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MobileRSS Pro ~ Google rss news reader
MobileRSS is a fully-featured google reader client for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. We've built a ton of powerful and exclusive features onto an elegant and familiar design platform which makes reading the news fun again. We think you'll like it! Here's what our users have to say: "Best rss app in the store, period." - intake66 "The game has changed. MobileRSS totally rules the rss app field." - Mike21345 "I tried all the other major rss readers and this one is *easily* the most functional and pleasant to use." - YesNoCancel "This app is perfection." - Richardlent "This update has brought the Old MobileRSS and the new together perfectly." - Envyzage Features: ★ Detailed setup page allows full customization of your reading experience. ★ Feed and folder management make adding new feeds a cinch; search by keyword to discover new sources! ★ Effortlessly share your favorite articles via email, Facebook, Twitter, instapaper and more. ★ Supports offline reading. Download everything via Wifi and read news from your favorite sources on the go. ★ Native support for iPhone 4 including the gorgeous Retina Display and background tasking. ★ Tons of other features like full screen article viewing, rotation lock, landscape view, swipe gestures, image saving and much more. Connect with us on our blog at or contact our Support with questions, feedback and feature requests at
by Eyad ik on 2014/09/13 08:50
GOOGLE READER IS DEAD LONG TIME BACK Update your app or take it down
by الهدف تحقيق العدالة on 2014/03/27 20:39
Wishing an update would come
by Raetha on 2014/02/07 11:49
Unfortunately the developer has chosen to abandon the app. This had been my favorite RSS reader, but since the Google Reader shutdown it has not been updated and is now completely useless.
No update!!!
by aaaamiiiir on 2013/10/08 05:01
it doesn't sync.
Doesn't work
by paulasramblings on 2013/07/28 08:37
Now that google reader is gone this wont work for me no more...this was my favorite app now it's useless ;(
Rss not feeding
by abedzaza on 2013/07/11 11:25
My rss are not feeding since June 30 All of them! Meaning that something went wrong with their recent update once again.. My other RSS app is working just fine..
Please update and will give 5 stars
by David2g on 2013/07/08 23:50
Beat app ever but won't work after google reader shut down.
Used to be the best app, still outdated
by Azzzie on 2013/07/03 17:50
No support for Feedly or alternatives
Update after google reader closed
by RuLink on 2013/07/03 07:03
Guys, I hope you will update app after google closed its reader as soon as possible. This app is very comfortable for me to use for rss reading.
Broken yet again
by shawth01 on 2013/07/02 12:01
Oops, Google Reader shut down, app's useless. Couldn't have seen that coming, huh?
Google reader dead
by WoRiRiRi on 2013/07/01 16:45
Pls fix white screen bug, then update when google reader dead!
Push Notifications!!!
by Mac Muscle Nerd on 2013/03/29 00:06
Best one for iPhone I found but no push notifications. This app will work once google reeder is dead.
Best by far to replace Google Reader!
by KennyV. on 2013/03/22 03:46
I see many negative reviews about this app. I really don't know why. It works perfectly for me. Lots of customization. Streamline design yet very powerful tool. Perfect replacement for Google Reader. Optimized for iPhone 5.
Now updated for iPhone 5 and still the best!
by RPNtys on 2013/03/14 15:38
Still the Best!! Please, Oh Please figure out a way to keep the app going after Google shuts down Reader!! Nothing else comes close! It had been so long since the last update, I didn't expect it to happen, but it's Finally updated for iPhone 5! Frequent Updates, but still no quick & easy way to mark an article as read without either opening it or going through multiple swipes and taps. It should be simple! New Icon is perfect! Best RSS reader I've found. Worth the money. Only thing I can't figure out is how to mark an article I'm not intereseted in as read without opening it. Most readers let you swipe to toggle read/unread. Swiping just brings up a menu bar with confusing icons. Update: one of the icons is for marking read/unread but it doesn't work elegantly. I have to swipe and tap twice since the first time it stays unread, so it's just as tedious as opening and then exiting the article. Fix that and I'll give SIX stars!
Sometimes text not displayed.
by Jahbreeze on 2013/03/13 13:54
Once in a while the app will stop displaying any text. Only pics. Otherwise it's a good rss reader
Good rss reader
by Citaret on 2013/02/24 04:32
Just what I want.
by Geri Muho on 2013/02/04 12:39
When you open an article on full screen , it has a small line. Need to fix
Needs Fixing!
by Flatron_751 on 2013/01/28 06:38
The syncing speed could be improved a little bit, but it's not bad. What is bad, that the rotation lock doesn't work at all, and the app randomly freezes while navigating, and sometimes just crashes on startup. A paid needs more testing - and NOT from the end users.
Please fix problem
by LynLyn129 on 2013/01/25 04:36
When i start app. Do not showing anything and only see the white screen.
Please fix bugs and update more
by AnhhhhFGCA on 2013/01/24 03:55
Seems like they're not paying the developers enough.
Quits working!
by Flash'sMom on 2013/01/16 21:51
This is the second time I've had issues with this app! The first time no pictures would show on any blogs I read. I deleted and purchased again after a week of trying everything! Now, after a good six months, no words show up at all unless I click to the blog link. And that defeats the purpose for me-I want to read and swipe, not visit each link! I'm going back to something else!
Twitter Still Broke
by mypupdaisy on 2013/01/15 18:23
Twitter has not worked since several past versions and the Developer never replies to support request. The app should be yanked from the app store. I've owned this since it first came out. At one point I gave this app 5 stars, now I'm down to one. You gotta wonder if it's just here to scam peeps of money.
Excellent Feed App
by Zerkry on 2013/01/10 00:00
Best free feed app out there. Works with Pocket. Intuitive. Download.
Great App but...
by on 2013/01/07 08:02
Please fix the white streak at the bottom on the iPhone5.
New bug
by ftlum on 2012/12/26 12:26
This used to work really well, but now it opens up in a blank white screen and doesn't show anything until you close and reopen the app.
by nawaf alshammri on 2012/12/22 10:53
The mobilerss free best Need devalop
Finally updated
by bluecrabby on 2012/12/09 15:54
So glad they finally updated this app. Had given up and switched to Feedller Pro but came back once I saw the update. This app still has the quickest most intuitive interface of any of the reader apps I've used. Unfortunately the app can literally go over a year without an update to fix critical flaws. I'm still waiting for the iPad version to be updated. Not holding my breath.
by RachelDCr on 2012/12/09 14:35
White horizontal streak across the phone when using the app. There's also a lot of freezing.
Thanks for the update!
by Absinthaholic on 2012/12/08 03:03
All better for me now :)
Sharing no more...
by kurtlclark on 2012/12/08 02:11
Twitter sharing hasn't worked for the past two updates.
Updated: iPhone 5 Support, some bugs
by saluka on 2012/12/06 11:17
Thanks for the iPhone 5 update!!! We're getting there, but still some bugs, like a weird "line" on the screen, while reading articles. Back to Reeder, for now. Also seems a little sluggish, compared to before.
