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Personalize your phone with amazing tones and stunning live wallpapers! Create an account and follow some of our best designers. Submit your artwork and become a featured designer on Piksu! Piksu offers an outstanding catalog with beautiful tones, alarm sounds, notification sounds and live backgrounds, created for you by our talented designers. Find amazing melodies ranging from Classical to House and much more. Search a variety of different wallpaper genres - from Meditation, Nature to Lifestyle, Holidays and Sports. Expand your creative capabilities with a build-in tone maker to record, edit your own tracks and share them with friends. Explore our designers and follow your favorite ones as a source of your inspiration! Sign in with Apple or Facebook and upload your own designs. We will be thrilled to see your artworks! The best of your creations will be featured on Piksu app! Piksu Premium Piksu Premium Subscription allows you to unlock everything, access daily updates and remove ads. Weekly subscriptions with 3-day free trial period are $3.99 and $6.99, Monthly subscription with 3-day free trial is $19.99 and Yearly subscription with 3-day free trial is $79.99 equal to the same price tier as Apple App Store Matrix determines as the equivalent of subscription price in USD. Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period. Subscriptions may be managed by you and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to iTunes Account Settings. For more information please visit the link No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during the active subscription period. Unused portion of a free-trial period will be forfeited when a user decides to subscribe. EULA: Privacy Policy:
by Senixprime on 2020/10/18 20:48
It’s a good app but expensive for a year
by izzythabeast on 2020/10/17 02:33
It has so many cool stuff but some of them are boring
Piece of garbage
by seanv2009 on 2020/10/07 20:31
When I first got the game I was like wow I finally get better ringtones this would be so cool and better animation stuff but when I open the app I was so excited then this thing popped up free three day trial I was looking for the eggs because every time I said something like that there’s always an ex but then when I looked for the eggs there was no eggs so this is a scam obviously and it’s making me pay $80 just to change your ringtone to a better one and stuff at least put an X on it or something now we can’t even use it because there’s no eggs and I have to pay $80 just for a three day stupid trial this is a piece of garbage do better next time I was so excited now I’m so mad.
Let me move on
by Let me move on on 2020/10/06 19:04
It is horrible for people who don’t have credit cards or can’t afford one and it doesn’t let you move on with out trying to steal your money and get to see the ringtones you can get witch I personally think is stupid
by Minecraft Wolfgamer on 2020/10/06 00:33
It would not let me use the app unless I got the premium and There was no exit button so I don’t know about this app.
by wyte36 on 2020/10/05 04:34
Koo wallpapers to choose from.
by mr cman on 2020/10/03 02:48
Do not waste your money/time
by LukasT13 on 2020/09/29 16:58
So when I first got the app it immediately popped up and said Get exclusive ringtones fo free and so I clicked on the free for new users and it was going to charge me 80 dollars for the year and there was no x button like all ads I gave it a day but nothing so don’t waste your time
I love this app
by tatumn mcvickers on 2020/09/27 21:29
This app is so cool. So I decided to rate this app a five stars!
Don’t download unless you want to pay for it
by Pa 'Trisha on 2020/09/26 19:49
It didn’t let me exit out it tried to make me pay for the trial thingy but who would want to do that for just a app
by jacksonjoey on 2020/09/25 21:18
The best
by winky202022 on 2020/09/23 17:19
by wooohoopooo on 2020/09/22 19:30
Wait what?!?
by Finally🌟~🌟 on 2020/09/21 22:12
If we have to pay, it should say pay!!! It’s not cool to get peoples hopes up without telling the full details
Need more?
by JYelanats19 on 2020/09/21 20:32
I think it needs more wallpapers than what is given to you
Why this is stupid
by OMG_Sister on 2020/09/19 21:27
This app is not letting me get in to it because I have to pay and that is STUPID
I’m not sure what to think
by Fast as smash on 2020/09/19 17:23
I go into the app for the first time expecting good things only to be disappointed. A ad popped up for pro and it didn’t even let me use the app.
by William Sigala on 2020/09/18 05:50
De Bad Bunny, alta pieza papurri
by vergil718 on 2020/09/17 17:14
Do not buy this app 🤮🤮🤮
by Jpyok on 2020/09/11 04:39
This app is the worst. No good wallpapers. And lots of glitches
Best App
by c4Auto on 2020/09/09 13:07
If your like me and don’t like the ringtones that come with your iPhone.This app gives you all updated ringtones daily along with music.This is my first time using this app and I love it.
