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The starbucks®  app is a fast, convenient way to order and pay. Rewards are built right in, so you’ll collect Stars and start earning free drinks and food with every purchase. iOS exclusive features: Apple watch app, reload your starbucks Card with Apple Pay, 3D Touch to jump to Pay, Order & Reload from your phone’s home screen. (iPhone 6S only)
by Cassie_Stockton on 2016/05/28 05:43
Love Starbucks. Much easier with app. And to manage and reload funds
by tkari1 on 2016/05/28 04:44
SO glad I have this so I can do the mobile order, there are times where I've walked in and thank God i ordered ahead. Also it's easy doing everything online, I can reload, order, check rewards. This acts as a good company app, it's makes it easier for the customer.
The Best
by AOAJ007 on 2016/05/28 03:39
I live there, say no more!
Great app
by Samantha Zhou on 2016/05/28 03:37
I use this app in different country. It's really a good app for me to order coffee, and I will get some little surprise when I got enough rewards. So I strongly recommend this app if u really love coffee.
Not bad
by Jimmy_bomb on 2016/05/28 03:37
I don't really have any complaints with the new app. It's nice to finally be able to redeem my rewards through mobile order. Not too crazy about being rewarded based on amount spent but otherwise I like the app.
by Nikki_momo on 2016/05/28 03:06
Can't find rewards - usability needs help
by BarbalootSuit on 2016/05/28 03:05
Would be a good app but I see stars and it tells me I have rewards but tapping the stars message asks me how I'm ordering today.... Not hey do you want to see your rewards?
The Best!!
by Chiva9395 on 2016/05/28 02:24
The app is so easy to use and navigate. At first I was confused but I had a rep show me how to use it and now I use it like a pro. 🤗
Love Starbucks
by joni the wii fan on 2016/05/28 01:50
app takes awhile to get used to, once adapted it's great
Love it.
by vr6j on 2016/05/28 01:49
I love my Starbucks app
by Sandyvarg on 2016/05/28 01:48
Mostly awesome
by CarmineGF on 2016/05/28 01:48
Great experience. Wish there were a few more ways to customize drinks (Misto with 3/4 coffee)
Very good reliable app
by Beantowny on 2016/05/28 01:34
It works. Plain and Simple
Great app!
by TSumm on 2016/05/28 01:27
Love it!
Lovely app
by ArioPapi on 2016/05/28 01:20
Easy to use, just love it!
Fix your terrible notifications
by DigitalV on 2016/05/28 01:10
App always had notifications can't get the to go away. The app worked so well before this terrible refresh.
Love the app
by andem4 on 2016/05/28 00:55
Especially love mobile ordering and the ability to find nearest store no matter where I am.
Love it; just one recommendation...
by Misa1 on 2016/05/28 00:44
Love the app and recent improvements. I just have one request...PLEASE add a notes section at checkout!
Easy to use
by The best I'm the best on 2016/05/28 00:35
My requirements from the app are simple; look up card balance, see rewards, notify me of special deals, & reload my card; this app delivers what I want efficiently.
Not Bad
by LeoFlash on 2016/05/28 00:23
The latest changes to earning stars and the necessary revamp of the app to go along with that have made fun bring things a bit more difficult. Just got my Gold card in the mail under my old last name - I didn't know it was incorrect, and now have no clue where to fix it... But I like the ability to order and pay for something before I even get there, and being able to tune in to what is playing at the location I am in. A minor thing: I miss being able to play more with the stars in my cup, but it's not important - I can still make them dance!
Where is the tip?
by routerdude on 2016/05/28 00:17
Since the update you can't tip anymore what's up?
by Starr Etoile on 2016/05/27 23:59
Well played Starbucks!!!1!
by photowebby on 2016/05/27 23:52
I prefer the taste of my local coffee chain, Brew HaHa but lately I've been going to Starbucks more often because of this app. So very convenient to able to order from my office then drive to my local Starbucks (5–minute drive) and have my order waiting for me.
So so
by Ewm2 on 2016/05/27 23:50
The new app is worse than the previous version. Navigation is terrible. The badge on my iPhone screen says there are 4 messages but I certainly cannot find them.
Easy to use
by Nurse Nico on 2016/05/27 23:43
Easy and quick. Perks are a plus.
by Donald & Teri on 2016/05/27 23:33
Very natural
by christianocochrane on 2016/05/27 22:45
Very convenient and very reliable.
Absolutely love!
by tracyxann90 on 2016/05/27 22:23
Please do not hide the messages. Sometimes I have a hard time looking for the messages tab. Only time I can actually see it is if there's new messages. Please fix.
by LauraLee0000 on 2016/05/27 20:51
Love love love
great app.
by Justinbiebersbaby;) on 2016/05/27 20:33
Good app
by Jennabenna96 on 2016/05/27 20:10
But every time I open it, notifications appear on the app and I don't know how to get rid of them or check them
Love the app!
by DOMiNiCANxSAMi on 2016/05/27 20:01
Easy to pay!!
I love Starbucks!!
by Nonna Addie on 2016/05/27 19:56
I love Starbucks!!!
Easy and convenient
by Brbrba on 2016/05/27 19:51
This app has brought me back to Starbucks! I never have to wait in line, and my order is correct every single time.
by Nailzypoo on 2016/05/27 19:48
Makes getting coffee for my wife sooooooo much easier 😎
Starbucks is life
by allycat1996 on 2016/05/27 19:38
Love it
Inputting Cards
by Violin#1 on 2016/05/27 19:23
Love the app except one thing, should make it easier to input new gift cards! Like the Apple App where you just let the camera see it and wah-la! Just a Thought!!!
Love it!
by Karebear <3 on 2016/05/27 19:23
I love this app it's great, this way I can put all my gift card balances together in one place, plus I earn rewards and I can order from my phone.
by AriesTaur on 2016/05/27 19:22
I like the convenience the app provides when ordering.
by Jbeans259 on 2016/05/27 19:21
This is the best and easiest way to buy Starbucks coffee! I've had it for years and never been disappointed.
by Akhnnnn on 2016/05/27 18:59
This app is amazing, so helpful with star rewards. My favorite feature is the order-ahead option, really helps save time and is always very accurate. Love this app!
by Amh👍👍🌟🌟🌟 on 2016/05/27 18:51
Starbucks is obviously my life and this app is just perfect!👌 I just give my phone to the cashier, and the scan it. it's just that simple!
by Katesween on 2016/05/27 18:47
Love this app!!! Makes it so easier to get a drink and I don't have to wait in line!!
by Diamndzz on 2016/05/27 18:33
Great App..
Great app
by Milocee2002 on 2016/05/27 18:19
Love this app!
Awesome, Easy to use, Convenient
by Fun198 on 2016/05/27 17:59
I love the app. It's easy to use and reload your card, view your history, check on your balance/star count, and more! I also love the daily app codes they send you; I have already downloaded many of the apps they've suggested.
Great for paying with iPhone
by Davebdds on 2016/05/27 17:38
So easy to pay by iPhone with this app
by _inggrriidd on 2016/05/27 17:29
Love it
Pick of The Week
by joelrichard on 2016/05/27 17:09
There are so many great apps being featured on this new version, but sadly, trying to download them doesn't work. I've tried plenty of times to download a Pick of The Week, but the download button doesn't take me anywhere.
👍🏽I ❤️ Starbucks App☕️
by Lady Crews on 2016/05/27 17:06
I have the IPhone 6 and it works great. Never had a problem using it and it's very easy to use.😃
by Dakatmeow on 2016/05/27 15:35
I wish I could marry Starbucks
by leahkalei on 2016/05/27 15:26
The app definitely updated into something with higher quality than before. The app is perfect for keeping track of how many stars you've earned, and it also keeps track of your history. The app also allows costumers to order their drink before they arrive at Starbucks. This is great when you're in a hurry! I highly recommend all Starbucks' costumers to download the Starbucks app because they can get all of the benefits that Starbucks is giving.
Love it!
by Gilliam on 2016/05/27 15:26
So much better now! I use my app all the time to find locations... To order refill my card. Easy breasy!
Randomly signs me out, and won't let me sign in
by jtbayly on 2016/05/27 15:24
I put in my credentials and click "Sign In" and nothing happens. No rejection. No sign in. Nothing. If the app would just work consistently it would be 5 stars, but since I can't rely on it to pay for my order, it's useless.
