because you’ll only prove it true. But, I do warn everyone — read the contract (Terms of Service and Policies) you’ll be angry at what you find, especially after they’ve retained your information forever.
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