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Get where you need to go with the mapquest turn-by-turn GPS navigation app. Whether it’s using voice navigation for walking or driving directions or exploring points of interests on the map, mapquest has the tools you need to navigate the United States and Canada. Map and navigation Features: • Up-to-date satellite imagery • Turn-by-turn voice navigation for walking and driving directions • Real-time traffic updates to help you find alternate ways to your destination • Live traffic cameras to help you plan a safer drive • Routes designed to help save you time, gas and money • A speedometer so you compare your current speed to the speed limit along your route • Favorites so you can store locations, like your home and work addresses, for quick-and-easy maps and directions • Route choices so you have more suggestions to get where you need to go faster • Route options that help you avoid things like highways and toll roads • Multipoint routes so you can include more than just one stop • Planning: create routes starting from somewhere other than your current location Do More than Get Directions: • Search and explore nearby points of interest like restaurants, bars, gas stations and hotels, with our layers bar • Find great hotel deals and book them directly from within the mapquest: maps & GPS navigation app • Feed your inner foodie and discover new places to eat: browse menus, make reservations and order food through OpenTable and GrubHub points of interest • Save money by comparing prices of nearby gas stations • View local weather so you can plan ahead • Car broken down? Directly access on-demand roadside assistance for help Please Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.
Great app!!!
by Rocket Rage on 2021/05/15 03:55
This is a great app! It always gets me where I need to go, quick and easy. It’s always been my go to travel app.
Drove extra 15 miles 😡😡😡
by Sony Q on 2021/05/12 20:30
Usually is a good app, today it failed miserably I was on 10 freeway, the app should have me exit on Grand Ave. but instead took me to 605 freeway, then 210, give me exit on 34, not existing exit, exit on 45 and then I find exit 44. Total and extra 15 miles 😡😡😡😡
by Burano1 on 2021/05/12 20:01
My only fault: volume of voice directions is too low.
Go to trip planner
by yar 51 on 2021/05/11 01:28
This app is now very quick and intuitive! Love it.
Used for year's and love the new version.
by lookasyoung on 2021/05/10 23:13
Hi. You guy at map quest deserve some kudos. This application is just what I need and has gotten me to every place I needed to go even when I drive cross country. It has favorite and contact. While I don use contact I am considering it but I don't normally give access to my contact list. I driven from Minnesota to Texas, from Minnesota to Pittsburgh, and numerous other places. This app is very accurate and I never got lost. I actually feel confident using it. Thanks for having the perfect application. Great job!!!! From a frequent user Diane
Mapquest now messes with the radio
by PaintAPic on 2021/05/10 22:28
When I play directions through my car stereo Mapquest holds the sound and I have to click the directions off so the music can continue to play. This is unsafe because I have to handle my phone while driving. It didn’t do this before. Please fix.
Consistently My Go To App
by Hot in AZ! on 2021/05/10 20:37
After many years and many new apps, this has stayed one of the easiest, most reliable apps. Now with my new EV, I prefer this to plot out a potential long trip with multiple stops just to get an idea of the total mileage. I always plot a Mapquest route in case Google or Apple send me off in a loop which happens especially where there’s a lot of new development.
Long Term Road Closure Not Accounted For
by AlanF07 on 2021/05/09 10:33
Mapquest has failed to take into account a 90 day road closure (Lehman Rd. just East of Gender Rd.) in Canal Winchester, OH. Erroneous directions are being given. I notified Mapquest about this several days ago via “feedback” that the road has been closed for construction for about a month and will be for the next two months. They still have not updated their system / directions. This failure will lead to significant loss of time and or the possibility of people getting lost trying to find a detour on their own. Google Maps has been aware, almost from the beginning, of the closure and is providing accurate directions based on a precise detour.
by DRGregpgreen on 2021/05/09 06:12
Edit - I have now changed my stars. I’ve now been waiting 24 years and 8 months for my printer paper. Also, can we bring that paper clip guy back... he had kind eyes. He can fix my bugs. Is there anything he can’t do? If you need to contact me, I have moved. My new address is 2929 Weslayan street, Unit 1707, Houston Texas, 77027. Phone number +1 (303) 507-0679 Dear Mr Jeeves, I love your maps. Your topographical option is so helpful in my everyday life. When are you coming to fix my bugs. It’s been 24 years, I ran out of printer paper. Please can you send some, also some refillable cartridges. Please reach me at aim messenger @ Gregory green @ Greenwood Village in the landmark building number 307.
Best So Cal navigation
by Eyerda on 2021/05/09 03:48
I drive I 215 often. It has heavy traffic almost every afternoon. Mapquest quickly found an alternate route and saved about 20 minutes. It beat my Garmin and Maps. Those services didn’t even notice the traffic change.
Thank you
by Sarabispride on 2021/05/09 02:50
Update has resolved all issues. Thank you.
by Andarega on 2021/05/07 20:57
Excellent tool! Especially while planning a road trip.
by Traveler of Light on 2021/05/06 21:09
Not only has this been my “go-to” app for years, but when I recently had an issue, it was resolved almost immediately. Thank you MapQuest. I especially Love the convenience of checking distance and directions between locations without having to be at one of the locations!!
Love it!
by Miigis on 2021/05/05 17:56
I use this application all the time to plan trips. The feature I love the most is the ability to add stops along my route to plan road trips.
Update does not work
by Oldrugger77 on 2021/05/05 12:43
I have been using MapQuest for years. At least 10 years while RVing. It has been my go to GPS. I just updated the new version and it will not allow me to go beyond entering the destinations. When I go to actuate the drive button which is the method of transportation it freezes. I have tried deleting the app and reinstalling it, turn it off and rebooting my iPhone 8 Plus and nothing changes.I don’t think it’s my phone I don’t think it’s my Wi-Fi because other GPS apps work. Hope this helps.
I love this map app!!!
by bbyond1 on 2021/05/05 04:21
It is so easy!! It’s easier than the other map apps. Thank you!
by Thomas2288!! on 2021/05/05 01:15
Put a address in and tap drive and nothing happens. Deleted and reinstalled and same results. Useless
Map design and layout is great, but updating maps is slow
by VGK2019 on 2021/05/04 21:18
Great map design and layout, but updating the maps and new roads is far behind. I live around the Phoenix metro area and the map is missing an entire 22 mile stretch of a new freeway that’s been open for nearly 1 year now. Submitted feedback to tech support and they said maps update every 6 months, but this new freeway has been open a year already. Going to delete this app because directions are inaccurate if it involves using the new freeway that’s not on the map.
Great for planning trips
by Geniechic on 2021/05/02 12:33
I use this map to plan the time it takes to get somewhere at different times of day from various starting points. Also helps me locate new addresses.
Landmark Fence in Hagerstown MD
by Mom_3-4-5! on 2021/05/01 12:45
I canceled the appointment the day before. The sent me a appointment reminder and I canceled my appointment. I was down at Walter Reed for my medical care when to my surprise I received a call from my son that a representative from Landmark Fence was at the house. Apparently they don’t read the note section when you reply according to the owner and there isn’t a phone number to call. The representative was very rude to my son and the owner was very rude to me. My son left a google review and the owner wanted him to take down the review and he wouldn’t do that and then the owner left a response to the situation and he said incorrect information about me and then he deleted his company off of the website.
by henrygolden on 2021/04/30 16:40
This is my favorite “map app”. It is so easy to use and very concise!
