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Google Earth
Explore the whole world from above with satellite imagery, 3D terrain of the entire globe, and 3D buildings in hundreds of cities around the world. Zoom to your house or anywhere else then dive in for a 360° perspective with Street View. See the world from a new point of view with Voyager, a collection of guided tours from BBC Earth, NASA, National Geographic, and more. And now, visualize the immersive maps and stories you've created with Google Earth on web on your mobile device.
Needs robox
by dkjdhdhdhfhfhfhfj on 2020/08/07 00:11
Google earth need robox
by nun yo dam buisnass on 2020/08/06 22:37
Very good app it feels like you’re in the place
by 000000000°“°°$:06:95.@):@). on 2020/08/06 21:01
This is a lot of fun my kids love it I know this is sort but this is all I have to say I love this app GET IT
by oodfdf on 2020/08/06 00:10
I like the app and all but I’d wish it’d they update the maps!
Covid can’t stop us
by key4873 on 2020/08/04 21:12
I love how you can go places since coronavirus and no one likes to go outside we can still visit places that we want to go and we can do it from the couch.
Add a night mode
by Ponceing on 2020/08/04 17:12
I love this app but i have a problem Can you add a night mode so i Can see city’s from space at night and see the beautiful city’s from above
by epixepic on 2020/08/04 14:31
Uhhh.. so I found an image carved (mowed or whatever) and it looked like some ancient tunes, I’m kinda scared. Aliens? 🙄👽
by Terry TJ7 on 2020/08/04 04:05
When are they going to update Phoenix, AZ? It’s been like 4 years since downtown Phoenix has been updated on Google Earth and Phoenix has grown so much since then with many new buildings!!!!
Might cause BIG memory
by littleroboboss from dog sim on 2020/08/03 15:15
The memorys that are big might cause viruses if you have a lot of games,apps and etc. if that happens you can’t download anymore app and games and etc K?
by alihugamer2 on 2020/08/02 16:03
Where is palestine in the map!
by Türk_solo on 2020/08/01 21:32
Where is Palestine in the map?
by GrayFoxSlayer01 on 2020/07/29 17:25
Here i thought this app would show an accurate view of places i can say is outdated... just look outside my own home and is nothing close that it actully looks like, also look parents address and it shows a for sale sign that was there 7 years ago
Big oof
by epic bruh chunges on 2020/07/29 16:17
This map is dumb cause it’s not a epic ultra mega bruh moment
by wolfieöx on 2020/07/29 16:05
you can Discover weird things pFfT—
I see you
by JEFFY STOP IT on 2020/07/28 20:12
Thanks. Now I can stalk people
Don’t even bother
by Ar1956 on 2020/07/28 01:27
Crashes within 15 seconds of opening Will not load anything Typical google waste of time they can’t get anything right! You would think that an outfit a large as google could afford decent programmers but apparently not!
Read review
by Chickenwangs747 on 2020/07/27 15:17
I poopoo
Updated images
by &/(:@@- on 2020/07/27 10:20
The graphics on this app are great but the map is extremely outdated!! I've searched my own address using your app and the images that show are at least 5 years old, if not older. Not helpful if it's not updated!!
by Alano23 on 2020/07/26 15:37
I downloaded the app and I have been living in my house since November 2014, and now it is Jul 2020 it shows my house before it even got clear to be built. Needs some serious updating
Need to improve more
by sakibaaa on 2020/07/26 14:47
I used google earth many times but there are some places still unclear like Paracel islands’s very unclear ... ⭕️SO PLEASE IMPROVE IT MORE⭕️
Suggestions for Future Updates.
by To zeo works on 2020/07/26 02:29
On 722 Sydney Avenue the roof color has not changed and the RV on 834 Hamilton Avenue is still there and the pool isn’t green. I’m not complaining but can you keep the app up to date for irl stuff that changed like the roof color of 722 Sydney Avenue?
by kkllkll on 2020/07/26 01:10
Hasn’t updated addresses in years
by romeolincolnboi on 2020/07/25 06:16
Niccas stuntin #hmuboi
Satellite Views needs updating.
by DeviantDawg23 on 2020/07/25 02:42
I really do enjoy the app, but I found out, today, that you maps are out dated...well...for where I live, at least. I was looking at different places, around town, and realized that areas, that appeared on the app, had changed years ago. So, I compared this app to my Google Maps, app. To sum it up...your views are outdated. Later, I’ll compare this app’s views to the online version’s views. Don’t take this the wrong way. I’m not saying this a terrible app. This is still a cool app. Just saying that the views need to be updated.
تحيا فلسطين
by الحق سينتصر on 2020/07/24 10:17
تحيا فلسطين رغم أنوفكم
by holaniChar on 2020/07/23 23:41
I worked on 3 seperate project and saved it as an MLK then in drive then kept it open on the web drive and none of it saved. Now I am trying a 4th time to launch a new project and it will not even allow me to do that. I tried to open earth web as it directs you to do so in chrome and then once in chrome it forces you back into the app. This is sooooo frustrating!
by الزنجي ابو زب on 2020/07/23 23:05
Palestin from river to sea is not israel
by SomethingIGuess on 2020/07/23 16:36
Now I can see stuff I’m not supposed to see! ❤️❤️😄😄
What Good Is It
by m45jak61 on 2020/07/22 19:23
I put in some GPS coordinates and it zoomed right in to coordinates very nearby but not the one I actually typed into the search bar. The screen image kept rotating for no discernible reason and it was nauseating to look at. I tried to make it stop rotating but then pin disappeared. So not sure what use this is.
تحيا فلسطين
by A.ghanim on 2020/07/22 17:45
تحيا فلسطين رغم أنوفكم
Must have
by Carlyjaneispissed on 2020/07/21 22:36
Google earth is a good app and useful in school to visit landmarks, sure it has its flaws, a bit outdated but gets the job done. 4/5
by doussa douss on 2020/07/21 22:35
Palestine forever
by alyaf3i77 on 2020/07/21 16:23
تحيا فلسطين رغماً عنكم انتم مزورون الحقائق التاريخية ويعتبر احتيال
by muchekangelo on 2020/07/21 15:05
Everytime you update app you always manage to screw it up Its getting more difficult to use app If you people have nothing to do leave the app alone initially it was fine the way it was find something more constructive to do like getting street views of a lot more addresses in the United States that you don’t have instead of fooling around and tinkering with this app😒
Great app.
by murderdawg1234456 on 2020/07/20 13:39
If you’re into exploring, this is the app for you! You can look anywhere around the world.
