iGun Pro LITE - The Original Gun Application

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igun Pro lite - The Original Gun application
"THE MOST EPIC APP EVER!!!" 5/5 - lolislife "Exquisitely Detailed and Animated" 5/5 -CooterConsumer "Best Firearm App On The Market!!!" 5/5 - Avocad0 Get the #1 Gun application Worldwide With Over 30 million Downloads!!! igun Pro® lets you do everything from virtually reload, chamber, and fire your favorite guns, to learning about their history and specifications. From the amazing graphics to the smallest details and accuracy, you will not find a higher quality gun application on the AppStore. Features: • A huge library nearly 200 guns with more always being added. • Customizable gun wall. Lay your guns out how you want them, on the ever expanding gun wall. • Ultra-Realistic gun simulation including both motion blur and smoke • Customize your shooting experience with adjustable recoil, motion blur, and slow motion • See the full specifications sheet for each of the guns included in igun Pro® • Over 35 Updates already with no end in sight. New guns and features are always being added • Developers who are always listening for what you want next! Give us feedback on our facebook page at A Small Sample of guns Included in igun Pro: P90, UZI, Desert Eagle, MP5, M4, ACR, PPSh-41, M82A1 (Barret 50 Cal), Thomson, XD9 , AK-47, SVT 40, SAW, Browning Machine Gun, FN SCAR-H, GLOCK 18, M1 GARAND, M1911, MP40, AA-12 Automatic shotgun, ACR + Many More! We are up to nearly 200 guns Total! igun Pro is a registered trademark of crimson moon entertainment LLC. the crimson moon entertainment logo and name and the igun Pro logo are all trademarks of crimson moon entertainment LLC and may not be used without explicit written permission.
by dee.gibson1898 on 2015/01/30 12:03
Great new update
Good not best but oh well
by LunaLover6 on 2014/12/21 05:11
This app is good ig but not as good as the new version and the one that I have is no fun at ALL so if you decide to get an app like this I prefer the one that is hd or something like that lol all ig it is boring a little bit much and that's all I have to say so peace out my peps ✌️✌️✌️👌🎄🎅ALSO HAPPY NEW YEAR AND MERRY CHRISTMAS LOL I'M SO HAPPY EXCITED ABOUT THIS
Giving a rate to iGun
by Shaci123 on 2014/12/20 14:01
It's a nice app but it could be even better if skins were not so expensive
I think I gun is grate
by Spaaaace on 2014/11/16 02:12
I gun is fun.I like how you can get new to shoot.The the best part is the gun's are so detailed
The best app ever
by Miguel Hernandez junior on 2014/10/25 17:57
I really like the game and everything else so i rated it five star
Best game
by Endermites on 2014/10/15 19:12
Loved it
Restore purchases
by navyen on 2014/07/31 06:44
Totally crap
by Orfeuxavier on 2014/07/24 19:49
The other version from vanilla breeze was WAY BETTER than this piece of s.
The Best App I Have Ever Used!!!
by ironmanderingl on 2014/06/24 18:56
This app is helpful I use it in stop motion animations and use it to scare friends.
Realistic but could be better
by SniperScout8562 on 2014/06/23 22:26
That would be better if you can actually shoot targets
Gun Pro
by Nylah12 on 2014/06/21 16:48
I love this app
Pretty Cool
by Kam18183 on 2014/06/14 17:38
It could be a little better.
by Sugsrhv on 2014/05/24 19:39
Pretty cool…
by Tj101daboss on 2014/05/21 21:06
Could be better
Yo dude
by Dead jiisjshaja on 2014/03/30 07:26
This game has alot of potential its needs improvement tho such as mo than 10 coins per day
Yo boy
by Yoolo boy on 2014/03/28 23:27
Best game tells you how to work a gun and you can design it
by Mikaylie's pod on 2014/03/16 19:09
by Grem Dave on 2014/02/26 11:24
The app is fun
by Ferroh on 2014/02/25 04:05
You learn about different gun!
by tobo200 on 2014/02/25 01:51
This app is k
Remington msr
by Idonahue on 2014/02/22 20:07
Please please please put a Remington msr on this app please
by Shayydee13 on 2014/02/21 02:02
It's very realistic
by 4\/\/350/\/\5 345 on 2014/02/05 21:42
Doesn't work
Guns app.
by Reaper5act. on 2014/02/01 22:07
Good game just wish that you could get coins more than once a day and after last upgrade if I log on with my iPod touch I get kicked off plus wish that the guns from my iPhone account would transfer over to my iPod account. Other wise a fun game
by Fjcstjcigjvffv on 2014/01/19 18:49
Just a fun little gun game
I like it but..
by Chayse,Ruler Of All on 2014/01/19 18:11
I wish it had a shooting range to test out the guns.
It's ok
by Justerbean on 2013/12/30 18:47
How do you get coins other than buying them?
by King Ndiaye on 2013/12/25 01:13
Awesome game
by Pooooooooooooopoooooooooooop on 2013/12/24 04:01
This game is awesome
It's ok
by Squirrel lover 😍😘 on 2013/12/20 14:00
Most everything cost 💵💵💵💵💵💵
by Crazkiller31 on 2013/12/17 20:14
by 1not3 on 2013/11/23 05:32
I would say it's awesome
Hot lead
by Bigbark34 on 2013/11/11 23:44
It pops!!
