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SaveTok - Save TikTok Videos & Profiles & Create TikTok Playlists Simply copy the tiktok video's or profile's URL and click the pink button. Features: - Create & Share TikTok Playlists (even to users who don't have the SaveTok app) - Bookmark TikTok Videos - Bookmark TikTok Profiles - View TikTok Videos - Share bookmarked TikTok - No Watermark / Logo - Play TikTok videos in Slow-Mo - Identify TikTok's music with Shazam Integration - Deep Linking: Opens content directly in the official TikTok App
by Zhvaushxhz on 2021/01/26 04:20
Good for saving videos you can’t save using the original app
Very good
by chickfrey on 2021/01/26 04:13
by vvbjvcg on 2021/01/26 04:12
Does it’s job
by SmokerG74 on 2021/01/26 04:05
by NomadicLlama on 2021/01/26 04:02
by Xx_V_xX on 2021/01/26 04:02
Super easy
by Quupidz on 2021/01/26 04:01
Literally all you do is copy the tiktok link and then press a button in the app, it’s so simple and efficient ✨
by shalissageo on 2021/01/26 03:52
app is fire
Good app
by OOGABOOGADOODOO on 2021/01/26 03:51
Good for getting the watermark off my videos
by hickorydickorydock... on 2021/01/26 03:43
Pretty much awesome.
Good app si si very good app
by v3xt on 2021/01/26 03:31
Such a good app I can download any think I want
by zuriel castillo on 2021/01/26 03:31
by Theylovegigi on 2021/01/26 03:26
thanks cor thissnd
Very good!
by peach_panda on 2021/01/26 03:23
I love this , very good!
by alejandraOMG on 2021/01/26 03:21
Es genial,nada mas que decir
by jaydenvic on 2021/01/26 03:02
by Bbhcjnvc on 2021/01/26 02:59
Wonderful App😍😍😍
Love it
by djaleg777 on 2021/01/26 02:59
I really love how the app works.!
by bob eatig on 2021/01/26 02:50
I love it👺
great app!
by hellooo imndbsns on 2021/01/26 02:49
I think this app is great, maybe bc I just downloaded it lol
by Ayocapo on 2021/01/26 02:40
This has changed my thought of life the best app on my phone
by lomelilo on 2021/01/26 02:37
Let’s me save any tiktok I want to have
Great app!
by loz david. on 2021/01/26 02:33
Works great :)
by Cchelloo on 2021/01/26 02:27
It’s good
by senpaisenshine on 2021/01/26 02:24
really quick and easy but sometimes it won’t let me save it :(
by SADXBOY on 2021/01/26 02:12
It’s great
by hiobby on 2021/01/26 02:05
Love this apo
by Leah De La Paz on 2021/01/26 01:56
Its perfect for all the tiktoks they don’t allow you to download, they download in great quality plus no water mark
by This is amazing and sexy on 2021/01/26 01:54
When i save my videos from SaveTok, It usually lets me save 3-5 videos, but after that i am unable to save anything, the only way is if i delete and re-install the app.
by neo got my wig on 2021/01/26 01:50
They cool‼️
It doesn’t work
by itsmadzyall on 2021/01/26 01:44
It doesn’t work whenever I try to save something it never works
by weloveyall on 2021/01/26 01:43
I use this everyday
by fjddki on 2021/01/26 01:41
I really love this app it’s so good
by hisokaschildren on 2021/01/26 01:40
by aliveyah on 2021/01/26 01:34
Very good 🤩
by king.luis999 on 2021/01/26 01:27
It’s good 🤩
nice app
by sunas soon to be wife ♡︎♡︎ on 2021/01/26 01:11
it’s a decent app I guess I use it occasionally
Really good!!
by josh293984 on 2021/01/26 00:49
It works!!
by Gabriella🤡😌 on 2021/01/26 00:31
it’s not working
by med bahaya on 2021/01/26 00:20
by ew_shawty on 2021/01/26 00:16
by PUUTTTTATA on 2021/01/26 00:11
by its fine, it works on 2021/01/26 00:11
it works well takes a while
The best app for removing tiktok watermark
by Biba❤Rio on 2021/01/26 00:05
I love this app! It’s simple and perfect to use
It does not work
by hathdhd on 2021/01/26 00:05
It stays at saving and all the how to use are sponsored
Amazing App!
by paasché on 2021/01/26 00:02
Does exactly what I needed it to do! Thank you.
loved it
by ELYSESOTO on 2021/01/26 00:00
I like using the app a lot and is very handy for when I want to save a tiktok😌
by thisnotjenn on 2021/01/25 23:59
Great app, and Highly would recommend it!
