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The starbucks® app for iPhone® is the quickest, easiest way to pay for your coffee—no wallet necessary. The app is completely redesigned with an improved interface, a more personal dashboard experience, digital tipping and other great features, including easy access to our loyalty program, My starbucks Rewards®. And you’ll get a free drink at participating stores (some restrictions apply) when you join My starbucks Rewards® and sign up for email rewards. App features when you’re a member of My starbucks Rewards®: • Pay: Use your iPhone®/iPod® Touch to pay at 7,000 U.S. company-operated starbucks® stores and 2,500 Target and Safeway starbucks® locations. Check your starbucks card balance, reload your card, view your transaction history and transfer balances between Cards. • tipping: Leave a digital tip on purchases made with your starbucks card at U.S. company-operated starbucks® stores. • passbook: Add your starbucks card to passbook. • Rewards: Track your Stars and redeem your rewards in the My starbucks Rewards® program. • Gift: Send starbucks card eGifts to friends via email. App features when you’re not a member of My starbucks Rewards®: • Inbox: Receive starbucks notifications, special offers and the Pick of the Week. • store Locator: Find the stores nearest you, directions, hours and amenities. For more information, please visit The starbucks application uses location services (user-enabled) to support store location and order features, as well as to utilize iBeacon technology for guided experiences in our starbucks Roastery.* *Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.
by Awesome Mack24 on 2015/06/30 13:56
I love this app because being the Starbucks lover I am it is so convenient they should make it were they deliver too
by One Me43 on 2015/06/30 13:52
App is easy to use. I have been using for a while still loves it.
by LisaStonephotography on 2015/06/30 13:50
Love this app, easy reload, free apps, easy paying.
by CraneMary on 2015/06/30 13:43
Love this app. Very convenient. Never even have to shuffle thru my purse for a credit card. Reloads automatically.
Love It!
by keep dreamin chica on 2015/06/30 13:29
App is very easy to maneuver. Haven't experienced any glitches since I downloaded it. Definitely deserves the stars.
by Rmiller24721 on 2015/06/30 13:28
I love that I can use my card on my phone! I also love that I get all my messages and updates on one page. It is so easy to use.
by Madkatie on 2015/06/30 13:23
They have great drinks. Super convenient and doesn't cost much.
Love the App.
by Anzy1 on 2015/06/30 13:23
Love the App, it is very helpful. Thank you.
Great app for constant use!
by Madlee77 on 2015/06/30 13:21
I use my app constantly. Even when I'm out just walking listening to music, thankfully I have my phone so I can still get a coffee. Use it all the time. It is incredibly convenient when I don't want to use cash. The automatic reloading is a great feature. The only issue I have is the app doesn't tell you the type of reward you earned. I never know if I got a free drink, or a discounted food item or any detail at all. Other than that, this app is pretty much perfect.
Can't Live Without My Starbuck's!
by Mom of 4 plus a dog on 2015/06/30 13:19
Love love love - what more can I say!
Pretty Darn Great
by spiffyjimmy90 on 2015/06/30 13:12
Overall a great app. Only ever had a couple crashes but nothing that was ever an issue. Also great online support for questions and concerns. You go, Glencoco...or Starbucks :)
Love this app
by HdLgskfamye on 2015/06/30 13:07
I love this app
Love it😍
by ur FACE 228 on 2015/06/30 13:06
Love my Starbucks App, I get to see my stars, rewards, gifts and I love the fact that I reload anytime😉
by Ashburn440 on 2015/06/30 13:04
Love love love!
Great app
by jackfoto on 2015/06/30 13:04
Love this app. If you use a card, it's nice because you can easily pay with your phone and right after, it allows you to tip right from your card. And it's also very instant. The other day I gave the cashier my credit card and asked her to put $10 on my card...within seconds it showed on my phone/app. Loved that because I wanted to pay with the phone because I didn't have any change on me to tip. So this permitted me to do that. Lastly, please tip your baristas people!!!
Love it
by Tinamarie12470 on 2015/06/30 13:02
I love how user friendly and convenient this app is.
Love how easy it is!
by lz449 on 2015/06/30 12:59
Use daily and never have had any issues.
Easy and convenient!
by Kasey D on 2015/06/30 12:55
Love it!
Good app, functional
by Brad Leath on 2015/06/30 12:53
This is a useful app if you frequent Starbucks.
Clean easy to use
by JackBulkley on 2015/06/30 12:48
This app is very clean. I find it easy to get to everything. Keeping some money in it is very handy. The free songs, apps, etc are great too.
by Amber3120 on 2015/06/30 12:45
This app is perfect!!! I'm a Starbucks maniac and I can't get enough! It comes in handy when you don't want to wait in line to get your drink! The people are so friendly but the app is so helpful
It's Perfect!
by leslo73 on 2015/06/30 12:34
I love it!!!!!!
by DDMMTT on 2015/06/30 12:32
This app is nice to have when you need your account info. I don't have to worry about taking my gift card out or losing it!
Yay for Starbucks
by Czangelz on 2015/06/30 12:27
I love the app. It is easy to use. Things like this app make my day go. Thank you Starbucks.
Love it!
by Eviso on 2015/06/30 12:26
Great app and so useful when on the go!
Great App
by Mrs Hop on 2015/06/30 12:21
This app provides all your Starbucks needs.
So convenient!!!
by JessSVC on 2015/06/30 12:19
Love using the pay feature and constantly getting rewards!!
It's great!
by Puppy Crack on 2015/06/30 12:17
Works great. Love to be able to pay this way.
Perfect app
by Mike Flip on 2015/06/30 12:13
Easy to use and perfect functionality. Makes the Starbucks experience that much better!
My daily vise
by Debbie2227 on 2015/06/30 12:13
Love White Chocolate Moaca
So convenient and easy!
by serenityleann on 2015/06/30 11:49
I love this app! It makes it so easy to shop at Starbucks and earn rewards! The convenience is perfect for quick stops and I love getting free music and apps!
Really great
by Amandacic on 2015/06/30 11:45
Love the app. Perfect
Best coffee around!!
by KatieC531 on 2015/06/30 11:28
I go to Starbucks every morning before school! I will never drink Dunkin donuts nasty coffee again! Starbucks is the way to go!
Excellent and convenient.
by Caliban1616 on 2015/06/30 11:21
Wonderful and helpful app.
by Letaggs on 2015/06/30 11:20
Love this app - convenient as well as user friendly
by Dossbossfitness on 2015/06/30 11:06
This app couldn't get much better. Simple and slick.
Great but what happened to the tip option
by clint1310 on 2015/06/30 11:01
Where is the tip??
Keeps getting better!
by irish_kt on 2015/06/30 10:58
I'm pretty sure I've had the Starbucks app since inception, and I think it just keeps getting better. I love how easy it is to transfer card balances, register new cards, and especially reload a card. Soon enough I'll be able to even order ahead? Brilliant!
Great app!
by ElizabethLynn on 2015/06/30 10:41
Easy to use & super helpful!
Awesome App
by eMomma78 on 2015/06/30 10:28
Love this app! When I'm in the mood for Starbucks, I can check my balance AND pay with it. And to learn that mobile ordering & paying is coming, has me (and my kids) excited!
by K1O on 2015/06/30 09:34
Have to sometimes log out to reset my password so it will log in. Like getting free drinks with the app but want more options for reloading. Less than $10 amount
by Eddieg36c on 2015/06/30 08:49
Pretty reliable app for drinks and what not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
Convenient to use & helpful
by Joseph ELO on 2015/06/30 08:32
by Abes Mama on 2015/06/30 08:27
My only wish is for the card to be linked to the app so they can be used interchangeably.
by Chasity B. on 2015/06/30 06:39
I really love starbucks so of course I'm going to love the app!
