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Welcome to SiriusXM. Hear the best of the best anywhere you go. The widest, deepest variety of music. More sports than anywhere. The best entertainment coverage around. Every kind of comedy. And the most complete news coverage, period. Plus enjoy it all while easily discovering new channels and shows recommended for you based upon your listening preferences. Here’s what’s new: * ForYou home page is filled with your favorite and recommended channels and shows. * Easy ways to listen to live and past programs with “Jump Back In” and “Episodes You've Missed” carousels. * Recommendations automatically update based on your listening preferences and history. * A sneak peek at howard stern video * Tabs for Music, Sports, News, Talk, and Howard providing easy access to channels and On Demand content * Favorites page for quick access to your favorite channels, shows, and episodes. * Mini Player to seamlessly browse content while listening to audio or watching video. * Updated Now Playing page that displays related content, more from that channel, or additional On Demand episodes.
by gramgrammy on 2019/05/21 04:20
Love James Brown! This station speaks to me my era. Otis Redding The Queen All the Legends Just to mention a few
Great app
by RobKirkpatrick on 2019/05/21 04:06
The app functions perfectly and I love the ease of use I just wish they had an app for the Apple Watch!
by eadlp on 2019/05/21 02:30
Thanks great svc
Ozzy’s Boneyard
by Lefty Guitars on 2019/05/21 01:09
I’m loving Ozzy's Boneyard ! Just can’t get enough old Sabbath! Really enjoying Sabbath with Dio as well. The ultimate would be a all Van Halen Station!
A very Good Alternative
by Lasurfgrl on 2019/05/21 00:17
Before Sirius XX the songs you got was what the station chose for you. It was a monopoly & not a good one. Now I choose and I love the choices I get. I can live in the past in the 60’s remembering the simpler life. Or the 70’s with our hatred for war and protests. Or I can listen to today’s tunes . If I want to feel united to my beliefs I listen to the Patriot. They have something for everyone & honor our vets with a discount! Try them you’ll like them!
It’s Sirius or nothing!
by Laderbuilt on 2019/05/20 16:46
I have had SiriusXM for a long time now. I have been using the App since it came out. There is no better way to listen to music. I can’t stand normal “radio” any time I listen it should be called commercials R us because that’s all I hear.
My Fav
by Obriensm1911 on 2019/05/20 15:51
Deff worth it. I don’t listen to anything.
Awesome Service
by BMWDIME on 2019/05/20 06:45
I’m very happy with Sirus services. 😊❤️
Poor audio quality
by n0cud06.x86 on 2019/05/20 05:24
Even at the highest level the quality still noticeably inferior. Also stop playing from time to time
So many great options....
by njerawhide on 2019/05/20 01:46
Sometimes I spend the whole time changing channels. I really like the country stations and having Fox News live.
#1 in streaming!
by Martinezwv on 2019/05/20 01:42
I have a lot of streaming apps but Sirius XM is my favorite one. They never disappoint when it comes to songs I haven't heard in years. Thanks Sirius for taking me back to some of my happiest times 😊☮️♥️
Do you’ll have foreign stations?
by Hindi usa on 2019/05/20 01:09
SiriusXM Review
by TooTallWilcox on 2019/05/20 00:18
I enjoy SiriusXM, the variety offered appeals to everyone. I work with SiriusXM on a daily basis recommending it to my customers so a first hand experience makes it all the more easy to sell.
Can’t be without it
by D.Martin on 2019/05/20 00:05
I’m so happy to be lucky to have XM. LoveLoveLove. My city stations are horrible. This is by far the best investment. Anytime I want I can listen to 100’s of channels. Pick and choose my own brand of music. Fixing to get another car & making sure I also get XM on it. We love it. ❤️
We need an Apple Watch App!
by D_Dubbs on 2019/05/19 23:02
UPDATE: For about the past month my carplay has been extremely buggy. My main issue is that it no longer lists the artist, only song title on favorite channel selection. Hope you get that fixed! I’ve been using the Sirius XM app on my phone for a couple years and have always enjoyed it, it’s great being able to take my subscription with me on the go. The only reason I’m withholding the 5th star is because of the lack of Apple Watch capability so I can listen during my workouts! I also am experiencing a lot of glitches on CarPlay where my favorites do not populate when the app is queues from the CarPlay interface. It forces me to use the app on the phone. Would be great to see that get smoothed out as well.
A Musical Friend
by Cameron1941 on 2019/05/19 22:41
I signed up for XM satellite radio out of necessity. I was in a part of the country where all that was available was country or religious programming. I listen almost every evening and frequently fall asleep listening to Lauren Ricco. Robert Aubrey Davis is a treasure. Whether it’s Millennium of Music, Vox Choral or Baroque and Beyond they all are superb. Don Cameron
Latest update increases stability??
by on 2019/05/19 22:21
Since updating the app has crashed and restarted 3 times in 6 days. I wouldn’t call that increased stability.
by Bill from HB on 2019/05/19 17:38
Love Sirius. Listen all the time to music and sports. Especially like Tom Petty Roadhouse and ability to hear my local Philly sports teams. Just wish with all the specialized music stations you have you could have one for doo-wop.
Live Radio
by sodie68 on 2019/05/19 15:54
If you are listening you get it. Like Bonnie Raitt says I can’t make you love something you don’t. Well I’m here to tell you we love Sirius Radio and it’s rare that we will listen to any Radio station that is selling their broadcast to advertisers. This review is about the app so as Sirius continues to improve this app we appreciate those changes and honestly take Sirius with us everywhere we go- in the car ( Bluetooth ) on the boat (Bluetooth ) in the house by computer. Literally everywhere we want to go and to listen Sirius has an app. I can and do👍
Good app
by jrosen1040 on 2019/05/19 15:52
Added app access for just a few bucks a month to the SiriusXM subscription my wife has for her car. I hook an iPad up to car stereo and use the app for SiriusXM in my car and also for around the house using my iPhone. Has a number of new channels not available on the SiriusXM radios. Also can play many of the shows on demand for several weeks after they air. Cons are occasional dropouts and the occasional tendency for on demand is shows to restart from beginning instead of picking up from where I left off. Very limited rewind and skip ahead options when listening on demand. Overall this might be my most used app.
Great app but needs to add Apple Watch add-on
by Mattsc6 on 2019/05/19 12:37
I would have given 5 stars but without an Apple Watch app, I knock the rating down to 4.
App 5.4.6 ruined- NEW loss of playback!
by Jon Vancouver on 2019/05/19 03:26
A bunch of seriously stupid imbeciles who released an app that doesn't work on platforms it states. Tried installing 5 times and still doesn't stop freezing up. To think people pay money for such incompetence - worse than government. May 19 2019, app now freezes. Presets freeze and won't allow channel change or any functionality of app. Music even keeps playing long after app is cancelled. Not only not improved for "stability", now freezes which is a new problem that did not previously exist! Shows one channel as playing when actually playing another - have pictures for absolute proof. Fire entire app creation group, a beer much of failures who've caused incredible embarrassment and damage to your brand. Deleted and reinstalled app, same problems. So disgusted with siriusxm! You better offer previous version of app unless you want to lose paying customers! Thanks for go from bad to worse. Must have some very inexperienced employees who have no idea what problems they cause. Won't be updating app or iPhone iOS ever again. Why can't something be tested and be working properly in 2019!? March 13 2019: Update causes NEW PROBLEMS. Version 5.4.2 causes 'Xtra Channels' to rapidly skip songs without actually playing them when connected with lightning to USB cable in vehicle. This is a major problem and did NOT happen with previous update in version 5 of the app. Why does SiriusXM fix one problem and then create a worse problem in an update that is not supposed to make things worse with the app!???? This problem only occurs for me when connecting via USB in my vehicle. Regular channels are patient and will play once song is buffered but 'Xtra Channels' won't play a single song now and the app keeps trying to play a different track as if it is hyper-skipping and not waiting to buffer data for a song, just giving up and trying to load another song and skipping again - this behavior repeats until selecting a non-Xtra channel. Previous version was fine except for favorites positions that were not updating re-arranged locations properly. Now, this app is annoying to use in vehicle again! Very disappointed that this bug has now affected my use in vehicle. End. --------------------- Firefox web version DELETES ALL YOUR FAVORITES. No customizing, have to hear stupid, repetitive and annoying sxm announcements! They took away 'music only' option and all removed all customization - what a bunch of scumbags! Skips within same song are counted as skips that lock playback after 6 tries! Favorites still don't stay on page for mobile use - have to open favorites page after each use! I'm glad they keep ruining their product and app offerings. SiriusXM is a joke.
