Dropbox - Backup, Sync, Share
Dropbox lets you back up photos and videos, and access files stored on any of your computers or mobile devices—from anywhere. And with advanced sharing features, it’s easy to send any file, large or small, to anyone. Features: • Automatically back up the photos and videos in your camera roll—all in the background. • Access any file in your account—even offline—and preview over 175 file types, no special software required. • Easily share large files by copying and pasting a link you can send to anyone, even if they don’t have a Dropbox account. • Scan documents using your camera, and turn receipts, documents, whiteboards, and notes into PDFs. Sign up now for your free Dropbox Plus trial. You'll have room for all your files, and space to spare, with 2,000 GB of storage. Our latest sync technology can automatically move stale items off your computer and to the cloud. And Dropbox Rewind lets you roll back any file, folder, or your entire account, up to 30 days. Or, existing Plus customers can upgrade to Dropbox Professional. With 3 TB (3,000 GB), you can store all your stuff—from work projects to personal photos—and have space to spare. You and your clients can comment on most file types without leaving Dropbox. And you can protect your work with a watermark, add shared link controls, or rewind your account up to 180 days. Before starting a trial or completing payment, you’ll see the plan price. This amount will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase and on renewal and will vary by plan and country. Dropbox subscriptions renew monthly or yearly, depending on your plan. Your account will charged for renewal 24 hours before the end of your current billing period. To avoid auto-renewal, turn it off in at least 24 hours before your subscription renews. You can turn off auto-renewal anytime time from your iTunes account settings. You can manage and cancel your subscriptions by going to your account settings on the App Store after purchase. We’d love to hear from you! Join the Dropbox community: https://www.dropboxforum.com Terms of Service: https://www.dropbox.com/terms Privacy Policy: https://www.dropbox.com/privacy
by Ltlt1950 on 2020/07/02 03:03
Best Pokémon In The Series
by Goku DIES on 2020/07/01 23:25
Most of the Pokémon games nowadays are trash. It’s sad but Pokémon is no longer good. But back in the old days of black and white and platinum where much better.
Was good but...
by Shaccaho on 2020/07/01 21:36
I had an account with some important pictures and videos in there. I didn’t use Dropbox for a while because I got a new phone and forgot to re-download it. Dropbox closed my account and deleted all my data. Super disappointed that I’ll never get back what I’ve lost. 1☆
by Cyza9 on 2020/07/01 14:08
Fix your app. It’s been crashing for weeks
by Alex ramirez el adorador on 2020/07/01 03:09
Having trouble transferring files
by StaceH99 on 2020/06/30 15:18
Trying to follow directions but they don’t match the screens available. Very frustrated at this point. No tech support.
Impossible to cancel
by WCSJones on 2020/06/30 13:53
This app is impossible to cancel if you do not like it. Beware.
Lost my items
by \|\|\_£€€<€~%{%,>, on 2020/06/30 02:23
Stupid complicated and does stuff without your knowing specially on computer if you delete anything from dropbox page it will reach out to your computer and delete everything. And will make your computer slow. Very slow
Worst app ever
by Swan duck on 2020/06/29 20:00
I have tried &amp; tried to cancel drop box. The directions never include what I need. I tried calling only to have them want to give me something &amp; charge me later. I have tried for over a week now. I don’t remember what method I used to get the app &amp; now they want me to use the same method to cancel. I only opened this because a friend said it was the only way to leave a video message for a 50th anniversary. If you don’t have to use this app find another way.
Free version is really good
by H2seen on 2020/06/29 15:52
The free version works great for storing files. It has 2gb of space which is more than enough for what I do (mostly storing PDFs for work and school). It also lets you scan on your phone and then you can easily access the scans on your computer within minutes.
by CaribbeanCPA on 2020/06/29 11:11
When you go paperless, Dropbox = your office.
Regarding music play
by JerJC on 2020/06/28 18:00
As a musician who uses dB to bounce ideas around and listen to arrangements I produce I think music should play from one track to the next when played in a folder. I like to use Dropbox to share with because They do not need the app (which I of course enjoy) to listen to Music and I am able to get feedback in the mixing process
Very Nice System
by CPO1-45 on 2020/06/28 14:22
Serves my needs in a very pleasing manner.
Don’t expect to be able to reliably listen to audio
by random67123 on 2020/06/28 11:21
This app is garbage. I use Dropbox to store wav files of the music I work on and it is a struggle to get the app to play the audio when I need it. It shouldn’t be this big of a process to playback a 35 mb file.
Needs backward compatibility!
by animeforeternity on 2020/06/28 07:29
Needs backward compatibility for older iOS such as iOS 7 or way older iOS! Please
Great App!
by Duck070449 on 2020/06/28 04:53
I’m slow but getting better. Instead of choir practice for now, our director is sending new songs (by parts) in email and we move them to Dropbox. This is a great help as we are transitioning back to in church services. Still live streaming as usual for all who cannot attend. We have a large church but there have been no known COVID-19 illnesses. PTL! Glen Haven Baptist Church McDonough, GA
by deceitfuldropbox on 2020/06/26 16:20
This is the worst experience ever! Just paid $119 + for added space for a year&amp; still coming back as full !
Big files no problems
by Knit SewFabulous on 2020/06/26 12:47
I love Dropbox it took a very large file and opened it in no time
Issues when listening to a song or documentary
by TORMENTOR666 on 2020/06/26 08:58
It’s cuts out and completely stops and closes the app after your almost half way though the thing your listening too I really hope u make adjustments to this app it was a full five stars not anymore
Easily Accessed
by Robert Mseteka on 2020/06/25 23:12
I would encourage users to save their docs in the their Dropbox. Why, it is easily accessed and edited. Files easily converted to words for editing.
Buggy app
by Appl3sux on 2020/06/25 03:15
I only have 2 Apple devices (a computer and an iPad). My Mac has Dropbox but I cannot add it to my iPad to transfer files to, as the app says my plan has reached its maximum number of devices, which is evidently one.
Won’t update on iPad.
by ridiclous waste of time on 2020/06/24 23:50
This is so frustrating. Refuses to update non my iPad.
Just get Google Drive
by lightningbug26 on 2020/06/24 19:37
Forces you to upgrade to a bigger Dropbox when your collaborators share more than 2 GB of files with you. So basically all of us end up paying to host the same files. Just get Google a Drive. Cheaper per month and only the person who owns the files has to pay. BTW, if you make the mistake of doing the business trial, Dropbox will try to hold your files hostage at the end of the trial in order to get you to pay for the subscription, even if all of the files are less than 2 gb and will fit in a free personal dropbox. Difficult to downgrade back to personal Dropbox.
Too much
by sryanlb on 2020/06/24 17:12
Occasional user and finding Dropbox difficult to navigate. Looking interesting but not for $12/ mo
It just works
by Michael G. Hackett on 2020/06/24 14:53
It works on all platforms and is easy to adjust to my way of working .
Useless And Inconvenient
by Deveeno Bobeeno on 2020/06/24 06:17
Tried to upload videos, but it didn&#39;t do so, no matter what I did. Tell me, why do I need something for uploading photos, if my iPhone already has a photo storage by default? I thought that maybe at least this would be able to handle a simple video upload, but it has instead proven to be worthless and pathetic.
Files all Gone!
by MayorMikeM on 2020/06/23 15:27
All of my stored videos are gone! They were there and then GONE! Don’t trust your files to DropBox!
Best update ever
by Papeez on 2020/06/23 07:03
Aloha! From The Hawaiian islands, by far the best update EVER!! Mahalo Nui
Really unhappy with the mobile app’s inability to rewind folders
by jj2man on 2020/06/23 06:11
I am an artist and oftentimes need the ability to rewind folders to look at older versions of files. The mobile app does not let you do this! Even when you try to do it from your chrome or safari browser on iOS, it’s impossible to because the buttons are out of clickable range on my screen. I don’t want to have to whip out my laptop every time I need to do this. It should work on my phone. Why am I paying $10 a month for this low level of functionality? Very frustrating...