Don’t know what I’d do WITHOUT it.
by 2 KittyMom on 2021/04/29 21:28
MapQuest is an excellent app! It has never failed to get me to my exact destination, in the shortest amount of time possible, and adhering to all of my settings/preferences. I think it is far superior to Google. Thank you, MapQuest, from someone who sometimes can’t find her way out of a paper bag!
Love the app
by no sence of direction on 2021/04/29 01:13
I like the fact that I can touch list and it will give me directions to head that way I can choose which of the three routes to choose from. I only had trouble one time and that was a few years ago that usually right on point hi five
Accurate information
by Irish Thrush on 2021/04/28 19:54
I use my Mapquest application all the time and it never fails me. Far better than the other application.
Haven’t used since 2009 lol
by ruuuqi on 2021/04/24 03:26
Decided to download because it’s free and I can adjust my routes for work. A little hassle but worth it! Glad I came back to map quest. Wish there was an option to create an account through the app. Also saved the routes I input. Would greatly add value to this app. Thanks
by 1234zigzag.!!? on 2021/04/22 18:42
Mapquest has always gotten me to where I want to go!! Very dependable!
Way better than Google
by vo511 on 2021/04/22 15:09
Google maps has gotten me lost so many times and sends me on routes where roads are closed. Also Mapquest allows me to select starting location other than current location.
by Double TW on 2021/04/19 03:39
As a mentor and consultant to 90+ unique non-profits across 17 states, MapQuest is enormously helpful as I plan and carry out my travels.
Map Quest❤️
by ThankfulForHisLove on 2021/04/17 13:29
Love how it gives me several notifications on what to do ahead of time before I get to the exit or Highway change!!
Cannot sign in
by Zane & Cassie on 2021/04/16 02:10
Well not let me login
My highest rating by far!
by rogklug on 2021/04/14 13:34
Map quest is the best app ever I like to surf for fun it’s that good!
I love Mapquest
by punky#1 on 2021/04/09 08:29
It remembers my home address, gives me different routes to select if available, allows me to use my contacts to get addresses and remembers it all. It is very easy to use and when I take a wrong turn it gets me back on my route almost immediately. Much more user friendly than the others.
My favorite map App
by KT2272 on 2021/04/08 17:45
Best one there is — and so easy to use!!!
Maps clarity and color scheme
by toliths on 2021/04/07 19:00
Really nice guide and importation but poor quality color and picture.
tiny print
by hmfity on 2021/04/05 21:26
zooming in doesn't allow one to read the map better. the font stays the same tiny size. and the settings don't allow you to make your font size bigger or smaller. but isn't that exactly the type of thing that should be in settings?
No CarPlay integration
by weechus on 2021/03/31 17:27
This would be my dedicated navigation app except there’s no CarPlay integration so it’s not my go-to.
Is there an iPad version of this app?
by bonds006 on 2021/03/27 13:06
Is there an iPad version of this app? I love the iPhone version, but really would like an iPad version to help plan trips. Also, is there a way to store multiple trips? Often I break up a trip into multiple days with some site seeing stops, it would be nice to have that feature so I can plan everything at once... or at least a day’s worth of stops.
How to shut off
by Otay Panky on 2021/03/24 19:47
Cannot figure out how to turn off app. But at least this app talks to me. Waze, Google maps, and Apple Maps do not talk directions out loud . Very frustrating
Love this app!
by Pooh50 on 2021/03/24 15:32
I use this app all the time. Especially helpful planning a trip!
Lack of route options
by mikie78910 on 2021/03/23 05:16
When I’m traveling I like to get where I’m going the fastest route so I prefer to use the interstate highways. There isn’t a way for me to “prefer” Versus “avoid” different options. I used Apple Maps and comparing estimated mileage apple had me going 969 miles compared to mapquest 1073 following mapquest suggested route
This used to be a great app!
by rw2121 on 2021/03/21 19:04
No idea what has happened. I have not used this app in a while and my prior experience was always good. Now, driving distance and time estimates are way off. Also, the app omits the obvious and most used route. Unfortunately I can’t depend on this app anymore. So sad.
Wrong directions.
by Star030710 on 2021/03/21 17:24
This gave completely wrong directions. I only used it because I haven’t been receiving my packages from a certain company, and apparently their drivers use Mapquest for directions. So I entered my address to figure out where my packages are going. Completely wrong, took me to a different neighborhood, and the navigation made no sense. Told me to drive on streets where it was impossible to do so.
by foxie1012 on 2021/03/20 01:44
I rely on MAP QUEST to get me to destinations out of town. It never steers me wrong!
Good app
by kconley928 on 2021/03/16 19:14
The feature that I love about mapquest is the option to set the starting location as your current location or somewhere else. Other apps just default to current location. Right now, I’m mapping out a future walk; using mapquest makes that easier than either google maps or Apple Maps
Great App
by user0070 on 2021/03/14 22:48
I use MapQuest for all my trips. It’s so much easier to use and provides better info than Google Maps.
Great features
by jillson66 on 2021/03/14 16:07
I love that I can easily put in a start and end destination and see how long it takes. Most maps don’t have this....why?
Nola airport
by DL Bert on 2021/03/14 02:55
Last two times I used for Louis Armstrong airport in NOLA, the address is wrong. Nov 2020 and Mar 2021. The airport has new entry and directions.
JP (the guy)
by JP (the guy) on 2021/03/13 20:32
So easy, I love it.
Mary S
by keeping Lori safe on 2021/03/13 18:03
I love the app it gives the best directions and has the most flexibility of any of the map apps but for some reason lately the sound stops working. The sound is on in my IPhone but doesn’t work on this app. I made sure the sound was on and set at loud on the app but it still doesn’t work. Why is the sound going out?
Great for planning
by ACW7249 on 2021/03/12 17:32
Although I use WAZE in the car, I often use MapQuest while planning. I especially like that I can enter a starting point other than my current location. I also use it when I make up my travel expenses for the month. It’s so much easier to enter the trips in MapQuest to know the exact mileage and not have to keep track of it every day.
Easy and clear
by The Mishifu on 2021/03/10 21:39
I love this app. It talks to me and I just secure my iPhone with a magnetic holder so it’s hands free.
Trash app
by LiamKell26 on 2021/03/10 01:55
You will be screwed, don’t download
Retired guy
by mixrite guy on 2021/03/08 23:06
Works great easy to use, finally figured out how to save addresses. Can’t figure out how to delete things yet, but that is minor.
Cannot put app icon in the Home Screen
by hash reza on 2021/03/08 02:50
How to put the app icon in Home Screen ?
Love your APP!!
by fuzzywille on 2021/03/07 03:37
Love love your app! Thank you! Thank you for Mekong my life much easier!!
Excellent help
by milanavsric on 2021/03/06 22:02
Since I started learning how to use Mapquest it has always given me excellent help whether in California or in Maryland going to places we’ve never been before. Thank you for inventing this Roadway help. Perfect and Excellent!!