Very Useful
by DaveClarkPSD on 2021/01/25 23:58
I truly enjoy this app, thank you so much for creating it
by yourmomasf on 2021/01/25 23:51
by main character ! on 2021/01/25 23:49
you did that ! 😘
by test_subject_1 on 2021/01/25 23:48
This app is so simple and easy to use!
by Tigergirl12@ on 2021/01/25 23:41
by A.jpumpkin on 2021/01/25 23:39
Hii I just wanted to say thanks because snap tik stoped working🥺
by ian is my husband on 2021/01/25 23:27
I love it!
Forced to review
by ughhhhhhhbbbhbhhh on 2021/01/25 23:25
I love it
by ev08yup on 2021/01/25 23:21
very nice
by TheOnlyStarC on 2021/01/25 23:05
This is amazing (not the best sound quality) however even without the save video on TikTok this is awesome.
by ALEX_IS_BACK on 2021/01/25 22:46
Good app
very good
by I do not kike it on 2021/01/25 22:41
very good app
by yani69420 on 2021/01/25 22:33
Love it
Idk shawty bae
by xiaoswife on 2021/01/25 22:26
Its good? Like idk what else to say other than its useful 🤨
Good app
by Take it down right now on 2021/01/25 21:53
Good app
by iruyinosa on 2021/01/25 21:50
For some reason it’s glitching
by wjc disnx8wndl&)nwc) on 2021/01/25 21:46
it’s not working anymore
great app!
by Liv11122 on 2021/01/25 21:34
it lets you save tik toks w or w/o the watermark! i recommend itt!
love it
by B0mbl3be3 on 2021/01/25 21:34
love it
by thaaaabrattttr on 2021/01/25 21:30
by Jfjfjdnsjcnfjdkcmdmd,fm on 2021/01/25 21:26
it’s easy to use
by theprincess2 on 2021/01/25 21:21
blahblah blah
by Skendwowndcswh on 2021/01/25 21:18
by perlalhhsbsb on 2021/01/25 21:17
love this app super helpful and worth it
It’s great
by hisoka sofia period on 2021/01/25 21:10
Cool 🏃‍♀️
by its a poop app on 2021/01/25 21:00
so good
by heavennnnppp on 2021/01/25 20:57
I love this app definitely recommend downloading it ❤️
by nolN mapin on 2021/01/25 20:46
Cracked app. Verne much recommend it
by ratchetmooselo on 2021/01/25 20:42
i came here to complain again, why y’all gonna say it’s optional to leave a review, but there’s no button to press “save” 🚪🚶🏽‍♀️
by uzdnko on 2021/01/25 20:28
This app is so Amazing 😁
by yoongalkin on 2021/01/25 20:24
After TikTok made things harder to download this app makes it easy, all you have to do is download and theres nothing else you have to do. I love this app so much.
pretty good
by socially.awkward on 2021/01/25 20:24
it was working really for a few weeks but now for some reason when i try to save it just loads for a while then the screen flashes white and nothing happens. sad bc it’s a pretty good app and now it won’t work :/
by jfjfjjfufjfjfjf on 2021/01/25 20:15
Your app just stopped working!
by joe obie on 2021/01/25 20:14
by Allison Malfoy on 2021/01/25 20:06
IT Amazing and EVERYTHING Thought THIS WAS GOING TO BE A SCAM BUT I Isn’t and I obsessed
Really Helpful
by BluexTee on 2021/01/25 20:05
It really helps save videos that tiktok won’t let you safe because of the person. It also lets you save it without the watermark, which is awesome!
