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igun Pro - The Original Gun application
"THE MOST EPIC APP EVER!!!" 5/5 - lolislife "Exquisitely Detailed and Animated" 5/5 -CooterConsumer "Best Firearm App On The Market!!!" 5/5 - Avocad0 Get the #1 Gun application Worldwide With Over 30 Million Downloads!!! igun Pro® lets you do everything from virtually reload, chamber, and fire your favorite guns, to learning about their history and specifications. From the amazing graphics to the smallest details and accuracy, you will not find a higher quality gun application on the AppStore. Features: • A huge library nearly 200 guns with more always being added. • Customizable gun wall. Lay your guns out how you want them, on the ever expanding gun wall. • Ultra-Realistic gun simulation including both motion blur and smoke • Customize your shooting experience with adjustable recoil, motion blur, and slow motion • See the full specifications sheet for each of the guns included in igun Pro® • Over 35 Updates already with no end in sight. New guns and features are always being added • Developers who are always listening for what you want next! Give us feedback on our facebook page at A Small Sample of guns Included in igun Pro: P90, UZI, Desert Eagle, MP5, M4, ACR, PPSh-41, M82A1 (Barret 50 Cal), Thomson, XD9 , AK-47, SVT 40, SAW, Browning Machine Gun, FN SCAR-H, GLOCK 18, M1 GARAND, M1911, MP40, AA-12 Automatic shotgun, ACR + Many More! We are up to nearly 200 guns Total! You'll find many guns that you may find in your own personal gun collection, and many military firearms found in games such as call of duty: black Ops, call of duty black Ops 2, call of duty Ghosts, battlefield 2, and battlefield 3! Don't see a gun from your favorite game? Go to our facebook page and request it at igun Pro is a registered trademark of crimson moon entertainment LLC. The igun Pro logo, crimson moon entertainment, and the crimson moon entertainment logo are all trademarks of crimson moon entertainment LLC and may not be used without explicit written permission. call of duty, call of duty black black ops, call of duty Ghosts, battlefield 2 and battlefield 3 are trademarks of their respective owners and are in no way affiliated with crimson moon entertainment LLC.
by saratatertot on 2015/03/31 01:42
Yass this is 5 stars I wish I could give more!!!
by The man that is in love on 2015/03/30 13:58
U can have the real expression if u had that gun and u can learn
by Arfthebarfsnarfer on 2015/03/30 04:06
by Bruce the goose 5475 on 2015/03/28 18:06
It's pretty cool but I think we should get all the guns for free.
Muito bom
by Correia1 on 2015/03/26 18:57
Um Maravilha sem nenhum stress o aplicativo tem nota 10
by Lsu_lance on 2015/03/24 23:18
It is awseome
Amazing (better than Spider-Man)
by Pickleswes on 2015/03/22 05:24
This is one of the coolest apps and here's something to try with your kid take a nerf gun and glue a phone case to it and so you can attach your phone, then put the settings on shoot when shaken and jerk the gun so that it will fire : ) but this is my new favorite app
by ITSWHITE on 2015/03/15 05:37
i already like this app
by Joshua_lam on 2015/03/14 02:09
All and all, good app:)
by Jay/minecraft on 2015/03/08 18:42
Its awsome😺
A Review
by RandomGuy580 on 2015/03/05 09:32
This is an app for the iPhone
decent gun mechanics but...
by Jetski42020 on 2015/02/22 22:54
dude ok I have the pro edition so why are you telling me to upgrade to pro edition (like an ad & happens a lot). also that send you emails setting in options won't stay off (it's on the next time you start app).
by Emma Shahbaghyan😋 on 2015/02/22 16:01
It's fun to use and prank people with this app. I really recommend it.
My brother had it
by Matt tree on 2015/02/21 15:44
My brother had this and it was a troll
by IMSOPERF💁 on 2015/02/20 00:29
Such a fun and cool game!!!!!
by Timotree1000 on 2015/02/19 19:28
Wish prices were none that bad though
Awesome but...
by Eggilishis on 2015/02/19 07:23
This is a awesome game, but the only thing I wish was there was objectives like example, shoot 100 round of that sertin gun. Also I wish u can get more coins then just 10 a day?? It should be more like 10 every 2 hours. But that's only my suggestins thanks, great game!
by GUNBOY72603 on 2015/02/19 00:12
This game is so cool, u should really get this! It has awesome graphics and cool gun types and guns back from the 40's! 1 thing i hope crimson moon does is add muzzleloaders to the game, although the reload might take a while, PLEASE ADD. This deserves a 5 star rate. Again, please add muzzleloaders!😜😏😄 -GUNBOY72603
Get it
by Max Dydynski on 2015/02/17 19:50
by Wyattm27 on 2015/02/16 19:40
Go back every day for 10 coins most guns about 80 coins tons of guns skins and equipment realistic and fun gets old after a year or so but its free so whatever has very few ads and pop ups medium download time overall good but I wish u could make guns
by Coby Anderson on 2015/02/15 21:49
I love this game!!!!! you should add a Wild West weapons pack including cattleman single action revolvers, shotguns, lever actions and rifles. other than that hands down this is a great game!
Good app
by Tyler Capriatti on 2015/02/14 22:32
I like it a lot 6 star it dizeves
This app is complete crap
by Bruce Wayne 01 on 2015/02/14 17:34
It's consistently lagging and it won't turn on the auto shooting
Gun pro
by Dsfchxjcfgv on 2015/02/13 03:58
It's good but…
by Legendaryshot on 2015/02/11 15:40
I can't buy guns or earn coins what's going on I tried redownload the app and it didn't work please help
Cool app
by Non rate on 2015/02/09 23:28
This app is cool but the annoying thing is that every time I use the app the all of the achievement keep popping up and some of the guns glitch when I try to reload
Gun idea
by Spitting Cobra on 2015/02/08 06:17
Add the Swiss Solothurn s-18/1000 20mm Personally my most daughter after gun
Quigly down under
by Mathew quigly on 2015/02/08 00:30
Thank you for adding sharp rifle but can you put double set triggers and be able to look through the vomit sight when you don't and whant to and be able to adjust the sight
by BoBo Number 1 on 2015/02/07 17:40
Awesome game
by Fat happy Mexican on 2015/02/06 18:47
It won't let me earn any coins. I'm just been stuck at 35 for the past 4 days. It's getting annoying.