Viva Palestine
by Az/1 on 2020/07/20 01:55
🥇this country is called palatine 👍 Not Israel 👎
Free Palestine 🇵🇸
by hamoudeyamany on 2020/07/20 01:01
I’ll not accept removing Palestine from the map - free Palestine
by N.Kurdi on 2020/07/19 20:11
من الجزائر
by irazihkfyldylxyk on 2020/07/19 14:13
تحيا فلسطين حرة مستقلة 🇵🇸 🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸
Images are at least five years old!
by shorejaws on 2020/07/18 21:36
Very disappointed. An interesting app however the images are 5+ years old. Not useful for any type of planning whatsoever.
by mas las on 2020/07/18 13:20
I don’t like how the game version is like from 4 years ago
by crispy tomato on 2020/07/18 00:21
by عادل قرعاوي on 2020/07/18 00:03
Palestine from the river to the sea is not Israel
Where is Palestine?
by saad islam on 2020/07/17 18:58
how dare you to removed palestine.
by Lil' Frankie on 2020/07/17 16:27
Excellent app. It’s amazing how much of the world we’ve mapped, this close up.
by Tuttifrutti1968 on 2020/07/17 03:12
I really like this app but it crashes a lot on my iPad Pro . Please fix.
Great app ever
by floiijdndjmdj on 2020/07/17 02:21
The voyager is the beast icon you can play games like Carmen San Diego etc so I hope you give five stars
Great App But...
by 123Happiness on 2020/07/16 19:29
This app is awesome!!! I would totally recommend getting it. I love how you can go anywhere anytime!!! The only thing bad about this is that they update it like EVERY 3 YEARS!!! We have been trying to find our house for hours and then realized nothing that is is around our neighborhood is there! So please update it! Otherwise GREAT JOB!!! 😀
Please add historical imagery
by Kyogreex on 2020/07/15 08:07
One of the features that makes Google Earth really stand out compared to competing services on the desktop is historical imagery.
Kevin macalister
by keven macalister on 2020/07/15 03:19
It’s one star but I love it haha just a meme but actually the real Kevin macalister
Used to be a lot better
by analonjsshd on 2020/07/14 07:02
In 2010 this website/app used to have accurate pictures instead of 3D looking maps. This is very inaccurate, went backwards in time instead of forwards. Very very disappointing! Step it up again.
Best App Ever
by Dababnees on 2020/07/12 21:00
I love this game because it lets me see 3D buildings and the Earth and update it to the latest time on google earth please
by djgigux, on 2020/07/12 16:28
Togo Gaga
Nothing is up to date
by Lbmtech on 2020/07/12 12:16
House and streets that are currently here are not even on the map it looks like bunch of construction and third that has been several years ago. Do you ever update. Very disappointed
My neighborhoods pics have been the same for 6 1/2 years
by Ellies cat world on 2020/07/11 16:22
Ok this is nice but I wish you would update the app so there is new pics for 2029!
Google Earth
by EricXGxd on 2020/07/10 19:26
Such a cool app
Cool but a couple things..
by Gamejr. on 2020/07/10 16:20
This app is great! The only thing are is that I want to be able to go in the backyard and not have everything be all old. Our house got updated a lot and I would like to see that in the street view
I love this app so much
by devmocherla57800 on 2020/07/09 23:04
I love the it in 2d 3D i go to Macao 🇲🇴 and Hong Kong 🇭🇰 And it’s great
I expected more.
by Hi Hi!!!! on 2020/07/08 02:10
I thought this would be a great way to travel the world at your house. When you do close up it becomes really blurry. I hope I can see more improvements over the year. Overall, it’s ok.
Sorry to say but.. a few kinks..
by sqash27 on 2020/07/07 14:27
So I had and deleted one and a half year ago because I didn’t rlly think I would need it. So earlier yesterday ( today’s yesterday) I was getting bored and so I got this app again and I had to get the older version. So idk if that is related to this but.. every time I try to “ walk “ in the streets it lets me go little ways but then it stops working and takes me to my home screen :( Is it related to old version of google earth or maybe because I don’t have latest version of iPad? Could it be because my iPad is like five years old or is it just something that needs a bug fix update? Or can you not fix? I totally understand if you cannot fix though because I know you all work hard reading reviews and trying to fix any problems anyone has. Thx for all your hard work guys! Me appreciates it. Sincerely, INFO UNAVAILABLE
by noha maryam on 2020/07/06 18:23
Google earth is SO FLAT plz fix it I’m trying to see what’s inside my country Lebanon plz fix it ppl will like it more bcs I can only see the roofs of the places plz fix this ppl will like ur app more
The game is NICE
by djgaming123 on 2020/07/06 14:55
Google I know it’s not a game but it’s sooo fun!! Pls reply! Stay safe! 👍👋
Crashes all the time
by Graf tad on 2020/07/06 03:03
This app is fine. But it constantly crashes despite not being used heavily.