I've owned 'em all... This replaced 'em all!
by S†åç™ on 2012/12/06 01:24
The title says it all - this is, by far, the best, most functional and fastest reader on the iPhone, bar none. I have purchased at least a dozen such apps over the last 4-5 years, and this has replaced all of them. It's the speed and simplicity of the native Google Reader with all of the iOS functionality you would expect.
Sharing Doesn't Work
by CASHMUSIC.NET on 2012/12/02 21:58
Self explanatory. Sharing does not work on this app. Mainly Twitter/Facebook is the issue. And the "Download A Post" is very vague. Thought it downloads on my iPhone and wastes GB's. so far it's an alright app.
good but
by uknowsunny on 2012/11/28 08:49
evernote cant link
Great for iphone
by geekaba on 2012/11/27 23:34
Old version worked great for me - I love the simplicity and 'get me to the blog posts' ideal. However, new version has little quirks - sometimes opens in white screen and I have to re-open. Also ''down arrows' appear next to blogs, not just on folders, but of course the arrows don't do anything...
Still buggy
by SD2323 on 2012/11/26 20:17
WAS the best app until the developer stopped updating it for over a year. Finally we get an update but still buggy. Evernote link doesn't work.
by Hou Runzhi on 2012/11/26 09:37
A full function RSS reader. However the icon is very ugly with a Microsoft-style, and the UI isn't elegant enough. A bug: once sharing an article to Evernote 5.00 on iPhone5 with iOS 6.01, Evernote crashes every time.
After waiting months and months... Guess I will have to wait more
by Claymaster on 2012/11/26 01:55
NOV 2012 OK... It has been at least 6 months since I gave up and went somewhere else, so I thought I would try again. App goes to immediate white screen with keyboard and nothing can be done. Shutdown the app and restart and it goes to the login screen and then crashes within 3 seconds. Shut it down and start again and it goes back to the white screen and this pattern repeats and repeats. Just not ready. Running this on iPhone 4S. -------- ORIGINAL REVIEW - Early 2012 This app was the cream of the crop... a long time ago. Recently the performance has deteriorated and feeds are not displaying properly... pictures and no text. Occasional crashes do not help. With the very high percentage of feed articles being delivered with one or two sentences, alternative display options are desperately needed. The new leaders in this app class have solved this and should be the apps you go get and just walk away from MobileRSS until the dev gets serious about fixing things.
New Bugs
by SilentSam on 2012/11/25 14:51
Everytime I launch the app I get a blank white screen. I have to close it and reopen to see my feeds - everytime.
Where Did Send to Evernote Go???
by JAFOU2 on 2012/11/25 05:22
Send to Evernote had worked in the past, but several months ago it stopped working. Pressing the Evernote icon within your app launches Evernote, but then it immediately crashes. Interestingly, even though you have the Evernote send icon, you have no listing for it in your Settings page. All of the other linked applications are present, but not Evernote. It seems pretty clear that you needed some configuration information from me at one point in order for the Send option to work. There doesn't seem to be a way to do that now. What gives? I had assumed that this issue would be fixed in this latest update, but apparently I assumed incorrectly. The ability to send to Evernote is important to me, and I will be looking for another RSS client.
Finally fixed
by Visantulop on 2012/11/24 01:07
I loved it for long time. Then I was so disappointed when it stop working Now it is fixed and I love it again. One of the best
About time!
by Bugman1984 on 2012/11/23 22:56
Back to a fast, solid, RSS reader.
New bug
by mhd.jawish on 2012/11/23 20:28
After update the app start with white screen so you must close the app and start again.
Still buggy
by TechFounder on 2012/11/23 15:11
Thanks for finally updating the app after ignoring your users for a year! However, there's still a bug I noticed that affects the display. When you are reading the news posts there's an line about a quarter of the way down on the bottom of the display. It's semi transparent and a bit annoying. Would you please fix that bug? There are people complaining about not having additional features but I would be happy if the current version just worked correctly without bugs.
Its fixed now!
by wyldbrnch on 2012/11/23 06:27
Back to 5 stars!
Great update - NOT
by DebinTX on 2012/11/23 06:08
This used to be my favorite app. One I used numerous times every day. Now forget it. I can't even get it to launch with this latest update. One of the few apps where I bought the paid version, which now seems to have been a mistake. Don't buy this app. Wish I could give it zero stars. And remember - it USED to be my FAVORITE app! :(
Returning to 5 stars
by Jpg-the real one on 2012/11/22 19:48
Thank you for fixing bugs, changing my rating back to 5 stars. Going forward, hopefully developers can update app when new versions of iOS come out sooner rather than later.
Thank you!
by Happytrees on 2012/11/22 14:29
For fixing the bugs on iOS 6.
Thanks for update for iphone 5!
by Ray-0001 on 2012/11/22 13:50
Thanks for update for iphone 5!
Needs iPhone 5 display support.
by acascianelli on 2012/11/22 13:24
Ask and ye shall receive! Thanks so much for the iPhone 5 support!
Months and Months have passed and they still haven't integrated Twitter or Facebook into the app.
by Saúl BHP on 2012/11/22 09:15
This used to be my go to app for my RSS feeds. However, it still uses the old sharing format for Twitter and Facebook. Not cool.
by KipNLar on 2012/11/22 07:42
Now that it has been updated for iOS 6 and iPhone 5 this is by far the best rss reader to sync with Google Reader. Thank you for fixing the issues!!!
used to be great
by ByWillAlone on 2012/11/18 05:42
Once upon a time this was my favorite app. After over a year without updates, developer is now selling an app that no longer functions correctly on iOS 6. Developer should update or do the right thing and remove from sale.
Where are the developers??
by MelanieTilton on 2012/11/11 11:59
App fails since iOS update and no app update. A huge trail of requests for help on their support feed and NOT ONE reply from developer. The app is broken, do not buy unless they update it!!
Developer disappeared, app abandoned
by nytimesloverinHongKong on 2012/11/10 01:39
Don't know what happened to the developer, but this app was once great but has since fallen into disrepair. Many services no longer work and with iOS 6 the bugs became unbearable. I've moved on to the excellent Newsify which is being actively developed and has all the features I liked about this app and more. Do yourself a favor and buy that app, not this one. This should be taken off the store just like abandoned houses in disrepair should be torn down.
by bulls23ant on 2012/11/09 12:53
Most of my google reader feeds don't work anymore, I find myself having to choose the option to open in safari everytime. Its Annoying.
Wasn't updated in over a year
by iblecher on 2012/11/09 06:28
This used to be a great rss reader but it was not updated for a long time and now it crashes all the time. DO NOT BUY until you see a version that was released recently.
Not Working
by Christopher Battle on 2012/11/08 15:55
If I paid for an app I expect support. Don't waste your money.