Amazing app!
by Catherine17 on 2015/06/30 06:37
I love the starbucks it's so easy to use! Love the perks of the rewards and the iTunes songs that are free and apps! Simply a great app that's worth it! (:
Great and convenient!
by Softball player 2345 on 2015/06/30 06:08
This app is a great way to allow yourself to get more of what you love!
Starbucks app
by Trinitya50 on 2015/06/30 05:39
This app is just about as awesome as things can get! The ease of using it, reloading money and transferring balances makes it wonderful to use! The rewards that I gain are even better.
by Licia-bop on 2015/06/30 05:36
Love the convenience of having all my Starbucks gift cards at the palm of my hand at all times. Payments are quick and easy.
Starbucks App
by Someoneserious on 2015/06/30 05:36
The app is great for making purchases at Starbucks. I also like the ease for which you can transfer funds from a Starbucks gift card to the card loaded on the app. The Starbucks locator works much better and is very responsive. Fun app to have downloaded on my iPhone.
by AeLoGaCo on 2015/06/30 05:34
It is great & I like it!
by VegasLotus on 2015/06/30 05:29
Perfect, easy and functional. Menu loads fast, card usable and reloadable even without wifi. Couldn't ask for any better.
by cookiemonster722 on 2015/06/30 05:22
I love that I can order my drinks from the app when I'm on my way to a Starbucks or before I leave for a break. I miss being able to save drinks and naming them, like saving my daughter favorite drinks or the hubs favorite hot and cold drinks.
Love it
by Nikk23b on 2015/06/30 05:17
Love it
Good ....
by fanfromafar on 2015/06/30 05:15
I wish they would send out an email when you get a reward...I've missed several because no one told me to check history....I like being able to order a head of time...
Coffee and treats on my phone!
by HathawaysFavorite on 2015/06/30 04:48
Can't think of a better, more convenient way to keep the caffeine flowing. Much easier than fumbling for a card in the wallet.
Love it!
by Lucytoothy on 2015/06/30 04:45
If you love starbucks- download the app. It's a necessity!
Very good
by Kenzie K. on 2015/06/30 04:44
I love this app very useful so you don't have to carry cards around
This app is awesome!!
by Jtothez59 on 2015/06/30 04:33
I love using this app!! We recently went on a road trip across the country and it was awesome to pull up the Starbucks app to locate the nearest one from our route!! Awesome!!
Fantastic app! ILY
by Sarah bear34 on 2015/06/30 04:29
I am in love with app! You don't have to worry about counting out your money or taking too long, all you have to do it take out your phone and click 1 button! Plus it comes with ALL the pick of the weeks and new for you! Trust me if you love Starbucks you'll want this app
Reliable and convenient
by R1140 on 2015/06/30 04:28
I use the Starbucks app for all my coffee purchases. Never had a problem using it, and reloading with Apple Pay, makes this a win win. I'm a very happy customer.
Awesome experience!!!
by Darth Maiden on 2015/06/30 04:18
Simply the best coffee, breakfast, lunch, dinner sandwiches, snacks, specialty drinks and most of all "OUTSTANDING SERVICE"one can expect from a food business!!! No one does it better then Starbucks!!!
by on 2015/06/30 04:17
This app gets the job done.
by Saladbar11 on 2015/06/30 04:12
Love the app! It's great.
Love it!
by chata's on 2015/06/30 03:52
Love the app! Love Starbucks ;)
Good app!!
by 1980hbl on 2015/06/30 03:40
Love this app
Love it
by BrainInteractiveConstruct on 2015/06/30 03:34
easy to use, apple pay, passbook, awesome!
by Bchicklovesu on 2015/06/30 03:27
Love it!
Frapp friend
by Merehamp on 2015/06/30 03:24
Love this app! Like being able to load money onto my app and track my stars & earn free rewards! Like it all being in one spot!
Great app
by Katchaguy on 2015/06/30 03:19
For the Starbucks coffee lover, this is a must app which you should keep it on your phone. Easy to find the closest store by your location. In addition, the payment is so easy through this app. LOVE IT!
Love it!
by Ajosephine926 on 2015/06/30 03:15
Super easy to use and helps me keep track of my card balance, my rewards, coupn, etc. Great app!
So much easier to use it!
by TigersLady1 on 2015/06/30 03:12
I'm a fan to Starbuck's and its so much easier to use that app and its so nice to collect stars. Can get some drinks for free each 15 stars when you re in Gold level and free drink for your birthday. How nice!
by holdrew on 2015/06/30 03:11
"the white girl within you"'s dream come true. perfect in every way possible, i can't srsly
Great App
by dezee on 2015/06/30 03:11
super convenient, easy to use and makes life so much simpler! love that you can reload your card through PayPal easily and see your reward status! and also order and pick up! super excited for that!
by King022688 on 2015/06/30 02:54
Can't ask for a better app at your favorite coffee house. Easy to use, efficient, and rewarding.
Excellent app
by leb345 on 2015/06/30 02:51
Leading edge app with interface and connectivity to reloading. Love that. Rumors the multiple drinks only count as one appear to be true. That is the one thing preventing a 5-star rating
by Jdogandboys on 2015/06/30 02:47
Love the app, earning stars for something I'd purchase anyway! Wish the secret menu was in the app and not separate but then I guess it wouldn't be much of a secret then!
Amazing & quick!
by Lovingyouahain on 2015/06/30 02:38
Fun way to get stars and great customer service!
Coffee Lady
by KB6er on 2015/06/30 02:38
Absolutely love this app, makes paying so easy! I cannot think of a way to improve this app.
by Ajacks6262 on 2015/06/30 02:38
Love love love my Starbucks app!!
Mobile ordering excellence
by Preemie mommy on 2015/06/30 02:37
The new mobile ordering function works perfectly. I order from my driveway and my drink is ready when I get to my local Starbucks. No waiting!!
Starbucks secret menu
by Manny562cali on 2015/06/30 02:37
It's so good and cool making unique Frap
I love It!!
by Sweetladdyy on 2015/06/30 02:36
Never disappoints me! A+++ Keep it up 😘
Love this app!!
by Jayyyyyy1234567890 on 2015/06/30 02:31
Such a wonderful app!
None needed
by Frappes are for stars on 2015/06/30 02:31
Awesome app!!! 5 stars!!!
by DRVR80 on 2015/06/30 02:28
Love love love that I can just pay from my phone! Perfect!!
by yellowwing on 2015/06/30 02:15
I like it
Starbucks app
by Cheer_lover05 on 2015/06/30 02:09
Great App!
by Queenifg on 2015/06/30 01:57
I gotta have my Starbucks everywhere I go and the app helps me get it and at the same time get my points for FREE!
Great app! Super convenient!
by Aprilrae8 on 2015/06/30 01:49
I love the convenience that this app offers for reloading my gold card!
Best App Ever
by Dculbrdo on 2015/06/30 01:47
Love not having to carry cash when my craving hits!
by Sunnyp88 on 2015/06/30 01:39
I LOVE this app! I'm already a loyal Starbucks customer, so to get rewards and free drinks and treats just from paying from my phone, is amazing! I love that I can now order my drink from my phone. That's genius!!!!!!!
by Laila_the_asian on 2015/06/30 01:39
This app is really 5 stars. But it's not because I really want starbucks to start delivering because then I can order from my phone,(like I already can) then pay with my starbucks card, then my starbucks will be delivered to me and there is no hastle in our castle and Starbucks will still get money!
5 stars, 'nuf said
by AppReviewerHatOn on 2015/06/30 01:34
The app is well made and does what it is designed for. Aims to do nothing more (and unnecessary.)