Not for iPad
by JuneauJon on 2021/03/05 17:16
I tried using this app on my iPad. The app is literally the same size as an iPhone on my iPad screen. It is unreadable. I tried to write a review on the app. Lo and behold the keyboard completely covered the little app and I could not see what I was typing. The App Store showed this as "Mapquest for iPad". It is not.
No sound
by Bobmoizer on 2021/03/05 02:39
I cannot recommend this app The support stopped trying to fix my problem of no sound I took my iPhone to a tech who said my iphone was fine the problem was with the mapquest app All fixes suggested by Mapquest support were followed by myself and the iPhone tech and still no sound I suggest using other services for driving directions
by jbjb173 on 2021/03/04 19:43
I love that I can find mileage to destinations from a point other than where I’m at. It makes travel so much easier to plan.
Most User Friendly
by wall eye on 2021/03/02 21:14
This app is so easy to input locations. It’s like it reads your mind. You don’t have to have every I dotted or t crossed before your intended destination is found. Much easier and user friendly than my in car navigation system. Highly recommend.
by IGGY & Laurie53 on 2021/03/02 16:46
I have used mapquest for years, but lately w/i the last year... it acts like the address i put in does not exist. How can this be? I wish to give 3 stars now instead of the 5 i gave originally. I have checked and rechecked addresses i put into your app and all is correct, ( including spelling correctly), yet your map app says: it doesn't exist. This is a problem, since i need to find the place for job appts or whatever😞 3 Cooper Lane, Webster Groves, MO 63119 Your app cannot find this address and it IS A VIABLE ADDRESS!!! It DOES EXIST & I had to use a different map app to find it!!!
Easy to Use
by Gagrammie on 2021/02/28 17:52
This app is so easy. Everything is clear and concise. At 70 years old now I really appreciate the ease of using it.
by Djpolod on 2021/02/27 13:46
It was very helpful, liked the turn by turn!
You kidding me...what a waste
by wa88it on 2021/02/26 05:38
I can lay out my rand paper map and do better than this app!
Map quest to the rescue.
by trucking_allen on 2021/02/26 00:47
I move over sized loads all, heavy machinery all over the country and I need to be able to know which roads I gave to be looking for ahead of time so I can plan a route to stay on route, map quest helps me by having roads named correctly, state routes labeled correctly, and multiple on agreed n m spa to help me out,map quest has road names and numbered routes listed that google and apple does not have,and if all else fails,I go to Mapquest and plan my routes out.
Don’t work
by verealavergacontodo on 2021/02/24 00:18
I can not use this app all the address is they say that there is an error code
Worthless map app!!
by NFL Cowboy on 2021/02/23 08:14
Takes me way out of the way and wastes gas! Don’t waste your time using this app!! It’s a complete joke! Use Waze or Google maps instead!
Questionable Mapping
by LittleBrownW94 on 2021/02/21 20:28
I tried to use this app for a list of addresses to deliver things. The app jumped around and went past the address I wanted several times. There was no way to go back to a previous address easily. The app should ask if you are ready to proceed. I will not use this app again.
Great planning tool
by NAC Msrk on 2021/02/18 12:27
Map Quest is easy to use. I use it for planning driving routes, estimating arrival, departure and travel times.
It’s nice
by dajoja on 2021/02/11 02:15
It’s a great gps, I’ll switch from google maps after its made scaleable to fit iPad screens
by Pinbae on 2021/02/10 12:44
It’s my go-to map for all my New Jersey and New York destinations, from city streets to farm and seashore. The favorites list is helpful as is the option for different routes that are toll free to compare to.
??? UPDATE Won’t download
by willy the farmer on 2021/02/09 16:50
Update sent out on Sunday won’t download! Despite multiple attempts over the past 2 days my phone just sits and churns but the update never happens!?!
Worst App Icon
by David//Detroit on 2021/02/09 14:26
One of the worst App icons out there. I’ve used it once in the last couple years; I just don’t notice it. So, whatever person, in whatever meeting, that said the new icon was a good idea should probably stick with non design related stuff.
Agressive Arco employee pushing an elderly man to the ground
by Bahlul55 on 2021/02/08 03:16
Today, Sunday 7th, at 2:44 P.M. An agressive Arco employee pushed an elderly man to the ground at Pump # 8. Police were called.
by RoadKing-1954 on 2021/02/07 02:16
I frequently have issues with the app not speaking the directions! Any tips?
by Da-Hawaiian on 2021/02/04 04:07
One of the best maps that I have used ! Zooming in on locations is always perfect, no blurry views. Satellite maps are the way to go ! I’ve used others and they do not hold up to Mapquest at all . Awesome Job .
Updates hang.
by Fatty Daddy. on 2021/02/03 02:24
Your software updates frequently hang: they fail to finish even beyond one day! ...
Like Navigation App better than Gmaps
by DL N Sons on 2021/02/02 08:21
Simple and accurate I prefer Navigation over Google Maps they have correct information of where my destination is with details and options. Google Maps focuses on ads and 9/10 times incorrect directions yes nine of ten. They do not correct errors.
by BamaPeech on 2021/01/31 20:49
I use this app almost exclusively, when I need to find a location. My biggest issue is being taken on the least direct way...a/k/a the “scenic route.” TODAY, I knew where I wanted to go, but MapQuest took me a different direction. I wasn’t concerned about getting lost, etc. I thought the app may be showing me a shortcut. NOT! I drove (busy) local backroads and was 10 minutes late getting to my destination! Yesterday, my destination was 1/2 mile + from where the app stated it was! This has happened quite a number of times, over the last few years. Sometimes, the address is shown on the opposite side of the road. ALSO I don’t like the feature of double lines, when I’m close to arrival. I usually end up re-entering the addresses. I’m not always able to pull over to do this. Please change this, so the app will indicate exact mileage. Thanks
Great for preplanning Travel
by Peanut Puppydog on 2021/01/31 20:20
Mapquest is always the app to fall back on. Wherever you are.
by bustrr tug on 2021/01/31 11:36
Good app
Doesn’t have the data Arsenal of bigger companies
by Narnsold on 2021/01/30 05:16
I wanted to move away from the Google and Apple for philosophical reasons, so I tried out mapquest for a while, but it has made a few issues locating places I’m trying to drive to. Not the most accurate timing (because it doesn’t have the same number of users as competitors), and you must be extremely specific with searching for places. It’s got a lot of good functionality, and with a few more improvements it can make a big splash in this market, but I don’t think it’s quite there yet.
by lizzy153 on 2021/01/29 00:15
Mapquest has never let me down! Very good App and I recommend it to all my friends!
Won’t route anymore
by NOTXPA on 2021/01/28 23:46
Lately after putting in the places I need to go to plan my route it will come back with a notice that it can’t route it. What is going on?
The Best
by RiveGauche00 on 2021/01/28 20:12
In Pennsylvania and Map Quest is by far the Superior Choice. Highly Recommend!
by austda on 2021/01/28 13:52
I keep getting a internal error please try again when it’s trying to navigate my address.
If I could give a zero, I would
by Brown.eye.girl16 on 2021/01/28 11:22
This is such a crap app. They have one job.. to give directions. Yet I can’t seem to get any. A message keeps popping up saying “ routes failure, we are unable to route with the given locations”. Terrible terrible app
Great design
by Querencian on 2021/01/28 02:00
Effective linking
MapQuest is by far, my favorite nav app!
by anotherdonna4 on 2021/01/26 14:45
It’s accurate and user friendly!