CarPlay unusable zero stars.
by Raromr on 2019/05/19 01:12
Does not show the artist name. FIX THIS PLEASE. CarPlay support is the WORST. unusable app on CarPlay. Terrible. Customer service is terrible.
by AppleZilla on 2019/05/18 21:42
Throw back
by SMOOTH1974 on 2019/05/18 21:18
Luv it good music no commercials
by cheezzzzz63 on 2019/05/18 20:11
U guys Kickass👍
Reason why I Listen
by Napolian libre on 2019/05/18 18:32
#Howard Stern Is Radio God!!!
Got all my music
by siouxzq54 on 2019/05/18 17:33
I love songs from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. I have found many stations that I am going to be listening to. Plus, comedy and radio classics from the past.
This review pertains to Howard...
by gdr 86 on 2019/05/18 17:03
I enjoy the app it’s convenient but the content sometimes doesn’t refresh for hours. Even after closing the app and restarting it the same thing happens. Otherwise it’s good
Customer Service is HORRIBLE!!
by wyldbrnch on 2019/05/18 15:24
I ended up canceling my service and deleting the app. Customer Service lied about MLB Coverage. No one knows what they’re doing or talking about. Horrible experience!
Awesome app
by Rfdsgomes on 2019/05/18 14:02
I have SiriusXM in my car and couple of days ago I figured that I could use in my smartphone too. So far I have been enjoying it so much. Thanks SiriusXM for providing an excellent service.
by Gramps43512 on 2019/05/18 10:35
I really enjoy the flexibility of the service and the updating of channels periodically to allow for variety. I really enjoy the experience.
Sirius App
by Mike - Forest Hills on 2019/05/18 10:27
The app works very well. It gives you access to everything and it’s easy to navigate. Search and you will get just about everything that you enjoy from Sirius. I recommend it. Cheers!!!
This is the Best satellite radio I ever Listen to!
by Kidlove73 on 2019/05/18 05:41
What a station “Watercolors “ Jazz” they got it going on! I Love it!
Howard stern
by Danielcockboyjones on 2019/05/18 05:04
Only here bc of Howard stern... without Howard content I would Leave. I’d pay the same amount for 1 day of live shows a month instead of him retiring.
Works great on iOS but not CarPlay
by TheKenBurke on 2019/05/18 03:33
Using the app in the car causes CarPlay to freeze and crash.
Best Day Ever!!
by bvvyygtg on 2019/05/18 01:30
I’ve been waiting for the day that I could start listening to Sirius XM on my smart phone~ Today is the day! I signed up, downloaded the app, and have been in a state of bliss since! So many channels to choose from and so much variety! So Awesome!
by Celado on 2019/05/17 20:42
...the recent update is consistently freezing in the radar loop on my iPad.
Great app when not in car
by Bobber1123 on 2019/05/17 19:46
But an Apple Watch version is needed.
Frequently stops after an hour or so of listening.
by J021P on 2019/05/17 17:48
Generally works well, but frequently stops/hangs up and needs to reload or press play again after an hour or so of listening.
Sirius XM
by Gavin. keane. on 2019/05/17 16:49
Great option while in my car or on my air pods. The only reason that I give them 3/5 stars is the price. The price for this service is ridiculous. Other than that, I couldn’t be happier.
Good content, odd shortcomings in app
by noreturn86 on 2019/05/17 16:14
There are some channels and stations I’m really enjoying. That said it’s an unforgivable design flaw that I can search for the titles of SiriusXM shows I know exist and get no results returned.
Top 1000 country hits ch 4
by jcsf4426 on 2019/05/17 15:38
Love listening to this channel. I hope it stays on and continues to replay these songs!
Grate sound
by hell is going on on 2019/05/17 14:50
Has great sound quality
Awesome network
by EsGlay on 2019/05/17 13:51
Highly recommended *****
Can’t listen in car.
by Ddddavi on 2019/05/17 12:59
Experience lots of issues when using with Apple CarPlay.
Better than ever
by AKcL on 2019/05/17 04:52
I loved this app when it just allowed me to play channels and the expanded lineup, but the new Howard Stern video content has absolutely put it over the top. All the highlights, on demand audio, and historical Keep it coming and thanks for a great entertainment experience.
The product is Great, but....
by nickname100100700921 on 2019/05/17 02:34
Good product, pitiful customer service.
Doesn't work on iPad
by mrbillop on 2019/05/17 01:47
Locks up since last update around first of May. Listening to Amazon Music now, think I might cancel my Sirius XM subscription.
The bad stuff ruined the app
by Telmore78 on 2019/05/17 00:01
I like the selection but the inability to listen to my favorite shows on demand ruins this app for me. It seems like this has gotten worse with the latest update.
Terribly unstable
by Matt Williams (the real me) on 2019/05/16 23:33
Over the years, it’s improved dramatically. Can we get Apple Watch support?
Absolutely LOVE❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
by MUSICmylefe#1 on 2019/05/16 18:44
Could not live without the App and Satellite in my car 👍
Great UI, but Chromecast totally busted
by greensgod on 2019/05/16 17:01
I really like the SiriusXM UI for browsing rádio. But unfortunately this app is 50% useless to me because Chromecast is broken. It fails to cast to every type of Chromecast device I have. No other app has this issue. Deal-breaker for me because I can't listen at home without it. I'll be asking for a refund.
by Amh03 on 2019/05/16 15:25
Same songs play everyday.
SiriusXM mobile
by Hossernator on 2019/05/16 14:09
Perfect for work. Nothing like having any genre at your fingertips.
by Spenita on 2019/05/16 10:53
Awesome listening!!!!
by Mamaw 2 3 on 2019/05/16 09:11
I don't listen to the local radio stations anymore since getting Sirius. Love it love it.
Nobody Rocks like the 70’s
by G2R1D1 on 2019/05/16 03:38
The greatest radio ever, SiriusXM. Man if we had this back in the 70’s when I was a teenager, rock’in 24 hours a day, look out world the party never ends, oh ya!!!! Go 70’s the greatest era ever to have lived, we know how to rock the world, cause we are still here writing, and singing songs that you can’t get enough of. Your welcome!!!!
by Johnjohn1 on 2019/05/16 03:17
XM is awesome I would use if you want old you didn’t go to your monthly thank you XM
by Inky dinky doo on 2019/05/16 03:07
I no longer can even get a program on this app now after the 2 updates. After the first update, I could only listen to live radio. After the 2nd update, I can't listen to anything. This has been going on for a month now. Yet, I will be charged the same whether the app is usable or not. A real rip off!
by aol is better on 2019/05/16 02:53
I love the variety of stations. I can listen to anything that I’m in the mood for. Keep up the great work. You’re in all my devices. Always on.
News channels
by ezrvs1 on 2019/05/15 22:41
I travel extensively and your stations keep me entertained regardless of my geographic location. Love it!
Poor signal
by Cre1169 on 2019/05/15 20:56
Signal frequently cuts out. Very frustrating.
Needs to be fixed
by RioHardy on 2019/05/15 16:50
Sirius app keeps shutting off
Poor signal
by figdgbigv on 2019/05/15 15:26
Keep loosing signal
Crackle Crackle
by K.AndyL on 2019/05/15 15:22
Totally worth the price just to listen to The Bonfire on SXM95!
CarPlay Issues
by mgislao on 2019/05/15 14:17
Intermittent freezing and does not display full list of favorites. Please fix!
