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Skype for iphone
Skype keeps the world talking. Say “hello” with an instant message, voice or video call – all for free*, no matter what device they use Skype on. Skype is available on phones, tablets, PCs, and Macs. • Video calls – Don’t just hear the cheers, see them! Get together with 1 or 24 of your friends and family on a HD video call. Watch everyone’s smiles and cries when you tell them “We’re engaged!!!"  • Chat – Reach people instantly. Send messages to your friends, grab someone’s attention with @ mentions, or create a group chat to plan a family reunion.  • Share – Send photos and videos with your family and friends. Save shared photos and videos to your camera roll. Share your screen to make travel plans with friends or present designs to your team. • Voice calls – Camera shy? Make voice calls to anyone in the world on Skype. You can also call mobile and landlines at low rates. • Express yourself – Liven up conversations with emoticons, click on the “+” in chat to send a Giphy or images from the web, and annotate images with words, lines and more. *Skype to Skype calls are free. Operator data charges may apply. We recommend using an unlimited data plan or WiFi connection. Call landline and mobile phone numbers and send SMS messages anywhere in the world at affordable prices using Skype. Reach non-Skype users or contacts who are not online by choosing Skype Credit or Skype subscriptions.    Choose Skype Credit as a pay-as-you-go option to call and SMS. If you call specific destinations, save even more with monthly subscriptions. Skype subscriptions are monthly calling plans that let you make unlimited, or fixed-minute calls to landlines (and mobiles where applicable). Subscriptions begin at $2.99 a month for US, and can vary by destination. To make an in-app purchase, open the app, go to the Call tab, and tap on the Skype to Phone banner. Skype Credit and Subscriptions purchased from the Skype app will be charged to your iTunes account when the purchase is confirmed.   Your account will be charged for Skype subscription renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period. Your subscription is renewed automatically unless auto-renewal is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period of subscription.   You can manage your subscription by going to your Apple ID account settings and choosing the auto-renewal option or turning it off any time after your purchase.   • Privacy and Cookies policy: • Microsoft Services Agreement:
by ToneGoCrzyy09 on 2019/12/13 00:49
I used Skype and it’s so use full
Good app for calling 800 numbers from overseas
by KLR Traveler on 2019/12/12 15:18
I also maintain a balance for normal calls.
Service is getting worse
by Oksteven1234567890 on 2019/12/11 18:23
“Missed call” without notification and log, this got people mad at each other. Skype service used to be great, now it’s getting worse. Who’s leading this division? There gotta be some change to the management team.
Dial pad not accessible
by FlavioBravo on 2019/12/10 21:38
Last time i tried to use the dial pad on the phone screen to dial a number to a conventional phone, the pad was completely inaccessible to Voiceover users such as myself.
No Customer Support
by TCP-NG on 2019/12/10 10:20
Good app with Good Technology but you should expect zero zero customer support.
Super easy calls
by lrghosh on 2019/12/10 01:22
Most simple and easy way to stay in touch with friends and family when touring the USA
by Bird lubber on 2019/12/09 01:39
Haven’t used Skype for a while. I love the updates to the app. Easy to use- much more intuitive than I remember
Excellent for calls but bad for SMS
by JayJoplin on 2019/12/08 03:08
Great secondary option, but several factors block having a Skype number as your primary contact number: Calling others on Skype or on any phone number works very well, just as well as a phone. If the other person has Skype, chat works great within Skype. However you cannot send SMS to non-Skype, and only sometimes can you receive an SMS. This is problematic when you need a stable number while traveling and need to receive texts from companies to verify passwords or receive flight updates. Also note: Some companies do not allow a Skype # as contact number, and will only accept a “real” number. The app is fantastic.
by hnb nick on 2019/12/07 21:07
Please reduce its size, and liter
I love Skype!
by ericgarciaKY on 2019/12/06 23:51
SKYPE IS AWESOME. I use it everyday...
Why is my status always changing?
by WickedInk on 2019/12/06 23:12
I set the status to DND for a reason. Never. Ever. Change this status without my permission. Every other version or so you decide to randomly change my status to online. Stop it.
Voice translator still need work
by cmarq80 on 2019/12/06 15:34
I use Skype to talk to my girlfriend in Brazil. I met here during a business trip and I don’t speak Portuguese and she doesn’t speak English. We have used a variety of different apps and translators over the last few months, but there is only one option for a video translator, and that is Skype. Skype is amazing when it works as advertised. Unfortunately, the voice translation with the bot was iffy at best in terms of being able to connect and work. Now that the bot is not longer being used, the voice translator isn’t working at all. Typically, only one or the other of us actually get a translated conversation.
Lost everything I wrote
by Queue-less on 2019/12/06 01:54
I hate apps that wipe everything you've composed in a text window when you briefly switch to another app to check on something, then return. For a messaging app, that's just plain stupid. Here it is years later and thought I’d give it another try but see nothing’s changed. Why would anybody write a communications app that deletes what you’re conposing whenever you switch to answer the phone or lookup a contact? Really?
by Hamam12345 on 2019/12/06 01:24
Every time the screen freezes I have to delete the app to unfreeze it and some times it does not even work
Not the best
by bittertoast on 2019/12/05 22:15
I dislike this new version, Microsoft removed the offline status icon for no reason and there is no indication if someone blocked you. The other problem is the “last seen days ago” displayed below the profile picture, which could mean anything. Either the person is offline, invisible or they blocked you. There is no difference between the three, and that is frustrating. I hope Microsoft fixes this mishap.
Great for cell to land line calls
by NenaCH on 2019/12/05 14:41
I have used Skype for over 15 years and it has improved a lot. However, it is not always reliable if the connection slows down. Most times it works well and because I use it from my internet enabled cell phone to a land line, the prices are way much cheaper than any cell phone service around the world! One thing I really do not understand is the ringing when you are placing a call: sometimes it rings like a phone and sometimes it has a music ring and it is hard to understand if the system made or not the connection as sometimes the call goes through and other it does not! Overall a very good alternative to any other system for a cell to land line call!
my review
by malak_the_elven_werewolf on 2019/12/05 06:18
i think skype is a pretty good app but i think it could use a bit of an upgrade to it kinda like how facebook has the people you might know list but instead of it being people you might know make it people you might like to chat with or something along those lines. just my input on this matter.
Profile picture won’t upload
by teukieduckie on 2019/12/04 16:20
I want to upload my profile picture but it just uploads a white background instead of any picture I have from my gallery. Please fix this.
by un.certain on 2019/12/04 11:57
The app is very very good...but it’s too slow making me hate using it Need to work much more on it!
Need to be faster and more secured
by dkhang on 2019/12/04 09:46
This app is getting slower. Why hasn’t implemented encryption? Any work place can read your messages.
I don’t write reviews
by Alex caruso the goat on 2019/12/04 00:36
But this app makes Apple to android flawless it’s amazing and thank you to the creators
Long distance friends
by 4estman on 2019/12/03 17:48
I love this app I can talk to a friend half way around the world and its as if he’s next door, I dont like that my phone number is public
Concerned citizen
by LausDeo(madefonsinister) on 2019/12/02 19:50
4 out of 5. Do you, as Co. keep any recordings considering a/v calls, chats etc. Thank you
I can’t delete my account
by iniras143 on 2019/12/02 19:39
How to delete my account?
Who dare to Rate Skype?
by on 2019/12/02 12:01
I would give 6 stars if there was a system
by baharaa on 2019/12/02 00:10
i like you skype
Subscription mayhem
by Arkon24 on 2019/12/01 21:03
I don’t know if I’m just stupid, but canceling a subscription from an iPhone is the most frustrating/impossible thing I’ve ever tried. I can’t do it from a pc since it was purchased from a phone. When I try doing it from my phone it’s super hard to find, and actually never loads when I get to it...naturally this makes it impossible to cancel the subscription.
Bright screen....
by CVUSA on 2019/12/01 06:46
After you logged off bright full white screen are very disturb and uncomfortable for eyes. Where are the real dark them ???