Optimized routes
by doesanyonereadthis on 2021/01/24 13:17
Claims to optimize route, but I can’t find this option anywhere on the app despite having researched how to do it. I have been able to do it online with their route planner but I am looking for a way to do it on the app. If it’s not an option on the app, they should take this description off for Mapquest.
Love it!
by Freddieboy77865 on 2021/01/23 17:41
Clear directions. Love the options for quickest and more leisurely. Have only had one error in ten years. Great app.
Satellite View Needs Updates
by Grizli Bare on 2021/01/22 06:14
Used to be my go to app for directions, however, when viewing map via “satellite” there are areas that show as undeveloped empty lots when I can see existing structures that are in place for more than two years. There areas I currently view from the front windows of my home. No longer feeling confident with using the app. Seems unreliable.
Number one
by bikingmonster on 2021/01/21 22:53
Much better than google map, talks to me as I ride my bike, others were cumbersome.
Needs Updating
by Josh ugly on 2021/01/19 13:23
I was hoping that map quest would be a good replacement for the “big brother” google maps. Though this app has been around a long time it seems to have fallen behind. Example. Using the “restaurant “ search many do not show up including my favorites.
by on 2021/01/19 10:31
Pela sua atenção.
Better than Google Maps
by Mcgrinnis on 2021/01/16 19:45
So if you are like many people, you are ditching google and trying to find alternatives. This is a great alternative to google maps. Very easy to use.
Best map app
by CAKid54 on 2021/01/16 15:26
Easiest map for driving directions
Tomcats Review
by Toms217 on 2021/01/15 15:28
Mapquest was lost! Told Us to make wrong turns, then when correct exit came up, mapquest said go on past!
Needs update
by Mary Magdlene on 2021/01/13 18:38
Took me a back route I used to travel with my mom to my grandparents’ home in the early 1960’s. The route took me 50 minutes to my destination. Once I found the location and I knew where I was, it only took me 35 minutes to return home.
I like it !
by roodydue on 2019/02/15 11:31
I recently downloaded this app only last night , so I’m going to wait a little to rate . And will be back to write a more extensive review However I did want to mention that I used the app for my morning commute to work just to see how it operates . The app really has everything you need , though I think the navigators voice could use an update as it sounds a little too robotic . I was happy to not be disappointed 🎶 . I’ve been trying other gps apps to get away from IOS due to its lack of dependability. I tried Waze yesterday morning and it wanted to take me some wonky way to work . This morning however , though my route was not all together my usual route , your app took me a way I hadn’t thought of before avoiding several stop lights , adding no extra time to my morning commute . I do a lot of driving for work , and I will be giving this app a work out today .
MapQuest is better than google maps
by milakitten on 2020/12/09 02:57
I can use my fingers to pinch and move the map around in circles, side ways etc like Apple Maps that’s in my iPhone. Google maps is difficult to do any of those finger gestures which is a pain when you are driving in the moment. Plus Apple Maps is a pain because it automatically switches routes on you as you drive further into your 1st route that you picked and it’s stressful! When I’m driving I know that I picked route #1 option and refused route 2 or 3 for reasons but Apple Maps will automatically switch the route even when you are trying to exit off or onto a freeway or major intersection which is dangerous!!! It never used to be like that. I can’t stand google maps on my iPhone. Google maps does better on a laptop for research if you’re looking into greater details for research of cities, driving distance, businesses in the area or trying to google drive in their map system to see what an area looks like virtually to plan your move or road trip in general. All in all, gonna try to use Mapquest in my car while driving more often than Apple Maps.
Good and bad
by bergmansam on 2018/08/03 22:00
The good part was that while traveling there were several accidents that google maps told us would cause significant delays, but couldn’t/didn’t give us any alternative routes. Neither did Apple maps. Mapquest gave us the alternative and even alternatives to that route when it started getting backed up. Neither G nor A gave additional alternatives even once knowing we were on a different road. The bad part is that the available map size was notably smaller than the others, jumped around more, took longer to get the info, and often the names of roads on the map were too small to read easily, and when the map was expanded the street name often disappeared rather than getting larger and more readable. I find it easier to follow a map, especially if I’m navigating for another driver, rather than following verbal directions that assume you can estimate distances at 50-60 mph. All 3 of the map apps seem to want to jump to that too easily. I don’t know which did it the most, but I did find that with MQ it was difficult to get back to the map without deleting and then putting the destination back in and then at times it wouldn’t/couldn’t connect easily despite having service.
Better Option
by Back Road Master on 2018/12/20 23:50
I like MapQuest better than the system in my car or Google maps because it gives me the option of 2 to 3 different routes to take. I can then see which route has the least traffic and select that one. The others only default to the one option and you get what you get. Today I was coming home from Santa Fe Springs California to Ventura California. And The route that I chose had me go through the five freeway. However at a certain section when I had the option to choose the 101 or the five freeway it had me take the 101. I noticed that the 5 was at a dead stop at the intersection. All the 101 flowed. And then it had me take the next offramp and I was on city streets. I was a little confused but I thought I would go with it to see what happened. And what it did was it took me through non-congested city streets back onto the five freeway via the 110 freeway which eliminated me from having to be stuck in bumper to bumper traffic for quite a distance. That I thought was a winner!
Wrong name and can not get it fixed
by chief turtle 5 on 2018/09/11 01:46
I live in a small town. There is one Street with the right direction on and our Street with the wrong direction on it. When you travel north on a road, and it is call North Street ( any name will do.) And when you get to the next town , you will be on the south side of town but our Street is call north , than when you continue to drive north you come to the north side of town but it is call south. I have reported this problem but I was told it can take six months to fix the problem. I am so glad that my mail and packages still gets delivered to my house , because I still use South on my address. But I have had some business, say that I gave them the wrong address. I have to say where is the sun , what time is it, so which way is north, also do you have a compass on your phone. But do you know that people think map quest can not be wrong. So it takes time to get the business to think about it. But we have had to get things delivered a couple of days later because of this. And if people try to find our house at night, I have to give them land marks to look for. Then they can see that this places are also in the wrong place on map quest. This has been these way for years now.
My Opinion “never get lost again”
by Really X2 Really! on 2018/10/23 11:59
I used a different app for a while and got sick of constantly taking the long way around, which is the only directions it seemed to give. This app “so far, so good” I believe In my opinion that it is the most “updated” app for current directions. This app even had the name of a brand new road to a housing development that there was only one home built so far. After updating both my Tom Tom and other app, neither one had the name of the road posted; actually one of them didn’t even show that there was a new road made, as this once was woods. Along with directions for driving, they also supply excellent routes for walking to your destination. I know this is long and detailed but when u are lost in an area “with no road names,” scared, and now need gas from driving in circles, finding this app with correct directions home was priceless. If one person reads the whole thing and they never go through that, it is worth the write.