I gun pro
by Xbox 360 dude😉 on 2013/10/22 06:23
More coins
Good game
by Keannu31 on 2013/10/19 03:32
Good game but not eaay to play
Gun apps
by Ben 102 on 2013/10/13 18:37
Fine game not as good as minecraft but cool
by AWESOME CUPCAKER! on 2013/10/11 00:40
Igunlite is like a virtual firing range, u can select any type of gun and feel the heat of what its like to be an adult
I gun club is very good game
by Zach attach miller on 2013/10/09 17:48
Very good
A shweet app
by Wolf$13 on 2013/10/06 01:50
I liv it I just wish I got more coins daily.
Gun pro
by Target master on 2013/09/29 00:18
It is so awesome just like me
Great detail!
by 6b89 on 2013/09/26 03:16
Very fun and has lots of great detail.
by JOEL MACIAS on 2013/09/23 17:28
Buena app
Great game
by San8255 on 2013/09/16 23:55
I like game
by Miley 88 on 2013/09/09 18:54
Love using this ap
Igun lite
by LDRIII on 2013/09/07 16:30
This is a fun to use and informative app for any gun enthusiast! The guns are as good as you can get for a portable virtual it!
Lots of Sweet Guns
by DiseaseMaker981 on 2013/08/26 11:20
All sorts of guns. Awesome. Cool ones to add would be FG42, PKP Pecheneg, Ultimax 100, MTAR-21, and the Ukranian Vepr rifle. I think the A-91 has a fire rate problem though that could get an update. But overall an amazing app. Wish more apps had this much content!
Fun game
by Tmaxdad on 2013/08/24 16:11
I like seeing all the types of guns and being able to "shoot"them. Just wish the autos would fire that way :(
by Flako_4life on 2013/08/21 05:42
It's awesome so many guns to choose from just wish they weren't so expensive
by ARAB_5670 on 2013/08/17 05:45
It is so cool!!!!!!!!!!
by Yeanling jarl on 2013/08/10 20:34
Very. Cool
Love it
by DuncanIdaho77 on 2013/08/08 03:37
Great app. Fun. And even kinda nice to train your ear. I just drop jn at home on my wifi and every now and then buy some guns. Great for a gun shopping fix without the budget drama.
by Mohammadkassab on 2013/08/03 00:23
Good action move
Igunpro lite
by Spacekid1990 on 2013/07/28 11:52
One of my coolest apps, now I don't have 2 make gun sounds with my mouth!
Igun opinion
by Ramorak on 2013/07/25 18:40
Nice way to safely shoot guns
iGun Lite
by Justin Bruhhh on 2013/07/24 20:23
Nice app, runs smooth
by Retyr on 2013/07/24 01:03
Love it!
by Gameboy98917 on 2013/07/23 00:40
Cool Cool
Best gun app
by Natedaminer on 2013/07/20 20:50
This app is so cool so far I am trying to save up for other stuff but this is an a-ok app. ;)
Nate ~|~~
by mary jones on 2013/07/14 03:42
Awsome game
i Gun lite
by VipersBain5 on 2013/07/12 22:56
Love it. Though I really wish there would be a bigger pay out each time I log in. That would be great!
App review
by Scrub mate on 2013/07/09 14:58
Best app for starting your very own gun collection. It also enables you to learn a lot about firearm history.
iGun Pro
by Tbo193 on 2013/07/07 01:39
Is freakin amazing
Amazing, just one issue I have...
by Colorless Winter on 2013/06/28 05:07
Please do your best to make sure achievements on gamecenter work properly.
Epic guns
by What th heck on 2013/06/28 04:49
Add more otherwise awesome game
by Casedd1964 on 2013/06/16 00:52
It great
by OGxDucky on 2013/06/11 05:33
This games is very good!
by KidWithAGun on 2013/05/30 00:41
Great app! It's awesome, I love it, but could you add some guns like a musket or a sawn-off shotgun that would be great if you could. Also, maybe you could probably add an RPG or some other rocket launcher to make it better, other then that, great work guys! :)
The super ray gun from black ops 2
by crafter32137 on 2013/05/17 11:42
If you guys make the ray gun from black ops 2 I will rate a 5 stars but if you guys don't I won't!⚠⚠⚠
Mac 10 Guy
by Mr. Game Winner on 2013/05/16 02:58
Great guns way better than any gun club apps good graphics, I like all the guns especially the MAC 10!
by Alixanderr on 2013/05/12 04:20
Awesome game
Awesome game
by Zakknickmom on 2013/05/11 15:32
This game is great if you like guns. You can buy guns and every thing.
by indamann on 2013/05/08 16:56
I got this for my 8 year old.
by Ant smasher. Galore on 2013/05/06 02:57
Awesomely cool
by MandyFromTX on 2013/05/02 22:31
Need at least 1 skin on each gun that isn't the standard to start us off with
by Josh 4 20 on 2013/04/27 23:28
We need shotguns unlocked without buying them
by James8913 on 2013/04/21 19:48
Never have I been more pleased with a game
I like it
by Justin the cigarette on 2013/04/14 15:18
I like this app it's fun to use
My favorite app of all
by DonV19 on 2013/04/10 16:30
This app is soo cool. I'm learnin a lot bout guns n how each one functions. It would be so cool if there was a gun pack of the old west weapons
Cool idea
by Joehnrgffvfg on 2013/04/09 04:44
With the sniper rifle you should be able to use the camra as a scope . And also be able to not. If you have skins.