Make it easier to find station list
by lehman368 on 2019/05/15 11:27
Make it easier to select station less while traveling in automobile
by novas mamaw on 2019/05/15 04:31
I love the SiriusXM I have it in my Jeep and listen to it all the time CDs are a thing of the past for me now I stream it to my I Phone also it cannot be beat thanks SiriusXM for making my life easier
Howard stern
by Redimipod on 2019/05/15 02:13
Howard stern!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Shameful. Negligent. Dumpster fire.
by TravisCarden on 2019/05/14 23:19
Well it’s update day again and our developer friends at SiriusXM have kept with tradition and delivered yet another steaming pile of negligence and shame to the App Store. Publishing an absurdly non-functional iOS app is embarrassing, but nobody is going to die from it. …unless of course that app is CarPlay enabled, then people will definitely die from smashing their cars in to each other while trying to make this otherwise hilariously non-functional app play music. I would hate to be the guy (shut up, of course it’s a guy) who has to push the button to publish, knowing beyond reasonable doubt that my app was going to get people hurt. How does this continue to make through Apple’s review process? How long is this developer going to be allowed to publish half-assed code to be used while operating a motor vehicle? Suspend this app’s CarPlay functionality immediately and don’t allow it back in the App Store until it works.
Review of Howard stern
by mattloo20 on 2019/05/14 21:46
U made the right choice and don’t let him leave he’s gonna try but he loves what he does only because u provide him with the freedom to do as he pleases. That’s a beautiful thing
Streaming Is Broken
by HaNcH360 on 2019/05/14 17:52
Good app when it works. Sound quality at higher quality setting is better than antenna and app provides better stereo channel separation. The app constantly drops streams and takes a long time to load. It's not the cell service because other apps & services work fine at the same time. It appears this streaming problem started with iOS 12.
Love Highway Hits!
by Former Drudge Report Addict on 2019/05/14 17:07
I love The Highway and I especially love Highway Hits (even though I enjoy the Highway personalities.)
Love the app..STERN!!
by PennyLane81 on 2019/05/14 16:26
I pretty much got the app cause I love Howie. Stern is the best. Makes my LA commute tolerable. Long live Howard Stern...and Robin and her amazing singing!
This App Craps Out ALLLL the time.
by JoelP109 on 2019/05/14 16:22
I try and listen to Howard on this app, and it constantly cuts out. I have to restart it about 20 times per day. I am constantly losing my spot in the show!! I cannot just listen to shows like episodes, or podcasts. This is a cheap, and poorly done version of the podcast app, and an even worse YouTube. Do better...
Drop signal when driving in same certain areas, gets stuck on smart tv
by #1 and only Eclectic Girl on 2019/05/14 15:16
I used to love SiriusXM but things have changed and it just keeps getting more expensive for less service. Way too many sports stations and barely any news relevant to what I would like to listen to so I go to my old FREE AM radio station when I want news. The music stations clearly tape a few shows and replay them over and over. For $25 a month it should be way better.
by babe1tao2 on 2019/05/14 14:39
Just great!!!!
Glitches Galore
by Gabeodore on 2019/05/14 13:59
This app has too many glitches to justify the $18/mo subscription for The Howard Stern Show and other channels. Constantly crashes; restarts on-demand shows from beginning when connection is even briefly lost; and just today (5/14/19), the app opens to the black/blue intro screen with no data showing. WHOEVER DESIGNED/UPDATES THIS APP SHOULD BE FIRED AND NEVER WORK IN TECH AGAIN, just like Howard says the Game of Thrones director should be.
I love Octane!
by JanaRocks! on 2019/05/14 11:03
I enjoy listening all day! The DJ’s are the best!!!!!
by Davis P on 2019/05/14 08:32
Updated 5/14/2018 V5.4.6 released and not fixed I'm calling for a credit for this months bill. Deleted, reinstalled, interface still freezes as soon as music starts. iOS 10.3.3. Also, app always launches to "browse" mode. There is no way to have it launch to the favorites list. Another star reduction. Updated 5/5/2018 V5.4.5 freezes iPhone as soon as channel is chosen.
The worst
by booboo boey on 2019/05/14 04:06
Do you have a bunch of monkeys working over there? Why do you send updates that make me have to reprogram my Entire car? Lame. Love Howard
Great App
by IBeJayTee on 2019/05/14 00:09
I love the sports play by play. Football, hockey basketball...I love them all!
Country Mash
by ngraham1972 on 2019/05/13 23:36
Excellent new channels, wish they were available on the radios too!
Best music ever!!!
by kyleludewig1 on 2019/05/13 23:13
Great Music
by pkoscheka on 2019/05/13 23:04
Loin’ it it!
Bring back custom channels!
by Zmoney520 on 2019/05/13 22:37
Please bring back custom channels!
Needs better CarPlay integration
by Dellis2000 on 2019/05/13 19:51
I have bad satellite reception and often rely on this app to listen while driving. I’d love to have the “channels” displayed more graphically to help drivers more easily see them. Right now it’s a lot of text. Also, I wish we could change channels like actual radio channels in one touch, without first having to navigate through menus.
Locks up constantly
by zombieclone on 2019/05/13 19:04
Latest version constantly freezes and crashes. Can't even listen to one song. 1 star until it's fixed. Send to affect the xtra channels mostly. Still broken in latest version 5-13-19.
Absolutely horrible app which crashes constantly!
by Overshine on 2019/05/13 17:43
It is taking everything I have not to write this review in all scratching caps. This app’s performance is the worst! The actual app itself and design is ok when it functions, but the issue is it never does! It crashes and hangs constantly, and restarting the app doesn’t help. It will say “can’t connect to Internet” on a phone with plenty of WiFi AND unlimited datA. And then it is just dead. I’d understand if I actually had zero or poor internet reception and no data, but otherwise it’s just brain meltingly kind boggling, and entirely defeats the point of the app and definitely a subscription. I’d rather put up with commercial breaks than deal with an app that’s constnsy bricks itself. Caveat emptor, spend your money elsewhere or will you will regret this app. I know I do! And yes, I desired to rate it zero stars, but apparently I have to give it at least 1 for this to post, but it does not deserve it.
STILL Weirdly broken on iOS 9.3.5
by MaxAgHammer on 2019/05/13 16:53
13-May-2019: I just tried the newest version, 5.4.6, and it still exhibits most of the weird unresponsive UI issues as 5.4.5 and 5.4.4 before when running on iOS 9.3.5. The worst problem, that of locking up the entire phone UI and requiring a manual exit via the home button, is fixed. However, the app's UI is still totally unresponsive, and there are frequent craash exits. So this is still a DO NOT UPDATE version for iOS 9 users. UPDATE: I rolled back to version 5.4.3, and none of the problems described below occur. The app is stable and responsive, with no weird touchscreen UI lockouts. The problems described below apply to versions 5.4.4 and 5.4.5 running under iOS 9.3.5. No other iOS versions were tested. Since the 5.4.4 update, this app has been malfunctioning in a very strange and frustrating way running under iOS 9.3.5. The UI becomes completely unresponsive on startup and when changing channels, and it's especially bad when starting playback from an on-demand stream. What happens is this: playback begins, but the app will not respond to any user input via the touchscreen. No scrolling, no switching tabs, no raising or lowering the main console view to see the show segments or related programs, nothing. Absolutely frozen, but audio plays just fine. Additionally, the home button dowsn't work! So no ability to switch apps. Pressing and holding the left edge of the touchscreen to switch apps (what a dumb, dumb UI method that is, BTW) also won't work. The ONLY way to unfreeze the UI is to press and hold the home button, waiting for Voice Control to come up. I haven't tried this on any phone with Siri enabled, because I don't use Siri. Anyway, once Voice Control comes up and pauses the stream, you can manage to get control of the phone again. You exit Voice Control, and then you must force kill the Sirius app. Once you restart the Sirius app, it seems just fine. You can resume playing audio, and then skip or scrub or do whatever you wish via the touchscreen UI. Another odd behavior of the app is that it appears to not obey the "Stop Playing" timer mode of the iOS Clock app. I haven't experimented much with this, but I know the Sirius app blew right through my 45-minute Stop Playing timer yesterday. Luckily, I have version 5.4.3 of the app, and I will try rolling back to it to see if that "fixes" this very annoying time-sink of an issue for me.
Great customer service
by Mark Lip on 2019/05/13 15:23
I called to activate my all access sirius so I can Get Sirius on my phone Great help and walked me through step by step so I can enjoy Sirius out of the car
Great Interface
by FirstTimer on 2019/05/13 14:22
The Sirius App is easy to navigate and the great thing is how you can listen on demand. So much programming!! Thanks Sirius! N.