Great app
by Minty Fresh9999 on 2016/05/27 14:57
Love the pre-order feature and the easy payment process!
My favorite place of all time!
by Yui Kulthida on 2016/05/27 14:45
I love the atmosphere in every starbucks I visit? The life, the joy, the spirit of the barista!
❤️ It!!!
by lmmuffin on 2016/05/27 14:42
Great apps
by Christina311 on 2016/05/27 14:29
Starbucks app make order easier
Won't reload my card
by Daryldwg on 2016/05/27 14:09
This morning I tried to reload the Starbucks app and it would not reload. It reloads out of my debit card . So I used the exact same debit card to pay instead of using the app since it would not reload. The lady at Starbucks said she hears this complaint all the time about the app.
Super awesome!
by Mike&BoBo on 2016/05/27 14:00
Clemmons, NC Starbucks is awesome! Great staff and they're on point 💯
by Nexis32 on 2016/05/27 13:54
I would have to say that this app is used the most out of all my other apps. From the way the stars are calculated, ordering ahead of time, paying with the app in person, and even the animation of the stars in the Starbucks cup (They float and you can drag them around!!!!😄), this app keeps on getting better!
Love it!
by Beastygurl on 2016/05/27 13:54
Love this app for when I accidentally forget my gift cart at home
Love the new version
by Ddcakes10 on 2016/05/27 13:54
It's actually working for me much better than the last version of the app :)
Totally useless anymore
by LisaIXOYE on 2016/05/27 13:52
I honestly do not know where to start with listing my frustration I am beyond frustrated. I have not used this app in a while because I had some major transitions in my life so when it was updated I had to re-log in. That's fine, it's a security measure. 1. I finally get a chance to use the app and can't get my credit card to load on any money because it doesn't recognize my password. I worked on it for a solid five minutes to no avail. 2. There's no way for me to change my password in the app 3. A day later while relaxed and at home I try to log out to log back in. There's no way to log out in the app 4. I go to the website and reset my password. This red era the app useless. But doesn't allow me to address my new password in the app 5. I try to use my new password to update my credit card info and I just keep getting an error msg that is of no help. 6. I delete and reinstall my app and now have no access at all as it doesn't recognize my newly set password I've been a gold card holder since 2010 and used the former app tons. This update is useless! I'm earning no points and getting more detached every step I take! I'm beyond annoyed!
Not intuitive
by GermanIrish66 on 2016/05/27 13:37
Very cumbersome to navigate.
by pjjj01 on 2016/05/27 13:11
Having trouble getting my gold card registered. It's hard enough to get it. It shouldn't be hard to register it, otherwise the app is easy to use.
Starbucks app
by Voicemann on 2016/05/27 13:09
Is easy to use
Love the app, wish I could customize more
by Thack09 on 2016/05/27 12:51
I love the new features and have had very few problems in using the app this year. However, I wish there was an option to customize the order just a bit more. My husband likes to order his frappucino double blended, which isn't an option on the app, so when I'm ordering for both of us, I can't mobile order and pay. More customization options or a field where you could write a note to the barista would be super helpful.
B!tch better have my money
by tibrado on 2016/05/27 12:34
App will hold your funds hostage unless you install the updates.
Love the New App
by Vinicmoy on 2016/05/27 12:06
I love the design and easy of the new app!!
by Ashley Pearl on 2016/05/27 11:36
I love this application is so easy and great
by kc9864213 on 2016/05/27 11:33
A little tricky to figure out at first but love it!
LOVE the Starbucks App!!!
by Tedwards27 on 2016/05/27 11:27
I am thrilled with the new changes and our ability to redeem rewards in any mode, especially when ordering for pickup. Great job!!!
by Lyz103058 on 2016/05/27 11:16
This app is amazing. It makes ordering, finding a Starbucks and getting the latest news easy!!! I don't know how I survived the long lines before. Now. No lines ever!!!
Great app- please include expiration dates
by cluejo on 2016/05/27 10:57
I love the app. I've used it for years and it's so simple and user friendly. The updated app is nice however I don't like that I cannot view expiration dates for my rewards or status. It used to be readily available. Adding that feature back would be a great service to their guests and earn them 5 stars in my book.
Love it!!
by Lisa&Daughter on 2016/05/27 10:41
This app is so handy (especially for my Daughter). Somehow she always has money on her card for a Venti😍
Good app
by SlyD3 on 2016/05/27 10:40
Very convenient and easy to use.
by ethnicbutee on 2016/05/27 10:01
App is great!!! Especially enjoyed being able to reload my card using Apple Pay and complete the online purchase😀👍🏾
Star Bucks
by Sweetz shop on 2016/05/27 09:34
by A7!€!A#!£B on 2016/05/27 07:17
I would like to say I ❤️ the new version. I get twice as many rewards with the new 🌟🌟🌟 system However I do wish you were able to add lemonade🍋, or apple juice🍎 to a refresher instead of water or even give special instructions how you like your drink☕️ to be made. I mean you can change 2% Milk to soy or coconut milk. Why not all drinks. Please change soon.
by Toriguty on 2016/05/27 06:35
Love the ordering ahead feature. It remembers my order and finds the nearest store. And the tracking of my order and how close I am to the store is amazing.
Don't Hide Info - Fix App!
by Strikers diva on 2016/05/27 06:24
After repeatedly being asked by Starbucks to wait for them to correct my account and still not seeing the correction, I am submitting a review. I already had Gold status through Dec 2017 and now should have Gold status through Dec 2018. On one of their updates, the status showed that I lost a year and with the recent updates, they have entirely removed the date. To make this app user friendly, it should show the user’s status with the expiration date. It should also allow users to see how many rewards they have earned and when they expire. Why is Starbucks now hiding this information? This information also doesn’t show when you log into their website. Many users have complained about the app defaulting to the closest store. A quick remedy would be to allow users to save favorite locations so they don’t have to move the map around to find the store they use on a regular basis. These are all features the old app had and, unless Starbucks is purposely trying to hide information, they are foolish to discard them. Not correcting these issues causes a lack of trust by your customers because of the lack of transparency. Fix it!
by Mspftuazon on 2016/05/27 06:12
Fast, easy and convenient! I love it!
Starbucks App
by Gotviewdedann on 2016/05/27 06:12
Love this app!!! Getting all your rewards, paying with the app, reloading money, and not carrying a purse or debit card is so nice.
Love this app
by _CoUnTrYgIRL93_ on 2016/05/27 05:44
I love the upgrade and the star earning process. This app and Starbucks are my favorite things 😊
I still like the app but
by bnewl91 on 2016/05/27 05:34
The pick of the week never opens up when I click download now. It's so irritating because sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't. Of course it never works when there is an interesting app that is the pick of the week and the download now button does not work. Also the app is no longer user-friendly. I used to love how I could look at the menu without having to make an online order. Such a complicated process now.
Cut the line
by Rachel 💗 on 2016/05/27 05:23
So much faster <3
Great app! So convenient !!!
by Kff127 on 2016/05/27 05:17
Love this app! All in 1!!
5 star app!
by XxjuanxX on 2016/05/27 04:49
This app is pretty neat! I've had the Starbucks app since when the original version was released and it only keeps getting better and better! It's handy in case you forget your cards and always zoo giveaways for apps and music. Never had a problem with it! 👌🏼
Everyone needs this App
by The Bee 4 real on 2016/05/27 04:34
Basically if you drink Starbucks ever then you should have this app. It's fun. It's easy. It's helpful.
by My Starbucks on 2016/05/27 04:21
I like the old app on Starbucks this new one its quite different and somewhat hard to navigate why when ordering coffee or add bonus stars it's like pulling teeth to make it happen. I wish there was an user friendly app that would allow to add codes to located in an area that isn't a maze looking for one to apply towards and a list of all hot/cold drinks that are offered when using my iPhone. Please Starbucks take this information to help so others can enjoy the reward program and drinks offered!
by Siga Martinez on 2016/05/27 04:19
Starbucks mobile order has saved me so much time and they have never messed up on one of my drinks.
by Oodes on 2016/05/27 03:50
Absolutely love it
by Dhakfiiibxh on 2016/05/27 03:42
It's great!
Love this app
by Navywife24 on 2016/05/27 03:34
Starbucks will always be my Fav, only this is I am not sure how to check my message now that the app is different!
Very helpful
by Jazmiin310 on 2016/05/27 03:24
If I forget my wallet it's ok cuz I can always pay with my phone and the fact the you get rewards for using it helps too .. I mean who doesn't love free stuff !!