Please, read this Skype company
by M.D. (WS123 YT) on 2019/12/01 05:15
(By the way, if you ever come across a pedofil. I recommend taking a picture of the conversation and also tell a parent or guardian. Then, report the person and block them) I wanted to say this to Skype in general.. Yeah, it’s probably a good app but I heard someone had leaked my info. on there and I had a slight anxiety attack because of it. He said he was 16 or 18 and he said he would ruin my life. I decided to go into here and tell you even though others could see it.. It stressed me and he wanted ‘pics’ -inappropriate pics if I didn’t want him to leak. Well, I said no and just deleted an account of where I met him. I know for sure that he’s a pedofil and he pushed me into sexting (I’m only 13!). So, if you find the guy who leaked me (I think his name is Martin and he’s 16 or 18) please, do something about his actions. He put my through 2 days, at most, of worrying and anxiety. I didn’t want to show my face because I was afraid of what he leaked. I heard he leaked my IP Address and figured out what I was playing on. Although, he didn’t exactly get the device completely correct. Anyways, again, please, do something about his actions... My anxiety is already severe and I don’t want it to get worse. 😓
Very creamy and delicious
by rotomotogachaReERRbijuuumike on 2019/12/01 00:52
I love the app!
No good app😤
by starrrrrrreates5000 on 2019/11/30 21:44
Skype was NOT useful at ALL because when I try to face time the other end can’t see me because they won’t be able to hear me so I gave this a no star rate and the person I’m FaceTiming is FAR so that is just more sad just like this app and I wouldn’t suggest it.😑
Very Good but
by ⛑👓🕶🐶 on 2019/11/30 20:54
I really in joy Skype but they need to work on improving their connection like one minute the call will be going great but then all of the sudden the screen glitches and there is no audio on either side of the call which is very annoying when you are doing something important so please if someone at Skype is reading this try to improve the service of your app -A Well Wisher
The best app ever!
by alvitam on 2019/11/30 11:07
The best app ever!
Ripping people off
by شفارة on 2019/11/30 01:16
It’s very expensive and they over charge a lot. Big ripoff
Great app
by Mariam58 on 2019/11/29 22:24
I really love it . I’ve used it for years and it’s only gotten better!
iOS app works very well
by CDula on 2019/11/29 14:37
I use my iPhone X or old iPad Air over my PC because they are both stable and intuitive in their use. My PC app on Windows 10 Pro 64 kept crashing when I tried to join a multi-party video call, so I just switched to my phone, which worked flawlessly.
by Anto_1 on 2019/11/29 08:57
Very amazing app!
by 01101110-038 on 2019/11/29 01:38
made by idiots for idiots too many things to say about this bloated dysfunctional mess idiotware. long timeline = cancer tech
Probably reaching end of support
by Atiq-ca on 2019/11/28 03:56
I have reported bugs already. The app keeps hanging when I click a item / contact in chats tab who sent me a text message in bangla/bengali. Since then app is hang. I wish I could attach a screenshot with this review. But I don’t see an option. There’s no good way to report a bug, bug report doesn’t allow adding a screenshot and doesn’t probably including system info. This app on iPhone started acting buggy for a while and I cannot open it anymore, just shows an empty screen!
by Jiggahman on 2019/11/27 12:52
Great app
Frustrating to say the least!
by washbee on 2019/11/27 04:10
To be clear, it’s not Skype per say, but the Skype Translator. I guess if my girlfriend was Latino, it might be better, but she’s Russian and it just makes up words, it mixes up words into incoherent phrases. For the last 8 years, it has replaced the word “me” with “Maine” RELIGIOUSLY! I’ve tried to talk to a representative, but the most I ever got was “we’ll send it up the chain”......and that was the last I heard of anything. I thought it might be me using an Android based cellphone, so after upgrading twice, I switched to an IPhone. It hasn’t helped much.
Love this app
by JAMIN JJ on 2019/11/26 23:31
It better than FaceTime. With New an improved version. Especially for those who don’t have iPhones. This great application to use. Great app. I do use it more than FaceTime.
Skype rules
by Taninen on 2019/11/26 19:36
Still the best communication app.
by Aj$$$$$$$$ on 2019/11/26 13:07
Does Skype has screen recording with voice ?
by StavroSY963 on 2019/11/26 12:05
I’m using Skype daily to connect with my girlfriend, the only thing is that the app isn’t updated to fit the iPad 10.2 screen which i hope to take this in your consideration in the next update.
a fake app
by JJJamws123 on 2019/11/26 09:21
I don’t think it looks like a social seems a fake one...
Mom’s don’t lie
by ButterflyTucker85 on 2019/11/26 04:11
My mom loves this app!
Mostly great quality depending on computer
by PJGlassey on 2019/11/26 01:57
I used to think Skype was “meh” until I gots newer, faster computer and now I realize it’s pretty darn good. Usually clear, good audio and quite fast. On my old computer, is choppy, lower definition and laggy, where we interrupt each other often. Not so anymore!
could be better
by wickedness12 on 2019/11/25 06:02
needs fixing :/ i don’t get notifications from the sender at all even after updating it gets worse where it becomes slow to send a message
The Best Skype -for communication with
by Grazinute on 2019/11/24 20:37
My native Europe!!!! Happy having chance to dawload Skype!!!!
Great for international calls
by Milvaonly on 2019/11/24 17:26
I use Skype to call my dad in Italy as my phone plan doesn’t allow international calls and it works great. It’s super inexpensive: I wish I had started using it sooner!
App has stopped being functional. Too many bugs
by Rolihlahla on 2019/11/24 13:46
Used to use Skype a lot but now I use other apps. When you add money using iOS, you can only add 4 dollars at a time and after the first time, it just freezes on processing. All those updates and not one that’s mildly functional. Thank heavens there’s new apps now like imo that have better support.
Need subtitles fixed
by NBFrench on 2019/11/24 09:29
The app functions fine except it won’t turn on closed captioning. I’m deaf and it says turning closed captioning on but it never does.
Notifications are hit or miss
by Milkcats on 2019/11/24 06:10
I like the app for reasons like keeping in contact with people who live overseas. I don’t like that I sometimes receive notifications when I receive a new message and then sometimes I don’t. I’ll randomly look at the app and see that someone has sent me a message hours ago and if I’d of known, it would have helped in certain situations. Wish they’d fix this bug.
Great way to talk with family & friends from afar
by RW Ret. on 2019/11/24 05:05
When we stay at our second home in the Philippines, Skype lets us talk to family and friends as well as make important business calls at a very reasonable rate. We also use it to call landlines in the Philippines, which our mobile carrier doesn’t. Thanks, Skype!
randomly goes to speakerphone
by Word Counter Reviewer on 2019/11/24 02:26
this app randomly turns on speakerphone when answering a call. this is not entertaining. it is stress-inducing. can't change the ringtone. the bloop bleep tone in there now may have been amusing a long time ago, but it becomes a tone you dread to hear. ringtones are much louder than the voice you are talking to, which blows out your headphone volume to the point of pain when it rings, if you have the volume up so you can hear low-talkers.
Notifications don’t work on weekends
by happy_symptom on 2019/11/23 16:29
This happens to both me and a couple friends. It’s become a running joke that Skype “takes the weekends off “.
Use this app every day awesome love you guys you made it!😃
by bekkyyyyyyyyyu😅 on 2019/11/22 23:11
Me and my dad live far away and this is a great app to chat with him he also doesn’t have FaceTime and I’ve chose this app over all the other apps how much I love this app and how much he loves us up we both will give it a five star how good it’s been for us for the last couple years we’ve been away from my dad and he’s been away from us you can only visit once a year or once a month in The summer and even an odd years we get to go in the spring but that’s only it and I love this app I hope you win over all the other apps and this is the only app except messenger text and face we love you!♥️♥️
Best App!
by ssyedcpa on 2019/11/22 21:34
I use Skype to study with an instructor. Best way to connect people digitally.
by Shesnothappy on 2019/11/22 18:32
My phone and my computer don’t talk to each other and I have nothing but Apple products. My phone is constantly telling me to sign in and that I have to change my password over and over again because it doesn’t recognize my password. Don’t know if this is a Microsoft problem or a Skype problem but I can never stay signed on. I hate this app with the fire of a million burning suns, it is the worst, I’m switching to Zoom.