Started a school shooting
by Grin killer on 2015/02/06 18:03
I used the app to start a school shooting, everyone laughed at me when I was using the ACR, but I upgraded too the minigun and I was the last one too laugh. Great app 10/10 would start a school shooting again.
by Dgonvle on 2015/02/03 06:17
It fun
Great app
by Random person that rates stuff on 2015/02/01 15:39
Everything is great get the app
Cool guns
by King jj1212 on 2015/02/01 04:55
A lot of fun
by Aidan Oliva on 2015/01/31 22:07
I like how people can earn coins instead of buying them
Good, fun app
by Stephengoetz on 2015/01/31 04:39
Cool guns, sounds, and flash effects too! Coolest app on my phone so far. Free and doesn't hound u with ads or beg for cash.
A good game
by Elpoko on 2015/01/29 01:47
Igun pro hd is a highly customizable gun game and it is essentials fun to buy guns paint and paint them before I entered reset mode I had several good guns like the RPGS and the miniguns
Fun to play
by Fiery doom (I'm a girl) on 2015/01/28 21:29
I believe the game is wonderful and I enjoy it a lot and I also would like some flame throwers please
by BalisTic_gaMinG on 2015/01/27 14:26
Won't let me fire after reloading
by testicle shredder on 2015/01/26 02:03
i think you should add flamethrowers to your app if. you did i would appreciate it very much
by Gfnidd iddjiu on 2015/01/25 15:42
Simply A Great App
Igun pro
by Michael discher on 2015/01/24 17:17
by RyanJacob on 2015/01/22 00:52
It did not let me get it by not downloading
by Ghostdaddy9502 on 2015/01/21 21:52
Very cool app
Can't stop
by Fallout 5858 on 2015/01/15 17:16
I can't stop shooting
Takes to long
by JonnyTheSmartguy on 2015/01/14 16:24
I don't want to unlock all the guns, it's takes to long, I'd rather buy them all for 2.99
by 1D lover227 on 2015/01/14 06:22
During class our teacher let us use our phones. 🔫Sombody had this app and was pretend shooting people!🔫 she got suspended!🔫
by Skydaman on 2015/01/13 13:10
A little slow but is still cool
Very good features
by beyondandthrough on 2015/01/13 12:41
This app happens to be a very polished gun shooting app. With a wide assortment of guns a variety of customization, and great sound, this app is a must have for any gun shooter. That is, on the AppStore. Great app!
by Rue_gravaty on 2015/01/11 17:41
This Is the best game of ever
Awesome game
by Tyler Dewolfe on 2015/01/08 03:39
Love it
Great Gun Collecting Game
by The Silvershadow on 2015/01/06 23:34
It has a lot of guns/skins to collect
Love this app
by Ritah_Sua75 on 2015/01/04 21:02
This app is tight I like it
I love this game!!!!!!!
by Blablallllllllll on 2015/01/04 07:21
It doesn't get much better than this.
Greatest App Ever!!!
by Dougie1802 on 2015/01/02 20:26
It can teach you how to shoot a gun and hopefully, it can help me with undercover cop training
Pretty good 👍👎
by Coolman 10 on 2015/01/02 15:55
I really like this app. It's pretty fun to use. It has some ups and downs though. I'll start with the's easy 3. The game has really good graphics and it sounds real 4. You get free guns at start. The downs are 1. The guns cost a lot 2. The videos say they give you free coins, but they don't 3. The skins for the guns cost a lot too. I really recommend you to get this game. It is really good. Submitted by: Coolman 10
Gun or naw
by Tussle bro 289 on 2014/12/31 23:11
This app is really fun to prank people with
by Mitchelldhausman on 2014/12/31 21:22
I love it. Great app
App review
by Bmax46 on 2014/12/31 16:41
A great app for guns through out history but coins come slowly
Awesome app
by Kekeolivo on 2014/12/31 06:46
This game is awesome I always like to play with my brothers with it In the dark because the light glows.also I like how many guns there are this app is cool or should I say awesome. :)
by Hgjghbyhdfcbkgdjgcvj on 2014/12/31 04:45
You should have a m16a4 and replace the swam with a l115 sniper.
Best game ever
by Kieron smith is cool on 2014/12/30 15:47
I love this game they have some very cool 🔫 I wish they had 💣
Great app 😚
by BeccaBradley🎶🎤 on 2014/12/30 03:27
I love this app 🔫
by 61Espo on 2014/12/30 02:31
This app is THE BEST THERE IS!!! Enough said!! For some of you that complain about the coins.... BUY SOME!! They are cheap!! What do you want ?? Everything for free!!?? GET IT NOW!!!
Great app!
by xXCreepy⚡CreepersXx on 2014/12/29 02:09
I love this app; it's fun to just let loose and shoot an off-screen target. :-)
Stupid game
by Alexds3 on 2014/12/26 16:26
This is a Dome game and i am not going to put a star
by Jacob D J on 2014/12/26 03:01
Swellswellswell swell swell swell Swellswellswell swell swell swellSwellswellswell swell swell Swellswellswell swell swell swellswelSwellswellswell swell swell swelll
Revolutionary war
by YUNGFIEND on 2014/12/25 02:52
This app is great and I have a whole collection of guns but it would be better if there were guns from the revolutionary war such as the musket and others
I found it pretty useless.
by gittenlucky on 2014/12/21 17:00
So I found 3 "igunpro" apps and they all appear to be the same thing. There are several guns available to choose from and you can get others by buying coins or doing things like logging in every day. Basically you can take the gun of the wall and "fire" it. The animation and rendering of the guns is nice, but I found it boring after a few shots. There is also a bit of info about each gun, but it is tedious to navigate through.
I gun pro review
by Hdjdjdjq on 2014/12/21 02:07
Best game ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:):):):):$:$:$:$:$:$:$:$:$:)$:&&@@@""-$257&43&3$!,,! CBC ndhijDJDJUEJDUDJEHXUDihgwhw
Gun Suggestions
by GunFan#1 on 2014/12/19 21:50
Here are a few future weapon suggestions: -Smith and Wesson Governor -Mosin Nagant M44 -Type 56-1 -Smith and Wesson M&P -AK-103
by Vidton bod fee on 2014/12/19 17:37
Make challenges for money on the gun
by M1ch241 on 2014/12/17 00:32
Best gun app out there but there should be a bigger payout
by Deer hunter Ike on 2014/12/15 18:53
This app is spot on not as much high prices as other apps
by Tiki chiki on 2014/12/13 19:33
Great get it
I like it but just one thing
by Meephugs on 2014/12/12 19:11
How do u get coins
This is a great game
by Crazy crazy wako 44653 on 2014/12/11 17:20
This is a great game but u might wona consiter lowering some of the prises
I love this app but the my sound doesn't work it only does if I put it on Bluetooth
by immaboy1 on 2014/12/10 00:53
I love it!
by PartyPanda76 on 2014/12/09 12:42
I like it a lot because if you don't like gun app and it has too many things to buy you can just get this and you get coins everyday. Keep up the good work!
