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The starbucks® app for iPhone® is a fast and easy way to pay for your order and earn rewards – no wallet necessary. Discover what songs are playing in our stores, and take the sound of starbucks with you. Short on time? Customize, pay, and pick up your order from a nearby store, without waiting in line (at participating stores). • Pay: Use your phone to pay at 7,000 U.S. company-operated starbucks® stores and 2,500 target and Safeway starbucks® locations in the U.S. • Mobile order & Pay: Customize and place your order, and pick up from a nearby store without waiting in line. • Music: Discover what songs are playing in our stores. • Card: Check your starbucks Card balance, reload your Card, view your transaction history and transfer balances between Cards. • Tipping: Leave a digital tip on purchases made with the app at company-operated starbucks® stores. • Rewards: Track your Stars and redeem your Rewards and custom offers with the My starbucks Rewards® loyalty program. • Gift: Send eGifts to friends. • Store Locator: Find the stores nearest you, directions, hours and amenities.
Great app
by Major sprinkles on 2016/02/13 02:07
You can have your gift cards on your phone so you wouldn't have to take anything else other than your device to Starbucks!
Sweet app
by jefftravel on 2016/02/13 02:02
Recent updates have made this app very user friendly, especially now that you can load gift cards onto your account through the app.
New version cannot login
by trs4ece on 2016/02/13 01:56
Logged me out and won't log back in
Love it
by ikiki972 on 2016/02/13 01:50
I give it a 4 stars because they need to upgrade the app... Like been able to change ur point on it when ordering on the app and also they should put all the drinks too... ^^v
Great App! Well programmed!
by Tim-HFFS on 2016/02/13 01:42
This app has more than I expected. Whoever is creating the functions are doing a great job with their creative thinking. From music syncing to app of the week, to the constant notification of Starbucks near me, I love the product they make and the convenient way to purchase it.
Starbucks app is great!
by Ibratt on 2016/02/13 01:35
I use this app almost every day. I just wish the Starbucks I went to could accept tips from the app
Freakin awesome!!!!!!
by Beccafertig on 2016/02/13 01:29
Starbucks Barista
by IamIfeoma on 2016/02/13 01:25
I've been working at Starbucks for 3 1/2months and that's when I got a Starbucks card. I don't use it often cuz of partner perks but I do enjoy my card and racking up rewards. App is top notch quality but can be difficult to use in beginning, eg locating tabs at top. But anyone can learn quickly.
Moble Order Not
by King Air on 2016/02/13 01:10
Being able to order your ahead of time is a bit much. Trying to time it just right to be at the store to pick it up before it is cold is a lot to ask. If your in that much of a time crunch maybe you should learn to manage you time better.
Use it almost everyday and it never fails.
by GnarlyBryan on 2016/02/13 00:57
One of my most reliable apps on my phone.
Love this app
by Ms pamela on 2016/02/13 00:55
The convenience is wonderful.. Also appreciate updates to the menu as well as the free apps offered!
Some drinks missing
by Leweeze on 2016/02/13 00:55
I tend to order a iced skinny vanilla latte and that option is not on the menu... I feel that that amongst other different items, are not listed on the app menu and this makes ordering my normal order difficult. Otherwise, in app ordering for mobile pick up is a very convenient option!! Especially on a busy morning.
by Loud_mouth27 on 2016/02/13 00:50
Fun earning stars and trying new apps
Apps suggestions
by Eryna on 2016/02/13 00:34
I like that they send suggested apps. Also updates and promos in the apps messages and not in my email. Major improvements with adding gift cards in app.
by Natiii12169999988888 on 2016/02/13 00:33
I love this app!!!
by Wo0o0oo on 2016/02/13 00:31
This app is awesome!
Mobile order is great
by Cass in Seattle on 2016/02/13 00:23
Mobile order means no waiting in line for my coffee.
Great application
by Grove101 on 2016/02/13 00:20
You get free apps (some over $10) and it supports Wallet. It's awesome!
by SoniaRa on 2016/02/13 00:15
Awesome, easy to use
Nearly perfect!
by ChefTedB on 2016/02/13 00:13
I don't see how to use the mobile ordering feature. It's not intuitive, despite the app being updated. However, since I wouldn't get much use from that feature anyway, it doesn't affect my rating! Great app!
Birthday buying saver
by Tooniele on 2016/02/13 00:04
Love it that I can buy an egift card and send it to a family member without the worry of having to mail it!
I love free stuff
by Lavensana on 2016/02/12 23:53
This app is awesome if you are a Starbucks fan like myself. Every time you make a purchase you get a star. Those stars add up and then you get free drinks!!! The only bad thing is you have to have money on a gift card attached to the app 😕
Love having it on my phone
by Seber7 on 2016/02/12 23:21
Used to have the card, but using my phone to pay and track my stars, the menu, and mobile pay is awesome. Super convenient.
Well done!
by dannnnny boyyyy on 2016/02/12 23:02
Makes the Starbucks part of my day go smooth...
Store manager
by Veritoaaguirre on 2016/02/12 22:41
I love the app but it does bother me that it won't let me pick the location. I work at the mall and there are another two locations near it so it only picks up the ones that I'm driving by and I would like my coffee by the time I walk into the mall but since I can choose I cans only order once I'm close enough and by that time I'm already running to work. Other than that I love it.
Very user friendly
by Maka8615 on 2016/02/12 22:28
I love that I can transfer new gift cards (even from groupon!!) on my app, while standing in line. I love the free song/game instead of picking up the card. I even like the animation of the little stars pouring into the cup. Great app. Love it.
Love the app but wish for a little more
by Daily coffee on 2016/02/12 22:25
I love the Starbucks app. It's so easy to use and reload. The only think I wish for is a star for each item you purchase rather then each visit. I see people running different transactions just to get there stars.this is a waste of everyone's time.
by Tanya Cross on 2016/02/12 21:37
Love it!
by Kittenheadedcat on 2016/02/12 21:37
I love this app! I had to become addicted to Starbucks first to make this discovery. I got a free drink when I became a member...ANY SIZE! Can I get a "what what?!" All you Starbucks lovers??
Great app with lots of perks!
by Skyeskyeskye24 on 2016/02/12 21:37
Even if you're not a huge Starbucks drinker, this app is great! I put all of my gift cards that I receive from friends and family on this app and it's awesome! You get free drinks, music, and apps! What's not to love 👌🏻❤️
Love it
by Moriko777 on 2016/02/12 21:26
I really like this app, it's great for me because I am always on the go. Plus I like the app recommendations.
Love, love, love
by TMFMist on 2016/02/12 21:12
I love all the benefits that come with the app, quickly pay for your stuff at a Starbucks as well as reload. The free apps and music along with free drinks etc once your gold!!!!
by Nessaboo721 on 2016/02/12 21:11
It's so helpful to have it especially when I forget my wallet or card I got my Starbucks app! And it's easy reload, love it!:)
Easy pay
by Strongsville Starbucks on 2016/02/12 21:07
I really enjoy using this app to pay at the counter. It's very easy to load money into your account and then you don't have to worry about having a few bucks on you or having to dig your wallet out to pay!
I love this app!
by Jillian Elise on 2016/02/12 21:00
This app is so great! It lets me use my Starbucks card even when I forget it (which is quite a bit) and I love the pick of the week too!
Love Starbucks.
by Retros Babe on 2016/02/12 20:54
Love the convenience of the ap
love the ordering need to save orders
by daveag98 on 2016/02/12 20:49
the ordering through the app is awesome but really need to be able to save orders or fav drinks.
Love mobile pay and rewards
by SLOFARM on 2016/02/12 20:44
I love being able to pay using my phone and I get a free drink almost every week. Mobile ordering could use sone work though. I don't use it very much since I usually have to remind them I ordered once I get to the store. It is way better than when they first started though.
Love love
by Tony 1951 on 2016/02/12 20:40
I love Starbucks everything and all the staff at Starbucks are so nice and hard worker . 💖💖💖💖
Love it!!
by Ralphrod on 2016/02/12 20:34
Very convenient to pay at the store.
I love Starbucks
by Hbutt44 on 2016/02/12 20:25
App is user friendly and is so nice to have right on my phone. No cash or debit card to mess with. Quick order quick reload with money or gift cards. Love it.