Finding saved file
by DatsMeBoys on 2020/06/23 00:36
Save them but can’t find them
A tool for productivity
by DaOneNeo on 2020/06/22 14:20
The title says it all.
by Blueplaner on 2020/06/21 15:03
Always there when I need it.
Cannot cancel subscription easily
by Tbeans1972 on 2020/06/21 09:16
This is absolutely ridiculous. The articles just keep taking you to pages that still don’t explain how to cancel. I cancelled once. Checked my subscriptions in my Apple account. Still showing active. I do not want or need this app.
Battery drain
by jithr on 2020/06/21 05:50
Draining my iphone x batterry like anything. The app is not even in background list of apps
Can’t access without paid membership
by Audio Book Guy on 2020/06/21 05:06
Who thought this was a good idea? What good is a file sharing system when you can’t share files to non-paid members. Whoever thought of this feature should have to stub their toes everyday for the rest of their life.
New to Dropbox!
by eabdad on 2020/06/21 04:00
(Yeah, I know.) Just got the app and opened up a trove of archival family photos. Easy to get right in to the app. Awesome.
Pics not allowing zoom anymore
by Scremped on 2020/06/20 15:54
A few updates back something happened to where when you click on a pic and try to zoom on it it likes to snap back to normal. It does that unprompted and it loves to do that if you try and shift the picture around. Please repair this glitch. It’s pretty aggravating.
Dropbox customer service is no good!
by Rodrim31 on 2020/06/20 15:30
Dropbox is not a good product. If I could give it a ‘no star’ I would. Dropbox scams you! I can’t get it canceled.
Still one of my Favorite apps.
by Kyle Trevor on 2020/06/20 11:13
This is still one of my favorite apps. It enables all of my large size digital files to be organized in one centralized location.Most of the negative reviews I’m seeing appear to be operational error(not understanding how to use Dropbox).
Not my favorite
by MzKit on 2020/06/19 21:57
Had to download this app to read an advanced copy book. The app would not allow me access to the book, had to read on web site.
Fixed: Latest version appears to have broken MP3 playback
by Squidsies on 2020/06/19 19:10
Was fine before, redesign seems to have done some damage. Edit: thanks, fixed! 🎵
Battery drain due to background activity
by Paul Cathalifaud on 2020/06/19 15:50
I don’t know what it is, but hasnt stopped working In the background , and it’s draining my battery on iPad an iPhone. Had to disable such option
Bad design
by bigmike0 on 2020/06/19 02:42
The pass-lock design is ugly, put the old one back
You know the yo-yo drill
by OH NO dont go yo-yo on 2020/06/18 09:18
Can’t sign in, doesn’t accept password, doesn’t allow guest or single sign-on, won’t allow password change without verified email, won’t allow new creation because email in system... And then there the conflicts- watch your laptop freeze after loading this. Tell your friend to send pics some other way. Drop box had a short and frustrating hey-day. Google docs, Duo, there are functional options available. Don’t go back there.
offline view!
by Mr.Yeps on 2020/06/17 19:39
wow you guys took away offline viewing and made it pay to view. fantastic job
Difficult To Use on an ipad
by SweetSandals on 2020/06/17 11:46
I find this unwieldy and difficult to use. I can’t seem to get my files that are in it to iCloud Drive.They are just stuck in Dropbox forever, I guess. I don’t like it at all and I’d like to delete it, but I’ll lose my files if I do. Gah! I updated the app as asked, and tried to retrieve my files. I got one. I want to download them all so that I don’t have to use this horrible app. I really, really hate it. I should not have to open a file to download it! Did I say how much I hate this app??!!!??
DROPBOX is not zero-knowledge encryption your data is not safe
by 212nyny on 2020/06/17 01:51
Google it! Dropbox is a poor excuse for customer data security and privacy protection.
by Demetrius Pewte on 2020/06/17 00:20
I like the app but I would use it more if there was an autoplay option
by amberbear on 2020/06/16 21:35
I will never download another app again and may sell my iPhone and iPad if I can’t get my “free” trial of Dropbox deleted. Everywhere I’ve tried takes me around in a circle. Don’t need it. Don’t want it! One star because I can’t do none.
Outstanding Program
by Grandpa AJ on 2020/06/16 20:48
I was hesitant when I first started using a Dropbox but as I used it more and more I don’t know how I ever did without it.
Where did my older videos go?
by App inspector | IOS on 2020/06/15 20:06
Videos previously stored here a few years ago are no longer available? Thanks for any info or guidance.
Horrible service - wish I could give no stars
by EJCCCBT01 on 2020/06/14 19:09
My son accidentally hit to approve app. I have spent hours trying to cancel trial and refund subscription. It was not even set up fully to use. Drop box states they cannot help due to purchase on iTunes and the app does not offer to be cancelled on iTunes (you can upgrade in both places though). Cannot believe the poor service and runaround. Still have no idea if they are going to try to refill next month 😡. I will never use this service and share with everyone I know what a waste of my time this has been.
by Prabjoat on 2020/06/14 04:32
It Saves Pictures for years
by Beesme2 on 2020/06/13 22:21
Will not update files on my iPhone
by shoppella on 2020/06/13 14:35
I can’t figure it out with the upgrade.
Blue Ribbon Program
by NeptunasRex on 2020/06/13 03:18
Of all the genealogy programs that I have used this software offers a seamless experience and excellent performance!
by Powerkor on 2020/06/12 23:25
The app is 90% there. I hope you fixed the open in app issue on IOS when you click on a shared link. It always acts like I need to install it. Also the big title/top level fonts are great but the file name fonts need help.
Not sure what happened
by TDS115 on 2020/06/12 21:11
I loved dropbox years ago but this is becoming a disservice at this point. Why did you decide to remove the option to delete photos and files from the desktop with going “ancient times” on us...I don’t get it
This 2gb storage is honestly outdated...
by 123MDL on 2020/06/12 14:29
Dropbox is great. Cross compatibility, ease of use, good speeds and good layout. But having as little storage as 2gb in 2020 is not acceptable to be honest. Google drive has a base of 15 GB and their prices are lower for one example, but their mobile app isn’t quite as refined. I mainly have to use drop box for work but I cannot have anything personal on there because of this storage and going from 2gb to 2tb is just an unnecessary jump.
Folders files
by chepina30. on 2020/06/12 10:11
Good morning, I’m from Venezuela, I have many years using this app, it’s very good, however there is a little mistake in my opinion, I want to save the pictures In different folders I can do it, but if a delete those pics already saved from the principal storage they delete them from the folder too, you know what I mean, I want to saben them in a new folder, delete from the principal page with delete from the news folders, can you do this new update ?
Love it
by timmyla90 on 2020/06/12 03:19
Been using Dropbox since 2011 and it’s finally time to give it a perfect review.
by Nasnosa on 2020/06/10 23:15
I just updated to the newest version and noticed that you guys changed the fonts. The English font looks nice but the Arabic one looks ugly. Please get back the older one. I appreciate it. Thanks
glitchy, unreliable, and slow.
by Mason x wheat on 2020/06/10 22:58
As this is the only option available for my friends and I to share music, I use Dropbox begrudgingly. My uploads will disappear and not upload from my computer to my phone, and their promotion of new features makes using their current features a chore and sometimes impossible. If I find an alternative, I will gladly take it.
Good but
by _·Grant_· on 2020/06/10 21:38
DropBox is a good but bad free storage (2GB) That’s less than iCloud free storage (5GB) if I uploaded my iCloud data (4.2GB) I will have only 50% of my iCloud data on Dropbox. And $11.99 a for 2 TB month that’s more than 100GB 200GB and 2TB With Google 1 can Dropbox lower their monthly payment on or less than $9.99 month.
