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Dispo - Live in the Moment
We have completely updated and renovated what it’s like to use Dispo! You now have a username and profile that allows you to create a shared camera roll of photos between you and your friends! Open the app, take your photos, and wait for them to develop at 9AM the next day. You will get a notification that your photos are developed and ready to be viewed, similar to actual disposable cameras. We’re bringing high quality film right to your phone. Invite your friends and try it out!
New Update
by eddy bee on 2021/02/28 19:58
I literally lost all of my pictures with this new update i’m so upset. I wish they didn’t change anything. Hate it now.
The update RUINED this app.
by Ebona99 on 2021/02/28 18:20
Tell me WHY I have had the app for over a year and when I need to redownload it on a new phone, I get put on a waitlist???? A waitlist to take pictures with MY camera? Nobody wanted or needed this to be a social media thing, I literally just want to take pictures with the fun filter like it used to be.
new update is trash
by meganlizzzieeeeee on 2021/02/28 17:41
loved the old version where it was as simple as just taking your photos and saving them. now they’re trying to make it a whole social media and add in a bunch of unnecessary and confusing things. everything looks weird and like they’re trying to be “trendy” now. OLD VERSION WAS A MILLION TIMES BETTER !!!
by kayla_22019 on 2021/02/28 16:48
Heard about this app from social media and was really excited to try it out only to find out that when you try to sign up you’re put on a “wait list” and you can skip only if you have an invite. this is the dumbest thing ever. PLEASE FIX.
Terrible Update
by JennRah on 2021/02/28 16:47
I lost allll of my pictures that I’ve been taking for the past year+. This new design is not what this app is meant for. I downloaded a simple camera to take ‘old school’ looking pictures. I didn’t want a new social media platform?? The creators are trying too hard, and we all know this idea was stolen.
I’m on a waitlist?
by MimiRly on 2021/02/28 16:24
I decided to download this app to test it out because my friends and I have been anticipating to buy a disposable camera, but will always forget. I gave my phone number, got a verification code, and then it said I am on the waitlist unless I get an invite to skip the line. Why is there a waitlist? I was thinking that this would be a simple app. And I downloaded this about 2 hours ago. Let’s see if it’ll work or if I get off the waitlist tomorrow. Stupid stupid waitlist. It’s the next day and I’m still waiting.
by Jkasch44 on 2021/02/28 15:24
I can’t support an app created by a man who refuses to apologize for his faults
Doesn’t work
by Herzog2569 on 2021/02/28 15:07
Put me on a waitlist to use the app?
by Chrysillas on 2021/02/28 14:30
Sorry, I never leave bad reviews... But it really is just a useless app.
update 2.0
by Sophhiewatts on 2021/02/28 14:29
what is this update??? i can’t access the app at all. i opened the app and thought my phone was hacked or something because of the weird/odd graphics and the inability to sign in. david dobrik are you good?? please fix!!! i loved this app
So sloq
by iTunes Darling on 2021/02/28 14:05
App update concept is great, but it’s SO SLOW. Tons of error messages, inability to update profile, etc. please fix!! This’ll be amazing if you do
Don’t get it
by yourmom559 on 2021/02/28 08:57
Just a waste of time they put you on a wait list for hours all for pictures trust me not worth it.
new update
by nurytobar on 2021/02/28 07:23
i had this app since before october and i took many pictures but none were saved to my phone and i get on to look at them and they’re all deleted because of the new update. i tried logging in from my phone, snapchat, and with apple but they still weren’t there. is there anyway i could get them back?
Great before update
by hanspi2323 on 2021/02/28 05:31
I can’t even use it anymore after the update :(
Bad app
by ireallydontgiveafuck on 2021/02/28 01:57
This is a stupid app you get waitlisted
Great idea
by kukushka11222 on 2021/02/28 00:19
People who are giving bad reviews just cause it’s an invite-based app are ridiculous. It’s not perfect but the idea is awesome. And y’all better concentrate on finding invites instead of hate 🙌
Its ya boy
by cartivamp on 2021/02/27 23:00
This shi bussin
Lost everything 🙄
by saragsb on 2021/02/27 22:44
Lost all my pictures...... so that’s stupid
So disappointed.
by Stephikaiia on 2021/02/27 20:32
Pictures from the past year just got deleted because of the update. I’ve never felt so sad from losing so many memories before....
Well, ok....
by Gelica Judy on 2021/02/27 19:41
It would have been nice to know before going through the sign up process that I wouldn’t have access to the app, but instead be put onto a waiting list.
What’s the point?
by Mataman737 on 2021/02/27 19:38
I have been using this app for the past few days and honestly it’s a watered version of better applications. There is really no point to using this app. Definitely underwhelmed.
loveeee the new update
by livy6373827273 on 2021/02/27 19:28
i’ve had the app for over a year and for some reason i have the new update and have for 3 days and idk why but it is great!
A bit too buggy
by Olliejamesfitz on 2021/02/27 16:53
The app keeps kicking me out every time I try and leave a comment.
Invite only
by ricky562305304 on 2021/02/27 16:32
I don’t really have friends who have the app which makes it nearly impossible to get a invite and random people are actually charging for invites and buying them please fix this feature it’s very frustrating
Absolutely love the app
by Mcoble33 on 2021/02/27 03:10
I really love this app. I’ve had it since it was David’s Disposable and this the added functionality with this recent release is great. Brings people together and creates a safe and fun environment. Can’t wait to see what other releases they come out with!
members only
by always_flashy on 2021/02/27 02:26
To me i don’t understand why the app is invite only and claims to be accessible to everyone. The app should just charge people to use it rather exclude certain types of people to ensure they don’t use the app. The app screams WHITES ONLY and definitely needs some changes to get rid of its discrimination.
Literally a zero
by Romi uz on 2021/02/27 01:55
Before the update I had taken many pictures of my friends, landscapes and great moments before quarantine. Let’s just say it ERASED ALL OF MY MEMORIES IN THE APP which I can’t recover so not approved at all.
Don’t waste your time
by Riss49 on 2021/02/27 01:52
While I bet this app is amazing and does what it says you can use it unless someone who has the app already invites you. I don’t know anyone who has access to the app so getting an invite isn’t a option. Some people are selling invites which is ridiculous. Under these conditions I’d rather get a actual disposable camera.