Continues to get worse and worse
by Alexander Foster on 2012/11/04 02:47
Doesn't reliably expand to full screen on iPhone 5 (shows black bars), frequently can't load full text for sites it used to be able to and can no longer click the top bar through to get to the blog web page. Basically utter garbage at this point and on top of that these people are total sleaze that got caught copying a competitor screen for screen in 2010. I really regret that I bought their iPhone and iPad apps.
Broken in IOS 6
by cinphart on 2012/10/31 14:26
Subject says it all, I'm afraid. The text of pages is unavailable.
Broken since iOS 6. Do not buy this app.
by mlande on 2012/10/31 06:16
This has been my favorite RSS client on my iPhone for a couple if years. Not anymore. I get no response from the developer. It barely works on iPhone and iPad. May try Reeder as an alternative.
App is broken
by scoyle0825 on 2012/10/27 11:58
Text will not load in iOS6 on iPhone 5.
Took my money and ran.
by C00LC0LE on 2012/10/25 03:50
Was great so I paid to support it but after iOS 6, several feeds won't display, when you click to view the site you get and error (see_original) and Facebook posting no longer works. Don't waste your money.
Used to be great.
by qDomi on 2012/10/23 11:32
Now broken since iOS6. Can't read full articles.
App stopped working properly
by on 2012/10/23 03:30
This version cannot expand to read whole articles. You get "see original" on the address bar and no content Also, you can't tweet from it I sent supports requests but there was no answer.
Needs iPhone 5 and iOS 6 support
by Joey Cerone on 2012/10/18 18:21
Please update
Not working, no one at home
by shefftom on 2012/10/18 12:45
Research will tell you this app has MAJOR problem that is not being addressed. Does not work properly on iOS6.
Nice RSS but when it works
by alen.c on 2012/10/18 10:48
This od good RSS App, but it crash all the time on iOS 6. Fix it please!
Should no longer be excepted in store.
by Daryl Ayala on 2012/10/16 15:38
Does not follow guidelines of a working app.
Needs update
by Nascar24jd on 2012/10/14 13:00
Needs update ASAP. Cannot open full articles anymore. Useless without that.
Need storage management and fix for iOS6
by ..CHOBiE.. on 2012/10/12 01:31
This is my favorite RSS reader but I just found out today that it consumed 2GB of my iPhone's 16GB storage. I wish there was away to manage this easier or make it smaller than manually deleting the cache every now and then. Also, clicking the headlines in iOS leads to a dead link.
Needs update!
by ssunnyman on 2012/10/11 05:43
Not IOS6 compatible, needs update!
Not compatible w/ iOS 6
by K0nr@d on 2012/10/10 12:08
App will allow you to view the headline for a story but won't allow you to read the body of the story a it once did in w/ iOS 5. This used to be my go to news reader app but now is almost useless.
NOT iOS 6 compatible
by Elathea on 2012/10/09 18:59
After upgrade to iOS 6, clicking an article results in a http error when the application tries to open http://see_original. If you actually want to read your RSS, you'll need a different app. This app (which used to be awesome) is now vaporware.
Used to be great broken in iOS6
by cyclista on 2012/10/09 11:41
This used to be a great app, but it is broken in iOS6. The in app browsing no longer works. I checked their website and no activity for a long time. Stay away from this until they update it. Very sad….
Needs Update
by Kevholland on 2012/10/01 13:46
I used this app several times a day as my main source of news, but recent issues have left me searching for another service. The app no longer allows you to hit the title of the article and go to the original source, instead, it goes to a screen that says something like " go to original." Its very annoying that I now have to go to safari to finish reading the feed. I also get weird errors on some wifi hotspots that take me to their search sites while using this app. It happens after 5 seconds after I tap on the feed and the only workaround is to switch to 4g. Also annoying. It looks like Flipboard is now going to be my go to source for news. It's a shame, because this app has been great.
Needs Update Big Time!
by JFraser on 2012/10/01 09:08
Can not read feeds since iOS 6 update on my iPhone 4S.
Not Worth It Anymore
by Cynical Idealist on 2012/09/29 23:08
I spent months looking for a reader that was intuitive and well designed. This app satisfied me for years, but is no longer supported. Won't pull full feed. Buggy. Too bad. Have to find a new app.
Needs work; not worth the price
by Mbierman on 2012/09/29 21:40
In addition to whats below, hasn't been updated in over a year so no iOS6 support. Doesn't filter new bs read items. Doesn't filter subscriptions with new items. Puts tags before subscriiptions. No way to select which subscriptions you want to sync. Maybe next version wll add these an other features and make it with the $$$.
Needs update to fix iOS and iPhone 5 issues
by brucedeen on 2012/09/28 12:50
Was a great RSS reader until this latest round of updates by apple. I've tried others and they simply don't compare to how awesome this app is for reading and managing feeds. If there isn't going to be an update maybe apple should pull it from the store.
No iOS 6 support
by Ron damon valdez on 2012/09/28 02:34
The app was abandoned by the developer a year ago.
Very disappointed
by Wong Lo Kat on 2012/09/24 02:43
Used to be one of the best RSS feeders on iOS. For some reason, the developer stopped updating. Now it is full of bugs and essentially unusable. Pathetic.
Needs an update
by Clint2002 on 2012/09/23 20:30
I love this app and have used it for years but its not compatible with iOS 6 or the iPhone 5. If there's not an update soon I'll be finding another RSS reader.
Used to be good...
by MARviKmark on 2012/09/23 13:51
Last update ages ago, iOS 6 has rendered it all but unusable, ridiculous...
Lack of Update Killed the App
by EDALBNUG on 2012/09/23 06:02
The last update was more than a year ago. I'm starting to lose confidence that they will eventually update for iOS 6 let along iPhone 5.
iOS 6 broke it
by Daarken on 2012/09/21 14:27
Great app and one if favorites however it has a bug with ios6 and will not open full posts.
See original ;(((
by sobachkin on 2012/09/20 06:40
After iPhone was updated to 6.0 your excellent rss reader during pushing on full post at the top of news starts show http://see_original/ page and does not show the full post !!! In the bottom all works ok!
Great and easy to use
by Budiosx on 2012/09/12 05:28
I like this app too much its very simple and handy and i think it is the best google reader untile today using iOS 5.1.1
My favorite RSS app
by RedRocker777 on 2012/08/24 10:47
Running iOS 6. Thankfully, not seeing any issues sine of the other reviewers are. Easily my favorite RSS reader.
overridden by advertising
by crscrk on 2012/08/22 17:55
This was my go-to app for RSS feeds, but now on iphone every time I touch the text to read the article, the app opens into a full-page advertisement. Totally useless for reading my feeds now. For what it's worth, something called GRWebviewTouchEnd fullTextArea appears to be the culprit. Erasing the app and moving on.
by joelgut on 2012/08/21 03:49
I re-downloaded this app today and it spammed my contacts! Buyer Beware!!!