Call quality has fallen behind
by terriblevacuum on 2019/11/22 18:05
Audio and video call quality has significantly lagged from what Facebook messenger can provide. Sad, this used to be my favorite app for messaging
by Reza.H.S. on 2019/11/22 17:21
After long time and no talks with family members in Iran due to protests and intenet blackdown, i found skype to call directly through phone lines and could use 5minutes for free. Thanks skype 🙏🏻
App works well except for notification
by DUFFMAN1914 on 2019/11/22 14:55
All functions of the app have been working well except for notifications. Badges don’t always show that you have a pending message to review. This seems to just be a recent problem.
Keeping in touch
by luvrofjh on 2019/11/22 04:01
It’s how my boyfriend and I communicate,he is a other trucker,and I work 12hr shifts,,,I would be lost without being able to see him
Just ok
by RickRZ on 2019/11/21 20:53
Been using Skype since it was first published. Technically works ok but I find the mobile interface non intuitive and clunky.
Skype(Microsoft) Makes it Too Difficult To Turn Off Auto Recharge.
by B1953Chev! on 2019/11/21 12:10
This company will take your money from you automatically when your account balance falls below $2.00. They have purposely designed their website to make it extremely difficult for people to turn off their auto recharge. They should be ashamed of themselves.
by Hoottii on 2019/11/21 02:21
Nice app! Fantastic service!
Very poorly
by keytoore on 2019/11/20 21:08
I needed to make a international call and by mistake purchased subscription which is not cover international calls, and Because I paid w/ Apple Pay ,I can’t get a refund!!!so disappointed! Also the international calls have delay!
World unlimited subscriptions is deceptive!
by Vahidreza on 2019/11/20 13:24
They charged me 15.45$ for monthly subscription to unlimited callas worldwide. After I tried to call, they told the number you called is not supported!!!!!!!!!!!!! So don’t call it world unlimited because it is NOT! I need my money back! Very disappointing!
by 99hotdog on 2019/11/20 03:42
This app crashes lot. This app make my phone hot and warm. This update have not been good in a long. I’m lock out of my Skype account. Skype needs to fix this or take out of the App Store. The iOS 13 is trash. iPhone iOS 13 is garbage. Skype has ruined my phone.
Constant sign in and app issues
by Lost in art on 2019/11/20 02:08
Asks me to sign in every couple of days. Frustrating. To top it off, when I try to make a call/connect to an existing (and frequent contact/user of the app), the app is non responsive. I’ve forced the app to close, powered down the phone, restarted, removed the app, downloaded again...and nothing. The video quality and lag on the audio was already annoying, this has me turning to seek other apps for my video conferencing / family chats moving forward.
Airpod mic not working in skype chat
by Thanos916 on 2019/11/19 18:53
I can hear people talking but my airpod mic is not working when I want to send a voice message. I will change the ranking when you fix this issue.
Get rid of the ads for Skype credit
by asaxygirl on 2019/11/19 17:52
Good app. One thing I can’t stand is the big prompt at the top of the screen for Skype credit and subscriptions. I purchased an annual subscription. The prompt should go away. Add the option to turn off advertisements and prompts for additional services if the customer has purchased one already. Right now this is like pay for a premium subscription and still being plagued by the adverts.
Beware of “world” plan
by TygerJones on 2019/11/19 00:42
This is unbelievable! I ordered the $15.49 world plan which says “world unlimited mins mobiles and landlines” but much to my surprise you cannot call Switzerland mobiles from canada. I was not able to see the terms of service and/ or the list of countries because there were none in the list available in the app.
Good application, but could be better
by Masfet on 2019/11/18 23:13
The application often disconnects when on WiFi and works good on the LTE. The problem is not in WiFi as all other applications work well. Please work towards fixing the issue. Thank you.
New bug
by MissQ666 on 2019/11/18 15:58
Sometimes the massage I send will show again in the window. Only this version has the prob.
The only app I trust
by Gamer23456ii on 2019/11/18 03:00
This app is... Literally The best discrete app that I have ever used. Easy and fun definitely worth trying out.
kheyli khobe
by Afshin Rostami Fard on 2019/11/17 22:14
web site download ahang
Great app!
by Fly_With_Me on 2019/11/17 12:33
I’ve been using Skype since it was released. The app had improved year after year and is one of the most reliable VOIP apps on the market.
Microsoft screws it up
by Islandjoe2002 on 2019/11/17 07:30
Leave it to Microsoft to take a functional app and make it useless I used to be able to receive calls on my Skype number $60 a year now it is completely unusable the app is counterintuitive and the layout is just plain stupid. Looking fo an alternative as calls if I can connect are dropped constantly.
by potatosim on 2019/11/16 19:49
Overall it’s a good app but for no reason it blocked my account and now I have to make a new one😑
Face to talk
by myphotoforu on 2019/11/16 00:09
I have been using this app for years and love it. Calling to the Eu or Africa from the US is easy and good reception and it is nice to see who you are talking to. Try it you will like it.
Make one mistake
by DL310805 on 2019/11/14 22:26
If you make the tiniest mistake logging in the first time forget it. Going back to FaceTime. Typical Microsoft bs.
Emojis not working
by Jingoku on 2019/11/14 17:30
Emojis on iPhone aren’t working the same as on windows. Usually you just need to tap on the smiley face icon in the text bubble and all emojis will pop up. Doesn’t work on my phone and haven’t found any answers online. I found a workaround by having to type in the emoji name in parentheses I.e. (hearteyes). This needs to be updated. Thanks.
Amazing for abroad
by Armando - California on 2019/11/13 17:25
This App is amazing to call my relatives abroad who need to be contacted either at their cellphones or landlines. And, when I travel abroad, it has an extremely low rate for phone calls to the U.S. 😊👍
New skype problems
by morgie9719 on 2019/11/13 15:38
I lost All my old conversations and pics! My dead grandmother conversations and The only pics I have of her recently. How can I get my conversations and pics Barack????
I’m super mad at Skype 🤬😡
by 1122ram on 2019/11/12 23:38
Skype will have you sign in with your Microsoft account, and then SIGN YOU OUT A FEW WEEKS LATER! I try signing back in and it’s says that “sorry, please try again later” AND I HAVE WI-FI, AND IT WONT WORKK! And they don’t give instructions of how to fix it ON IPHONE OR IPAD! And if this happens again, then you guys are screwed! Cause you guys are asking for our Microsoft account, AND YOUR TAKING IT AWAY! I have a feeling that your hacking into our Microsoft account. Fix this, NOW! And if I could, IM GIVING THIS A ZERO!
Skype “Unlimited Worldwide mobiles and landline” is a scam!
by Nikolay Shpurik on 2019/11/12 22:11
In iPhone app Skype “Unlimited Worldwide mobiles and landline” has no information about big limitations and exclusions of this plan, no link to more information about this plan. When you see the name you obviously think that it’s a good deal and when you click on the plan you right away invited to the purchase of this plan. But when you try you to use it you’ll find out that this particular phone line in this particular country is not covered by this plan. You contact Skype support to complain about this misinformation and they will tell you contact Apple because your transaction was through the iTunes account. Apple will send you back to developer to chase your refund. At the end, shame on you Microsoft for giving false information to the customers and putting them through all these trails to get the refund! Why can’t you be honest upfront about these subscriptions and tell customers that your “Unlimited Worldwide“ subscription is in fact is very limited and absolutely not worldwide?
Very clear
by Kongking yongpoo on 2019/11/12 18:45
Very clear without interruptions, thank you so much!
When I watch a video while in call the call gets put on hold
by <The known one> on 2019/11/12 02:40
Makes it difficult to use
Two accounts can’t use two different payment methods
by 1028374729294 on 2019/11/11 21:56
According to customer support, you cannot add credits to your account from the app. You have to go to the website to do it. This may have been because I have two accounts to but the customer rep said always add credits from the site not the app. Wasted a couple of hours on this before it took the rep and I another hour to get this going. App is lame!