Old version was better
by Siamitbagh on 2016/05/27 03:24
Pick of the week download link doesn't work. And link to view messages is hidden at the very end of the page.
Loving the new rewards.
by Scubanut2 on 2016/05/27 03:12
At first I wasn't sure if I was going to like it. But with the double star day and all the other ways to earn stars I think it's really good.
by Prabbbbbbbb on 2016/05/27 02:50
Love it
Mobile order needs some work
by Boston-orderer on 2016/01/24 16:18
I would give the app 5 stars if not for mobile ordering (which, granted, is a minor feature that is not a requirement to use the app). I liked the idea of the mobile ordering option when it first came out, but after using it once, and attempting to use it several times later... I won't be using it again until it's more convenient. Some minor changes would make it something worth the effort: 1. Order history: the app remembers my order history, sure, but if I want to change even a small thing like the size (and nothing else) I have to type in the entire order again. Since I usually order a drink that involves a few choices (drip coffee of a certain roast with flavoring), it becomes cumbersome to do this on the go. 2. Order location: ordering in Boston has become a complete nightmare, which is when I stopped even trying to use it. Since there are so many Starbucks locations, and I'm often trying to order while moving, like on a bus or train, the "closest location" is just constantly recalibrating and is rarely the location I want. As many other reviewers have said, maybe you could tap into the favorite stores aspect, already in the app, and have them be the automatic first choices. Between trying to rewrite my order and selecting the right location, mobile ordering just isn't worth the effort now to use it. I like idea though, and am looking forward to using it once the feature is tightened up.
Convenient as anything. However...
by PDX101 on 2015/11/14 18:02
Mobile ordering is what I'm talking about here. I've had no real issues with the app itself, aside from a couple of times it just wouldn't reload funds no matter what I did, it basically would just freeze. Later I found out that every attempt I had made, it actually charged my credit card the amount (but nothing ever showed on the app account). That was a pain, but hasn't happened in a long while. Now mobile ordering is where it can sometimes really show its "beta-ness." A few times the order never got to the store (so I was told by the barista, so take that with a grain of salt), but most recently the issues have been from the baristas themselves just neglecting the mobile orders altogether. Today, for example, I placed my order 10 minutes before arriving, waited 20 minutes in the store itself, before finally, a barista that recognized me as a regular leaned to her co-worker and quietly said, "...did you get his mobile order for him?" Only then was my drink actually started. I watched almost 20 people cycle through the line as I was waiting and thought to myself, "well s***, if I wanted to deal with all this, I would've just hopped in line and paid cash, and I'd be out of here already." And that kind of defeats the purpose, don't you think? Really takes away the awesomeness of it all and I hope this is just a one time thing. And no, I shouldn't have to remind them. At all.
Good First Attempt
by Cofee Connection on 2016/03/28 19:35
When the App is working it's very good but it is still a little twitchy and has some bugs that need to be worked out. First - it doesn't allow you to pay with your Earned Rewards - always has to be your credit card. Second it doesn't have a Favorite or Prefered Store. I like to order my coffee on my drive to work. The problem is if I order it from the safety of my driveway it auto detects the closest store to my house - which is the opposite direction I am travelling and not the one I want to get my coffee from near work. I have to be practically on top of the store near work and then I have to maneuver the buttons while driving - just like texting. I'll probably kill myself one day trying to order coffee. Last problem and the one that aggrevates the second problem The app has a great feature - Previous Order - you just tap that and it duplicates your last order. Well no it doesn't. I order the same 2 Venti coffees every day but my previous order is some latte that I ordered for my wife 6 months ago. I have to manually type my 2 brewed coffees and then change the size and save and order while driving. If they insist on launching apps with obvious defects and don't repair them in 6 months the least they could do would be to provide a voice app so I can keep my eyes on the road. All that said - when I do place the order it is always waiting for me and there are days when I skip around very long lines. Great idea - poor execution.
Good. Could be much better
by Chany27 on 2016/05/04 21:59
It's a good app and I love the ability to pay on mobile with passbook. But the rest of the app seems glitchy and difficult to use. I would like the option to browse the menu at a specific store without starting an order, the ability to pick a store from a list of favorites without it placing me at whatever store my phone thinks is closest first. If there are two Starbucks in the same mall (as there often are, especially downtown for me) the phone sometimes places me at the wrong store. If I don't realize this then I will have to walk across the entire mall or down a few blocks to get my order. It would just be nice if it would confirm the store (possibly with a photo of store front or description of neighboring stores) to begin the order with to help me out. Also, I would like the ability to create personalized lists of my favorite drinks and food to order from again easily. And lastly if the pay tab with my card automatically shows a barcode it would save me that step of shaking the phone or clicking on "pay" to show the barcode. Also if the tabs could be on the bottom of the app instead of the top, for people like me with small hands reaching all the way up to the top of the phone while holding papers and bags while shopping or at work downtown is quite difficult. These are all small things and the app functions fine as it is but those little things would make the ordering process quicker and easier.
Starbucks Mobile App from ITunes
by Nikkibucks on 2016/01/06 13:50
I love my Starbucks App and use it 1-3 times a day. I am completely addicted to their coffee and this app has made that so convenient for me. It's easy to use and navigate. The only issue I have and continue to experience is that MANY times my phone app will not allow me to reload my card via the card information I have connected to it. I know it's not a card issue because each time it happens I have to go to the store and use same debit to reload card manually with a barista. This makes it only slightly less convenient but not a big deal for me. I still LOVE Starbucks Coffee and their friendly staff and will continue to use the app on a daily basis. I can still see my star balance, manage my cards, change my payment methods, add payment methods, transfer a balance from one card to another, and best of all I can do a Mobile order for quick pick up. I have many other apps from local establishments who also offer mobile ordering. For some odd reason they don't allow as much personalization a to the order. Starbucks allows you to change ANYTHING on your drink orders and gives you the price TOTAL before asking you to pay. Even offers the option of reloading while paying for mobile order. My mobile orders have almost always been made on time as well. I think they have mastered the app!!
Good. Could be better...
by Uminam3 on 2016/01/31 18:23
This app makes it very easy to spend your money at Starbucks. It works pretty well, although there are a few obvious bugs... But I always scratch my head wondering why it seems like app developers for big companies don't test their own apps... Also, I really wish that you could program your favorite drinks into it and then the baristas could scan my phone and know what I wanted and it would automatically charge my starbucks card. Beep, Done!! Not only would this improve drink accuracy but it would cut down the line at the store by letting people who know what they want get in and out of line in a few seconds. You could also use this to send a drink request to a friend. Imagine you could click a button to send a friend your drink order. That person could pick up coffee for you (and several others)... And the order would be 100% accurate PLUS each individual person would be charged via the app so splitting payment would be easy and uncomplicated. Imagine the convenience!! So yeah, it works well but a smartphone platform opens the door for a lot of cool features that they apparently haven't thought of yet. Maybe later this year, when their profits reach $100 Billion, they will have the funds they need to hire intelligent developers (and maybe a few testers??) and together in a dangerously caffeinated frenzy they will make the app more reliable and convenient to use!
Could be better...
by Kissa3080 on 2016/03/19 12:35
Works pretty well overall if you order the same thing and use your last saved order. The most annoying thing is that when I get to the Starbucks to pick up my mobile order the drink is NEVER at the pickup station. I have to go over to where you order which defeats the purpose of not having to wait in line. The app should be clear and say it doesn't know where that store will choose to leave the drink because each store does it different. Also, when I'm in a rush and trying to place the order before I leave the house it often starts to update and won't let me place the order or reload my card. It's also hard to get to a drink I want cause it only loads certain stuff when you start typing in the search area. This is bothersome cause we all know they offer Way more. Seems like they might be trying to get me to buy more expensive items. Which isn't cool so at that point, I just log out and don't order anything. Thank Goodness I won't be using the app much longer because of the new rewards program set to begin April 2016 and the increased amount of money you need to spend just to earn ONE free item. The app and the coffee aren't good enough to continue and I know my money and time in the morning would be better spent on other things. It was cool for a while but this company is money hungry in my opinion and the way this app works makes it clear they are nickel and dining you whether it's money or time.