by Cooliocats on 2014/12/07 20:55
I love the app its great. I was just wondering if you guys could put the Beowulf 50 cal assault rifle in the game
Very good
by Trumbone on 2014/12/03 13:50
Very good but crashes sum
Good app
by (Sstork42( on 2014/12/03 00:58
If you love guns you should really get this app there's good graphics and I think the slow motion icon is sweet
by 👗👠👙😃😒😡 on 2014/12/01 22:55
I love the to try to beat people at how many shots I have taken. Overall great game
Good but…
by Lone_Reviewer on 2014/12/01 11:55
The app is great, there is just one problem. Every time I go to play the app it crashes. I go to the area where it is, I click to open it, then it crashes. I was wondering if you could fix that problem in the next update.
by Chancenator on 2014/11/30 16:24
This game is really fun I like to role play with my friends
by AMJTHEBEAST on 2014/11/30 05:15
I love the flashlight option, it brings a bit of reality to the effects
by Unkown323 on 2014/11/29 16:38
Every time I try on earn free Coins, I did a survey that was worth 300 coins, and I did it,and I never got my coins,
by Ricky Rick rich on 2014/11/28 14:58
It is really fun for littler children.
by ILILILUSIONZ on 2014/11/28 14:07
Full auto doesn't work and you can't get anything without buying coins.
Good but.....
by Epic guy :D on 2014/11/27 23:07
The menu needs to be moved when you are shooting a gun the way you actually shoot without taping the screen then a 5 it's a good Also lately shooting calibration has turned weapons upside down and if there are (Numbers/Letters) phonts on a gun and you turn your device upside down the phont will not switch Use ppk as example and test my conclusions as to this current update
by Fhgsfhh on 2014/11/27 02:08
This game is pretty good, although it is rough from time to time. There are some things Crimson Moon could do to improve the game like add a shooting range or add attachments to guns. Overall the game is great, just needs a few improvements.
Update suggestions
by Blackhawk12006 on 2014/11/26 16:33
Add a shooting range, make more ways to get coins where you don't have to pay, and add free guns too
by Chris_amazing on 2014/11/26 07:21
Has all my favirote guns
Gun club
by Deathrow32 on 2014/11/25 23:31
I hate this game -_- it's the WORST thing ever invented whoever made this should be ASHAMED of themselves
So fun
by Chandler102400 on 2014/11/24 21:45
A must get
Pretty cool
by A Nancy Drew Fan on 2014/11/21 16:29
I like this app cuz you can make gun noises anytime you want without having to go "pew pew" and looking like a weirdo:) Pretty cool, even gives out free coins (just needs to give out more I think)
It's almost
by Bigboii32 on 2014/11/19 17:14
Itssss great
I love It
by Ijiuihugyfgyyg on 2014/11/16 00:10
I can play this outside
Great game
by Balleraob4 on 2014/11/15 02:32
Awesome game
My Fav Gun App
by Dissatified customer on 2011/08/05 19:42
At first i thought of this as an average app, it brought nothing really new to market of gun apps. Then, i would read the developer notes on the update that promised a customizable gun wall and a store. I thought that those things sounded good enough to keep the app on my ipod unlike some others that ive gotten rid of because they tend to bore me. Now that these changes have come, im very pleased with the app. The gun wall is EXACTLY what ive personally been looking for and the store thay includes both skins and new guns is a very nice touch that will keep me coming back. I hope to see more coming! If anybody is on the fence about the app, it is certainly well worth the money, not many other guns apps offer as much without demanding $5 for anything new. (Albeit you still need to need a way to earn enough coins to buy the new items. Hopefully a new coins eaening method will be implemented such as earning coins for firing and reloading the guns, or for just operating the app, like organizing the gun wall. I remember that money earning system being in some other app (cant quite remember the name now though) overall, please keep the updates and new items coming, the app is definetly going to keep me coming back now.
I used to love this app.
by Grtmglybgly on 2012/04/13 00:54
This was a really fun app until a few weeks ago. Then someone decided it should be synced to Facebook and it has sucked ever since. First, I lost everything. Two days later I recover some of the guns, then the rest of them. Then I recover most of my skins. I then foolishly apply the skins I already had on again. I'm thinking this is kind of a waste of time but not a big deal. Now it turns out that if I'm traveling and open the app in airplane mode, which means it doesn't connect to Facebook, it takes everything again and I lose a few more skins. Finally, I find out today, if you open it in a spot where your signal isn't strong enough to connect to Facebook you lose it all again. Does the app return it to you the way it was when it disappeared... No. Does it return all the missing weapons at the same time... No. Does it return the skins at the same time it returns the weapons the skin belongs on... No. Does it even return all the skins you had before you lost them without any warning... No. Has this update sucked all the fun out of the first app I ever downloaded... You bet it has. For the third time since this update I have some of the guns and none of the skins I had the day before. I know it may return some of these things again but I don't know if I care enough to spend another forty five minutes reloading and reapplying things to the way I already had them.
by Pacifica1165 on 2012/08/06 09:28
At this point, I'm not really sure what I think of the package idea that everyone is complaining about now. I do think that this is the best gun app out there. It has the most guns & is more interactive than others. Also it updates frequently, I remember those days when it used to have only like 10 guns. I have two other gun apps. One has me play a boring targeting "game" for hours just to earn enough coins to buy a gun which may cause my app to crash & then lose my new gun & my wasted coins. Another is like just bad photos of guns with really horrific animations. Compare to those two this app is great & I actually thought the daily coin bonus was generous compared to most apps out there, although I too sometimes wonder whether 10 is a bit too meager. Besides the package thingy, I have to ask, why does it seem like guns get uglier with each update -.- Like the AK47 was cooler when it was the modern-looking metallic kind not the old wooden kind. The Uzi & AA-12 got plainer idk if it's more realistic or not. & Ive seen the ACR degenerate over the many updates o.o.
Great app!! Makers of app read PLZ!! I have ideas!!
by Richyaranda on 2011/08/16 06:10
I defenitly think u guys did a great job on this app. I think that these features would make it better though..being able to change the direction of ur gun on the gun wall( like left rite up down), maybe being able to do target practice(aiming down the sights) but the app is good the way it is, attachments to make your gun look cool(scopes,under barrel, sights, different stocks etc), emblems(kinda like black ops), maybe adding more little details like actually seeing the trigger move when shootingsnd maybe the fire selector moving when you switch fire modes. It's the little details that help a lot too. And now for the gun would be cool if you guys could put a g36c, m14,L96, Galil, famas, makarov, m60,beretta m9(with 3shot burst or full auto) so basically a m93r, u can't go wrong with some revolvers,g3,skorpion,rpk perhaps,vector,mpl. Definitely take a look at call of duty...that's where a lot of people know their guns from. And keep up the good work and updates.