Great App
by Hunter111495 on 2016/02/12 20:24
Love it! Love Starbucks, love this app!!!
by CosmoKarla on 2016/02/12 20:23
Always useful!!!xo
Love This App!
by BritDoug on 2016/02/12 20:15
Makes my speedy trips for coffee so simple!
Can't do without this app!
by SirLexxalot on 2016/02/12 20:13
It's great when I forget my wallet, I can just load money to my account and pay. I use this app just about everyday, sometimes 2-3 times a day. 😜
I love Starbucks
by Mustangfire 85 on 2016/02/12 20:04
Hello this is amazing app It is easy for u to see how many rewards and special offers do u have
I use this app everyday.
by ScoMo on 2016/02/12 19:58
When you want coffee on the quick use the app and skip the line.
by Despina095 on 2016/02/12 19:54
Nice app that keeps everything in one place. I get new app pics, reload my card, add new cards, etc all in one app.
Great coffee
by Jaunny91 on 2016/02/12 19:52
Love Starbucks, always will. This app makes it easier for my purchase to go through and also the idea of reward stars it's genius. Thumbs up!!
Love it!
by Nicole199017 on 2016/02/12 19:42
The Starbucks app is so convenient and helpful! I love the way I get new and interesting apps sent to me to try for FREE! And that I can combine my gift cards as well as points/stars!
pretty good
by iwuisu on 2016/02/12 19:41
Overall the app does what I need it to and I will continue using it.
Works just great for me!
by Mikeeyeyey on 2016/02/12 19:40
I don't need to carry around my gold card anymore, and I don't have any complaints about the app!
by Hxw009 on 2016/02/12 19:39
Love this app
by Catnpup on 2016/02/12 19:19
I get emailed offers. However, they only appear on my app half the time.
Love the pay part of the app EASY
by Riverdale Bronx on 2016/02/12 18:58
Great upgrade and love how the pay part works now. The rewards program is cool and hope they do expire. Messages have free stuff
Best place for relaxing
by Rvife19 on 2016/02/12 18:57
I love Starbucks because the caramel macchiato and espresso I really love.
Love App
by LalaG2009 on 2016/02/12 18:52
I love this app, it makes my trips to Starbucks easier!!!
by Dragonleaf666 on 2016/02/12 18:42
Great app!!
Starbucks app
by Viv33369 on 2016/02/12 18:37
It's awesome! I love it!
by Bravosimo on 2016/02/12 18:32
Easy, handy. Love it!!! 👍🏽😘
Great app. The lucky dozen rewards are the best.
by Knowntohike on 2016/02/12 18:28
Makes it super simple to find locations when traveling, see menu and pay for drinks. Really miss the free song downloads rather than the app downloads though. I use apple music so I have no interest in using Spotify.
by Lissilou on 2016/02/12 18:25
I love this app so much and I use it all the time. The only problem I have had is the baristas not being too eager to stop what they are doing to grab my already made drink, or even to listen when I tell them I ordered on the phone
So convenient!
by Karinavila91 on 2016/02/12 18:13
I love the simplicity of the app and being able to simply pay with the app when at a Starbucks. So happy to have it!
Mobile orders need help
by Gaviota Jr on 2016/02/12 17:56
I love Starbucks but the mobile order should be better
Love Starbucks app, but
by just a senior on 2016/02/12 17:48
I love the app. Trying to figure out how to use my Apple Watch, but not really a problem. For mobile so the issue is location. Where I stop isn't necessarily closest location, but most convenient. I still haven't figured out how to change location. Also, some locations are really difficult to get into to pick up. All said love the convenience of this app - no card to carry just use my iPhone which is always with me.
Order Ahead - One thing I would change
by Holly GL on 2016/02/12 17:48
I love the app, but sometimes I want to place an order at a Starbucks a few minutes down the road, rather than the nearest store. (Maybe one with a drive-thru vs. one without for instance.). The app only pulls up the closest one. Location can be modified, but it's a bit tricky, and if you make a change to the order, and start again, it will change your location also. You really have to pay attention or you can go to pick up your order only to find out it was filled at another location.
Great app 👌🏻
by WhitDev on 2016/02/12 17:26
The app works great for me! Just decrease the lag time when charging my card-Seems to take days for my amount balance to show on the app.
by b.kondritz on 2016/02/12 17:24
Love this app. I keep money for coffee w/o carrying cash or plugging in credit card info. Easy to reload. Love the tipping option.
Great App!
by Gina-Bobina on 2016/02/12 17:21
I love the convenience of this app. I don't always have my Starbucks card with me, but I DO have my phone! So easy.
by Valerie1210 on 2016/02/12 17:17
My life is complete with this app 😍
Almost perfect
by Scuba 00 on 2016/02/12 17:15
If you could set your home store to be the place to pick up order every time it would be perfect
What's not to love
by Vandyacnp on 2016/02/12 16:44
Great App!! Use it everyday and love how easy it is to use.
I love it
by Jali1208 on 2016/02/12 16:34
I first downloaded it to just find the nearest Starbucks. But the perks are amazing. From free songs from my fav artist, to cool apps. I love it. Not to the mention registering to the rewards and getting stars (FREE DRINKS) I love everything about it. Sometimes the stars program doesn't give you the stars per offer. Other then that love it.
I love Starbucks coffee!
by Franklin_K on 2016/02/12 16:31
Always great customer service and the drinks are so delicious!
Love it!
by woodlandpixie6 on 2016/02/12 16:15
Super easy to manage and navigate. I love how I don't have to carry a card to pay for my coffee!
The 'Bust's Best!
by Music Lover- iPhone 5 on 2016/02/12 16:14
Great app! I am a sucker for a good latte... Paying with my phone makes purchasing soooo easy! Plus, I receive discount codes all the time! (Excellent feature Starbucks!) Ordering a customized drink is difficult via the mobile pay but I know your developers will make the process easier with time, as customers adopt this feature. Lastly, featuring Exerly as your free download of the week would be a GREAT IDEA! Really... 😊
Love love love it!!!
by Tupperdodd on 2016/02/12 15:51
I love being able to pay for my coffee with my phone & get rewards!! The staff is always ready to serve!!
Love the app but the mobile order system needs some work
by ca4niagrl on 2016/02/12 15:38
I absolutely love the Starbucks app and the mobile ordering system. However, they need to do some work on the mobile ordering system in order to make it work effectively for customers. For instance, there should be an option to select your beverage temperature. My daughter needs her drink kids temp, and there is no option for that. There should also be an option for comments or custom options such as cinnamon steamed in your drink, etc.
Everything about this app is great.
by Josh.kimber on 2016/02/12 15:14
I use this app literally everyday. No problems. I love it.
Mobile Ordering on Point
by Raygun4678 on 2016/02/12 15:06
Makes everything so easy. I just order on my phone before I get to work in the morning, and my order is already waiting on me by the time I arrive.
Good App
by Madmacz on 2016/02/12 15:01
Okay so another app is begging for attention. I hate wasting my time to be your app salesman.
Good stuff
by Lacietyn on 2016/02/12 14:38
I love the free weekly applications 💜💋
Love it
by A clover 5408 on 2016/02/12 14:02
I love that this app keeps track of rewards and payments, also sends discounts often
Pretty good so far
by Mtriddle on 2016/02/12 13:57
I not the bigger on going out of my traveling route anything however, when I do it's nice to be able to walk in grab my items and leave seconds later.
Great app!
by Bokazoka on 2016/02/12 13:49
Works well and keeps improving. Does everything you need when it comes to getting your caffeine fix from sbux!
Love the app; couple small suggestions
by DaRQue02 on 2016/02/12 13:46
Love the app - enough said there. Suggestions: 1) allow me to use rewards with app ordering. I have two rewards pending but if I use the app for ordering, I am unable to use that as payment. 2) historical order tracking is cool - let me tweak those orders instead of making me start over.
Great App
by Funky Ketcham on 2016/02/12 13:44
Thank you for a great app!
Good app
by Scmbest on 2016/02/12 13:41
It is a beautiful app to use the only thing they beed to do is make it so you can delete multiple messages all at once so that you can clean out the inbox quickly and easily
Love it
by Dd app on 2016/02/12 13:40
Perfect for quick pickups
Mostly good but...
by Rockvillerunner on 2016/02/12 13:33
There are two things that would be really beneficial to change 1) often times the milk option between 1,2 or skim disappears and isn't an option on mobile ordering. 2) when mobile ordering, the apps should automatically use your rewards available.