Used to be great
by Jlm99 on 2012/08/16 16:38
This used to be a great app, but it has slowly gone downhill. Now every time I open a post it redirects me to a weird ISP search page. Time to find a new RSS reader. So frustrating and disappointing!
Gone Down Hill
by metafedora on 2012/08/13 23:18
This app used to be great but now I can't even read some my posts. For example: Touch an item from Wired news feed. The view that opens has the title and nothing more. Touch the title, and it opens a browser view to http://see_original which does nothing. Note: I am using iOS6 preview but I noticed this problem before that. Switched to "Reeder". It is totally great (and their Mac app is great too!)
by A_Sizzle on 2012/08/09 16:26
Was ok. Now it's crap. Took my money. A holes.
hate it
by Luna Child on 2012/08/07 08:14
evertime this thing redirect me to a fake google search page
Used to be great, now it just hangs
by Michael Czeizperger on 2012/07/21 12:52
Beware, it's unusable now... Every time I view a feed the application hangs. Time to find a new RSS feed reader.
Needs an update
by zylvere on 2012/07/20 03:28
I'm actually changing this from a five star review I wrote earlier. This app is out of date and neglected. I would say it has probably been abandoned.One example is the following: It still shows support for "liking" things. This functionality was deactivated by google... just before the launch of Google+. Buyer beware.
this is a great application!!
by ccontreras on 2012/07/15 00:25
this is a great application!!, much better than Reeder....
Please Update
by Theadorable on 2012/07/08 14:36
Almost a year with no update. Please fix this app! It was so good
Looks Good, Nice Features, But Buggy Feeds & Sync
by Buddha88 on 2010/04/10 18:25
This has the potential to be the best RSS/Google Reader on the iPhone. The UI is arguably the best, it has probably the best set of features, however, the current version has a couple of very irritating bugs which I no longer wanted to put up with and I've stopped using it for now. The bugs are well reported in the reviews -- unread counts being incorrect, shows 5 unread but then shows 25-30 articles in the detail which are in unread status even though I've read them and some date as far back as 2-3 weeks -- very random. With the number of feeds I have it's tough enough to keep up with my reading without the constant maintenance of this junk. So I dusted off NewsRack -- found it to be better than it was, but still not as good as MobileRSS is supposed to be -- so I went looking for another, and found Reeder. Reeder is probably the best of the bunch at this time -- it works, it's faster than Mobile RSS and has a couple features than MobileRSS doesn't have. Reeders UI isn't as slick as MobileRSS but does have a couple of nice advantages there as well. I wrote to NibiruTech about the bugs. They said they were aware of them and working on fixing it. However, that was 3 weeks ago and no word yet on when it will be fixed. I hope they fix it soon as I prefer MobileRSS if it works perfectly as intended.
Clean, easy to use app - needs to de-bugged BADLY!
by CCheimon on 2012/06/10 18:46
With its clean layout and intuitive functionality, this reader stands out above many others. Sharing by email or various social networks is easy and can be streamlined - with a simple pre-set, every time I now hit the email button, I automatically get a ready-to-go email to myself, for example, so that all I have to do is hit send (you can set this to a group of recipients, too, if you regularly share items by email with multiple people). I love using it. As bemoaned by many other users, however, the app has become extremely buggy. Clicking on links will lead to an endlessly loading blank screen that blocks you from moving on to other items because it is internal (I have given up every time), synching only occurs if you shut down the app completely and restart it, and its pre-loading of content is extremely unreliable, with the number of articles available offline ranging from zero to fifteen per stream, no matter what settings you choose. It often will not download additional items when a data connection is available again either, instead showing you a "loading additional items" ad nauseam. To me, it's still worth keeping, but I would have a good look at other options before buying it again.
Doesn't always properly refresh
by rob3333 on 2010/09/06 03:11
Why in the world did you shrink that "view original" button to an impossible to tap with one hand, tiny orange arrow thingee from it's former big, comfortable button? This is negatively affecting your applications efficiency of use (especially when "on-the-go") - have you TRIED tapping it when holding the iPhone with 1 hand? PLEASE CHANGE IT BACK (or give us the option to do so)! Also, searching for something is a fantastic feature, but is there an easy way to view the specific search result (vs. just the most recent articles of the feed), before being given the option to subscribe? [UPDATE for version 3.1]: Almost all of my gripes have been addressed now design-wise. I WANT to give this 5 stars, HOWEVER: when I select "ALL ITEMS" and "MARK ALL AS READ", and then manually re-fresh all (with auto-sync turned OFF), your program unpredictably DOES NOT SYNC sometimes and I have no idea why - it's very frustrating. Other times, (again with auto-sync OFF), I'll go to the "ALL ITEMS" folder and it will appear to sync without my first initiating a manual sync...Very frustrating! Fix this and it's definitely 5 stars. - robjohn33
Slickest and most fully-featured mobile RSS app out there
by Mikhail-P on 2011/05/29 18:37
It's rare that a mobile app can get things done as quickly and pleasantly as a desktop equivalent, but MobileRSS may just be one of those exceptions. The UI is simple and very speedy, and the intuitive implementation of gestures makes getting through a huge list of articles a snap. The plethora of sharing options is also nice to have. That said, there are just two items that I feel need to be addressed: firstly, the "swipe across article title to get sharing menu" gesture is fantastic, but it's far more sensitive than other iOS apps. That is, you have to be very careful to make a straight horizontal line, otherwise MobileRSS scrolls instead. The tolerance for vertical deviation needs to be increased a little to bring it in line with the analogous gestures in other iOS apps. Secondly, this is probably coming in an imminent update, but Delicious has changed ownership and MobileRSS doesn't seem to be compatible with brand new accounts.
Even better!
by sflomenb on 2010/11/23 12:34
11/23: Great app! Get it if you use Google Reader Update: 8/29: This app got better. Now you can use the old UI or the newer one. I really like it. I wish that when you're viewing an item, in the bar under the title, it also has the name of the feed that it's in. Update: 7/30: The wait for an upgrade is over! The app is AMAZING now! I absolutely love it. Perfect. I would possible like an option to hide the "People you follow" section. Update: 7/13 Freezes and sometimes crashes when I press the "mark all as read" button. Still not fixed. Update: 6/24. Still crashes when I press the mark all as read button. PLEASE fix!!! Update: 6/11 App freezes when I press the Mark All as Read button. Please fix. Update: 6/10 Pros: + Good UI + Saves all items for offline reading Cons: - Can be slow at times - Can crash at times Update 2 (5/16): App crashing at times, please fix. Also, I would like that when you are viewing an item in a feed that you view the title of the feed as well not just the author and title of the post. Update: The app is perfect now for version 2.5. Thanks for updating it. Original: The app has usually been great, but there are some bugs with the unread count that need to be fixed. Will update to 5 stars when fixed.