Too late for turns
by Lost Work Traveler on 2017/12/08 02:41
I’m an avid Mapquest user because I’m always having to go to different meeting sites for work and rely on this app because I’m always in an unfamiliar area. I trust Mapquest because it has kept me on the right track and on time. However, this last time I had to change my route because of construction and the Mapquest map was not keeping up with the voice so therefore I couldn’t ahead of time be in the lane I needed to be in to be able to make my next turn. Usually I can glance at the map to prepare to get over because of heavy rush hour traffic and can’t safely make those last minute lane switches to turn on time. On top of that the voice tells me to turn when I’m almost past the street I’m supposed to be turning on. This turned a 50 minute drive into an hour and a half drive and almost made me late for a very important meeting. Fortunately I gave myself extra time hoping to get there earlier. I’m a Verizon iPhone 6s Plus user. Not sure what’s going on with Mapquest. Hopefully you all get it back on track. This most recent update is not working properly.
Long time user
by kathrine_79 on 2018/05/17 01:18
I’ve been using MapQuest since before apps existed. When they created their app, I didn’t hesitate and it has never, ever let me down. If I stop somewhere unexpectedly, it recalculates quickly so that I can get back on track in moments. That I can turn it on for long trips and play it through my car speakers without shutting my music off helps too. It simply pauses my music and says what it needs to say. I have absolutely never had a problem with MapQuest service. I recommend it to others and I even use it to help people who are from out of town to figure out how to get where they need to go! Being able to adjust some of the settings is amazing as well! I get to avoid most toll roads, and if I choose to avoid highways completely it can locate which route will work best for me that way as well. This app, and the paper copies before it, have taken me all over the country. I won’t even consider using another service!
Best for me .
by M3HUL on 2018/05/13 01:32
I’m a letter carrier, in December we have to deliver so many parcels and I was very new at this job so don’t know much about 100’s of street and my truck was full of parcels to deliver, so I gave a shot to use Mapquest because it tell me which side houses are are on street, then I figured the BEST part of this app which is it let me put 25 addresses at the same time which made my life so easy and I can see which one comes first and then I start arranging them in order in app and in my truck, one more thing I wish this app would do is let me put around 100 address at the same time and after I put all the address it should arrange all the address accordingly street wise like which street is close by will come first and which one is far it will go last and that will save my more time , because right now that part I have to do manually. I hope they will do this in feature, over all its best for me. I love it, it my work buddy. Thanks guys. Keep it up.
Great maps app!!
by Mf1129 on 2018/03/19 21:57
Much better than using google maps! Used to use mapquest back in the day before google came out and I’m sooo happy this site developed an app to use!! Recently moved to Texas from CA and have been using this for traveling around the cities! Functions much better and it’s much more reliable when I’ve got no time to deal with google glitching out on me and especially the times it tells me I’m located in a city that’s 400 miles talk about a big glitch! Have mentioned this to my husband and he has enjoyed using this. He agrees it’s much more reliable! I wish there was a way to have your phone default to Mapquest for directions rather than google maps for the iPhone. Thanks mapquest for making our lives much easier!! And also love how it’s updated with traffic alerts and businesses closed too. Google would take you to the wrong location at times...pretty frustrating!!
I will stick to google
by Maribravo2 on 2020/02/06 22:37
Years ago, my friend recommended mapquest since I hated google. I never really paid attention but I always had to search for the exact name or address in order for the app to show me the address or else I would get some random results in other states. No issue. I kept doing it. I recently went back to using google maps again, and I alternate between them. Mapquest mainly for residential addresses. I started getting used to google and how easy is for me to find the location even with variation of name. I recently submitted a help request ticket with mapquest. Someone by the name of Francisco scolded me on how I should enter the name correctly. That was the whole point of my ticket, having to enter It exactly as it is in order for the app to find it. What if you have an elderly or someone with any type of disability that it’s unable to write or hear the EXACT ADDRESS OF NAME OF BUSINESS? I rather stick with google maps after this. People make mistakes or can’t write done the names exactly as they are. I was expecting the app to be more like google maps but I guess not.
Mapquest is sending error msgs ‘try again’
by Kansasbred on 2019/04/02 19:39
I gave the app a great review a year or so ago, which is below. But what’s the deal with Mapquest, I put in an address that I’ve used before and it sends me an ‘error’ message and says to try again. I tried different addresses and it gives me this error every time?? It’s very aggravating it does nothing but spin as if it’s loading info but will only drain the life out of your phone instead. Please tell me you’re addressing this issue, I didn’t realize how much I relied on Mapquest until I couldn’t get it to load directions. I started using Mapquest over 5 years ago after Google maps took us to a vacant pasture for our daughters out of state track meet. I downloaded Mapquest immediately to put us in the right place. Our daughter ran collegiate level with us following her across many states, from Illinois to Florida. Mapquest has never led my husband and I astray. I won’t use any other mapping service. I love that it gives you alternative routes when possible. Thank you, Mapquest!
Great Navigation app
by Mp87 on 2018/04/11 22:10
I love this app! Easy to use and many features it offers like the layouts and re-route, and gives you few options to pick from the beginning And Many more:) I pick this over waze or google map unless I get in trouble Just one thing to mention and for first time it gave me a little trouble was: the final destination was close to highway (28 North in VA) and in the highway stopped by saying I’m arrived and location is on the right! instead of take me from different road and take me to the address where I could park! Sorry it’s hard to explain but I think you got what happened. So if there is any way to fix it to take the user closer to the address would be great so I don’t have to stop in the highway where I could see the building but not a great place to leave my car lol But thanks a lot for making this great app available for us:)
Much better mapping system
by Cldtmpst on 2018/11/20 23:06
I downloaded this app a few years ago, and quite honestly (and I apologize developers) it wasn’t junk, but I wouldn’t trust it to drive down the street. Many addresses would not show up, the map would change directions in the middle of turns, and things like that. However, I’m happy to report that this version works better to me than Apple Maps, and Google maps. I like how the map flows, and I like the information that it provides. I don’t know how often it updates new roads, because we’ve had a new road open through our housing area about a year ago. But it’s OK, I can live with little small things. All in all, I would really recommend this GPS mapping system, and glad to know they worked out a lot of bugs. Remember developers (and this is very important), “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it!”👍
Much better options out there
by TSA Boi on 2019/05/28 02:34
I downloaded MapQuest just to see how the mobile app was. Needless to say I hadn’t used mapquest in years dating back to when directions would needed to be printed on paper. As the years went by, technology evolved pacing way for Garmin and then iOS apps like Google Maps and Waze for navigation. The mapquest interface is pretty interesting. I do love the way I am able to search for points of interest. This is much better on mapquest than say waze. The speed limits are also handy but mapquest is missing some critical features it’s competitors have. For one there is no lane guidance. In addition, the stock voice that comes with the app is hideous. It is so bad that I prefer the old Garmin voice to it. Jane on Waze and the default Google Maps voice or Siri on Apple Maps is much better. Overall, I think it’s a cool niche app but unless you absolutely despise Google and it’s services, Waze and Google Maps are MUCH better options.