It’s Lit‼️
by Wxvy...Jay on 2020/07/06 02:54
All jokes aside it’s one of the best apps google ever developed and it gives people who haven’t had a chance to travel the world, a glimpse of what it’s like‼️
Google earth
by kate.norris on 2020/07/06 02:01
I have always used google earth for my schoolwork to find where places are and where I have been or where I’m going to be or even seeing if I want to go there .This is one of the best apps I’ve ever used now I can go anywhere and everywhere whenever I want.thank you for making this possible
by Erik_000000 on 2020/07/05 14:35
I found the titanic with this app
Someone tell me why there’s peepee island
by ggmanerguy on 2020/07/04 02:16
by Dorkerson on 2020/07/02 15:54
Between Guatemala & Belize There Are Mysterious Disappearing Clouds!
by kayla828783499 on 2020/07/01 01:31
App keeps crashing, won’t open
A good earth ever!
by dieomioedjdmjwmd on 2020/06/30 23:10
Can search find, and I see highest mountain in world
most used app on my phone 💗
by Spider-Gwen✨ on 2020/06/30 18:00
yes, you heard that right. Google Earth is a great way to explore new places when you’re at home, especially during the pandemic. it’s a great way to explore places that you probably will never go to. my only suggestion is a night version, because I would really like to see different places at night, especially Milwaukee, Wisconsin. but I won’t take a star off of this app since you would have to drive around the whole world to give us a night version. however, it is something you should consider. You should also update the street map because it’s old and it’s from 2018 and I live in a growing neighborhood.
Needs and i mean SeRiOuS updates. 😕
by Nogoodusernames on 2020/06/29 15:23
I know everyone wants that now but they should learn something. My map is from September 2018 and it is June 29 2020 will it update in September?! I need an answer right here right now. I need a response from the creator of the app. Please that would be nice 😊👌
by pintorefriedbeans on 2020/06/29 05:31
Old street view pics
Good but blurry and buffers
by A.J.N.E. on 2020/06/29 05:08
I love this app but there’s a few problems. Whenever I zoom in it turns really blurry and buffers for too long. It’s also not really updated. Another thing is that I was trying to find my mom’s childhood home but it didn’t show up on the map. Sad .😢 But I still do suggest this app. There is still some good things about it. 👏👏👏 Update: I also just realized that some of these places don’t even have street view available.
I found a shark
by esmejossie on 2020/06/28 14:40
I went to a island and I found a shark in the water :) great app!
It’s good
by i didnt develop the game on 2020/06/27 23:01
Just used it to see my house
Very bad app
by Doc WTher on 2020/06/27 21:56
One there is no date and when I go in for a closer look it is distorted and looks like it is from a bad video game.
by GalaxyLlama12 on 2020/06/27 01:08
So I love google earth to use just for fun..until I found that if you search Kiuva Beach, Fiji, to the right you can CLEAR AS DAY see a PLANE in the water!! And then I looked up Bermuda Triangle which is kinda on the other side of Earth, knowing that Amelia Earhart disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle and how it "teleports” you to the other side of the world is kinda freaky, you should DEFINITELY check it out! - Llama 🌈 *w*
by Roman_Souljah on 2020/06/26 20:03
because it won’t show the new house it’s info is 3179 Streamside Lane Winterville North Carolina GO UPDATE THE APP NOW
by Anime_wolfgalaxyYT on 2020/06/25 16:21
Now,spin google earth!!
by Daniel,31 on 2020/06/25 15:00
The 🌍 is earth, it can spin
Useless images
by MECHANZ on 2020/06/25 00:37
I was interested in Antarctica. As usual, all the interesting parts are blurred out or obviously retouched. I know this is not the apps fault, but as far as I am concerned, this app is absolutely useless for me. Zero points if possible
by Fable_Vega on 2020/06/24 20:10
Some Places Will Be So Blurry And Still Have The Outer Block Formation Of The Area. Area 51 is so blurry too...I remember going on my computer and looking at it when I was a kid and it was clear as day with lots of detail. I wanna see the melting ice and what secrets are coming off of our mysterious globe. & why can’t we zoom in even closer with extra detail? I thought google earth was suppose to show the most of the best of the best :/ & Yes My Internet Speed & All That Is Good. 💯 lol
by rwalsh6882 on 2020/06/24 12:01
Always seems to be glitchy lately, and it would be really cool if the go back in time feature from the PC version could be used
Google Earth
by Mexican Rasta Man on 2020/06/24 04:10
Great to look at detail by zooming in.
Best app ever
by Luna. on 2020/06/23 20:00
At my house I can see myself outside 325 royal oaks drive Vacaville, plus everything else in the world you have to get this app it is so good!
Hey I just wanna say something about this app
by AngryBirds09 on 2020/06/23 16:54
Unfortunately people lately have been saying there’s many glitches and strange things found on this app (and I agree) but since then there hasn’t been a SINGLE glitch or bug or strange thing that I have ever seen on this app known as google earth or google maps (whatever) but I just don’t understand what the point of these bugs and glitches are. Many people have found these kinds of bugs but I just don’t get where they came from and why this app has a lot of bugs and glitches. I don’t Know maybe something really is wrong with this app. Well good thing those glitches are fixed because I would be terrified if I saw a glitch. Because usually bugs and glitches on this App are usually very disturbing and I agree with them. Otherwise this app is great and I hope u like it too :)
Pretty good but ...
by shdhdhhddhdhhdhdh on 2020/06/22 20:24
This is really good!!but I think it would be better if you could walk on the streets .Like you could go to the beach or the museum.But in general it’s pretty good.
It’s fine
by ぃっzy on 2020/06/22 04:27
The app is really good but it should really be up to date with what everything looks like cause a lot of things have changed from what it seems to look like on this app and there should be an option to look at the places as they were actually there like the street view but you should be able to move where you are from somewhere else while still being in street view
Me like give Robux
by Csmic on 2020/06/21 07:43
Good app but slow updates
by Marny T on 2020/06/20 16:14
I lo well this app is great but it was very slow so when into the car it was very
by vaGinaz on 2020/06/20 00:21
Needs 1 thing
by ysuenbdnnfnekcjkd on 2020/06/19 22:30
Hey so I have been using this app for so long and I love it but there is one thing that needs help. So I have looked up my house countless times and the like pictures are all from over 10 years ago. But yes it is a great app and totally request!!!!
by fortnitekid1 on 2020/06/19 19:10
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awesome 😎
by Nilla281882829 on 2020/06/19 15:27
shows me the world so awesome 👏🏾
Updated 2 days ago and . . .
by 357 MAG on 2020/06/17 23:08
Street View is totally FUBAR. This function worked fine before the upgrade.
by orcavivs on 2020/06/17 01:42
Guys it good son I don’t wanna her it’s bas
Love this app!!! You guys should do pictures down residential streets as well!
by PeanutStanton on 2020/06/16 22:48
I would love to see what the 94.7 WELK building in Elkins looks like from ground view!
