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SaveTok - Save TikTok Videos & Profiles & Create TikTok Playlists Simply copy the tiktok video's or profile's URL and click the pink button. Features: - Create & Share TikTok Playlists (even to users who don't have the SaveTok app) - Bookmark TikTok Videos - Bookmark TikTok Profiles - View TikTok Videos - Share bookmarked TikTok - No Watermark / Logo - Play TikTok videos in Slow-Mo - Identify TikTok's music with Shazam Integration - Deep Linking: Opens content directly in the official TikTok App
Loved it
by on 2021/05/11 08:02
Great app easy to use, practical and functionaly working
by 444llie_ on 2021/05/11 06:31
by ISTSYG. SIIS. on 2021/05/11 06:11
love it
by yomom66666 on 2021/05/11 05:52
rlly nice
by Mccooper21 on 2021/05/11 05:29
Fortnite burger
by atnah jamac on 2021/05/11 05:25
Jerome shelter
by jerkme sherwyer on 2021/05/11 05:21
Fire app
by actavism on 2021/05/11 05:18
So good
by Laiibaw on 2021/05/11 04:38
lobe tbis app
by lady dimistiteisis on 2021/05/11 04:30
when you when when wgen you when you when when whhheeeennn when when you auauhgghhh
by Kate789886533 on 2021/05/11 04:24
Great app
it’s actually not that bad
by ot7btsarmyshit on 2021/05/11 03:51
it’s a really good app and whenever it saves it doesn’t show the little tiktok icon thing so... 😩🚶🏻‍♀️
please download
by cloverfield365 on 2021/05/11 03:49
works great love it so much perfect in every way
Great app
by dofnejsncnec on 2021/05/11 03:31
This app is great
very good
by musturdmmx on 2021/05/11 03:29
idk man just good like
by fw.jaxel on 2021/05/11 03:27
i love this so much thank you guys so much for creating this
I really like the app
by baqqqNicole BB cue on 2021/05/11 03:23
It’s a very nice app and it helps out with most my problems of saving videos. Yk the ones that I really like
by hala-emadxx on 2021/05/11 03:22
Must get
by namonwrld on 2021/05/11 03:14
You can save any TikTok without the watermarks
by rahat art on 2021/05/11 03:08
by good291 on 2021/05/11 03:02
Very cool
by Bambi242005 on 2021/05/11 02:47
I was able to save many videos
by **MAG** on 2021/05/11 02:45
this app works great
hey bestie
by me the dolan fan on 2021/05/11 02:29
it’s a good app lol
by ektkfjekeksotk on 2021/05/11 02:19
This is a good app I give it a 5
by tomnuyen on 2021/05/11 02:06
by olivia848492938478 on 2021/05/11 01:47
it's good
by tropicalcrack on 2021/05/11 01:41
This app is amazing
Realy good
by rainbowstiktoks2331 on 2021/05/11 01:29
I really love this app because if you cant save a video you can use this! 💗
by Djwhoknew on 2021/05/11 01:16
by djmggh on 2021/05/11 00:45
it's so useful
by andjaksokajsxxxx on 2021/05/11 00:22
Dope app!
by pizza lol0184752 on 2021/05/11 00:18
Helps alot
by rakimuchiha_ on 2021/05/11 00:17
this app is so good i can finally get tik tok without the watermarks.
by kedindkd on 2021/05/11 00:11
by akksekrkekcnndf on 2021/05/10 23:56
It’s amazing!!
by haileuuxn on 2021/05/10 23:46
Very useful
by Derezzed101 on 2021/05/10 23:38
Title says it all
by iris.skz11 on 2021/05/10 23:27
by :D dhdjs on 2021/05/10 23:03
it takes a long time to save it on this app but it’s good other than that
by ssssssalem on 2021/05/10 22:55
Awesome app
by jamamsmdmd on 2021/05/10 22:54
by Littlebodybigheart on 2021/05/10 22:37
such an easy and convenient app!