by Brent.Bankz on 2020/09/06 21:13
I came from donelij yes😃👍🏾
It’s lit bruh
by ndbdjsnfhrigjehcij on 2020/09/05 22:20
Ya that I love
Why though?!
by Kattttttttttttttt 🤣 on 2020/09/05 18:06
I wanted to make my ringtone really cool. but the app wants you to pay for a trial to actually make your ringtone. So it’s just a waste of time downloading it. Also who cares about a cool ringtone there is something called the tone store. 🙄
Don’t get it do not get this app unless you got 80 dollars
by andrethegianthahs on 2020/09/03 01:05
I seen the reviews of other people and wondered well maybe this is just a glitch that they fixed nope they want you to get a free 4 day trial and then pay $79.99 who for the year I wish I would pay some $79.99 you can’t skip it there is no x button nowhere unless they make you wait an hour for the button anyways this app will make you mad just because the commercials seem cool don’t mean nothing don’t get this app you will be disappointed and that is the one thing that’s free on that app
To pricey
by laylamarknatotera on 2020/09/02 23:01
It’s toooooo expensive
An app that actually works.
by Bri -^- on 2020/08/30 15:32
Doing moving wall papers and ringtones! I love everything about this app!
I like this app
by this girl lives horses on 2020/08/26 02:03
Now I know who is calling me
God Awful
by jvjjsjxiskjef on 2020/08/26 01:04
This app is terrible don’t waste your money.You can’t get past the first screen. Would rate -10 stars if I could
by Pam~panzy on 2020/08/24 21:03
Omg! Love this now I can get NEW RINGTONES!💕💕🥺
Bad app
by Hakris on 2020/08/24 17:06
Terrible don’t even try
by Lily.m.c.4 on 2020/08/24 14:40
I was like oh this app looks cool when it popped up on an ad I clicked on it and downloaded it and there was no x to get out of paying for it so I deleted it don’t even tryyyyy
by jhaliew on 2020/08/23 16:19
Great app
by Nxnrjdjdn on 2020/08/21 20:22
It’s good
Umm kinda works
by SunnySunsunsuns on 2020/08/20 23:44
So when I downloaded this game it immediately says “get our membership, blah blah blah” well I want to get out of that screen but I can’t until I get the membership for some dumb ringtones. Please change the app to have an X for membership.
I cant get past that stupid dancing cop
by Squak Squak on 2020/08/20 15:49
I want to use this app but my broke ass doesnt have any money. Can I please just use this app please?
Very good
by mina63777 on 2020/08/19 13:50
Very good app
One less of stars
by OmidEm on 2020/08/14 23:00
Hi Please increase the numbers of attractive ringtones Thanks Omid Emamverdi
Yeet my meat
by sniper_rifle_69 on 2020/08/09 22:00
It was a good app I guess eat my meat chili Mac
I hate it
by robkoxisherein2006 on 2020/08/08 23:00
No “x” button
by Chacov on 2020/08/06 21:29
I downloaded this app when I walk it cuz it looked cool, but when I Downloaded it I opened the app and the first thing that popped up it says get new ringtone it’s free for new user thing popped up and I looked for the “x” button but there was nothing so I closed the app and reopened it and the same thing happened again do not get this app ok unless u u do t have to pay.
by dathoccest on 2020/08/06 04:18
This is the worst app I’ve ever used
by Oldmanhash on 2020/08/05 17:49
Not enough content
by Reveiwer22 on 2020/08/05 13:31
Poor selections, app isn’t downloading previews
I love it🤪💖🤪
by machee5 on 2020/08/05 00:09
I can play any sound it’s so fun!!!💖🌈💖
by annonymus[575] on 2020/08/04 23:39
This is terrible I can’t get off where you first start
by cody muncy on 2020/08/04 22:45
This is so cool
This is a very good app and they will give you all the wood to help
by vvxcbddbsz on 2020/08/04 21:10
This is America and they will give you every single thing that you need
Subscribe thingy
by yuh 🥺✨ on 2020/08/04 11:56
So I can’t get off of that screen :(
by codyjameseastin on 2020/08/03 16:02
I love this
Hot stuff yall‼️ U have to download this
by mrs dorsey on 2020/07/29 01:31
Y’all got to get this
It’s worse than bad
by MousyGamer on 2020/07/29 01:18
Annoying pop up
by Samuel ios on 2020/07/27 21:56
Have the option to not be reminded again whether you want to rate your app or not.