Dropbox Is Great
by lewlaw on 2020/06/10 03:54
Best feature is the ability to search for anything. Since I flunked file management this is very important for me. Thx
Beware Terrible Customer Service
by Harrrrrey on 2020/06/06 14:53
I’d give them 0 stars but I can’t. My account was suspended in February for no known reason. Tried to log into my billing info but locked out...checked the support page and tried pw reset nope! Created a temp pw for customer support only and submitted a req for help. Auto response “open”. No other response 3 months later. All my important documents are there!! This company has ZERO CUSTOMER SUPPORT! Don’t try calling either YES ITS A PAID ACCOUNT TOO NOT A FREE ONE.
Wish for a lower monthly service fee for retirees
by Bob The Tech Guy on 2020/06/06 03:19
I love the service but being a retiree and a proud U.S. vet on a fixed income prohibits me from upgrading. I would love to have more space to store more photos of my grandkids and nature photos.
Issues solved
by jww55434 on 2020/06/05 22:48
All issues solved and now the app works great.
Save photos to Dropbox App
by Valeria Kolyaga on 2020/06/05 22:46
To save a pic from the phone media library to Dropbox, it’s requested every time to enter email or phone number or group. It VERY INCONVENIET to do it everyone I want to save a pic. I’m a professional photographer and save tons of photos from phone media library to Dropbox, and it’s killing me to enter this every time. Also it’s impossible to save several photos at the same time.
by roughridertampa on 2020/06/05 00:57
I found out today you’re donating money to BLM. I Consider this organization in support of rioters and criminals. I will no longer subscribe to Dropbox
Useless/not needed
by dicky j 12 on 2020/06/04 17:28
My smart phone has my resume in pdf. Form and that should be it. But no, these stupid app companies are in bed together and so I have to keep downloading app after app after app just apply for jobs. Each app just another security risk, just another way for my info to end up in the wrong hands. Might as well be you know what in a box, Totally unacceptable. Zero stars is the real review. Stop making cloud based crap we already have through oh idk the 16 other apps that do a similar job. This is an edit...after reading some reviews I ask those people if they are using windows 98? Do you not remember that our smart phones and their services were already doing all of this? Did you not already have cloud based service through your smart phone brand or google? Why accept yet another app that is cloud based for yet another way to have your private photos and documents out in another cloud. “The devs are smart” yeah after building the same features into every other cloud based app they realized they needed another job so here is Dropbox, next year it will be “boxdrop” or “doccushare3000”! I’m sure there is some feature that is unique to Dropbox that has you all saying that it’s totally different. You mean something that could have just been added to any other cloud based service? I know it’s free but I didn’t want another app on my phone, another account, another, another, another, another......
Drop it, Pop it, Rock it
by MRBest on 2020/06/04 02:15
I like dem Files dropped from the Cloud Pop, so my digitized life rocks errrrrday as the download talks to the all the digital docs.
Love it
by relpls on 2020/06/04 00:32
Work’s good
Great App!! Incredibly SLOW
by Ftooley77 on 2020/06/03 07:34
Great App, been using it for a long time, have gotten many friends to use it! Only issue I have with current release is that when I used to email gifs it would show the whole gif in the email, now it only generates a link, I do not want to share links to my stuff with anyone! I should be able to send whatever I want pictures included without only generating a link! Update: The app on the phone makes It is so incredibly slow to upload! Pictures take a while but videos are impossible to upload taking over 30+ mins on high speed internet just for a small clip! You can’t do it in the background, it will only upload with the app open staring at it for eternity! This is a major issue!
Usually love this app Butttttt
by 24219678 on 2020/06/03 07:22
Since recents update it will not allow me to upload and documents and or photos very unfortunate😓😪😓
by Nicholas Corley on 2020/06/03 04:47
Great application!
Not wanted subscription
by Lanccardon on 2020/06/03 03:55
I downloaded this app to store photos on. I’ve had it for almost a month and I didn’t realize I was in a free trail. Luckily, I cancelled before it charged me but it didn’t even tell me I had started a free trail. Doesn’t work for me.
by yec77e on 2020/06/03 02:50
It was great I had so mysterious fun
Not intuitive
by ajaramo2 on 2020/06/03 02:41
It never guesses what I want to do
by Highest Good on 2020/06/03 01:58
liked this
by Mohsen shah on 2020/06/02 22:34
so good
They keep changing the app and program
by baine2 on 2020/06/02 21:06
First, I wish there was a no star option. I’ve reluctantly been using this app for a long time cus I couldn’t find anything better. The app works intermittently, it’s constantly changing and never for the better. After every change I have to figure out how to use it all over again. Determine if This is the correct way to accomplish a task or if the app is just glitching and it gets so frustrating. I only use the app to transfer files between my phone, tablet and computer but it has a hard time handling that. I either wind up sending emails or connecting a cable. I’m sure there are better apps than this one.
by k.,36 on 2020/06/02 20:57
Hrty trgttrgr
Captain flex
by Redbone Desmond on 2020/06/01 20:42
Nice ass
Great app with one suggestion
by TroySmith6 on 2020/06/01 19:09
Been using this app for years for work and I’ve had no complaints. The only suggestion I have is being able to receive notifications when a change is made to a document.
by Railgun on 2020/06/01 15:33
The desktop client is a massive resource hog! Had to remove it. Also don’t like the way it tries to trick you into the personal business account. I’ll keep the web based free account for the document scanner but since moved everything to some other cloud drive.
Won’t let me unsubscribe
by Sophieglz on 2020/05/31 15:55
O have had drop boxes subscribed for about a year and have been trying to cancel it since month 1 , it won’t let me, I’ve watched YouTube tutorials, investigated on google, asked people, NOTHING WORKS!
Great, but ......
by JAY DIDDY on 2020/05/30 19:57
Love DropBox and have used it for years, but recent iOS app updates have broken the current uploads section and it no longer shows the progress of an upload. I use this feature to ensure all of my photos and videos have been uploaded and now I have no idea. PLEASE FIX!!!
Good features, horrible customer service
by MarlaE on 2020/05/30 14:09
I’ve used Dropbox for years with no issues, although it is overpriced and their peculiar insistence on landing you on “Recents” rather than “My Files” is annoying. However, if you must purchase Dropbox, do it on their site and not via the App Store. Here’s why: They sent me a note saying my payment method (Apple) was invalid and I had to “update” my payment method with Apple or lose my paid features on May 31st. Spoke with tech support via chat and confirmed that my payment info is up to date, and that it has successfully gone through for ApplePay, dozens of other apps, and a couple of streaming services. He escalated me to someone who days later sent me a boilerplate email that showed he hadn’t read anything from the previous conversation. I replied, explaining again. No answer. I wrote back asking for an ETA on a response, as May 31 was fast approaching. No answer. Then on May *29* — two days before the supposed deadline — I got an email saying “Your account has been downgraded.” Finally managed to resubscribe by severing my payment within Apple and purchasing on their site (although now I wish I hadn’t). And *still* no response from customer service.
by Moses Apana on 2020/05/30 04:17
This is my #1
Do not collect browser data
by sgdesai74 on 2020/05/29 03:48
Do not collect browser data , you must respect person privacy as we expect from others .i think it’s none of your business to see what I am browsing.
The scrolling dot on the right does not show on html files 50% of the time
by Gzcp on 2020/05/28 22:16
The scrolling dot on the right does not show on html files 50% of the time.
Destroying my battery life
by voska on 2020/05/28 11:26
I’ve had Dropbox installed and been a user since 2012 and I’m very disappointed to have to write a bad review now. My battery has been dying incredibly fast lately so I went through the logs and it shows that Dropbox has been active in the background pretty much 80% of the time. Like 120 hours this past week! Even though I haven’t opened it once in that timeframe. I tried opening and force closing, but the problem persists. I checked whether I had a file downloaded that it was trying to sync, but that didn’t seem to be it either. I’m at a loss now. I’m not sure what to do. I use Dropbox occasionally, but it’s not worth the battery usage. @dropbox - if you want to reach out to me to solve this: matt [at] {username} [dot] org
Current Uploads issue
by AppJ1234 on 2020/05/27 00:51
Overall, Dropbox is great. On iOS, however, the recent updates have made the current uploads blank, so it no longer displays how the uploads are actually progressing like it used to do. Fixing this will push it back up to five stars since then it will be possible to know if it is up to date with syncing.