by ewgrossitsneico on 2021/05/10 22:19
nicki minaj queen of rap
We. Z da
by jaxsonrxkly on 2021/05/10 22:11
by HSISUAHAJANAJ on 2021/05/10 21:41
by Insta - Mallaysiia on 2021/05/10 21:39
I absolutely love it. There’s always tiktoks that i want to save but i can’t so, so i click the link and paste into savetok and BOOM now i got the video i want! - insta - mallaysiia
so cool
by NDJSJZJFJD on 2021/05/10 21:35
It’s really good
by Dream interpreter on 2021/05/10 21:19
This has been a game changer for me! It easy, fast and efficient! I recommend it 100 percent.
by ghxgsbsnjshs on 2021/05/10 21:18
by تطرطري on 2021/05/10 21:11
Great when it works!
by rb121212121212rb on 2021/05/10 20:56
Great when it works
Really good no watermark.
by ily.zarii on 2021/05/10 20:40
Really good no watermark
Love it
by bcvvbn on 2021/05/10 20:30
This app is the best app because it allows me to save a TikTok that the creator didn’t let me save..👍🏾
The best
by Ladyads on 2021/05/10 20:23
Great quality. So fast and easy. Very grateful.
So Helpful
by Raz27 on 2021/05/10 19:59
Great app!
So useful!
by CKelly123456 on 2021/05/10 19:38
This has been a game changer for me and my business! Thank you!!
by ensnsnsnsnsn on 2021/05/10 19:36
I love this app! Literally, you can sage TikTok’s that can’t save. And the best part is, YOU CAN TAKE AWAY THE WATERMARK! That’s poggers
by i live with baffons 🤣🤣🤣🤣 on 2021/05/10 19:18
by caligurl92 on 2021/05/10 19:15
Love it
by selehau on 2021/05/10 19:01
Cool Ig
by You will never know😱 on 2021/05/10 18:58
Cool ig
nvm bc gn
by snahak on 2021/05/10 18:55
No issues
by Idkimdee on 2021/05/10 18:35
Just a short ad
by tu eres el maor de mi vida vv on 2021/05/10 18:31
Yeah muy bueno cool
by Bre !!!! on 2021/05/10 18:18
by Joe8163 on 2021/05/10 17:44
This app is useful if you don’t want a watermark on tiktoks
by DesinGamingYT on 2021/05/10 17:14
Very helpful
by Majo031988 on 2021/05/10 17:08
This app is incredible for all creators
by lshawtyyy on 2021/05/10 17:02
Its the BEST of the BEST periodddd
Love it
by Auloras on 2021/05/10 16:57
i love this app so much, it’s the best and it works perfectly!
by 8jsjjakmaka on 2021/05/10 16:40
This is really good you can save without a water Mark and you don’t have to pay anything
by my fanpage ! on 2021/05/10 16:17
by sabrinamorlock on 2021/05/10 16:00
it’s great!
Love this app💕💕💕
by kpopkpopkpoplena on 2021/05/10 15:43
I love it so much it’s so useful I hope it stays forever💕💕💕💕
by Åpex on 2021/05/10 15:38
I just downloaded this app a couple weeks ago and I love it I can now save tik toks I couldn’t save previously.
by MANNYTHEQYEEN on 2021/05/10 15:36
Love it
bridle eflken
by btjoebrks on 2021/05/10 15:33
by any_love160 on 2021/05/10 15:25
Best app
by kevin Diez nyc on 2021/05/10 15:24
easy to use fast
Yeah pretty good
by frankieg43 on 2021/05/10 14:49
Works well enough
by iiXits on 2021/05/10 14:48
Not a necessity but it’s nice to be able to have a funny video on your phone without the watermark
by daddydar on 2021/05/10 14:41
It’s fire
by graemeboi on 2021/05/10 14:19
by Jo£ Mama on 2021/05/10 14:12
by gobdxfu on 2021/05/10 14:04
Very good
by Evemndjdusla on 2021/05/10 13:54
by jonathon094 on 2021/05/10 13:53
by 🤡✨ we be clowns on 2021/05/10 13:32
love it
by bangchan <3 on 2021/05/10 12:41
it’s great!