Whoever this is has multiple apps
by tscovill73 on 2020/07/27 19:44
I’ve downloaded a few apps now that I had the same issue with. BUY THE SUBSCRIPTION. No “free” access. Don’t waste your time with these money hungry fools spend that $70 elsewhere. I hope the scum bag developer sees this ❤️
by Z cool dude in gotem on 2020/07/27 14:10
This is a stupid app!I can’t even get out of the first part!💯stupid!
by sickgreek69 on 2020/07/27 01:46
Best app ever
Not worth it
by SoapSoapSoapSoapSoapSoap on 2020/07/26 18:27
It wouldn’t even let me in the app. I tried deleting it and downloading it again but it still wouldn’t let me in the app. Most of all it was stuck on one picture of a police with a donut dancing. There was no button I could press to make it go away, the only way was to pay. So that is when I got really annoyed and just forgot about the app. Don’t download this app it is not worth it, it is a pain.
by 2951111111111111@&&$)( on 2020/07/26 16:40
When I opened the app there was a ad to get like a trail I was looking forward to getting a ring tone but I learned that you had to buy it to get to the ringtones
Cool game
by hjuggjirdfhjysadcvnh on 2020/07/25 22:23
This is cool but how do you get the music to your lock screen
by abigail 2011 on 2020/07/25 08:19
Not free
by anonymous 756 on 2020/07/24 18:55
The app is free to download, but you need to pay to use the app.
So far one star
by kathrinknut on 2020/07/24 05:15
Is there nothing on this app for free. It says i need a subscription. There’s nothing to get out of that screen. I turned my phone on and off. Deleted the app and downloaded it again. And same thing. I just want to know if there’s more to this app than just one screen.
Best game
by master khiye on 2020/07/23 20:35
This is a game for kids
80 dollars?
by bjgvnjff on 2020/07/23 16:07
Didn’t tell me I’d have to pay for it knowing I don’t have 80 to use on this app
Do not get
by pigs and horses on 2020/07/23 07:27
This App does not work do not waste your time
by The one gu on 2020/07/22 00:44
I haven’t really used it yet but it looks reliable
by ajthekinguknow on 2020/07/21 23:50
You took my Money
Love it
by immortal outlaw on 2020/07/21 20:08
Love it
It won’t let me off
by ugyfkutdultig on 2020/07/20 21:15
It wont let me get off the first menu I swipe up down left and right I don’t know what Restore does I click restore and it just brings me to a loading screen
by ΝΕΔΧΑΝΣ on 2020/07/20 06:02
I mean the app seemed cool but once I opened it I didn’t even get to use the apps features and purpose. It just kept telling me to purchase their exclusive free trial so I deleted
Why can’t I sign in with google
by eopro on 2020/07/19 19:20
I can not sign in with google
by stuckvbinkdyra on 2020/07/17 18:39
Super bad
by Robloxisn280837723 on 2020/07/17 05:36
😺This sounds cool😺
by masono1245 on 2020/07/16 23:43
it is the coolest thing EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by rodriava000 on 2020/07/15 22:57
It’s great but you have to pay
by 09tunafish98 on 2020/07/15 21:52
I could not get past the first screen cause i can't get premium so i suggest zedgz personally
You stole my money
by TrulyNorzy on 2020/07/14 20:44
You stole my money
by fusidjcjd jdkdrgendjr on 2020/07/14 06:43
I had to re-download it so it could work
by puppylover227878 on 2020/07/13 12:41
Alia Diaz
by aliadiaz on 2020/07/12 17:19
by Armaan.r.k on 2020/07/10 23:22
Good app
Worst app ever
by jhihuBsdDs on 2020/07/10 17:41
You have to pay to get in the app
It’s cool
by sibdbisnbs on 2020/07/10 07:07
I like all the different features
by OfficialSpider-Man on 2020/07/07 07:46
I can’t event get to the app itself because a free subscribe thing pops up and there is no way to exit it.
When I enter
by lifeisnarwals on 2020/07/02 18:23
I can’t do it cause when I go in I have the trial stuck on my screen I can’t buy it so Waht is the problem I don’t want to buy it add a X for people to hit plz fix it.