Convenient with glitches
by Nurse118456 on 2016/02/12 13:28
I haven't followed thru with any mobile ordering because my drink of choice may not be on the list- so it's easier to just wait and get what I want. Also- offers sometimes do not go thru (extra stars for special purchases). I have lost at least 6 stars for this reason.. So I don't get too excited about them anymore. I do love that I don't need cash or card to grab some coffee-- that is my favorite thing about this ap! (And the free downloads on Tuesdays!!)
Reload Rarely Works Anymore
by VictoriaEllis0380 on 2016/02/12 13:27
Constant "system error try again later" message.
Works great for this coffee addict!!!
by Jrod..... on 2016/02/12 13:24
No complaints here!! If it wasn't for this app, I would have to skip my morning coffee, no time to wait in lines!! Love that it saves my personalized drinks so I can order with just one click!!
Love this app
by Purple 76 on 2016/02/12 13:16
So convenient ,easy to use and anytime I call Starbucks customer service they have been great but you do need to track your own stars for accuracy
Love all of the changes
by MJD1982 on 2016/02/12 13:15
The original upgrade was a bit questionable. I would still need to go to in my browser to find nutritional details. The APP has improved. Not only are the nutritional details available, I can pre-order my drink(s), and I love that it is now linked to my Spotify Account!!!!
Starbucks Review
by Shelly210_83 on 2016/02/12 13:06
I love my app and all the messages I receive within the app and also all the emails letting me know what extra stars I can earn!!! I love Starbucks ☕️
by mrPola on 2016/02/12 13:05
Love Somerset Starbucks!!
Not perfect but really good
by bash78 on 2016/02/12 12:48
Use it just about daily on both phone and watch.
Add Option Request
by JezkaFitch on 2016/02/12 12:27
For the mobile ordering.. Please add the option to Redeem a Free Earned Reward (if available to use). I've had to go in a I use my free reward, because the option isn't available through mobile ordering.
Mobile order needs some work
by Boston-orderer on 2016/01/24 16:18
I would give the app 5 stars if not for mobile ordering (which, granted, is a minor feature that is not a requirement to use the app). I liked the idea of the mobile ordering option when it first came out, but after using it once, and attempting to use it several times later... I won't be using it again until it's more convenient. Some minor changes would make it something worth the effort: 1. Order history: the app remembers my order history, sure, but if I want to change even a small thing like the size (and nothing else) I have to type in the entire order again. Since I usually order a drink that involves a few choices (drip coffee of a certain roast with flavoring), it becomes cumbersome to do this on the go. 2. Order location: ordering in Boston has become a complete nightmare, which is when I stopped even trying to use it. Since there are so many Starbucks locations, and I'm often trying to order while moving, like on a bus or train, the "closest location" is just constantly recalibrating and is rarely the location I want. As many other reviewers have said, maybe you could tap into the favorite stores aspect, already in the app, and have them be the automatic first choices. Between trying to rewrite my order and selecting the right location, mobile ordering just isn't worth the effort now to use it. I like idea though, and am looking forward to using it once the feature is tightened up.
Convenient as anything. However...
by PDX101 on 2015/11/14 18:02
Mobile ordering is what I'm talking about here. I've had no real issues with the app itself, aside from a couple of times it just wouldn't reload funds no matter what I did, it basically would just freeze. Later I found out that every attempt I had made, it actually charged my credit card the amount (but nothing ever showed on the app account). That was a pain, but hasn't happened in a long while. Now mobile ordering is where it can sometimes really show its "beta-ness." A few times the order never got to the store (so I was told by the barista, so take that with a grain of salt), but most recently the issues have been from the baristas themselves just neglecting the mobile orders altogether. Today, for example, I placed my order 10 minutes before arriving, waited 20 minutes in the store itself, before finally, a barista that recognized me as a regular leaned to her co-worker and quietly said, "...did you get his mobile order for him?" Only then was my drink actually started. I watched almost 20 people cycle through the line as I was waiting and thought to myself, "well s***, if I wanted to deal with all this, I would've just hopped in line and paid cash, and I'd be out of here already." And that kind of defeats the purpose, don't you think? Really takes away the awesomeness of it all and I hope this is just a one time thing. And no, I shouldn't have to remind them. At all.
Starbucks Mobile App from ITunes
by Nikkibucks on 2016/01/06 13:50
I love my Starbucks App and use it 1-3 times a day. I am completely addicted to their coffee and this app has made that so convenient for me. It's easy to use and navigate. The only issue I have and continue to experience is that MANY times my phone app will not allow me to reload my card via the card information I have connected to it. I know it's not a card issue because each time it happens I have to go to the store and use same debit to reload card manually with a barista. This makes it only slightly less convenient but not a big deal for me. I still LOVE Starbucks Coffee and their friendly staff and will continue to use the app on a daily basis. I can still see my star balance, manage my cards, change my payment methods, add payment methods, transfer a balance from one card to another, and best of all I can do a Mobile order for quick pick up. I have many other apps from local establishments who also offer mobile ordering. For some odd reason they don't allow as much personalization a to the order. Starbucks allows you to change ANYTHING on your drink orders and gives you the price TOTAL before asking you to pay. Even offers the option of reloading while paying for mobile order. My mobile orders have almost always been made on time as well. I think they have mastered the app!!
Good. Could be better...
by Uminam3 on 2016/01/31 18:23
This app makes it very easy to spend your money at Starbucks. It works pretty well, although there are a few obvious bugs... But I always scratch my head wondering why it seems like app developers for big companies don't test their own apps... Also, I really wish that you could program your favorite drinks into it and then the baristas could scan my phone and know what I wanted and it would automatically charge my starbucks card. Beep, Done!! Not only would this improve drink accuracy but it would cut down the line at the store by letting people who know what they want get in and out of line in a few seconds. You could also use this to send a drink request to a friend. Imagine you could click a button to send a friend your drink order. That person could pick up coffee for you (and several others)... And the order would be 100% accurate PLUS each individual person would be charged via the app so splitting payment would be easy and uncomplicated. Imagine the convenience!! So yeah, it works well but a smartphone platform opens the door for a lot of cool features that they apparently haven't thought of yet. Maybe later this year, when their profits reach $100 Billion, they will have the funds they need to hire intelligent developers (and maybe a few testers??) and together in a dangerously caffeinated frenzy they will make the app more reliable and convenient to use!
by Ben Holtz on 2014/09/26 10:23
I truly enjoy the app, the convenience of not needing a card & having currency on my phone makes purchases a breeze for my busy schedule. The convenience I'm missing out on is my addiction to gold stars...whether I purchase 1 or more items I only receive 1 gold star, so I make the cashier do 2-3 orders at a time which is an inconvenience not only to me but the line behind me as well. I also have had a problem with 'bonus stars' being credited to my account, leading me to call Starbucks which is not only a headache hoping they will credit what's due but also being questioned on the legitimacy of my call (whatever the case) once this woman went over & over with me stating I already received a star for that day & I agreed but what about the other 2 purchases I made that day!? What about the gold star I was supposed to receive for my breakfast sandwich purchase? I normally just drink espresso but I bought a frappaccino cause I was told Id get 3 bonus stars, where are those? The lady thought I was crazy, & maybe I am...for gold stars & rewards, that's why I use the app, now give em to me. I have the valid receipts, numbers, & money missing from my account, I shouldn't have to plead to you. All in all, I enjoy the app, but it's friggin 2014, get it together, you're a multimillion dollar company, I'm certain you can create a more flawless app. :)
Issues with Reload
by Guy24257 on 2015/09/23 03:40
I'm a huge fan of Starbucks and I love what they've done by partnering with Arizona State University (Go Devils!), but I've been experiencing so many issues with the new mobile app. I constantly get asked to verify my email and home address and when I click "verify" it not only makes me re-verify a few more times but it also doesn't send me the verification email. (I finally got one a few hours later.) my biggest concern, however, is with the reloading of my card. I got a digital card through the app and every time I try to reload, it says that it is unable to process due to a mismatch in my address. I checked my profile on the app and my card and the addresses match. I've had the same address for over 5 years and unless someone in an alternate dimension is playing pranks on me, I don't think an address mismatch is the issue. I've checked (and attempted reload) on the app and website a few times (7 actually) and each time, I am facing the same issue. I called my card's customer service line and they've reassured me that my card is not the one with the issue. The only bright side to all this is that although every attempt at reload is still charging my card, at least I am getting credited the money back ($180 dollars is quite the pretty penny). Hopefully when I call Starbucks' customer service line tomorrow, they'll be able to resolve the issue for me!
