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Arcade hoops basketball
Your favorite basketball game just got better! We've just added two new fun skins for even more variety in game play - Robot and Carnival. And don't forget our Christmas skin in the holiday season! Beat the buzzer in this classic arcade game! In skyworks® Arcade hoops basketball™, it’s a race against the clock to sink as many baskets as you can. With 3 game modes, multiple game skins, Game Center and an option to shoot to the beat of your own music, you’ll never get bored. Connect to Facebook to challenge your friends for serious bragging rights! WHAT THE PLAYERS SAY: “A great game to play and will have players addicted for a long time.” – Gamezone “Arcade hoops basketball is really well done... Good value and good quality.” – 148 Apps “ of the most realistic and fun games I have used on the iPhone.” – Mike’s iPhone Blog FEATURES: - Three Fun and Challenging Game Modes -- Classic: sink the most 2-point shots in 45 seconds -- Progressive: score the most 2 and 3 point shots in 99 seconds against a moving backboard -- 3 Point: score as many 3 pointers as you can in 45 seconds - Eight unique skins: Choose your favorite themed environment -- Arcade: Play using the classic look of arcade hoops -- New! Carnival: what really is behind “the curtain”, complete with juggler and carnival ball -- New! Robot: get out the oil! Robot hands, robot cage and even a robot ball! -- Zombies: Play as a member of the undead -- Space: a celestial shooting experience featuring constellations and a special “Moon” basketball -- Doodle: doodle drawings and a doodle cage! -- Christmas: Feeling festive? Shoot your baskets alongside a Christmas Tree with a giant ornament basketball! -- St Patrick’s Day: a green & white ball plus all the Irish music you can handle - Game Center - Choose your own music: Select in-game music or use your own music library - Local high score boards - Facebook Integration - Challenge a friend: play against your friends! When you’re taking a break from Arcade hoops basketball, try out skyworks’ other hit titles such as WORLD CUP TABLE TENNIS™ and ARCADE BOWLING™. Or, just search for “skyworks” in the App Store search bar, find your favorite games, and have a BLAST! If you like our games, show us some love on Twitter (@SkyworksGames) and Facebook (! Thanks, and get to playing!
Slam dunk
by OhGeeGamer on 2017/03/14 12:00
Thanks for the update to the first game I bought on the AppStore!
by PonyLula on 2017/03/10 12:39
Love Skyworks. So happy that this game was updated!
by Befugdddvh on 2015/07/09 15:21
Boss five star
by JoeyAngel666 on 2015/02/12 01:58
New Englanddupe
So many glitches...
by Kgargasz01 on 2014/08/16 13:10
Great game, but thee are loads if glitches in the 3-point mode. If you take the ball to the full left side and flick up, you make it in almost 90% of the time. And the most useful one is when you pause the game at end time, you get a few more seconds to play. But overall, i love the game.
by (RoyJr) on 2014/04/30 00:51
Great game, very fun.
Good game
by BreanNa bustamante on 2014/04/07 18:41
I luv this game! It's a very great game to play😜
Good game
by Dvo3000 on 2014/02/21 07:27
Kool game!
by Jon123Krazyu on 2013/12/14 00:31
by BikesBrookie on 2013/12/02 09:22
I paid for the app and sponsor adds still pop up during game play. Not cool and will not be buying anymore of your games. Rip off.
Basketball arcade
by OwenFar02 on 2013/12/01 23:30
I think this game is 2⭐ cuz it was a little weird when I did the progressive mode.
Fun & cool & easy & fast
by Rugg650 on 2013/10/22 04:34
This app is Awesome!! Very easy and fun, keeps personal bests & allows you to play to your own music. Totally cool game! Love the three pointers contest with my on music! Fast games do a total go to app when you are waiting for anything!!
by CesarDG on 2013/07/23 04:17
Good basketball game !!!
by Crushette on 2013/07/10 18:40
Good game
by Rocky063 on 2013/06/28 03:23
by fagjosh on 2013/06/16 16:05
Love his
Great game
by Cds1970 on 2013/05/17 23:40
Fun game. Really enjoy playing it.