Horrible Update
by jtberk1 on 2010/08/01 20:49
I hesitated to write this because I normally just delete an app I don't like, but this one really put me over the 'app' edge. I used to love this app. I won't restate all the negatives that have already been posted about this latest 'update' except to say that I am in full agreement. In addition, however, I will say that if you get lots of feeds it is more cumbersome and takes much more time to navigate. Some feeds I used to be able to quickly go through using the arrows at the top of each post. Now I have to swipe left to right, and if done too fast it makes the screen go gray and the app to crash. And not being able to save pictures anymore, that's hooey! This is one of the worst updates I have ever seen on any app. It should be considered a downgrade! I should be furious about it but I'm not. If it wasn't for these terrible changes I never would have discovered REEDER. It does everything I want it to do and lightning fast! Now I just hope that REEDER doesn't adopt some of the lame changes that MobileRSS has adopted.
very nice, almost missed in search
by iHumble on 2011/05/20 10:14
years and dozens of readers later, finally a simple, usable, quality app! you should add more to your store writeup and change some of the samples, I almost passed this one over! Like this so much I had to come back and write more! Absolutely a great app...I sift through about 2000 items a day using this, google sync, instapaper, and a Mac app. it has been going flawlessly. The app is smooth, easy and intuitive, offers an extra theme, and I can group and view in many ways perfect for a 5 or 20 minute read and still have my more in depth items hanging in the wings for when I get to really catch up. this has also allowed me to switch from using email feeds from a lot of sources. please keep up the great work!!
This app has the potential to dominate the market but....
by Software Guy! on 2009/11/05 18:13
Good but not great. This app has the potential to dominate the market. Some basic features that are available in other paid RSS readers are not in here. 1. Ability to show Unread Badge number on the icon when closed. 2. Add new feeds and remove feeds from the App. Two-way Sync with Google Reader account. 3. In App toggle between view New Items and All Items. You have to exit the app to change this, even the Google web app does this. I would also suggest that your website have a place to offer suggestions. I spent 5 minutes on your website trying to find a place to offer enhancement suggestions. We offer suggestions to try and help you improve your product and make you more money. You should make this process easy for users who are willing to take the time to do so. Feedback is a gift!
This is Exactly What I was Looking For!
by arikleit on 2011/03/09 04:00
The only growing pains I've felt from moving up to an iPhone from Blackberry was missing viigo, probably the best mobile rss reader for RIM. It was great to have an independent account from google reader (their web interface is just terrible). This app definitely fills the void. Very nice to hide the useless folders from google reader (all articles, starred, shared) and it's easy to drag and drop feeds in the order I prefer (I check craigslist for gigs a lot - it's nice to have them all at top). Also, it is SO easy to share articles! Facebook, Twitter and email are usually my way of sharing interesting info; all done with one touch. I was worried about buying this, both because of mixed reviews I read on MacForum and some reviews of other readers. Definitely worth the investment, though!
The best RSS reader, great cust. support
by glttrktty on 2011/06/04 01:07
I absolutely love this app. I've tried many others but none can match all the features of Mobile RSS. Cannot recommend this app enough for heavy RSS readers - you can reorder your feeds, create/delete folders, and lots of other customizations including subscribing to feeds from the app. I love the open in Instapaper Mobilizer option from the in-app browser; makes reading longer articles so much better on a smaller screen. I recently ran into a problem where the popup menu for Instapaper etc. wasn't displaying properly; wrote to their support and received a swift response that helped me solve the problem right away. This is the one RSS app I've found that has it all. Has a permanent place on my home screen.
pretty but not functional
by Ebosem on 2010/04/02 23:01
I've had this app for several months. It looks great but since I got it I have had issues with it crashing. It crashes when I try to mark things as read, it crashes when I try to sync from the home screen, it sometimes loads just loading a feed. I also run into problems when that app accurately states I have 4 unread items but when I look at the list of unread items it shows me 20+ unread items (this is fixed when I sync while looking at the list but obviously this doesn't work when I don't have 3G/WIFI access like on the subway). To give you an idea, this morning during my commute to work the app crashed 7 times in 30 minutes. It showed me the wrong number of unread items initially on every list (probably 7 feeds). I've seen them update the app several times but they never manage to resolve these issues. Summary: Beautiful app but crashes every time. Save your money.
Best choice for Google RSS Reader integration!
by Tamanzi on 2010/09/09 17:59
MobileRSS Pro does a great job of displaying your Google Reader RSS feeds. No more having to find or type in all your feed addresses. The interface is fabulous -- and I know a lot of people were complaining about the full screen interface -- so NibiruTech gave you the option to turn it on or off -- but I like that I can use the whole screen for reading. As for Twitter problems, I, too, experienced the same old problem after update. However, deleting app from phone and re-installing did the trick. (I'm finding that I'm needing to take that route with updated apps more often than not lately...) Anyway, it now works flawlessly. So, another winner for NibiruTech. Good job.
Best rss/google reader for 3Gs
by handwriting on 2009/11/02 17:30
Update: I recently upgraded to an iPhone 3Gs and have found mobilerss to function properly. It is a very promising rss app and has replaced byline on my phone. I have revised my rating from 1 star to 4. There are still some issues with usability and functionality, mentioned in many other reviews, that keep it from being perfect but it is close. The issues regarding the developer I write about below are still true but I feel the app itself is worthy of an objective rating. ---------------------------------------------- Original review ---------------------------------------------- App doesn't work on 1G iPhone, dev refuses to refund This app has never worked on my first generation iPhone. Crashes immediately after starting. Dev told me to wait for an update that would fix the crash. I waited and waited and finally an update was issued…and it STILL CRASHED. I then requested a refund. My request wad ignored. I contacted them again and they replied days later that I should send them my private OPML file. I didn't pay $4.99 to be a beta tester. Buyer BEWARE. If this app doesn't meet your expectations, or doesn't function at all which was my experience, the developer will not refund your purchase.
Has brought me back to RSS feeds
by DavidSewell on 2011/01/15 16:05
When RSS feeds first became popular some years ago, I installed a newsreader or two on my Mac laptop and tried using them to keep up with websites I follow. Eventually I just quit using them, as either they were too clunky or I found it simpler just to go to the websites directly. With a mobile device it's a different story. Since installing MobileRSS Pro on my iPod Touch, I find I'm using it as my main technique for surveying news and blogs quickly. Organization and navigation are efficient--I actually prefer using this to using Google Reader on my laptop. The integration with mobile readers (Google and Instapaper Mobilizer) and services like Instapaper is excellent. Well worth the price in my opinion.
by kiddailey on 2010/09/03 03:44
I am a very active feed subscriber, have tried many readers, and was utterly annoyed at how none of them were that great. Tried the free version of this for a week and fell in love. Awesome, unique and fully-feature interface, works great, and acceptably fast even on my 1.0 iPhone. The ability to mark things as kept and unread separate from favorites, and add feeds to Google Reader from within the app is unquestionably handy. Also great that it includes Google Mobilizer for when I'm on the Edge network. Lastly, it has the ability to "mark these items as read" along with "all items" so you can mark part of a long list of new items as you go through. Finally a great reader!