3 Apps...I use Mapquest the most
by A lot of options on 2020/08/01 15:00
Although I’m extremely technologically deficient I have found MapQuest more user friendly. We are on an extended trip at a very unusual time but I felt the need to see family. That meant Austin, Texas to Hartland, Michigan for a week, moving on to Ann Arbor, MI. for some 10 more days and now the trip home. Kind of anyway. I had always wanted to go to Shipshewana so off we went-then due to some predicted rough weather instead of going a tad East and headed South toward TN- we took a northwest turn and landed in the Wisconsin Dells for a couple days. We’re headed West this morning. All that to say I’ve had better luck finding needed stops for gas, food and lodging on MapQuest. I know I probably could use it to review different routes without deleting them so I could compare but I haven’t figured that out yet. I’m responsible for “navigating” and I will continue to use this application!
by BamaPeech on 2021/01/31 20:49
I use this app almost exclusively, when I need to find a location. My biggest issue is being taken on the least direct way...a/k/a the “scenic route.” TODAY, I knew where I wanted to go, but MapQuest took me a different direction. I wasn’t concerned about getting lost, etc. I thought the app may be showing me a shortcut. NOT! I drove (busy) local backroads and was 10 minutes late getting to my destination! Yesterday, my destination was 1/2 mile + from where the app stated it was! This has happened quite a number of times, over the last few years. Sometimes, the address is shown on the opposite side of the road. ALSO I don’t like the feature of double lines, when I’m close to arrival. I usually end up re-entering the addresses. I’m not always able to pull over to do this. Please change this, so the app will indicate exact mileage. Thanks
Finally come of age
by Happy husband fireman on 2019/07/28 14:40
Wow I’m impressed. I worked for MapQuest in the 90s when we were a startup from GeoSystems. I’m long gone now, but after stumbling onto an article about what happen to MapQuest, I decided to download the app for iPhone. Fantastic product. The partnership with towing vehicles is great. Love seeing all the old travel data stops available to turn on and off. Imagery!!!! OMG they finally got Imagery! I firmly believe that missing layer is what let google supersede the house hold name of MapQuest. The traffic camera is another great option. I miss the company, people, and now I at least have a product I can use again and be proud to tell others about. I’d love to see you partner with GasBuddy to post fuel pricing next to the gas stations. That’s my only update request. Great work!! Great product! Welcome back MapQuest! Tim O
I didn’t know how important this app was...
by lorrainep on 2020/01/11 16:35
...Until my son, daughter-in-law and grandkids were headed to the Oakland Airport very early this morning. My own car has a navigation system and so I’m spoiled. But we took my son’s travel-packed car; a 10 year old Honda CRV (great car), with no navigation system. I loaded the Mapquest app this morning as he drove to the airport for the first time from the North Bay. We were there in no time. Then, the ride back was a breeze after I dropped them off. I was a little nervous about driving back by myself from the airport, but Mapquest delivered! I was back home in the North Bay, safe and sound in about 35 minutes! Amazing! Thank you, Mapquest! I’m senior citizen who is fairly tech-savvy for my age group, but let me tell you...this app is so user friendly, anyone can use it! Thank you! ❤️
Much better than any other driving apps
by DeborAhddd333 on 2019/08/04 03:45
I like this App so much. It saved my life after I moved to a new city. I never got lost. The audio warned me at just the right time if I had to turn but if I wanted to know before the audio started I could just look down at the map and up top it shows me whether I will be going right or left soon. One thing I just used it for that gave me great piece of mind is that I hired a pet sitter to stay overnight with my cats and dog. I had never used her and had no neighbors to ask if her car was in the driveway. I went to the satellite view and saw my car and her car in the driveway. It was a little blurry because I was homing on so much. But it was definitely her car and mine in the driveway so now I know she isn’t just feeding them and bolting. Thanks so much for a great app!
Great App - 4.5 to 5 Stars!!!
by BX ROAD DIVA on 2018/09/29 15:14
I must say that most of the time Mapquest will be able to find a location when the gps in my car cannot. It also usually finds the shortest route. Yet, sometimes there are areas that do not show up with a clear address of a location and will only give you an AREA of where you are going. This can be due to the location being a new development or an area where there are new developments nearby. I wish I could give a half star for that one. However, overall, I usually double check with my Mapquest app to see if I can find a quicker route. I love the fact that it gives you 3 route options! Great app!
The online page works better
by Elijersmijer on 2018/11/01 15:47
I didn’t want to rare this app with stars because I just got it. But there’s no alternative, to leave feedback you have to give a star rating. I downloaded the app because I wanted to check on future traveling options from a location to another location other than where I am right now. Period. But The app will not let me put in two places other than where I am. One of my choices on this app has to be my current location and since I’m trying to find directions to and from places other than where I am it won’t work. A message comes up demanding to know my current location and freezes the app until I allow location services. there is no way of overriding the current location thing. The online page will let me do that without current location. This app may or may not work for me.
Easy to use
by HPpy User on 2019/01/14 18:28
We will be going on a trip to a city far from our home. We will be staying at a central location and visiting a number of other locations. Mapquest has been a huge help in scheduling us visiting all these secondary locations and finding the distance between them. The program saves each address so it is not necessary to continue to enter any address more than once. It also should be a help at anytime a person does know where he/she is but wants to know how far it is to a certain address as it has the word “current” which locates where you are. NOW, just hope the GPS is accurate and doesn’t say “we have arrived” when we haven’t like some GPS systems do. I shall return here if I have problems!!
by bull pucky! on 2020/02/01 18:32
I have used Mapquest for several years now, and it is so quick and precise. I got sucked into a pre-programmed Google search and struggled with it far too long round and round, not giving me what i needed. So got out of that and used my Mapquest app. Within seconds i had th info i needed. Truly a wonderful app! Above is a rating from several yrs sgo, i never finished, so i will now. Some of the streamlined, bare bones graphics are gone now, for those of us with dyslexic difficulties, it adds confusion. I especially miss the ability to have a set of printed instructions, which i cud ck out to give me a familiar pic of my destination. Many times, I didn’t have to look at it again. I cud also give this to a passenger to keep me on track when going further distances. After im in my car theres nothing better than hooking up to the animated instruction, although too many times there are still instructions which take one way out of the way getting started, instead of the path of least resistance. All in all, i much prefer this app over Google, with all that plethora of topical photo confusion! In a world of TMI, this just serves to add more junk to sort out.
Poor Customer Relations
by Paralegal-Al on 2018/10/03 21:58
I am very disappointed in Regency Car wash!! A section on my back bumper was damaged by the wash. When I brought it to the manager on site attention she referred me to a general manager. When I spoke with this GM “Jose Nestali” he was very rude with no customer service skills. He demanded that I send pictures of the damage, which I did. He said he would call me back within an hour which he never did. I call him instead. He said that he had spoken to his boss and that they would not do anything about the damage. I asked if I could speak to his boss. He told me that he would text me his phone number, which he never did. After several days I called him again and again he said that he would text his boss number to me and again he did not, until I sent him a text indicating that I had consulted with an attorney. The people that run this car wash only cares about making money. They do not Care about their customers!! I rate Regency Car Wash a big fat zero.
Near Perfection
by Skye2blu on 2018/05/23 14:01
I am now completely fearless driving in totally unknown places with this app. I do glance at it, as well as listen, so I hear the immediate directions and can also see the (right/left) upcoming turn so as to be in the correct lane. I find it amazingly accurate. Twice now it’s re-routed me so I can avoid traffic jams. That’s seriously golden. It works in rural area as well... in the middle of nowhere it found a cut-through dirt road that got me over to another state highway without having to drive miles around... it just cut through and I knew to trust it although it looked wrong. Shortly I was there. Had I driven around it would have taken much longer. I cannot think of any real improvement unless it can drive my car 🚗!