Function Of App Needs Reworking
by jagman112151 on 2020/06/14 18:39
I am basically a Windows 10 user and have Google Earth Pro installed in that computer. I have noticed that the app on my iPad Air works a lot differently than the program on my Windows 10 desktop computer. The program has in my opinion a much better user interface than the one on my iPad. Because of the huge differences between the iPad and Windows 10 app and program, I will use my computer over my iPad every time. Regards, James Guth
Nice view of the world with a touch of a button
by Dugbuynjmede on 2020/05/06 21:20
Really enjoy this app. Sometimes I just click on random places just to explore what certain places look like that I will probably never get to go. However I’ve noticed that sometimes an address doesn’t load and or it’s very slow and sits and buffers. I wish google would also update the maps. Before vacation, going to a new restaurant, going over to someones house for the first time, I like to look the place up to get an idea of routes. A lot are out of date. I guess it’s not this app’s purpose but I like using this to get a good idea of where I’m going. My address/ neighborhood for example is from 2007. I know it’s from then because my house and the neighborhood was built in 2007. It’s changed a lot since then and the picture is not clear. The aerial view is also different to the street view on some maps. Not the end of the world just wish it was updated. Since they have to drive to create the maps it probably takes awhile. I guess.
Not Even Basic App Comforts (2020 iPad Pro)
by somethingcheesy on 2020/05/19 01:05
It takes a lot of disappointment for me to write reviews but this app is just so flat. It’s like they took what they were in the process of developing years ago and just threw it up without even looking at it for a quick review. I am terrible at geography and thought this would help me with a class I’m taking but I was mistaken. You can’t adjust any type of visual settings so if you zoom too far in on, say, China, you get a million different location names in English and Chinese and you can’t even see the land under all the text. Also, it would be really enjoyable (and easier on my old lady eyes) to be able to make borders bold or different colors or even cut out a region to view it individually. It is absolutely impossible to tell one country/state from the next with the impossibly thin tan line separating everything that, oh yea, is the same color that is used for most of the landscape. What a mess. Overall really great concept but what I’m gathering from other reviews, the app particularly for iPad is super low quality compared to others. I now know that if I had a desktop I’d be able to look at the moon and mars so I feel really gypped now. And yes, even though I didn’t pay anything I still feel shortchanged.
Nice need a few Stuff tho
by Tania star on 2020/06/11 19:53
You see I like google earth and all but they need to have 3D at big cities like Moscow or Shanghai. What’s wrong with them? New York City is a big place but is less populated then the ones I mention. Also why are you covering some spots in the North and South Pole. In Greenland you can barely see a thing. In Siberia (which is in Russia of course) you can see trees and stuff but some stuff are blurry! Why??? I’m not saying ur keeping a secret from us but that’s pretty suspicious. You really need to change that. But really you should! Also one more thing. Why do you want to know where we live? That’s really creepy! I mean really creepy!!! I don’t want no one to know where I live (except my relatives of course). But no one else unless there my friends. That’s just really creepy dude! You should really change that! And you should do that before hackers know where you live and start doing bad stuff to you. I love this app and all but you should change stuff. Anyways I hope you change everything bad and have a good day. Bye!
Detail Update Please
by CrystalCafe! on 2019/11/30 20:21
Ive been a fan of google earth for a long time now. I recall that the first images used to allow the bottom of the ocean exploration with a smooth transition from land to sea. With the new updates and imagery, a lot of detail has been removed. I used to remember looking at land masses and seeing the trees and roads but the current images are now blurry blobs. Also the area surrounding and encompassing Antarctica is severely pathetic. We the people want the details and the Truth. Why is it that there are photoshop cuts and cloud clips, that are covering up detail of the landscape? Please fire the photoshop team and tell it like it is. What good is exploring the planet in virtual format if all you get is blurred images to hide those detail? I don’t use Google Earth much any more because it is a joke now. It makes me sad that all the big corporations want to keep people in the dark, never sharing what they find. Who are you to make that judgment on all of the population. What gives you the rite to hide valuable discoveries from us? And why? It just makes me sad that you were not raised with the truth and so you find ways to cover it up :(
Sorry to say but.. a few kinks..
by sqash27 on 2020/07/07 14:27
So I had and deleted one and a half year ago because I didn’t rlly think I would need it. So earlier yesterday ( today’s yesterday) I was getting bored and so I got this app again and I had to get the older version. So idk if that is related to this but.. every time I try to “ walk “ in the streets it lets me go little ways but then it stops working and takes me to my home screen :( Is it related to old version of google earth or maybe because I don’t have latest version of iPad? Could it be because my iPad is like five years old or is it just something that needs a bug fix update? Or can you not fix? I totally understand if you cannot fix though because I know you all work hard reading reviews and trying to fix any problems anyone has. Thx for all your hard work guys! Me appreciates it. Sincerely, INFO UNAVAILABLE
Hey I just wanna say something about this app
by AngryBirds09 on 2020/06/23 16:54
Unfortunately people lately have been saying there’s many glitches and strange things found on this app (and I agree) but since then there hasn’t been a SINGLE glitch or bug or strange thing that I have ever seen on this app known as google earth or google maps (whatever) but I just don’t understand what the point of these bugs and glitches are. Many people have found these kinds of bugs but I just don’t get where they came from and why this app has a lot of bugs and glitches. I don’t Know maybe something really is wrong with this app. Well good thing those glitches are fixed because I would be terrified if I saw a glitch. Because usually bugs and glitches on this App are usually very disturbing and I agree with them. Otherwise this app is great and I hope u like it too :)
Long time fan, needs technical improvement
by ellentaco33 on 2020/05/05 23:35
This app is great and the measuring tool in particular makes it easy for me to plan new running routes. However lately it’s been challenging to use the app because of some recurring technical issues. Often the app crashes after less than five minutes of use and continues to crash every time I open the app. I’ve restarted my iPad and tried a few other troubleshooting things but the crashing still happens about 50% of the time. The street view feature is great! Despite the issues I would still recommend this app and continue to use it, but it would be really good if the issues would be fixed.