Excellent APP
by DE_Shaw on 2015/06/30 01:33
Very convenient,beautiful UI
Great app
by Reallycute1 on 2015/06/30 01:29
I love this app.
by ladyguinevere74 on 2015/06/30 01:26
My most favorite app ever!!
Starbucks app is great!
by Shon Dev on 2015/06/30 01:15
❤️ Starbucks
by Lello Sadek on 2015/06/30 01:09
Starbucks I love u , I can't try any thing else than u😍😍
by Ben Holtz on 2014/09/26 10:23
I truly enjoy the app, the convenience of not needing a card & having currency on my phone makes purchases a breeze for my busy schedule. The convenience I'm missing out on is my addiction to gold stars...whether I purchase 1 or more items I only receive 1 gold star, so I make the cashier do 2-3 orders at a time which is an inconvenience not only to me but the line behind me as well. I also have had a problem with 'bonus stars' being credited to my account, leading me to call Starbucks which is not only a headache hoping they will credit what's due but also being questioned on the legitimacy of my call (whatever the case) once this woman went over & over with me stating I already received a star for that day & I agreed but what about the other 2 purchases I made that day!? What about the gold star I was supposed to receive for my breakfast sandwich purchase? I normally just drink espresso but I bought a frappaccino cause I was told Id get 3 bonus stars, where are those? The lady thought I was crazy, & maybe I am...for gold stars & rewards, that's why I use the app, now give em to me. I have the valid receipts, numbers, & money missing from my account, I shouldn't have to plead to you. All in all, I enjoy the app, but it's friggin 2014, get it together, you're a multimillion dollar company, I'm certain you can create a more flawless app. :)
From 5 Stars to 1/2 Star. PLEASE FIX
by Muddgog16 on 2012/09/23 12:48
Please pass on to developers or someone. I love my coffee and Starbucks and have come to rely on the iPhone app. I realize its due to Apple cutting ties to Google Maps? However doing so has all but killed the Starbucks app; I travel daily to new locations and use it to find a store that's open and then navigate there using my GPS App. With IOS 6 the functionality of the Starbucks app went from 5 stars to 1/2 star. Reasons: In map mode to find a store, when you tap on the store's dot all you get is whether its currently open and the address. No way to send address via txt or email anymore (formally a function of Send an Invite) and the store hours are not displayed so I don't know whether its opening in 2 minutes or two hours. If you display stores in list mode at least you get services available displayed as icons but still no store hours or ability to copy address other than pen and paper; major 5+ year step backwards! I used to be able to find an open store or one opening soon and send myself and Invite via email. From that email I could in three taps send the address to my GPS Nav Now app and that would launch my TomTom and get me there. Now all that is gone and all that's left is the ability to pay with my Starbucks Card via my iPhone. At least from within some apps there is the option to send location of a store directly to my GPS navigation app such as TomTom with a tap or two. PLEASE FIX otherwise this app is pretty lame.
APP works great!
by Beetle205 on 2015/04/16 12:24
Like a few others, I have had not trouble at all with the SB's app. I use it on an iPhone with the most current release 8.3. Somewhat of a heavy user, several times a week and Gold status. No crashing, no lost information and cards sync correctly. The only issue I have experienced was not receiving bonus stars recently. I completed the Customer Service form for missing stars and within 24 hours this had been resolved-really cannot expect more than that, plus I received an extremely nice email from SB's for the inconvenience . One item I did read referenced debit cards not syncing, that is more than likely not SB's issue but rather the issuing bank. I have found with my bank the security around online transactions for debit cards is much tighter and admittedly a debit card is not intended for this sort of use compared to a credit card. It has to do with the holds for such transactions against good funds. I ran into this with a couple of other apps before calling the bank. Solution, use a credit card and the auto reload works as it should, cannot blame SB's or the Banks. Debit Cards are just not the correct tool for app reloads just like airline tickets and hotel reservations should not be made using a debit card.
Practically perfect in every way
by Abbygale414 on 2015/06/23 16:33
This app really is about perfect! You can reload and check the balance on your cards, set a main card and even scan and pay from that card. There's a message center that pops up not only the app/song of the week every Tuesday like clockwork but also notices about special rewards available. You can now even order and pay ahead and choose a location to pickup your fav beverage without having to worry about the dreaded line! You can find any store any where and get directions to it, and I have used it at home as well as unfamiliar cities and it works like a charm! It keeps track of your stars and let's you know where you are in relation to your Gold status as well as just your next bonus reward. My only quibble is not with the app so much as with the system. If you get stars for buying coffees then the system should be able to recognize the difference between an order with one coffee and an order with four coffees and reward you accordingly. But that's the only trouble in paradise, otherwise I highly recommend this app for those of you who need Starbucks to get through the week. For those who visit now and again, it might be more than you need...
Awful update !!
by ivyprofessor on 2015/03/31 01:34
I swore I wrote a review for this already ... But since I don't see it .. Here we go again . I have my phone set for auto updates . The app updated over the weekend and has since wiped out my Gold card including the credit card info . I can still see my Gold card in my Passport . So I used the passport to make a recent purchase but due to low balance I needed to add funds . Imagine my surprise when I have to log in and my info is gone! I had the actual card and added funds . I logged in and tried to add my card but the app says it's already activated . So I see NO CARD AT ALL and now I have to carry the actual card to add funds ? (I had lost the darn thing in my house and just recently found it .) I Sent an email to customer service that hasn't been responded to so I took to Twitter .. Nicely at 1st . Please don't tell a techie that a customer service suggestion should be to update your app and then your card info will reappear. I was also told by the same customer service rep my user name is now my email I signed up with for added security . REALLY? I said since when and wouldn't you notify of a change like that ? My user name is NOT my email nor has it ever been . I also changed my password as instructed and now I'm seriously annoyed since of course that BS doesn't work either !! WTH?? Where are the tech folks to fix this darn app ?! So now I need to use a card to load and pay on my IPhone 5? Fix this mess!!!
Why does app need to use GPS all of the time?
by mtgops on 2015/03/28 19:53
Please, Starbucks app developers, read this! I use the Starbucks app mostly for paying in store. The app is stable and has an attractive design. The biggest issue is how it utilizes the phone’s GPS. The only options for its GPS usage are “Always” or “Never”. The third option most apps provide is “While Using”. In my experience, having an app that is always getting GPS information is bad, not just kind of bad, but really bad, for draining your battery. Why does the Starbucks app need to be getting GPS information all the time? Why, when I close my background running apps, and have no background apps does the Starbucks app apparently continue to pull GPS information? Why, with no background apps running do I go into my location service privacy screen and tell the Starbucks app to “never” have access to GPS, only then does the GPS indicator go away? I have one simple suggestion, update the app to only use GPS when the app is in use. That will be better for everyone, especially those of us who can’t plug in during the day and always seem to be in transit. Oh, and for all of the iPhone 6 folks, please update the app to fully support that device. I plan on getting one in a few months and would like to think that issue would be addressed at the same time you address the GPS usage issue.
I love the App but not the Reward System
by Evelyn Aguilar-Cruz on 2014/09/24 17:21
I love the app however I do not care for the reward system, as I often buy several drinks almost daily, but receive only one reward point whether I buy 1 item or 4-5 as I usually buy. I often stop with my high school grandchildren as a special treat on the way to taking them to school. This is a very expensive treat. It is disturbing that I receive I reward no matter how many. I receive the same if I buy one for myself after I drop them off to school. Another problem I have discovered three times is that despite having approx $15 on my card, and purchasing one drink, I'm told that will be X.xx extra, when I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I have not made a purchases to support having less on my card! I come home and check my receipts and I'm correct. It's so time consuming as I have an infant great grandson to care for as well. I save all receipts, and will not allow this unforgivable mistake to happen again. I love Starbucks it's the one treat I don't feel guilty about treating myself to, and also enjoy treating the high school grandkids to, but that reward system is just not right! The staff at Starbucks are always very kind and fast and courteous. I have been going to Starbucks for over 20 years now, and will continue to do so.