No updates despite complaints
by Vashongal on 2020/11/16 19:40
I used to use this app all the time as it has some nice features. However, I have taken the time to report, via email, multiple times about poor navigation by this app in Seattle and providing clear details and maps to explain the problem. However, after 9 months of a key bridge in Seattle being closed (and alternate smaller lower bridge only being open to emergency vehicles and busses) this app continues to route me across this non-passable roadway without offering alternative routes. Developers of this app have even replied to my emails, thanking me for alerting them to this problem and promising to fix it, there is NO CHANGE! So...I give up. Clearly the developers do not care about routing accuracy. (In addition to this specific routing problem, the app is very slow to provide instructions to turn, and I’ve missed my exits several times because of this.) Too bad, because this could have been a great app, but I’m done!
😄 Amazing! 😄
by Surly Squirrel on 2019/07/07 08:16
Before smartphones were invented me and my family have always used and trusted MapQuest to get us to our destination. When me and my mom got smartphones we tried Google Maps. It sucked! It’s was always either getting us lost and/or taking us the long way! When I discovered that MapQuest had an app not only did it bring back memories, but I also thought this would be way better and trustworthy. What makes this app even better is it gives you the option(s) to avoid certain routes like tolls, highways, unpaved roads, etc. It’s like some say, “Never mess with a working formula” and I/we have always trusted MapQuest. My only disappointment is not discovering it much, much sooner.
Darn awesome for once!
by Rae..Rae on 2019/08/02 00:43
I am happy with Mapquest because it’s not full of a bunch of time consuming B.S. You can enter your starting location and then enter your destination and it gives you the way to go! The total miles and approximate time is listed as well as the Hwy. I live in a very rural area so there is usually not many different ways to get somewhere but if there’s an alternative route it’ll give me that option which is nice. I am grateful for keeping it simple to use. Unfortunately, nowadays apps are really filled with so much unnecessary stuff and are huge to install and hard to navigate. Thank you Mapquest for keeping it simple and effective.
by BDChange on 2017/12/04 23:41
1 star is overly generous. The party booked 3 months in advance and paid in full was not delivered. Email confirmations received. All details changed day of due to overbooking on day of event. 2 hour party time changed by 2 hours and was limited to 1 hour when too late to change guest invitations. No place to put cake and food as the “party room” and food services booked and paid was also reduced to 2 tables for almost 20 people. We were not alone. Several other families showed up only to find their details were changed without notice too. Talking with the owner was not helpful in correcting the situation and a refund was not given. Not even a discount. Not even an apology. Just sharing though even advance booking and confirmations were given, they were not honored. Booking is the customer agreeing to the party deliverables but not, apparently, the establishment delivering as promised...”contracted”. Fail on child birthday party. :-(
Sadly disappointed
by Jip Traveler on 2020/02/28 03:25
I have been living and traveling overseas and always used “G” maps. I thought I would give Mapquest a chance. I am currently living in the capital of Cambodia. After installing, Mapquest, I was pleasantly surprised to see it show my street location in Phnom Penh. However, that disappeared quickly, as I attempted to input “very” common sites and stores within the city. Google maps had no problems finding these stores and establishments. However, the very first store attempt in Mapquest, would not show up even in this country. It kept trying to show choice routes from America AND South America countries. I guess that would have been helpful, had I not been in Cambodia at the time. Strange that it could GPS my location upon opening, but could not find local establishments that are again “popular” sites, AND were found easily on Google maps. Goodbye Mapquest. Delete.
by Ms CL Who on 2018/11/30 01:55
I only use MapQuest when traveling. One of the features I like is when you’re on a major highway with several lanes it is very explicit as to what lane you need to be in to make your next turn. For instance if there are two lanes going off to the left it tells you to be in the right lane of the two left lanes. That is very helpful. Prepares you for your next turn. I prefer the list mode when traveling because I like to see the entire route before travelling. After taking an exit I like to see what the next direction is so I know what lane I need to be in. I also like that it reroutes quickly if you decide to take a different road.
Glitches and No sign in
by Kristennnn. on 2018/10/01 17:38
(iPhone user) I love this app, but I have noticed a few issues. There will be times where I am using the map and it will crash for no reason, on to keep crashing each time I open the app or whenever I am looking at the route selected. Also, when this happens so often, I am pretty much forced to delete the app and reinstall it. This leads to all of my information and settings being cleared away. There is not a sign in option for an account in order to save my information and settings either. I vaguely remember being able to sign in a long time ago, but not sure why I can’t now. If these issues were fixed I’d love the app even more, but until then I just remain frustrated.
Some issues
by Imdavef on 2018/01/29 22:34
I’ve always liked mapquest and it’s usually done well to get me where I need to go. Lately it’s been doing two things that have me thinking of trying other gps apps. First, it will give me two or three route choices and I’ll select one and start driving. After a while I realize it has changed my route to one of the other choices. If I wanted to go that route I’d have selected it. Second, when I’m stuck in traffic it will reroute me off an exit ramp and right back on the highway supposedly to save me a minute. Which it doesn’t, because the. I have to merge back into heavy traffic. This is terribly annoying.
Better than Google Maps in LA in a rush hour test
by Spgleit on 2019/03/19 16:48
Traveling from Venice to Downtown LA at around 5 pm for a 6:30 dinner reservation, I pulled up the GM app and it said 1 hr 34 minutes. For some reason, I decided to try MQ, which gave me 3 routes to select from, the quickest being 55 minutes. Well, I put MQ on silent and GM thru the Apple Car Play and set off. As I followed MQ, the time remaining on GM to my utter amazement kept decreasing. It’s as if GM was immediately able to see what MQ was doing and agreed with its route. My question: why didn’t GM see this route at all. My only error on the whole trip was to follow GM once the two apps were similar in time. Leaving the MQ app at that juncture resulted in losing at least 5 minutes. The end result: MQ took 65 minutes - 5 being my fault. Disgusted at GM, I shut it off when I resumed following MQ. Most salient feature: finding LA streets that were practically empty at rush hour. I could not believe it; yet I experienced it. Thanks MQ. Now my go to app for an extended trial in the field. spgleit
Best one out there
by DesertRain102938 on 2018/04/06 22:13
I’ve used MapQuest for years. To avoid being in the wrong lane at the wrong time I always review the listed details prior to using the voice directions. Just pull over & stop & look. Then you have a better idea of what you need to do. Re routing hasn’t been much of a problem as it generally updates quickly in a city where signal is good. Sometimes the app might put the address on the wrong side of the road but not too often & as long as I’m close, I’m good with that. I can read the address numbers on the buildings. Better than most gps guidance apps!
Travel Safety
by Ewill77 on 2018/11/12 19:20
Thanks to MapQuest, I successfully drove to Florida and back last summer while on vacation. At this time, MapQuest quickly pointed me to the nearest checkpoint using the most efficient route. I love the audio feature; which adds safety in not having to look at a physical map while driving. I also appreciate the traffic and toll alerts so I may appropriately prepare. I understand there are currently audio tech difficulties with the app. Customer service has been prompt in helping me troubleshoot these issues. I have every confidence they will work this out so my family may enjoy many more road trips. ☺️ Thank you!