Arcade hoops
by Johncenafan2013 on 2013/05/08 23:09
Really great game reminds me a lil of hot shot hope there will be more themes
Supper fun Brah
by Spluke510 on 2013/04/18 21:12
Dis game iz so fun can't stop playing it.. Holla...
by Mister Barnes on 2013/04/14 18:20
Is a hit!
by Piggy zombie on 2013/04/11 12:36
I love this game
by el rey aguila on 2013/04/03 22:51
Is fantastic
Thumbs up!
by Jemstones on 2013/03/23 04:47
I really enjoy this game!
by DebbieE. on 2013/03/18 23:57
Fun to play all levels.
by The Last Floyd on 2013/03/15 05:41
Good fun.
Super Meh
by Pliewood on 2013/03/15 01:02
I love this game high score 110 on 3pointers!
by Nathan Kai on 2013/03/12 06:07
Love it!
Very fun!
by Djadamreyn on 2013/03/09 02:23
Amazing game to play when there is nothing to do and ur bored.
Hard to play
by chan6 on 2013/03/06 01:45
Not optimized for iPhone 5...
Arcade Hoops
by The Pigs bomb on 2013/03/02 04:30
Nice game
Just plain fun
by Slaphappyappy on 2013/02/27 20:12
Idk how they did it but its just like playing the real thing!
by ChiefCrome on 2013/02/27 13:09
by Table lover on 2013/02/24 21:30
This is nice.
Fun but needs to be updated for the modern world
by Malibushark on 2013/02/21 03:12
I've played this game for years, but now in modern times there are a few improvements to be made. • Multitasking Support • iPhone 5 Screen Support • Ability to play again after viewing scores
Arcade Hoops!
by Roosterroo22 on 2013/02/21 02:52
The only game I ever have on my iPhone... Any chance we can get an update for iPhone 5?? That'll make this game more complete n worth 5 stars
Nice fun game
by Standupinit on 2013/02/15 20:06
Thats what's up its gucci mane
by Generaljohnny on 2013/02/09 22:22
Good times
Good game
by Fart 3 on 2013/02/08 02:29
Game rocks
Hoop it up!
by BlingN4U on 2013/02/03 05:38
Very addictive!!! No need to go to the Arcade to play this unless your younger than 12.
Arcade Hoops
by M@TrXx on 2013/01/25 01:03
Great game to help past the time. Needs more option to choose from as a game. Love this game
by Ladee1988 on 2013/01/22 00:18
This game is so addicting!!!!
Great game
by Johnfnp on 2013/01/21 21:29
Fun way to pass time!
5 Stars
by Baller919 on 2013/01/20 16:00
Very fun addicting short games just like in the real arcade awesome!
by Ju$t-A-Freak on 2013/01/19 16:23
Very cool! Ability to change themes in game is awesome! Very addictive and lots of daily mpoints.
by onlymutee on 2013/01/19 01:57
I love it. Very good for passing time.
Basketball rocks!
by Musicbuddy99 on 2013/01/13 17:45
The upgraded game of arcade hoops is great you can play basketball in space at the carnival and so many more!
Love it!!!!
by Explore_da_world on 2013/01/11 01:29
Very fun game.
Love it!
by Ilovetosew on 2013/01/08 05:48
This game is easy and lots of fun for my boys.
by absolute victory on 2013/01/07 04:27
Fun, Fun, Fun!!!
Arcade hoops
by Polish Prince! on 2013/01/06 07:39
Super fun!!
by mr.yankeebaseball on 2013/01/06 00:49
Arcade hoops
by Lrpeezy in the heezy on 2013/01/05 21:21
This game is awesome
Great Game
by maustin1981 on 2013/01/05 17:56
I love this game, truly enjoyable.
Arcade Hoops
by $DBrown$ on 2013/01/05 05:57
I love this game. I'm glad I purchased it back in 2009.