What could have been...
by Jame855 on 2011/10/26 23:00
This app will always be a classic,for reasons i dont understand. but due to it's just lazily animated movements and no real point or game and lackluster variety of guns which all are pretty much the same and refuse to act differently at all this game will always be a vision of what could have been. With just a few basic improvements this could have been one of the best games on the iphone. And don't expect to get a better variety than lite just because you paid for it! Oh no. Besides having two or three more guns the majority of guns must be bought individually. So really you are paying for the option of spending more money. And did they put time into making new guns available for purchase? No they wasted time makibg skins? Wouls you rather have a new car or the same car with a paint job? The makers of this game couldnt answer that. But if you are looking for a semblance of real gun experience, dont look here. If you are a experienced gun user who wants a little toy, also dont look here. The only thing this is really good for is a annoying noise maker that has wikis on 20 guns that you could find more updated versions of online. The only reason i ever got it was when it was app of the day free.
Very Cool App
by Karp52 on 2011/08/28 12:32
Awesome application. Can't wait for some new guns. A few suggestions, though. Put a note somewhere on the app that you can access the Options screen directly from the "firing" screen by tapping the top of the "firing" screen. I kept having to go back to the gun wall (by pressing the "i" in the top right corner of the "firing" screen) and re-selecting my weapon in order to get to the Options screen to change the settings for my weapon before I discovered this short-cut. Next, in order to increase the realism, when reloading a pistol or other gun that has a clip, fix the app so that all clip-fed guns have the clips come out when reloading and that the clip is empty. A few guns don't drop the clip when reloading, and the ones that do drop the clip still have visible ammo in them. Also let the user know that some guns have to be initially chambered before firing. These changes will greatly enhance the overall playability and realism of the application. Again, though, awesome app!
Igun pro= greatest app on the Touch
by Chris "Pluto" on 2010/02/07 03:47
Okay nice app, love it. I do however wish you'd add a shotgun, here me out on this; sure ishoty and those apps have them but your sound is so realistic and I'd like to see what you could do with one, the pump feature isn't necessarily needed; my grandfather has a 12 guage that's semi-automatic. It'd be a sweet addition to a five star app. And also maybe add some animation that shows how each gun reloads because you have the recoil blur and smoke at the end of the barrel which was pretty cool. My brother says you should add some kind of explosive and I said that'd be pretty interesting because (Once again) your sound quality is amazing. To say the least the Scar sounds like another rifle in the distance and the other guns are closer and that was a good move. I know someone could easily use those sounds for a movie because of the clairity. So in short form 5 out of 5, 10 out of 10 whatever the scale it's the best app no question about it
by Tttttttttt vjbl dihojcgf on 2012/11/10 19:36
You guys need to fix some the MP40, ACR, FN P90, and the M4A1. In the updates, you changed some gun shapes, and not all the skins were changed. They're still the old shape. THIS ACTUALLY MAKES ME REALLY MAD. Because I'm trying to get all the arctic skins, but the ACR's is still the original shape. I'm not giving 5 stars until this is fixed. And if it's not fixed in the next update, you get 2 stars. I'm not kidding. Anyway, I'd like to also see attachments, any guns with tactical rails can use them, and there could even be an attachments shop that has stuff like silencers, scopes, knives (for guns), grenade launchers, stuff like that. Also, how about a Paintball gun? lol, also, an RPG-7. And other missile launchers! That'd be cool...and bombs like hand grenades, flash bangs, C4, stuff like that. And also, a blackout skin for the Grizzly Big Boar. And also, last thing, an option to remove the flash when you shoot a gun? Not sure if it's just me, but I usually wake up at 5 AM, and first thing I do is play this app, and the flash from the gun blinds me. Lol that's all. Thanks for reading, bye!
iGun Pro
by Tom0001 on 2010/05/14 01:01
Let me begin by saying that this is one of the biggest surprises for me. Before I got this app, I thought it would be a waste if money. I can't explain it, but sometimes you just get an itch to empty an AK-47 into your wall. this app is the cure for that itch, without all the collateral damage. Definitly worth it. David: If you are determined to stick to your guns, ignore the rest of this review. If not, please add the LPO-50 flamethrower, the IRA nail bomb, the SWAT shock- wave, the Spetsnaz ballistic knife, the dragunov rifle, the moletov cocktail, the blunderbuss, the webley revolver,the rail gun and the flintlock pistol. UPDATE: David, regarding your ideas for the next update; to make the most of interactivity, I believe the Webley Revolver to be the best candidate for the next interactive handgun. I think that the 3d main menu is a great idea, maybe a room with some guns on a long table, and some on the walls. And finally, I also approve of customizable guns, as long as it stays classy. Peace out.
Needs to fix animation on some guns --very important-
by takumatacticalcorp on 2010/07/04 03:22
The AK47 you have is a reversed AK47, so the bolt/ejection port is facing you, meaning the brass would be ejected from that side, but your animation has the casings flying from the other side of the gun, which does not have a bolt and ejection port. You should change the image to a correct AK47 with the ejection port on the other side (including the selector of the gun). The sound of the AK47 is also too soft in my opinion. The Barret M82A1 also suffers the same thing. The image used has the ejection port on the left side of the gun when the real gun should be on the right side. And your brass is flying out from the opposite side when there is no bolt or ejection port on that side. Same issues as the AK47, I suggest you get the right image to use. Also the smoke should be more fast and positioned right above the barrel. Great app but you just need to fine tune some areas.
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Awesome App
by G Funk 420 on 2011/11/26 02:09
iGun is an awesome gun app. It runs smooth without any trouble. It has a huge wealth of information about each gun. There are also lots of different skins that you can apply to the guns to give them a custom look, personalized to your style. You can purchase coins to unlock new guns and skins, or you can earn free coins in the app. They really did a great job with all the sounds as well. I hook my iphone to the deck in my car and it plays the sounds through the system in my car. The sound of the shots being fired comming from my 1200W 15 inch sub is amazing. It sounds just like the real thing. I have even scared friends into thinking that I was doing a drive by on them. Note, pretending to do a drive by is dangerous and not recomended to anyone lest you get fired back upon with real guns. So please dont pretend to do drivd by's, and if you do, you do so at your own risk.