Full auto desert eagle
by Stop please or not on 2013/04/06 19:42
Awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Igun pro
by Dragonfly0241 on 2013/04/03 11:43
Esto es lo mejor del mundo
by Man of Sleep on 2013/04/02 22:50
So many guns to choose from! :D but their are some guns I want that they don't have. . . sad.
Muito bom
by Dom Julio on 2013/04/02 12:01
Muito bom
by Joseph epicness on 2013/03/28 03:15
I love it
by Dhdjgdnv on 2013/03/25 02:52
It's awsome
by Todhi46 on 2013/03/21 11:09
Pretty's really fun too
by Dnfbdhdgcebzhxffvg on 2013/03/19 21:15
It's great Totally worth it
by ssreis on 2013/03/16 19:00
Update needed!
by Garretttberg on 2013/03/16 15:41
Needs update to fit IPhone 5!
by Yddht on 2013/03/14 21:30
Good game
by DdRrGg on 2013/03/13 15:40
by Assdfhvgehbkkof on 2013/03/12 18:27
jion coner
by trongbao on 2013/03/12 13:57
i love it but there it more money
by Dicala on 2013/03/12 04:42
It great!!!!maximo
I need help I want to have this app but I can't because it says iOS 4.3. And it says instal
by Lillyann17 on 2013/03/08 20:45
Good app anyways
Ta buena
by javierbigbos on 2013/03/08 19:11
Sólo buena
Awesome game
by Awesome kuddy on 2013/03/06 23:59
This is one of the coolest gun apps ever
by AwesomeTurtle14 on 2013/03/04 04:53
by Hdhshdffhfhdhelhdkhxl on 2013/03/03 16:33
It's good has great cameos great guns its just great
Improvements You should Consider!
by BeersYourFriend on 2010/05/09 00:16
The iGun Pro Program is Excellent, but a few Minutes of Playing with it, it gets Old! Attachable Accessories would be pretty Cool, like a Silencer, Offer Camo/different Colors to the Guns! Also, another Idea, would be to have Every Gun from Modern Warfare 2 implemented in this App. Ummm.. Thinking... Able to Zoom in, or Zoom out, so you can see all the Details of the Weapons, and shoot while zoomed in. Maybe you could attach a Nice Gun Website that people can click on and View even more information, and even Prices of the Guns. The XD9 seems to be Zoomed in, but is not Zoomed out like the Glock, But I do like the Idea of it Zoomed in, but also to have it full size on the screen. You could also have it to where you can have your Finger on the Trigger, and sweep you finger back to Shoot, like another Gun app has Done. OHHH!!!!! The Coolest Feature would to be able to Pick your Gun and have a Virtual Shooting Center, and Using the Accelaromiter, Aim and Shoot the Target, AND be able to have the Target Come Back to See where you Hit like in All Shooting Centers! Im just throwing a Handfull of Ideas out there, but Hope you could Develope a Virtual Shooting Center! That would be a Great Buy for $1.99, or More! Oh A 1911 would be Nice Too!!! Peace!
Great recent updates!
by DubbaRucky on 2010/06/08 11:36
If this app was fun before the updates,(which it was) then it certainly is more now with the two most recent interactive guns, the ACR and the PPSH-41. I think there might still be a slight graphical issue with that particluar gun, being that the ammo counter at the bottom if the screen runs off the side of the screen due to the 41's high ammo capacity. Maybe you could just double-stack the rows of bullets? As for the ACR, I love it. I'm very glad the designer decided not to include the concept rifle that is so widely asked for...out of the two models of ACR (Advanced Combat Rifle) you included the one with the highest chance of actually being purchased by the US govt. I can't stand the people that constantly ask for only MW2 guns...they should go research real guns instead of asking for the only guns they know exist in the game. Thanks for the update and maybe a G36K or G36L for the next update? That would be awesome, especially the L model, as it would be a second LMG for this app!
Cool app
by Master117DIF on 2012/03/28 03:29
It's fun to use when I'm board. When My brother walks into the room and i shoot at him he dies. I also use it for a game me and my friends call Zombie. What we do we go into our basement then we turn all the lights off except for a tinny dimmed light then we all get on the stairs and one person is the zombie when the zombie hides he calls out to go. We all come down with plastic guns shooting the zombie. When the zombie gets a person that person turns into a zombie. It continues like that until everyones is a zombie, the last person to die is the zombie for the start of the next round. It goes like that for owers untl someone has to leave. What makes the gunpro fun is I use it to kill the zombies and everyone else is left using their mouth for sound effects. It makes the game way more fun. Other than that I was board which is why this review is so long. Anyway the gunpro is relly fun
I've seen better
by GJR810 on 2011/07/01 22:04
This is a decent app, and i have spent a lot of time playing with it, but I think Gunclub 2 is much better. The app is free, and it gives you 29 weapons already installed on the app, which is more than the paid version of igun pro. The weapons in Gunclub are also all fully interactive. You can load and rack them, which some igun weapons don't let you do. Personally I think the graphics are better, and there are no ads. And for a pretty low cost, you can also buy weapons packs that give you a whole bunch of new guns to play with. Updates that come every few weeks will always give you a new free weapon. It also has an amazingly illustrated weapon encyclopedia, and gives you options for adding attachments to your gun, like a scope, suppressor, or even a bayonet that you can actually use. It also has zoom and slow motion. I have had igun pro for much longer than gunclub, but i have only gotten 1 new weapon. So get gunclub, and spend the money you would have spent on igun on a new weapons pack.
