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SaveTik: Save & Repost Video
-------------------------------- No.1 App For Save Tik Videos ------------------------------- -->It is super fast, and gives you the ease of Repost any Tik video within few seconds. --> Extract MP3 file from video --> Schedule best time for reposting --> Bookmark your favorite user profile --> Get Trending Videos --> Find videos by Tags --> Copy Hashtags from app How To Repost Tik videos: 1. Find a video on Tik that you want to Repost it! 2. Select “Share” on that video. 3. Select “Copy Link” in the “Share to” section. 4. Open RETok app and you will find your selected video Automatically 5. Now Press continue and you are ready to Repost. Note:User can able to Repost 2 videos for free , for more videos he needs opt for in-app purchase Subscription: - a weekly subscription of $3.99 USD which comes with 3 day Free Trial; - a monthly subscription of $7.99 USD - a yearly subscription of $29.99 USD You can cancel subscription anytime by turning off auto-renewal through your iTunes account settings. This must be done 24 hours before the end of a free trial or subscription period to avoid being charged. The cancellation will take effect the day after the last day of the current subscription period, and you will be downgraded to the free service. Disclaimer:- This app is not affiliated with or endorsed by TikTok.- Any unauthorized reposting of contents and/or violations of Intellectual property rights is the sole responsibility of the user. Terms and Service Privacy Policy
الله يبارك برنامج
by حسين ويسا on 2021/11/26 15:04
by Janay Denise on 2021/11/26 15:03
It’s good!
by ryuz____ on 2021/11/26 12:25
This app is really useful
by Alix'sBaby on 2021/11/26 04:33
Very good mmmhm
deez nuta
by nodsaqyyok on 2021/11/26 04:19
Did really good at this
by DEEZHAHAHHAHA on 2021/11/26 03:23
useless app
by yahirs psycho on 2021/11/26 03:08
won’t even let you save any and is always asking to upgrade this app is just a cash grab for the creators
So far so good.
by jjaquab on 2021/11/26 02:34
I will update after a week.
by Won333 on 2021/11/25 22:43
Having fun
by maury valentins on 2021/11/25 19:54
Por favor colóquenlo gratis
I love it!!
by okqymowhned on 2021/11/25 19:26
I love it!!
This is pretty good
by dreamer girl8 on 2021/11/25 18:48
I think this is a great app and is worth it
Love it
by iranlisa on 2021/11/25 14:24
So cool
Love it
by j3nNy8P on 2021/11/25 14:18
Wish it was free! But nothing good is lol
The App
by Rogelopez on 2021/11/25 04:00
The app is really good if you want a video with no watermark and it’s amazing 🤗🤗
by HAHDHSHXHAHZHA on 2021/11/25 03:25
Only 3 stars because the add to pay pops up an annoying amount of times.
by liwis691 on 2021/11/25 03:19
Good app
by DaJa Baee on 2021/11/25 02:54
I love this app
Great work
by Los Duraco on 2021/11/25 01:40
It’s a very good app
I love it
by Evelyn Rosas on 2021/11/24 23:07
I like that it lets me crop videos from TikTok without the watermarks!!
by mangoooocun on 2021/11/24 21:16
I like
I like this app
by Chowda33 on 2021/11/24 20:33
This app is good but it could use some more work but I love it so far
by Kendria Joanna Sawyer on 2021/11/24 20:27
they good
by tiddysprinklebustanut on 2021/11/24 18:25
cool app 👍🏽
by namenasklagos on 2021/11/24 18:05
by Idk i jist wrote a hsvdf on 2021/11/24 14:55
It’s okay
by stiingraii on 2021/11/24 03:59
For an app that’s supposed to help, you sure need to buy a lot of stuff, 6/10
10 out of 10
by lolmoneyblaster on 2021/11/24 02:51
This is so good
by harystylfanssawbtsbeforeme on 2021/11/24 01:58
Donald j duck
by donald the ducky wokka on 2021/11/24 01:43
This is a good app
Isidore Monkey online
by Crybaby_Emo365 on 2021/11/24 01:18
Doesn’t work!