The "new" app Is a FAIL
by Riommar on 2014/04/19 16:01
Jan7114. I feel sorry for you. Just because a overwhelming number of reviewers don't agree with you doesn't make them trolls. It seems to me that when 9/10 people agree on something then perhaps that 10th person is the troll. I enjoy Starbucks but I'm not a sycophant as you appear to be. The people that are negatively reviewing this app have a legitimate gripe. There are many problems that could have been addressed easily within a few weeks of being released. A problem for me revolves around the shake to pay button. I have 2 cards. One for myself and a gold card I share with my wife. Most of my money is put on my gold card. The app ALWAYS defaults to my custom card when I shake to pay. I have to navigate the system to get to my gold card and it entirely defeats the purpose of shake to pay. Why can't I designate a primary card for that purpose. I think that the app has potential. I won't reiterate the numerous other valid (Jan7114) issues. I'd also like to see the return of date specific reloads. I used to have my card set up to add $ to my card on the 2nd of each month. This way I knew I had the funds available. With the way it's set up now you can have funds added automatically when you drop below a certain amount. There is no guarantee that I will have funds available every time my card drops below $5.
Worst app upgrade
by Commo22 on 2014/04/08 13:01
This app is horrible. The most basic thing I need to do is check my account balance and that's confusing to find. Once I think I did find it, went to pay and was told I don't have enough balance even though the app said I did. So the cashier tried to reload my card and said she needed a credit card. I didn't have my wallet on me as I have both the Starbucks card and app. So then I had to reload from the app and it looks like I was charged for the transaction that she made but was never credited it. Can't look up food items like before so I have no idea what to try out especially with a new food menu. Navigating is horrible. Worst app upgrade ever. Things should be easy to find. Menu buttons work work for a reason. It's because you know where in the app your going if you click on something. Glance and go is what I need. I'm not hanging out looking at this app for minutes. Just need to get to my items as quickly as possible so I can get out and back to other things. I don't care about making this some kind of social network looking app. Just get let me pay for my coffee. That's it. Update: I decided to give this app another shot. I just reloaded my card and selected $10 dollars, but the app instead added $15. I'm done with this. I'm going to use up my balance and the. Go to McDonalds instead until they fix these issues.
I'm addicted... Save yourself before its to late
by Nickydee94 on 2015/02/21 15:23
I once was just a casual Starbucks drinker. Once a month sometimes 3 times when I felt daring, but it all changed when the Starbucks app attacked. They tempted you right out the gate. I was naive thinking "oh look that's nice of them a free drink on your birthday, whoopie!" And I thought there are some good perks with this. All of a sudden like a whisper they said "try being gold for a day, enjoy another free drink" and that's when I went for another drink on the house then I fell into a routine of getting Starbucks 5 times a week then once a day. I thought to myself within a month I became gold... I need to stop and I was clean for 4 days and like an eagle flying in to grab its prey Starbucks sent me a letter... They sent me a shimmering gold Starbucks card with my name on it. That's when I relapsed and fell back into their trap.... Don't do it to yourself, constantly offering you free things and deals off the online merchandise and drinks in store, they're slowly putting a spell on you... I love you Starbucks app..... Starbucks app FOREVER! And on a side note this app is great and makes it really convenient and cool to get Starbucks!
I love my Starbucks app!!!
by blk31973 on 2014/09/23 14:57
I have been a very pleased Starbucks customer for years and have become even more so since discovering your app over a year ago. I will continue to be a happy and loyal customer as long as I am able to enjoy the delicious beverages and food choices you have to offer. I have always had a great experience at almost every Starbucks location no matter the state or city I am visiting. The staff is usually always the best to deal with and if for some small reason I am not happy, they always go out of their way to make my visit a great one and to keep me coming back for more. The convenience of the app is awesome and I use every last feature offered for an even greater experience. I cannot think of anything that I would change on the app because y'all have covered just about everything, from sending me special offers to auto reload so my card always has the necessary funds needed for my next purchase. Y'all are wonderful and again, I am a very pleased customer that will continue to come back again and again. Keep up the awesome work Starbucks!! Love, a very happy Starbucks addict ❤️
Great convenience - could be even better
by Akgirlkb on 2015/06/19 20:44
This is a really great app overall. It's very convenient to use and a great way to keep track of your rewards on the go without the necessity of carrying your card. I do find it occasionally will show a reward available and yet when I go to scan pay with the card loaded on my app it shows on the register that I either have no rewards at all or just won't allow the barista to give me my reward. That is frustrating and can slow down the line at the register as the barista tries to help settle the reward earned. This sometimes makes me wonder if the bonus star opportunities are appropriately accounted for when paid through my card registered on my app. I've also looked for a way to set my app up so to avoid having to reenter my email and password each time for faster access but can't seem to find that in the app. If I used more than one device to pay I probably wouldn't want it that way for security reasons but I'm only using one device so it would be nice to have that capacity. Overall though, the convenience is really nice and I'm glad I have it! With a few tweaks I could easily give it a 5 star rating
by jchunat44 on 2014/04/01 13:44
I've been a Starbucks member for a while, and I've seen the past three versions of the iOS app, and I personally think the last one before this was the best, you could create your own drinks and just show the barista so they knew what to make. I also loved the nutrition info, not because I'm too lazy to look at it at the store myself, but because I knew what I was drinking even with the modifications. I also don't drink coffee, just the tea or frappuchinos, so it was nice to see what did and didn't have coffee. This new update is terrible. It signed me out yesterday even though I updated it 2 weeks ago, and wouldn't let me sign in, saying my password was wrong. But as soon as I went to change it, it told me my password couldn't be changed to my original password? Alright... The screen is way too dark, too, so I have to go into my settings with iOS 6 and change the brightness from there just so they can scan my card. I just have a lot of issues with this new app, and I feel like the last one was the best. I do, however, like that you get the pick of the week song sent to your phone, so I can easily download it from iTunes. One suggestion, can we get a drink history? I know certain drinks I liked, but I forget what they're called, and with no menu on the app now, hmm...
Love it but miss a few things
by JGSTiggers on 2014/09/23 14:17
The app is great and easy to use. I will say I do miss a few things that the old app had like the drink menu and food menu along with calories. I don't know everything in a snap on the menu, and like someone said when there's a line and it's hard to make a good quick decision while people are waiting because you can't take your time. If the menus were on the app with details of each items. It would make it easy to know what you might want, before waiting in line. Also I agree with a few other people on the points system. It doesn't matter how much you spend or how many items you purchase you only get one star. If you buy one item I could see getting one star, but if you buy more than one which isn't cheap I think you should get more than one star it's only far. Starbucks isn't cheap and to spend all this money to only get one star needs to change. Just s suggestion! Other than that I love my Starbucks and my app that's never going to change, just wish the app still had a few things to it. And there is a way to have all that's wanted with it still being simple to use and clean looking.
Ugh!!! What were you thinking ?!?
by Urbanhippie12 on 2014/05/12 03:33
I have never been compelled to leave a negative review on an app before now, but I'm afraid this app truly warrants it. First, I noticed that I'm getting charged for every refill, even though I'm a "gold" member. I let it go, bc it just wasn't important enough to complain about. Then I had to use my laptop to load a new gift card that I received. What?? Shouldn't it be easy to load that from the app? It used to be. Then I couldn't find a place to redeem my codes from grocery purchases. Again, had to go to the laptop. Purchase a gift card for a family member? You guessed it-laptop! The send button in the app never lights up, even though all the fields are filled in. It's nice that it's so easy to reload your card through Paypal now, but honestly it was that hard to start with. Certainly not as hard as remembering to pull out my laptop at night, which I rarely do, in order to do my daily Starbucks business that I used to do on the fly in the perfectly functioning old app !! I just keep thinking to myself, "where's the rest of this app?" And I've actually gone to a different place for my coffee on several occasions, because the functionality of the app doesn't give me enough benefit to keep me from straying. Fix it, please!
