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Repostic for Instagram (Story)
Repostic enables you to repost any post for Instagram. It's clean and streamlined while giving you all the features you need to credit the original poster, add a frame maybe and repost. Simply login to Instagram, copy the link to any post, open Repostic, and tap the button to open the editor. Then use the editing features, like the attribution badge to give the original poster credit. Or add a frame, maybe. Then just hit the repost button, and it will take you straight to the posting screen! Get Repostic Pro, and obtain the following features: > unlock all functionality in the editor > unlimited reposts per day > removing the app watermark > more badge styles Make sure you have permission from the original author before reposting! Disclaimer: Repostic and any of its products are not affiliated with Instagram. It is not owned, maintained, or endorsed by Instagram in any form.