MY Caller ID Setting should be made Ed more visible
by Yayasha2 on 2019/11/11 16:05
When I dialed it was not obvious that my call set is is disabled. Then I heard audio instructions to dial *82. However Caller is in a separate config and done as a on if switch. Please make it consistent and visible during dial
World Unlimited Calls is actually only a few countries.
by pgsfv on 2019/11/11 11:36
Purchased the service (in app and therefore limited information) only to find out that the country I was trying to call was not included. In fact, few countries were included. This information was also not easy to find. Contacted Skype and they asked me to contact Apple to get a refund. You think I got a refund? Of course not. What a waste of time and money. Thanks Skype.
Long distance calls
by PDPSIRI on 2019/11/11 05:54
Voice is very clear compared previous versions...
No login?!!
by Mostafa.Naggar on 2019/11/10 23:23
I’ve downloaded the latest version of the app and register with my phone number, then the app gives login error every time i try to login with my phone number Same error happens as i keep try to login even created another email to login and fail If the app can’t login to accounts then why it is still on the AppStore?
Chat history
by hf*b on 2019/11/10 22:26
Greetings. I have been using Skype for many years now to talk to my best friend who lives far away from me. The one thing I’ve always been annoyed with is how long it takes to scroll to the beginning of the chat, especially when you talk everyday with someone. I propose a feature where you can either 1)locate a specific date Or 2)go back to the beginning of the chat. Which proposal you use is completely up to you and I’m not forcing you to do this it is simply a suggestion. Thanks for your time.
by Yumyumini on 2019/11/10 18:06
I have been using Skype for many years. It is very easy to use. However, at times the connections are poor. Nevertheless, it is a reliable and easy way to stay in touch with family and friends. I highly recommend it.
The most important discovery in our century! OMG!
by Ellealih on 2019/11/10 05:16
Brilliant magnificent indeed!
by broke teen18 on 2019/11/10 02:32
I’m not paying money just to call my friend...
I’ve used Skype for almost 2 years daily now
by JPimemtel on 2018/03/10 02:24
My girlfriend and I are long distance so we call each other on the daily until she visits. I’ve used Skype over other apps and I have to say it has it’s ups and downs. Pros: You can expect calls to work perfectly as long as you both have good internet connections. Even when you internet slows down you can still see each other but the quality drops so you can load the video. As someone who’s used Skype for years I’ve noticed on newer phones that selecting things actually works unlike on slower phones where its stutters and takes time. Cons: They’re pushing too much with emojis and filters and stuff. Why do I have an option to take a picture in the middle of a Skype call? I can literally just turn on my camera and show the person. I have to press speaker all the time when I first make a call and I’m constantly pressing the camera button and waiting forever just to close it. After a call I’m literally asked every time how the quality was. Stop shoving things in my face please. I just wanna call, not see every “great feature you have”. Personally I don’t use 90% of the things Skype has to offer. I just call and turn on my camera. I wish it would focus on that and keep it simple. I don’t wanna have a 1/8 of my screen covered by something I don’t use. Please just make calling easier, it’s starting to make me think I should switch to Discord.
11 years of experience
by SYPHIN F14 on 2019/07/04 22:26
I’ve been using Skype for more than 11 years now, through its ups and downs. Just finally installed the most recent version on my iPhone X, so haven’t used it for a few months now. This version is more stable, and higher quality than I’ve seen from Skype for a while. When we first started using it, talking back and forth between Japan and the United States in 2008, it was the only game in town and it was great to have! Over the years though, especially shortly after Microsoft took it over, it got really glitchy and frustrating to use. Now, using it for a half hour video call to Russia, I have basically no problems with it. Sound quality, video quality, ease-of-use, all basically very good. My one issue, and the reason I only give it four stars instead of five, is that the screen sharing isn’t working as expected. Looks like the functionality should be there, but simply hitting the share screen button took me to a dialog box which asked about which app I would like to record. Record? I tried that, but all I did was, well, record. Looks like maybe there’s just some sort of disconnect, perhaps easy to fix, in the software. Overall, very nice to see that Skype is once again a viable option!
Works Well With 50-mps Wifi
by walkingwhitecloud on 2018/09/22 23:03
1) My experience with Skype over the last six years has been very good on both my laptop and my iPhone. I mostly use Skype for calling telephone numbers. Indeed, I have listened to lectures by dialing a phone number and experiencing excellent connections for hours at time. 2) With this app on my iPhone, the volume and clarity are particularly good with 50-mps wifi on my end. 3) Some other times, the volume of the other person has been a bit low, but I was still able to understand what the other person was saying. 4) The only funky thing that I have found with the app was when I wanted to add a secondary email address to my account. I read help first, but it seemed to be out of date since the navigation information in the help text didn’t correspond very well with the app. Eventually, I deduced that I couldn’t use the app to update my email addresses. I had to chat with support and login in to the Skype website to make the modifications. Most apps allow you to change email addresses within the apps.
used to be good but...
by Yanuwaya on 2018/04/04 06:47
i’ve used skype on and off for a few years. i think of skype as “that video call app” because originally it was just to call people as either a video call, audio call, and “chat”(because nobody really uses it) app. i feel like with all these new updates skype is using up valuable space both on said persons phone which instead they could be using on improving the quality of the apps features. not making new features and icons and lists and tips that nobody is going to use. second, regarding (video)calls, whenever i call someone skype has a tendency to randomly turn off and the screen goes completely black. this only happens when i use skype. i would like this to be fixed because it’s really bothersome and pisses me off all the time. on that note whenever i (video)call someone i always(and i mean ALWAYS)have to turn on the video or sometimes both the video and speaker even though it’s a video call and should automatically do that because it’s a video call. anyways i think originally this was a great app because it was so simple and easy to use, but now there is so much going on the real point isn’t there anymore and is constantly being altered. please fix the glitches i addresses in this and thanks.
Focus on Call Quality PLEASE
by Luna Lunita Lunera on 2019/03/08 00:22
This is why we use the app — to make video calls or phone calls to loved ones. Connections are inconsistent, depending upon where one or both parties are situated in their respective locations. With cellular coverage and WiFi (most times, combined) this shouldn’t even be an issue. There should never be dropped calls nor lagging connections. I don’t want to constantly scroll through screens; asking for money, taking 10 random pictures of the app screen nor use emoticons while I’m talking with my loved one. Please remove those options or at the very least, make it difficult/impossible to do so while simply talking to the other person. Not everyone wants to use video or speakerphone all the time; some of us prefer the old fashioned way of talking to someone on the phone. It’s inconvenient to have to stop mid-conversation all the time to see what my ear is up to, seeing what random page I’m scrolling through unintentionally. These are things we care about; connecting with those we love. Focus on those things; the quality of this particular aspect - the central aspect - of your service. Cool that other things are offered but please make those secondary things inactive while we’re on a call.
Not bad, but...
by Cookeram on 2018/09/16 20:24
Definitely an overall good calling app. I’ve used things like FaceTime and Snapchat to make video calls before, but they just don’t work as well. Skype usually seems to load no matter what, unless the connection is extremely poor which isn’t the fault of Skype. One of the main drawbacks is all the buttons littering the screen. Like many other reviewers have stated, things are a bit over crowded, especially for a phone app. My screen is small enough as it is and I want to see the person I’m talking to. That’s the point of the video call. My biggest gripe here is the poor internet connection notification box. Can we please move the poor internet connection notification box? It pops up right in the center of the screen! Thanks for telling me I have a poor connection, but I don’t understand why something can’t pop up in the corner. This notification blocks my whole entire screen so I can’t see who I’m talking to. This just makes me want to use an app that doesn’t tell me about the strength of my internet connection (because I don’t care about that information anyways). It would definitely be a five star app if these few problems could get addressed.