It's working again now, no new version required
by KevinJEdwards on 2012/03/24 01:59
I don't know why this started working again, but it is. I think the app did something server related, which got fixed on the back-end. It's working again for me on the iPad 2 and the new iPad as well as iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. It's too bad the developer didn't respond in any way, but, it's fixed and it's a really great app, with a combination of features no other RSS reader has. If you've already purchased this app, you should give it another try. If not, you should try the free version. If you're thinking about buying this app, it's worth noting that while it may be working again, the developer hasn't been communicating as well as they should be.
New version worse than old version
by riphairout on 2011/04/27 20:55
With the older version of the application, it would actually pre-download the images when you set the preference to download images. Now it doesn't actually do that and I have to wait for the images to download as I start reading an article. This is annoying, because if you start to scroll the page, it will jump back to the top every time a new image loads in an article. Bad. Also, even though I've specified that I want the full article, it still shows the button for Summary or Full Article. Waste of space and poor UI design. I've definitely loved the previous version and would have given that version a 5 star rating. These changes are annoying enough that it warrants only a two now. Fix the image download bug and I'll happily rate it 5 stars.
Still not as good as Byline
by Clearly Thrilled on 2010/02/25 11:45
The update resolved many of the bugs of v1.0. Comparing to byline, I like the interface of mobileRSS better. I also like the ability to see all the folder, or individual feeds within the folder. Where Byline does a better job is in offline reading. Byline will actually cache the html pages the feed items link to while mobile RSS will only cache the items themselves. This makes Byline a better tool for offline reading, which I like to do when I'm traveling abroad, load all your feeds and pages when in the hotel with wifi and read at the airport/plane where there is no network. Another place where Byline is better is it has an integrated web browser, so if an item points to external links, you can read them all within Byline, no need to jump to Safari. So for now I'm sticking with Byline, even though I like mobile RSS interface better.
Never cared about blogs until MobileRSS
by Thirdcup on 2010/01/20 14:41
I never really read blogs until this app. I don't know what the other reviewers are talking about when it comes to ads because the only ads I see are those that are posted by the actual bloggers to support their site (and even those are few). MobileRSS has no control over the blogs. Overall, this is a great app. The only problem I have is that I can't figure out how to search for content within my subscribed blogs with this app. It's easy to do in Google Reader, but I haven't come across this option in this app. It is nice to be able to search for and subscribe to new feeds though.
Damaged app
by RobP on 2010/08/25 01:09
It is amazing to me that a developer can see dozens of posts complaining about the update, see the star ratings drop precipitously and still fail to respond. I too regarded this as my primary RSS app and now I hate using it. I hope they realize that there are a LOT more iPhone users out here than iPads and take some time to undo this damage. One of the best Apps is now one of the worst. Update: Feedler Pro offers the ability to save images, albeit by two-way touch, but none of the other RSS readers - this one now sadly included - offers this functionality. This is my new RSS app of choice. Update 2.0: The developers have responded on their blog and will be bringing back much of the old functionality and addressing many of the logged issues. For this I say, well done. Don't feel the need to fix something that wasn't broken to begin with. Thanks.
Excellent RSS reader
by AllenH. on 2010/03/16 07:22
Does a great job of reading most rss feeds. The only problem areas are those sites that feed a mobile site that ignores the original rss link. [Not this program's fault!] I second the need for a single swipe and mark as read option, but, honestly, just skipping the ones I don't want to read and "marking these as read" at the bottom of the scroll (15 items) works quite well for me. I love the new integration for ease of sharing with friends and family! I don't even open up google reader now, as this gets the job done without distracting my work computer from my work. A great reader that keeps getting better with each update!
Now updated for iPhone 5 and still the best!
by RPNtys on 2013/03/14 15:38
Still the Best!! Please, Oh Please figure out a way to keep the app going after Google shuts down Reader!! Nothing else comes close! It had been so long since the last update, I didn't expect it to happen, but it's Finally updated for iPhone 5! Frequent Updates, but still no quick & easy way to mark an article as read without either opening it or going through multiple swipes and taps. It should be simple! New Icon is perfect! Best RSS reader I've found. Worth the money. Only thing I can't figure out is how to mark an article I'm not intereseted in as read without opening it. Most readers let you swipe to toggle read/unread. Swiping just brings up a menu bar with confusing icons. Update: one of the icons is for marking read/unread but it doesn't work elegantly. I have to swipe and tap twice since the first time it stays unread, so it's just as tedious as opening and then exiting the article. Fix that and I'll give SIX stars!
My new fav newsreader (Updated: Not so much)
by Life Doc on 2010/04/13 22:04
I've used NetNewWire for years on my Macs and since it was launched on the iPhone. This is MUCH faster and more frequently updated. Only issues are a few interface quirks (why is the 'mark all as read' option under the icon that usually means 'send?'), and I miss NNW's ability to disable and hide feeds so you only see a subset on the phone. Other than that, great app. --- UPDATE: deleted this app since I identified that it was causing sync times to go from 3 or so minutes to 30+. I have a lot of feeds and syncing all the images (and to a lesser extent, text) for offline reading is probably the culprit. It's too bad there aren't some options about what or how much to cache locally.
Love it!
by aalexan1 on 2010/08/29 04:23
Update: Wow, MobileRSS is the best! Amazing update! Autosync finally works! The only issue is random crashing. But that rarely happens. The app still deserves 5 stars! Can we have more themes implemented in a future update? Update: Finally! I've been waiting for this update. This update makes this the best RSS app ever! It's even better than pulse (which has a 20 feed limit). This may replace Pulse on my dock. Thanks for the amazing update!!! This app is simply amazing! I love the search feature, and I also love the ability to edit my feeds from within the app. It would be nice if we had more theme options.
Where Did Send to Evernote Go???
by JAFOU2 on 2012/11/25 05:22
Send to Evernote had worked in the past, but several months ago it stopped working. Pressing the Evernote icon within your app launches Evernote, but then it immediately crashes. Interestingly, even though you have the Evernote send icon, you have no listing for it in your Settings page. All of the other linked applications are present, but not Evernote. It seems pretty clear that you needed some configuration information from me at one point in order for the Send option to work. There doesn't seem to be a way to do that now. What gives? I had assumed that this issue would be fixed in this latest update, but apparently I assumed incorrectly. The ability to send to Evernote is important to me, and I will be looking for another RSS client.
Pretty smooth RSS app
by Jaymus on 2010/05/06 15:42
Thanks for the added improvements. They have definitely made a difference. It is a great RSS reader in looks, speed, and function. The only quirk I can think of is that I wish when you click "Mark All As Read" for a folder, it would automatically take you back out to the top directory of your feeds. Instead it marks all of the items in that folder as read, then takes you to the same blank folder. It is just a simple tap to take you back out to the main directory, but still it might be nice if it could automatically go back out if there are no other feeds inside the folder.