Live in the moment
by Hhhhheeeehe on 2021/02/27 01:03
Can’t express how much I LOVE DISPO! As someone who is too fixated in wanting photos on social media to look “perfect”, this platform helps me stay present in the moment. I love how there is a community feel to it and am planning on using this with my next group event. Highly recommend!
Can’t login
by Nattybeex3 on 2021/02/26 23:49
I tried all 3 options to sign up and none of them work. Lol i want to try it out but I can’t. They need to fix whatever bugs they got.
by white amerikkka on 2021/02/26 23:22
I’ve been using this app for the past four months or so and I had over 500 pictures on this app logged in today and you guys updated it and now every single one of my pictures is gone I am so upset these pictures were very important to me and now they’re gone. There’s no way I can get them back and I love this app someone please help me!!!!! You have to go into the setting and his uploadLegacy photos and then they’ll all be back! 🥰🥰
Best app ever!
by Gmk04130 on 2021/02/26 23:14
(Everyone go to Reddit to find people posting invites for free) my username is: ginaperry. If you find me, just DM me your phone number!
by Taylor Bowden on 2021/02/26 22:58
You can’t use the camera without creating an account. And the amount of privacy information they collect about you is beyond ridiculous. No thanks.
Amazing App
by Fangirl091888888 on 2021/02/26 22:54
Back in love with this app after figuring out how to get my old photos back. They really are an amazing app, and it seems an amazing team who likes to help their customers! Love it
Very Confused
by abbbbbbbbby3! on 2021/02/26 22:51
I’ve had the original Dispo app since it came out. Now even with an invite it will not let me sign up for an account with my number or Snapchat. I’m not sure what to do and am really sad that I lost all my pictures and now my friends are using it without me:( David please help!
Update deleted my photos
by julesanne99 on 2021/02/26 22:23
Loved this app until the update. I enjoyed the simplicity of just a film camera app without all the extras. Now with the update I lost ALL of my previous photos I’ve taken on the app and I want them back!!!
this app lost all my photos
by ___big momma tracks___ on 2021/02/26 22:22
dispo was amazing before the update. i had previously taken many photos and had not saved them to my device yet. it came to my surprise when i had to update the app and lost every single photo taken in the past year. Previously, i highly recommended it but now i’m afraid i highly do not suggest it.
Censorship already?!?
by NiCkNaMe10495881820858582 on 2021/02/26 22:11
Why are we not allowed to talk about the owner’s sexual assault allegations?
by RobbyKing23 on 2021/02/26 22:09
Spent all this time setting up this app and I can’t even use it. It says I’m on a waitlist and need an invite or something. Trash.
Phone number required to see photos from yesterday?
by AmyColton on 2021/02/26 20:43
This is terrible. Harvesting phone numbers. Such a bad deal. Boo. Stay away!
Baby Animals
by melissaj1108 on 2021/02/26 20:33
Baby animals.
no invite
by nnnnnnnyeah on 2021/02/26 20:09
um i dont have an invite thats it.🙄✋🤪
Wouldn’t recommend
by shhd de skbffbnddj on 2021/02/26 19:48
You have to be “invited” in order to use it.
by sanmy:))) on 2021/02/26 18:47
I loved this app before the update. But once it updated it deleted all my photos that I have taken. I liked it before when it was a lot simpler.
Can’t Even Sign In
by lolasue1495 on 2021/02/26 18:36
I just downloaded the app and it won’t even let me sign in! I saw it on Instagram and it looked good and I can’t even use it
Friggin seggsy 😩😩😩😩
by gchgfc on 2021/02/26 18:36
The best app ever I bust to it
by @TrainingPassionNel on 2021/02/26 18:26
Hey! Just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for giving me a piece of my childhood back. Growing up in Chicago my parents would always have family and friends over and my parents bought me a bunch of disposable camera. I would take candid picture, group pictures, drunk pic of my family members the whole thing. Wait till the film was full so I can go to Walgreens with my mom or dad and print them out excited to see how it came out. So getting back to this app I fell in love with it. It’s so convenient and so I’m here to say again thank you because when I do go out and chill I’ll use it! However the app does need some work obviously cause it’s still In Development. The app keeps crashing and that’s the only issue I’m having
The update deleted my photos
by MaydeeP18 on 2021/02/26 18:21
I’m TIGHT it deleted my photos 😡🤬
It was better
by zsbfjmacm on 2021/02/26 18:01
I liked it better the first time I used it a lot with friends. But now that you have to have a invite to take a picture? I’m just deleting it hopefully someone comes out with a version like the first one🤷🏼‍♀️
Interesting idea
by Clp2000 on 2021/02/26 17:46
Right now it seems like Dispo is spending their money on mansions for Dobrik... at least he can write it off though the business I guess
Slow and buggy
by allistar2134 on 2021/02/26 17:03
Not really a great experience. App is slow, buggy and after finally filling out all the info puts you on waitlist
love it
by charlotte.saintsing on 2021/02/26 16:32
i have been using this app for a while now, and i updated it the other day and love the update. i love that me and my friends can create rolls together. i do wish at first there was more information on how to use the update and what all the emojis mean but after playing around i figured it all out!
Doesn’t function.
by cboakland on 2021/02/26 16:27
Read about this. Thought I’d try it out. Won’t even load. LOL. Moral of the story: Never let your PR people get ahead of your tech people.
App broken?
by Oaisa on 2021/02/26 16:17
Just downloaded the app, why would you have the option to sign up with my apple account but then ask for phone verification if I didn’t tap the “sign up with phone” button? took me centuries to finally get the verification code, which is odd and when I finally got into the app, there is just a screen that says “please find an invite 👀” and a Log out option... like what am I suppose to do now?
App doesn’t work
by kaylaampxo on 2021/02/26 16:16
I tried to make an account on the app and right after I choose my username it brings me to a black page that says “please find and invite 👀” and then it has a logout button next to it. I’ve tried force closing the app and trying again but it just brings me right back to that page
New update
by little_lex21 on 2021/02/26 16:11
I used to have this app on my old phone and I loved it so I decided to download it again and now you can’t even sign into the app. You have to have an invite. I tried by phone number, Snapchat, Apple ID. Don’t waste your time trying. I’m not sure what this new update is but users cannot get into the app. The older version was amazing.