Please, read this Skype company
by M.D. (WS123 YT) on 2019/12/01 05:15
(By the way, if you ever come across a pedofil. I recommend taking a picture of the conversation and also tell a parent or guardian. Then, report the person and block them) I wanted to say this to Skype in general.. Yeah, it’s probably a good app but I heard someone had leaked my info. on there and I had a slight anxiety attack because of it. He said he was 16 or 18 and he said he would ruin my life. I decided to go into here and tell you even though others could see it.. It stressed me and he wanted ‘pics’ -inappropriate pics if I didn’t want him to leak. Well, I said no and just deleted an account of where I met him. I know for sure that he’s a pedofil and he pushed me into sexting (I’m only 13!). So, if you find the guy who leaked me (I think his name is Martin and he’s 16 or 18) please, do something about his actions. He put my through 2 days, at most, of worrying and anxiety. I didn’t want to show my face because I was afraid of what he leaked. I heard he leaked my IP Address and figured out what I was playing on. Although, he didn’t exactly get the device completely correct. Anyways, again, please, do something about his actions... My anxiety is already severe and I don’t want it to get worse. 😓
Suggestions are annoying and crashes often
by warofbangtantaetae on 2019/01/24 06:09
I’ve used Skype for 2-3 years now and it wasn’t really that bad. I used it everyday to call and text my friends. But there’s a slight problem. There are always these suggestions I can use if I send a message or someone sends me a message. I press the button that these aren’t useful, but they keep coming back! I dislike the suggestions because I accidentally keep pressing it and it immediately sends and makes my friend confused. Also, whenever I call someone, it won’t even let me turn off my phone! It is so annoying because when I turn off my phone so save battery while calling, it immediately hangs up. Whenever I call on the computer and go on another tab at the same time (like playing a game), it affects my game. It freezes my game all the time. Also, my Skype just crashes when I call on the computer. It immediately closes the tab and hangs up. It gets me and my friend really irritated. I love this app but it just has a few problems that needs to be fixed
Works well, some glitches
by MT writer on 2018/12/05 17:45
I live in a rural area where my cell phone mostly does not work, and the small local phone company here has expensive rates for unlimited long distance — even if I call the next town over. I use Skype (I have a Skype phone number), ooma, or WhatsApp, to telecommute and call out of my limited area. Skype is better than ooma because the quality is usually good and I can reliably make outgoing calls or connect to meetings such as via zoom or gotomeeting. Sometimes my internet connection strength seems to fluctuate though, and my Skype calls break up or echo and distort. My biggest criticism is that people I call may see a long 01 number with no name and without my correct location in their caller ID. Sometimes they do see my correct information but mostly not. With the current deluge of robo calls, this means often recipients are cautious about answering my calls. Overall as a telecommuter, I am happy to have Skype ... without it, connecting for meetings and doing business would be a lot more difficult and expensive.
This would have been 5 stars if only...
by #hashtagr on 2018/06/15 06:15
Alright so I use Skype all the time and I love it because it has such a good quality of sound and it’s significantly better than the normal phone call. I love that it’s fairly easy to use and that you can change the colors of your background to match your personality behaves who doesn’t want to express themselves?!?! Anyways, I literally love this app but there’s only one problem. Why don’t I get any notifications while I’m on a call??? I’ve missed some very important messages and I’ve almost been grounded on many occasions due to the fact that I’m not getting the notifications while I’m in a call. And what’s even worse is that my boyfriend has been using Skype for WAAAYYYYY longer than I have and he’s had this problem the entire time he’s been using it but just never said anything about it. Alongside of myself, all of my friends have the same problem and was wondering if that minor problem could possibly be fixed because it would life a lot easier. Thank you very much.
Good app, needs more functionality
by iLuv Apps on 2019/03/01 14:16
Skype is a very useful and helpful service for international calling. Confusing interface. When you click the iPhone button to tune your screen off, the Skype call terminates. This means, unlike a regular phone call on iPhone where I turn the screen off, continue my conversation, and put the phone in my pocket with headphones all the time, the Skype app will automatically hang up on whomever I’m talking to. This is especially obnoxious with international customer service phone calls where I had to wait 30 minutes in a phone queue, and then accidentally hung up on the customer service rep I was talking to. They can’t call me back of course because Skype generates those electronic web phone numbers, which are not associated with anyone’s device, and so I’m screwed. Please change this feature, Skype! Make the app continue the phone call when an iPhone user clicks the power button to sleep their screen.
Reliable over the yearssss
by CreditGeek on 2018/08/23 12:09
I have been on Skype since 2002. For sixteen years, this has been my favorite app as it has kept up with the improvements in technology. Over the past years, I have been on international trips and Skype has kept me connected to my family and relatives in 3 different countries. The quality of calls has improved a lot over the years, too - sparing me from huge amounts of phone bills. However, I believe that the key is to have a decent internet connection. I am really impressed that is now being used widely both for personal and business communications. I have had lots of job interviews through call conferences. Love the emojis as they also keep up with the times, i.e., diversity. I can actually choose the color of the skin of the clapping hands or see different options on couples. I can go on for the many ways Skype has been an essential part of my life through the years - forever loyal to you! Thanks, Skype 👏🏼🙌🏼 🍾.
Good but not reliable
by TheOneWhoKnew on 2019/09/01 16:07
Been a good choice for the many years I’ve used Skype to talk with friends and for business call. Clear connection sound, versatile chat, group calls, group chats, etc. do recommend for people needing any type of free voice app or for group calls. But I’m always having problems with Skype. Everytime I update it, it creates a new problem that disables it from being reliable. Maybe it gets fixed or not but seems best for me to never update it. I once waited for maybe 10 updates or so and never had any problems. Then finally updated it because I got a new phone. Ever since updating has only caused me more problems. Maybe not the case for everyone but I wish I never updated from the obviously stable version I had. Faced with connection issues, failed calls, dropped calls, no ringer when called, screen overlay not disabling, multiple call glitches where I’ll be in a call and it will pop up asking me to hang up and accept the same call I’m already in. Many problems but over all a good app that I would recommend.
Skype has gotten worse
by Anotaze on 2018/07/26 05:58
My boyfriend and I are long distance and for over a year now we have used Skype to call every day. Skype used to be perfect and we had no issues in call. Sometimes there would be quality drops in the video but that was just due to internet connection. We could also hear the background noise and it was very loud and amplified it was hard to call with that. Now when we call for the past 3 months or so after a major update skype has never worked. This app has become so horrible for us. One of our ends will go mute and the audio won’t work during some calls and I can’t even switch my camera anymore or go out of the app because my side of the video will go black. He can still see me but I can’t see myself and other times his video will go off if I go into our chats and come back. Background noise is still a huge issue and is just as bad as it was a year ago. I have become so frustrated with this app due to its recent behavior and I’ve tried to put up with it but it bothers me so much. It has made our calls so unpleasant and I am highly dissatisfied and we will both be moving to discord to call from now on.
Overall good but needs improvement
by BellaRedMoon on 2018/11/08 03:06
As someone in a long distance relationship, I depend heavily on video calling. Quality of Skype calls are pretty good and I like the ability to use Skype on any device. That being said, my boyfriend is Deaf and we use ASL to communicate. I don’t need the notifications saying “people are having trouble hearing you. Try moving closer to the microphone or eliminate background noise.” I understand that I’m getting this because it’s not picking up sound from my end, but I can promise doing those things won’t help so I’d appreciate not getting constant reminders. I’ve also been recently struggling with the little box that’s supposed to show me just shows black. The other person can see me fine, but I can’t see myself. This makes it very difficult to make sure I’m always on screen and able to be seen.
Keep the Skype Tradition
by bajanPaul on 2018/11/11 19:20
I did not wish to criticize what was the very first ever communication system that I discovered saved me loads of money and had a voice quality better than my fixed line calls. It was also very simple to use. You open the app you click on contacts you click on the name of the person you want to call, video or not, and you hear that most unique calling sound and the contact answers and you do your thing. That’s how simple it was and it became a system to shout about. Somebody tried to fix perfection and now it has so many fixes that it has become imperfect. A step downwards. Now I am one million present sure that it is not the intention of the programmers or any Skype staff or member to see this downward motion in the eyes of so many of its faith clients. So my long time friends at Skype do some more listening to the many reviews that so many people already took much of their time and energy to write. Keep it simple, easy to use by the nerds and my grandparents.
Integrated Calling NOT Optional
by Mimmilala on 2018/07/06 16:02
I’ve used Skype for a long time, ever since MSN was bought by Microsoft and I’ve had the app for as long as I’ve had a smartphone. Skype app has always been buggy. You’d expect seamless connections across all platforms but that has not always been the case and it gets infuriating when I’m trying to have a conversation with someone but they can’t hear me, etc. As these problems are solved, new ones arise. I get it, you can’t have a perfect app, so I continue to deal as I mainly use this to communicate in my LDR. However, with the latest updates for iPhone and for Skype, the horrible integrated calling feature is now NOT optional. You can’t turn it off and calls are routed through the iPhone calling system. This disables me from using my other apps if I’m in a non-WiFi area. Additionally, when I hang up my Skype calls through the iPhone calling screen, it causes the entire iPhone to freeze and I can’t do anything until it corrects itself by restarting. It’s ridiculous. Bring back the option to turn off integrated calling please. For reference, I have the iPhone 8.