Awesome, here are some suggestions...
by Glenwing on 2011/07/20 09:26
I like the new shop. Once again though I think that the text effects where the letters break apart and fly away is too flashy. The menu interface seems really slow because of all these effects. For example when I switch between Guns and Skins, I have to wait like 3 whole seconds just for the effects on the menu to play out. I'd prefer just a little more quick and simple fade-out, fade-in sort of thing. In fact I think all the menus are more flashy then they ought to be. The long "you just earned 20 coins animation" when you start up the app is painfully drawn-out and is starting to get annoying. It would be fine if you could tap to skip, or it would be even better if it was just a quick popup or something a little less cumbersome. I just want to fire my guns :D
by Bigboi2144 on 2012/06/20 01:57
Overall, I find the app interesting and fun. But the coin system feels restricting and there is a lack of an interactive feel, maybe more moving parts? Also I've noticed a bit of a lack in sound quality, try to make it a bit more realistic! I also miss the ability to spam the trigger, could you bring that back in a different mode? Explosives would be fun, hand grenades etc. maybe some cool weapon attachments, like grenade launchers, master keys, corner shots, silencers, flash suppressors, laser sights, scopes, stuff like that. Different ammo types/ options, like 38 specials for a .357! Maybe even add a virtual gun range to step things up a bit. All of these suggestions would definetly make me play more. I sincerely hope you consider taking on these tasks for a better, more fun, and even more educational app. PS. Keep up the good work on your information about the guns, I love that.
by Bravo Six on 2010/05/09 15:55
This app is awsome. However you "app raters" need to stop ripping each other. Just because a gun was in a video game doesn't mean it's crap, and at least they are getting interested in the gun industry. Second if you really want call of duty guns there is an mw2 gun app. It only has rifles but it is a very good app. David, I would agree that you should go the rout of the gun builder app. It brings a whole new dimension to the gun app, and it is vey entertaining. Your app is still the best gun app, but I do believe you could haul in many more customers if your app was customizable, and if it were you would have thousands of possible combanations, and I believe you would see a drastic increase in sales even with your already booming buisness. I know I would be willing to pay for that kind of update and I am sure I am not alone in that regard. Thanks
Very Good
by mkoso007 on 2011/07/20 05:45
This app is amazing! To all the people who want more guns and attachments, well they're most likely going to add that in the near future. I personally have no complaints except for the sound of the AK and the M1911's. I really hope the maker fix their sounds because the M1911's sound sounds too weak for a 45 caliber pistol. And the AK's sound, well it just doesn't sound like an AK. Its sound has prevented me from buying the camo for it because I just don't enjoy shooting it. I, instead, bought the camo for that Czech assault rifle that looks like an AK47. I really hope the makers fix the sounds of these legendary guns. Other than this, the app is just the best. I don't want to ask for any additions to the app because I know that they will add it sooner or later. P.S. I really enjoy the new Czech rifle and its Blackout camo.
by on 2012/04/01 22:55
This gun app is one of the best out there. What it lacks in complex reload/firing animations in more than makes up for in its sheer customizability. In the store you can buy (with coins earned simply by using the app each day) either new guns or many different camos for each gun. You can also tweak a host of settings that vary for each gun. While it is not quite interactive and smooth enough to uproot Gun Club 2's throne, it is a genuine competitor based upon a combination of its graphics quality, currency system, customizability and versatility. Additionally, iGunPro is more open to suggestions from its users than literally any other app in the store. Virtually any and all bugs it may have had or that it has now have either already been fixed or will be in the near future. For these reasons and more, this gun app receives a solid, well-deserved four stars. Bravo. -Bullet Reviews
It's good but.
by Bullheadd on 2013/07/09 07:24
This is not the best gun simulator, by far. There is a gun simulator that actually lets you perform the whole reload sequence, from taking the mag out to loading a bullet from your new mag, then the graphics in that app are crispy clean. Then it has the real sound for each gun, then you can customize that gun like a real soldier(laser, flashlight, optics etc).In this app you can just touch anywhere on the screen and you fired a bullet, our touch any part of the screen to load a bullet which is very unrealistic. This app may have more guns, but a skinny dude with the boldness of a male lion is tougher than a big bulky dude with a brain of a mustard seed. Also this app does not let you customize any gun what so ever but just the camo -______- very boring. Now tell me that this is the best gun sim every. Oh and one more thing, that app, gun club 2, is about to get a sequence which will be the most talked about app every in the whole world >:).
Well done.
by Buddy Lum on 2011/11/09 09:49
Could be my favorite gun app out there. I never expected the sort of updates they have been making. Adding new guns, skins, and earning coins are a great addition to keep you coming back. Some guns are missing the interactive "visual" pull back after entering each clip. Reloading can definitely be more interactive than pressing a reload button, or double tapping to reload. Sometimes my gun just chooses to "click" instead of firing. It becomes irritating, but none of this should subtract from using this gun app. You can trust that the people behind this application are always working to better their previous update, add more guns, and fix bugs. Better than most apps, I would say. Get the app now, before the in game gun store gets too crowded....too much guns? No way!
Igun pro
by Wolf489 on 2012/02/20 20:56
Once again, I would really like to think Crimson moon entertainment for adding a model 25, a C96, and especially a revolver! I would like to give them a big round of applause for putting so much effort into their first revolver. It's been a while when I was trying to find a revolver, but I think I found the perfect one. I also wish that you can create your own skin. For example, whenever you take a picture of a food or animal or find a picture in your photo gallery, you can customize that skin on the grip, the magazine/ drum, or the top like a Thompson that has sushi skin. For weapons, I suggest that they should have weapons like the 44 magnum, the PGSR1, the gatling gun, the colt .45, the stakeout, the USP .45, the SOCOM, the China Lake, the Buffalo Rifle, and weapons from video games like the patriot from metal gear solid.
An amazingly well-rounded gun app.
by Reed501 on 2011/12/03 20:44
Please stop putting these lame reviews that just say "lol cool more guns". Thought-through reviews that actually help people to buy the app get buried. So here's my REAL review: Includes everything as said, there should be no reason not to like this app. Perfectly priced, great system for adding new guns, and the skins are wonderful. Everyday you launch you are given free coins toward purchasing new guns and skins, or you can buy the coins if you would like. More guns and skins are added to the store idly via Internet, no update required! The stats and information include more than you would expect. The firing and details are incredible, from gun drop sounds, to smoke, and even recoil. All of it is even based on the accelerometer. All together, the best gun app on the app store.
by Shane Stachwick on 2014/03/31 23:53
Two things in this app combine to tick me off. First is the sound, which lags to no end. This is very apparent on fully automatic weapons, especially those with large ammunition capacities (M249 SAW) or extremely high rates of fire (Glock 18). There is really no way around this (unless you turn off the volume, but where's the fun in playing that way?). Second, the accelerometer doesn't work very well. I just ended up keeping it turned off and reloading by double-tapping at the bottom of the screen. Although you will need the accelerometer for a few GameCenter achievements ("Shaken, Not Stirred" and "Terminator"), they aren't an integral element of gameplay like the sound is. I'm keeping the app, but I wish the developers would publish a fix for these problems in the next update. Maybe if they do that they'll get 5 stars from me. Until then, I'm awarding them a grand total of 3.