by StillMeEllen on 2015/11/23 09:06
Using the new app being a customer is now too easy!!! Forgot my purse but NEED something cool to soothe the headache?? Never fear!! Open my wallet in my iPhone or the app and it brings up my gold card WITH MY BALANCE!!! Order my drink with 2 extra shots alfagato and pay with my balance!!! Want to treat my friend driving me around looking for it? If I have it set up for auto-reload and my balance is low it will load my card so I can buy them a drink, but wait, we don't know where the nearest store is.... Just click stores and look for my closest green spot is! No need looking for all that wasted paper sitting in stores to get your free song or app of the week, now you'll never miss an older one because they are right on the app!! Load and play while you're sipping your own tasty creation!! And I love being gold and getting the inside info on when the yearly rarity is about to come in stores and can be ground to my coffee maker, now to pick which one, my French Press or my flat bottom auto-drip! But that's why they employ the best baristas and the others work at stores that Have coffee and your choice is regular or decaf!! At Starbucks they have the best people, the best app, and THE BEST COFFEE to sip with your favorite snack from a sweet treat to a protein packed box!!!!
Love the app... But could be better
by Hellotherefriend on 2016/01/28 04:23
I've been using this app for years now and love not needing to carry my card or cash. However wanted to write a review to hopefully get some improvements on the mobile ordering aspect. First off I want to be able to order my coffee in a "for here" mug. Not an option right now and seems easy enough to do. Also would like to be able to redeem my free menu item using the mobile order. Also, I hate how it picks which location to pick up. I still don't know how to change the pick up location. I just fight w it for a few mins trying to figure it out, finally it changes and I can order but I can't figure out what I did to change it so go thru the same issue every time!!!! Also my friend orders a certain tea. But for some reason it does not show the type of tea she ordered on the print out the c/s gets so when she gets there they made her another type of tea. Sorry can't explain more but trust me when I say there is a tea ordering problem. And yes like others have said I wish it would save your last few orders so you don't have to keep setting it all up all over again just because you switch between a few different orders. If you fix these issues you could make it perfect!!!
From 5 Stars to 1/2 Star. PLEASE FIX
by Muddgog16 on 2012/09/23 12:48
Please pass on to developers or someone. I love my coffee and Starbucks and have come to rely on the iPhone app. I realize its due to Apple cutting ties to Google Maps? However doing so has all but killed the Starbucks app; I travel daily to new locations and use it to find a store that's open and then navigate there using my GPS App. With IOS 6 the functionality of the Starbucks app went from 5 stars to 1/2 star. Reasons: In map mode to find a store, when you tap on the store's dot all you get is whether its currently open and the address. No way to send address via txt or email anymore (formally a function of Send an Invite) and the store hours are not displayed so I don't know whether its opening in 2 minutes or two hours. If you display stores in list mode at least you get services available displayed as icons but still no store hours or ability to copy address other than pen and paper; major 5+ year step backwards! I used to be able to find an open store or one opening soon and send myself and Invite via email. From that email I could in three taps send the address to my GPS Nav Now app and that would launch my TomTom and get me there. Now all that is gone and all that's left is the ability to pay with my Starbucks Card via my iPhone. At least from within some apps there is the option to send location of a store directly to my GPS navigation app such as TomTom with a tap or two. PLEASE FIX otherwise this app is pretty lame.
APP works great!
by Beetle205 on 2015/04/16 12:24
Like a few others, I have had not trouble at all with the SB's app. I use it on an iPhone with the most current release 8.3. Somewhat of a heavy user, several times a week and Gold status. No crashing, no lost information and cards sync correctly. The only issue I have experienced was not receiving bonus stars recently. I completed the Customer Service form for missing stars and within 24 hours this had been resolved-really cannot expect more than that, plus I received an extremely nice email from SB's for the inconvenience . One item I did read referenced debit cards not syncing, that is more than likely not SB's issue but rather the issuing bank. I have found with my bank the security around online transactions for debit cards is much tighter and admittedly a debit card is not intended for this sort of use compared to a credit card. It has to do with the holds for such transactions against good funds. I ran into this with a couple of other apps before calling the bank. Solution, use a credit card and the auto reload works as it should, cannot blame SB's or the Banks. Debit Cards are just not the correct tool for app reloads just like airline tickets and hotel reservations should not be made using a debit card.
by ShannaT92 on 2015/08/11 02:41
Ok peps it's story time. I woke up early to get a start on the day, work out be healthy all that junk. So I'm at the gym and I have 1 hours until work so I decided to go out and get breakfast. I like to grab my card before hand so I reach into my bag and.. Wallet?! Wallet?! Where art thou wallet? How about on your kitchen table? Now it's morning and rush hour and I work 35 minutes away from where I live. Going home was not an option. That's ok I'll eat some of my lunch... Wait, lunch box? LUNCH BOX? Where are you?! Oh in the fridge back home THATS JUST DANDY. So I'm internally and externally crying right now and I'm flipping though my phone wishing I could pay by scanning. And then I see my Starbucks app. MY GLORIOUS STARBUCKS APP. It had money on it! And as long as I remembered my password I could reload it! So I stopped by Starbucks, got some java, a breakfast sandwich and a cookie for a snack. Then lunch rolled around, co workers invited me to the cafe, but I waved me phone and was like "Nah I'm treating myself" acting like I have my young adult life together when I actually don't. I got a nice lunch bento box and and iced coffee and felt pretty darn good. But this could have not been the case if it wasn't for this app. Thank you Starbucks for having my back when I clearly don't have my own.
Starbucks Does It Again!!!
by Opiumgoddess on 2015/09/30 17:03
I love the new update for the Starbucks app. It's nice to have discount offers displayed on the pay screen. My favorite feature is undoubtedly the ability to place an order on my iPhone. It is extremely convenient, as it enables the user to skip the seemingly endless lines that plague the drive through. This is awesome for people like me who are always running late! What I love most of all is the ability to easily customize my drink. After choosing my drink from the menu, I am able to choose add-ins, syrup flavors, type of milk, consistency of milk, number of espresso shots, whipped cream, etc. This amazing feature not only allows me to choose what I would like to add in, but also how much. For example, I ordered a vanilla latte today and added an extra shot, one extra pump of vanilla, and vanilla powder and whipped cream, which give the options of choosing light, regular, or extra. I would never order like this in person because I believe it would be very difficult to transcribe, especially at the drive through. Thanks to this awesome feature, I was able to order my perfect latte! Thank you, Starbucks, for finding creative new ways to make the coffee buying experience more enjoyable for the customers.
Practically perfect in every way
by Abbygale414 on 2015/06/23 16:33
This app really is about perfect! You can reload and check the balance on your cards, set a main card and even scan and pay from that card. There's a message center that pops up not only the app/song of the week every Tuesday like clockwork but also notices about special rewards available. You can now even order and pay ahead and choose a location to pickup your fav beverage without having to worry about the dreaded line! You can find any store any where and get directions to it, and I have used it at home as well as unfamiliar cities and it works like a charm! It keeps track of your stars and let's you know where you are in relation to your Gold status as well as just your next bonus reward. My only quibble is not with the app so much as with the system. If you get stars for buying coffees then the system should be able to recognize the difference between an order with one coffee and an order with four coffees and reward you accordingly. But that's the only trouble in paradise, otherwise I highly recommend this app for those of you who need Starbucks to get through the week. For those who visit now and again, it might be more than you need...
Awful update !!
by ivyprofessor on 2015/03/31 01:34
I swore I wrote a review for this already ... But since I don't see it .. Here we go again . I have my phone set for auto updates . The app updated over the weekend and has since wiped out my Gold card including the credit card info . I can still see my Gold card in my Passport . So I used the passport to make a recent purchase but due to low balance I needed to add funds . Imagine my surprise when I have to log in and my info is gone! I had the actual card and added funds . I logged in and tried to add my card but the app says it's already activated . So I see NO CARD AT ALL and now I have to carry the actual card to add funds ? (I had lost the darn thing in my house and just recently found it .) I Sent an email to customer service that hasn't been responded to so I took to Twitter .. Nicely at 1st . Please don't tell a techie that a customer service suggestion should be to update your app and then your card info will reappear. I was also told by the same customer service rep my user name is now my email I signed up with for added security . REALLY? I said since when and wouldn't you notify of a change like that ? My user name is NOT my email nor has it ever been . I also changed my password as instructed and now I'm seriously annoyed since of course that BS doesn't work either !! WTH?? Where are the tech folks to fix this darn app ?! So now I need to use a card to load and pay on my IPhone 5? Fix this mess!!!