Great App, but why pay when you have free version
by RookMan on 2010/08/13 21:25
Great app. I'm not sure what the pay app gets you that the free app already has? There are several more guns in the pay version, but the free version has 75% of the guns anyway. You need to entice people to make the leap and pay. You have a great app here, but the free version is way to functional. I know I should support a fellow developer. Hey, maybe some of the gun information needs tweaking, but it's great. To all the haters out there, just suggest what information to update and let him know what's incorrect. Comments like "you should get your facts correct", or "call of duty has this weapon like this". Really, your getting your facts from a video game. I mean, hey we all get incorrect information sometimes. Not all of us sit at home playing games all day. This developer always pushes updates out, and actually implements user comment requests.
The Final Review
by Anthony Boggs on 2011/10/26 20:39
I've been with this gun app for some time, and it's a blast however nothing in the world is 5 star quality. This app has many guns, but a big Downfall is(Some of the guns you would expect to be on there, aren't) like the RPG or any explosives for that matter, and another problem with this app is a lot of the guns are beginning to sound the same, and as much as I hate to say it, that's pretty LAME. There isn't to much you can really do with the guns except fire them, and the graphics are just the basics I would truly recommend taking a good look at the app( Gun Club 2 -Best Virtual Weaponry) to give yourself an idea of how you should be able to actually move the clip, put one round in the barrel ,,etc. Don't think for a second that this review means this app is a failure, just look at the recommended app and use your imagination , you'll see what I'm talking about.
Not bad.
by Spencer R. L. on 2012/07/07 01:35
This is a great app. The advertising is accurate; the graphics are indeed amazing and the guns are very realistic. I have three complaints to file, however. The sounds are bad and need to sound a little better. The M249 needs to sound a little more beefy, if you get my meaning, and the Glock 18 sounds like absolute crap. Then you have the overpriced guns. I know it's just a marketing technique, but it's an annoying one. I've only got 30 coins and all the guns are at least 75. At least lower the prices of the handguns. Finally, there's consistency. No, I don't mean the app crashes a lot. I mean how interactive each gun is. On all of the automatic rifles, all you can do is shoot and pull the charging handle. The handguns are slightly more interactive, as the Desert Eagle is the most interactive. I'd like there to be a level of consistency in the level of how interactive each gun is.
Bored out of skull? Look no further!
by CenterfireFox on 2012/06/03 12:07
This app, though simple in design, is still one of my favorites. It is definitely worth getting now that a lot of the bugs have been hammered out. Each gun has a wiki page that can be viewed with or without access to a network, making this app both fun, and educational. Most of the weapons have skins you can "purchase" to add camouflage or bling to your favorite firearms. Are you a fan of the gold-plated Desert Eagle? There's an app for that! In-app coins are added daily, so there is no need to spend more money after your initial purchase (unless you want to.). Having problems deciding who takes out the trash? Load up one of this app's revolvers with one bullet, give the cylinder a spin, and play a safe, and mess-free form of Russian Roulette! A must-have app for any gun-nut!
Awesome app
by Guy223556789986534688 on 2010/07/05 01:57
This app is truly amazing in it's quality and variety for a free app all the others have like two guns and aren't interactive an look like fuzz. I think that you should add a sniper rifle to the free gunner's arsenal and I also think that you should add the ability to look down the sights on all of the guns and also add the ability to add attachments and make them work like being able to shoot grenade launchers and look down red dot sights that would make your app stand out umong contendors. Last but not least, I would like you to add a bolt lock action gun. As a suggestion for that you could add the Intervention wich is a bolt lock sniper rifle so that would satisfy both requests. I think that the M21 EBR would be a good addition because it looks really cool and half of the reason people love this app is for the looks
Best gun app out there! Please read!
by Axethan on 2010/04/19 05:07
Hi there! I have a user of this app for quite sometime now and I just wanted to say that you guys are doing a great job! There are no other gun apps that compare even to this free version in terms of graphics as well as diversity! However there is one thing that is holding back this app from it's thing that it's missing...INTERACTIVE RELOADING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If there was one thing to further enhance the quality of this already great app it's interactive reloading! Why isn't it a part ifthis app? You thought of the shell movement being dependany upon the iPods orientaion for christs sake! SO WHERE IS THE INTERACTIVE RELOADING!?!?!,!?!!!!!!???????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???!?!,!!!!!!!!!!!????!???!??!? PLEASE I BEG OF YOU! ADD IT IN!!!!!! Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Axethan
Best free gun app ever. No scams. Just awesome.
by Paintballa30 on 2010/06/16 13:55
This gun app is not only free but the best. It is not like those other free gun apps, this app actually adds more guns for free. I havnt seen any other free gun app add more guns when updated. The others just keep the same guns when they released the app and fix the bugs. But no, this gun app is awesome and adds more guns to it for free. However the app creator is, he must be a pretty awesome dude, because he knows what iPhone/iPod touch users really want in there free apps, especially there gun apps. There are no scams, no gimmicks, just pure awesomeness. The graphics are great. The sounds are great. Has a helpfull gun encyclopedia for a reference tool. And you should totally get this app. You will thank me after you do. Cause I love it.