by user23458838384848 on 2021/11/23 23:42
Don’t pay for this it doesn’t even work
This it such a great app it lets you download vids from Tiktok with no watermark!
by Spoonbelltolson on 2021/11/23 23:25
No watermark saving!
by aleigha b on 2021/11/23 23:21
This all is so good
by Ueeerr on 2021/11/23 21:58
You can remove the watermark and post it
by 4r4cjh on 2021/11/23 21:53
by kaneki of the ghouls on 2021/11/23 18:45
Oh I don’t like it that much
by عبنبريت on 2021/11/23 16:08
by sunnystae on 2021/11/23 08:53
You have to pay like what
by pichichu09 on 2021/11/23 07:15
Es muy buena app y no ay que pagar
by hjssonddje on 2021/11/23 06:49
Good app
by mari_bankrupt on 2021/11/23 05:10
Thank you I don’t even have to pay
by elbro123 on 2021/11/23 05:08
by SheeshMaster69 on 2021/11/23 02:21
amazing app
by sq_med on 2021/11/23 02:14
amazing app
by franandemily on 2021/11/23 01:32
App doesn’t work
by LeaDFZ on 2021/11/23 00:50
I paid $9.99 and can’t get off the Home Screen. I’ve done everything. I just want a refund at this point bc why charge $9.99/mo and I can’t even download my video?
It’s good
by Tjtheram on 2021/11/22 19:59
I personally just do not like the adds
Best app for no water marks
by BRYANT MURRY ZUCJDJS on 2021/11/22 05:07
Best app bro use it !!!
by rainbow dash 999 on 2021/11/22 02:08
All I can say is it is amazing
by drippy cox on 2021/11/22 01:41
by smjsquad44 on 2021/11/21 19:35
Their great apps
by do f out on 2021/11/21 18:16
Make it free
by peepio1234deez on 2021/11/21 18:05
by kaeyawashere on 2021/11/21 17:54
Amazing app
by zeina_mahdy1.17 on 2021/11/21 10:28
Amazing app
by nick is not meh name on 2021/11/21 06:07
I like it it helps with saving vids without watermark really fast
Nice app
by Eisakassem on 2021/11/21 05:36
Ur good but allow me for free to save
by oliviawilliams1 on 2021/11/21 05:35
This is a pretty good app.
by Nate112829 on 2021/11/20 22:06
by cheesechunkermuncher on 2021/11/20 21:03
by Vortex_Swavy on 2021/11/20 19:13
Very good and useful
by _N-A_ on 2021/11/20 17:40
You have to pay every week to use this 💔
by SKIBNY LEGEND on 2021/11/20 03:34
Nice app
My rate
by itzcbankzzbby on 2021/11/19 23:34
I love this app sooo much download it
Bad app
by a very exclusive person on 2021/11/19 23:23
Doesn’t actually work unless you pay
by gajhxsrhv on 2021/11/19 21:47
it’s a good app
by lil boy45522 on 2021/11/19 20:24
a good app
by lifestyle.rae on 2021/11/19 17:11
Yup yup
by MrH1t1 on 2021/11/19 13:27
Very useful and really like it
by bigchungas3576 on 2021/11/19 00:49
Fire app cuh
by shinjikinnie on 2021/11/18 22:23
Ta chila
by naya2shorr on 2021/11/18 22:22
Does what needs to be done
by gobiasjsmenfusw on 2021/11/18 14:37
by juana pacheco on 2021/11/18 07:17
Buell it’s a good app it’s just that it will be more cool if it was free
by hlvln on 2021/11/18 04:49
It works but kinda weirdly built app
fast and easy!!
by itsgabbyy on 2021/11/18 04:24
unlike the previous tiktok saver i had installed, the videos wouldn’t save so i appreciate how efficient and simple this one is :))
by love the game just… on 2021/11/18 01:16
It does what it says
by Chupapi 671 on 2021/11/18 01:10
worth it
da best
by 21nastii on 2021/11/18 01:06
best app ever
Very great app! 100& recommend to anyone trying to save TikTok videos that are unsaveable!
by JohnPeter_cC on 2021/11/17 22:17
Great app!