Very reliable but 1 bug
by Masterfunky121213 on 2011/12/23 16:12
I have been using this app since there were only a few guns and only the gun wall, and really it has been a great app. The application had been working fine(and I have a 3gs on 4.3.5) until just this morning when I opened up the app to collect my 20 coins, it crashed just before the door opened, but persistent as I was I launched it again and still crashed. Several times later of trying to open it I try restarting and it does not solve the problem. I do not have knowledge of any server changes overnight that might have caused this but please fix as I use this app a lot to show my friends, check out the history of some new acquired guns and I like to act like a kid and shoot at stuff. So plaease fix this bug. Thank you.
People, people, people...
by Captin Price fan on 2010/01/22 03:05
For all you out there wanting david to put in all these reloding feature and attachments go buy IGun By vanial breez. They have those things becase they have tons of people working for them but David has created an app by him self that has better graphics and is a lot cheaper considering that you don't have to buy the attachments. I think the gun dictionary is a great idea but all these crazy hard anamations your asking him to do. STOP and be thankful he has given us a great app that is cheap to, the best of both Oh and well im at it STOP asking For all the COD4 and CODMW2 guns just because they are in a great video game doesn't mean the must be in the game and I'm a huge fan of the games that's saing this. some don't even actuly exist and others are 150 years old. :-)
iGun = Fun
by Le2pold on 2011/12/10 06:31
Great app, a lot of fun to mess around with, and a lot of added features now, like camouflage schemes for some of the weapons. I've had this app for almost two years and there have been some great updates. I believe this to be the best "gun app" out there, and there's even fairly accurate info that can be accessed for each weapon. My only issues are nit-picky. Some of the weapons like the AK are normally portrayed with the ejection port on the wrong side, or the machine guns ejecting brass from where the links would eject, not from where they would actually come out. As stated though, this is a small issue coming from someone who deals with firearms daily. Over all, each weapon is convincingly portrayed, the app is easy to use, and a lot of fun. Worth the money!
Outstanding and Excellent
by ACROMINS on 2010/03/07 05:19
I must say this is the best gun app If not the best overall app out there. The reason I say that is because you actually care about what people want and go out if your way to include it. I love how you have frequent updates and additions. In response to your last update I would prefer added realism on all of the guns already included and that you hold off on new guns until everything is up to date. (for instance the FN P90 shoots lots faster than the browning, please at least fix stuff like that.) I would also advise that you NEVER add any RPGs or other explosives. Those never work in gun apps and degrade the quality of the app. Please consider adding a FAMAS, TAR-21, and some shotguns like the m1014 and spas-12. Thanks and keep it up!
GREAT!!! But needs Modern Warfare 2 Guns and more.
by GunAppReviewer115 on 2010/08/13 22:09
This is the best gun app so far! But here are the weapons it needs. Assult Rifles: The M4A1, SCAR-H, FAL, FAMAS, TAR-21, M16A4, ACR, F2000. Light Machine Guns: L86 LSW, RPD, MG4, AUG HBAR, M240. Sub Machine Guns: MP5K, VECTOR, P90, UMP45. Sniper rifles: INTERVENTION, WA2000, M21 EBR. Shotguns: AA-12, STRIKER, RANGER, MODEL 1887, M1014. Machine Pistols: PP2000, M93 RAFFICA, TMP. Handguns: USP .45, M9, .44 MAGNUM. Now for the World War II weapons. Heavy Sub Machine Guns: BAR, MP-44. Light Machine Guns: Type 100 Sub-Machine Gun, Sten. Light Machine Guns: MG-34, MG-42, FG-42, Type 99 Heavy Machine Gun. SHOTGUNS: TRENCH GUN, DOUBLE BARREL SHOTGUN. Sidearms: KNIFE. Now for Black Ops weapons. Assult rifles: STEYR AUG A1, L85/SA80, G11, CAR-15 COMMANDO. Snipers: L96AW/AWM, DRAGUNOV, MAC-10, SKORPION, AK47u, MP5. Light Machine Guns: RPK, M60. Shotgun: FRANCHI SPAS-12. Bows: Crossbow. Pistols: .375 Magnum, Python Snub Nose. Launchers: M202A1 "GRIM REAPER" ROCKET LAUNCHER, RPG-7. Flamethrowers: Flamethrowers. Gernades: M67 FRAG GERNADE, SEMTEX/STICKY GERNADE. Make sure to add all of these guns please! PLEASE ADD ALL OF THESE!!!!!!
Very good
by wessel3204 on 2012/08/22 21:22
I really enjoy iGun Pro. I think it's very cool how you can fire the gun and how you can select all the different options. I also like how you can read all about the gun, but of you don't want to read several pages on it you can get a summary. Although there are some very minor flaws. I saw what one reviewer wrote and I totally agree with him or her; iGun Pro should definitely allow you to trade in your guns for a different one of for instance you don't like the gun anymore. In a addition I feel like the skins and the guns you buy using your coins are so expensive, considering that you only get like 20 coins or so everyday (don't quote on the exact amount I'm not exactly sure). But all in all I think that this is a great app and by far is the best gun app so I will give it four stars. ****
by m13006gunner on 2010/04/06 00:56
For the shotgun you should add the benelli m4tactical ( M1014 ). The M1014 comes with a collapseble stock with the inertia driven bolt witch means that a non moving object will stay non moving and moving object willl move when something happens in this case when the shotshell goes off. thus meaning that when the gun is fired the energy From the spent cartridge will be used to operate the bolt ejecting the spent casing and reloading a new one. This feature is on all guns benelli makes, making the benelli shotgun the fastest cycling shotgun in the cizilian market. They are faster than other because the others guns use the presureized gas witch has to be sent down the barrel with the lead shot pelets and then it travels through a tube and then it is released to menipulate the bolt. But this is an awesome app!