Great Gun App, Bad Reviews
by Blade McCloud on 2010/08/13 06:03
200 People don't have a brain. No offense, but either you have a serious gripe against the maker of this app, or you have no taste. The sounds could use some work (the XD9 pistol shouldn't be louder than the Barrett M82A1 sniper rifle) but the graphics and detail are better than any other app I've used, good enough for me to upgrade to PRO. Hopefully, my money helps the developer to make more updates. The constant addition of new guns and upgrading the interactivity of the current ones makes this my primary gun-app. Some things I'd like to see in future updates: Interactivity of the guns in the PRO version and SCAR, a CheyTac Intervention, Dragunov, AA-12, a Colt Python, Vector, different camoes for the AK-47, M8, AUG, MP7, M80, USP .45, and maybe silenced versions of some of the weapons. DOWNLOAD NOW!!!
Great app
by Ydogzofzoyfjcu on 2010/08/14 05:27
Should update to save settings and make the m16 look like it, to me it looks like an m4 carbine get it right or just put wAy more weapons in the next update or I will never touch this app again plants v.s. Zombies all the way,,,,,, to people who are reading this p v z is the best 2.99 app out there unlike this app o and add a target practice mode or minigames something like um a few snipers would be nice board with no truly powerful weapons like the deagle( desert eagle) I quess I shust wAsted five to ten minutes of my life yep more like 20. Minutes holy f&@$ app Is actullay not as good as i said before my life as just been wasted but I deserve promps for having probaly the longest review you have ever had and my ninckname was me Radomly hitting letters
Cool if you like this sort of thing
by Utaro on 2010/09/12 06:57
It's very cool, if apps like this are your thing. Lots of variety, and it's free. I don't see much point in buying the full app, you only get four (I think?) more guns. My only problem is that the function that fires the gun when you jerk the iPhone (mimicking when you make a gun with your hand and "shoot") is way too sensitive. It fires when I don't want it to. Not that this is too big a deal or anything: it's not a real gun or anything, after all. However, I would really like to see the option to turn off this function, because personally, I don't like it at all. Besides this, my suggestion would be to make the gun only fire when you touch the trigger, not he whole screen.
Hello David
by Imob + textplus= this!!! on 2010/03/06 14:42
Hey David, love the updates. I have had it since their were, i think, five guns. Love the P90 and the brand new SAW. To make this application even better yet (even though that is impossible) please add MP40 and a flamethrower would be the coolest!! Also, i would love it if we could have backgrounds! Consider the MP40 and the flamethrower though. For the number one gun app!!!!! Thank you for your help! Also, i saw the update with the m1, please, i would like it if you made the 1 update a week, but when you do it, please try to make more world war two guns. I will name some mp40 stg44 (that gun is the mp44) the browning, the bar, trench gun, magnum .44 or .357. Love this app though!!!!
This is an app to be seen more then it should
by Is this rely free or is this just a set up for cash ??? on 2010/01/07 02:51
Ok this app has gone from 3 to 9 guns in a short amount of time all the guns u have put is what seems to be what the public is asking and your mostlikly have allout of time on your hands I'm a critic from l.a this free app most be seen more and this is to the maker of this app to u sir and all the wapons are common in this would but were I'm coming from is an great app. Like the racing game gtt or somthing like that has been on tv so should yours I can help u what to do because iv done this before so let's talk shall we o I can't mail though but we can talk somehow so let's talk Erynn Rutiaga
Best Gun App Ever.
by SolidStunt on 2010/11/01 02:43
I LOVE IGun!!! The new wheel menu is amazing! I do have a couple of ideas. Put a scope on all guns. Like a laser sight or a holographic sight on the gun and you can look down the sights and shoot, you could even add targets and mini games, I'm sure alot of people would love that! And I think you should be able to customize guns! (sights, colors, etc.) Also, I think you should add a bolt-action rifle, like the intervention, that would be sweet!! At least think about my ideas! Keep up the good work and thanks for making the best app I have on my iPhone! And I HIGHLY recommend this app to everyone, you'll love it the moment you open it up!
Amazing gun app
by NickTG on 2010/01/06 21:11
This is probably the best gun app there is. Why? It must be because of the attentivness of the creator. He takes every suggestion into consideration, which is impressive. I read your comments (creator) and think that a background option is an excellent idea. Deffinitely a good addition! What i think would be very fun would be if you had some heavy shooting guns. RPG maybe? Also, maybe an in-game music option. I would like to be able to play my music and play with this app at the same time. And finally, any short of shotgun that you CANT rapidfire with would be appropriate. Looking forward to new additions!