Works good
by Xorgg on 2021/05/10 12:38
It is good works how it should
by ur far on 2021/05/10 12:27
its good
by thisappisgooddownloadit on 2021/05/10 10:21
its godd
by marcky049 on 2021/05/10 10:18
Love it
by Lilscspade on 2021/05/10 10:06
It’s an amazing app
by Mohd ali fad on 2021/05/10 10:02
Very good
by al bootool on 2021/05/10 09:34
Wonderful and really easy to use!
by Croconana Investigator on 2021/05/10 07:22
The title says it all! I really recommend this to use for sending tiktoks to friends or to use clips for other projects.
by SoCold_KsA on 2021/05/10 06:59
Amazing app
by Estella <3 on 2021/03/28 21:20
Hi, I wanted to say how this app is so good and i will give some example and reasons why that is true. SaveTok is a very good app when you want to save a video from tiktok but the tiktok watermark is right there in the middle. All you have to do to get rid of the watermark is go on the tiktok video you’d like to save and then click on the little share button, after that you should see a little blue button that says “copy link” after you have copy linked the video you’d like go to SaveTok and just click on the button that says “ Save Tiktok “ you click on that, and you have to wait a little. After that, you go to your camera roll and it should be there. This is an amazing app and you should totally get it!
Forcing me to leave a review lol
by bsndjddjdj on 2020/10/09 17:49
Anyways the app is ok, I deleted some tiktoks that I “saved” and it still doesn’t delete. It gives you tons of ads btw and it’s just confusing on how to save a tiktok. It would be clearer if you added instructions that are way more clear to understand. And all the shoutouts to your account, taking us to meme accounts is highly annoying.. like yeah maybe link your profile but all this for what? We just trying to save something and move on. And FORCING me to leave a review before I save a tiktok will not get this app far either.. I get that it’s pretty small and you just want people to leave reviews.. but instead try a different method. Anyways, the app says SaveTok but all I see is linked accounts, ads and redirect to different websites. This app needs hella updating &amp; fixing. But, it does the job so I guess you can be happy a bit which is why I’m leaving a 3 star, and you can also remove the watermark aswell which is really convenient. Yeah, 3 stars. Goodbye.
No problems really
by svgarcoat on 2021/01/18 22:19
My only problem was like ONCE it glitched out so I had to restart but it’s really not a huge deal bc that was once out of like a million saves. Never disappointed 🥺❤️ Update:: those saying it forces you to review, it actually does not, you just have to move one panel over to skip it. I chose to review because it is an awesome app for when someone has their shares off. Also understand it’s a one man team so if there is a glitch or more, it’ll take some time for them to get some things fixed, on top of TikTok new policy that blocks out saves sometimes. Please do not download if you expect absolute perfection every time. It still works amazing ❤️
Amazing app, I find useful and love it
by mary.e.p on 2020/12/30 06:03
This app is amazing! It saves the tiktok videos you want and takes off the watermark even! It also has some cool effects you could do if you want a tiktok to be slowed down and something. App glitches sometimes but other than that it does great. ~also to save a tiktok video, copy the tiktok url on tiktok and then go on SaveTok scroll down some and it says to ‘save tiktok’. You press that button and then choose how you want your tiktok video to be saved. &gt; hope this helps since I was confused when I got the app at first:p
Awesome app!
by Ghost Moleucule on 2021/02/28 00:28
I am so happy to have SavTok... it truly was getting to be a bit much having to edit out any watermarks on my TikToks so they could be posted elsewhere (and not just by screen recording the video playing on my iPad before posting a given TikTok!)! At first when I tried SavTok, it was down &amp; the website just said “under construction” so I waited a few days and it does actually work! Super happy &amp; impressed. THIS app should be evaluated at a large large sum of money, since TikTok doesn’t offer no-watermark options itself! Good job &amp; keep sticking it to the man!
Back to 5!
by MrDroozy on 2020/11/12 22:12
Updated (Latest) Review: Okay, back to 5 stars because it started working again and if it doesn’t, all I have to do is uninstall the app and then reinstall. Things usually go back to normal once I do that. The “saving profiles” feature still doesn’t work for me but I don’t use it regardless so it’s fine. Updated Review: I loved the app and gave it 5 stars originally. For the past week and a half, it has been crashing and is barely functional every time I click the save button. Or I get a long message about the Tik Tok app and the community. I have uninstalled the app and reinstalled it several times only for the same thing to happen. I will certainly update it back to 5 stars if this problem can be solved because it honestly worked great before. Previous Review: Use it to save videos and with no watermarks which makes it even better! Videos are HD crystal clear!