Deliberately made the app worse to make more money
by CalebOfTheHampshireCalebs on 2020/05/26 21:23
With the latest update, Dropbox spontaneously and arbitrarily required me to remove multiple devices from my account or pay to upgrade to premium to continue using the app as I have been for years.
Slow Upload Speed
by MMan03 on 2020/05/24 18:28
Uploading photos from my Album is super slow. It took nearly 10 minutes to upload 30 photos from my photo library.
Awesome app but 1 minor problem
by mylo647 on 2020/05/23 18:37
The only problem I have with this app is the scroll ability is different than the normal iPhone scroll on the right side. The only reason why I’m saying this is because it’s harder to click when scrolling through a lot of pictures.
by arshaHk on 2020/05/23 18:25
Needs some changes
by SummerAshlie on 2020/05/23 13:10
So first off I use Dropbox constantly and is a huge part of saving my photos, videos and files . Since the latest updates I see two glaring issues, first is that the background upload feature has not worked properly for a while and needs to be fixed. I don’t want to have the screen open on Dropbox all night just so everything backs up. This leads into my other issue, you used to be able to see what was being uploaded with its progress and would tell you how many more files still need to be. When it was finished it would say there is nothing left. Now all of these features have been taken away, please bring them back!!
Great! But...
by Sjshdudjnrj on 2020/01/22 20:42
Ok, so first off, I want to let the devs know that they did an amazing job making this app. It has a simple design, looks great, and is very user-friendly. One thing is that Google Drive offers 15GB for free, while I think Dropbox only offers 2GB. Maybe for the free version, upgrade that a little bit. Anyway, I mainly use Dropbox over any other service, because I believe it&#39;s better, but I might have to switch to Google Drive for more free storage. The one thing that I would add to it, is shortcuts. For example, if I could have all my files in one big folder, and them scatter them across different folders using shortcuts to the same file, in the big folder. I use Dropbox to keep my music MP3&#39;s, but I can&#39;t have them in different floders without copying and pasting, which would take up twice the storage. I would have multiple folders, and ,for example, have my song in one folder, and another, without doubling the storage. I would want them both to point to the MP3 in the big folder with all my files, that I mentioned before. I would love to have this tool, and I&#39;m sure a ton of others would. This would definitely bring you over the top better than the other cloud storage providers. Thank you for making an awesome program for us to use!
Great App but very unstable after update
by KJP2U on 2019/06/23 18:34
I’m having the same issue as Dudebraj9000. I have an iPhone 8 and have been using Dropbox for years. I agree that the updates have had no added value other than adding additional steps. When I’m uploading photos, I can no longer scroll down to see which photos are uploading. It jumps back to the top. Also, when I go to a photo album from Dropbox to upload photos, it will jump to photos from 2017 or 2018 unless I scroll real slow. Also, if I “move” photos from one folder to another, it now leaves me at the folder the photos got moved to instead of the folder I was working on... really annoying. I believe that if I “copy” photos from one folder to another, it will put me back to the folder I was working on, which is the way it has always been. Lastly, I had disconnected any auto uploads or syncing to Dropbox from the start, yet there is an album again called Dropbox with photos sitting in it... some very old photos. So I don’t know if those photos were uploaded or not. I have never auto synced my photos with Dropbox because I like having control of it. I gave you 5 stars because I use Dropbox every day and I trust that you will fix these issues. Overall, it has been fantastic, but more so in the older versions.
Useless/not needed
by dicky j 12 on 2020/06/04 17:28
My smart phone has my resume in pdf. Form and that should be it. But no, these stupid app companies are in bed together and so I have to keep downloading app after app after app just apply for jobs. Each app just another security risk, just another way for my info to end up in the wrong hands. Might as well be you know what in a box, Totally unacceptable. Zero stars is the real review. Stop making cloud based crap we already have through oh idk the 16 other apps that do a similar job. This is an edit...after reading some reviews I ask those people if they are using windows 98? Do you not remember that our smart phones and their services were already doing all of this? Did you not already have cloud based service through your smart phone brand or google? Why accept yet another app that is cloud based for yet another way to have your private photos and documents out in another cloud. “The devs are smart” yeah after building the same features into every other cloud based app they realized they needed another job so here is Dropbox, next year it will be “boxdrop” or “doccushare3000”! I’m sure there is some feature that is unique to Dropbox that has you all saying that it’s totally different. You mean something that could have just been added to any other cloud based service? I know it’s free but I didn’t want another app on my phone, another account, another, another, another, another......
Good features, horrible customer service
by MarlaE on 2020/05/30 14:09
I’ve used Dropbox for years with no issues, although it is overpriced and their peculiar insistence on landing you on “Recents” rather than “My Files” is annoying. However, if you must purchase Dropbox, do it on their site and not via the App Store. Here’s why: They sent me a note saying my payment method (Apple) was invalid and I had to “update” my payment method with Apple or lose my paid features on May 31st. Spoke with tech support via chat and confirmed that my payment info is up to date, and that it has successfully gone through for ApplePay, dozens of other apps, and a couple of streaming services. He escalated me to someone who days later sent me a boilerplate email that showed he hadn’t read anything from the previous conversation. I replied, explaining again. No answer. I wrote back asking for an ETA on a response, as May 31 was fast approaching. No answer. Then on May *29* — two days before the supposed deadline — I got an email saying “Your account has been downgraded.” Finally managed to resubscribe by severing my payment within Apple and purchasing on their site (although now I wish I hadn’t). And *still* no response from customer service.
One year no change
by TiredMomAndNurse on 2020/04/14 02:19
A year ago I reached out for help bc all of my photos I edited on my phone or the hundreds of “portrait mode” iPhone photos were uploaded in their original mode and their “edited” portrait mode. When you click “automatic upload” it uploads your photos in chronological order with dates they were created. Which is great. On the portrait mode or any edited photo, it uploads two versions. I was going through and looking at file size and deleting the one that wasn’t edited so that my terabyte of storage wouldn’t be full. The tip they gave me was to click “manual upload” and manually upload all of the portrait mode or edited photos that I wanted to not have doubled. I did this. The photos were not uploaded by date taken and the file names were changed. But they were not doubled. Then, I clicked “automatic upload” to upload all of the other unedited photos and it still uploaded the edited ones I had manually uploaded bc the file names were different. I have reached out a handful of times about having an option to click or fixing the manual upload bug that changes the file names and causes more duplicates. No changes have been made. Dropbox is the most expensive storage app but don’t expect the most expensive quality.
I really wanted to like Dropbox
by Artemis12234 on 2020/02/03 16:43
This is a review on Dropbox in general. I wanted to use Dropbox to back up files I accumulate on both my phone and my computer over time onto a cloud. This includes work files (minimal though) and (mostly) personal photos/videos. But I have so many issues syncing files whether it be from my phone or my computer, I just can’t do it anymore; it takes way too much time. And I’ve had the paid version for a couple months now! I thought maybe Dropbox just had a learning curve but the issues are perennial. I constantly have to troubleshoot the syncing and google solutions for things like clearing the cache on my Mac. It’s like I have to treat Dropbox like a baby, only back up 50 photos at a time or it glitches and never uploads at all. Even troubleshooting pages from the Dropbox website don’t solve my problems, even if it’s only 4 simple steps. I don’t understand—I thought DropBox was a large and reputable company used by professionals. I’m using Dropbox for mostly light, personal reasons and it doesn’t work properly. Looks like I’m going to have to back up the old fashioned way: external hard drives.