by thatkiddjay on 2021/01/25 20:03
Kinda angry
by ilovemymp on 2021/01/25 20:02
It keeps glitching out and won’t let me save anything or use it please fix it
I love it
by foxy cupcakes on 2021/01/25 19:55
5 stars
by fbhteflhewwww on 2021/01/25 19:55
V good
by CoopDaddy1000 on 2021/01/25 19:53
worked once
Very Good
by Omnijay on 2021/01/25 19:44
Fast and simple tiktok downloads
by urmomismyonlybitch on 2021/01/25 19:40
by paige 😻 on 2021/01/25 19:36
by danaeeeeeeeeee on 2021/01/25 19:29
by follow loser4life on tiktok on 2021/01/25 19:27
Easy to save vids
Best app ever !
by kaniya.woodfordd on 2021/01/25 19:27
I love it!! It’s so easy to save tiktoks that I can’t save or ones that don’t have a share button.
by PIZZAWow on 2021/01/25 19:12
I love it and it’s so useful
by mi4ari on 2021/01/25 19:12
It works so wonderfully!
by KANG KONG on 2021/01/25 19:09
Here’s ur review
by Aria revera on 2021/01/25 18:44
No problems really
by svgarcoat on 2021/01/18 22:19
My only problem was like ONCE it glitched out so I had to restart but it’s really not a huge deal bc that was once out of like a million saves. Never disappointed 🥺❤️ Update:: those saying it forces you to review, it actually does not, you just have to move one panel over to skip it. I chose to review because it is an awesome app for when someone has their shares off. Also understand it’s a one man team so if there is a glitch or more, it’ll take some time for them to get some things fixed, on top of TikTok new policy that blocks out saves sometimes. Please do not download if you expect absolute perfection every time. It still works amazing ❤️
Forcing me to leave a review lol
by bsndjddjdj on 2020/10/09 17:49
Anyways the app is ok, I deleted some tiktoks that I “saved” and it still doesn’t delete. It gives you tons of ads btw and it’s just confusing on how to save a tiktok. It would be clearer if you added instructions that are way more clear to understand. And all the shoutouts to your account, taking us to meme accounts is highly annoying.. like yeah maybe link your profile but all this for what? We just trying to save something and move on. And FORCING me to leave a review before I save a tiktok will not get this app far either.. I get that it’s pretty small and you just want people to leave reviews.. but instead try a different method. Anyways, the app says SaveTok but all I see is linked accounts, ads and redirect to different websites. This app needs hella updating & fixing. But, it does the job so I guess you can be happy a bit which is why I’m leaving a 3 star, and you can also remove the watermark aswell which is really convenient. Yeah, 3 stars. Goodbye.
Amazing app, I find useful and love it
by mary.e.p on 2020/12/30 06:03
This app is amazing! It saves the tiktok videos you want and takes off the watermark even! It also has some cool effects you could do if you want a tiktok to be slowed down and something. App glitches sometimes but other than that it does great. ~also to save a tiktok video, copy the tiktok url on tiktok and then go on SaveTok scroll down some and it says to ‘save tiktok’. You press that button and then choose how you want your tiktok video to be saved. > hope this helps since I was confused when I got the app at first:p
Back to 5!
by MrDroozy on 2020/11/12 22:12
Updated (Latest) Review: Okay, back to 5 stars because it started working again and if it doesn’t, all I have to do is uninstall the app and then reinstall. Things usually go back to normal once I do that. The “saving profiles” feature still doesn’t work for me but I don’t use it regardless so it’s fine. Updated Review: I loved the app and gave it 5 stars originally. For the past week and a half, it has been crashing and is barely functional every time I click the save button. Or I get a long message about the Tik Tok app and the community. I have uninstalled the app and reinstalled it several times only for the same thing to happen. I will certainly update it back to 5 stars if this problem can be solved because it honestly worked great before. Previous Review: Use it to save videos and with no watermarks which makes it even better! Videos are HD crystal clear!