Great app
by Jesus rock2 on 2010/04/07 05:58
The realistic fire power and loading ablility make this app so superb. The stellar graphics show the creator wasted no effert in perfecting each guns design and firing ability. The awsome blure graphic and adjustible gun kick allows you to almost costomize your gun. Finaly the creator sets the bar by creating a stat sheet of each gun for informational purpose allowing this app to appeal to everyone. And of course just when you think this app is perfect the creator really shows that he cares about the reviews and updates the regularly. The creator is flawless in his work and has made one of the most stellar gun apps in the app store
by fannyalexgirl on 2010/02/27 01:55
I LOVE IT, this app is fun for kids of any age. Im a 13 year old girl and i think it's tons of fun. It's not really a game but it really seems like a gun. There's two ways to shoot, you can either tap the screen, or jerk the iphone/itouch (i like that way better) and it imediatly shoots. It's really sensative which is great because it works right away. You can choose your gun, and you can easily reload by turning your itouch/iphone upsidown. When you shoot, all the bullets fall out and make a really cool noise. This game isnt at all violant. It's just pure fun, it's not a bad influence on kids AND it's free. It's tons of fun and a great deal. Get it.
Good but a bunch of glitches
by Mickeypraigo on 2010/04/17 17:19
Great app alot of fun to play with, but I've noticed a ton of glitches. Most of them you've fixed but recently it's that all guns seem to be stuck on "shake to fire." I dont really like it when I can shake the phone to fire it and I had it turned off but after this new update all the guns do it anyway. Also, I have consistently had trouble with the saw. I open it and it will just keep on shooting until I close it and pick another gun. I'm not sure wats up but fixing this would make it more fun to play. Thanks, and keep up the good work. I agree u should add an interactive magnum.
Best app eva
by Hjfjitsgje on 2013/02/11 06:37
Ok for 1 i liv dis thing but wat they need is a rocket launcher cross bow (with flaming arrows and arrows with tnt) a tazer gun and a paint ball gun plus attachments like a lazer scope grenade launcher ect. Plus they need to include made up guns from games like a plasma blaster or a banana gun ect. Plus and this is a good one you shuld b abal to take a video threw the app and call out a tank an army and a nuke also there shuld be a free pc game were you can hook the phone up to it and shoot things with your guns and collect coins now there is absolutely bothin rong with da app but this wuld all make it betta p.s. i cant get full atomatic for all guns 2 work : )
by Osujxu on 2010/08/18 03:30
This is one of the best apps I have because of the constant love the developer shows to the app. I mean 26 updates!!! However just one small complaint can you change the sound of the m4 back to the old one? It sounded cooler. Update: wow I feel compelled to make another review for this game after recording yet another update. I mean 35 updates?! I've gotten more updates from this app then pocket god and this is the lite version your talking about. Whoever the developer is is truly an amazing person and deserves to hav success!
small bug
by thecommanderD on 2011/04/17 17:26
I gotta say, I absolutely love this app, and I just want to report someting small that I noticed. When using the gun wall, if you press the checkmark, it goes to the options/info screen, which is supposed to happen, but the fire and back buttons on the bottom aren't working. This isn't the case for the gun wheel, which works normally. Other than that, amazing app. I absolutely love all of the animations for each gun, especially the interactive loading, and I love all of the information for each gun.
Please add some features
by iGame675 on 2010/11/20 16:32
Make the pistols more realistic. When the fire off the last shell, the chamber should be pulled back. I love this new type of menu, my friends and I spin it to see which gun we would get, and see who would win a fight. Add a major feature where you can aim down the sight, and use the accelerometer to aim the gun and shoot it at a target. The P90 needs a bit more detail. It looks like it was cropped with Photoshop. I will by iGun Pro when I get a new iTunes Giftcard. I currently have $0.98. I love this app! Keep up the good work!
Great App For Free
by 12103100 on 2010/09/04 19:53
The thing I like most about this app is that they're constantly updating and improving it. They also have a quite large selection on the lite version. It used to be that only a few guns had a cocking-mechanism to mess with but it seems they're adding that feature to another gun each week or so. Some things that need to change: 1: The AK sounds really bad. 2: One of the pistols (I can't remember if it's a sig or FN) is zoomed WAY up on the frame and you can't really see it. I bought the full version today because it's so cheap. I doubt I'll be disappointed.
Wonderful App
by FrostTL117 on 2010/09/07 08:47
Honestly, i will tell you this is THE MOST USED app on my iTouch. Especialy when im around my brother and our friends. Or when im in the car and i hook it up to the stero in his drive way. Mine and my brothers request would have to be the AA-12 and the FAMHAS, The famhas shouldent go past 3 round burst for realistic value. also, an added Supressor (aka a silencer) for all guns that support them would be a great addition. realistic sounds are requested. Still, great app as is. ^_^ if anyone is on the PS3 network and plays Call of Duty, my nickname is my Tag name. look me up.