Ok but not all that convenient
by Ai Hiruma Martinez on 2016/02/18 16:34
In terms of ease of use when making payments and getting your member rewards and status, this app is great. When you include the ability to order ahead and pick up or even to tip your barista, this app falls very short. For tipping your barista you have to search for your last transaction to do so which seems like a lot of taps - for something that I think should be encouraged and made easier (as some baristas really work hard to remember who you are and make your order perfect). It'd be better if once you scan your app to pay, the option to tip comes up then as a notification type overlay. For ordering ahead - now this is where the app really falls short. I was so excited about this feature because it's the best way to still get your coffee and breakfast fix and not worry about waiting in a long line and being late for work. However, I first had to look for instructions online to even make my app open to this feature! Anytime you need to look up instructions on how to use an app is a sign of just bad user flow. On top of that, I still haven't figured out how to time when I can pick up my order so if I happen to place it at a point where it takes me longer to pick it up, I apparently run the risk of having my order thrown out (at least that's what one barista told me when I was late to pick up my order). Overall, the app is great for ease of payment but that's really it...sadly.
App....Like concept....NEEDS WORK
by Ladybug38d on 2016/03/04 07:21
The app is ok to you use if you are ordering exactly the way it comes. If you want to make a change, it really becomes challenge. I like my half and half steamed so it's hot before my coffee is added. You can't do that on the App. I have to go inside to order because I tried the App Order and Pay and when I got to the drive thru and told them I ordered thru the App and hot steam my half and half, they told me next time let them know when I place my order. I told the guy the App doesn't give me the options to select or type in the changes. He also thought it did and I said No it doesn't. The App doesn't allow to let the Baristas know you want to make changes, so it's totally useless. I agree with the others on when trying to choose a location. It doesn't allow me to pick the location I want to use unless I'm within less 1 mile. A Starbucks is right off the Freeway on my way to work. Every time I want to do the Order and Pay App on my way from the house, it keeps giving me the Starbucks on the West side of the City which is totally INCONVENIENT and the location I want is North right off the freeway on my way to work. This is absolutely ridiculous that I have to wait until I come within less than one mile for it to pickup the convenient location. I quit using the App unless it's a drink ordered exactly without any changes and the location is ok and that is VERY RARE. *THREE STARS ON THE APP ONLY.
LOVE the app!! But, does need some work!
by Seattle_Coffee_Queen on 2016/03/13 08:11
I personally love this app!! I'm a big coffee drinker and go every day in the morning except Sunday's. I love the app and it's very convenient for me to pay in the drive through and receive starts for every purchase. I do wish you could get more rewards instead of having to get to Gold to even start working toward a reward. I know that the point system will be changing but I don't think it will be making loyal customers earn more rewards more frequently. Hopefully I am wrong. Another thing is I do agree with the other reviews that ordering from your phone needs lots of improvements! I think that yes, it can give you suggestions about nearby Starbucks but also give you the option to choose another location. Especially when you are searching for a specific store, you should be able to select the one you want to order to even if you are not near it yet. Not being able to do that makes it a lot more complicated. Luckily I don't use that option often because of that reason and just use the drive through. Overall, I love the app and love that I can at least get rewards and some deals for being a loyal customer. Also, I love that it is very easy to use and navigate. If you are a often Starbucks goer, I strongly recommend this app!!
by Ben Holtz on 2014/09/26 10:23
I truly enjoy the app, the convenience of not needing a card & having currency on my phone makes purchases a breeze for my busy schedule. The convenience I'm missing out on is my addiction to gold stars...whether I purchase 1 or more items I only receive 1 gold star, so I make the cashier do 2-3 orders at a time which is an inconvenience not only to me but the line behind me as well. I also have had a problem with 'bonus stars' being credited to my account, leading me to call Starbucks which is not only a headache hoping they will credit what's due but also being questioned on the legitimacy of my call (whatever the case) once this woman went over & over with me stating I already received a star for that day & I agreed but what about the other 2 purchases I made that day!? What about the gold star I was supposed to receive for my breakfast sandwich purchase? I normally just drink espresso but I bought a frappaccino cause I was told Id get 3 bonus stars, where are those? The lady thought I was crazy, & maybe I am...for gold stars & rewards, that's why I use the app, now give em to me. I have the valid receipts, numbers, & money missing from my account, I shouldn't have to plead to you. All in all, I enjoy the app, but it's friggin 2014, get it together, you're a multimillion dollar company, I'm certain you can create a more flawless app. :)
Issues with Reload
by Guy24257 on 2015/09/23 03:40
I'm a huge fan of Starbucks and I love what they've done by partnering with Arizona State University (Go Devils!), but I've been experiencing so many issues with the new mobile app. I constantly get asked to verify my email and home address and when I click "verify" it not only makes me re-verify a few more times but it also doesn't send me the verification email. (I finally got one a few hours later.) my biggest concern, however, is with the reloading of my card. I got a digital card through the app and every time I try to reload, it says that it is unable to process due to a mismatch in my address. I checked my profile on the app and my card and the addresses match. I've had the same address for over 5 years and unless someone in an alternate dimension is playing pranks on me, I don't think an address mismatch is the issue. I've checked (and attempted reload) on the app and website a few times (7 actually) and each time, I am facing the same issue. I called my card's customer service line and they've reassured me that my card is not the one with the issue. The only bright side to all this is that although every attempt at reload is still charging my card, at least I am getting credited the money back ($180 dollars is quite the pretty penny). Hopefully when I call Starbucks' customer service line tomorrow, they'll be able to resolve the issue for me!
by StillMeEllen on 2015/11/23 09:06
Using the new app being a customer is now too easy!!! Forgot my purse but NEED something cool to soothe the headache?? Never fear!! Open my wallet in my iPhone or the app and it brings up my gold card WITH MY BALANCE!!! Order my drink with 2 extra shots alfagato and pay with my balance!!! Want to treat my friend driving me around looking for it? If I have it set up for auto-reload and my balance is low it will load my card so I can buy them a drink, but wait, we don't know where the nearest store is.... Just click stores and look for my closest green spot is! No need looking for all that wasted paper sitting in stores to get your free song or app of the week, now you'll never miss an older one because they are right on the app!! Load and play while you're sipping your own tasty creation!! And I love being gold and getting the inside info on when the yearly rarity is about to come in stores and can be ground to my coffee maker, now to pick which one, my French Press or my flat bottom auto-drip! But that's why they employ the best baristas and the others work at stores that Have coffee and your choice is regular or decaf!! At Starbucks they have the best people, the best app, and THE BEST COFFEE to sip with your favorite snack from a sweet treat to a protein packed box!!!!
Love the app... But could be better
by Hellotherefriend on 2016/01/28 04:23
I've been using this app for years now and love not needing to carry my card or cash. However wanted to write a review to hopefully get some improvements on the mobile ordering aspect. First off I want to be able to order my coffee in a "for here" mug. Not an option right now and seems easy enough to do. Also would like to be able to redeem my free menu item using the mobile order. Also, I hate how it picks which location to pick up. I still don't know how to change the pick up location. I just fight w it for a few mins trying to figure it out, finally it changes and I can order but I can't figure out what I did to change it so go thru the same issue every time!!!! Also my friend orders a certain tea. But for some reason it does not show the type of tea she ordered on the print out the c/s gets so when she gets there they made her another type of tea. Sorry can't explain more but trust me when I say there is a tea ordering problem. And yes like others have said I wish it would save your last few orders so you don't have to keep setting it all up all over again just because you switch between a few different orders. If you fix these issues you could make it perfect!!!
From 5 Stars to 1/2 Star. PLEASE FIX
by Muddgog16 on 2012/09/23 12:48
Please pass on to developers or someone. I love my coffee and Starbucks and have come to rely on the iPhone app. I realize its due to Apple cutting ties to Google Maps? However doing so has all but killed the Starbucks app; I travel daily to new locations and use it to find a store that's open and then navigate there using my GPS App. With IOS 6 the functionality of the Starbucks app went from 5 stars to 1/2 star. Reasons: In map mode to find a store, when you tap on the store's dot all you get is whether its currently open and the address. No way to send address via txt or email anymore (formally a function of Send an Invite) and the store hours are not displayed so I don't know whether its opening in 2 minutes or two hours. If you display stores in list mode at least you get services available displayed as icons but still no store hours or ability to copy address other than pen and paper; major 5+ year step backwards! I used to be able to find an open store or one opening soon and send myself and Invite via email. From that email I could in three taps send the address to my GPS Nav Now app and that would launch my TomTom and get me there. Now all that is gone and all that's left is the ability to pay with my Starbucks Card via my iPhone. At least from within some apps there is the option to send location of a store directly to my GPS navigation app such as TomTom with a tap or two. PLEASE FIX otherwise this app is pretty lame.