Great for multi point trip planning
by Kboczek on 2018/01/05 16:27
See google recently started multiple destination entry but fails at giving me the information i need... I need both total miles and time.... Mapquest is still my go to app for that. When driving truck and faced with a "can you do it" question, you need the answer quickly. I cant be zipping along and adding up every route on a calculator. Sofar the on thing i dont like is where it fills the map with green blotches that i dont know how to get rid of... As for request. No app out there or device has ability to turn on or off tolls state specific and or toll roads vs bridges... Will you be the first? Green circles? Please make option to remove . My whole map is green!
Maps Out of Date
by Lenitaly on 2018/01/24 18:19
I recently started using Mapquest as one of my GPS directions. I drive through the Dallas TX area most days on my route, where they have been doing major construction changes to the mixmaster area, with most of it completed now. I was surprised to find that renamed exists, newer routes and roads, and new ramps were not included in the latest updates. Some of these changes have been in existence for months now and exit numbers for one older ramp may apply to something totally different now. I hope they take a look at the new Horseshoe configuration of the downtown Dallas area which would include i30, I 35e, Spur 366, etc and see if some updates can be included in the next tweak.
Very Intuitive
by Pie+destroyer on 2018/01/04 01:51
I find MapQuest very easy to use, and like using it a lot. It doesn’t re-route you automatically if there is traffic, which is nice because you get the choice. I also love the fact that it shows two directions ahead on the top of the screen, and the list is easy to access. One feature that I love and haven’t seen in any other app, is the fact that you can choose your route from the very beginning, and it gives you a few choices. Overall, a great navigation app, which I prefer to both Waze and google maps.
Only frustration: Can’t login from iOS
by MommaMia125 on 2020/04/20 01:36
I love the multiple route feature when I use browser but wish I can login to the app from IOS to be able to get turn by turn directions which currently states that iOS users are unable to login & to be patient. I’m really trying but it’s been few weeks now & when delivery to multiple stops has been so much more busier due to everyone complying to Covid safe at home protocol, it’s hard Working with Mapquest in browser where you don’t get turn by turn directions & you can’t login from iOS to get take advantage of it. I hope this gets fixed very quickly but overall I’ve worked around what it can offer
Lead me through tolls, and around circles
by Brutus_The_Abyssinian on 2019/02/26 23:24
Yesterday, the app wasn’t producing sound and started to crash right when opening it. I cleared the data, closed and reopened it. Reinstalled , repeated.. again and again and even updated. Even when reinstalling it would show my last trip when double clicking the home button as if I typed in that address but didn’t. Reopening does nothing, It still just crashes. Another thing I’ve noticed is that recently when selecting no tolls, it will still lead you through tolls. And then today after reinstalling it, now it doesn’t crash and works again.
Really Good App To Use
by jnhoon2022 on 2019/11/21 02:06
I would say this app has to be the greatest. You can search for hotels, restaurants, etc along with reviews at a glance from just opening the app. The app was easy to read and navigate. I also liked how you could change map styles (light, dark, realistic, etc). You can also set your home and work destination into this app. The app was easy to use and navigate to where you needed to go. The app will also tell you when there is construction/delays and sometimes will automatically avoid it. I would highly recommend this app.
Great App! Great help when needed!
by Angelwingz55 on 2019/08/28 01:34
The developers really care about this app working for the consumers. I thought I had a problem not seeing my saved maps when on the app, however, it was because I wasn’t logged into my account properly. I had a quick reply from the developers and even tho it was my mistake, they were very kind and helpful. I have used this app sooo many times over the last few months... I do not know what I would do without it while on the road! Thank you for the confidence this provides me with that I won’t get lost.
Mapquest is the best!
by moskoja on 2019/07/18 15:11
I love Mapquest! I love that it gives me not only one, not just two but most of the time three options on how to get where I want to go! Not only does it show me by map but it also lists every street, parkway, etc. on how to get there the best way and every way ! I use it to get everywhere and to give someone directions to get where they need to go....and it works every time ! I am so grateful for Mapquest used to be hard to get I have the best directions and get where I want to go easily! I love that! Thank you Mapquest, you are the BEST!
Nowhere near as useful as mapquest website
by Need player commenting on 2019/08/14 15:14
First of all, the app does not take advantage of the higher resolution of the iPad Pro. Second, the keyboard does not have numbers on it, you have to press the number key first to activate the numbers instead of the normal row of numbers across the top that is always visible. Why they needed a custom keyboard I don’t know, especially since it is inferior. Thirdly, when entering multiple destinations, there is no list of the addresses in the queue showing on the left side as they do on the website. You just get a map with dots on it and you were unable to tell what dot refers to what address. The website shows the list of addresses at the left. Will delete this app off my iPad, and just use the site.
Doesn’t Meet my Needs
by Nicholas237 on 2018/10/04 15:15
I have a few things I need from a nav app: Accurate ETA Either offline maps or a modest use of cellular data Easy to follow maps Routes that let me avoid high crime areas A clean app that doesn’t use up my storage with caches data that I can’t get rid of This is the third app I’ve used for navigation. What I like about MQ is that it doesn’t use a lot of cell data unlike google maps as long as you don’t turn in satellite However I find the maps hard to follow. Sometimes I’m following a blue or yellow path and inexplicably the arrow starts going on an uncolored path and I’m not sure if I’m going the right way. Other time the arrow just disappears Sometime it reroutes me into dangerous high crime areas The eta estimations are way off even for short commutes it starts by saying eta is an hour then it ends up being an hour and a half It’s pretty clean and doesn’t spew cache files like google maps But because I have a hard time following the maps and because it routes through high crime areas and because the etas are off I don’t recommend it
What happened?
by WriterandArtist on 2017/12/22 14:35
I have used MapQuest for many years, starting when it was a web program and I printed directions. I've been using it as an app for years and it's been dependable and friendly. It was my go-to program for navigation. But as of December 21, 2017, that's changing. I had to drive from my dads house to the location of the family Christmas party, back and forth, three times in one day. I do t know the area and I don't have a fine-enough map to figure out a route. I tried to calculate a route the same way I've always done-- but the app kept hanging. I'd get to the page where it gives two routes and the screen would freeze. All key presses ignored. I had to end the program by up-swiping. I turned my iPhone 5 off and on, tried again. Over and over, same result. What a letdown. I ended up going to a gas station, where the guys were friendly and gave me directions. I downloaded version 5.13 this morning, but the program still hangs. I'm sooo disappointed. I'm going to download google maps now. Sorry. I'll rate this app 2 stars, but only for what it used to be. Not for what it is.
Update deleted Favorites, Previous destinations
by G3l7 on 2018/06/20 13:37
I would love to leave the five stars it usually deserves but this latest update removed all of my previous destinations and favorites. Some of them had not been added to my contacts (that’s on me) but I was always able to rely on MapQuest to remember things like that. That is half of its purpose. This is more than disappointing. Places lost are lost forever, and this impact on my life is unappreciated. Whoever is responsible for this little mistake at AOL needs to have a job performance review and reassignment. Also, another reviewer mentioned that voice directions are slow. They’ve only gotten slower with this update. You need to add something like “make the next right, AND the next turn will be a …” so you know to get into the correct lane.
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