Best gun sim!!
by Kwarter on 2010/05/21 13:46
It really is the best gun sim that I could find. Graphics are really cool. It's nice to have an app designer who listens to requests. BUY THE FULL VERSION!! I have it and it's amazing! *Disclaimer- I'm not suggesting these because their in a video game. And for all you morons out there being negitive toward this app, Its a sim, not the real thing. I'm not some loser who sits on a couch all day playing Call Of Duty, I have fired guns before. So stop being negitive please. And by the way! The most popular guns in the world happen to be in mw2 or BFBC2! That's how the games make money people!*
A suggestion
by Prodject A.U.S.M. on 2010/05/29 21:34
I came here to post the same thing. I thought it would be a nice addition to have a fully interactive M200 Cheytac Intervention. Though the bolt is on the right side, it would be better if the gun faced opposite of normal so the bolt can be visible. Maybe toss in an option to zoom in on the bolt so you actually have to lift the bolt and then pull it back, have the cartridge fly out and have the next bullet in place and reset the bolt to fire the next round. I love how you are still implimenting updates
This is a grrreat app
by Shannonderby on 2010/07/24 02:35
I love this app and David's efforts to make it better. I think that there are also some improvements to be made that would make this an even better app than it is right now. First, I think that it would be awesome if when reloading you were able to put the clip/magazine in the gun. Second, I think that attachments would be the next big update. I think the ability to slide scopes, sights, and grenade launchers on and off the tactical rails on certian guns would be AWESOME. The guy who recommended the falling shells
Keep em Coming
by Grappler555 on 2010/03/06 00:29
I would like to see more guns with more realism I don't care if the updates take longer just keep us up to date so we don't feel like you forgot or something. It seems that the fans are happy seeing modern warfare 2 guns and I like em too so that's great. I would love to see an AA-12 as it is my favorite shotgun. Listening to music as well would be an easy addition. The ACR will be cool too. Other suggestions : UMP .44 Magnum USP M9 M1014 M21 EBR/M14 PPSH-71 KaR98k spas 12 intervention any way that is probably way to many. Thanks keep it up
Requires Internet
by Conkersbadfurday on 2012/03/26 21:39
I'm deeply disappointed that this app requires some form of Internet connection to function. When I went to access it while at work today, the app kept crashing after the first advertisment which couldn't load up. When I got home and connected to my wireless, the app worked just fine. I turned off my wifi and tried to access the app again, but it continued to crash. This crashing renders the app completely useless to me. I give it two stars because styalistically, it's the best and most simple of all the gun apps out there. *I have the Lite version, this might not happen if a paid version exists.
by Gun sense on 2010/07/06 04:21
First of all I really hope you read this review and think about what I say! Plez? You know the sound that the second last gun makes on the lite version? Well it sounds so real! It reminds me of terrerists when I heat it which is awlsome but some of the other sounds like the first one isn't very cool at all... Not ad heavey. Sounds like my brothers plastic suction cup dart gun. Another thing if you had a paint ball gun and paint or made a target to aim at with guns to earn bulltets or something, that would be cool. Thanks
Too good, great work, and dedicated dudes
by AkiraSuzuki on 2010/09/22 21:40
I feel like I should write a review for this app simply because I've had it for so long and because it's amazing. This is a great app no matter what, but what makes it amazing is the great amount of new updates and gun modifications. Even I thought the ACR in this app was a little bare and what do you know? Next update it has a scope. The slow-mo settings and the dedication to which this guy replicates everything truly make this one of the great apps to get on an iPhone.
Best gun app on earth!!!!!
by Browner71 on 2010/01/07 05:25
I enjoy playing and goofing off with this app. I'm thinking for the problem of the gun menu getting crowded you could do something like adding another page and slide your finger across the screen to see it or u could just make the gun menu longer so you can scroll up and sown, then again those are my thoughts and you don't have to use them. And thank you for the instructions, and I still think the dictionary would be great!
Absolutely fantastic
by Henry Floyd on 2010/02/15 14:01
Awesome!!! All of the guns featured are great hi-res images with realistic sounds, and the firing animation is totally awesome and realistic. Even the Menu screen is unique and there is a great range. Only ways it could be better is if it had an animation for reloading instead of just tapping and a sound. And for future updates it would be awesome if you could add some more modern rifles like Steyr AUG, F2000, or Tavor... Awesome app, can't believe it's free, it's totally insane that you listen to your customers and update so fast!
Great app
by SYNYSTER BEAST on 2010/03/13 00:13
How bout a WW2 or vietnam flame thrower to go with the new shell and smoke update? So when you tilt the screen the flame moves?! Love this app almost a new update everyweek! Lots of guns! Info on each gun! The only thing I can say bad is I would like an interaction option like loading the clip and sliding the chamber...and how about a grenade where u pull the pin by sliding your finger and hold the lever then it blows up when you let go you could put a vibrate feature on it for iphone users
Needs more interactivity.
by Cody H. on 2010/01/15 22:02
This app is great but after a while I think it may get boring. I think it needs to be more interactive. Maybe somehow incorporate the touch screen by being able to drag pieces of the gun apart and being able to put it back together. If that's too hard then maybe just being able to customize the gun for example being able to add silencers, scopes, lasers, and flashlights. Just a suggestion. 5 stars anyway.
by AllieWags on 2010/04/28 02:04
This by far is the best gun app I have seen. But I'm dissapointed that you took out the 5249 saw glitch that I found after the latest update. You could fire most of the guns double speed if you held your finger on the screen and shook your iPod or iPhone. I think it's because you brought the slo-mo button into the app. You could add a fast forward button so the guns could shoot double speed. So please you could add a fast forward button or add in the orginal glitch? 