I love streaming SiriusXM Satellite Radio!
by College Student 13 on 2019/05/13 14:07
I love the commercial free music available on SiriusXM Satellite Radio! The variety available is awesome. And I was fortunate enough to have gotten a lifetime subscription for one fee.
Amazing Diversity Of Audio Choices
by BlindMBA on 2019/05/13 12:25
Would like Laugh Attack and certain other Canadian sources. Otherwise outstanding.
SiriusXM app
by Higman22 on 2019/05/13 11:45
Enjoy more than the stations in my car...
Better late than never.....
by PowerWarrior78 on 2019/05/13 10:34
Came back to SiriusXM after a 5 year hiatus, now using the App and am pleasantly surprised with the freedom I now have when traveling every week. Pretty cool listening to Classic Vinyl flying at 36,000’ watching the sunrise... Thanks Sirius!
by director1742 on 2019/05/13 02:44
Fabulous service with Apple Play in our new car. Love it, love it, love it.
by highmasternmc on 2019/05/13 00:20
Sirius is great- however getting pricey for us retirees.
CarPlay in iOS12 still broken
by Smiffleblurf on 2018/10/10 05:01
I purchased an unlimited cellular Internet subscription to use this app in CarPlay instead of using my actual SiriusXM antenna on my car — THATS’s how much I like using this app. The last redesign was an amazing step forward. I dreaded updating to iOS 12 and sure enough the app on CarPlay wouldn’t load any of my favorites and recents. Even after this recent CarPlay fix update it didn’t fix much. Recents list still doesn’t load at all. When I still pull up my channel favorites it’ll either never load or have this long delay until it loads or I have to dangerously open the app on my phone to jumpstart it to load. I did notice once I was able to get the channels to load in favorites the recents tab finally loaded up, but still that’s an awkward bug. Just really bad loading issues in regards to displaying listed information in CarPlay all around. Hopefully a fix is coming soon so that I don’t have to use a one star review to report a bug, but the one star is well earned when the “App Support” link takes you to a FAQ site that doesn’t list this issue or a bug reporting option for this app. This app isn’t even listed on the Contact Us support options. This whole experience is adding misanthropy fuel.
Serve a 2nd vehicle for free, or use as a fix for an obstructed antenna
by RV Sciencephile on 2018/06/23 13:55
By purchasing the high end SiriusXM service for one satellite receiver, you get this excellent streaming capability as a free bonus. If you have a smartphone with a decent data plan, you don’t need to increase satellite charges by adding a subscription for the other vehicle(s). Get it for one, then use your phone to stream the web based service thru the Bluetooth or cable connection to the audio system in your additional vehicle(s). It’s a terrific bargain for me, as I have 2 cars and two RV’s, and I can get full channel service for all four with just one subscription. Also, for those with vehicles (like my truck camper) that have difficulty getting a clear usable obstruction-free sat signal for their partially shadowed antenna, you can subscribe to service for the vehicle radio, then when in conditions when your antenna isn’t reliable, switch to using your smartphone for streaming to that radio from the same sat account via cell service providers. Thanks SiriusXM for offering this excellent, flexible service at a fair package price!
Great App
by TaxisLatka on 2019/02/08 22:43
NEW REVIEW (Feb. 2019): Another quick fix to the annoying download issue. Great response. App is back to working great. OLD REVIEW (Feb. 2019): The new update is awful. It’s now back to the same issue of downloaded shows not opening from the last place they were being listened to. You can listen to a downloaded show for two hours and then when you go back to the app instead of it saving your place and continuing playing where it was, it goes back to some previous point at the very beginning of the show. Very annoying and it’s happened before. Thought they had it worked out but now this issue is back. Please fix as soon as possible as this makes the app almost unusable. Wish I never updated. Should’ve stuck with the last version that actually worked. Very angry. OLD REVIEW (2018): Love the updated app. It’s the best. The addition of video is pretty cool, but the Stern Shows are loaded fast (usually same afternoon). Had an issue with holding place of downloaded shows, but it appears to have been resolved. A+
No landscape mode; update horrible for RadioClassics
by PetiteFrog on 2018/06/07 23:02
UPDATE: Thanks for adding the landscape mode back - although why on earth was it removed in the first place??? I have upgraded my rating from 1 star to 3 stars. What would give it one more star - display the times of the previously played RadioClassic shows. I have no idea what played when. You provide the option to listen to earlier shows, but the segments aren’t descriptive enough so I am having to go through all of them to find the show I want to listen to. PREVIOUS REVIEW: As others have stated, not having the ability to view using landscape mode is very annoying. However, not nearly as annoying and useless as what the upgrade has done to the RadioClassics station. Before the update, I could see all the programs that played in the past 5 or 6 hours and select one of those shows - easily. Now —- you can’t see the time a previous show was played and have to guess which item it is in the viewable segments. Viewing all the segments is nearly impossible. No way to easily see and select earlier segments. The upgrade has made the RadioClassics stations impossible to navigate.
CarPlay buggy, no chrome cast support but good sound quality
by Cypherstream on 2018/10/25 02:17
So glad they recently added Apple CarPlay, however it’s very buggy. Many times favorites don’t load, recents may not load, or the car play screen is just blank. It does work better if you unlock your phone first, but who can do that if your driving and have your phone put down (it auto locks fairly quickly). What is wrong with SiriusXM not offering chromecast functionality? It seems this would be the easiest way to get SXM in your house. To be able to chrome cast SXM would be a great asset to listen at home when doing household work. Other than the very buggy CarPlay support and lack of Chromecast feature, the sound quality is far better than what you get on the actual satellite. You also have access to many more channels and on demand content. This is why I prefer to use the app via CarPlay instead of my cars built in XM tuner. My car only goes up to channels in the 200’s. The app has channels into the 700’s! I’m no longer missing out on Faction or the Emo Project, indie 1.0, or Rock Bar. If only CarPlay worked all the time, this would be a killer app.
New features but lacking polish
by drew_petricc on 2018/11/08 20:01
Lots of glitz and glamour over the new features, & call me crazy, but it actually seems *harder* to just get to my downloaded shows now... Also, if there’s something that looks cool on my home page, better remember it or keep swiping b/c it just scrolls away after a few seconds... sure it’s good to show the different options, but annoying. It also seems to have obfuscated which is actually a new show, or even to just get to what is actually playing live on 100 now. For all its faults, this was not an issue with the old version. All this complaining aside I do like the new app and addition of video clips etc. I’m just looking forward to some revision with usability/ease of use in mind—so keep it up dev team!! Thanks for a great app, I will change to five stars when updated! I do like the more streamlined way to manage/delete downloads and the addition of forward and backward skipping by a few seconds (which was sorely needed). So it’s great & I love it—that’s why I’m saying it just needs a few revisions to be the best in my opinion, thanks.
God help you if . . . . . . Update
by Queenbeedlg on 2018/06/01 14:24
Like me, you use your iPad in landscape mode. I’ve changed every relevant setting I can think of to get this app to load in landscape mode (as it once did prior to one of the latest updates) but, alas, to no avail. This is so much of a problem that saving the $20 a month I pay for this service is under serious consideration. It’s too much money to pay for the inconvenience of having to turn my iPad 90 degrees to read the app. I would have given it less than one star had that been possible. Update: I’m happy to report that the people at Sirius were listening and have addressed this landscape vs. portrait mode problem. It’s nice to know that there are still some companies out there who listen to their customer’s complaints and respond to them positively, especially in such a short period of time. Happily, I will not have to cancel my subscription, and I can recommend this app without reservation at a solid 5 stars.
Great new redesign, some suggestions
by Nelson Ned on 2019/03/30 19:42
UPDATE: Happy that you quickly fixed the landscape iPad issue. CarPlay app is kind of a hot mess. When it works it shows there is tremendous potential for it. But alas, it doesn’t always work. Sometimes it just refuses to stream or update or show anything really. Then there is the sporadic but extremely annoying display of channels and favorites. Often it will only show the first couple of pages of channels and favorites. You can’t see any of the higher numbered channels or favorites that are on the later pages. This is super annoying and I really wish this would be fixed. Finally, Apple Watch app with stand-alone playback on cellular. Please, please, please with a cherry on top. OLD REVIEW: I’m very happy with the performance and new design. It has been working great. Hopefully you bring landscape mode to iPad as the newest version doesn’t have it. Also I really hope you consider an Apple Watch compatible app. Nothing would compliment my cellular Apple Watch more than being able to stream Sirius XM on it. Your UI wouldn’t have to be that complicated. A simple way to select stations and pause, play, volume, favorites, etc. Come on guys and gals. I know you can make this happen. Also I’m having an issue with my favorites not showing all the stations on all devices. My iPhone seems to show them all but my iPad does not. Hopefully the synchronization of favorite stations across all devices can be fixed.