Was working for a couple of days
by PrettbOy713 on 2020/10/02 12:57
In the beginning it was working just fine, you could download the video with/without the watermark and it would go straight into your camera roll. Now when you click save it loads the saving bar then it glitches and crashes the app and nothing saves onto your camera roll, or it “saves” the video by having a direct link to the video on the bottom middle tab, which obviously isn’t what I’m looking to do(since I’m trying to SAVE the TikTok) I deleted the app and reinstalled, turned my phone on and off and. It sure what the problem is.
It used to work flawlessly
by Binky Bell on 2020/07/23 06:04
The app worked flawlessly unless the latest update. It’s my absolutely favorite app and I love how much the developers seem to stay invested in it. But since the update when I use the app I get a notification saying that my profile must be public and I must be signed in to tik tok. I’m signed in and everything is public and I still can’t save my videos. Hopefully it gets fixed soon because I love using this app ! *update* it actually works perfectly now, thanks !
This app is amazing
by JackOfNoTrades69 on 2020/07/12 21:56
There are a lot of Tik Toks that I want to save but I’m unable to with the option turned off so I’ve had to go through the trouble of screen recording. This makes it super easy. Also, I love the ability to Shazam Tik Toks. I’ve always thought that shazaming videos should be an option in the Shazam app, but this works nicely. Could be faster, but considering it’s one guy working on it, I totally get it and it’s not nearly annoying enough to negate the use of the app.
Does the job, sometimes
by maaaadddyyyyyyyyyy on 2021/01/24 08:33
Does the job, but terribly. The creator doesn’t know how to fix any problems and boy are there many. I have to constantly reinstall the app because whenever I save the link of a tiktok and go to the app to save it, the option to save it just doesn’t show up at all. I have to reinstall the app to fix it. Another problem resolved by reinstalling, is an error that causes an infinite loading loop when saving a tiktok. The message “extracting data” will appear at the top of the screen for literally ever. Wont go away unless you close the app. Reopening it though, CAUSES THE OTHER GLITCH!! Terrible app but does sometimes get the job done.
Pretty good
by TacoKat79 on 2020/11/30 16:12
This app really is a life saver but my only problem is, i prefer to save tiktoks WITH the watermarks so i can go back and see the persons profile later on, but savetok won’t let me. when I try to save a video and i try to keep the watermark, the red bar thing just stays in the “processing” stage until i get sick of waiting, not a huge problem i guess, just didn’t know if it was my phone or the app but i know most people prefer to save tiktoks without watermarks so if that doesn’t bother you then this app is great
literally a life changer
by Pika aka addie on 2021/01/03 23:32
ok ok, this is such an amazing app. it’s literally so frustrating when there’s no “save video” on a video. this app is a game changer, all you have to do is copy the link and press “save tiktok.” you (or y’all) are such amazing developer(s). it even downloads super fast and without the watermark. i’m a editor on tiktok and this makes it SO much easier to remake edits and download audios to edit with. thank you so much for making this app, you are so underrated!!
I love 💞💞💞
by lolaxlove on 2021/01/22 15:56
I love this app cause I can’t download some videos on tik tok :( but when I found this app I was able to download tik toks I couldn’t save :D I definitely recommend this app if your tryna, save videos xx it’s really Great. And finally a person made a app without asking for premium because I already know if asks for that I’m gonna delete it right away, but it didint so I’m impressed tbh but the reason it’s not a 5 Star raining is because I’m tryna see more from this app I haven’t seen most since I just installed it
by AlexBeeeean on 2020/11/24 07:13
Great app. Now I can save the stuff that gets taken down. So much stuff of like, funny memes, important updates, or just content that really should be saved. It works fine. My only thing is the fact that when it’s done saving, it reloads back to the FYP(even if I’m on Following) and scrolls a couple videos back which has caused a full FYP refresh a couple times now. But overall that’s such a small detail that I’m sure can be fixed easily. If that got fixed, I’d gladly go 5 stars! Overall tho, amazing app! Edit: Ever since the update, it’s been a fabulous app! I really like the inclusion of Ads, as opposed to the old system where it showed the video. I realize that the prior “bug” was just a feature. Still, this app remains a favorite. Gotta save those thirst traps somehow...