Was working for a couple of days
by PrettbOy713 on 2020/10/02 12:57
In the beginning it was working just fine, you could download the video with/without the watermark and it would go straight into your camera roll. Now when you click save it loads the saving bar then it glitches and crashes the app and nothing saves onto your camera roll, or it “saves” the video by having a direct link to the video on the bottom middle tab, which obviously isn’t what I’m looking to do(since I’m trying to SAVE the TikTok) I deleted the app and reinstalled, turned my phone on and off and. It sure what the problem is.
by bzjxhz on 2021/03/23 15:48
This app is really good when you want to save a TikTok but you can’t you just copy link on the video that you want to save go to SaveTok and press “save TikTok” , and then press “save now”, and then you wait until the video save and you don’t have to wait a long time. Also there is no water mark on the video when you save it on SaveTok so you can also use it when you want a really good edit but you don’t want the water mark in the video so you just save the video on SaveTok and your video will not have the watermark.
Get it
by tofhc on 2021/02/02 02:57
SaveTok? More like savedmylifetok. It all started on a warm chilly evening when I was working on missing assignments when I hear my front door open. Heavy footsteps clump on the hard floor. Terrified, I try to hide but it’s no use. They enter my room and hold up a weapon to me. “Do u have savetok?” They ask. “Ya” I answer. “Phew!” The intruder says, wiping the sweat off their brow. “Almost has to kill you there!” We laughed and then had a 36 hour conversation about how great savetok is. We are now best buddies and we are the godpeople of eachother as children. I love you savetok.
perfect app for saving tiktoks
by ren :0 on 2021/02/10 05:16
this app genuinely works and it’s also fast when downloading the videos. it doesn’t take 5 years to download one short vid AND you aren’t bombarded with ads?? literally the most perfect app for saving tiktoks. you can also download them without watermark so you can save meme videos without some random account’s user over it. if you’re reading the reviews to make sure this app is real and works, IT IS. you will not regret downloading this app!
It used to work flawlessly
by Binky Bell on 2020/07/23 06:04
The app worked flawlessly unless the latest update. It’s my absolutely favorite app and I love how much the developers seem to stay invested in it. But since the update when I use the app I get a notification saying that my profile must be public and I must be signed in to tik tok. I’m signed in and everything is public and I still can’t save my videos. Hopefully it gets fixed soon because I love using this app ! *update* it actually works perfectly now, thanks !
by TicTqc_8aCqKeii on 2021/03/16 01:32
If you wanna cop memes or just overall save a video without the tiktok watermark, this is the app for you. It saves easily and flawlessly and I’ve had it for a couple days now and I’ve had no viruses, didn’t mess up my phone or anything of that sort. All you have to do is just copy the link of a video on tiktok, open this app, and press the “save tiktok” button that presents itself first thing when you open it. And boom, it’s in your camera roll. 100% satisfaction *chefs kiss*
great app!
by beastgirl990 on 2021/04/19 08:22
(EDIT: i still love this app, but now it saves with the watermark from tiktok, so i have to take away a star, i’ll rate 5 stars again when they take the watermark back out) it works quickly and doesn’t take forever to save what you want to save, it’s really helpful for when people don’t have the save feature on, or when you don’t want any tiktok watermarks in the video like for a livephoto wallpaper. it works great and the app has no issues i’ve encountered ❤️.
This app is amazing
by JackOfNoTrades69 on 2020/07/12 21:56
There are a lot of Tik Toks that I want to save but I’m unable to with the option turned off so I’ve had to go through the trouble of screen recording. This makes it super easy. Also, I love the ability to Shazam Tik Toks. I’ve always thought that shazaming videos should be an option in the Shazam app, but this works nicely. Could be faster, but considering it’s one guy working on it, I totally get it and it’s not nearly annoying enough to negate the use of the app.
Does the job, sometimes
by maaaadddyyyyyyyyyy on 2021/01/24 08:33
Does the job, but terribly. The creator doesn’t know how to fix any problems and boy are there many. I have to constantly reinstall the app because whenever I save the link of a tiktok and go to the app to save it, the option to save it just doesn’t show up at all. I have to reinstall the app to fix it. Another problem resolved by reinstalling, is an error that causes an infinite loading loop when saving a tiktok. The message “extracting data” will appear at the top of the screen for literally ever. Wont go away unless you close the app. Reopening it though, CAUSES THE OTHER GLITCH!! Terrible app but does sometimes get the job done.
