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emi calculator for Loan
emi calculator is a quick calculation tool that helps calculate EMI and view payment schedule & You can also easy to compare two loans by using Compare Loans. Features: • Simple, Easy & Quick EMI calculation & compare tool • Calculate EMI: Enter Amount, Interest Rate (%) and Loan Tenure (Years / Months) to calculate EMI. • Calculate Loan Amount: Enter EMI Amount, Interest Rate (%) and Loan Tenure to calculate the principal amount. • Calculate Tenure: Enter Principal Amount, EMI and Interest Rate (%) to find tenure of the loan. • Calculate Interest Rate: Enter Principal Amount, EMI and Tenure to find the loan interest rates (%).
 • Compare Loan: Loan comparison of various banks by entering Principal Amount, Rate of Interest (%) and Tenure. Calculation result includes information like EMI Amount, Interest and total payable amount, for the values entered.
 • Representation of payment in break up with the table form • Automatically Maintain history of different loans & view it at anytime • Share computed PDF with anyone for EMI & loan planning Where to Use: • Home Loan • Gold Loan • Bike Loan • Car Loan • Vehical Loan • Property Loan • Personal Loan • Mortgage Loan • Compare Loans Thanks & Have a great day!