Why won’t it let me log in?
by gabiharthan on 2021/02/26 15:40
I’ve seen dozen of friends w this app and they all told me to get it, so i downloaded it and logged in just as it said too and after giving them my phone number and trying to make a username it rejected it and said “i needed an invite” what the heck? i need an invite to use an app??
Terrible Update
by nel010101 on 2021/02/26 15:20
You’re not the next Instagram, David. Stick to vlogging and revert this wack update, app was better before.
by Pinkponys on 2021/02/26 15:06
I tried logging in with apple id and it didn’t bring me to the next page. I logged in with snapchat and it brought me to my phone number login but it kept saying my number was invalid, so I tried again by double checking my number and still would not let me use the app.
by haley anxtil on 2021/02/26 14:56
If i could give this no stars, i would. I was scrolling through Instagram and saw david dobrik post about this app. I got it because why not? David dobrik has it. Basically, how the heck am I supposed to use the app if it will not let me log in at all? I tried to sign in w/ apple and it kept going back to that screen after i used my thumbprint. I was like, “ok ill use snap then.” Tried that and it did the same thing. Yikes what a waste of time.
I was able to use before update
by Allie Shea on 2021/02/26 14:47
I was able to use the app before the update and loved it. Similar to HUJI but you wait until morning to get photos. Now I can’t use it at all. Locked out on the Home Screen. Very disappointing.
I need this app back
by Avasapprate on 2021/02/26 14:47
The app forced me to update it and now whenever i put my phone number snapchat or apple Id To log in it freezes. this has happened to many other people that i’ve spoken to. I’m so upset I use this app on the daily with my friends and it makes out time together so special every morning we wake up and look at them together. This app literallt is my college experience. David I am begging u to fix it it’s my friends bday this weekend and all we’ve talked about is how epic the disposables will be. SOS. love you
Not Working
by ssarajh on 2021/02/26 14:35
I got the app like 2 hours ago after seeing it on tik tok and news pages. It won’t even let me sign in. I have used the snap, apple id and phone number to sign in and it pops up with an error message.
by alouette007 on 2021/02/26 14:35
I just want to access my old pictures I had on it. Please fix this to the old version I liked the app without the update 😕
Doesn’t work after update
by bbylavv on 2021/02/26 14:31
Can’t even sign in to see my pictures :(
Love this idea. But can't even log in.
by Graceintheface on 2021/02/26 14:24
Probably a bad update. But bummer to not be able to try after reading about in NY Times.
Currently Crying
by NickMargy on 2021/02/26 14:21
DO NOT INSTALL THE NEW UPDATE. I’ve had this app for months now and absolutely loved it until today. The app automatically updated on my phone, and in short...TERRIBLE. It now asks for you to sign-in, but it doesn’t load? So I can’t see anything I saved on it before? After numerous attempts to get onto the app, I can’t even express how sad & upset I am that I can’t access my HUNDREDS of pictures and memories that I had collected on Dispo over the past year. PLEASE get this issue fixed. I just want my pictures back 🥺
Cool but constant crashing
by wanttousedispo on 2021/02/26 14:18
It’s cool and I want to use it but cannot because it keeps crashing every time I open it lol
social element is unusable
by Colton Fordyce on 2021/02/26 14:17
the concept is fun, the filter is subtle but makes flash photos look a lot better than the default phone flash / settings. but the social aspect is completely broken. might be an interesting social network once they fix the bugs.
by poopypoop222222 on 2021/02/26 14:13
I like the idea of the app and think it’s cool but when ur trying to upload pics or even look at ur own profile 8/10 times it doesn’t load at all. I liked it better when u could just use it as a camera.
Stupid app won’t even sign in
by sgbfkfjfnf on 2021/02/26 13:46
Absolute trash
Can’t even sign up
by Brooem222 on 2021/02/26 13:37
Can’t sign up by phone number - says it can’t send sms. Can’t sign up by Apple ID - I put in my password and the. It doesn’t do anything.
by emkasch on 2021/02/26 13:29
I was super excited when I downloaded this app but I can’t even get past the sign up page without it failing and crashing or freezing
Don’t waste your time
by bgreenlee on 2021/02/26 12:30
Signed up with Apple, had to give them my phone number, and then they tell me I need an invite. Feels scammy.
The verification isn’t working
by uberomxr on 2021/02/26 10:50
Phone verification isn’t working at all, no messages are being sent from them, there should be another way to verify , it’s a poorly done log in
Doesn’t work
by mokenike on 2021/02/26 10:37
App gets you to signup and log in and then doesn’t work!
zero stars
by iupiter9 on 2021/02/26 10:28
zero stars. the app needs an invite. there is no point to this. don’t waste your time.
Needs massive bug fix update (2/26/21)
by Sashenka98 on 2021/02/26 10:04
Saw many new reviews for This app prior to the update but I just got this app today and no matter which platform I tried to use to login (Snapchat, phone number, Apple ID) there was an error message that I needed an invite. I was u see the impression that you only need an invite for the rolls part of the app. Please fix soon!! Would love to use this app its a great idea
Not good.
by luotus99 on 2021/02/26 09:31
Slow, cannot sign in. The app was working just fine before the update. In my opinion, it’s best not to officially release an app before it’s ready for public use. And that includes something as simple as being able to create an account.
by Connor Whipple on 2021/02/26 08:24
I can’t even log in I tried snap apple and number and all of them say $&@?!! Please try again.
The update is a problem
by shaun boo on 2021/02/26 08:21
The app was good. It was simple. But with new update it’s confusing and it doesn’t even login (keeps showing try again even I tried all the 3 ways ). Please fix 🥺🥺
by Titingi0417 on 2021/02/26 07:56
After deleting and then downloading again this app is pure trash. Stick to instagram pleaseeee. Also after what has come out of david’s se*ual assault allegations I will not be redownloading. Don’t support
by OGomez3 on 2021/02/26 07:33
I was excited to try it out but it once I made the account is said I needed an invite and was just a black screen. So if you want an app you can’t do ANYTHING with be sure to download this gem!