Why does app need to use GPS all of the time?
by mtgops on 2015/03/28 19:53
Please, Starbucks app developers, read this! I use the Starbucks app mostly for paying in store. The app is stable and has an attractive design. The biggest issue is how it utilizes the phone’s GPS. The only options for its GPS usage are “Always” or “Never”. The third option most apps provide is “While Using”. In my experience, having an app that is always getting GPS information is bad, not just kind of bad, but really bad, for draining your battery. Why does the Starbucks app need to be getting GPS information all the time? Why, when I close my background running apps, and have no background apps does the Starbucks app apparently continue to pull GPS information? Why, with no background apps running do I go into my location service privacy screen and tell the Starbucks app to “never” have access to GPS, only then does the GPS indicator go away? I have one simple suggestion, update the app to only use GPS when the app is in use. That will be better for everyone, especially those of us who can’t plug in during the day and always seem to be in transit. Oh, and for all of the iPhone 6 folks, please update the app to fully support that device. I plan on getting one in a few months and would like to think that issue would be addressed at the same time you address the GPS usage issue.
I love the App but not the Reward System
by Evelyn Aguilar-Cruz on 2014/09/24 17:21
I love the app however I do not care for the reward system, as I often buy several drinks almost daily, but receive only one reward point whether I buy 1 item or 4-5 as I usually buy. I often stop with my high school grandchildren as a special treat on the way to taking them to school. This is a very expensive treat. It is disturbing that I receive I reward no matter how many. I receive the same if I buy one for myself after I drop them off to school. Another problem I have discovered three times is that despite having approx $15 on my card, and purchasing one drink, I'm told that will be X.xx extra, when I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I have not made a purchases to support having less on my card! I come home and check my receipts and I'm correct. It's so time consuming as I have an infant great grandson to care for as well. I save all receipts, and will not allow this unforgivable mistake to happen again. I love Starbucks it's the one treat I don't feel guilty about treating myself to, and also enjoy treating the high school grandkids to, but that reward system is just not right! The staff at Starbucks are always very kind and fast and courteous. I have been going to Starbucks for over 20 years now, and will continue to do so.
The "new" app Is a FAIL
by Riommar on 2014/04/19 16:01
Jan7114. I feel sorry for you. Just because a overwhelming number of reviewers don't agree with you doesn't make them trolls. It seems to me that when 9/10 people agree on something then perhaps that 10th person is the troll. I enjoy Starbucks but I'm not a sycophant as you appear to be. The people that are negatively reviewing this app have a legitimate gripe. There are many problems that could have been addressed easily within a few weeks of being released. A problem for me revolves around the shake to pay button. I have 2 cards. One for myself and a gold card I share with my wife. Most of my money is put on my gold card. The app ALWAYS defaults to my custom card when I shake to pay. I have to navigate the system to get to my gold card and it entirely defeats the purpose of shake to pay. Why can't I designate a primary card for that purpose. I think that the app has potential. I won't reiterate the numerous other valid (Jan7114) issues. I'd also like to see the return of date specific reloads. I used to have my card set up to add $ to my card on the 2nd of each month. This way I knew I had the funds available. With the way it's set up now you can have funds added automatically when you drop below a certain amount. There is no guarantee that I will have funds available every time my card drops below $5.
Love the Starbucks App
by Dylan&Dad on 2015/07/04 14:51
It's so great not having to take out your wallet and hunt for cash or a credit card. It's awesome to not be asked if you are a loyalty member and the. provide your loyalty card number like you do at so many other retailers. Both of those things are truly revolutionary in retail and reduce customer friction. I spend more at Starbucks because of this improved experience. One suggestion for improvement would be with your order via app experience. More than once I have waited patiently at the pick up counter to have my order called out after arriving for to pick it up. Then after a long period of nothing and also not being approached by the busy barista, I finally asked about my order and discovered they were holding it behind the counter or had placed it on a ledge near the counter. There response was basically,"oh we've had that there for a long time" or "we called that out a long time ago and then put it behind the counter." All while the app had indicated it would be ready soon. So, I ended up feelings at fault for not arriving sooner or not knowing where my order was. So Starbucks, please take a closer look at that entire experience and come up with a way to improve it.
One of the Best Apps Ever!!
by MFitz819 on 2015/12/25 00:59
Starbucks does a lot of things right, one of which is their mobil app! This is hands down one of the best apps on the App Store! They give you a free song or app every week, you can manage your Starbucks account seamlessly from the app, and now with their mobil order & pay, I can easily place my order from the app & then it's ready and waiting for me when I walk into the store... no waiting in line! I love this feature! The only thing I'd like to see added would be the ability to enter & redeem star codes in the app (for when I buy ground or whole bean coffee at the grocery store). I love the user interface & experience of this app! Very well done, Starbucks! Kudos!! I have a suggestion: To take even more market share from Dunkin' & to reward your most loyal customers, it would be nice to have a periodic offer for Gold Card members like myself of $0.99 any size regular coffee (say, after 12PM, like Dunkin' sometimes offers). I think this would not only take more market share from Dunkin', but would also make current customers come in more frequently & would bring new customers to Starbucks!
Very useful app, but...
by I<3Radio ad on 2015/11/14 09:42
First let me say that I love the Starbucks app! I use it daily! It is so helpful to be able to pay from my phone or from my wrist using my Apple Watch into get the rewards from Starbucks's rewards program. The ordering feature is also very helpful. I use that on a regular basis as well. I very much like being able to order my drinks and have them ready for me when I get there. But there is one problem. I am not able to customize my drinks in the app to the way that I like them. What this means is that I either have to not use this feature and go inside and wait in line or I have to settle for a drink that I really don't care for. For example one drink that I like is a Venti peppermint hot chocolate. That much the app can do however I have been unable to find a way to specify that I like it extra hot. Another example would be chai lattes. One of the drinks that I get regularly is a Venti iced chai tea latte but I am and three pumps of Oprah chai in with the regular chai to give it a more earthy flavor. I'm unable to make this customization within the order feature of the app. Like I said I use the app every day and I love it! I only hope that Starbucks continues to improve this.
Stop whining and acting entitled
by Gnat72578 on 2015/07/30 15:22
I read many recent complaints about the app not being optimized for iPhone 6 or 6plus. I have had the 6plus since the phone was released and it has been crystal clear and easy to use since the release. As for Apple pay, that has been available for several months to reload your card under the pay tab rather than shake to pay feature. Not all the features are in your face available and I would assume that is because not everything is used. I use the app multiple times a day and I add money to my card through Apple pay reload. Google the instructions if you are unsure how to use it. Just because you can not find the feature or don't like the location of it does not make it a bad app. The pay feature is the biggest thing with an app and it is really easy to get to, shake your phone and it pops up. The only thing I dislike about the most recent update is the menu with nutritional information was removed, I know eating out is not the healthiest choice but being able to review nutritional information allows you to make healthy choices.
Worst app upgrade
by Commo22 on 2014/04/08 13:01
This app is horrible. The most basic thing I need to do is check my account balance and that's confusing to find. Once I think I did find it, went to pay and was told I don't have enough balance even though the app said I did. So the cashier tried to reload my card and said she needed a credit card. I didn't have my wallet on me as I have both the Starbucks card and app. So then I had to reload from the app and it looks like I was charged for the transaction that she made but was never credited it. Can't look up food items like before so I have no idea what to try out especially with a new food menu. Navigating is horrible. Worst app upgrade ever. Things should be easy to find. Menu buttons work work for a reason. It's because you know where in the app your going if you click on something. Glance and go is what I need. I'm not hanging out looking at this app for minutes. Just need to get to my items as quickly as possible so I can get out and back to other things. I don't care about making this some kind of social network looking app. Just get let me pay for my coffee. That's it. Update: I decided to give this app another shot. I just reloaded my card and selected $10 dollars, but the app instead added $15. I'm done with this. I'm going to use up my balance and the. Go to McDonalds instead until they fix these issues.