Great app except...
by aWiiPeanut on 2020/04/14 13:16
Overall this is a great app. It allows you to categorize your files just like on a computer with folders and sub-folders, etc. It is relatively easy to move files around from your ipad or phone, send them to another app to markup, and upload. The main problem I have with this app is the buttons at the bottom of the page when you are viewing a document. They have recently added a big blue button right in the middle at the bottom that says OPEN. The grid and magnifying glass buttons to the left of that were bad enough but now I have to try and read around the big OPEN button as well. I use Dropbox a lot for quizzing myself and I’ll save questions/answers and scroll through them, answering them in my head as I go. The buttons get in the way of reading my questions because scrolling too much will show me the answer. These buttons need to be added into the top banner or lower banner and not on their own. It would make this a 5 star app for me!
One last thing
by Nightmare13473 on 2020/02/09 23:48
I’m really happy u added a Dark version to it, now I’m not straining my eyes with all the white, I never liked bright things, but to get to the point, there’s one last thing I would love for u to add to the app. I download audio files on Dropbox and I use it to listen to it when ever my WiFi decided to cut out for a few hours (ya it does that I’ve been trying to get it fixed) now it plays the files just fine, but whenever the song ends, it doesn’t go to the next one, so I have to stop whatever I’m doing, go the the app, and either replay the same song or just find a new one to listen too. And I don’t like being stopped in the middle of drawing or doing work. Is there a way u could add a media player or something? Like when u play a music or video file it just goes or opens up the media player? Plz if u can do it I’ll be very great full, I&#39;d definitely have less distractions when I do my work.
All files lost and not given a refund
by Tahisha on 2020/02/12 16:57
Edit: The company’s response is unacceptable to me, neither taking accountability for their lack of communication or defrauding me out of my money. I will never be using or recommending their services to anyone and with these business practices I am sure they will go out of business sooner rather than later! I found charges on a credit card statement that I thought had been cancelled going back two years with a monthly subscription to Dropbox. Because the account was linked to an old email address that I could not recover, I lost about a thousand photos of my family and travels. When I contacted Dropbox the agent I communicated with refused to speak with me on the phone, could not recover my photos, would not refund me the monthly subscription that I had been paying for this “service” unless I gave them my credit card number over email, AND would not let me speak to anyone else. If I could give zero stars I absolutely would, this is a horrible company. Google Drive is superior in every single way and I have never had a single issue with them!!
It deleted my entire Desktop
by KeoniKS on 2020/04/24 07:47
After a recent computer crash I had I was attempting to put things back to normal and reinstalled Dropbox. After it installed and logged in it was already full but attempted to copy and sync my entire desktop. This didn’t happen before when I first installed it and it began lagging my entire computer. So I tried deleting the folder but it took my entire desktop from my computer and multiple files ranging from personal and work. Trying to recover failed because there file box it was trying to sync was only a partial download and only had file folder names and none of the content. I’m not gonna pay for an app that will try to take on more than it can handle on the free plan. I’ve only used this app to make it easier to share files between computer to phone not entire programs from the desktop nor did I ask it to sync. I might have screwed by a simple update for the sync computer but I never had an option for how to sync it and I usually have to initiate it but this was unexpected and stacked up on current problems.
Stop changing stuff!
by Dudebraj9000 on 2018/09/18 09:03
Why do you guys constantly insist on changing the whole interface of the app? Seriously. Every update things are different, and not in a good way. Also, I can’t scroll down on my synced folders anymore. It makes my files disappear when I try. This started after the recent update. I’m not one of those “let me speak to your manager” kind of people but I just had to let you know how bad my experience has been so far. Please fix it, and leave it that way unless there’s a really important bug to fix. Also gave you 5 stars because I know you’re hard working people over there and I pay for pro. Don’t hate the app, just hate the constant changes to the overall look of the app that honestly seem more like a step backward than forward.
Attach a Dropbox File to an Email from Within Gmail Not Supported on an iPad
by SoulForce1 on 2020/04/08 01:10
I am paperless and use DropBox for literally everything business and personal, therefore, I find it extremely annoying and cumbersome that when composing an email using Gmail on my iPad I cannot attach a file directly from Dropbox. When I select the attach function (paper clip), the only options for attachment sources that appear are Google Drive, camera roll, and recents. The online help forums state that I should approach the problem in reverse, namely, open my file in DropBox then select Open File in Gmail. While this does open a new Gmail message with the file as an attachment, this backward workaround is useless if I already have started composing an email within Gmail because the attachment cannot be assigned to another preexisting email within Gmail. Also, there seems to be no way to attach more than one file to the same email. Email attachments are a very basic function that every user needs so I would think DropBox would make fixing this issue a priority.
Too much money for notta lotta “service”
by The Notorious t.i.g on 2018/07/12 00:39
After the recent update, DropBox stopped working properly for camera-roll upload on my iPad. Their solution? Remove the app, forget the network, fully restart the iPad, re-connect to the network, and re-install the app. Seriously? Good thing I have nothing else to do ... oh, wait. Basement flooded. So yeah, I have something else to do that&#39;s rather urgent. Good news is that yes, this did in fact resolve the issue, but really, I have other things to do in my life than reset apps with updates that fail. Especially when paying $75/month for the business version. For $75 a month I expect a MUCH better UI, amazing support, in-file search (not just the file titles), and so much more. Instead, we get the un/re-install merry-go-round, an ok UI, low-availability support (US normal business hours only), and an amazingly klugey sync setup. Heaven help you if your Mac has an external drive. What happens when you get a new Mac? It downloads everything from Dropbox again, even though all I did was remove the USB plug from the old machine to the new. Good job, Dropbox. Well done. Now I gotta wait for 4T of data to re-synch. Their super awesome support response? Well, we told you external drives might not work as expected. I’m totally looking for another service. Seriously, $900 a year for this? I feel like an idiot for locking myself into this “service”.
The love is gone...
by Kht2015 on 2019/10/09 13:21
I used to love Dropbox. Started using it when I was a student when it first came out. Now I used it mostly for ebooks in the .prc files and export directly to Kindle. Have it on both my Iphone and Ipad. But for some reason after the last update I cannot directly export those books to Kindle anymore. When I click on the file Dropbox doesn&#39;t recognize it as a Kindle document anymore and came across as data and said it is incompatible with Kindle when exporting. I have been doing it for years. It still works on my Iphone because I have not updated. I was planning to upgrade to a better account but with this issue I am about to jump ship and forget Dropbox altogether. Every major update brings more headache. I am considered tech savvy and can navigate thru pretty much major upgrade/updates on most apps. But this is just too much. I have many files in .prc and now cannot export.
Never liked Dropbox and still don’t
by Conan the Reviewer on 2019/03/14 04:17
This app is confusing and hard to use. A friend sent me a Dropbox link of a song file, and when I clicked on it I got the option to either get the song in the browser or “download the app,” which I had already done. I clocked the latter option, and it just brought me to the App Store. When I clicked open no notice appeared about the download; it just took me to the app. As far as I can tell there’s no way to search through emails or Facebook messenger from the Dropbox app to download the link. I then went back to the link and clicked the other option, “open in browser,” which took me to a playable file but again gave me no options to download the file. I’ve always had problems with Dropbox, and the only time I use it is when someone shares something with me on it. This was one of those times, and though this was my first time using the iPhone app, I came away from it disappointed as usual.
Great except keeps losing recent files
by Paul, just Paul ... on 2018/10/26 00:27
99% of the time when I used this app, it is to do something with one of the three or four files I have most recently edited. For some reason this app keeps losing track of those, which makes it take much longer to use. Last time it was because they forced dropbox paper towns artificially find a recent list, this time the paper staff is back again and all my recent files have disappeared. There is no option to remove the paper spam from the recent list. For bonus points they say it’s easy to contact them if you have problems about the app. It isn’t. When I finally found a way, their support page doesn’t work; it won’t let me choose a device and therefore won’t let submit a ticket. This is of course on my iPhone, the same device the app is running on, using safari, the default and dominant browser. Ridiculous.