Can we get a always on street view?
by jsille77 on 2020/03/16 23:28
The app is fine, nothing amazing but I enjoy it. Seems recently the detail has improved. Unfortunately it’s difficult to truly enjoy when everything’s basically approved for us to view. I used to think I could find something special item like some ancient ruins or unknown island, now days everything is photoshopped it seems. Granted I understand the blurring of military bases and such but there’s some spots that’s obviously censored from the public in a sinister way. As if google thinks they own everything the satellites are viewing. Things that would improve the app for me- :Make it so street view has a toggle on off switch so I can leave it on while exploring. I miss lots of good opportunities because street view turns off automatically after leaving a specific location. :history like the pc version :more the one placed marker, or saved marked spots :more graphic tweaks :pic overlay Oh I forgot, Iceland, Greenland, and the islands surrounded are also very bad , the edges. Which is also ironic considering these areas are also a huge mystery. It’s as if they took a land mass or lands and chopped them up and scattered them around so not to let us view something. Btw I’m a photoshop specialist with a degree in geology so I know what I’m talking about.
Slow, very, very slow updates
by Krazo1 on 2018/04/23 16:35
“Okay. Guys we got the data in for the whole world! Now we can sit on our butts for years and years and never have to update it”...said the boss at google earth a decade ago. I know it is free, but I have State Farm road atlases with the picture of a 1953 Buick on the cover that has more up to date maps than Google earth! Those were also free! Their competition is buying new images like crazy and have current maps/terrain. Perhaps GE just isn’t in the game any more and are letting this program wither and die when more folks like me discover it is full of ancient artifacts instead of a current set of images. I’m in the hinterlands of the fly over in the USA...Denver Colorado. Doubt if the GE staff can spell it let alone find it on their own program. The images I deal with are from three to seven YEARS old. Streets, many buildings, power lines, pipelines, public facilities have been built and in place for years in the suburban areas of this city. There are much more current images in Tibet and South America, Do not use this app if you are expecting to get current images. It is poor for that. One feature that might be helpful is to have a streamlined method to report obsolete images, or offer the ability to purchase new images of specific areas if Google cannot afford to update your area of interest.
by fdasscgar on 2020/01/25 16:07
This is a great app and I'd recommend getting it. The problem is it's not all 3d and I would like you to fix that 'cause my grandfather lives in D.C. but I can't see his house and I want to really bad ( because he's rich and owns a mansion ). Other than that it's GREAT!! But you should add something where you can change the time of day ( night, midnight, early morning (2 am), morning, day, noon, afternoon, evening ) where it changes everything. For example, at day, an office building would look regular, but if you changed it to NIGHT, it would look dimmer and all the lights would be on. If you fixed/added the stuff in my review, it would be a great app. Thank you Google for making another awesome addition to my screen!
Will not load/open
by SHBSMP on 2020/03/26 00:09
Using an iPad Pro google earth is stuck on the welcome screen and does not go any further. Clicked on the app support tab in the App Store and it takes you to a help forum for windows google earth Pro help. Useless for apple products. Really a shame googles so disorganized or just doesn’t care about low revenue users UPDATE: several hours later the app loaded as expected. Program ran fine, would be nice to have current or near current maps and photos, most data I saw was more than 3 yrs old. I’m thinking the startup/loading issue was not an app problem but a temporary google server issue they resolved. Still no troubleshooting info for Apple mobile users (at least none I could find) even with the issues, Google Earth is the best (free) global mapping app money can buy for the iPhone/iPad.
I will be forever grateful
by llamalam on 2020/05/13 22:41
So today my mom is going to go to Jalapeño in my city so we can get a burrito because their burritos are good. So I looked up where Jalapeño is in my city and I memorized that spot. I am also in the mood for a smoothie and looked up Tropical Smoothie Cafe because their Bahama Mama is one of my favorite smoothies. I looked up both of them to see if they were even remotely near each other because if they were, I could get a smoothie. It turns out they’re right next to each other! Google Earth helped me figure out if I could get a smoothie and I am forever thankful for that. Now every time my mom goes out to Jalapeño I have a decent chance of her saying yes to getting tropical smoothie.
most used app on my phone 💗
by Spider-Gwen✨ on 2020/06/30 18:00
yes, you heard that right. Google Earth is a great way to explore new places when you’re at home, especially during the pandemic. it’s a great way to explore places that you probably will never go to. my only suggestion is a night version, because I would really like to see different places at night, especially Milwaukee, Wisconsin. but I won’t take a star off of this app since you would have to drive around the whole world to give us a night version. however, it is something you should consider. You should also update the street map because it’s old and it’s from 2018 and I live in a growing neighborhood.
Future is Here.
by Patrick37774 on 2019/07/22 11:55
Not only 5-star app for iOS platform, but also for later viewing in Virtual Reality. Using the Insta360 camera, I can upload 360 photospheres to Google Earth/Streetview via the Google Streetview app. In the end, using the Google Earth App to view not just google content, but updated content by google users makes for an incredible end-user experience. This is also a 5-star review for the Google Earth program available in the Oculus App Store (free). Using a VR platform (e.g., Oculus Rift S), you can literally “walk” down a street with a 360 degree view as you go. Incredible technology. Future is here - check out the app in virtual reality if you have the opportunity.
You can not travel without Google——-
by AsphaltFenude on 2019/01/02 23:54
especially if you are motoring somewhere and need a hotel, restaurant, or medical help. The Maps app is enormously helpful because in addition to the video depictions, the aural directions allow you to listen to the driving directions and watch the road. The Earth app is a fantastic aerial view of your route and/or destination, which then allows you to simply go to maps and enter the address. You can enter enroute information requests for hotels and gas stations or just about anything you want or need. It is very intuitive, is GPS synch’d, and will get you un-lost in a jiffy. You simply can not go anywhere without this app.