I'm addicted... Save yourself before its to late
by Nickydee94 on 2015/02/21 15:23
I once was just a casual Starbucks drinker. Once a month sometimes 3 times when I felt daring, but it all changed when the Starbucks app attacked. They tempted you right out the gate. I was naive thinking "oh look that's nice of them a free drink on your birthday, whoopie!" And I thought there are some good perks with this. All of a sudden like a whisper they said "try being gold for a day, enjoy another free drink" and that's when I went for another drink on the house then I fell into a routine of getting Starbucks 5 times a week then once a day. I thought to myself within a month I became gold... I need to stop and I was clean for 4 days and like an eagle flying in to grab its prey Starbucks sent me a letter... They sent me a shimmering gold Starbucks card with my name on it. That's when I relapsed and fell back into their trap.... Don't do it to yourself, constantly offering you free things and deals off the online merchandise and drinks in store, they're slowly putting a spell on you... I love you Starbucks app..... Starbucks app FOREVER! And on a side note this app is great and makes it really convenient and cool to get Starbucks!
I love my Starbucks app!!!
by blk31973 on 2014/09/23 14:57
I have been a very pleased Starbucks customer for years and have become even more so since discovering your app over a year ago. I will continue to be a happy and loyal customer as long as I am able to enjoy the delicious beverages and food choices you have to offer. I have always had a great experience at almost every Starbucks location no matter the state or city I am visiting. The staff is usually always the best to deal with and if for some small reason I am not happy, they always go out of their way to make my visit a great one and to keep me coming back for more. The convenience of the app is awesome and I use every last feature offered for an even greater experience. I cannot think of anything that I would change on the app because y'all have covered just about everything, from sending me special offers to auto reload so my card always has the necessary funds needed for my next purchase. Y'all are wonderful and again, I am a very pleased customer that will continue to come back again and again. Keep up the awesome work Starbucks!! Love, a very happy Starbucks addict ❤️
Great convenience - could be even better
by Akgirlkb on 2015/06/19 20:44
This is a really great app overall. It's very convenient to use and a great way to keep track of your rewards on the go without the necessity of carrying your card. I do find it occasionally will show a reward available and yet when I go to scan pay with the card loaded on my app it shows on the register that I either have no rewards at all or just won't allow the barista to give me my reward. That is frustrating and can slow down the line at the register as the barista tries to help settle the reward earned. This sometimes makes me wonder if the bonus star opportunities are appropriately accounted for when paid through my card registered on my app. I've also looked for a way to set my app up so to avoid having to reenter my email and password each time for faster access but can't seem to find that in the app. If I used more than one device to pay I probably wouldn't want it that way for security reasons but I'm only using one device so it would be nice to have that capacity. Overall though, the convenience is really nice and I'm glad I have it! With a few tweaks I could easily give it a 5 star rating
Ordering still needs work
by Zagdog on 2015/10/30 15:47
Love lots of features of the app and the improvements. However I have never before seen an app that with enhancements takes away critical features. The worst part is I didn't find out until I had my drinks. When they came out of order beta they removed the ability to adjust the whip cream options (fixed that, thank you) and the ability to specify if you want decaf or half caf (not fixed). The whip cream isn't ideal but an easy fix. However I haven't drank caffeine in twelve years and when I do I experience the equivalent of an anxiety attack where my heart races and hands shake. When they removed these options orders that had been in place remained just they removed the options. Not knowing this I ordered a latte that was already set to my decaf preferences, so presumed it was decaf. I'm half way drinking it and my heart has started racing and hands are shaking. Incredibly frustrating both for the fun few hours ahead and because I can no longer use this mobile order feature for my coffees. Starbucks needs to QA their releases better and stop removing any functionality a customer would expect to be equivalent when customizing an order at the store. Hoping they fix this quickly.
Good but Improvement Needed
by CNerdahl on 2016/01/27 15:54
First, my family and I (3 teenagers and spouse) are Starbucks frequent flyers. Often to expedite time we order ahead and that's a great advantage since we're on the go a lot. But, this is where improvements are needed; (1) Need to refine the order history so that it's not like starting over every single time; (2) There needs to be a way to manage the order history and tag frequent favorites; (3) Also need a way to redeem the rewards online. Right now it's limited to personal appearance; (4), Need a smoother way to select an alternate Starbucks store on the mobile order. I can head 3 directions depending on the morning and need to select something other than the geographical closest. Right now, I have to zoom out on the map, select the alternate location, pick it, and continue with the order. Last (5), need a way my kids can have their individual Starbucks cards and I can add funds to it via the app. Like the reoccurring allowance feature offered in iTunes. Overall, the pros in the app are the advantages like, online ordering and having a load able e-card. Sometimes when I'm in a pinch for time in getting to an ATM, I simply fall back on the card to grab a quick lunch.
by jchunat44 on 2014/04/01 13:44
I've been a Starbucks member for a while, and I've seen the past three versions of the iOS app, and I personally think the last one before this was the best, you could create your own drinks and just show the barista so they knew what to make. I also loved the nutrition info, not because I'm too lazy to look at it at the store myself, but because I knew what I was drinking even with the modifications. I also don't drink coffee, just the tea or frappuchinos, so it was nice to see what did and didn't have coffee. This new update is terrible. It signed me out yesterday even though I updated it 2 weeks ago, and wouldn't let me sign in, saying my password was wrong. But as soon as I went to change it, it told me my password couldn't be changed to my original password? Alright... The screen is way too dark, too, so I have to go into my settings with iOS 6 and change the brightness from there just so they can scan my card. I just have a lot of issues with this new app, and I feel like the last one was the best. I do, however, like that you get the pick of the week song sent to your phone, so I can easily download it from iTunes. One suggestion, can we get a drink history? I know certain drinks I liked, but I forget what they're called, and with no menu on the app now, hmm...
Order App
by GretaTS on 2015/10/06 11:22
The app is a good idea and I use it daily. What would be great if by user you could have the drinks that you buy multiple times saved. Instead of the last few drinks to have the ones that you buy all the time available to choose from and not have to be build them again because you buy a few specialty drink here and there. Some Starbucks do a great job with mobile orders some Starbucks are not doing such a great job and there's a waiting time which defeats the purpose of this app. If we're doing the work of the employees by creating our orders, checking ourselves out and handling the transaction ourselves, I would expect all Starbucks to have a quick response time and not make people wait. At this point I'm only going to the Starbucks I know that have the quick response time and avoiding the ones that always make me wait. Other than that the only suggestion I have is for us to be able to use rewards for our free drinks and be able to use it in the app instead of having to go into the store to retrieve our rewards in person. Love the app.... please continue to make upgrades and improvements, great concept Starbucks!
Love the app! Mobile Order feature is great!
by hmm18 on 2016/01/22 16:41
I love the Starbucks app in general! I like that it offers codes to get other nice/fun/cool/functional apps for free .. Everything from games to photo editing to financial recording apps! The mobile order feature is also VERY nice... I have never had a real issue with it, my orders have always been ready and waiting for me AND they've always been correct. The only thing that could be improved upon for the mobile ordering is the ability to choose the Starbucks location that you are ordering from more easily rather than always depending on the app to pick the "closest" one - sometimes the closest one isn't the way that I'm going to be heading and it can be confusing to try to change it, especially when under a time constraint... Which is the best time to use the mobile ordering, when you don't have time to wait in a line! It is still a new feature so I'm sure improvements will continue to be made.. I would give 4.75 stars if I could & the only thing keeping me from giving a 5 star rating is the fact that I think there could be slight improvements to the mobile ordering process.
Wish all apps were as handy as this one!
by INQE on 2015/08/11 05:49
I've been a LONG TIME user of this app...since it was a Beta. I have, almost exclusively, used it since its inception and it's only improved with age. Sure, there are some minor things that are slightly irritating such as only being able to leave a tip for your "main" store. Would like tipping to automatically direct to the store where the most recent purchase was made. In sure it's easier said than done. Also, I haven't been able to use the ordering option as my specific drink and options don't exist. But I'm confident that feature will improve with age as well. Would also like to see calorie counts/calculations of drink combos. That feature existed in the app MANY versions ago...please bring back! I use this app so much, I sometimes forget to bring my wallet into other stores thinking I can use my app and avoid lugging my purse along. However, now that I've upgrade to the iPhone 6 I've discovered Apple Pay and that's almost just as good! Too bad not all retailers have this capability yet. Sigh... Anyway, love the app. Keep the improvements coming!