this game
by -_beastmode-_ on 2013/01/04 21:54
this is the most fun basketball game I have ever played
Arcade Hoops
by Hans Netzer on 2013/01/02 17:38
I was wondering why you took my achievements away. I shot everything to get my points yesterday & they didn't give me my mpoints so I thought they would be there today, but they aren't. There's quite a few flaws in this game. If your lucky enough & get your mpoints , I suggest you use them right away, three times now they have just taken my points. And as far as the bonus box, what a joke, they'll either give you a bonus option that doesn't work or the box is empty all the time. I have contacted their sponsors & let them know that none of their 'movies' are seen by the game players because they do not load. And as far as getting options for bonus points when you turn in your mpoints, they're aren't any or they will give you something that doesn't work, etc.. Bonus movies, bonus games, hey if your lucky enough to get them don't get excited because they're a waste of your time, they don't work. Now a new problem has arised, good luck getting the mpoints you shot for because it's beginning to become a war to get them & don't expect these people to give them to you. I had to hit explore 15 times before it would even give me the 10 pts for the 9 in a row. I understand the economy isn't great but certainly no reason to give you bonus options when they don't work. Six months ago I was recommending the game to friends but not anymore. This game has taken a dive to the bottom. I'm still playing hoping they can be honest about what they offer you, but so far I'm seeing no improvement. I've talked to the Arcade Hoops reps, they assured me everything would be fixed but unfortunately nothing's fixed & more is going wrong. Maybe for the New Year they can get it together but if I were you I wouldn't hold my breath.
by Sinclair 81882555 on 2012/12/31 20:39
Great game, having lots of fun. I can play for hours and hours.
Great app
by Star rated flower on 2012/12/29 17:44
I love the app so fun
by Jeremiah Murphy 77 on 2012/12/28 13:00
Soo fun
What a GAME!!!
by Caleb al243 on 2012/12/27 19:00
This game is so fun! It is so a good doller sent
by -+Reed+- on 2012/12/25 01:32
Nice time killer along with it being a great game itself. I would definitely recommend this game to many people .
Love this App!!!
by JRyanNYC on 2012/12/24 07:20
One of the best game Apps I have on my iPhone and I always love playing it... xx
by Bigrice1037432 on 2012/12/19 01:45
Braxton #1
by Brax5 on 2012/12/18 22:00
Best app ever! Great app!
One of my favorites!
by AsSeenOnTV on 2012/12/12 03:30
Love it!
Great game
by Big Ern 065 on 2012/12/08 01:39
It is like playing at the arcade!!
by Scyia on 2012/12/06 18:09
Great upgrade  Now I ask... What are the possibilities of a retina gameplay being in process? And possible support for the iPod Touch/iPhone 5G maybe?
Skywork's Arcade Basketball
by bballingurl15 on 2012/11/24 00:45
I love this game and the new up grades are a great improvement.
Love the Christmas one🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
by no more. on 2012/11/23 22:45
I really like the Christmas level🌟🌟🌟🌟
by Distinctive A.C. on 2012/11/23 00:37
This game is fun
by Emanuel787 on 2012/11/21 03:58
Great, but I don't see they keep making harder to get mPoints, I hardly even get bonuses now
Great app!
by RabidCherry on 2012/11/20 03:52
I go on this app daily and play nonstop! It's a great app and I even bought other apps by them just to show it!
Great app that pays dividends!
by mvarnell on 2012/11/19 22:37
Addictive game !!
Lots of fun..!!
by bjgause on 2012/11/19 18:34
Kudos to this apps developer..! This is fun, addictive, easy to play game..! Very neat design and fun to play..! WARNING ~> Very addicting ...!!!
by Charleychase24 on 2012/11/19 16:50
Greatest game ever
by Dudeolife on 2012/11/19 15:12
Simple but fun!
Best game ever
by Steelers nation 63 on 2012/11/19 03:34
The best game ever BA basketball game
by Pissed off C on 2012/11/17 00:31
BA time killer
by The tin knocker on 2012/11/16 18:53
Fun, fun, fun almost like the real thing. The more you play, the better you get, the more fun you have.
by Moo Maik on 2012/11/15 00:42
Great game for all ages
by Margaritaville9970 on 2012/11/09 21:21
Super fun but just update app to fit the new iPhone 5 resolution
by Ajg2405 on 2012/11/08 22:39
Good fun addicting
by Nathaniel Martin on 2012/11/04 00:23
A fun game
Arcade hoops
by Ddonna3 on 2012/11/03 12:54
Best game ever!!
Happy Customer
by Tab_newm on 2012/10/30 14:45
I am very happy with this game. I like the different scenes and the challenges. Although its just shooting hoops, it gets a lot of use.
It would make sense if you add back the 1000, 500, and 200 mPoints onto the paid version.
by imanthonyviola on 2012/10/29 01:12
But because of the ignorance, I will be deleting both apps.