Fluid; but they are really missing out
by GratefulDeadFan on 2015/06/26 03:48
The app works well and, more importantly, quickly when in line at Starbucks. Within 10 seconds you can have your payment up and ready, and the scanners at the checkout rarely have issues. Make sure your brightness is at least above half and you'll be good to go. It is strange, however, that Starbucks has not linked someone's membership card with the name that the computer prints which appears on the cup. If they know my name from my membership card (it is required to register your card with personal info online) why are the baristas asking me verbally so they can type it in? The baristas not asking each customer for their name would save around 5-8 seconds an order on average which would lead to an even larger audience of drinkers during peak hours. Not as many people would walk past and try for the next coffee shop after seeing a long line. This line would be moving and moving quickly because the instant someone paid with the phone, or their card, the label would automatically print their order with their name. And the barista slaps it on the cup. Just a thought.
Most ridiculous thing I've ever heard of
by Nessalynn77 on 2014/11/26 20:36
I recently moved and I guess it took a while for my change of address to register because I've been using the app and reloading from my bank and paypal Accounts for a couple of weeks without a problem. Today it stopped working. I quickly realized it might be the address so I changed it. It still didn't work but for each time I tried it registered a pending charge on my account. I called the bank and they said the problem was with starbucks. I called starbucks and they tell me that if my card declines once the app immediately shut down and won't work for 7 days. What on earth is the purpose of that???? You can't be on the edge of technology and have such a tedious, inconvenient, glaring glitch in your system. Wait 7 days is your answer? You should at least have an override so that if I call in and verify all of my info you can release my app. This is thoroughly disappointing... And the phone rep was even more disappointing as her response to my irritation was just to repeat the same answer over and over regardless of how irrelevant it was to what I had actually said. Smh... I wonder if Peet's has an app and a rewards system. I spend too much money at Starbucks to have to accept this as an answer.
Really poor UI, less features, reload not working
by MotoBonnie on 2014/03/22 19:05
I had high hopes for the big unveil of the new SBux app. Unfortunately, they have been dashed thus far. Here's why: - Reload is not working. Glitch? It used to be fairly straight-forward: you would choose to reload a card, it would ask you for your payment method and it made you confirm your password before going through. Now, you get through the reload steps (minus the password) BUT there is no button there is no button to confirm reload nor enter password. Instead, once you've made your reload elections it gives you the option of canceling it or choosing Auto-reload. I've asked five baristas now and they all say it appears to be a glitch. No one can decipher how to manually reload... meaning the I have to go through hoops to have them reload my card- withy payment- at the register and then order my coffee and scan my app. Tsk tsk Starbucks. -Instead, SBux is pushing the auto-reload (see above) nearly chose it several times (it's a prominent new feature) so be careful if you also like choosing *when* you add money to your card. - There is no menu any longer. Admittedly, I tend to get the same drink over and over... but my son enjoyed exploring the full menu on the app before ordering as did my husband. Gone are those days... better know what you want now.
by High-Ya on 2015/06/19 01:09
This app over the years has grown to be a favorite - once you attach your card and set up auto reload it's the perfect companion to the drive thru and or walk up pay station - scan and your done - gives you an hour or so to leave a tip - there's more I could say but suffice to say it works perfectly every time - the song or app of the week comes out on Tuesday and you don't have to be there to get it - it and your balance are updated even tho your not there! Thank you Starbucks for improving it over time - flawless now - cannot imagine what other wonders you might add in the future - beyond the remote order which gives you all options to modify your drink - pick a location near you - drive up say pickup with your name and they hand it to you - no scanning-directions and mapping in concert with the map app is perfect - showing drive thru locations when picking the location as a disabled person - improvement there could make this a perfect app - better than it already is which is something I assure you!
myStarbucks Review
by Surfhunter on 2009/10/04 18:32
For a company such as Starbucks, this is only a "fair" start. In general the application is just ok, while it offers a fair amount of information. It does crash when attempting to enter information on occasion. This application also suffers from a varied lack of information which you may notice through some other reviews. It would be nice to know the differences between Starbucks locations as not all offer them same drinks or food, nor do they all charge the same amounts. I am very disappointed the application does not offer the ability to view remaining credit or account information. The application also lacks any nutritional information. I can say that I won't be downloading the Starbucks Card Mobile - I viewed it on a friends iPhone and it appears very limited and for me, just a waist of space (my friend ended up deleting both applications due to issues with both as well). All in all, I would wait before downloading this application (save your app space). They need to address a number of issues first. Also, the technical support is painfullly slow in responding and not very helpful! Hopefully improvements on the next update? For now, I will be deleting the application until I see more favorable reviews and fixed the dual application card issue.
Great for the newbie and the regular
by Bøøkwørm on 2009/10/21 22:35
First off I need to say I am biased because I work at Starbucks as a Barista. I just started though, and learning how many pumps of Vanilla go into a Caramel Macchiatto is really cool to see in an app. You can customize your drink to your liking, and just read it out at the store. If I had this a few years ago I know I would've gotten more utility and not felt so bewildered by the menu. The hours of operation are correct, the closest stores are also correct. But that's only where I live, so not sure if that will be the case in your area. You can even explore the type of coffee best for you by its characteristics. I don't know why some are having issues with this app, for all it's worth it works and does as advertised. If you have trouble with the definitions of some of the customizations to your drink, don't be afraid to ask your local barista! An upside down drink consists of the shots of espresso, which usually sit on top of the milk, be put in first instead and changes the complexity of the taste of a drink. Give it a try and you may like it.
Starbucks Should Do Better Than This!
by Coachcasa on 2014/08/01 13:34
I have been using the Starbucks app on my iPhone for at least a few years now and the current version has quite a few flaws that need fixing. It’s so flawed that I quit using it and added my Starbucks card to my Passbook app on my iPhone and use my Starbucks card from there. First of all, the app is hard to navigate. Granted there aren’t that many functions, but it doesn’t make sense. I still haven’t figured out how to add cards and transfer balances on the app, so I do it on the Starbucks website. This is highly annoying and I should be able to do this within the app! Also the messages in the app are annoying. I personally rarely look at them and because of this they pile up and next thing I know I have more than 50 messages. What’s annoying is how I have to delete them one at a time, which is very tedious and time consuming. You should be able to click on all of the messages you want to delete and hit a delta button once to get rid of them all. I also miss the nutritional information and ability to save my favorite drinks from the previous version of the app. Starbucks you can and should do a lot better than this!
My Starbucks Review
by Kaarreenn_ on 2014/09/13 05:33
Well first of all I am so proud and great full for the person that invented Starbucks because it is just an amazing place to sit down relax and enjoy a frappé,mocha,iced tea, and or either a coffee and then with your personal choice of any pastry to go along with your beverage is just wonderful. From my point of view I don't think that Starbucks is just a place to get a beverage and or either a pasty of our choice no, I also see Starbucks from my perspective as a perfect place to study and read and just free yourself from everything else flowing in your mind. Well anyways as you can tell I love Starbucks because I obviously typed a great review and by the way I just wanted to share with whom ever I may be reading this that my favorite beverage is the double chocolate chip mocha and my favorite pastry entrée is the double chocolate chip brownie and on my next visit to Starbucks I am hoping to try out the crescent because just today I have gotten three recommendations to try this pastry out and I bet it will match right us with my taste buds.