Igun rocks
by AUG Master on 2012/04/12 13:31
Igun is the beat gun app out theire i just don't get my coins sometimes Other than that it's awesome and I love it so much I will never deleat it off my iPod touch I am obsessed with this app this app gives you the aug in the gum store and the python in the gun store when you first get the app you have a AK-47 and that gun is kinda newer and then you got your MP-40 when whenever I hear this guns name I think German because this is a German gun I like the point of the coins but that could use a little improving it's my favorite app next to Pocket god and Doodle Jump two very good aps that are not free well Dooldle Jump has a free version but their is a score limit so back to Igun the coin thing could use improving I don't always get ey coins they have a good gun store and I like how the app is free I like Igun Pro a my favorite gun I have right now is the Galil (Ga-liall) IRS good in Call of Duty Black Ops with a suppressor and the perks ghost warlord and hacker have tomahwak flashbang and motion sensore and your good to go well anyways I think th Igun pro is the best and overall gets give stars it's not the best app but it should at least be number three or four in the top 25 thegamer9890 (PS3 name)
Great !!!!
by Dkmaster6. on 2010/11/29 02:58
This is the best gun app by far , here are some guns I think that you should add : Tar , aug , M1 flamethrower , Rpd , Grim reaper or some explosive wepons that you can choose when the explosion goes off , Stg 44 , macarov , enfield , minigun , Famas , and of course , a revolver that you can spin the chamber and choose where the bullets go / make it so you can play Russian Rolute . And could you please make an option to turn of the reload when Ipod / Iphone is turned vertically it reloads . Instead make a button to press for reloading . And maybe you could make all the guns fully interactive . Please put in these things in the next update , that could be great . All that stuff could be a "Christmas Special" or some thing . Thank you for considering my ideas .
Fun to mess around with
by Outskirtsofinfinity on 2012/03/11 21:33
This app is great fun to just sit around with and shoot of a couple digital rounds. Unfortunately, it gets boring pretty quick unless you wait a couple days to earn in-app credits which allow you to get additional guns. You earn 10 credits or "coins" every day. Sometimes... The idea of waiting a few days to get credits to earn guns is a good way to keep interest, but I honestly don't like it. I paid for this app so I expect the whole thing but they make you wait, which I just disapprove of. You can do surveys to earn additional credits for new guns, but most of which require info I don't want to give out. You could also pay to get credits for an app you already own, but that is lame! This is a fun app, don't get me wrong, but the whole penny pinching thing annoys the heck out of me.
About the update
by audreylynnx3 on 2012/04/20 10:41
I'd say you did everything right in the update but I'd be lying. there are two major problems. The first is the update wiping peoples guns. It didn't happen to me but if it did, I would probably stop using this app. Also, the coin dealing? Why cut it in half? It takes such a long time to save up that buying skins would be stupid. And all the "free" coins offers actually aren't so free. There are only usually 2 or 3 that are free and they only dole out minuscule amounts of coins! And with the rate you're putting out guns, I can buy one but by the time I can buy another you've put out another 2-3 guns! And what happened to the downloading apps for coins? We loved that because we could work around the app stores greedy ways! So please, restore the coin rewards to how they originally were.
Great. Please add my requests
by KarenVanc on 2012/07/25 03:50
I love this app so much, but some more H&K weapons should be added and some FN weapons, and also make it so we get 20 coins a day instead of 10 again and I hate the weapon packs and so does everyone else. I mean if you think that it's a good idea, then let us buy the guns individually and take the weapon out of the pack and subtract the price. Also maybe adding a few attachments to the app would be nice? Hope this helps with some good ideas that people want. It would get five stars if it went back to the way it was, buying guns and getting coins. Oh and you should make it so we can like engrave our weapons and little stuff like that. Like little designs onto our favorite weapons to make them more personal.
Good but with a few flaws
by greydelta38 on 2010/07/19 23:52
This is a good gun app, but like any other, it has noticeable flaws. First off, some of the guns look straight-up terrible. Others look great. But some of the smoke and flash animations just look awful. Secondly, as stated before, the ejection on the Thompson and PPsH are all wrong. Lastly, the gun choice is not the greatest. Too many of the guns are pulled from video games such as MW2, and not enough from real life. It needs more shotguns for starters such as a classic double barrel or an NS2000, even a USAS-12. Could also use a Colt Commando, and for an extreme measure, add a "Minigun" as it is nicknamed. Some of my favorites are the classic bolt-action, the 30-aught-6 sniper rifle. A very common hunting rifle. Also add an H&K G12. Thanks for a great app and take these gun recommendations into consideration.
by GranTurismo360 on 2012/04/07 15:31
I love this game, but I always thought that it should have new... FEATURES! :D For instance, there could be a section in the Gun store for WEAPON ATTACHMENTS! (Suppressors, Grips, Stocks for SMGs, Muzzles, Optical sights, Weapon modifications, "Commando" variants, GRENADE LAUNCHERS THAT YOU CAN FIRE AND RELOAD!) And you have full access to them while firing a gun. All of the attachments should be a thumbnail at the bottom of the screen. Another thing that I always wanted was a more "Simulation" feel. Like for example, you can reload your weapons by your self! (Like touch screen drag), And for shotguns, you can drag the shells into them! And the MOST important thing there should be is CAMERA COMPATIBLE SIGHTS! You can make the Iron sights of the gun you're using and put them into the camera mode to make it look like you're shooting something! (And add a shooting and reload button, too!) That's all! I just hoped that these could be cool improvements for this app. Keep up the good work, guys! P.S, I wish that there were Gold camo's for ALL WEAPONS IN THE GAME SO FAR!!!!!!!!! :D If you like my ideas, RATE THIS REVIEW AS HELPFUL!!! :D -Hydraxolis (Game Center)
5-star app, 1-star fans
by Zola390 on 2012/11/20 15:34
The app itself is great. I wholeheartedly advise buying it. But I can't stand fans if the app who constantly refer to it as a game: it's not a game. It's fun a little gun app designed for passing time. Nothing more, nothing less. There never should be a "multiplayer mode" because you can barely say that it's single-player. There is no "campaign". It isn't Call of Duty. It's a gun simulator designed to simulate guns realistically, or at least, as well as the iPhone/iPad possibly can. There's no character that you control, there's no target that you shoot, there's no physics engine (anymore), and there's no kill/death ratio, hitscan, reload cancel, or kill streaks. It's a simulator, NOT A VIDEO GAME.
Fun and addicting AP!!!
by jeditanker2001 on 2010/03/22 22:23
This is an amazing AP that provides a ton of fun!!! I have one recommendation for future improvement - Include a prefered gun model default option. When you start the AP, you first have to choose from a selection of firearms. The selection keeps getting better, but as most people I have my favorites. I would like to be able to save a "Default" Gun setting so that when the AP is opened it automatically loads the preferred weapon of choice, loaded and ready to fire!!! Other than this suggestion, I can not think of any other ways to improve the AP other than continuing to add more models to choose from. You will enjoy the AP very much.
Update suggestions
by rices' on 2010/10/10 16:47
On the mp5 since you can clearly see the selector switch with the firing modes instead of taping the bottom right to change the mode you should be able to tap the switch that is on the gun and it should go through safe, semi, and full auto. And all the guns should have their firing modes that they have in real life, instead of their just being semi, burst, and full for all the guns. And for future guns I would like to see the m16a4, g36, m8, ak47, mg42, interactive bolt action rifles like the m24, kar98, Springfield, m40/r700. Also the m9, usp 45, ump 45, mp7, vector, m1a1, and others. Maybe even attachments like different sights, scopes, tac lights, inferred lasers/range finder, under barrel mounted things.