Easy to use
by faeries.jpg on 2021/11/17 10:05
What I just said
Voice is off
by Cameron76543 on 2021/11/17 02:11
Most of the videos I’ve downloaded, the voice isn’t synced. Going to try a few more and if it works, I’ll update my review.
by Unknown Apollo 122211 on 2021/11/17 01:45
Amazing app!!
by Mayaa yola on 2021/11/17 00:34
Such. A good apoyo
shut up
by edsheeransexynwordapplesauce on 2021/11/16 23:17
no one likes your app
Okay so far
by brat_ivy on 2021/11/16 17:16
Tik tok
by bigboss123431 on 2021/11/16 15:58
This app is good
Great overall
by X-DXPEboiii-X on 2021/11/16 15:15
Im using this app for my edits this really gonna help Ofc im going to credit the original the watermark just ruins the vids
by 101923628293 on 2021/11/16 08:54
by BJsuna on 2021/11/16 07:11
by sierra is on 2021/11/16 05:33
Very good get it on now bye
great app
by Jerry Alansky on 2021/11/16 04:02
works great
by fjrkdivoq on 2021/11/16 02:50
Like it
by yo muchads10547863 on 2021/11/16 02:36
Like it
Works perfectly fine.
by HeraclioV on 2021/11/16 01:01
easy way to save vids
no money
by lena🧚🏻✨ on 2021/11/16 00:12
by canikgeorge on 2021/11/15 23:46
Horrible app
by hahdifu on 2021/11/15 23:21
by Bri_3019 on 2021/06/28 07:08
I tried saving a vid but it said to buy something and it wouldn’t let me save overall it’s a good app the only problem is the thing where you have to pay other than that I was only able to save 2 videos before getting that
by Great Awakening 21 on 2021/06/01 11:06
When I first downloaded the app, I repeatedly (as in every 15-20 seconds) got a pop up window asking to review the app. I hadn’t even used it yet and was being hounded to submit a review which is unethical and extremely frustrating. I declined the pop up at least a dozen times before I was able to try out the app. It doesn’t allow you to save a video unless you pay a monthly or yearly subscription so I opted for monthly subscription which has only enabled me to save one video so far, it has saved the same video 4 times and won’t allow any other videos to be saved it just stays in a constant “loading” or “connecting” mode but doesn’t ever connect. Trying to get money back now don’t waste your time or money on this useless app
Thank you Retok??
by Vyshnavi Edrichfp on 2021/02/19 06:58
?❤️ Thank you to who’s made this happend I could save tiktok edits instead of having to screen record it takes time but save tik tok really helps I just copy link and for that I am thank full I give it a 5/5 , you just need to open app and it works for you , additional you can download mp3 from video also and save profile for future ?❤️
App is amazing so far
by KDKRJENEIFNFNDJDDN on 2021/07/09 11:05
It’s very easy to use, and pretty self explanatory. You copy the link of the specific video and enter the app, then press “Open Tiktok” and it saves the video without the watermark. If you don’t have a link already copied to your device it sends you to the Tiktok app where you can look for the video and copy the link. Great app!
What I was looking for
by ExplicitEm on 2021/09/22 03:55
Love how you can extract the video with no watermark and the audio track. A lot of apps don’t let you do the audio track, so a lot of the time the audio is off. This solves the problem as I can fix it in editing. Thank you!
So Much Better
by Kikidemary on 2021/06/28 14:21
This app lets you save it with or without rhe watermark and doesn’t give you any hassle or make you pay 10$ a week, 10/10 definitely recommend for the tiktok videos you been wanting to save but can’t!
by Gotu6665543 on 2021/08/29 13:10
App does not work every other day keeps crashing need to wait till the next day for it to work again, and also need to delete the app and reinstall it for it to work again, will probably get a refund, also contacted support twice without any response regarding the fact that there is no way to delete saved videos so they all accumulate and take up space
by monie1234567 on 2021/06/26 22:22
I feel as if the app itself is amazing and it works but the display/ designs could be a bit more sleek, because for others who haven’t downloaded the app yet, could get a bit confused by so many buttons.