How it is amazing
by Hibo :) on 2021/04/28 16:07
I really love this app because it’s really sometimes fast sometimes really slow but I really don’t care all that matters is it’s really a great app you should really get it and you will really enjoy some people don’t enjoy it it’s called opinion for a reason so hope you like it or not but I might see some hate comments but don’t I don’t care because they’re trying to let your day down and don’t let them bye.
Pretty good
by TacoKat79 on 2020/11/30 16:12
This app really is a life saver but my only problem is, i prefer to save tiktoks WITH the watermarks so i can go back and see the persons profile later on, but savetok won’t let me. when I try to save a video and i try to keep the watermark, the red bar thing just stays in the “processing” stage until i get sick of waiting, not a huge problem i guess, just didn’t know if it was my phone or the app but i know most people prefer to save tiktoks without watermarks so if that doesn’t bother you then this app is great
SaveTok review
by Fartdodger on 2021/02/18 02:56
I’m always on tiktok and I enjoy sharing the videos with friends to enjoy (without their consent of course). Buuut .... sometimes I don’t really want people to know HOW LONG I’ve been on the app. That’s where this app comes in. It removes the watermark and no one will know that I’ve just wasted hours of my life watching TikTok! They’ll ask me “Hey dude were did you find this hilarious video?! You’re so savvy when it comes to the internet! Thanks friend!” Don’t thank me. Thank SaveTok.
literally a life changer
by Pika aka addie on 2021/01/03 23:32
ok ok, this is such an amazing app. it’s literally so frustrating when there’s no “save video” on a video. this app is a game changer, all you have to do is copy the link and press “save tiktok.” you (or y’all) are such amazing developer(s). it even downloads super fast and without the watermark. i’m a editor on tiktok and this makes it SO much easier to remake edits and download audios to edit with. thank you so much for making this app, you are so underrated!!
by AlexBeeeean on 2020/11/24 07:13
Great app. Now I can save the stuff that gets taken down. So much stuff of like, funny memes, important updates, or just content that really should be saved. It works fine. My only thing is the fact that when it’s done saving, it reloads back to the FYP(even if I’m on Following) and scrolls a couple videos back which has caused a full FYP refresh a couple times now. But overall that’s such a small detail that I’m sure can be fixed easily. If that got fixed, I’d gladly go 5 stars! Overall tho, amazing app! Edit: Ever since the update, it’s been a fabulous app! I really like the inclusion of Ads, as opposed to the old system where it showed the video. I realize that the prior “bug” was just a feature. Still, this app remains a favorite. Gotta save those thirst traps somehow...
I love 💞💞💞
by lolaxlove on 2021/01/22 15:56
I love this app cause I can’t download some videos on tik tok :( but when I found this app I was able to download tik toks I couldn’t save :D I definitely recommend this app if your tryna, save videos xx it’s really Great. And finally a person made a app without asking for premium because I already know if asks for that I’m gonna delete it right away, but it didint so I’m impressed tbh but the reason it’s not a 5 Star raining is because I’m tryna see more from this app I haven’t seen most since I just installed it
Pretty Good
by StrangeLovs on 2021/02/08 15:01
It’s not that bad and pretty easy. Copy link and paste then watch a short ad then it’s saved. This app was a life saver, especially if it’s a good video and you don’t want it to be forgotten. There are some glitches at times and I do have to either restart my phone or have to delete the app then redownload it again. But overall it’s a good app and I 100% recommend if you want quick and easy saves.
by Beebe J on 2021/03/24 21:02
I love this app!!!! It’s very useful when you want to save a vid but the save video thing is not available especially cuz there is a lot funny videos that has low views 😕and I love how there is not watermark I get that it’s important to have a watermark BUT when tiktok moved it, it was not it 🙅🏾‍♀️but with SAVETOK© you don’t have it that annoying watermark but always remember to credit the people if you wanna repost and again THANK YOUUUUUUUU!!!!!!😚💕
Not working
by Jerryx71x on 2020/09/23 05:15
Had this app for a few days on both my iPads it was working for the first three day but it stop working on both my tablets today I tried reinstalling on both of them but it keeps hanging on saving a video guess I have to wait for an update Update to review Updated both iPads to iOS 14 that immediately fix the problem added the 2 stars back 😁
Love it!!!