Best Corporate App. Period.
by Westside Surfer on 2014/09/26 04:23
Starbucks pioneered pay-by-app with the first version of this app, when it immediately replaced my Gold Rewards card. Yep, I drink enough Starbucks that I actually use every aspect of this app and I have been pleased with the upgrades and improvements with each new version. The app provides a perfect blend of features to keep Starbucks on your mind and in your tummy without feeling like a corporate-laced grab for social media attention. It provides a truly seamless Starbucks experience. New, properly-executed integration with Apple Passbook is a great convenience and perfectly innocuous way to take advantage of location services without feeling like Big Brother is watching. Find a store works brilliantly when you need a caffeine fix on the road or in a new city, and extra iTunes and App Store freebies now transition smoothly to the redemption screens from messaging. Wonderful improvements all around! Overall, an aptly executed corporate app that is truly helpful and useful on a day-to-day basis. Keep the free wifi flowing!
It's simple and convenient
by audiodav on 2015/02/19 13:56
This is a great app and super convenient. I can reload my card - a card I don't need to keep track of anymore - transfer balances to my gold card, and makes it very easy to pay. I can even reload the card that's in my wife's purse when I'm out of town. Shake to pay takes it one more step as far as ease is concerned. It's just a very smart app. I love it. Oh, and by the way, I find it amusing to read reviews that say..."I used to use this app every morning and loved it but now Apple pay won't work. Fix it. - 1 star." 1 star? Really? On an app you used every day? This isn't a comment box for customer support. I'm certain the app developers are working as hard as they can to keep up with the constantly changing iOS environment as well as keeping up with the potential bugs that happen when other apps and games are open on your phone. Tell me what you like and dislike about the app. I don't want to know that your app crashes because you downloaded some crazy game and now it conflicts.
Stars who need to make Bucks
by Claire_bug1 on 2015/06/18 17:25
I love the starbucks app, because it really helps when you don't want to spend paper money and say you forgot your wallet and you have you phone; it just all works out. Something that sometimes bothers me is that every purchase you get you get a star, and you could be purchasing something over $20 and you only get one star. I think the app should know how to add up all the money you spend on how many things you purchased that day so it can give you more then 1 star. Say if you purchase something under $5 then that could be 1 star but then if it's over $5 then that can be 2 stars. I think that this is a good way because people aren't just getting there free stars and drinks, but the creator of this app will be getting more downloads and more business; also the Starbucks stores will be making bank, because some people are crazy for this app and they will do whatever it takes to earn that star to earn points and a free drink. So it's a win win for every.
Streamlined Design, Loss of Functionality
by Thister on 2014/06/23 21:31
Unlike others, I haven't had issues with my transactions with this new app. In fact, the new design has been simplified and streamlined in, what I think, is an intuitive layout meant to streamline and even further "game-ify" the process of reloading the card and earning rewards. In this area, the app has improved from its former form. Though, I do also agree that the full name should not be visible should others be able to see it from behind you. Where the app fails significantly is the loss if functionality with knowing, approximately, what's in your drink or food. I miss the ability to see the caloric, sugar, and carb intake of drinks and foods. Yes, I know the drinks and food aren't "healthy," but if I am treating myself and still trying to stay in shape, I want to know more about what I am consuming. It helped me make the decision between specific drinks and it helped me minimize my sugar intake with these drinks. This is the one feature that needs to be brought back, especially since the information on the official Starbucks website is limited and does NOT include how much sugar is in each pump of syrup. Fix this.
Crashing? Try this.
by SLWhitfield on 2012/05/07 13:55
I gave the app 1 star b/c version 2.2.1 was crashing on my iPhone 4S w/ iOS 5.1. I got mine working by downgrading the app. Let me say this first, you'll need a starbucks app file that is pre-2.2.1 version (it's a .ipa file on your pc or mac). Fortunately I had another old iPhone with the starbucks app that had not been updated. On my phone (not the old one, but the one i use), i deleted the starbucks app and i also deleted it from my computer - you can google this if you need help locating the file on your computer. After removing the app, i plugged up my old iPhone and right clicked it in iTunes and selected "Backup." After the backup, the starbucks app from my old phone (iPhone 4) was now in the apps folder on my computer (version 2.2). I then plugged up my 4S, went to the settings, and selected sync apps. I had not done this before with the 4S so my existing apps were removed, but that's fine - it only took about 5 minutes to redownload them. After the sync, I had the 2.2 version of the starbucks app running perfectly on my phone. :) if you don't have the older .ipa file, you might be able to find it online for download. Hope this helps. Looks like a lot of work but the whole process only took me about 5-10 minutes.
I Like It!
by Lrnthegame on 2015/02/21 17:18
I like the ease of paying with the app. I like being able to load gifted Starbucks gift cards to the app. I like seeing my balance and star rewards at anytime. I like the free offers through iTunes. I like the store locator when I travel. I'm cautious about using my credit card online so I don't reload using the app. Occasionally when I have to reload I reload in the store, not that that's a guarantee either but I feel better about it, or I purchase a Starbucks gift card while grocery shopping. I've been using the app since 2013 but just discover the frequent discounts under "Account History". It's a great incentive to buy more and get multiple stars. I like the receipt feature on the app but I wish it showed the entire itemize purchase. I don't go to Starbucks daily, maybe once or twice a month. I have a few favorites on the menu so it's a great buy when I use my gift card to purchase favorite discounted items and get multiple stars to achieve Gold status. I like it!!!
Not pleased at all!!!!!!
by Mandeliz on 2014/05/10 09:59
The old app was so helpful everyday at work one person heads to our local Starbucks with list of drinks in which we all loved being able to see the list of drinks and nutrition facts to see what we wanted hints we only send one co worker so we can't all see an in store menu and constant annoying reminders for tips makes you seem desperate we understand tipping we we tipped very well considering we our local Starbucks is 10 steps from the restaurant we work in!!! You've made a great helpful useful app into nothing but payment and tips (ANNOYING) this new app feature should have just been added on to the old one!!!!!... Very disappointed and we used to purchase Starbucks on a daily basis of 5-10 people a day (including tips from all who purchased)sometimes twice a day and now we no longer purchase from Starbucks we use a local little coffee shop who have easy list of the in app menu items who are now getting our business and tipping! First time I've ever had a bad review on Starbucks very disappointed hopefully by taking in all of these bad reviews will turn this back around in which you will regain all of our business but until then very sorry but we won't return! -former Starbucks lover.
What a waste. This is awful.
by ++++++++ on 2014/05/09 06:51
I don't see any reason to change an app that was already great. I can't see a list of my cards anymore- I have one on my key chain and my husband has one so it is very inconvenient now to try and see my balance on them. I extremely dislike to new set up for viewing rewards- there is no clear view that just shows me immediately what i have available or any special deals. It also keeps bringing up the stupid pop up screen that I've hit my lucky dozen: alright already! Just sum it up like you were already doing before! I also HATE that there seems to be no menu items! I used to be able to build a drink so without standing in line feeling awkward or rushed I could explore different drink options available. I can't express enough what a careless and terrible idea it was removing this. Plus - no more nutrition facts! I can't believe you would make all the changes you have to what was already a perfectly fine app. I think it would be easier to just carry around my card and stop using the app altogether. Makes me wonder if the person who created this app and the person who approved it ever even used the other one before making these decisions. I am so mad that I updated this app.
by PDXJavaJunkie on 2015/04/30 18:07
This is one of my favorite apps. My favorite features are the integration with Passbook which allows your payment card to appear on your lock screen whenever you arrive at Starbucks, the Starbucks card management and auto-reload option, and as of recently the ability to place your order for store pickup. That last feature really works amazingly well! I was running late for my train to work yesterday and wouldn't have had time to wait in line at the store to order my breakfast, but I was able to quickly place the order from the app. I went up to the serving area and the barista handed me my order within about two minutes. It is crazy convenient. My only request would be a favorites tab where I could store and quickly access my most common orders. Maybe that already exists and I just missed it. I did see they show you your recent orders which is pretty handy. This is an all-around great app that I recommend to any Starbucks customer.