Amazing just an idea PLEASE LOOK AT
by Zomdies on 2011/09/07 03:00
Great app very cool epic job Crimson Moon. needs more guns and maybe attachments... But i would really like a firing range mode with moving targets that you aim with your finger!!! And i read somewhere on the reviews about pretending to do a driveby shootout. It gave me the thought that you could hold the ipod/iphone sideways and facing you and the app would utilize the camera on the front and you could shoot at people in real life with your camera and there could be options on the bottom to change firing mode (single, 3, auto) and your optical attachment. That would make this app over the top!!!! I would love you guys forever!!!!!!! Pleeeaaaaaase do that.
A few suggestions
by Jumpstart17 on 2012/08/27 17:40
This app is amazing! The Minigun is what I've been waiting for! I do like the savings you get from buying in packs, but sometimes I want to buy only one gun, or maybe one from each pack. Maybe you could make it an in-game option to buy individually of in the packs. Could you please add the Mark 19 grenade launcher? One more thing. It would be beyond awesome if each weapon could have attachments added, just for looks. Like lasers and flashlights that you tap to turn on, of red dot sights and different stocks. You could make a tactical option and add rails and folding stocks or leave then alone. Just a few ideas. Keep up the good work!
So wicked
by Tylerindo on 2012/11/23 17:13
It's a very good gun app plus I have all the guns which I worked day and night to get. Even though you have over 100 guns to get I would really like to see some more guns or at least 1-3 packs. Plus could you try and get those three guns that are on igun pro hd but not on regular igun pro onto igun pro please b/c like I said I just got all the guns today and I was so put down to see that there's no more guns to get. So like I said try and get more guns/packs too put on Igun pro regular and add those three guns ex: webley onto igun pro quickly b/c You get bored when you get everything in a game and you have nothing to get anymore. So please get some new guns soon.😄
Barrett 50 .cal doesnt work..
by ThisAppFails. on 2010/06/04 18:03
This is an awsome gun app! I give it 5 stars because of its graphics, never crashes, great guns, and the encyclopedia is cool too! Can you please fix the Barret 50 .cal please? Also the ACR looks exactly like a SCAR-H so maybe change the colors of it to grey and black instead of desert, and can you add in maybe a MP5K or aN M21? Also it would be really cool if you had it so you could have an option for the smg's in this app (MP5, Mini-uzi, P90) to have two of them like dual P90 for-say. Like maybe an option on the side for it. Also maybe an option for silencer on and off and like red dot or any scope. Overall, I would reccommend this app to anyone who likes gun-apps.
by Better than gun club on 2011/07/17 10:15
THANK YOU DAVID FOR THE FREE COINS! VERY MUCH APPRECIATED! Although the app was hard to open up at first, (it kept crashing when I tried to open it). To all of you that can't open it up and it keeps crashing, try pushing the on/off button at the top right corner of your iPhone, iTouch whatever, to put it on STANDBY mode WHEN the app has the NON-OPENED, gray vault door scene where it says "now loading" at the bottom. Then turn on your device and it should still be on the loading screen, but then it should work. Oh yeah, it worked for me! PS: the app should load normally after the first time you experiment, if not, KEEP TRYING!!! Oh, i also filed a complaint, I dunno if that helped. Still a great gun app! Make the Coin-guns cheaper ASAP. Thanks.
Al la Carte please
by Nighthawke75 on 2012/07/24 13:51
This was a great app to collect weapons of MY choosing, not yours, before v 5.0, and now I must wait to buy 3 guns, twice as long, to get the 4th? This is like buying packages from the cable company folks, it's unpopular, forcing you to buy channels you don't want, just to get the one or two channels you desire the most. This kind of structuring is unpopular and mainly serves to line pockets with cash, leaving your clients feeling undeserved and neglected. Rethink this pricing structure folks and let's see the results in the next release. And also, how can one rotate the weapons to see the other side, where the action is at? One sided views for some weapons are fine, but I want to see the actual action cycling and spitting brass out. I can spin the iPod about, making the weapon look like it was built for leftys, but it's not what I'm after.
by Benfisher22 on 2010/07/20 13:45
This is the BEST gun app on the app store PERIOD! If you have not yet tried this app yet TRY IT! No other gun simulting app can do this. Awesome 3d graphics, real pull-back action, dropping shells that move to you iPod, tons of different guns, this is SO worth the money. Love it! A few things for you though. For all guns, especially the Barrett, it would be awesome if you could look through the sights. Also you should add the TAR-21, The RPG-7, the Colt .44 magnum. Or some other interactive revolver an Ingram MAC-10, a double barreled shotgun, a Vector, a BAR and a flamethrower. Honestly, I don't see a difference In the interactive guns vs normal, so I would rather see what I just said up there. Thanks you rock!
by 4Mile-High2Guy0 on 2012/09/19 03:50
This app is worth they buy, for sure. It has excellent graphics and a pretty incredible weapons library. The different weapons packages are a nice introduction to weapons of like genres and the brief histories help familiarize the user with specific weaponry. The interactive firing mode is a "blast" in itself. You'll want to fire them all! With the most audibly recognizable and realistic sounds in the app world today, and the variety of entertaining skin upgrades, you will find yourself falling for a new firearm. Guaranteed. Although I am totally pleased with this app, it would be nice to see a firing range and other "in app" means of earning some coinage.. ENJOY!
pretty fun but needs work
by Tony-223 on 2012/12/10 10:58
I love guns sense I became a fan of the call of duty video game series and I heard about this app from a friend. it has a great selection of both classic and modern weapons. what I don't like is to get more good guns, you half to buy packs. for example, I had to spend 300 coins on the heavy hitters pack for three of the guns I wanted from that pack. I do like how most guns have a gold cameo option. There is a flaw in this app. it doesn't have battery monitoring and it doesn't show time or network connection status during the use of the app and the app drains allot of battery at an alarming rate. 10 minutes of use can drain almost 40% of your iPod touch or iPhones battery. and I use an iPod touch 4th generation with iOS 6.1.
Best Gun App Around
by Nathaniel Gage on 2011/04/10 17:37
The only thing that could make this app better is a truly interactive revolver--one you can play imitation Russian Roulette with. Individual shell loading, spinning chamber, and a nice loud 'bang' when it goes off. .44 Mag would probably be the best caliber. Other than that, fantastic. I love the sounds of the individual guns, especially the echo effects on the M1 Garand. The gun options are excellent, and the sheer range of weapons out there is slowly approaching the more expensive ones in the App Store. Sure, more could be added, but that would just be icing on the cake at this point. But if it keeps getting updated, I'll keep being happy.
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