APP works great!
by Beetle205 on 2015/04/16 12:24
Like a few others, I have had not trouble at all with the SB's app. I use it on an iPhone with the most current release 8.3. Somewhat of a heavy user, several times a week and Gold status. No crashing, no lost information and cards sync correctly. The only issue I have experienced was not receiving bonus stars recently. I completed the Customer Service form for missing stars and within 24 hours this had been resolved-really cannot expect more than that, plus I received an extremely nice email from SB's for the inconvenience . One item I did read referenced debit cards not syncing, that is more than likely not SB's issue but rather the issuing bank. I have found with my bank the security around online transactions for debit cards is much tighter and admittedly a debit card is not intended for this sort of use compared to a credit card. It has to do with the holds for such transactions against good funds. I ran into this with a couple of other apps before calling the bank. Solution, use a credit card and the auto reload works as it should, cannot blame SB's or the Banks. Debit Cards are just not the correct tool for app reloads just like airline tickets and hotel reservations should not be made using a debit card.
by ShannaT92 on 2015/08/11 02:41
Ok peps it's story time. I woke up early to get a start on the day, work out be healthy all that junk. So I'm at the gym and I have 1 hours until work so I decided to go out and get breakfast. I like to grab my card before hand so I reach into my bag and.. Wallet?! Wallet?! Where art thou wallet? How about on your kitchen table? Now it's morning and rush hour and I work 35 minutes away from where I live. Going home was not an option. That's ok I'll eat some of my lunch... Wait, lunch box? LUNCH BOX? Where are you?! Oh in the fridge back home THATS JUST DANDY. So I'm internally and externally crying right now and I'm flipping though my phone wishing I could pay by scanning. And then I see my Starbucks app. MY GLORIOUS STARBUCKS APP. It had money on it! And as long as I remembered my password I could reload it! So I stopped by Starbucks, got some java, a breakfast sandwich and a cookie for a snack. Then lunch rolled around, co workers invited me to the cafe, but I waved me phone and was like "Nah I'm treating myself" acting like I have my young adult life together when I actually don't. I got a nice lunch bento box and and iced coffee and felt pretty darn good. But this could have not been the case if it wasn't for this app. Thank you Starbucks for having my back when I clearly don't have my own.
Awesome app, mobile ordering could be refined
by Kayemdubs on 2016/03/09 12:51
Hands down Starbucks has the retail app game figured out. The bonus offers, earning rewards, reloading cards - it's excellent. Mobile ordering is amazing where I live (small town with three locations, pretty easy to navigate). I agree with suggestions that it would be nice for the app to remember or suggest your favorite Starbucks locations for mobile ordering. In my case, the closest Starbucks to my house is not the one I want to order from - I want to order from the one I walk past after I park my car and am on my way to my office building. So being able to make that my default would be great. Also, it would be even better if I could program in a time for pickup so that I could place my order before I get in my car and then have it actually sent after I've had time to get closer to the location. If I order before I leave my house, my drink would be cold/melted by the time I get there, but waiting till I park kind of defeats the purpose of mobile ordering (except to skip the line if there is one). Overall though very slick app, I enjoy using it and it definitely makes it easy to spend more money at Starbucks which is the whole point from their perspective.
Starbucks Does It Again!!!
by Opiumgoddess on 2015/09/30 17:03
I love the new update for the Starbucks app. It's nice to have discount offers displayed on the pay screen. My favorite feature is undoubtedly the ability to place an order on my iPhone. It is extremely convenient, as it enables the user to skip the seemingly endless lines that plague the drive through. This is awesome for people like me who are always running late! What I love most of all is the ability to easily customize my drink. After choosing my drink from the menu, I am able to choose add-ins, syrup flavors, type of milk, consistency of milk, number of espresso shots, whipped cream, etc. This amazing feature not only allows me to choose what I would like to add in, but also how much. For example, I ordered a vanilla latte today and added an extra shot, one extra pump of vanilla, and vanilla powder and whipped cream, which give the options of choosing light, regular, or extra. I would never order like this in person because I believe it would be very difficult to transcribe, especially at the drive through. Thanks to this awesome feature, I was able to order my perfect latte! Thank you, Starbucks, for finding creative new ways to make the coffee buying experience more enjoyable for the customers.
Practically perfect in every way
by Abbygale414 on 2015/06/23 16:33
This app really is about perfect! You can reload and check the balance on your cards, set a main card and even scan and pay from that card. There's a message center that pops up not only the app/song of the week every Tuesday like clockwork but also notices about special rewards available. You can now even order and pay ahead and choose a location to pickup your fav beverage without having to worry about the dreaded line! You can find any store any where and get directions to it, and I have used it at home as well as unfamiliar cities and it works like a charm! It keeps track of your stars and let's you know where you are in relation to your Gold status as well as just your next bonus reward. My only quibble is not with the app so much as with the system. If you get stars for buying coffees then the system should be able to recognize the difference between an order with one coffee and an order with four coffees and reward you accordingly. But that's the only trouble in paradise, otherwise I highly recommend this app for those of you who need Starbucks to get through the week. For those who visit now and again, it might be more than you need...
Almost perfect..
by Starbuckxian on 2016/02/15 19:51
I absolutely LOVE the Starbucks app and the fact that customers can now pre-order drinks. It is so, so convenient. However, there are two flaws that I wish Starbucks would address. The first, is that there is no option (that I'm aware of), that will let you pay for a pre-ordered beverage with a free reward. There have been times where I've had multiple free rewards sitting on my account, but no monetary funds on my Starbucks card, and if I wanted to take advantage of being able to pre-order my beverage, I was forced to reload my card first. I think Starbucks needs to find a way to allow customers to pay for their pre-ordered drinks with rewards if they have a reward available. Also, I really wish that when pre-ordering beverages, customers had an area where they could type additional modifications that Starbucks might not have included in their pre-made list. For example, the last time I checked, there was no option to have a hot drink made "extra-hot," so if you wanted that, you were not able to pre-order your drink. Aside from those two features (or lack thereof), I think the app is wonderful. I love how you can reload your card, check your balance, check your purchase history, look up nutrition facts, etc. :)
Awful update !!
by ivyprofessor on 2015/03/31 01:34
I swore I wrote a review for this already ... But since I don't see it .. Here we go again . I have my phone set for auto updates . The app updated over the weekend and has since wiped out my Gold card including the credit card info . I can still see my Gold card in my Passport . So I used the passport to make a recent purchase but due to low balance I needed to add funds . Imagine my surprise when I have to log in and my info is gone! I had the actual card and added funds . I logged in and tried to add my card but the app says it's already activated . So I see NO CARD AT ALL and now I have to carry the actual card to add funds ? (I had lost the darn thing in my house and just recently found it .) I Sent an email to customer service that hasn't been responded to so I took to Twitter .. Nicely at 1st . Please don't tell a techie that a customer service suggestion should be to update your app and then your card info will reappear. I was also told by the same customer service rep my user name is now my email I signed up with for added security . REALLY? I said since when and wouldn't you notify of a change like that ? My user name is NOT my email nor has it ever been . I also changed my password as instructed and now I'm seriously annoyed since of course that BS doesn't work either !! WTH?? Where are the tech folks to fix this darn app ?! So now I need to use a card to load and pay on my IPhone 5? Fix this mess!!!
Pretty good app
by Emzz1 on 2016/03/02 22:08
First off, I would like to say that I would not be going to Starbucks as often as I do without this app, so good job there. It's great to track my star progress and pay without taking my wallet out, and the mobile order ahead SEEMS like a good idea... However the timing is kind of strange. I got the email saying we got an extra star on every mobile order so that gave me a reason to order some coffee on my phone after class! I like how you can browse the whole menu, and take as long as you want, and customize your order accurately (love it, actually). However, I would like to offer some suggestions. Both times I have ordered with my phone they haven't started making my order when I came in the store. I didn't mind, as I wasn't in a rush, but I know that will bother some people. Also, I always have to order when I'm at a stoplight or something 5-10 minutes away... I suggest leaving some way to write comments to the barista. That way I can write that I'll be there in 15 minutes, not anytime in the next couple minutes or so. Or, if people want special drink orders they can comment about it so it is clear for the barista. Other than that, this app is great, I love it, and thanks to this app, I love Starbucks now too!