by (LTD) on 2020/11/28 14:54
It was a little confusing, but I finally figured it out. I kept looking for the saved video on the app, but I finally realized, it saves to my camera roll. I don’t like how the save button is covered up at the bottom of my phone. The screen doesn’t want to scroll very easy and, it took me awhile to even find it. I love this app, and I definitely recommend it everyone!
great app!
by beastgirl990 on 2021/01/22 13:22
(EDIT: i still love this app, but now it saves with the watermark from tiktok, so i have to take away a star, i’ll rate 5 stars again when they take the watermark back out) it works quickly and doesn’t take forever to save what you want to save, it’s really helpful for when people don’t have the save feature on, or when you don’t want any tiktok watermarks in the video like for a livephoto wallpaper. it works great and the app has no issues i’ve encountered ❤️.
This app is amazing!
by a076 on 2020/11/24 17:37
This app is absolutely amazing! Whenever there was a tiktok that came up that I liked I always added it to favorites. But sometimes it didn’t allow me to save the video. Then I came across this app! I downloaded this app and all I had to do was copy the link of the video and press save tiktok on this app! It saved it for me! I love this app so much and I hope it gets the attention it needs!
Not working
by Jerryx71x on 2020/09/23 05:15
Had this app for a few days on both my iPads it was working for the first three day but it stop working on both my tablets today I tried reinstalling on both of them but it keeps hanging on saving a video guess I have to wait for an update Update to review Updated both iPads to iOS 14 that immediately fix the problem added the 2 stars back 😁
by Elle_Shark on 2020/11/06 20:14
This app is AMAZING! If I want to save a video that is a charli fan page pack and it has a deleted video, but the owner has saves off, I can just copy link and get the video to crop it! (I have a charli fp @.Dunkychar) I get you can screen record, but then you have to crop out the parts, and such and I don’t have enough time so this app is AMAZING! It also gives the video owner and copy link to help them get more views!
Was great, but then it stopped working
by captainkramet on 2020/09/27 23:51
The app was great for a while, but for some reason in the last day or two whenever I would copy a link and hit save it would get stuck at the loading screen. I have given it 20m at one try and it never took me to the next page and it never saved. Love/d the app, just letting ya know there’s something to fix
really good app if it’s not allowing you to save
by swaggerman68 on 2021/01/19 00:39
this app is really good overall for a one man team, I appreciate the dedication if took to make the app. update: the app is starting to become repetitive with the “please leave a review” stuff, we shouldn’t be forced to leave a review but I’m sure it’ll help, and the biggest problem with that is that it’s unavoidable, once it shows up you have to wait a certain duration till it goes away.
My review🤕💗
by ndgwnjahehsjabagehusgdgs on 2021/01/14 00:40
My review is like that bc when I first got the app it was working great & now it don’t wanna save the video also it keep going into a white screen in taking me back to the hoops page ion know why but I would like if yalll fix it now ! Bc basically when you “fixed” it the first time it didn’t work so imma need y’all to fix it Fr this time please & thank you then I will change my review till then ! Bye thank you for the service
by hsydbsjahdbbd on 2020/12/03 02:10
I freaking love this app because I would see so many videos without the watermark and as I was going through my idols videos there was some videos he didn’t let me same so I was so sad until I found this app but one problem is i’m saving videos for a edit without the watermark until I came to the app and it didn’t let me do anymore
This is amazing
by tuduruki on 2021/01/24 15:31
It’s really amazing that someone could do this. Yes there could be downsides as to stealing and plagiarism, but if someone has the right intentions of just saving this to look back on its great. Not everyone turns on the save button and that’s sad, but with this app you can still save it. I know that many people and I appreciate this very much. Thank you.