Five stars for completely disappointing me!!
by keilaa.17 on 2018/07/24 10:01
I’ve had this app for a while now. They promise to keep all your pictures safe “NO MATTER WHAT” which is all a lie! Let’s say u lose access to the account for a bit so you are inactive with it. Well without them even asking for your permission, they decide to erase your account and all the pictures you saved with it!! I completely believed them like an idiot and deleted my pictures and gave it to them so they can “KEEP IT SAFE” and without even consulting me or thinking about the fact that I have important pictures and things I actually wanted them to keep safe, they just erase and pretend like nothing ever happened. I completely do not recommend this app!! PLEASE DO NOT DOWNLOAD IT!!! GET EVERALBUM OR EVEN GOOGLE PICTURES BUT DO NOT USE THIS!!!
Now that it’s fixed, it works well.
by Thistlelip on 2019/11/18 22:50
A few days after leaving this review with a one star rating the issue was fixed. When this app is working it’s quite good. This app was great until a few weeks ago when an update removed the ability to close a file and have the entire screen be for the titles of files. As it is now, the only way one can view titles of files that are more than seven characters or so is to start the process of moving a file which then gives a screen that shows the titles. I pay annually for Dropbox and thus have another 9 months before it will be financially feasible to switch services, but if you have not already paid for Dropbox, I cannot stress this enough, DO NOT PAY FOR THIS app. At least until such time as they correct this issue. It is practically unusable as is.
Now Requires App Subscriptions
by justmyopiniontoo on 2020/02/27 16:44
After years of being able to view PDFs, Spreadsheets and Documents, the app now forces one to subscribe to Adobe, Excel, etc. To what purpose? Those of us not using it for business are not trying to update anything: we’re only wanting to view documents that we generate elsewhere. Without the option of “view only,” this app has become useless and only gets one star as Apple won’t allow zero. Edit to Response to Developer’s Reply: I am able now to either open a password protected file for view-only by selecting the “go” key on the keyboard, bypassing the “open” icon for Excel, or ignoring the “go” key and selecting the “open” icon to follow the Excel pathway to edit the file. Thanks! Response to Developer’s Reply: Your reply is demonstrably false. Despite the indications in your help link, the App stopped opening Excel and PDF files that are password protected without using Excel and Adobe. There’s nothing like entering a password in response to Dropbox and then dealing with the prompt maze of those applications to finally get another password screen from them. After years of successfully entering file passwords at your prompt, this happened after *your* upgrades and before I chose to update to iOS 13.3 from 12.x. This is all on you.
Connect A computer
by Hotshtuf on 2018/08/06 20:35
Oh my gosh! I was having a difficult time logging in on my desktop - trying to remember my password and it wouldn’t let me in. I figured I’ll just continue to use the app on my phone, until I saw the “Connect A Computer” button. I pressed it and in a matter of seconds (I’d say less than 45secs) I was able to get into my account on my desktop computer. It was just three easy steps! I’ve been using Dropbox for almost 8 years and thought it was good but nothing outstanding enough to write a review until now. I just hate the little badge icon that appears on a document when saved in Dropbox. I hide it but it comes back... All good tho!
Deleted all my photos
by Piano Mom 0102 on 2019/10/05 23:59
I received emails from Dropbox saying my account was being deleted due to inactivity. (This is a data STORAGE service. How active is one supposed to be?). Their website said data would not be deleted for 2 weeks after the user’s account was closed. I contacted customer support the day I received the email that my account had been closed. I followed the online instructions to reactivates account. However, my photos were gone!! Customer service was not able to help retrieve the photos, nor provide an explanation as to why they were deleted within hours after the account was closed. Your data is not safe on this site, especially with the free version. Dropbox, don’t offer a free version if you are not going to protect the user’s data. I am not referring to the security of the site, but rather the lack of regard they have for the data of people using their site. Two words: Google Drive Bye Dropbox.
🚫 Not upgrading
by The Blonde Cookie on 2018/10/30 02:50
After looking down the long list of seriously bad recent reviews, I’m NOT doing the latest upgrade (operating under the theory “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”). What I’m using now, while far from perfect, is adequate; I don’t have to wrestle constantly with the software, and I know what workarounds I need to employ to get ‘er done, so…its not a perfect world, but no new surprises. I already knew their customer support was nonexistent; I have a “story” of my own. I hope someone sues them for false advertising (for claiming they have customer support). I’d say it’s possible to win that in a court of law: if someone pays for a product and substantially relies on the written description of something (“we have customer service available to serve you,” or whatever is written), there’s a case to be made if the person or business incurred a provable loss due to that reliance. Hmmm… 🤔 Dropbox appears to have gone the way of so many apps - it’s all about the Benjamin’s (as opposed to quality, reliable customer support). But, of course, the less peeps employed, the better the bottom line looks. I noticed, however, that their marketing department must be working overtime. How a 4.7 star rating is possible with as many really bad (recent) reviews is absolutely beyond me. Of course, no one would ever skew the review numbers to make an app look more attractive, would they? 🙄
Garbage for how much everyone is using this service
by Zazzers on 2019/04/12 03:16
My buddy has been trying to send me links on Dropbox for years and i used to always have problems with them yet I’m very computer savvy. I finally just signed up for an account because I was forced to transfer some legal documents. As far as I’m concerned dropbox is poorly designed. It should be so extremely simple yet it it is so extremely frustrating. On the desktop I have to login only to get to another page where I have to login again I go back to the first page it seems to be a verifiable page on by dropbox yet it just takes me to another login page very frustrating. Yesterday I’m trying to send the second MP4 file to my lawyer and it just won’t share it this year option is not even there. I could go on but I don’t care. I will pretty much avoid dropbox as much as possible and look for another file sharing service like you should too !!!!
Music Player?
by moukeefe on 2019/09/29 20:55
I’ve been using Dropbox for years. It’s great. One thing I’ve always wanted to have though was a music player that would play consecutive songs or playlists/folders. I have many original music projects going on at any given time and I like to be able to listen to them for further writing inspirations whenever I have a free minute, which is usually when I’m riding my bike from one place to another. I end up having to look down at my phone while I’m riding in order to start the next song and it can get kinda dicey while riding a bike. I have no other issues with the app besides not being able to listen to my music files consecutively. That would make it perfect, for me anyway. Thanks, keep up the good work!
Picture & Video upload is broken
by Ktobs on 2018/10/27 16:12
Picture &amp; video upload now constantly crashes. Very slow upload when it does work. Refuses to upload when the battery is low (even if its plugged in and currently charging!) If I have low battery don&#39;t you think it would be IMPORTANT to be able to upload/backup what I can before it dies?!? At the very least they should be an option that says &#39;continue anyway&#39;. And if the phone is already charging I don&#39;t see why that matters? I can&#39;t upload a SINGLE picture? Really? Why does dropbox decide when I can or can&#39;t upload pics? This used to be a great app but recently it&#39;s falling apart. The media player is missing many desired features like fast forward/rewind 15 seconds, etc. Please fix the app! I&#39;ve been a long time customer but I&#39;m finding more frustrations than conveniences. Please fix the pic and video upload! App constantly locks up and crashes.
A love affair gone sour. Where’s the Integrity?
by Ti leaf on 2019/07/03 03:39
I LOVED the old Dropbox. The more bells and whistles you added the worse mess my Dropbox life became. I relied on you for when I traveled and I am a writer, and am heavily research and archive needy. It used to work for me. Now I am somehow getting crossfeed from Microsoft Word, and the files that get into Drop Box, just show me weird icons with “data”. But no data or files. This is beyond maddening. I upgraded to add more storage for the creative arts work my husband and I do, and now my photos are stored in some bizarre, indecipherable logic, and with over 12,000 of them...that is a drag. I agree with every single person who said, it used to work great and the. Upgrades shoot me in the foot for several weeks of forensic admin to get it sorted. I have work to do besides the fact that customers are not paid to work for Dropbox. Please become more user friendly else I abandon Dropbox, and move my data world to my own online island! Thanks for taking this as not a complaint, but a call for the Integrity of the initial DropBox Platform.