To fun
by 86 transam on 2012/10/26 09:59
It's to cool a app that pays off I will be playing daily .
by Aguil14 on 2012/10/24 12:50
The paid version of this game has always been a ripoff. Points have always been better on the free version. Great business strategy. But now that mPoints are nonexistent on both versions, ill be deleting this app. See ya!!
by criolo1221 on 2012/10/24 03:03
This may sound stupid but my accuracy in basket ball has increased 20%
Really? Mpoints Reduced again!
by Piratemod on 2012/10/22 10:05
Not worth paying for the mpoints don't add up!
B Rela
by B Rela on 2012/10/21 19:29
Great game...
Good app
by Vic Val on 2012/10/17 20:38
Nice game to play.
Not cool
by Preeeeeeeerp on 2012/10/13 18:02
This game is not cool
by Thrasher505 on 2012/10/13 15:28
Yes finally an update.
by Zombiekiller45456 on 2012/10/13 03:11
sweet game love it, love the rewards
What a joke this update is.
by Tmp3150 on 2012/10/12 22:51
No support for IOS6? Why bother with an update if you are going to do it 1/2 way. Fun game but it could be so much better.
Arcade hoops
by J D. Marshall on 2012/10/11 17:39
Great game. Love rewards
Cool app
by honestly_amazing on 2012/10/06 07:18
Love this game.
by Sixdartmouth on 2012/10/05 01:24
Fun game!
Great Game, But a Bit Too Easy to Master
by LouisKazzager on 2008/11/15 14:45
Like the rest of the reviewers I found this game to be a lot of fun. However, it is very easily mastered and doesn't have a lot of long term play value. I hate to break it to the 3G Gangsta, but I don't think the high scores list has online submission. There are some fake high scores in there to begin with, but after you beat those you're just competing against yourself. My high on progressive is 195.
Slam dunk
by OhGeeGamer on 2017/03/14 12:00
Thanks for the update to the first game I bought on the AppStore!
by PonyLula on 2017/03/10 12:39
Love Skyworks. So happy that this game was updated!
Shaebertolli "Girls Just Wana have Funds"
by Aqua Love Smart Fun on 2011/11/19 00:31
5*****'s for sure!! Worth the money! This is MADD Funn! Exciting gets your blood pumpin never boring with all the different skins! As well another bestee bestest from the all to "like the real deal" as if your really playing! SkyWorks games!! Truly thier games are nothing but the best!!!! Every SkyWorks game is always the best play! I don't even go with the free promo's/lite games when they offer em!! I just go ahead and purchase! I know the games are "Choice A" and for the price it's worth the $$! Guaranteed Funn challenging games that give you MADD skills for sure!! Don't hesitate another boring minute anytime you see a sky works game, I promise you!!! Will not be dissatisfied!! Unless your from another dimension!! Good work skyworks!!!
This Game Is Amazing
by Mr. Pessimist on 2009/01/03 06:14
I have so many words for this game forst of all it uses real physics second if you hid the backboard on the top middle it goes in so thats one of the physics second there are 3 songs to choose from and there are 2 modes classic and progressive whick is great it also comes with a high score list but can you make it a global one or connect to players and play one on one so you can tilt it the hot dog way and watch the other player at the same time you are playing anyway thanks for the great app!! Keep it up maybe you can make nba live 09 or 10 for i pod :)
Thank You, Thank You, Thank You
by MomMooGran on 2012/03/24 00:08
I put this on my Iphone4 a couple days back, for my great-grandsons; ages 11 and 14. Not only do Quinton and Brendan SOoooooo enjoy this, but, their "Gran" is having a hard time putting it down too! :-) I cannot (Thank You) enough--the " creators" of this absolutely adorable game. The fact one has multiple-choice w/ different backgrounds and the coordinated music that matches the themes, is priceless. It beings more excitement into the activity. We love you for bringing a little "sunshine" into our lives. God Bless You my friends. :-) Your newest "Fans" from: Altoona, PA
Just Like the Arcade...Almost
by Quaczar on 2010/04/06 18:48
If you've ever played the real life version of this game at the arcade you'll instantly feel right at home. This game mimics the gameplay pretty well and the physics are very good. It has three modes...the classic where the basket is stationary, the progressive where the basket moves back and forth, and the 3 point challenge where the basket is furthest away from you. It's a simple game that is semi-addicting and will offer some fun during your downtimes. Not a whole lot of bells and whistles. It would have been nice to win tickets for your scores and to cash them in for items just like the real game. That would have been pretty good.