Pointless, elitist, trash
by Kangarudy on 2021/02/26 07:07
Downloaded this tonight and it’s stupid. Wont even let me log in without an “invite”. Why advertise to download the app if you can’t get into it without an invite? Figure out your business plan, talk with your engineers, take into consideration the feedback you’ve received and work to implement the changes.
by chicken nugget mastef on 2021/02/26 07:04
i’m confused
by Kelsmo__ on 2021/02/26 06:20
I loved this app till its recent update that turned into a social media wannabe. Change it back PLZ. NOBODY WANTED THIS!!
“Find an Invite”🤪
by Cupcake670 on 2021/02/26 06:01
Yeah no. Why have the app listed publicly if you need an invite to even use it? Way to really fumble the bag here. You only have one chance at a first impression and this has been frustrating and annoying.
New update is ugly
by IAMiller37 on 2021/02/26 05:30
Wish they’d lift it simple. Old design was more like a disposable camera. The whole point is for it to be like a disposable camera- so why all the random new unnecessary features and weird new design?
cant login
by jerrybiebsrauhl on 2021/02/26 05:02
after i try to log in, it says "please find invite"... what invite???? cant log in.
Fake app imagine opening a delivered package that’s empty
by Rolly_2 on 2021/02/26 05:01
App doesn’t even work don’t waste your time in downloading it.
Can’t get past the login
by @Juancarlossoliz on 2021/02/26 04:52
I can’t even get past the login screen because it says “please find an invite 👀” but my brother has the app and can’t even invite me. Can combing help us out?
by Prom210 on 2021/02/26 04:17
I signed up and then got the screen find an invite and the only option is to log out? Not sure what’s up. Will review again once fixed.
Deleted all my previous pictures
by Yayayayayayayahdhd on 2021/02/26 04:14
I got the app when it first came out and I just downloaded the new version and all the pictures I taken taken on it before are gone.
This app is genuinely so dumb
by 12383729 on 2021/02/26 04:14
I get it. You’re trying to make disposables and film more accesible/less expensive. This app just completely misses. I don’t need to wait 24 hours just to see some dumb photos that don’t even look like disposable photos to be developed when I could’ve just edited them on my own. THEY DONT EVEN LOOK LIKE FILM PHOTOS JUST BADLY EDITED PHOTOS WITH SOME SATURATION, GRAIN, AND VIGNETTE ADDED. Lol just don’t get it. It’s not worth your time and isn’t good.
by fayliure on 2021/02/26 03:25
old version is so much better. They’re trying to make it exclusive with the invites but it was literally free before. Just leave this and create a new app if you want a whole new concept.
This Update!! Argh!!!
by daddy scarface on 2021/02/26 03:20
I miss the intimacy and simplicity of the previous version!!! It felt like your own personal camera, now this feels like another social media app... There should be a solo mode or another app!
Unable to use App
by annaoopskskksksksksksk on 2021/02/26 03:02
any reason why i can’t use the app?? i need to be invited????
by yunglean710 on 2021/02/26 02:59
People selling invites for 10k way overhyped people just want it cause David dobrick is one of the founders
by smellykk on 2021/02/26 02:57
it dosent work, all i have is a black screen telling me to log out:(
stan 1888
by Sambarnes1000 on 2019/12/27 02:52
got this app thinking i’d just try it out. i was originally a huge fan of huiji until 1888 was released and i’ve been a huge fan since. figured i would try out david’s seeing if it was similar or (possibly??) better than 1888. whoooeeee i was wrong, lol. i’ll say, the app has potential. i don’t like that you have to wait upwards of 13 hours to get your photos. how do i know if they’re coming out okay??? the reason why i love disposable camera apps is because it doesn’t cost money to develop & you can make sure you’re actually taking good pics. what happens when i take a photo but it ends up the lighting would have been better facing the other direction, but i didn’t know because i cant see the photo until 9a the next day. also, the fact that the screen to see the pics your taking is like 1mm x 1mm i cant make sure everything is in focus and looks good. Sticking to 1888.
by lulobshwjxbhs on 2020/11/17 01:51
Hi. Before anything else this is going to be a long review but I will make it worth it. First off let me tell you this app is awesome. I love David so so much. I have watched all the videos and have both of his apps. Enough about my obsession with David and on to the app its self. This app is AWWWESOMEE. It has changed my mind on disposable cameras. I once seen a disposable camera at my grandmas house and was like “this thing is useless” “who would use this” my grandma said you have to wait to get the photo and I was like “that’s dumb” she said “no we will go and get the photo tomorrow” so the next day we got the photo and I had blinked so I was like now we have to wait to take another one how stupid. But then I started to watch David’s videos and how he used a disposable camera and I was like “well if David likes it I am going to like it. So then I was watching one of his videos and I watched the end part you know and it said David’s Dispo and I was like ok I am going to look up his name on the App Store and sure enough his merch app popped up his Dispo app and the seat geek app as well. So then I got it and tried it out and from then on I have loved it. Thank you for listening to my Ted talk. LOVE YOU DAVID LOVE THE APPS EVEN THE MERCH APP. WANT TO MEET YOU AND BE APART OF THE VLOGSQUAD.
This app is great
by angstyteenn on 2020/04/13 14:04
I really like the look of vintage film photos from the 60s-90s, and this is the first phone disposal camera that is actually realistic. This one captures the real film look and doesn’t use weird filters like most of the other disposable apps do. I would definitely recommend if you’re looking for some actual authentic film photos. Another great thing is they are already developed by the next morning and you don’t have to pay to get an disposable (which is pretty costly) and only has a certain amount of film. I would definitely recommend this to someone who’s looking for a completely free (unless you remove ads) alternative way to a real disposable camera. I’ve also seen other reviews of people saying the ads are annoying, but they only pop up once and a while when looking at your developed photos. To me it’s honestly not that annoying but you can still pay to remove them if you choose! I really love this app, and i’m very happy I found it!
Great camera but NEED bug fixes asap.
by Aqua7pepe7 on 2020/05/02 01:25
I love the app and the effect it gives the photos, and the interface is easy to navigate and it looks good. My only issue is all of the bugs this app has. I’ve paid to have the ads removed like six times (every time it said purchase complete) and i still get them every time I use the app. they’re not even timed like they’ll pop up a couple of times while i’m taking photos and they make me miss shots that would have been great. they also pop up while i look at my developed photos. another issue is how the app crashes ALL THE TIME when i’m looking at my developed photos causing me to lose my place. seriously, it crashes so easily, even if i scroll too fast. the last thing is more constructive criticism, but i wish they had an option (like instagram) where it also saves the photos you take to your camera roll (or even giving you the option to mass import) because transferring all the photos to my phone is so time consuming (especially with all the crashing!!)