Great app!!!
by OniDokidokifrys on 2010/02/12 21:59
This app is great fun! I love the SCAR, and the SVT-10, they have the best sound quality. My only complaint is that the M4 and the XD9 don't have top notch sound quality... But great other than that! To all the people who are saying the app crashes: when you install a new app, you should completely shut down your iPod (I don't know if this works on the iPhone) and reboot it. This will prevent it from crashing. I do this, and I never have problems.
by Whizz gent mother 555544445668 on 2012/10/31 00:42
It is a good app. My dad fools around with it a lot. But I am not reciving my daily ten coins so now I can't get more guns lately so please fix that mistake. I'm sure it's just an common error. I'd also like to say that all of the new packs are hard to get cause I don't get my ten coins. So maybe you gents could maybe, just possibly get rid of that. I overall love the app but I always have alot of errors. My peers say it is a stupid and unrealistic game, but I will love it! And, maybe every update you could add a free gun!
I think this could use more!
by WaterBoyIm on 2010/02/21 01:45
I think this app could blow all other gun apps out of the water if you add the following feature: Bluetooth multiplayer mode. It would be a lot more fun to be able to "shoot" another person or persons who are using this app, and win or lose points. It would be like playing laser tag using your iPod or iPhone. I would be more than happy to pay for an app that accomplished this task. It would make a more interactive game that everyone would enjoy!
by Weaponsmaster on 2010/04/09 05:30
Since the guns are getting a lot better I think it would be really cool and fun if you put in the option of switching to were the clip or magazine falls out or u pulling it out when it is out and then puting in a new by dragging it with ur finger and then cocking the gun. I think doing this makes it more interactively fun. You know instead tilting or double tapping to reload we have the option to take the magazine out and putting in a new.
Just a audio suggestion/fix...
by unclefood on 2010/08/05 09:35
Neat app! One thing that I find curious though; On rifles that give you the option to slide the bolt back and forth, when you do so and kick a round out onto the ground, it plays the sound of a spent case hitting the ground, not a full, live round. It should make a metallic 'thud', not a hollow metallic 'ting'. Just a thought, in all other regards this is an entertaining little timewaster. Also, I'd like to see this app support multi-touch so I can hold down the trigger while I pump this SPAS, goosh goosh goosh!! ;D
More guns and options
by Cub dan on 2010/05/29 02:51
You first need to add a aa12 automatic shotgun,rpg,bar,and the m1919, lastly the colt 1911. then you should be able to add a silencer on each gun and be able to take it off the mp5 and all of the other guns. And also make it more interactive like change the apperance of the gun like color and be able to add attachments to the guns like grenade launcher, red dot sight, holographic sight, acog scope. This is what I think would make this game numer1 in the app store. Thanks
by PFC sharp on 2011/05/25 17:34
I never write reviews but I felt I had to for this app. iGun pro is amazing it has great graphics and an even better realistic feel. Only thing I ask is to add a revolver preferably a .44 mag, if this was added i will give you the 5 stars you deserve. Also, just a thought, maybe make it so you can disassemble the guns and reassemble them and also put attachments on these certain guns such as suppressors or sights. I think this would be pretty cool other than that, this app is amazing.
Read every review?
by Thex2thaz on 2009/10/30 04:08
Well if this is true then I want for you to listen up. This app is pretty dam good esspecialy for a lite version, however the pistol sound should be changed to something more convincing and it would be nice to have a abillitly to zoom out so you don't only see the trigger of a pistol or something along those lines. O well, very good though. Will be getting the full version for sure. Dont dissapoint me, and make sure to add more guns.
Best gun app hands down!
by melliesiah on 2010/01/16 06:01
I love this gun app for several reasons: 1. It is the original with best guns. 2. It is easy to use. 3. It is constantly being updated and improved! I have been amazed! I have never seen an app where the developer is so involved with thier app after it's released. Dave, it's people like you who make using these apps worth it. I was going to just keep the lite version but now I'm going to buy it just because you care about what we have to say. Your awesome dude, keep up the great work man. Hey Dave can you look into adding these: Assault Rifles- 1.TAR-21 and 2. ACR. Sub Machine Gun: 1. UMP45 Light Machine Guns: 1. RPD and 2. M240 Sniper Rifle: 1. M21 EBR Shotguns: 1. M1014 and 2. Model 1887 Launcher: (not a gun I know. It's just cool) 1. RPG-7 Sorry for long list. I have chosen all of these from Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2.
Take that MW2 fan-boys!
by Shiizno117 on 2010/07/13 13:25
[Update] It's been another two weeks without an update however I can't complain because none of the top gun apps have been updating. (I own I-Gun Ultimate, AAA Gun Club and Gun Smoke along with this one) Maybe not in the next update but for a future one could you add an interactive SIG SG550, or it's sniper variant or the SG551 that is used by the DEA? p.s. I don't even know whether or not this gun is in COD because I only play the game once or twice a month at a friend's house because I have a life. [Update] When is the next update coming? It has been more than two weeks. [Original Review] For free, this is the best gun-app available. It even beats most paid apps. And for all of you that say it's not an ACR, maybe you should lay off the video games.
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