Great App - Always room for improvement
by CC App Fan on 2012/10/27 22:32
I think Starbucks has a feature-packed app on their hands with this one. I absolutely love it and think it does a fantastic job of giving customers a ton of functionality that is very useful. The ability to digitally manage and load gift cards and loyalty cards (including the ability to transfer balances between them from within the app), the ability to save favorite drinks for yourself and for friends/co-workers (you know how complicated all of those personalizations can get), the free song downloads from iTunes from within the app, the rewards tracking and redemption from within the app (this feature added in response to popular request)… I really like it. Starbucks has listened and made steady updates to improve the app. That is worth recognizing. While the in-app redemption of rewards may be problematic, it is a new feature. I'm certain they will fix it. If you like Starbucks, give this app a try. I highly recommend it.
Can't add an existing card
by le'marie on 2014/03/21 16:34
I use to have a couple of registered cards on my Starbucks app that are still active today. When I tried to re-enter them on the updated app, it says that this card is already registered. Well, yeah.. Who wants to start a whole new card. I've tried to play with it and see if I could get my existing cards added on, no luck. I'm also a little disappointed that the menu is no longer available. Overall, the look is nice and sleek. It allows you to send gift cards, view stores, receive updates on new events, view your account history and pay with your phone (which some people cannot due to the app not accepting existing cards). As the customers at Starbucks vary from experienced coffee drinkers to first timers, this app seems to favor the experienced customers more than new ones just because there isn't really any information about the company or their product. The significant functions on the update really is just paying with your phone and viewing transactions. I love the new tipping addition, though. I never have cash on me so I find it very useful.
Not ready for prime time
by cole-w on 2015/03/31 17:33
Tried to associate 2 debit cards (personal and joint) as well as my Paypal account. App would not let me use any of the three - finally got a Credit Card to work . . . but customer service’s suggestion was to ‘wait a week’ as the system has ‘locked you out for security ’ — unacceptable. Customer service should be able to ‘remove’ the lock out on request — Americans want their coffee NOW - not 7 days from now. Also - customer service recommended going into a store and loading a physical card using one of the debit cards . . . then transferring the balance to the app. THEN the Debit card would work . . . what kind of ‘security protocol is that? Sorry - all this sounds like voodoo to me. Get it right Starbucks THEN launch it. UPDATE: Finally got it to accept a fourth card - but when I went to use it to pre-order I discovered they do NOT offer what I always get when I walk in the door (12 oz drip - not there). Furthermore my SO always wants two bags when she gets a Venti tea. No way to put in special requests. I am transferring my Star”bucks” back to a physical card and deleting the thing. Oh . . . did I mention that background location services drains your battery since it runs 24/7.
Less is more
by Mrmoegreene on 2015/02/18 12:21
I love the App and use it all over the USA as I travel for work and leisure visiting at least 50 different stores last year, my regular stop has the barcode reader and this provides for a seamless efficient transaction, not all the stores I visit can I say this is the case. I find that stores that do not have readers can enter the card number manually which is still more convenient then providing another form of payment, the auto load feature keeps my balance available above the amount I will usually spend. Keeping track of the "free" drinks, store locator map, free music downloads are also nice features I use regularly, this App sets the standard for other App's to rise to, which few if any do. My only advise would be to keep it simple... As I wait in line for people fumbling through their purse for cash or adding money to their Starbucks card I only hope that someday the other 80 % will adopt and embrace the technology: keeping it simple will help.
by New York gal on 2015/02/25 04:30
It's everything I could have wanted. Great convenience, quick info when I want it. I still enjoy using my personal "Starbucks Gold Card", but the App saved the day when I had forgotten my Gold Card & money, but had my phone w/App. For once, thankful for a line at Starbucks, I was able to "manage" /add $ to my Gold Card via my Starbucks App, via my own ($) -card connected to my Strbks App, so I could enjoy my selections and pay using my Starbucks App on my phone. So I have kept my Gold Card w/ my name on it, --I still get a kick out of it--and I continue to use each one whenever I desire. I love them both! I enjoy the HEALTHY BKFST CHOICES quite often, and the ice coffee continues to satisfy me. As The Blues Brothers might say...SATISFYed. I do recommend the Starbucks App. And I hope you also continue to use your personal Strbks Gold Card, too. I think the personalized cards are neat. The App is very cool. Love that I can EASILY SEE MY REWARDS & when they expire, and how many Stars B4 my next Reward.
Hmmm, what happened?!
by Stiegl on 2012/03/23 04:08
So when i had the old Starbucks app everything was snappy, it never crashed and it updated the remaining amount immediately including your current stars on file. Yes, it had less features then the new app that I downloaded several months ago, but it did the job without the many hassles i now encounter. Not only does the new app take forever to open up, it also will ask me 7 out 10 times to re-enter my password. If i wont enter it, i can't by my much needed coffee! Additionally, the star that u get when purchasing a coffee, doesnt show immediately like the old app i had. It also seems to be sluggish before your amount updates after your purchase. Oh, and while iam venting, whats up with getting only one star if you buy two or more drinks (in my case lattes)?! Ripp off if u ask me! If i were to ring up two drinks separately, i would receive two stars. Why cant it be set up so your computer system recognizes when more than one drink is being bought and give you the appropriate stars after purchase? Buy two drinks in one purchase should equal two stars! Needless to say, I am not pleased with this latest app that is out. Hopefully fixes are on its way soon.
Lousy Choice in Free stuff and lacks functionality
by tripple60 on 2014/09/15 08:12
I like being able to not carry my debit card and make purchases sure, I also like your feature map service used in your status map showing locations of Starbucks coffee shops open and closed times indicated by a map icon. I wrote a similar map service using ArcGIS Online with ESRI software for a public works utility map. That's all fine and dandy, but I'm not liking the application anymore since it went to a dashboard themed style. I think it's confusing, unattractive, boring, and has less features than from before. I hardly visit Starbucks anymore because it doesn't have anything to keep me entertained. I know that's probably sad I base my decisions off how fun or cool the app is but it's true. There are other choices available when getting coffee and you ruined it for me. My biggest complaint is the choice in "Free app or Songs of the week" all the apps are boring along with artist choice. If you follow Redmond pie they give you way more free apps per week that actually have value. Please improve the application or let me help you design the next app update. Then we will see how many five star ratings Starbucks receives. Thanks for your time. Matt
I'd give no stars if it was available
by SomethingCreativeHere on 2014/03/27 17:29
New app upgrade is a bunch of crap. First off it doesn't keep my login info and half the time my password doesn't work even when it is correct- I can always log I to the web so I know the password is right. Second you removed the easy to access nutritional information and the easy store locator and replaced with a bunch of foo foo crap that while pretty eye candy is not helpful to me at all. Also a little concerned about the shake to pay- as it doesn't work- and now instead of one click to pay it's three not to mention I did not want my gold card listed first so that ever hacker can now quickly see I have a balance. Also- tipping is set up dumb... Why restrict me to such dumb amounts and why leave my transaction open now for two hours for adding a tip- more and more security concerns-- oh and now it links up with all my other social media apps so now my previously intimate guilty pleasure addiction to Starbucks is now shared community wide guess it's time to go the direction I've been considering and buy the Jura to kick my 300$ a month Starbucks habit! Thanks for releasing a crappy app to help push this decision along. Oh the new app icon looks nice.