by cftyjbfrc on 2021/05/08 19:12
It’s so amazing and it works! When I first got the app, I didn’t think it would work! But I was wrong. It’s also very easy to use. All you do is copy the link of the tiktok you want to save. And go on the app, press save tiktok. And your done. It also doesn’t leave a water mark. And so it doesn’t say tiktok on the bottom and top, Overall, I think it’s great, and I think you should get it,
by Elle_Shark on 2021/02/07 07:57
This app is AMAZING! If I want to save a video that is a charli fan page pack and it has a deleted video, but the owner has saves off, I can just copy link and get the video to crop it! (I have a charli fp @.Dunkychar) I get you can screen record, but then you have to crop out the parts, and such and I don’t have enough time so this app is AMAZING! It also gives the video owner and copy link to help them get more views!
by (LTD) on 2020/11/28 14:54
It was a little confusing, but I finally figured it out. I kept looking for the saved video on the app, but I finally realized, it saves to my camera roll. I don’t like how the save button is covered up at the bottom of my phone. The screen doesn’t want to scroll very easy and, it took me awhile to even find it. I love this app, and I definitely recommend it everyone!
This app is amazing!
by a076 on 2020/11/24 17:37
This app is absolutely amazing! Whenever there was a tiktok that came up that I liked I always added it to favorites. But sometimes it didn’t allow me to save the video. Then I came across this app! I downloaded this app and all I had to do was copy the link of the video and press save tiktok on this app! It saved it for me! I love this app so much and I hope it gets the attention it needs!
Minimal Issues
by Taehyungismyhusb on 2021/05/08 18:10
It works really well for me, but there are a few minor glitches/bugs that are bit annoying, but it’s not that bad. I really like that there is no watermark when you save videos and that it even has a shortcut already set up that u can add to your phone so u can save videos to savetok right from the tiktok app. would recommend :)
Love this app
by joselaparva on 2021/04/10 13:21
This app is so helpful! I’ve always wanted to shazam a song on tiktok but could never figure out how to, I also love how you can save without a watermark for free! I use many overlays that i find on tiktok so its extremely helpful to use the no water mark feature! There are also other features but I don’t use those often so I can’t say much about them.
by hsydbsjahdbbd on 2021/04/02 22:20
I freaking love this app because I would see so many videos without the watermark and as I was going through my idols videos there was some videos he didn’t let me same so I was so sad until I found this app but one problem is i’m saving videos for a edit without the watermark until I came to the app and it didn’t let me do anymore
by Lenny Arias on 2021/03/10 15:17
This is app is awesome for tt, because sometimes you see a funny video or a video in general that you want to save but you can’t because the creator turned it off. Just copy the link and you have it in you’re camera roll. 5 stars. The only thing that bothers me a bit is that it takes a while to load. But other then that, I like it.
Great App; VERY useful
by Kikidemary on 2021/02/04 02:46
I think this app is great because I can save videos on TikTok i might want inspiration off of, or maybe just need for later! Its very useful. Id only wish that the watermark of who the TikTok is by was on the video when you save because sometimes I want to find the person again and watch other videos of theres, but overall it is good!
Was great, but then it stopped working
by captainkramet on 2020/09/27 23:51
The app was great for a while, but for some reason in the last day or two whenever I would copy a link and hit save it would get stuck at the loading screen. I have given it 20m at one try and it never took me to the next page and it never saved. Love/d the app, just letting ya know there’s something to fix
My review🤕💗
by ndgwnjahehsjabagehusgdgs on 2021/01/14 00:40
My review is like that bc when I first got the app it was working great &amp; now it don’t wanna save the video also it keep going into a white screen in taking me back to the hoops page ion know why but I would like if yalll fix it now ! Bc basically when you “fixed” it the first time it didn’t work so imma need y’all to fix it Fr this time please &amp; thank you then I will change my review till then ! Bye thank you for the service
This app is fantastic
by Dr. Phill 2.0 on 2021/04/07 15:25
I think this is the only review i have ever weiten, but i gotta share how good this app is, not only can u save any video, u can create playlists. I have tons of saved videos, i now have them all into playlists, i have a playlist for meals, a playlist for politics, a playlist for music, it’s just overall a great app. Def share it with ur friends it’s a game changer
by leleblah on 2021/03/27 23:28
This is an awesome app you can slow things down and helps you save videos without watermarks especially from TickTock entire point of the app but overall it’s a pretty good app download it it was to just say videos I learned they can do a lot more than the same videos without the watermark especially for it to just be free it’s a pretty darn good app
Very useful!