Good for their first app
by stevenrogers268 on 2009/02/11 22:46
I used to play this all the time! It's an awesome addictive game! But their Arcade Bowling game is all I play now... And a suggestion to Skyworks... LET ME USE MY OWN MUSIC! I'm sick of that techno crap! Update: with global high scores coming, there is hope! Maybe they will add more features! I suggest the classic ABA basketball (red, white, and blue) and a different machine design maybe. Or more customization... idk. Tickets would be cool but idk what good it would do. Virtual prizes maybe?just a thought... Ooh I got it! Tickets let you unlock more customization!!! That would be awesome!
I need competition
by TheAppReviewAgency on 2008/11/13 19:12
MoneyMan 3G is ownning the high score charts. You should feature this great 2 dollar app for many reasons. People want this game trust me. What we want even more is a basketball equivalent to Real Soccer 2009, but that's a whole nother story. Let people know about this slept on game so I could get some comptetion up here. No one is even close to my 114 in progressive mode. Dope,quick game! Highly reccomended. Five 3G's my G! It's basketball season...developers. Are you listening?
Update from Skyworks
by Skyworks_Interactive on 2009/04/27 21:59
Skyworks would like to thank everyone who has played our game and took the time to post a review regarding game crashes following our latest upgrade. Thanks to you, we have identified the issue and have implemented a fix which is now in the approval process with Apple. We anticipate the new upgrade to be available in the next 5 to 7 days
great game for the price
by ColumbiaLaw on 2009/05/12 03:58
I spend waay too much time on this's great. I disagree with the people who say it doesn't have a lot of replay value. It's easy to learn but hard to get a really good score at. I've been playing pretty obsessively for about a month and have made my way up the online leaderboards. My high on normal is 102 (just can't get that last ball for 104) and on progressive is 233.
by Purpleowl on 2010/01/15 17:12
It's quite addictive, playing the free version made me wanted to buy this full version. But yea it's kinda too much, $1.99 :( n I was expecting to get more things or levels or challenges there. After keep getting the highest scores I keep playing to beat my own highest scores that cannot be higher anymore. 80 for classic mode, HA! Beat me! ;)
High scores
by Tomcat2427 on 2008/12/19 01:33
Great job on this! Worth every penny I paid or it. High scores: 102 in Classic and 223 in Progressive. Haven't been able to top that 227 one guy posted. I agree that you can master the game after a while. I now average in the high 90's In Classic and around 210 in Progressive. It is still fun however because you can always push your top scores a bit higher.
who else??
by A-Wayne on 2010/01/14 03:33
Yeah, this game is sick. It's got good graphics, the ball does almost exactly like it would in real life. even the lite version was pretty cool. So far my top scores are filled up with 86, but the very highest is 88. I've got to say, I am pretty addicted to this game. If you're looking for a basketball app for your iPhone/Ipod Touch, I highly recommend this over any other out.
The BEST iPhone Game
by ARMAR2010 on 2009/03/05 19:28
Arcade Hoops is by far the best iphone game ever to be released. It is the most addicting and entertaining ever. I have told friends and family to download it too. I wish that Skyworks can update to a wifi version so I can play Arcade Hoops with friends. Skyworks please work on that if possible and keep on making excellent games. Good Luck!
by addaus21 on 2011/06/24 20:02
This game is very cool and awesome. I think it is very addictive because every time I turn on my iPad I almost play it every time I turn it on. I recommend this to every person that is interested in this game. I also like that fact that you can choose the game type and use your own music!:)
something fishy
by Modrique on 2009/04/11 10:53
ok, this is fun, but also frustrating. why on earth when the backboard is closest do you have to shoot harder then when its furtherest away? plus, its sluggish when closest. It's like the developer purposely did this to still be a challenge when close up but it ends up ruining what could have been a great game. One score the easiest when backboard is furthest away! argh!!! fix this and i will give more stars.
by Michelle Ben-Shalom on 2011/09/18 18:14
I love this full version because it has a whole lot much more cooler stuff that you get to do on it. That's why I hate the lite version because you do not get to do any cool stuff on that one so please if you have an iPhone, an iPad, or an iPod touch and if you love basketball you really will enjoy the full version of the arcade hoops
Best $1.99 I've Spent
by ragpickeer on 2008/12/09 16:37
If I'm ever bored, it's time for pop-a-shot. This game is never dull, always challenging, and always fun. My high scores are 100 in Classic Mode and 227 in Progressive Mode. If you have beaten either of those, please post here. I'm relatively certain a 102 is possible on Classic, and I know that at least 230 is possible on Progressive.