I love Skype!!!!
by Jasmine Kennedy/Egias on 2018/03/03 14:45
I would definitely recommend Skype to my friends and family and I already have some on the platform! I know you love to make money and all, but I think you should remove paying to call on mobile. I think it’s just stupid. But you can make groups and call with the groups, I honestly love it. The reason I’m writing this and taking time out of my day, That’s how much I love Skype! I get to share photos and I also found family members in the You may know section! If you haven’t downloaded Skype your wasting your time. (Well doing it kinda wastes your time but in a good way!) I really love Skype and the creators, thank you for all of your hard work on this application/App. I would write more but I’m out of ideas to talk about and I think this review is really long, again thank you for reading this, and all your hard work Skype. Bye!
Get rid of integrated calling!
by aaliyahds on 2018/07/12 10:28
I’ve been using this app for years and despite numerous issues with this app, the new and current frustration that’s so irritating I must leave a review about it is the forced integrated calling. I do not want skype calls in my iphone 7’s phone log. I am beyond angered that if I so much as shut my screen off, the call hangs up because it’s functioning like a phone call rather than a skype call. I hate that it makes two apps open: the skype app and the phone app. Both are simultaneously running because of the integrated calling. And both act as separate apps! I can mute a call on the skype app, yet it’s unmuted on the phone app. I can take a call off speaker in one app, but it’s on speaker in the other??? PLEASE get rid of the forced integrated calling. Please do not force it onto your users. Leave it as an option as it used to be. I’m looking at other options than Skype since it’s rendering useless to me if the calls are integrated with my regular phone calls and are constantly getting hung up because of function mix ups. Fix this.
Skype is....
by Opress on 2019/01/09 05:07
Skype was pretty good before they had all of these updates. If you have a tech guy who knows how to fix bugs and the problems I shouldn’t have to write a nasty review about this problem. Sometimes I can’t see on the video call the other people when I try to call them or when someone calls me I can’t come back to see them. It’s only the picture and a color for the background. This shouldn’t have happen when Skype tries to update their app every 2 to 4 weeks to monthly. This is should be fixed in the first time when people complain about it. Today I had a call and the app was bad. I couldn’t see the video call. It was the picture and a color background. Also I couldn’t see the video when the other person answered the call. Fix the bugs and problem. Skype was good until the updates and bugs. I can’t make a copy a link and paste my link on Skype message because the screen would turn into a color background. Why do you guys do updates when you have failed since the last one
So close
by BYM35145664 on 2018/12/23 08:56
Unless someone refuses to use, or doesn’t have, Skype then this is basically my sole app for calling anyone. I really do want to like this app more, but for mobile there is, at least in my case, one MAJOR drawback. The notifications are broken. It’s not that they never work (because then it would likely be a case of them simply being off). For other apps with messaging typically each new message prompts a notification, but with Skype it seems I only get one notification for the first message and then no new notifications from that person until I check the messages. Also, there have been many instances where I get a banner notification but no red icon on the app. So for example if the message came while I was sleeping but gets pushed down by a host of other notifications, when I open my phone and just look for the red icons I don’t see one for Skype and assume I received no messages there. Thus Skype only becomes useful for calling. I hope this can be improved.
Skype “Unlimited Worldwide mobiles and landline” is a scam!
by Nikolay Shpurik on 2019/11/12 22:11
In iPhone app Skype “Unlimited Worldwide mobiles and landline” has no information about big limitations and exclusions of this plan, no link to more information about this plan. When you see the name you obviously think that it’s a good deal and when you click on the plan you right away invited to the purchase of this plan. But when you try you to use it you’ll find out that this particular phone line in this particular country is not covered by this plan. You contact Skype support to complain about this misinformation and they will tell you contact Apple because your transaction was through the iTunes account. Apple will send you back to developer to chase your refund. At the end, shame on you Microsoft for giving false information to the customers and putting them through all these trails to get the refund! Why can’t you be honest upfront about these subscriptions and tell customers that your “Unlimited Worldwide“ subscription is in fact is very limited and absolutely not worldwide?
Skype app freezing and crashing on new iPhones.
by Chudaka_pi on 2018/11/03 15:21
The Skype app for iPhone has gone from not so user friendly as the classic fast simple app which we all loved to right out useless. Attempting to create a new Skype account using the app sends to some blank Microsoft screens and frozen message screens. Specifically the iPhone X. The product has been undergoing some champagnes since the acquisition by Microsoft but on the user side these have manifested as consistent poor results: confusing screens and services, missing or hard to manage features, and now just plain not functional. I’m forced to migrate video calls to FaceTime or WhatsApp or Viber. For a respectable tech company, this is a failure on the backend integration, front end design, and services side. While it was working, the only thing I think remained fairly decent was the video quality. But so is the quality of all the other apps! Microsoft, get that team’s act together and rebuild the app to be simple and functional so the majority of users do not depart to all the other mean and functional alternatives!
Reality is good!
by Promiceus on 2018/05/30 16:49
There are a lot of things going on around Skype. Some people say that they prefer old interface. Other’s remember old bugs. But reality is way better. Most of the old bugs are squashed. Skype actually works better than before these days. New looks... why they supposed to keep old interface for ages? Kid is a changing. New changes may not be to everyone’s taste, but they are not that bad if you give them a chance. Dark mode, reactions and stuff - they make Skype look modern and up to date. The only element for me that still struggles with intuitive use is ‘edit’. There’s a message in chat screen and there’s an edited version of it below. It does not make sense. If you edit something that is history - let it ‘live’ in history. Otherwise this new Skype is very good!
Great! But..
by Anon in Cyan on 2018/08/14 07:21
I’ve been a long time Skype user. And honestly, its great! I’ve been able to keep in touch with my friend after the social media site we used to frequent shut down. This app has everything we need: a call session with the option to turn on the camera, ability to send pictures and chat, and the ability to quote chat bubbles to make fun of each other’s typos! However, there are a few issues that really annoy my friend and I. For one, sometimes notifications won’t send! I hope anyone can see why this is super infuriating (and really, it was so infuriating that it’s the reason why I’m writing this review). Second, the emojis are too much. I really dislike them and wish there was a proper way to completely shut them off. Third of all, while this might be a nit pick, a lot of the features are a bit too much. There’s a lot of things in this app that are nice and all.. but is it really necessary? Like emojis, bots, etc. Overall, I like this app, but there are a few things I want fixed. (Also, my friend noticed that this app would sometimes lag, freeze, and crash? I’ve experienced this too, and if it’s the app’s issue, then please fix this. If this is an issue with having many things loaded on our devices, then ignore this)
Love Skype, But a “New” Skype ID Popped Up with New Laptop
by travelingargentine on 2019/10/01 04:28
Love Skype! I have a US/Canada subscription, a Skype number, Skype Credit, and Contacts under my long-standing Skype ID. But when I recently got a new laptop, it came with my Microsoft ID/email address filled in, not my Skype ID—which I didn’t catch right away. So I wondered where my subscription, number, credit, and contacts had disappeared to!?! That was sneaky of Microsoft to automatically fill in my Microsoft ID, when my Skype ID had everything tied to it. A friend had the same issue, but realized too late that he ended up with two Skype accounts and added credit and a subscription renewal to the “wrong” ID. Plus, he got calls, messages, and texts at both IDs, but saw them only if he happened to be on the right device—new laptop or old iPod touch. Please fix!!