Useless app
by dodgethis234 on 2020/07/02 02:18
Not functioning.. useless app
Seriously your gonna make a completely cost game not even an x to have this
by utftctfyfyc on 2020/07/01 21:08
So when I get in it says I need to lay or use a free trial and I still have to put in my apple I d its stupid fix it
by Troydabeast333 on 2020/07/01 20:29
Awesome maan
Just a concern
by Nancy Gehrts on 2020/07/01 18:30
When you advertise to the customers make sure you at least let them look through the app for a bit before spamming your advertisements and ratings thank you
by 14695468 on 2020/07/01 03:49
I love this
by Playing at work on 2020/07/01 03:06
Looks good
I can’t use it
by The_fakefrenchfam on 2020/07/01 02:47
So I opened it cause it looked cool, and then it told me to pay, so I waited for the x cause I didn’t want to pay, but it wasn’t there I really don’t want to pay :/
by hdndjduejd on 2020/06/30 12:59
by choco loc on 2020/06/30 02:22
by kgkfHddouytlifkyzk itwkux on 2020/06/29 19:38
So i got the app and surprise it was almost all free. Only problem was when i first got it the screen was for you to get premium and to exit off the screen i had to start a trial log into the app then cancel the trial🙄 but overall a pretty good app
Im very angry for download this app
by king pedi on 2020/06/28 21:30
Its a very very bad application, had problem, if you open this app be closed before 1 minutes
by bbgun1999 on 2020/06/28 18:17
It’s funny
by Eli The Flame on 2020/06/27 13:33
They made me do some Thing I didn’t want to do
by malia ari smirh on 2020/06/26 23:38
It’s bad
Great but some miner details
by blo bla ble on 2020/02/29 02:34
This is a great wallpaper and ring tone app but not everyone can get the pro so I suggest making more things free but not the really really cool ones but make a couple or the original pros into frees!🤙 so I have to say it’s great and awesome 👏 😎 So as I suggested make more things free and I would give it five stars 🌟 oh! And make it so that the audio in the recording station better cus I have my volume and the setting all the way up and it’s not letting me hear it 👂? As I said many times a great game yet can use a feu updates and bug fixes .:. {Good luck with those fixes!!!}
don’t waste your time
by AllAboutTheAnimals! on 2020/04/14 02:46
so, i was on Snapchat and this ad continues to pop up. On my subscriptions, my friends’ stories, and other places. I got quite annoyed with it so i thought i should see what it’s about and how it works. so i got the app was actually excited to try it cause it looked cool. So, i went into the app and the first thing it said was “get exclusive new ringtones for free. free to new users”. i didn’t want it so i looked for the “x” that lets you accept or skip that part, like in most apps. it wasn’t there. i just thought since i opened it, like, two seconds after it uploaded that it was a glitch. i closed the windows that it was in and opened it again. same thing happened. i couldn’t get past that part and to the actual ringtones unless i got the trial. i wouldn’t recommend this app unless you’re willing to pay the dumb trail. look at the other reviews before getting this app. because i wouldn’t waste your time.
Pine Tree Tech, LLC is horrible
by TheAviator1 on 2020/03/28 01:01
I downloaded the app to see what it was all about. Upon opening the app it offered me a free 3-day subscription in which afterwards I would be charged $85. I thought, “I’ll just check it out then cancel my subscription before my 3 days are up.” I did that! I canceled my subscription within 3 days yet I was still charged $85. I tried to email the customer support email that they provide in the app. After I sent the email I got one back saying the email address does not exist. When I click app support in the app store, it takes me to the pinetreetech website but the website has nothing to offer, no email, no other information about contacting them, just a dead end. They took my money then cut me off from ever contacting them! DO NOT GIVE THIS COMPANY YOUR MONEY!!! Would give 0 stars if I could
by wollfey on 2020/04/01 02:28
ok, so i got this app after seeing an ad on snapchat and the whole idea of custom ringtones and backgrounds seemed really cool to me. it’s not the first time i’ve seen it but anyways this made me want to download it. when i opened the app, it prompts you to purchase everything for LITERALLY 70 dollars. and to even get a free trial, you have to put in your credit card info? that’s super sketchy. i’ve tried similar apps that try to scam you out of money by using fingerprint method. and it’s just a rude way to get money, honestly. kids get these apps and WILL unknowingly purchase this for 70 bucks. for anyone else, there’s probably many better ringtone apps that are actually free. and they won’t lie to you by saying it’s free like this and making you pay after three days.
It was a waste
by Flame136 on 2020/06/21 05:31
I got the app because I thought it would be fun but when I opened the app it told me that I could get cooler stuff if I got premium or whatever. I didn’t want it so I waited since most apps pop up with an “x” so I can click off and there wasn’t one. I tried to restart the app and it did it again. Unless your trying to pay for premium I wouldn’t recommend this app. It might as well say it cost money to get the app because you can’t use it without paying anyway. I noticed that other people have had this same experience and I figured the more people review and tell others the faster they’ll fix the app or at least the less people will get scammed. So if you’ve had the problem say something and help others.