Is it rlly that important?
by nagitos gf on 2021/07/17 06:27
I only saved only one tiktok video without the watermark and when I went to use it again I have to pay?? Is it really necessary to pay each month just to save videos?
by max deecs on 2021/10/20 03:52
So far so good, working like it should. Will note however if you use a vpn u have to turn it off for some reason or it gives you an error message. But once I turned it off it was all good.
The program was working OK, but after I made a subscription for a year, it didn't open
by Yaqoob Albndri on 2021/10/25 15:17
The program was working OK, but after I made a subscription for a year, it didn&#39;t open
Not a bad deal
by ToadAlchemist on 2021/11/12 13:56
$30 a year isn’t bad for this seeing that none of the free options actually work and the competitors that also charge weekly is just overpriced.
What you should do
by my resonce on 2021/06/21 17:41
Make this cheaper this is an app that will nearly never be use because most tik tok can already be saved but this for live videos
No issues
by Ninrin on 2021/11/10 16:53
Works as expected, easy enough. No problem making it work
by my rating over this app on 2021/10/31 05:38
The app is fine but it only lets u save like one video and then the next it’s asking you to pay so like in general it’s not even fair and it continues asking you to pay and rate it so that’s how it’s like using it it was fine at first until it started asking all this.
Amazing app!
by Electocon on 2021/10/07 13:13
This is a great App for letting me download Tik Tok videos, I haven’t come across one bag or one pause or one glitch in this application! Get this app today please! Get this app it is amazing you will never want to go back!
by Stanzo_man on 2021/09/23 05:50
I never ever know about this aap but when I know wow😮 I’m speechless and download the my all videos who uploaded in another tiktok channel jus I want to say thank you so much for creating this aap😍, I really love it …
Forced into a purchase before I even used it
by JLDOAS on 2021/11/06 18:54
I have no idea what’s going on with this app. I open it and the next thing I know I’m asked to swipe across a bunch of FULL PAGED ads that are impossible to get past. The. Suddenly, as I’m swiping I get charged $7.99 fo SOMETHING. Since the text is underlaid with graphics that make it hard to see I have no clue what I’ve just been charged for. So frustrating!
Amazing but there is some things
by Elaine the frog on 2021/09/21 03:02
I love this app everything works fine!, only thing is that I don’t like it how sometimes it does not let you save unless you rate
it was fine but
by LuminousOnceMoreisbest on 2021/08/02 03:23
everything was doing great until it said i have to pay, is that really necessary? i’m not giving u money for that, it’s literally just downloading smth without a watermark. if u want money then add some kinda donation thing or whatever, bc i can bet that not a lot of people r gonna pay JUST to download a video.
You gotta pay for it
by qdiddyb on 2021/07/29 23:14
just to let you know that this app requires a purchase of $7.99 a month to get full access
Works just as expected!
by whyiseverynicknametaken69? on 2021/07/04 21:42
I was relieved to see this app actually worked and wasn’t a giant scam of money like other ones similar to it. Works just as I expected, great job.
by Isabella/Izzie on 2021/06/29 00:14
Amazing! -before you think I’m writing it for it to work it’s not why I rated this 5 stars! It actually works! All you gotta do is click the not now, for paying!
Good i guess
by yamumum on 2021/07/15 23:48
i don’t understand why i cant save videos for free. why do i have to pay 8 dollars a month just so save a video without the watermark? i mean thanks i guess for letting me save 3 videos at first but i don’t like the fact that it’s trying to make me pay 8 dollars.
Great app
by Hello forever yeah on 2021/11/12 14:54
You have the choice put out a water mark on the video you don’t have to and it takes it off
Awesome and easy to use
by ggthecoolest on 2021/04/06 19:41
What an amazing treat it is to be able to post anything I’ve created to any app I want using this amazing app. Love how much time and energy it saves me. Whoever created this is brilliant
Videos are not saving any more
by Elle Zane on 2021/07/29 02:27
I just realise today afternoon that the app isn’t saving videos any more. Can You Please check the what’s wrong? Thanks
Worth the install
by iAmAmoory on 2021/08/30 00:51
Really nice and straight forward app. Had it for a month and never experienced issues.