Beware, Could Dissapear Instantly
by newtonnorth on 2010/10/01 00:23
I had another version of this app which is now gone from the app store and which crashes every time I open it. Same exact name, except the logo was orange. I paid 2.99 for it and now I can't use it. It worked nicely (until it stopped working) and since it's now been yanked from the app store, I'm guessing it's never going to work again. Just a warning for those who are considering paying 2.99 for this app: know that one day it may stop working and may be replaced by yet ANOTHER app that you'll have to buy again. And don't expect any information as to why. The app will just go away and be replaced by another one you'll have to pay for. Probably have a nice new logo, but that's not really worth 2.99. So buyer beware: you could be rebuying an app just like this in 6 months.
The good... And the not so good
by chelrich on 2010/07/31 06:13
First of all, I love this app. Due to the upgrade situation, I have now bought the standard and the pro, both for full price (it won't let you upgrade from one to the other - choose wisely if you like certain features.) There are a few things about the most recent update that I don't like / would really like to see. First of all, the inability to click a picture and save it. Second, the lack of author credit at the top of posts (which used to be there). Third, the still missing ability to keep something unread. These are all features that your loyal fans abs patrons are clearly missing and wanting. That being said, I think the new interface is far more elegant and the always full screen mode is beautiful. Additionally, updates seem much faster. Overall... fabulous. I just hope the developers will do another update in short order to fix some of the things that were among the best features of the app, and are now missing. And the ability to upgrade from standard to pro would be good too.
I liked it before
by Aurrora on 2010/08/29 04:37
I liked the swipe action bar, people just didn't know how to use it properly. It was very fast and enabled me to star and unstar with a quick swipe...please enable a feature to choose which one we want to use...old style or new style. Plese enable sync to "Evernote"...I saw this in your to do list but I have been waiting months and still nothing. Thank you for letting me get rid of "people you follow". Please allow for a search method, if just through "star" articles...or access, assign tags within the app to make it easier to find things. I have no idea what the "smile" face is on the action bar and can not find any explanation for this feature.
Syncing is poor
by AdamofOz on 2010/03/05 11:45
This app has great potential. I am finding, however, that its syncing is lacking. Feeds from days ago that I have marked read from my browser and have remained read online appear as unread when I sync to MobileRSS. The unread counts are extremely unreliable. It sometimes says you might have 10 items, but when you open the feed, about 30 turn up! Often much of these thirty are items you have already marked as read, days ago as I pointed out earlier. I keep coming back to this app because its interface is so nice and its feature set are by far the best amongst a group, but syncing really needs to be improved. I'm going back to NetNewsWire - it may not have the features, but the syncing works.
Bad update
by Jarichmond on 2010/08/06 20:45
The 3.0 update is the first time I've wanted to downgrade an app. They took a very usable and consistent UI from the previous versions and decided to "improve" it by making everything full screen and depending on swipe gestures for all the navigation. By itself, this would not be so bad, but they've also removed useful things like the usual ios gesture of tapping the top to return to the top of a page. Beyond the clunky and frustrating interface, the update introduces a lot of bugs, like breaking the auto update when the app is launched and frequent issues with content disappearing. I appreciated the addition of multitasking support, but everything else is maddening enough to make me downgrade an contemplate finding another reader, despite paying for this one.
Great Interface, but Can't add/delete feeds
by arcurlyq on 2009/11/18 20:48
Love the interface, definitely better than other RSS Feeders I've used. Also love the fact that I can easily sync with my GoogleReader feeder. However, I really wish there was a way to add feeds via the app. I guess I can go into GoogleReader via safari to add feeds, but that seems like a clunky workaround. Could this feature be added in a future update? If so, I would definitely give it 5 stars! Update: I see on their website that the ability to add/delete feeds will be "coming soon." Please hurry up with that feature because this is a great app and I want to be able to give it 5 stars!! That is the only feature missing!
What an awful update
by nurd1 on 2010/08/23 09:48
I really wish I had read these reviews before updating. The new full screen by default is absolutely horrible. No way to turn it off (as far as I can tell) and the experience is completely ruined by the unwanted displaying of the navigation bar/toolbar nearly every single time I scroll. Additionally, forget trying to copy/paste from the web view, because every time I tap and hold to select text, the fullscreen view toggles. I'm considering ditching this in favor of another app. Most of my iPhone usage was on this app (seriously, about 90%) and this update is emphatically NOT an improvement to the experience. Update: My opinion is unchanged - full screen UI by default (without a discernible way to disable it) is still a horrible idea. Surely you could have struck a better balance between exposing the nav/tab bar and scrolling. The current implementation is the pits and I still can't believe that you managed to break copy/paste. I admit that the account synching is a low priority for me - other reviewers have covered that enough. My initial review remains: If you are considering buying this app, I implore you to LOOK ELSEWHERE.
Great RSS reader for Google Reader
by JKoepke on 2012/06/28 04:17
I've tried a few RSS readers, and I really like this one. The design is simple and nice (getting the paid version definitely cleans it up by removing the ads), and the navigation is intuitive. Within minutes of using it I decided I liked it and that it was going to replace News Netwire on my home screen. The one functionality that would be great to have is in full screen, tapping the top to return to the beginning of the article. It works when full screen is off, but when it's on. Other than that, this is a great app. Thanks for your hard work, guys!
Offline tweeting desired
by MikeInNewYork on 2010/04/16 11:55
This beats NetNewsWire and NewsDeck for its Google Reader features support. However, the point of social news is to turn around and share it easily, non-Google ways of doing this in MobileRSS don't work offline (on the subway). I recommend integration with the Birdhouse app. Look at how Instapaper did it for ideas. I would also like to send to InstaPaper while offline. I mean think about it. You either want to share "immediately" or read more later, both of which have major obstacles. The only real choice offline is google reader features or emailing yourself.
by YesNoCancel on 2011/07/12 05:03
I've tried all the other major RSS readers and this one is *easily* the most functional and pleasant to use. It wasn't always that way. But the devs have been very responsive to user feedback and kept on improving things and now the app is golden. It's really impressive. I love the way they implemented swiping left/right to flip between articles- very intuitive. The one thing that's missing IMO is a way to hide the Like and Share buttons. I don't want to use those and sometimes I hit them accidentally without realizing it.
this app doesn't present anything special to waste money on it
by SupApp on 2011/07/23 00:09
Performance is poor when you have more than a dozen of feeds: try to do anything when the list of feeds is updating. You can't! Developers of MobileRSS don't know about multithreading, they want their customers to contemplate a frozen app just for a minute or two. Inability to download a single article is more than frustrating. More than that, don't think that there is only this one user interface issue, there is tons of them. Open an article, rotate the screen to horizontal mode and you'll see it displayed with a huge unreadable font. Exit the article, but don't exit the horizontal mode, reopen this same article and font will get to normal. Unread counter is constantly broken, you will have unread articles when in reality you don't have them and only manual update resolves this. Obviously the biggest waste of money comes from the fact that this app is not universal, so you'll need to find some other app for iPad. You should also find another app for iPhone as MobileRSS is so frustrating that it won't suffice any of your needs.