Volume Bar?
by Lwmavrik on 2017/12/21 21:07
Nice app for the most part, but some silly omissions...Volume Bar for iPad?..., iPhone has it...albeit needs to stay on the screen permanently and be further down so you don’t run into the other bar above it that handles rew/ff.... I waited for years for a last channel "jump to" button so you can quickly toggle between two channels?!? Recent‘s from the latest update covers that... it’s about time! I have felt for years like the people who develop this app never use it, because if you’ve ever used a television remote control in your life an A/B button and the volume button is what you use the most and if you haven’t noticed, the volume buttons on phones are often not so easy, particularly if you have a case on it! Thus the volume needs to stay on the LCD screen at all times not appear and disappear ...once you have touched the button on the side, why would you then need to then slide over to the one that appears on the screen.. it’s moronic!! Someone needs to make more of an effort and this can be 5 stars!
Downloads DO NOT WORK
by edbeaton on 2018/06/01 23:14
What’s the point of having a download feature if I still need a connection?? I’ve downloaded on-demand episodes, and they played back fine, until I lost my cell/WiFi signal (my commute includes areas w slow to no connection for stretches). So to me this means that the app is not accessing whatever file is downloaded locally to the phone, and I’m using data to access something I supposedly downloaded to use later. Downloads in previous versions were buggy (also looked for data connection), but I eventually was able to get to episodes already downloaded. Please fix this!!! Update: so the top complaint (landscape on iPad) is fixed, but downloads still don’t work. Yes the downloads complete (didn’t have that issue previously), but you CAN’T ACCESS the “downloaded” files. I get the spinning icon over the play button when selected from the downloads folder (buried in the settings area as ppl have complained about before) and essentially freeze the app. Who do I have to call to get reimbursed for all the data I’m burning through since I can’t download over WiFi to then listen later???
Not crazy about the update
by missjubilada on 2018/05/16 17:18
I use this app all the time and I’m really frustrated by some of the changes in the update. It’s fine for listening to music but I also love the Radio Classics channel and the update is horrible for that. You used to be able to see the past few hours of individual shows, as well as the upcoming few hours of individual shows. Now all it shows is the past 45 minutes or so and the title of the hours long “Radio Classics” or “ When Radio Was” but not the individual programs being broadcast. And shows what commercials are played during that 45 minutes. Who would care about that?! It also used to let you choose individual programs as favorites to star ( The Jack Benny Program or Suspense, for example). Now the only options appear to be the 2 Radio Classics or When Radio Was shows ( which consist of several hours of individual programs that seem to be impossible to see within the app now). Why would an update provide fewer features than the old version ? Very frustrating. Please fix.
Sirisously Addicted
by Cindy.Curl.Beye.Iowa on 2018/09/05 14:10
I can no longer listen to regular FM radio. I love my Sirius. Wish you would have done more of a tribute to David Cassidy. A channel for a short time in his honor would be amazing. At the same time, 70’s On 7 should be playing more of David’s stuff from his solo albums, as well as Partridge Family recordings; definitely not enough of the latter, and absolutely none of the forbearing. David broke many records for various things in his career, which widely go unrecognized. I was really disappointed to see no periodicals in his memory, especially a Rolling Stones mag dedication. Such a talented artist should be remembered. I also enjoy 60’s On 6 to get my Mad Men fix; love your regular morning DJ - he’s been everywhere! Cowboy Bob & the 40’s Channel are greatly appreciated when I’m missing my grandparents. I also use the Toddler Channel a lot for my grandchildren. And when I’m feeling a little blue, it’s wonderful that I can listen Christmas music any time of the year to cheer me up! Any chance we could have a Dean Martin channel for a short while? Frank’s channel don’t play him enough. What a legend! And believe it or not, Lawrence Welk still has a huge fan base that tunes in to Public TV every Saturday night to watch his reruns... The Welk Channel, at least during the holidays ? Love you guys. Never go away! Sincerely, Faithful Subscriber Cindy Beye Marshall County, Iowa
Great once you you can get what they promise.
by papasprep on 2018/09/01 00:15
I have loved having SiriusXM. I received it as a gift from my daughter so I could listen to baseball. With it, I can hear our beloved Cleveland Indians from my home in New England. (We lived in northeast Ohio for 17 years.). Problem was it took days and several calls to get what my daughter paid for. The station I needed didn’t come in on my radio and it seemed to be quite a problem to get it to work. Worse yet, my husband on a totally different account tried to add the Indians station, and while SiriusXM was quick to charge him for the extra station, they failed to let him know that for some reason his brand new car had the wrong type of radio to get the higher stations. (He already has a basic XM radio package, so still have no clue what the issue was.) The reps that help are very nice, but it should be as easy to get the stations you are looking for, as it is for the XM folk to take your money.
Horribly Unstable
by SoFar87 on 2018/04/18 11:16
This app is a disaster. Continually has issues saying it cannot determine my location so it won’t load. Which makes no sense as my WiFi and cellular networks are working perfectly. Live in a major city and never have other app issues when this happens. Definitely happens more after a recent update which always seems to make things worse. The volume bar is hidden and the scrolling is terrible because the bar is too small and not sensitive at all. I clearly have no clue how their QA development team tests the app in real world scenarios and things is production ready. In fairness there are some great features (when the app works) and the UI is pretty decent. But some of the basic functionality for volume, scrolling within an stream like Howard Stern, and overall application stability are a disaster. Sirius has no competition. They clearly Need to just focus on the basics of building a rock solid app and stop with all the gimmick junk. Subscriber since their beginning but very disappointed they continue to ruin this app. And for the record, these issues happen on a brand new iPhone X.
New version needs work fast! On Demand is broken!
by Dbat777 on 2018/06/17 07:25
I mainly listen to Sirius Xm during football season and I listen to it a LOT. So I’m very familiar with the old app. I listen in my car and then listen on my phone so I can hear whole shows. I also download quite a few of the shows to listen to them offline as well. This has worked great for the last 3 years or so. Just tonight however I downloaded a show and was listening to it. Restarted the app and was presented with ‘content no longer available.’ This makes no sense as the content aired earlier today and it was just playing? I finally got it to play the download but when I try to scrub forward half the show, as I’ve listened to half already, it forced me to start all over. This is terrible. Also I notice other shows expire very fast. The old app I kept some shows on my phone for months. It’s much better to let the consumer decide when to erase, besides if I downloaded it why is it being removed so fast? Please fix this soon or I plan to cancel
Listening to ‘the radio’ is still a great way to go! :D
by James Tormé on 2019/04/18 00:55
Even in this age of overstimulation and emphasis on the visual, listening to a good old radio show is still a totally fulfilling experience and one that is uniquely “my time”. Do you listen. You reflect. And you can do something else all the while (like drive, guard a present pod, or fix somebody’s rear left suspension housing) without feeling held hostage at all. A lot of people who don’t have the time to read a lot get the majority of their outside perspectives on life from listening to the radio on that daily commute, when they are, for a time, a ‘captive audience’ for life‘s commentators. This can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on your perspective. But at least it allows them to think about topical stuff for a minute… And in that time their mind escapes some of that add you to build up by the daily grind.
The redesign has made it so much worse
by Ben B 84 on 2018/06/22 03:40
I love SiriusXM. I’m a streaming-only customer... I live in NYC and never drive. So this app and the web app are the only ways I listen to SiriusXM. The content is what keeps me coming back. However, this application post-redesign a few months ago is one of the worst I’ve ever seen. Something basic: entering the app, you’re sometimes prompted by one of those “rate this on iTunes” dialogs. Ok, fine. Everyone needs to keep their rating up, I get it. However, the modal for that interaction doesn’t have an overlay that shows that other actions in the application are disabled. It looks like the other functions of the player... play/pause, etc. are usable. So I spend 20 seconds thinking the app is broken, until I realize there’s a modal for review in the foreground. Then I start streaming. That works fine, until I encounter connectivity issues, which is most of the commute in NYC. The “go live” button isn’t a button.. it’s just text, and has no indication that it’s been pressed (which is mobile app dev 101). It feels like the press event hasn’t happened. I’m usually sure that it didn’t, and that the app is broken. Most of the time I terminate the entire app and reload it to get a working stream. Honestly, you should fire anyone involved with the redesign of this application. They don’t have enough experience to develop a coherent mobile application. Whoever implemented the previous version seemed to know what they were doing.