Great App but..
by cejcjl5 on 2020/01/11 14:44
I love this app. For the past few months I’ve been buying disposable cameras so I can take “in the moment” pictures with my friends when we go out and have physical copies to remember them later on. However it’s annoying to bring around a disposable camera along w my phone and everything else I need to fit into a small purse. So this app does the job. Only reason I give it 4 stars instead of 5 is because the app shuts down every time I scroll through my developed photos and it’s a pain. I also paid for the app to stop the ads and pop ups but I still get the ads and pop ups so I’m not sure what that’s about. I will still use the app bc I enjoy taking the photos and when I get them the next morning and they come out very close to what they’d look like on a disposable. Cool that we have the option to print them too
Thank you David!
by mishojona on 2019/12/28 17:47
So, finally got my first photo ready! it is good! I love that I can save it in my camera roll and it doesn’t cost any money like most of others do. This app is everything what disposable camera has to be. Raw vintage photos without any fake effects and all this for free! I read some reviews complaining about taking it time to be ready and they don’t know if photo comes out good. Well that’s exactly how disposable cameras work, if you don’t know. Personally for me there is only 1 thing, how can I delete photos? the delete button isn’t working, I accidentally took two photos and i want to delete but when I am pressing button it’s not working... To conclude thank you David, again you made this world better place and brought joy to people’s lives!
the lag and the filter
by fatyarva on 2020/06/18 12:51
the app is overall amazing, does the job very well and is free but, the app lags a lot like if u try to specifically get the “in the moment” shot or something if you take 5 pics in a row itll shut the app off and yes, the 9 am waiting part is amazing, it really gets you excited to see the results for the next day and its perfect if you dont wanna get frustrated about every 2nd photo you take. The app used to have very saturated and actually like disposable looking effects to it, it had an amazing white balance but i dont know what caused it but the app seems to have more of un exposured look now that the pictures are seeming to not be like retro but a little darker and more faded, i loved the retro vibe more to be honest but the app does what it promises very well so i highly recommend it and love it!
i’ll open up the app again
by Ellie199669 on 2020/01/09 00:10
you can tell the app wasn’t half assed. the attention to detail is outstanding and the app gives off the same type of energy david does. maybe he helped make it?? not sure but whatever. but here’s an example of what i’m talking ab. ex: the premium upgrade. it says a cheesy advertisement line. see? same vibe. also,, i love that you have to wait until morning to get your pictures. it makes it like christmas in a way. ppl who say otherwise probably have no sense of fun lol. one last thing, the camera click and processing sound effect is perfect because it’s clean and clear. there are smooth transitions all throughout the app as well, like when ur clicking buttons and such. -Ellie
Great idea and look BUT
by Sara Vaughn on 2020/01/13 21:47
I’ve had this app since it released and the last update (v 1.1) really messed up a few things. When looking through my photos (100+) the app inevitably crashes every time. I took a lot of pictures on NYE that I haven’t even been able to see because the app is buggy - which is a MAJOR bummer. I also thought that paying for premium might make it work... 99¢ was worth a shot. It didn’t fix and it didn’t even remove the ads. I’ve sent a couple of emails to the app support, and haven’t heard anything from them or David saying to his audience that they are working to fix it. Usually I’m not one to write reviews, but this app has SO MUCH POTENTIAL if it just worked properly. Pls David I just want to see my pics :( The look and style of the photos is great, and I even having to wait until 9 to see them. Everything would be great if it gets fixed!
Nice app overall!
by villagewitch on 2020/01/15 16:30
I absolutely love the concept of this app! Waiting to see how my pictures turn out is such a nice (and nostalgic) feature, and gives me a weird sense of gratification that just adding a vintage filter onto my photos does not. However, the ads make the free version of this almost unusable... I don’t mind ads, but these pop up every single time I go to check my pictures and the majority of them can’t be exited out of no matter how long I wait, meaning I have to restart the app to try again just to be met with another unskippable ad! My ads are not like this in any other app, so I know it’s specific to this one, and I know it’s to pressure the user into paying for the full version, which annoys me enough that I haven’t wanted to pay for it just yet.
Some of y’all are missing the point of the app
by Anahi Ra on 2019/12/27 15:09
This app is trying to make it just as close to being relatable to an actually disposable camera. It’s about taking the photo and then moving on with the day. Living in the moment. You get one chance on the photo so it’s raw and real unlike the camera on your phone where you take multiple selfies trying to get the “perfect” one. (There is nothing wrong with that tho) this app is just a different concept. Don’t get mad is there isn’t a selfie setting or that you have to wait until the next day for your photos. That’s the point of the app. If you’re mad about these setting then just use your regular phone camera.
Not a good update...
by N A G R on 2020/01/01 20:55
When the app first came out it was great and worked really well - it wouldn’t crash or anything of the sort. But recently, with the new update and other added features such as ads, the app crashes constantly. I took some pictures yesterday (for the new year) and it keeps on taking me out of the app and not letting me view all the pictures I took. Most of the pictures I took on New Year’s Eve, I took them on the app because I genuinely enjoyed the quality and what it offered (I know I should’ve had a backup plan, that’s my fault) but am disappointed in the continuous inconvenience of having to re-open the app and having it push me out... P.S I love David and his work, in no way am I trying to bash this app as it has great potential. However, as aforementioned, I did come across that ‘bug’ / inconvenience with the disposable app.
by @TrainingPassionNel on 2021/02/26 18:26
Hey! Just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for giving me a piece of my childhood back. Growing up in Chicago my parents would always have family and friends over and my parents bought me a bunch of disposable camera. I would take candid picture, group pictures, drunk pic of my family members the whole thing. Wait till the film was full so I can go to Walgreens with my mom or dad and print them out excited to see how it came out. So getting back to this app I fell in love with it. It’s so convenient and so I’m here to say again thank you because when I do go out and chill I’ll use it! However the app does need some work obviously cause it’s still In Development. The app keeps crashing and that’s the only issue I’m having
Great idea but..
by Emily BN on 2020/10/21 11:33
I love the idea of this app & the way the pictures turn out. However, I paid for no ads & I still get them. The worst part about the app though, is that when I try to stroll past a certain point in my saved photos it glitches & the app shuts down. So if I want to view any pictures past that point, I have to delete newer ones in order to get to the bottom!! This is so frustrating. I feel like these should be easy problems to fix. If they were resolved I would totally use the app! I’ve tried deleting & re-downloading it & nothing ever works, even sent an email to complain & no response. I never leave reviews on anything, but the fact that the app is so close to being good just annoys me enough to speak up lol. Please fix this!