Desperately needs an update with better features.
by Hakamorra on 2019/01/08 01:08
Decent, but is lacking major useful features such as; • Save Pinned Location, that you can custom label • User Guide! Explaining each and every function! -From the upper right hand symbols (domino, measurement, etc.). -What each icon over buildings mean (speaking of; there is an error when tapping the icon to get information. A ‘no internet connection’ pops up. Maybe it’s not an error but lack of info on that place?) -In addition to the icon explanation; add the colour of it. Ex: the fork & spoon being orange, dot being grey, shopping bag being blue, etc. I ask that you PLEASE keep these suggestions in mind. I’m not sure if updates still occur or if the app is still being monitored by the creators. I implore these features to be made at some point. I believe it’ll boost the ratings this app gets. That said! Do not rush to get the updates done and out immediately, otherwise a major bug/error may happen. Take time and update at your speed. One at a time or as a bundle. Pardon the wall of text and if I seemed commanding, it was not at all my intention! Just my own thoughts and opinion. Thank you for reading. Sincerely; Anastasia |aka| Haka
Excellent app
by Google Earther on 2019/12/27 16:26
This app is made for a geography lover. It is an absolutely fantastic app. This app allows for some very high resolution images of buildings photographed from space. It also has voyager and knowledge cards which help you learn so much. It also has a random location button which can take you anywhere in the world. Finally, the best part is the measure feature. This thing is amazing. I have learned so much about the scale and true size of things using this. Additionally, Google Earth shows the Earth in it’s true spherical shape. This lets you see truly how much bigger or smaller things are than what you thought. Would give it 6 stars if I could.
Date of image
by the rock breaker on 2020/02/27 20:42
I love the app but I can’t get a clear image of stuff on my mining claims nor can I tell when it was put there. Just a little better resolution and a flyover date would be so helpful. At present, I can’t tell if it is a tent or a travel trailer or a van parked on my claim. I have three gold mining claims and this would be so helpful to be able to see if someone was hi jacking me and approximately when, as I live over three and a half hours away from the closest one. I thank you in advance for anything you can do to help me with this matter... The rock breaker
Timetravel feature needed + ocean map
by JamesAlexander84 on 2018/07/07 03:50
I really like google Earth, but I would love to see a time travel feature where you can see what has changed over the decades: buildings, roads, environment, etc. Also, I think the next step should definitely be mapping the oceans; you will have work for centuries, honestly. Lastly, I want to see higher resolution imaging. One thing that I currently like is the 3D feature especially when you first tap it and the camera does a cyclical camera pan; that's awesome! Although, I would like this to be available from multiple zoom levels. Also, how about quick-zoom level buttons: 1x, 2, 5x, 10x or altitude ranges. Google + Wikipedia would make a powerful resource for information ;)
Google earth
by rezasetode on 2020/01/01 21:26
I recommend all people getting it because it’s useful for everyone you can see any address with it I request without it doesn’t go to desert but with it comfortable find your way especially if you are familiar with coordinates of a point you can save points with x-y-z and always save in your phone like global positionally system or gps civil engineer can plan road or railroad install on this app and specify place of bridge and culvert and can use it daily of coarse it has many abilities that when use it then understand all I hope all consumers appreciate it and I wish success all producers this app
Good on a desktop, bad on mobile
by Jared Schneedle on 2020/06/05 23:04
I love using google earth to explore the world from the comfort of home so I can get an idea of which countries I want to add to my bucket list of places to visit, and the desktop version is perfect for that. But the mobile version is not very touch accurate. If two places are close together, they tend to overlap on the screen. And you tap on one to see photos of it or read about it, it inevitably thinks you’re tapping on the other no matter how much you try to angle your finger toward the place you’re actually trying to see. Which is extremely frustrating. You need the precision of a mouse curser for any sort of enjoyable experience on this application because it optimized well for a mobile, touchscreen experience.
Great App!
by caeeeel123456 on 2018/11/29 17:02
I believe this app is easily accessible for apple users as it is already on your device. I find this helpful because you do not have to take extra steps to download the app. The navigators voice corresponds with your siri voice which you can change. I overall like this app because it also is very easy to understand the audible directions. Also, it easily allows you to change routes and see the current traffic. I also like the appearance of the app! I would definitely recommend this app to a friend.
Needs better offline visibility
by Rock4Jesus777 on 2020/04/24 23:07
Certain map/gps apps require a strong data signal to use them for travel. Being built into a smart phone makes sense in those cases. However, when downloading a third party app, I would hope for a more robust app that would allow usage, even in poor signal areas. You know, situations that require a map when cell signal is low or non existent? My family and I go for car rides every weekend and go out back roads into rural and desolate areas to see what we can see. Too often we have no or very limited cell signal and the native app can’t do anything for us. I reinstalled GE thinking it would pick up the slack but I just found out that without signal, it’s useless. It doesn’t want to load in unless there’s strong signal or WiFi connected. We would get lost with this! What’s the point? I remember when map/gps apps were more robust and had enough built in data that you didn’t need cell data to use them. With phone storage capacity on the rise, companies shouldn’t be afraid anymore to make a larger app that can be used standalone.
Needs a little work
by Familia Rodriguez-Haddad on 2019/02/09 02:26
This app is great, but it needs the present picture of the houses. Whenever I search up my address it shows my house but shows the cars that we had a long time ago. I also feel like the weather should change more often. I went on the app and it was 7:30 and it was dark out, but when I looked on the app it should all clear skies, middle of the day, all the nice clouds, but it would also look great in the night! All the building lights on and just watching the earth in the night!
Amazing app but there’s one problem☹️
by Grey K Mullins on 2019/04/07 18:42
This app is amazing I really recommend getting it! But the thing is you only have a Birdseye view of the places you want to see you can’t see it like it’s right in front of you and when you Google your house it looks different from what it looked like a long time ago it’s gonna look like it looks like a long time ago is it is it gonna have a new upgrades that you put on your house. Say you Google the Eiffel tower you’re only seening what it looks like a long time ago not how it actually looks like today. That one comes really frustrates me😡! So that’s the one problem with this amazing app.😍😭
by Patrick18932013 on 2019/12/30 16:24
What a beautiful app. It should become increasingly obvious through using this app that their is a God of this world, that God being the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. This app allows you to travel the expanse of this earth from your living room and see the wonders God has truly created that is talked about in Genesis 1, where it says “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth...” To know God personally though, read his word — the Bible — download the app, and dive into his truth to know how you can have a personal relationship with the God who created what men can only marvel at.