Yada yada nanu nanu
by turbolarry52 on 2019/03/21 14:55
Just an update - I'm not adding any new updates - who knows If it improves things or not. Sirius are you responding to these postings? I have an iPhone 6, using iOS 10.3, no intentions to upgrade my iOS for numerous reasons. No content has been downloaded, so I don't understand - 3.x Gb storage. That much ? With no downloaded content? Does the basic app use that much storage? Btw - howard off again - another week ? Week of 3-18. Must be nice ! As far as the reviewer wrote about updating iOS one iPhone I have the latest and greatest and now my serious app is crashing. Not because I'm very low on memory, but it's worked before those conditions. I do agree that it's annoying for example that if I see that Riley Morgan is scheduled on Howard 101 the something entirely different. These apps are designed by developers that should be able to solve these problems and resolve the issues. I've been looking for employment for a long time and I am a graphic designer was some interactive design skills. So it baffles me that you have developers who haven't gotten it right and got these issues resolved. So Sirius XM hiring manager, hire me! Visual, marketing and technical problem solving is what I do best. With a little insight and team effort, i'll get all these issues solved.
Overall, a solid app!
by JesusIsKing87 on 2018/02/16 17:12
The Sirius-XM app works pretty well overall but there needs to be a volume bar added (as another previous review stated) and I would like to also see the name of the song/artist/year scroll from left to right. I often see songs that have either a longer name or the artist/group having a lengthier name, and it’s cut off to where you can’t even see the year it came out. In other words it doesn’t scroll across left to right as it should. Please add these two things along with general enhancements regularly to make this app better. I enjoy listening to mostly music (60s on 6 preferably) on this app and being able to adjust the volume (without using the side manual volume adjustment) on the screen and seeing the year would be a great improvement. Thank you! :-)
Bad UI functionality
by apple andy on 2018/01/03 20:48
There’s a slider on the top of the app that is suppose to let you rewind and forward to any point of the broadcast. It works 2% of the time. The slider does not detect me dragging it and then interprets my drag as a swipe taking me to the next or previous channel. How many users navigate channels this way? I feel there should be more emphasis and control of moving where you want to be in the broadcast playing. It’s very hard to get exactly where I want to be on the audio stream. I have to listen to things I already heard before or get taken ahead in the broadcast ruining things I haven’t heard yet. Your “engineers/developers” should make sure the slider is working and is not misinterpreted as a swipe to next channel. Have the slider area have a larger vertical height invisibly or visibly so I can control better. Your UI/UX designers, do some research on how many people swipe left and right to navigate channels. I usually jump into menu for this... rarely is the next or previous channel a task I want to perform or channel I want to listen to. Give more emphasis and UI space for timeline of broadcast control, I want to rewind/fast forward where I want to be on the channel I’m listening to currently. Very frustrating app to use.
Enthusiastic SiriusXM recommendation from me @ 66
by garyjyogi on 2018/06/22 00:03
SiriusXM is the best thing to happen to music since FM Di’s in the 70’s-early 80s. Free Form Radio. Now specialty stations for ever taste by era or artist. Blues, Outlaw Country,Jazz( too many stations for me to track), Grateful Dead & Beatles stations & live play by play for my Yankee games regardless of my location. I believe it works for other sports & teams as well & Howard Stern & the tv news feeds across the spectrum from MSNBC through CNN to Fox. & more I keep discovering more content, oh yeah Classic radio, Wow! Makes driving much more fun for me & if I have passengers a great way to be a good host. I could go on but 90% didn’t read this far & I doubt I will even get a thank you from SiriusXM. Even if terrestrial radio had anything worth listening to, SiriusXM does it better & w minimal commercial interruptions. Best to all Garyjyogi
Music is a big part of my Life
by OldCrow63 on 2018/06/22 23:18
Years ago I bought a Sanyo rechargeable speaker reviews stated it was made better than the manufacture wanted you can’t find them anymore it has about 3 pounds of lithium battery internal in fact all three of my friends now have the same speaker we use it all the time since I bought my new car in 2012 I’ve had SiriusXM radio all access I listen to it all the time I listen to all the channels I pay attention to the updates through the email on what’s happening through the week or weekend I have SiriusXM in all my vehicles and I’m currently listening to it as I write this review I like all the classic rock ‘n’ roll channels the Tom Petty channel the Beatles country the Western I love the whole package outstanding product will probably have it for the rest of my life Thanks
I can not dial back w new update
by JmOWolff on 2018/05/29 16:31
I’ve been a SiriusXM subscriber for over 10 years, and i must say that the new format change is awful. I listen to several channels where I once could scan backwards up to six hours for content. The new format no longer allows for that. My favorites are now mixed in with channels I don't care about. And trying to find out where I am when I find them takes way too much effort. I pay a premium rate for this service primarily to use on my iPhone. It used to be so easy and convenient but the new format is just too hard to use. As i mentioned I’ve been a SiriusXM subscriber for over 10 years, weathered many changes but this change is the worst yet. Please fix these problems or provide an option to go back to the previous version and the more intuitive format. I once loved this app, but I’m not listening anymore, too frustrating. I’m very disappointed.
by Dtpetty on 2018/05/17 00:46
I was very happy with the previous version. It worked quite well overall. Connected quickly and was fairly big free. I could scroll down and start listening to any show that had streamed in the last 5 hours. There was a list and I just clicked the one I wanted then skip through the ads. Unfortunately I had auto update on and I got this piece of junk. It simply doesn’t work. I am only able to listen to anything at all about half the time on a good day. Sometimes I get static - usually I get nothing. The play icon just spins forever. I am contacting customer support to let them know I am canceling my 2 receiver account unless they get this fixed quickly. I don’t need the aggravation. I have been an XM customer for years. Way before the SiriusXM merger. But I will be leaving most likely. They have become totally clueless.
Serious downgrade with last update
by Vitosim on 2018/07/03 15:06
I have been a Sirius app user for years but the last app update completely ruined the experience. Since the update the tiles in my favorites consistently represent the wrong channels. For example, as I right now listen to The Lumineers on Alt Nation the title says Oingo Boingo is playing. Oingo Boingo is actually playing live on 1st Wave. I don’t even have 1st Wave in my favorites so I can’t explain that. This happens across all of My Favorites I’ve tried to delete my favorites hoping that deleting them and saving them again might fix this, but I can’t delete any of my favorites. When I deselect the star it just highlights itself again. I’ve deleted the app and reinstalled it again but nothing changes. Also, the entire new user interface is a pain to use when driving. I mostly listen during my commute. Sirius please go back to the old interface or at least give me that option. Keep in mind this isn’t a free service. I’m a paying customer but perhaps not for much longer.
What is playing?
by Padre Joe on 2018/01/03 21:42
Great app! I love listening to music on Sirius XM most mornings and it’s nice and convenient to use my iPad to do it. The only problem is that there seems to be a glitch in the display of what is currently playing (I’m not sure what it’s supposed to be called, so I hope that makes sense). When I select a station to listen to, the current song displays like normal. Sometimes the next song displays as well, but then the display seems to get “stuck” on that first or second song and doesn’t update the title, artist, or album cover until I change stations. Then it starts all over again. My Favorites list shows the correct title and artist, but the main display remains on that first or second song. That’s the one issue I’ve noticed. Otherwise, love the app!
Resisted, but now regret waiting!
by Olde Poodle on 2018/02/28 03:20
I very much enjoy my automobile XM Radio on multiple vehicles, so did not want to spend more for an iPhone version, but having the XM/Sirius app in my pocket has proven to be even more enjoyable and I use it more than I do the car subscriptions. My favorite station, Classical Pops, is still available on the app even after it was removed from the radio! As a extra bonus, the Christmas music is still available now, and it is almost March. Further, the Fox News and Fox Business programs that I like can be restarted if I am late, or paused when I am interrupted. My only complaint is that the progress bar is inaccurate, so that it is difficult to know where one is in a news program, and the program titles do not keep up to the moment like the music titles do. All in all, I am very satisfied with Sirius/XM.