I don’t want to
by Exe razar on 2020/03/27 03:19
I have been looking for an app like this I found it and downloaded it hoping to see what it could do but to my surprise it gave me an offer but I could not declined this offer because there is no x button to close out the offer. I still have the app wondering what I should do with it.
Scam and waste of time
by Akira_The Fluff on 2020/04/17 04:42
I got this app thinking “oh finally a way to get better ring tones on my iPhone” well guess what buddy? It’s a lie and a scam, when opening the app it prompts you to sign up for a free 3 day trial (with no x button to exit it and get to the actual app) and after that sorry excuse of a free trial you pay $85 for the rest of the year. I tried to be reasonable so I closed the app and reopened it, and I did this five times and on the fifth time I waited five minutes and guess what? No X button, it shouldn’t take five minutes, it shouldn’t even take 30 seconds, so I deleted the app just as anyone else who downloads this scam. Go on about your normal daily lives and leave this piece of garbage where it belongs, in the trash.
Piece of garbage
by seanv2009 on 2020/10/07 20:31
When I first got the game I was like wow I finally get better ringtones this would be so cool and better animation stuff but when I open the app I was so excited then this thing popped up free three day trial I was looking for the eggs because every time I said something like that there’s always an ex but then when I looked for the eggs there was no eggs so this is a scam obviously and it’s making me pay $80 just to change your ringtone to a better one and stuff at least put an X on it or something now we can’t even use it because there’s no eggs and I have to pay $80 just for a three day stupid trial this is a piece of garbage do better next time I was so excited now I’m so mad.
by panzertank79 on 2020/04/28 07:44
I seen the app for the first time and I thought it look cool. So I got the darn thing and as expected I seen a vip pass. I did not want the pass so I waited for the x in one of the corners. Never came up so I closed the app and and reopen the app 3 times but it never came up. I don’t know if this happened to anyone else so idk if there is something wrong with mine or to everyone who got it. The only reason this is not a one star review is because their is a free trial that can change your mind on weather or not you want to pay 85 dollars to have the the app. But if it was to cost money to get the app then they should of said that.
Could be better . PLZ READ THIS
by smart as hermione on 2020/05/31 18:10
When I downloaded this app on my phone it took me to this page where I had to buy the free access without an X out button. But on my iPad it didn’t have that . Let me review from my iPad . So almost everything I had to get the pro version . There was also a lot of glitches. Like when I downloaded a ringtone it glitched . The only reason I downloaded this app was for the wallpaper that had blue balls that would move whenever u turned the device upside down . I would say that this app is okay but it could be better. And also on my iPad when I saved this wallpaper that had a police dancing it would only set the wallpaper as a photo
Most trash app ever
by skyandgray on 2020/05/05 22:24
This is a scam you can’t even get in unless you wanna pay 70 something dollars for something that probably is the worst anyway. All you guys are, are rats and steal money. You should take this app down and you probably make all kinds of accounts to even have 4 stars no way it’s a 4 star. No way at all this is wrote in anger. I will be taking your trash app to court India scammers 😡 delete this app now guys if you have it get rid of it all they want is money. Coronavirus was a app here it is 😡😡😡 you better reply to this or is your app a bot😡😡😡🤦‍♂️ don’t waste your time with this crap. Whoever made this should be sued at least 1 mil idiots Your trash Wanted you to know 😡
Don’t get this app, unless you’re willing to pay 70 bucks.
by DinoBoy9001 on 2020/06/04 00:02
So, I was just playing a game, like I usually do. Then I saw an ad for this app. I though “oooooh, i always wanted to change my ringtone!” So I got the app, and the first thing I was met with was a pop-up that said “get exclusive ringtones for free!” But to get it, you had to pay 80 dollars a year. So I thought “ok, I don’t want to pay that much money, so I’ll just move on.” And guess what? I couldn’t. There is no way to get out of the pop-up, unless you pay the 80 dollars to get the dumb “exclusive ringtones.” Don’t waste your time with this app unless you want to pay 80 dollars a year for an app.
by Da Cool Critic on 2020/04/24 01:16
So I was on my phone, right? This app keeps popping up, and it kinda looks cool. So I thought sure I’ll get it. So I go in, it said there’s no in app purchases, and then immediately it says,”GET EXCLUSIVE”, “FREE TO NEW USERS” or something dumb. So I try to get to the actual app. No X, no No Thanks, no nothing. I think, it’s just a glitch, right? W omg. To actually access the app, you have to pay them money, even though it didn’t even say you could purchase anything. If you are gonna have a membership just to access the app, just make people pay for this. But who knows, might be cool. Don’t care enough to pay though.