Legit and continuously improving
by TJ Dillingham on 2020/07/02 13:25
The app does what I need it to, and more. There is great communication from the developer and issues are addressed very promptly. In its current state, the app works exactly as I needed. However, future builds are incorporating new features and better performance that I’m looking forward to. A+ so far, keep up the good work
Can't get any better than this.
by ijustwantadiaryappmann on 2020/12/27 00:25
No annoying ads, in-app purchases, or other nuisances common with these types of apps. It just works. Thank you developers for creating one of the most plain and simple easy to use apps on the entire app store! Let's just hope the TikTok police lets this app live for as long as possible. Superb app!
Life saver
by DorcasPYT on 2021/01/24 00:22
This app has rly come in handy especially because of the new tiktok update. The only issue I have is redownloading the app because the tiktoks won’t save sometimes, but honestly it’s not really much of a problem for me. But other than that I really really recommend this app to anyone who are not able to save tiktoks on tiktok.
AMAZINg!10/10 would recommend
by Anonymoussender17 on 2021/01/04 21:11
This app is great for videos(especially my roleplay videos) and it’s great when I hear a song I like but don’t know the name! I can press the Shazam button and add it to my playlist! All you have to do is copy link from a Tiktok video and boom your options are there! Would recommend! Thank you!
It’s a bit slow
by LunaLooYin on 2020/11/05 16:01
When I first used SaveTok it worked and was a bit slow but not too long it was great til recently it takes forever to save and I don’t know if the problem is my devices or the app but it just takes forever to save so I haven’t been able to save tiktoks other then that it was great
it’s pretty good!
by bluefscebby on 2020/10/18 06:04
I updated my phone which made it not work and I eventually updated the app but then it still wouldn’t work so I deleted it..reinstalled it now that it does works it just takes forever to “process” unlike before i updated my phone so it’s kinda bugging me but if you can do anything to fix it that would really appreciated !! over all it’s a really good app.
by Chris Enzo on 2020/11/27 23:14
I love everything about this application this application has given me the ability to save and then the ability to save has given me the ability to save lives want to talk at a time because TickTock is where you want to save lives and I love it because it saves lives so you should download it
I’m having some issues.....
by Yarylen on 2020/12/02 00:25
Okay so this app works great!! but I’ve recently had some issues on how it’s not saving the videos I put anymore :( I press save and it turns into a white screen then it never saves, maybe you could fix that? or at least please tell me the issue. Overall this app is the best <3
Thank You! <3
by Aniyah Harris 🤪🦄 on 2020/11/29 18:17
This app is wonderful, thank you for making it. It really helps me save my favorite edits. The only thing is what if the creator doesn’t want us saving their videos? Just incase the creators don&#39;t want anyone to save their videos, I’m not going to post them on anything. Any-who, thank you so much for this app! It’s really helpful.
by uhhhhhhhh good app on 2020/09/18 11:02
I really don’t have any problems with this app (which is amazing ofc.) I like how I can save tik toks without having to go snapchat or insta. And the great part about the app is that you get no watermark on the video you’re trying to save. All you gotta do is copy the link of the tik tok you wanna save them press “save TikTok.” And you’re done. Very happy with this app.
Best app ever
by gary nots on 2021/01/10 04:16
This app is so much better than just saving it directly from tik tok because it gets rid of the water Mark and even if the video won’t let you save it on tik tok you can still copy the link and download it. It’s totally worth especially since you have nothing to loose because it’s free.
by lulu Ross on 2020/10/16 00:35
I have been trying to find something that would let me save tiktoks that didn’t have the save button and I really didn’t think this would work but I’m happy saying that this works. I had some issues with this at first and I stopped using it but they fixed so 😍😍.
Loading forever
by Butgemdkkdjc on 2020/12/31 16:20
this app was very nice for a while but then stopped working and i had to delete it due to it not working anymore. i redownloaded it today hoping it would work and i was very happy when i saw that i could save the tiktok again. however, when trying to save it, it loaded forever. it was stuck on “extracting data” and i deleted the app and redos loaded it but it didn’t do anything.