Watching what I do
by Zilkascreech on 2019/01/23 15:33
I really liked this app a lot. It has great info and I relied on it to show parts of the world that I wanted to learn about. Today on Facebook someone mentioned a part of the world that I’m not familiar with, the Isle of Skye. I went to Google Earth and I hadn’t typed in more than the first two letters when it suggested Isle of Skye. Apparently it’s watching other apps I’m using and since it’s a Google app that info, no doubt, is now a part of the info it sends back to Google. I should have kept it off of my phone, I figured it was harmless because I only used it when I needed it, but apparently that’s not the case. What other private info is now in the Google data base, I have no idea. If you value your privacy, stay away. Caveat emptor, as they say. It’s gone now.
Such a cool app, but could be better
by jimago on 2018/09/05 18:21
I love the power of this app. There are only a couple things I wish they would improve on. I would love to see the ability to pin locations in this that would then also be on my Google maps, or vice versa, see pins I've made in Google maps show up here. My other actually complaint is that if you leave the app for maybe only a minute and come back to it, it resets. Losing the location you left on. I use this app a lot researching places I plan to hike, and I'm constantly bouncing from app to app. It's incredibly annoying to have to figure out where I was every time it decides to reset.
Stopped using Google Earth
by Eriptron on 2019/12/02 23:17
Update: Non existent support. They’re so unprofessional that they don’t respond to Apple app reviews. In my opinion, companies like that should have their products removed from the Apple App Store. —— I give...they'll never figure out how to design an "intelligent" user interface. I stopped using Google Earth a couple of months ago. The tab to unhide the place images at the bottom of the main display is too big and it should disappear when not touch for a few seconds. Then there are the four lines of copyright information that overlays the map at the bottom of the main display. You still cannot hide the GUI so you can see the the whole map without having to keep moving the map image around. By Google!
Slow, outdated, and awful software
by supreme1138 on 2018/08/05 04:31
I used to love google earth about two years ago, but after a new update, the whole thing went down hill. First, the satellite view of some places, for example San Francisco, was out dated by at least three years. Second, the new up date doesn’t include Wikipedia shortcuts, or simple explanatory anymore. And, you can’t turn the stuff off the settings that you don’t want, like let’s say you only want road feature on, well tough luck be cause it doesn’t allow that. Lastly, if you scroll around eventually at least on my tablet, the app closes and shuts off for no reason. This app has so much potential and it’s a shame that it is like this. I hope google can fix there problems soon.
by shsbejxk on 2019/03/30 04:54
I’ve always loved google earth, but you guys haven’t updated several street view photos for years... I looked right my by work on street view and the picture was taken way before I even started working there 4 years ago. And sometimes I’ll go to search for something and the search bar doesn’t even work. Same with clicking on places on the map, it’ll say ‘knowledge card unavailable’. Why? When it was just working 2 seconds ago... doesn’t make sense. I feel like google should have some of the best running apps but this one still needs a lot of work..
Cant save places or easily sync them from somewhere else
by Andgfneisijd on 2018/07/24 06:30
Im going on a trip with my family somewhere soon and recently saved a bunch of places on google earth on a public library computer, assuming it would auto save to my account bc usually google is awesome like that. so i download the app so i can see what i had previously saved and it turns out the only way you can do that is by going on the computer you saved them to and manually moving them. and!! not only that but you cant even start all over again because you cant even save places on the app at all! so if you just want to look around places with no way what-so-ever to save the info that you find, then this is the perfect app for you!
by crodriguez89 on 2019/03/23 14:21
Great app! runs very smooth on iPad pro, tho images may be outdated for some areas, it is still very useful for us at work, we load our library of KML files and one feature we would like to see for the mobile version is to be able to share within the KML file as in the pro version for desktop that way we dont have to constantly switch between mobile or desktop. Please add this feature it will really help us with our productivity!!!
I preferred the previous version.
by akLT2 on 2018/04/16 06:11
Personally I preferred the previous version for a couple reasons. The biggest reason being that the app would save the information in a cache from areas you previously viewed. This was extremely helpful for hiking and backpacking in areas where there is no signal. By viewing areas before I left I could fully use the app out of service. Now, without a signal, the app is useless in the backcountry. Another reason I prefer the old version is because of the panoramio photos. This was nice for areas that aren’t popular. Overall the app is satisfactory but I preferred the old app with the features I mentioned.
Love the app! Could use a couple of features.
by FlashZ91 on 2019/05/25 00:12
The load speeds are awesome compared to loading things up on GE Pro on my PC. All of the learning features are pretty great too, and the 3D features are top quality! If I had any suggestions, I’d love to be able to take pictures of places from my phone and upload them into the Google Earth database directly from this app. Also, the Google Earth Pro program has an ability to see current weather patterns in action, and it would make this app even more amazing!