Reliable yet intrusive
by delmore dingleberry on 2018/06/26 05:08
Always on, always ready, variety, pay to play It has done exactly wat was intended to happen. I am addicted to it. Just like cell, apps, pc, internet, dna, all just another avenue for our government to intrude a bit deeper into our lives. Maybe all of this will end up on a positive note. Our govt is imploding and corruption is being exposed so deep into every branch of gov, incl local gov. I am all about it. Wat goes up will come down. Watching the bad actors in our gov get a dose of wat they been doing to everyone else. Once more of us realize that the majority of corrupt players in our govt not only have ability to watch our family through their cell phone, tv, pc, anything attached to internet or especially anything called smart.... Just the truth from one that knows
Xm radio is the way to go!
by wes from central NY on 2018/06/22 15:16
Never thought I’d pay for radio but...after listening to my local country stations for years, the amount of commercials have overcome the music. They also tend to repeat the same songs too much. I tried xm radio on free trial then became a subscriber. It’s great! My two favorite stations are the Highway & Prime country. The highway has an awesome morning show I love and they get the newest country songs before anyone else. Prime country plays the older country songs I grew up with from the 80s & 90s that the local stations just don’t anymore. Best parts, variety & NO commercials ever!! My opinion, totally worth it. And if u get the app for your phone, u can listen anytime anywhere u have good service. I highly recommend Xm. Their customer service is really good as well if u need assistance. Definelty worth it if u love music!! W.D. from N.Y.
The more I spend time with this..
by Phantom2089 on 2018/05/14 23:02
The more I’m regretting my app update for it. Why would you fix something that was not broken?? I really hate this new update. There are more cons to point out than pro’s on this! Con: -No mix customizations (BIG NO!) -No info description on each channel and shows within that channel, nor do they provide twitter/phone number to call in the radio channel! -adding favorites just doesn’t work. -backtracking only goes so much as 3 hrs instead of 6 hrs. -there’s no schedule for when upcoming shows are going to broadcast. -channel freezes and locks if your app ended up foreclosing on you or you foreclose the app. (I was always able to resume where I left off EVEN when I foreclosed it, now it makes me lose my place wherever I’m in. REALLY FRUSTRATING ESPECIALLY WITH GRATEFUL DEAD CONCERTS!!!!) -no bright/dim light interface option, I hate how bright this design is now, especially late at night. -takes longer to connect to audio when it used to not on data connection. Pro’s: -Video on-demand for Howard Stern -audio scroller is a bit easier when you want to rewind or fast forward a lot. And that’s all the pros that’s on this app. You have got some MAJOR EDITING to BRING BACK some of the old WITH the new! I feel like my subscription has just plummeted to a mediocre service, I’m really debating on cancelling if they don’t bring back and improve their main qualities of their app. BRING BACK THE OLD APP!!!
by Keeper007 on 2018/02/02 00:37
Unfortunately, this app (for me at least) is riddle with problems. It actually does ok if you are listening to something live. But becomes very problematic when trying to go back and listen to past programs. It constantly says “Trying to recover audio”. When trying to skip past the commercial, it will skip all the way to the live portion of the channel. Then you have to start the show back over and TRY and skip forward to where you left off. If there was another option than using this app, I would totally be all for it. Unfortunately if you want to listen outside of the car or play past shows, be prepared for a potential headache. This company is way to main stream to have an app that is this terrible. Just my opinion and I hope the finally update the app to something that worked more often than it doesn’t. Especially if you are going back to listen to past show.
Meh, save yourself some money and listen to iHeartRadio
by Not Sonya on 2019/04/25 23:44
I found a better variety of music on iheart radio with the added bonus of being able to search and listen for specific bands or podcasts. And iHeartRadio is free. So you have to listen to one commercial once in a great while... totally worth it. Also, the cancellation process is nasty. You can’t cancel within the app or even online. You actually have to call customer service. I was called Valerie, then Sonya (twice). Neither of which are remotely close to my name. Awkward! Then I was given the option to GET A DEAL. No thank you. I was put on hold, I erroneously thought to process the cancellation. WOULD YOU LIKE ANOTHER DEAL. Nope, still trying to cancel. Put on hold again, for cancellation? NOPE ANOTHER DEAL. I admit by then I lost my temper and said,” I. Just. Want. To. Cancel!” Then SiriusXM was able to! And they only called me Sonya one more time.
Am liking Sirius XM more & more
by Actinide on 2018/10/15 01:33
When I first got Sirius radio as a trial for my automobile in 2016, I mostly Bluetooth streamed using my Tidal HiFi subscription. I let my subscription lapse and have only recently renewed with satellite & streaming. While the satellite radio audio quality is not as good as Tidal HiFi, I do enjoy the convenience and diversity I get on the channels my go to channels are Symphony Hall, Ozzys Boneyard and Classic Jazz. I also like that I can listen uninterrupted cross country. Also, streaming at home on my stereo provides better audio quality than satellite, and I find myself listening for extended periods during work at home. I will likely keep my subscription though my next car will be a Tesla, and they do not support XM I understand, will likely preorder a Model Y in 2019.
Worst iPhone app EVER!
by ronroyster on 2018/03/05 23:14
Where do I even begin? There is some kind of serious flaw that starts app to play even when it’s not activated. Last week I had to call 911 because there was an accident. Imagine my embarrassment when Howard Stern started playing over me! Every morning on the way to work I have to fight the app to get it to play where I would like it too. Some brainiac thought it was a good idea to put the time bar right next to the other buttons at the top. What could go wrong, right? How could such a massive company have such an oversight is beyond me. Whatever I called to complain I always get transferred to a middle eastern guy with the name of Henry. What’s up with that? I am going to be canceling my subscription because I hate them from the bottom of my heart and wish the imbeciles in charge an infinity in hell trying to tune in the Howard Stern show. Go Scratch!
Too complicated
by Back bay on 2018/05/16 19:53
The preceding Sirius app worked well. I could easily check lists of channels under genres and set up the same favorites as are on my car radio. All that is gone now with this new app. Difficult to find genres and sub genres (which were all together before). Shows are promoted. Pushed on the app. Shock jock Howard Stern has his own place on the main dashboard. Most Sirius subscribers likely don’t care except that our subscription costs have risen to support his ridiculously high, multi-million $$ salary!! This should be a simple app to first mirror your car radio (without extra setup time) and also let you listen to other channels at will. Remember KISS? Not the FM station. But what it stands for in the business world. “Keep It Simple Stupid”!!!
Download playback stops - App logs out
by JDW1961 on 2018/07/05 01:45
Since major update, app has major issues with downloads. Sometimes the download”hangs” which prevents further download of the segment. Another issue: After completing the downloads (download complete message and checkbox), a constant window pops up saying it can’t download ; you either select cancel or continue - nothing works until you do that (this started occurring after last update). Finally, the other big issue is the completely downloaded segment stops playing when leaving a WiFi or cellular coverage area...forcing you to restart the app and restarting the play on the downloaded segment. I’m driving in and out of service all the time; very frustrating! The download of “on demand” was the best part of the it seems there is no care in fixing this (seems video is all that matters)...I can’t watch video while driving - please fix the download capability; not all of us live in a city!
Bad app made worse
by rgrgeo on 2018/05/09 01:03
Sirius app was already pretty bad, but managable. With the recent update they have just made things worse. Downloading an episode takes up to 10 minutes. When it seems done (hard to tell from the miniature progress circle) you have to pause then restart for it to actually register as finished. This is in wifi, forget trying to download in cellular, it crawls to an even slower pace or just stops. Finding an actual episode is even more cumbersome as they are mixed in with clips and other show ephemera. How they could make this app worse is beyond me. I wouldn't normally complain, but I am paying for this, it's just hard to believe they updated an already bad app to make it worse.