Feedback :)
by your fav Lexie on 2021/07/14 17:38
I love this app so much you get to have no water mark and the app is amazing and the features are amazing just like the app I give this app a 10/10 :))
They are actually the number 1 best
by Liamwqstaken on 2021/10/21 12:43
You don’t have to spend money on the app you could but it works the best stock this app is fire good job guys
Forced to leave a rating
by sendagainlater on 2021/10/05 01:00
Extremely annoying, wouldn’t have downloaded if I knew abt this ahead of time :/
Love this app
by TheAmazingOlivia on 2021/07/12 14:45
Recently I’ve been looking for a new app because save tok got copyrighted and no longer works this is the closest and best thing I would just check bugs and I love this app!
Love this app
by amaing app for school on 2021/06/25 23:47
This app is amazing especially for fan pages like me I love that it actually takes the water markers and look soo pretty and the video Quality will go 📈📈📈
I like the app so far!
by Big daddi cane on 2021/06/08 22:34
I have only used this app once and I like how easy it is. Will give another review after a few months.
It works but costs money
by MariaPayne on 2021/06/06 21:01
It works just fine you just need to pay for it an uncomfortable amount
by Fanrocket on 2021/10/04 06:04
Why do they constantly ask me to rate this app when I own it. It’s up to me. Anyway, you can never see the profile name on trending videos or videos we save! Annoying! Please fix. Keep a history of save video with profile name.
Pretty good…
by hdjsnbxm on 2021/09/12 23:18
The app is great, but I wish I could use the app for completely free. I know. I know kind of impossible. I would rather have some sort of thing like ads, than having to pay money. Thanks, but not completely satisfied. 😕
It’s good if
by Kaneki.__1 on 2021/09/06 04:15
This app is overall an ok app, I would recommend it but there a couple of problems, including ads and weekly/monthly payment stuff. It gets annoying eventually but other than that it’s an ok app.👍
I got only one successful video
by crazy clover on 2021/07/23 14:27
When I got the unlimited watermark free downloads, only my first video worked. Now it buffers longer and ends up not showing in the window. If I still hit download, the whole app will shutdown and disappear. ugh
Eh I have mixed emotions
by SJSHDHVESNNSHSHDBS on 2021/07/23 15:25
The second I downloaded the app it work pretty good and then when I went to download another tiktok it started asking me to pay…
by nickname🎉 on 2021/07/06 17:24
So far i like it, I don’t know how many videos you can save up to though. Let’s hope it keeps working well !
I love the app although it was kinda hard to understand when I first got it!
by gugfiingg on 2021/05/31 03:04
I love the app although at first I didn’t know how to save the video
Actually works
by Jasmine_asdf on 2021/09/11 02:05
Some features require payment but overall a free app and works well
I loves this app
by HELLO IDIOT <33 on 2021/11/12 03:13
This app is great overall it allows me to save tiktok vids I can’t save but I don’t suggest stealing any vids from anyone without asking them
I love this app!
by Insta - Mallaysiia on 2021/10/04 01:17
I recommended getting this cause it’s actually works, and plus i always save video with no watermarks on here
by Zooshmell Pooplord on 2021/07/13 03:16
My father came back from the store my wife let me see the kids I was cured from my illnesses i am now immune to death (It saves me tiktoks i am happy. Thank you)
Works great so far
by Kksocutenocap on 2021/09/15 01:01
Works really good so far! I haven’t had to screen record anything and this app is just a blessing.
Why do I pay to use this app if it only works half the time?
by richard biggiermshasdec on 2021/09/05 21:21
Constantly NOT working
Easy to use!
by BC0515 on 2021/09/05 06:30
Literally takes 3 steps that they explain and within less than 2 min, results. Wham, bam, thank you ma’am.
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