Arcade hoops
by Ladyxanth on 2012/08/16 09:04
I liked it allot for awhile it's addictive fun to play challenge friends and the points rewards were a great bonus but now you have made points hard to get and rewards not as good takes forever to gain anything worth while :( I loved the challenge to achieve rewards it's what kept me playing everyday but takes to long to gain them now starting to give up and look for a different game maybe with better rewards
So many glitches...
by Kgargasz01 on 2014/08/16 13:10
Great game, but thee are loads if glitches in the 3-point mode. If you take the ball to the full left side and flick up, you make it in almost 90% of the time. And the most useful one is when you pause the game at end time, you get a few more seconds to play. But overall, i love the game.
Fun but needs to be updated for the modern world
by Malibushark on 2013/02/21 03:12
I've played this game for years, but now in modern times there are a few improvements to be made. • Multitasking Support • iPhone 5 Screen Support • Ability to play again after viewing scores
Simplicity at its best!
by DontCallMeSugar on 2012/02/07 15:52
Who hasn't played pop-a-shop down at the local arcade or Chuck E Cheese and not loved it? I like the different modes that let you change it up a bit from time to time. I wish the app store had more simple, yet entertaining games like this.
Just like the one a Chuck E Cheese
by mrcleanman on 2008/12/20 02:48
Great game like the real game. Now I would like to see skiball. Also you need to have an update on the spinning of the ball. The ball when you shoot it spins sideways it suppose to spin up and down. I don't know anyone who can shoot a basketball spinning sideways and make it. Larry Bird couldn't do that.
Still lags.
by Dudster on 2009/07/27 01:18
I love this game but it has a major problem with the 3GS. Although it is improved from 1.6, the game still lags after about 3 games to the point where you have to close and reopen the app. Oh and don't dare get a text message while playing because after you exit the popup the game is laggy. Please fix this already and I'll give it 5 stars.
by jbchargersfan64 on 2009/02/15 16:29
Very great and skyworks has made another marvelous application. I am a little bit dissapointed with the fact that all you do in arcade hoops and arcade bowling is just flick your finger over the screen though. Other than that it was a marvelous application!
Hands off, please
by DeskMom on 2010/09/19 13:54
This a great game to pass the time. Please create an option that takes the hands off the game. They are very annoying and sometimes make it difficult to pick up the ball.
by mysierrasmom on 2009/02/07 20:52
Wonderful game! Looks and sounds realistic. Thanks to Skyworks for creating a great game, be sure to check out their other game called Arcade Bowling. I bought it first and it was so good, I decided to get this one too. They are 2 of my favorite games on my iphone now.
Great game!
by Andy421 on 2009/01/23 16:26
The quality of this game really makes it stand out. The word addictive has been used a lot and it's true. Even though it was designed as a casual game, I find it hard to put down. Glad I bought it.
Needs more
by lal480 on 2010/03/23 04:29
I played this game for about 5 minutes, and then I got bored! There needs to be more to do! But aside from that, the controls are very good, also the graphics are decent. Buy the lite version first, if you enjoyed that, then buy this.
Arcade Hoops
by assassinationfascination on 2010/04/29 17:50
Very fun game with good graphics and no bugs or crashes. This can can be challenging at times. The only problem I have with this app is that you can't listen to your own music while playing the game.
Keeps u busy
by mvpandrew00 on 2009/02/20 22:22
i love this game its not hard easy to play my 1st try i got 40 points on clasic the 3rd try i got 84 you just have to get used to it it becomes easier as you go on my record is only 146 so try to beat it :)
Just Like Chuck E Cheeses!
by Bjp513 on 2009/02/20 21:17
This game is amazing! It is perfect for me because my favorite game at arcades is the basketball cages. I cannot stop playing this game at Chuck E Cheeses, and it is no different for this incredible app. My 3rd favorite game app behind X's and O's Football, and Snail Mail. 5 star quality so Buy It!