Let me default to my favorite saved store
by cubangrrl on 2015/10/29 14:24
I have a Starbucks in the lobby of my building and commute via subway to work. The convenience of being able to order on the way to work, stroll in the store, not wait and pick up is AWESOME (we all run a little late in the morning right? The time save is amazing) However, the app automatically pulls the nearest location. When I'm on the subway putting my order in, it sets the nearest location and it is very challenging every day to pinch and zoom the map to choose the store I will actually pick up at.(there are many many locations in NYC) I also have limited wifi at certain stops so if I don't get my order in, I'm screwed. I have set the store at my office as my favorite- can't it just default to that one every time? I'm sure people who drive to work have a similar problem. I spend $10-$20 a day at Starbucks. Help me out! That being said I LOVE being able to sit at my desk, put an order in, go 5 floors down and pick up a fresh coffee in minutes. Also, another feature I don't like is that since I set this as my fave store- my card appears in the lock screen all the time since it's just downstairs.
Order Ahead Needs Work
by Dramacat13 on 2015/08/08 16:25
For the most part, I'm a big fan of the app. A few areas of concern all relate to the Order Ahead Beta: 1. Your employees aren't using your app! It's useless to ask them any questions because the response I always get is "I don't know, I've never used it". The app is an extension of your products and services and your employees should be properly trained to answer basic questions and at least be familiar with the app and what it does/looks like, even if they choose not to use it. 2. Where is the 'notes' or special requests section? I can't order my favorite drink ahead of time because there isn't an option to request that it be stirred. This is currently my biggest deterrent to using the app. 3. It would be great to be able to choose the location I want to pick up at. I attempted to place an order when leaving an appointment, and wanted to pick it up from my regular Starbucks location, located right on the corner of my nearest intersection, on my way home. The app wanted to place the order at the Starbucks nearest to my current location, which was the opposite direction of where I needed to go. Very frustrating.
Fun participation, unhelpful update
by Ramosaures on 2015/09/15 01:32
Giving that I work at Starbucks I have a lot of experience with this app as a customer and as an employee. I would notice sometimes there would be freezes and the barcode would not appear, so I wouldn't be able to scan for the purchase. Luckily there are, sometimes, the actual card number so I'd manually insert it. The updated version has been the most annoying because of the white background. Originally, the barcode would appear after clicking pay and the background would be black so there was a border for the scanner. With the white background it seems to take longer for some reason. Yes, there might be a few glitches, but honestly if you're a fan of Starbucks this is the newest innovation of customer service. Reloading is simple and can be done in the store for a minimum of $5, or on your phone. Getting rewarded with free items or discounts is a fun way to bring customers coming back. I love getting to my 12 purchase as a gold member and treating myself with something I wouldn't normally get like food. I encourage people who visit Starbucks pretty frequently to got on that Starbucks app.
Ugh!!! What were you thinking ?!?
by Urbanhippie12 on 2014/05/12 03:33
I have never been compelled to leave a negative review on an app before now, but I'm afraid this app truly warrants it. First, I noticed that I'm getting charged for every refill, even though I'm a "gold" member. I let it go, bc it just wasn't important enough to complain about. Then I had to use my laptop to load a new gift card that I received. What?? Shouldn't it be easy to load that from the app? It used to be. Then I couldn't find a place to redeem my codes from grocery purchases. Again, had to go to the laptop. Purchase a gift card for a family member? You guessed it-laptop! The send button in the app never lights up, even though all the fields are filled in. It's nice that it's so easy to reload your card through Paypal now, but honestly it was that hard to start with. Certainly not as hard as remembering to pull out my laptop at night, which I rarely do, in order to do my daily Starbucks business that I used to do on the fly in the perfectly functioning old app !! I just keep thinking to myself, "where's the rest of this app?" And I've actually gone to a different place for my coffee on several occasions, because the functionality of the app doesn't give me enough benefit to keep me from straying. Fix it, please!
Really poor UI, less features, reload not working
by MotoBonnie on 2014/03/22 19:05
I had high hopes for the big unveil of the new SBux app. Unfortunately, they have been dashed thus far. Here's why: - Reload is not working. Glitch? It used to be fairly straight-forward: you would choose to reload a card, it would ask you for your payment method and it made you confirm your password before going through. Now, you get through the reload steps (minus the password) BUT there is no button there is no button to confirm reload nor enter password. Instead, once you've made your reload elections it gives you the option of canceling it or choosing Auto-reload. I've asked five baristas now and they all say it appears to be a glitch. No one can decipher how to manually reload... meaning the I have to go through hoops to have them reload my card- withy payment- at the register and then order my coffee and scan my app. Tsk tsk Starbucks. -Instead, SBux is pushing the auto-reload (see above) nearly chose it several times (it's a prominent new feature) so be careful if you also like choosing *when* you add money to your card. - There is no menu any longer. Admittedly, I tend to get the same drink over and over... but my son enjoyed exploring the full menu on the app before ordering as did my husband. Gone are those days... better know what you want now.
Most ridiculous thing I've ever heard of
by Nessalynn77 on 2014/11/26 20:36
I recently moved and I guess it took a while for my change of address to register because I've been using the app and reloading from my bank and paypal Accounts for a couple of weeks without a problem. Today it stopped working. I quickly realized it might be the address so I changed it. It still didn't work but for each time I tried it registered a pending charge on my account. I called the bank and they said the problem was with starbucks. I called starbucks and they tell me that if my card declines once the app immediately shut down and won't work for 7 days. What on earth is the purpose of that???? You can't be on the edge of technology and have such a tedious, inconvenient, glaring glitch in your system. Wait 7 days is your answer? You should at least have an override so that if I call in and verify all of my info you can release my app. This is thoroughly disappointing... And the phone rep was even more disappointing as her response to my irritation was just to repeat the same answer over and over regardless of how irrelevant it was to what I had actually said. Smh... I wonder if Peet's has an app and a rewards system. I spend too much money at Starbucks to have to accept this as an answer.
Fluid; but they are really missing out
by GratefulDeadFan on 2015/06/26 03:48
The app works well and, more importantly, quickly when in line at Starbucks. Within 10 seconds you can have your payment up and ready, and the scanners at the checkout rarely have issues. Make sure your brightness is at least above half and you'll be good to go. It is strange, however, that Starbucks has not linked someone's membership card with the name that the computer prints which appears on the cup. If they know my name from my membership card (it is required to register your card with personal info online) why are the baristas asking me verbally so they can type it in? The baristas not asking each customer for their name would save around 5-8 seconds an order on average which would lead to an even larger audience of drinkers during peak hours. Not as many people would walk past and try for the next coffee shop after seeing a long line. This line would be moving and moving quickly because the instant someone paid with the phone, or their card, the label would automatically print their order with their name. And the barista slaps it on the cup. Just a thought.
by BeccaMay81203 on 2015/10/18 18:07
There are a couple of cons with the mobile order feature. You are not given the option to use any rewards. You also are unable to take advantage of any offers (BOGO, $3 frappuccino, etc) via mobile ordering. After realizing that I COULD choose which store I wanted to order from, I am CRAZY about this app. I like that it saves my previous orders, I like that I can reload my card and order in the same step, and I especially love avoiding that line! I was weary that my drink would be ready before I got there and it would get cold. As of yet, that hasn't happened. After evaluating traffic conditions, if I think it is going to take me longer to get there, I order my drink extra hot- just in case. Aside from mobile ordering, there are still features that I use daily in one way or another. It also has a version for the Apple Watch that provides your Starbucks card barcode to allow you to pay from your watch. As a whole, this app has several convenient and user friendly features making it innovative beyond its time...typical of my beloved Starbucks!
COULD be good, but it isn't
by Frustrated 12345! on 2016/02/08 16:59
This is a great idea, but the developers don't have it right yet. The app forces you into the more expensive drinks. For example, it's now telling me that my local Starbucks doesn't have iced coffee, but I can buy the more expensive "cold brew," which I don't want. There is no way to tell Starbucks when I order that I don't want my drunk sweetened, so I either have to call after I order or they have to remake it, which defeats the purpose of the app, and really pisses of those also waiting for drinks. And it doesn't auto load my card as it is supposed to do. I had to stop by the Starbucks on my way home to load it up so it would be ready when I walked my dog the next day. (Then my order was wrong.) It's too much trouble waiting at Starbucks, so I hope that they will let me know when this is fixed. Please don't use me as a Guinea pig on the next version. All the problems are making me angry enough to give up on Starbucks altogether. 2/8/16 update: Now I really hate this app. It randomly logged me out, so I just wasted a half hour going over there, waiting in a line that was out the door, only to find that I could not buy the gift cards I wanted for my office because I didn't have my log on information on me. FURIOUS!!! If I have to bring all that AND my wallet, what's the point?????