Why does app need to use GPS all of the time?
by mtgops on 2015/03/28 19:53
Please, Starbucks app developers, read this! I use the Starbucks app mostly for paying in store. The app is stable and has an attractive design. The biggest issue is how it utilizes the phone’s GPS. The only options for its GPS usage are “Always” or “Never”. The third option most apps provide is “While Using”. In my experience, having an app that is always getting GPS information is bad, not just kind of bad, but really bad, for draining your battery. Why does the Starbucks app need to be getting GPS information all the time? Why, when I close my background running apps, and have no background apps does the Starbucks app apparently continue to pull GPS information? Why, with no background apps running do I go into my location service privacy screen and tell the Starbucks app to “never” have access to GPS, only then does the GPS indicator go away? I have one simple suggestion, update the app to only use GPS when the app is in use. That will be better for everyone, especially those of us who can’t plug in during the day and always seem to be in transit. Oh, and for all of the iPhone 6 folks, please update the app to fully support that device. I plan on getting one in a few months and would like to think that issue would be addressed at the same time you address the GPS usage issue.
Love this app
by twobluestripes on 2016/04/02 04:34
I have an "in-house" Starbucks franchise at my workplace, right when you come in. Now, previously I only visited Starbucks when there were no other options, or I was with friends who were Starbucks fans. I find most specialty beverages there a bit overpriced, and if I want regular brewed coffee, I can make that at home (actually, I also recently started cold brewing at home). BUT after my usual free-work-coffee-stop on the way through my campus got relocated to somewhere inconvenient, I found that more and more I was stopping by Starbucks first thing when I came in and giving them all my money. I finally download the app and registered a card and started earning points and rewards. Most rewards aren't actually redeemable at "my" Starbucks, because it is a franchised store. BUT the UI is easy to pick up, the app is really pretty, the automatic subscription to App of the Week or whatever is great, and the best part is that I don't need my debit card to grab coffee or a sandwich, I can pay through the app and reload with my PayPal! My coworker said it has saved her when her wallet was stolen. I am not a Starbucks addict yet, like more of my friends, but once I got this app I became a fan!
I love the App but not the Reward System
by Evelyn Aguilar-Cruz on 2014/09/24 17:21
I love the app however I do not care for the reward system, as I often buy several drinks almost daily, but receive only one reward point whether I buy 1 item or 4-5 as I usually buy. I often stop with my high school grandchildren as a special treat on the way to taking them to school. This is a very expensive treat. It is disturbing that I receive I reward no matter how many. I receive the same if I buy one for myself after I drop them off to school. Another problem I have discovered three times is that despite having approx $15 on my card, and purchasing one drink, I'm told that will be X.xx extra, when I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I have not made a purchases to support having less on my card! I come home and check my receipts and I'm correct. It's so time consuming as I have an infant great grandson to care for as well. I save all receipts, and will not allow this unforgivable mistake to happen again. I love Starbucks it's the one treat I don't feel guilty about treating myself to, and also enjoy treating the high school grandkids to, but that reward system is just not right! The staff at Starbucks are always very kind and fast and courteous. I have been going to Starbucks for over 20 years now, and will continue to do so.
Excellent - just let me choose my store
by rachrave on 2016/03/03 12:12
This app is excellent, except (as other reviewers have noted) it would be helpful to be able to select my store for mobile order instead of being locked in to the nearest one. There are only 4 Starbucks in my town that use Mobile Order, but it's a small enough town that in the span of 15 minutes you could have 4 different stores nearest to you. (And I'm sure in large cities it's way worse.) I want to be able to choose from my driveway at home the store that is most convenient for my drive to work, not the one nearest my house. Instead, I know at which stoplight I'm suddenly able to order at the location I want. So I try to quickly choose a previous order before the light turns green. It's annoying and really just not all that smart to get my phone out while driving, so I've stopped mobile ordering. Which means I've stopped my twice weekly Starbucks breakfasts, because I'm not willing to get up 30 minutes earlier to allow enough time for the line. So, that's at least two $12-ish purchases you're missing out on each week, Starbucks. Take that. Seriously though: just let us choose our own store. We promise we won't let the power go to our heads.
The "new" app Is a FAIL
by Riommar on 2014/04/19 16:01
Jan7114. I feel sorry for you. Just because a overwhelming number of reviewers don't agree with you doesn't make them trolls. It seems to me that when 9/10 people agree on something then perhaps that 10th person is the troll. I enjoy Starbucks but I'm not a sycophant as you appear to be. The people that are negatively reviewing this app have a legitimate gripe. There are many problems that could have been addressed easily within a few weeks of being released. A problem for me revolves around the shake to pay button. I have 2 cards. One for myself and a gold card I share with my wife. Most of my money is put on my gold card. The app ALWAYS defaults to my custom card when I shake to pay. I have to navigate the system to get to my gold card and it entirely defeats the purpose of shake to pay. Why can't I designate a primary card for that purpose. I think that the app has potential. I won't reiterate the numerous other valid (Jan7114) issues. I'd also like to see the return of date specific reloads. I used to have my card set up to add $ to my card on the 2nd of each month. This way I knew I had the funds available. With the way it's set up now you can have funds added automatically when you drop below a certain amount. There is no guarantee that I will have funds available every time my card drops below $5.
Love the Starbucks App
by Dylan&Dad on 2015/07/04 14:51
It's so great not having to take out your wallet and hunt for cash or a credit card. It's awesome to not be asked if you are a loyalty member and the. provide your loyalty card number like you do at so many other retailers. Both of those things are truly revolutionary in retail and reduce customer friction. I spend more at Starbucks because of this improved experience. One suggestion for improvement would be with your order via app experience. More than once I have waited patiently at the pick up counter to have my order called out after arriving for to pick it up. Then after a long period of nothing and also not being approached by the busy barista, I finally asked about my order and discovered they were holding it behind the counter or had placed it on a ledge near the counter. There response was basically,"oh we've had that there for a long time" or "we called that out a long time ago and then put it behind the counter." All while the app had indicated it would be ready soon. So, I ended up feelings at fault for not arriving sooner or not knowing where my order was. So Starbucks, please take a closer look at that entire experience and come up with a way to improve it.
Need for features to customize mobile orders!
by Anthony Huynh on 2016/02/17 21:29
You know I love you guys and I love this app and I have been used the mobile app to order my coffee but i think you guys need to have more options that is Size of drink the customers want amd Notes to Barista when they make the order for customers, ect. Because i have so many experience that the barista always messed up my drink even though i chose option in the mobile app and they modified it, sometimes they add water or milk or not stir my drink like espresso with white moca sauce, if there are no option for us to tell them so how can they know that they need to stir or not add anything that the customers told them to, and when the mobile app is really for more convenient to order online, then they messed up, and we have to wait for them to redo the order, so how will we tell our boss or teacher at work and school about that when we come to work and school late? Please fix the app the give us some update about whole new features. We can't wait for it to happen! Thank you so much and I hope you guys read every single review of customers to make sure you guys give them what they want!
Good, not great
by E7830 on 2016/03/29 19:27
1) online ordering = epic fail. I've tried it 3 times and the order has never been ready when I got there. Each time I walked up to the counter and let them know I had an online order and the barista/cashier would yell "is there an online order ready?!" Then I would watch them scramble to make it. 2) you should be able to review the Starbucks on the app or let them know your order was wrong. Not solely to complain but to let them know when an order has been made wrong - we are able to tip if the order is good, but not able to express any discontent. Often I leave extra tip if the order is made right, not if it is a delicious coffee, simply if they listened and got the order correct. I still tip if is incorrect, however when it is id like to let them know that a $5 drink was made incorrectly. It is important for both quality control and customer service. 3) the pay by app is GREAT! Works great and is easy to reload and use to pay! I love that you can add gift cards as well! 4) for online ordering you should be able to choose from a list of close locations - it automatically chooses the closest one which is not always en route or convenient! 5) when you are gold star they should give you a new cup for free refills!!!!