by Jessica😆😆😆 on 2021/03/23 05:21
This app is very useful for when you’re trying to download videos but you can’t because that video is not allowed to be downloaded. There’s also an option to save it without the watermark. As for what the app can be better at.......... I’d say a live video download option. Other than that keep up the good work!
by shaylaskye on 2021/03/24 04:44
Guys to help maintain this app leave reviews so we don’t have to start paying. I love this app. I’ve searched for a lot of apps to take the tik tok water mark come off of the videos. I like to do this for reposting tik toks on Snapchat of Instagram etc. This app is the only one that I know of that doesn’t have adds and doesn’t make you pay. This app is free and easy to use.
No watermark #1 reason to download
by jacksonb70 on 2021/03/04 18:22
This allows me to create high-quality TickTock videos using TickTock‘s AR features and then download those videos and take the TickTock watermark off of them so that I can then go and put them in an automatic captions app and then redistribute to other social media platforms without those social media platforms knowing that it’s a TickTock video.
by Wolf and foxes on 2021/02/06 20:25
10/10 app If you ever want to save a video on TikTok but the creator doesn&#39;t have the option to save the video or you want to save a video without the watermark this app is the one to use you just need to copy link the video you want to safe and go to this app hit save video and there you go you have the video you wanted
So far so good
by Tiffffffffgoooody on 2021/04/11 19:53
I like that this app can remove the watermarks without leaving a blurry spot. It’s a nice clean edit. Update: the only things I’ve been noticing is the sound is delayed a little bit after saving the new video. It happens once in a while but still something to look into. Also, the video quality decreases after downloading and saving to photo album.
This is amazing
by tuduruki on 2021/01/24 15:31
It’s really amazing that someone could do this. Yes there could be downsides as to stealing and plagiarism, but if someone has the right intentions of just saving this to look back on its great. Not everyone turns on the save button and that’s sad, but with this app you can still save it. I know that many people and I appreciate this very much. Thank you.
The best app to save videos
by Follow me on @taerot1c on 2021/04/25 01:22
This app is one of the best apps for saving tik tok videos without watermarks. Coming from a kpop fp, I am able to save fancams on here without water marks from the person who posted it. I 100% recommended this app if you want to save any videos. It doesn’t cost anything either, you can basically save videos for free.
by zunkins4 on 2021/04/07 01:31
Please download this this is from a real person I promise you I am this is amazing I can literally take the watermark off it literally has great quality and it saves pretty quick and it’s very easy to work please download this app if you’re trying to save TickTock‘s if they’re not saved on the app God bless you please turn to Christ&lt;3
it’s pretty good!
by bluefscebby on 2020/10/18 06:04
I updated my phone which made it not work and I eventually updated the app but then it still wouldn’t work so I deleted it..reinstalled it now that it does works it just takes forever to “process” unlike before i updated my phone so it’s kinda bugging me but if you can do anything to fix it that would really appreciated !! over all it’s a really good app.
by official ayden on 2021/03/19 13:25
Great app and it has worked great for anything ex: logging into the wrong account, and posting it without the watermark helps bc people that don’t know that account thinks it not mine... or I’ll steal a video, I’ll put credits but it’s nice without the watermark, but basically posting any other videos on even my own, it’s so easy to use too
Can't get any better than this.
by ijustwantadiaryappmann on 2020/12/27 00:25
No annoying ads, in-app purchases, or other nuisances common with these types of apps. It just works. Thank you developers for creating one of the most plain and simple easy to use apps on the entire app store! Let&#39;s just hope the TikTok police lets this app live for as long as possible. Superb app!
It’s a bit slow
by LunaLooYin on 2020/11/05 16:01
When I first used SaveTok it worked and was a bit slow but not too long it was great til recently it takes forever to save and I don’t know if the problem is my devices or the app but it just takes forever to save so I haven’t been able to save tiktoks other then that it was great
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