Innovative, practical, & attractive = dynamic
by Asileiramaicrag on 2015/02/23 14:52
The Starbucks app is not just an account tracker, it can be used to pay straight from your mobile device! Capabilities that I've found useful are the 'send a gift (card)', pay with your device, & transfer among various cards linked to my Gold Card account (for sharing w kids when they're away). Then, as if utility, ease of use, and a streamlined presentation aren't enough; they give Gold Card users free gifts on a regular basis, through the app! What's not to love?! Starbucks has done an excellent job of showing its loyal customers that they are appreciated and continues to raise the bar on pleasing store experience/ambiance, customer service, market innovation, and quality products. Thank you Starbucks; for inserting a community of peace through a warm cup of America's favorite traditional and seasonal beverages all throughout the nation. You reach a diverse and thusly, impactful demographic range that is nothing short of dynamic!
Catastrophic Failure
by oOhdanny on 2014/04/01 00:24
I'm really not being extreme. For a company of Starbucks experience and formidable resources... to take such a simple set of operations and making it so obscure and hard to use is alarming. Good design, horrible interaction. Starbucks, guess what information I don't need when I open your App; My Full First and Last name and my picture... Are you kidding? My balance would be handy, I'm sure for your sake it may be convenient for me to know I only have $0.72 on my card before I am at the front of the line paying. Tiny pay button in the upper left, what is this... Amateur Hour? This undoubtedly must be the primary function of your users. Account Settings, and then account history, wha what? How much time do you anticipate your customers mulling over their coffee buying history? How much do you REALLY want the doing that - it may occur to them just how much their spending on coffee, I could go on, and no I don't want the old App back, it really wasn't that good either. Fix it, make it as simple as possible... Avoid secret gestures and swipes... One screen should suffice for most functions... Paying, reloading, and rewards updates and a second for your other crap.
Electronic Payment Poorly Executed
by wlaughlin on 2012/10/21 22:53
My fist experience with Passbook was an epic fail and it was using this application. I downloaded the app, added my credit card, and set up my Passbook card. I rarely go to Starbucks but when my wife and I got to Target she always gets something and occasionally I will get something. Yesterday we went to Target and I got the alert that I could use my Starbucks Passbook so I said I will pay fir Starbucks I want to try this out. The lady told me the total and she goes it's saying you don't have a balance on the card. The fact that I have to load money onto a card is absolutely ridiculous!! The app has my credit card attached to it I should just be able to open passbook and it charges my card the amount of whatever I order. Know I know I share some of the blame for not doing any further research but the way I had to set up a card within the app led me to believe that I could just have the phone scanned and it would charge my account everytime. For the few times I go to Starbucks I don't want to have to have to preload money to a card, however when I do go I want to be able to have a fast easy experience.
Just Like Having My Wallet
by pmcelgunn on 2013/01/05 15:41
Fantastic App. I've never had an issue with it working for me in the past 8 months of having it on my iPhone 4S. I especially like how easy it is for me to transfer balances from other registered gift cards that I received for Christmas to my gold even let me transfer the partial balance of $2.35 I had left on an old card in the app. The Passbook feature is pretty freaking sweet as well. as soon as i get near any starbucks, the notification pops up on my lock screen and all i need to do is swipe it to bring up my registered card, scan and in done! now if only Chase had something like this for my credit card i wouldn't need a wallet anymore! My one suggestion is that It would be nice if they had some sort of reminder or indicator to let you know about your free drink or food. Overall I am very satisfied. Bravo to Starbucks for a great and user friendly app
Glitz, Glam, No Substance
by MichaelG7355 on 2014/03/25 16:46
When it's not broke, don't fix it. When it comes to bills, and whistles this app has it but neither the bells ring nor the whistles blow. The app is uniform but it's not as nice as the old app the biggest thing that I don't like about the new app is that I can't reload my card unless it's empty which is completely stupid. Any card that a user may have previously registered with Starbucks appears in the app. Starbucks should not be deciding what I see in the app. In the old app I could add in any card that I had registered myself I don't need Starbucks to show me all the cards that I have registered. Whom ever at Starbucks is responsible for the design of this app did a good job but overall the app lacks any really useful features are involved in the way the app works. If Starbucks really wanted to improve the app they would have left the menu in and added things like the nutritional values of their foods, things that were in the old app that don't seem to be in the new one. Sometimes improvements are not improvements there just glitz, glam, but no substance, and that's the case with this app I hope Starbuck's fixes these problems soon.
My favorite app!
by Jerry Hope on 2015/02/25 23:59
I've used this app for years. I enjoy the ease of payment and tracking my balance. I like to monitor how close I am to earning another year of gold status and how close I am to my next free cup of Starbucks. The free cups always seems to taste a little better! Several friends and family members always give me a Starbucks gift card for my birthday. The starbuck app provides quick and simple way to transfer the funds to my gold card. One of my favorite features of the app is the store locator function. I travel often and my first task when in a new location is to find the closest store. This feature rocks! My only complaint is, recently, my app on my iPad loses the Starbuck logo and reverts to a generic iPad logo. Although the functions remain the same, the lack of the Starbuck logo makes quick identifying of the app a little harder. If you like Starbucks, the app is a must; you'll LOVE it!!
Create account on web first
by Drdeeds21 on 2015/03/09 18:37
Well spent better part of my day fussing with this app, my account, dealing with the bank and Starbucks customer service. I can't believe how many great reviews this app received, my experience was not great. In trying to sign up for a Starbucks account on my iphone using the app, my credit card account was suspended and i received an empty account verification email from thr online tool. Im a bit tech savy, so this is not new to me kind of stuff. But there are issues with data quality between the app and website. Another example is the address list on the website to mail the gold card has name, city, state and zip filled out correctly, but address line 1 is "your address here" with no way to change it. But my main issue is that i can not load my account and can not update my profile information. Called my bank and they granted all 7 transactions and Starbucks immediately refunded them! Called Starbucks and Jim stated you did everything right, but your Starbucks account is suspended and there is nothing that can be done but wait and also there was no explanation as to why. Ugh!
Amaze balls
by Peterpanfangirl on 2015/02/25 04:09
I first got this app because everyone was getting it. I had no idea what a Starbucks was but when I tasted that vanilla hazelnut frappe I got this tingly sensation running through my fingertips. I felt alive. Like I was actually looking forward to Monday mornings! I got a Starbucks card and I thought life was complete then and there. But then I joined their rewards program and I kept on getting free things. Really cool hipster songs to listen to while I am enjoying my frappe and also so many freebies. Also I have new goals in life! I even started my own bucket list. It got me so motivated to do stuff. When I go to Starbucks they used to ask for my name but then I became so frequent and my order was memorised they didn't need to write my name. One of the baristas was really nice and he had given me a special cup with my name on it. Needless to say that's when a relationship bloomed! He doesn't know it yet! But still I'm hoping
Very convenient
by Reganlj on 2015/06/21 05:15
I love this app. (I'm not reviewing Starbucks, just the app.) I work full time in a mall and we are always at the Starbucks in the center court. I love being able to just scan my phone and go. I don't think they mind separate orders to get your stars because the transactions are so quick and more transactions means more payroll for them. I did prefer the older app, but I'm good with this one. I also love that I can easily reload my card and put multiple gift card balances all on one card. Also, if you do forget your money, as long as you have your phone, you won't starve or be thirsty! I use the app daily. The only thing I hate is not being able to register cards from the app. I have to go to the full website to do that and it takes a long time. I get Starbucks gift cards all the time as gifts and prizes and need all of them on my gold card for the points.
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