Some tweaks are needed
by Dala24 on 2016/03/19 14:38
I really like the app. It have saved me the time of waiting in line. However, there are some glaring revisions needed. Like others I agree with having to resubmit your entire order simply to change the size. I place my order while driving so I usually have to wait until I'm at a light. If I were simply able to change the size it would make my drive simpler. Also, when I add flavored syrup it never puts the pump count. So I want 4 pumps added but it just show the flavor on the ticket. Now my barista knows my order and makes it right but not because the ticket is right. It would also be good to order using my rewards. If I want to pay with rewards I have to order in the store and wait in line. Additionally, this new rewards system doesn't seem to favor loyal customers. The way I added it up. I'll have to order two more drinks under the new system before I earn a reward. I am not a fan of this system. I come to Starbucks because they make the coffee that I like the most but they are far more expensive then all the others. Drunkin has a good latte and the rewards, perks, and promotions have Starbucks beat. While WAWA doesn't have rewards they make a good latte and it is reasonably priced. I may have to cut back on Starbucks.
Easy & Simple
by Ash28Rae on 2016/03/25 13:37
This app gives exactly what's needed - an easy to navigate and simple layout to browse (store menu/online shopping), order and pay. It also tracks rewards and stars as well as notifies of special offers. It's got a few other interesting/entertaining options that are also worth exploring. Overall, I think it's a really good app. A few enhancements would make it spectacular for me. Recommendations for improvement: (1) Order screen- it would be great to have top 3 favorite/most visited locations automatically saved to select as an alternative option to the 'closest' location. Additionally- to have a 'delay order/future dated order' option; even if only a couple hours in advance. (2) Browse store menu- I would like to someday see an update for when items are unavailable at a specific location. Sometimes supplies for featured drinks run out due to popularity and it'd be nice to know before getting to the store. (3) Order tracker - it would be great to see the progress of orders. It would keep the customer updated while also helping to stop interruptions when people ask the barista if a drink order is ready (only an issue during peak busy hours).
Has potential
by A Fellow Partner on 2016/05/02 18:02
When it comes to the newest update, you can still pay easily and the app doesn't crash very often if not at all. It made the app feel more professional as well; the texture is smoother. However they need to make the notifications easier to see. I have 5 notifications but I can't seem to make them go away. They also need to organize the announcements a little better. The feed they seemed to have developed doesn't seem to give me an organized feel. Overall, if you wanna get really into it, Starbucks is failing to make there app represent their mission statement and overall goal to make you feel the "Starbucks Experience". I don't think they aren't trying and I don't think it's a failure all together. I just think they should make the app bring together the community somehow. Make it a more unique other words, give it the Starbucks Experience. I think the rewards program itself does that, but not the app itself. Imagine if you could have a small group chat of "coffee buddies" or something like that. You could all update each other and plan to meet up. Idk, maybe I'm going to far? I guess that's what text messages are for? Lol.
One of the Best Apps Ever!!
by MFitz819 on 2015/12/25 00:59
Starbucks does a lot of things right, one of which is their mobil app! This is hands down one of the best apps on the App Store! They give you a free song or app every week, you can manage your Starbucks account seamlessly from the app, and now with their mobil order & pay, I can easily place my order from the app & then it's ready and waiting for me when I walk into the store... no waiting in line! I love this feature! The only thing I'd like to see added would be the ability to enter & redeem star codes in the app (for when I buy ground or whole bean coffee at the grocery store). I love the user interface & experience of this app! Very well done, Starbucks! Kudos!! I have a suggestion: To take even more market share from Dunkin' & to reward your most loyal customers, it would be nice to have a periodic offer for Gold Card members like myself of $0.99 any size regular coffee (say, after 12PM, like Dunkin' sometimes offers). I think this would not only take more market share from Dunkin', but would also make current customers come in more frequently & would bring new customers to Starbucks!
Very useful app, but...
by I<3Radio ad on 2015/11/14 09:42
First let me say that I love the Starbucks app! I use it daily! It is so helpful to be able to pay from my phone or from my wrist using my Apple Watch into get the rewards from Starbucks's rewards program. The ordering feature is also very helpful. I use that on a regular basis as well. I very much like being able to order my drinks and have them ready for me when I get there. But there is one problem. I am not able to customize my drinks in the app to the way that I like them. What this means is that I either have to not use this feature and go inside and wait in line or I have to settle for a drink that I really don't care for. For example one drink that I like is a Venti peppermint hot chocolate. That much the app can do however I have been unable to find a way to specify that I like it extra hot. Another example would be chai lattes. One of the drinks that I get regularly is a Venti iced chai tea latte but I am and three pumps of Oprah chai in with the regular chai to give it a more earthy flavor. I'm unable to make this customization within the order feature of the app. Like I said I use the app every day and I love it! I only hope that Starbucks continues to improve this.
Worst app upgrade
by Commo22 on 2014/04/08 13:01
This app is horrible. The most basic thing I need to do is check my account balance and that's confusing to find. Once I think I did find it, went to pay and was told I don't have enough balance even though the app said I did. So the cashier tried to reload my card and said she needed a credit card. I didn't have my wallet on me as I have both the Starbucks card and app. So then I had to reload from the app and it looks like I was charged for the transaction that she made but was never credited it. Can't look up food items like before so I have no idea what to try out especially with a new food menu. Navigating is horrible. Worst app upgrade ever. Things should be easy to find. Menu buttons work work for a reason. It's because you know where in the app your going if you click on something. Glance and go is what I need. I'm not hanging out looking at this app for minutes. Just need to get to my items as quickly as possible so I can get out and back to other things. I don't care about making this some kind of social network looking app. Just get let me pay for my coffee. That's it. Update: I decided to give this app another shot. I just reloaded my card and selected $10 dollars, but the app instead added $15. I'm done with this. I'm going to use up my balance and the. Go to McDonalds instead until they fix these issues.
I'm addicted... Save yourself before its to late
by Nickydee94 on 2015/02/21 15:23
I once was just a casual Starbucks drinker. Once a month sometimes 3 times when I felt daring, but it all changed when the Starbucks app attacked. They tempted you right out the gate. I was naive thinking "oh look that's nice of them a free drink on your birthday, whoopie!" And I thought there are some good perks with this. All of a sudden like a whisper they said "try being gold for a day, enjoy another free drink" and that's when I went for another drink on the house then I fell into a routine of getting Starbucks 5 times a week then once a day. I thought to myself within a month I became gold... I need to stop and I was clean for 4 days and like an eagle flying in to grab its prey Starbucks sent me a letter... They sent me a shimmering gold Starbucks card with my name on it. That's when I relapsed and fell back into their trap.... Don't do it to yourself, constantly offering you free things and deals off the online merchandise and drinks in store, they're slowly putting a spell on you... I love you Starbucks app..... Starbucks app FOREVER! And on a side note this app is great and makes it really convenient and cool to get Starbucks!
Stop whining and acting entitled
by Gnat72578 on 2015/07/30 15:22
I read many recent complaints about the app not being optimized for iPhone 6 or 6plus. I have had the 6plus since the phone was released and it has been crystal clear and easy to use since the release. As for Apple pay, that has been available for several months to reload your card under the pay tab rather than shake to pay feature. Not all the features are in your face available and I would assume that is because not everything is used. I use the app multiple times a day and I add money to my card through Apple pay reload. Google the instructions if you are unsure how to use it. Just because you can not find the feature or don't like the location of it does not make it a bad app. The pay feature is the biggest thing with an app and it is really easy to get to, shake your phone and it pops up. The only thing I dislike about the most recent update is the menu with nutritional information was removed, I know eating out is not the healthiest choice but being able to review nutritional information allows you to make healthy choices.