Fun & cool & easy & fast
by Rugg650 on 2013/10/22 04:34
This app is Awesome!! Very easy and fun, keeps personal bests & allows you to play to your own music. Totally cool game! Love the three pointers contest with my on music! Fast games do a total go to app when you are waiting for anything!!
Better than The others
by BishopSlaughter on 2010/09/28 17:11
This game is a hoot! It's great! I play it for hours. Well worth the 99cents just to get rid of the ads. If your looking for an snes classic arcade game this is the one for you. Easy to control. It's the best out there!
Bombb :)
by Clarice<3 on 2009/03/12 22:59
This is a really addiciting game. It&#39;s so much fun to play and you can easily stay up all night playing it. My favorite part is when the basket moves ban allowing you to make 3 points instead of 2 points AMAZING! definatley worth $2.00 :)
Best game for the money
by Jdog2354 on 2009/01/02 17:10
This is the best game for the money. I would have paid $9.99 and still would have been happy with my purchase. Every time I play this game I get better and better. 196 progressive, beat that.
Classic too Easy!
by Weith on 2008/12/04 08:33
If you follow/lead your finger up to the rim then the ball will go in everytime. I suggest limiting the flicking area (to the bottom of the screen only). Progressive works better when the basket is farther away however. Good game/price overall.
by Jack334929678446 on 2012/02/03 02:44
I love this game!!! U have to buy this game!!! The money is worth the app and the game! If u get this game I&#39;m glad u did and so will u. But the only problem is that it&#39;s so addicting and I can&#39;t put it down. But otherwise u need to get this awesome, cool, and fun!!!!!
A Well Thought Out Review
by A typical air hockey fan on 2011/07/04 03:26
This app is my favorite basketball app in the entire app store! It&#39;s very addicting and I&#39;m always trying to beat my high score! Good job developers, and to everyone who loves basketball, download this app today!
Love it!!
by Slim Vin on 2009/02/18 00:00
Cool game guys, I like the global high scores which was an awesome update. Icon looks cool too, but can you add a few more game modes, I know hoops is hoops but maybe like a &#34;15 point rush&#34; or something like that where they time you. Well that&#39;s just me but still, 5 STARZZZ!!!!
by ButtersJJ on 2011/05/11 17:05
This game is awesome, super addicting. I like that they have the progressive mode just like in the real life arcade version. It&#39;s nice to use your own itunes music too...makes a commute to work go by faster than ever.
Great ap
by jcstherainbringer on 2012/01/30 23:33
When I saw this I knew I had to get it. Because my grandson has always loved this have he wants to play it anytime we have seen it. So I downloaded it and showed him a D now I can&#39;t get my phone back he&#39;s LOVES IT.
Arcade Hoops
by acegamer on 2009/07/05 20:22
Dmoney24, don&#39;t know what you&#39;re talking about. Never had a problem with the game running AND if you delete a game you can download it again for free. You don&#39;t pay a second time!
Great game, but......
by Baseballguy2352 on 2009/03/11 14:21
Leaserboars Menus are unresoimsive at times and the paid version definetely should com with more features because just 1 more gametype is not worth $2.00. If this developer wants more support with all of his apps, an update with possible online play and WLAN play should be takin into consideration. Thank you for the great app, though. {=)}
by jfskdlfsjdlk on 2009/04/13 14:55
this is by far one the best games on my ipod touch, i play it alot, and its so addicting trying to beat your high score. the only problem ive faced is after about 5 mins of playing the games shuts off and brings me to the home menu.
by Kawfi75 on 2008/12/15 05:55
Please add the two options you are missing! The option to shoot all 3 pointers, and where the basket radomly moves and turns. Otherwise, well done!!!
This games awsome
by Chaney12234 on 2012/08/25 15:09
Every one that has an iPod needs to get the full version because you get mpoints and you can get a $10 gift card
by Honda08 on 2011/12/17 11:03
Man it a very awesome game indeed it brings back some old good time when i was little I had broad game just like this and it was awesome and I like it better on here feel more real like I&#39;m right there.
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