Goggles are great
by Leanna lin on 2019/06/12 23:21
Goggles are great because they can help us this goggle was showing pretty pictures I love the pictures and I think I want to go and see them in real life so I know how pretty it is I am thinking about a lot of people will be going to there to see it because I’m sure that it is beautiful and it’s very great to see them again and again 👏👏👍👍👥👨‍👩‍👧👩‍👩‍👧👩‍👩‍👧👩‍👩‍👧‍👦👨‍👩‍👦‍👦👨‍👩‍👦‍👦👩‍👩‍👦‍👦👨‍👨‍👦‍👦👨‍👨‍👦‍👦 and some dogs will be there🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🦜🦜🦜🦜🦜🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🏎🚗🚲🛴🚘🛳⛴🚢🇵🇷🇵🇷🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🇺🇸🇺🇸🇻🇳🇻🇳🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇫🇨🇫🇨🇳🇨🇳🇯🇪🇯🇪🇿🇲🇿🇲🇬🇮🇬🇮🇯🇴🇯🇴
by Lynn Melnick on 2020/04/29 19:44
I used to love this app, and I still do- it’s just it’s not the same. I remember being able to go to the bottom of the ocean and summits of mountains, and now I can’t. Also, the land looks more like a simulator than a real view. Besides those things, I love the app. Especially the new exploring Option and the “I’m feeling lucky” option where they take you to random places over the world. Overall, it’s a great app and I use it often, especially since quarantine. I just wish it had better quality.
by Dragon81heart on 2018/12/12 17:15
This is one of my favorite and most used apps but as on the past few days it crashes just after a few seconds and freezes up. I try to zoom into a town or city, and it never fully loads anything. It’s like it will only work for about 5 seconds and just stop. And sweet view hasn’t worked either On iPhone 8 so it’s not like I’m on an underpowered device. Used to work really well up until a few days ago. Just did the update and tried it a few times, no change. Still not working well, barely working at all Please fix
by Wendyblackledge on 2019/05/21 21:36
I love this app to look at childhood home etc. it’s incredible. But what I’ve noticed lately is that my son ...he’s disabled and well this app has been amazing in the most unexpected way: you see he’s like driving around the neighborhood he goes from street to street or he’s driving around town. To get gas groceries’s awesome. Absolutely love love love this. I also got to show him where I grew up. Thank you google for this goes above and beyond seeing the world. ❤️❤️❤️
It is Amazing, But...
by byrdz03 on 2020/05/04 17:33
Okay, I have recently installed this app. I was excited as it was downloading... but when I started playing I had come apon disappointment. The detail was much less than I had suspected. I had then read the critical reviews and found many complaints saying that the graphics used to be better. Please bring back the old style! Let us explore! I can’t even see some places! When I try going to a random place, sometimes I end up in the ocean and I cannot even see the island.
For other users...
by Devinsimp on 2019/03/18 19:30
This app is great but Before you get mad about the fact google earth haven’t updated in years, think about it from their prospective. Do you know how long it takes to drive on every road in the world while at the same time take pictures not just from street view but from space? It takes years and millions of dollars. You should be thankful to even see your house. If you are unhappy do it yourself.
Love it!
by ColtonGamer on 2019/03/04 16:10
Love the app, love looking around the whole world! Features I want you to put on iOS or mobile devices is to put time travel instead of it on just PC even thought I have a PC I still think it would be cool if you added it on here and even time travel on street view if possible. Also try to make everything 3D since my house isn’t 3D yet but it’s getting closer though. I would like to see my house and my town in 3D that would be really cool!
by Jewel 73 on 2020/05/09 15:56
Would it kill them to actually listen to people’s ideas? Good lord, there’s no cross-platform consistency with these google apps. Too many bugs with this and other google apps make them very unstable. For example, historical aerial view is only available on google earth for computers. Historical street view is only available on computer browsers. It used to be a thing on mobile browsers but it was removed. And you can’t make kmz files on mobile google earth, something which would be really helpful. I really hope they can fix these completely useless inconsistencies and make their apps useful again.
Awesome! Only needs one feature to be perfect
by Brenna of House Targaryen on 2019/11/12 15:17
Great app! Works very smoothly on my iPad. The only thing I wish google would add is the ability to save custom pins, and maybe have different colors or shapes to differentiate between the types of locations you’re saving? And perhaps add a button to “show” or “hide” the pins you’ve saved, since I guess some people wouldn’t like the clutter. Please, I’m BEGGING you, let me save all the weird stuff I’ve found on your awesome satellites
Reason why it should change and critiques
by taco billy tom joe on 2019/06/02 01:49
Goggle earth is great but you three d imagery is getting sloppy I want to look at the White House in three d but I. Cant but a can see a office building and it is a great company but it is getting slow I want to play where in the world is carmen sandiago but when I press on it it doesn’t take me there or when I am doing a quiz and I answer it usually takes me there but now it is not and I want to make this clear I think the google earth company is great no shame but I am just critiquing and the borders are bad I have a picture to show and it is just slow and some of the 2 d imagery's are bad looking
MY DOOR ISNT PURPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Dc28314 on 2019/07/07 15:13
Dear app creators, I understand that you cannot be changing your pictures every day but, my fricken door hasn’t been PURPLE for at least THREE YEARS!!! And we repainted the white door at least a year ago. Other than that I’m pretty much happy with the app, I have this exact same problem with the rest of the google apps too! Please think about updating the pictures sometime, that would make a lot of people happier with this app. -Unanimous Person
5 stars, but...
by NorCalUser on 2020/02/11 07:29
Updated comment: “My Location” is now on the main display. Thanks! The rest of my original comment still holds. I’ve only used the Voyager and dice buttons once just to see what they do. Not something I need instant access to. Original comment: Works fine, but it would be nice if the “My Location” button was on the main display either as a default or as an option to put it there. Additionally, the two buttons that, in my opinion, could be buried in the “...” menu button are the Voyager and the dice buttons. Useless. I’m interested in where I’m going and what’s around me when I get there. This may come as a shock to the Google-ites that made this app but users can actually think for themselves and if they want to explore the world, they’ll explore.
by THE BEST EDITING APP EVER!!! on 2019/03/28 04:59
Like some other people my problem is the date of the pictures they look great for old landmarks but if you look at your house you'll notice that it's a very old picture at least 3 years cause that's what I noticed and the picture is pretty old my house was still being built in that picture and that was a good while ago and if you'll notice I'm keeping one star captive untill you update app and retake the pictures and I know it'll be hard to do but still.👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻
Class work hear I come!
by Gamer_cat_5712 on 2019/09/16 20:58
This really made it a lot easier to make a paper on a place around the world because with google maps we can see all the special features like amusement parks or movie theatres that are famous for that area such as Canada’s wonder land but it’s also a bit difficult to find certain spots because I definitely know how hard it must be to take all these photos but it would be nice if I could see a bit more updated parts really great app in all tho!!
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