This is awsome
by tHepRogAmaRmEmes/- on 2020/04/15 17:01
This is fun to look at and has some quality’s that can be shown off to others make them think wow maybe I should get that app it’s looks good on my iPhone 8+ and it’s awsome I think if you get this app you’ll have fun with it and just think about it premium is so good and it’s free for new users so if you see this comment I assure you you’ll love this app peace ✌️
by Texas 🥰 on 2020/04/30 21:24
I do not recommend this app, I was playing one of my apps and this add kept o popping up, so I decided to try it out. I was pretty exited when I first got on because the add looked really cool. When I got on the app the first thing I see is a add for a free 3 day trial for the ringtones, I tried to find the x button or a way to get by it, but I soon realized that there was no x button. This made me super mad because i could not use the app without paying the subscription. I tried to contact the creators but the number would not work. Do not get this game. It’s a complete wast of time
Reminds me of clickbait YouTubers.
by Joseph T. Briscod on 2020/04/28 06:39
I don’t usually use TikTok, but it’s 2am and I was bored so I went on it. I was scrolling through the videos and got this ad for this app, it looked promising and so I downloaded it. Once I opened the app, it prompted me to a free trial menu, and so I tried finding the button to skip the offer. Guess what? That button doesn’t exist. It’s either you pay almost $100 (annually, I believe) or you don’t use the app. I highly suggest that you stay away from this app and find something else that doesn’t do dumb stuff like this.
Who would pay 70 dollars
by enendbrbrheh on 2020/01/31 02:24
Idk what goes through your mind making a app that’s 70 dollars a month. This is literally targeted toward kids cuz of the ringtones and the fact that they have no clue of money value. Your business is disgusting. Even if it wasn’t a kid really? A PlayStation online subscription is 60 a year, a Nintendo Online subscription 20 a year and you think having ringtones is needed to be so much more expensive than services like PlayStation? Not even 6 dollars a year seems worth your subscription. What are you guys doing back there?
It’s good
by Killaisbeast on 2020/05/01 01:29
Now listen before you get mad at me or hate this please now yes like 5 weeks ago this app wanted u to pay 70$ and that’s just crazy... I don’t know if this is a glitch or what but I somehow am able to use it and my love wallpaper looks good so as long as it doesn’t crash or try and charge me I’m fine
I’ve been trying to use it.
by Mellickle on 2020/02/20 00:57
I recently got this app cause it seemed really fun and cool to use. When I opened it, it showed a purchase (that you don’t have to make) but there wasn’t a X on the screen. I pressed some other things, which didn’t do anything. Or didn’t stop loading. This app seems really fun, so if you could tell me how to get rid of the thing at the beginning, that would be great.
u HAVE to buy a trial or u can’t play
by bob thegod on 2020/05/04 15:09
So u was playing DPM and an add came up and I skipped it a few times and the 10th time in a row it popped up I thought hey it looks really cool so I go to the App Store and i look at its reviews and thought it was a good app so I got it and it popped up and said that I needed to pay a trial so most games have a little x in the conrer but I didn’t want to buy anything so I waited for it to pop up on my screen nothing so I closed the tab and got back on nothing happened so I don’t know what to do with the app anymore
A little glitchy but I found a way around
by D o g s on 2020/06/01 02:33
I had a glitch where you could not use the app. You either had to buy a subscription or do not use the app. I was really frustrated so I deleted the app. I really did not want to give up on it so I reinstalled it. It got rid of the glitch and I could use the app. I hoped this helped a fellow user of the app and ridded them of the frustration.
by robot5621 on 2020/03/17 02:45
This app is literally trying to make spend your money because you have to pay 70 DOLLARS a YEAR to get to the wallpapers and I don’t even know if they look good or not because the only thing i saw was a cop dancing on a phone screen from the pop up telling to buy premium so for those reasons this app is garbage and should be taken off the App Store because anyone dumb enough to spend 70 dollars on some pictures on your screen should get there money back and get the app erased from their phone.