Nice but a little down side
by iixxyanna on 2020/10/29 14:50
It’s a nice app and I use it occasionally like for Tiktok compilations and just to save them for stuff but a a few downsides, when you wanna save a Tiktok after h use the app for a period of time it takes away the save button and it puts the write a review button, and the loading, that u have to reinstall the app for, but other than that it’s nice I guess.
What i think of this app
by mercury:) on 2020/10/14 01:29
amazing!! i really love the app especially since there was so many videos on tik tok that i loved and couldn’t save and i lost them in my favorites until now, now i can save them!!! Although sometimes it loads really long and the video doesn’t save but thank you for this app
Good app!
by 𝚏𝚛𝚒𝚎𝚗𝚍 on 2021/01/01 00:54
I really love this app because i could save tiktok that’s are not possible to save all you got to do it copy link and go to the app and then push “save tiktok” and it will bring you back to tiktok but your video is save in your Photos or camera roll I think you should buy it because I comes in handy👌🏽😁🤩
Watermark issue
by BluebearStudios on 2021/01/06 15:45
I’ve been saving my videos without watermark so I can post the same on another app I use instead of TikTok.. I tried saving my new video without watermark showing of TikTok and if I save with it checked then it still has the watermark showing after saving, even if I undo it a few times it doesn’t go through without it.
Great app
by Hamschmitt on 2020/12/18 08:27
This app is super streamlined and simple to use, not only that but the downloads come out perfect and there is no ads. If there would be one change I would like to see the extracting files go by quicker but that is such a minute point it’s not even worth taking a star off
It is amazing
by kAyl2h on 2021/01/17 22:00
It is amazing and the tutorial was quick and amazing just to do, and the spite that off the app is quick an easy to do, just do your thing and then BOOM it’s in your gallery without the TIKTOK logo and it’s amazing, I’m so glad to have this app it is perfect and amazing! I’m giving it 5 stars for those reasons I give :)
100% recommend!
by BLANKDNJS7282 on 2020/09/16 18:27
This app is really good, it allows you to save tiktoks without the water mark in seconds! You also get the choice to shazam a song which makes it so helpful if i see a tiktok song i like and can’t find the name. I would really recommended you download it, it’s so worth it
Everything I needed and more!
by NotCalebCity on 2020/12/27 18:07
I know why you’re reading this review do you want to know if you can truly save and download TickTock’s to your phones gallery TLDR you absolutely can watermark free so download away and enjoy yourself big shout out to the creator of this app you’re the real one absolutely deserves five stars
I would rate a five star
by Noah Payne on 2021/01/18 07:01
But sometimes it takes like 1-2 minutes to save a tiktok but that’s kinda rare for me anyways that’s the reason even tho I totally recommend it because I hate when I find a good tiktok and it doesn’t have the save button and this just saved me with lots of funny videos my review was kinda pointless :/
It’s great
by 𝑑𝑖𝑥𝑖𝑙𝑎𝑛𝑑 on 2020/12/15 16:44
I really like it because it saves it pretty quick and just how it was without the water mark and ones you’ve downloaded the video it automatically takes you back to tiktok so you don’t have to do it , that’s way I can continue watching
This App is Great!
by ape nick on 2020/11/13 01:51
Although I was nervous for how the app would be. I am quite satisfied by it. It’s great. It’s simple and doesn’t require to pay unlike other apps. You should totally get the app if you want to save a TikTok. Maybe the app should add something that can allow you to convert the video into a Live Photo.
Highly recommend
by vballangel93 on 2020/10/27 15:45
This app works just as it’s advertised! Works really well for saving any videos that you might want to keep. I personally like to keep a lot of the resource and tool tutorials for future reference - a lot of which don’t allow you to save them. Thanks for a great app!
Awesome app
by heydonthave on 2020/12/21 22:55
I really like that this app is it just for saving TicToks and that you can do way more than just that. You can make playlists, save profiles and it even keeps track of your safe history so that you can download them back. I really recommend this app.
by Linh5020 on 2020/12/17 03:28
it’s a great app and works well but a problem i’ve been having is with the playlists where it’ll say there’s a TypeError on the videos. also a suggestion i have is to be able to edit our playlists and reorder/organize it.
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