3 star due to mobile ordering
by RunLevelZero on 2015/10/14 20:08
I love my app and use it almost daily. Here is what I don't enjoy about mobile ordering. You can't use your reward so one has to go into the store to use a reward and that always adds minutes to several minutes depending on the line. The new annoyance for me is the inability to do no whip. This was an option before the last update I did. I had the order saved and would just hit previous order. When I walked in I had whip. She looked and the ticket didn't say no whip. I checked the app and the no whip option is gone. What is that about? I am glad I can choose another store which was a great edition but to have the app maybe provide you with your favorites as quick pic options would be great. Or simply choose last store location or something similar. 90% of the time I go to the same location. Please understand the 3 stars are due to the inconsistent mobile order. I love my Starbucks and the application. I realize mobile ordering is beta but don't remove a feature guys. Especially the no whip option. That just angers people. I would really like the option of choosing to use my reward also. Not sure why that hasn't been done yet.
Great feature, but potential safety hazard.
by Susan-Sioux Falls on 2015/10/15 18:41
I absolutely love the new ability to order before getting to Starbucks and having it ready for you when you get there. There are 2 problems with this feature. One is convenience, and one is safety. The convenience issue is that there is no way to add a note to your order. I like my drink stirred, but I can not let them know that. It would also be nice to tell them an acceptable substitute for items they commonly run out of. The safety issue could be huge. The app automatically chooses the store it thinks is closest to you and does not allow you to change the store. This means that you have to wait until you are far enough away from the other store to order your drink. Lucky for me, there is a stop light on my commute that I always get stopped at where I can order my drink, otherwise I could not safely use this feature. My fear is that there are people out there that are ordering their drink while actively driving because they cannot choose the store and the time they want their drink ready. Adding the above features would make this feature AMAZING!
I Love How Responsive They Are To Feedback
by Dally-Poo on 2015/11/08 11:42
Obviously, the App was created based on perceptions of how it would be used. Now, people are using it and providing feedback for improvements. The App is pretty intuitive, however, users want to apply it to how they use it. Initially, the App was created for a convenient time saver for those having to do a fly by to pick up their coffee and maintain a predictable flight time to work, school, etc. I am an exception to the rule. On my days off, I spend time in my store as friends come and go as their schedules dictate. I arrive in time for the earliest one and stay until the last one has to leave. Sometimes, I'm there four hours, or more. We order from the table to save having to get in line and save our barista from having to key in our order. Currently, there is no option for "In-Store" or "To Go" because the latter is assumed. When I ordered a Danish (nice and warm), I received it in a sack when I would have preferred a plate and fork. I agree with all the other critiques I've read and have some of the same issues. Based on their responsiveness alone, I'd give this App all "FIVE STARS"
myStarbucks Review
by Surfhunter on 2009/10/04 18:32
For a company such as Starbucks, this is only a "fair" start. In general the application is just ok, while it offers a fair amount of information. It does crash when attempting to enter information on occasion. This application also suffers from a varied lack of information which you may notice through some other reviews. It would be nice to know the differences between Starbucks locations as not all offer them same drinks or food, nor do they all charge the same amounts. I am very disappointed the application does not offer the ability to view remaining credit or account information. The application also lacks any nutritional information. I can say that I won't be downloading the Starbucks Card Mobile - I viewed it on a friends iPhone and it appears very limited and for me, just a waist of space (my friend ended up deleting both applications due to issues with both as well). All in all, I would wait before downloading this application (save your app space). They need to address a number of issues first. Also, the technical support is painfullly slow in responding and not very helpful! Hopefully improvements on the next update? For now, I will be deleting the application until I see more favorable reviews and fixed the dual application card issue.
by High-Ya on 2015/06/19 01:09
This app over the years has grown to be a favorite - once you attach your card and set up auto reload it's the perfect companion to the drive thru and or walk up pay station - scan and your done - gives you an hour or so to leave a tip - there's more I could say but suffice to say it works perfectly every time - the song or app of the week comes out on Tuesday and you don't have to be there to get it - it and your balance are updated even tho your not there! Thank you Starbucks for improving it over time - flawless now - cannot imagine what other wonders you might add in the future - beyond the remote order which gives you all options to modify your drink - pick a location near you - drive up say pickup with your name and they hand it to you - no scanning-directions and mapping in concert with the map app is perfect - showing drive thru locations when picking the location as a disabled person - improvement there could make this a perfect app - better than it already is which is something I assure you!
Great for the newbie and the regular
by Bøøkwørm on 2009/10/21 22:35
First off I need to say I am biased because I work at Starbucks as a Barista. I just started though, and learning how many pumps of Vanilla go into a Caramel Macchiatto is really cool to see in an app. You can customize your drink to your liking, and just read it out at the store. If I had this a few years ago I know I would've gotten more utility and not felt so bewildered by the menu. The hours of operation are correct, the closest stores are also correct. But that's only where I live, so not sure if that will be the case in your area. You can even explore the type of coffee best for you by its characteristics. I don't know why some are having issues with this app, for all it's worth it works and does as advertised. If you have trouble with the definitions of some of the customizations to your drink, don't be afraid to ask your local barista! An upside down drink consists of the shots of espresso, which usually sit on top of the milk, be put in first instead and changes the complexity of the taste of a drink. Give it a try and you may like it.
Need a consistent place to put to go orders
by Kitty Kondo on 2015/08/09 20:26
I use this app a lot more now that I can order ahead. I like being able to walk in and grab my drink without waiting. But I have found that it is sometimes hard to find your drink when you get to the store, at some places they hide it on a counter far away from the pickup area and then the baristas ignore you when you try to ask about it because they think you haven't ordered yet. It is also awkward when you are at a single walk up window, people think you are cutting in line. More work is needed by Starbucks to make the process less awkward. There should also be a way for stores to indicate they are out of different kind of milks on the app. Twice I ordered coconut milk and found my drink wasn't ready when I got there because they were out. Coconut milk is also not part of the cold drink menu yet although it appears on the hot. I agree with other reviewers that the location part of the app is buggy and that there should be a way to select from favorite locations rather than being forced to turn on location services.
Love Mobile Ordering but . . frustrated
by jentoaz on 2015/10/23 20:15
I've already called and talked to customer service about this but I'll try again here. I've placed some mobile orders and it all went perfectly at first. Now, however, I would like to be able to "Clear Order History?" and start over but I can't. My daughter and I ordered similar drinks on my phone but I can't see which past orders are mine and the app won't let me re-customize my order. I get the complete Add-ins list, and I change size and fruit, light water, light ice, etc. but then a different but similar old order pops up and I get the wrong one when I go in to pickup. Also, I can't change the strawberries from 2 scoops to one, only from 2 to zero. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app but nothing changed. All my order history came back. Also, please add "Stirred" or "Upside down" for caramel macchiato? We found that we can change the store location by swiping left on the location box. It has to be done every time if you place multiple orders tho. (made that mistake - had one order at one store and the other at a different store!) I love Mobile Ordering and hope to be able to use it again soon.
My Daily App
by BNC217 on 2015/11/06 04:15
I have many apps on my phone and this is the one I go to the most. I love the notification of and easy access to the free app or song of the week....I have some really cool apps and songs for free now, thanks Starbucks. As others have stated, there are opportunities for improvement. (1) I have been using mobile ordering since literally the day it launched for iPhones. I love the convenience of mobile ordering, but customers need the option of using their free drink/food reward on the payment screen. (2) There have been two times now when I have ordered a sandwich on mobile and upon walking in have been told "sorry, we do not have anymore of those". The app needs to reflect "out of stock" when a good or beverage is not available. (3) Drink modification items (juices, etc) should be available for all drinks and not limited to what Starbucks may have as their "norm" options. Customers should be able to order everything customizable just as if we were face to face in the store. Overall, I absolutely love the app and I guarantee you that I will be on it again tomorrow.
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