Not worth the hassle if your expecting to store things long term
by laurenie338 on 2019/12/13 17:46
This was one of the first file sharing cloud apps. However, there are much better more efficient apps out there now as the way they promote cloud is old news. Now with cloud you can usually use the storage with or without being active for x amount of months etc. it will always be there so long as you don’t delete from it . That is not the case with this app and seems to be a common complaint . Many have lost important files including myself on account of not seeing a deactivation email. Moral of the story is drop box is out google cloud and icloud are in . Drop-box May as well be obsolete when compared to the other Choices now , that don’t delete your files just after 12 months of inactivity.. 🤷🏽‍♀️
Long time user - one ask!
by naliye on 2020/05/22 16:25
Hi there! I’ve been with Dropbox for what feels like a common law marriage length of time. I’ve been backing up all of my photos for years to Dropbox rather than keeping them in my iCloud. There is one feature however that I’m DYING for you to implement. In the Apple photos app you have this open search technology where you can search “apples” or “beach” or “Mom” and the photos get easily pulled up for you. I would be over the moon thrilled if you could build a search functionality like this to the Dropbox app. I spend so much time digging through years of images. It would take forever to move them back to iCloud just to make it easier to index but I am tempted! Thanks so much for hearing me out. Appreciate it!
by donna381 on 2019/01/06 18:09
Useless app. Not user friendly. I spent an hour just trying to figure out how to open a file, seriously an hour, and could not get past “download Dropbox paper”. Never succeeded in opening one file, much less sharing files between devices. Googled help for this app and was told to click buttons that did not exist (but clearly should exist!). You would think an app that is supposed to help you manage documents would at least have a straightforward way to open a file. That’s the most basic thing most users would want to do and after one hour a person of at least average intelligence can’t do it. I typed the name of my document in the search bar and it told me it wasn’t found. Double checked for typos, again it wasn’t found. Tried with just one word which I knew to be contained in many of my document files... still “not found”. Ridiculous and frustrating.
Worst service ever!!!!!
by vedeta h on 2019/01/05 14:43
I have been a Custumer for over 10 years no problem. I have a yearly contract with them. This year they took the money out of my account. In June 2018 and turned off my service in July 2019. I have been fighting with them for months I gave them the receipt from my account and the Apple store. The app say active until June 2019 but when I go the the app it say full must pay money. They said they didn’t get a payment so I need to pay again. I have tried to contact them. You can only talk to them though email or twitter they will not call you. They don’t respond or slow to respond. After months of trying to get in touch with them and proving I paid. They still did not turn on my service. I called the BBB on them and they never responded. Something so simple to solve has turn me off from this product and has made me find other services better than this.
Unnecessary changes
by Geza X on 2019/07/31 18:49
Sometimes simpler is better. WHYWHYWHY does everyone try to turn their apps into a social media platform? Why. I’ve tolerated the various updates and additions because Dropbox has done one thing extremely well: transfer files and sync them to my Mac desktop. In that one function Dropbox has an unparalleled lead. But Dropbox PAPER? No, we use google docs for that and always will. Sorry. Comments? Not needed, rarely used. Sharing? YESYESYES that’s what it’s for. Sharing files. Photo sync, sure why not? I don’t use it but good to have. I’ve watched many developers “upgrade” their apps right out of business, making them cumbersome and glitchy in the process. PLEASE STOP you have such a robust platform already! We don’t need the toys, it just makes the app messy and childish. It’s hard enough to keep things synced and shared over a variety of different uses. I’ve been using Dropbox for maybe 10 years and run a whole business with it. Has always worked properly and stood the test of time. Your desire to compete in areas where you aren’t needed is going to downgrade what you are #1 in—transferring and sharing files easily and without confusion.
Great, but lacking
by The Terroriser on 2019/05/15 03:59
Dropbox was good, good for storing all my files, but it had too little space. 2 GB. For all the files I need stored, I had to make 4 TOTAL Dropbox accounts. At a certain point I realized I can’t deal with this anymore. And I look into transferring my files to Google Drive. Giving me 15 GB of storage FOR FREE! I try to export my files to drive, only exports one file. I search all around! Nowhere does it say “export to drive”. I get I could have done it manually, but we’re talking folders and 6-8GB’s worth of documents, data, pictures, and whatever else. No way. I find a chrome extension, connect the account, let it sync my Dropbox to my drive! All of my dropboxes are COMPLETELY useless now! Don’t get me wrong, Dropbox is great. But hey lack in storage and refuse to give you options to transfer elsewhere. They don’t want to let you go.
“Camera Roll” is not the same as iOS’s Camera Roll
by SeriouslyDave on 2019/04/13 15:34
Reply to the Developer Response: The Developer’s reply discussed automatic photo upload. However, I was not talking about automatic upload and did not use the term. Therefore, I have modified my review to clarify. —- Review —- When manually selecting photos for upload from an iOS device, Dropbox is shows an iOS Moments view of iOS photos. Dropbox calls this “Camera Roll” even though it does not match the iOS Camera Roll. Worse, Dropbox does not offer a way to select photos for upload using a view that’s in iOS Camera Roll order. You have to remember the date you took a photo or do a whole lot of scrolling if you have more than just a handful of photos (scrolling is required because of the screen space wasted by an iOS Moments view). This is a not user-friendly approach. Another issue is that you must tap each photo instead of being able to slide your finger across the screen to select multiple. These are not the only usability issue I have with Dropbox and I use Dropbox less than I would like because of them. However, it still remains somewhat useful to me so I gave it three stars.
The one app I can’t live without
by Kaiaim on 2018/07/14 20:29
What can I say about an app that gives me access to everything I have from my cell phone- simple intuitive fail-free. The biggest tech mistake of my life was switching briefly to another service which lost my data and treated my like dirt when I asked for help. There are few things I’d like Dropbox to change but they aren’t specific to the app. The only app bug I’d like to see changed is the folder size limit which does not apply to desktop versions. it has been an inconvenience to break up one of my large folders, but still worth it to have my whole life with me anytime anywhere.
Camera Roll Does Not Auto Upload To Customized Folders
by Infamous334 on 2019/05/05 17:43
My biggest issue for a few years now is that when taking photos I could have those photos uploaded to specific customized photos. This was an option via settings 2 years ago but for 2 years now it defaults to a folder “Photo” with no chance of selecting which folder. My business has 7 field agents taking about 30 photos each day of real estate properties. I use to be able to create folders for each user and have their photos upload to their specific folder per device. In the office it was very easy to sort out which photos were taken by each agent. Now they dump all into one single folder “PHOTOS”. I have talked to development about this but they tell me it was a 3rd party license called Carousel that allowed them to upload to customized folders but they failed to renew the 3rd party license. Now I get emails stating as of May 7, 2019 my version of the product will fail to operate unless I update but when I go to App Store it tells me I have the latest version. Should the product fail to operate as of May 7, 2019 we will move everything to ICLOUD because the support and tools we need simply don’t exist anymore. This product that once was very good simply does not support my business workflow anymore.
Need Office 365 subscription?
by Conan444 on 2020/02/09 17:46
I have been using free office apps on mobile devices and a 2011 personal/home license on an iMac. Now a message pops up saying I need an Office 365 subscription to edit Excel spreadsheets and Word docs on my iPhone. Is this an error? Or have Microsoft’s or your policies changed? ————————— Thank you 🙏 for your response. I do not have a device with a screen 📺 over 10 in. Just an IPhone and iPad mini. The prompt says sign in with an office 365 account in order to be able to edit, but it turns out you can just sign in w/your regular old Microsoft/Outlook account. This is very sneaky of Microsoft. I was almost about to purchase a subscription!