Needs Update
by Kevholland on 2012/10/01 13:46
I used this app several times a day as my main source of news, but recent issues have left me searching for another service. The app no longer allows you to hit the title of the article and go to the original source, instead, it goes to a screen that says something like " go to original." Its very annoying that I now have to go to safari to finish reading the feed. I also get weird errors on some wifi hotspots that take me to their search sites while using this app. It happens after 5 seconds after I tap on the feed and the only workaround is to switch to 4g. Also annoying. It looks like Flipboard is now going to be my go to source for news. It's a shame, because this app has been great.
Great app, worth the money, but...
by Absenm on 2011/11/08 05:20
Update: Had to drop my ranking down to 1 star because of continued non support for iOS5. It's pretty obvious developer has stopped supporting this app. That's too bad, because it was really good. Update: this was and has been my most used app for almost two years. Never had many problems with it. But from my experience it looks like it has problems with iOS5. Just a warning to potential buyers. I'd wait for an iOS5 compatibility update. Until then try Byline (MobileRSS is better when it works). Original Review: This is by and far the best rss app I have used. And I've tested out everything, free and paid. I can not sing their praises more. They respond to user feedback, both positive and negative, with lightning speed. And I have provided the developer with both. That said, I will caution current users. There seem to be some formatting issues that I am sure will be corrected in a future update. But as it stands now, it's a step back. If you never used it before, well, you will be trilled with the experience. If you are a current user, stay clear till the next update.
Nice App
by krissoleil on 2010/11/17 14:42
It could do with some improvements. First, HOW do you search for new blogs? I don't see that option anywhere. ***UPDATE*** I contacted customer service and within minutes received a reply: to search for new blogs/feeds, press EDIT and then press the plus symbol in the upper left corner! Since the most recent update, I can no longer see/watch video posts from sites like FailBlog and LOLCats. Anyone else? Also since the update, with the MobileRSS running in the background, it no longer auto-updates with new feeds so there is no more notification. I have to pull up the app in order for it to re-sync. Bummer. I DO love that I can now send posts I want saved to Evernote. That was a big improvement that I had been hoping for. Also I am impressed with how quickly they responded to my question. I didn't expect to get a reply at all, but I did and it was very helpful. :)
The PERFECT Google Reader app with 3.1 update
by Mike21345 on 2010/09/14 15:09
Oh how an update can change things- MobileRSS is just so much better. It has it all - and is the first and only RSS GR app to do this. It saves images (yea!), it scales images to fill the screen, AND it has a brilliant and fast left-right swipe, which makes this app one of the fastest to skim thru dozens of posts and feeds. I liked this so much that I uninstalled the 1.1 iPad version just to run the 3.1 version for the iPhone. The game has changed. MobileRSS totally rules the RSS app field. Dump Reeder, Feeddler, newsrack - MobileRSS schools RSS readers.
This is the best RSS reader in the app store, overall.
by IJRM on 2011/04/24 17:23
I trashed MobileRSS in a review a couple of versions ago after they inexplicably made all sorts of changes to the interface and user-experience without giving the option to go back to the original settings. Thankfully the folks at Nibiru got the message (there were many of us who were upset), and backtracked. Nothing wrong with big changes--just make them options! Everything about this app is clean, clear, and simple. No gimmicks, just nice-looking but functional and option-filled. Great job MobileRSS folks.
Fantastic App
by Normwood on 2010/02/13 12:33
This was just a 3 star app until the last update. Prior to the update it was just too laggy. I think it was trying to do to much at once. After the update last night it loads differently but in a good way. It seems really fast. I especially appreciate the ability to search for and subscribe to feeds. Haven't tried the Twitter function but the Facebook interaction works flawlessly. Good stuff. Only suggestion I have is a "suggestion" feature to suggest popular feeds. Awesome job!
Great features, poor offline support
by ineptspelr on 2010/07/06 20:41
I would give this rss reader a 5 star rating if it included better offline support. I read much more than 100 items from my feed and if I have to pull everything from online sources after the first 100 items, then there isn't any real benefit over the mobile version of google reader online. I basically want it to store 1000 items with images... or more. That said, I really like the look, feel, and features offered in this app. Probably my favorite UI of all the rss apps. I'll be back to change my review to 5-stars once the offline support improves.
Recent updates too buggy
by Grozanc on 2010/08/18 13:19
I agree with other reviewers have said. It seem with each update the app get worse. They change the interface and other worthless features and forget to focus on what's important. For example, it really buggy. It's showing that I gave article unread even though I've read them and tried to mark them as unread. Also, items don't always get refreshed when you check for new articles. So with each update you move from something simple to navigate that is reliable to something that has way too flashy and almost unusable navigation and totally buggy/unreliable. While I haven't found a new reader yet, I'm going to switch ASAP. This app has turned to garbage!
Great Update for iPhone 4
by BlaenkD on 2010/07/30 02:40
This update is very welcome for iPhone 4 users. It makes reading and navigating the app way more enjoyable. Also, the Instapaper integration issue is fixed. One request is to be able to lessen the space between lines vertically. There's too much wasted space because the lines are separated by too big a gap, it's best to make the most use of the iPhone 4 display. Other than that keep up the great work, very glad you guys updated the application as I was growing tired of using it.
Almost great...almost
by MWKeiki on 2010/02/20 21:35
This has almost everything I need - and the UI is beautiful. With the latest versions I had "retired" my previous workhorse reader (Byline). When I first installed it, it was fast, and I gave it 5 stars. But now after a few weeks, I've noticed that (a) it has slowed down considerably (where Byline continues to be pretty quick) and (b)it freezes and crashes at least half of the time (rare with Byline). I find myself getting frustrated pretty frequently, and have been going back to Byline (which also needs an update).
Best RSS reader available
by 9875823 on 2010/05/05 04:11
This is easily the best rss reader for the iPhone and touch. I am running 3.1.3 and have no problems with the v2.6 so I'm not sure how other people seem to have these problems I read about. I used to use Free RSS reader application and then the pro version but that app frequently crashed and stopped being updated. This one is much more aesthetically pleasing and stable than that app. I find that this app meets and exceeds my expectations for a good rss reader. The plethora of features make this the #1 RSS reader to get.
Two steps forward, two steps back
by Shafnitz on 2010/05/03 01:11
Every version fixes something and breaks something else. This time, they finally got the unread count bug fixed, but introduced something even more frustrating. Image rendering is now painfully slow. Using the forward/backwards buttons are useless if you're browsing a feed with images in it. The image is already downloaded, but you'll wait five or six seconds for it to render. The time it takes to browse a feed just grew exponentially. Maybe someday this app will be perfect, but with this track record, it's going to take some time.