Too many bugs and bad photo filter
by Deedledeedle on 2020/07/22 12:36
I like the concept of this app. However it crashes constantly which makes it very frustrating to download pictures. This has been a problem since it’s conception yet it still hasn’t been fixed. Also it puts an ugly filter on photos that ruins them. If you have a darker skin tone or are taking pictures outside the app really isn’t for you. I wish they would just give the raw photo or allow the option to filter within the app. Also I think the reviews are inflated by people who are fans of David because even many of the 5 star reviews complain about crashing, so why would you give an app with problems a 5 star review? Love David but this app needs work. For now I’ll keep using disposables cameras or others apps that do the same thing but don’t crash.
I love the concept, but it’s buggy
by Juicy Chicky on 2019/12/28 21:38
I absolutely love the idea of going on a night out, taking a bunch of these photos and looking at them in the morning. And that’s exactly what I did, but it didn’t go as smoothly. I did my entire night out, slept and when I woke up I IMMEDIATELY went to go look at all the photos I’d taken, plot twist tho, when I scroll down to the bottom of my photos, it crashes without fail. I even tried scrolling through them, but without fail, when I get to photo 119 out of 140 it crashes. So I literally cannot view the photos I took at the beginning of the night, only at the end. That was really sad, but I do love the concept. Just needs fixed.
by fml34678 on 2019/12/30 01:13
Okay first of all, i love DAVID DOBRIK!!!! He’s the best and coming into this app i thought it wouldn’t be that much different from the iphone camera and i’m pleased to say it is so much better. the camera quality is nice and has a melancholy darkish filter that makes everything look authentic and real. It almost gives a polaroid feel and all the details about the “disposable” makes it so much cooler to take the picture. I also loved that you could only get the pictures the next morning at 9 AM, it’s fun to look forward to and adds another special quality about this app. I totally recommend this app and remember to keep the flash on🤪
Unpopular Opinion: Love It!
by Luvthetardis on 2020/01/10 21:17
unpopular opinion: i actually love that i have to wait till the next morning to see the pics! it feels more authentic to me. it’s better than an actually disposable camera that you would have to wait WEEKS to see the results. but it encourages me to live in the moment by taking a couple pics and living on rather than spending 20 minutes trying to get that instagram perfect picture. my favorite part about this app is that i take really stupid random pics and forget about them till i wake up and get to see them the next morning! 😆
The first update ruined it for me.
by AubreyLynn on 2019/12/31 07:29
When the app first came out, it worked perfectly. I love the simplicity of the app and it actually does take decent photos. No overwhelming filters. Lagged a little bit if you’re trying to take multiple but otherwise great. However, a new update came out this week and immediately I get an ad each time I open the app. Ok I can deal, I get it. But when I wait for the ad to finish, the app crashes. I haven’t been able to access any of my pictures since the most recent update. It crashes each time. Have deleted it, downloaded, and restarted my phone- still no luck. Oh well, guess I’ll wait for the next update. Till then I’ll give it 3 stars.
Amazing photos BUT...
by kenya corrales on 2020/03/29 08:00
Hi, so I have been using this app for a while now I have around 450 photos that I have taken with this app & obviously I love it! BUT the problems I have had with this app is 1)the flash doesn’t work at all sometimes 2)it won’t let me scroll down to see the past photos & it literally will just kick me out of the app. I hate it when that happens because it happens ALL THE TIME! I know I am not the only one that has this problem & I have emailed them about the problems but nothing has happened yet. If you want to download this app DO IT! But this is just a heads up for those who don’t know. Anyways thanks David for sharing your disposables to the world.
Super fun
by Angeweinerr on 2020/03/23 08:32
Fell in love with this app when I first saw someone using it and saw it begin to spread on my campus, so many disposable moments especially when you can just use your phone. Then we came home from college because of the outbreak and I took some more pics throughout the week and realized that I couldn’t scroll down to look at any pictures from school 😔 I only saved a few and left them all in the app and it just quits when I scroll down. I don’t think it was like this previously and I have the newest update as well as premium (1$) to not have super annoying ads that pop up every time you go to take a picture and I still have the same ads☹️super fun though when it works.
1888 is better
by no-Lol on 2020/01/08 22:26
i downloaded this app to see if it would be better than huji or 1888. i never really liked huji so when 1888 came out i was ecstatic. after trying david’s app i can say with a lot of confidence that i’ll be deleting it and sticking to 1888. the ads are annoyingly ridiculous, and having to wait till 9am the next day is stupid plain and simple. not sure if there’s a feature to upload pictures from your camera roll cause whenever i tried to find it a stupid ad would pop up (and they take up my entire screen to the point i can’t even click on the X to get rid of it i just have to exit the whole app). i also can barely see through the small hole that’s there to take a picture. if anyone is looking for a better app, download 1888. you won’t regret it.
Crashes if you take over 100 pics
by xime 24 on 2020/03/08 21:05
I love the app, love que quality of pictures, love the flash option. The only problem is when you take over 100 pictures on the app, you will never be able to scroll to see them. Every time you go to your library of pictures on the app to see what you’ve taken, the app inevitably crashes and wont let you scroll. It gets super annoying, especially if you take +45 pics a day like me. Also, would be nice if you could batch save the pics instead of individually saving each? Or if the pics you took automatically saved to your cam roll
It’s okay...
by searching for the perfect app on 2020/01/11 15:44
The concept and all is great let’s get that out of the way. However, whenever I look back at the pictures they’re very lack luster and just look like I had the flash on a picture and turned the exposure all the way down. It’s not really that special and they definitely don’t match the ones that David takes on disposables. Even when I go to edit the photos the harshness of the flash makes it hard to balance and overall just comes out looking like a bright photo. I was better off just taking photos on my regular iPhone camera. The photos aren’t worth waiting until 9am too. It has potential, maybe they can make different filters on the app to make the photos more authentic. I deleted the app though, it wasted my space and time.
loved it, and then lost everything
by Mocanuda on 2021/02/25 14:08
they updated and i had to update the app to continue, so i updated. and then when i opened it again i had to make an account, so i spent 10 minutes trying to connect it to my apple id only for it to crash again and again — finally got into it only for every dispo pic i’ve taken to be lost. so i deleted the app to restart everything and I’m about to try again. i love the concept and it was really fun, but some good mems are lost to the internet now, and i guess i’m just restarting. i think they need to tweak the update because this was a bad glitch i personally experienced. all in all i love the app though, and will continue to use.