Very cumbersome accessing contacts
by Oga_Himself on 2018/04/01 23:03
I don’t know what Microsoft is thinking but the current Skype app on iOS is the most useless one ever. It is an extremely difficult task finding a number on your contact list and using Skype to call that number. First, no matter how hard you try, your iPhone contacts simply don’t show on Skype, giving Skype access to your contacts doesn’t change this. If this is a phone calling app amongst other things, shouldn’t this be a basic feature? Secondly, even if you copy a number and paste in the dial pad, it automatically deletes the “+” sign (if you have saved contacts in international format). There is no way to edit the pasted number from dial pad to add the plus sign back so you always have to manually write down a number to call it using Skype!!! Please Microsoft, test your own products for ease of use. This is the most annoying Skype app ever. If people are buying Skype credit, is because they want to use the phone features; make it usable. PLEASE!
I hate it now
by distediste on 2018/07/04 22:35
I used skype almost 13 years. Last couple of years it started to be very difficult to use. When you open a new account it wants your microsoft account if you don’t have a microsoft account you can not open an account. Also now Skype wants all of your phone contacts to sync with your skype account which is not necessary. I do not want all my contacts in my skype account anyways. It was really easy to use before but now it is not easy. When you want to close your account they are not closing it immediately!! I have to wait 60 days???!! Really?? For what reason?? Why!?? What happens to my contacts there in 60 days? I really am tired from the internet world long time ago because we have no privacy anymore but skype was the last thing that I trusted but not anymore. I am closing my account that I am using it for years like FaceBook. I am tired! I experienced lots of big businesses disappear in years. I think in the future the next will be skype... Sad very sad!!
I wish I didn’t have to use it
by Adriana04 on 2019/10/09 15:07
This is probably the only social app that actually ruins relationships instead of bringing people closer like it was originally designed to. Why is there no way to turn off showing my status and when I am online? All other apps got away with that by now. Choosing to stay ‘invisible’ just doesn’t work and the app automatically shows me online at random times, like when it’s 4am in the morning for me and I am sleeping! And my contacts from other parts of the world think I am online and start calling me and then it looks like I am ignoring their calls. And when I am on a call, it also shows me as online and other people start calling and then think I am just ignoring them. I am tired of apologizing for nothing. The only solution I found is to sign out all the time but then I miss the messages I get. It just doesn’t have to be this complicated. I really wish I didn’t have to use it but some of my older contacts still use it so I’ll wait it out.
Skype calls
by 38 K on 2019/06/01 04:33
My family and I live in different countries and use Skype for calls regularly. I also use a Skype phone number that they can call me on. I get annoyed with the app when I go to make a call to their land line and it gives me a drop down menu choice each time that says “Skype credit” or “get Skype credit”. If I go to redial, it reverses the order of these on the drop down menu so you must be extra careful that you don’t hit the wrong button to pay to get more credit if you don’t need it then. I wish it was the same each time- please make it simple. It’s annoying!!! Other than that issue , I find it to work fine and quality of the calls via the land lines or video is usually good. It’s a great way to be able to stay in touch.
by EknineEd1385 on 2018/03/03 09:18
Long time user of Skype here. As stated already, the UI is horribly unintuitive and difficult to navigate. Nothing about it is organized properly. But aside from all of that, the one major feature that annoys the absolute hell out of me is the fact that the power button sometimes ends the call. I’m left unable to turn off my phone’s screen unless I wait for it to time out on it’s own. Even if I’m in a completely different app, it STILL causes Skype calls to end when I push the power button. It simply should not do this, I’m more than capable of choosing one of the more conventional methods of ending calls, such as the “end call” button on screen. The other thing is, it DOESN’T always do this. Sometimes it simply turns of my phone’s screen as it should. It makes no sense. This is very frustrating, please consider revising this.
It’s better than I expected 👍
by KiddissKat on 2019/09/11 01:18
I have known about Skype for many years, but refused to use it because I don’t do video chats. Now that I know that I can do voice-only chats, I use it all the time to talk with friends in other countries. In just this last year, I have met some great people who have become great friends ~ but some live in Europe. There is no way I’m upgrading my cell phone to make calls to Europe $$$ LOL One close friend talked me into using the Skype audio-only chat, and it’s FANTASTIC! We can talk almost any time we wish, all for free! And I can reconnect with my friends in Canada, as well. I can’t say that it is 100% reliable; I have one or two calls a week that just don’t work (one end can’t hear the other), but it’s maybe 1 out of 10 calls that have that problem. It’s usually remedied by hanging up &amp; starting a new call. That really quite amazing for free calls to Europe! Thank you, Skype Team, for providing a free phone service for in-country and international calls. And thank you for making the voice-only chat option 😊 You&#39;ve allowed me to hear the voices of friends who have become quite dear to me, without making me go broke LOL 💖 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Skype: No Longer True to the Original Purpose.
by Dana Ervin on 2018/08/06 02:50
I have been involved in a long-distance relationship for nearly two years now, and in the beginning Skype was a saving grace. However, throughout my relationship, Skype has become more and more of a nuisance with their new features and how they push them. I wish they would stop trying to be Snapchat with their new “Highlights” feature. If I wanted to use Snapchat or Instagram like features- I would use Snapchat or Instagram. My partner and I have recently switched to Discord. Not only can we text, voice call, and video call; but we have organized our own server with different channels to discuss/post our schedules and videos/photos of vacations we have taken together. Due to the level of organization we can achieve with Discord, we will possibly never switch back to Skype.
Full of bugs
by Anyabagui on 2019/05/13 09:41
Iconic app, million people cant say no to it. But why everything that Microsoft touches becomes buggy and impossible to use? It was never ideal and perfect, but it WORKED. Now, you cannot rely on it. Feature that i use a lot is calling city numbers through skype. Adding credits since microsoft bought the app is a nightmare. The purchase goes through but credit might not show up forever. Trying to make a call, singing out and in , all the things that google suggest - nothing works. It used to be instant. Quality of calls and skyoe video chats went down as well. UX is so bad that it feels that the designers were pursuing the goal to irritate you . The ux used to be much better. Please hire young people for the next update, it feels like 50+ y.old had a final saying on how things should be . Stop that, you running the app into the ground .
Don’t join social video chats, rise above them!
by Manukaiuli on 2018/03/22 06:23
I would easily have given you 5 stars, but all the emojis and filters are so unnecessary! I would like to see you guys put your efforts into making your service work flawlessly, rather than adding all the silly little frills—leave that to Snapchat, Instagram and the social playground apps. Just provide a rock solid, dependable, user friendly video call service! Instead of striving to keep up with all the other social venues out there, strive to rise above and be the best. Be the ONE people use for those really important video calls where every minute must be dependably perfect—such as the call we are expecting from our son’s out of state doctor. Our son can’t travel 400 miles, so we depend on video call Dr. appointments. Be the best!
Needs fixing
by Bulbagirl on 2019/02/02 17:26
I use Skype everyday to text and call my boyfriend since we have a long distance relationship. During texting the keyboard sometimes goes over the message area and I can’t see what I’m texting. Sometimes the whole screen glitches and goes upside down. Messages don’t always send right away as well. Don’t always get notifications of new messages. Sometimes the whole screen goes black and closes out or stays black for a while. When we call the quality isn’t well, very block like. Loses signal a lot or randomly ends calls. Sometimes he doesn’t even get my calls. Freezes once in a while. If these things could be fixed that would be wonderful. Update: lately I’ve been getting NO notifications. All the switches for notifications are turned on in the app and in my notification settings.. it’s very irritating since I miss messages, constantly opening my phone to see a reply, and reply to them late.
Good but recent problems
by CaliforniaTraveler2019 on 2019/09/16 01:03
Used Skype for more than 15 years, and was getting better and better, until recently there is a problem when trying to turn in Speaker after receiving a call. Then new user interface has a time delay when in a call so one must touch screen and then the speaker icon quickly appears but does not allow to be pressed! It sometimes needs to be pressed more than 10 times to be activated and this can take a few minutes of waiting for you and the person calling. This problem does not exist on any other apps. I hope Skype fixes this, if they do I will write another review because I like many things about Skype, especially the black theme and user ID instead of phone number login.