My ‘go to’ app
by MacNito on 2019/10/09 01:25
Used Dropbox daily for many years now, for saving and uploading attachments on my mobile emails and saving and uploading pictures receipts etc. In some cases I even use it to sign legal forms. My only issue is that lately Say last 3,4 months uploads have been slow and ‘hesitant’ to upload in emails and while in some cases it helps if I open the app itself it isn’t consistent and sometimes I have to give up and wait to access files on my laptop. Would be really fantastic if that functionality can be restored to its original speed and reliability!! Else. Thanks and keep up the good app! Cheers
Bait and switch paywall tactic
by El Grayso on 2019/10/24 01:33
I use a lot of devices. Dropbox was the universally accepted free cloud service and a ton of apps spent a lot of effort making them work with Dropbox because of this. Now Dropbox is behind a paywall if you want to use more than 3 devices. That’s fine and I’ve ditched it for Google and Apple which I pay for and are affordable. The problem is that a ton of apps still only link to Dropbox, something they decided to put weight behind due to Dropbox being accessible by all. Most cloud storage apps allow upgrades for more space if you like their service. A reasonable competitive tactic. Dropbox’s tactic feels manipulative, and more like a random to keep the systems users have already set up between their devices. Dropbox is free to do this. It’s a free market. But users are also free to give them 1 star and ditch their company in response.
It’s improving but needs basic improvements first
by Mrose34 on 2019/10/21 12:23
They’ve been improving the app for months now, and while I appreciate the improvements they still have some basics they need to work on. For instance, sending a larger file - like an iPhone video - directly to Dropbox almost always fails or takes way too long. Also, Dropbox will not upload my camera roll unless I have the app open and not just on the background (like the settings claim) I have to literally have the app open for it to upload my camera roll. That’s annoying. If your phone locks while it’s uploading, it stops uploading. These are basic issues that should be fixed before working on opening word docs within the app.
Dropbox Business - Zero technical support :(
by HamishGinge on 2019/10/12 12:43
I have used Dropbox for many years and it’s essential to my workflow I recently encountered a synching problem which prevented me synching my files. This is a huge deal for me. On the advice of the Dropbox team I upgraded to the Business Option. I was promised advanced tech support. I will spare you the long details but simply put I have been totally abandoned, phone support simply get you off the phone as fast as possible, chat app is either not operational or refers you to email... Emailing the support team as I have done thirty or so times simply generates yet another ticket number. I have waited 6 days for the advanced technical team to get back to me... Nothing ;( When the Business team were selling me the upgrade I had staff members all over me ... when I needed Dropbox Support... .. I just very polite empty standard promise email and now not even a reply to any of my polite emails Dropbox is great til it goes wrong ... then it’s a disaster and you are stuck
Good For The Most Part
by Oof Beans on 2019/03/27 15:16
It’s a pretty good app, I prefer it over google photos. The only thing is that when I upload more than 10 photos at a time, they just won’t download. This is a major problem because I’m switching devices and want to save all of my photos, I want to upload all the photos I want to keep at the same time and have them down load instead of just sitting there with a gray bar under them or saying “waiting to download.” Its fine when it’s only downloading one picture at a time, (since that happened before) but I don’t have control over how many pictures download at a time (and it’s usually four) please fix this!
Saving Offline
by Byhiu on 2018/10/17 20:34
I’m wanting to make a certain folder in my Dropbox available offline. But I need to make sure before I do so. That the contents of this folder that I’m wanting to make offline to view whenever with data or not.. that it won’t be automatically updated into my iPhone camera roll. Or put into a folder in my iOS camera roll. That would be BAD... very very BAD. so that’s my concern. I need to make sure that these sensitive confidential files won’t be seen ANYWHERE else except offline in the Dropbox app. And not in my personal camera roll. Please advise. Respectfully, Dropbox 1TB user. :)
Almost really good
by mgar5544 on 2018/12/06 15:25
The scan feature has been really nice but one thing has driven me crazy. Using a phone, how hard is it to zoom into the document or receipt you are trying to capture? Not really that hard!! I personally don’t mind if i have a piece of the surface the doc is sitting on captured with the image. What drives me crazy, however, is ALWAYS having to adjust the image to actually capture what i intended to. The success of the auto detect feature is less than 50% for me and that’s only because I’ve gotten better at tricking it. Long story short, please Dropbox, at least have an option to disable the auto detect feature. I keep thinking this is going to fixed with updates but it hasn’t.
Needs some changes
by SummerAshlie on 2020/05/23 13:10
So first off I use Dropbox constantly and is a huge part of saving my photos, videos and files . Since the latest updates I see two glaring issues, first is that the background upload feature has not worked properly for a while and needs to be fixed. I don’t want to have the screen open on Dropbox all night just so everything backs up. This leads into my other issue, you used to be able to see what was being uploaded with its progress and would tell you how many more files still need to be. When it was finished it would say there is nothing left. Now all of these features have been taken away, please bring them back!!
iPhone 11 Pro Max
by Birdgirl86 on 2020/01/22 06:54
I’ve been reading posts online that Dropbox is still not able to upload portrait mode pics from iPhone and tonight it wouldn’t even load pictures that I cropped - even that was too much editing. I can’t manually upload these edited photos from a computer either. It seems to only take pics in their original form which isn’t fun. I have the latest Ed iPhone and it’s 2020, I’m really surprised this hasn’t been worked out. I don’t want to always have to share originally photos. Please work at fixing this. I’ve seen this same complaint posted for years. Help!
Never works properly
by Petahatake on 2019/11/15 10:26
I have used Dropbox since middle school and it never gave me issues until now. I have many photos made available off line but I still have to wait at lease a minute for them to load with a connection to the internet. Without a connection to the internet it will tell me to log onto a computer to see the file. Also it never saves pictures or videos with the same quality that they were uploaded with. I did an experiment and uploaded a HD photo to Dropbox and then exported it to my photos and uploaded the exported one again and again. Each time the quality degraded until it was nothing but pixels. I pay monthly for the services of this app and don’t even get the quality I was promised. Fix this swiftly or I will discontinue my subscription. Thank you.
Photo upload constantly breaking
by Extravayarnza on 2019/06/07 19:53
The last couple of weeks I only seem to be able to upload photos to Dropbox from my phone about 25% of the time. The rest of the time I select my images from my camera roll &amp; they just sit there... doing nothing. I can force restart them app, restart my phone, connect to WiFi, connect to data, connect to a charge cord... nothing. When it’s in the mood not to upload the nothing works. This is the main method I use to move images from my phone to my work computer, so this is EXTREMELY frustrating. Emailing photos 2-3 at a time is not a long term solution, especially as we have a paid account at our office.
by Kitty Envy on 2019/03/08 00:01
I feel like this is a scam! I had someone send me a doc to look at and it was from this app. So I had to create an account to see it. Then all these options to pay and have no use for app but when I created thinking I could see doc and delete app, it’s not even pulling up doc. I ask friend to send in a regular email. I go to the option to contact support and I can type in the issue of asking to get rid of account (literally minutes after setting up) but drop down box to choose device doesn’t work so no way to get this company’s attention to not be charged or have this account at all. Would not recommend and hope someone from this company sees this because I’m at a loss and truly upset that I might be charged for something I have no use for.
New conditions of use are very limiting
by Catherine31491 on 2019/04/09 22:03
I understand that Dropbox is in the business of making money, but they should not start randomly charging to use their app on more than 3 devices or there should be a more economic, scalable option. With the only alternative being to start paying 9.99 a month to use this on 4 devices I am just going to have to start using other software. I loved Dropbox and have been with them since the beginning and I also understand charging for more storage space but to charge existing members to just use what they have is a deal breaker. Give me a 2.99 option, but $10/month for space I don’t need and no other added functionality is it for me. Good luck to anyone who tries to add a new device to their existing free account.
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