Ugly new filter
by 07199109 on 2020/10/29 01:53
UPDATE: I think it got worse? It’s not even a “vintage” filter, it’s just straight brown now. Would love to see David update his disposable insta with photos using this app.... they used to be so cool Used to love this app when it first came out, used it all the time and told so many people about it. But then one day the pictures changed, now all of them have a weird sepia filter on them. A dark brown filter to where most of the color is just gone. Makes me sad, I miss the old photo filter. Sometimes it’s hard to even make out the photo because of it. I tried reinstalling the app and cleaning my lens but it’s still there. Hate it. I reached out to support a few times but have yet to hear back. Hope it gets fixed so I can use it again.
Great app but...
by kaydence burton on 2021/02/24 23:35
So basically I downloaded the app this morning and because of the new beta update there are no longer any more spots open unless you have an invite and yes i have an iPhone so I went on there website to see what to do unfortunately there is no further info on why the app is invite only in fact I went on another website to see why it wasn’t open but apparently they only had 10,000 spots open so now without an invite from a friend or something you can not use the app or at least as of right now David I love this app but there are no more spots open and I can no longer use the app and no one else I know has it David please do better and also please open more spots.
New update and Facebook ad is very annoying
by Podoydoy on 2020/03/16 18:22
Since I updated the app I can’t get past the Facebook ad. I don’t mind ads but I do mind not being able to close out of it. I also very much mind having it show up every time I launch the app. There seems to be no break and that’s especially annoying when you’re trying to take a quick picture. The paid version also appears to be difficult to implement especially with the ad popping up every. Single. Time. Update: I’ve tried buying the premium multiple times but it won’t seem to implement. After clicking upgrade I am given a message that says I’ve already purchased premium. However, the ads still come up
Amazing but Annoying
by Artsy-Pancakes on 2020/04/08 03:43
I am a huge fan of David and the recent comeback of disposables. So of course i got the app! However, there is an ad every time you open the app of the photo album and even when you go back to the camera! It’s very frustrating to open the app to catch a picture and have to wait 5-10 seconds before i can snap a photo. And i’ve eeven paid the dollar for no ads! Not sure what’s wrong with that. And whenever i try to scroll through my pictures my screen blacks out and exits the app! I love the photos so much, especially because of how much they resemble a real disposable picture! But it definitely has some problems.
by Disposable Dominique on 2020/03/22 13:20
This app is one of my favorite apps. My friends and I love taking pictures on it when we go out and do fun stuff and are excited to see me post it to my disposable Instagram account the next morning. I’ve created so many memories through this app with my friends. But, the reason I’m giving this app 4 stars is because I’m unable to exit out of the Ads & every time I want to scroll through my pictures the app glitches and shuts down. Then I have to wait all over again with the ads and it would shut down again. In short, amazing app but still needs some minor tweaks
It’s great but
by annabananananananan on 2019/12/27 06:23
This is a really cool concept and I love the vintage vibe of it but most people want to see their right away and suff and if this was the only app like this I wouldn’t mind but I did find another app just like this with the camera and everything but on this app you can see your photos right away and also flip the camera and it has no flash and self timer and it’s like a better version of this app but I still take photos on this app to support David and maybe he could give me a Tesla and also the name of the app is called HUJI
Great concept, okay execution
by _SWAGUHMUFFIN_ on 2020/03/15 16:24
I really enjoy the concept of this app. If so much more convenient than carrying around an actual disposable. With that said, the app eventually crashes every time I open it. It’ll crash when I’m scrolling through photos, it’ll crash I’m in playing music from another app, it’ll crash just randomly while using it. Also whenever I try to save a photo it will put me back to the gallery of photos regather than the stream which is very annoying when I’m not paying super close attention to where that photo was in the gallery. I really hope these bugs get fixed.
Fun, but the ads
by Wowoooweewow on 2020/03/23 13:44
I love this app. I’ve actually started taking way more in the moment pics for IG and I love posting them. However, the pop up ads are the worst. I understand having ads, especially if I don’t pay to remove them, but they can’t be clicked out of! The “x” in the corner is way too high, so it won’t even let me out. I have to click the ad several times, be led out of the app to the App Store, and then eventually the ad will close on its own. I usually stop using apps for reasons like this, but I love it too much. Please fix your ads!
Awesome app
by Thomas Aleman on 2019/12/29 05:30
I love this app and it exceeded my expectations. It gives the presence of an actual disposal camera and is amazing in every way. One thing i wish it could have, hopefully on the next update is to have the date and time of when the picture was taken on the bottom right corner of the photo. That way when we look back on the photos we can remember when it was taken and look back on the memories we have!! Please make this a thing on the next update. Thank you!!!
by white amerikkka on 2021/02/26 23:22
I’ve been using this app for the past four months or so and I had over 500 pictures on this app logged in today and you guys updated it and now every single one of my pictures is gone I am so upset these pictures were very important to me and now they’re gone. There’s no way I can get them back and I love this app someone please help me!!!!! You have to go into the setting and his uploadLegacy photos and then they’ll all be back! 🥰🥰
Love but the NEW filter
by Kayla B 123 on 2020/11/12 18:56
I absolutely love the app! And when it came out, the pictures were just perfect and looked exactly like from a disposable camera. But then a few months ago, the filter on the camera just changed. Now the pictures have an added warmth to them and look nothing like the original pictures I took when the app first came out. I absolutely hate this new filter. I have emailed a few times but no one has gotten back to me. Please change it back to original camera settings!!! I’m begging you guys!!