Status seldom indicates “Active”
by Nana@51 on 2019/02/19 19:56
This happens nearly everyday. I go to chat, and the receiving end “Status” indicates that they haven’t been seen for days. Even though I may have just messaged back and forth an hour ago. But that’s not all! That person doesn’t get my messages at all. He checks his laptop skype, his Apple iPad skype, and his iPhone skype. Most of the time, he won’t see any messages. Then suddenly! He will get all the messages on his phone. But not every time. He logs off on all devices, then back on. He restarts all of his devices. Sometimes the status turns to “Active” and he begins to receive messages, other times, not. What is going on with this app? I find it very frustrating messaging by myself for a length of time with no response. Having to go into email and write a message that way. It’s ridiculous!
by SSBebe on 2019/02/08 18:41
Skype has been a lifesaver for me. I a civilian on orders internationally and when I got a new phone number realized I couldn’t make any U.S. calls. That was a problem as most of those calls were to 800 numbers for various bills and other issues. Not to mention being able to call my grandma and one friend who is still determined to own a flip phone. I have only used it maybe a dozen times but it saved me being able to make those calls. So far so good. Not to mention half of the U.S. stuff like credit cards require a phone number for online access. I can at least give them my Skype number as for some reason they haven’t figured out how to allow international numbers.
Great for cell to land line calls
by NenaCH on 2019/12/05 14:41
I have used Skype for over 15 years and it has improved a lot. However, it is not always reliable if the connection slows down. Most times it works well and because I use it from my internet enabled cell phone to a land line, the prices are way much cheaper than any cell phone service around the world! One thing I really do not understand is the ringing when you are placing a call: sometimes it rings like a phone and sometimes it has a music ring and it is hard to understand if the system made or not the connection as sometimes the call goes through and other it does not! Overall a very good alternative to any other system for a cell to land line call!
Awful. Microsoft did you even try?
by opinionsaremyown on 2018/06/17 16:49
The service of Skype is great, however the iPhone app is awful. It’s as if Microsoft didn’t even try. A first time developer could make a better app, there is no excuse for this from a billion dollar company. Everything, and I mean everything, is slow. Trying to search contacts or the call history is slower than the first PC. It’s actually faster to go to my iPhone contacts copy a phone number and then paste it in Skype instead of searching for a contact. Even finding someone in your recent call history takes forever. The app is also extremely buggy. Sometimes it shows the call connected, but either person can hear anything. Try using Bluetooth earphones/mic and the problem happens regularly. Also, navigating this app is horrible. Did anyone at Microsoft think this through at all? The nightmare which is “chats” needs to go. Microsoft for such a great service (Skype) you somehow managed to find a way to ruin it with this app, especially on the iPhone. With WhatsApp and FaceTime being so easy to use, why would you release such garbage? Please start over, and create an app that actually functions properly, with normal speed, and a simple interface. Long time Microsoft fan here doing a major face smack and head shake because of this app. Come on, get it together already.
Barely useful now for me
by Al707 on 2018/03/05 00:58
Yes, I can make a call, yes I have a Skype number, but the single feature that made Skype worth it for me was ‘Auto Answer’. You could have Skype auto answer, and decide who it would auto answer to. This allowed me to connect with home, video or audio, without the need for someone to answer. A very useful feature. Now Skype is a big ho him, voip, ok, just another phone thing. I’m not sure I have a compelling use for it anymore. I hope they reconsider a very bad decision, and stop giving us less features. It was a wonderful, useful program, now ..... not so much. If I keep it, I’ll go back to the free stuff. No point in paying for fair to mediocre. Did I mention the new interface makes little or no sense? I wonder who was able to come up with so many poor concepts, and produce something so inferior to the original version. And why?
Call to Nigeria
by Husky0103 on 2018/07/11 15:36
Voice call with recipient in Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria. Due to broadband limitations on the receiving end this call was quickly switched from video to voice only, although it began in video mode successfully. In this mode it went forward with a clear connection and with essentially no delay. It’d be hard to classify quality as anything but excellent. I’d prefer to be able to route the conversation through the speaker function on this iPhone 8, and still have the use of my Bluetooth connected hearing aids, which may be as simple as disabling Bluetooth prior to initiating the call. This would allow others on my side to hear the responses from the called end.
I'm not going to repeat what others have said
by Tech_M on 2018/04/26 02:41
*Old issues* (unfixed, and will never be fixed, nobody likes it this way... but we got used to it) Every complaint people have been making about the &#34;new Skype&#34; changed being over complicated and lacking useful features it used to have I completely agree with, in fact I&#39;m sure you&#39;ve heard of many times.... however it&#39;s been almost half a year now since the changes happened, and a large majority of these problems haven&#39;t been fixed, and I know they won&#39;t be. A problem that I will say that might be fixed is that when I create a poll using Skype a built in pole features, I seem to be the only one who can use it, and only in the chat it was created in. Seriously though, Microsoft has slowly been making Skype worse and worse ever since they bought it.
Satisfying performance, comments on interface
by qquintt on 2018/04/11 16:04
This version of Skype has performed very very reliably for me for my needs, which include international collaborations and making travel arrangements in distant countries. I personally find the current user interface to lack some of the design clarity of the original versions. I have trouble finding out where to click to get desired contact info, and find myself staring to locate the dial pad at times — all those things used to be large and evident, and now the screen seems dominated by graphic schemed art instead of the rudimentary functions that one uses the MOST. Need better usage-priority oriented design and layout.
by laya. on 2019/05/22 04:11
OMG. this is so frustrating at this point. skype was such a comfortable app that I have been using on desktop and phone. Desktop is fine, but suddenly on mobile (maybe 2 months ago), every time I switch apps after having turned my camera on during call, the camera will come on temporarily when I come back to the app and shut off after about 8seconds. The only solution is ending the call and starting again. This is so inconvenient and if the other party is sleeping or away from the phone they can’t even pick up the call. I wish this problem would be fixed. I wish all of these apps would realize when they’re ahead and just stop changing everything. Skype is plenty comfortable the way it is, and with every update it’s becoming less and less convenient. Please fix this problem.
If you are listening, stop doing what you are doing
by Codaylllll on 2018/04/27 16:55
Unfortunately, due to discord becoming incredibly better than Skype these last few months, the problem isn&#39;t the the GUI, and, settings change and the new layout, even though this is stupid and it should revert back to its normal state, the problem is Discord is just doing everything you do, but better. They don&#39;t change their layout drastically and whenever they make a pathetic update, they revert back because the community asked. They also own up to their mistakes. If you truly want to become a successful business again, revert to the original easy to use, not limited layout. And also... try to do BETTER than Discord. I know none of this will be listened to. But for anyone reading this. This would save Skype from becoming irrelevant and would at least keep some users from switching to the better service.
Terrible Experience! Sad!
by absurdistfiction on 2018/09/21 20:28
I signed up to help check my girlfriends internet connection for an important call. First, I have a Skype account but it said the account did not exist, nor did the phone number it was tied to. So I decided to use the phone number to create a new account and got an error message that the phone number was already linked to an account! So it is and isn’t linked to an account?? So after being stuck in a infinite loop of stupidity I used another number to create an account and while that worked it gave me a Skype name more absurd and scattered with letters and number than a Pynchon novel and guess what? You can’t change your Skype name unless you change the email! So I create a new email and you know what? The app won’t let me add that ridiculous thing. This app is a modernist Kafkaesque nightmare. Get it together Microsoft, no wonder you’ve failed in the consumer space. One Star.
Loved Skype...
by ETHANWEEGEE on 2018/06/04 16:56
If you asked me a year and a half ago what I thought of Skype, I’d tell you I loved it. I could text and call my friends and family, send pictures and files, and it was simple to do. The app didn’t try to be anything other than simple texting. Probably the best part was the desktop app. It ran outside of my browser, so my rather slow PC had a huge load lifted from it. Then the new update came. It was ugly and hard to use. The design was extremely bloated. You couldn’t see who was online without going into the chat. I was devastated because I loved Skype. I was content. It’s trying to be other apps and failing at every point. Worst of all; if you didn’t update, then they somehow found a way to break the old version AND the desktop version so that texts would be out of order and there were three emoji. So I had to switch. Fast forward to now, I’m using Google Hangouts. But, it’s not as great as Skype was. There is no desktop app. You can’t send files other than pictures. And it’s even more obscure than Skype was, so less people use it. I installed Skype hoping maybe they fixed the interface, reverted to the old and working, but neither has happened. Actually, they managed to make it worse by adding Cortana. Why? It was fine before, but it’s garbage now.
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