Seriously, Sirius! Kudos to You!
by 1Bulldozer2 on 2018/12/20 12:42
Hats off to your intelligent format and programming. Sirius ticks all the possible boxes anyone could want for their listening pleasure. From music, comedy, medical 411, social and sexual curiosities, to civic and political edification and gentrification, Sirius Radio is the ticket and the place to be 24/7. It is well worth every dime spent for the education and entertainment dispensed. Local radio has become a thing of the past in my home, office and automobile. Thanks for adding more spice in my life by providing a variety of diverse, useful, and informative news outlets, large doses of comic relief, tunes that speak the language of generations, and a spot on my computer, television and radio dial that satisfies my every mood. I feel tons smarter for my quality time spent with you. CHEERS!
This app doesn’t want me to use it
by Princessawa on 2018/06/24 23:56
I have never had so much difficulty using an app. We pay for Sirius XM on both our vehicles and one day I heard an ad stating “Want to listen when you’re not in the car? Download the app on your phone!” Did it. Worked great. For a while. Then all of a sudden I was locked out of my account. When trying to retrieve my log in info it said we can’t find an account with that email. Weird. So I called. They verified I had an account and walked me through resetting my password. I have been able to use my app once again. Now, all of a sudden I’m having the same problem. Trying to log in and it’s saying I don’t have an account. So I tried to start again and got an error message that my account is not eligible to proceed, but NO further direction on how to resolve the issue!!! 😡 I don’t have time to call again. Will I have to do that forever? This is ridiculous. For how much I’m paying for Sirius radio the app should WORK.
Solid app, couple fallbacks and requests
by jbdrummer93 on 2019/03/11 16:53
Solid for listening to my favorite stations, super easy to find based on style of music or entertainment I’m looking for. The new Xtra channels are awesome and feel like a better version of creating a smart playlist in Apple Music and iTunes; everything is more curated and exposes to some great music I have forgotten about or never heard. However the Xtra channels tend to crash time to time and I will have to use a skip, tune to a different channel, or the app will crash or I’ll have to close it. The one request I’d like to see is an app for the Apple TV. This would be great to simply start on my home theater and office space and just chill and listen; perfect for the occasional videos on demand SiriusXM features as well. Other than laundry list, its a great app!
Love app but PLEASE FIX the screen freeze bug!!
by Sandy.Hallman on 2018/01/08 00:55
I am a huge fan of Sirius XM Radio, and have been a loyal customer for many years with multiple subscriptions. I added the iPhone app service last year and enjoy the flexibility greatly. We really need a bug fix for the freezing screen issue as mentioned in other posts. To see the song and artist info for the song currently playing, I have to close the app and relaunch because the screen info displayed freezes on the info for the first song played in the session. This feature used to work perfectly, and I am spoiled to that service level. Most likely a compatibility issue with an iOS update. I remain hopeful this bug will be corrected soon!
Great when it works, needs help
by BigTex45 on 2018/06/24 16:36
The app frequently crashes, thus 3 stars. A few things that it lacks are the handoff from one device to the next si you don't have to find your place when switching from device to device, and the error messages are way too cryptic to be of any use. Update for new version- the latest version of the XM App (now there is a version for the iPad and/or landscape mode) is stable, attractive and easy to navigate. I would recommend to anyone who wishes to hear the only real and factual news anywhere in the Media universe plus great music selections, weather, traffic, and sports. An added bonus is the books read aloud channel for those times you’re driving cross country and need to immerse in an alternate reality via the storytelling.
2 major category missing (big band ) & ambient music
by 4bingoplayers on 2019/05/12 22:58
They also need to add (One American news networks ) and dump the anti American CNN & MSNBC stations because O A N network is a fair balanced decent & truthful station and definitely not the horrible repetitive lying conspiracy theory CNN MSNBC fake type networks that work hand in hand with the disgusting diseased and evil minded Democrat party that truly hate the American people and would rather create another Cuban or Venezuelan socialist style country run by murdering Monsters like Madura and Castro and want you to elect the potential mentally disturbed and infant minded A O C when she becomes a potential candidate and even more of a treacherously minded moron than she presently is or Bernie the lunatic Saunders who would absolutely bring about the death & demise of a free America so please SiriusXM add O A N to your news networks
Dunno why I waited...
by Danita54 on 2018/11/05 17:48
I’ve enjoyed Sirius XM in my truck from day one. I knew I could listen through my phone, but just didn’t. Then I did. I NEED music to work! I’m trying to do repairs needed on a house I inherited from my dad. I grew up in that house, so it’s kinda sentimental. Having great music really helps. Sirius belongs in any tool kit as much as a hammer. Having a Bluetooth speaker makes it even better! I love it! I really appreciate not having to listen to politicians! It’s a world of music that lets me unplug from the mainstream channels. Then I can concentrate on what matters. The things I can do to improve my life, and maybe the lives of others. I’m a 60 year old retired school teacher. Classic Vinyl is my channel. There’s something for everyone...
Version 5.1.0 STINKS
by t6gadget2 on 2018/06/28 00:52
UPDATE: 2 updates later, Can FINALLY download shows reliably. In the past, app only had a 15 sec back button. I had asked for, and they finally incorporated a 15 sec FORWARD button as well. Nice. Thanks for being responsive to user inputs, and quickly fixing bugs. 3 Stars because of the initial poor roll out of the update. Latest update has made it so it takes forever and multiple attempts to download on demand shows. When I finally download one, the audio quality is horrible. There are so many gaps and skips that it is difficult at best to follow a discussion on a talk program. That could be a problem at the source, i.e. the people producing the show, but I never had these problems before the new version of the app came out. PLEASE get the bugs worked out. I’m missing too much Andrew Wilkow!!
Absolutely horrible app which crashes constantly!
by Overshine on 2019/05/13 17:43
It is taking everything I have not to write this review in all scratching caps. This app’s performance is the worst! The actual app itself and design is ok when it functions, but the issue is it never does! It crashes and hangs constantly, and restarting the app doesn’t help. It will say “can’t connect to Internet” on a phone with plenty of WiFi AND unlimited datA. And then it is just dead. I’d understand if I actually had zero or poor internet reception and no data, but otherwise it’s just brain meltingly kind boggling, and entirely defeats the point of the app and definitely a subscription. I’d rather put up with commercial breaks than deal with an app that’s constnsy bricks itself. Caveat emptor, spend your money elsewhere or will you will regret this app. I know I do! And yes, I desired to rate it zero stars, but apparently I have to give it at least 1 for this to post, but it does not deserve it.
by textmano on 2017/12/03 18:52
Great job on adding CarPlay! Now please get your developers busy on adding Chromecast support. With all the new Google Assistants being sold(for $29 this Christmas season) it would be so awesome to listen to my SiriusXM channels by simply asking Google to play it. And add iOS app support for casting - never understood why this isn’t there! I’d also like to report the “freezing” screen on the iPhone app after playing a station for a short while. As someone else mentioned, I think it has something to do with when the screen times out then the information page never updates until you restart. Seems like you should be able to find this problem in your normal QA testing!
Solid app -but could use additional functionality
by Good, but could be better! on 2019/05/05 17:46
One of my favorite things about Sirius is getting exposure to new music and I’ve been a subscriber since way before the app existed. In short, the app has come along way. However, it would be nice to see additional functionality and maybe integration with Apple Music or other 3rd party apps. For example, I’d like to be able to add an artist or song as a favorite from the app, manage those favorites lists, and then also maybe see similar music or songs as suggestions. Currently you can only add or remove favorite channels/shows from within the app. Final thought - Maybe offer the ability to access and subscribe to podcasts, either as a station or on demand. Thanks!!
Bad to worse
by Ozzzzzzzzzzzzzy on 2019/04/23 02:36
The old app was great with customizable stations that allowed the user to customize the channel to their own liking. This feature also allowed the user to skip up to five songs in a row. That went away over a year ago during an upgrade. I bought a new car in January and switched the service from the old vehicle to the new one... or so I thought.. My subscription was somehow cancelled. No big deal until baseball season started in April. I re-subscribed specifically to follow the 2019 mlb season. In 3 months (or less) the mlb channels (Houston Astros on 850 for certain) are no longer able to be saved as favorites so has to be searched for every time the app is opened. When I opened the app today, the mlb channel 850 has disappeared completely. First world problems for sure but it’s baffling why the app would make any of these above changes. I’d love to hear from someone to help fix these issues.
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