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electro drum Pad-Beat Maker
Simply make beats and music by tapping colorful pads, even though beginners without music theory can create something like a pro EDM producer. electro drum Pad has drum pads with different colors. One color represents one sound and If you click them, they will blink like LEDs and produce different styles of sounds. With the launchpad, you can create your own beats and music easily. In addition, we provide 7+ sound packs with different styles of melodies and rhythms , covering Hip-Hop, Trap, EDM, Dubstep, House, Electronic, Drum & Bass etc. which makes this app more playable with endless possibility. In the following development of the app, new sound packs will be added continuously, so please stay tuned! How to play it? Way 1: Step Mode, also called tutorial mode, in each music pack, we've designed interesting tutorials which tells you how to tap the pads to create the track, only when you pass the former tutorial, can you enter the next, which makes you feel like playing a music game. Every time you practise the tutorial, it will give you a score telling how well you perform. Way 2: Free Mode, also called play without tutorial, under this mode, you can improvise your own music by using the sounds of the pack, which is wholly under your control. With electro drum Pad, you can make different beats and form your unique music styles. Come and become an electronic music and beat maker! Features: *Great variety of music packs/samples to choose: Hip-Hop, Trap, EDM, Dubstep, House, Electronic, Drum & Bass Future Bass and human voice etc. *Beat School: watch interesting and progressive tutorials for quick learning simple EDM tracks and training your finger drumming skills, which makes you feel like playing a music game. *Offer Step Mode & Free Mode, Step Mode tells you how to hit the pads to form the music; Free Mode helps you create the music without limits *Brand-new drum pad design, easy to adjust the volume of each pad, support to switch panels for the pack with many pads ; Under the free mode, you can also set BPM value of loop for each pad. *Just one key to audition different music samples, making you fast know about the melodies and rhythms. *Mix many sounds and melodies in real time, and auto add crossfading effects into your created electro music. *One click to record your play as audio, and make your own music tracks. *Add song category, such as HOUSE,TRAP,BASS etc and sort the packs by update time, alphabet, difficulty etc. *Fast share your music to Facebook, Ins, Weibo and other social media platforms