How do you even find the wall paper you downloaded
by jacob gamer 4921 on 2020/05/04 04:53
So I was in a video game and this ad came up and I installed the app and I tried to get a wallpaper and a looked for it to change my wall paper and a noticed I could not find the wallpaper I downloaded
by kgkfHddouytlifkyzk itwkux on 2020/06/29 19:38
So i got the app and surprise it was almost all free. Only problem was when i first got it the screen was for you to get premium and to exit off the screen i had to start a trial log into the app then cancel the trial🙄 but overall a pretty good app
by Fate19xx on 2020/02/17 20:52
Really have the mental capacity as another review already states that this is worth more than a PlayStation membership or a Microsoft membership? It’s ridiculous don’t listen to any of these fake reviews because who would spend over $70/month to buy ringtones, “live wallpapers" etc in my opinion you’re worth a one time fee of $15 or $25 no more than that. Otherwise this is a scam and a joke. Because I’d like to see that it is costing y’all this much for this application and software improvement.
by Brun569 on 2020/04/24 13:29
This app is fraud and I will be contacting my bank, Apple Pay, and Apple themselves. The fact that this app has its subscription automatically defaulted on a yearly subscription at $80 dollars is very annoying sneaky and frustrating. I have never paid $80 for any subscription, not even one that would be beneficial for my health yet alone stupid ringtones. There is no true email, phone number, or any type of information to communicate with this so called app services. RED FLAG!!!!!! DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!!!!!
by nikki puppy lover on 2020/05/03 04:33
So when I got I was kind of mad because I had to purchase with money and that mad because I don’t like to spend my money but I logged out and then log back and it had a x and I push it and I did not have to pay
How did this get 4.2 stars?
by Queen_Roseabell on 2020/06/09 19:40
So I downloaded this app because I though it was super cool right? Well about a minute after it downloaded I opened it and as soon as I did the premium “free” trial thing popped up with no “X” button, I looked at the other reviews and I had the same issue as other people, so it’s not just me. Would NOT recommend downloading this app! Don’t know how it got 4.2 stars if this pop up add thing is persistent across many other users.
Really -_-
by orochi hyuga on 2020/04/11 21:41
I got the app after seeing an ad while making some music. I downloaded it because the sight of customizing my phone seem really cool. When i opened the app it told me to pay $85 to get everything. I thought "well i could exit out of this in a bit" and i waited for a whole 15 MINUTES and nothing happened. I wasnt gonna pay cuz i knew not to. But like if your gonna advertize something, make sure its actually USEABLE without paying. Thank you.
Not worth it
by SoapSoapSoapSoapSoapSoap on 2020/07/26 18:27
It wouldn’t even let me in the app. I tried deleting it and downloading it again but it still wouldn’t let me in the app. Most of all it was stuck on one picture of a police with a donut dancing. There was no button I could press to make it go away, the only way was to pay. So that is when I got really annoyed and just forgot about the app. Don’t download this app it is not worth it, it is a pain.
Some little things.....
by Sam_Merco on 2020/03/19 14:36
The title was a total lie there are some BIG things I need to discuss first of all FREAKING 70 BUCKS!!!!! Just those rings and backgrounds are no match for 70 dollars! I have an app that can have better ringtones than y’all everyone skip this app and go check out ringtone maker in the App Store it’s TOTALLY FREE and is better than this trash........ I’m deleting this app and y’all should too (unless y’all are insane to pay 70 dollars per month for AN APP.......)
Doesn’t wast your money
by @koolkid880 on 2020/05/21 23:04
This app is pretty cool for the most part. It lets you have pretty much any ringtone that you could possibly want! But i dont like that you have to have a premium membership.,.
I don’t recommend this!
by ♡ ᴘᴀᴘᴇʀʙᴀᴄᴋ ᴡʀɪᴛᴇʀ ♡ on 2020/03/16 22:44
I saw this app in an add, so I decided to download it cause I have crappy wallpapers. So, I open the app, before I touch anything at all, the crappy “BUY PREMIUM” screen comes up. So I look for an X to exit out of it and to get into the app, there’s no X at all! I don’t do the, “pay this once, pay it for 3 months!” Thing. I don’t recommend this for anyone, all they want you to do is give your money to them and scam you.
by AriC13LA on 2020/03/16 15:47
When you first open the app, a screen comes up about a premium service. There’s no way to close out of this and just use the app, and it says free until you scroll down and see $80 a year for the service. I tried to close the app but being an idiot I hit the home button to do so. Now I’m “subscribed”, and when I emailed them on the contact us link I got an invalid destination response. This is a scam.
I can’t get off the Premium option
by thegamemaster21 on 2020/06/11 22:56
I probably would really like this app if I was able to use it. When I bought it I was thinking that I would be able to do everything that I was supposed to but I can’t even get off of the first screen. Please make there be a free version of this app do it is usable for more people
by noseble3d on 2020/04/30 01:29
It won’t let you pass the trial screen unless you agree. It gives you 3 days trial and of course you will forget about it, then it is defaulted to a year of subscription! Why on earth will i be paying $80 for some stupid ringtones when i can make them my own via garage band. Not at this time I won’t spend that money amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, me without a job and all. No sir I won’t! Please give me back my money!