I love my Starbucks app!!!
by blk31973 on 2014/09/23 14:57
I have been a very pleased Starbucks customer for years and have become even more so since discovering your app over a year ago. I will continue to be a happy and loyal customer as long as I am able to enjoy the delicious beverages and food choices you have to offer. I have always had a great experience at almost every Starbucks location no matter the state or city I am visiting. The staff is usually always the best to deal with and if for some small reason I am not happy, they always go out of their way to make my visit a great one and to keep me coming back for more. The convenience of the app is awesome and I use every last feature offered for an even greater experience. I cannot think of anything that I would change on the app because y'all have covered just about everything, from sending me special offers to auto reload so my card always has the necessary funds needed for my next purchase. Y'all are wonderful and again, I am a very pleased customer that will continue to come back again and again. Keep up the awesome work Starbucks!! Love, a very happy Starbucks addict ❤️
They broke it.
by Paleo Schnauzer on 2016/04/16 23:57
I have to agree with the people who express anger and frustration with this change. I'm a big spender at Starbucks since I buy probably a dozen boxes of K cups and 4 or 5 bags of coffee a week. Not because I like paying more but because there is no easy convenient way to buy them without a long drive. I don't care about the stars particularly but what concerns me is that on the main page of the app all my messages are gone, the handful of App Store apps I wanted to download but did not because I was in an area with no wifi are all gone. All the apps of the week links gone. Songs of week gone. My special offers gone. My unexpired rewards like one for filling out their silly surveys, gone. All of it. So there is one more thing I guess for me to make gone as well and that is the useless app. I'll add my gold card to my Apple Pay and I'm done. Why do companies have to mess with things that work and break them? My daily cup of joe is going to be far less satisfying since mobile order no longer works (actually it lets me order but when I arrive I have to tell them what I ordered because the orders don't get to their printer.) I am so over this hassle and it makes me sad that a small piece of morning joy amid the rest of a harried and hectic day has gone the way of so many other apps improved to the point of uselessness.
Great convenience - could be even better
by Akgirlkb on 2015/06/19 20:44
This is a really great app overall. It's very convenient to use and a great way to keep track of your rewards on the go without the necessity of carrying your card. I do find it occasionally will show a reward available and yet when I go to scan pay with the card loaded on my app it shows on the register that I either have no rewards at all or just won't allow the barista to give me my reward. That is frustrating and can slow down the line at the register as the barista tries to help settle the reward earned. This sometimes makes me wonder if the bonus star opportunities are appropriately accounted for when paid through my card registered on my app. I've also looked for a way to set my app up so to avoid having to reenter my email and password each time for faster access but can't seem to find that in the app. If I used more than one device to pay I probably wouldn't want it that way for security reasons but I'm only using one device so it would be nice to have that capacity. Overall though, the convenience is really nice and I'm glad I have it! With a few tweaks I could easily give it a 5 star rating
by jchunat44 on 2014/04/01 13:44
I've been a Starbucks member for a while, and I've seen the past three versions of the iOS app, and I personally think the last one before this was the best, you could create your own drinks and just show the barista so they knew what to make. I also loved the nutrition info, not because I'm too lazy to look at it at the store myself, but because I knew what I was drinking even with the modifications. I also don't drink coffee, just the tea or frappuchinos, so it was nice to see what did and didn't have coffee. This new update is terrible. It signed me out yesterday even though I updated it 2 weeks ago, and wouldn't let me sign in, saying my password was wrong. But as soon as I went to change it, it told me my password couldn't be changed to my original password? Alright... The screen is way too dark, too, so I have to go into my settings with iOS 6 and change the brightness from there just so they can scan my card. I just have a lot of issues with this new app, and I feel like the last one was the best. I do, however, like that you get the pick of the week song sent to your phone, so I can easily download it from iTunes. One suggestion, can we get a drink history? I know certain drinks I liked, but I forget what they're called, and with no menu on the app now, hmm...
Order App
by GretaTS on 2015/10/06 11:22
The app is a good idea and I use it daily. What would be great if by user you could have the drinks that you buy multiple times saved. Instead of the last few drinks to have the ones that you buy all the time available to choose from and not have to be build them again because you buy a few specialty drink here and there. Some Starbucks do a great job with mobile orders some Starbucks are not doing such a great job and there's a waiting time which defeats the purpose of this app. If we're doing the work of the employees by creating our orders, checking ourselves out and handling the transaction ourselves, I would expect all Starbucks to have a quick response time and not make people wait. At this point I'm only going to the Starbucks I know that have the quick response time and avoiding the ones that always make me wait. Other than that the only suggestion I have is for us to be able to use rewards for our free drinks and be able to use it in the app instead of having to go into the store to retrieve our rewards in person. Love the app.... please continue to make upgrades and improvements, great concept Starbucks!
Love the app! Mobile Order feature is great!
by hmm18 on 2016/01/22 16:41
I love the Starbucks app in general! I like that it offers codes to get other nice/fun/cool/functional apps for free .. Everything from games to photo editing to financial recording apps! The mobile order feature is also VERY nice... I have never had a real issue with it, my orders have always been ready and waiting for me AND they've always been correct. The only thing that could be improved upon for the mobile ordering is the ability to choose the Starbucks location that you are ordering from more easily rather than always depending on the app to pick the "closest" one - sometimes the closest one isn't the way that I'm going to be heading and it can be confusing to try to change it, especially when under a time constraint... Which is the best time to use the mobile ordering, when you don't have time to wait in a line! It is still a new feature so I'm sure improvements will continue to be made.. I would give 4.75 stars if I could & the only thing keeping me from giving a 5 star rating is the fact that I think there could be slight improvements to the mobile ordering process.
Good but Improvement Needed
by CNerdahl on 2016/01/27 15:54
First, my family and I (3 teenagers and spouse) are Starbucks frequent flyers. Often to expedite time we order ahead and that's a great advantage since we're on the go a lot. But, this is where improvements are needed; (1) Need to refine the order history so that it's not like starting over every single time; (2) There needs to be a way to manage the order history and tag frequent favorites; (3) Also need a way to redeem the rewards online. Right now it's limited to personal appearance; (4), Need a smoother way to select an alternate Starbucks store on the mobile order. I can head 3 directions depending on the morning and need to select something other than the geographical closest. Right now, I have to zoom out on the map, select the alternate location, pick it, and continue with the order. Last (5), need a way my kids can have their individual Starbucks cards and I can add funds to it via the app. Like the reoccurring allowance feature offered in iTunes. Overall, the pros in the app are the advantages like, online ordering and having a load able e-card. Sometimes when I'm in a pinch for time in getting to an ATM, I simply fall back on the card to grab a quick lunch.
The app makes my life so much easier!
by Crowned at birth on 2016/02/17 00:07
I finally began using the order function a few weeks ago while on a business trip and I love it! It made it extremely easy to place my order during rush hour. By the time I walked from my hotel to the Starbucks, my order was waiting for me. on another trip, I placed my order when leaving my hotel room and my drink was ready when I got to the Starbucks in the lobby. Winning!! I began using the order function when I got back home and it works extremely well for ordering drinks. There have been a couple of instances where I have ordered a pastry or a sandwich and then when I get to the store to pick it up they are out of it. That is extremely frustrating. One store would not give me a refund claiming that it was a third-party transaction and the other store offered a refund but I chose to substitute my pastry for another. I have a service issues with the first store anyway so I will be going back there. All in all, however I love the app and it's convenient. I could do without the pics of the week… I have rarely used them...but I love the app!
Let me default to my favorite saved store
by cubangrrl on 2015/10/29 14:24
I have a Starbucks in the lobby of my building and commute via subway to work. The convenience of being able to order on the way to work, stroll in the store, not wait and pick up is AWESOME (we all run a little late in the morning right? The time save is amazing) However, the app automatically pulls the nearest location. When I'm on the subway putting my order in, it sets the nearest location and it is very challenging every day to pinch and zoom the map to choose the store I will actually pick up at.(there are many many locations in NYC) I also have limited wifi at certain stops so if I don't get my order in, I'm screwed. I have set the store at my office as my favorite- can't it just default to that one every time? I'm sure people who drive to work have a similar problem. I spend $10-$20 a day at Starbucks. Help me out! That being said I LOVE being able to sit at my desk, put an order in, go 5 floors down and pick up a fresh coffee in minutes. Also, another feature I don't like is that since I set this as my fave store- my card appears in the lock screen all the time since it's just downstairs.
Wish all apps were as handy as this one!
by INQE on 2015/08/11 05:49
I've been a LONG TIME user of this app...since it was a Beta. I have, almost exclusively, used it since its inception and it's only improved with age. Sure, there are some minor things that are slightly irritating such as only being able to leave a tip for your "main" store. Would like tipping to automatically direct to the store where the most recent purchase was made. In sure it's easier said than done. Also, I haven't been able to use the ordering option as my specific drink and options don't exist. But I'm confident that feature will improve with age as well. Would also like to see calorie counts/calculations of drink combos. That feature existed in the app MANY versions ago...please bring back! I use this app so much, I sometimes forget to bring my wallet into other stores thinking I can use my app and avoid lugging my purse along. However, now that I've upgrade to the iPhone 6 I've discovered Apple Pay and that's almost just as good! Too bad not all retailers have this capability yet. Sigh... Anyway, love the app. Keep the improvements coming!
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