I love this app
by renee sasson on 2020/05/11 14:36
This app is so fun to use with friends and on trips. I took many pictures with this app on a trip to an island with my friends I didn’t really check the pictures after I got home but I couldn’t see most of them because if I scroll too much down the app shuts off. I may never see these pictures can you please fix this part of the app. Other than that the pictures have a cool vintage vibe to it without putting bad filters over my pictures.
Good! But Really Needs Work.
by eagae on 2020/03/14 14:45
Okay so i've had the app for a while and it's been doing good but ever since the latest update it's become really buggy. I can open the app to snap a photo but the next morning when I get the notification that my photo is ready and I try to see it, an ad that doesn't load out remains on the screen for the entire time. I've tried closing and reopening the app and it's still there. This app has great potential but the bugs need to be fixed. And i'm sure i'm not the only person who thinks that.
by Anoosnshhsnsnd on 2019/12/26 23:02
As someone who frequently uses disposable cameras, I truly do not think this app is identical to the pictures you get with a physical disposable camera. I LOVE DAVID DOBRIK DO NOT GET MY WRONG, and I am so happy for him making this app! But I think if you’re looking for the true disposable camera effect, just buy the camera. Ultimately a physical camera ends up being cheaper anyways—$20 total to buy and then print the physical pictures at walmart. It is very expensive to print the pictures off this app. This app isn’t TERRIBLE—it does what it needs to do and it’s definitely convenient. But I just think a physical disposable camera is better.
by Lindsey p. :) :p on 2020/09/28 14:33
I highly recommend downloading this app. The photos turn out really good and look very close to how photos would look on a digital camera. I’ve tried a bunch of apps and only this app makes them look good. I’ve always wanted a real disposable but now I have no need. :) Right now I’ve been taking photos since the beginning of the year and I haven’t seen a single one :) Excited to see the results. Have a good day everyone 💗Thank you too David and his team
I never got my pictures :(
by Spongebob pajamas on 2020/04/01 17:23
Originally I would’ve rated this app 5/5, but now it’s a 1/5 because every time I open the app and take a picture, the app crashes. I think because of how fast the app crashes, it can’t process that I took the photo because I took some pics with my friends for my birthday on the app and now 2 days later, they haven’t showed up in my gallery. This is extremely unfortunate because I was really looking forward to sending my friends the pictures as well as viewing them but now none of us will ever know how they turned out. I really hope this bug gets fixed and that my pictures can appear soon.
Really cool!!!
by Kara3553 on 2021/02/26 01:03
Pretty great! The opening screen is so creative. It’s very unique, I’ve never seen any app like it. The interactive features are the best part. You can connect with friends and see peoples public reels. The camera is super cool because it has a zoom feature and optional flash. The reel animation is super cool to see. The way you can make individual reels and watch them develop is super fun. From naming the reels to sharing them it is super fun. Overall good app and super fun to follow and share with people.
by Makfornbebsjwbzbxbhsjnsmwmxnd on 2020/01/09 14:12
I love David dobrik and the vlog squad but this app is extremely buggy. It didn’t even show any pictures I took and when an ad pops up and the little “x” appears to exit the ad, it won’t let me exit it. I think it has to do with having a larger phone (I have the iPhone 11) because the little “x” is wedged in the corner and inaccessible. I get it there’s either paid apps or apps that are paid for by advertisements but like if there’s an option to exit them and it doesn’t work and I have to close the app every time and relaunch it, that’s tedious and irritating. Do better so we can actually use this.
Not what i was expecting
by ShelliRose2 on 2019/12/26 23:44
This is nothing like HUJI (a better disposable camera app in my opinion) this app doesn’t do anything to pictures they are just normal except, get this, you have to wait until the next day to see the pictures. lol i was expecting more from david. i love him but this could be so much better hun. still giving you 5 stars because i love you. but please do sowmthing other than make a camera app that has a flash lol.
It’s just a little wonky
by GraysonCBrunetti on 2020/04/17 02:09
I absolutely love David and this app. The concept is great. I haven’t found an app that makes you wait until the morning and that’s what’s exciting. Only thing is the app crashes when I try to scroll down to see the older photos and recently the pictures keep turning up orange for some reason and it’s not appealing. I’ve emailed before and haven’t gotten and response. I’ve read other reviews and they all seem the same. I will be deleting the app. Hopefully they’ll be update to fix the bugs. Until then ✌🏻
the quality of this app is amazing.
by Mr.Poopybutthole69420 on 2020/02/23 07:32
we may or may not be under the influence of the devils lettuce and upon further examination of the devolved pictures - exquisite👌🏻- we are truly impressed with this easy to use concept, as for those of us whom have 3 VERY hard working brain cells, it is superrr convenient. And if you’re not convinced, the interface is beautifully crafted, like a fine glass of Dom Perignon Vintage 2000 Champagne, this app is smooth yet spunky and over-taking the world. Best regards, emma && grace highly approve 👍🏽👍🏽.
amazing but
by Sammi142 on 2020/11/01 21:40
“i like this app” is an understatement. this is the BEST DISPOSABLE CAMERA APP EVER. the photos come out so beautiful and look exactly like film. these create such awesome memories and it’s so much easier than using a disposable camera to take them. my one problem is you have to wait until 9am to see them, and i think that’s annoying because i want to see the pictures after i take them. also, the tab where you see all your photos exits out after i save a photo. overall, i love the app.
Bug fixes, other than that love!
by Tatum Rae on 2020/02/10 22:05
I absolutely love this app and the fact that I’m able to caption nostalgic memories with my friends on a “disposable camera” without the hassles of an actual disposable camera; however, every time I scroll through my developed pictures the app crashes and I have to re open it again and watch another ad. Starting to get annoying and repetitive and making the app hard to use :/. But other than that, it’s a great app and very creative idea.
Great! but needs some fixing
by urdumnsoisurdog on 2020/04/24 04:11
i really like this app because of how i can have disposable pictures on my phone already without having to print them out, and i rlly like the filter. The one thing i don’t enjoy is when i try to scroll down to my other photos it kicks me out of the app every time i try to scroll down, and it’s really annoying because i want to get a picture that is saved on the app but i can’t get to it because it keeps kicking me out ;(
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