Garbo trash that is greedy
by triggggred on 2020/03/24 04:46
This app is literal garbage, this thing asks “hey lemme take your money at the start” and it doesn’t have anything free, everything is pay to get and it didn’t let me get in because it told me to buy stuff. Horrible app, will not recommend because you have to pay 80$ a year for membership, this was supposed to be a fun app but nothing free. Would not recommend this is a money londering app.
Optional Payment
by smelly cheese mcgee on 2019/12/22 17:46
And it doesn’t spam you with ads either, it just has a couple sounds you need to pay for, and their labeled too
by Blkwmn on 2020/06/24 22:11
You can’t even get off the first screen it pops up as an “free” trial and there’s no “x” button ether it’s a waist of time plus it steals your money if you spend money on it! The worst ringtone app ever! I hope you can fix this then I might download it again, but until then I am deleting it because it is just a waist of storage right now. I hope this review helped you, have a good day bye!
by ~jigglyjello~ on 2020/05/30 01:45
Why is there no X button for the subscription thing? I went out of the app a million times and went back in again, since that worked for other apps, but it did nothing! I just wanted a cool screen! This is a scam, don’t get it. Don’t give the company your money, and don’t get the free trial, because it will still make you pay according to other reviews.
by 1537262826381)48274 on 2020/04/27 18:23
I am not actually sure how to get the ringtones onto my phone because when I download them well..... It just saves them to a track like thing but over all it is fun to tinker with!!!
What I think about Piksu
by neon kippy on 2020/05/18 19:32
I saw an add while playing a game and I thought I would try it out when I opened the app it took me to get exclusive ringtones for free but I knew it would cost money so I tried to skip but I couldn’t find anything to skip that then I closed the app tried again and still. I clicked restore but nothing happened and so I would not recommend this app.
Great app! But maybe don’t go so high on the payment?
by sofi210 on 2020/03/13 00:35
Um so I just downloaded this game and it’s pretty 😉. I think it’s pretty great! First let me point out why. .1 It let me past the screen 😊 .2 It has some great ringtones 🎶🎵 .3 it has a great variety (if you buy the premium) So let me explain the DOWNSIDE .1 It does NOT have a great variety without the premium 👎🏾 .2 A👏NINTENDO👏SUBSCRIPTION👏IS 👏ONLY👏20$👏BUT👏THIS 👏IS👏60$ .3 DIS BOI THINK THAT PEOPLE GONNA be PUTTING A “CaRTOOn caT” SOUND AS THEIR RINGTONE??!??! I hope you found my review helpful!! I hope you all see this review! Byyyyeee
Please add this ringtone
by I love this game xoxo Jadyn M. on 2020/05/25 21:57
I would really love if you added the song Intentions By: Justin Bieber It’s my favorite song and I would love to hear it as my ringtone! I hope this is a good suggestion! Bye! ♡︎
by martian71101 on 2019/12/19 15:25
Honestly the best app for ringtones love the app layout and easy use, also I appreciate the tutorial provided using GarageBand if you wanna personalize it even more. There’s plenty of ringtones and wallpaper to choose!!! Amazing app!!
Great app!
by 372881 on 2020/04/16 19:31
I never do reviews for apps but this one is cool! You can make your own ringtones and find ones that you already like! Really recommend it!
by luke farted on 2020/04/15 17:11
your app is so awesome. I don’t have any droughts and I love that you can make your own ringtones. The backgrounds are so cool to. I would definitely recommend this app to anyone.
Don’t waste your time
by Bruh moment ._. on 2020/04/14 19:15
When you first open the app an ad pops up about a ringtone and a free trial but I didn’t want that so I went to find the x or the no thanks button but it wasn’t there like a normal app, I tried reopening it multiple times because I thought it was a glitch but its not, unless you wanna pay for a useless app don’t waste your time downloading this!
Why is the pay so high up?!
by Candypop1213 on 2020/03/28 16:29
Ahem I kinda dont like this app im stuck here watching a police dance with a post malone circles remix ,this is 80$! I would like a x button on the top, i wouldnt risk my money for this app if i were you, plus it cost more than a playstation , it could be just ten dollars. I would not use this app ever again just risking my money seriously, I havent buyed it but i know its not worth-it .
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